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News Splash Featuring getting ready for next year! Thank you to everyone who participated!

The Front Page: Reflection On the Lower School! - Mark Williams I have had so many amazing, learning experiences, emotions and friendships since starting at Bullis in 3rd grade. Where do I begin? There are so many stories to share and people to thank. They have titles like Head of School, Principal, Teacher, Staff, Administrator, Nurse, family, friends, and Mom. I flip through the pages of my personal journal. Here are some of those countless memories. My heart is pounding. (I’m sure they can hear it.) My head is filled with so many questions. Are the kids nice? Will I make a friend? Are the teachers nice? Does the staff care? Will I get lost; will I learn my way around? (I remind myself to breathe.) My allergies -- scary. Will they make fun of me? Will I be happy? Will I be okay? Is this the right place for me? Will I have any friends? Will I be special? (Wait! Ms. Sturges said everything would be okay!)

Editor: Ethan

Flashback to September 7, 2010: I walk into South Hall. Mrs. Cohen welcomes me into her 3rd grade classroom. She greets me by name and I have my own cubby! Morning Meeting. All wide-eyed and anxiously, we sit on the colorful rug. We greet each other in a circle. As I look around -- there’s already a connection – we’re ALL new. Mrs. Cohen helps us become writers (we didn’t even know we could be). It was also Dr. Boarman’s first day of school, too! He was

warm, welcoming and an important part of our Bullis experience. Playdates and playwriting. We became historical statues with our biographies; mine was Einstein. I started playing the violin (thanks to Mrs. O’Neill, Ms. May-Frandsen and Ms. Mayer-Sattin). We blossomed and acted out life lessons in Mr. Cohen’s “Everybody’s Garden.” (I played Aaron!) Flip to September 6, 2011: I skip into South Hall. Ms. Powell is smiling, warm and welcoming. All wide-eyed and excited, we gather around the colorful state carpet. Smiles all around. We enjoy field trips and becoming better friends. Nurse Douglass takes care of us and Ms. Law manages to keep us all organized and together. The learning and reading specialists helped all the students along the way. Señora Velikovsky nos enseñó español. Ms. Powell gives us the confidence and Ms. O’Neill the stage to tell “Tall Tales” (I talked about Davy Crockett). Ms. Jacobi turns us into explorers across the Oregon Trail and for the “State Fair” (I presented New Mexico). Turn to September 4, 2012: I stride into South Hall. Mr. Reed, waving and welcoming. All wideeyed and high-fives all around, we connect on the world map rug. A funny comment and laughter breaks the ice. Was it going to be a good year? No, it’s been a great year! Ms. Lowry and Ms. Foust-Colburn took us on many reading adventures in the library. All of the PE coaches and

June 3, 2013

Volume 2, Issue 6

trainers help us build healthier bodies, strength and confidence. Ms. Duong, Mr. Fritz and the Dining Hall staff keep us fed and Mrs. Delinsky guides and counsels us. We created our own businesses at the “Entrepreneur Fair;” I displayed “MARK’s Artwork.” Thanks to Ms. Gillett, we’ve incorporated art into almost everything we do! We sang and danced our way through “Dear Edwina;” I was Bobby. I’m on my way to my AR goal of 2 million words! Ms. Kelly has turned us into lifelong readers! Mr. Gordon helps us with his math and computer wizardry. We learned the best way for Bullis to Give Back is for Kids to Help Kids. Fast forward to September 3, 2013: I walk into South Hall. My heart is pounding. (I’m sure they can hear it.) My head is filled with so many questions. Wait! It’s different. Now, I have the answers! Are the kids nice? Yes. Will I make a friend? No, I’ve made several. Are the teachers nice? Beyond nice; they are smart, caring and they challenge me. Does the staff care? Very much; they’ve made it a safe place to learn and grow. Will I get lost; will I learn my way around? Yes, but not for long because there will be so many wonderful, caring people to help guide me along the way. My allergies? Just deal with it. Will they make fun of me? They have fun with me. Will I be happy? I am happy. Will I be okay? I’m more than okay. Is this the right place for me? I found my place in Lower School. I hope I can find it again in Middle School. Will I have any friends? I already do! They are my best friends. Will I be special? We are all special. We played, planted, reduced, reused, recycled, cheered, celebrated, competed, sang, danced, drew, calculated, translated, taught, learned, read, read, read, laughed, cried, remembered and gave back. We became artists, athletes, learners. We became friends. We became Bullis!

Thank you for reading the 6th, and final issue of News Splash! We hope you enjoy the new color scheme and everything in this paper! If you are on the staff, make sure you go to the newspaper party on June 5th, 2013 at 3:00 PM!

Next Year!

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News Splash

Signing off as Editor - Ethan Isaacson I wrote this article so I could thank everyone for this wonderful newspaper experience. As this is the last issue of the Lower School Newspaper for this school year, this will be my last issue as editor of this newspaper. First, I would like to thank Mrs. Cohen for this wonderful opportunity! I have learned so much and this has been an incredible experience. I would also like to thank Mrs. Cohen for her infinite help editing and planning. This really wouldn’t have been possible without you. I would also like to thank Adrian and Mark for helping me with editing, and keeping track of all the articles. Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who was involved with the newspaper! Without you, this would not at all have been possible. I hope all of you have gotten as much out of this newspaper experience as I have. Also, good luck to next year’s associate editors, Sam and Martin and editor, Ethan Vardi!

The 6th Grade - Ethan Vardi On April 17, 2013, the fifth graders went to the sixth grade for a day of work. First we went to Mr. Stower’s room to read. Then we had some fun at science class where we experimented with molasses, representing a tan oil spill. After that we went to Mr. Salmon’s room to learn about world population. Later that day, we gathered in the auditorium for the Middle School assembly, where we Skyped with author David Lubar, who wrote many novels, including Hidden Talents and Dunk, and different 5th graders asked him questions. By that time we were all starving so we went to lunch with the middle school. All in all, the Bullis fifth grade had a pretty fun time visiting the sixth grade.

Newspaper Staff and Notes! Editor-In-Chief: Ethan Isaacson with help from Mark Williams Next Year’s Editors; Editor-In-Chief: Ethan Vardi; Assistant Editors: Sam (Sammy) Bromberg and Martin Spllimbergo Sponsor: Mrs. Cohen Writers: Demetri Engel, Jacob (Jake) Goldberg, Nathaniel Lombardo, Victor Vasillian, Julia Evans, Adrian Kabiri, Fiona Caulfield, Lilly Rodman, Lily Bernstein, Demi Fragoyannis, Robbie Hays, Callista (Callie) Satin, Zakie (Zak) Sahady, Ellen Newbold, Caulley Bellistri, Will Ferris, Ephraim Shaw, and Abdullah AlBader Notes: All pictures are from Wikipedia ( or the Bullis Website ( Sorry if any articles are outdated, many were written before May. Sorry for the delay in the publishing of this issue. Please give any editing mistakes or comments to Ethan I. in the 5th grade, and any ideas for next year to Ethan V. in the 5th grade!

Volume 2, Issue 6

Interviews Interview with Mrs. Delinsky - Nathaniel Lombardo Why Do you like being a counselor? Helping students and then seeing them improve and doing better later on.

Interview with Varsity Boys Tennis Coach, Steve Miguel: - Abdullah AlBader Abdullah: How many years have you been coaching the team? Coach: This will be my 5th year. Abdullah: When did you start playing tennis? Coach: I started playing tennis when I was 10 and I took it seriously when I was 14.

What is your favorite part of the job? My lessons in LS because I get to know students and I think that helps them feel more comfortable when they do have a problem or need some help. What is your favorite lesson you've taught? Meditation! We are all so busy, I like helping students learn to take a few minutes and slow down, catch their breath and relax. How do you feel about teaching at Bullis? I feel really happy teaching and working at Bullis.

Abdullah: What do you think about this year’s team compared to last year’s team? Coach: This year’s team is composed of more different kinds of sport players. Therefore our experience of playing the game isn’t as high.

Do you plan to teach here next year? I do, I'm excited about coming back and seeing many familiar faces rather than all new faces like this past year.

Abdullah: What methods do you use to improve the player’s skills? Coach: Our method is to get better every day. Therefore we practice a lot of consistency drills.

How do you think of the ideas for your lessons? I look at what issues keep coming up and try to come up with fun and interesting ways of letting students talk about them so they'll have more ideas of what to do the next time the problem comes up.

Abdullah: Are you a left or right handed player? Coach: I am a right handed player. Abdullah: Did you ever participate in any sort of competition? Coach: I competed in the local, regional, and national tennis circuits. I also competed for the Ohio state tennis team. Abdullah: Do you think that any of the players you coached will be professional players? Coach: No, because no one put in the time or effort to be a professional. Abdullah: Who are your favorite tennis players, both men and women? Coach: I like Stefan Edberg and John McEnroe.

When do you start thinking about your next lesson? I'll I try to plan a few weeks at a time so that the lessons build on one another.

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News Splash

Highs and Lows of Summer - Ellen Newbold A great thing about summer is that you get to play in the pool! :) A bad thing about summer is that you get bitten by mosquitoes. :( A great thing about summer is that there is no school! :) A bad thing about summer is that you miss your friends. :( A great thing about summer is that is warm! :) A bad thing about summer is that it gets too warm. :( A great thing about summer is that you get to go on vacation. :) A bad thing about summer is that you have to share a hotel room with your siblings. :( A great thing about summer is that you have all day to do something! :) A bad thing about summer is that you don’t know what to do. :( A great thing about summer is that you have barbecues outside! :) A bad thing about summer is that there are so many bugs. :( A great thing about summer is the 4th of July! :) A bad thing about summer is that fireworks are so loud. :( A great thing about summer is that you get to spend time with family! :) A bad thing about summer is that your parents can’t wait until summer ends. :( Have a great summer and enjoy!!

A special addition to the Bullis Campus - The Memorial Patio - Caulley Bellistri Bullis School is honoring Cami Baruch’s memory in a very special way. Cami was a member of the Class of 2013. She passed away this year. The school is now building a patio in Cami’s memory as a peaceful place for students and members of the Bullis community to meet, reflect on life, and enjoy nature. It is also a place to remember Cami’s spirit because she was such an important part of Bullis. The patio is a gift of the Class of 2013 and the Sullivan Family. The patio will include a pond that will have water flowing over rocks. The dedication of the patio will happen sometime before graduation. Editor’s Note: This article was written before the beautiful patio was built. Students on the patio have been seen reading peacefully.

Volume 2, Issue 6

Exciting Storylines

The Bullympics - Jacob Goldberg

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Bullis’ Grandparents and Special Friends Day - Julia Evans

At Bullympics the gold team shocked the blue team with their first win. “Gold” and “Blue” were fighting the whole way down. Every single competition was won by a few seconds. But in the middle, the Blue team slowed down and the Gold team found its chance to come move up. And they did. The Gold team beat the Blue team by a close score of 110 for the Blue team and 113 for the Gold team.

On Friday, May 10th we had Grandparents and Special Friends Day. The third graders also had a poetry tea for the guests. All of the third graders read one of their poems about nature and other interesting subjects. We served punch and cookies. The day was lots of fun for the students and all of the visitors. Many people attended.

How People Use Smartphones - Demetri Engel A new study shows how many hours a regular person uses a Smartphone. They spend this time snapping pictures, texting and calling others. Their phones were used an average of 23 minutes a day! The breakdown of time is: 26% of the time on phone calls, 20% texting, and 9% e-mailing. Scientists say people should stop using them so much.

Poems Forgotten



- Ephraim Shaw

- Robbie Hays

secrets not shared Branches come, an opening soul Blush flowers peaceful memories good times, some misgentle souls reflect violet colors takes forgiven and forgotten SPRING! left and abandoned ENCORE! bits and pieces of stories life,fun,enjoyment even the twist and turns but always worth it watercolors spread as they touch the atmosphere recovering from depression, rehab

Octopus - Demi Fragoyannis Hot pink, peach, white big eyes chef hat buck teeth looks like a big puffy ball of bubble gum tiny mouth like a peanut big red tongue

Book Related Topics Book Review: The Matched Trilogy - Fiona Caulfield An amazing series written by Ally Condie becomes the most popular book series on the shelf. The Matched Trilogy is an action-packed, page-turning book that will make you want to read all the books in the series over and over. Each book explains the difficulties of an overpowering government, called the Society, and how Cassia, Xander, and Ky, the three main characters, face trouble. The Society is watching them closely, making sure that they are not committing reclassifications. Ky already has had a reclassification because of something his father has done, and will be sent away if gets caught with Cassia. Meanwhile, Xander is part of a secretive group that plans to take down the Society. These books are full of interesting, yet magnificent writing. Find out what happens in the first book, Matched, the second book, Crossed and the third book, Reached.

Meet The Author: David Lubar - Victor Vassilian

Do you know the author David Lubar, the man who wrote Hidden Talents and The Weenies Series? If you don’t here’s some information. David Lubar was born on March 16th, 1954. He lived in Morristown, New Jersey and graduated from Rutgers University. Mr. Lubar is now the author of numerous books. He is also a video game programmer, who programmed the game Super Breakout for the Nintendo Game Boy and the game Frogger for the SNES and GameBoy.

The Environment Bird Migration - Callie Satin There are more than 650 different types of birds in North America. Some of these stay where they live, but most of them migrate to different places. The two main reasons that birds migrate is because of the shortage of food and cold weather. There are three different types of migrations. These are short distance, medium distance, and long distance. The short distance migrations move from higher to lower places in the mountains. Medium distance migrations fly to different states and long distance migrations may fly to other countries around the world. Birds know when to migrate when days get shorter and colder. Although we do not completely understand how birds navigate it is believed that they use the stars. the earths magnetic fields and smell. There are a few migration hazards which include lack of food supplies, bad weather and the spread of diseases.

Elephants - Lilly Rodman In many places, not including America, elephants are being killed for their tusks. Some of the places where they are killed is in Africa and Asia. They kill the elephants for their ivory. Ivory is sold in Asia to make jewelry. Also ivory is produced for piano keys. In America it is illegal for citizens to kill elephants. The species are beginning to be considered endangered. How can you help?

Back Cover Interview with Mrs. Rose - Adrian Kabiri

Interview with Ms. Benson - Lily Bernstein

Adrian: What inspired you to play and coach lacrosse? Ms. Rose: I started playing in 5th grade and my coach was coach Lloyd and I did whatever my sister did and I played at Vanderbilt. Adrian: How old were you when you started playing lacrosse? Ms. Rose: When I was in Middle School I started playing more competitively. Adrian: What is your favorite position? Ms. Rose: I played midfield but I like coaching defense. Adrian: How long have you coached lacrosse at Bullis? Ms. Rose: This is my second season at Bullis as head coach of J.V. Adrian: How’s your team feeling about a 12/2 record? Ms. Rose: We are very excited and we really hope we will win against Stone Ridge and end the season with a 13/2 season record.

Lily 1. Q. How many camps will there be this summer? Miss Benson 1. A. 62 camps this summer. Lily 2. Q. How many years have you been running the summer camp at Bullis? Miss Benson 2. A. 3 years. Lily 3. Q. What is your favorite camp here? Miss Benson 3. A. The Wilderness & Adventure camp Lily 4. Q. Did you do the Bullis summer camp when you were little? Miss Benson 4. A. I did camps, but not at Bullis. Lily 5. Q. What age do the camps start at? Miss Benson 5. A. 3 and 1/2 (for Bulldog Day Camp Jr.)

Bullis Desserts - Zakie Sahady

At Bullis we have all kinds of desserts, like cookies and brownies etc. My favorite dessert is the chocolate eclair (ice cream), but I think they should add more desserts to the Bullis menu like a yogurt machine or a cotton candy maker. Or they can also put healthy desserts like strawberries, fresh pineapple, and watermelons. It would be nice if they can add a healthy candy bar or granola. Hopefully they can make those changes.

Lower School News Splash Vol. 2 Issue 6  

Issue 6 of Vol. 2 of the Bullis Lower School's newspaper, the News Splash.

Lower School News Splash Vol. 2 Issue 6  

Issue 6 of Vol. 2 of the Bullis Lower School's newspaper, the News Splash.