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The Front Page: Maria Yousufzia - Ellen Newbold What is the bravest thing you have done? Pick up a big spider? Do a backflip off the diving board? Stand up to a bully? Well, fourteen year old Malala Yousufzia has been standing up to for her rights since she was eleven. Malala lives in Pakistan and her bullies are the Taliban. All Malala wanted was the same education as the boys in her country. At the age of eleven she started to campaign for these rights for her and other girls. As her statements got stronger, Malala became more well known. She even received Pakistan’s highest civilian prize. However the Taliban got angry and sent her threats. Malala bravely believed the good work she was doing for her community was her best protection.

On Tuesday, the 9th of October 2012, a Taliban gunman came to Malala’s school and opened fire on her and two other classmates. Malala was shot in the head and neck and was rushed to the hospital. Amazingly Malala survived the attack and was flown to Britain so that she could get the best care. Her strong spirit has helped

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January 11, 2012 Volume 2, Issue 3

in her recovery. Malala continues to be recognized for her brave work. The United Nations designated November 10 to be “Malala Day” as a tribute to Malala Yousafzai. In Pakistan, thousands have rallied on the streets to show their support for the schoolgirl. Nearly 90,000 people have signed a petition to have Malala nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.This one girl’s bravery has shown Pakistan the way forward.

Egyptian Uprising - Martin  Spillimbergo In  Egypt,  on  the  continent  of  Africa,  there  are  a  lot  of   protests.  In  Cairo  (the  capital)  the  protests  turned   quite  violent.  More  than  300  people  protested  against   the  Egyptian  president  Mohamed  Morsi,  outside  the   gates  of  the  presidential  palace.  Morsi  was  elected   president  on  June  8th.  In  November,  Morsi  wanted  to   change  the  constitution.  So  that  is  how  the  protests   started.  Morsi’s  opponents  believe  he  is  trying    to  get   a  lot  of  power  and  to  have  enough  power  to  become  a   dictator.  His  opponents  took  their  protests  on  the   street,  but  many  of  Morsi’s  supporters  tore  down  the   protesters’  tents  and  chased  them  away.  Both  groups   threw  stones  and  sticks  at  each  other.

Editor: Ethan Isaacson, Sponsor: Mrs. Cohen, Writers: Demetri Engel, Jacob Goldberg, Nathaniel Lombardo, Victor Vasillian, Julia Evans, Adrian Kabiri, Fiona Caulfield, Lilly Rodman, Lily Bernstein, Demi Fragoyannis , Robbie Hays, Mark Williams, Callista Satin, Zakie Sahady, Ellen Newbold, Martin Spillimbergo, Caulley Bellistri, Will Ferris, Sam Bromberg and Maya Lipton

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Notes: All pictures are from Wikipedia. Sorry if any articles are outdated, many were written before Bullis’ winter break.

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Interview with basketball coach, Mr. Kelly - Caulley  Bellistri

Caulley: What  players  do  you   think  will  have  a  big  season?  

Caulley: How  have  your  early   games  and  the  Bullis  Holiday  Tour-­ nament  helped  get  you  ready  to   play  against  IAC  teams?

Coach: Coach  says  he  looking  into   Winton  Lyle  .

Coach: We  had  a  hard  schedule   going  into  the  tournament  but  we   powered  through  it  and  did  well.   Caulley:   Which  players  are  your   leaders  on  the  team  this  year? Coach:   “From  what  I've  seen  so   far  it  looks  like  Anthony  Thompson   and  Russell  Sangster.”  

Caulley: What  are  your  goals  for   this  years’  team? Coach:   Coach  Kelly  and  the   team’s  goal  is  to  win  the  IAC  cham-­ pionship  again   Caulley:   Can  you  tell  me  an  inter-­ esting  fact  about  you  or  your  team   that  most  people  would  not  know? Coach:   All  of  the  players  are  two   sports  athletes  which  I  think  is  inter-­ esting

Fenway Park - Jake  Goldberg While  my  family  and  I  were  on  va-­ cation,  we  took  a  tour  of  Fenway   Park  in  Boston,  Massachusetts.   Fenway  Park,  a  baseball  stadium,   is  home  of  the  Green  Monster,  a  33   foot  tall  wall  of  fury.   The  stadium  is   100  years  old.   The  tour  guide   showed  us  the  press  box  where   they  film  the  game,  with  a  great   view  of  the  field.   The  coolest  thing  I   saw  was  the  suite  hallway.  It  had  all   the  different  jerseys  from  when  the   franchise  started,  in  1901  until  the  

year I  visited  in  2012.  They  even   had  jerseys  that  said  Red  Stock-­ ings,  which  was  the  name  of  the   Cincinatti  team,  before  the  Red   Sox.  In  Fenway  Park,  they  have   one  white  seat  which  represents  the   longest  home  run,  505  feet,  hit  by  a   Red  Sox  player.   It  was  surprising   to  learn  that  they  play  in  the  fourth   smallest  baseball  stadium  in  all  of   baseball.   Fenway  Park  also  has   the  smallest  wall,  with  a  measure  of   four  feet  tall.  I  think  Fenway  Park  is   the  most  interesting  stadium  in   baseball.  


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Fastest Cars by Robbie Hays The fastest  car  in  production   currently  is  the  Bugatti  Vey-­ ron  16.4  Super  Sport.  It’s   top  speed  is  268  miles  per   hour.  All  of  Bugatti’s  cars   are  handmade  in  France.   Bugatti  was  founded  in  1909   by  Ettore  Bugatti.  Bugatti  is   in  a  class  with  McLaren  and   other  high  performance  

sports cars.  However,  if  you   can’t  an  exotic  sports  car,   you  should  consider  a  Chev-­ rolet  Corvette  or  Ford   Mustang;;  a  Bugatti   Veyron  16.4  costs  2.4   million  US  Dollars.  All   Bugatti  models  seat   four.  Today  Bugatti  is   owned  by  German  car  

company Volkswagen.  Bu-­ gatti  has  really  developed  an   amazing  car.

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Holiday Recipe! Holiday Cookies by  Ellen  Newbold This  is  a  recipe  to  spread  holiday  cheer  to  all  families.  Hope  you  enjoy! PREP  TIME   TOTAL  TIME   SERVING 45  Minutes   1hr     24 Note:  These   are  not  cook-­ ies  made   from  this   recipe

Ingredients 1 sugar  cookie  mix ½  butter  or  margarine,  softened 1  egg 1  container  of  whipped  fluffy  white  frosting 1  packet  of  red  string  licorice  or  laces. 1  packet  of  assorted  candy.

Step 1 Heat  oven  to  375  F.  In  a  medium  bowl  stir  cookie  mix,  butter  and  egg  until  softened  dough   forms.  On  ungreased  cookie  sheets,  drop  dough  with  a  rounded  tablespoon  2  inches  apart. Step  2 Bake  for  11  to  14  minutes  or  until  the  edges  are  light  and  golden  brown.  Cool  for  1  minute;;   remove  from  cookie  sheets  to  cooling  racks.  Cool  completely  for  about  15  minutes. Step  3 Frost  and  decorate  1  cookie  at  a  time.  After  spreading  frosting  on  cookie,  add  licorice  or   strawberry  laces  for  band  of  earmuffs  and  candies  for  ear  covers  and  snowman  face.

Will’s original Christmas Story Once  there  was  a  boy  named,  James.  He  was  a  nice  boy  and  he  was  about  to  be  put   on  Santa’s  good  list.  But  on  Christmas  Eve,  James  did  something  bad.  He  was  with  his   friends  and  he  decided  it  would  be  nice  to  help  his  next  door  neighbor,  Mrs.  Freeman.   James  went  to  her  house  and  asked  her  if  she  needed  help  setting  up  her  new  comput-­ er.   Since  James  was  so  polite  and  charming  she  had  to  accept.   Once  inside,  she  and   James  went  into  the  kitchen  so  that  he  could  set  up  her  new  computer.   James  sat   down,  and  got  to  work.   Mrs.  Freeman  offered  James  a  cup  of  hot  chocolate.   It  was  so  a   cold  day  out,  he  immediately  said  yes! While  he  was  working  away,  be  accidentally  knocked  over  the  cup  of  hot  chocolate  all   over  Mrs.  Freeman’s  computer.  All  James  was  trying  to  do  was  help  poor  Mrs.  Freeman   but  he  had  ruined  her  computer.  James  thought  all  day  wondering  how  he  could  make   up  by  doing  more  good  deeds  to  make  up  for  the  ruined  computer  because  it  was  now   possible  that  with  all  the  naughty  and  nice  things  he  had  done  throughout  the  year,  ne   he  could  either  have  a  lump  of  coal  in  his  stockings  or  Christmas  presents  under  the   their  tree.  He  thought  a  lot  that  day  and  he  kept  trying  to  be  on  the  nice  list  but  nothing   succeeded.  Then  he  realized  it  was  already  bedtime  so  he  was  forced  to  go  to  bed  and   just  sit  there  and  wait  till  Christmas  morning.  Thump!  Bang!  James  woke  up  instantane-­ ously  and  got  out  of  bed  and  went  down  the  stairs  and  into  the  living  room.  he  saw  a   bunch  of  ash  coming  out  of  the  chimney.  James  went  into  the  kitchen  and  had  a  really   good  view  of  the  living  room.  “HO!  HO!  HO!  I’m  getting  to  old  for  that”,  Santa  said.   James  quickly  ran  to  the  closet  of  electronics  and  fished  out  a  camera.  He  ran  back  and   took  the  picture  and  then  Santa  left.  All  that  was  left  in  the  living  room  was  him,  the  tree,   and  the  presents.  He  went  back  up  the  stairs  and  went  back  to  bed....James  woke  up  to   his  sister  screaming  because  of  her  presents.  He  got  all  of  his  clothes  on  and  ran  down   the  stairs  and  he  found  a  mound  o  presents  with  his  name  on  it.  then  he  turned  on  the   camera  and  looked  at  picture  of  Santa.  It  wasn't  even  a  picture  anymore.  it  was  just  a   black  screen  that  had  barely  visible.  The  screen   said,(So  you  thought  you  could  fool  old   St.Nicholas.  

The Holiday Season by Julia Evans It’s the  holiday  season  and  no  matter  how  you   celebrate,  it’s  a  nice  time  of  year  to  be  with   friends  and  family.  The  television  ads  tell  us   that  Christmas  is  about  shopping  and  wanting   presents,  but  in  our  Bullis  community  we  know   it  is  about  giving  to  others.  We  had  a  toy  drive   and  a  coat  drive  to  help  needy  families.   We   collected  more  than  200  toys  in  the  Lower   School  and  Middle  School  and  200  coats  in  the   Upper  School.   On  Saturday,  I  went  with  a   group  of  Upper  Schoolers  to  deliver  the  toys   and  wrap  them  at  A  Wider  Circle.   The  toys  are   going  to  families  that  don’t  have  the  money  to   buy  gifts  for  their  kids.   They  will  feel  so  much   love  because  of  our  help.   I  hope  that  everyone   in  our  community  will  understand  that  it  is  bet-­ ter  to  give  to  others  than  receive  more  than   you  really  need.

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Toys of 2013 by Victor Vasillian The hottest  toys  are   coming  for  Christmas!   The   newest  device  out  is  the  Wii  U   basic  set  which  sells  for  ap-­ proximately  $300.  The  Wii  U  is   similar  to  the  3DS,  because   you  can  play  it  anywhere  and  it   has  the  same  screen  size.  You   can  even  play  Angry  Birds  on   it! In  second  comes  the   Crayola  Light  Designer.  It  is   about  $50.  On  it,  you  can  draw   anything  and  it  will  glow.  You   can  even  save  your  drawings.   There  is  also  an  activity  and   game  mode.

Next up  is  the  Barbie   Fashion  Doll.  It  is  a  doll  and  a   camera  in  one,  so  you  can   take  a  picture  of  something.  It   can  take  more  than  200  pho-­ tos.  You  can  also  plug  it  in  a   computer  and  share  them  with   your  friends! Second  to  last  is   Skylanders  Giants  Starter   Kit.  This  comes  with  the   Portal  of  Power,  a  console,   and  three  figures  to  go  with   it.  It  is  very  popular. Finally  is  a  very  old   game  called  Spot-It!  Basi-­ cally  you  have  a  card  and  

iPad Mini editorial - Fiona  Caulfield

A small  7.9  inch  tablet,  the  iPad  mini,   helps  prove  that  the  best  gifts  are  the   ones  that  are  small  and  portable.  An  av-­ erage  iPad  might  be  too  heavy  to  work   on  and  an  iPhone  may  be  too  small.  You   can  read  books  on  this  device  during   winter  break  and  download  textbooks   and  take  an  AR  quiz.  It  is  also  a  great   gift  for  Christmas,  Hanukkah,  a  birthday   or  any  other  gift-giving  event.  Some-­ times  for  some  people,  the  iPad  mini   may  be  a  disadvantage  due  to  its  porta-­ ble  size.  So,  think  carefully  before  you   purchase  your  iPad  mini  and  think  about   the  responsibility  and  care  you  will  show   for  it.  

you have  another  card  in  the   middle.  You  have  to  find   something  that  is  the  same   on   your  card  as  the  middle   card. This  is  it  for  hot  toys   of  2013!

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Polar Bears and Global Warming - Maya Lipton Believe it or not, you may think that  it’s  only  polar  bears   that are being affected by global warming.  If  you  do,  it’s  false.   Whole ecosystems of plants and animals are being affected. In fact, the Arctic is heating up three to five times faster than the earth for the past hundred years. That is a long time. The disappearance of the Arctic and its ice is making polar bears die out. In fact the polar bears are now an endangered species. As their habitat disappears , so does their prey, seals. And without the ice and seals., polar bears will become extinct. Or only survive in zoos. The reason for this is because they are more sea animal than land animal and cannot sustain themselves on creatures like the caribou, because they specialize in hunting fish and seals, and will not adapt quickly enough. But we can change that! Below are some ways to help stop global warming. After all, small things make a big difference. Walk or ride a bike, use public transportation, buy and cook only what  you’ll  eat  and  spread  the  word.

The Environment - Callie Satin The environment is changing. Do you know how? It is changing because of pollution by people by people and natural things that happen. Some things affecting the environment are gas, smoke, people cutting down trees, oil spills and volcanoes erupting. All these things are causing the earth to get warmer. We call this global warming and it has become a problem. Global warming affects all kinds of plants, places and animals. It affects them by making ice melt, trees being cut down and a warmer environment. Even the government is concerned about global warming. In a phone interview with a park official, the official said parks have begun a twenty year study of “climate variability.” He said National Parks across the U. S. are already noticing increased water shortages and drought conditions. The IPCC is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Their website is a good place o find out scientific information on global warming. One thing they are worried about is sea levels rising 60% faster than they first thought. Me, Callie Satin, is worried that some horses I saw on Chincoteague Island will have nowhere to live. This is because water may rise over the island causing it to disappear. There are many things we can do to slow global warming . We can help by growing trees, cleaning up trash, and turning lights off. We can also ask factories to clean up their smoke and ask people to drive their cars less. We should all work together to help stop global warming or the world will never be the same,

Style (Jokes  and  Reviews) Book Reviews and Jokes by Adrian Kabiri I’ve  just  finished  reading  Jeff  Kinney’s  most  recent  realistic  fiction  book,  Diary  of  a  Wimpy  Kid:   The  Third  Wheel.  In  this  seventh  Diary  of  a  Wimpy  Kid   story,  Greg  wants  to  find  a  date  for  the  Valen-­ tine’s  dance.  He  really  doesn’t  want  to  be  left  out  but  finding  a  date  is  harder  than  he  thinks  it  will  be.   You  should  read  this  book  to  see  if  he  gets  a  date  or  not.  I  think  you  should  read  this  book  because  its   goofy  and  entertaining. You  should  read  The  Nightmare  At  The  Book  Fair  if  you  like  funny,  mysterious  and  exciting  books.  If  you  do,  this  might   be  good  for  you.  The  book  is  cool  because  each  chapter  is  a  different  genre.  This  book  is  about  a  boy  named  Trip  and  Trip  is   helping  his  teacher  to  set  up  the  books  for  the  book  fair.  Then  a  book  falls  on  his  head  and  he  has  weird  dreams  that  include  that   he  is  at  the  super  bowl,  going  to  space  and  jumping  out  of  a  plane.  Read  the  book  and  see  what  happens!!!  

Why didn't  the  skeleton  want  to  play  football?   Because  it  didn’t  have  the  guts. Why  did  the  guy  run  away?   Because  there  was  a  ghost  behind  it. What  did  the  cow  say  to  the  football  player? Mooooooove  out  of  my  way. Why  did  the  computer  cough?   It  had  a  virus.  

Mark William’s Funny Papers Joke #1: Q:  April  showers  bring  May  flowers.  But  what  do  Mayflowers  bring? A:  Pilgrims! Joke  #2: Q:  What  do  you  get  if  you  cross  an  octopus  with  a  turkey? A:  Enough  drumsticks  for  8  Thanksgivings! Joke  #3: Q:  What  did  the  turkey  say  to  the  turkey  hunter? A:  Quack,  quack! Joke  #4: Q:  Why  didn’t  the  turkey  eat  dessert? A:  He  was  already  stuffed!

Fall Haiku  Poem by  Mark  D.  Williams Jumping  leaf  piles Rakes  busy  at  work  outside Now  growth  starts  again

Joke #5: Q:  Why  did  the  turkey  play  drums  in  the  band? A:  He  already  had  drumsticks!

Kooky Questions: If  today  is  Thanksgiving,  is  tomorrow  You’re-Welcomes-giving?

Community Service Interview with Mr. Reed -  Caulley  Bellistri Caulley:  What  are  you  planning  to  do  related  to  community  service  projects;;  trips,  activities,  etc.? Mr.  Reed:  We’ve  already  worked  with  UNICEF  which  is  helping  kids  in  Africa  and  all  over  the  World.  We  have  created   Thanksgiving  baskets,  where  we  collected  Thanksgiving  food.  We  are  also  going  to  sing  songs  to  a  nursing  home   during  the  holidays.

Caulley: Why  do  you  think  it  is  important  for  the  Bullis  Lower  Schoolers  to  be  involved  in  community  service?  

Mr. Reed:  Because  it  is  good  to  help  the  community  and  other  people  and  the  surrounding  area  so  we  can  “Lead  The   Bullis  Way.”

Caulley: Do  you  think  it  would  be  good  if  the  Upper  School,  Middle  School  and  Lower  School  did  a  community  ser-­ vice  project  together?

Mr. Reed:  It  would  be  awesome  if  we  could  do  that.  The  students  could  make  bonds  and  everybody  would  have  tons   of  fun.

Caulley: How  often  do  you  think  we  should  do  a  community  service  trip/project?

Mr. Reed:  We  are  going  to  try  to  get  a  trip  or  project  into  our  schedule  as  much  as  possible.

A Wider Circle - Jake  Goldberg The  week  before  winter  break,  Bullis  had  a  toy  drive  for  A   Wider  Circle.  Any  new  toys  of  any  kind  under  fifteen  dollars,  like   board  games  and  teddy  bears  that  would  make  a  kid  happy,  could   be  donated.  A  Wider  Circle  helps  families  who  just  got  out  of  pov-­ erty  and  need  to  furnish  their  homes.  If  you  donated  a  toy  it  prob-­ ably  made  you  and  another  kid  feel  amazing.

Interviews Why do people join the newspaper?

Interview with Mrs. Colburn - Demi Fragoyannis

- Ethan  Isaacson

Demi: Do you like working at Bullis?

Fiona: I  joined  the  newspaper  because  I  want-­ ed  to  express  my  thoughts  and  show  what  I   care  about.  I  also  think  it  is  neat  how  you  can   just  write.

Mrs. Colburn: I really like working at Bullis. Demi: What is your favorite book at this library? Mrs. Colburn: This is a very hard question, but my favorite book is Stories Julian Tells.

Will: It  seemed  fun  and  you  could  do  fun   things  and  be  with  friends.  It  feels  like  a  way   to  make  friends.  Being  in  a  club  is  fun.

Demi: What is your favorite type of story? Mrs. Colburn: My favorite type of story is historical fiction. Demi: What were you like as a 3rd grader?

Jake: I  thought  it  sounded  like  a  fun  idea  and   it  was  my  first  year  here  and  I  wanted  to  get   involved  with  activities.  This  has  helped  me   do  that.

Mrs. Colburn: I was shy but loved art. Demi: What is your favorite series? Mrs. Colburn: The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney.

Caulley: It  gave  me  something  useful  and   productive  to  do  at  home  instead  of  sitting   around  watching  television. If  you’d  like  to  read  more,   come  back  next  week  for   more  interviews.

Demi: How do you care for your books? Mrs. Colburn: Use book marks to keep your place, keep your book clean and return them on time.

Sam’s Interview with Mr. Gordon

Sam’s Questions                                                    

1. 2.


Mr. Gordon’s   Answers  ->                        

Why did  you  want  to  be  a  tech  teacher?

I wanted  to  be  a  tech  teacher  because  I  found  that   computers  help  me  come  up  with  new  ways  to   teach  ideas   and  to  help  students  to   learn  in  differ-­ ent  ways. 2.  Yes!  And  it  still  is,  but  the  best  way  is  to  try   things  and  see  what  happens.

Was it  hard  to  learn  all  the  things  about  computers  and  tech   things?

3. I  started  at  Bullis  in  2010.

3. 4.

4. I  chose  some  programs  like  Wixie,  Skitch  and   Google  Docs,  but  I  didn't  start  Haiku  or  AR,  but  I   help  people  use  them.

When did  you  start  at  Bullis  School?

Do you  help  to  organize  programs  like  Wixie  and  Haiku  at   Bullis?


Do you  plan  to  make  the  technology  department  at  Bullis  bigger  

5. It  is  not  really  my  decision,  but  right  now  I  think  we   have  a  good  group  of  people.

in the  

6. 7.

I know  you’re  a  math  teacher.  Do  math  and  computers  go  hand  in  hand? Do  you  think  tech  will  be  all  that  kids  do  in  the  future  when  not  at   school?

8. Does working  with  computers  give  you  a  headache  sometimes? 9. What  is  the  hardest  thing  of  being  a  tech  teacher? 10. Do  you  like  to  do  tech  things  in  your  free  time? 11. What  is  the  most  rewarding  thing  about  being  a  technology  teacher?

6. They  can  and  I  have  tried  to  make  them  go  hand  in   hand. 7.   I  hope  not.  Technology   is  great  but  there  are  a  lot  lot   of  things  you  can  and  should  do  without  being  plugged   in. 8.  Yep  computers  can  be  a  pain! I  like  designing  and  creating  new  lessons.   9.  When  things  don't  work  and  everyone  wants  me  to  fix   them  right  away 10.  I  do  some  things  in  tech  in  my  free  time  like  talk  to   friends  and  find  new  recipes. 11.  When  tech  helps  me  find  a  better  way  for  students  to   learn  something.  

Final Page Think before you speak by Victor Vasillian Billy Gorsa was walking home from school when he felt a hand grab him on the back. “Hey Nerd!” said someone from behind. When Billy turned around he saw the school bully, Benny Bangging. “If you don’t help me on tomorrow's test, I’ll smash your face to dust.” Benny said to him. Then Benny dropped Billy on the concrete. When Benny left, Billy ran straight home to his parents. When he got there, he remembered that his parents were on a business trip for the day. He was alone. He tried to think of ways to not go to school. He remembered that his face would be smashed to dust if he didn’t come. Billy thought he should just let Benny copy off of him. That was harder said than done. Billy disliked people copying off of him. Suddenly he remembered what his grandma said to him before she died. “ No matter how tough bullies are with their words, stand up to them!” He decided to stand up to Benny. The next day, Benny came to him and said “What are the answers Geek?” Billy replied back, “I am not telling you!” Benny’s face went from bright red to red to dark red to purple. Benny shouted “ You jerk!”. He took Billys glasses off and ripped them in two. Then he put them in a trash can. “Can’t see now can you?” Benny laughed and then ran, while saying rude names about Billy. Billy tried to get his glasses back, but knocked his head on the wall. Meanwhile the Principal Williams was walking around the school when she heard all the commotion. Benny was far gone when she arrived. “Billy, why are you getting your glasses out of the trash can?” she asked. Billy whispered “ Benny trashed them when I didn’t tell him the answers to the math test,”. The next day, the principal called over Benny. She discussed the reasons why he was acting like that. After the discussion, Benny realized he was wrong and went to apologize.

Skyfall by Zak Sahady

Critics are  saying  that  Skyfall  is  the  best  movie  of  the  year.   Critics  are  rating  it  a  9  out  of  10.  The  first  part  is  about  007  who  is   trying  to  capture  a  bad  guy.  But  then  a  woman  on  007’s  team   tries  to  shoot  the  bad  guy.  Instead  she  accidently  shoots   007.  He   falls  into  a  river  and  everybody  thinks  he  is  dead  but  he  is  not!  I   hope  you  see  it.

Lilly Rodman’s  interview  with  the   swim  coach,  Mrs.  Hollars Lilly:  What  is  your  favorite  stroke  and  why? Mrs.  Hollars:  Butterfly.  Butterfly  take  a  lot  of  coordination.  The  stroke  take  a  lot  of  practice  to   perform. Lilly:  What  was  your  farthest  swim? Mrs.  Hollars:  100  meters  (which  is  four  lengths  of  a  25  meter  pool.) Lilly:  Do  you  prefer  relay  or  regular  starts? Mrs.  Hollars:    Relays  are  a  lot  of  fun  to  swim.  I  like  to  use  the  relay  start  off  the  block. Lilly:  When  did  you  start  swimming? Mrs.  Hollars:  I  started  swimming  when  I  was  2  years  old. Lilly:  What  inspired  you  to  swim? Mrs.  Hollars:  I  had  a  pool  in  my  backyard  growing  up,  and  I  loved  competing  in  swim  races. ____________________________________________________________________________ -  Ethan  Isaacson  and  the  entire  newspaper  staff. Thank  you  so  much  for  reading  the  newspaper!  If  you  have  any  suggestions,  questions  or  comments,  please  give  them  to   Ethan  Isaacson  in  the  5th  grade.  The  newspaper  would  not  be  complete  without  all  of  your  help. Check  back  soon  for  the  next  issue!  Thank  you  for  reading  and  enjoy!  

Lower School News Splash  

Bullis' Lower School newspaper. Volume 2, Issue 3

Lower School News Splash  

Bullis' Lower School newspaper. Volume 2, Issue 3