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Issue 232 • November 2017


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Biker Blues & BBQ Rally

Table Of Contents Issue #232

PAGE 24 The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine Bike Show At Ted’s Kickin’ Chicken

PAGE 44 The Rock Holds World Finals Harley Drags

PAGE 50 Ray Price Capital City Bikefest

Letter From The Editor.....................................................5 Cover Story - Widow Maker CDR.....................................6 Cruisin’ Calendar..............................................................8 Bike Nights.......................................................................9 Live Music........................................................................11 Quotable Quote................................................................15 End Of Summer Throwdown............................................16 A Fundraiser For Dennis Yonish.......................................18 Demo Ride Event At Greensboro Harley-Davidson.........20 In-Vest USA Poker Run.....................................................22 Biker Blues & BBQ Rally..................................................24 6th Annual Tim Diffin Memorial Riding With The Angels....26 Hard Core Motorcycle Ministry Chatham County Toys For Tots Run.............................................................28 Bulldog Hero Award Winners Announced At Ray Price Capital City Bikefest....................................30 Miss Donna’s Birthday Bingo Run....................................32 Benefit Auction For Thomas At Trax Tavern.....................34 Driven By Grace Bike Show And Auction.........................35 SC ABATE Helmet Law Support Rally..............................36 Southern Riders Motorcycle Club Of Robeson County 6th Anniversary..................................................................38 When It All Comes Together.............................................40 RIP Buzz Stone................................................................42 Big-Ass Event...................................................................43 The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine Bike Show At Ted’s Kickin’ Chicken....................................................44 24th Annual Bronson Run..................................................46 Ridin’ In Remembrance 2017...........................................48 The Rock Holds World Finals Harley Drags.....................50 1st Annual “Stomp Out Cancer” Awareness Benefit..........52 Ray Price Capital City Bikefest.........................................54 Spokes & Jokes................................................................56 33rd Annual Meeting Of The Minds...................................58 Benefit Bike Run For Izzie Beth.......................................60 Summerville Harley-Davidson Grand Opening................62 Bostic Lincoln Center, Washburn Store, And Defiant Whisky..........................................................64 Manufacturers Cup At The Rock......................................66 People & Places...............................................................68 Creekside Fall Bike Rally.................................................70 Thunderzone....................................................................71 Just Me.............................................................................72 The Wheels Through Time Museum 15th Annual Motorcycle Raffle..............................................................74 Virtual Bike Show.............................................................76 Mike Dyson – Famous Local Biker...................................77 Sidney Williams April 26, 1965 - October 7, 2017............78 Feeding A Hungry Veteran Ride.......................................80



November 2017

Full Throttle

Letter From The Editor

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Thunderzone Thunder

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hankful is a theme that should course through every month of our lives, but November provides several specific opportunities to be grateful. Sometimes just the relief from hot, humid, summer weather is a good reason to be thankful. The changing of the leaves adds color to the relief and certainly thrills even the most casual observers. Motorcycle riders can take particular joy in the weather this time of year. The sun can be warm, but it is not hot and yet it is not too cold, either. The first Tuesday in November is Election Day. While none of us relish the idea of another thing to do, we can all be thankful that we live in a Democratic Republic whose power rests in its citizens who are equally entitled to vote. This is the essence of “We, the people” and I doubt anyone would dispute that free elections give us reason to be thankful, even when your candidate does not prevail. November 10 marks the birth of the US Marine Corps in 1775 and November 11th is Veterans Day, first celebrated in 1921 as Armistice Day. In 1954, President Eisenhower changed it to Veteran’s Day, in honor of those who served and died from all wars. The time and day was picked because fighting ceased in WWI in 1918 on November 11 at 11:11. In keeping with this tradition, work stops on this day and time each year for a moment of silence. We salute the Marine Corps and thank our veterans every day of the year. Any questions? November 22nd is “Go For A Ride Day”. Most of us will be happy, and thankful, to observe this holiday. Even though it falls on a Wednesday this year, mark it on your calendar and use it for an excuse to put some miles on your bike. Then, on the 4th Thursday, we celebrate Thanksgiving Day. It is a time to enjoy a huge feast and to give thanks to our God, for the things he has bestowed upon us and upon this great nation. There is no nation in the world that has more to be thankful for than Americans do. From the fledgling settlement of the “new world” to what America has become today, it is pretty evident that God has blessed the USA and that gives me reason to be thankful. I am also thankful that we have been able to bring you The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine for the past 19 years! During that time, we have made many new friends and our advertisers have made it possible for us to chronicle the history of motorcycling in the Carolinas. If that is not reason to be thankful, I don’t know what is! Now we head into the toy run season and that gives us many opportunities to be thankful and share with those less fortunate. I encourage you to reference The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine Cruisin’ Calendar, attend as many of your favorite charity events as you can, and be a blessing to someone. I propose that it will make all parties thankful. Happy Holidays! The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine 2017 is published monthly and no reproduction of any content is permitted except by prior express written approval of Mark D. Infield, Publisher, Editor, & CEO. Publisher assumes no financial responsibility for errors in ads beyond the cost of space occupied by error. Publisher is not liable for: any slandering of an individual or group, as we mean no malice or individual criticism at any time. We are not responsible for the opinions or comments of our columnists. The advertisers are solely responsible for content of their ads, promises, and coupons, or any lack of fulfillment thereof. Publisher is also to be held harmless from: failure to produce any issue as scheduled due to reasons beyond control; all suits, claims or loss of expenses; including but is not limited to: suits for libel, plagiarism, copyright infringement, and unauthorized use of a person’s name or photograph. Publisher does not promote excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.



Cover Story

Widow Maker CDR’s Latest Build - Low Life Luci Widow Maker Custom Custom Design & Repair’s latest build, Low Life Luci, is a build you could look at over and over again. I was really deep in thought looking over every detail in every single part, piece, inch of this bike, imagining how Hank imagined some of the concepts he developed. looking at it really made me think as I saw things I have not seen implemented on a build before. All good pieces of art should make you stop and stare and Low Life Luci certainly did that. It left an impression that I will remember for quite some time. It is a bike that sets a standard that you will want your bike to have. Once again, as with all his builds, this show stopper is sold. I had the opportunity to ask Hank Thibodeau, owner and builder, questions about the build. I felt you would be curious to know his thoughts on it after completion. Hank and his son Dawson started on the bike in November of 2016. It was completed on Labor Day of 2017. Perfect day for them to finish and have a day off! She is about 9’ long and the frame is about 4” off the ground with a seat height of about 19”. Hank said that the bike started out as a build specifically with a Twin Cam A engine, as he had yet to have done one. He wanted to use items that are not generally used together to create the bike, full of engineering that was beautiful as well as fun to look at. He felt the bike really took direction after the conception of the front end and the placement of the flying devil on the front end. That item was the cheapest item to purchase and it by itself is what gave the bike the name and the direction of the overall theme look. I asked about the transparent pieces on the bike. He said the idea for using all of the transparent items came early in the build. Hank wanted the

bike to be very mechanical and being able to see inside the engine made that really come to life. Hank had to really look for certain items, i.e. the push rod cover tube covers are actually Pyrex glass as are the fluid reservoirs for the brakes. These are items you won’t find in a catalog. But they were worth the effort in getting to really bring this build to life. Hank said, hands down, that this is one of the most noticed items on the bike. I can tell you he is speaking the truth on that! Asking about specific likes and dislikes of the build; his favorite part was the front end. Hank designed and built the fork assembly. It was new ground for him. He originally wanted a girder and it turned out that he was unable to get his hands on one with the specifications that he wanted, so after days and hours of research Hank engineered what is currently on the bike. The front end gives the bike its distinguishing look. Asking Hank what was the most challenging or disliked part of the build, he said the front end as much as he loved it, was the biggest hurdle of the build (a love hate thing). As far as how the name was thought up it came from the flying devil on the front end. Hank paid $15 for the fender ornament on sale. Once he placed it on the bike, the bike really took a life. That is where they came up with the name “Lo Life Luci’’. Since all his bikes are usually girls’ names she needed a face. After two meetings with his painters Mike Miles, owner of Auto Arts, Inc. and Zack Mathews of ZMCC, the paint was loosely decided. The girl on the tank came from Zach. He had the idea and Hank let him run with it. The bike is sold! It was purchased in December of last year after Hank had

Cover Story

the front end completed and the bike was up and rolling. The purchaser, A.K.A. lucky guy, gave Hank with full rein to finish the bike as he envisioned it. There are many unique features on the bike that you do not see at first glance. The engine is a 2015 HD 103 cu. in. converted to a carburetor placed in a EVO style open belt primary with a custom sprocket to work on the late model

engine with a EVO style 6 speed transmission. The bike has no hose clamps or zip ties. All of the fuel, oil, and brake lines are custom made with pressure fittings. Everything is secured with braided mechanics wire. The brake lines for the front brakes are woven through the front fork and for the rear brakes through the frame. The brake calipers are automotive style


wildwood calipers. The hand controls are radial metric bike master cylinders bored to fit on the 1” bars. The Sportster gas tank is stretched 4” in the back and 3.5” down the front. The rear fender is actually suspended on the bike using all the drag links with tension. These is just a few of the things that can be noticed upon closer inspection of the bike. So, what’s next? At this time he is currently working on what is the longest bike he has ever built. It is a whopping 11’ long and it is already purchased. He is also starting on a Triumph build for a client. Hank said, “Like always, the next Widow Maker Build is waiting in the wind”. He does have plans for a drop seat softail bike with air ride. No takers on it, yet, but if you are interested, I would advise you to act quickly. He values everyone, from his clients for his builds, to his customers that roll in for servicing. I also see how much people value the work and dedication Widow Maker Customs puts into every job, big or small. You can get up with Hank Thibodeau, Widow Maker Custom Design & Repair at his shop 336-364-8535, or 919-6187202, located at 5582 Mt. Harmony Church Rd., Rougemont NC or check out his website:

Cruisin’ Calendar You can submit your event 24/7 E-Mail:, phone: 336-885-5400, fax 336-833-6794. We Reserve The Right To Edit All Submissions

NOV 2 ABATE OF SC LIBERTY RIDERS MEETING Rogers Country Store 2205 Screaming Eagle Rd., Lugoff, SC. 6:30. Darwin “Doc” Flagg 803-467-5117. NOV 4 TOY RUN Shelton’s HarleyDavidson 1043 Outlet Center Dr., Smithfield, NC. Reg 11, bring toy valued at $10+. www.sheltonshd. com 919-938-1592. NOV 4 H-D 101 NEW RIDER BOOT CAMP Ray Price Harley-Davidson 1126 S. Saunders St., Raleigh, NC. Reg 10. 919-8322261. NOV 4 RIDE FOR TOYS Down Home Harley-Davidson 2215 Hanford Rd., Burlington, NC. Reg 8-9:30 KSU 10 sharp, bring new unwrapped toy or $10/rider. Benefits the kids of Alamance County. Steve Lineberry 336-516-2897, Butch Armstrong 336212-0783 or Rick Murray 919-6566900. NOV 4 SHAY D’S MOTORCYCLE AWARENESS BENEFIT Double D Burnout Saloon 1408 East Mountain St., Kernersville, NC. 2pm, $10/person. Food, 50/50, auction, live music. Benefits Shay Black 336-992-3033. NOV 4 KICK OFF FOR TOYS FOR TOTS DRIVE 2017 Double D Burnout Saloon 1408 East Mountain St., Kernersville, NC. Food, music. 336-992-3033. NOV 4 DAVIDSON CO CBA/ABATE OF NC MEMBERSHIP DRIVE BC Enterprise 1308 Cotton Grove Rd., Lexington, NC. 10-2, food, literature. Jim Everhart 336-248-7880.

NOV 4 SWAP MEET Split Tail Cycles 505-A Pitts School Rd., NW., Concord, NC. com 980-439-5203. NOV 4 CHILI COOK OFF & BIKE SHOW Freedom Christian Center 4020 Freedom Dr., Charlotte, NC. 10-3 reg 10am-12, $20/chili entry, 50/50, $6/sample. Cookers must pre-register. David Burnette 910-664-0117 or Pat Kersey 704281-7499. NOV 4 BENEFIT FOR TARA & VICTORIA Tank Town Tavern 6711 Freedom Dr., Charlotte, NC. 704277-0268. NOV 4 1ST ANNUAL CHRISTIAN RIDER’S UNITE Back to Bethel Church 3800 Sanford Lane, Monroe, NC. 1pm, food, music, fellowship. Barry Godfrey 704-320-6987. NOV 4 WAYNE COUNTY NC 41ST ANNUAL TOY DRIVE Coopers Tavern 2304 N William St., Goldsboro, NC. Begins 2pm, bring new unwrapped gift. Benefits Falcon Children’s Home. Hosted by Ghost Riders MC. 919-221-5901. NOV 4 37TH ANNUAL SMOKY MOUNTAIN TOY RUN Kearfott Motion Systems 2858 US Hwy 70, Black Mountain, NC. Reg 10 KSU 1, new toy worth $15 or $15 cash, police escorted. Benefits Eblen Charities Saint Nicholas Project. Gary Aiken 828-686-3930.

NOV 4 MOTORCYCLE RIDE FOR TRIPP & MISSY Chevy’s Sports Bar 3902 Platt Springs Rd., West Columbia, SC. Reg 10 first out 11, $15/sgl $20/dbl, live music, vendors, food, door prizes, 50/50, drawings. 803957-4151. NOV 4 SOUTHEASTERN FIREFIGHTERS’ BURN FOUNDATION Skeeter’s Bar 2544 S. Lake Dr., Lexington, SC. Reg 11, food, music, raffles, door prizes, 50/50, auction. 803-708-1870. NOV 4 ANNUAL H.O.G. CHAPTER CHILI COOK-OFF Timms HarleyDavidson 4110 Clemson Blvd., Anderson, SC. 12, $5/tasting. L.O.H. Bake Sale. 864-224-1531. NOV 4 CHILI COOK-OFF Low Country Harley-Davidson 4707 Dorchester Rd., Charleston, SC. 12-4, $5 tasting, raffles, live music, vendors, jump caste. Benefits local military & veterans through the Palmetto Military Support Group. www. 843-554-1847. NOV 4 SUPPORT OUR SOLDIERS MOTORCYCLE RIDE Naval Weapons Station “Redbank Club” 2316 Red Bank Rd., Goose Creek, SC. Reg 8:30, KSU 10, $35/rider $15/ pass includes breakfast, shirt and entrance to chili cook-off. Benefits Palmetto Military Support Group. www.palmettomilitarysupportgroup. org. NOV 5 THE GUYS RIDE TO JACK’S Crossroads Harley-Davidson 1921 US Hwy 421, Wilkesboro, NC. KSU 9am. 336-667-1003.

Cruisin’ Calendar Continues On Page 8!

Cruisin’ Calendar


Weekly Bike Nights MONDAY


DOUBLE D BURNOUT SALOON 1408 E. Mountain St, Kernersville NC 336-992-3033 SONS OF THE SOUTH SALOON 3007 1st Avenue SW, Hickory NC 828-855-3097 WIZARD SALOON 651 21st Street NE, Hickory NC 828-327-8555

DOUBLE D BURNOUT SALOON 1408 E. Mountain St, Kernersville NC 336-992-3033 LUCKY’S SALOON 1453 Industry Dr, Burlington NC 336-570-1050 MYRTLE BEACH H-D @ THE BOATHOUSE WATERWAY BAR & GRILL 201 Fantasy Harbour Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 843-369-5555 6-9pm - Nov 2 & 9 SONS OF THE SOUTH SALOON 3007 1st Avenue SW, Hickory NC 828-855-3097 TED’S KICKIN’ CHICKEN 4695 S. Main St., Winston-Salem NC 336-650-0290 WIZARD SALOON 651 21st Street NE, Hickory NC 828-327-8555 XTREME WINGS -N- THINGS 3441 Myer Lee Dr, Winston-Salem NC 336-293-4983


DOUBLE D BURNOUT SALOON 1408 E. Mountain St, Kernersville NC 336-992-3033 SONS OF THE SOUTH SALOON 3007 1st Avenue SW, Hickory NC 828-855-3097 WIZARD SALOON 651 21st Street NE, Hickory NC 828-327-8555

WEDNESDAY DOUBLE D BURNOUT SALOON 1408 E. Mountain St, Kernersville NC 336-992-3033 EL PATRON MEXICAN GRILL & CANTINA 1030 Freeland Dr, Salisbury NC 704-636-5300 6-9 pm JJ’S WATERING HOLE 536 Farragut St., Greensboro NC 336-663-7295 SONS OF THE SOUTH SALOON 3007 1st Avenue SW, Hickory NC 828-855-3097 WIZARD SALOON 651 21st Street NE, Hickory NC 828-327-8555


DOUBLE D BURNOUT SALOON 1408 E. Mountain St., Kernersville, NC 336-992-3033 SONS OF THE SOUTH SALOON 3007 1st Avenue SW, Hickory NC 828-855-3097 SKEETER’S BAR 2544 S. Lake Dr, Lexington SC 803-708-1870 WIZARD SALOON 651 21st Street NE, Hickory NC 828-327-8555


DOUBLE D BURNOUT SALOON 1408 E. Mountain St., Kernersville, NC 336-992-3033 SONS OF THE SOUTH SALOON 3007 1st Avenue SW, Hickory NC 828-855-3097 WIZARD SALOON 651 21st Street NE, Hickory NC 828-327-8555

SUNDAY DOUBLE D BURNOUT SALOON 1408 E. Mountain St., Kernersville, NC 336-992-3033 HORSEFEATHERS ROADHOUSE 3746 Mt. Pleasant Rd, Sherrills ford, NC 704-966-0192. Live Music PIT STOP BAR & BILLIARDS 2484 NC Hwy 11, N. Kinston NC 252-523-3700 SONS OF THE SOUTH SALOON 3007 1st Avenue SW, Hickory NC 828-855-3097 TRAX TAVERN 46 E. Main St, Thomasville NC. 2-9pm WIZARD SALOON 651 21st Street NE, Hickory NC 828-327-8555


NOV 5 11TH ANNUAL YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN RUN Beside Anderson Sheriff’s Office on Carl Anderson Way, Anderson SC. 1pm KSU THURSDAY 2:30, bring items for nursing home, CONTINUED batteries, toiletries, jogging suits, diabetic snacks, slippers, radios, books, puzzles, sunglasses, bird feeders/ food, crafts. Supports Richard M Campbell Veteran Nursing Home. Presented by Teufelshunde MC. Kit Sanders 864-940-4527. NOV 5 LAWRIDERS TOYS FOR TOTS RIDE Low Country HarleyDavidson 4707 Dorchester Rd., Charleston, SC. Reg 12 KSU 1, escorted ride, $20 or unwrapped toy/ rider $10 or unwrapped toy/pass, music, food, door prizes. Rain or Shine. or www. 843-554-1847. NOV 8 LOW COUNTRY HARLEYDAVIDSON BIKE NIGHT Honkytonk Saloon 192 College Park Rd., Ladson, SC. 6-10, food, live entertainment, raffles. www.lowcountryharley. com 843-554-1847. NOV 11 2017 VETERANS MEMORIAL RIDE/POKER RUN Hometown Harley-Davidson 2300 Elaines Way, Winterville, NC. Ride start 10 $20/ bike $10/pass. Benefits veterans charities. Rain date Nov 18th. Terry Robertson 252-717-8563. NOV 11 HEROES HOMECOMING RIDE Fort Bragg Harley-Davidson 3950 Sycamore Diary Rd., Fayetteville, NC. Reg 9:30 KSU 10:30. Riding to Festival Park. 910-864-1200. NOV 11 HEROES HOMECOMING MOTORCYCLE RALLY Festival Park 335 Ray Ave., Fayetteville, NC. 12-8, V.I.P Area Vietnam Veterans, bike, tattoo, beard contest, food trucks, vendors, bike blessing. Proceeds go to the Lone Survivor Foundation and the Ft. Bragg Fisher House. Sponsored by Freedom Biker Church Fayetteville 910-567-2221.

Cruisin’ Calendar

NOV 11 BBQ COOK-OFF & VETERANS DAY CELEBRATION Ray Price Harley-Davidson 1126 S. Saunders St., Raleigh, NC. 8AM, $10/all you can eat, judging 12, blood drive, live music, best beard contest. Benefits United States Veterans Corps. 919-832-2261. NOV 11 HONORING ALL VETERANS Down Home Harley-Davidson 2215 Hanford Rd., Burlington, NC. 11-2, food, door prizes. 336-227-1261. NOV 11 20TH ANNUAL RED SPRINGS TOY RUN Red Springs Fire Department 127 Main St., Red Springs, NC. Reg 9am KSU 11, bring new unwrapped toy or cash donation. Bob or Elnora Hollingsworth 910-624-0067 or 910-734-3903. or, Tommy Lewis 910-733-3467. NOV 11 2017 RUMBLEQUAKE VI Carolina Field of Honor Veterans Memorial Park 9652 East Mountain Rd., Kernersville, NC. 11am, special motorcade to pay respect to veterans. www.therumblequake. com Burgess Bailey 704-500-1621. NOV 11 1ST ANNUAL PTSD RIDE American Legion Post 290 436 S. Main St., King, NC. Reg 9:30am, KSU 11, $20/rider $5/pass, 50/50, food, music. Presented by Enforcers MC Triad Chapter. Proceeds go to Semper Fi Fund. 336-983-3608. NOV 11 9TH ANNUAL KAREN’S CURE Tank Town Tavern 6711 Freedom Dr., Charlotte, NC. Reg 1-2 $20/ hand $25/2 hands, live music, raffles, silent auction, food. Kreed1230@ 704-236-1537.

NOV 11 CELEBRATING 45 YEARS IN BUSINESS Tilley Harley-Davidson 1226 Morland Dr., Statesville, NC. Cruise-In 11am, in honor of Don Tilley. Raffle, poker chip gamble. 704-872-3883. NOV 11 BENEFIT FOR COLBY WHITESIDE CCIB 1032 Washburn Switch Rd., Shelby, NC. 11 – until, food, turkey shoot, Texas hold ‘em, corn hole. Hosted by CCIB. Gabby Mintz 704-868-4688. NOV 11 CHICKEN Q House of Vacuums NW 313 Wilkesboro Ave, North Wilkesboro, NC. 11-2, $8 plate. Hosted by Bikers for Kids. 336-9738227. NOV 11 26TH ANNUAL HAYWOOD CO. TOY RUN and motorcycle parade. Adam St. Canton, NC. Reg. 10am-11:45am. Bring unwrapped toy or $10/person. Ride 12pm. Food, shirts, 50/50, door prizes. Dicky King 828276-6864. NOV 11 BENEFIT RUN FOR JB Jake’s Place 2024 Augusta Rd., West Columbia, SC. Reg 10 first out 11, $15/sgl $20/dbl, 50/50, raffles, auction, food. SwampFox 803-3095005. NOV 11 VETERANS DAY MEMORIAL RIDE Church St., Walhalla, SC. 11am. Riding to Vietnam Moving Wall, Food, 50/50. Walhalla VFW Post 864-638-6063. NOV 11 1ST BENEFIT RIDE FOR CANCER T’s Country Beer Bar 4922 Hwy 321, Gaston, SC. 50/50, raffle, food, entertainment. Benefits American Cancer Society. Rick Weaver 413-222-5460.

Cruisin’ Calendar

Weekly Live Music / DJ


DOUBLE D BURNOUT SALOON 1408 E. Mountain St, Kernersville NC 336-992-3033 LIVE MUSIC JJ’S WATERING HOLE 536 Farragut St, Greensboro NC 336-663-7295 BAND OR DJ HORSEFEATHERS ROADHOUSE 3746 Mt. Pleasant Rd, Sherrills Ford NC 704-966-0192 LIVE MUSIC LOCKED & LOADED BAR & GRILL 305 McCormick St, Garner NC 919-661-6688 LIVE MUSIC 9:30PM TRIPLE “D” RACKS SPORTS BAR 1284 S. Hwy 11, Walhalla SC LIVE MUSIC

SATURDAY DOUBLE D BURNOUT SALOON 1408 E. Mountain St, Kernersville NC 336-992-3033 LIVE MUSIC LOCKED & LOADED BAR & GRILL 305 McCormick St, Garner NC 919-661-6688 LIVE MUSIC 9:30PM TANKTOWN TAVERN 6711 Freedom Dr, Charlotte NC 704-277-0268 LIVE MUSIC 8PM TRIPLE “D” RACKS SPORTS BAR 1284 S. Hwy 11, Walhalla SC LIVE MUSIC


DOUBLE D BURNOUT SALOON 1408 E. Mountain St, Kernersville NC 336-992-3033 LIVE MUSIC HORSEFEATHERS ROADHOUSE 3746 Mt. Pleasant Rd, Sherrills Ford NC 704-966-0192 LIVE MUSIC TANKTOWN TAVERN 6711 Freedom Dr, Charlotte NC 704-277-0268 LIVE MUSIC 2:30PM NOV 11-12 44TH ANNUAL CBA FALL SWAP MEET & BIKE SHOW Rowan County Fairgrounds 1560 Julian Rd., Salisbury, NC. Gates open 10am-6pm $15/on day $25/two day pass, bike show, wet t-shirt contest, live bands, vendors, tattoo contest. Rick Nail 704455-6245. NOV 12 STEELHORSE STRANGERS 8TH ANNUAL PERSON COUNTY TOY RUN The Homestead Steakhouse & Restaurant 205 Frank Timberlake Rd., Timberlake, NC. Reg 12-1:15 KSU 1:30, bring new unwrapped toy or $10, food. Benefits Santa’s Helpers of Person County. NOV 12 ABATE OF SC COLUMBIA RIDERS MEETING The New Ole Place 3311 Two Notch Rd., Columbia, SC. 2pm. Joe “Panama” Novitski 803-678-7088. NOV 12 14TH ANNUAL GOLDEN STRIP TOY RUN Grand South Bank 325 S. Main St., Fountain Inn, SC. Reg 2, police escorted, bring new unwrapped toy, 50/50, door prizes, music, vendors. Paul Williams, Jr. 864-221-2042.


NOV 12 ROAR 2 THE SHORE 4 EPILEPSY Low Country Harley-Davidson 4707 Dorchester Rd., North Charleston, SC. Reg 12:30 KSU 1:30. $25/rider $20/pass. Prizes, biker games. Benefits SC Advocates for Epilepsy. 843-991-7144. NOV 12 GRUMPY OLD MEN M/C 20TH ANNUAL TOY RUN Legendary Darlington Dragway 2056 East Bobo Newsome Hwy, Hartsville, SC. Reg 11 KSU 1. $15/sgl $25/dbl, or toy or equal value. Food, door prizes, 50/50, auction, give aways, pre-order event t-shirts. Rain date 11/19/17 GOM 843-857-4665. NOV 17 BIKE NIGHT Raging Bull Harley-Davidson 300 Muldee St., Durham, NC. 6-9. 919-596-9511. NOV 18 HOG CHAPTER TOY RUN Hometown Harley-Davidson 2300 Elaine’s Way, Winterville, NC. www. 252439-1345. NOV 18 STEELE ANGELS 14TH ANNUAL TOY RUN Legends Pub 4624 Bragg Blvd., Fayetteville, NC. Starts 12, leaves Dog House at 2, bring new unwrapped toy. Food, music, door prizes. Wendy Rogers 910-818-0458. NOV 18 REVENANT WARRIORS MMIA POKER RUN Big Daddy’s Road House 7304 hwy 55 S., Fuquay, NC. Reg 11 $20/sgl $30/dbl. 919-557-3202. NOV 18 CHARITY MOTORCYCLE RIDE Asbury Community Bldg. 1100 Asbury Church Rd., Sanford, NC. 9am. Kevin Stone 919-721-1231. NOV 18 HIGH PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP Ray Price Harley-Davidson 1126 S. Saunders St., Raleigh, NC. Reg 10:30. www.rayprice. com 919-832-2261.


Cruisin’ Calendar

NOV 18 BENEFIT FOR BABY DREW JJ’s Watering Hole 536 Farragut St., Greensboro, NC. Begins at 12, BBQ plates, 50/50, raffle items. 336-663-7295.

NOV 18 DYNO SHOOTOUT Archie’s Custom Cycle 105 East Craft St., Swansea, SC. 12-until, door prizes, vendors, live music, food, tattoo artist.. 803-568-4221.

NOV 18 BENEFIT BIKE RALLY & AUCTION FOR JOE & KAREN PIGG JR’s Corner Tavern 901 Greensboro Rd., High Point, NC. Reg 9 KSU 11, $20/sgl $25/dbl, 50/50. 336-887-9144.

NOV 19 RUTHERFORD COUNTY TOY RUN Old Kmart Parking Lot next to Denny’s 1493 US-74 ALT, Spindale, NC. Reg 12:30 KSU 1:30, 50/50, door prizes. Gabby Mintz 704868-4688.

NOV 18 15TH ANNUAL ARZIE ROGERS MEMORIAL TOY RUN CMC-Northeast Stadium, 2888 Moose Rd, Kannapolis, NC. Reg 8:30am first out 11, bring new unwrapped toy, police escorted, lunch provided. Rain date 11/19. Benefits Empty Stocking Fund., 704-9797433. 704-786-4709.

NOV 19 29TH ANNUAL WAYNE COUNTY MOTORCYCLE RIDERS TOY RUN Berkeley Mall 625 N Berkeley Blvd H, Goldsboro, NC. Reg 12 KSU 2, bring new unwrapped toy, food, 50/50, live music. Benefits Wayne Uplift Domestic Violence Program and Boys & Girls Club of Wayne County & local families in need. Gaby Blalock 919-750-4862.

NOV 18 MURPHEY’S 23ND ANNUAL TOY RUN Scooter Shed, 114 Camelot Court, Kings Mountain, NC. Reg 11 KSU 12, $5 + New toy per person. Food and live music. Benefits Shriner’s Burn Center, Oxford Orphanage Masonic Home for Children and Kings Mtn. Police Dept. Shop with a Cop. Rain date 11/19. John Murphey 704-739-4707.

NOV 19 DAVIDSON CO CBA/ ABATE OF NC MEMBERS MEETING Thomasville Moose Lodge #1868, 114 Thomasville Moose Lodge Rd, Thomasville NC. 5:30pm. Discuss motorcycle rights and legislation. Jim Everhart 336-248-7880.

NOV 18 2ND ANNUAL BENEFIT FOR SANTA CLAUS RIDE STE Powersports 1426 Northside Dr., Statesville, NC. Reg 10, $20/sgl $25/ dbl, bring a stuffed animal for 3 50/50 tickets. In memory of Jackie Cheeks. Presented by RKMC NC13. Benefits SCVFD. NC13@redknightsmc. com Jason 704-902-7239 or Lori 980-2449849. NOV 18 MARSHALL ROGERS 24TH ANNUAL FOOD RUN Walhalla VFW 2415 Highlands Hwy, Walhalla, SC. Reg 11 last out 12, $10/hand, 50/50, food. Hosted by Oconee County A.B.A.T.E and Walhalla VFW. 864-638-6063.

NOV 19 CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE Tilley Harley-Davidson 112 S Main St., Lexington, NC. 704-6386044. NOV 19 15TH ANNUAL KOPS KIDS CHESNEE TOY CRUISE-IN Chesnee Shrine Club 103 Shrine Club Rd., Chesnee, SC. 1pm-until, bring a new unwrapped toy, food, live music, silent auction. Dennis Harris 864-590-2141. NOV 24 BLACK FRIDAY EVENT Ray Price Harley-Davidson 1126 S. Saunders St., Raleigh, NC. www. 919-832-2261.

NOV 25 25TH ANNUAL KENNEDY CHILDREN’S HOME TOY RUN Harley-Davidson of New Bern 1613 Hwy 70 E., New Bern, NC. Reg 10 KSU 12, $15/rider or new unwrapped gift, 50/50, door prizes, food. www. 252633-4060. NOV 25 BOOM! AUDIO WORKSHOP Ray Price Harley-Davidson 1126 S. Saunders St., Raleigh, NC. Reg 10:30. 919832-2261. NOV 25 PHOTOS WITH SANTA Ray Price Harley-Davidson 1126 S. Saunders St., Raleigh, NC. Reg 112. 919-832-2261. NOV 25 2017 POLK COUNTY TOY RUN Saluda Fire & Rescue 199 Walnut St., Saluda, NC. Reg 11-1:30, parade starts 2. 828-749-9816. NOV 25 CHOSEN BROTHERHOOD MC TOY RUN T’s Country Beer Bar 4922 Hwy 321, Gaston, SC. KSU 12, bring new unwrapped toy. Benefits Salvation Army toy drive. 803-3193237. NOV 26 31ST ANNUAL BIKERS OF GASTON COUNTY TOY RUN Erwin Community Center 913 N Pryor St., Gastonia, NC. Reg 11, rain or shine, bring new unwrapped toy for needy kids of Gaston Co & surrounding areas. Jasper Porter 704-864-7656, Jack “Spanky” Philips 704-218-1626 or Gerald L Tate 704-867-0029. NOV 26 ABATE CWC RIDERS MEETING In 3 Fountains 2710 Emanuel Church Rd., West Columbia, SC 1:57pm. Debra Teseniar 803-356-5977. NOV 26 37th ANNUAL ANDERSON TOY PARADE White Jones Ace Hardware 128 E Shockley Ferry Rd. Anderson, SC. 2pm, donate a toy the day before the parade. Johnny Cole 864-965-8715.

Cruisin’ Calendar



Cruisin’ Calendar

Submit your Benefit Motorcycle Event to the Cruisin’ Calendar

! E E R F r Fo

DEC 2 TOYS FOR TOTS RIDE Ray Price Harley-Davidson 1126 S. Saunders St., Raleigh, NC. Reg 9 KSU 11:30, bring new unwrapped toy. Benefits Marine Corps Reserve’s Toys for Tots. 919-832-2261. DEC 2 H-D 101 NEW RIDER BOOT CAMP Ray Price Harley-Davidson 1126 S. Saunders St., Raleigh, NC. Reg 10. 919-8322261. DEC 2 TOYS FOR TOTS RUN Forgotten Sons MC Clemmons Clubhouse 110 B Griffith Plaza Dr., Winston-Salem, NC. KSU 12, $20/ bike or new unwrapped toy. Presented by Forgotten Sons MC Clemmons and Biker Trash Nation. 336-4135684 DEC 2 ANNUAL HIS LABORING FEW TOY RUN Preacher Steve’s Leather Shop 4470 Old US Hwy 29, Thomasville, NC. KSU 12:15, bring new unwrapped toy. Also leaving Mac’s Speed Shop KSU 12. Music, food, door prizes. 336-476-1310.


Your Event will be PRINTED In 20,000 Distributed Magazines Per Month POSTED To Our Online Cruisin’ Calendar UPLOADED In Our Online E-Zine INCLUDED In A Weekly Events E Blast

DEC 2 22ND ANNUAL GASTON COUNTY TOY RUN FOR KIDS Ranlo Church of God 1800 Spencer Mountain Rd., Gastonia, NC. KSU 11:30, bring new unwrapped toy, police escorted, food, raffle. Benefits Gaston County children. Foot 704913-3392, Bud 704-860-8412, Chuck 704-349-3195, Mike 704-363-8030 or Jim 704-460-4573. DEC 2 27TH ANNUAL CONOVER SCHOOL TOY RUN Wizard Saloon 661 21st St. N.E., Hickory, NC. Reg 10 KSU 12:15, $20/person. Rain or shine. 828-322-7233. DEC 2 2017 CATAWBA INDIAN TOY RUN American Legion 524 Heckle Blvd, Rock Hill, SC. Reg 1112:30 KSU 12:45, $10 donation or new unwrapped toy, 50/50. Rain or shine. Neal Sanders 803-371-4183.

DEC 2 3RD ANNUAL JULIE’S KIDS POKER RUN Patio’s Tiki Bar and Grill 4495 Mineola Ave, Little River, SC. Reg 10:30 KSU 12, $25/ rider, $10/pass. Benefits DSS youth Christmas gifts in Horry county. Julie 843467-5145. DEC 3 31ST ANNUAL RANDOLPH COUNTY TOY RUN Randolph Mall parking lot 1437 East Dixie Dr., NC. Reg 10 KSU 1:30, bring new unwrapped toy. Police escorted. 336963-3438. DEC 3 45TH ANNUAL CHARLOTTE CBA AND US MARINE CORPS TOYS FOR TOTS Bojangles Coliseum 2700 E Independence Blvd, Charlotte, NC. Reg 11am KSU 1pm, bring a new unwrapped toy, food, live music. Nobie Thrasher 704-361-4019. DEC 3 33RD ANNUAL BLUE KNIGHTS TOYS FOR TOTS RIDE Pepsi Plant 6925 N Main St., Columbia SC. Reg 11 KSU 1, police escorted, food, drinks, DJ’s. 803609-3958. DEC 9 25TH ANNUAL BRUNSWICK COUNTY TOY RUN Walmart Parking Lot 4540 Main St., Shallotte, NC. Reg 8:30-11 KSU 11:30, $25 includes shirt & lunch, raffle, food, door prizes. www.brunswicktoyrun. org 910-754-5144. DEC 9 CUSTOMER CHRISTMAS PARTY Ray Price Harley-Davidson 1126 S. Saunders St., Raleigh, NC. 11-2, food, Santa & Mrs. Claus, live music, LOH gift wrapping. www. 919-832-2261. DEC 9 20TH ANNUAL BRENNER CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL TOY RUN Harley-Davidson of Greensboro, 538 Farragut Street, Greensboro, NC. Reg 11am KSU 1pm, police escorted, bring new unwrapped toy. www. 336-273-1101.

Cruisin’ Calendar

DEC 9 NAZARETH CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS PARTY/TOY RUN Speedway Harley-Davidson 10049 Weddington Rd., Concord, NC. 11am 704-5451062. DEC 10 ABATE OF SC COLUMBIA RIDERS MEETING The New Ole Place 3311 Two Notch Rd., Columbia, SC. 2pm. Joe “Panama” Novitski 803-678-7088.

2018 JAN 6 GASTON CBA POLAR BEAR RUN Route 55 Country Store & Grill 1799 Hwy 55, Clover, SC. Reg 11 last out 12, $15/hand & meal $25/3 hands 2 meals. Benefits Gaston CBA Legislative & Charitable work.

DEC 10 17TH ANNUAL VETS’ CHRISTMAS CHARITY RIDE Carolina Honda 901 Buckner Rd., Columbia, SC. Reg 2, bring socks, gloves, blankets, sweat shirt/pants, underwear, scarves, slippers, toiletries, phone cards, soft candy, bath robes, gift cards. 803-252-3381.

FEB 10 20TH ATTEMPT THE CAROLINAS’ FULL THROTTLE MAGAZINE FEAR OF FEBRUARY PARTY Double D Burnout Saloon 1408 E. Mountain Rd., Kernersville. 12-6. Free oysters, diamond pendant raffle, TV raffle, live music, games, giveaways, event t-shirts & more! Mark Infield 336885-5400.

DEC 10 17TH ANNUAL VETS’ CHRISTMAS CHARITY RIDE Wm. Jennings Bryan Dorn, VA Medical Center 6439 Garners Ferry Rd., Columbia, SC. 11-3. 803-776-4000.

MAR 9-18 DAYTONA BEACH BIKE WEEK Rides, rodeos, concerts, swap meets, camping, racing. www.,

DEC 13 LOW COUNTRY HARLEYDAVIDSON BIKE NIGHT Honkytonk Saloon 192 College Park Rd., Ladson, SC. 6-10, food, live entertainment, raffles. www.lowcountryharley. com 843-554-1847.

MAR 24 3RD ANNUAL MEMORIAL RIDE FOR MUSH PAUL 5531 Edmund Hwy, Lexington, SC. First out 11, last out 1, $15/rider $5/pass. Benefits Ronald McDonald House. 803-755-8167.

DEC 16 WINDJAMMERS’ 29TH ANNUAL TOY RUN RIDE FOR THE CHILDREN Cleveland Mall 2001 E Dixon Blvd, Shelby, NC. Reg 12, KSU 1, bring a toy or donation, food. Moonpie 704-477-1254, Barn Yard 704-477-4959, Hang Man 704-4184389, Axel 704-477-7653.

APR 21 DOWN RIDER FUND CHARITY FUNDRAISER Cox’s Harley-Davidson 2795 NC Hwy 134, Asheboro, NC. Reg 10, silent auctions, raffles, 50/50. Down Rider Fund. Hosted by Big Dawgz Riding Club 336-629-2415.

DEC 31 ABATE CWC RIDERS MEETING In 3 Fountains 2710 Emanuel Church Rd., West Columbia, SC 1:57pm. Debra Teseniar 803-356-5977.

APR 21 CHARITY RIDE TO SUPPORT LUPUS Hilton Univeristy 8629 JM Keynes Dr., Charlotte, NC. Reg 9 KSU 10. Hosted by Altered Egos MC. Carima 704-313-5500.


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SEND YOUR EVENT TO 888-469-5400

Quotable Quote “Some people live an entire lifetime and wonder if they have made a difference in the world. A Veteran doesn’t have that problem.”

- Ronald Reagan


The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine

End Of Summer Throwdown By: Caroline This joint venture with Xtreme WingsN-Things and Smokin’ Harley-Davidson was definitely a blow-out kiss goodbye to Summer and a loud hello to Fall. September 30th sure looked more like a summer day in June with temps in the upper 70’s and a cloudless blue sky. Smokin’ started the festivities off with scratch off cards that customers could get up to 30% off on merchandise. 93.1 The Wolf was there to provide some music and This might have also to help sponsor the been an “end of American summer” event, Red Cross. but it is not the end Their of good times at bloodmoXTreme Wings N bile was on hand to collect “Blood For The Flood” in Things. response to the need from victims of Hurricane Irma. In addition, there were vendors set up with a wide assortment of jewelry, sauces, clothing, and accessories. I have to say, the

vendor with the hand-carved pipes made me take a second look. At 11 am Xtreme Wings-N-Things jumped in the celebration and kicked off their portion with DJ Get Vocal, who got everyone warmed up and ready for an incredible line up of live music. Food and drink specials kept the crowd mellow on the patio and outside picnic area. At 2pm ‘Flat Blak Cadillac’ took the patio stage and entertained folks as they made their



Live Music @ 7pm, $2 Domestics .75¢ Fresh Jumbo Wings


THURS. Nov 2 - BLUE GENES Sat. Nov 4 - The Tasers THURS. Nov 9 - HOT ROD BLUES Sat. Nov 11 - SILEX ASYLUM WEDS. Nov 22 - Fair warning 3441 MYER LEE DR. WINSTON-SALEM, NC 336-293-4983

way in from the dealership. This band is a local group that features the best in southern rockabilly. They are a crowd favorite here at Xtreme Wings-N-Things, and you will probably see them a lot in this area in future events. The next band, ‘Sun Dwarf’, began their set at 6 pm. This is relatively new band that features a pop/rock/blues sound. Even though they are new, all 5 members blend effortlessly in their performance. However, the biggest surprise of the night for this band was when lead singer, Kimberly Sundloff, finished her song and was led off the stage. To her surprise, boyfriend,


Brandon Barrett, took the microphone told everyone a little about how he met Kimberly and how much he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. At that time, he asked her to join him on stage, where he pulls out that little black box that usually precedes a proposal. Of course, Kimberly accepted and that is the beginning of another story that usually precedes “…and they lived happily ever after…!” While waiting for the next band, I had a great dinner of teriyaki boneless wings with fries that was just one of the yummy items on Xtreme Wings-N-Things’ menu along with drink specials. By time I finished eating, the finale band ‘Throwdown Jones’ was ready to rock the rest of the night away. If you have never heard these guys, you really missed a good show! I do believe they could play and perform anything from rock to rhythm and blues, country, or even a little funkadelic! My personal favorites were their Grand Funk Railroad tunes. They hail from Morganton, North Carolina, but I do hope they


come this way again. This might have been an “end of summer” event, but it is not the end of good times at XTreme Wings N Things. They are open 7 days a week and would love to have you come by 3441 Myer Lee Drive (I-40 Business at Exit 10) in WinstonSalem, NC and hang out with them. Stay tuned for more goings on there by checking them out on Facebook, and of course, The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine.

Have A Happy Thanksgiving


430 N. Eugene St. Greensboro, NC 336-271-4774

Your Headquarters For

The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine


A Fundraiser For Dennis Yonish

By: Wally Wersching On March 20, 2017, 61-year-old Dennis Yonish went for a ride on his Harley Sportster to enjoy the sunny 65º afternoon. At about 5 pm, in Gastonia, NC, Dennis’ life had a sudden and very tragic change. A 78-year-old drunk driver crossed into his lane, and hit Dennis broadside throwing him over 80 feet onto the side of the road. Even though his helmet protected his head, Dennis suffered life threatening injuries to the rest of his body, and was immediately flown At about 5 pm, in to the Gastonia, NC, Carolinas Medical Center in Dennis’ life had a Charlotte. Since then, Dennis sudden and very has undergone multiple surgeries with still a few more to go. tragic change. His insurance coverage has reached its maximum payout for the year so he is home – able to stand but not walk. Dennis cannot work, and his wife, Donna, and his five children are feeling the financial crunch. On Saturday, September 23rd from 10:30 am to noon, there was a fundraiser to help the Yonish family at the Covenant Bible Church in Lincolnton, NC. I was one of the first to arrive at about 10:30. I introduced myself, and gave them a stack of The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazines for their registration table. As we waited for the rest to arrive, we had a very pleasant talk. They were all very friendly. I learned more about Dennis, and his condition. The plan was to ride to Dennis’ house during the ride, and give

him the envelope with the money that was raised in it. He was supposed to be sitting on his front porch, but he was not told about the ride. He should be surprised. He has a lot of good friends. They started to serve hot dogs, chips, and drinks before the run. They will also offer them again after the run. They drew the winning raffle ticket for the $50 Harley gift card, posed for a group photo, then they all left. It wasn’t a very large group – only 10 bikes, so they shouldn’t get separated. They had a police escort through Lincolnton. I’m hoping that I will hear that Dennis is back to work, and riding again very soon. Rehabilitation is a long, tough process – especially with all of Dennis’ injuries. I hope that the ride lifted his spirits.


4 - Benefit For Tara & Victoria th

Jack Black, Jack Honey, Jack Fire

Sinners Band, Black Glass, Jonathan Birchfield & Bong Bach 2pm Til?

And $5 Jager/ Vodka Bombs $




11th - Wink Keziah


& The Deluxe Motel 18th - Jim Garrett Band

22nd - Night Before Turkey Day Shawn Mann Rebel Theory

Secure Bike Parking 29th - 25 MLB Allstars




115th Anniversary & Winter Collection of Genuine Harley-Davidson MotorClothes!!



Saturday, November 4th, 2017

Ride for Toys to Benefit the Kids of Alamance County

Registration 8am-9:30am

Registration Fee is Either a New Unwrapped Toy for a Boy or Girl or a Donation Fee of $10.00 per Rider! All Toys/Donations Benefit the Under-Privileged Children of Alamance County.

k e e W A s y N a E D P 7 O



2215 HANFORD RD. BURLINGTON, NC • 336-227-1261 • Exit 145 Off I-85/I-40

Find The Link On Our Website To Sign Up For E-Mails For The Latest Info

Mon. - Fri. 9am-6pm, Sat. 8:30am-5pm, Sunday 11-5pm

The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine


Demo Ride Event At Greensboro Harley-Davidson By: Buzz There are literally millions of reasons to get out of the office on a beautiful day. No matter how long the list is, riding motorcycles is at the top of that list! On September 29-30 Harley-Davidson of Greensboro was hosting the Harley-Davidson Demo Truck that brought a crop of new 2018 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. That was an easy reason to get out of the office, I didn’t even have to ask Dad twice if he wanted to go! We got to Harley-Davidson of Greensboro Hold on boys, after noon and this thing is a there was a big rocket! group of demo riders heading out when we pulled in. We made our way over to the registration table to get signed in. Harley-Davidson has a really cool registration process that allows you to put in your information on a handheld device, take a selfie and then they give you a plastic credit card style card that you can use to test ride motorcycles at any dealership across the nation without


Sunday 12-? Mon-Tues 2-? Wed 2-11 Thur-Fri 2-? Saturday 11-?


Under The Gun Nov 17th

Daniel Love

having to fill out any more forms! Harley-Davidson of Greensboro’s Demo Day featured models ranging from the Street 750 to the Ultra Limited. Among those models, Dad and I were interested in riding anything that was running the new 114ci Milwaukee 8 engine. When it was time for our group to leave, the Guilford County Sheriff Department gave us a quick safety briefing and we saddled up. Dad was riding the New 2018 114ci Fat Bob, and I was on the 2018 114ci Fat Boy. Both of us had grins ear to ear as we cranked up those mean machines! The demo rides were fully escorted, no stopping for lights, no getting separated from the pack, which was awesome. As we pulled out it was irresistible to crank the throttle back. The 114ci Milwaukee Eight responded with NO hesitation! Hold on boys, this thing is a rocket! The bike rode so smoothly it was incredible, we made it effortless through accelerations, braking, shifting, and maneuvered the streets with ease, and style! It was a shame to park this bike, it was wanting to head off to the mountains or another destination a few hours away! I ended up riding an Ultra Limited and a Softail Slim as well. Dad chose a Road King and a Street Glide. The results demonstrated that Harley-Davidson has definitely done their homework. These bikes were a lot of fun to ride. Dad and I didn’t get a chance to demo all the models we wanted to, the day just wasn’t long enough! Don’t worry if you missed the demo days, head over to Harley-Davidson of Greensboro at 538 Farragut Street (I-40 Exit 220) in Greensboro, NC and they will put you on one today! Take my advice and give that Fat Boy a twist!



105 EAST CRAFT ST. (HWY 321) SWANSEA, SC. 803-568-4221


NOVEMBER 18 • 12pm-until







Private Club / “Biker Bar” - Accepting New Members

CAR HAULERS Starting @ $2190.00

When It Comes To Your Bike, Insurance Coverage Is Personal. It’s the difference between a phone call to an answering system when you need to make a claim and a one-to-one conversation with someone who cares about your bike as much as you do.

438 White Hill Rd. FINANCING AVAILABLE 90 DAYS SAME AS CASH Sanford, NC 919-776-9323 Lay-A-Way Today & SAVE!


6X12 Ramp And Side Door,

SPECIAL $2,490

6 X 12 V-Nose Interior Package, Chrome Wheels D-Rings, Lots Of Chrome!


STARTING @ $1,590 Utility Trailers STARTING @ $490 Tandem Axles Ramp & Side Doors

Car Haulers STARTING @ $4,490

STARTS AT $3,290

DUMP TRAILERS Starting At $3,890.00

ENCLOSED TRAILERS Starting @ $1,590.00

UTILITY TRAILERS Starting @ $490.00


At Encore Insurance Advisors, we can help you find the coverage you need, from insurance on your accessories to roadside assistance, and our service is always personal, friendly and knowledgeable. Before you take to the road, call Encore. We can protect your bike, and your assets, with the most competitive products available from the most reputable providers.


336-228-9200 • Toll Free: 1-800-371-4227


The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine

In-Vest USA Poker Run By: Kickstart & Donut On Saturday, 9-16-17 The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine team was able to come out to The Filling Station at 2208 Memorial Drive in Cayce, SC to help support a great event to help raise funds to buy bullet proof vests for our law enforcement officers. In-Vest USA ( helps raise funds to purchase these vests at no cost to the police department. In-Vest USA was founded in 1993 when South Carolina businessman Michael Letts first learned that local law enforcement officers were not provided protective vests as a regular part of their personal equipment. InVestUSA is a nationwide 501(c)(3) non-profit Today, the good organization and 98.6% of the monies raised go toward the purchase times started of bullet proof vests and only 1.4% at 11 am. goes to help promoting the event. On this day, they were able to raise funds to get a vest for one active shooter, one for concealable, and one for a K-9. One of the vests was accepted by the Cayce Chief of Police. These events are held all year around at many supporting locations. You can contact David Timerman at David.Timerman@yahoo. com, or 803-719-6219 or mail donations to David Timerman at 143 Rock Hampton Road, Irmo, SC 29063. Today, the good times started at 11 am. First bike out was at 12pm and last bike in was at 3 pm. Stops included Skeeters Bar, Ventures Sports Bar & Grill, Calloway’s Sports Bar & Grill, and The House Of Spirits Saloon. Grizzly won $100

Open 7 Days 3pm - until

Now Accepting New Members!

A Private Member Club

Biker Friendly

2208 Memorial Dr. Cayce, SC • 803-995-5534

for 1st Place in the bike show and 2nd Place got $50. All you needed was $10 to enter your motorcycle for a chance to be chosen. There was a lot to offer to the bikers that showed up for this event such as food (BBQ), a dunking booth, fireball girls, a 50/50 drawing, best hand winner for the poker run and live music by King Nothing, Radio Cult, and Yarborough Brothers. There was also a pie throwing contest. Thanks to the hard-working bartenders Tonya and Nicki for keeping the refreshments cold and coming. We also would like to give a big “Thank You” to Tammy Lowery and Chad Lynn for their hard work and for advertising in The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine. Please be on the lookout for more future events put on by In-VestUSA to help support our active men, women and K-9 law enforcement teams in your area. All the pictures from this event can be found at Please remember to look twice for motorcycles. Ride safe, friends.



The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine


Biker Blues & BBQ Rally

By: WildThing Tilley Harley-Davidson of Salisbury NC hosted the 7th Annual Biker Blues & BBQ Rally in mid-September. BBQ chefs from all around came to compete in the Kansas City BBQ Society and NC State Barbeque Championship cook-off. Of course, being presented by a Harley dealership the competition evolved into a cool biker rally with the aroma of BBQ! This event supports the Salisbury Veterans Hospice House and “No Soldier Dies Alone” program. It all starts on Friday evening as the cookers are setting up and getting the meats ready to smoke. Biker lifestyle vendors are set up in the front parking lot and along the side of the dealership and Tilley brings in some bands to entertain visitors, cookers, and vendors alike. This year’s music was provided by Dixie Revival and NC Music Hall of Famers, Nantucket. I understand from several attendees that they rocked the night away! Saturday was wide open and motorcycles packed into the side lot and as soon as one pulled out, the spot was filled with another. We even had to make an additional line of bikes down the center of the exit lane. DJ Fast Freddie was cranking out everyone’s favorite tunes as visitors perused the vendor stalls and lined up for the BBQ Tasting. That was the deal of the day, as far as I was concerned. For a $5 donation, you got nine sample cups of BBQ and voted for your favorite by dropping the numbered cup in the box manned by members of the Tilley H.O.G. Chapter. It was hard to choose which entry to vote for. They were all delicious, and it turned out to be a filling meal! Tom McGrath’s Motorcycle Law Group sponsored a Charity Poker Run that left out early Saturday morning for a nice ride





3311 Two Notch Rd. Columbia, SC • 803-754-5825

out through the country and then rode by Tilley HD in Statesville and picked up more riders/ poker hands and paraded into the Salisbury location under Iredell County Sheriff’s Department Motor Patrol escort. Later on, in the afternoon, the organizer of this event, Gary Moss, took the stage and began giving away the door prizes that folks had been buying raffle tickets to win. There was quite an array of tool boxes, grills, a Green Egg grill donated by Tilley HD, and gift certificates to Tilley Harley-Davidson. He announced the Peoples’ Choice BBQ winner, sponsored by Douglas Vineyards, Ed’s BBQ who won a trophy and $250 cash. Next, Shannon Rights from Tom McGrath’s Motorcycle Law Group was asked to come up on the stage along with Kimberly Davis, Representative from the Salisbury VA. Shannon presented Kimberly with a giant check, the proceeds from the poker run, in the amount of $1000 for the Salisbury VA Hospice House. We appreciate Tom McGrath and his associates for helping to take care of our vets. The Worst Hand in the poker run went to Suzanne StJohn and she received $100 gift certificate from Tilley HD and the Best Hand went to Dave StJohn who was presented with a $250 gift certificate to Tilley’s. Next, the Rowan County Veteran’s Honor Guard National Champions presented the colors, preformed a gun salute, and taps to open the awards part of the ceremony. Representatives from KC BBQ Society were on hand to help with the cooking awards. There were 12 place prizes and plaques in each category and Honorable Mention. The categories were: chicken, pork, brisket, and ribs. With all that cooking going on, you can imagine the wonderful aromas in the air all day. It was amazing to witness all the folks that participated in this competition, the time, equipment, and effort put forth this weekend. The Grand Champion was Sauced BBQ Company from Denver, NC. They received the best trophy and an American flag that was flown over the US military base in Herat, Afghanistan on July 4th of this year. They commented the flag was a: “pretty awesome trophy to receive and certainly one we will proudly display in our collection!” September 16 was a really exciting day, a nice ride over to Tilley’s, great BBQ, and fun with friends. I hope Gary, the H.O.G. Chapter, and Tilley Harley-Davidson of Salisbury enjoyed the fruits of their hard work putting this event on, we sure did!


653 BENDIX DR. SALISBURY, NC • 704-638-6044 25

FullThrottleMagazine .com www.TilleyHDofSalisbury. com

November 6th, Veterans Voices

We invite veterans of all ages and all branches to join us for a cup of coffee and an opportunity to socialize with other veterans. 1st Monday of each month

November 11 , In Honor of Veterans Day th

FREE Gift*

Nov 1st – Dec 24


we’re offering 10% off Licensed H-D® Products to Veterans who show a military or veteran ID at purchase all day. th November 24 , Black Friday

20% off Licensed H-D® Products all day!! Come start your Christmas Shopping with us. Both Location will be open normal hours.

is e r o t S l a n Our Seaso

n e p o w no ngton, NC

xi e L n w o t p U in cember 31st now and De come see us


00 or more* with your purchase of $3s. While Supplies Last)

, see (Restrictions Apply

store for detail

Uptown Lexington

Christmas Open House November 19

112 S. Main St. Lexington, NC

open: Monday – Friday 10 - 5:30 and Saturdays 10 – 5 • open Sundays starting 11/19 - 12/17.


The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine

6th Annual Tim Diffin Memorial Riding With The Angels

Photo: Chi Force

By: Trisha The 6th Annual Tim Diffin Memorial Riding With The Angels was held on September 30, 2017. The ride preparation includes many helping hands. Bikers And Needy Children (B.A.N.C.) organizes the ride each year. B.A.N.C. is a federally recognized non-profit organization. They are always eager and willing to help those in need. The memorial ride is held in honor of Tim Diffin representing his love for riding as well as giving back to the community/neighborhood. Tim is remembered! He is celebrated, cherished, and honored as we ride each year. All proceeds are given directly to Cumberland County Department of Social Services (DSS) to sponsor Christmas gifts for the county’s Foster Children Program. DSS always attends the event and sponsors a table where literature about the Foster Children Program is available.

The crowd completed the normal poker run and a cash prize was awarded to the biggest winner and the biggest loser. As the bikers returned for the celebratory dinner, raffle tickets and 50/50 tickets were sold. Live music was played throughout the entire event and a few people sang along; a couple others danced. Additional items were auctioned in the mist of the crowd after the meal was served. “Crow” of the group Chemical Lizards performed for the crowd. B.A.N.C. had arranged for Crow to perform at a price The way bikers unknown to the observers. love to ride and However, when he was presented help others is always with the undisclosed amount, in a overwhelming. white envelope; Crow stated that he would rather give the money back to the cause. Crow also addressed the audience stating that he was honored to be a part of such a wonderful cause and he commended everyone in attendance for their part in helping others. He added that he was very humbled at the outpouring of assistance for the foster children of Cumberland County. As you must have guessed, he received an ovation and applause from everyone! So, a heartfelt “Thank You Sir” goes out to “Crow”, from Chemical Lizards. You played, sang, laughed and gave your talents to help others. Thank you for your kindness! As the funds were collected and counted, the B.A.N.C. President, Bear, approached the mic to give a donation and challenge others to assist in maximizing the funds for the children. The hat was pasted to collect the crowds’ additional donations. It was an effort to raise an additional hundred dol-


lars but it quickly became a $300+ offering in that ball cap that was passed. This year $2050 was raised for the Cumberland County DSS Foster Children Christmas Fund. Special thanks and recognition goes out to The Doghouse for supporting the event, Ray Sanchez for donating the food, and a number of others for music, photos, attendance, and participation. And last but not least, the crowd gave applause for such a great fundraising event hosted by B.A.N.C. What a great way to spend a nice sunny Saturday evening. The way bikers love to ride and help others is always overwhelming. The day was filled with “that biker family feeling” while everyone’s hearts were filled with friendship, remembrance, and giving. All of these things seem to be the best part, because everyone there came out to support the cause. These bikers, family and friends were glad and thankful they could participate and support the event. It is such a wonderful feeling to watch, see, and participate in this kind of charitable occasion. Everyone there was so eager and willing to do above and beyond their part to help others in need as we celebrated a brother, a friend, and a biker. We salute Tim Diffin!

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Hard Core Motorcycle Ministry Chatham County Toys For Tots Run

By: Dale “Razer” Ray On October 08, 2017 Hard Core Motorcycle Ministry kicked off the 2017 seasonal Toys For Tots In conjunction with USMC in Chatham County, NC! Toy Donations totaled $1,000 (+/-) in new unwrapped toys for under-privileged kids! “Biker Sunday” began with a church service from10 - 11:30 am in “The Journey Church” A.K.A. Siler City Pentecostal Holiness Church with several bikes displayed throughout the foyer! Mission: M25 National Director Gary Burd was the He said he had a speaker of the day. Then we rode over bike when he was to Lowes parking lot a kid and now he in Pittsboro for regplans to take up istration from noon where he left off! – 1pm followed by a ride across the county which ended back at the church parking lot . There were a number of skilled (& semi-skilled) biker games. The slow race was won by Jamie Ray. John Blanken-





2 BEER $

Happy Thanksgiving!

ship and Alexis won the potato race and Tony Roberts and Emerson won the water balloon race. All during the day, under the “Big Top” Tent, a chili cookoff was underway. $5 got you an empty bowl to fill-up as often as you like! This brought in over $600 to benefit Falcon Children’s Home ( in Falcon, NC. For the 2nd year in a row, Ron and Patti Betts won the chili cook off! The highlight of the day was our 3rd Annual FREE Motorcycle Give-away. Each person over 18 years old that donated a toy, was given a ticket, which entered them in the drawing to win a 2002 Honda 750 Shadow Motorcycle. The winner of the motorcycle was Josh Coats from Ramsuer, NC. He said he had a bike when he was a kid and now he plans to take up where he left off! It was a great day!



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Bulldog Hero Award Winners Announced At Ray Price Capital City Bikefest September was an exciting month for the Karney Law Firm! Not only did we enjoy all the festivities at the Ray Price Capital City Bikefest, we also announced the 6th Annual Bulldog Hero Award winners. Stan Simmerson earned the title of 2017 Bulldog Hero Of The Year. As both riders and motorcycle attorneys, anytime one of our own is injured or killed in an accident it weighs heavily on our hearts, so Stan’s commitment to rider safety Stan has raised advocacy close to $300,000 in was near donations for the and dear to us. As if Duke Children’s Hospital through his Stan’s time annual All-Star Ride as a Safety Officer for For Life. the Raleigh HOG and his time volunteering as an instructor for Cornerspeed Racing School at VIR wasn’t enough, Stan has

raised close to $300,000 in donations for the Duke Children’s Hospital through his annual All-Star Ride For Life. Bob Karney was so touched by the selflessness of the Carolina biker community and the outpouring of feedback he received, he decided to select 1 additional Bulldog Hero. The 5 Bulldog Heroes include Mary Benjamin (and her support of Freedom Biker Church Fayetteville and Girls Of Value); Craig Field (and his Emily’s Kids Foundation); Barry Hicks (host of frequent benefits for downed bikers and local charities); Tom Hunter (and his involvement in countless charities and organizations); and Johnny Norris Jr. (and his commitment to the community and public service through his ministry). Not only did the Bulldog Hero winners receive donations to the charities of their choice, every nominee listed below received $250 to the causes they represented. Jessica Aguilar Brad Beal David Blum Butch Ewing Tony Huffman Mark & Molly Infield Lloyd Luquer Eddie Mauldin

Roger Messer Fay Morgan Wade Rosar Patrick “PJ” Smith Kris Stroud Todd Trivette Cindy Welborn Mike White Keith Wilson

In total, over $7,500 was distributed and donated this year raising the total donations to over $42,000 over the course of the Bulldog Hero Awards. This new precedence only leaves room for more next year!


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Miss Donna’s Birthday Bingo Run By: Wally Wersching Miss Donna’s Birthday Bingo Run was held on October 14th starting at the Cleveland County Independent Biker (CCIB) clubhouse on Washburn Switch Road near Shelby, NC. Miss Donna was the wife of “Magic” (a CCIB member) who lost her life to cancer three years ago. All proceeds from the event go to Hospice of Cleveland and Rutherford Counties. A short ride was planned with kick stands up (KSU) at 2 pm, and then back to clubhouse for food, a corn hole tournament, and later at 8 pm, the band “Girl Interrupted” would play on the bandstand. I had promised “Spanky” that I’d be there with copies of the October issue of The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine because of the article about the CCIB Jace Man Run that I wrote. His late wife, Wendy, was responsible for initiating the run, and it was dedicated to her memory. I arrived at the clubhouse at about 1pm. There were already a lot of bikes parked in front. I walked inside, and asked for “Spanky”. He wasn’t there yet, so I placed the magazines on


Serving The Pee Dee’s Vaping Needs Since 2012

the bar, and started talking with some old friends. As I sat there, many of the club members came up to me, and thanked me for writing the Jace Man Run article. They all liked it. I walked to the registration table, and talked with “Magic”. Then I gave him my donation for the cause. I wouldn’t be riding in the event but I still wanted to donate. I walked around the clubhouse. It had been years since I have visited it. They have made a lot of improvements on the building. I remembered holes in the floor before, but now the place looks great. Out back is the bandstand, and I remembered to the side is the corn hole holes in the floor field. I really liked the back before, but now porch with the picnic table, the place looks and porch swing. They really have a great place for a party. great. There were people arriving all the time, and then “Spanky” walked in. We talked for quite a while. He was glad to get copies of the magazine. It was getting close to 2 pm, and they were getting a little anxious to ride. There were to be five scheduled stops on this run. The first was the CCIB Clubhouse, the second was the House of Payne Cycles in Spindale, NC, the third was at the VFW Post on Sumter Street in Shelby, the fourth was the Windjammers Clubhouse in Shelby, and then it’s back to the CCIB clubhouse for food, fun, and live music. They always put on a great show. They are very organized. At a little after 2 pm, the peaceful quiet of a Saturday afternoon in the country was interrupted by the roar of motorcycles. They left the parking lot heading north on Washburn Switch Road on their way to Spindale. In a few minutes, it was all quiet again. The children were making a little noise as they played out back, and the occasional car drove past the clubhouse, but for the most part, it was quiet. That would change again when they returned especially when the live music started at 8 pm. I enjoyed the ride home and will watch for the CCIB’s next event. It, too, should be a great event. They always are.



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Benefit Auction For Thomas At Trax Tavern

By: Rick Gammons A year ago, Thomas made an appearance at Trax Tavern in Thomasville, NC. He saw motorcycles, met bikers, and had a fantastic time with his friends. Everybody who came had a great time with him, too. Now, the time came again to help Thomas. This year, they had an auction for him and there were donations made by biker worriers. There was a huge amount of treasures to be bid on this year! Some of the items up for bid this year Bikers are a were Penn rod/reel combos, special breed lots of metal signs, several themed mirrors, coolers, a gun, and many other great things that would tempt you to spend your money. But, with that said, Thomas was not there this year. Not sure why, but he has serious medical issues, and so we all wish him well. His biker buds did miss him being there. He made a huge impression on these people, so when the time came to help again - there they were! Bikers are a special breed. Some people don’t like bikers, but bikers have more fun than people do.

$2 Beer Available EVERYDAY

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There will be something new happening again soon at Trax Tavern, so next time you are in downtown Thomasville, drop by 46 E. Main Street and get you an adult beverage. Every one comes with a good time.

WE BUY BIKES! 7611 Clinton Rd. STEDMAN, NC 28391 910-483-9607

250i Dynojet ite! nS Dynamometer O

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Driven By Grace Bike Show And Auction By: Wally Wersching On October 15th, the Driven By Grace Biker Ministry of the Lincolnton Church Of God held their annual bike show and auction in the church parking lot from 11-3p. Admission was free, and there was free BBQ chicken and pork. There were vendors parked around the edge of the lot to sell their wares. This was similar to the many previous years they held their event. The main difference was that they invited custom and classic cars to come, too. They moved the event to a larger parking lot at the rear of the church to accommodate the expected classic cars. I arrived at about 10 am, and because “Miss Vickie” wasn’t going to be in the show, I was asked to park in another lot on the side of the church with the other bikes not in the show. The first thing I did was to look for Candy and Danny, the leaders of the Biker Ministry. I was very surprised to hear that they had moved on. Danny is now a pastor of a small church in Mississippi. It was a move up for Danny. They both will be greatly missed. I placed the stack of The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazines on the registration table for all the people coming in. I walked around talking with some of the ministry members when we heard a familiar sound – the rhythmic oscillating sound of a blown V8. We couldn’t see the car but heard it for over a minute before it came around the church building. It was a beautiful Nova with a huge blower sitting on top of its engine. After he parked, I looked at the car. It was masterfully done, and built for speed. I asked about the gas mileAdmission was free, age, and he said that he and there was free can get between 2 and BBQ chicken and 3 miles per gallon if he pork. takes it easy. It’s definitely not your daily driver. After a few minutes, an old friend from Shelby drove up in his beautiful ’69 Camaro. He built his car to be driven. He has a late model fuel-injected V8 that gets about 30 mpg on the highway. He can drive his car everyday if he wants. As we talked, more and more cars came in, but not too many motorcycles. The weather was cool and overcast but no rain in the forecast. It can still keep bikers off the roads. Then a couple bikes roared in and parked in the show. The owners quickly started wiping them off to get any road dirt

they acquired on the ride from home. It’s hard to keep a motorcycle spotless, especially with all the chrome. As the sun was breaking through the clouds, more and more bikers rode in. Many of them were from other biker ministries in the area. They all support each other by attending their events. I walked by the cook tending his BBQ cookers. He was getting ready to start serving the delicious food. I wished I could have stayed and had some of the free lunch, but I had promised Cindy to take her out for lunch. I left a little after 11 am and headed back home. Then Cindy and I went out for a nice lunch in Boiling Springs, NC. It was a great beginning to an eventful Saturday.

The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine


SC ABATE Helmet Law Support Rally

By: Kickstart & Donut Sunday, October 1 was another great day for bikers in South Carolina. We had a good start with perfect weather for a great event. Bikers from all around came together for a short parade ride to the SC State House to help support our helmet law. Lots of people are not too sure what the law is, but it is a law to protect our rights as bikers to choose whether or not to wear a helmet. Laws are set in many different ways and some do not understand. I would like to encourage all bikers to visit ( to locate your local chapter and see what ABATE (A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments) is all about. The helmet Law is one of South Carolina’s biggest law that we fight for. So just think about the way you ride and all the freedom you have as a biker. If it was not for ABATE you wouldn’t be able to choose to ride the way you do. If you ride, you should know. If not, you need to learn how important what you have if ABATE was not around.

BIG BOYS MOTORCYCLES We Help You Ride! 1843 Airport Blvd. West Columbia. South Carolina 29169

DynoJet Tuning Center 803-794-7900 Fax 803-794-7972


Pam’s Front Porch Biker Friendly Live Entertainment Cold Beverages Open 7 Days A Week

New Members Welcome

7332 Parklane Rd. Columbia, SC 803-736-0302

The bottom line is we have a lot of support from sponsors that help us keep going. Thanks to all you sponsors. The list of what we do and who all is involved could go long, but this day is to recognize what ABATE is. We met up at 11 am on a Sunday morning at The Pitt Stop in West Columbia. We got to see many brothers and sisters from the biker community. At 1 pm we had a police escort to the State House. We started with an invocation by ABATE Chaplain (Columbia Riders) Reverend David Dooley of Redstone Motorcycles Ministries, opened the ceremony with the Pledge Of Allegiance, then Ralph Bell took the stand next to speak. He mentioned about the passing of our State Legislative Coordinator Dennis Welborn on 9-26-17. Then we all gathered on the front steps of the of the State House for a photo Remember opportunity. to look twice Guest speaker, Congressman Joe and save a Wilson spoke about the importance of life. individual liberty and his involvement with members of ABATE over the years. Jesse McDugald, founder of ABATE presented ABATE of South Carolina’s position paper on the South Carolina helmet law. Shelly Holcomb spoke about being involved with the Motorcycle Riders Foundation ( and why we need to support them to continue our fight against Federal helmet mandates. Then State Coordinator, Ralph Bell, presented awards to the people who served as past state officers and announced Cayce West Columbia Chapter (second time in a row) as the winner of this year’s pool tournament. So, with this being said, we had a good turnout and I hope to see more of you at the next rally in 2018 and be ready for the May Awareness Ride in the spring. Remember to look twice and save a life. Please visit for all the event pictures from this day.



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Customer must possess a Motorcycle Endorsement at time of test ride.

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Southern Riders Motorcycle Club Of Robeson County 6th Anniversary

e’s inc


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1715 Shelton Ave. Statesville, NC


Photo: Chi Force

By: Trisha Southern Riders Motorcycle Club (SRMC) of Robeson County celebrated their 6th anniversary on July 15, 2017. The chapter was started on July 9, 2011. Since that time, the SRMC of Robeson County has supported many events to help with the county of Robeson as well as supporting their neighboring counties’ Southern Riders Chapters. On this day, they celebrate six years of dedication to Southern Riders Motorcycle Club, Robeson County Style! They looked back Southern Riders to see and take pride in the Motorcycle Club is fruits of their labors; the proud and honored to numerous contributions they were able to make have taken part in so many worthwhile and to the local programs in the area. Southern Riders charitable causes. Motorcycle Club is proud and honored to have taken part in so many worthwhile and charitable causes. They have taken part in such programs and charities as Christmas programs to assist the Robeson County Youth, the Robeson County Family Violence Program, as well as an

abundant amount of participation and support to local county benefits that support the ill, injured, and disadvantaged. Additionally, they have taken part in a variety of other needy programs in and around the county. Their efforts are continued as they ride to support others in need throughout the Robeson County area. The SRMC of Robeson County take great pride in their efforts and their sense of community. Their efforts are to make as much of a positive impact on the area as possible and they are working their way to their goals one charity, one benefit, and one person at a time. These SRMC members take great strides to uphold the things dear to them. SRMC honor brotherhood, community, loyalty, respect, tradition, charity, and All the “Pride in Dixie!” Congratulations on six years of the Southern Riders Motorcycle Club, Robeson Chapter. These club members and supporters do not always hear the “Thank You” from those that are most impacted by their deeds, contributions, donations, and support, yet their works continue and their efforts to do not falter. It is with great respect, that we celebrate the chapter’s good deeds and all their efforts in making the world a little better one deed, one event, one charity and one person at a time. So, “Thank You” Southern Riders Motorcycle Club of Robeson for all that you have worked so hard to accomplish and all that you continue to do to represent your club, brothers, friends, community and your neighbors! All hail Southern Riders MC!





e Th

Carolin as ’

Full Throttle Magazine

ASK FOR KILLER - 888-469-5400


The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine

When It All Comes Together By: Leger Meyland Sometimes all the pieces come together. Sometimes…… Organizers for this year’s version of the Ride To Remember for Disabled American Veterans on September 16th had all of the puzzle pieces on hand and in place for a fantastic fund-raising event. The weather was cooperative with temps around 80 and crystal clear blue skies. The congregation of Summerfield First Baptist Church again hosted the event, which drew more than 100 riders. Once the 90-mile ride through the rural bliss of northern Guilford and Alamance Counties was completed, the church fed more than 200 riders and volunteers a Carolina style BBQ lunch with all the fixings. Ride organizer, Charlotte Stoll, her family and friends, functioned like a well-oiled machine as they welcomed and registered riders. An honor guard of Buffalo Soldiers provided a patriotic salute to the American flag and to Chapter 20 of the local DAV. Two special guests were also present. WW2 veterans Everett Barham and Ralph Walker received a rousing

round of applause for their service and then the ride was on! With the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department motor patrol leading the way, riders cruised safely through sweeping curves, by fields of tobacco and soybeans, over Lake Burlington, and past rural communities where homeowners working in their yards waved and gawked as the bikes roared by. It was quite an experience for all.

We Do It The “Harley-Davidson” Way Fit, Function, & Style

25th Annual Toy Run to Kennedy Children’s Home All Bikes Welcome

Line Up 10am, KSU 12pm

Saturday, November 25th

50/50, Door Prizes of Lunch & presentation me Gifts at the Kennedy Ho

Please bring a $15 Donation or unwrapped gift for resident b/n ages of 1 to 18 First 1000 Registrations will receive a commemorative Chip! Always Check Out Website For Upcoming Events As Well As Our Current Motorcycle Inventory!

1613 Hwy 70E • New Bern, NC 28560



Another key piece of any fundraiser is sponsors willing to back the organizer’s efforts. That piece of the puzzle was filled by a variety of businesses that generously sponsored the ride. Other businesses donated items and services for the event’s silent auction. Successful bidders took home helmets, leather jackets, assorted cycling clothing, cycling services, meals at area restaurants, and gift certificates. The bottom line is more than $7,000 was raised, all of which It was quite stayed local to benefit DAV Chapter an experience 20. for all. The Ride To Remember is labeled as such because each and every year the organizers work hard to put all the pieces together to create a memorable ride. On September 15, 2018, the R2R promises another successful event with a good ride route, good people and, keep your fingers crossed, good weather (we can’t promise that but, we’ll try)! Please mark your calendar and join us.







$ .99








1030 Freeland Dr. Salisbury, NC



The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine

RIP Buzz Stone Story and photo by Alan Dockery Another great man and biker is gone. Edward “Buzz” Stone will be missed by folks in the Hickory, NC area. I met Buzz soon after I moved here when The Wizard Saloon was holding a poker run to help him with medical expenses from cancer surgery. The tough old guy beat cancer and kept riding on. His cool blue chopper stood out in a group of bikes. Buzz was known for his custom paint skills and it showed on his own old He was a Marine, a vehicles real biker and true and many others friend. around town. Buzz was a Rooster, making at least one party a year at Riders’ Roost. There we talked about old motorcycles and the military. He was a proud Marine with multiple tours in Vietnam.

Donny Bradley, owner DOC Bail Bonding, told me this about him. “Buzz was a good friend of mine,” Donny said. “He gave me the best gift of my life when he performed the wedding for Angie and me 24 years ago. He was a Marine, a real biker and true friend. Buzz exercised friendliness and helpfulness to everyone. His four kids had a great father and role model to look up to. He enjoyed the freedom of riding the highways and was one of the best bike builders, body man, and painters around. I will ride in honor of Buzz every day for the rest of my life. May he Ride In Peace on the Heavenly Highways.”

Hiring New Bail Agents!

e Th

Carolin as ’

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Big-Ass Event

By: Caroline The Big-Ass Event at Smokin’ Harley-Davidson on September 16 really lived up to its name. This was a benefit for the Firefighters’ Burned Children Fund with everything imaginable to do! The day started with a ride at 10:30 that started at Smokin’ and ended back there around 2 pm. 30 riders participated. If you got there too late for the ride, you could kick back and listen to “Confuzion” a great band who had a big sound and could really rock. You could shop with the vendors at the swap meet who contributed to the cause for space to sell a variety of items. There was jewelry for all kinds of tastes, homemade barbecue sauces, baked goods, biker art, clothes and accessories, pinstripe, detailing, and motorcycle parts. If that isn’t enough there were some great prizes donated by the vendors that were raffled off, too. The VFW also came by to help out and provide information on their organization. When the riders returned, they were treated to a great lunch by Xtreme Wings & Things along with some live music by Crazy Dave. Scott Rough and Angela Sowell, were the representatives there for the Firefighters’ Burned Children Fund, and they did a great job setting up the event. They had all kinds of items for the kids, fireman hats, coloring books, and stickers all to help teach fire safety. The Winston-Salem Fire Department also stopped by bringing one of their mammoth ladder trucks for

everyone to check out. This is just one example of the many things going on at Smokin’ Harley Davidson, so be sure and stop by at 3441 Myer Lee Drive in Winston-Salem or check them out on line at

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The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine Bike Show At Ted’s Kickin’ Chicken

By: Buzz The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine has long history of bike shows ranging back to 1999. We’ve seen Big Dogs, wide tire bikes, pro streets, and even had a Buell class in our shows at one point. The show prizes have ranged from bar tabs and trophies to $1000 cash. So, when we got together with Julie Farmer of the world-famous Ted’s Kickin’ Chicken about hosting a bike show, we wanted to do something a little different. We wanted to offer the winner of the show a little something more. We gave it some thought and then set plans for a bike show where the Editor’s Choice winner would get their bike immortalized as a featured bike in an upcoming issue of The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine. Julie was game and up’d the ante by adding $250 to both the Editor’s Choice and the People’s Choice bike show winners! Our first bike show date in August was “forecasted out”. That’s right, “forecasted out”. The Friday before the bike show the forecast was an 80% chance of rain, all day long. Not good




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conditions for a bike show. As fate would have it, the original date turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day. Oh well, let’s reschedule! October 14 was our choice to reschedule the bike show. This time the forecast was for a solid October afternoon, overcast but warm. I’ll take it! We headed out Ted’s and got set up as the bikes started to roll in. The lot already had a handful of vendors set up ranging from jewelry and biker accessories, Sterling Inspirations Pop Up Shop, His Laboring Few Motorcycle Ministry, McGrath Law Group, Famous Pork Loins, Biker Trash Nation, and The Karney Law Firm. A pretty stout group if you ask me! At noon our Winston-Salem area rep, Caroline, started taking bike show registrations, there were already a handful of good looking scoots in the parking lot. Ted’s was ready for a party and had an additional bar set up outside to make sure everyone got a frosty beverage with minimal wait time. Ted’s features $2 beer every day and bartenders Annette, Wendy, Kayla, Briana, Taylor, Bit, Amanda, and Jill did a great job slinging beers all day long. The Honky-Tonk Outlaws cranked up their first set at 1pm. They played at our Fear Of February Party earlier in the year and I was glad to see them back. These boys play the outlaw country songs that made country music. We were all singing along to classic Waylon, Merle, and Willie tunes just to name a few. If you get a chance to hear them play, you won’t be disappointed! Bikes continued to pour in all day and it was awesome to see a lot of familiar faces and make some new friends, not to mention a lot of really cool bikes stacking up in the bike show. Throughout the day the beautiful women of Ted’s Kickin’ Chicken were circulating the parking lot handing out free


wings, and boy were they good! Paul, Robert, Jake, and Tyler were handling the kitchen duty and kept the food coming out all day. Great job y’all! We used can tabs and bottle Joey Cooper of caps as votes Clemmons, NC for the People’s took the top Choice voting, you could vote honor with his as many times 2013 Street Glide. as you would like, as long as you visited one of the friendly bartenders to purchase a vote! Bike show judging started at 3pm and Kickstart and Donut, our Columbia, SC reps gathered results and the tabulation began. Mark, The Editor of The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine and I took a look at the bikes to select an Editor’s Choice Winner. This was NOT an easy task, but somebody had to do it! The Honky-Tonk Outlaws took a break and Mark took the

stage to face an eager crowd. We threw out a box full of Carolinas Full Throttle t-shirts and some Biker Trash Nation shirts and hoodies as well. The crowd really ate that up. Everybody loves free stuff! At that time Molly, CFO of the Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine gave Mark the results of the judging. The People’s Choice Award and $250 went to Nathan Goodwin of Lewisville, NC with his 2003 Kraft Drop Seat Chopper. The crowd made a wise choice as Nathan’s bike was in the running for Editor’s Choice as well! After some shenanigans, Mark revealed his choice for the Editor’s Choice Award, $250 and a feature in an upcoming issue of The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine. Joey Cooper of Clemmons, NC took the top honor with his 2013 Street


Glide. Joey had this Street Glide all decked out from swept hard bags, hydraulic center stand, 26” front wheel and all the necessary chrome. It was a sharp bike. You will get a chance to get a look at it again in the December issue of the Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine. After the necessary pictures with the bike show winners, Julie took the stage and had an additional award to give out. At that time, she named Ava Smith as the Cutest Biker Chick at the party! It was a title that lil’ Ava definitely deserved! Ava’s first job as the Cutest Biker Chick was to pull the raffle ticket for the Chambers Artisan Ring Raffle. Sherry Griffin was the winner of the beautiful ring! The Honky-Tonk Outlaws played one last set and the party continued on! As always, we had a great time at Ted’s Kickin’ Chicken. We would like to thank everyone who came out to show their bike and party with us. A huge thank you to Julie and Ken Farmer and their amazing staff at Ted’s. They are an absolute pleasure to work with and run a great establishment. Ted’s Kickin’ Chicken has bike night on Thursday night and carries wing specials and $2 cold beer all through the week. Stop by 4695 S. Main Street in Winston-Salem, NC and tell ‘em that the Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine sent ya.







The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine

24th Annual Bronson Run

Menu Featuring:


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3746 Mt. Pleasant Rd. Sherrills Ford, NC


The Hickory Riding Club said there are lots of folks across the area to thank, but mentioned these as big sponsors – Blue Ridge H-D, Bisnars Jewelry Exchange, Firestone, Texas Roadhouse, Arnold Kerley and Dennis Hefner at Specialty Welding.

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Photo by Heather Teague

By: Alan Dockery One of the biggest and oldest poker runs in the Hickory, NC, area is the Bronson Run. For 24 years, the Hickory Riding Club has held this ride to benefit the Catawba Regional Hospice. It also is a memorial ride for old friends. The back of the T-shirt lists brothers who ain’t riding with us anymore. The Bronson Run is usually near the end of September when the weather is great for riding and hanging out with biker buddies. The Hickory Riding Club has It also is a as awesome piece memorial of very private ride for old property and welcomes folks to friends. bring their musical instruments, camp out, and join the pickin’ party at the clubhouse the night before the poker run. At least 350 folks made the Bronson Run this year and gathered back at the clubhouse for a whole bunch of door prizes as the day wound down. This was a successful year raising $9,000 for Hospice.



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Ridin’ In Remembrance 2017

By: Shannon Rights Ridin’ In Remembrance 2017 happened Saturday, October 7th. We were told by the weather channel that there would be a 30% chance of rain for the day. Yea, they got that wrong! Deanna Melton, owner at Time Out Sports Bar in Kernersville, NC met us with BoJangles biscuits for everyone. We set up the registration table outside the bar and within 10 minutes the misting rain came. No big deal, we just moved inside. First, 2 bikes arrived, then in groups of 1-4, the rest arrived. When it was all said and done, 15 bikes were lined up outside Time Out Sports Bar in the rain. We got everyone registered then after a short safety meeting and prayer we saddled up. Next stop was supposed to be Hanging Rock State Park, but as we got closer to NC 311 the rain got harder, so we headed








Tues - Friday 9am-6pm • Saturday 9am-2pm

over to Willie’s Bar instead. Unfortunately, the 2 cars following behind us got held up at a traffic light and went on to Hanging Rock. We were all happy to get inside Willie’s Bar and see Lynn behind the bar. At some point in our stay the rain stopped for a few minutes. During that time, the cars called to find out where we were. We agreed to meet at the 3rd stop, the Ole Watering Hole on NC 109. We rounded everyone up and back onto the bikes we went in the rain again! We arrived at Ole Watering Hole safely after a detour off NC 52 South due to road construction. I ended up leading the bikes the long way around down Clemmons Road thanks to Dexter not wearing his Sena Headset. We hung out with Jennifer at Ole Watering Hole, had the group picture taken, then off again. Due to the rain, most people were ready to get to Stars & Bars Tavern as quickly as possible. We had 4 bikes go one way, the rest followed me down Gumtree Road They eventually out to NC 52 South. A short, wet trip down showed up looking I- 85 South brought us to like wet dogs just Stars & Bars Tavern in like the rest of us! Salisbury. At this point, there were only 4 bikes left. We lost some bikes due to them not being able to see in the rain so they slowed down. They eventually showed up looking like wet dogs just like the rest of us! Tim Rogers, owner of Stars & Bars Tavern welcomed us in with hugs. He didn’t mind that we were dripping all over his floor! There was some mention of wet t-shirt contests but we ignored them. Stars & Bars was having there end of summer bash during the weekend so we were treated to The Brent Brown & Company Band playing for us and some great vendors set up. We did our silent auction and 50/50 drawing with Paige Hopkins winning the pot. She graciously donated it back to the cause like a good biker should! Kim Weiss won best hand and Phillip Dedmon won worst hand. They each received a trophy for their efforts. Kim was excited when I called her with the news, saying this was the only trophy she had ever won! Ridin’ In Remembrance was the idea of Renee Honeycutt


to raise funds to preserve gravesites for Confederate Soldiers in our area. This was the 2nd annual ride and we were able to raise $1365.65 on the ride with some more monies pledged to come in within the next few days. We are still about $5000 shy of our goal, but we have been using the money raised to complete as much work on the gravesites as we can. It’s a slow and steady race, but we will get there. Special thanks go out to Ted Kinker from Lincolnton, NC and Matthew and Brittany Gowan from Charlotte, NC for making the trip up on their bikes in the rain to support our efforts. I’m especially proud to say the Gowan’s belong to me and that my daughter Brittany is sneaky! She had told me she had to work preventing her from being on the ride. I was shocked to see them ride up at the first stop! Special thanks to Marilyn from the Patriot Guard Riders who stopped by and gave me stars from flags that were flown over US soil to give to the veterans who rode on the ride. We were lucky to have enough flag patches to give to every veteran on the ride. They appreciated the gesture and said they would wear them with pride! HUGE THANKS to Deanna Melton for her donation of cash the day of the ride, donation of sponsorship for the t-shirts, and her bar to host the first stop and the biscuits. HUGE THANKS to Tim Rogers for donating cash, then supporting the silent auction bidding on almost everything and winning a lot of it, hosting the final stop, feeding all the riders, and then donating the money made from feeding everyone else during the day at the bar.

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The Rock Holds World Finals Harley Drags

Story and photos by Alan Dockery I sure love it when a bunch of friends show up for the Harley Drags. An awesome show and beautiful weather had lots of y’all at Rockingham Dragway when the American Motorcycle Racing Association came to North Carolina early last month. The thunder was down the strip, while The Rock hosted the 26th Annual Jim McClure All Harley World Finals featuring the Ray Price Top Fuel Challenge. Y’all know, one of the best ways a biker can spend a fall weekend is at the Harley Drags. There are lots of races at The Rock, but the Harley Drags are special. Some of us ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles and ain’t scared to make them go fast. So, a weekend of thundering Harleys and great friendship in the pits

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and campgrounds is fun. I hung out with folks I’ve known a long time. Camped with some who are new to Harley Drags and already bringing their friends. I think there were more folks in the campgrounds and vendors this year, so I hope to see the drags continue to grow. Saturday, they only got in two rounds of qualifying since there were some oil downs that took a while to clean up. But the fans don’t mind when the pro classes qualifying runs at sundown. It’s so cool to watch the nitro bikes roar down the track spewing flames in the fading light. After qualifying, there was a quick Halloween Costume and Pit Decorating Contests. With great weather all weekend, folks were cruising the campgrounds and pits visiting others campfires and parties. A good party crowd gathered down by the stage after dark. The Slater Street Sinners came over from Kings Mountain, NC, to rock-n-roll the crowd at The Rock. I think we’ve seen some of those folks play at the Harley drags for many years. Before I get into Sunday’s race, I want to thank Steve Earwood, Rockingham Dragway owner for hosting the AMRA All Harley World Finals. Steve had this to say after the weekend, “Great turnout, great racing, and great weather made for one of our most enjoyable AMRA events ever. Sincerely appreciate the support and dedication of the racers and of Marty and Jayne of the AMRA. Of course, without the support of the spectators none of this would be possible. We continue to strive to offer them the best track possible. Looking forward to hosting future AMRA World Finals as we signed a five-year agreement Monday morning.” Sunday, we got up to fog blanketing the drag strip and wondering if they would be able to run a third round of qualifying. Well, the fog lifted and the strip was ready just in time. This meant the final rounds could go into the night, but the track has lights. That afternoon the race was on as eliminations began.

AMRA Ray Price Top Fuel Challenge

Half of the Top Fuel field at The Rock competing for the AMRA Ray Price Top Fuel Trophy was from the Carolinas. Tii Tharpe, East Bend, NC, was on top of the ladder with a 6.336 second pass at 222.36 mph. Jay Turner, Julian, NC, was second. Tracy Kile, Asheville, NC, and Armon Furr, Orangeburg, SC, were at the bottom of Sunday’s ladder. Armon Furr, a second generation Top Fuel Harley rider and


son of the legendary fan favorite Bill Furr was climbing the ladder. In the first round you could tell who the old fans were in the stands because they cheered when he took out Tharpe. Second round he won again over Jake Stordeur. The sun was down as Armon faced off against Turner for the final round. Armon streaked down the strip as Turner broke just off the line. I’ll post a video so y’all can see it. If you are into serious chest rattling machines, you should have been there to checkout Top Fuel Harleys up close. See that awesome machine D.J. brought for Takeshi Shigamatsu to ride. Check out Dan Grindle’s blower bike. Walk the pits and wonder how they make those massive motors and blowers and parts work and hold together while making so much power. In Nitro Funny Bike we saw Keith Browne, Semora, NC, ride his awesome turbo machine in the class. Sam White, Chapin, SC, also ran in Funny Bike. Fans like Pro Fuel bikes. They are the small nitro bikes with 120 cubic inch engines, carburetors and single speed only. But those machines still fill the air with nitromethane, rattle your chest and put down 7.30’s all day. Half of the eight-bike field was from North Carolina. Johnny Vickers, Miller Creek, NC, builds some of the best Pro Fuel machines available and teaches a school on how to ride and maintain them. Well, he schooled the field that weekend by qualifying number one and winning the race. The other teams we were cheering for included; Janette Thornley, Statesville; Tyler Wilson, Walnut Cove, and Jay Beasley, Winston Salem. Janette lost to Johnny in the final round but still won the AMRA Pro Fuel national title for the first time.

Hard Charging Sportsman Racers

There were lots of Sportsman racers at The Rock and that’s where so many of my buddies run. Rick Medford, Cherokee, NC, ran the Modified Class. I’m glad to see one of my favorite classes, Outlaw Street, growing. These are the bikes I would most like to borrow for the weekend. The fans love the class,


too, watching riders try to hold down wheelies through the first couple gears as they run the quarter mile in nine seconds on streetable bikes. Mike Motto, Jacksonville, NC, and Keith Richner, Moore, SC, gave us some Carolina guys to cheer for. Freddy Frazier, Sanford, NC, qualified number one in the Super Comp 8.90 index class and went on to win it. Richner also ran the class and won the national championship for the season. Greg Best, Raleigh, NC, was in the Top Eliminator class. The Super Gas 9.90 class saw Joe Petersen, Wilmington, NC, Glenn Sutton, Moore, SC, and David Minton, Trinity, NC, in competition. Scot Wood, Goldsboro, NC, showed he still has it on the strip when he qualified with a perfect 10.300 second pass to lead the field in Super Pro. Sutton and Medford also competed in Super Pro against a 10.30 second index. Sutton ran in the Pro Eliminator 10.90 class. Medford and Chris Wood, Goldsboro, NC, raced in Street Eliminator 11.50 index class. J.P. Hendrzak, Delta, PA, was so close to perfect with his 0.001 reaction time in the Eliminator class. That earned him the Big Check and $200 from The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine. Glenn Sutton ran Eliminator class and made it to the semifinal round. Also fighting it out in the Dial-in Eliminator class was Julie Petersen, Wilmington, NC, Vic Allen, Southern Pines, NC, Patrick Isley, Burlington, NC, Erik Harley, York, SC, Scot Wood, Joe Petersen, Glenn Sutton, and Chris Wood. Winner’s Circle photos went on well after dark. But I had to see Armon with the Top Fuel trophy. It was great to see friends I’ve known for many years and make new ones at The Rock. Visit for the latest confirmed records and see how your favorite racer finished in the championship points. As always you can enjoy and download our extra photos at I sent in a bunch of the Harley Drags.

Arzie Rogers Memorial

15th Annual

Toy Run Saturday - November 18th, 2017 Concord, NC • 704-979-7433 Mon-Sat 9a-6p / Sun 12p-5p


Registration Begins @ 8:30am First Bike Out 11am Ride Concludes With Lunch At Speedway Harley-Davidson

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Police Escorted Ride!

Benefitting Empty Stocking Fund


The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine

1st Annual “Stomp Out Cancer” Awareness Benefit By: Wally Wersching On Sunday October 15th, the Dixie Drifters Riders Club held their 1st Annual “Stomp Out Cancer” Awareness Benefit for local cancer patients at their clubhouse at 1157 W. Franklin Boulevard in Gastonia, NC. They planned to have food, 50/50 drawing, a raffle, and bike wash if the weather would cooperate. All proceeds are to be distributed to local cancer patients to help with the medical, and other bills associated with the disease. The Dixie Drifters always put on a great event, so I decided to take a ride to Gastonia on Sunday afternoon. I left home at about 1pm heading east on Rte. 74 all the way into Gastonia because Rte. 74 changes into Franklin Boulevard. When I arrived at the clubhouse, I parked in the lot across the street with the other bikes. I took out a stack of The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazines for After a few laughs their registration table. and giggles, they I particularly wanted were back getting to give them the magazines because of the article about the the bike clean. “Benefit For Blue” that I wrote the last time I was with the club. I always like to share magazines with the people I write about. After dropping off the magazines, I walked inside, and met “RI” – the keeper of the hot dogs. After we talked for a few minutes, I left, and said that I’d be back for one of his dogs later. I walked around the clubhouse, and talked with “Sleepy” the President. He said that he wasn’t feeling too good. I teased him and said that he had a matching set because he didn’t look too good, either.

I walked back outside to watch two young ladies wash a motorcycle. They were doing a great job of getting in every nook and cranny when they started to have a little fun by splashing soapy water onto each other. After a few laughs and giggles, they were back getting the bike clean. We were all glad that it was warm enough to have the young ladies wash the bikes. They washed two while I was there and did a good job, too! On the side, “Ears” and “New York” were sitting on a stoop smiling while they watched the young ladies play as they washed the bike. I told “Ears” that I tried to talk the club into having a benefit to buy him some new pants, but no luck. Even if he had new pants, he’d create his own fashion by slitting the legs. I guess that he likes his knees sunburned.


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Ray Price Capital City Bikefest

By: WildThing There was way too much going on in Raleigh in 2-1/2 days to enumerate here, but I will try to give you an overall picture. September 22-24 is truly a jam-packed motorcycle weekend not to be missed! This rally began 13 years ago with a small bike show, band stand, and some street vendors in Moore Square and some of the surrounding streets. Ray Price and the staff at his HarleyDavidson dealership set up tents and showed Harley merchandise, accessories, and motorcycles hoping to entice new faces into the motorcycle community. They hired bands, including the legendary Foghat, to help entice folks downtown. There was also a smattering of other vendors in this first ever street festival


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in downtown Raleigh. This rally has been growing exponentially every year and is now touted to be the largest downtown motorcycle rally and the hottest east coast bike show. This year the ‘street festival’ encompassed the full length of Fayetteville Street from the state Capitol to Toyota Plaza. It opened at noon on Friday and ran til 11pm then on Saturday from 10am til 11pm. The vendors lined both sides of the street, with food trucks, biker apparel, and all kinds of organizations selling all kinds of products. The downtown restaurants that used to close their doors to the motorcycle crowd, now welcome us with open arms, offering food and drink specials. There were two stages set up, on either end of the street and upwards of 28 bands were scheduled to entertain the over 100,000 visitors expected. And the roar of motorcycles everywhere nearly drowned out the music and they were parked at every available space. At the Ray Price Harley-Davidson dealership on South Saunders Street, there were vendors set up along the street and in the parking lot, as well as a music stage. Down the street their big motorcycle sales area, ‘Motorcycle Mall’ was in the old race shop. Late in the afternoon on Friday, the Kickstart Parade started from there and we rode all the way down Fayetteville Street to the Toyota Plaza stage for the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was at 6pm on Friday evening on the Carolina Career College stage at Toyota Square. Mrs. Jean Price, Ray’s widow and her family were on hand to welcome everyone as was Kris Weiss, Director of Marketing and Promotions, and Jeff Ryding Regional Manager for the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Also on hand was Dave Ankin, of Toymakerz fame as Grand Marshall of the Bikefest. They named the Bikefest sponsors and thanked them for their participation. A color guard from NC State and the Wake And District Pipe Band marched down the street to the stage and played some stirring music. After a word of prayer and singing the National Anthem, (no one took a knee), our attention was directed to the skies overhead. We were treated to a flyover performed by the Bandit Flight Team. Then they turned around and performed the ‘Missing Man’ formation in a salute to our military lost. After


all, the beneficiary of the Bikefest is the USO and US Veterans Corp. That evening there was Parade of Lights competition for bikes that have accent lighting sponsored by Custom Dynamics. There were bands playing on both stages, there was a stunt show and a fire performer doing their thing on the side streets which were cordoned off from vehicular traffic. There were people everywhere enjoying the festivities on that balmy evening. Saturday morning downtown was alive with bikes and people visiting the booths along Fayetteville Street, you could do a demo ride on the newest Harleys on Cabarrus Street and the third venue was opened at the Raleigh Convention Center. Capital City Bikefest outgrew Fayetteville Street three years ago and now the big rigs and the bike show is in the Convention Center. But that’s not all… Inside the Raleigh Convention Center there was a Tattoo

Festival sponsored by 401 and Warlock’s Tattoos who had over thirty artists participating with daily tattoo contests, and they were raising money for the USO of NC and U.S. Veterans Corps. The showcase of exotic custom motorcycles was the big draw for the Motorsports Expo in the Convention Center, with trophies awarded on Sunday afternoon. There were invited builders as well as hobbyists vying for prizes in the competition sanctioned by International Builders Association and sponsored by Bob Karney Law Firm. Also in the Convention Center, there was live bike and stereo build competitions, a trials stunt show, The Wall Of Death, Carolina Roller Girls Demo, a BMX stunt show, Jody Perewitz (land speed racer) made several appearances, a variety of vendors, and pin-up girl contest. You know what was really cool? There was an App for Bikefest free to download to your phone with complete schedule and locations. Matter of fact, the whole thing is free – the festivities at the Ray Price HD dealership, Fayetteville Street, and the Convention Center – all Free! Wow! What a deal!


Visitors also could purchase a V.I.B. (Very Important Biker) pass and enjoy free food, preferred concert seating, games and prizes for that extra special experience. I’m sure I did not mention all that was going on at the Ray Price Capital City Bikefest, so you’ll just have to be sure and attend next year. In the meantime, visit and check out the pictures to get an idea of all the fun you missed, or if you were there, recall the good time. Capital City Bikefest Motorsports Expo Show Winners Antique Class: 1st Place - Matt Harris, 2nd Place - John Tramonton. Baggers Class: 1st Place - Southern Boy Baggers, 2nd Place - Southern Boy Baggers, 3rd Place - Mike Miller. Big Twin Class: 1st Place - Nick Beck, 2nd Place - Ronald Lacks, 3rd Place - Dennis Bragden. Bobber Class: 1st Place - Nathan Gastellum, 2nd Place - TJ Hendrick. Café Racer Class: 1st Place Jimmy Boone. Chopper Class: 1st Place - John Hyatt II, 2nd Place - Tony Adams, 3rd Place - Hondo Nasty. Metric Custom Class: 1st Place - James Ashwell, 2nd Place - Philly Huffman, 3rd Place - Carly Dukes. Radical Bagger Class: 1st Place - Curly’s Custom Cycles, 2nd Place - Sin Worx Custom Cycles LLC, 3rd Place - Twin City Cycle Works. Rat Bike Class: 1st Place - Mike Holloran, 2nd Place - Wade Rogers, 3rd Place David – Duncan. Sport Class: 1st Place - Tim Sutton, 2nd Place - Michael Simpkins. Sport/Buell Class: 1st Place - Joe Johnson, 2nd Place - Rodney Robins, 3rd Place - Devon Echert. Touring Class: 1st Place - Southern Boy Baggers, 2nd Place - Don Ogilive, 3rd Place - Curly’s Custom Cycles. Trike Class: 1st Place - Crazy Beavers Customs, 2nd Place - Arthur Boone, 3rd Place - Wade Rosar. Invited Builders Bagger Class: 1st Place - Kenny Williams “Got Milc”, 2nd Place - Camtech Custom Baggers “Liberty or Death”, 3rd Place - The Bike Exchange. Invited Builders Custom Class: 1st Place - Karns Custom “The Misfit”, 2nd Place - Widowmaker Custom Design & Repair “Lo-Life-Luci”, 3rd Place - Toxic Customs. Best Paint: Twin City Cycle Works. People’s Choice Winner: Woodlawn Baggers. Sound-Off Competition: The Bike Exchange.


The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine

The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine staff screens hundreds of jokes each month. We make no claim to being politically correct. Most PC jokes just aren’t funny. If you are offended by any of the jokes on this page, take heart in the fact that we go to great lengths to offend everyone equally. This is not a hate crime! At our house we call it “pickin” and it is symbolic of your acceptance in the group. We live in the United States Of The Offended, so get over it!!

One caller to Butterball’s Thanksgiving Turkey Talk-Line had always cut the legs off the turkey before putting it in the oven, thinking that was how you had to cook a turkey. She later learned that the only reason her mom had been doing that was because their oven had been so small that that was the only way to get the bird into the oven! Another caller stated that she cut both ends off of the ham before she put it into the oven before learning that her mother did that for the same reason as the caller that cut the legs off the turkey!

man stomped off down the street in search of a more equitable, hopefully unionized shop. His search continued until finally he reached a brothel where the Madam responded, “Why, yes sir! This is a union house. We observe all union rules.” The man asked, “And, if I pay you $100, what cut do the girls get?” “The girls get $80 and the house gets $20.” “That’s more like it!” the union man said. He handed the Madam $100, looked around the room, and pointed to a stunningly attractive greeneyed blonde. “I’d like her,” he said. “I’m sure you would, sir,” said the Madam. Then she gestured to a 92-year old woman in the corner, “but Ethel here has 67 years seniority and according to union rules, she’s next!”

floated, of all things, a condom! When she returned with tea and scones, they began to chat. The pastor tried to stifle his curiosity about the bowl of water and its strange floater, but soon it got the better of him and he could no longer resist. Pointing to the bowl, “Miss Beatrice”, he said, “I wonder if you would tell me about this?” “Oh, yes,” she replied, “Isn’t it wonderful? I was walking through the park a few months ago and I found this little package on the ground. The directions said, ‘Place it on the organ, keep it wet and that it would prevent the spread of disease.’ Do you know I haven’t had the flu all winter!”

s e k o p S & s e k o J

Seems I had developed serious hearing problems over a number of years. I went to the doctor and the doctor was able to have me fitted for a set of hearing aids that returned my hearing to 100%. A month later, I went back in a month to the doctor and the doctor said, “Your hearing is perfect. Your family must be really pleased that you can hear again.” I told him, “Oh, I haven’t told my family yet. I just sit around and listen to the conversations. I’ve changed my will three times!” A man in Florida, in his 80s, calls his son in New York one November day. The father says to the son, “I hate to tell you, but we’ve got some troubles here in the house. Your mother and I can’t stand each other anymore, and we’re getting a divorce. I’ve had it! I want to live out the rest of my years in peace. I’m telling you now, so you and your sister shouldn’t go into shock later when I move out.” He hangs up, and the son immediately calls his sister in the Hamptons and tells her the news. The sister says, “I’ll handle this.” She calls Florida and says to her father, “Don’t do ANYTHING till we get there! We’ll be there Wednesday night.” The father agrees, “All right.” The old man hangs up the phone and hollers to his wife, “Okay, they’re coming for Thanksgiving. Now, what are we going to tell them for Christmas?”

A dedicated teamsters union worker was attending a convention in Las Vegas and decided to check out the local brothels. When he got to the first one, he asked the Madam, “Is this a union house?” “No,” she replied, “I’m sorry it isn’t.” “Well, if I pay you $100, what cut do the girls get?” “The house gets $80 and the girls get $20,” she answered. Offended at such unfair dealings, the union

A woman in her seventies, cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the first time, called Butterball for help because her mother said she was tired of cooking and it was time her daughter learned how to prepare the Thanksgiving meal.

Two alligators were sitting around talking, and the smaller alligator turned to the bigger one and said, “I can’t understand how you can be so much bigger than me. We’re the same age; we were the same size as kids. I just don’t get it.” “Well,” said the big gator, ‘”what have you been eating?” “Politicians, same as you,” replied the small gator. “Hmm. Well, where do you catch them?” “Down the other side of the swamp near the parking lot by the Capitol.” “Same here. Hmm. How do you catch them?” “Well, I crawl up under one of their Lexus cars and wait for one to unlock the car door. Then I jump out, grab them by the leg, shake the shit out of them and eat ‘em!” “Ah!” says the big alligator, “I think I see your problem. You’re not getting any real nourishment. See, by the time you finish shaking the shit out of a politician, there’s nothing left but an a$$hole and a briefcase.”

Miss Beatrice, the church organist, was in her eighties and had never been married. She was admired for her sweetness and kindness to all. One afternoon the pastor came to call on her and she showed him into her quaint sitting room. She invited him to have a seat while she prepared tea. As he sat facing her old Hammond organ, the young minister noticed a cut glass bowl sitting on top of it. The bowl was filled with water, and in the water

There’s an old sea story about a ship’s Captain who inspected his sailors, and afterward told the first mate that his men smelled bad. The Captain suggested perhaps it would help if the sailors would change underwear occasionally. The first mate responded, “Aye, aye sir, I’ll see to it immediately!” The first mate went straight to the sailors’ berth deck and announced, “The Captain thinks you guys small bad and wants you to change your underwear.” He continued, “Talbot, you change with Baxendale, Green, you change with Warren, and Warren, you change with Hanson.” The moral of the story: Someone may come along and promise “Change”, but don’t count on things smelling any better. There I was is sitting at the bar staring at my drink when a large, trouble-making biker steps up next to me, grabs my drink and gulps it down in one swig. “Well, what’cha gonna do about it?” he says, menacingly, as I burst into tears. “Come on, man,” the biker says, “I didn’t think you’d CRY. I can’t stand to see a man crying.” “This is the worst day of my life,” I say. “I’m a complete failure. I was late to a meeting and my boss fired me. When I went to the parking lot, I found my car had been stolen and I don’t have any insurance. I left my wallet in the cab I took home. I found my wife in bed with the gardener and then my dog bit me. So I came to this bar to work up the courage to put an end to it all, I buy a drink, I drop a capsule in and sit here watching the poison dissolve; then you, you jack-a$$, show up and drink the whole thing! But enough about me, how’s your day going?”


603 N. MAIN ST. KERNERSVILLE, NC 336-497-4998




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Karaoke 9 ball Saturday 6:30 $ 1 Drafts Sunday TAP League Tues-Thurs Fridays

252-523-3700 2484 NC Hwy 11 N. Kinston, NC



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33rd Annual Meeting Of The Minds By; Shannon Rights The Motorcyclists’ Rights Foundation was formed in 1985 in St. Louis, Missouri by bikers who realized we needed a voice in Washington, DC devoted exclusively to bikers. That meeting brought together bikers from State Motorcyclists’ Rights Groups to discuss what was happening to bikers throughout the country. Thirty-three years later, the MRF held its annual Meeting Of The Minds on September 21 -24 in beautiful Williamsburg, VA. This year the conference was hosted by VCOM (Virginia Coalition of Motorcyclists) & VABA (Virginia Bikers Association). Bikers from across our great country flew in, or rode in, depending on their time schedule, to spend 4 days working for all motorcyclists. I was lucky enough to ride up for the event with some longtime friends. I left out early Thursday morning to meet up with riders in Archdale, NC. I got to the meeting spot and was greeted by longtime friend, Shaggy, and a couple of his buddies. We waited for the others to arrive from Kannapolis. Surprisingly, everyone showed on time! We left out of Archdale with 10 bikes heading up to Reidsville 7 9 9 1 where we picked e c n Si up another bike along the highway. We took the scenic route including the Jamestown-Scotland ferry across the James River. If You Need It We arrived about 4 309 East 2nd St. We Will Get It! Lumberton NC 48 HR Delivery pm at the Doubletree Williamsburg. 910-739-5211 For Most! At 7pm, we had




a meet and greet with members of the board and the states attending. There were 29 bikers from NC who attended. Friday morning sessions started at 9 am with the Presentation of the Colors followed by a full day of breakout sessions. Topics ranged from “How to Host a Meeting of the Minds” to “Women We took the scenic in Motorcyclists’ route including the Rights”. Haley Jamestown-Scotland President of Wilson, Vice ferry across the Cleveland County, NC James River. CBA/ABATE won the Young Activist Award. Bringing the total to 3 awards North Carolina has been able to take home in the category. Previous winners from North Carolina were Crystal Buckner and JT Boone, both members of CBA/ABATE of NC. We took a short supper break then met for the fundraising scavenger hunt. Afterwards, groups gathered together to shoot the bull or soak in the pool. Saturday morning began with more awards then sessions including a Riders Education Panel Discussion featuring Sunshine Beer, Vince Consiglio, and Bruce Biondo. The highlight on Saturday was the infamous Bibs VS Kilts tug of war. You had to be there to appreciate the sight! We ended the evening with cocktails, a banquet, and an auction. Sunday morning Tom McGrath’s Motorcycle Law Group sponsored the Blessing Of The Bikes before the Karen Bolin Memorial Ride. Some rode off back to work, others took the time out to visit the sites and enjoy a little vacation. I had to get back for work early, so I missed some of the fun. I thoroughly enjoyed my solo trip back to Winston-Salem, stopping only for gas along the way. I’m looking forward to next year’s MRF Meeting Of The Minds in Colorado! For more information, visit


Dedicated to protecting the rights of injured motorcyclists. We ride so we understand. If you’ve been injured through no fault of your own, call the Motorcycle Law Group.SM

1-800-321-8968 Licensed in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia.



The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine

Benefit Bike Run For Izzie Beth

Photo By: Chi Force

By: Trisha Izzie’s benefit bike run was held on September 23, 2017 at Luther Britt Park Shelter in Lumberton, N.C. Izzie, a precious little baby girl named Izzie Beth was diagnosed with AML Leukemia. Just to tell you a little about what Izzie Beth is facing, The American Cancer Society defines “AML, Acute Myeloid Leukemia, as a cancer that starts in the cells found in bone marrow. When a blood-forming cell turns or changes into a leukemia cell, it grows and divides, thus taking over the bone marrow and spilling out into the bloodstream and to other organs.” WebMD noted that Acute Myeloid Leukemia, AML can spread quickly to the blood and organs such as the lymph nodes, the liver, the spleen, the brain, and the spinal cord. As everyone knows the expenses of treatment, loss of working hours, and at least a half a dozen other costs that arise during these times of hardship. These things would put a damper on anyone’s wallet. When parents should have the time to process what is going on with their child, they are seemingly forced to face financial obligations, when all they really want is for their baby to be well, get the treatment they need, and be able to come home to an immeasurable amount of love, hugs, and kisses!

For those reasons, the efforts of Tonya Head and the Road Riders For Jesus felt lead to host the benefit ride for Little Izzie Beth. The outpouring of love and empathetic feelings of compassion were more than apparent that day. Izzie Beth’s parents, Shelly and Tommy, are certainly in need so many thoughts and prayers. One can only imagine the pain of hearing the diagnosis of AML. Izzie Beth’s Run was supported by the community as well

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as other motorcycle clubs from the area. There were a number of independent riders all gathered there to support Izzie Beth. Friends and family members were all in support of the day. Buttons, Tee shirts, cups, and a number of other items were there to capture the adorable Izzie Beth. Her photo on the items seemed to grab your heart immediately! There were so many present to encourage and support the efforts for this baby girl. There was family and friends as well as Sheriff Kenneth Sealy, Sheriff Elect Burnis Wilkins, District Attorney Elect, Joe Osman, and so many other bikers. The other “We are bikers, we are MC’s that were noted family, we are one of and accounted for were a kind, and we never Southern Riders of Lumleave a man behind. I berton and Spirit Riders am proud to call myself from Pembroke Redrum Club. It is always quite a biker today”, impressive to witness Tonya Head. the noble and honorable efforts of different MC’s coming together to help in times such as this. “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!” Psalm 133:1 There was food, community, friendship, brotherhood, and charity all wrapped in a day full of love and compassion. Everyone came to support in any way they could. Their efforts of giving, helping, working, purchasing, donating, and, of course, riding all presented a beautiful array of the love that we are all supposed to hold dear for one another. It was certainly evident on this day. There were so many bikes. It was truly a wonderful feeling to be part of such a heartfelt event. Many Thanks are in order for all those that were so diligent in their efforts and time towards planning, organizing, promoting, and working for this noble cause. Everyone sends their warmest regards to all that supported in any way and took part in the day’s events. “We are bikers, we are family, we are one of a kind, and we never leave a man behind. I am proud to call myself a biker today”, Tonya Head.



FULL COLLISION REPAIR CENTER CHRIS Phone: 336-882-4400 Fax: 336-882-9287 COLLINS 1300 Park St. High Point, NC


The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine


Summerville Harley-Davidson Grand Opening

By: Brian Dixon On September 22, 2017, the Greater Summerville/Dorchester County Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the grand opening of the new Summerville HarleyDavidson store! In addition to about 50 customers, VIP attendees of the ribbon cutting included GS/DC Chamber Board Chair Tony Pope, Preacher Rivers, Teresa Pender, Forrester Turner, Carrie Rhymer, Low Country H-D Marketing Manager, Jennifer Gibson, GS/DC President/ CEO Rita Berry, Chris Hunter, Summerville Mayor Wiley Johnson, Annie Morgan, General Manager Ronald Ard, Angie King, Owner, Phil Schoonover, and Marie Cole, as well as friends of Harley-Davison and Chamber members. The ceremony was held at 9 am with coffee and donuts sponsored by Dunkin Donuts from 9-11. There was no need to go hungry as the Riders Law Group started serving delicious bar-b-que sandwiches from Swig & Swine from 11 am -1 pm. Charleston’s 98 Rock broadcast live from in front of the shop between 10 am until 2 pm. The turnout was excellent with a steady influx of customers coming and going throughout the event. Door prizes of hats, t-shirts, and bar sets were given away every hour. The first 100 customers were given mer-

2544 S. Lake Dr. Lexington, SC 803-708-1870

chandise coupons and all day double biker reward points were awarded. Owner, Phil Schoonover decided to open this full-service Harley-Davidson dealership because, over the years, many residents from Summerville and surrounding towns have expressed how it is quite the ride to get to the Dorchester Road location of Low Country Harley just for parts or service. “I

Ole Stomping Ground 1121 Calks Ferry Rd. Lexington, SC

Dailyls! specia

$10 Buckets!

Facebook SKEETERS BAR for all events.

Fun e h T e r Whe Begins!!! SUNDAY $ 3 Bloody Mary’s



If your bike is old enough to vote, we want to work on it!

CONTACT OUR EARLY MODEL SPECIALISTS TO SEE IF YOUR BIKE QUALIFIES 843-554-1847 LOWCOUNTRYHARLEY.COM wanted to serve the needs of our customers who didn’t find it convenient to drive that far”, said Schoonover. The Summerville store has three full time mechanics and approximately thirty bikes on the showroom floor with the ability to pull inventory from the Charleston and Myrtle Beach dealerships. With motorcycle sales, service, motor clothes, general merchandise, and parts, they certainly should be able to handle any needs! They also sponsor bike nights every 2nd Wednesday at HonkyTonk Saloon on College Park Road. Marketing Manager Jennifer Gibson said, “We are so grateful the Summerville community has embraced us, and we are so happy to be here to serve them”. The dealership is located in the newly refurbished Collins Square at 386E 5th North Street, Summerville, SC 29483. Stop in and visit and be sure to tell them that you read about them in The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine.

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Bostic Lincoln Center, Washburn Store, And Defiant Whisky

By: Wally Wershing On September 28th, I decided to go for a ride because it was such a beautiful afternoon. I thought about the Bostic Lincoln Center, checked their hours on-line, and learned that the center would open at 1 pm. The Bostic Lincoln Center is located in the small community of Bostic, NC. They built a small museum to show anyone who visits it that Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the US, was born near Bostic, NC - not in Kentucky like all the history books say. They have all kinds of documents that place Nancy Hanks, Abe’s mother, at Puzzle Creek near Bostic when Abe was born. Nancy was working for Abraham Enloe, and gave her baby the name of Abraham. She later married

Thomas Lincoln, and Abe took his stepfather’s last name. That’s when they all moved to Kentucky where all the history books say Lincoln was born. I rode to Bostic, walked into the museum about 1:30 pm, and met a very nice man who was eager to show me around the little place. I had watched a short video about Abraham Lincoln with his ancestors and descendants in the Bostic area the last time I was there a couple years ago so I just walked around looking at the artifacts, and talking with the man. He was very talkative. I guess that he was a little lonely sitting in the museum just waiting for visitors to walk in. It was a very pleasant experience. The locals really believe that Abe was born there. They are working on a DNA test to verify their beliefs. Next, I rode up the Bostic-Sunshine Road to the small community of Washburn. I had been to the Washburn General Store there before, and talked at length with the owner. It’s is a very friendly place, and they have just about anything you could possibly want. If they don’t It takes weeks have it, they can order it. I could instead of years spend hours just looking at all the different things they have on their to make the same shelves. I walked to the freezer. I high quality picked out an ice cream bar, and whisky. went outside to eat it as I sat on the picnic bench. It was sweet and cold – the perfect thing for a warm afternoon. I continued north on Bostic-Sunshine Highway through the communities of Sunshine, Cedar Grove, and eventually Golden Valley. I turned left at the stop sign at Rte. 226. In the center of Golden Valley, I saw Red Bud Lane on the right. It’s a private road. I turned onto it. It was paved for the most part. At the end of the pavement, I turned right, and the Blue Ridge Distilling Company was on the left. There was a large gravel parking lot in front of the building, and I parked next to the building. I walked in but nobody was around. I then rang the bell on one of the posts outside. Then a young man came down from


the upstairs office. We talked about the distillery. I had read on their website about using oak spirals instead of barrels to season the whisky. He showed me one. It makes a lot of sense. The whisky has to sit in oak barrels for years to season. It’s because the whisky takes that long to soak into the relatively smooth longitudinal surface of the wood. By using the spiral, the whisky soaks into the end grain of the wood, and seasons much quicker. It takes weeks instead of years to make the same high quality whisky. Many of the whisky magazines have exceptional reviews for the new Defiant Whisky – one being the “Best New Whisky of 2013”. The last time I was there, I was offered a taste. I usually do not drink, especially while riding the bike, but I wanted to try it. One of the young men poured me a little in a glass. The aroma was unusual but very pleasant so I sipped a taste, and it was delicious and “SMOOOOOTH”. Most whisky will burn the back of my throat but this was so smooth that I had to finish what he had given me. I sipped the rest as we talked. I could see myself sipping this whisky with friends as we talked or played cards. It’s a true North Carolina sipping whisky. As we talked, I learned that they are in the process of offering another type of whisky. This time it will be a rye whisky. He told me that they are thinking of expanding, and maybe adding another still. They have a long-term plan. I will enjoy watching as they grow. I asked where they came up with the name “Defiant” for their whisky. The owner, Tim, also owns an underwater sal-


vage company named “Defiant Marine” so the name fit. Tim is a bold person who doesn’t follow the old established way of doing things. He does them his way - most of the time better and faster. I gave him a copy of The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine because he rides an old 1988 Harley Softail with over 300,000 miles on it. He got it from his uncle when he passed away. He enjoys riding in the mountains but has to perform a lot of preventative maintenance on his old machine. It’s not as reliable as it once was. We said good-by, and he went back to work. I headed south on Rte. 226 all the way to Shelby. It was a very pleasant way to spend a retirement afternoon. I will do it again very soon.




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Manufacturers Cup At The Rock Story and photo by Alan Dockery The Manufacturers Cup Motorcycle Drag Racing Series was back at Rockingham Dragway for the 30th Annual DME Nationals the third weekend of September. In my 30 years of chasing Harley drag bikes down the strip, these are the quickest and fastest motorcycles in the country. Bikes are spread across 14 classes from Top Fuel to Dial-In ET. They even have two ET classes with Pro and Street ET. Most of the bikes at a Man Cup race are imports. That’s cool for us who like all kinds of bikes. And, yes, for you Harley drag bike fans there are HD racers to cheer for. Some of the stars of the Harley Drags can be found at a Man Cup race. These blown four cylinder machines are the quickest and fastest drag bikes I’ve ever seen. They are capable of running the quarter mile in 5.80 seconds and more than 240 mph. Some of the big dogs were there to put on a great show. Larry “Spiderman” McBride, Newport News, VA, is a 16-time US Champion. Ian King, the 10-time European Champion, had his pretty blue bike there.

good friends good food GOOD TIMES CAFE

Kar a

ack! B s i oke Every other Friday night

Check our facebook page for daily & weekly specials and entertainment & event updates.

16 N Broad St. East Downtown Angier, NC 919-331-0344

Breakfast served all day! We give discounts to military & first responders.

At The Rock that weekend, fans saw some amazing passes. McBride and Chris Hand laid down the first side-by-side five second motorcycle pass at Rockingham. Hand ran a 5.88 to McBride’s 5.95. I also saw McBride raise the mile per hour record to 255.29. Wow, freakin wow! Man Cup attracts racers from across the country and around the world. Niki Taube Zakrzewski, Sydney, Australia, know to racers as Niki Zak, broke a special speed record. She was the first woman on a motorcycle to run more than 200 miles per hour in the quarter mile. During Saturday qualifying, Niki took the honor when she ran 200.65 mph. Then she shattered These blown it during the weekend eventually four cylinder setting the mark at more than 205 machines are mph. Angele Sampey held the record at 199.76 on an NHRA the quickest and Pro Stock Motorcycle for the past fastest drag bikes year. I’ve ever seen. Looking at the qualifying sheets, it looks like about 200 racers were at The Rock. Many of those were from The Carolinas. Y’all should have been there to cheer them down the strip. Long-time fan favorite, Armon Furr, Orangeburg, SC, ran his Harley in Top Fuel against those funny sounding, screaming four cylinder machines. Keith Browne, Semora, NC, ran his too cool turbo machine in the Pro Open field. I saw Freddy Frazier, Sanford, NC, representing us in the Super Comp 8.90 class. Some Harley racers such as Joe and Julie Petersen, Robbie Walker, and others were there running whatever class they were competitive in. Jay Beasley, Winston Salem, NC, and Tyler Wilson, Walnut Cove, NC, ran in Pro Fuel. Brad McCoy, Cleveland, NC, qualified number one in Pro Mod. Rodney Wiliford, Rougemont, NC, was at the top of the


Pro Street ladder. Super Dave Stewart, Mooresville, NC, lead the Real Street field. He also won the class and lowered the record to 7.652 seconds. In Top Gas, Alan Fields, Climax, NC, was the quickest in qualifying. A few Carolina teams made it to the winners circle. Ehren Litten, Louisburg, NC, won Pro Street. Steven Knight, Durham, NC, took the Pro ET trophy in Saturday’s race. Jason Herrin, West Columbia, SC, won in Street Fighter 9.50 index class. Yeah, these bikes look and sound different than what many of y’all are used to. But we have so few major motorcycle drag races these days that I encourage bikers and race fans to check out the Manufacturers Cup if they come back to the Carolinas next year. To see more of my photos from The Rock go to www.







“ D ” R AC K S


1284 S. Hwy 11 • Walhalla, SC M-F 3pm-? • S-S 10am-?


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People & Places

People & Places



The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine

Creekside Fall Bike Rally Story and Photo by Alan Dockery As another hot Summer winds down, it’s cool to spend a beautiful weekend hanging with your biker buddies. Bikers were sitting in the shade, sipping cold beer and telling stories about what we did the last few months. That was the scene for much of the weekend at the Creekside Fall Bike Rally. Hosted by the Southern Gentlemen MC, the Creekside Rally is held on nice private country property, in Gaston County, NC, where bikers can be themselves for the weekend. The Creekside Rally has lots of live music for the weekend with Creekside is such several bands a cool site for a lined up to play bike rally. from Friday night on. Local favorites taking the stage included – Brett Greer and Adam Clark Duo, Cool Water, Southern Born, Shannon Lee Trio, Honkytonk Outlaws, Slater Street Sinners, and Mean Lisa. Hundreds of

115 Swain St. Fayetteville, NC 910-339-2770

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folks camped out for the weekend. Vendors lined one side of the field. Food and drinks were available under the trees. All day Saturday bikers continued riding in for the rally. I think every rally gets bigger with more of y’all riding over to enjoy the Creekside party. Saturday afternoon we got into some bike games. Cletus won the slow ride. He partnered up with Wendy to take the Biker Ball game. That game required slamming a couple beers at the start and the turn around. Stephanie Hans was the Weenie Queen riding with Special Ed. I laugh every time I see the fishing pole weenie bite rig they use. Creekside is such a cool site for a bike rally. It’s very private and a short ride from Charlotte, Hickory, Gastonia, Statesville, and other Carolina towns. The Southern Gentlemen have been holding this rally for five years and do both Spring and Fall rallies. Y’all ride on down to the creek next year. Watch The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine Cruisin’ Calendar for the dates.









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Just Me

Bros & Bro-ettes, I thank the Lord for this article and The Carolinas’ Full Throttle Magazine. Some people that read the magazine may otherwise never hear or see the Word of God. You know writing this article each month helps me. I’m not a writer and some months (or any month for that matter) I couldn’t do it without the Lord’s help. I pray and ask the Lord what to write about. I’m just a servant with paper and a pen in hand. This month I’m writing about myself. I can write about myself because I know what I have been through and what I’ve put my family and friends through. I’m not a saint nor am I perfect. There wasn’t but one perfect person and it wasn’t me or you, His name was Jesus. I do and say things every day that I must ask forgiveness for, but I serve a great God and all I have to do is ask for forgiveness and He forgives me. I have been through good times and bad times over the years. I’ve experienced life at its best and it’s worse, been up and down. Down in the valley and up on the mountain top. But you know when I mess up the most is when I try to do it myself. If I don’t watch, the devil will sneak in and tell me all kinds of things that he knows will get me down. He knows how to play each of us. Each morning when we get up, what we need to do is pray and put on our full armor of God and not leave any places

open for Satan to get in. All we have to do is ask our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to help us and believe. If I don’t watch, the devil will try and tell me I’m not worth anything and nobody cares, but he is the father of all lies. I have to tell him to go back to HELL because he is not welcome in my life. Some people think that being a Christian is a bed of roses. Not hardly! The closer you walk with the Lord the more Satan attacks you. If Satan is not bothering you then you’re not where you need to be. I’ve learned the only way to handle life and its problems is by calling on the name of Jesus. He has never let me down and He always takes care of me and my problems. He will do the same for you, if you ask him to. All you have to do is to ask Him into your heart and life and to be your friend and Savior. 1 Peter 5: 6-7. 6) Therefore, humble yourself under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time. 7) Casting all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you. In His Wind, Ms. Pat


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The Wheels Through Time Museum 15th Annual Motorcycle Raffle Grand Prize A 1948 Harley-Davidson Panhead Springer At 2pm on November 11th, the Wheels Through Time Museum will proudly give away its 15th raffle bike to one lucky entrant! The Grand Prize this year is a beautiful black and chrome 1948 Harley-Davidson Panhead Springer! It could very well be yours if you entered this year’s raffle and if you haven’t, head over to because it’s not too late to get tickets. Since we’re only a few days away from Raffle Day, we decided to include a WTT Shop Rag with any raffle purchase! The Shop Rag will be sent to you with your ticket stub(s) and/or merchandise! The raffle will take place right here at The Wheels Through Time Museum, which is located in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. In addition to the bike giveaway, we will be introducing the 2018 Raffle Bike which is - well, we can’t tell you what it is, but we invite you to come out and see for yourself! You won’t be disappointed! We will have refreshments and a complimentary lunch for attendees while supplies last. Food will be provided by one of our local favorites - Pops Place. We will have exclusive seating for our Lifetime Donors available on a first-come-first-serve basis, as well as a Donorship

Recognition Announcement just before the 2018 Raffle Bike is unveiled! Throughout the day, we will be giving out door prizes from the Wheels Through Time Gift Shop! For the last 15 years, the Wheels Through Time has given away a classic motorcycle, each built with TLC by museum Founder and Curator, Dale Walksler. This machine, formerly owned by Tex Texter, was brought back to life in The Wheels Through Time Restoration Shop and has over 250 hours logged in its restoration. We invite you to bring along your friends and family and join us this raffle day to watch this beautiful 1948 Panhead find a new home!


Hickory’s Oldest Biker Bar




School Toy Run r e v o n o C December 2nd

Enjoy Christmas Songs by the Kids 828-327-8555 • Open Mon-thur 2pm; Fri - Sun Noon 651 21st st NE. Hickory, NC 28601


Sign-up Starts at 10am Food Prizes Party After 828-855-3097 • Open Noon Everyday 3007 1st Ave. SW. Hickory, NC 28602


There is a whopping $20,000 for the 2nd place prize and $10,000 for the 3rd place prize, which will be sure to make any runner-up a very happy winner! We will have warm refreshments in the morning and then chili and cornbread in the afternoon for attendees until the goodies run out! Around high-noon, we will unveil the 2018 Raffle Bike which was built by Dale throughout 2017 and is getting its final touches as you read this now! If you are unable to join us on Raffle Day, you can watch the event on Facebook Live at 2:PM ET which can be accessed through our Facebook Page. You can RSVP the event by going to If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can! Again, we would like to thank all of our fans, supporters, staff, and volunteers for supporting The Wheels Through Time Museum “The Museum That Runs”, 62 Vintage Lane, Maggie Valley, NC (828) 926-6266 DalesChannel.TV I R I DE







COME SUPPORT YOUR VETERANS! VFW Post 9899 2923 Archdale Rd. High Point, NC 336 431-1106 Open: Mon. - Sat. 8am-8pm (or until) Sun. 12 - until

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Support your Veterans!

Win This Bike! Raffle Day

November 11, 2017

$ 2nd Prize 20,000 rd $ 3 Prize 10,000

Classic Black & Chrome 1948 Harley-Davidson Panhead Springer The raffle is a fund raiser to benefit non-profit Wheels Through Time Museum, a 501(c)(3) organization chartered by the state of North Carolina. Read the Rules & Regulations on our website or email:

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Mike Dyson – Famous Local Biker Story and photo by Alan Dockery One of the first people I met when I returned to North Carolina 23 years ago was Michael Dyson. I was asking about the local toy run. Turned out that Mike owned The Wizard Saloon and held a great toy run. Even better, the toy run supports the Conover School. I settled in Newton because my son is autistic and that is a great special education school. Over the years, I’ve gotten to know Mike and his lovely wife, Becky, as two really good people who I want to recognize for what they do for the biker community. Mike is well known in our area and lots of folks have good things to say about him. Mike is as old school biker as they come. “My Mom and Dad had motorcycles. Mostly Indians,” Mike said. “I started riding on a little old Honda Nighthawk. Terrorizing the neighborhood. Then I wanted a chopper. So I got a Honda 750 chopper. Real long and loud. I loved it. I got hooked on Harleys in 1976. Rode my brother’s BSA chopper and loved it.” The city of Hickory was established around a bar serving folks moving west. The oldest bar in town is John’s Tavern down by the river, and bikers are welcome. But the Wizard Saloon is the oldest biker bar in the area. Mike has owned it for about 30 years and it has always been a place for bikers to hang out. “Buying a bar meant I could have a biker bar,” Mike said. He had worked there and saw a need for a place where bikers were welcome. Thirty years ago, many bars were not biker friendly. Mike is known across the area for the Conover School Toy Run, held the first Saturday in December. Becky told me they can be in restaurants and people from the school or families of students will come over and hug and thank them for what they for do those kids. “We started charity rides soon after the Wizard Saloon was opened,” Mike said. “I had bought a new bike from Iverson at Foothills Harley-Davidson. Started talking to Iverson about raising money for charities. First time we held a toy run was to benefit social services. The bikers collected a van load of toys. Well, social services had a lot of toys already and didn’t need them. Some of that was going overseas and I wanted to help local folks.” “Then the Western Carolina Center was the recipient of the toy run. But they didn’t really need the help, either. So, we went looking for another charity that needed help. My friend

Carolyn Lefevers told me about the school where her nephew went. We checked out the Conover School and it has been our charity for 27 years.” Over the years, Mike’s Charity has become stable and wellfunded. He said, “Those kids are always going to have a toy. We roll over some money so the kids will always get a toy as long as I live.” I asked folks for stories about Mike and was flooded with examples of his generosity. Becky has been married to him for 15 years and said, “He’s the best person I know. He has such a big heart. When we had the restaurant, I saw him feed lots of people who were out of work and hungry.” Rita told me about him setting up a funeral fund for her sister. Joe, Steve, and others told about poker runs that Mike has helped fund to benefit local riders, but Vern summed it up best. “I worked for Mike at the Wizard Saloon for 5 years. Mike and Becky have been more than my employer, they are my family. Mike and Becky were there for me in some of the greatest and saddest times in my life. They are some of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. The Toy Run is my Christmas gift. Mike Dyson is one of the hardest working men I know. The Wizard Saloon taught me a lot about life and the life that was meant for me. Bikers are friends for life and some of the nicest and most honest people I have ever met. I love Mike and Becky Dyson with all of my heart.” Mike also owns The Son Of The South Saloon in Longview. So, when you are in the Hickory area stop by there or The Wizard Saloon and meet Mike, one of the best men I know.

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Sidney Williams April 26, 1965 - October 7, 2017 By: Kathy Johnson Sidney Williams is a friend, a brother, a father that lost his life doing one of the things he loved most. He lost his life while riding his bike when someone made a left turn in front of him. What the person did was take Sidney’s life too soon. He was senselessly killed because of someone not paying attention. When people are dying you have the opportunity to say good bye. When Sidney was struck there were so many that did not get to tell him the impression he left in their lives, or get to tell him that they loved him one last time. If you knew him, you knew his family. If you ran into his brother, Lee, you would say, “What’s Sidney up to”? Or if you ran into Sidney you would

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say, “What’s Lee up to”? I guess that’s because when you would see the Williams brothers they were usually together. Sidney had two sons and a daughter that, over the years, have grown to adults. They made him very proud. Sidney was, in my mind, a lot like his deceased father, Tommy. As he got older he resembled him more and more. I could see it. He also loved fixing and building things just like Tommy. Sidney has built some beautiful bikes in his time. He has also built memories in people’s minds that will last forever. His friendships and bonds with his family were strong. He was good at making things work and making things strong. When you ran into him, he would greet you with that big smile. Then he would say, “What you been up to”? His passion to ride? He felt his bike was just so pretty that he had to take her out for a spin. He worked repairing electronics for the city of Durham. He worked side Sidney has built by side with his friend, some beautiful Bernard, for many years. It was very hard for Bernard to bikes in his time. hear the news of Sidney’s passing. It also took him back to his brother David’s death many years ago at the same rally. Too many lives that still had memories to make have been taken senselessly. At Sidney’s funeral, when I looked back after everyone parked on both sides lining the cemetery, the motorcycles seemed to stretch for over a mile leading to the burial site. I knew Sidney would have smiled seeing all the motorcycles and friends that loved him. Sidney, saying good-bye is so hard for all of us, so we will see you again my friend. You are truly missed and gave so many memories that people will cherish forever.

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Story and photo by Alan Dockery combat. The Newton-Conover High On the first Saturday in October, the LeSchool Junior ROTC impressed us old gion Riders of American Legion Post 209 veterans with posting of the colors and a in Granite Falls, NC, held their Guardian flag ceremony. Angel Run. The ride was in memory of Rick and Lori ChatJustin Scott Tramble man organized the ride who was a Guardsman and had this to say afterin the 113th Sustainment wards, “Special thanks Brigade. Justin served This program does to Newton-Conover two tours in Iraq and JROTC Color Guard, more than feed died earlier this year in Michael Coffee of the veterans,… an electrical accident. National Guard, WolfThe ride started at man, Scout, and all the American Legion Post Combat Vets who rode 234 in Valdese and with us. Thanks to Philstopped at National Guard Armories lip Ramsey and American Legion Post in Morganton, Marion, and Boone. It 234, the Tramble family, and everyone benefitted the Feeding A Hungry Veteran else that came out and supported this program. This program does more than cause with us.” feed veterans, it also helps them with issues that are not covered by the Veterans Administration and their jobs. To find e Carolina out how your group can help Feeding A Th s’ Hungry Veteran find them on Facebook for more info. The ride ended at Post 209 with the usual poker run activities and more. But it was the “more” that made the day special. Full Throttle Friends and family told stories about Magazine Justin from his civilian life to serving in



Happy Veteran’s Day To All Of Our Veterans We Are Free Because Of Your Sacrifice. We Are Forever Grateful.

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CAROLINAS’ BIKER LAWYERS Representing Injured Bikers Since 1975 THE KARNEY LAW FIRM 125 New Bern Street • Charlotte, NC 28203 O. 704.376.7982 • C. 704.577.9360 Toll Free 1.877.376.7982

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November 2017 - Issue #232  

Full Throttle is a free monthly publication packed with the best biker news, stories, deals, services, and places to go in both the Carolina...

November 2017 - Issue #232  

Full Throttle is a free monthly publication packed with the best biker news, stories, deals, services, and places to go in both the Carolina...