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Hand Built, American Made, Custom Parts The Rebel Spirit By: Lincoln


2018, I had a need for a local welder to help me with an idea that I had for a mobile burnout pit. No sooner than the rough idea for the pit came into my head, I had a chance encounter with Kristin Shipwash, the MFCEO of The Rebel Spirit at an event in Salisbury. We had met briefly before and I had been told that her husband was a welder. I pitched her a thumbnail of what I was wanting to do, and she introduced me to her husband, Zach. I gave him a sketchy description of what I was looking for and he gave me a nod and said we could probably work something out. Within days, Zach came up with a plan for the burn out pit and the rest is history. The TRS / Full Rebel burnout pit has been seen at dozens of events including the Fear Of February Party, The Smokeout Rally, Camel City Bikefest and dozens of bike nights in between. ay back in

Zach is a pretty alright guy and our work and personal relationship has been on since then and he has built a handful custom trophies for us along the way. I had always admired his work at The Rebel Spirit, and I have been following his

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September 2019 - Issue # 254