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Cover and table of contents photo by maja peirce and sydney witte


Welcome. Consumerism is an act that all of us are victims of falling into and we recognize that. This issue dedicates itself to explain how consumerism works in relation to the holidays, fashion and our everyday lives. This year has been a whirlwind for everyone, with an ongoing pandemic, the stress from a virtual school semester and all of the political and social turmoil. The Chic Daily’s writers worked hard to put together this issue in hopes of giving you a break from the constant consumption of everyday life and an opportunity to reflect on this past year. It’s so easy to get caught up in the purchasing, consuming, and indulging aspects of the holidays but December is a time for reflection, enjoyment, and spending time with the people you love. With much anticipation and excitement, we introduce to you, the December issue of The Chic Mag. Enjoy.



joined the Chic Daily as an awkward freshman. Despite being a journalism major, I had little clue of what I wanted to do or if I really wanted to be a journalist. I was drawn to the fashion journalism club because fashion has always been a constant passion in my life and the organization was so different than anything else at Cronkite. As I joined and became more invested in the club, I started to fall in love with the fashion world and connect with those in it. I loved the community and collaboration aspect of the club, and watching FJC grow and develop has been one of the highlights of my college experience. This club helped me discover what I’m truly passionate about and introduced me to some of my favorite people ever!




’ve always had a love for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. I think it stemmed from the fact that when I was little my mom had a subscription to People’s magazine and I found the beauty and fashion section to be extremely fascinating. With that being said, I joined TheChicDaily my freshman year, excited to be a part of that community and boy was I. As a junior and Vice President I’ve been to five Phoenix Fashion Weeks, been apart of four charity fashion shows ran by the chic and have been able to interview really awesome designers and models. While the fashion club may provide amazing opportunities, as cheesy as it sounds, it really is more than just a club but a family and I’m forever grateful I joined my freshman year.



year ago I got my heartbroken, I moved to a big city and had Dear John on replay in my small studio apartment. I truly believed my world was ending, little did I know it was actually just starting. On a Wednesday night I walked into a lifestyle/fashion club and they had their own blog called TheChicDaily. I pitched an idea for a relationship column, totally Carrie Bradshaw style! My column took off, I was publishing an article weekly and I even started my own relationship podcast with another member. I am now editor-in-chief of the club and am loving every minute of it! TheChicDaily has changed my life and opened so many doors for me, I am grateful for my journey that led me here.



ello I’m the Magazine Content Director for The Chic Daily’s monthly magazine! I decided to take on this position because I love the creative process behind projects, and doing that with a magazine like The Chic’s has been an unforgettable experience. I look forward to finding new and creative ideas and thoughts for each magazine to come.



ey there! My name is Maja Peirce and I am a journalist and creative director. I am currently majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications with a minor in Fashion at ASU. When I found The Chic Daily during my freshman year of college it was a breath of fresh air. The freedom of being able to express myself and practice journalism was something I felt I had been searching for. I have always loved fashion, particularly up-cycled and sustainable fashion. I look forward to creating this magazine with the club this year and exploring my graphic design and creative director abilities.


autumn schieferstein


i my name is Autumn Schieferstein and I am a content creator, as well as event coordinator, for The Chic Daily. My involvement with The Chic over the last few years has involved developing connections with the Phoenix fashion industry, organizing our charity fashion show each semester and overall ensuring a collaborative space for all of our FJC members! My favorite part of this club is being with other fashion focused people dedicated to laying a foundation for future fashion journalism students. My biggest interest is fashion and I hope to take on journalistic work at the Business of Fashion or Women’s Wear Daily.



onjour! My name is Cameron Rubner and I’m the multimedia director at The Chic Daily! I’m currently a junior at ASU majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication. My obsession with all things pop culture and counterculture lead me to wanting to write and make videos about it. My personal style is heavily influenced by the New York skateboarding culture and the late 1980s early 1990s. I wanted to bring an outsiders point of view to The Chic Daily through my work. My goal is to expand our publications online presence as much as possible. My end goal in all of this is to live comfortably doing what I love with the people I love.



ello! My name is Jessica Herrera! This is my second semester at ASU Cronkite but I’m a transfer student from a Phoenix community college where I graduated. My major is Journalism and Mass Communication. I work at a radio station in the Programming and Promotions Dept. I love being in the studio recording commercials or producing other on -air shows I would love to have my own radio show and then transition onto TV, preferably an entertainment show. My hobbies are listening to music, dancing, photography, and styling my clothes in different new ways! I love hanging out with my puppy girl Bailey! My style inspiration comes from Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively, Kim Kardashian. You can find me on social media as @jessica_jinger



ello! My name is Ella Ho Ching! I am a junior majoring in journalism & mass communication with an emphasis in public relations and a minor in political science. My passion for photography and creative expression. I strives to become a photojournalist or a public relations specialist in the fashion sector. I daydream of traveling often, but until those dreams become a reality, I enjoy thrifting, writing and hiking in my free time. My style icons are Harry Styles, Jackie Burkhart (That 70’s Show), Y2K fashion, angsty anime characters, and anyone that can make secondhand fashion their own. My favorite quote is “You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time.” -Angela Davis




i! I’m Joelena Sandoval, a freshman at ASU majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications with a minor in Fashion. Going into college, I was uncertain what type of journalism specifically I wanted to focus on. During Cronkite’s Student Organization Night, I discovered the Chic Daily and became infatuated with the idea of being a fashion journalist. Many opportunities were presented through the club within fashion, beauty, lifestyle, multimedia, and magazine. I'm very enthusiastic to further expand my experience and dive into other aspects of fashion journalism that The Chic Daily has to offer. After college, I hope to provide my skills as a journalist and work for Vogue as a magazine writer.



y name’s Cabrini Class and I’m currently a junior on the Tempe campus, but originally from Baltimore, Maryland. I have two awesome parents and three siblings, two of which are older and one younger sister. I’m in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts, studying Women’s Studies and Media Analysis through the Interdisciplinary Studies Program, and I also am minoring in Italian. I’ve always been interested in fashion and photography and have studied photography since high school. A dream of mine is to be a fashion photographer for a magazine, like Vogue or Elle. By joining the Fashion Journalism Club, in specific the magazine desk, I’m able to continue my interests, and express myself.



ey! My name is Roxanne, I’m 20 years old and I’m a junior at Cronkite. My life and hobbies kind of revolve around school and my part time job, but I love listening to music, photography and art in general. I really love taking pictures in my free time and hope to learn more soon! I’m super passionate about fashion and love reading and learning about it. I wanted to join the Chic Daily because I would love to start writing about fashion, music and other things that I love, while also getting experience in creating a magazine! In the future I really hope to work at a fashion/culture magazine!



ey, I’m Madison Thomas! I am currently a sophomore majoring in journalism and mass communication, minoring in film and political science, while also earning a certificate in cross-sector leadership. As someone who thrives best in creative environments, The Chic Daily has provided me with an outlet to express my creativity and write about things I actually care about. In my free time I can be found watching a new documentary, listening to an album from my vinyl record collection, or complaining about how bad the Dallas Cowboys are. After graduation I plan on buying a one-way ticket to NYC and working in the media or film industry in some capacity.


AAASELECTIVE “We don’t inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

constantly be heard playing, and everyone who comes in is greeted like a friend.

Daniel Castrillo, the 27-year-old owner of aaaselective, said that this quote is something his mother told him long ago and is what has stuck with him throughout his life and in his vision for his business.

“I didn’t have much, but I still wanted to give something,” he said. “I’m not just a storefront. I want people to view this as a safe haven, a place where you could come and read a book, listen to a record.”

Daniel is a writer and a small-business owner who implements sustainability and giving back into his work at aaaselective (pronounced “a selective.”) According to aaaselective’s website, it is a “multidisciplinary platform,” which specializes in the curation of vintage goods and apparel. Aaaselective also specializes as a publication for writers to do profile pieces on different local artists and creatives of the Phoenix area. The blog is a platform that merges the Phoenix art scene with the clothing scene. Daniel has made it a priority to make aaaselective more than just another vintage store and he does much more to set himself apart, like the toy and food drive that he held on Nov. 22 in partnership with the Phoenix Rescue Mission organization. The first 50 people who donated received an incentive package with coupons and merchandise from other local businesses. They opened a physical storefront in downtown Phoenix on August 17, but it had existed as a concept long before. He started his first blog in 2015 and started collecting vintage clothes around 2016. From there, Daniel eventually began to combine the two, and after rebranding in January, aaaselective was born. The store, which is stocked with unique, specially curated vintage items, has a minimalist layout similar to the shop’s Instagram account. Records can


Daniel says that aaaselective is only a stepping stone to his ultimate goal, which is to give back and help others as much as possible.

Sustainability is super important to aaacollective. Because he has kids, Daniel says he wants to ensure a clean world where his kids can live a happy life. His first step to sustainability is denouncing fast fashion and encouraging people to shop secondhand. Daniel had not been to a mall in seven years and after revisiting one recently he said, “I had a panic attack, I was just like, ‘this is consumerism.’” “Everything in here that you see was thrifted by me.” He points to chairs, crates, the rug, the mirror, all purchased by him locally or online. Even the register he built by hand. In addition to selling all secondhand items and not using plastic bags, on Earth Day aaaselective celebrated by creating a limited run of free tote bags people could get by signing one of three environmental petitions. Still, Daniel thinks there's much more he could be doing to help the Earth. Daniel said that he wants both his storefront and blog to be something that hits home, something that makes you feel something. In the past, people have told him that they have read his work and learned something from it. “I don’t even care if it’s just one person, as long as one person gets something from it, then my job is

photo by Daniel Castrillo


done,” he said. Although aaaselective doesn’t fit into one specific community, part of Daniel’s goal is to implement the community into the work he does. “Community is big. I like to be in the midst of the community, whether it’s arts, photography, the vintage community,” he said. “Especially in the arts community here downtown, we're in the heart of it all. Art really comes into play deeply.” When planning his opening, Daniel had to find a way to keep crowds small and ensure social distancing, due to the ongoing pandemic. He was inspired by some friends to host an eight-day long flea market the week after his opening. He invited vendors to help him welcome the community and the community largely welcomed him back. Jonathan Ruiz, an employee at aaaselective, said, “Working here has been a really good chance to connect and meet with new people.” “The majority of the time, we just have our friends in here and we’re just shooting the shit. It’s a mix of everybody. I put together a weird group of people, people you would never expect just hanging out,” Castrillo adds. Philip Steverson, a collaborator on the blog and frequent customer of aaaselective, says the moment he walked through the doors he felt a feeling that he doesn’t get from other local vintage stores. “That feeling was warm. That feeling was inviting. That feeling led to the start of great friendships.” Phil feels aaaselective is “establishing a place that will lead to a growing community, which can also lead to future collaboration and sharing amazing vintage finds with one another.”


Daniel noticed that the vintage

clothing market recently became popular and said he understands why people think reselling vintage clothing is easy. With new vintage resellers appearing on Instagram everyday, Daniel said that social media vintage influencers are running the markets now. “Anybody can pull up to a thrift store, and then post on eBay and sell it,” he said. “It kind of sells itself, but also at the same time what goes into it is what matters.” What sets Daniel apart from others in the increasingly saturated vintage clothing market, is his genuine passion.“Anybody can make money, I want this to be community-based, I want to be a foundation for people to build off of,” he said. Since opening aaaselective, Daniel said a lot of things have changed. He’s been able to put aside personal setbacks and dedicate himself completely to the progression of his business in less than a year. Since opening, his whole perspective on the human race changed. “I see grace every day, I see light, I see love.” When asked if he’s satisfied with his work so far, he responds with a quick no. “I’m never satisfied,” he said. “It can always be better.” Aaaselective may be a new storefront, but Daniel Castrillo’s goal is nothing new. He hopes to give back to the community any way he can, and aaaselective is the first stepping stone. Visit aaaselective at 1325 Grand Ave, Phoenix AZ 85007 Unit 201, and follow them on Instagram at @aaaselective. BY Roxanne Banuelos

photo by roxanne banuelos



he fashion incubator FABRIC, located in Tempe, is working to provide sustainable space and resources for apparel designers making niche sewn products while also giving back to the community. Angela Johnson co-founded FABRIC with Sherri Barry.


It’s a unique model. We call it a public, social, cooperative, enterprise. We have for-profits who do sewing, education, and consulting,” Johnson said. “We have a non-profit that gives back free resources. We have the City of Tempe who donate the building, and a community of people that come to make this happen. They provide classes and a free library of compiled knowledge on local sourcing for materials such as fabric.

Johnson, an Arizona native, got her start in Los Angeles working in design and production for X-Large Manufacturing, GIVING BACK a line owned by Mike Diamond of the Beastie While Johnson and Boys and X Girl, a line Barry do pay maintenance It’s a unique model. We call it owned by Kim Gordon of fees and utilities, instead a public, social, cooperative, Sonic Youth. During the of paying rent, they agreed enterprise. We have formid 1990’s, she co-owned with the City of Tempe to profits who do sewing, Monkeywench, a board give back to the community education, and consulting,” sports collection with in programs and services Johnson said. “We have a Christie Clark, an actress in discounted and free non-profit that gives back on the show Days of Our resources. In four years of free resources. We have the City of Tempe who donate the Lives. It was featured being in the space, they building, and a community of in Seventeen Magazine have reported over 2 people that come to make this and worn by several million dollars in give back happen. celebrities such as Tori to the community. Spelling in the TV show 90210, Pamela Anderson, “We’ve actually Tommy Lee, Leonardo exceeded what is required DiCaprio, Christina Applegate. for us to stay here and that is all that we have documented. We have done much more than 2 WHO IS FABRIC? million dollars worth of giving back, we just do not have time to report all of it,” Johnson said. FABRIC provides space and resources for small domestic brands to create their clothing at When the pandemic hit, FABRIC saw an a below market rate. They have office spaces, a opportunity to help the community when the lack photography studio and a recording studio available of medical garments typically worn by medical to rent. Before the pandemic hit, they held fashion practitioners became scarce. shows and events almost every weekend. On their website, FABRIC explained


their process of beginning the project,“with the fundamentals in place to deliver, FABRIC assembled a team, hired an FDA consultant, sourced and secured reusable medical-grade materials, acquired additional equipment and staff, implemented lean manufacturing practices, worked with doctors on design features.” They were then able to begin to create safe, effective, FDA-approved, reusable, level 2 and 3 isolation gowns with custom specifications for each hospital organization.” They not only helped first responders by creating 400,000 isolation gowns but by creating reusable gowns. They diverted over 4 million gowns from landfills this year. This is just one example of how FABRIC has aided their community in need through fashion while maintaining sustainability. FASHION POLLUTION Part of the reason the fashion industry accounts for over 10% of greenhouse gas emissions and is one of the leading pollutants in the world is due to the way the business model is set up. Factories will create patterns, do the technical design, the fittings, manage the production, and quality control a product for designers. However, since those components are difficult to bill designers for, they try their best to convince them to create large quantities of clothing by setting high minimums. “Fashion comes out of our social systems, it is structured within our economic systems and it’s always been that way. I think that sustainable fashion is possible but it requires many more constraints than we have historically had,” said Laura Tanzer, a local sustainable fashion designer. “The current system of crazy fashion, over the top fashion shows, trade fashion shows for five or six collections a year, and fast fashion, is not sustainable. They are all relatively recent, within the last 40-50 years so we can change that really quickly. We just need to ban together.” WHAT JOHNSON DOES DIFFERENTLY

In order to avoid wasting clothing like larger

brands do such as H&M and SHEIN, Johnson visited several specialty stores to get her designs made in smaller quantities at a low price. “By piecing it out in different places I avoided those tough minimums in L.A. I would go to a pattern maker and then I would take the pattern to the grader to size it. Next, I would take the marker, a template you use for cutting, and my wholesale fabrics and deliver those to a cutting service. Finally, I would deliver those to different sewing factories,” Johnson said. She used different sewing factories because they specialized in separate types of clothing. During the early 2000’s when Johnson moved back to Arizona and was disappointed to find that it was nearly impossible to manufacture clothes on a smaller local scale. Without the specialty stores that Los Angeles provided that allowed her to get patterns made, grading done, cutting, and sewing, continuing designing was not an option for Johnson. FABRIC TO THE RESCUE By collectively aiding designers in creating clothing under one roof instead of several specialty stores and factories, they are able to maintain a sustainable fashion production cycle. All scraps are collected and used in creating a collection that is auctioned off at the end of every year. Additionally, they are using cutting edge technology to prevent waste while the design process is occurring. For example, typically designers hand make patterns, create a sample, and then adjust and repeat the process until a design fits and lies the way they imagine. At FABRIC, they have a computer program that provides designers the ability to do this all technologically and save the wasted material they use when manufacturing samples. Johnson and Barry look forward to the future of FABRIC. They have already begun a video series that allows even those outside of Arizona to learn how to create locally sourced and sustainable fashion brands. The two fashionistas hope to continue to use technology and sustainability to evolve the fashion industry as a whole. BY MAJA PEIRCE



ustainability is a trend that is on the rise while consumerism is at an all-time high. As the season of gift giving and holiday sales approach I’d like to explore in-depth exactly what consumerism is. How it affects American society, and how mass supply and demand is killing our planet. What is consumerism?

Cami Karr, ASU senior majoring in sustainability, says that consumerism has created a “throwaway” culture surrounded by overconsumption and is affecting earth’s livelihood.

S ' T I : M S I R E

“I believe that it is a combination of both


According to Merriam-Webster, consumerism is, “the theory that an increasing consumption of goods is economically desirable.” In simpler terms, consumerism is favoring businesses’ economic interests over the good of the Earth and other social issues mass supply and demand affect. From the fashion industry perpetuating fast-fashion brands and trends to the mass production of plastic for a variety of industries that correlate to everyday use, numerous companies are capitalizing on how technological advancement has allowed more people to consume more items than ever before.

catastrophe. However, climate change is not entirely the fault of the consumer. Karr believes most of the blame for earth’s detriment is on major corporations.

“Things are being thrown away in order to make room for the new stuff, even though they are items that are still in good shape or can be reused multiple times,” Karr said. “As for climate change, the continuous mass production to keep up with consumerism has required more and more resources that deplete the planet of resources like raw materials and water. This releases greenhouse gases that keeps the climate changing.” How does consumerism play a role in American society? Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the pinnacle of consumerism in our society, and while the deals can be hard to resist, the cons far outweigh the pros with workers functioning under inhumane conditions. People are buying things they really don’t need and ultimately contributing to environmental


consumers’ and corporations’ responsibility to slow climate change, primarily

focusing on corporations. Corporations are the ones creating the waste, the emissions, etc., and receive little to no punishment for it. Instead, the consumers get stuff like “don’t use plastic straws it kills turtles” or “don’t drink milk it’s bad for the planet.” While these things are true to some extent, it is unfair for




What can we do about consumerism and climate change? While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are traditions that will continue to be observed in American society, there are ways we can ethically go about our holiday shopping and overall consumption throughout the year.



In an article for Forbes magazine, Senior Contributor, Blake Morgan, explores five brands that shifted their Black Friday focus from profits to consumer and environmental health. Morgan urges that all companies follow suit in order to contribute to something greater than themselves.

“These companies demonstrate the growing shift from Black Friday madness to more intentional mindfulness. When products become commodities, brands need to shift their focus to make it more about experiences and less about simply selling products,” Morgan said. “Black Friday is a great opportunity for companies of all sizes to show their dedication to something bigger than profits and highlight mindfulness in the customer experience.”

The hyper-consumerist attitude we possess as a society is not something that originated from us, rather it derives from the capitalist economy we live under that props up corporations’ economic interests over our financial wellbeing and the safety of our planet. However, the lack of blame does not give us a free pass to unethically consume, rather, it gives us the freedom to make a difference in rebuilding the earth’s health and reconfiguring our societal priorities.

producers to keep producing negative stuff and blaming the consumer for buying it,” Karr said.

“Consumers need to push back on corporations and require that they are the ones that take responsibility for the problems that they caused, but they also need to take individual actions that they can in order to make a difference,” Karr said. “If you know that a clothing business is exploiting their workers in another country, maybe don’t purchase from them. If you have the ability, buy your milk from a local farmer. It’s about educating yourself about these topics and making a change where you can.” BY Ella Ho Ching


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Thenmore d the brand Another thatTit’s “partse and hard u reason eis s lv hr elv g O h n e h i o r g a and emotions, s T d ofn the culture.r ” The ultimate reason consumers products onr feelings the more s u u v r s r i h n l O o B e u g buy things is because they are to r the consumer. a appealing g In our sofe its popularity. v Thisgis O h sT Ou and current r n l h n r i e g i B e T can directly culture, brand because relaten to that d uhavingnsmall u consumers d designer s attachment s i s n O o r Br selv e accessories like a Louis Vuitton or Chanel product and have an emotional to d d a r u g ra ds v n n r h l O n r n purse fitted with found the e brand, andgare more willing a to purchase T B a at GoodWill B clothesr u a dini style s r s O r n s r e n s B is right now. In order to fit in and be a from the company. i B o B g d u nd a partnofd v r h l h n s O r that culture, people are looking to buy h g sT d arerimportant a B rthese gand r a Brandnnames a products. se fitting ug u r s n r To the consumer, in to people, o i o u B e d B a B u r d r O r they hare brandTnames, n gh looking O is priceless. n notB because h high-end lv g h butebecause s g T g d a u n hr s h u s of what o they represent and how they make n s i r n i e r g o e d B a T rfeel. Brands u than just u people r elv nd v The last two reasons arer more personal. are usedO more a n s s h l o a B hr s T d a u s name to people, areg what people use to ve se theyin r h n r O r l B r e g T B a peopleugrow relationships u u themselves. v brand d s ewith se ing rOften s theseBbrand l s O e n o r d d u Herran d names vthe people r andewith s who ing ra BY Gabriella l n h r n ds O an ugh a advertiseTthem. Nike, for example, has beend a B u s a g r s r gO r o ve n ds n u B din B u r a a h O h n l r n r i T B ra ro ug ran nds h B se ing nd s r h o T g d h B hr d ra a u B a s u r n n O r s e g T B B o a a B g d u r s r r ds lv ds h n e o h B B e g a l T v r s s d 17 r el Br gh Th se ou es an an


Please, Stop Making Fake Nikes

s d an r B h ug o s hr d T s an e r lv e hB s g r u u o O r g h T n di es n v a el s Br r u O g in d an



it c w b p o t

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BY Cameron Rubner


efore I get into this, I have to admit that street wear tself and the counter culture has a lot to do with parody. Tweaking a brand’s iconic logo and putting it on T-shirts is one of the mainstays of he movement.

You see brands ike Supreme, Palace, Dime, Bronze 56k all take a piece of something and make it brand new. BUT can we please for the ove of God, stop making rip off Nike Dunks and ordan 1’s. In 2002 Bape would set the stage for the common bootleg Nikes you see today with their own sneaker, the Bapesta.

The shoe was essentially a Nike Air Force One but with a star nstead of a swoosh. In ts time Bape was able to put their own unique spin on the air force and really made the Bapesta its own shoe with patent leather, crazy patterns, amazing colorways, and out of he box collaborations sometimes in a special box).

Warren Lotas replacement sneaker via warren lotas

"Bape Bapetas image via grailed @Bapesta_ king"


"In its time Bape was able to put their own unique spin on the air force and really made the Bapesta its own shoe with patent leather, crazy patterns, amazing colorways, and out of the box collaborations, sometimes in a special box."

Nike SB Dunk Low Stüssy via Nike


"Bape x Kaws bapesta via Grailed @icecream_ frank"


ut the bootlegs that we see today are completely void of any real creativity. Let’s take a look at suspect number one...Mr. Warren Lotas. Warren Lotas has been one of the most innovative names in streetwear in the past few years. His apocalyptic, western, biker imagery has captivated an enormous following and has revitalized 90s’ basketball jerseys that are kind of getting


stale by now. But his attempt at a bootleg Nike Dunk is anything but passionate, cutting edge, or exciting. They are literally just iconic dunk colorways with a Jason Voorhees mask on the swoosh. He didn’t even really replace the swoosh! Obviously, it was no surprise when Nike inevitably came knocking on his door with a cease and desist. And no I’m not on Nike’s side, they are a billion-dollar company why do they need to be taking money out

of an independent creative’s pocket who isn’t harming them whatsoever? But business is business. Before the shoes were even made, Lotas was taking pre-orders for them, warning customers that they wouldn’t ship out for three to four months. (Another absurd tactic that baffles me). After being told to stop production, he tried to design a replacement shoe, which was still derivative of a

Lotas stüssy bootleg via Warren Lotas

Nike Dunk but one thousand times uglier. One comment on his Instagram post announcing the shoe basically sums up how everyone feels.“Man said I can’t make Nikes, so I may as well just make some bullshit.” And those shoes are definitely bullshit. But Warren Lotas is not the only one guilty of this crime.

"I understand it’s a safe bet to take some of the most coveted sneakers and lazily slap a different logo on them but, maybe, just maybe, try designing your own silhouette?"

Nike SB Dunk low Heineken via Nike

Half evil Nike dunk bootleg via Twitter @avntspace

Warren Lotas Heineken bootleg via warren lotas


n August, a picture of what looked to be a pair of Bootleg Dunks from the brand Half Evil, leaked. With a three replacing the swoosh on the pair is another example of straight-up, uncreative, derivative, copycat, bullshit.

The Jordan 1 has also gotten the blank t-shirt treatment lately just look at these from the brand Soleboy, or these from I Never Heard of You, or these from Lost n Found.

Soleboy jordan 1 bootleg via IG @soleboy

Yes, bootleg culture still and always will have a place in streetwear and fashion for sure, but a PSA for every brand that wants to make shoes: I understand it’s a safe bet to take some of the most coveted sneakers and lazily slap a different logo on them but, maybe, just maybe, try designing your own silhouette?

I never heard of you bootleg jordan 1 via @inever HEardof youbefore

Soleboy jordan 1 bootleg via IG @soleboy




or th has taug mon As th trait term “celebrity” a created. By defini well known and c volume perpetuat lives on a global s

With that that celebrities in

Maybe it’s listening to and w T.V. shows, we wo school to watchin teams play. Or the on our iPods, cele early age.

So what is make us want wh

We like th favorite celebrity that sense of conn look up to.

photo by maja peirce and sydney witte


Singer Bil iconic Gucci outfi her brand and wh it has become a m scene. More and m Gucci or knock o match the singer. to the table and th both positive and praise the singer f


housands of years, society unknowingly been ght to worship those with ney, fame, and beauty. hose who carried those ts rose above society the and “celebrity culture” was ition, a celebrity is being celebrity culture is a hightion of celebrities’ personal scale.

t being said, it’s no surprise nfluence what we consume.

s because we’ve grown up watching them. From the ould binge watch before ng our favorite sports he music we would listen to ebrities were present at an

s it about celebrities that hat they have?

he idea of owning what our owns. It makes us have nection to someone we

llie Eilish is known for her fits. It has become a part of hether people like it or not, major staple in the fashion more people are buying off Gucci sweat suits to . Billie brings a unique style his has stirred up a lot of d negative criticism. Some for her creativity others

think that it’s too over the top. Whatever it may be, people still want to dress like her.

We’re consumed with the idea that if we wear what our favorite celebrity is wearing then it’ll make us look and feel important, like we have a higher status similar to them. Perhaps this is another contribution to our impulses. For the period of time we match our favorite celebrity, we get to escape who we are and the “Oh (insert fav celebrity name here) owns this too,” makes us feel superior for that moment. Our consumption and need for the latest trends cause us to turn to the latest celebrity infatuation, they control what we consume, and more often than not, we don’t even realize it. Aside from celebrities' influence in fashion, our consumption and obsession runs even deeper. Kourtney Kardashian showed something so basic that any typical person does, eat a piece of candy. In a video she explains how she eats a Kit Kat, by stripping it of the chocolate and then eating the wafer last. We witnessed someone who is considered a top tier celebrity eat the dessert in a different way that urged us to try it. Maybe it was the unusual way of eating the candy that piqued people’s interests or maybe it was the fact that Kourtney is a part of THE Kardashian family. Either way, the power of a single person over billions is overwhelming. It’s not just fashion and food that drives

our need to be like our favorite celeb, technology has also started to play a major role in the celebrity scene. With social media platforms growing by the second a new form of celebrity has been created, we call them influencers.

The number of advertisements I see on my Instagram and Twitter feed of Addison Rae modeling the latest make-up line is insane. And the amount of times I’ve considered buying the products is another issue in itself especially as a broke college student. With brands using celebrities and influencers as a marketing technique to draw in new customers, means more exposure then ever before. Now, I’m not saying that this is a good or bad thing but rather both. It’s something that we as a society chose to overlook because it brings us happiness and for that moment ties us to someone we look up to. But there really is no escaping it because we’re conditioned now more than ever to want to buy what we see. It’s like a permanent impulse. Instead of just being influenced by actors, music artists, and athletes, it’s now also who we follow on social media. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing wanting to match someone we admire but then again, how much money is lost to the things we may never use again? The power of celebrities and celebrity culture is often disregarded and the sad thing is that it’s not slowing down any time soon. BY LAUREN LIPPERT



ith the holiday season approaching and 2020 being a tough year financially, here’s a small reminder that not every gift has to cost a pretty penny. Here’s a list of things I’ve gifted or have been gifted in the last few years that can all be made or found for under $15! Welcome to the ultimate Christmas thrifted and DIY suggestions for this holiday season.

Astrology pictures I don’t believe in saving the best for last so my favorite DIY present is astrology-related, I know-sue me! However, I think this is such a fun and cute idea that can be easily personalized to anybody. By simply visiting one of the many star locator websites you can save a date in the stars, or rather in a picture frame. Pick a date important to whoever you’re planning on giving the stardate to, such as an anniversary or birthday. Then, enter it into the site to see the constellation positioning from that night focusing on that season. For example, my parents got married in August so I focused on the Leo constellation for their present. I printed out the picture and re-traced it onto the paper I put in the picture frame. There are many different ways to decorate this and make it your own, but I decided to poke holes through each star of their main constellation and put in battery operated lights to make it look like real stars. Then to finish it off I wrote a nice letter on the back with the coordinates of that constellation on the night of their wedding.


Blankets/pillows Another year I decided to run by JoAnn’s to pick up some fleece fabric and Poly-Fil to make easy pillows. I accomplished this by using the tie-blanket method, in which you cut strips along the edges of the two pieces of fabric you're using, and then simply double knot them together. If you’d like to just make blankets with this method that’s also a great option, however, I decided to make smaller versions in order to make oversized pillows. It’s even better if you’re able to find fabrics with patterns that correlate to your friend’s interests. Some examples are soccer balls, trombones, ballet shoes, and more. All of which are available at most fabric stores!

Dollar store gift baskets These dollar store baskets are one of my favorite go-to’s because with a little creativity you can go a long way with $15 at the dollar store. You can pick up every item you’ll need there which also makes it great for last-minute shoppers like myself. Starting with a basket, I like to go down each aisle with a theme in mind for who I’m shopping for and adjust the final product as I go. One year I made all of my cousins small spa baskets with face masks, candles, lotion, nail polish, and chocolate. For my aunts and uncles I decided to do gals/guys night in a basket. My uncles’ baskets were stuffed with small whiskey shooters, chips, movies, and some gag

HRIFTMAS HRIFTMAS jokes from the toy aisle. No matter what you decide, remember that it’s the thought that counts.

Food Another great thing that people always love getting for the holidays is any kind of homemade food item! Personally, I think making a family dish or something that you haven’t made in a while makes this idea a little more special. Whether it’s grandma’s twice-baked mac & cheese recipe, or even a new tradition that you start, the time spent in the kitchen is a kind of love you can taste. Personally, I love making German cookies for my family members as a tradition passed down to me, but I also love sharing this old treat with new friends I make each year. They essentially look and taste like a cookie-sized funnel cake, topped with powdered sugar. It’s always a special treat to break out the old metal tins we fry them in each year.

DIY Mason Jar Projects This is another DIY that is under $10 and can be made to your liking! Start with an old mason jar or one from the dollar store with dry products, whether that be baking or hot cocoa ingredients, to make a special holiday treat at home. By layering cocoa, sugar, marshmallows and peppermints, then decorate the outside of the jar in a festive manner and you’ll have a tasty and thoughtful present in minutes. You can also take this same idea to craft a special something for those in your life. Jars can be

used for homemade beauty products, snow globes or even more personable gifts. One of my favorite ideas I came across while looking at these ideas was “Couple Coupons.” It’s the perfect gift for a significant other and can be filled with important dates, favors, or witty fake coupons. Then as the year continues the gift just keeps on giving since your partner can pick something new each day. It’s also a perfect way to make them feel loved and important, something important during the holiday season.

DIY Advent Calendar My final tip is one I can’t wait to try this holiday season: a DIY Advent Calendars. By covering cardboard boxes or old toilet paper rolls with wrapping paper, you can create easy pockets to place all of your advent surprises in. This gift is great because it can be changed for everyone and still remain fairly cheap. The best one I came across was an advent calendar for pups with little treats in each, by the end of the month they knew the pattern and we’re so excited to get their treat each day, too adorable! I hope this little list of easy and cheap ways to make presents helps you find some ease this holiday season. The holidays are always a stressful time mentally and financially, even more so this year, so taking a little time to make gifts could help in both aspects! More than anything, a handmade gift just shows you care and that you took the time to think about those important to you. BY Autumn Schieferstein



outfit... sayi understatem the first per Friday.

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Som of my favor memories were made with my cousins when we would put o performanc that we mad and make the whole family watc Or as we shared laug someone to better than and knowin or are in a r Black Frida

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s someone who owns more shoes than I know what to do with and finds any excuse to buy a new ing I love to shop is an ment. However, I will be rson to say that I hate Black

a huge family person, ok forward to holiday s because I get to spend ome of my favorite people. one’s busy lives, holidays he only time of the year that yone together at the same

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the early afternoon of Thanksgiving day. Not only does Black Friday interfere with the time that should be spent with family, but it also causes unnecessary stress. The holidays can already be stressful as it is, so there is no need to add yet another event to only fuel the chaos of the season. Stores are packed with people who will stop at nothing to get the products they want. However, due to COVID retailers are not having a traditional Black Friday shopping experience this year.

"The holidays can already be stressful as it is..."


ghter at the dinner table as old a story. There is nothing catching up with everyone ng you have no other plans rush to leave. That’s where ay tries to mess things up.

ck Friday wouldn’t be all it actually lived up to its took place on Friday. As a mber waking up extremely out 5 a.m., on the morning iday to go shopping, but last very long. Retailers an moving their store mes to be earlier and earlier. stores began opening in

For example, Target will be having sales throughout the entire week of Black Friday, but will be completely closed on Thanksgiving and will reopen Friday at 7 a.m. Walmart will have online deals beginning Nov. 25, but will not have in-person sales until Friday at 5 a.m.

While many extended families are not able to all spend Thanksgiving together this year because of the pandemic, it is important to make the most out of what we have with those we can see. While all of my family will not be able to get together this Thanksgiving, I am thankful that my time with the family I do get to see will not be interrupted by a stressful shopping experience with a limited number of “good” deals. BY Madison Thomas



yber Monday, AKA, the online version of Black Friday seems to be bigger and better each year with more deals, more sales, and more savings. Mark your calendars for November 30, the date anticipated for Cyber Monday. Yet lots of retailers release early deals that make consumers rethink waiting until the end of the month. Thanks to the pandemic, it is projected to be substantially larger than what we have ever seen before. Most people plan to do their holiday shopping solely online. As an online marketing stunt, stores use Cyber Monday to publicize to consumers that it's their last chance to save big, and better yet, they don't have to leave their house. Whether you shopped on Black Friday or not, the advertising for Cyber Monday builds to take advantage of


people's appetite for material, rather than our need. Come Monday morning, many of us return to work or school after the holiday weekend, we log onto our favorite sites seeking their latest sales. Consumerism is the root of shopping, spending then ending in storage or stuffed in a closet but hey, at least we got it on sale, right? It is the pinnacle of brands inducing the want for items. Hypothetically, if we got everything we needed throughout the year, there would be no need to budget our expenses for these two days out of the year and we would be less likely to be the victim to this occurrence. With major businesses filing for bankruptcy due to COVID-19, these infamous shopping events are more important than ever to replenish the decline in business. For some stores, they plan to extend their deals both online and

MONDAY in-store to make sure that the flow of customers can stay safe along with buying all they can for this holiday season. Bath and Body Works, for example, is planning for their Black Friday to be a weeklong event including deals on their threewick candles, hand soaps, and more. To further attract their customers, they announced their exclusive fan-favorites that rarely go on sale will be at a discounted price. Another popular store for holiday shopping, JCPenney’s kicked off their deals as early as mid-October with “Cyber Days” and continued to have weekend sales through November as an early preview of what they offer for Cyber Monday. Although Black Friday releases the serotonin of excitement from waiting outside stores and shouldering the shoppers, Cyber Monday is simply better. Notably, Black Friday is expanding. Many retailers give a glimpse of the deals they have to offer weeks before heading to

your favorite mall. But, the problem is consumers don’t want to physically go get things in which the concept of Cyber Monday dominates Black Friday. Especially during this phase in our world, where large groups of people are considered to be dangerous, Cyber Monday is not only practical but safe. Pandemic or not, Cyber Monday is my favorite time to divulge my shopping urges. Having multiple tabs open whether it’s Amazon on one and Urban Outfitters on the other, I’m able to budget between the sites and not get a “shoppers high” spending more than what. Sometimes the deals on clearance are almost better than what is displayed for Black Friday. In all the weirdness that 2020 has brought, we can expect that many retailers will have their specials ready to go for what they hope will be a huge shopping day. BY Joelena Sandoval




dvancements in technology in combination with the hurdles put in front of traditional shopping has resulted in retailers turning their focus towards digital interactions this holiday season. While some retailers have crumbled under the pressure of the pandemic, others have adapted to the current climate. AI, face recognition, and one-on-one virtual services are just some of the ways stores are staying afloat during these times of change. According to IBM’s 2020 U.S. Retail Index report, the pandemic has accelerated the shift to digital shopping by roughly five years. One of the main ways companies have been able to reach a larger audience, faster with this increased shift is through data collection tools. These tiny collections of data produced through cookies, hashtags, and other data create micro-celebrations for each company. These advancements in search engine optimization give consumers faster product recommendations, auto-fill products, and order fulfillment automation. A majority of these companies collect this data through the Internet of Things Technology (IoT), which has come to fruition and affected retail in a significant manner within the last year. From computerized portable checkouts and brilliant racks to customized


promotions and associated items, organizations and purchasers are sold or bought on the IoT. Gartner Inc. gauged in 2015 that the IoT would flaunt roughly 21 billion IoT connected gadgets around the world. Little did they know that the pandemic would speed up their growth to project near 31 billion gadgets just within the year 2020. Another addition to consumerism technology this holiday season was the idea of social shopping. Similar to the ways traditional mall shoppers like to take their time browsing during the holiday season for the perfect gifts for each loved one, online shoppers will often browse for hours if not days before making a purchase. Social shopping pioneer sites like Pinterest and Instagram, are beginning to play a critical role in making social shopping the main pattern. For example, organizations like Stitch Fix, an online personal styling company, have extended their utilization of social stages to show their dress assortment to their clients prior to dispatching the requests. It enables current clients to see the dress assortment and remember it for their future conveyance. Increased speed means increased competition, so retailers and brands are going to the most recent innovations to improve the marketing of their items. For instance, one Swedish organization, Volumental, has 3D programming to filter

clients' feet and render an exact model that allows sales reps to coordinate clients with a correct pair of shoes. The innovation is now being utilized by New Balance to furnish clients with an individual and quicker shopping experience. In a “Marcus: by Goldman Sachs” article on 3D body-filtering applications, experts determined how this innovation can enormously diminish the near 30% return rate for web-based buys. This is mainly because the technology gives more precise estimations for clothing. As long as the client has a cell phone that can accurately depict sizes, they can utilize these easy tools too. Retailers who have already begun using this kind of tech have seen a 40% decline in returned items.

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This same technology is now being used in beauty stores like Sephora and Ulta and much more frequently since in-person shopping experiences have completely changed. Social distant and touchless shopping has left many retailers to find innovative ways to stay connected with their shoppers. Additionally, with in-store shopping having less try-on products available than usual, many online shoppers feel stuck picking between products without knowing how they feel or fit. No matter how fast, safe, or amazing online shopping might seem, there will still BY Autumn always be consistent concern about being able to choose the


s in person. Face and body scanning llow for even more his holiday season. n ensure those fit your sister and will definitely be color.

nd online retail ng technology, s have been used more this year r ease, which also n advancements ybersecurity. By tions in payment erification, such as a or face recognition, er level of security lt between the onsumer.

his combined is also to another arising nlarged retail and d shopping: virtual tems. Extravagant Louis Vuitton are computerized d apparel to dress ith, in the esports of Legends. ending on gaming is anticipated to n (USD) by 2022, t even if consumers for material items otential for them to merchandise as well.

n Schieferstein

photo by maja peirce and sydney witte



Breaking news: McKenna does have a boo… and he is most definitely spending the holidays with her.


pending the holidays with my significant other is nothing new for me but it may be new for some. Being with your partner over the holidays is genuinely one of the most bonding experiences you two could share.

Not only is the whole family there but you get to see how your partner interacts with their family, and let me tell ya… that can be interesting. I have been with a guy who had no relationship with their family but I have also been with a guy who was a huge family man. I'm not hating on either one of these dynamics. I totally understand that not everyone is BFF’s with their family but the holidays can definitely bring out some unidentified issues within the family system. My current man has a pretty rocky relationship with his family, and this can be heightened during the Winter season because of all the holiday festivities that are so surrounded by family. So how do you support your significant other during that?

1 Don’t push them to go to their family’s house for the holidays.

Allow your partner to handle the situation in their own way. If they don’t want to spend Thanksgiving or Christmas with their family then support them and invite them to your family’s festivities and make them feel welcomed and included. Not everyone is as tight with their family, and some may have residual trauma from their family dynamic, so always be supportive.

2 Ask how they are doing, but don’t pity them the whole day. What I mean by this is that some may feel out of place that they aren’t spending the holidays with their family and you continuously asking them how


they are doing, will make them feel more like a charity case. Ask your partner once how they are feeling and if you can do anything for them and what they need from you today, and then leave it at that. Make the day as loving and joyous as possible.

3 If they do want to go to their families and you know it’s going to be a shit show… go anyway.

If your S/O wants to attempt a get together at their family’s place that is a step in the right direction and you should totally be supportive. It’s not an easy thing to hang out with your family when there is a lot of tension there, so praise your partner for even trying. If the get-together goes sideways keep your cool because your partner probably won't. This is something I struggle with. I hate to see my guy upset from something a family member said but I have to remember that by me being calm and collected will also help him calm down. Don’t insert yourself into a family situation, it will never end well. Just be an ear to listen and ask your partner what YOU can DO to help in being supportive.

4 DO NOT take anything personally from your partner when they are upset during the holidays.

If you are really close with your family it may be difficult for you to understand what it’s like to have conflict within a family system. On the holidays these emotions can come out in several different ways and they may even come out sideways on you. Don’t take how your partner is acting personally, they are hurting and projecting and nine times out of 10 it has nothing to do with you. If they are grumpy and not as enthusiastic as you on Christmas just give them a hug, tell them you appreciate them, and let them know you’re here if they want to talk. The moral of the story in all of this is that being supportive and empathetic toward your partner will get you FAR in a relationship. Just remember that the holidays aren’t a loving time of the year for everyone, so be sensitive and be grateful for all you have this year. BY Mckenna Leavens




hroughout the winter months, mental health issues are heightened because of the holidays, as well as the added factors of seasonal depression, and the current Coronavirus pandemic. Spending a concentrated amount of time with family and friends is something that everyone is grateful for, but at times can be stressful because of the pressure to create the perfect holiday environment.

As much as people look forward to spending quality, joyous time with family during the holidays, the added anxiety of seeing loved ones you haven’t interacted with in a while, the stress of gift-giving, or social anxiety around large groups can create a more stressful environment for some. The holidays force people out of their comfort zone. Imagine the stress that takes over people who don’t have close knit families or rarely get out much. Some may experience added depression due to the lack of interaction with family and comparing themselves to the societal norms that are created in holiday movies or the overload of posts on social media showcasing family and friends together.


During the holidays’ communities are seen coming together to support families who aren’t fortunate enough to experience the best Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years’, and so on. People adopt families to express their love and donate gifts. There are many holiday gift drives, functions at homeless shelters, and more to ensure that most people feel the love and holiday spirit no matter their circumstances. So with that being said, what are ways to cope with anxiety and depression? Some helpful and free ways to cope can be daily journaling; you can write the highs and lows of your day, and what you’re grateful for. The simple act of writing how you’re feeling can be beneficial in releasing tension from within the body. Meditation is also a way to relax your mind and body and detach from your current state of emotions. It allows one to focus on breathing and the body. There are plenty of apps like Calm, Headspace and Insight Timer that you can get to help with guided meditations. You can also find free meditation videos on YouTube for anxiety, sleep or whatever you need in the moment

With the current state of our country, traveling home, visiting family members, and overall celebrating holiday events are being altered and modified to keep everyone as healthy as possible. Over the course of the past few months, everyone Seasonal Depression stems from the lack around the world has been restricted from social in- of being outside, so a nice alternative is using light teraction; which has taken an enormous toll on the therapy inside. Light therapy is used to brighten overall well-being of people’s mental state. Although your environment to simulate natural light, and the holidays are stressful, everyone, including has been used in order to positively affect chemimyself, looks forward to some aspects of it. But this cals within the brain which are linked to sleep and year it seems as if the holidays may carry a negative mood. Light therapy lamps can be purchased online connotation because we aren’t allowed to gather in to help ease symptoms of seasonal depression. large groups and we have the fear of exposing our loved ones and elders. Lastly, don’t be afraid to reach out to family and friends and let them know how you’re feeling. Outside of the current pandemic, each year Remember that you are never alone. as the winter months approach, seasonal depresBY Cabrini Class sion starts to kick in for some. This is due to the cold weather, lack of sunshine, prohibited outdoor activities, and overall gloominess of Winter months. There are many ways to combat these feelings.



ringing in the New Year is an exciting time because you have another 365 days to work on yourself, pursue your goals, learn new things, and start fresh. People all over the world gather together to celebrate a brand new year in many different and fun ways. Let’s take a look at some fun activities you can do to get in the spirit!

Take your suitcase for a spin around the block In Columbia and Mexico, people carry their empty suitcases around their neighborhood when the clock strikes at midnight on New Year’s Eve in hopes of a travel-filled year. The suitcases represent new adventures and new possibilities. If you don’t want to have your entire block thinking you have lost your mind, another fun alternative is to bring your luggage and walk around your house seven times. Usually taking a suitcase with wheels can help you walk or run around your neighborhood a lot easier. This is lots of fun!


Toast at midnight In Spain and in many Latin American countries, eating 12 Grapes at midnight on New Year’s eve is a big tradition that dates back to the 1900s. In downtown Madrid and Barcelona, crowds gather around in the heart of the city to get together and eat their lucky grapes or as they call it, uvas de la suerte. This fruit represents good luck for each month of the coming year and with each grape you can make a new wish. In some countries, the circle is considered to be of good luck and a symbol of prosperity because of its round shape like a coin. In the Philippines, people even wear polka dots and eat any fruit that is round for good luck and grapes seem to be the most common during the New Year’s celebration.

LL MIDNIGHT A midnight kiss In the United States, kissing someone special at midnight is quite popular especially for the hundreds of thousands of people who visit New York City each year when the famous ball drops in Times Square. The New Year’s kiss tradition is said to have first started in Ancient Rome dating back to the 8th century B.C. where big parties were held to celebrate the coming of a new year with families and friends. The parties were ongoing and some even lasted for days. Food, beverages, music, and good company made this celebration one they looked forward to every year. It was believed that the first person you encountered at midnight would determine whether you had a good or bad year. This is the reason why many decided to kiss and make sure that love was guaranteed in the next months to come. The legend remains till this day and says if you find your midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve then you will bring love all year long into your life. It is a superstition that many believe can give you good or bad luck. If you are fortunate enough to find a New Year’s kiss then you will bring good fortune to your life and your partner’s. If you don’t get a midnight kiss then you will be destined for another lonely year of being single.

Champagne toast at midnight Drinking bubbly champagne (21+) or bubbly sparkling cider symbolizes happiness and good positive vibes throughout the year. In the 16th century, people all over Europe who were wealthy and considered elite would indulge in drinking champagne. It was a way to celebrate big events as it was very expensive during that time. This tradition became very popular with the French in the 19th century between the 1800s and 1850’s due to the drink’s popularity causing availability to skyrocket with production of champagne bottles jumping from 300,000 to 20 million bottles a year. Champagne was considered a “holy drink” for the elite society and was widely used for celebratory events like wedding ceremonies, christenings, big gatherings as well as New Year celebrations where folks would get together to bring in the new year in a big way. Today, approximately 300 million bottles of champagne are sold each year especially during the holidays.

On this eventful day keep in mind the saying, "Kiss the person you hope to keep kissing."


Dress to impress and attract good vibes in the coming year A very popular tradition for New Years’ in Brazil is to dress in red, yellow, gold or white. Red attire symbolizes your desire to attract love in the coming year. Yellow garments symbolize good luck for you and your family. Golden attire symbolizes your yearning for a prosperous year filled with professional opportunities and overall wealth. White clothing symbolizes a fresh positive start to a peaceful year. New beginnings and opportunities await!

Breaking dishes for a new beginning Many like to begin their year by making sure that the bad spirits and negativity in the previous year get left behind by breaking old dishes at their friends’ and family’s doors. This activity is widely popular in Denmark and requires a lot of space. You can also try it by using an empty room or area in your house where guests can release their energy while making sure they can participate safely as well.

Jumping into January In Denmark, people like to stand on chairs once the countdown to midnight begins. Right when the clock strikes at midnight, people then jump off of their chairs in hope to start a new year with good luck and positivity. This is a very easy way to participate in the festivities while having fun!


elebrating the New Year is all about starting fresh and embracing new beginnings. In whatever way you decide to bring in the new year, we hope you enjoy it safely and have fun with those you care about. Cherish every moment and make memories that will last a lifetime. We wish you a bright hopeful future ahead filled with lots of health, love, and most of all positivity. Let us know at The Chic Daily Instagram if you tried any of these New Year’s activities! BY Jessica Herrera


photo by maja peirce and sydney witte


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