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Land Development Consultants & Licensed Surveyors








SCAFFOLDING MADE EASY Oldfields is a specialist scaffolding company, supplying the industry with a complete scaffolding solution from HIRE and SERVICE to NEW SALES. From a small mobile scaffold tower right through to a new construction project, Oldfields have you covered. For a free quotation, call 13 62 60 or visit:




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 System Scaffold  Mobile Towers – Pro Series  Folding Scaffold

SPECIAL Oldfields Pro Series Mobile Tower’s 1.3m Wide x 2.5 Long x 4m Platform with 2 Outriggers



1.3m Wide x 2.5 Long x 3.5m Platform

*Top working platform of 1.9m requires minimum of 2 outriggers



SPECIAL $685+GST Base only $990+GST Without Outriggers or $1090+GST With 2 Outriggers

is produced quarterly by

Zippy Fold-up Scaffold Extension Business Promotions Australia PO Box 1307, Wangara DC WA 6947 Ph: (08) 9409 5143 Fax: (08) 9409 3372 Email: admin@bpaust.com.au Publisher Gary Boulos Editorial Rocky Amatulli Admin/Artwork Co-ordinator Gina York Artwork Production Opus1design.com.au Photographers Hickory & Site Visuals, DMax, Douglas Mark Black, Matthew Moyles, Trent Boulos Sales Executives Gary Boulos, Mike Thake Accounts Julie Jones


Base Unit: 1.96m(H) x 0.74m(W) x 1.96m (L) Standing Heights: 0.4m, 0.9m, 1.4m 1.9m* Maximum Load 225kg



 System Scaffold  (Aluminium or Heavy Duty Steel)  Mobile Towers (Aluminium)  Hand Railing

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CODE Compliance Solutions Built on Performance We are proud to be involved in the following projects featured in this edition of The Builder's Choice Magazine: Peppers Hotel Kings Square Channel Nine Plaza & Offices Selby Street North Offices K-Mart Distribution Centre

Hickory & MODE Developments Primewest & COX Architects 3B Build & Meyer Shircore CIP Property

We think outside of the box to find commercial solutions to meet the strategic goals of our clients.





Building Compliance Solutions We have moved...

Level 5, 5 Mill Street, Perth WA 6000 www.codegroup.com.au

Phone 08 9481 6111






Insulated Panels by Panelmakers Established in 2006 to meet the growing demands for structural insulated panels, Panelmakers is providing quality building products with prompt service for a diverse market. Insulated panels initially used solely for the commercial food storage industry have evolved to stylish panels for residential housing,

transportable buildings and patio roofing, providing clean lines, insulation and cost effective alternatives. Suitable for:  COOLROOMS  RESIDENTIAL  PATIOS  GRANNY FLATS  AND FACTORIES

Our manufacturing plant is the latest Panel Laminating Line specifically built to allow production of a range of panel types.This automated line continuouslySUITABLE laminates preFOR: painted Galva bond coil to an expanded polystyrene core manufactured in house to AS 1366.Light weight, strong and

providing great insulation properties, these panels will enhance your investment. Our aim is to maintain a high standard of quality, service and competitiveness! Phone: (08) 9303 9898 www.panelmakers.com.au E: panelmakers@bigpond.com.au

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The Future of Plumbing – Welcome to CLICK DRAIN® A grate innovation to service the drainage market using seamless technology. Designed by drainage experts, CLICK DRAIN®, developed using PAIGE STAINLESS HEEL-GUARD® and exclusively distributed by Civil and General Distributors in WA is a full stainless steel drainage system superseding existing and dated methods

and materials currently used in the civil line drain industry. The CLICK DRAIN® system utilises the popular 300 series stainless steel, (grade 304 and 316) into a multi form drainage channel using heelguard enhanced water flow grates, they are chemical resistant, lightweight and timeless in material selection.

Using PAIGE STAINLESS HEELGUARD® grating captures 21 years of market research. This system is specifically designed and built for the civil drainage, plumbing and the building industry. This patented product (Australian std patent nmber 2007902962) enables both builders and plumbers to basically style the drain on site as required, its clever and unique 'click' together system has outlet sections, joiner sections, change of direction sections and stop ends to create a drain for site requirements.  2 meter and 1 meter channel lengths for faster and more accurate install.  Light weight and versatile compared to traditional polymer/concrete drain sections.

10 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

 Self supporting and does not require concrete to validate its Class load ratings.  Revolutionary 'click' together channel lengths and components & outlet sections are orientated on site.  Channel lengths can be cut on site to suit the application.  90 deg and 45 deg sections are standard for change of direction.  Drain terminating ends are simply clicked on.  Produces a seemless drain run with a full stainless steel edge profile.  Green Tag certified  CLICK DRAIN® is impervious to chemicals being a full stainless steel drain configuaration.  CLICK DRAIN® is able to be cut using conventional tools, std hole saws and inert cutting disc materials that are not harmful to the environment.

Phone: (08) 9249 4733 www.civilandgeneral.com.au Email: sales@civilandgeneral.com.au


… and so this is

Christmas I

t's that time of the year again, when we ask ourselves “Where has it gone?” By 'it', we are referring to 2016! Another 12 months seem to have flown by, marked by many world events that will help make this year another memorable one. Despite all those events (which range from elections right through to natural disasters) our economy and its major industries relentlessly keep driving forward to provide all Australian's with a better lifestyle. It is satisfying then, that on a local front, WA's building industry has also helped make 2016 another memorable year. We have

seen many outstanding contributions from our growing talent pool of designers, builders, architects, consultants and developers ... along with the influence of some larger, national players. The December edition of The Builders Choice Magazine again aims to showcase a cross-section of projects, from suburban apartment developments such as Filburn st, Davilak Ave, Chalwell St and Equity Apartments, through to larger industrial and commercial projects such as Kmart's new distribution centre, Nine Plaza, Waterhall and Austin Lakes Shopping Centres, and the

revolutionary Peppers Kings Square project in the Perth CBD. We also continue to feature some of the best residential design and construction WA has to offer, with Hesperia Ave City Beach ... not to mention profiles on some of our most respected suppliers to the building industry. We are proud to be part of our state's dynamic and resourceful industry, as we are certain that you are. Together we will strive to do our utmost to keep growing our great industry in this unique state of ours, WA. Merry Christmas THE BUILDERS CHOICE TEAM

Bike Parking Experts AS2890.3 (2015) White Paper New Bike Parking Rules FREE Download Visit our Website www.cora.com.au P: 1800 249 878 E: sales@cora.com.au

12 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016


Antipodes – Commercial Axminster carpets from Brintons Invigorate your project with a striking flooring design from Brintons. Antipodes – Brintons' latest collection of commercial grade, woven Axminster carpets – takes design cues from nature and architecture and strikes the ultimate balance between colour, texture and functionality. Woven in Brintons' high performance 80% wool, 20% nylon yarn blend at Brintons' own manufacturing plants, Antipodes is a stylish flooring solution engineered to perform in the most demanding areas.

Available from stock, Antipodes is perfect for fast-turnaround projects. The designs are also available on Brintons Design Studio Online where you can interact with the patterns to create a bespoke solution for your project.

For more details contact Brintons www.brintons.net 1800 332 694 enquiries@brintons.com.au

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Colour Matching – Walls and Window Coverings We also carry a further enticing selection of colours in non-Dulux matched fabrics that will be suitable for every style of room. The Elegance range is available in vertical blinds, roller blinds and panel blinds.

Colour matching made easy. Elegance window coverings are now available as an exclusively licensed designer blinds collection featuring Dulux paint technology. Identically colour matched to Dulux Australia’s most popular selling paint colours and comprising Dulux signature paint names, your walls and window coverings can now enjoy a seamless picture perfect harmony every time. Bring your room to life with warm, rich and classical Dulux tones. A perfect match. Guaranteed.

14 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

Phone: 9302 1002 www.wblinds.com.au

Infinity Zipline Screens 4.5M in a single and 9.0M in a Double The routine response in residential buildings is to install fixed fly-screens on windows and mesh sliding doors on doorways. However, this would detract from the clean lines and style of the development. Freedom Screens offers a unique feature which hides the flyscreen when the screens are retracted. The feature creates a non impeded view as you look from one space to the other, complementing the design of the house.



Up Close + Personal with

Adam Goodwin Managing Director of Actus Associates Interviewed by Rocky Amatulli

 Can you tell our readers what Actus Associates does? We offer Architectural and Project Management Services. Our expertise serves the retail, health care, community and industrial sectors. Recently we have also taken on some residential and commercial projects. One of the greatest aspects of project management is the ability to find innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions. At Actus Associates we are in a fortunate position to be easily able to implement such an approach.  Do you feel that makes the Actus approach unique? In our industry we often see a 'disconnect' between architect and builder/project manager with the risk of wide communication gaps that lead to issues further along the

board for our staff, as I regard it as highly important to train and build a strong 'Actus Team'. project cycle. The synergy created by our registered architect and myself (a chartered building practitioner) makes our services and experience unique, and ensures that both key components are delivered within a holistic approach.  You seem very passionate about what you do. How did that start? My passion for building and construction spans over many years and first manifested itself when I was able to gain hands-on experience in my teenage years. After several years in the Royal Australian Navy, I completed an apprenticeship as a carpenter, which proved itself highly valuable.

I worked for one of Australia's largest builders, was employed with a boutique high-end renovation company and gained experience as a Project Manager on the client side, all before I started up with Actus Associates.  How does that passion and experience apply itself at Actus Associates? My role is extremely versatile and I wear many hats in one day. I oversee all projects and coordinate them within our team. I look after our clients and attend most (if not all) client meetings. One of my main roles is client representation when it comes to correspondence with authorities. I also particularly enjoy my role as a bouncing

 So how do you keep motivated? This depends on which aspect of my role you are referring to; for project management and architectural aspects, I am inspired by the complete and ever changing environment that architecture and project management present. The speed of the evolution as well as the sustainable element keep my team and myself going, and we work hard to stay on top of latest developments. With regards to business management, I am inspired by our young and dynamic team who have a thirst for knowledge and are keen to see their ideas take shape. Their energy forces me to stay involved and come

 Feasibility & Detailed Cost Planning  Bills of Quantities/Schedules of Works  Pre and Post Contract Construction Cost Advice  Assets and Portfolio Valuation Assessments  Contract Administration  Contract Services and Dispute Management  Serving the State of Western Australia

‘‘Providing financial advice on the built environment’’


9A Agnew Way, Subiaco, Perth WA 6008 Integrity



16 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016


www.chrysalisqs.com Respect

Phone 08 6141 3319 Accountability


up with new and innovative ideas. Furthermore I like to see the business grow which ensures that our staff feel they are in a secure position to provide for their families.  What aspects of your industry sector provides challenges for you? Other than the generic 'time, cost and quality' constraints that are standard on all projects, I would say ensuring communication is kept at the highest possible level enabling client expectations to be met. I think this challenge is one that most of us face in this day and age, as it is so easy to send of a quick email or make a quick phone call. People use the “cc” function on emails to ensure that everyone who might possibly have an interest in a conversation is included, which leads to a flood of emails every day. Unfortunately it is quite common now, that people do not take the time to hold the indepth conversation that is sometimes required.  Do you think that this can be 'fixed' in some way? As I was alluding to, it is important that we take the time to hold an in-depth conversation at critical stages of a project, and with everyone's full attention. I regard it as very important that all relevant representatives on the client side as well as all our staff attend such meetings. This might cost in time and resources but I deem it to be one of the most important factors of the success of a project.

 I imagine that technology has impacted on your place in the industry? Technology has changed projects on all levels. It has made the developments quicker and more complex, requiring a vast experience and knowledge base to achieve the best possible outcome. In order to keep up with the industry, Actus Associates staff actively engage with affiliations such as the Western Australian Institute of Architecture (WAIA), Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) amongst others.  In hindsight, have there been any significant lessons from your experiences in the industry? I have learnt to take a step back when things appear difficult. It is important to take a breath, stay calm and allow oneself to explore all options. Furthermore, embracing change and good communication are paramount to a successful project. And I cannot do everything on my own, I can only ever be as good as my team.  And when you're not working? What do you enjoy doing? I focus on spending time with my family – my three boys and my wife. Relaxing whilst enjoying a good meal with friends, gives me that energy boost for the busy weeks and if work allows a longer time out, I love to travel and explore the architecture of foreign countries. To keep my brain busy, I like to enhance my knowledge of the German language with the help of my Austrian wife.

Arc-i Welding would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year We are open over the festive season except public holidays. So if you are working or not ... we have:        

LPG for your BBQ or welding and cutting Balloon and beer gas (most important one) Industrial and medical gas New welding equipment New Oxy equipment Hire equipment Safety equipment Service and repairs

OTHER SERVICES AVAILABLE Arc-i Welding Industries are Perths welding specialists. We provide a broad range of premium welding and industrial supplies and services while offering expertise derived from 20+ years in the industry. Gas Agent

Phone: 9242 5041

Gas Agent Industrial, Medical, Hospitality and LPG Gases in stock Delivery service available. e-mail: boc@arciwelding.com.au 74 Howe Street, Osborne Park WA 6017 P (08) 9242 5041 | F (08) 9242 5042 E enquiries@arciwelding.com.au W arciwelding.com.au

December 2016 – The Builders Choice Magazine 17



Up Close + Personal with

Sandra Scioli Sales and colour consultant at Abbey Ceramics Interviewed by Rocky Amatulli  We are curious as to how the company got its name – Abbey Ceramics? The name came from (Abbey Ceramics founder and owner since 1976) Mr Fiorentino Evangelista's hometown Montecassino (a small town about 80 miles south of Rome). It is home to the sacred relics and monastery of St. Benedict who is the patron saint of Europe and the founder of western monasticism. Despite its troubled history, the monastery has always been rebuilt and the relics of St. Benedict have survived through all the turmoil. The building which stands today was constructed after WW2 using the old plans. It's a little older than Abbey Ceramics is ...

 So how long exactly have you been working with Abbey Ceramics? I've now been with the company for over thirty five years.  When did you start working at Abbey Ceramics? I can actually tell you the exact date. I started at here on December 1st, 1980 when I was 16 years old. Having no knowledge of the industry, Mr Evangelista enrolled me at Leederville Tafe to learn the basics of wall and floor tiling. I learnt quickly, estimating quantities and laying tiles – which was a great challenge given that I was the only female in a class of 20 young men. I completed the course and received a Certificate of Wall

and Floor Tiling. Eventually, I met and learnt more from the best interior decorators and designers in the industry and made my way to the top by introducing myself to many prestige builders and architects (many of which I am still working with today). I've been fortunate enough to work on many great projects, coordinating colours and making colour board samples for presentations to clients on both residential and commercial projects.

 I believe that you have an Italian nickname that they call you by at Abbey Ceramics Yes that's true! They call me 'Tutto Fare' which means 'I do everything' ... which pretty well describes a typical day at work for me.  Having been in the industry for that amount of time, what has changed the most? Nowadays it's a very competitive business to be in. It's a huge challenge with so many tile shops around, and so many products on the market. I think

Building & Construction Project Planning and Software - IT Services Are you always struggling to find time to run your projects effectively? We offer Microsoft Project and Primavera P6 Planning Services for Tendering and Progressing your projects to assist with timely completion. Contact Ivor who has 46 years International, National and WA expertise in many varied projects.

Also enquire about our unique 1-on-1 and your group training covering Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, Project and Primavera P6. To assist your business even more, we supply Customisable Business Apps covering: Estimating & Quoting, Contact Administration, Job Costing, CRM, Document-Drawing Control, Procurement, Manhour Tracking & KPI Reporting, Property

18 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

and Plant Maintenace, etc. Modules have been used by 100's in WA since 1990.

Ph: 08-9275-9188 W: perthsoftware.com E: ivor@perthsoftware.com

profile THE BUILDERS CHOICE that too many shops drives the prices ridiculously low where it's difficult to compete and still offer a very personal service and durable products. Also, the majority of retailers are importing of tiles from China these days unlike years ago when most tiles came from Italy. These Chinese suppliers have taken over the industry with hundreds of manufacturers exporting to Australia. When I started in the 1980's, customers didn't care how much they were spending on tiles as long as they got a great product. Some were spending up to tens of thousands of dollars to purchase their tiles, whereas nowadays many clients are on a budget.

1200 x 600 and even bigger. Also thickness of tiles now vary from 20mm right down to 1mm. I personally love the look today, with huge, rectangular porcelain tiles right though to timber-look tiles. Who ever thought we could lay tiles that look like real wood without the maintenance of timber. Truly incredible!

Decades ago there were only bicottura and monocottura tiles. In the last few years, porcelain tiles have become more popular and sizes of tiles have changed dramatically too from 150 x 150 to

 Are there any positive changes which have come about over time? Absolutely! Technology has changed the industry (and products) so much. Through technological advances and competitive manufacturing, there has also been an influx of great products unlike we've seen before. There are also many different materials used these days.

 All jobs catered for  Driveways and house slabs


That's well over a quarter of a century experience in the industry. Fiorentino Evangelista founded the company over 40 years ago, branching out from his own building company, identifying a place in the market for quality imported wall and floor tiles. Fiorentino Evangelista’s son Adrian and myself have carried on his family tradition and  What would you say then the business essentially remains makes Abbey Ceramics unchanged, with personal service different to some of the and individual attention our other tile shops? prime priorities. We pride ourselves on honest, We also have a tile laying reliable service and a certain extra service via Forza Tiling (owned personal touch that only a family by my son Nicholas Scioli). He owned business could offer. We has been tiling for almost 11 years have been servicing the residential now, so Abbey Ceramics can and commercial market since 1976. offer a 'supply and install' package to those clients who want it.  If you had to sum up why people should visit Abbey Ceramics in one line, what would you say? At Abbey Ceramics, we endeavour to demonstrate our dedication to quality and service, and every day we see new and exciting products which we make available to our clients.

 Decorative Concrete  Free quotes and advice

 Deliveries to all areas  Quarry materials also supplied



To order or for more information, ask your local Hanson representative Concrete 132 662 Quarry Materials 133 666 Sand 08 9311 1888

December 2016 – The Builders Choice Magazine 19



Up Close + Personal with

Shannon Daniels Director of Emanation Interviewed by Rocky Amatulli

 Can you share a little of your own 'rags to riches' story with our readers? My Entrepreneurial journey began one freezing night whilst living in my car facing bankruptcy. It was then that I realised that I alone was responsible for my circumstances and that I had the ability to change them. I went from living in my car to cleaning 16 hours a day and then building Perth's most successful strata cleaning and caretaking company which I sold in 2015 for a generous profit. During my journey I spent close to $800k on professional development and improving my skills and I made sure I implemented things so that I got a return on my investment. People notice when you're getting results so naturally they asked for help and ideas.

I ended up providing business advice and coaching on the side. Turning this into my next business seemed like the logical thing to do.

 You are talking about your current business Emanation. What exactly does Emanation do? I now work with business owners throughout Australia and am passionate about helping them to create a lifestyle of choice where they create memories with those that they love. We are not advisors that tell them what to do and hope it all works out. We are a team of coaches who work alongside owners,

20 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

develop the solution and push them to implement and fast track their success. Our specialties include business strategy, systems, marketing and social media management.

 What is your main role as one of the two directors of Emanation? I am responsible for everything that the company does. I look after the planning and strategy, oversee administration tasks, manage the accounts, develop marketing, create services and so on ... but my favourite part is looking at a business, identifying opportunities for its owners, and then working

with them to facilitate results. I work very closely with our other director (Ant Ulijn) who is a social media expert extraordinaire and specialises in relationship marketing, values alignment and accountability.

 I understand that you run monthly workshops. How do they work? Each month we host a Business Accelerator event. It is a workshop on a different topic where we get to work with a small group of business owners and managers to educate them and help them implement ideas into their business. We started the event together after seeing people waste money on ineffective training or not be able to access the training the needed because of price.

profile THE BUILDERS CHOICE second hardest thing is to get clients to take action which requires ownership of an idea, so part of what I do is to relinquish credit for a solution and guide people to self-discovery and keep them accountable to their plan. To be successful you need to act strategically by asking yourself 'how does this help me achieve my 12 month goals' when making any decision.

What I really love is seeing people take just one idea from the workshop and run with it. I get to see business owners in our community thriving through social media and I smile and think to myself 'I helped them to be able to do that'.

 How do you keep inspired and motivated in order to inspire and motivate others? They say 'the limit of your wealth is determined by your five closest friends' so I think it is important to surround yourself with people that are successful, share your values and demonstrate an unwavering strength of character in both good and tough times. There are people like Gigi Butler, Ari Galper and Mal

 What do you say about Emery whose achievements all the electronic media I admire and who I follow for we have nowadays? wisdom. But my mentors vary Digital Marketing experts estimate depending on the task at hand and that most Australians are exposed I take my advice only from those with runs on the board. I think my main inspiration also comes from experience, because I know anything can be achieved and when you know what you want. It's then as simple as figuring out how.

to between 4,000 and 10,000 advertisements each day. Our biggest challenge for all business is to cut through this clutter and make it more advantageous for their customers and prospects to give them their money than it is to keep it to themselves.

 What would you like to be remembered for? I believe each of us is here to live our own lives but also to make the world a better place. If I am to be remembered for anything I would like it to be for the experiences I have help others have and for contributing to a better world.

 What were some of the biggest challenges your clients face? The biggest hurdle to most people's businesses is themselves which means that the hardest part of what I do is to convince people to get out of their own way. The

December 2016 – The Builders Choice Magazine 21



Up Close + Personal with

Ian Duperouzel Sales and Marketing Manager at STACKIT Interviewed by Rocky Amatulli

 How did you find yourself involved in the Stackit business? My background has always been in sales and marketing. I have had my own businesses both wholesale and retail. I was State manager for the Yanmar diesel distributor for Australia and have worked in sales roles covering WA and NT. Some friends of mine had been in the building industry for many years and their sales person left whilst they were travelling in China. I had discussed with one of them that I was looking for a change and they called me to see if I would be interested. I joined them and sometime later bought into the business. My role is taking care of the Sales and Marketing for our company – liaising with builders,

customers chosen building company to complete the complexing of the building. developers and architects. Part of the role is also seeking out potential development sites and completing due diligence on projects.  Ok, so what exactly does Stackit do? Stackit WA Pty Ltd has designed and manufactured 'Unitized Modular' products for the apartment, hotel and student accommodation sectors. The designs are all Australian engineered and manufactured offshore under the strict supervision of our own Australian registered builder, electricians and plumbers who all supervise their

component of the build process in the factory making sure the quality and compliance meet our strict guidelines. As builders we are constantly on the lookout for better or more efficient ways of building along with utilising the latest and most efficient products available to make a better end product. We believe that our point of difference is that we are literally a one stop shop. We have an inhouse architect and draftspeople for design, and we are also capable of project managing. We supply the modules and our in-house builder works with the

 Can you go into a little more detail on projects that Stackit undertakes? We started out in the apartment development sector, however we found that the Unitised modular developments offer a lot of benefits to the hotel sector and have therefore been developing our hotel solutions. The speed of a modular development enables the hotel to open at least 12 months earlier than using a traditional build, and this results in a massive increase in the ROI for the hotel developer. One area that is of great interest to me is the hotel 'in-

Manufacturers of Pryda engineered roof trusses, floor trusses, floor cassettes and wall frames.

• Prompt free quotes • Builders and owner builders • Fixing team available • Based in the South West Email: capetruss@bigpond.com 22 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

• Only termite treated plantation timber

• 25 years experience with framed construction

Ken 0418 910 663


room automation' area. From kiosk self-check in/out to controlling the lights, HVAC settings, curtains and TV in the room all operated via a tablet or a download on your mobile. In room automation is the way of the future. It is fun to use, saves the hotel money and improves the customer's overall hotel experience. We have established Australian distribution arrangements with a number of companies that allows for hotels to run more efficiently with less staff and with increased customer satisfaction.  Where do you draw some of your main inspirations from? I love technology and as I mentioned before, we are constantly looking for new and better ways to streamline the building process and enhance our position in the market place. This excites me.  Any success stories you'd like to share with us Ian? Our first project was a boutique apartment build that we used mechanical car stackers on site. This was a good solution to the confines of the site. It was more expensive than at-grade parking spaces but we would never have been able to supply 2 car bays per every 2 bed apartments if we had not utilised this type of innovation.  How has your industry changed since you first started? I see more people are now more receptive to a modular build than even three years ago. There have been a number of building built in Perth in that time and I see people are now starting to believe in the benefits. This is a good thing. On the flipside, finance has been our biggest hurdle in regards to projects. We have had to look

outside Australia for finance as the banks have gone from 'low risk' to 'no risk'. We have also found that some engineers have not understood the differences between traditional and Unitised modular construction. It has caused us to look for lateral thinking companies that are prepared to work with us for solutions. As we are manufacturing off shore, exchange rates also play a big part in the economics of our projects.  What have you learnt from all of your years? I guess the biggest thing I have learnt is that inevitably things always take longer to get started than you might first anticipate.  Do you care to share any other exciting projects you are working on? We are working with a hotel developer to build a 6 storey, 138 room hotel in Jandakot due to start in 2017 followed by a 5 storey hotel in Midland and another in Belmont.  And your personal philosophy on Stackit? I guess our modus operandi is very simple – supply a quality product at a competitive price, quicker than our competitors.  What do you enjoy doing when you're away from work? I love my motorcycle rides in the country, music and in the last two years my son and daughter have given us some grandkids so we really are enjoying time with them.

December 2016 – The Builders Choice Magazine 23


THE BUILDERS CHOICE company profile

Gainsborough Hardware is a leading Australian designer, manufacturer, importer and distributor of a comprehensive range of residential and commercial door hardware and fittings, including security products. For nearly 50 years Gainsborough has built their reputation on developing and producing leading-edge door hardware – innovative levers and locks that work silently to reflect your style and needs. With their smart, design-savvy range they invite you to create harmonious living environments that reflect your individuality and personal flair. Gainsborough make it easier than ever to live the way you choose.

The Gainsborough range has expanded over the years to include a comprehensive selection of both electronic and mechanical entry handles, keylocks, passage sets and complementary accessories to meet the requirements of the renovator and building markets. The Gainsborough range also includes an impressive range of architectural products, including mortice locks, lever and knob on round rosette or long plate, knob and lever locksets, door closers, exit devices and general hardware, designed to meet the needs of today's commercial buildings and upper residential developments. Gainsborough is committed to producing the finest quality product possible, having renewed its certification under the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System.

Gainsborough is also included in the internationally acclaimed Lloyds Register of Quality Assured Companies. Significant investment in design and engineering has fostered the continual release of new products to the market. Feel safe, secure and enter with style. Gainsborough has achieved a superlative position in the Australian market, supplying first class door furniture and developing a succession of innovative products.

Finished in either a premium Stainless Steel or Polished Stainless Steel, the Omni's sleek design is functional and reliable, while effortlessly meeting the aesthetic demands of modern, minimalist architectural style. The hidden lever is ideal for quick, easy access and is particularly accommodating for busy lifestyles and lively households. It also minimises grime and dirt build-up on the primary handle, allowing family members and guests to pass through without leaving a mark. It also features our awardwinning, world renowned 3-in-1 Trilock technology for safety, security and convenience – all in the one lock.

Gainsborough's Trilock Omni Back to Back A stylish addition to the renowned Trilock range, the architecturally designed Trilock Omni Back to Back features 600mm pull handles with a cleverly concealed lever on both the interior and exterior of the door.

NOW AVAILABLE 3 Door Stacker System

Canterbury robes specialises in sliding robes and robe fit outs for sliders and walk in robes, standard sizes for cost efficient projects or custom made.

Which allows all the doors to stack to one side for laundries and linens.

Sliding Robes in:  Mirror  Wood grain Panels  White kote Glass  Super White kote glass

66B Distinction Road, Wangara WA 6065

24 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

Phone: 9302 1624


company profile THE BUILDERS CHOICE the entire home. Featuring a 68mm square rosette, the Matt Black Leversets coordinate perfectly with the Gainsborough Matt Black Trilock for a bold design statement. The leversets are available in passage, privacy and dummy functionality.

Trilock's lockset function allows for a quick escape in the event of an emergency, without the use of a key. In this mode, homeowners can exit by simply turning the interior lever, while the door remains locked on the outside. The deadbolt is key-operated from both sides on double cylinder versions, or by a turnbutton from the inside and a key from the outside on single cylinder versions. The heavyduty feature includes a 20mm throw, providing top security and protection against lockpicking or forced entry. When Trilock is unlocked and unsnibbed, it operates as a standard passage set, allowing free access in or out of the home. The Trilock Omni Back to Back range includes a 5 year tarnish resistant and 10 year mechanical guarantee. Gainsborough's Matt Black Range. Be bold. Enter with style. At the forefront of style and innovation, Gainsborough's Matt Black Range provides a blend of contemporary and chic; perfect for homes looking to showcase the latest trends. The Matt Black Trilock highlights contemporary design at its best. Featuring concealed fixings, the Trilock provides a sleek, modern finish. The Matt Black Leversets combine innovative engineering, modern design and superior quality for

Gainsborough’s Digital Entry Lever Lock Consumer research recently conducted by Gainsborough indicates the growing trend toward electronic security solutions as consumers embrace the flexibility and convenience offered by today's digital door locks. Gainsborough's Digital Entry Lever Lock sits at the forefront of this trend, seamlessly blending style, security and convenience with a range of entry options including RFID tags (Radio Frequency Identification), an electronic keypad and the peace of mind of mechanical key override. Perfectly suited to the DIY market, this elegant lockset fits a standard 54mm door preparation and easily replaces existing knobsets and leversets which are so common on homes throughout Australia. As Australia's premium designer and manufacturer of door furniture and security products, Gainsborough continues to lead the way with stylish and innovative door hardware solutions for the residential market.

For further information on Gainsborough Hardware, please call 13 14 18 or visit www.gainsboroughhardware.com.au

December 2016 – The Builders Choice Magazine 25

EVER WONDERED WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO FLY? NOW YOU CAN! The most amazing experience has finally landed in Perth. iFLY Indoor skydiving is the latest action sport, perfect for the whole family to enjoy, or bring your work crew for a day out‌flying! iFLY Indoor Skydiving is a safe, fully controlled environment with a state of the art wind tunnel in which you can experience the feeling of human flight! With no limitation on skill, iFLY Indoor Skydiving is fit for both beginners and those with experience, from as young as 3 to as old as 103. iFLY Indoor Skydiving has 3 facilities across Australia, including Sydney, NSW, in the heart of the Gold Coast in Surfers Paradise, QLD and

now in Perth, WA! Anticipated and adored by builders and kids alike, this is the hottest attraction and a great action sport the whole family will keep wanting to come back to. Book a spot now and do something you haven’t experienced before! iFLY has corporate and group packages that can be tailored, including full meeting facilities and rooms, along with an incredible flight experience for all abilities. Call 1300 366 364 or visit ifly.com.au to book now and suit up for the flight of a lifetime! or come and visit us on the Great Eastern Highway, Rivervale, Perth!




Metrowest designs and builds WA’s first Indoor Skydiving Facility


etrowest first became aware of this project when it was submitted for DA. Metrowest was contacted by the architect with an expression of interest and following a client interview Metrowest was selected to tender for the project. During this time Metrowest also took the opportunity to research and understand the client and potential challenges which the project might hold. The project was tendered as Design & Construct and at the time of issue Metrowest worked with its pre-selected engineering partners to provide both a conforming and alternate bid. The alternate bid significantly changed the style of construction as it responded positively to the client's requirement for speed of construction.

Phone: +61 8 9416 0666 www.metrowest.com.au Phone: 9322 5322 www.gresleyabas.com.au Phone: 1300 366 364 www.downunder.iflyworld.com

28 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

Metrowest was pleased to be awarded the contract at the end of February 2016. At that point, the race was on with the first project design meeting taking place on the 3rd of March. The integration of international large scale technology and high tech equipment necessitated global communications with suppliers in the United States and other countries via coordinated conference workshops. The design meetings also incorporated international interactive video conference calls with SkyVenture, the specialist supplier of the Indoor Sky Diving equipment. To accommodate all participants and cater for the different time zones meetings were scheduled for early morning or early evening. Obtaining critical design criteria from the international supplier to coordinate with the building design required weekly design workshops which were conducted from 6am each week. The design for the project was fast tracked with design being staged to allow for early commencement of in-ground works and fabrication of structural elements. The facility is WA's only indoor Sky Diving facility consisting of a below ground plenum (basement) plus four storey industrial/commercial building featuring the integration, assembly and installation of specialist indoor sky diving


Progress date: 12th August 2016

Progress date: 29th September 2016

Progress date: 19th October 2016 – PC achieved on 2nd December 2016

plant and equipment. Being only the third indoor skydiving facility build in Australia and the first in Perth, this project did present some interesting challenges for Metrowest. Firstly, weather played havoc with the program from the outset. Starting the main structural phase of the project at the beginning

We proudly installed all the fire protection to the structural steel on this I-Fly project. T: 1300 65 84 97

E: enquiries@firescopefireservices.com.au


of winter in WA was a tremendous challenge. The June-July rainfall for Perth this year was 249mm, the wettest for those two months since 2011, so the project was interrupted by 30 wet days. Delivery of the Indoor Sky Diving equipment within a critical program window was required to allow assembly and the concurrent integration of the system into the structure as it was being constructed. Due to the impact of the weather the client requested that Metrowest accelerate the project. Work was undertaken for the final stage of the project on a 7 day basis with multiple shifts through the final weeks. As the principal design and construct contractor, Metrowest was also responsible for a number of specific construction requirements that had to be met (in addition to the compressed program). Given that Metrowest had to build the structure in which to integrate the Indoor Sky Diving system, the design tolerances were only 1mm for this equipment, and construction tolerances a

December 2016 – The Builders Choice Magazine 29


not-much-greater 3mm in all axes of the building. Making the decision to design in 3D, allowed for the very accurate fabrication and installation of building materials with virtually zero rework and delays. Being the first 14ft diameter flying chamber built in Australia there was no experience available for construction of this type of vertical wind tunnel. Converting supplier imperial dimensions to metric was another challenge not generally confronted by an Australian build. International freight logistics (with materials being shipped from

multiple locations in the USA to Perth) limited site access, and delivery of materials scheduled to allow for onsite assembly and rigging into the building (as each floor of the building was constructed) were all critical to the programming and progression of the structure. Construction on site began with site clearance and piling. This required a team approach to design and building permit approvals by Metrowest, IT consultants and subcontractors. Quality Assurance was a major focus of the project due to the

Call Russell on:

Passive fire protection • Fire door audits Smoke door audits • Path of egress inspections Penetration seal surveys • Door installations Compartmentation surveys

p 0427 486 851

e contracts@ascentfire.com

30 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

0401 583 541 Rustic Bricklaying has experienced tradesmen providing high quality workmanship for all projects involving brick/block work and limestone.


‘‘The wind tunnel itself is made by SkyVenture (the world's largest manufacturer of vertical wind tunnels), with the indoor skydiving equipment requiring pre-assembly prior to installation and this required significant site space’’. construction tolerances required and the aero dynamic performance of the internal surfaces and the integrity of the joints to ensure no leakage of air flow from the enclosed high pressure system. The wind tunnel itself is made by SkyVenture (the world's largest manufacturer of vertical wind tunnels), with the indoor skydiving equipment requiring pre-assembly prior to installation and this required significant site space. SkyVenture provided an advisor through this stage while all assembly was undertaken by Metrowest. Built from a combination of structural steel, concrete tilt and pre-cast panels, in-situ concrete and Bondek (selected for speed of procurement and construction) the light weight CFC building enclosure also combines internal stud partitioning. Irrespective of

the speed of design and construction of the project, nor its levels of technical difficulty, Metrowest's accuracy of their design and construction has resulted in an air path in which air is accelerated to more than 270kph with minimal turbulence created by the interaction of the airflow with the concrete structure. For Metrowest and its staff, the relationships and support received from all its consultants and sub-trades on this project was a significant factor in influencing the success of the project and early delivery for the client. iFLY Perth forms part of Indoor Skydive Australia Group's (ASX: IDZ) growing portfolio of indoor skydiving facilities in Australia. iFLY Perth located at 143 Great Eastern Highway will be open to the Public mid-December 2016.


Craig Allan 0412 449 024

We Care, We Innovate, We Deliver!


9353 1820

Tel: 9562 3990 6 Ava Court, Quinns Rocks WA 6030 Email: cdjcarp@bigpond.net.au Fax: 9562 3991

December 2016 – The Builders Choice Magazine 31


Metrowest Constructions Pty Ltd has been operating in Western Australia since 1998. The company is firmly focused on design and construct projects, commercial, education, industrial, technical buildings with a high services component and as well as commercial fit-outs. It is particularly experienced in technical construction for critical services including data centres, telecommunications and power generation. Managing Director James Robinson has worked in the building industry for over 30 years, with General Manager Mark Lewington having a construction industry background coupled with many years operating at a senior level in international facilities management. In 2011 Metrowest Construction was awarded the Master Builders Association WA Award for Best Building Fit Out over $20 million and Best Energy Efficiency Project over $5 million. In 2014 Metrowest was a finalist for the Master Builders Association WA Award for Best Building Fit Out over $20 million.

Jasmat Steel Fabrications prides itself on its knowledge and understanding of the industries we service. With our excellent facilities, dedicated and experienced personnel and good relations with our suppliers, we are able to meet and exceed our customer’s requirements for quantity, quality and delivery.

32 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

Specialising: in-house drafting, supply, fabrication and erection of warehouses, commercial buildings, multi-level building components, schools, mining components and residential buildings throughout WA and were proud to be involved in the iFly project.

11 Baldwin Street, Kewdale WA 6105 P: 08 9353 3399 E: admin@jasmat.com.au www.jasmat.com.au


Training & Development THE BUILDERS CHOICE

Young WA Apprentices SHOW OFF their skills



he recent 2016 WorldSkills Australia National Competition which featured over 500 men and women from 60 trades and skills, converged on Melbourne Showgrounds to compete in the ultimate skills showdown. Often known as the 'Skills Olympics', the 3 day competition brings together the nation's best young apprentices, trainees and students who have already competed at their regional level, providing them the chance to be Australia's best and then train for a place on the international Skills team to represent Australia.

Phone: (03) 9249 1000 www.worldskills.org.au

To be involved in WorldSkills Australia as a volunteer, competitor or sponsor visit our website

In addition to the national competition, the event included a dedicated careers expo and a range of Try'aSkill activities. $10mil worth of materials and equipment were used, 70% of which were provided in-kind by partners, industry organisations, TAFEs and training providers. Nicholas Johnston (above), an apprentice Cabinetmaking from South West WA, who won gold at the Competition has been selected to join the elite international team known as the Skills Squad after his successful performance. He will spend the next year training with a dedicated skills mentor, vying for the opportunity to join over 1,000 young men and women from 75 countries at WorldSkills International Competition being held in Abu Dhabi next October. “I couldn't believe it. I was over the moon and surprised because I didn't know where I was going to finish. My family and boss were there to support me and even shed a few tears because they were so proud.” said Johnston of his gold medal win.

December 2016 – The Builders Choice Magazine 33

THE BUILDERS CHOICE Training & Development

Adam Dovile from Better Homes and Gardens attended the event looking at the high level skills of the future trades industry. PHOTO CREDIT: Photos and footage by WorldSkills Australia. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

All the medalists in the building and construction category from WA Skill




Training Provider




Conrad Yeeles

Perth North

South Metropolitan TAFE

Celebration Homes



Nicholas Johnston

South West WA

South Regional TAFE

Studio Milton

Electrical Installation


John Pattrick

North West WA

Central Regional TAFE

ATC Midwest

Painting & Decorating


Michael Ingram

Perth South

South Metropolitan TAFE

John Pace Painting

Painting & Decorating


Paul Lampert

Perth North

MPA Skills

MD Painting Services



Elliot Thorpe

Perth South

South Metropolitan TAFE

Ceiling Solutions



Luke Brown

Perth North

MPA Skills

MI Plumbers

Wall & Floor Tiling


Taylor Samson

Perth South

South Metropolitan TAFE


VETiS Construction


Kennedy Sorrell


CBC Fremantle

On day 1 of the National Competition, the air was buzzing with excitement and anticipation and by the time, “Tools down!” was called at the end of day 3, groups of competitors were congratulating their new friends on a job well done while parents were spotted with eyes full of pride for their competing children. Following the competition the competitors donned their team colours and united once more with their family, friends and industry leaders at the official Closing Ceremony to celebrate a fantastic effort. After reminiscing about the highlights from the past three days, it was onto the medal announcements.

34 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

From competitor to parent, judge to volunteer, staff to the general public, the most fitting way to describe the experience of the National Competition is inspirational. WorldSkills Australia CEO Brett Judd said “Our recent National Competition was a wonderful demonstration of the strengths of Australia's vocational training system, and displayed what a skills resurgence in our country would look like.” “For the young men and women who get chosen to compete in Abu Dhabi, I can't wait to see what they achieve on the international stage” said Judd.

Training & Development THE BUILDERS CHOICE

December 2016 – The Builders Choice Magazine 35



36 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

Peppers King Square


Photos: Hickory and Site Visuals


Hickory Building Systems uses prefabricated construction on Peppers King Square


ode Modular Developments together with its project architect, Project Tourism International Architecture (PTI), had been looking to continue their involvement and development of properties that use prefabricated building methods. Both firms were convinced that these new technologies

Phone: (03) 9429 7411 www.hickory.com.au Phone: (08) 9328 3299 www.designinc.com.au Phone: (02) 9283 0860 www.ptigroup.com.au Phone: (02) 9283 0860 www.modedev2015.wpengine.com

would deliver properties in much quicker time, with far better environmental impact and a much higher quality of finish. Mode and PTI met DesignInc who also had a keen interest in modular and prefabricated construction ... and who had gained recently Development Approval for a modular hotel on the Kings Square Perth site. Mode soon took on the project, with PTI continuing as project architect evolving the design and documenting the building together with its interiors whilst DesignInc became Superintendent of the works. After a detailed search, Mode and PTI chose Hickory as their builder given that the company is a world leader in the field and is Australian based. Hickory Building Systems manufacture innovative building technologies, including a patented high-rise structural

December 2016 – The Builders Choice Magazine 37

THE BUILDERS CHOICE Peppers – King Square

system and the 'Sync' bathroom pod system, in order to accelerate construction programs by up to 50%, minimise material and energy waste, and maximise quality and safety. Hickory's prefabricated delivery methods were previously used to erect Australia's tallest prefabricated building in Melbourne. The project was in development for quite some time whilst the client secured a hotel operator so Hickory remodelled its factory to implement their construction method. The logistics of getting materials to a city site having a small footprint and abutting a low-rise 1920s building also went in Hickory's favour in securing Peppers King Square. Hickory took on the role of construction head contractor, was engaged on an Early Contractor Engagement basis, and assisted with the design development. Hickory had been involved in several projects in Perth and found that the delivery of full modules was not cost effective given that its main manufacturing facility was located in Melbourne. It was also not feasible to create an entire new factory in Perth to deliver just one project, so Hickory began to explore how it could break the 17 level building into different components that could be built separately of each other. Hickory already had an established factory in Melbourne to manufacture the complete bathroom components which could be transported fairly efficiently via rail or road. It then looked at simplifying the structural component




38 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

(windows, concrete floors and steel beams) so that these could be outsourced to a local Perth prefabricator with an existing factory. The company engaged a local manufacturer Ausco to undertake this work. Ausco's brief involved the construction of 90 prefabricated modules in its Perth factory, which would be installed onsite by Hickory at a later date. This project was an excellent candidate for modular construction, as it was located in a busy area of a capital city and the site was small and narrow with limited accessibility. An in-situ build would have also had a significant and lengthy impact on local businesses and traffic. With Ausco's help, Hickory was essentially able to build this major new high-rise hotel

Building Surveyors Access Consultants Peppers Hotel See Page 9 advert ... ... or click for CODE website

THE BUILDERS CHOICE Peppers – King Square

in 3 separate locations, with all components assembled as one complete building on-site. At its factory, Hickory built the 120 hotel bathrooms, complete with tiling, joinery, lighting and service connections so that they could simply be plugged into the existing building infrastructure. Hickory was concurrently preparing the ground on site and constructing the base building to level 1. In parallel to this, Ausco manufactured the building structure. These structural units were then preloaded with bathrooms and plaster walls and stacked on site via crane. This 3 track program created a faster and more sustainable construction method which required less transport energy than would have been created by transporting each of the oversize structural units on their own individual trucks all the way from Melbourne. Austral Precast also worked on the project, having been introduced to the building at level 6. Austral was able to accelerate the program when Hickory Group saw an opportunity to convert the originally designed Bondek in-situ roof slab to Austral Precast's 'Austral Deck' flooring solution. Austral Deck provided a seamless surface without the need of false ceilings, and installation time was

Supply & Lay Tiling Service

Commercial and Residential Shop 5, 1252 Albany Highway, Cannington WA 6107 Telephone: 08 6110 5790 Email: info@luxts.com.au


40 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

drastically reduced as service conduits were able to be cast into the Austral Deck prior to manufacturing. The biggest benefit offered by Austral Deck was that it was able to be spanned in one area of the building where propping would not have been feasible. Increased propping distances (compared to traditional in-situ slabs) gave better access and mobility to trades below. In less than four weeks Austral Precast completed the engineering for the slab design, shop drawings and manufacturing of the Austral Deck's. Austral supplied 193 elements, consisting of 173 wall panels and 20 Austral Decks. This represents 2797sqm of walls and 331sqm of decks ... giving a total of 616m3 (or 1,559 tonne) of concrete). The installation of the modules for the hotel tower started in early February, 2016 with all 13 floors of modules installed within 15 weeks, late April 2016. The hotel was practically completed at the end of October. The completed building has a striking glass façade accentuated by perforated sun-shade screens spanning levels 2-17. The prefabricated Sync bathroom pods feature Calcutta stone bench tops, Columbian walnut joinery, Carrara tiling, chrome tapware, double-headed cascade showers and oversize silver-

Leemark Fire Protection provides engineered solutions for automatic fire sprinkler systems, special hazard systems, hydrant and hose reel systems, fire alarm systems and evacuation systems including the design, installation and commissioning of any or all of these systems.

Phone: 1300 533 627 E-mail: info@leemark.com.au Unit 9, 27 Thornton Crescent, Mitcham, Victoria 3132


framed mirrors. Overall, there is no sign that the final product was not constructed using traditional building methods. Hickory has realised that the Peppers model of designing the building methodology then specifying its system to another manufacturer could open doors to licencing arrangements with companies overseas that are interested in using the technology. This will allow Hickory to export its IP whilst retaining a construction design hub here in Australia, so that other world cities would effectively build their local projects using Australian building technology. This exciting model allows Hickory to grow globally whilst still focussing on delivering head contractor D&C projects here in Australia. To this end, Hickory is currently forming a partnership with a large UK builder that will licence Hickory Building Systems for use on London high-rise projects. The company is currently completing what will be Australia's tallest prefabricated

42 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

building, the luxury 60 level Collins House project in Melbourne (beating its own current record of 44 stories for La Trobe Tower). Hickory is also constructing a 44 level student accommodation project in Melbourne using the same method. Using conventional building methods Hickory has another 10 projects currently under contract across Melbourne, representing over a billion dollars' worth of construction work. Overall, the project represents a successful collaboration of visionary industry practitioners in Australia. Firstly to Mode for having the conviction to be a developer of buildings using prefabricated technologies. Secondly for DesignInc and PTI as architects championing this revolution in construction technology because it brings so many benefits to a project and its stakeholders. And finally for Hickory for their commitment to developing these technologies and applying them commercially.


WA Architectural Cladding Systems

Craig Allan 0412 449 024 Tel: 9562 3990 6 Ava Court, Quinns Rocks WA 6030 Email: cdjcarp@bigpond.net.au Fax: 9562 3991

December 2016 – The Builders Choice Magazine 43



THINGS OF STONE AND WOOD – This Home combines Timber and Stone to give charm and character



UXUS Homes' director and registered builder, Russell Manger immigrated to Australia from the UK in 1989 after completing his apprenticeship in stone masonry and working on the restoration of historic projects such as Eton College and Windsor Castle. He began his career in Australia as a bricklayer and after crafting his trade became

Phone: (08) 9388 8812 www.luxushomes.com.au

44 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

a registered builder in 1997, working with some of WA's leading home builders before joining LUXUS Homes in 2009. LUXUS Homes is now one of Perth's finest boutique luxury custom home builders, specialising in bespoke luxury homes over $1.5M. The LUXUS executive team has over 60 years' combined experience in home building and over the years, has built a reputation synonymous with luxury and is respected as one of the industry's best in design, quality and service. This new luxury residence in City Beach epitomises Russell's passion for building and the quality we have come to expect from LUXUS. The home had its beginnings approximately 5 years ago when Russell purchased the land and embarked upon the design of his new home. The house was designed and built by LUXUS and attracted such interest throughout its construction due to its creative design and quality of finish that it was sold shortly after reaching practical completion.


Photos: www.dmaxphotography.com.au

Sourcing only quality materials from local and International quarries, FlandersStone is an award winning provider of stonemasonry, quality stone suppliers and creator of stunning, individual architectural features including fireplaces and surrounds. We employ time-honoured, traditional craftsmanship to deliver a masonry product that is completely original and unique to your project. Open Sat 9-12 or by appointment. 86 Winton Road, Joondalup WA

Stonework supplied and built by Flandersstone

Phone: 0407 440 225


December 2016 – The Builders Choice Magazine 45



The design brief included timeless architectural design maximising the use of the site and taking advantage of the ocean views, whilst creating personal spaces and privacy for parents and children alike. Being triangular in nature, the site presented its own challenges in finding a way to orient the house (in a manner that

fully utilised the site and its outlook out to the ocean) and to also complement its surroundings in the heart of City Beach. Drawing inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright it is easy to understand how this modern and contemporary home is timeless with the use of expansive 1.2m wide eaves, cantilevered concrete


e: info@mstechwa.com.au

Call Jake

home theatre – automation security – cctv – data – antenna

0402 294 156

0404 008 024 Email: admin@kochpainters.com.au

w: www.mstechwa.com.au






F Sand o

ral M

ectu rchit


gs uldin E

al xtern


oat nal C


& Int


om l&D


m Com

Specialising in all types of Acrylic Textured Coatings Andrew: 0412 913 777 46 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

email: sil-tex@iinet.net.au


slabs, and its ability to integrate with the natural contours of the site. As a former stonemason, Russell decided to use imported building stone in lieu of cladding providing for a more authentic City Beach home and even incorporated a number of the original bricks (from the previous home built in the 1940's) into the cellar to celebrate a little of the site's previous history.

For a high quality finish, architects and designers specify our range of plumbing and drainage products

CABINETS BY DARIO Mobile: +61 0438 401 488 www.cabinetsbydario.com.au

GLASSCAPES ‘‘proudly partnering with Luxus Homes on this project’’

P: 08 9302 2425 F: 08 9302 2180 Unit 1/67 Motivation Drive Wangara WA 6065 E: info@glasscapes.com.au

www.glasscapes.com.au December 2016 – The Builders Choice Magazine 47


Falling away from the front verge, the topography of the site affected the design of the front elevation and façade of the home, as well as inhibiting natural light from entering the home. The inclusion of a central staircase divides the home into four zones on each of the three storeys, providing privacy and personal space, fulfilling the brief. This staircase also acts as a light well bathing the interior of the home in natural light. The home has many features that are the envy of anyone wanting to build a new home. Some of the more notable aspects of the home are:  15 metre Lap Pool  Natural Marine Aquarium  1,500 bottle Wine Cellar  Imported Stone Clad Hydraulic lift  Home Theatre  4 car garage and expansive basement stores Domestic/Commercial Lighting Systems Phone/Data Lines TV Antennas Repairs/Maintenance


0408 823 867 Email: admin@redgewellelectrical.com.au

www.redgewellelectrical.com.au 48 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

As with all LUXUS homes, the City Beach residence elegantly combines a variety of finishes and materials. The home uses an abundance of natural timbers throughout the home including, Western Red Cedar on the garage doors and the eaves lining, American Oak stairs and flooring, Eveneer Walnut veneer and Cleaf Textured Laminate for the cabinetry. Similarly, various types of stone have been incorporated, from the raw imported building stone to the honed Basalt flooring, Italian and Turkish Marble wall tiling and benchtops. LUXUS has balanced these natural materials with sleek, modern and contemporary finishes and fittings including matt black Swiss and Italian sanitary ware, double-glazed Swiss aluminium windows, and 60's style laser cut geometric screens. The home also features the latest in technology boasting a liquid pool cover, wirelessly controlled floor heating, air-conditioning and Sonos audio system providing all the luxuries you'd expect in a home of this calibre.

General Formwork • Concreting • Steel Fixing For Residential, Commercial & Industrial

Mobile: 0412 097 395 Tel: (08) 9328 1695

Email: info@vina7formwork.com.au



Future-proofing is also an important feature of any new luxury home and with the forever changing technology in solar power and home automation market, the home also features the necessary provisions for any additions or changes that the owners may desire. For those who would like to create their own architectural masterpiece, the City Beach residence will be open for inspiration and display for a limited time throughout January. (Contact the LUXUS office below or check out their website for more information).


Looking ahead further, LUXUS is currently working on other architectural masterpieces throughout the Western and Southern suburbs. Grand in design and extraordinarily detailed, Russell looks forward to bringing these drawings to life ... as much as we do to showcasing them in future editions of Builders Choice Magazine.

• Pre-Construction Treatments • Concrete Curing • Homeguard Physical Barriers • Reticulation Systems ‘‘Always on the level with all your concreting needs’’

Call Aldo on 0401 671 358

P 9444 0550 F 9242 5033 477 Charles Street, North Perth WA 6006 E championpestcontrol@iinet.net.au www.championpest.com.au

Mobile: 0407 552 777 Email: warmtechwa@globaldial.com

December 2016 – The Builders Choice Magazine 49




Nine Network Australia moves to Perth CBD


ine Network Australia Pty Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nine Entertainment Co Pty Ltd which is Australia's most diversified entertainment company. Its assets include Australia's preeminent television network Mi9, a 50% interest in streaming video service (STAN) as well as an interest in Australian News Channel (Sky News). Nine is Australia's free to air broadcast division of Nine Entertainment Co. and broadcasts throughout metropolitan Australia and regional areas via affiliation with the Southern Cross and NBN networks.

Phone: 08 9321 7133 www.pimewest.biz Phone: 08 9322 3644 www.coxarchitecture.com.au Phone:08 9381 8511 www.meyershircore.com.au Phone: 08 9460 2400 www.renascent.com.au

50 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

Nine Network Australia purchased Nine Perth from WIN Corporation in 2013, however as a component of the deal, Nine did not purchase the associated premises and land at Dianella – STW 9's traditional home for over 50 years. Nine wanted to reengage with viewers on all levels, so the decision to relocate to the top of St Georges Terrace meant the construction of a bespoke studio facility that had strong visual and physical connections through to the adjacent public spaces and interconnections to the balance of the office component of the floorplate. The architectural brief was simple in essence; design and deliver a modern, technologically advanced broadcasting facility in the heart of the Perth CBD ... keeping in mind that no one had ever attempted this before, let alone succeeded! Due to the prominent and visible location of the site, property developer Primewest and architects COX worked closely to develop a bold, aesthetic, industrial façade for the studio. Along with the raw steel boundary component on St Georges Terrace (left exposed to rust naturally before being sealed with Penetrol), the anodized aluminium veil, featuring a curved, rippled


‘‘The architectural brief was simple in essence; design and deliver a modern, technologically advanced broadcasting facility in the heart of the Perth CBD ... keeping in mind that no one had ever attempted this before, let alone succeeded!’’ effect is a bold statement at the top of the Terrace. It provides a stark contrast to the surrounding buildings. Located at 255 and 267 St Georges Tce, the new studio is interlinked with enclosed walk-ways between the properties to create a connected campus style environment for the studio and Channel Nine corporate and back of house operations. The area in between the adjoining lots provides an open garden/staff break out area created for Channel Nine exclusive use. The new studio is located within the parkland designed to allow activation of the space for related promotions and events as well as day-to-day public interaction and viewing of installed media walls. However, creating the interconnecting walkways between 3 separate buildings turned out to be the greatest design and engineering challenge the project would face. How do you connect 1 new and 2 older buildings seamlessly and make them function as

one? The solution took many hours of design co-ordination and the ability to visualise the outcomes through 3D modelling. The interconnecting walkways need to be experienced to be appreciated and the precinct look and feel that have been achieved through the close integration of the external public space with the window into the News studio set this facility apart. The setback reception entryway creates a welcoming experience into the facility, and once through the front doorway you can see the main feature which is the bespoke doors to the studio – leaving you in no doubt that you have entered a broadcasting facility. The new facility is 100% digital, so the way in which Nine manufactures and shares its media content has been completely re-engineered as part of this project. This has increased Nine's agility and speed to the market in Perth. Our team of tilers specialise in high quality finishes where the best is the only standard acceptable. We offer our services to:  New Homes  Commercial  Renovations  Project Building


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…And we understand there are so many different types of tile choices today, that our professional staff are experienced and trained in ceramic to porcelain to stone.

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Such a ground-breaking project did not happen easily. There were a number of significant setbacks associated with its creation. Firstly, the CBD site location posed some challenges for the construction phase of the project. Situated between St Georges Tce and Mount Street, the lack of loading zones, parking for contractors, and clear zones all impacted on the project. Secondly, due to the electrical requirements of the broadcasting server room, Nine required additional electrical supply in the form of generators. This posed challenges in the necessary space, noise generated, and maintenance required. The external generator and UPS compound faced a number of further challenges (site access constraints, acoustic control and planning concerns as it is visible from Parliament House). The loading of equipment required the Mitchell Freeway to be partially closed in the early hours of the morning. The compound is now clad in anodised aluminium perforated panels – similar to the veil of the studio building. The existing parkland at 251 St Georges Tce was built on a suspended slab, situated over basement and lower basement car parking, which also posed problems. The structural engineer advised that the nature of the existing waffle construction suspended slab is such that weight per square metre of the proposed studio development must not exceed that of the existing parkland. If the construction of the proposed studio exceeded weight limits and restrictions, the structural integrity of the suspended slab could have been catastrophically compromised. Due to the multi-disciplinary nature of the project, consultant cooperation and cohesion required consistent management in order to meet design and construction requirements. However, it was how these obstacles were overcome which produced a modern and striking facility for the broadcaster. Meyer Shircore was engaged by the Nine Network Australia for interior design and documentation services for the fit out. Its brief included detailed spatial requirements for the various broadcast

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ABN: 75 078 400 807 EC: 005554

After 51 years, Channel Nine Perth with the help of Leader Cabling Systems has moved into its new state-of-the-art CBD studios. Their new studios cover 2500sq metres across three interconnected buildings inclusive of an outdoor area, dubbed “The Nine Plaza”, with a public viewing window into the news studio.

Leader Cabling was there from start to finish supporting the Channel Nine Technical team all the way! The new studio is considered the most advanced modern television studio in Australia, and includes two studios, control rooms, media exchange facilities and a new fully automated system with “robotic cameras”. All supported by power distribution, Generators, UPS systems, PBE Cat.6 network cabling, Specialty lighting, security CCTV systems all Installed by Leader.

Congratulations Channel Nine! Enjoy your new home on top of the Terrace. Your Partners, The Leader Cabling Team



Commercial Interior Partition Systems Plasterboard Partitions | Glazed Partitions | Feature Ceilings | Doors and Hardware | Project Management

‘WA Partitioning specialise in the manufacturing and installation of office partitions for commercial offices and refurbishments throughout Western Australia. No job is too big or too small with our hands on approach from our Director, Chris Garlick and site supervisors. In addition to managing our projects we also operate a cabinet shop where we are able to provide quality doors and joinery’

32 Katanning Street, Bayswater WA 6053 Tel: 08 9279 9244 Fax: 08 9279 6959

Mobile: 0403 184 426 Email: Chris@wapartitioning.com.au

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functions as well as complex relationships between corporate and back of house operations. The driving concept for the interior design was the juxtaposition of 'front-of-house' and 'back-of-house'. Materials and finishes were used in a manner that expressed the underlying framing and fixing details. The Nine 'dots' were abstracted and circular motifs were used to create bold statements as well as subtle cues to the brand. Other local suppliers contributed to the success of this project. VIP Curtains & Blinds helped specify and supply window treatments to help Meyer Shircore's interior deal with glare and heat reduction whilst keeping costs to a minimum. The blinds and curtains supplied by VIP in the Boardroom, together with a 10m long motorised curtain had to be integrated into the smart wiring and meet the acoustic requirements for the project. Likewise, Fineline Tiling provided waterproofing, tiling and silicone services to the makeup rooms, kitchen splash backs and the breakout area. Suppliers Pro AV Solutions and WA Partitioning also worked on this landmark project to ensure completion was on time and delivered with the exceptional quality that was expected.

12 Fink Street, Preston, Victoria 3072 Telephone: +61 3 9484 5544 Email: info@revealproductions.com.au

Garry Robinson

0417 091 921

The team at Reveal Productions provide a unique combination of services for Theatre, Television, Film and Events and we specialise in assisting schools with their drama facilities.


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Whether you need a set of stage drapes, a painted backdrop, shot bags, portable drape support equipment or a complete stage refurbishment we can help you.



COMMERCIAL SPECIALISTS in Roller Blinds, Curtains, Externals and Motorisation p: 9300 1113 e: info@vipcurtainsandblinds.com.au

w: vipcurtainsandblinds.com.au

Nine Plaza December 2016 – The Builders Choice Magazine 55


Boasting Gold Danpalon polycarbonate sheeting (which is backlit to express the framing), WoodWall timber veneer wallpaper, Glosswood prefinished lining boards, Tasmanian Oak framing, Bolon woven vinyl flooring and Armstrong Soundscapes round suspended ceiling tiles, this combination of timber finishes, glazing and stainless steel provides modern clean lines with a sharp design edge – befitting of the industry that Nine is in. The Channel Nine development project exemplifies the strategic plan of countercyclical investment, as the sites were purchased at the height

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of the GFC, when investment in the Perth CBD was greatly reduced. With Primewest acting as the sponsor, development manager and asset manager, this project reinforces Primewest's position as one of Australia's most active and successful wholesale property investors and developers. With a track record that extends beyond 15 years, Primewest now commands a national property portfolio exceeding $2 billion in value and growing steadily. In the post GFC environment, Primewest has completed acquisitions in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth to a value of approximately $700 million.

FrosTec Power Systems p: (08) 8349 7854 w: frostec.com.au Design and Installation Specialising in Computer Rooms/Data Centres • VESDATM and FM200TM Gas Suppression • Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems

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Kmart Distribution THE BUILDERS CHOICE


Kmart’s New Jandakot Distribution Centre sits under the radar



mart had operated from their original Distribution Centre (located in Canning Vale) for 38 years. Needless to say, both Kmart and the products it stocked had changed significantly over that time, whereas the facility that it was operating out of hadn't. A new facility that could contain further advances in equipment technology, provide a more economical and sustainable environment including sorting and racking, as well as offer better transportation links was what Kmart now required. CIP was engaged by Jandakot City Holdings (JCH) to deliver the project on a design and construct contract basis, being wholly

Phone: 1800 829 877 www.ciproperty.com.au

responsible for ensuring the project fulfilled both the stringent Kmart design brief as well as the Jandakot City precinct design criteria. CIP undertook the appointment and management of a design team to oversee all aspects of the build, including architectural design, structural engineering, and all other services including meeting Greenstar requirements. Although formal certification was not a requirement, the building achieved a 4 Star Greenstar rating through design and implementation of solutions. CIP is certainly no stranger to this type and size of project. CIP has partnered with many of the country's major property groups, some of which own the commercial and industrial property that CIP has developed for them. The company is very active in the development and industrial construction sectors around Australia. The majority of work it undertakes is within the Eastern States (having head offices in

December 2016 – The Builders Choice Magazine 57

THE BUILDERS CHOICE Kmart Distribution

both Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne) and completing large scale industrial, commercial, retail and food & beverage projects such as Coles Myer Goulburn (NSW), TNT Erskine Park (NSW), Coles Retail Ready Meats Erskine Park (NSW), Target Truganina (VIC) and PrixCar, Willawong (QLD). CIP can claim that it has built a staggering 1,500,000 sqm of space since its inception in 2003. CIP has now been operating in Western Australia for over 10 years, so it was perfectly suited to assist JCH with this project. The main influences on the project's required outcomes were Kmart driven. All other states have, over the past 5 years, had new Distribution Centres constructed. The WA Kmart design brief had therefore been developed as a result of all the other Distribution Centres that Kmart had commissioned, and therefore this latest

Distribution Centre's brief was the most comprehensive to date. Whilst it was borne out of past experiences and lessons learnt, it still ensured that maximum consistency was achieved – which has reinforced the strength of the Kmart brand. The structure's steel frame had to be designed and built to achieve maximum clearance between columns ensuring coordination with the Kmart racking and stacking system, and the picking bays which were set out to the millimetre throughout the warehouse. Lighting levels to all internal and external areas were also stringently specified; this was a critical part of the brief to comply with. The external lighting, whilst maintaining specific light levels, also had to comply with CASA due to close proximity to Jandakot airport.

Team Electrical Services is an electrical and communications contractor with a commitment to providing efficient services to our clients who value quality and innovation.

Team Electrical Services vision is to continually build a successful and sustainable electrical contracting business by working as a Team and providing a values-based environment that encourages achievement and excellence. Our business objective is to be a long term solution provider to our clients assisting with: retail, large scale commercial, fit out and refurbishments, specialised sports lighting, communications and fiber optics.

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48 Tacoma Circuit,Canning Vale WA 6155 Tel: +61 8 9424 8777 Fax: +61 8 9424 8787 Email: admin@teamelectrical.com.au


Kmart Distribution THE BUILDERS CHOICE

Being adjacent to the airport, there were also very strict guidelines with regard to crane working heights during construction. With a maximum building height at the ridge of 13 metres, CIP contended with the maximum allowed crane height to some parts of the site of only 19 metres. No dispensation was granted to CIP for working out-of-hours. The build consisted of a large quantity of concrete; external slabs were traditional mix designs (reinforced, and between 150-300 mm thick depending on usage and plant movement). Fibre reinforced concrete was utilised internally to minimise slab joints; all joints were armoured to ensure consistent durability over the design life. External elevations consisted of precast dado panels with fullheight panels where fire separation was required. All external

concrete faces received textured finishes. The remainder of the wall cladding and roof material to the warehouse consisted of metal cladding, with glazing and Alucobond composite cladding applied to the external office elevations, the final colours of which were determined by Jandakot Services Development Committee. Another consideration for CIP was designing and constructing a 'wind-break' to an area where the shipping containers are stacked three high. The structure was required to be full-height and receive a cladding that would not act as a sail and catch the wind, whilst however still reducing the wind loads on the stacked containers behind it. Numerous models were built, with comprehensive wind tunnel tests conducted and analysis carried out utilising weather reports dating back from when records commenced to ensure the



9371 6913 FIRE EQUIPMENT • CONSULTANTS SALES • INSTALLATION • SERVICE Our desire to provide our customers with the best advice, service and price is our motivation and we succeed while our customers succeed.

As a leading Australian Group of Companies in the supply and installation of high quality structural steelwork, we offer superior fabrication technology and provide innovative project solutions.

Fremantle Steel Fabrication 115 Prinsep Road, Jandakot WA 6164 P: +61 8 9417 9111 F: +61 8 9417 9260


Business is booming for us, thanks to our customers recognising our professional, costeffective approach to Mine Site Servicing, Suppression System Installation and Portable Extinguisher Installation. The new building installation division handles requirements for most of the commercial builders in WA – you are welcome to join them! fireless@bigpond.com

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THE BUILDERS CHOICE Kmart Distribution

1 in 100-year storm was allowed for. The final cladding design and material was selected for its free-air versus solid properties as well as glare properties to low-flying aircraft! The Arbon/Rite-Hite dock-leveller installation included a Master Control Unit (MCU) that allowed for a combination of dock and roller doors to be operated in a set sequence which eliminated the potential for hazards associated with open edges and interaction with moving vehicles. The installation also included additional warning and operational lights internally, again focusing on the health and safety of operations/operators. One of the most significant features of the project was the overall size of the site, being in excess of 96,000 sqm. This allowed for construction and fitting off activities to be carried out in tandem

whereas they would normally be performed one after the other on a tighter site. Early access was required to enable client fit-out; this had to be fully coordinated and programmed with the base-build works. The Kmart Distribution Centre is also the first facility within the Jandakot City precinct to have solar power installed. This proved to be quite testing due to the influences and restrictions placed on the project by Western Power to ensure the facility provided no backsurge of power into their network. Negative Voltage Displacement protection was required to be installed throughout the Jandakot embedded network to ensure the Western Power grid was protected. The successful delivery of the facility by CIP was a direct result of team work by both on-site and off-site management from the company. The team was led by project manager (Tristan Howard) Commercial Plumbing were proud to complete all plumbing requirements at the Kmart Distribution Centre Jandakot.

Pullella Earthmoving completes earthworks and associated works for small to large scale commercial and residential projects throughout the Perth metropolitan area and outer suburbs of Western Australia.

Earthmoving • Excavating • Bitumen Car Parks • Kerbing Our main contact at Pullella Earthmoving is Leo Pullella on 0419 446 659 EC8744

Commercial Plumbing specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of industrial, commercial and mining projects all across Western Australia.


P: 08 9434 1204 Unit 2, 52 Cocos Drive Bibra Lake WA 6163 E: contact@complumb.com.au

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Fire Detection Specialists E: sales@afes.com.au

Ph: 0488 010 003 PO Box 1112, Joondalup DC WA 6919

www.afes.com.au 60 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

 Shop drawings and fittings for fabrication.  Detailed marking plans including 3D.  H.D Bolt plans and details.  Material lists/Bolt reports.  Shop drawings and report data for cold rolled sections.

 CNC and DXF data.  3D models for review / approval.  Custom reports to suit fabrication and erection requirements.  3D fully rendered data rich models to aid on site.

T +61 (0) 439 312 781 E draftelement@bigpond.com W www.draftelement.com.au

Kmart Distribution THE BUILDERS CHOICE

‘‘Success of the Kmart DC, can be attributed to a strong CIP team, the company philosophy, and the excellent existing relationship with JCH, and the relationship that went from strength to strength with the entire Kmart team’’. who worked alongside a number of other skilled professionals which included 9 full-time staff in total. Many of those working for CIP on this project have been in the industry for numerous years (25+) and brought a wealth of experience to the project. CIP's team also included a number of recent graduates who were new to the industry and were able to learn from the more experienced team members. Overall, Tristan comments that this combination 'worked incredibly well' on the project. The relationship between JCH and CIP has developed over several years across the construction of further distribution centres for both Super A-mart, Reece, and the GE Office and its Oil & Gas division. The JCH relationship that CIP values is being open to strong relationships that remain sustainable through ongoing communication and the understanding of JCH ideals together with strong design criteria. Insight Project Services represented JCH as superintendent throughout the project and proved a very strong link between all parties. Success of the Kmart DC, can be attributed to a strong CIP team, the company philosophy, and the excellent existing relationship with JCH, and the relationship that went from strength to strength with the entire Kmart team. They provided constant input through the design phase as well as on site all the way through to practical

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Bathroom, Kitchen, Door and Window Sealing Waterproofing Acid Etching Grouting We are a reliable and cost effective small concrete repair and seal company

completion. This input was crucial, and as intended; to be an assistance and not a hindrance to the overall end product. Kmart employed the services of TM Insight to manage the tenant representative process, this being a consistent partnership during the more recent DC developments. The Kmart team and all representatives were a constant source of advice, gained through many years of operation and experience. Kmart knew specifically what they needed and CIP therefore received clear and direct instructions which has resulted an end product surpassing expectations.

Building Surveying Consultants

KMart Distribution Centre

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Obligation Free Quotes Onsite or Off Plans 8 years in construction with a perfect safety record!

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Meyer Shircore and 3B Build apply their skills to deliver Mushroom Inspired Building



rchitects Meyer Shircore & Associates is a mid-sized Perth based architectural practice employing over 30 team members with extensive experience over a wide variety of market sectors. The measure of the company's successful approach to projects is demonstrated by high numbers of clients who repeatedly engage Meyer Shircore to successfully design their building projects – which is exactly what happened in this instance. Meyer Shircore was approached by an existing client to develop a site they owned which consisted of 3 existing buildings.

Phone: 08 9381 8511 www.meyershircore.com.au Phone: 08 9322 9656 sales@3bbuild.com.au

62 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

The development is split into three stages with the currently constructed structure being the central building of the future completed development. The design concept stemmed from the idea of three buildings sprouting like mushrooms at different stages out of the Herdsman precinct. To depict the organic nature of the concept, all three buildings will be in varying bulk and height. The building form is made up from the two critical elements of a mushroom's anatomy. Firstly, there's the cap, wherein the main façade treatment of glazing and aluminium composite panel create patterns that punctuates the building mass with series of rhythmic movements. This section covers the office floor areas. Secondly, there are the gills, made up of perforated metal panels covering the façade of the car parking levels. (An image of mushroom gills was actually taken and used as the inspiration for the perforation pattern to the screens on the façade). From the street one is greeted by the majestic blades of grass which are symbolised by the raking bronze feature columns and


awnings. Once all buildings are complete these columns and awnings will form a connecting colonnade running east to west across the entire site connecting Walters Drive to Selby Street North. The colours for the building have been carefully selected to feature the mushroom inspiration prominently without being overt or aggressive. The white colour recedes and black takes precedence. Similar to the scales on a mushroom cap, the spots of red awnings were incorporated to mimic nature and create interest for the facade. The brief had some specific requirements that the final buildings had to meet – namely maximising the site development potential and improving the existing land use, building in stages with a landmark design that had high quality of finishes, and meeting a 5 Star NABERs

rating. However, maximising the nett lettable floor area meant that parking requirement exceeded the number of car bays required by the local authority. Tackling planning issues with designing for 3 stages in mind only served to exacerbate these issues. Meyer Shircore was able to overcome the parking issues working with council to reach common agreement. The development was ultimately very well received by all JDAP panels. Part of Meyer Shircore's communication role also included keeping the developer informed at all stages of the design so they could provide their feedback and input. Delivering a landmark building which has street presence also demanded careful design consideration. This first building is essentially landlocked in the middle of a large site which stretches

December 2016 – The Builders Choice Magazine 63


‘‘It was necessary to make the entry to the building large and striking as it has no direct street presence and is sandwiched between two older developments on the same site’’. from Selby Street North to Walters Drive. It was necessary to make the entry to the building large and striking as it has no direct street presence and is sandwiched between two older developments on the same site. The resultant façade is unlike anything else one will see in the Herdsman precinct, satisfying the developer's desire to have a unique looking building with high quality finishes which will last as long as possible thus requiring minimal ongoing maintenance. Experienced builder 3B Build tendered for the project through Meyer Shircore, having done previous work for the architects prior and so had an existing relationship. 3B Build was subsequently appointed as the main contractor for the construction. The entire façade of the building is clad with Alpolic composite aluminium cladding (with fire retardant core) and high thermal performance glazing to all windows. The main visitor entry to the building from Walters Drive is via a triple volume covered colonnade into a spacious foyer containing high quality travertine and porcelain floor and wall tiles. Three quality Kone lifts provide easy access to every level of the building. Central amenities are provided to every office level with high quality stone benchtops and full height wall tiles.

The location traditionally has a high ground water level due to proximity to Herdsman's Lake, presenting immediate challenges for 3B. Even though the carpark levels of the building were located above ground (levels G-4) dewatering work had to be carried out by 3B to enable building footings, lift pits, Western Power pits, and other amenities to be constructed. A dewatering pond was constructed on-site and dewatering pumps and spears worked continuously pumping water from one section of the site into the pond to lower the water level whilst construction work was completed. Once an area was completed the pond was relocated and the process repeated. With the site containing existing buildings on 4 sides that were to remain operational throughout the build, access was another issue that 3B encountered. Getting materials and plant in and out required considerable planning and logistical consideration. Although the design team already had a large portion of the structure designed as precast and bubble deck, 3B Build had further areas redesigned from insitu to precast concrete, including the core (stairs and lifts) to mitigate these access issues further. Due to very

Building Surveyors

Selby St Offices

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Pullella Earthmoving completes earthworks and associated works for small to large scale commercial and residential projects throughout the Perth metropolitan area and outer suburbs of Western Australia.

Earthmoving • Excavating • Bitumen Car Parks • Kerbing Our main contact at Pullella Earthmoving is Leo Pullella on 0419 446 659


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aussie clotheslines & letterboxes


SALES  SERVICE  INSTALLATION Clotheslines, Letterboxes and Faceplates

1300 138 610 www.aussieclotheslines.com.au December 2016 – The Builders Choice Magazine 65


limited lay down area on site, façade steel was built in sections to minimise onsite work, and then bolted together and erected by the tower crane. In basic terms the more work that could be completed off-site the better. Furthermore, the existing buildings (and tenants) to the east and west fell onto the same lot as the new building and services to those buildings criss-crossed through the new building's site, so they needed to be relocated but kept active at all times. A new substation complete with transformer, built in the ground floor of the new building, needed to be up and running prior to decommissioning the old transformer – all of which had to occur during the construction period. 3B also did a complete fitout for a tenant on level 7, timed to finish with the main building's completion. The developer was committed to reach (or exceed if possible) a 5 star NABERS energy rating. As a consequence, all mechanical and electrical services are of the highest quality within the well-insulated building envelope. The building includes a 30KW solar array on the roof to make use of Perth's many sunny days to power common building services. The building contains over 200 secure car bays accessible from Selby Street North, as well as end of trip facilities including showers, secure bike stores, lockers and clothes dryers.

We were proud to work with 3B Build on this fantastic project at Selby Street.

Tel: 08 9390 1999 1/51 Gillam Drive KELMSCOTT, WA 6111

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Waterhall Shopping Centre THE BUILDERS CHOICE


Sugar Gums influence design and colours of New Neighbourhood Shopping Centre



PA Architects vision is to be industry leaders in the architectural design of aged care, retirement living and retail developments, and its team pride themselves on being at the forefront of change which involves adapting new technologies into architectural practice and implementing sustainable architecture. It is therefore no wonder that KPA was approached by Client, the Su Family Trust, to design a neighbourhood centre for this site following a recommendation from a developer.

Phone: 08 9367 6866 www.kpa-architects.com Phone: 08 9386 4240 www.focusbuilding.net.au

What the Client wanted was a building fabric that wouldn't age quickly like some of the 'plastic' retail centres that are around. Instead, they wanted the shopping centre to resonate a local character aesthetic that was sympathetic to the surrounding community. There had been previous design concepts developed for the centre which the Client was not happy with, hence their approach to KPA Architects. The site itself sits adjacent to a railway reserve, the Parmelia Gas Pipe Line and the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline, all of which impacted the design and construction of the centre. Both the design and construction teams underwent a risk assessment seminar in the form of a 'Pipeline Risk Management Plan' which assessed and outlined how to mitigate all risks associated with construction near these two pipelines. The site also contains a lot

December 2016 – The Builders Choice Magazine 67

THE BUILDERS CHOICE Waterhall Shopping Centre

As the site was extremely compact for the amount of retail tenancies required by the Client, considerable thought was needed to achieve the required parking numbers. A traffic engineer was engaged by KPA early in the design to assist with meeting the local Council's requirements for parking. KPA undertook all design stages of the project, from feasibility and concept design to contract administration. Adopting both the character and material palette of historic parts of South Guildford, including the red face brickwork, archways and corrugated awning details, the ensuing KPA design was economical, provided the right tenant mix, and delivered a local character aesthetic the Client and neighbourhood were looking for.

of clay, with no stormwater allowed to be retained on site and restricted connection to the council stormwater system. As part of the drainage solution, cleverly designed stormwater cells were utilised to store stormwater prior to running into the council stormwater system at the reduced flow rate.

Tyrone Group is an Award Winning Contractor for Structural Excellence. We offer the following Construction Services: Masonry, Restoration and Structural Packages. P: (08) 9240 5020 E: admin@tyronegroup.com.au Unit 4, 1 Halley Road, Balcatta WA 6021

www.tyronegroup.com.au 68 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

Waterhall Shopping Centre THE BUILDERS CHOICE

The colour palette pays homage to the Sugar Gum trees that were planted within the locality as part of the area's settlement and became part of its heritage. Accordingly, the key colours and materials used are white, grey, green and pink. The resulting visual is relatively subtle, and visible through a combination of solid paint colours, coloured concrete and exposed aggregate. The colour palette was not only recommended due to its historical relevance, but also to avoid visually competing finishes jarring with the balance of the shopping centre. The sugar gum tree theme is also evident in the public art precast panels which have become a prominent element on this project. The concrete panels were treated using a unique process that was

put forward by artists Jill and Peter Ciemitis. It was proposed that the artwork created would be a 'gallery' comprised of etched images in concrete panels. The original image was a composite of drawings, reproduced in digital screen-dot imagery, and etched into concrete panelling during the manufacturing process to reveal a darker aggregate. The manufacturing technique involved the transposition of the artists' imagery into raster and/or vector images, the production of a 1:1 scale membrane by Graphic Concrete Ltd in Finland, and the pre-fabrication of the concrete panels by Delta Corporation. The final image is etched to a depth of 0.5-1.5mm.

Ital Cabinets are proud to be The Preferred Joinery Contractor on The Waterhall Shopping Centre Project.

78 Christable Way, Landsdale 6065, Western Australia Phone: (08) 9303 9106  Fax: (08) 9303 9131

December 2016 – The Builders Choice Magazine 69

THE BUILDERS CHOICE Waterhall Shopping Centre

The building is predominantly concrete, face brickwork and steel ... although this by no means results in a 'run-of-the-mill' look to the centre. Notable features of the project (apart from the artist precast concrete panels) are the exterior arched face brickwork, the mall entry with highlight windows, herringbone tiled floors with feature light fittings and bulkhead, and the pattern painted concrete panels at the loading dock. JJ Civil &

Remedial Construction featured on the project, providing installation of the Armco Traffic Barriers. Whilst builder for this project Focus Building Company is a relatively new commercial construction company (having been formed in 2010 by the founders of Perth Building Company) the business is built on 25 years of construction experience in WA. The company employs around 20 office and site staff and sales@windowswest.com.au

www.windowswest.com.au 8 Redemptora Road, Henderson WA 6166 Electek is an innovative business who strive to deliver all your electrical, communications, multi media and hazardous area solutions. Unit 1/17 Macadam Place, Balcatta WA 6021 T: +61 8 9240 4600 | E: info@electek.com.au


Tel: 9437 9277


With more than forty-years experience and having won several prestigious landscape awards Instant Gardens aims to provide our clients with an exceptional level of service. Specialising in Commercial and Residential landscaping we are able to design, create and install any project with a level of quality unsurpassed. Call or email us today to quote your project: ‘‘As a founding member of the Landscape Industries Association of Western Australia, Instant Gardens is acknowledged as an industry leader’’.

70 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

9303 9920 info@instantgardens.com.au www.instantgardens.com.au

THE BUILDERS CHOICE Waterhall Shopping Centre undertakes projects which range from $3M to $50M, so this project presented no concerns whatsoever. Initially introduced to the Client by a mutual construction partner, Focus provided initial cost planning and programme advice together with early design reviews with KPA Architects. Focus was selected to construct the centre after winning a competitive tender, and was subsequently engaged using a Lump Sum AS2124 – Construct Only contract. The design captured the heritage feel of the Swan/Midland area by using rustic red face brick, Colorbond lined awnings and circular inserts to the awning trusses. Whilst typical of the area, Focus had to ensure that these elements looked as authentic as possible ... and like the original ones in the area, would withstand the test of time. Similarly with the art elements, the artists used the image of some bark from a nearby paper bark tree for the decorative precast panels, so again Focus had to manage production, delivery and installation of the delicate panels which could have easily been damaged on what is still essentially a construction site! The clay site presented some issues with for Focus during construction with regard to that retention and disposal of stormwater issue. The specific retention system which was selected by the civil engineers enabled the temporary retention of stormwater from site without undermining the integrity of the carpark above or causing heaving issues with the surrounding clay. As the site abounds the two pipelines which supply the majority of gas to Perth and the south-west regions, careful management of plant and machinery selection was undertaken by Focus so as to not disturb the pipelines or risk interrupting supply. Ultimately, Focus Building worked closely with Client, architect and consultants to deliver the best building practice possible and provide valuable cost advice to achieve a great outcome for project within timeframes given. Focus was able to deliver the 1100m2 IGA supermarket, 8 specialty retail tenancies, the Medical Centre, the Community Centre and 120 new cars bays (with truck loading dock and carriageway) in a 30 week timeframe.

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GEN Y Lifestyle – looking good, unique and cost effective



t first glance it could be a single modern home, clad in corrugated iron with an eye-catching profile in Perth's southern suburbs. But this is no McMansion – it is one of the most remarkable apartment projects to be developed in Perth in recent years, as part of LandCorp's revolutionary WGV estate in White Gum Valley. The sleek white shell, outdoor staircase and landscaped grounds enclose three interlocking apartments on a small 250sqm lot, each designed by a Gen Y architect for the Gen Y lifestyle.

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Featuring shared outdoor living and green space, the Gen Y Demonstration Project is expected to revolutionise the way small lots are used for multiple homes by showcasing best practice design in sustainability and energy efficiency. And conscious of the target market, the apartments not only look good but are cost-effective as well – with design and savings measures that will shave an estimated $1200 off the cost of living for young home owners each year. LandCorp Chief Executive Frank Marra says the Gen Y Project is an innovative and unique housing option for first home buyers. Designed for 21st century living, it seeks to meet the aspirations of young buyers, including their mobile lifestyles and focus on relationships and experiences.

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“Young first home buyers – the group we know as Generation Y – have taken a different approach when it comes to housing, and are looking for options that match their priorities and lifestyle”. “Young first home buyers – the group we know as Generation Y – have taken a different approach when it comes to housing, and are looking for options that match their priorities and lifestyle,” Mr Marra says. “We know that amenity and location are important to Gen Ys, as are diversity and sustainability. “Their interests and aspirations are reshaping cities around the world, and being able to offer a solution that caters to this group of buyers and encourages the revitalisation of older neighbourhoods is something we're very proud of.” To understand just how remarkable the Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project is, it is worth considering its context in what is arguably Australia's most innovative residential estate. LandCorp's WGV estate at White Gum Valley is yet to have its first residents move in, but has been the recipient of five national and state awards, recognising everything from the water-wise approach of landscapers, to innovation in urban design, to the level of community consultation undertaken by LandCorp. The redevelopment of the former site of the Kim Beazley School could easily have been a cookie cutter estate, with low-density mini-mansions set on a levelled block in the leafy suburb. Indeed, that was an idea initially put forward some years before the LandCorp took control of the site in 2009, tasked with deconstraining, remediation and town planning.

What happened next, though, illustrates why LandCorp's commitment to Innovation through Demonstration is so valuable for the building and planning sector in WA. A new mission was set: to deliver a high quality infill development that was site-responsive, built upon the context of the locality, and that offered increased diversity and amenity. The community was invited in, with all their ideas, hopes, concerns and sometimes quirky suggestions. A host of industry partnerships were formed, not only bringing together experts in the areas of planning, design, sustainability, energy efficiency and landscaping, but connecting people who were equally passionate about and inspired by the opportunity to create something new. Which brings us back to Gen Y House – one of the quirky ideas put forward but quickly recognised as a transformational notion: asking members of a generation still struggling to find its feet in the property market to design a property that met the diverse needs of their peers. Six architects were shortlisted; Fremantle architect David Barr was chosen. Barr describes the challenge of designing the project as significant, particularly given the constraints – a 250sqm small lot, and a brief to enable adult singles or couples to interact while allowing independent spaces, and ensuring the end product was cost-effective.

Complete Strata Solar and Energy Storage Solutions – Multi-Residential, Commercial and Mixed. Solar Balance is proud to have supported Landcorp’s development of the Gen Y house, designed by David Barr, by supplying the complete solar, battery, electrical and metering system. Investment in solar systems delivers strong returns. This project demonstrates how solar and energy storage can be successfully applied in residential and commercial strata developments. Solar Balance is part of the Balance Services Group and a leading Australian developer of solar and energy storage solutions.

Solar Balance designed, supplied and installed the solar battery system at the gen Y House. The solar PV system captures the sun’s energy during the day to supply electricity to the three Gen Y apartments. The battery energy storage system stores excess solar energy to power the Gen Y apartments in the evening. The electrical system interconnects the solar and energy storage systems and the the Western Power Network so solar, battery and grid power is available to all three apartments and any excess solar generation can be sold to Synergy. The metering and data logging system monitors electricity, gas, water and waste water flows to demonstrate the sustainability of the design. The metering system monitors apartment electrical demand, solar

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system generation and any grid electricity use in real time. This allows accurate sharing of the benefits of the solar generation between the apartments and accounting for electricity purchase costs. This same approach can be used in commercial and mixed use strata developments to reduce electricity purchases and maximise your return on investment in solar PV.

For more information on how solar and energy storage can benefit your strata development contact Solar Balance at info@balgroup.com.au or call 0407 472 635.

GEN Y THE BUILDERS CHOICE The real innovations in the project are invisible at first sight: the climate responsive layout will reduce the need for air conditioning and heating. Water and energy performance monitoring keep a lid on costs. A shared 10,000L underground rainwater tank and community bore will keep gardens green, while a ground-breaking shared solar power and battery storage project will reduce grid energy use. Together, these measures are estimated to save residents around $1200 a year in running costs – while using up to 70 per cent less water than a comparable Perth home and up to 60 per cent less energy from the grid. The Gen Y House meets the principles of the 'One Planet Living' sustainability framework, and has been accredited with a 'gold medal' level life cycle analysis by leading environmental consultant eTool.

“It's the challenge of creating of creating space for independence as well as inter-dependence,” he says. Barr says he first sought to understand what Generation Y wanted, as well as what market conditions would allow for, then married the two. The result was a home that could grow with its young residents, simple in appearance but employing sustainable materials and clever design. Barr says the simple elements of the project are not a compromise, and reflect the suburban context of the estate. “White Gum Valley and Fremantle have a history of utilitarian buildings, and this became the foundation for the project in terms of the material selection,” he says. “It is skinned in a metal corrugated iron, while a kind of community-based street frontage is another consideration that is widely seen in White Gum Valley. “We wanted to keep things simple, using standard construction techniques – a simple timber-framed construction clad in a simple corrugated iron material, but there is a a series of special arrangements that enable the delightfulness of the space.”

LandCorp's Frank Marra says the project represents a departure from the traditional old-style brick and concrete triplex developments with isolated homes, replacing this with a clever, climate-responsive design that delivers more for less. He believes the project will revolutionise the way developers used small lots to create multiple homes in established suburbs. “This has the potential to be replicated at other developments throughout Australia,” he says. “We're pleased that this Innovation Through Demonstration project is setting new benchmarks for sustainable infill development, revitalising small pockets of unused urban spaces into liveable places for the Gen Y market. “The Gen Y House reflects all the things that Gen Ys want, while still delivering best practice sustainability and cost-effective living in an established leafy neighbourhood.” The Gen Y House will be open for inspection until the end of February 2017, allowing the industry to view the architectural innovations and learn more about the project's flexible and diverse design. Following the inspection period, the strata-titled apartments will be offered for sale via a public process targeted at first home buyers, with more details to be announced in early 2017.

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OBEID GROUP Contributes to Scarborough Development Plan


beid Group Pty Ltd was established in mid-2009 and brings together over 50 years of construction management experience. Director, Rodney Obeid, is a qualified builder Rodney's company provides construction project management services in NSW and WA. His staff is experienced in the construction of commercial, retail and residential buildings, and Obeid Group has a demonstrated track record in successfully completing projects on time and within budget, without comprising on quality. Obeid Group also provides projects with a vast range of services for different stages of their development – managing consultants, cost engineering, and construction management. The variety of projects the company has been involved with includes high-rise luxury apartments, luxury

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resorts, mixed use developments, commercial developments, and shopping centres. Scarborough's beachfront has become a significant focus for the State Government's redevelopment plan. With Scarborough geared for growth, its revitalisation will see improved public access to the beach and a greater level of amenities, cafes and restaurants to service the community. Obeid Group was engaged to provide cost engineering to 46 Filburn St, Scarborough, and through a recommendation to tender, OG Constructions (a division of Obeid Group) was appointed to deliver the design and construct project. This included the coordination of specialist consultants and lodging the building licence application. Within walking distance of the foreshore, cafe-strip and white sandy beaches, '46 on Filburn' consists of fifteen contemporary apartments that can be found nestled in the heart of Scarborough. This project is located in close proximity to public transport and high frequency bus routes with access to the Perth CBD and surrounding suburbs – which is already in line with that State Government plan.


Constructed using concrete slabs, load bearing walls to the perimeter of the apartments, the development is located on a steep site which required extensive piling works to reinforce an existing retaining wall on the side boundary. To overcome any possible problems associated with excavation and construction works, engineers designed a piling system and shotcrete the existing wall to prevent any movement during excavation. The original design did not have sufficient height for the plumbing services. This required a resubmission for an amended DA to increase the building height. The interiors have been architecturally designed by Blue Mango Group with the urban coastal character and the beachside setting as the source of inspiration. Designed and constructed with quality in the forefront, the building design and its iconic roof form is a contemporary interpretation of a modern-day beach house, which is befitting of Scarborough. The selection of modern quality materials and finishes provide for a timeless interior colour palette that maximises functionality, comfort and encourages the carefree lifestyle that stems from beachside living.

All fifteen apartments of 46 on Filburn are finished to a high level of specification, which include:  Stone benchtop to kitchen and bathroom cabinetry  Soft-closing drawers and doors to kitchen and bathroom cabinetry  Glass splashbacks  Full-height tiling to bathrooms  Porcelain floor tiles  Quality carpets with underlay to the bedrooms  Sliding mirror robe doors  Contemporary plumbing fixtures  Vitreous china toilet suites  Stainless steel appliances  Skirtings and cornices  Reverse cycle air-conditioning  Intercom system  Lift access to all floors  Private undercroft parking  Private store rooms

Lloyd George Acoustics

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The 4 storey building with its undercroft car park was constructed for $4.3 million, and Obeid Group worked very closely with both client and architect to find the most cost effective designs which would meet budgets and satisfy the end users. To add further value to the residences, Obeid ensured that the apartments all have high ceilings, and the same colour floor tiles flow through from the kitchens to the living rooms and balconies. Such is the interest in 46 Filburn Street that 8 apartments had already sold by mid November, with only 2 bedroom apartments left, starting from $535,000. Obeid Group's vision is to be a preeminent provider of superior construction services by consistently producing a quality product. The company aims to produce profitable results for all projects it undertakes. Its clients have high expectations, and Obeid Group distinguishes itself by delivering more efficient cost-effective solutions, with a high level of professionalism. The company is proactive in finding solutions for its clients that best achieve their goals.

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This is perhaps best demonstrated by a growing list of successfully delivered projects which includes 152 Fitzgerald (construction value $10 million) a 5 storey building which consists of 1 commercial unit and 40 apartments, Franzone Apartments (construction value $13.5 million), 122 Brown St, East Perth (a 6 storey building with apartments and a basement car park), Noting Hills Commercial (construction value $3 million/development value $5 million), 1 Prowse St, West Perth, Currambine Shopping Centre (value $8 million), 1244 Marmion Ave, Currambine (value $7.7 million), Clive St Development (value $4.5 million), and Urbano Due ($7 million) a 6 storey building comprising 17 apartments and 3 commercial tenancies.

Obeid Group constantly anticipates and adapts to the fluxing market conditions and is always prepared for potential changes. The company applies its resources efficiently to maximise its competitive edge, and monitors and reports it financial performance at regular intervals. The company balances risk taking and security by making sound business decisions based on accurate, timely, and useable performance information. 46 on Filburn is a living example of this sound strategy for the delivery of quality living.

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THE BUILDERS CHOICE The Equity Apartments


Equity Apartments provide a great return for Developer/Builder



obert Zupanovich has been a registered builder for the last 25 years, and is the owner of Equity Apartment's developer (Vero Property Group) and building company (Zegna Pty Ltd). Robert has been responsible for the delivery of many commercial offices and warehouses, and numerous notable multiapartment projects which includes Halo Apartments Perth, Sails Apartments Applecross, Richardson Hotel & Spa, Westralian Apartments East Perth and Hillcrest Apartments South Perth. Zegna, in conjunction with Vero Property Group, is also responsible for the recently completed Equity Apartments. The project was developed and built for one specific purpose – to become a rental investment property.

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The site on which the apartments are built attracted Robert for a number of reasons. Firstly, the location was good, as were the site proportions (being a long but wide block). This meant that there was scope to create a kore spacious set of units, rather than have to sacrifice or compromise space and amenity. Secondly, the site was also located in a new sub division which sat within a quality suburb where there were no other Class 2 multi-dwelling apartments in the area. This gave the site and project more uniqueness. Some of the more prominent aspects of the design brief include:  Utilisation and creation of space on both the ground and first floor  Making the units as private as possible (hence 3 sets of stairs which provides 2 per unit)  Large living spaces  Furnishablity  Large balconies  Plenty of cupboard space  Functionality  Providing a full turnkey product

The Equity Apartments THE BUILDERS CHOICE

‘‘Speedy completion of the apartments was a product of full-time project management and once again loyal, dedicated contractors’’. Maximisation and efficient utilisation of space was delivered through a rigorous design development process. Whilst Equity Apartments are built using the relatively standard double brick/suspended slab/tin roof construction, there could still have been significant delays and quality issues which could have impacted adversely on the development. However, the main focus from a construction perspective centred on

maximising both the quality of the built product and the speed of construction. The desired quality was delivered as a result of full-time supervision allocated to the project and the selection of top quality, loyal contractors who were engaged for the project. Similarly, speedy completion of the apartments was a product of full-time project management and once again loyal, dedicated contractors.

Verticals  Venetians  Rollers  Basswood  Panels 2 weeks from measure to fit (verticals and venetians) 12 of our Elegance fabric range match Dulux colours (verticals and roller blinds) Servicing Perth and surrounds for 26 years Quality products at competitve prices P 9302 1002 F 9302 1992

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THE BUILDERS CHOICE The Equity Apartments

‘‘The design was very important to Robert as he could have squeezed in 11 apartments but decided on only 10 to give Equity that feeling of space’’. As Class 2 construction, Equity Apartments comprises 4 units on ground and 6 units on first floor. The design was very important to Robert as he could have squeezed in 11 apartments but decided on only 10 to give Equity that feeling of space. The upper apartments have 3 sets of stairs which service 2 units only per stair as Robert didn't like the idea of disruptive or noisy pedestrian traffic in front of apartments bothering residents. Again, in the interest of residents, the units have also been designed to have minimal common walls with only 4 units out of 10 having shared walls. 4 of the apartments have 2 car bays (which is very rare for Class 2 construction), and all upper level apartments have very large balconies. There are large vehicle turning circles due to size of block and the units on first floor have 31 course ceilings throughout. All this adds to the spacious feel of the development and the apartments – exactly what Robert envisioned. The front elevation of Equity Apartments features a tiled façade in lieu of the more traditional (and more cost effective) solution of


simply rendering and painting the masonary ... again demonstrating the developer/builder synergy and Robert's attention to details and outcome. Similarly, the slab above the ground floor car parking bays is held up by steel columns instead of traditional concrete columns to provide extra space for vehicles and drivers. One will also notice plenty of cantilevered first floor slabs, to open up the apartments and offer more flexibility in their design.

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The Equity Apartments THE BUILDERS CHOICE

Robert feels that having the developer and builder essentially 'be the same person' has great advantages on a project such as this. It afforded Robert the benefit of dictating the outcomes of three crucial aspects of any project – quality, speed and costs. It also removed the risk of only being one of the major stakeholders (developer or builder) and not the other, in case the other party experiencing difficulties. In this instance, Robert was able to fully control both of these main stakeholders to the advantage of the project. Assuming the developer/builder role also allowed Robert to work with tried and tested suppliers and contractors. One example is GWA Door and Access Systems who has had a long and successful working relationship with Robert. Over the years, GWA has continually provided Robert's projects with the best solution for the intended purpose. In the case of Equity Apartments the door hardware selections were in response to a brief that required style and functionality to suit and enhance the overall design of the building. Overall, what Zegna and Vero Property Group have jointly achieved under Robert's guidance are a unique Class 2 apartment

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development with 10 attractive and spacious and well finished off apartments which include integrated microwaves, lots of cupboard space, washing machine/dryer combinations and ample, easy parking which are appealing and enjoyable for tenants. The development was so successful that only one apartment was released for sale with the remaining 9 apartments rented within 8 weeks of completion.

General Formwork • Concreting • Steel Fixing For Residential, Commercial & Industrial

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THE BUILDERS CHOICE Austin Lakes Central

Photos www.douglasmarkblack.com


Austin Lakes Central lives up to its name (and view)



ustin Lakes is a new land and housing estate located in South Yunderup, and is owned and developed by Satterley Property Group. It is situated less than 15 minutes from Mandurah and 45 minutes from the Perth CBD. The estate has around 3000 blocks and will eventually be home to some 7000 people. The estate is surrounded by 283 hectares of open space which includes wetlands and nature reserves. It has public schools, playgrounds and walking trails ... and now also incorporates the new Austin Lakes Central shopping centre. As part of the land estate's overall residential and park development, Satterley engaged KPA Architects to design the new centre which would create a central retail hub for the surrounding current and future community. The shopping centre includes a new IGA supermarket,

Phone: 08 9367 6866 www.kpa-architects.com Phone: 08 9256 4350 www.whytecosntructions.com.au

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Cellarbrations liquor store, pharmacy and medical centre, situated around an external public piazza. The project works also included pedestrian access ways and paths, car parking, loading dock, services and landscaping. Project Architects Libby Pracilio and Daniela Wainstein from KPA Architects were involved in Austin Lakes Central at different stages of its development. Libby was responsible for concept design through to documentation, whereas Daniela oversaw tender, construction documentation and contract administration. Their brief focussed on designing a central hub for the community while maintaining the major retailer's (IGA) own specific brief requirements. In keeping with the aesthetic qualities and values of the estate, the inspiration for the architectural design and colour scheme was drawn from the local rural environment, with interpretations of Australian agricultural iconography and aerial imagery appearing as key features. The layout of the shopping centre itself, was carefully planned to take advantage of the site's key features without compromising customer amenity. The central piazza functions as a pedestrian access way between the shops and the car park, but the visual connection with the lake and parklands also makes it a pleasant destination for local residents to meet friends or stop for lunch. On the prominent corner of

Austin Lakes Central THE BUILDERS CHOICE

the site is a feature tower that was designed to lead the eye on approach to the centre and to act as an anchor for the building within the established visual context of the estate – somewhat like the iconic town hall towers in days gone by. Austin Lakes Central has also provided the opportunity for its tenants (the retailers) to offer the shopping public a unique experience which is befitting of the centre's location and surrounds. For example, The Celebrations Liquor store has its own Beer Growler Filling station, and there are a gourmet café and a deli in the IGA store which has a beautiful outlook onto a lake. Overall, and compared to most suburban shopping centres, Austin Lakes Central is positioned in a very unique retail location. The construction of the centre uses fairly traditional materials and methods in its construction, however it is the way in which these materials have been combined aesthetically that compliments and enhances the centre. Using a combination of concrete panels, concrete blockwork, steel, powder coated aluminium, plywood, plasterboard, Midland Bricks and BGC Grand pavers, the result is a vibrant, attractive community building. With its rectangular panels of varying shades of green, light grey and white, its steel columns and beams, slatted timber and zincalume roof (to the tower) the whole building appears light and soft, and not overbearing as some shopping centre structures can be. Austin Lakes Central follows the architectural success of other shopping centres by KPA Architects. These include the Kwinana Marketplace, Eaton Fair Shopping Centre Redevelopment, Wattle Grove Shopping Centre and Waterhall Shopping Centre (also featured in this edition of Builders Choice Magazine). The company has also been active

in the area of Aged Care, with notable projects including Bethanie Gwelup, Koh-I-Noor Contemporary Aged Care and the nearby Peel Stage 2 Retirement Living. Builder, Whyte Constructions, specialises in commercial and industrial construction, having been operational since 1980. With the company's extensive knowledge in tilt-up construction, Whyte Constructions was the perfect choice to build this centre. “Even though we were successful at achieving an outcome that resulted in a wonderful central community space, a happy client, happy retailers and an ongoing relationship with the builder, there are always lessons that can be learnt from every project we work on”, say KPA. “Each of the KPA team members were able to take away different things to add to our evolving collective knowledge of retail design and procurement which can be implemented on our next project”. “We had such a great team of hardworking, high achieving individuals (client, retailers, architects, draftspersons, specialist consultants and contractors) and as a result the project ran very smoothly. If any issues arose, we were able to work collaboratively to reach a successful solution”. One such example of this is the prominent tower. To avoid penetrating the roof sheeting (therefore having the potential for associated roof leaks), the structural engineers, Andreotta Cardenosa, designed the structure for the feature tower to sit above the roof plane. This is concealed behind the parapet wall, so the architectural language wasn't compromised. This solution and the resulting tower demonstrate a great collaboration and good communication between an architect's design intent and a builder's final product ... facilitated (and resolved) by a specialist consultant, the engineer.





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Dagostino Developments builds Bunbury Beauty



agostino Developments is a small local building company based in Bunbury, south west of Perth. The company gets its name from owners, Tony and Carol Dagostino. Tony started in the building industry as a 16 year old by completing his carpentry trade certificate. As a young man, Tony always aspired to build beautiful homes, particularly the ones that were custom designed – the 'dream homes'. Now, some 30 years later Dagostino Developments is a successful builder with an outstanding reputation for quality and service ... and for building dream homes. The owners of this Bunbury residence approached Tony to discuss a proposal for their new home while it was still very much in its infancy. They had a clear vision as to how they wanted their

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86 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

home to look. Dagostino Developments has a close relationship with many local architects, designers and draftspeople, and it was through one of these designers that the owners were able to translate and their vision onto paper so that it could later be brought to life by Tony and his experienced team. Dagostino Developments is totally involved in every stage of a project, from holding the initial concept meetings right through to the handover of the keys – and this project was no exception. Working closely with the designer, they set out to achieve what the owners wanted. The owners were also closely involved in the project and were particularly proactive when it came to their selections (through the assistance of their colour consultant). With the design underway, it was important that everyone worked closely with one another to achieve the right balance and use of space, materials and finishes for the home. As far as the brief was concerned, specific attention was also given to maximising the beautiful views available to the north. The


design needed to incorporate large open living spaces on a very small site which was just over 200m2, but the house still needed to be functional for a busy family while offering them an easy living lifestyle. The size of the site was definitely one of the main influences on the final design. This small site sat in between two homes which were already constructed. This gave Dagostino Developments extremely limited space for construction, and so required considerable planning in terms of how to best stage the build, deliver materials to site and allow the trades access and parking on site. Access was only available from the front of the site, as the rear was atop a large retaining wall, which further exacerbated the situation. The proximity of construction to the existing houses and neighbours, with limited access meant that the restraints created for Dagostino Developments over the 12 months the project took to complete was ongoing and daily. Tony managed to schedule the deliveries and works so as to lessen the adverse site conditions, with constant site management to monitor the progress of the project and his sub-contractors, ensuring everyone did (and had) what they needed.

The house has a lovely French provincial style about it, and the owners used their own artistic flair to enhance this look. The Juliette window surrounds and the corbelling set the front elevation off perfectly. The interior colours and finishes are modern yet classic, giving that 'display home' look as soon as you walk in. Externally, materials include double brick rendered walls with corbelling, Colorbond roofing, gutters and plumbing, concrete slabs with aggregate paving. The exterior of the home also features black and white tiled external staircase with wrought iron balustrades. Despite its classical appearance, the home has all of the modern conveniences that one would expect, including a fully ducted vacuum system, airconditioning and an intercom system, amongst other features. “The owners had a dream and have since told us many times over that their home has turned out exactly like they imagined,” says Tony proudly. “This is the best feedback a builder can receive from their client, knowing that you have fulfilled a client's vision and exceeded their expectations. It's a great final product in that the owners have purpose filled their layout, using every square centimetre of space, given its position and small site.” “This project reminded that working closely and good communication with your clients works wonders. Our owners couldn't do enough to help on their home. They were hands on and approachable every step of the way. You need to have this good working relationship every day. It makes building for someone so much better.” Tony also realises the importance of good communication with other stakeholders in a project – in this case, the adjoining neighbours. “Sometimes knocking on a few neighbours' doors or popping a letter in their letterbox works wonders in keeping people on side. At the end of this build, we left that precinct on good terms with everyone.” Whilst Dagostino Developments specialises in custom residential building, Tony also builds within other sectors of the industry including commercial projects, unit development and renovations. Primarily however, his focus is on custom designed homes with the majority being multi-storey although no project is too big or too small for Tony and his team. As a small, local company, it's

South West Heating Specialists...

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Dagostino Developments owners Tony and Carol who work directly with every client on every project. Tony supervises all projects personally from start to completion, always available for his clients on or off site. Working closely is Tony's wife and business partner Carol who is based in the office and runs the business day-to-day, orders materials and supplies for their projects, arranges client selections and provides administrative support to Tony.

Tiles Plus Bunbury Showroom brings you the greatest selection of premium tile products from all over the world. 41 Strickland Street, Bunbury WA 6230 Email: tilesplus@wn.com.au

"Proud suppliers to Dagostino Developments"

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STONE BENCHTOPS Kitchen Formations manufacture stone benchtops all in the same factory as their cabinets. This ensures the client receives optimum service and a turnaround that others can’t match. We have installed some of the latest German machines which ensure reliable performance. Not many people are aware that manufacturing stone benchtops involves large volumes of water, up to 100 litres per hour. At Kitchen Formations we are proud to be the first in Australia to recycle 100% of our water in our stone department. At Kitchen Formations we care about your family’s future!

KITCHENS  BATHROOMS  LAUNDRY’S  TV CABINETS  WARDROBES Locally owned and operated keeping local people employed. Kitchen Formations is located in Bunbury Western Australia and has been manufacturing cabinets for over 20 years. Kitchen Formations manufacture cabinets to suit your entire needs from Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundry’s, TV Cabinets and much more. We can help you from design concepts, all the way through to the installation of your cabinets. For inspiration and ideas, visit our showroom in Bunbury, featuring several display kitchens and bathrooms in a range of styles. Experience first-hand the quality construction of a Kitchen Formations cabinet, and see actual samples of surface finishes for the most accurate impression of colours and textures. Whether renovating an existing kitchen or creating a brand new one. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the nearly limitless choices of cabinetry, door styles, finishes, bench tops and kitchen accessories that are available today. Kitchen Formations are the leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of high quality kitchens and cabinetry in the South West. Our team will work alongside you, to help with the many decisions and design process in order to achieve the best possible design to suit your personal requirements.

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Our highly skilled designers and tradespeople will take you from your initial concepts right through to the final installation, thus creating the kitchen of your dreams. If you are considering a new kitchen, please visit our showroom to see all that Kitchen Formations has to offer, where you can meet with one of our designers to discuss your cabinetry requirements. Our Kitchen Formations team will complete your quotation within 7-10 working days. Builders & Commercial Customers: Please visit the KCM Kitchen & Cabinet Manufacturing website at www.kcmcabinets.com.au

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This Douro Road Site transforms from Derelict to Desirable



he site that now houses this new 3-level residential/commercial development was once a derelict former drive-through bottle shop. It had great potential being a corner site with its location near South Terrace and South Beach in Fremantle. The previous owners had acquired a number of DA's for the site but development never eventuated. Motus Property (the sister company to Motus Architecture who designed the project) eventually acquired the site ... so this is where our story starts. Motus Architecture provided full architectural services to bring the site to life. Motus' response to the site was to capture Fremantle's industrial, alternative flavour but in a contemporary manner that drew inspiration from the raw warehouse-style aesthetic the area is

Phone: 08 9450 1911 www.motusarchitecture.com.au Phone: 08 9261 1700 www.bgcconstruction.com

90 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

synonymous with. With a firm focus on budget, yield, local vernacular, orientation of the site, natural light and ventilation, and community, the building compliments the streetscape and reinforces the alternative community nature of the neighbourhood. From an accommodation perspective, Motus wanted to provide commercial tenancies on the ground floor and a mixture of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments over. With its highly sought after, coastal location, the industrial warehouse inspired façade reflects Fremantle's alternative flavour with each of the 20 urban, architect-designed studio, one and two-bedroom apartments offering sexy, modern and sophisticated interiors. Dissecting the building is one of its standout features; the innovative residents' lobby used to access the residential levels is a spacious double volume internal 'street' which incorporates highlight glazing and operable windows to embrace natural light and cross ventilation, saving residents money on unnecessary lighting, heating in winter and cooling in summer. This is a visually striking building, with its textural material palette of recycled red bricks, exposed structural steel, Aluminium screens and lush living green walls giving it a modern, industrial warehouse


‘‘From an accommodation perspective, Motus wanted to provide commercial tenancies on the ground floor and a mixture of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments over’’. vibe and a decidedly 'Fremantle' flavour. The project would therefore appear to be a blessing for the location, adding greatly to both streetscape and amenity of Douro Road. The development did initially meet with a little resistance from the local community and some councillors, however Motus responded to any questions they had about the project and its impact. Eventually the neighbours and council all agreed on the benefits that the development would bring to the community. The building's finishes are rustic and use durable materials such as natural finished concrete, aluminium and steel. Residents can drag

beach sand in without ruining the finishes, entertain in spacious open plan living areas or hang out on their large balcony where they can connect with South Freo's 'outdoorsy lifestyle' and breathe in the fresh coastal air. Every apartment offers exceptional design, quality and a hip loft-style vibe with high ceilings. Various custom screening elements add to the residents' privacy and enhance the look of the apartments. Motus has been able to achieve a 4-Star Green Star (equivalent) energy rating across the entire building to make 19 Douro Road one of Western Australia's most environmentally friendly residential

Commercial Cleaning Golemo's Cleaning Pty Ltd understands the cleaning problems that office and property managers face today. We recognize that a clean environment is an essential aspect of any business. Golemo's Cleaning deliver high quality results. All our cleaners are fully trained and kept up-to-date with cleaning and hygiene standards, in order to meet our clients specific cleaning needs.

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developments. Not only is it eco-friendly, it's also filled with technologically advanced features. A car stacker saves space in the garage, a centralised hot water system saves both water and money, and smart meters combine residents' electricity, water and gas bills into one convenient statement. Better still, this system allows residents to track their individual usage (and the usage of the entire building) online. The building can also purchase its power from its choice of providers ensuring cheaper supply Other sustainable features for Douro Rd include:  Up to 8.8-Star NatHERS energy rating for the apartments Mobile: 0451 515 359

84 Connell Ave, Martin WA 6110

The use of natural light and cross ventilation Low energy lighting and appliances Water wise plumbing fixtures Photovoltaic panels (solar panels) to offset common power Eco-friendly building materials such as low VOC paints, adhesives, floor coverings and cabinet-work  Recycled brickwork  Operable sun screening  High performance glazing  In-wall insulation  Ceiling and roof insulation  External green walls  Gas hot water and cooktops, which are cheaper to run than electric BGC Construction was the main contractor who was responsible for constructing this building which required a high level of finish. The BGC team is very experienced in building to very specific detailing to fine tolerances on a project, and their supervisor on the project ensured this by providing the necessary attention to detail and problem solving. The complex build incorporated unusual (and non-standard) construction elements such as slanting feature walls and windows in corner apartments, and rust finished beams and stairs. The mix of building materials, various wall and cladding types and high specification and uncommon fixtures selected along with the recycled brick, concrete, plasterboard, Equitone CFC, Spandek roof and wall sheeting were all coordinated and installed flawlessly by BGC. Motus project team members say that “having an innovative and reliable consultant and construction team is vital to delivering a complex project like this one, however it is

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www.onboardroofing.com.au 92 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

“Walls of natural light” Telephone: 9248 8580 777 Marshall Road, Malaga WA 6090 info@glassblockconstruction.com Tony (sales): 0402 948 458


possible to deliver a high quality building on a conservative budget”. They also learned that local residence can play an influencing role in a development's progress – something not to be taken lightly!

Motus Architecture (with Motus Property as the developers) is currently working on a similar sized mixed-used development in Lake St, Perth. BCG Construction is currently building 6 special care buildings for the Ability Centre.

Phone: 9217 9011 www.revolutionroofing.com.au ABN : 37 163 149 700


Groutless Tiles is an extraordinarily large single porcelain tile that offers exceptional performance in all areas of solid applications.


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TELEPHONE: 0433 850 798

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Research reveals Aussie Homes need better insulation



new research report released this month has put the spotlight on the millions of dollars that could be saved by Australian's nationwide, thanks to the help of a sometimes overlooked building material: insulation. Tony Westmore, General Manager of the Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP) said that while insulation isn't generally seen as a vital or trendy part of building or renovation it's one that can be incredibly attractive to homeowners when the cost savings and environmental benefits are understood. The research undertaken by Pitt&Sherry in partnership with A2EP, Knauf Insulation and the Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries (AWCI) reveals that the current minimum requirements for


94 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

insulation established by the Building Code of Australia (BCA) are not the most cost effective. It analysed the current 'deemed to satisfy' levels against 'cost-optimal' levels for different climates and house-types. Cost-optimal insulation levels are when the benefits (the savings from using less energy) from installing insulation that is additional to the minimum requirements in the BCA equals or outweighs the additional installed insulation costs. The findings revealed that installing insulation at levels greater than the current national standard could see nationwide energy cost savings of $312 million over 30-years. In addition, consumers could collectively stop 60,000 tonnes of carbon emissions every year. Westmore says that the health and environmental benefits of insulation is a vital consideration for homeowners in today's world. “Heating and cooling our homes make up around one third of our energy bills every year which is a decent portion of our monthly expenses and worth taking a look at. In addition, appliances such as air conditioners and heaters can contribute toward our carbon emissions because they use electricity and gas.

Insulation THE BUILDERS CHOICE Topping up ceiling insulation in existing homes was shown to be the number one priority to achieve the best results. An uninsulated home loses and gains more heat through the ceiling and roof than any other part of the house. About 22% of heat from the average uninsulated house is lost through the walls and up to 30% of heat is typically lost through the ceiling. Inadequate insulation could cost individual households anywhere up to $6,000. “Retrofitting of insulation is extremely cost-effective and pays for itself through savings on energy bills in 8 years or less in almost every case. This is significant because recent data has highlighted that around 28% (or around 2.8 million) of Australian homes still have no insulation,” said Westmore. Westmore says two emerging developments within the infrastructure sector have the potential to pass on further benefits:

“While the cost savings of higher levels of insulation are compelling we've also found that the health and sustainability benefits of insulation is a big pull factor for homeowners and tenants alike who are increasingly conscious of their carbon footprint. Consumers also like the fact that insulation is low maintenance. Once it's installed it can provide benefits for years to come and is absolutely complementary to technologies such as solar and batteries.” The research finds that most states and house types could benefit from insulation levels above the current standard. With a saving of around $100 million, Western Australian residents could benefit the most. Queensland fared the best out of the research, with their regulation being the closest to cost optimal levels. The research also highlighted that on average, ceilings required a 50% increase in insulation and walls up to 35%.


A call for a nationally consistent approach to residential energy ratings. This framework will enable prospective homebuyers and tenants to easily understand the sustainability of homes, by setting minimum standards, and benchmarking building performance.


The promotion of a voluntary disclosure framework for all types of buildings, which will provide energy efficiency information about the home to prospective buyers or tenants.

With a nationally consistent rating tool and disclosure mechanisms in sight, builders and project managers will be in an even better position to advise homeowners about the benefits of higher levels of insulation in delivering cost and emissions savings. “Whether it's governments supporting the establishment of a national rating tool and disclosure mechanism, or whether it's an increase in general consumer awareness, insulation really should be considered as both cost efficient and environmentally beneficial. It's a simple, effective and reliable product,” said Westmore.



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Established in 2006 to meet the growing demands for structural insulated panels, Panelmakers is providing quality building products with prompt service for a diverse market. Insulated panels initially used solely for the commercial food storage industry have evolved to stylish panels for residential housing, transportable buildings and patio roofing, providing clean lines, insulation and cost effective alternatives.

built to allow production of a range of panel types.

Our manufacturing plant is the latest Panel Laminating Line specifically

Our aim is to maintain a high standard of quality, service and competitiveness!


This automated line continuously laminates pre-painted Galva bond coil to an expanded polystyrene core manufactured in house to AS 1366. Light weight, strong and providing great insulation properties, these panels will enhance your investment.


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THE BUILDERS CHOICE Vélo, at 89 Aberdeen Street

Photos Matt Jelonek


New Apartments in NORTHBRIDGE are made by Baltinas



number of years ago developer/architect Baltinas Made moved its office into Northbridge, where director Barry Baltinas immediately fell in love with the William Street precinct which was full of great restaurants, cafes, bars and facilities. “Everything was at our fingertips, so the possibility for people to live in this area is what planted the seed for Vélo. The site is in the heart of the 'old Northbridge' with its aroma of coffee and food and the wonderful eclectic mix of multiculturalism at its best. We wanted to create a building in this location that embraced all of these elements”, says Barry. Northbridge, a stone's throw from the centre of Perth, has its own unique identity. Vélo, at 89 Aberdeen Street, is the latest

Phone: +61 8 9328 1887 www.baltinas.com Phone: 08 9225 4900 www.resoluteconstructions.com.au

96 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

building to join the area's extraordinary mix of traditional and modern buildings. Vélo is within easy walking and cycling distance of the Perth CBD, and is extremely well-served by public transport. The building's geometric facade is softened with ever-changing greenery which can encompass the winter gardens on every balcony creating an urban oasis. On the ground floor, a small bar/cafe is the ideal place to meet friends and provides a clever connection between the building and the surrounding streetscape. Vélo's main entries will also be a focal point, with artistic commissions featured in its lobbies. Naturally ventilated apartments, low-emission materials and finishes create a healthier environment for residents. Solar panels power all common areas keeping resident's energy costs low and reducing the building's impact on the environment. All Vélo apartments are acoustically treated to ensure increased acoustic performance (with double layers of acoustic treatment where required). Enclosable wintergarden balconies to select apartments provide an additional acoustic barrier, and double glazed windows also significantly reduce the apartments heating, cooling, and lighting costs.

Vélo, at 89 Aberdeen Street THE BUILDERS CHOICE

Vélo is designed for longevity, with its high-quality, durable, low-maintenance building materials. Vélo is designed for longevity, with its high-quality, durable, lowmaintenance building materials. It has a focus on low embodied energy per occupant, and the high-density development maximises its use of shared services for energy efficiency. It also incorporates a range of other features designed to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, which include climate responsive design, an emphasis on natural lighting and ventilation, design to

maximise thermal performance and minimise summer heat loads, Photovoltaics (which provide solar power to common areas, highefficiency reverse-cycle air conditioning, energy-efficient LED and CFL lighting throughout, and energy and water-efficient appliances. Water is conserved within the building through rainwater harvesting and reuse and water-efficient fixtures and appliances. Vélo has rainwater tanks used for the communal landscaping

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Canterbury robes specialises in sliding robes and robe fit outs for sliders and walk in robes, standard sizes for cost efficient projects or custom made. 66B Distinction Road, Wangara WA 6065

Which allows all the doors to stack to one side for laundries and linens.

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THE BUILDERS CHOICE Vélo, at 89 Aberdeen Street


irrigation, waterwise landscaping, and water-efficient taps, showers, toilets and appliances with high WELS star ratings. Vélo is focused on ensuring that waste management facilities assist in the lowering of the overall carbon footprint of the building and its occupants. Designated waste recycling stations are conveniently positioned on each floor to encourage residents to recycle and reduce their overall carbon footprint, and a Construction Waste Plan ensured that appropriate steps were taken to reduce waste which would otherwise go to landfill. The design and location of Vélo helps maximise the quality of life for its residents via excellent indoor air quality and ventilation (including operable windows and enclosable balconies), low-VOC materials and paints, and Universal Design features throughout (providing access to people with disabilities). Another of Vélo's core principles is that of nurturing a sense of belonging and community. The development's unique inner-city location provides diversity across many areas such as cultural, business and lifestyle as well as access to a complete range of services, facilities and amenities. Central open air walkways and lobbies connect residents with lush green living landscaping enveloping the walkways. Baltinas Made is the developer and architect for this project – a role which created a large responsibility on design and delivery of the final project. Established in 1997, builder Resolute Constructions was 75% through constructing Halo on Mount for Baltinas Made who then also asked Resolute to price Vélo which comprised 61 apartments, 2 commercial units and a café over 9 levels (with 2 basement levels and service areas). Subsequent to being appointed to the project, Resolute Constructions worked with Baltinas Made to refine the project's design and costings to enable Vélo to proceed.

98 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

Vélo's external walls are constructed from precast concrete panels, and floor slabs use Austral Deck (a permanent formwork and precast decking solution). The building's façade is clad using Unitex (made from lightweight components incorporating polymermodified resins and cementitious minerals). The building features swipe card and audio/video intercom security access for residents only, and every apartment also has its own lockable storage area. With a narrow Aberdeen Street frontage of only 15 metres, access to site and dealing with the surrounding businesses and residents were significant factors affecting how Resolute ran the project. Through a combination of co-ordinated deliveries for floor cycles, use of multiple traffic management personnel, and liaising daily with surrounding stakeholders, Resolute managed to meet the building's construction schedule. Resolute even went to the extent of renting one of the site's neighbour's back garden for use as a temporary set-down/storage area. Resolute found the owner of this property extremely helpful and very 'forgiving' during the construction period. Resolute Constructions Pty Ltd is a privately owned commercial construction company based in Perth and specialising in the multistorey residential, commercial, educational and industrial construction sectors. Whilst operating mainly in the metropolitan area, Resolute Constructions has also successfully completed projects in the South West, Wheatbelt and North West regions of Western Australia. Barry Baltinas is an award winning architect and developer with an extensive portfolio of projects under his belt exceeding $250 million in value. These projects are wide ranging and encompass commercial, residential as well as hospitality design

Vélo, at 89 Aberdeen Street THE BUILDERS CHOICE

and development. Barry and his team find beauty in quiet understated forms, expressive structure, timeless materials, and carefully resolved details. Its designs celebrate light-filled open spaces with a strong connection to the outdoors, and its unapologetic contemporary approach to design combines a love of the new with a respect for the old which attempts to create timeless forms with conceptual clarity. Barry firmly believes that good design is the physical expression of sound ideas, imagination and creativity. To create buildings that enhance the quality of life and contribute positively to the built environment is the company's goal – one that has been achieved with Vélo which is the first of its type of development in this area, with other similar projects slated.

Groutless Tiles is an extraordinarily large single porcelain tile that offers exceptional performance in all areas of solid applications.

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M: 0400 182 297 Grandscene Landscaping specialises in Commercial Landscape Construction, our team works closely with Architects and Builders to design and construct award winning landscapes and outdoor living areas. For further information on how we can assist you on your next project please Contact our Office.

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Your back yard is perfect for entertaining or relaxing


any West Australians have holidayed in Queensland, or even Bali and other balmy or tropical locations around the world. And one of the experiences that we enjoy and remember most is that of outdoor dining and relaxing. For some reason, when we are sitting outside in a nice environment with our families or friends, we seem to savour eating, drinking or just relaxing even more! So what elements make up an outdoor entertaining area? Let's examine these separately: FLOOR ME Firstly, you need to consider what type of flooring material your area will have. Whilst lawn will suffice, it won't be particularly accommodating to offering chairs and tables stability. Concrete, paving and timber (real or synthetic) decking are better alternatives, however natural timber will require maintenance. This might sound like a simple yearly task, but consider having to move all of your outdoor furniture out of the way ... and you might reconsider this option. Timber however does offer a visual warmth to outdoor areas that concrete, tiled floors and pavers often don't. COVER YOURSELF UP Now that you have designated and area and determined your choice of flooring material/s, you are wise to create some overhead cover. This can either be waterproof (giving your outdoor area more potential use

100 The Builders Choice Magazine – December 2016

over wetter days) or simply a shade structure to block or filter the sun. Waterproof options abound, from building your alfresco under the main roof of the house (as is the trend with many of today's home builders), building a separate structure (for example in timber, steel or aluminium) covered with Colourbond, zincalume, polycarbonate or operable aluminium slats, or simply having a large waterproof umbrella. Creating shade without providing a waterproof area underneath is simpler as a shade umbrella or trellis/pergola with greenery such as Jasmine will do the job. GIVING THE WIND A BREAK Having established that our climate isn't always perfect for entertaining or relaxing outdoors due to the sun's heat or the rain, the other climatic foe of many an outdoor area is wind. Perth is renowned for its strong gusty sea breezes (which often blow on weekend afternoons when we most want to entertain or relax outside). Ironically, this complaint is worse along the coast where the views are at their best ... and the breezes are at their strongest! Creating sheltered outdoor areas is a must, and this can be achieved with walls, screens and outdoor blinds (which can either be plastic to stop wind and allow light in, or woven plasticised mesh that allow some airflow but filter the light). The other option is glass, whether fixed or operable.

The Great Outdoors THE BUILDERS CHOICE HOT AND COLD FLUSHES There's still two more climatic and weather pitfalls that can catch the unwary outdoor entertainer out – heat and cold. Whilst overhead cover and screening can control direct sun, wind and rain, there's still ambient heat in summer and wither cold to combat ... unless you don't want to use your outdoor areas between December and March, and May and September every year. Cooling down is best achieved by airconditioning (either reverse cycle or evaporative) if your area is enclosed. Otherwise there are now many styles and types of outdoor fans which stir the air up and also make a great feature to an outdoor area. Likewise, heating can come from reverse cycle air-conditioning,

globes on a black electrical cord from one corner to the other, LED lighting has taken prime position outdoors. Bud lighting, uplighting, downlighting, ambient lighting, garden lighting, feature lighting, solar lighting – it's all out lighting to create the right mood for the event, whether it's a party, bbq, or quiet drink. There's even moulded furniture and sculptural pieces that light up and change colours at the push of a button, so there's no excuse for getting this wrong.

ethanol heaters, wall mounted gas or electric heating bars or freestanding gas heaters. There is also a growing trend towards the humblest of heating solutions which our ancestors used – the open fire pit. These mobile metal or permanent concreted fire pits hark back to a time when life was slower and families and communities shared stories around a fire. Add marshmallows or perhaps a glass of red wine and many of us would do perfect justice to this time honoured tradition. SIT ON IT Many of us will recall how in days gone by we could only buy wooden, natural rattan or wicker outdoor chairs and tables. This furniture eventually dried out, frayed, and fell apart. Then there was a revolution – aluminium framed chairs with synthetic rattan and aluminium tables with toughened glass tops, which were more durable outdoors. The next phase was moulded synthetic resins for chairs, seats and sun lounges. Nowadays, any combination of the above are available, although the quality has improved enormously. Ensure that whatever you purchase, it is UV resistant, as even if your furniture or fabric scatter cushions are not in direct sunlight, the ambient UV will fade or degrade your furniture. LIGHT ME UP Having dealt with the above requisites for a practical and enjoyable outdoor entertaining area, one often overlooked aspect is lighting. It is all good and well when we are using our outdoors during the day, but task and mood lighting is a must for night time use and enjoyment. Nowhere near good enough to drape a string of coloured incandescent

LET'S EAT It's hard to think of entertaining or relaxing outside without food and drinks. But it's not quite the same if you have to traipse in and out from your kitchen continuously. The solutions? Well at the very least, connect your outdoor area to your kitchen via a servery window so that you don't have to leave the festivities continuously. The other option is to recreate your kitchen outside – complete with cookers (bbq, gas hotplate, pizza oven, tepanyaki hotplate, or any combination that takes your fancy), along with refrigeration, preparation benchtops, storage cupboards, extraction fans, wash-up sinks, and even dishwashers. There are now many pre-fabricated outdoor kitchen setups (many of which are even available at larger hardware and outdoor furniture stores), as well as a growing market of designers and fabricators who will create a custom solution for your home. YOU CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC What would outdoor entertaining be without music? Yes, you could drag out you old radio and tune it to a local FM station, but nowadays we can do better than that. Much better in fact. Previously, we'd have to think about wiring in speaker cabling during construction of a home, or worse still, try to retrofit cables and speakers afterwards. This second scenario is known as an 'electrician's nightmare'. Fortunately, technology intervenes once again. Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity and a great range of portable sound systems, coupled with a myriad of streaming and downloadable music sources now means quality sound anywhere in your home, including outside. There are even water proof speakers that can float in your pool so that you don't miss your favourite song when swimming or lounging. And it's all controlled from your mobile or a remote control, so you don't have to put down your drink or leave your comfy spot. Now that's entertainment!

December 2016 – The Builders Choice Magazine 101

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Abstract Concreting are a full service concreting company that can cater for commercial and residential projects. Our specialities include:  Exposed aggregate  Liquid limestone  Slabs and footings

Exposed aggregate driveway Bravo Building at the Perth Domestic Airport completed for PS Structures

Ben Bauerhuit 0410 243 053 abstractconcreting@outlook.com.au Visit us at our website www.abstractconcretingwa.com.au

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GLASSCAPES glass & glazing The Choice of Landscape Architects, Developers, Builders and The Domain Stadium • Village Green • Sir Walter • Palmetto

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FOR ALL YOUR FIRE SERVICE REQUIREMENTS Polyresin Shutters ⎥ PVC Shutters Cedar Shutters ⎥ Basswood Shutters Aluminium Shutters & Privacy Screens Venetian Blinds Outdoor Blinds ⎥ Roller Blinds

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2016 ‘‘The key to SoftPlan is usability’’ Plans, Material Estimating & 3Dimensional Images. Introducing SoftPlan ‘‘Remodel’’ for projects like kitchens, decks, pergolas, bathrooms, office layouts, extensions and much more.



A comprehensive design program for only

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We offer the greatest selection of ceramic and porcelain tiles from around the world at the best prices. We also stock a vast range of glass and stone mosaics & borders to suit almost any situation.

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Commercial Cleaning Golemo's Cleaning deliver high quality results. All our cleaners are fully trained and kept up-to-date with cleaning and hygiene standards, in order to meet our clients specific cleaning needs.

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Create your luxury alfresco entertaining area by Infresco

BUILDERS DISCOUNTS APPLY – Infresco offers fully installed outdoor kitchens completed with gourmet barbecues, your choice of fridges, exhaust hoods, wok burners, bench top surfaces, under bench ovens... the options are incredible and the variety of appliances to complete your new infresco outdoor kitchen is outstanding. Email a design or idea and we will send you a 3d design & Quote. Visit our website for more information or just browse our gallery to see the wide styles and designs we have completed. NORTH Unit 7, 15 PRINDIVILLE DRIVE WANGARA 6065 SOUTH 32 HOWSON WAY BIBRA LAKE 6163

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