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The Center for WOODEN BOATS

Program Catalogue 2009

Wa s h i n g t o n S t a t e P a r k s

Book your Reservations for Year-Round Vacation Rentals! Historic waterfront resort on Camano Island 90 minutes from Seattle

• Beachfront cabin and bungalow vacation rentals • Newly refurbished with modern comforts • Discounted, pre-season week-end and weekday rates 2

• Special interpretive presentations • The Center for Wooden Boats programs

Washington’s Newest State Park Reservations: (360) 387 - 1550 Information: (360) 902 - 8844 4


The Center for Wooden Boats is committed to preserving and passing on our small craft heritage. Small craft have been an integral part of our history from the canoes and kayaks of America’s first people to the skiff and sharpie workboats of the European settlers. Since the time our ancestors first gathered at the water’s edge for sustenance, small craft have become a part of their cultural memories. The themes of small boats have been found in myths and visual art since time before history. The Center for Wooden Boats’ means of interpretation is direct experience. There is no better way to provide long-lasting education than using hands and minds together. At CWB you can learn to loft a historic boat, build it, sail it and catch the boat’s beauty through watercolor art. We offer about 80 different ways to learn maritime heritage for every age from preschooler to living legend. Sure, you studied history in school, but you probably are lucky if you can remember the explorers who put continents and archipelagos on the map. The skills you can acquire through CWB’s programs are what Magellan, Columbus and Cook learned in order to find new worlds. They learned boat sailing and maintenance in open, tippy boats. They learned command and control in Tall Ships. You don’t get that stuff from a textbook or lecture. Sign up for our workshops and discover the fun, adventure and skills of the maritime heritage you missed in school.

Table of Contents CWB at Cama Beach ........................................................... 4-5 Boatbuilding & Woodworking ..............................................6-11 Sailmaking & Canvas Work ................................................... 12 Art On The Water........................................................... 14-15 Native Arts Programs ......................................................... 17 Adult Sailing ................................................................ 18-19 Skills Underway ............................................................ 20-21 CWB’s Boat Livery ............................................................. 23 Historic Tugboat Programs .................................................. 25 Youth Sailing Programs ................................................... 26-28 School Programs ............................................................... 29 Things to do at CWB ........................................................... 30 2009 Festivals and Events ................................................... 31 Get Involved .................................................................... 32 Program Instructors ...................................................... 33-37 Registration Policies ........................................................ 37

Dick Wagner, Founding Director All workshops are held at CWB’s Lake Union (Seattle) location unless otherwise noted in the course description. Workshops at Cama Beach are indicated by a cabin logo. We constantly are adding new programs. Please check our website at for the latest listings and registration information or call us at (206)382-2628.

Original Drawings by Samuel Johnson. All Rights Reserved.


CWB It’s great to be on the water in a wooden boat! -The Bear Family Bellevue, WA



The Center for Wooden Boats now has a second campus located an hour north of Seattle at Cama Beach State Park on lovely Camano Island. At this historic fishing resort - the last remaining site of its kind on Puget Sound - CWB offers boat rentals, skills workshops, youth and family programs, kayak tours, boatbuilding and restoration programs, some sailing and sailing lessons, site rentals and volunteer opportunities. Cama Beach was a favorite summer getaway for more than 50 years before it became a Washington State Park. Cama Beach is located on a milelong shoreline, providing sweeping views of the Sound, with Whidbey Island and the Olympic Mountains beyond.




Youth Programs

From tool-making to boatbuilding, CWB instructors keep age-old skills alive through hands-on workshops designed for folks of all skill levels. Experience the craft of wooden boat maintenance and repair, general woodworking skills, painting and photography at Cama Beach this year. Descriptions of workshops held at Cama Beach are scattered through this catalogue. Look for listings with a cabin drawing next to them!

Cama Cabins Stay onsite while you take your class! In 2009, CWB is offering rentals in historic Cama Beach cabins to accompany its workshop programs. If you reserve your cabin with CWB at the time you sign up for a workshop, we can arrange your space and help coordinate shared accommodations when available. When you purchase the Workshop/ Cabin Package CWB will handle the initial logistics with Washington State Parks. For more information about Cama Beach’s range of 33 rustic cedar cabins ranging from “2nd Row” to “Deluxe” see for info, or call (360) 387-9361 to book your Workshop/Cabin Package


Our fleet of rental boats is available WednesdaySunday during the May-September season. Several varieties of wooden rowboats, an outboard-powered craft or two and wooden, stitch-and-glue kayaks are available for use this year. One-on-one sailing lessons are available by appointment in small centerboard sailboats in Saratoga Passage.We also offer crab pot rentals for use onsite.

Youth programs at Cama have a strong emphasis on family activity—such as our weekly toy boat building program from 10 am to noon on Saturdays and family exploration kits available for checkout in the park beginning in May. In addition, we offer onsite field trips for schools and youth groups, as well as bringing toy boat building to schools. Contact for more information.

Site Rentals Rental of Cama’s Boathouse, Boatman’s Cabin and Fire Truck Garage are available, with advance notice, for weddings, family reunions and other special events. The Fire Truck Garage boasts a small kitchen and entirely private building for staging, gathering or other uses, while the Boathouse and its majestic patio area allow guests to mingle within feet of Puget Sound and a fleet of historic wooden boats.

Volunteers CWB is a heritage organization focused on traditional skills—but it is our role as a gathering place that provides the energy to keep us going year after year. Volunteers are the heart and soul of CWB, working in all areas of our programs, events and operations. For more information, potential volunteers can contact us at





Youth Field Trips

Spring Fling & Cobweb Bash

Family Exploration Kits

Date: April 18 -19 Members, volunteers and those who just want to have fun will come together this spring to dust off the exhibits, get the livery fleet ready and help prepare CWB for our second season at Cama. Work by day and party by night; food and music are to follow the days spent rolling-up our sleeves. Contact to sign up or request acommodations.

Have fun exploring Cama Beach through the eyes of a sailor or a ship-board naturalist! Kits are full of tools and activities for kids and adults to delve into the magic and wonder of the beach by exploring its natural resources, its cultural history and by learning new skills together. Activities include games, arts and crafts, scavenger hunts and more!

Cama Mariners

Mother’s Day Sail Date: May 9 Join us for our 8th year of providing free sails on Saratoga Passage the Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend. Step aboard the historic schooner Adventuress, help trim sails on a 35’ New Haven Sharpie or go for a row in one of our livery boats. Free boat rides!

Crabfest, Camano Row & Kid’s Fishing Derby Date: September 5 - 6 On Labor Day weekend, we will celebrate the best Island County has to offer: a wonderful natural setting, maritime heritage, music, locally-made drinks and fresh Dungeness crab. On Saturday, while rowers and paddlers get on the water to enjoy the sweeping views, landlubbers can soak-up Camano’s flavors from shore. Sunday, we will turn the beach over to kids 15 and younger for our second annual Kid’s Fishing Derby.


1880 SW Camano Dr. Camano Island, WA 98282 (360) 387-9361

Explore maritime skills and traditions with The Center for Wooden Boats at Cama Beach State Park. In this hands-on field trip students will learn and practice the skills of mariners and boatbuilders. Students will observe and evaluate the conditions of the weather and sea in Saratoga Passage. Students also will experiment with wood construction tools and techniques and working with wood by steam bending a mast hoop that they will keep. Ages: 10+

Toy Boat Road Show The Toy Boat Road Show is an opportunity to bring The Center for Wooden Boats to you! Engage students in math, maritime history and art with CWB in your own classroom or at Cama Beach State Park. Each student will construct their own vessel while learning how to use traditional hand tools and work with wood.

A treasure for our grandchildren! -Sharon and Bill S. Camano Island, WA


Boatbuilding & Woodworking Half Model Making

It was truly a memorable and valuable experience.

Instructors: Jeremy Katich & Heron Scott Session 1: May 16 - 17 Session 2: August 1 - 2 Session 3: September 19 - 20 Time: 9:30 am - 5 pm (Saturday & Sunday) Cost: $260 members / $300 non-members

- Roy D. Baltimore, MD


Cold-Molded Boat Building

Instructor: John Guzzwell Dates: September 21 - 25 Time: 9 am - 5 pm (Monday - Friday) Cost: $600 members / $650 non-members

John Guzzwell has championed cold-molded boatbuilding and has proved that it is an excellent way to build. The class will build a John Atkin design, a 6’6” pram called Petey Dink. Students will learn the methods used to develop shapes from plans, with some simple lofting demonstrations. Then they will move on to the actual construction of the boat, making the keel assembly, transom and bow, then planking over the mold with three layers of 1/16” veneer. Students will also have an opportunity to work on completing a hull built in a previous workshop, building and installing laminated knees and adding internal stiffeners and seats, etc. The finished boat will weigh about 50 lbs and will be built using Wonderbond, which is a modified PVA glue (No epoxy!). Limit: 8 students

Traditionally boats were designed from half models. From the carved hull form, lines were drawn and scaled up to create full-size patterns. For this two-day class, building half models involves reversing the original process by reading two-dimensional lines from plans of a classic Northwest boat and using these lines to recreate the half-hull. Time will be spent laminating wood, sharpening hand tools, working with chisels, gouges, spokeshaves and hand planes to craft your own three-dimensional model. Students will mount their own half model on a board, ready for display! Limit: 6 students

Stitch and Glue Boatbuilding

Instructor: Sam Devlin Dates: TBD. Please check Time: 9 am - 5 pm (Monday - Friday) Cost: $550 members / $625 non-members

Sam Devlin has been a strong proponent of the Stitch and Glue method of boatbuilding for the past 30 years. In this class students will build a Peeper, a 12’ rowing skiff of his own design. The class will start with basic lofting and setting up and move on to taping the interior with cloth and epoxy. The class will then sheath the exterior of the boat and apply the trim and the finishing hardware. The boat will be launched here at CWB on the last day. Limit: 8 students

Norwegian Pram am Building

Instructor: Jay Smith Dates: June 13 - 19 (Cama Beach) ach) Cama Cabin reservations available Time: 9 am - 5 pm (Saturday - Friday) Cost: $900 members / $1000 non-members Build a traditional 10’ Norwegian pram in this seven-day workshop, which covers classic Nordic lapstrake in its simplest form. Participants will learn the elements of beveled planking, copper rivets, sawn frames and trunnel fastening. In one week, students will refine all the other skills and techniques needed to build a small lapstrake boat. The pram will be launched on day seven and may be purchased by one of the students for the additional cost of materials. Limit: 8 students

Boatbuilding & Woodworking Lofting

Instructor: Eric Hvalsoe Session 1: May 23 - 24 Session 2: August 29 - 30 Time: 9 am - 5 pm (Saturday & Sunday) Cost: $200 members / $250 non-members Lofting is a vital tool, typically the first step in building a new boat. It is a fascinating mental exercise in three-dimensional management and layering. Over the weekend, we will loft the lines of a 15' Lake Oswego boat. We will calculate bevels and deductions, add raking stations for transom development and learn how to extract the maximum amount of information from the drawn line. We will discuss construction details, set-up and building molds for the real thing. Newcomers, put your thinking caps on! Veterans may even learn a trick or two. Reading about lofting is not enough; you’ve got to do it! Limit: 8 students

Caulking For Beginners

Instructor: Tim Reagan Session 1: May 23 Session 2: September 26 Time: 10 am - 2 pm (Saturday) Cost: $50 members / $60 non-members

A tight wooden boat is a strong boat. This workshop is for the boat owner who wants to do their own repairs or the shipwright who replaces planks and wants to caulk them with confidence. Tim will talk about the tools: how to hold them and where to use them, how to approach new work and repair work. He’ll discuss the cotton and oakum and how to handle them and talk about seam compounds that protect them. He will explain and demonstrate the techniques of examining a boat to determine the extent of repair and caulking required. It’s hands on; if you have irons and a mallet bring them along. Limit: 12 students

Lapstrake Boatbuilding: ng: The Lake Oswego Boatt

Instructor: Eric Hvalsoe Dates: September 19 - 27 (Cama Beach) Cama Cabin reservations available Time: 9 am - 5 pm (Saturday - Sunday) Cost: $900 members / $1000 non-members The Lake Oswego boat is a lovely, slender 15’ double-ended pulling boat with a sophisticated round bottom lapstrake hull. Cedar lapstrake planking has nearly every advantage desired in traditional boatbuilding techniques. Lapstrake is relatively lightweight and stiff; vertical red cedar provides an inherent dimensional stability for the boat. The boat is planked over a backbone (rabbeted stem and sternpost, plank keel and apron) and molds. Planks are steamed into place and fastened with copper clench nails. Students will learn how to line-off a lapstrake hull, how to spile accurately and efficiently and how to evaluate planking stock and other materials. After several days of planking, the hull will be pulled from the molds and lined-off for white oak bent frames. Each rib is steamed into place and clench nailed. The hull interior is saturated with teak oil and seat risers, breasthooks, thwarts, knees and gunwales are installed. The inner and outer gunwales (or rub rails) are through riveted with copper rivets and roves. The Lake Oswego boat typically is fitted with top-mount oarlock sockets and pads. Limit: 6 students Take Home Option: The completed boat will be available for purchase. Contact CWB’s workshop coordinator Edel O’Connor at for details.

Bronze Casting

Instructor: Sam Johnson Session 1: April 11 - 12 Session 2: October 3 - 4 Time: 9 am - 5 pm (Saturday & Sunday) Cost: $280 members / $350 non-members Learn how to use all the tools necessary to cast hot metal using sand-casting technology. Sam Johnson will cover the basics of patternmaking, sand molding and bronze casting during this engaging hands-on course. Students will make patterns of their designs to cast tools, boat hardware and other objects in bronze. Boatbuilders in particular often need special bronze fittings that are not available but can be cast without great expense. Anyone who has ever lost an oarlock will appreciate learning how to make copies of original hardware. Students also will learn how to build their own inexpensive furnace. Limit: 10 students

The instructor was great at demonstrating and explaining each task and skill in a way that makes you feel comfortable doing it yourself. - Peggy M Bothell,WA


Boatbuilding & Woodworking


I liked that a project was provided to help learn different techniques used in woodworking. It was also great to have something to show (for the first timers) and something we could use afterwards as well. Love my mallet! Taylur M. Seattle, WA

Women’s Woodworking 1: Introduction To The Basics cs Instructor: Jennifer Kuhn Session 1: May 12, 14, 19 & 21 Time: 6 pm - 9 pm (Tuesdays & Thursdays) d ) Session 2: July 18 - 19 (Cama Beach) Cama Cabin reservations available Time: 10 am - 4 pm (Saturday & Sunday) Session 3: August 18, 20, 25 & 27 Time: 6 pm - 9 pm (Tuesdays & Thursdays) Cost: $225 members / $260 non-members Ladies! Have you always wanted to learn woodworking but never had the time or the encouragement? Join Jennifer Kuhn for four sessions in the wonderful ways of woodworking. In addition to learning how to safely use hand and power tools, this workshop will cover basic joinery, laminating, fastening and finishing techniques. Walk away with the knowledge and confidence to embark on your own woodworking projects. Tell your sisters, girlfriends, mothers and daughters to sign up!

Women’s Woodworking 2

Instructor: Jennifer Kuhn Session 2: September 29, October 1, 6 & 8 Time: 6 pm - 9 pm (Tuesdays & Thursdays) Cost: $225 members / $260 non-members Ladies! Now that you have completed Woodworking I, come back for more! Your homework begins with a set of plans and a trip to the lumber store. Expand on your skillset, knowledge and confidence by building your very own carpenters stool. Jennifer will provide guidance and support all the way. Prerequisite: Women’s Woodworking 1 or instructor permission. Limit: 8 students

Introduction to Hand Tools Instructor: Pete Lamb Dates: June 20 - 21 (Cama Beach) Cama Cabin reservations available Time: 9 am - 5 pm (Saturday & Sunday) Cost: $175 members / $200 non-members

Traditional Woodworking:

Use and Care of Hand Tools

Instructor: John Belli Session 1: June 2, 4, 9, 11 & 13 Session 2: September 15, 17, 22, 24 & 26 Time: 6 pm - 9 pm (Tuesdays & Thursdays) 10 am - 4 pm (Saturday) Cost: $300 members / $350 non-members

This workshop will be a weekend of discovery for new and old woodworkers alike. Class begins with an academic look at wood itself, a chance for students to stop thinking about wood as an inert object and recognize it as a dynamic and vital organism. Instructor Pete Lamb, a lifelong shipwright, will discuss the properties of wood, its attributes and uses and how to recognize optimal uses for different cuts and species. Students will spend much of the workshop crafting a unique box, using different styles of joinery: the dovetail, butterfly joint and mitre. This workshop also will cover the use of tools such as hand planes, spokeshaves and gouges.

Students will receive structured guidance in understanding the best way to use and maintain wood-crafting tools and the characteristics of various wood types. This class can provide the foundation for a lifetime of woodworking experiences. The first sessions will deal with sharpening edge tools, surfacing wood stock and the procedure for edge-joining boards. During the final session, a Saturday, students will learn how to cut dovetail joints by hand.

Limit: 6 Students

Instructor: Sam Laher Session 1: April 20, 22, 27 & 29 Session 2: October 5, 7, 12 & 14 Time: 6 pm - 9 pm (Mondays & Wednesdays) Cost: $225 members / $260 non-members

Tool Making g Instructor: Ray Arcand Dates: April 25 - 26 (Cama Beach) ch)) Cama Cabin reservations available Time: 9 am - 5 pm (Saturday & Sunday) Cost: $225 members / $250 non-members

Limit: 6 students

Beginning Woodworking

Using wood stock, steel blades and brass rods, students will make two native-style knives: one detail carving knife and one crooked knife. Over the course of two days, students will carve hardwood handles, shape the blades, harden the steel and assemble their new carving tools.

Hey dude! This class is for all you people with a hankering to make something out of wood. First you’re going learn how to safely use basic hand and power tools to turn large hunks of wood into useful sized pieces. With that mastered, you’ll move on to basic joinery, laminating, fastening and finishing. Sam Laher will impart the techniques that will have you ready and able to take on your own woodworking projects and heading for the lumber store.

Limit: 6 Students

Limit: 8 students

Boatbuilding & Woodworking B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Boat) Instructors: Heron Scott, Jeremy Katich, Brad Rice & local shipwrights Session 1: May 23 Session 2: July 18 Session 3: August 8 (Cama Beach) Cama Cabin reservations available Session 4: October 10 Time: 10 am - 4 pm (Saturday) Cost: $80 members / $85 non-members Got a boat kicking around in your backyard that you’ve been meaning to get to, but just don’t know where to start? How about a boat you tore into and found more than you bargained for? This class is designed for do-it-yourselfers who need a jump-start on their project. Bring your trailerable wooden boat (up to 20’) and get valuable time with professional shipwrights. Work as a group, moving from boat to boat, assessing the condition of the vessel, discussing next steps and listing materials needed for the project. It’s the perfect opportunity to ask those nagging questions about suitable wood types, fasteners, bedding compound, marine glues and finishes. And to get advice on how to begin the restoration, make repairs and move your project forward, plus whether or not you should trust your brother-in-law’s steadfast conviction in the latest “wonder-goo”. This class is great for people who want to work on their own boat, but don’t know how to begin or what to do. Participants will come away from this class with a better understanding of boats, marine products and professional restoration techniques. B.Y.O.B. Hell yeah! Great as a gift certificate! Help that special someone get their boat out of your driveway!

The Fundamentals of Steam Bending: Making Mast Hoops

Instructors: Jeremy Katich & Heron Scott Session 1: June 6 Session 2: August 29 Time: 9:30 am - 5 pm (Saturday) Cost: $95 members / $120 non-members

Are you fascinated by the art of steam bending but bewildered by the process? Mast hoops have been traditionally used in small boats and tall ships; you’ll find them on CWB’s catboats, sprit rigs and gaffers, to name a few. In this one-day class, students will learn how to lay out and build the jig, the proper grain alignment of the bending oak strips, how to set up and operate a steam box, bend the strips together and rivet them with copper cut nails and roves. Expand your woodworking skills and sign up for this unique class today. Limit: 10 students

I thought Jenn was a great teacher. She balanced group instruction with individual attention and, amazingly, we all got our projects done or nearly done! - Jessica H. Seattle, WA

Samuel Johnson Traditional Small Boats and Bronze Casting

Custom Wood and Bronze Boat Parts Oarlocks, Hinges, Chocks, Stanchion Caps, Goosenecks, Small Portlights, Personalized Nameplates, Wood and Bronze Blocks, Belaying pins, Fairleads etc.

Made To Fit Your Boat The Chandlery, 624 W Ewing St., Seattle, WA 98119. (206)375-3907


Boatbuilding & Woodworking The instructor had so much energy and was so friendly and relaxed that it was easy to stay on my feet and have fun learning something new for three hours at the end of a work day. 10

- Rebecca S. Edmonds, WA

Wood Strip Kayak Building

Kayak Building Intensive: Aleut Ikyak (Baidarka)

Instructor: Joe Greenley


Instructor: Corey Freedman NE Dates: Sep 4 - 7 (Labor Day weekend) Time: 9 am - 5 pm (Friday - Monday) Cost: $1,200 members / $1,400 non-members

Session 1: June 6 - 12 Session 2: August 15 - 21 (Cama Beach) B h) Cama Cabin reservations available Time: 9 am - 5 pm (Saturday - Friday) Cost: $800 members / $950 non-members Work side-by-side with the instructor and other students to learn the methods and techniques required to build a woodstrip kayak. Everything - from building and setting up the strongback, milling and installing the strips to fiberglassing and adding the finishing touches - will be demonstrated. When this course concludes, you will have acquired the knowledge and skills to allow you to build your own kayak in your own shop. However, if you would prefer to build and take a kayak home with you while attending this course, then you can choose the “Take It Home” option.

“Take It Home” Session 1: June 6 -14 Session 2: August 15 - 23 (Cama Beach) Cama Cabin reservations available Time: 9 am - 5 pm (Saturday - Sunday) Cost: $2,900 members / $3,000 non-members This course includes all the experience of the “Classic”, but by using one of our pre-built wood strip hulls, you’ll come away from the workshop with your own kayak in hand! Build the deck of your kayak utilizing the same techniques we use to pre-build your hull. Taking advantage of this option will allow you to build and walk away with your own kayak in nine working days. Students must register at least six weeks in advance to order their hulls.

Kayak Building : a) Aleut Ikyak (Baidarka)

Instructor: Corey Freedman Session 1: May 16 - 24 (Cama Beach) Cama Cabin reservations available Session 2: July 4 - 12 Session 3: September 19 - 27 Time: 9 am - 5 pm (Saturday - Sunday) Cost: $1,200 members / $1,400 non-members The Aleut Ikyak, also widely known as the Baidarka, has been used for thousands of years as the primary method of transportation in the Aleutian Islands. It is the acme of Arctic Native design. Build your own boat, designed to fit your skill level and body type. The boats are built primarily of yellow and red cedar with all joinery pegged and lashed – no metal fastenings or glues. The skin is made from 10-14 oz. ballistic nylon cloth with a resin coating that provides waterproofing and translucence. You do not need woodworking experience; just come equipped with enthusiasm! Limit: 4 students




This is an intensive course designed for the experienced skin-on-frame boatbuilder, who wants to design and build their Baidarka correctly the first time. This class is tailored for the student who only has a long weekend to spend in a workshop. Skin-on-frame boatbuilding is an art not a science. This is especially true for the Aleut Kayak (Baidarka). It is not difficult to make, but very difficult to make correctly for the individual. Baidarkas vary from 13’-19’ in length and from 17”- 27” in the beam. Together we will match your paddling strength with the drag and fiction of your kayak and customize the deadrise, shear and rocker to match your paddling style and skill level. The goal of the class is for each student to design and go home with an almost-completed frame. The ribs will be in and only some finishing lashing and accessories will be needed to complete the frame. Then the nylon covering and urethane finish will need to be completed. Students will go home with the materials and print or CD instructions to complete these steps. By the end of the class all the designing will be finished and the kayak can be easily transported.

Boatbuilding & Woodworking Family Boat Building g Instructors: CWB Staff and Volunteers eers Session 1: July 2 - 5 Time: 10 am - 6 pm (Thursday - Sunday at CWB’s Annual Wooden Boat Festival) Session 2: July 16 -19 (Cama Beach) Cama Cabin reservations available Time: 10 am - 6 pm (Thursday - Sunday) Session 3:October 10-11 & 17-18 (Cama Beach) Cama Cabin reservations available Time: 10 am - 6 pm (Weekends) Cost: $1,400 members / $1,500 non-members Under the guidance of a professional boatwright and assisted by CWB’s volunteers, families will build the Union Bay Skiff, a simple but great wooden sailboat designed by local boatwright Brad Rice. We’ll supply everything needed to build the boat and we’ll launch all the boats at the end of the event! The boat is capable of carrying two people. Families will take their own boat home for painting and miscellaneous finish work. No previous woodworking experience required.


We thought it was awesome that the class was taught by women.

An Introduction to Brightwork Repair and Maintenance. Instructor: Dave Thacker Session 1: April 18 - 19 Session 2: August 15 - 16 Time: 9 am - 3 pm (Saturday & Sunday) Cost: $150 members / $180 non-members This two-day seminar will start with the basics of bright finishing and take the novice step-bystep through the process of varnishing bare or previously finished wood, with an emphasis on practicality. This class is aimed at those taking an active role in maintaining their vessels who have always been mystified by the finicky nature of varnish and the myriad myths surrounding it. Learn how to repair and rehabilitate varnished surfaces that have been damaged by wear and tear or neglect. This workshop also will cover stripping old finishes and preparing bare wood for sealing and new varnish. Other topics include choosing sealers and finishes, efficient use of the many grades of masking tapes, abrasives and sanding blocks, edge tools and other tricks of the trade that will help produce a professional finish. On both days, demonstrations will be performed by the instructor and students will be able to hone their newly-acquired skills on work pieces. Limit: 6 students

- Jon and Willi G. Seattle, WA


Oar Making

Instructors: Heron Scott & Jeremy Katich Session 1: April 25 - 26 Session 2: August 22 - 23 Session 3: October 24 - 25 Time: 9:30 am - 5 pm (Saturday & Sunday) Cost: $290 members / $350 non-members Good oars are hard to find in the market! This two-day workshop provides a hands-on introduction to the craft of oar making. Learn the value of balanced oars, various blade patterns, how to choose suitable wood, how to figure the right length of oars and how to make leather oar collars. Students will lay out and build their own pair of flat-blade oars. Learn how to sharpen and use drawknives, spokeshaves and hand planes and some good techniques for shaping and finishing wood. Take home one finished oar and one partly finished to work on after the class. Limit: 6 students.

Sail Making & Canvas Work Inger did a great job, was easy to listen to and well prepared. We all had a good time and learned about cushions. - Patricia S. Seattle, WA


Sewing Boat Cushions

Instructor: Inger Rankins Session 1: April 18 Session 2: July 11 Session 3: August 29 Time: 10 am - 6 pm (Saturday) Cost: $120 members / $160 non-members Do you want to improve your boat accommodations but don’t know where to start? Inger Rankins from North West Canvas will teach you how to make a tailored fitted cushion for your boat. You will learn how to measure for the beveled edge, make a pattern, cut the foam, do the piping, zippers AND make it all fit! Inger will talk about the different fabrics you can use, the different foams, whether to use piping or not, “stuffed” looking cushions compared to “box” looking cushions, home cushions versus boat cushions and nearly everything else there is to know about cushions on a boat. Whew! You will even be able to say cushion five times backwards after this one is over! Limit: 6 Students

Canvas Work Made Easy

Instructor: Inger Rankins Dates: August 22 - 23 Time: 10 am - 6 pm (Saturday & Sunday) Cost: $220 members / $260 non-members

You’ve scraped, sanded and lovingly applied layers of varnish to those hatch covers and cabin tops; now how can you preserve your work and protect it from the elements? Easy: beautiful canvas coverings to match your beautiful boat! Spend two days dockside at CWB with Inger Rankins to learn the tricks of the trade. As you take part in making covers for a historic cruiser, you will learn how to choose the fabric to fit, set up the layout, measure, make a pattern and sew the cover itself. The cover you will learn to make in this class will be stronger and longer lasting than most covers you can buy, and it will fit like a dream. Limit: 6 Students Students may bring their own sewing machine, or use one provided. Some sewing experience required.

Students may bring their own sewing machine, or use one provided. Some sewing experience required.

Sail Making Workshop

Instructor: Sean Rankins Dates: August 24 - 29 Time: 10 am - 6 pm (Monday - Saturday) Cost: $600 members / $700 non-members

Sail making is a craft rich in tradition and functional beauty that can be intimidating and mysterious to the novice. We will help take some of the mystery out of the craft by helping you understand the overall art and science behind it. Learn the basic principles and practical hands-on techniques by building actual sails for one of CWB’s classic boats. We will take you through the measuring of the rig, 2-D plan design, concepts and principles of the 3-D design process and on to building actual sails. At the end of the week, we will go sailing and look at our finished handcrafted sails out on the water! Limit: 10 students

Custom Kayak Covers -Sew your Own


EAR Instructor: Inger Rankins HIS Y T W NE Session 1: June 20 - 21 Session 2: August 1 - 2 Time: 10 am - 6 pm (Saturday & Sunday) Cost: Option 1 - Full Cover $400 members / $450 non-members Option 2 - Partial Cover $350 members / $400 non-members

No matter what size your kayak is or where you keep it, we’ve got you covered as you make your own custom kayak cover. Option 1 is for those who transport their kayaks on cartop racks. The cover is form-fitted and fully encases the kayak. It also has a full-length zipper, protected with a Velcroed flap. Option 2, a partial cover, is perfect for those who store their kayaks on their boats or at home. The cover is form-fitted but open at the bottom; bungee cords keep the fabric snug to the kayak. A stern flap makes it easy to get the cover on and off. Both kinds of custom covers are made from a fabric called Odyssey II, which comes in several colors. The class fee includes the cost of materials. Limit: 6 Students Students may bring their own sewing machine, or use one provided. Some sewing experience required.


Art ...small class size and close interaction with the instructor, who went out of his way to meet everyone’s expectations. I might have to move to be closer to CWB!


- Denis M. Oakview, CA


CWB is excited to announce the new lineup for our third season, “Art on the Water Workshops, 2009”. By popular demand, Ted Nuttall and Eric Wiegardt are returning! In addition, we will host internationally-known Carla O’Connor and Ned Muehler, who are from the Pacific Northwest. Nicholas Simmons, Bert Dodson and the everpopular William Hewson will round out the cast. Artists painting in oil, watercolor, aqueous mixed media and pencil/ink/charcoal will have an opportunity to learn and be creative with these renowned instructors down on the docks at CWB. Former workshop participants love the venue, saying it just causes creative juices to flow! Explore the following class descriptions to find which classes excite you most and be sure to register early as classes fill up fast! Call or email first to check on availability. A registration deposit of $125 will hold your place.

C o n t a c t M a r e t h Wa r r e n f o r m o r e information on painting workshops and to register:,, (206)706-3442

lwaco Boatyard III Eric Wiegardt

the Secrets of Painting Loose

Water Watercolor on the Edge

Instructor: Eric Wiegardt Dates: February 9 - 12 Time: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm (Monday - Thursday) Medium: Watercolor / Marine Landscapes Cost: $495 members / $540 non-members Level: Beginner to Advanced

Instructor: Nicholas Simmons Dates: April 20 - 23 Time: 9:30 am - 4 pm (Monday - Thursday) Medium: Watermedia Cost: $495 members / $540 non-members Level: Beginner to Advanced

Eric will demonstrate how to put together a painting of brilliant color, fluidity and bold brush statements. This workshop is designed to encourage students to paint loosely, breaking the niggling detail habit, construct a beautiful painting in one sitting and free creative thinking from cumbersome theories of color and composition. Students will truly benefit from Eric’s broad depth of experience. Limit: 18 students

The workshop will concentrate on concepts and techniques unique to Nicholas: diversity in subject matter, large scale painting, fluid acrylic used as transparent watercolor, unusual textures such as Nicholas’ popular “batik” technique, computer-aided design (no computer required for students), composition, poured watercolor and creative photography for obtaining unconventional reference shots. Nicholas’ professional music background brings a unique perspective to his methods, attitude and teaching. Limit: 18 students

Making a Painting Work

Instructor: Ned Mueller Dates: March 2 - 4 Time: 9:30 am - 4 pm (Monday - Wednesday) Medium: Oil Cost: $450 members / $495 non-members Level: Intermediate to Advanced A good painting is a very personal statement by the artist and tells as much about the artist as the painting itself. The whole process of putting a painting together, from the first concept to small idea, value or color studies to a more finished product, will be discussed. Students will work on color harmony and the balance of shapes and edges in size, value and color as well as seeing things in a more “abstract” way. Bring a good sense of humor and have a grand time, making mistakes, working hard and enjoying the whole experience. Artists may work from their own photos or Ned’s large and varied selection. Limit: 18 students

Figurative Watercolor from Photographs

Instructor: Ted Nuttall Dates: May 4 - 7 Time: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm (Monday - Thursday) Medium: Watercolor / Figure Cost: $495 members / $540 non-members Level: Intermediate to Advanced Ted’s mastery of figurative watercolor is compelling. The character and personality of his figures are palpable! His thorough teaching style brings his students directly into his artistic life, as he shares and imparts ways to approach every aspect of the figure. He is dedicated to seeing students learn and become confident in their approach to the figure in watercolor. He is a tireless instructor and an approachable artist. Limit: 15 students

A r t o n t h e W a t e r Art at Cama Beach

Register with CWB online or call (206)382-2628

Composition Based on Figure

Pleine-Aire Painting g

Instructor: Carla O’Connor Dates: June 8 - 11 Time: 9:30 am - 4 pm (Monday - Thursday) Medium: Watermedia/ Figure Cost: $475 members / $520 non-members Level: Beginning to Advanced

Instructor: Dianna Shyne Dates: July 13 - 17 (Cama Beach) h) Cama Cabin reservations available Time: 10 am - 5 pm (Monday - Friday) Cost: $475 members / $510 non-members

This workshop stresses bold composition and strong design using the human figure for inspiration. Each day will focus on a different aspect of design such as shape, light, linkage, texture and space. Students will explore abstraction, emphasize “the process” and concentrate on composing the entire page. There will be clothed models each morning, offering opportunities for many ways of “seeing”. Each student’s originality and creativity are very important. Carla will include frequent mini-demonstrations, painting in a direct method with watercolor and gouache. Limit:18 students

Bring your basic painting skills and love of nature to Cama Beach for this five-day PleineAire workshop. Explore perspective, design, composition, color harmony and impressionist technique with award-winning artist and instructor, Dianna Shyne. She will include demonstrations, lectures, techniques for identifying compositional shapes and values, a three-step guide for color mixing, composition on location and methods for using line, color, brushwork and edges. Students can choose between acrylic and watercolor composition and should bring their own materials. Limit: 15 Students

Keys to Drawing

Instructor: Bert Dodson Dates: September 28 - October 1 Time: 9:30 am - 4 pm (Monday - Thursday) Medium: Drawing Cost: $475 members / $520 non-members Level: Beginning to Advanced Increase your drawing skills. The first part of this workshop will focus on the fundamentals of drawing from observation: seeing shapes, drawing blind, restating and measuring. In the second part, students will put those skills to imaginative use, transforming their drawings by adding on, obscuring, distorting and reversing. Class is open to anyone who enjoys drawing; however, if you’re a beginner it is recommended that you read Bert’s book, “Keys To Drawing”, prior to class. Limit: 18 students

Burdock Asian Bert Dodson

Still Life, Comin’ Alive

Instructor: William Hewson Dates: October 13 - 16 Time: 9:30 am - 4 pm (Tuesday - Friday) Medium: Watercolor Cost: $495 members / $540 non-members Level: Beginning to Advanced This class will change your attitude forever about still life as you experience the loose freshness of color and light that William accomplishes in his painting. He will begin with contour drawing, the first step to seeing abstractly the play of light and shadow on a subject. This creates a map for direct and immediate use of color, making dramatic color passages. Explore the spontaneous and playful mystery of watercolor as William unlocks secrets for a spectacular still life. Limit: 18 students

Nautical Photography hy Instructor: Billy Jennings Dates: July 11 & 12 (Cama Beach) h) Cama Cabin reservations available Time: 10 am - 5 pm (Saturday & Sunday) Cost: $220 members / $260 non-members Camano Island is full of photographic opportunities. Explore composition and master your digital camera’s manual controls, such as shutter speed, F-stop and ISO. Learn to think critically about composition and how to use it to help create beautiful photographs. Class will include lectures and demonstration. It’s a two-day “hands-on” session where everyone takes photographs. Recommended for SLR camera users. Limit: 8 Students

Good overall experience. As an inlander, it was great to see a number of boats that I had previously only read about. -Paul C. Pocatello, ID



Native Arts Programs A revival of traditional canoe carving and other native arts has taken place in many Native communities in the past several years and The Center For Wooden Boats is proud to be a part of this revitalization. Currently a 37’ cedar log is being carved under the guidance of Sāādūūts, our Artist-in-Residence. Come by and visit our new Honor Pole, gifted to us, in honor of Sāādūūts, by the Tlingit tribe of Kwalock, Alaska in recognition of a canoe given to them.

NNABA Partnership Programs

The mission of the Northwest Native American Basketweavers Association (NNABA) is: To Preserve, Promote, and Perpetuate the traditional and contemporary art of Northwest Native American Basketry. The art of basketweaving includes a wide variety of styles, materials, uses and special techniques, weaving the traditions and culture from the past with the present. They provide and promote opportunities for people to pursue the study of traditional techniques and forms. Basketweaving traditions continue in a cultural and spiritual environment for all to enjoy with respect for our elders and for Mother Earth.

Cedar Hat Making

Instructor: Kippie Joe Session 1: June 6 Session 2: July 25 Session 3: September 19 Time: 10am - 6pm (Saturday) Cost: $180 members / $220 non-members

Cedar Bark Potlatch Pouch Traditional Twining with Native Fibres Instructors: Laura Wong-Whitebear & Carol Emarthle-Douglas Session 1: April 25 Session 2: August 8 Time: 10 am - 4 pm (Saturday) Cost: $165 members / $200 non-members Learn to make this western red and Alaskan yellow cedar pouch which can be worn as a necklace, incorporating Irish waxed linen thread in various colors. Start by plaiting western red cedar bark, then twine and then add a design in waxed linen thread. Embellish your necklace with your favorite beads or charms. Limit: 10 Students

Conical hats keep off the Pacific Northwest rains - and the sun, too, when it’s out! Very few are masters of traditional cedar hat making. Kippie’s dedication to educating and preserving her culture helps to protect the disappearing traditional art form. Using the methods traditionally used by our ancestors, learn to create and weave your very own western red cedar hat. Limit: 20 students Cost of this workshop includes materials. Students may use their own cedar supplies by prior arrangement with the instructor. Please contact CWB’s workshop coordinator Edel O’Connor at to make arrangements.

Even if you are not a child you should at least try and feel the water under you and the wind in your hair. - Miranda P. Age 9

Haida Canoe Carving Dugout canoes of the Northwest Native Peoples are considered the flowers of the sea. The canoe had an importance far beyond mere utilitarian use and was a connecting link between all social and economic levels. Carving a canoe was considered the highest achievement of a carver. The canoe is a metaphor for community, where everyone works together. Work alongside Haida carver Sāādūūts, who is Artist-in-Residence at The Center for Wooden Boats, and learn about traditional Haida canoe making and canoe culture. Currently a 37’ log is in the early stages of being carved. The log was gifted to us by the United Indians of All Tribes. Everyone is welcome to come help carve, meet Sāādūūts and become part of the canoe family.


A d u l t I am absolutely loving the SailNOW! program - my instructors have been great. Great insight into boat handling, solid constructive feedback and, most of all, fun. I'm hooked. 18

- Daniel P. Seattle,WA

S a i l i n g Big Fun in Little Boats

Instructors: CWB Sailing Instructors Session 1: May 18, 20, 25, 27, June 1 & 3. Session 2: June 8, 10, 15, 17, 22 & 24 Session 3: July 13, 15, 20, 22, 27 & 29. Session 4: August 3, 5, 10, 12, 17, & 19 Time: 6 pm - 8 pm (Mondays & Wednesdays) Cost: $225 members / $275 non-members


Session 1: January 24 -February 28 Session 2: February 28 - April 4 Session 3: April 18 - May 23 Session 4: May 23 - June 27 Session 5: June 27 - August 1 Session 6: August 1 - September 5 Session 7: September 5 - October 10 Session 8: October 10 - November 14 Session 9: November 14 - December 13 (4 week session) Cost: $325 members / $360 non-members

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of SailNOW! This is the signature CWB learn-to-sail program, offering adults a five-week, seven-lesson basic sailing course in a variety of classic boats. Each course starts with a shore school, where sailing theory and terminology are explained. Subsequent lessons are hands-on and on-thewater. These two-hour lessons are available Saturdays and Sundays at either 11 am and 1:30 pm, with weekday lessons available at 6 pm April through August. Upon registration, students choose available lesson dates and times that work for their personal schedules.

Think you can be a sailing bull rider? Learn to rope and ride an 8' pram before wrangling bigger boats. Our colorful El Toro dinghies are extremely fun. They are immediate and responsive, tiny and direct. Learning in dinghies amplifies sailing and teaches fundamental skills that you can apply to anything with a sail. Six two-hour classes will include a short chalk-talk followed by on-the-water lessons. Learn a ridiculous amount in a ridiculously little boat and then sail all summer long in our El Toro Livery! Kneepads are a suggested addition to your gear for comfort in these small boats. Limit: 10 students

SailNOW! Intensive

Dates: April 4 - April 18 Cost: $325 members / $360 non-members Want to learn how to sail at CWB, but don’t want to commit five weekends to do it? SailNOW! Intensive compresses the lesson progression and on-the-water time into a twoweek time period. The class culminates in a docking-under-sail lesson. Individual lessons will be scheduled on the first day of class.

One-on-One Sailing Lessons

Cost: $50 per hour members $60 per hour non-members $15 per hour for additional student.

For sailors with sporadic schedules or who just need some brushing-up on skills, we offer Oneon-One sailing lessons. You and an instructor work on your needs along the path to better sailing. Lessons are available by appointment and can be arranged in many of the classic vessels maintained by CWB, from Beetle Cats to gaff-rigged cutters and beyond. Whatever you want to learn, we can teach you! Call CWB at (206)382-2628 for available lesson dates.

Sailing Shore School

Instructors: CWB Sailing Staff Session 1: January 24 Session 2: February 28 Session 3: April 4 Session 4: April 18 Session 5: May 23 Session 6: June 27 Session 7: August 1 Session 8: September 5 Session 9: October 10 Session 10: November 14 Time: 11 am - 1 pm (Saturday) Cost: $45 members / $60 non-members

Want to take some sailing lessons, but need to know where to start? Know how to pull on a line, but want to learn where it’s coming from? Care to remember some of the facts you were taught when you were just a wee lad or lass? Now you can register for Shore School, the first day of CWB’s learn-to-sail program, without having to register for all the subsequent lessons. Learn the academic side of sailing during two quick classroom hours: parts of a boat, points-of-sail, terminology and more!

A d u l t Docking Under Sail

Instructors: CWB Sailing Instructors Session 1: May 3 Session 2: May 24 Session 3: June 21 Session 4: July 12 Session 5: August 2 Session 6: August 23 Time: 6 pm - 8 pm (Sundays) Cost: $40 members or non-members $20 SailNOW! Graduates

Are you a competent sailor with plenty of experience, but are a little worried about sailing your boat into the dock instead of onto the dock? Then this evening class is designed for you. Our entire docking under sail class is spent learning about and practicing docking. A brief classroom session is followed by landing first on forgiving foam rubber, then real docks. Prerequisite: CWB checkout or equivalent.

S a i l i n g Introduction to Sharpies

The hands-on component was extremely helpful in building the skills and confidence.

Instructor: John Watkins Date: August 1 Time: 10 am - 4 pm (Saturday) Cost: $65 members / $80 non-members

You’ve seen their unusual forms on the docks: gangly, unstayed masts that appear to be perched on an overgrown rowboat. Or maybe you’ve seen these workboats powering down Lake Union with a boatload of people, then nimbly docking under sail. The Sharpies are two of CWB’s most agile sailboats and we’re offering a chance for you to learn to sail them. Learn to rig, sail singlehanded, and dock.

Rick G. Bend, OR

Limit: 6 students Prerequisites: CWB checkout or equivalent

Weird Boats

Instructors: CWB Sailing Instructors Date: May 30 - 31 (Saturday & Sunday) Time: 10 am - 4 pm Cost: $130 members / $150 non members Peak your gaff and snub your snotter while learning the ins and outs of many different small boat rigs. This weekend class will focus on rigging and sailing boats in our collection with different types of rigs, including cat, sloop, gaff, sprit, Marconi, dipping lug, standing lug, sprit-boom, leg-o-mutton, ketch, cutter, yawl and maybe more! We will also spend time discussing theory and history surrounding the plethora of sail combinations in the small boat world. Cost of class includes a copy of Phil Bolger’s “100 Small Boat Rigs”.

Get Zapped! Instructors: CWB Sailing Instructors Session 1: July, 20-22 Session 2: August, 10-12 Session 3: August, 24-26 Time: 2pm - 6pm (Monday-Wednesday) Cost: (for two students) $650 members / $700 non-members An intensive three-day sailing course for two. This condensed and personalized version of our award-winning SailNOW! curriculum is taught by CWB’s talented sailing instructors. A perfect way to learn to sail for couples, parents and children or two good friends. This course offers the opportunity to explore a variety of classic sailboats such as the San Francisco Bay Mercury, the Woods Hole Sprit Boat or the Blanchard Junior Knockabout. Zap - you’re a sailor! Get Zapped! can be scheduled to fit your needs by special request.


S k i l l s The actual racing practice was invaluable. I also liked the course materials for independent study. - Kevin O. Seattle, WA


RaceNOW! One-Design Racing Clinic Instructor: Oliver Davis Session 1: April 25 - 26 Session 2: August 8 - 9 Time: 10:30 am - 6 pm (Saturday & Sunday) Cost: $190 members / $240 non-members Fun racing in classic wooden boats! RaceNOW! is an opportunity for intermediate sailors to learn the fundamentals of sailboat racing and then take those skills out on the water. Each day begins with a classroom session where we’ll learn racing strategy and tactics and the basics of the racing rules. We’ll also work on performance boathandling: how to sail fast upwind and down, execute crisp tacks and jibes and trim your sails for speed. The afternoon session starts with boathandling drills, practice race starts and individual chase-boat coaching for each team. The day will be spent sailing multiple short-course buoy races with everyone trading off skippering, crewing and tactician responsibilities for each race. We will break mid-afternoon to discuss the races and get more tips about how to sail fast and win. The racing will be videotaped so you can review your performance! The clinic includes a course manual. This program is very popular, so register early to ensure your spot. Prerequisites: CWB checkout or equivalent. Limit: 18 students.

U n d e r w a y Introduction to Spinnakers

Instructor: Kemp Jones Session 1: June 13 Session 2: August 15 Time: 11 am - 4 pm (Saturday) Cost: $75 members / $95 non-members

Pop the chute on your next downwind run! Spinnakers are big, colorful and powerful downwind sails that usually stay in the bag if you’ve never had first-hand experience with them. The extra poles, lines and know-how it takes to set up a spinnaker can seem like a daunting task if you don’t know what you are doing. This class will demystify the spinnaker for both novice sailors and old salts with limited spinnaker experience. Learn how to set it, how to fly it and how to put it away. Prerequisites: Completion of SailNOW! or equivalent experience. Limit: 6 students

Twilight Race Series

Dates: July 24, 31 & August 7, 14, 21 & 28. Time: 5:45 pm - 8 pm (Fridays) Cost: $30 / $15 CWB Volunteers per boat for Blanchard Junior Knockabouts, $5 per El Toro or $30 for the series CWB will again be hosting a casual Friday night race series in 2009, inviting sailors with a current checkout and youth program graduates (with instructor permission) to participate in relaxed buoy sailing on Lake Union. Blanchard Junior Knockabouts and El Toro dinghies will race in separate starts beneath summer’s setting sun. Novice sailors are encouraged to either crew on a Blanchard or race El Toros to gain familiarity with racing rules and tight-quarter boathandling. Bring a smile and your sense of humor, please; this is not Olympic competition!

Longboat Instructor Training Dates: April 17-19 Time: 9 am Friday - 5 pm Sunday Cost: $225 members / $260 non-members

This longboat instructor course, offered in partnership with the Wooden Boat Foundation of Port Townsend, is a three-day overnight experience in 26’ open sailing and rowing boats. Longboats are often regarded as the ultimate expedition boat. We will cover trip planing, navigation, logistics, group management, risk management and facilitation techniques. This is a specialized trip designed to train you in the skills necessary for a job working on the water courses in the Northwest or to lead groups of your own. Learn first-hand how to run a course while having a great time. You will learn about wilderness education through direct experience and how to make the history of maritime education relevant. Perfect for folks interested in working in the field of outdoor, adventure and experiential education or educators interested in integrating hands-on history into their classes. This is a fun hands-on course with some of the most experienced maritime instructors in the Northwest. The instructors for this course include an outdoor education program director, a former kayak guiding company owner and licensed captains with more than 15 years trip-leading experience each.

S k i l l s Get Your Captain’s License With CWB And U.S. Maritime Academy

Instructor: Jeff Sanders Session 1: March 16 - May 7 Time: 6 pm - 9:30 pm (Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays) Session 2: September 23 - November 14 Time: 6 pm - 9:30 pm Wednesdays & Thursdays and 9:30 am - 1 pm Saturdays Cost: $1,125 members / $1,250 non-members Have you always wanted to get your captain’s license, but shudder at the thought of all those tests? The Center for Wooden Boats is partnering with the U.S. Maritime Academy to offer a class that prepares qualified candidates for obtaining a captain’s license without having to test with the Coast Guard. Captain Sanders teaches what you need to know, administers the tests in class, then walks you through the official paperwork so upon completion students are ready to go to the Coast Guard and get their license. Classes are at night, three times a week for eight weeks. For information, see the website The first night is free for interested folks who would like to find out about the licensing process and how to put together their sea time.

U n d e r w a y Come Meet the Stars!

Celestial Navigation with CWB and U.S.Maritime Academy Instructor: Jeff Sanders Dates: March 24 - May 5 Time: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm (Tuesdays) Cost: $280 members / $330 non-members Ever wonder how those ancient mariners found their way about the globe using only compass, timepiece and sextant? Captain Sanders will guide you through this mysterious and complicated process by breaking down the subject into bite-sized fat-free recipes he has created and uses in his text: “Bag’s Sightings: A Celestial Cookbook”. You will learn to take sightings with a sextant of the sun, moon, stars and planets and plot your position. Captain Sanders’ book is included and practice sextants are provided. A basic knowledge of longitude and latitude plotting is helpful, but not essential. There will be one Saturday (a sunny one!) field trip to practice your newfound skills on the water. Limit:12 Students

Learn Safe Boating with CWB & the Coast Guard Auxiliary Session 1 : February 21 Session 2 : April 11 Session 3 : May 16 Session 4 : June 13 Session 5 : July 25 Session 6 : August 15 Session 7 : September 19 Session 8 : October 17 Session 9 : November 14 Time: 9 am - 5 pm (Saturday) Cost: $30 members / $40 non-members This one-day introductory onshore boating course will emphasize recreational boating safety in the Pacific Northwest. The subjects include what to do before getting underway and the basics of protecting and handling your boat safely, Rules of the Road, navigation, safety equipment, boating problems and emergencies and legal requirements for boating in Washington State, the Seattle area and more. Graduates of this class meet the educational requirements for the mandatory Washington State Boater’s Education Card. By January 1, 2009, boaters 25 years old and younger must have their Boater’s Education Card. The Boaters Education law has a phasedin period for compliance from 2008 until 2016 for various age groups.

We were totally consumed by the classic, beautiful atmosphere of the wooden boat environment...I’m a frustrated “sailor” hoping to someday to learn to sail; being around CWB was inspiring. - Julie and Jim Rock Island, IL


Sailing Heritage Society provides free therapeutic sailing trips to thousands of critically ill children and their families, at-risk and homeless youth, victims of domestic abuse and disabled young people each year. Become a Member.

Charter Schooner Mallory Todd

Special Member Cruises Join us for Duck Dodge Regattas on Lake Union, Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, Boats Afloat Festival, Holiday Lights on the Lake, Christmas Parade of Lights Festival and other themed cruises.

The lovely 65’ schooner Mallory Todd is available to charter for any special event such as a family reunion, company meeting or team building event, birthday party, graduation, anniversary, etc.

Help us Continue This Valuable and Unique Work. Members Benefits Include:

What could be more memorable than experiencing Seattle from the water with friends, family or colleagues?

Free Sailing Charter Raffle Each year we raffle a 4 hour cruise for a member and 35 of their guests.


Cruises last four hours and guests have use of the entire boat, including a well- equipped galley and salon, which are perfect for potluck or catered parties.

Support Your Favorite Non-Profit Submit nominations of local non-profits who Sailing with us supports our mission of enhancing would benefit from receiving a cruise as an “Brightening the lives of children with the quality of life for over 2,500 people from over 30 community organizations through therapeutic item to use in their fundraising auction. sailing trips on the healing sea” sailing excursions that ease the burden of physical, mental and emotional challenges. Sail with the Non-Profits Members are also always welcome to join non-profit cruises to experience first-hand Sailing Adventure to Alaska the impact what we do and your support has Experience glaciers, fjords, humpbacks and on people’s lives. Orcas while learning to sail in open costal waters. During this unforgettable vacation passengers will actively assist with sailing maneuvers and navigation.

April 15 - June 10, 2009

Join us for a leg of this unique adventure!


T h e L i v e r y Lake Washington Livery Day

Livery is the traditional name for boat rentals. There is a long history on Lake Union of active liveries. At CWB we are proud to share our boats with our community. We want you to get out on Lake Union and enjoy Seattle’s public waterway.

Session 1: May 16 Session 2: September 18 Time: 9 am - 6 pm (Saturday) Cost: $90 per boat.

Boat Rentals Rent a variety of beautiful sail and row boats by the hour or buy a Season Pass and sail on your schedule! Anyone can use our boats. Those who want to go sailing must first complete a brief checkout sail. To learn more about our boats visit

El Toro Livery Rent El Toros every Saturday during the summer! These 8’ sailing prams are super fun for all ages. El Toro livery is open to all checked-out sailors, and graduates of youth sailing or adult El Toro classes. Enjoy a lazy sail or practice your roll-tacks for the Twilight Races! Cost:$15 per hour.

Ever wanted to sail our small boats in some big(ger) water? Join us for a day on Lake Washington. Meet at CWB in the morning for coffee and “chart briefing.” Boats will be towed through the ship canal by a support boat and then turned loose to explore Lake Washington. The group will reconvene for lunch and then more afternoon sailing. Reserve your favorite sailboat today and get ready for big-lake sailing. Prerequisite: CWB Livery checkout.

Checkout Sail Before using our sailboats, skippers must complete a checkout to ensure comfort and competency handling traditional small boats and docking under sail, Checkouts are by appointment, last about 30 minutes and cost $10. A checkout is not a sailing lesson. Please call the front desk to schedule a checkout.

Volunteers boat for FREE! Volunteering at CWB earns you hours of free boat use! Or learn to sail for free with a longer term commitment as a “Livery Lead” volunteer. Email for details.

2009 Hourly Livery Rates Weekends & Holidays Type of Boat

2009 Livery Passes New longer Fairweather season! Get the most out of the lake! Sail on your schedule! Sneak down for a quickie with a Beetle Cat at lunch, enjoy a daily sunset row or spend your Sundays sampling sailboats, all with one great pass!

Die Hard Pass Yearly Unlimited Season Pass Members: $550 / Non-Members: $625 Fairweather Pass EXTENDED SEASON! Is summer your season? May 2 - Sept. 28 Members: $400 / Non-Members: $450 All-Access Day Pass Just visiting? Sample all the livery has to offer! Members: $75 / Non-Members: $90

Livery Punch Card Rent five different boats for the price of four! Embrace variety, Save money! A great gift! Members: $80 Non-Members: $90

2009 Livery Hours Winter: September 29, 2008 – May 1, 2009 Tuesday - Friday: by appointment Weekends: Noon – Dusk











Keelboat Sloops





Other sail





Summer: May 2 – September 28 Daily: 12:30 - dusk* *Minimum one-hour rental, last boat out one hour before dusk or 6:45 pm (back at the dock by 7:45 pm) – whichever comes first.

A quiet little ride in one of CWB’s handmade historic boats was the beginning of a nearly perfect summer day. I’m in love. - Lauren B. Portland, OR


Yankee Clipper 2009 Summer Sailing Program Climb aboard the Yankee Clipper, Seattle’s Official Tall Ship, to sail through the San Juan Islands. Trips depart from Anacortes, offering a chance to sail aboard our historic sail-training vessel. Cost is $650 per person, per week, except as noted*, which includes all meals, training materials and crew t-shirts.

Summer 2009 Sailing Schedule June

22-27th June 29th - July 5th *



6th - 11th 13th - 18th 20th - 25th 27th - August 8th Sea Scout Long Cruise


10th - 15th 17th - 22nd 24th - 29th 31st - Sept 5th


6th - 10th Anacortes to Port Townsend 10th - 13th 33rd Annual Wooden Boat Festival * 13th - 16th Port Townsend to Seattle The Yankee Clipper summer trips are available to groups and families. Individuals are welcome to participate on select voyages. Day, weekend, and week-long trips are available throughout the year. Prices and schedule subject to change without notice

The Yankee Clipper Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation dedicated to providing maritime training and sailing opportunities for youth. Sail training on the Yankee Clipper creates opportunities to demonstrate leadership, teamwork, self-reliance, self-confidence and work ethic in an environment based in tradition and innovation. For more information log on to or call (206) 947-6199.

Exciting Partner Program with NW Seaport 1889 Tugboat Arthur Foss

Tugboat Experience

Diesel Engine Theory

Cost: $70 / night Officer’s cabins $40 / night Crew Accommodations $385 for full Ship, 9 berths total (6 crew, 3 officers), all ages 30% Discount for CWB program students Date: berths available April 17 - October 19

Instructor: Adrian Lipp Dates: June 6, 13, 20, 27 and July 4 Time: 8:30 am - 5 pm (Saturdays) Cost: $185 members / $205 nonmembers Ages: 14+ Join the engineers and get your hands dirty while fixing the Arthur Foss’s 700 horsepower diesel engine. This 70-year-old engine uses the same principles as modern diesels, but the parts are MUCH bigger and easier to work on. The 2009 session focuses on overhauling cylinder four; participants will inspect previous repair work, pull the cylinder head and piston (18 inches in diameter!) and perform repairs under the supervision of experienced diesel mechanics.

Ever wanted to stay onboard a tugboat? Experience life aboard the 1889 Arthur Foss and learn about tugboats from the inside out. Whether staying one night for an authentic Seattle experience or living aboard during a workshop class, the Arthur provides both accommodations and a slice of Puget Sound maritime history. All participants receive a tour from engine room to wheelhouse and may take advantage of standard tugboat crew amenities including flush toilets, hot showers, heat and bed linens. Plan on bringing meals, a heavy blanket and other necessities. Choose between crew (two bunks per room) and officer berths (single bed with desk). It’s a great way to learn about one of the oldest tugboats on the west coast.

Tugboat Story Time Tugboat Story Time provides an engaging environment for younger children to enjoy maritime literature. This is an opportunity to listen to stories and sing songs onboard one of the oldest tugboats in Seattle. The second and fourth Thursdays of every month at 11 am (Story Time takes a break the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas).

Engineer For a Day Instructor: Adrian Lipp Dates: March 14 or September 12 Time: 8:30 am - 5 pm (Saturday) Cost: $48 members / $65 non-members Ages: 14+ Kick the tires and light the fires onboard historic vessels at Lake Union Park, including the tugboat Arthur Foss and the fireboat Duwamish. Professional marine engineers will help participants start the Arthur’s Washington Iron Works diesel engine and the Duwamish’s Bessemer diesel electric generators. Depending on availability, participants may learn about steam engines by observing the Virginia V and the Lightship #83’s boilers and power plant. Cost includes lunch Limit: 20 students.

No prior engine experience necessary. Cost includes daily lunch. Limit: 8 students.

Tugboat Night

Instructors: Adrian Lipp & Diana Hennick Dates: March 14, April 11, May 9, June 13, July 11, August 8, September 12, October 10. Time: 7 pm - 9 pm (Saturdays) Cost: $20 members / $25 non-member Ages: 14+ Join the crew and indulge your inner engineer aboard the historic tugboat Arthur Foss. Participants will perform engineer duties under the direction of the tug’s volunteer Chief Engineer, including inspecting plumbing and electrical systems, exercising machinery and powering up the tug’s Washington Iron Works diesel engine. Limit: 20 students,

Northwest Seaport Chantey Sings Join Northwest Seaport the 2nd Friday of every month for its Chantey Sing. This family event is led by a Chantey-man (or woman) and the audience sings the chorus or leads the next song. The call-and-response form of these sea-going work songs makes them easy to learn and fun to sing! This event is free and starts at 8 pm and lasts until after 10 pm.

Northwest Seaport Maritime Concerts Northwest Seaport hosts monthly Maritime Concerts featuring the best maritime music from the Northwest and beyond. Maritime music includes sea chanteys (work songs), forebitters (leisure songs) and tunes from the diverse countries and cultures of mariners themselves. The concerts are usually held on the third Saturday evening of the month from March to December Concerts begin at 8 pm and last until after 10 pm. General admission is $12 for adults and $10 for seniors, children and members of Northwest Seaport and CWB. For locations, specific schedules and more information, check out the music page at or phone (206) 447-9800.


Y o u t h

Beginning Sailing

Everyone is so enthusiastic and helpful - it makes me want to be a sailor too... thanks for doing such a great job - Cicely A. Seattle, WA


S a i l i n g

Beginning Sailing provides an introduction to the physical skills, terminology and basic theory of sailing. Our intermediate class is the next step and gives students time on the water to practice and improve their sailing skills while learning more about the theory and culture of sailing. At the advanced level, Grad School and Racing classes focus on seamanship, adventure and speed. For advanced sailors our Sprit Boats class offers the chance to try out some of the more unusual boats in our boat collection. Also, check out our other classes such as Media Pirates AHOY!, Words on Water and Life Under Your Boat. Students learn to sail El Toros; these small boats are excellent training craft. Students can get “checked out” on El Toros and come and rent the boats on their own any Saturday of the summer in the El Toro Livery (see page 23).

Intermediate Sailing

Ages: 9 - 15 Suggested Price: $175

Ages: 10 - 16 Suggested Price: $175

In this introduction to sailing, students learn the basic theory and terminology of sailing and begin to build a foundation of skills. Classes meet for a series of three-hour sessions with about a third of class time spent on land and two-thirds on the water. Students sail in pairs or sometimes solo in the 8’ El Toro prams. Our talented staff is prepared with on-the-water safety training, First Aid and CPR. No experience necessary.

Becoming a great sailor involves building a new set of reflexes. Sailing requires basically three things: practice, practice and more practice. However, a little structure and coaching can speed up the learning process enormously. Students fine-tune their fundamental sailing skills while exploring new elements of sailing such as adventuring, marlinspike seamanship and racing. This is the next step for students who have taken Beginning Sailing or have other significant sailing experience. Prerequisite: Beginning Sailing

Session 1: March 30 - April 3 (Spring Break) Time: 10 am - 1 pm (Monday - Friday) Session 2: May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Time: 10 am - 1pm (Saturdays) Session 3: June 15 - 19 Time: 10 am - 1pm (Monday - Friday) Session 4: June 15 - 19 Time: 2 pm - 5 pm (Monday - Friday) Session 5: June 22 - 26 Time: 10 am - 1 pm (Monday - Friday) Session 6: July 6 - 10 Time: 10 am - 1 pm (Monday - Friday) Session 7: July 20 - 24 (Pirate Week!) Time: 10 am - 1 pm (Monday - Friday) Session 8: July 27 - 31 (Girls Only) Time: 10 am - 1 pm (Monday - Friday) Session 9: August 3 - 7 Time: 2 pm - 5 pm (Monday - Friday) Session 10: August 10 - 14 Time: 10 am - 1 pm (Monday - Friday) Session 11: August 17 - 21 Time: 2 pm - 5 pm (Monday - Friday) Session 12: August 24 - 28 (Pirate Week!) Time: 10 am - 1 pm (Monday - Friday) Session 13: October 3, 10, 17, 24 & 31 Time: 10 am - 1pm (Saturdays)

Session 1: March 30 - April 3 (Spring Break) Time: 2 pm - 5 pm (Monday - Friday) Session 2: May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Time: 2 pm - 5 pm (Saturdays) Session 3: June 22 - 26 Time: 2 pm - 5 pm (Monday - Friday) Session 4: June 29 - July 3; Time: 2 pm - 5 pm (Monday - Friday) Session 5: July 6 - 10 Time: 2 pm - 5 pm (Monday - Friday) Session 6: July 27 - 31 (Pirate Week!) Time: 2 pm - 5 pm (Monday - Friday) Session 7: August 10 - 14 Time: 2 pm - 5 pm (Monday - Friday) Session 8: August 31 - September 4 Time: 10 am - 1pm (Monday - Friday) What’s Pirate Week? These sessions are focused around pirates: their antics and their loot. During these pirate-themed classes, we still will cover our standard sailing curriculum, but we’ll add a little extra fun with jokes, treasure hunts, and a few AARRRGHS!

Y o u t h Grad School

Ages: 10 - 16 Session 1: July 20 - 24 Time: 2 pm - 5 pm Session 2: August 31 - Sep 4 Time: 2 pm - 5 pm (Monday - Friday) Suggested Price: $175 Ready to take your sailing to the next level? Grad School focuses in on the subtleties of sailing well and mastering the El Toro pram. Students will spend lots of time on the water to fine-tune their intuitive skills such as getting the feel for closehauled versus pinching when sailing upwind and then learning to “fall off” for power. We’ll cover new material such as reading the wind, heavy and light air sailing, proper docking, line coiling, new knots and much more. The course will explore adventuring, seamanship and possibly some racing. Prerequisite: Intermediate Sailing or instructor permission.


Ages: 10 - 16 Session 1: August 24 - 28 Time: 2 pm - 5 pm (Monday - Friday) Session 2: Oct 3, 10, 17, 24 & 31 Time: 2 pm - 5 pm (Saturdays) Suggested Price: $175 Like to sail fast? Want to play an organized game with skills and strategy on the water? You’re ready to learn to race. We’ll teach you to sail fast, play the wind shifts, tack for position and conduct yourself with Corinthian Spirit in this introduction to the time-honored traditions of sailboat racing. Prerequisite: Intermediate Sailing or instructor permission.

S a i l i n g Sprit Boats

Ages: 14 - 16 Session 1: July 13 – 17 Time: 2 pm - 5 pm (Monday - Friday) Session 2: July 27-31 Time: 2 pm - 5 pm (Monday - Friday) Session 3: August 10 - 14 Time: 2 pm - 5 pm (Monday - Friday) Session 4: August 24 - 28 Time: 10 am - 1 pm (Monday - Friday) Session 5: Oct 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29 Time: 4 pm - 6 pm (Thursdays) Suggested Price: $175 Interested in learning to sail the larger boats on the livery dock? Start with the Woods Hole Spritsail, the kind of boat in which you could take your whole family sailing. We will also sail some of our favorite, but often overlooked, sprit-rigged boats in the CWB collection. This class will take your El Toro skills and apply them to new and larger sailboats. Special emphasis on docking! Prerequisite: Intermediate Sailing or instructor permission.

I would live here if I could. I am currently taking the sailing class and while I've always been a fan of CWB, I am totally in love now.

Youth Twilight Racing

Ages: 10 - 16 Dates: July 24, 31, Aug 7, 14, 21 & 28 Times: 5 pm - 8 pm (Fridays) Suggested Price: $25 per night / series $120 Interested in a fun sailing game on Lake Union? Do you want to sail fast? Youth Twilight Racing is for you! A clinic and coaching for youth who want to join in the relaxed and fun summer racing series at The Center for Wooden Boats. (See Twilight Race Series on page 20) Prerequisite: Intermediate Sailing or instructor permission.

Pay What You Can We want sailing classes to be available to all. For the second year we are listing suggested prices for our youth sailing classes and simply ask that you Pay What You Can. The costs of each class are reflected in its suggested price; however, financial assistance is available. If you are in a position to pay more than the suggested price, additional funds will contribute directly to making youth sailing classes more widely accessible.

- Sonia B. Seattle, WA


Y o u t h I actually learned how to sail. - Elena B. CWB Youth Sailing Student


Quick & Dirty


YE THIS Ages: 11-15 NEW Dates: June 29 - July 3 Time: 10 am - 4 pm (Monday - Friday) Suggested Price: $350

Are you bold enough to build a boat in five days? Could you do it with found materials? How would your design perform in the water? In this Quick & Daring-esque class students will learn the basic principles of vessel design and construction, work in teams to build a boat from strange, wondrous and random materials, and then sail and row their boats in the Quick & Daring, Jr.!, a new event at the Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival. Students will spend half the time on the water sailing and rowing and the other half building and designing boats. No experience necessary.

Media Pirates AHOY!

Ages: 11-15 Dates: August 3 - 7 Time: 9 am - 4 pm (Monday - Friday) Cost: $350 (Sorry, “Pay What You Can” not available) A bold primer in both sailing fundamentals and renegade filmmaking brought to you jointly by 911 Media Arts and CWB. Students will learn to sail and to shoot and edit digital video as they make films related to boats and the water. The meaning, value and history of piracy in all contexts will be laid open to interpretation, while students are supplied with the tools and skills they need to for such a journey into uncharted waters. By combining the physical immediacy of sailing with the voice and power of filmmaking, the class hopes to provide students with some survival skills for navigating the strange seas of our time. Prerequisite: Beginning Sailing

S a i l i n g Life Under Your Boat

Ages: 11-15 (Intermediate Level Class) Dates: August 17 - 21 Time: 10 am – 4 pm (Monday - Friday) Cost: $350 (Sorry, “Pay What You Can” not available)

Learn to sail and learn about the lake you’re sailing on. What lives in the lake? We will observe, appreciate and celebrate the natural wonders of Lake Union. The class will examine the often overlooked ecology of Lake Union through exploratory sailing trips, sensory and artistic activities and by observing the many cycles constantly at work below the boat. Come learn about water quality, weather, birdlife and the basking turtles of Turtle Cove. This class is taught in partnership with Salish Sea Expeditions. Prerequisite: Beginning Sailing

Words on Water

Ages: 9-15 Dates: July 13 -17 Time: 10 am - 4 pm (Monday - Friday) Suggested Price: $350 Do you love books and stories? These day-long classes will delve into the maritime tradition through sailing, reading, journaling and field trips. The course will introduce students to all the sailing skills covered in Beginning Sailing and additionally embrace students’ imagination and love of stories through a diverse selection of maritime literature and writing exercises. Books and boats shall complement each other to inspire the inner sailor. No experience necessary

High School Apprenticeship Program Ages: 14 - 18 Dates: June 15 – September 4 Time: 20 hours/week Suggested Price: $75/week Spend your summer outside and gain valuable professional skills someplace fun! CWB’s High School Apprentices work directly with our wooden boats and the people who use them. Learn about our historic sail and row boats, help teach youth sailing classes, assist with field trips, put people in boats, or help with the repair and maintenance of our fleet. Apprentices get valuable experience, training and mentorship working alongside our professional staff and an opportunity to be an integral part of the CWB community! For more information or to apply for an internship, contact Emma Levitt at or (206)382-2628. Community Service hours available.

S c h o o l

P r o g r a m s Hands-On Field Trips

We provide hands-on educational opportunities for a variety of age groups and curricular needs. Our programs use our maritime environment and classic wood boats to engage students in the Pacific Northwest’s unique culture, history and the natural world. Contact us to find out more about our programs or to schedule a visit.

The Golden Age of Salmon. Salmon fishing played a major role in the history of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Students will sail in a restored gillnetter and find out what it’s like to load and unload fish. After the boat trip, each student will design a label for a salmon can as we discuss the history, environmental issues and hardships involved in salmon fishing in the Northwest. Ages: 8+

Boat Building

Build a boat! Boatbuilding gives students a sense of pride and accomplishment in creating something of value while helping them to develop mathematic, craftsmanship and communication skills. CWB offers youth dinghy and kayak building courses for school and youth groups. Ages:12+

Sailing Lessons

Learning to sail helps students develop selfconfidence and decision-making skills while teaching patience, observation and teamwork. Plus it’s tons of fun! Students take the tillers and sheets of 8’ El Toro dinghies and learn the fundamentals of sailing on the water. Lessons are available for classes, after-school programs and groups. Ages: 10+

Service Learning CWB exists due to the passion and dedication of volunteers. Inspire your students to be active stewards of our community and help them find value in labor through meaningful work. Recent projects include vessel maintenance, building and repairing docks and boat maintenance.

Sailing Expeditions Our sailing expeditions involve teamwork and skill and can be demanding. We travel under sail and oars in longboats. Longboats are open boats where we live and sleep on board. Groups spend some nights on shore but the majority of the nights are spent aboard under a tarp pitched between the masts. A typical day starts with planning the day’s route. Once we raise the anchor, students row or sail all day, taking turns navigating, handling lines, rowing and steering. At our anchorage, we’ll set the anchor, furl the sails, stow the oars and begin rigging the sleeping tarp. We will also learn traditional commands and knot work. Also available as a day team-building program.

Why let students have all the fun? CWB offers opportunities for teachers to get on the water, learn new skills and try out our programs. Learn about Northwest history, ways to integrate hands-on activities into your curricula and have fun! Clock hours available. Contact Emma Levitt for more information:

Canoe Carving. Work with Haida carver, Sāādūūts, CWB’s Artist-in-Residence, to help build a traditional cedar dugout canoe as part of this field trip. Listen to stories and songs and hear about Haida culture as you become part of the canoe family. Sāādūūts has carved many canoes with young and old alike and has taught carving to hundreds of Seattle area students. Ages: 8+ Umiak Adventure. Come down to The Center for Wooden Boats to explore Lake Union and learn maritime history. This field trip is a great way for students to learn about the natural world in a fun and safe way. Umiaks are traditional boats of the Arctic. Paddling the Umiak is a fun way to discover boating. Students also will use traditional hand tools to make their own wooden toy boat to take home. Ages: 3+ Cama Mariners. Explore maritime skills and traditions with The Center for Wooden Boats at Cama Beach State Park. In this hands-on field trip students will learn and practice the skills of mariners and boatbuilders. Students will observe and evaluate the conditions of the weather and sea in Saratoga Passage. Students also will experiment with wood construction tools and techniques and working with wood by steam bending a mast hoop that they will keep. Ages: 10+

I haven’t learned enough yet, mostly because there’s not enough time to learn all I want to. - Elmer V. Age 16


Things to do at CWB Take a Ride

Take an Urban Break

We offer free public rides in our classic wooden sailboats and 100-year-old steam launch, Puffin, yearround on Sunday afternoons and aboard various boats during our Wooden Boat Festival. Bring your friends!

Stroll the docks or grab a bench and watch the lake, the seaplanes, the clouds and the boats drifting by. CWB and Lake Union Park provide a unique urban walking trail with a fun historic twist.

Bring Your Class 30

CWB offers a range of field trip experiences to school groups and youth groups of all kinds. We provide teachers with information about how the field trips can serve their curricula goals.

Join the Volunteer Program Volunteers help out with everything from teaching sailing lessons to staffing our front desk to helping with boat restoration. Learn new skills, then share them with the public..

Buy a Boat

Take an Island Walk Visitors to Cama Beach can walk the trails and explore the tide pools and beaches. Experience wooden boats in ways both familiar and new, learning about the cultural history of small boats, while surrounded by the natural beauty of the forest and the water’s edge.

View Historic Ships There are always fresh sights at the Historic Ships Wharf. View the elegant historic steamer Virginia V and sturdy tugboat Arthur Foss. Enjoy visits from schooners such as the Zodiac and Adventuress and the brig Lady Washington.

Check out our everchanging inventory of classic and notso-classic boats of all types and sizes. Also on the web at

Rent a Classic Boat Row or sail our classic wooden small craft on the waters of Lake Union. Or explore Saratoga Passage in Puget Sound from CWB at Cama Beach State Park.

Meet our Artist-in-Residence Sāādūūts is a Haida canoe carver who invites the community to learn about and participate in traditional dugout canoe carving. Stop by for a song, a story or a chance to try carving.

2009 F e st i v a ls a nd E ve n t s

Steamin’ toward The Dream‌

March 7, CWB’s Annual Celebration Fundraising Auction. Join us for an evening of food and friends as we celebrate The Center for Wooden Boats’ programs for kids and adults! Call CWB at (206)382-2628 for tickets or to donate items. May 9, Mother’s Day Weekend Sail at Cama Beach (Free!) An annual tradition the Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend. Take this opportunity to take Mom for a free sail off of Camano Island. July 4-5, Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival (Free! Donations requested.) Each year, the Festival attracts thousands of participants with an ambiance of an old-fashioned, down-home waterfront festival where everything is fun, almost everything is free and nothing much is fancy. August 15, Footloose Sailing. An annual access sailing event for disabled sailors offering a chance for the physically challenged to go for a sail. September 26-27, Norm Blanchard Regatta (Free for spectators! Small fee to race.) All the boats in this friendly regatta are of wooden construction, except for the “classic plastic� class. Boats from throughout the region show up to give it their best shot. There’s also a small boat course for kids and adults with an affinity for boats on a smaller scale.

Free Ongoing Events

Cast Off! CWB’s Free Public Sail. Explore classic boats every Sunday yearround at 2 pm in our free public sail. Young and old are invited to come enjoy the cityscape from within an exhibit boat. Sit back and take a relaxing tour of Lake Union or join the crew and lend a hand! 3rd Friday Speaker (Free!) Our monthly speaker series features boatbuilders, craftspeople and adventurers. Each month brings a new guest and a new topic. More information is available at our website, Tugboat Story Time (Free!) A unique opportunity for kids to enjoy stories about boats and the sea and have a chance to explore a historic tugboat! The second and fourth Thursdays of every month at 11 am (Story Time takes a break the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas). Open Canoe Carving (Free!) SÄ Ä dĹŤĹŤts, CWB’s Artist-in-Residence, is a Master Haida carver. He has helped build more than five canoes in the Seattle area. Currently a 37-foot log is in the early stages of being carved. Everyone is welcome to come help carve, meet SÄ Ä dĹŤĹŤts, and become part of the canoe family.

New Online Resource!

CWB is one of the many maritime organizations offering programs and events at Lake Union Park. You can view them all at Get updates on events and shows at CWB and Lake Union Park. Keep an eye on upcoming workshops and programs, add events to your personal calendar and send reminders to yourself or others.

New MOHAI Museum at Lake Union Park

Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society, a proud Museum of History & Industry afďŹ liate for half a century. Tugboat Anne W., PSMHS Collection

206-324-1126 ÊÊÊÊÓÇääÊÓ{ĂŒÂ…ĂŠĂ›i°Ê °ÊUĂŠSeattle WA 98112







Get Involved!

There are many ways beyond taking classes to become involved at CWB. The CWB community includes everyone from dues-paying members to summer youth interns to volunteers of 20 years’ tenure. I’ve always wanted to learn to sail and when I do it will be here. With workshops, events and more, it would be hard to find a more worthy place to support.


- Maria C. Seattle, WA


Be a Business Member

The Center for Wooden Boats is a unique museum in that we not only maintain and interpret original historic wooden boats for public use, but we are also a community that is greatly defined by our corps of more than 600 active volunteers. You can find volunteers here who can tell you the type of hardware used on a 1926 R-boat or the best place to drop anchor in the San Juans. The time and talents of our volunteers are something The Center for Wooden Boats appreciates just as much as any monetary gift.

If you’re a local business owner, consider joining the CWB Business Membership Program. Give out CWB memberships and free rowing passes to employees and clients or throw a unique party in the CWB Boathouse! Benefits vary with membership level but may include tickets to CWB events such as the Auction, a free facility rental at CWB Seattle or Cama Beach, an on-the-water teambuilding experience for your staff and various marketing opportunities in CWB publications and events. Increase your company’s visibility while showing your support for a cherished community asset!

Potential volunteers must attend a general orientation, held from 10 am to noon on the second Saturday of each month. After orientation each person’s interests are matched with CWB’s needs to place them in a volunteer position. Volunteer positions include the front desk, livery, sailing instruction, boatshop work, special events work, building maintenance, gardening, merchandising and computer/clerical work. If you believe in our mission, we can find a way to use your skills! For more information please visit our website or email

AmeriCorps Volunteers

The Center for Wooden Boats is pleased to partner with the Washington State Service Corps to have several AmeriCorps volunteers onsite from September though August. AmeriCorps volunteers work with CWB volunteers and staff on many different projects, from youth education to volunteer management to planning for events such as the Auction and Festival. The selection process begins in mid-July; go online to to apply or email for more information. Applicants must be 18-25 years of age on date of enrollment.

Please contact the Development Department (206) 382-2628 or for more information or to request a Business Membership brochure.

High School Apprenticeship Program Spend your summer outside and gain valuable professional skills someplace fun! CWB’s High School Apprentices work directly with our wooden boats and the people who use them. Learn about our historic sail and row boats, help teach youth sailing classes, assist with field trips, put people in boats or help with the repair and maintenance of our fleet. Apprentices receive valuable experience, training and mentorship working alongside our professional staff and an opportunity to be an integral part of the CWB community! To apply contact Emma Levitt, or (206)382-2628. Community Service hours available.

Join CWB! Your membership in The Center for Wooden Boats entitles you to some specific benefits: R e g u l a r i s s u e s o f C W B ’s newsletter, Shavings. Discounted prices on maritime workshops and on-the-water classes described in our Program Catalogue. 10% off purchases at the CWB Gift Shop. Discounted prices on boat rentals from our livery of historic small craft. Borrowing privileges at CWB’s library. Invitations to member events. Discounts at local retail stores.

Your membership also plays a critical role in communicating strong public support of The Center for Wooden Boats to foundations and government officials. Check our website at for regular updates and the latest news. We encourage you to enjoy the benefits of CWB membership at both Lake Union Park and Cama Beach State Park!

Program Instructors RAY ARCAND has 30 years of experience as an instructor of vocational education and more than 45 years of research and production with native style paddles and knives. Living in Canada’s Gulf Islands, he is a flat-water racing instructor, and active in the Northwest Chapter of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association and Pender Island Shop Craft Guild. Ray has built and restored more than 20 heritage canoes. JOHN BELLI studied Art and Architecture at the University of Arizona and graduated with a degree in Fine Art. For the past 15 years, he has been designing and building furniture professionally, using both traditional and contemporary techniques. OLIVER DAVIS is certified by US SAILING as a small boat, keelboat and cruising instructor, and is a US Coast Guard licensed captain. He was part of Paul Cayard’s racing team on the Farr 40 Samba Pa Ti that won three National and North American Championships. SAM DEVLIN is a strong proponent of “Stitch and Glue” boat construction and has used this method to build more than 400 wooden boats since 1974, all but four of them of his own design. He is the author of “Devlin’s Boatbuilding” and has produced a video, “Sam Devlin on Wooden Boatbuilding”. His articles on boatbuilding and boats have been published in WoodenBoat, Sailing, Pacific Yachting, Northwest Yachting and Nor’westing. BERT DODSON is a painter, illustrator, teacher and author. He has authored two books on drawing: “Keys to Drawing” and “Keys to Drawing with Imagination”. He taught illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City. He was the animation designer for the fourpart PBS television series “Intimate Strangers”. He currently paints watercolors and drawings and exhibits in his Bradford, Vermont studio.

CAROL EMARTHLE-DOUGLAS is from the Northern Arapaho and Seminole tribes. She has been weaving for 12 years and has taught classes in Ketchikan, Alaska, and with the Eastside Native American Program. Some of her work is currently in an exhibit called the “Changing Hands”, a collection of Native American artists who are creating contemporary art. She has won numerous awards, including the 2008 Best of Division for Textiles and Basketry at the 87th Annual Indian Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico. COREY FREEDMAN has diligently researched the literature and museum sources for the specifications and construction methods of native craft and has actively shared this material

as an instructor and lecturer. For the past decade, he has overseen the building of more than 800 skin boats. He is an experienced sea kayaking instructor. He is also the founder of Spirit Line Kayaks, The Skin Boat School and Umiak Adventures. JOE GREENLEY founded Redfish Custom Kayak & Canoe Company in 1992 as Pacific North America’s first established strip-built kayak company. His company in Port Townsend, Washington, has been featured on both Public Television and in magazines such as Architectural Digest, Town & Country, Lexus and Sunset Magazine - where Redfish Kayaks was prominently profiled as the “Best of the West”.

CAMANO SAIL & POWER LESSONS & RENTALS CAMANO ISLAND STATE PARK Capt. Lawrence F. Baum, USCG Master License 171617 US SAILING School Instructor Small Boats (Dinghys) Keelboats Phone: 425-314-9824 Email: web:

It was all great, especially the hands-on work and also watching the instructor show by example. He made the class work for people who knew something about varnish and those of us (like me) who knew nothing 33 about varnish. -Tom H. Vancouver, B.C.

2009 Schedule for Schooner Martha All trips begin and end in Port Townsend at the Point Hudson Marina. All trips board at 1000 hrs on the first day and disembark at 1600 hrs on the last day. Prices are $160 per person per day and include all meals, books, and t-shirt.

Youth Scholarships Available March, April, May & October Family, adult or school groups, San Juan Islands and Puget Sound. Call for openings. Photo credit: Michael Berman

April Port Townsend School District Spring Break Special Family Sail. One free youth per adult. April 1-4. 34

May Day Sails, 2-6 pm, $50 per person. May 9 & 10.

June Family Trips. June 15-20 & 24-27

July Youth/Family Trips. July 3 - 8, July 11-19, July 28-Aug 1.

August Youth/Family Trips. August 4-8, 11-15, 18-22 & 25-29.

September Come Visit us at Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival! September 11-13. Adult Trip. Canadian Waters, September 14-26.

For more information visit

Schooner Martha 2009

Join the Schooner Martha and experience the grace and beauty of a bygone era. Built in 1907 by the Stone Boatyard in San Francisco, to plans by B.B. Crowninshield, Martha reflects a unique combination of design and craftsmanship in turn of the century yachting. Raced by her original owner, J.R. Hanify, Martha has been gracing harbors along the West Coast under loving owners including actor James Cagney, camp Four Winds/Westward Ho, and Del and Paulette Edgbert of Olympia. For the past 12 years, Martha has been under the care of the nonprofit Schooner Martha Foundation. Formed to restore her and continue her tradition of teaching teamwork and seamanship. Martha sails the local and Canadian waters on trips that encourage learning, growth, teamwork, and participation. You have the opportunity to sail and learn aboard this historic schooner. You will join the captain and crew and experience a life rich in tradition and history. Learn the aspects of operating a vintage yacht including sail theory, navigation and more.

Program Instructors JOHN GUZZWELL has been building boats for more than 50 years. In 1953, he built a 20’ sailboat, Trekka, and soloed around the world from 1955 to 1959, the first Brit to do so and the smallest boat at the time. He returned to England where he built a 45’ cutter, Treasure, which he and his family sailed to Australia in 1965 - 66, and then settled in New Zealand where he built several cold-molded boats. He built the 65’ Lively, the 130’ three-masted schooner Tole Mour, a 23’ modernized version of Trekka called Dolly, and Endangered Species, a 30’ fractional sloop which he sailed twice to Hawaii in the single-handed TransPac. WILLIAM HEWSON grew up in the Southwest where he pursued a career in graphic design. But, “When I found the Pacific Northwest, I found painting.” As a student of Charles Reid, he has become a favorite workshop and class instructor in the Northwest as well as California, Arizona, Texas and Mexico. He also has two DVDs to his credit. ERIC HVALSOE has been a professional boatbuilder, designer and shipwright for more than 25 years. He has designed and built the Hvalsoe 13 and 16, traditional lapstrake rowing and sailing craft, and the Aurora and Little Miss Canada IV, interpretations of 1930s speedboats, combining modern wood technology and high performance. He has taught traditional boatbuilding skills, lapstrake construction in particular. BILLY JENNINGS gained an interest in photography as a teen; he began his career in photography in 1983 by joining the Navy as a Photographer’s Mate. For seven years he shifted between photography student and photography instructor at the U.S. Naval Schools of Photography at the Pensacola Naval Air Station. He now owns and operates a full-service studio and lives on Camano Island.

KIPPIE JOE is a member of the Suquamish Tribe and has been weaving for 10+ years. She began with basket weaving and worked her way up to Cedar Regalia (both Traditional and Contemporary), She was taught to make regalia by the late Bruce Miller of the Skokomish Tribe. She enjoys sharing her weaving skills with friends and family in the community. KEMP JONES is an experienced sailboat racer who has raced competitively on two coasts. For the past few years, he has been leading CWB’s “Team T-Bird”, racing CWB’s 26’ Thunderbird on the local racing circuits. SAM JOHNSON has taken boatbuilding courses from John Gardner and Barry Thomas at Mystic Seaport, built a variety of traditional craft and opened a boatshop at the Oregon Historical Society. Bronze casting came as a result of needing an opening portlight and finding none available on the market. He has led casting classes for the National Maritime Museum in San Francisco, the Wooden Boat School in Maine and the Rivers West Small Craft Center in Portland, Oregon. JEREMY KATICH spent his early years sailing, shipping and marina managing in his Boise, Idaho bathtub. Impassioned by a desire to reclaim his glory days as captain of a fleet, Jeremy turned to building and maintaining traditional small craft vessels, though they definitely do not fit in the tub. He studied at the Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building and currently works as a boatwright at CWB.

JENNIFER KUHN discovered woodworking through the Historic Boat Restoration Program at Seattle Central Community College. She went on to graduate from the Marine Carpentry program and now works on boats and homes in the Seattle area. A native of Maryland, Jennifer enjoys weekend hikes, friends’ smiling faces and enthusiastic dance floors. PETE LAMB, shipwright and woodworker, was raised in a sailing family in the San Francisco Bay area. He worked in various San Francisco and Sausalito shipyards, constructing and restoring large schooners, before moving to Bellingham to start a survey, construction and restoration business. Pete has taught wooden boat construction to youth at the Home Port Learning Center. He and his wife, Pat, sail Puget Sound on their beautifully restored 37’ cutter, Shag. SAM LAHER is a graduate of the Marine Carpentry program at Seattle Central Community College and works as an Independent Shipwright in Seattle. He likes wood boats, autumn weather and good beer. EMMA LEVITT came to CWB as a volunteer in the shop. After an undergraduate degree in sculpture, a graduate degree in education, realizing there was woodworking in her blood (her mother was a furniture builder) and sailing on tall ships, she’s found the perfect job, teaching youth boatbuilding classes. ADRIAN LIPP started his engine repair career as a Tacoma Sea Scout at the age of 14 and for two years lived and worked in the Arthur Foss engine room. A USCG licensed engineer, Adrian has worked on tall ships, mud boats, fish packers and charter boats and started his own diesel repair business, Old Tacoma Marine, which works nearly exclusively on antique diesel engines. Keeping old diesel engines running is his self-identified life passion.

Course and instructor exceeded all expectations. - Paul F. Camano Island. WA


Program Instructors I appreciated that there was one instructor for just five students, and that my education was more or less tailored toward my particular habits and requests. 36

- John B, Sammamish, WA

NED MUELLER has been drawing and painting all of his life. He graduated from the prestigious Art Center School of Design in Los Angeles. Ned worked as an illustrator for 25 years and has worked as a successful full-time artist since 1984. He is a signature member of the Oil Painters of America, The Northwest Watercolor Society, The Plein Air Painters of America, Northwest Pastel Society (Distinguished Pastelist), Puget Sound Group of Northwest Painters and others. TED NUTTALL, a graduate of Colorado Institute of Art, is a figurative watercolorist with exceptional talent. He has had a 25-year career in graphic design. One of the premier watercolorists of our day, he is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society, American Watercolor Society and Transparent Watercolor Society of America and a Royal Honor Society member of the Arizona Watercolor Association. CARLA O’CONNNOR has a BFA in painting from Kent State University. She is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society and Northwest Watercolor Society and is an AWS Dolphin Fellow. She has juried for exhibits by AWS and NWS, the Rocky Mountain National Exhibition, California Watercolor Society, the Watercolor Art Society-Houston and the AWS International Exhibition in 2008. INGER RANKINS moved to Port Townsend in 1989 and learned to sew canvas work for sailboats at The Artful Dodger, a local canvas company. In 1999, she started her own business, North West Sails and Canvas, with her husband, Sean Rankins, who is the sailmaker. Inger makes custom canvas covers and cushions for all types of boats.

SEAN RANKINS has been teaching sailmaking for 16 years, has traveled the world building sails and worked alongside many great sailmakers. A large part of his career has been in the study and building of traditional sails. Sean teaches and practices the practical hands-on skills that are slowly disappearing from our maritime culture and offers a different approach to keeping our sailmaking traditions alive and healthy. TIM REAGAN is a renowned caulker of traditional boats. He has been working on projects throughout the world and knows traditional caulking as well as anyone. Tim has taught caulking workshops at CWB for more than 20 years.

BRAD RICE graduated from at the IBTC in Lowestoff, England, and moved to Seattle in 1990. After working for shipwright Anchor Jensen for a short time. Brad founded his own shop, located next to the Ballard bridge in Seattle. In 2004, The Boatwright was moved to a new shop on Whidbey Island. STEVE ROGERS studied at Harold Stevenson Fine Art Academy as well as with Robert E. Wood. He was the 2007 NWS Purchase Award Winner, adding to hundreds of other awards. He is a signature member of the AWS as well as the NWS and the Florida Watercolor Society. He has painted professionally for 32 years.

The Marine Carpentry Program at Seattle Central Community College Teaching boatbuilding continuously since 1936 Get the skills you need to work as a professional boatbuilder

Traditional Skills, Contemporary Values Looking Forward to a New Campus in 2010! Enrolling Four Times a Year


Program Instructors JEFF SANDERS founded The United States Maritime Academy in 1987 and has trained thousands of students for their Coast Guard Captain’s Licenses. He is the author of numerous navigation manuals, has been a sailmaker and has delivered sailing vessels worldwide for more than 20 years. Capt. Sanders resides on Marrowstone Island with his dog, Newbe, and his vessel Orpheus. HERON SCOTT grew up in Alaska surrounded by fishing boats. After graduating from the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding, he worked for two years at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. He currently is Lead Boatwright and Boatshop Manager at CWB. His hobbies include pumpkin carving, dodge ball, knitting and playing in boats. DIANNA SHYNE spent the past 27 years working in acrylic, oil and watercolor, both studying with renowned teachers and travelling the globe. She is an artist, workshop juror and a teacher. She lives on Camano Island and is dedicated to the artistic development of her students. JAY SMITH is an independent boatbuilder in Anacortes, Washington, with a passion for Nordic boats. Jay has travelled to Scandinavia, apprenticed in Norway, worked in the Faeroe Islands and Denmark and studied under Nils O. Ulset, a master boatbuilder. His expertise has lead to the building of a Viking ship for The History Channel. NICHOLAS SIMMONS began painting in Sarasota, Florida, and studied with many well-known watercolorists, most notably Valfred Thelin and Barbara Nechis. He quickly developed a bold original style. He has earned a reputation as one of the most exciting contemporary watermedia artists on the scene. His work is held in public and private

collections throughout the United States and abroad. In 2007, he won top prize at the National Watercolor Society’s 87th Annual Exhibition DAVE THACKER became a recreational varnicologist by necessity 10 years ago and currently works at Jensen Motor Boat Co. on Lake Union. Dave is a licensed Captain and a graduate of the Marine Carpentry program at Seattle Central Community College. He raced Tartan 10s and Lightnings on the Great Lakes. JOHN WATKINS learned to sail at age eight in Maine and started instructing when he was 17 at a summer camp for the blind. He helped Vern Velez start CWB’s SailNOW! program in 1989 and did a stint as director of the program. He frequently leads Cast Off!, CWB’s public sails in sharpies and other boats. LAURA WONG-WHITEBEAR started weaving 12 years ago, mentored and inspired by Arline Cailing and Gladys Gonzales. She has worked mainly with non-traditional materials, but she is now dedicated to learning and researching traditional plateau basketry. She was a recipient of an artist fellowship at the National Museum of the American Indian and is involved in many other Native American causes and public program workshops. ERIC WIEGARDT is a native of Washington State. Following a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Washington, he graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago, studying under Irving Schapiro. He is a member of AWS, NWS, Allied Arts of America, Int’l Society of Marine Painters, NWWS and TWSA. He has been featured in Int’l Artist, The Artist’s Magazine, Watercolor, Watercolor Magic and nine books on watercolor as well as his popular book, “Watercolor Free & Easy”.

Registration Policies Courses are filled on a first-come, first-served basis so we recommend early registration. All workshops are held at CWB’s Lake Union, Seattle location unless otherwise noted in the course description. We are constantly adding new programs. Please check our website at for the latest listings and information or call us at (206)382-2628. The Center for Wooden Boats keeps class size small to promote quality instruction and experience. Class sizes generally range between five and twelve participants. If a program is full, you can put your name on a wait list. We will call you if a space opens up. Tuition: Full payment for courses under $500 is required with your application. For courses costing more than $500, we ask you to deposit one-half of the total costs with your application; the remainder is due by the day the class begins. Tuition is on a per-person basis and includes a one-time $15 non-refundable administration fee. Cama Cabins: To promote access to its programs at Cama Beach, CWB accepts cabin bookings for workshop students on behalf of Washington State Parks (WSP). Once CWB confirms the cabin booking, then the responsibility for the rental is between the renter and WSP. CWB advises participants who plan to rent cabins to familiarize themselves with WSP park rules and registration policies by visiting Cancellation Policy: Cancellations received 30 or more days before course start will receive a full refund minus the $15 administration fee. Cancellations received less than 30 days before course start will not receive a refund, but your tuition can be credited toward future courses later in the same season. In case of emergency or insufficient number of registrations, CWB reserves the right to cancel a course and refund the participants in full. Because of this policy, we strongly urge you to buy refundable airline tickets or flight insurance. CWB will not be responsible for any loss on non-refundable airline tickets. Course Details: Upon receipt of payment, The Center for Wooden Boats will provide participants with relevant course information, including itinerary, materials list, suggested tools list, clothing list, accommodations, directions and other pertinent information. Please read the information carefully before coming to class. Materials costs are included in course fees unless otherwise noted in the course description. We supply tools needed for courses, but encourage students to bring their own for certain courses. Risk: All of our courses involve some level of risk. Participants must assume full responsibility for their own safety and must provide their own health and accident insurance. You will be required to sign a liability waiver before the course begins.

Call (206)382-2628 or visit


Schooner Zodiac Adventures!



he 2009 season is now open for registration. Explore the spectacular San Juans and beyond aboard the largest working schooner on the West Coast. Set sail aboard the beautifully restored 1924 Schooner Zodiac. Chart the course, learn the ropes, and try your hand at the helm. No prior experience is necessary. All trips include sail-training, kayaking, meals, and overnight accommodations. Private staterooms are available. Inquire about our youth programs and corporate events. Space is limited to 26 guests overnight and 49 for day sails.

(877) 831-7427

2009 Sailing Schedule Dates April 11-12 April 23-26 June 19-21 June 26-28 July 10-15 July 30-Aug. 2 August 4-9 Sept 8-13

Cruise Spring Fling Lighthouse Tour Father’s Day Weekend Getaway Gulf Islands NW Wine Tour Gulf Isles/Victoria Schooner Race

Complete schedule available online

Cost $250 $550 $450 $450 $850 $750 $875 $850

Sail aboard Puget Sound’s Environmental Tall Ship Adventuress !

2009 Sailing Schedule Girls at the Helm: A Tall Ship Adventure July 6 - 11 Sail from CWB in Lake Union to Bellingham Cost: $595 (before April 1st) Offered in partnership with the Girl Scouts of Western Washington Open to all girls in grades 6 through 8 (you do not need to be a Girl Scout to participate)

Getaway for Grown-ups: San Juan Islands Ages 18 and up July 30 - Aug. 1 Cost: $375 (before May 1st)

Fantastic Voyages for Teens: San Juan Islands Grades 9-12: Aug. 2 - 6 Grades 7-9: Aug. 11 - 15 Ninth graders may choose either trip. Cost: $575 (before May 1st)

Family Sail: San Juan Islands Aug. 7 - 9 Ages 8 and up. Cost: $350 adults/$225 youth (before May 1st) Maximum of 2 kids per adult participant. Grandparents are welcome!


Elderhostels We also offer several Elderhostel and Intergenerational programs this summer. Visit or call (360) 379-0438 for more information or to register for our programs.

Become a Member and Sail for Free! Members of Sound Experience sail for free on more than a dozen day sails each year and are invited to be “crew” on special Member Transits. To become a member or to register for a program online, visit or call us at (360) 379-0438.

2009 CWB Program Catalogue  

Learn more about The Center for Wooden Boats' 2009 programs, workshops, and classes.

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