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Flooding in Indonesia By Martin Spilimbergo

Since Tuesday, January 14, there have been heavy rain and floods in Northern Indonesia. The severe weather has killed 23 people so far and has forced thousands of citizens away from their houses. The floods

and landslides have cut off transportation

down for most of the Northern region of Indonesia. In addition, a Philippine island by the name of Mindanao is also affected.

People have made their own rafts to stay afloat.

from one place to another. Obviously, power is

Interview With Mrs. Yost By Maeve Zimmer What are you working on right now?

What stitches are you using?

Valentine hearts, but if finished, they will sew a tic tac toe and play a game.

Whip and running.

club? (Student’s Interview with: Lukee, Logan and Ava)

Lukee: Tic tac toe. What is your goal for this semester? My goal is for the kids to have fun and to sew on their own.

Have you completed a project before this interview?

Logan: Tic tac toe and machine sewing.

We made snowman faces. Ava: Sewing on felt. What is your favorite thing in sewing

Mrs. Yost is leaving, if you have the chance say bye to her.



Citizens protesting in the streets.

Protests In Ukraine By Julian Christensen For weeks there have been huge protests in the Ukraine, a country in eastern Europe. Why? The President of the Ukraine refused to sign a trading deal with the European Union. He and his government would rather enter a “Strategic partnership” with Russia. The people of the Ukraine want to become more democratic rather than go back to the “Soviet like” days when they were ruled by Russia. Because of that, a group of protesters tore down the statue of Lenin, one of the founders of the Soviet Union.

There now are thousands of demonstrators in Kiev (the capital of the Ukraine). They demand that the president and the parliament step down. Now the Military is involved, trying to break up the protests in order to protect the president. That could turn into violence just like we’ve seen in Egypt. Meanwhile, US and EU diplomats are meeting with the President and the protest leaders to try to sort things out. Right now, the rest of the world will just have to hope that the Ukraine will

become peaceful again! The protests have gotten smaller but the demonstrators and government opposition still have a protest camp on Kiev’s Independence Square. The Parliament has passed a new, very strict law against protests and demonstrations. The demonstrators are worried that the police will put them in jail for up ten years! The situation is still not under control and is still not resolved!

friends go on a quest to get their long lost gold back from Smuag the dragon and get past Azog the Orc. The first Hobbit movie was very good. It left off at a hook where you wanted to see more.

Part 2 continues the journey. The book is a little different than the movie. Some people like me, like the book better.

The Hobbit Series By Ben Hollars


The Hobbit series came to theaters on Friday, December,13. The Desolation of Smaug, as the second part, is the title of the new movie. In both part 1 and part 2, Bilbo, the Hobbit, and his dwarf

Trading Faces Book Review By Nela Sahady I recommend the book, Trading Faces for girls seven and older. The book Trading Faces is about two girls named Emma and Payton. Emma likes Payton’s boyfriend and Payton

likes Emma’s boyfriend. During the story, they try to figure out what to do to solve the problem.






Noodles & Company By Milenko Stojkovic Noodles and Company, a chain restaurant, is known for their pasta but they also serve salads, soups, chicken, and other meals. I recommend this restaurant because of their wonderful spaghetti with Parmesan cheese and butter. Some other delights are Pasta Fresca, mac and cheese, and grilled chicken. This is a great place

for a family lunch or dinner.

Picture of Noodles & Company

Buddy Bison and Park Trust By Julian Christensen The National Park Trust is a wonderful organization, dedicated to preserving national parks. They help protect wildlife and historical monuments, public lands and streams. Their mascot is a woolly stuffed bison called Buddy Bison. Park Trust’s hope is that Buddy Bison will encourage kids to get out-

doors and explore National Parks. One of the reasons why we should go to parks is that we have to help park rangers take care of wildlife and the parks. Also you usually have fun seeing animals and rivers. You can actually take a picture of Buddy Bison and yourself in a National park and put it in the Bullis

section of the Buddy Bison website. If you want to borrow a Buddy Bison stuffed animal, most Lower school teachers have them. For more information, go to and

ans die in mudslides. In this storm, nobody seemed to die. The storm lasted for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. And know one knows when the power will come back.

*Brazilian time

Rainstorms in Brazil By Martin Spilimbergo On Thursday*, January 17th, in Rio De Jainero in Brazil, there have been some major rainstorms and mudslides. That day, the sirens sounded, warning that there could be danger in the city. Every year hundreds of Brazili-

In Sao Paulo, heavy rain has flooded the streets.


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Pete Seeger’s death By Nathaniel Lombardo Pete Seeger, a famous folk song singer and writer, died January, 27, 2014. Every now and then Pete Seeger worked with The Weavers. The Weavers were a quartet who, just like Pete Seeger, sang folk songs. Pete Seeger along with a bunch of other folk song singers are known as Woodie’s children. They are called that because they were all inspired by a man named Woodie Guthrie. Many people are affected by Pete’s death as he made a huge difference to the world.

Winter Poem By Julian Christensen

Winter a Wonderful Wonderland Season in Snow Leaves off Branches Frost on Ground Skis and Sleds Racing on Hills That’s Winter Fun Animals Sleeping

Deep Down in Warm Dirt Winter a Wonderful

Wonderland Season Dressed in White






2014 Sochi Winter Olympics By Sam Bromberg Winter Olympics this winter including ice hockey, alpine skiing, luge, snow board, skating, curling, and the newest sport added to the Winter Olympics, Slopestyle. As of February 11, the

USA team has earned 7 medals in all.

What are you cooking right now?

What recipes are you using?

What is your goal this semester?

So far, we made butter from heavy cream, cooked pancakes, made hummus and decorated cupcakes and cookies with frosting. Everything has turned out great! We’d like to do something with spices or taste testing soon.

I use recipes found online and share them with the students. Together, we look at the recipe, measure ingredients and follow the direction. We had to cut one recipe in half and worked using fractions and division to do this.

I would love students to feel comfortable following recipes and confident in their cooking abilities. It’s also great to try new things!

The Winter Olympic games in Sochi, Russia have begun. There are 15 different sports in the

Cooking With Mrs. Colburn


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Volume 2 Issue 1 of Bullis' Lower School newspaper - the Newsplash.

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