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Limousin November 2013 Issue #49

France gripped by row over Roma expulsions Following the forced removal of a Roma girl from a school bus and her subsequent expulsion from France with her entire family, the government's policy for dealing with illegal immigration has been called into question.

chance to come back to France to finish her studies... but only if she did so alone. She refused. “I won't go alone to France. I'm not the only one who has to go to school. There's also my brothers and sisters,” she told a French newspaper. “In any case, we will do a tour of Europe like we did before and we will come back to France.” Jean-François Copé, the leader of ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy's conservative UMP party, said Mr Hollande's decisions in the matter could only fuel the rise of the antiimmigration Front National. The popularity of Marine Le Pen's far right party has been boosted in recent times by frustration over illegal immigration and Roma camps on the outskirts of French cities. “There can be no question of allowing the extreme Right to profit from the incompetence of the president,” Mr

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NEWS - Former prefect arrested

The former prefect of the Creuse, who left her post recently after only 6 months, has been arrested in Nice on charges of corruption >> Page 3

NEWS - Amazon bans sale of foie gras

Online retailer Amazon has banned the sale of foie gras on its UKwebsite following pressure from animal rights groups >> Page 10

PRACTICAL - Voting in French elections

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rance's controversial policy of repatriating Roma people has again hit the headlines following the removal of 15-year-old Leonarda Dibrani from her school bus before she was expelled from the country, along with her parents and five siblings after they lost their battle for asylum. Anne Giacoma, a teacher who was on the bus with the schoolgirl, said she had refused a police request to stop the bus as she “found it totally inhuman” but, under pressure, she eventually complied. The Socialist government launched an investigation after rights groups - and even fellow left-wingers criticised the expulsion as shocking. Thousands of students marched through the streets of Paris and other cities demanding that Leonarda be allowed to return, leading to François Hollande offering the schoolgirl the

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42 sheep have been injured in the latest "Killer Dog" attack in the Haute-Vienne >> Page 4

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joke, preferably a Christmas one! We could do with a good laugh over at Bugle Towers to distract us from the dreaded “tax season”. This is always a gloomy time of year as the weather really starts to turn, the days draw ever shorter and the bills start to drop. Taxe foncière, taxe d'habitation, fill up the central heating fuel tank, order the logs... Then, as anyone running a business will be painfully aware, the RSI likes to recalculate what you owe about now as well!! Still, Christmas is right around the corner and that's usually a cheap time of year, no?! I thought I was being clever by only allowing my children to watch CBeebies rather than the overtly commercial Disney Channel or Nick Junior, so they avoid the vast majority of adverts for toys, gadgets and gizmos. Then, the other day, my eldest stormed into the office and demanded that I buy her a tablet as she wanted to download the latest Tree Fu Tom (whatever that is?!) app from the CBeebies website... she is four!! I still have to talk her grandfather through turning on his PC and the only tablets he knows about are the ones he takes in the morning for his arthritis!! Suffice it to say, so long as there are sticks to play with in the garden, my children will not be getting

iPads or iPhones any time soon (other expensive mobile devices are available). We did not move to rural France to teach our children to be slaves to technology! At the risk of sounding old - how times have changed. One thing that never changes is the “advice” from medical experts, or rather the lack of consistency of that advice: cholesterol is bad and eggs will kill you; there is good cholesterol and eggs are packed with the good type; don't eat too much fat or oil; Omega-3 is the elixir of life and drinking olive oil by the gallon will make you live forever. Just the other day I read that “experts” have decided that butter and saturated fats are no longer the devil and a separate study has revealed that 2 cups of coffee a day are better for you than two fruit smoothies - go figure! The latest revelation is that one of the cornerstones of keeping healthy is also not true - that you need to drink 2 litres of water every day. Now they are saying it makes very little difference how much you drink (British Journal of Sports Medicine, September 2013, Current hydration guidelines are erroneous: dehydration does not impair exercise performance in the heat, Wall BA). Not only that, but it's now considered more dangerous to drink too much water than too little (drinking too much can fatally dilute your body's sodium levels). Apparently, we evolved in environments that required doing intense exercise in extreme heat and dryness (presumably that means running away from lions on the

African savannah?) and our bodies are quite good at dealing with dehydration. The new advice is to “drink to thirst” rather than trying to drink a certain amount, which is handy advice for me as I am almost always thirsty for a beer!!! Finally, and on a more serious note, I was very sad to hear that Jane Nicholson recently lost her long battle with cancer. As everyone who knew her is well aware, Jane fought long and hard against her illness and our thoughts go out to Phil and all their family and friends. Phil is carrying on the business that Jane worked so hard to create and The Exchange Rochechouart remains open for trading as usual. This is the 49th edition of The Bugle and Jane and Phil have been in every single one of them. Until next month! Steve Martindale, Editor

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Godson Travaux Publics

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Man fined for smacking child


imoges resident Lionel Lecante, a 44-year-old father of two, was fined 500 euros and avoided a three-year prison sentence after smacking his 9-year-old son. It was only the second time the boy had ever been smacked by his father. After an argument with his former partner, in which his young son had supported his mother, Mr Lecante ordered the boy to lower his trousers and proceeded to smack him “five or six times” on the bottom. The aim was to teach the boy to respect his father. The Limoges court ruled that the act was violent and ordered Mr Lecante to pay a 500 euros fine and 150 euros compensation to the boy's mother. He was sentenced under article 222-13 of the Penal Code which prohibits 'unwarranted violence towards children under 15 by family members or authority figures'. Mr Lecante was the first to claim that the court's actions were 'a little excessive'. Smacking is not illegal in France, but a distinction is drawn between violence and punishment. Ordinarily, smacking would count only as a punishment; in this case, it was classed as 'humiliating' and violent since the boy's trousers were lowered and the smacks were applied to his bare bottom. 23 European countries have outlawed smacking, but France is not among them. And, from the looks of a Le Parisien poll, France will not be changing its laws any time soon: 90% of Le Parisien readers oppose the Limoges court's verdict. In spite of popular support, in an interview after the hearing Mr Lecante said he would not appeal and nor would he choose to exploit the media storm which now surrounds the case. “I understand why I've been punished,” he said in response to his fine. “I won't repeat these actions in the future. Smacking isn't something I condone.” So as Mr Lecante withdraws from the limelight, claiming to have a better relationship with his son now than he did before, the debate rages as to whether smacking is an appropriate form of punishment. The area constitutes a 'vide juridique' or 'legal black hole', and, unsurprisingly, lawyers, child psychologists and education experts are having their say. “We need to think about what punishment really means so parents aren't unjustly accused,” Mr Lecante finished by saying. This was perhaps the most sensible comment in the debate. ■ Amaryllis Barton


he political establishment in the region was left shocked and bemused earlier this year when the prefect of the Creuse, Dominique-Claire Mallemanche, left her post after just 6 months in office and was placed “hors cadre” (without a geographic area of responsibility). “I will be leaving my post in a few days,” the prefect told confused reporters at the end of August. “I will be hors cadre while I await a new posting.” It was not initially clear if the move was a promotion, or even a demotion, for the department's first-ever female prefect. “In the prefecture, you go where you are told to go and you must have neither opinions nor emotions,” Mme Mallemanche added cryptically at the time. It has now become apparent, however, why her departure was so sudden and unexpected, with the news that she has been arrested in Nice along with her husband and charged with “active and passive corruption” and “traffic of influence” - charges which suggest she illegally used her official powers and position. The case has been brought by the Procureur (state prosecutor) of Nice, Éric Bedos, who has so far refused to comment on the case other than to confirm the charges. The alleged crimes relate to Mme Malle-

manche's time as deputy prefect of Grasse from March 2011 to February 2013. According to Nice-based journalists quoted by La Montagne, further financial charges against the ex-prefect could be forthcoming. Mme Mallemanche is believed to have received “gifts and inappropriate generosity” in the course of exercising her official duties. Her husband, who is facing the same charges, runs a consultancy helping French businesses to gain footholds in Africa. According to Nice-Matin newspaper, the focus of the investigation surrounds a luxury hotel run by Marcel-Paul Gelabert, a family friend “of more than 10 years”, who has himself been charged with cor-

05 55 60 14 18

ruption. A 2006 safety ruling made any extensions to his hotel, situated on 8 hectares of land, impossible. Then in October 2012, a prefectoral order required a right of passage to be created across his land as a fireprotection measure. This in turn opened up the possibility for extension work on the hotel, a financial boon to the hotel's owner! What role, if any, Mme Mallemanche played in this decision is not yet known. When contacted by La Montagne, Mme Mallemanche's lawyer said that his client “asserts her innocence” and explained that “she had no idea that her husband had received commissions behind her back”. Mme Mallemanche herself was not available for comment.. ■

Futuroscope Ticket Giveaway!! To celebrate our birthday, The Bugle is giving away three pairs of tickets to Futuroscope Theme Park. To enter, send an email to with your favourite joke (extra marks for a Christmas theme!) The jokes that make us laugh the most will win the tickets! Don't forget to include your postal address and contact details. Closing date is 15 November 2013 Tickets are valid until 05/01/2014

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Former Creuse prefect charged with corruption

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Catholic Deacon ordained for special links with the Englishspeaking community in the Limousin


he Bishop of Limoges ordained Jacques CHEZEAUD Permanent Deacon in Guéret, on 20th October. Jacques is a Frenchman who has lived in Scotland for 34 years and has now returned to live in the Limousin where his family originally comes from. The Catholic Church in Limousin is well aware of the presence and contribution that the English-speaking communities make to the area. It is also aware that language differences can sometimes be an obstacle to communications and exchange. It is therefore in a spirit of ecumenism that Mgr KALIST, the Bishop of the Diocese of Limoges, has given Jacques a specific responsibility for creating links as diverse and varied as the communities themselves, and specifically in Haute-Vienne and Creuse. The remit is important and wide-ranging but without limiting or limited dimensions, as it could of course encompass aspects of spiritual and religious observance, sacraments

and cultural and social opportunities. Jacques, who was a head teacher in Scotland for many years, is well acquainted with the Limousin, its specificity and realities and is looking forward to making contacts with the various groups that already exist and to create personal links with people, initially to get to know them and also to find out if there are points of action that could or should be considered for the medium and long term. Jacques can be contacted on 06 78 71 69 56 or preferably by email: jacques.chezeaud@ Please do not hesitate to get in touch with your suggestions/questions! ■


Siret: 791 246 564 00011

New attacks revive painful memories


recent attack on a flock of sheep in the Haute-Vienne has brought back memories for local farmers of the bloody winter of 2010/11. In the most recent attack, 42 sheep were injured by a dog, an event which has raised fears of a repeat of the attacks around Oradoursur-Glane that began in December 2010 and lasted for 7 months. Initially, 90 sheep were killed by a “chien tueur” (killer dog) across a 2,000 hectare area around Oradour-sur-Glane. When the deaths mysteriously stopped, many believed that the animal involved must have left the area or died, but spring

brought with it a new killing spree. To begin with, authorities refused to make a link between the new sheep deaths and the spate of “killer dog” deaths the previous year. It was soon evident, however, that the same forces were at work and subsequent sightings led police and farmers to believe that the deaths, now numbering well over 120 sheep, were the work of two ‘Labrador-type’ dogs. The sous-prefecture, gendarmerie, municipal officers and local farmers formed a task force to track down the animals and put an end to the bloodshed. A 4-kilometrewide perimeter was set up around the area to catch the

dogs. The mayor of Oradoursur-Glane, Raymond Frugier, assured locals at the time, “We have engaged all the local services. We very much hope that this time we will catch them!” A few days later, one of the two dogs was finally tracked down and killed. Traces of sheep’s wool and blood were found in the animal’s mouth. The second dog, believed to be a female, was then tracked down shortly after, bringing to an end the carnage. Between 140-150 sheep are believed to have been killed by the dogs. The latest attacks took place in October near SaintBonnet-de-Bellac in a village known as la Rissanderie.

“I was in a field and heard barking,” explained farmer Joël Dechatre. “I ran over to my animals and saw a spaniel-type dog grabbing one of the sheep before letting it go.” On closer inspection, the farmer found a number of strangled sheep on the ground. The final tally was 42 sheep attacked, of which 12 were dead and a further 13 had to be put down. “At €120 each, that is a big hit,” said the farmer who owns around 400 sheep in total. Accompanied by gendarmes, checks at his neighbours' houses revealed that the killer dog did not appear to belong to anyone locally. An enquiry into the incident has been launched. ■

It's your Village Français too


he Limousin region is famed for its cakes, fondues and sprawling forests. But the region has a darker past. The Second World War brought collaboration and communism, treachery and terror. It is thus no surprise that it was chosen as the setting for the TV series Un Village Français, produced by Frédéric Krivine, Philippe Triboit and Emmanuel Daucé, and part-financed by the Conseil Régional du Limousin. The series returned to French screens this October, and, four episodes in, the Nazi grip on l'Héxagone is starting to weaken: young men join the Resistance,

collaborators consider their future, and a glimmer of hope is in evidence. Now in its fifth season and attracting more than 3.5 million viewers, the series is putting Limousin on the map more than ever. From previous series, viewers will recognise the fictional town of Villeneuve as La Souterraine. Equally, la place du Présidial in Limoges resumes its role as Nazi headquarters. It is not only the landscape of the region which takes its place in the limelight. Local youngsters and adults alike were given the chance to audition as extras in March this year, with several

pupils from the Académie de Théâtre de Limousin making the cut. Towards the end of this series, le Vald’Oise, Seine-et-Marne and le Val de Marne, departments outside Limousin, become the focus. It is at this point that the series' title, Un Village Français, reveals its full significance: all towns, villages and peoples are part of this story. See how your town fared during the Occupation: Un Village Français can be seen on Tuesdays at 8.45pm on France 3. Previous episodes are available on DVD with English subtitles at most libraries in the region. ■ Amaryllis Barton

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or many industries across Europe, it is China that is currently driving increase in demand. Timber, the second largest industry in the Limousin, is no exception and vast swathes of the region's wooded areas and forests are heading east to quench China's seemingly insatiable thirst. For the last decade, the amount of timber being bought by Chinese companies has been steadily increasing and it is easy to see why - they are prepared to pay 20% more for the wood than their French counterparts. Nationally, the amount being sold to China has risen from 80,000m³ to over 400,000m³, representing a significant increase in sales for the Limousin, which is the country's third largest producer of wood. The high price that the Chinese are prepared to pay is obviously good news for the producers, but many other sectors of the industry are worried by the trend. Christian Ribes is the president of BoisLim, a group representing industry members: “We

find ourselves in the same boat as developing countries. They are plundering our wood before transforming it in China and are therefore taking with it the increased value of any future products.” This, he claims, has already cost the region several of its sawmills. So worried are some, that BoisLim recently invited national industry figures to Tulle to discuss the problem and show them the impact on the region. “In other parts of France, the majority of forests are owned by the ONF [national forestry office],” explained Mr Ribes. “But here, 95% of forests are privately owned, and that changes things significantly.” Part of the problem is the taxes charged by Europe and China on wooden materials. China places an 8% import tax on logs, 14% on cut wood, 20% on planks and 100% on furniture. Europe, however, does not charge import duty on the transformed goods returning from China. The solution is simple for Chinese companies. Buy the raw material, process it and sell the high-value final product back

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Chinese demand shapes Limousin wood industry

to Europe. As a result, many are now calling on France to take similar steps to those taken by other countries such as Germany who have placed a “fumigation tax” on beech in an effort to slow down exports.

A further problem lurking round the corner is what happens when demand dries up. China has been very busy planting forests, and will have a staggering amount of home-grown wood in 20 years' time. “They are

going to plunder our forests and then they won't need us any more,” summarised Mr Ribes, urging industry members “to not choose the easiest solution today, but to think of the long-term picture”. ■

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>> continued from pg 1 Copé said. Despite the student protests, opinion polls showed that most French did not want the family to return. “What do 80% of the French think about this?” asked François Bayrou, who ran against Hollande in the first round of the 2012 presidential election, on the digital news channel iTélé. “They think the state has totally lost its compass, deciding one thing and then deciding its exact opposite one minute later … Hollande's authority is significantly weakened here.” The row has once again laid bare rifts within France and the ruling Socialists on how to tackle illegal immigrants, rifts which first appeared when interior minister Manuel Valls recently declared that Roma gypsies were incompatible with the French way of life and should return home. Mr Valls insisted that the deportation of Leonarda and the rest of her family had been carried out in line with established procedure. “Everyone should keep a cool head,” he said. “Do not for one single moment doubt that the rules, based on the law, are applied by my services with intelligence, discretion and humanity. We have to carry out these deportations. It is of course a difficult subject but any immigration policy requires respect for the law, respect for individuals and great firmness. I am accountable for that to the French people.” A poll in the weekly JDD newspaper following the incident showed Hollande's approval rating had sunk to 23%, the lowest level in his presidency and beating the record low popularity ratings set by his predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy. While Hollande wilts under grim economic data and attacks on his authority, his tough-talking interior

minister, Manuel Valls, has become France's most popular politician. The same poll showed Valls had the support of 61% of the public, far ahead of any other minister. By emphasising a tough stance on Leonarda's family rather than the offer to allow her back, he appears to have come out of the affair unscathed. “Nothing will make me deviate from my path,” he said. “The law must be applied and this family must not come back to France.” The Dibrani family suffered a further crisis shortly after their return to Kosovo when Leonarda's mother was beaten and briefly treated in hospital. Dzemila Dibrani and Leonarda's father, Resat Dibrani, were accosted by another Roma couple in downtown Mitrovica, and the mother sustained unspecified injuries when the Roma man inquired about the fate of a child from their past romance, a Kosovo official said on condition of anonymity. An official report into Miss Dibrani's deportation concluded that while the way she was removed might have been clumsy, her expulsion was lawful. It also painted an unflattering portrait of the Dibrani family and particularly of the father, Resat, who had admitted to lying to immigration officials about where his wife and children were born. It portrayed him as a petty criminal who snubbed offers of work and said that the family did not show much desire to integrate into French society and had wrecked an apartment they were given. Amnesty International recently reported that more than 10,000 Roma had been evicted from temporary camps in France in the first half of this year. An estimated 20,000 Roma have settled in France, coming mainly from Romania, Bulgaria and parts of the former Yugoslavia such as Kosovo. ■

© 2006 - planetlove (Flickr)

France divided over Roma expulsions

Sexist MP told to cluck off!!

Proceedings in the French parliament, the Assemblée Nationale, were brought to a halt this month by clucking noises. Véronique Massonneau, an MP for the Vienne region, was in the process of making a speech on pension reform when she was interrupted by a UMP député imitating a chicken. At first, Madame Massoneau brushed off the sexist rebuff (in French “poule” can be a derogatory term for a woman) and continued her speech. However, Philippe Le Ray, did not desist.

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Shouting above the heckling, a furious president, Claude Bartolone, stressed: “It's not playtime, this is just downright unacceptable.” Proceedings were stopped, and when the session resumed, Bartolone added that “MPs can't turn into birds whilst others are trying to speak”. The episode has sparked outrage across France. Politicians of all parties have come together to condemn Le Ray, who has since been sanctioned by the National Assembly. ■ Amaryllis Barton

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rench magistrates have announced that they are dropping an investigation into charges that former president Nicolas Sarkozy had manipulated a fragile heiress into financing his 2007 campaign. The surprise news removes a major obstacle standing between the 2012 presidential election loser and an expected return to frontline politics in time for the 2017 elections. The charges related to the so-called Bettencourt Affair, a scandal that has been simmering for a number of years. It is alleged that Liliane Bettencourt the heiress to the L'Oréal fortune and France's richest woman - made large cash donations to Nicolas Sarkozy when he first ran for president. Mrs Bettencourt was alleged to have provided Mr Sarkozy with “manila envelopes stuffed with cash” following dinner parties at her mansion

house in the upmarket suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine, where Mr Sarkozy was once mayor and still keeps a home. Political donations in France are limited to €4,600 for individuals, and cash contributions cannot exceed €150. All private campaign donations above that amount have to be paid by cheque, with the donor clearly identified. Investigators suspected up to €4 million of Bettencourt's cash ultimately made its way into the coffers of Sarkozy's UMP party. The L'Oréal heiress had been declared to be in a state of dementia in 2006 and magistrates suspected that Sarkozy had taken advantage of her mental “frailty”, extracting campaign pledges from her. Crucially, the judges in the case are not saying that money did not change hands, or that they believe that the money did not change hands illegally. The trial in question is for

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“abuse of mental frailty” and will still go ahead with former UMP treasurer Eric Woerth remaining as the star defendant among the 10 accused. What the judges are now saying is that there is no proof Nicolas Sarkozy personally pressured the billionaire heiress into giving any money. When it was announced earlier this year that charges would be brought, Sarkozy's allies claimed that the accusations were “preposterous” and politically motivated. Sarkozy fought hard to have the charges dropped and a trial looked likely when a French court threw out his last-ditch appeal against the charges the surprise announcement that he no longer faces prosecution will come as a major relief. The former president left office promising never to return to politics, but his supporters have been giving repeated hints that a return is not off the cards. Although unpopular when

he lost his attempt to be re-elected in 2012, opinion polls now suggest he would beat President François Hollande in a re-run if it were held today. In a message posted on his official Facebook page, Nicolas Sarkozy proclaimed that he had been declared “innocent”, and listed the numerous hardships to which he had been subjected by investigators, including 22 hours of questioning. “So, this was the price to pay so that the truth could finally be established,” he wrote, before adding a warning: “For the politicians who, during these months, have used this 'affair' and contributed to increasing suspicion, I want to remind them how the presumption of innocence is a fundamental principle. We can never win by slandering people. It only harms democracy,” he said. Sarkozy's problems are not over and he remains dogged by several other

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Charges against Sarkozy dropped

legal cases: a scandal over the millions of euros of public money paid in compensation to his friend Bernard Tapie, a controversial businessman; the so-called Karachi affair, a convoluted corruption case linked

to arms sales and a bombing in Pakistan in 2002 that killed 11 French nationals; and allegations that he accepted up to €50 million in cash from former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi for the 2007 campaign. ■

Avon set to close in France


S cosmetics giant Avon is closing down its French operations, according to reports. Avon employs 120 people at its base in Paris and a further 11,000 independent representatives across the country, including a number of British expats. Avon's Parisian office says only current orders will be guaranteed and it is unsure if its self-employed representatives will be able to get supplies after the end of October 2013. The news brings to an end 50 years of trading in France. Recent times have been unsettled at the company and angry workers have accused Avon of keeping them in the dark for months. Many have accused Avon of not acting in line with the


company's publicly stated values of being a socially responsible company that upholds values of trust, respect and integrity and a culture of “open and candid communication”. Estelle Croissant, an Avon employee responsible for supporting the direct selling representatives, told the BBC that a workers' council representing Avon staff in France was challenging the company for not following the correct redundancy process. “They have not respected all the processes according to their own rules and values,” she said. “We now know an administrator has been in place since May this year, but no scheme to assist the workers is yet in place. We just feel abandoned. We

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knew that the business was not good, but we have all been very committed and worked relentlessly over many months to help the company to try and become profitable.” Talks between the cosmetic company and workers' representatives are ongoing. Avon is one of the largest cosmetics companies in the world, but has undergone a series of management shake-ups and reorganisations in recent years following a rejected takeover attempt by rival firm Coty. According to the BBC, when contacted about events at its French subsidiary, a spokesman for Avon's US parent company refused to make any comment or even confirm the closure was taking place. ■ ○ THE BUGLE ○ NOVEMBER 2013


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n a victory for independent book stores across the country, MPs have unanimously backed a move that will curb the discounting power of online retailers in France. In a rare show of unity, parliamentarians on both the right and the left voted for the update to a 1981 law that set a fixed-price system for books. Under this system, readers pay the same whether they buy online, from a big high street chain, or from a small bookseller. Extensive discounting is banned, a fact which many claim has saved the independent book retailer. The law does allow for a small amount of discounting but with a maximum of 5%. Small booksellers argue they still cannot compete with certain online giants, however, who provide free postage and free fast delivery deals on top of the 5% discount. The bill, which must be approved by the senate before becoming law, will prevent Amazon and Fnac (the companies currently applying this two-tier reduction) from combining free delivery with a 5% discount on books. The government believes its efforts have saved its independent bookstores from the ravages of free-market capitalism that hit the UK when it abandoned fixed prices in the 1990s. There are between 2,500 and 3,000 independent bookshops in France, compared with under 1,000 in Britain. For its part, Amazon said the law would have the perverse effect of hurting sales of books from the back catalogue and from smaller publishing houses, which were often bought online. “All measures that aim to raise the price of books sold online will curb the ability of French people to buy cultural works and discriminates against those who buy online,” it said. “Numerous customers live far from any bookshop and appreciate being able to buy their books online. If this bill passes, it will have a minor impact on Amazon but it will penalise consumers and

threaten cultural diversity in France because Amazon offers the biggest choice of new and secondhand books in France.” France has called on the EU to regulate global internet companies such as Google, Amazon and Facebook more aggressively, to counter their growing dominance of online commerce and services. It is pushing within the OECD and G20 organisations to tighten tax rules to make sure that internet companies cannot avoid tax by locating their headquarters in low-cost EU countries. France landed Amazon with a $252m tax bill last year for back taxes, interest and penalties. This is in stark contrast to Britain where on £4.2bn of sales in 2012 Amazon paid a mere £2.4m in tax, only to get it all back and more in government grants! ■

The French don't like the national team

Overpaid, selfish and rude. That's what 82% of French people think about the national football team, with a further 54% believing that they will fail to get past the Ukraine in their upcoming play-off to make it to next year's World Cup in Rio de Janeiro. When asked who was their favourite player of the current crop, Tottenham's keeper Hugo Lloris came out on top with 39% of the vote, well ahead of established names such as Bayern Munich's Franck Ribéry (9%) and Madrid's Karim Benzema (5%). Manchester City's Samir Nasri brought up the rear with a paltry 2% picking him as their star man. Many of the image problems being suffered by the French team date back to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa where, after reaching the final in 2006, they were knocked out in the group stages following in-fighting within the camp and a player revolt. Despite the lack of respect for their national team, French games do still pull in the crowds: an estimated 6 million viewers tuned in to a recent 6-0 victory in a friendly match against Australia. ■


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Amazon bans foie gras University


he UK arm of American online retailer Amazon has finally bowed to mounting pressure and banned the sale of foie gras products on its website. Earlier this year, animal welfare campaigners at the Viva! group petitioned Amazon to stop selling the delicacy on the grounds of the alleged cruelty involved in its production. Viva!'s campaign followed video evidence collected by French group L214 of how the caged ducks are force-fed as part of the process of producing foie gras. Viva! presented Amazon with the video evidence, together with a petition signed by 13,000 opponents of the trade. Having previously said that they would ban foie gras if a petition against it reached more than 10,000 signatures, in October Amazon updated the list of banned items in its terms and conditions to contain the following: Animal products: Parts or products from whale, dolphin, shark, elephant (including elephant ivory) or from any other regulated endangered plant or animal are prohibited, as are products containing Foie Gras. The move resulted in some 100 products being removed from the website, most of which came from French manufacturers Labeyrie and Rougié. Since

foie gras production was banned in Britain under animal rights legislation, the highly prized food is now imported, primarily from France. The controversy surrounds the process of gavage, the term used to describe the force-feeding of birds with corn mash. This process is central to the production of foie gras, which literally translates as 'fatty liver'. Supporters argue that, in nature, migrating ducks stuff themselves with food for their long journey and the gavage is an extension of this natural process; the ducks do not suffer, are not sick or diseased as a result, and the liver will revert to normal if force-feeding is stopped. Opponents say that there is nothing natural about forcefeeding specially bred ducks that do not migrate and go on to argue that, while inserting a tube into a bird's throat may or may not cause pain, it is cruel because it deliberately provokes irreversible liver damage. L214 spokeswoman Brigitte Gothière said it was “encouraging” that retail giants such as Amazon were now taking positions against animal cruelty. Justin Kerswell, campaigns manager at Viva!, described Amazon’s decision to stop selling foie gras as “an incredible victory” for anyone who cares




entry down to chance


about the welfare of animals. “Foie gras is mostly produced by imprisoning birds in cages so tiny they can’t move, by forcing a pipe down their throats and force-feeding them until their livers swell to ten times their natural size,” said Mr Kerswell. “I can’t imagine why anyone would want to eat it - or be involved in its sale. It is quite simply torture in a tin. There is nothing humane about mechanically inducing disease in a bird. Amazon should be congratulated for taking an ethical lead by delisting foie gras in the UK, but we hope that ethical stance is expanded worldwide. This is a perfect example that consumer pressure does work, even with corporate giants such as Amazon.” France has rebuffed the renewed concerns that ducks on the foie gras production line

are being overfed and treated inhumanely, with the Minister for Agriculture, Guillaume Garot, saying, “I regret Amazon UK’s decision to remove foie gras from its site… I must emphasise again the efforts that French manufacturers have made over the years in maintaining a real quality product while respecting the well-being of the animal”. The head of France’s Interprofessional Committee of Foie Gras (Cifog), MariePierre Pé, told news agency AFP, “Economically speaking it’s a non-event. It’s a bit like if Amazon France decided to stop selling pudding online.” France exports around 16 million tonnes of foie gras each year and employs nearly 100,000 people in the industry. ■

f you know a British teenager slaving away at A-levels, spare a thought for his or her French counterpart whose entry into university could be based on pure chance. Admittedly, five minutes spent chatting to a teacher will reveal how any exam system may be unreliable; even the brightest and best can suffer at the hands of negligent markers or fall foul of changing grade boundaries. However, some French youngsters could now see their whole university career decided by a state-sanctioned lottery system. Here in France, universities are struggling to cope with increasing student numbers to meet the policy aim of 'university for all'. Olivier Vial, president of UNI, a right-wing student union, claims universities are reverting to a lottery system to cope with the rising tide of teenagers wanting to go to university. “More and more universities are having to use a lottery. Can you imagine a more random selection process?” The problem is that over 70% of French school leavers achieve the required levels in the Baccalaureate for university entrance. The Baccalaureate is the equivalent of A-levels taken by 18-year-olds for entry into most UK universities. But just as A-levels have been labelled too soft and insufficiently rigorous, so too the Bac has come under fire for grade inflation over the decades. Interestingly, Michael Gove, UK Secretary of State for Education, has attempted to purge British schools of

coursework. However, many French universities continue to use a 'dossier' of student work to gain a better idea of a prospective student's abilities. The University of Limoges is one such university: entry is based on a dossier and a post-Bac application, which involves spending an 'evaluation' day at the university. Thankfully, Limoges was not named as one of the universities using a lottery system and since it is situated in one of the least populated regions of France, it is unlikely to resort to one in the future. Hamstrung by the French state's commitment for all students to have the right to access university education and with few means of distinguishing between candidates, many universities are left with a situation where lecture halls containing over 300 students have become the norm. Indeed, according to the Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur, 2.8% more Bac holders (bacheliers) went to university this year, meaning student numbers in France are higher than ever before. As a result, first year university courses are overcrowded and end of year exams become the main method of sorting the wheat from the chaff. High drop-out rates and disenchanted students are the result. A lottery is the last resort for university chancellors despairing about how to select students. UK students may look jealously on their French peers who enjoy some of the lowest university fees in Europe but at least UK students are admitted on merit... of a sort. ■ Amaryllis Barton

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France invades Switzerland?!


n August this year, a financially stricken France split into warring regions. One of these indebted regions, Saônia, invaded Switzerland to retrieve what it considered to be stolen assets held by the famously neutral country. Behind the dastardly raid was a paramilitary organisation called the BLD the Dijon Free Brigade - hell-bent on grabbing back “money that Switzerland had stolen from Saônia”. Does that all sound a bit far-fetched? Well, this is the worryingly detailed scenario dreamt up by the Swiss army as part of a training exercise held earlier this year. Swiss military officials stressed that the scenario, details of which may surprise the French government, has nothing to do with a current row between the two countries over tax. “The fact that this story was dreamt up in the middle of a real tax row between France and Switzerland, over assets placed by wealthy French citizens in Swiss banks is, the Swiss army insists, a complete coincidence,” said the BBC's cor-

respondent in Switzerland, Imogen Foulkes. “The exercise has strictly nothing to do with France,” Daniel Berger, captain of the Swiss armoured brigade told the Swiss press. “It was prepared in 2012, when fiscal relations between both countries were less tense. French towns were cited to provide soldiers with a real scale.” The fictitious Saônia, which maps accompanying the war games showed to be the French department of Jura in the Franche-Comté region, is on the western borders of Switzerland. Famous for its bank secrecy laws, Switzerland often comes under criticism for allowing foreign account holders to hide their wealth from tax officials at home, something that recently cost the French budget minister, Jérôme Cahuzac, his job. During the recent period of economic hardship, these opaque laws are coming under increasing fire as France and the US, among others, are cracking down on tax evasion. It is not the first time that Switzerland has envisaged an 'attack' from its neighbour to

the west. Last year it carried out an exercise based on the idea that a huge wave of refugees swarmed into the country in the chaos ensuing the implosion of the Euro currency. The military is a hot topic in Switzerland which, despite not fighting in a war for over 200 years, still has mandatory military service. Under Swiss law, all able-bodied men at age 19 have to undergo five months of training, followed by refresher courses of several weeks over the next decade. The current number of recruits stands at around 155,000 making the Swiss army the biggest in Europe relative to population size. A referendum held recently saw 73.2 per cent of Swiss voters reject plans to abolish conscription, saying “no” to proposals by the anti-military group, Group for a Switzerland Without an Army, to have either a professional army or one made up of volunteers. Neutral Switzerland has not been invaded since the Napoleonic Wars of the early 19th century. ■

French to get British weather


rance is bracing itself for some very British weather over the coming years. But don't worry, that doesn't mean chilly winds, grey skies and persistent drizzle; from next year, weather forecasts on two of France's main TV channels are to be provided by a UKbased company. Storm clouds are already forming over Météo-France, the state weather forecasting service that currently provides the reports for France 2 and France 3 - the French equivalent of BBC 1 and BBC 2. In a bid to cut costs as part of a restructuring plan that will see it lose 361 jobs in the

coming months, France Télévisions put the contract for weather forecasting out to tender earlier this year. London based Meteogroup, part of the Press Association since 2005, won the contract with a bid that was 30% cheaper than the one put forward by Météo-France. Météo-France will, however, continue to provide reports for the regional editions of France 3. Predictably, unions have strongly criticised the move, with one claiming: “It's a provocation. There's just no more solidarity between public services anymore.” A management source at Mé-

téo-France tried to play down the loss, saying that its commercial services only accounted for 10 per cent of its activities. “As a public service, our primary missions are to monitor the weather to maintain security for the French people and their property, to help air traffic and of course for national defence,” the spokesperson claimed. The move comes amid a spell of gloomy news for Météo-France, which is set to lose 89 employees next year after a cull of 100 jobs in 2013 - all part of the French government's attempts to cut back on spending. Times are also difficult for

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France Télévisions which has received cuts in government funding levels and been forced to stop some primetime TV advertising. In August, Rémy Pflimlin, its president, announced plans for 600 voluntary job losses by 2015, adding that he expects the company to post a €40 million loss this year with further losses predicted in 2014 and 2015. Symbolically, the news that France's weather forecasts have been outsourced to a British company will come as a blow to the government's “Made in France” campaign being championed by Arnaud Montebourg, the industrial recovery minister. ■


Trouble over "recycled" euro coins A pair of Chinese tourists found themselves in hot water recently when they were arrested for counterfeiting after settling their hotel bill in €1 coins. The two tourists, aged 29 and 30, aroused suspicions within the hotel near Paris when they paid €70 for their first night's stay in coins; when they attempted to do the same for their second night, hotel employees called the local police. “They were taken into custody by BRIF [the financial investigation unit of the Judicial Police],” a source told Le Parisien. “Investigators suspected they were dealing with a case of forged currency.” Upon searching the pair's hotel room, investigators discovered a stash of over 3,000 one-euro coins and a further 700 were found in the pockets of one of the suspects. The Chinese tourists claimed that the coins were genuine and perfectly legal currency, something that was later confirmed by banking experts. So how did the pair come across such a large haul of authentic coins? The innocent tourists explained to bemused police that they had acquired them from friends who work at a recycling company in China. “They said they had bought all the coins from scrapyard dealers in China,” a Paris Mint official told Le Parisien. “When cars owned by Europeans, and destined for scrap metal, get sent to China to be recycled, the junkyard owners often collect dozens of euro coins from each vehicle,” the source added. The moral of the story? Check your car when sending it to the scrapyard - it may be worth more than you think! ■



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In the garden - jobs for November


t's virtually the end of October, and we're still having some days more like May in temperature - it's lovely to be pottering around outside! But don't kid yourself, the end of the year is here, and the shorter days are well-installed. It's still pretty dry, despite some recent rain. Scratch the surface and it isn't moist really... but it's often like that, and doesn't mean anything in particular in terms of predicting the winter! So, despite the balmy days, prepare for the cold. Mulch well, and try and make sure that your soil has adequate humus in it so as to retain water by adding compost, manure or other organic matter. Ensure that bare ground is kept to an absolute minimum. Don't let weeds become established where you don't want them. Check the condition of water butts and the gutters that feed them in readiness for the downpours we hope will be forthcoming. Whilst rainwater collection has become a trendy byword, it's worth remembering that rain harvested doesn't reach the soil as readily, so don't do it to excess. Bulbs The shops have squeezed their season of bulbs in between the end of the summer sales and the Christmas rush. Luckily, there are very interesting varieties to be had, often reasonably priced (although you do need to shop around). Try to respect the planting depths, and plant deeper rather than shallower to avoid frosting. My pet hate, however, are the desiccated sachets of iris rhizome, siret: 510 357 155 00017

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or poor peony root. Most look so nearly dead as to be unlikely to ever give you the gorgeous picture on the cover. Exercise caution when buying such things, and look for signs of life!! Autumn colours We're lucky to live in this beau-

tiful region of France come the autumn. The colours of the many woods and trees at this time of year can be really spectacular: American red oak, spindle, hawthorns and wild cherry, just to name a few. If you haven't got a few trees and plants blazing away in the garden, then you're missing out! Try Persian ironwood, a gorgeous mix of leaves going through black to red and yellow, or the Caramel tree, cercidiphyllum japonicum, with its typical smell of burnt sugar. Or Sassafras, a tree used in herbal medicine. There are so many to choose from that you're spoilt for choice but do make sure you know the eventual size a tree will get to. Don't do what some neighbours have done and plant a blue cedar two metres away from the house. Little dinky thing now, but in twenty years they may have difficulty getting to the front door! Many perennials have super autumn colours - peony foliage is one of the most intense. If you have space, design a winter garden (e.g. Anglesey Abbey) where your choice of plants is made on the basis of autumn/winter interest. Take inspiration from gardens you see

around you. Look after your tools! Once upon a time a garden spade lasted a man a lifetime, and when you see antique tools, there is a great charm to them, often down to the care that was lavished upon them. Over the winter, when they're not so much in use, is the perfect time to give them an overhaul. A good clean with soapy water and a scrubbing brush will do them the world of good. When dry, oil wooden handles with linseed oil, and rub a little over the metal to stop any rust. Fix anything which needs attention, and sharpen any blades. Clean any machinery once it's out of service, and store it in dry conditions. Remember to drain down pumps and irrigation. Seed catalogues, wish lists, and lists, lists, lists Now is traditionally the time to sit in the potting shed with all those seed catalogues and dream about what you are going to grow next year. If you're like me, you start off with a list a mile long,

calculate the price and then realise that your order will bankrupt you, before whittling it down to the essential must-haves. I now have a cunning strategy. I get together with friends and we try to work on the basis of “if I order that, will you order this?” This way we all get the maximum number of cultivars, as most seed packets have more seed in them than you might be able to use in any one year. Saving your own seed represents a huge saving. Just one tomato can provide enough seed for a couple of years. Save, swap, cajole and buy, and your garden will be full of beauty, at negligible cost. Check out Association Kokopelli, who work to conserve biodiversity and heritage varieties of vegetables. And then there are the “I must move this to there” lists, and the “I absolutely must plant more dahlias next year” list, and the “I must make a blue border” list, and the “I really must visit the château de Valmer next year” list …... not forgetting the lists of jobs to do!! So with that, good gardening! ■

The Bugle November 2013


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Dog Holidays at Valhalla Farm

5 Star Accommodation in our Home (Dept 23).

4 Walks each day & lots of T.L.C. Contact Karen & Darren Tel: 05 55 80 95 18 / 06 52 58 17 95 SIRET: 511 629 610 00011

Only 30 mins from Limoges airport. Established, purpose built secure cattery. Large individual/family units, tiled floors, shelving, adjoining outside areas. Heated, individual needs catered for. NEW - purpose built isolation unit. Certificate of Capacity. Contact Barbara:

>> B7 >> B7 >> B8 >> B8 >> B8 >> B8 >> B8 >> B8 >> B8 >> B8

Your advert here 05 55 41 17 76 Antiques/ Brocantes SIRET: 494 125 016 00019

Champlong Chatterie

Caring, quiet accommodation just for cats JUNCT 22 off A20, Arnac la Poste Alison & Ray

Tel: 05 55 60 27 83 SIRET: 520 896 671 00010

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La Grange Brocante Seillant, 36310 Chaillac

We sell a range of quality new and second-hand goods to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. Second hand furniture, clothing, books, CDs/DVDs, toys, new items, gifts & English greetings cards. We also purchase items. Thursday-Sunday, 14h00-17h30




Entreprise Hines Building Services All Internal & External Works, completed to a high standard.

We also supply KWIKSTAGE scaffold for hire - either DIY or full scaffold service provided. siret: 503 169 237 00016

See website for more info - - 05 55 89 69 46 -

Auto Services

Your advert here 05 55 41 17 76

Car Breakers - C.R.A.L.

Buy/Sell/Scrap Spare Parts for Sale - see pg 13


Registered Car Mechanic

See Display Ad below



New Replacement parts Discount Prices - Weekly delivery Tyres - Exhausts - Service Kits - Brakes - Shocks - Batteries - Oils etc.

Tel: UK (0044) 07907 652 827 Machine engineering, cylinder heads etc. New trailers and parts - Towbars - Quality used car spares, engines, doors, wings etc. Mail order service - Paypal Delivery to Northern & Central France From £15


Le Mécanique Anglais 30 years’ experience

● All Makes & Models ● Repairs ● Servicing ● CT’s ● Specialist in: Vehicle Diagnostics and Auto Electrics Covering 87/24/16 - I can come to you


TEL: 05 53 62 50 46 SIREN: 514 423 532

The English Mechanic Please mention The Bugle when responding to adverts

Building Services Architectural Services We offer a comprehensive Architectural Drawing Service for your projects.

Supplying all the necessary drawings, elevations & photo realisations for your application. We also offer a floor plan service. Dossiers compiled for: ● Certificat d'urbanisme ● Déclaration préalable ● Permis de construire

05 55 80 72 83 / 06 33 07 29 72 siret: 790 016 984 00011


Pre-purchase & Structural Surveys. Verbal & written reports. Structural calculations & drawings. Redevelopment ideas & solutions. Tim Haw B.Eng C.Eng M.I.Struct.E

05 53 56 72 59 / 06 58 04 21 94 +44 (0)7910 283 965 Web: Email: UK Reg No. 5245744

Architectural DRAWING SERVICE Renovating your French property? New build?

Dossiers prepared Permis de Construire Déclarations Préalables

Tel: 05 53 52 36 05 SIRET: 493 770 358 00015

Building Services

Building Services Electricians

05 55 41 17 76


Pink Electrique

Qualified Electrician

Carpenters/Joiners Le Charme De Chêne Handmade solid oak joinery and furniture

All aspects of electrical work carried out, including industrial 3 phase systems. EDF supplies arranged. Consuel certification arranged. Call-outs 24/7. Free estimates.


EMAIL: siret : 750 401 531 00022

Our joinery expertise includes barn doors, barn door frame openings, staircases, kitchens, windows & doors. We also make handmade furniture. Every item is bespoke and made to measure. Please visit our website for recent installations and references.

02 54 25 65 08 06 16 91 64 67 SIRET: 510 156 763 00011

Nicholas Hemming Wood Craft

02 48 63 15 09 - see main ad pg 11

SHUTTERS / VOLETS Made to Measure Woodwork

Pine Window Shutters from €35 Pine Ledge and Brace Doors from €69 Bespoke items made

05 55 14 12 43

Oradour-sur-Vayres (87150)


Tel: 05 55 64 94 20 Mob: 07 86 38 09 61 * Qualified electrician * All types of electrical works carried out * Free estimates * Fault finding * Consuel certification arranged * Temporary and permanent EDF supplies arranged * Departments 23 and 87 No Siret: 494 916 760 00015

Lumiere Service et Energie

• NICEIC approved Electrician for 8 years in the UK • Wiring of new installations (including liaising with EDF) • Rewiring existing houses/barns • External & garden lighting • All aspects of electrical works • Fully insured - (10 year Decennale) • Departments covered 19,23 & 87

Your advert here 05 55 41 17 76

Ruth & Geoff Kowalczyk All electrical work, home automation & security. Project management.
See our website for more information.
French qualified and insured. 30+ years worldwide experience. Departments covered: 23, 36, 87.

Tel: 05 55 63 10 68
Mob: 06 64 59 48 64 Email: SIRET: 788 709 871 00016

SALAMANDRE ELECTRICIAN Philip Evans électricité Fully Qualified

Steven Rofe - 20 Years experience

Siren 527 854 749

Your advert here / email: Siret No. 501.792.386.00010

French Electrician

All electrical work covered, from a light switch to a full rewire Limousin, Charente & Dordogne covered Emergency Callouts 24/7

Tel: 06 36 35 56 44 or 05 55 78 16 28

Email: Siret: 533 235 016 00011


Available for all types of electrical work Small jobs, new builds, renovations, rewires Consuel assistance and certification service available Fully insured with 10 year workmanship guarantee Based near Châlus (87230) Covering departments 87 and 24

Tel: 09 72 35 74 73

Email: Siret: 794 282 368 00016

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50,000 sq ft of covered showrooms & 2 large external display areas - All reclamation bought & sold - Demolition undertaken - Specialists in oak beams - Metalwork & stonework - Indian stone flooring - Plywood, all in 8x4 sheets. Internal, external and marine grade ply available

Open Mon-Sat 8.30am to 6pm - Only 1km from Confolens on the D952 Ansac-sur-Vienne road ○ THE BUGLE ○ NOVEMBER 2013


When is the best time to sell a house?


ollowing sales analysis, Houses on Internet - Global Property Services made a surprising discovery: that French properties put on the market during winter sell slightly faster than those put up for sale during the spring. Houses on Internet - Global Property Services (HOI-GPS), the internet marketing company that helps people sell their French house through its global network, is experiencing a record year in sales. After a slow holiday period in August, sales rose again in the following months to the level of the first half of 2013. For some reason, many people still believe that property sales have seasons, and that the best chance of selling is in the spring and early summer. This, however, is a misconception. Recently, Houses on Internet analysed its sales figures from the last four years in order to know the facts.

“The results did not really surprise me, as I see what’s happening on a daily basis, but they might surprise a lot of others,” said Richard Kroon, director of the company. The first conclusion that can be drawn, is that there are two slow months almost every year: January and August. The reason for January is that there is often snow, so people avoid travelling. In August, most foreigners that come to France are on vacation. Serious prospective buyers avoid that period. The second conclusion shows that there is virtually no difference in the number of sales during the other ten months. “When talking with buyers, it became clear that many even prefer viewing a house between December and March, saying that if they like it in the winter, they will love it in the summer.” The final conclusion to be drawn from the survey is perhaps the most surprising one: properties that are

Building Services

Steve Johns

Fosses Septiques Fosse France Solutions DO YOU NEED A NEW FOSSE SEPTIQUE? HAS YOUR FOSSE FAILED ITS INSPECTION? IS YOUR EXISTING FOSSE ILLEGAL? If you have answered YES to any of these questions then help is at hand. We offer the very latest in: sewage treatment systems, compact filter systems and micro-stations For a professional and friendly service, contact: Philip Allen

Fosse Septique Specialist 20+ years experience All aspects covered: Paperwork and permissions arranged Installations (full/part) Upgrades (to current regs) Inspections

Digger and dumper hire

Groundworks, foundations, driveways, etc.

Building & Renovation services Free devis and site visit

Siret No: 502 254 972 00016

LES VIDANGES LIMOUSINES ▪ Emptying septic tanks ▪ Unblocking pipes ▪ Cleaning wells ▪ Group rates available between neighbours Call David - 24/24 7/7

06 49 66 44 25 87800 Jourgnac Siret N° 750 725 780 00019

Eduard 10 Navaleuil 87330 Mezières-sur-Issoire siret: 753 367 275 000 17

Masonry & More

General building Renovation & maintenance Reliable, good quality work 30 years exp Based central 23 - will travel Martin Sprague

05 55 61 93 07


siret: 514 556 208 00015

SIRET: 531 768 182 00010

Building Services

Traditional Building Services

All aspects of renovation/ restoration covered including bespoke joinery and lime plastering. All work is fully insured. References available.


Ring Andy on 05 44 19 15 57 Ring Will on 05 55 37 45 35


Tony Hall

siret: 532 981 198 00015

General Builder

All exterior and interior work undertaken including: • Plasterboarding • Plastering • Rendering • Tiling • Blockwork • Bathrooms and Kitchens • Septic tanks As seen on Channel 4's Grand Designs Abroad Covering Limoges and surrounding areas Free Estimates

Mob: 06 08 07 95 24 Email:

Renovations, Painting, Gardens, Plumbing, Electrics, Groundworks

05 87 77 93 46

Houses on Internet – Global Property Services 05 55 65 12 19

We guarantee to beat any like for like quote !

Tel: +33 (0)2 54 24 88 35

Email: Web:

put on the market in the winter sell slightly quicker than the ones that are put on in the spring. The reason for that is that most people tend to wait for spring to start the sale of their house, so a lot of new properties come available in a relatively short period of time. Houses that come on the market during the winter, therefore, have less competition and are more easily noticed by prospective buyers. “The most important overall finding from the analysis, however, is that there are no seasons in property sales,” said Richard. For more information on HOIGPS or to find out how to market a property through the company, visit the website. ■

Siret: 453 965 493 00027

General Builders All types of building work undertaken

Over 35 years experience References available Décennale Insurance - All areas covered

Tél: Siret: 504 350 604 00014

INSTALLATION23 - Electricity - Plumbing - Air conditioning and heat pump - Small renovations (bathrooms, kitchens, etc.) Dutch and English spoken E-mail:

Mob. 06 40 56 96 12 Tel. 05 55 67 57 64 Siret: 753 054 030 00014

T J Renovations 30 years experience in building trade

Full refurbishments undertaken • Stone/Brickwork • Patios • Repointing • Studwork • General Repairs & Maintenance All areas in the Limousin covered Contact Tim

05 55 61 08 02 / 06 52 23 89 54 web: Email: Siret: 750 068 116 00011

RSW Entreprises

Fosse Septique Specialist

See our Display Ad - pg 9

Dave Cardwell - Builder

05 55 98 24 12

See our Display Ad - pg 11

Advertise your business here Eduard

General Building Services

05 87 77 93 46 See main ad below

Magnetic Double Glazing - see ad below

Harlequin Developments All aspects of renovation and refurbishment, big or small, undertaken.

Harlequin Developments are a Distributor and Installer for Solarventi, solar dehumidifying and water heating products, as well as a range of other renewable energies SIRET: 494.501.067.00016



B4 ♦ DIRECTORY Septic tanks

systems designed with permissions & paperwork included and independent approval with certification.

Building Services General Skilled Workman

Building Renovations & Small Jobs • Velux Windows • Roof Repairs • Tiling • Plumbing • Plaster boarding • Garden Projects & Maintenance For more info please call Barrie / Or visit my website SIRET: 501 338 230 00011

Double D

Renovations & Home Improvements 05 55 65 00 29 - pg 12

Entreprise Hines Building & Renovation ● Roofing - New & Repairs ● Masonry ● Plastering ● Dry Lining ● Sand Blasting ● Equestrian Buildings ● Digger/Scaffold Hire ● ... and much, much more

28 years qualified experience

(Depts 23, 87 & 19) siret: 501 792 386 00010

La Noneix

Construction & Property Services Established, Professional and Personal Building Services. Fully registered with décennale insurance covering all works.

●Renovations ●New builds ●Roofing ●Stonework ●Carpentry ●Ground works

See our main ad - pg 10

SIRET: 501 144 596 00019


* Autumn Discounts * Orders now being taken for 2014 • House & barn renovations • Garage/loft conversions • Bathroom/shower rooms • Doors/windows • Roofing • Patios/decking • Plumbing & Electrical

SIRET: 503 169 237 00016 Eurl Réno-Gén


La Coterie Entreprise

R & B Construction

See our website:

Large or small projects undertaken - please view our website. Contact: Paul or Joanne Rands

Approved septic tank installer


diagnostic report and remedial works – consuel approvals - liaison with ERDF for changes. full re-wires, new-build, additions, modifications.

French Lily

Kitchens & Interiors 05 55 80 92 91 - see pg 9

Tel: 05 55 37 74 06 (Dave) Tel: 05 55 69 75 67 (Steve)


• house and barn clearances • dechetterie runs • rubbish removal • cash paid for scrap • general labouring service • 7.5 tonne tipper for hire • mini digger hire - with/without driver

05 55 37 45 35 / 06 74 21 47 71

ENTREPRISE SMITH BUILDING SERVICES Established, Qualified Builder/Electrician 30 years experience

All internal & external building, electrical and plumbing works from start to high quality finish.

House Renovations


Tel: 05 55 63 88 70 Mob: 06 21 34 18 20

30 years' Experience in Construction, Renovation & Project Management

Siret no 507 516 748 00013

Quality Workmanship Guaranteed Internal/ External Developments

Please mention The Bugle when responding to adverts

Barn conversions, loft conversions, new-build, drylining, plastering, rendering, spray rendering, tiling, installation of kitchens/ bathrooms, painting, carpentry, replacement doors & windows, velux installation, groundworks, landscaping, decking & much more...

Mob: 06 42 38 54 22 Tel: 02 54 30 11 20 siret: 509 180 410 00011

Tersannes Timber 05 55 60 14 18 - see pg 3

Your advert here 05 55 41 17 76

Inside & Out

Experience in Roofing, Tiling Floors & Walls, Plumbing, Fitting Kitchens & Bathrooms, Stonework & Rendering, Painting & Decorating

Lovejoy’s Scaffolding Hire

Strong, fully adjustable cup-lock scaffolding Collect and erect yourself to save costs or delivery and erection included

Tel: 05 55 68 22 04 Siret 789 209 236 00015

bathrooms & kitchens from design to completion; ceilings; partition walls; drylining.

Please mention The Bugle when responding to adverts

Tel: 05 55 89 00 89 Mob: 06 04 06 55 28


DIY or Full Scaffold Service See our website or phone for details

No job too big (or small). Give us a call for a free competitive quote.

05 55 60 29 50 / 06 04 13 30 57 email:

Based Arnac-la-Poste - Covering depts 87, 23 & 19 Siret: 498 203 652 00017


Travaux Publics - pg 3

Your advert here Building Services

05 55 89 69 46 SIRET: 503 169 237 00016

Building Services Groundworks Mini-Digger with driver See Main Ad pg B5

Building Services

Siret: 533 577 128 00010

Davis & Davis

Tel: Email: Web:

KWIKSTAGE Scaffold Hire 05 55 41 17 76

siret 532 981 198 00015

All types of roofing External insulation Carpentry work Dormer windows Velux windows Zinc guttering Chimney repoints Lead flashing, etc. Contact Phil Andrews:

Monte Sarginson


Plasterers Le Plâtrier du Limousin The friendly and reliable plasterer Registered in France. Fully insured offering 10 year guarantee. Call Stuart on:

05 55 80 92 91 Siret: 534 396 908 00012

Jimmy’s Plastering Service All aspects of plastering work incl: Internal & External, Sand & Cement, Dry Lining, Rendering. Also Tiling and General Maintenance. 20+ years experience. Call Jimmy on

05 55 66 23 97 / 07 61 23 33 63 Siret: 792 049 025 00010

Painters/ Decorators Simon Carter

Montluc Painting & Decorating Qualified craftsman with over 25 years UK experience, newly relocated to Haute Vienne Specialist services: Interior & exterior painting, wallpapering, plastering & boarding, floor restoration, tiling. FREE QUOTES

Tel: 05 87 19 91 50 Mob: 07 81 26 88 65 Web: Email: siret: 792.130.932.00017



20 years experience in: ● Solid Plastering ● Skimming ● Dry Lining ● Rendering ● Plasterboard Studwork

Specialising in both French lime plastering and English plastering techniques. 10 years tiling experience. Covering Creuse (23), Haute-Vienne (87), Northern Corrèze (19) & Southern Indre (36) For a free quotation & friendly advice call Mark or Mareike on

05 55 54 95 63 siret: 539 941 450 00014 ○ THE BUGLE ○ NOVEMBER 2013


From low-cost shutters to beautiful handmade staircases - made here in the Limousin


ot too long before the start of the cold season, so time to order those window shutters. Since moving to France in 2010 and after registering for work we have spent our time making fir shutters and other wooden products. We know how cold it can be and understand why shutters are part of France's architectural heritage. The cold weather will soon be upon us and it highlights the need to seal up our homes against the harsh winters. Sometimes made to measure can

be costly but we do our best to keep our pricing low, such as our range of lowcost shutters (starting from only 35 euros each) to complement our standard range of Douglas Fir and Oak shutters. Our shutters are made to measure so little if NO trimming is required making fitting much easier than brico kits which often require severe alteration. We also build with care: External Doors, Kitchens, Windows, Internal Doors and other wooden items. If you would like to know about our

woodworking services then more information can be found on our website:



Chris the Plasterer A genuine plasterer French and English spoken Traditional Plastering Rendering, Floor Screeding Stud partition dry lining Lime mortar stone pointing


05 55 63 53 06 06 23 29 48 19 Le Bourg, 23360 Nouzerolles SIRET: 504 612 441 00015

Multiskilled Artisan

Graham Carter Plastering

• Plastering • Rendering • Stud Walling • Tiling and associated works • Bespoke polished concrete surfaces for Window Sills, Shelves, Fire Surrounds etc. • General Renovation interior and exterior of buildings to customer's specification.

Tel: 05 55 76 69 32 Mob: 06 43 11 95 87 Siret No. 513 415 091 00018

or call us on: 05 55 14 12 43 E: Oradour-sur-Vayres (87150) ■


PLASTERER Quality Plasterwork, Internal & External

Plasterboarding, Partitioning, Skiming, Solid Plastering, Floor Screeding, Rendering: Mono Couche/Coloured Render Waterproofing Render Systems

Tel: 06 45 18 86 10

(18 Years Experience) Email: Siret: 527 736 326 00010

Building Services


Bar Restaurant Jouac Under New Management


ituted in the centre of Jouac (87890), the bar and restaurant are now officially open for business under the new management of Bev and Lou. Offering a very warm welcome to old and new customers alike, we specialise in multi-cuisine cooking and personlised menus for your special occasions. The bar area is simple and comfortable, ideal for drinks and light snacks, whilst being easily convertible into a dance floor for karaoke or live music. The restaurant area offers a more lush environment for a finer dining experience. Food is served all day and there is also a Wednesday special - a meal for just €3.50!! We have regular theme nights featuring a variety of international cuisines


Heating & Plumbing engineer

05 55 63 89 23 - see pg 8

Plumbing & Heating Engineer

All aspects of Plumbing and Heating work undertaken.

23 Years Qualified (Previously UK CORGI registered – Oil / Natural Gas / LPG) Established and registered in France for 9 years. Areas Covered: North Creuse (23) & South Indre (36)

Tel: 05 55 62 34 66

Email: Office Hours: 8:30 – 18:00 Please give us a call to discuss your requirements. If you get the answer machine we WILL return your call the same day.

Martin Walters

Your advert here

A. Ives Plumbing & Heating

05 55 41 17 76

06 02 37 62 57

Installations & Alterations Bathroom suites, Showers, Kitchens, Tiling, Complete wetroom installations Emergency work undertaken SIRET 538 689 530 00011

and event nights - e.g. quiz nights, games nights and disco nights. Coming up in the next month, we have Fish et Frites coming on Thursday 31st October, a Hallowe'en Party on 2nd November, a Games Night on the 14th, an Indian Night on the 23rd and a Disco Night on the 30th - check out our advert on page 8 for more details. Please telephone or email (see below) for further information or for reservations. We look forward to seeing you soon! ■

Tue/Wed 11h-22h, Thu/Fri/Sat 11h-23h Sun 11h-21h, (Closed Mondays)


Caught out last winter? Don't worry! We can now offer winter checks, drain downs, caretaking, general DIY, key holding, as well as our usual friendly plumbing services.

Tel 02 54 24 84 62 Siret 522 804 723 00016

tel: 05 55 47 30 43



Building Services

Rick Fife

siret: 494 380 264 00015


Le Bourg, 87890 JOUAC


Chimney Sweeps

Sand and Blast We provide a fully operated


service for wood, stone and metal. Perfect for stripping away years of grime or paint. Contact us for a free quote or see our website. / SIRET: 488 522 921 00037

Please mention The Bugle when responding to adverts

Your advert here 05 55 41 17 76

Chimney Sweeping • Flue ways cleared • Birds nests, vermin & debris removed • Smoke evacuation & gas tightness tests • Official certificates of cleaning issued (Certificat de Ramonage)

05 55 63 78 72 Siren: 502 409 949


Advertise your business here


B6 ♦ DIRECTORY Chimney Sweeps


Satellite Systems 05 55 66 60 21

"Tooway" High speed internet via satellite TV Satellite Sales, Service & Installations. TV Receiver & Electronic Repairs. Dish alignments. Sky/Freesat/TNT/FTA. Most of depts 23,03,63,87,36 covered. SIRET: 510 117 328 00011

CLEAR CHIMNEY SERVICES All types of chimneys cleaned

Clean and Efficient Certificat de Ramonage issued with every chimney swept Woodburner repairs/installation Accredited Flue liner Installer Chimney repairs/maintenance Fabrication & welding to E.N. 287

TEL. 02 54 06 40 80 siren 535 199 483


Chimney Sweep Service

* All types of chimneys cleaned * Brush & Vacuum * Smoke Tested * Fully Insured * HETAS Approved and member of NACS * Official certificates of cleaning issued (Certificat de Ramonage) * Clean, tidy, professional & friendly service

Contact Barry Manning

Tel: 05 55 66 14 11 Mob: 06 31 59 81 08


Computers & Satellites

Please mention The Bugle when responding to adverts

NO FIX... NO FEE !! IT Support for Creuse, HauteVienne, Indre and Vienne

We provide a fast and friendly service either at the client's home, via remote software or computers can be left with us and collected when the work is complete. ● Ordering/Installing wireless & broadband ● Fixing results of a virus attack ● PC healthchecks ● Virus , trojan , worm removal and protection ● Backups/Disaster recovery ● Hardware/software upgrades. ● Website and graphic design. ● Printer/scanner assistance.

Big Dish Satellite


05 55 80 37 70 - see pg 11

web: e mail:

Le Creusois

tel: 05 55 63 86 05

Find us & more details on: We Look forward to meeting you!


Les Genêts, Azerables

Le Snack Shack

High quality British & French food at reasonable prices. Menu du Jour €12, Traditional Pub Food, Vegetarian dishes, Childrens & Snack menus also available

see main ad - pg 7

SIREN: 483 988 853



Bar & Restaurant

Restaurant & Bar

5 Rue Andre Jouhannaud, Compreignac

Freshly home-cooked Food

Plat du Jour, Mon-Sat: €12.50 Sunday Lunch with real Yorkshire puddings Every Friday Night - Fish & Chips with home-made mushy peas €9,50 To Eat In or Take Away Open: Mon–Sat 11.30–2pm, Fri & Sat eve 7–11pm, Sun 11.30–3pm Party Bookings Welcomed For further information

5 Rue de L’Abreuvoir Aubusson

Traditional French and English dishes Menu du Jour 16€, 4 courses incl. wine. Open Thu, Fri & Sat 12pm-2pm and from 7pm Restaurant Menu - Takeaway Service.

Based Séreilhac (87)

Food & Drink

● Italian Specialities ● Traditional Cuisine ● Home-made Desserts Moules de bouchot AOC available from July to December High Quality Food, a Warm Welcome and a Friendly Atmosphere await Closed Sundays & Mondays

Tel: 05 55 69 33 38

Visit: E-mail:

JJ’s Cafe Bar Some customer quotes:

‘...more than just a bar’ ‘....a bit like Allo Allo and Cheers!’

English groceries, Fresh British Beef & Steaks (to order only), Gammon Steak, Bacon, Sausage & Cheddar Cheese. Wide range of frozen items including vegetarian. Traditional English beers, Sherries & Wine. Cards for all occasions. Opening hours: Mon - Thur 10am – 6pm Fri 10am – 7pm, Sat 9am – 6pm

Come and see for yourself - Open all week.

Visit us and compare our prices

39 Place du Champ de Foire 36140, Aigurande

The Codfather

02 54 06 30 77 SIRET: 508 754 314 00013

British Fish & Chips in France See main ad pg 8

Your advert here C’est cheese

Find us at local markets selling a small and tasty selection of excellent quality english cheeses. Also available online. For more information, see our website: SIREN: 409 679 578

See our Notice Board events listings

26, Ecurat 23150

Atelier d'Art du Jardin Open Fri, Sat, Sun and Bank Holidays 11h00 to 18h00 Artisan art for your garden.

Cream teas on the terrasse. RDV for weekday visits SVP. 2km from Chénérailles and the Chateau Villemonteix

tel: 05 55 81 31 85

Garden Services

Open Monday to Saturday from 12pm to 2pm and from 6pm to 9pm

05 55 41 17 76

5 Rue Nationale – 16150 Chabanais

02 54 47 56 74

▪ Carte ▪ Our famous Fish & Chips

Tel: 05 45 29 03 99

siret: 453 067 910 00019

LA veytiZoU, 87130 Neuvic-entier

02 54 24 01 06

Petticoat Lane


Please mention The Bugle when responding to adverts

Restaurant - Pizzeria Fast dependable service

Pizzas to eat in or take away


Book club open when bar is open

Call Patrice:

Bar - Restaurant Pizzeria


▪ Menu du jour

8 rue Ledru-Rollin 36200 Argenton-sur-Creuse

Le Relais de l'Abloux



05 55 68 47 33 / 06 82 26 31 54 see pg 17


For all your TV and satellite installations and repairs (Sky TV, Internet etc.)

Tel: 05 55 62 05 61 Mob: 06 06 47 89 66

computer services - pc • mac • network

Le Moulin du Breuil


Dept 23 & surrounding areas


05 55 80 34 26 - see pg 17

tel: 05 55 12 99 45 or 06 04 09 03 10

05 55 78 72 98


SPECIALIST CMS WEB DESIGN 06 79 26 75 65 - See main ad pg 4

Winter opening times: 12-2pm 6pm-10pm (Closed Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed) Lunch menu: 12-2pm Thu - Sat Pizza/pasta restaurant: 6.30-9.30pm Thu - Sat Function room available with catering for your special occasion See our web site for menu, future events and opening times:

Oh My Cod Fish and Chips

see main ad - pg 7


A new Italian bar/restaurant in St-Etienne-de-Fursac

(alternative menu available)

siret: 353 613 227 00035



Le Pub

58, rue d'Orjon, Argenton-sur-Creuse - see pg 6

Paul Foster Jardins

06 23 90 45 82 / 05 87 19 85 85 see main ad pg 10

Cross Cut Tree Surgeons for all your tree requirements / see main ad opposite


All gardening work: grass cutting - strimming hedge trimming - pruning Depts 23 & 87

Tel: 05 55 89 57 40 Email: Siret: 483 059 242 00030 ○ THE BUGLE ○ NOVEMBER 2013


“SolarVenti”- the solar solution to damp and humidity


simple solar energy system that runs on its own, even when you are not there! – And provides a free heat supplement in winter. The Solarventi air panel was invented more than 20 years ago by Hans Jørgen Christensen, from Aidt Miljø, with the backing of the Danish government. He wanted to use the sun’s energy for airing and ventilation of the thousands of holiday homes on the West coast of Jutland, - houses that were left empty and unheated for long periods - houses with damp problems, mould and bad odours houses that left their owners with discomfort, lots of work and expense. He wanted a system that would be safe, simple, without the need for radiators, water and/or mains electricity. Slowly but surely, the first Solarventi model came together.

power from the solar cell, introduces warm, dry air into your home at the rate of 20 to 100 cubic metres per hour. The initial models were more than capable of keeping the cottages dry (and ventilated), even with the limited sunshine hours available in Denmark during the winter season. Since that time, the technology has really come along in leaps and bounds. Now, more than 20 years later, the 3rd and 4th generation Solarventi have exceeded all expectations. In Southern Europe, Solarventi is not only used for ventilation/dehumidification purposes; with far more winter sunshine hours, it also provides a substantial heating supplement. Several technical and governmental studies show that incoming air temperature can be increased by as much as 40°C.

How it works The principle behind Solarventi is simple: a small, built-in, solar cell powers a 12V fan that is connected to an air vent, a control unit and an on/ off switch. Whenever the sun shines, the air in the solar panel is heated and the fan, receiving

A DIY Solution? The installation process is very straightforward and should only take two or three hours. All that is needed is a drill, hammer and chisel to make a hole in the wall. Roof installations are also possible. In fact, the Solarventi was originally designed to be a DIY

Gifts & Crafts

The Exchange Rochechouart


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La Petite Maison Bijoux Individually hand crafted jewellery designs inspired by nature - see pg 4

Très Jolie

product - in Scandinavia it still is. There are no electrical or water connections and it can be safely left running, even when the property is empty. Solarventi requires no maintenance - if the property is unoccupied during the hot summer months, then it can be left running at low speeds for ventilation and dehumidification purposes or simply switched off. With a range of panel sizes, and the option for wall or roof mounting, Solarventi is suitable for all types of buildings, caravans or even boats!! Following the patenting of its design in 2001, Solarventi has only recently been actively commercialized. Over the last six years, Solarventi units have been installed in more than 24 countries and demand is increasing rapidly. From Greenland to Australia, Solarventi is finally getting the recognition it deserves. ■

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Handmade, fully interlocking, multi-layered 3D puzzles from just €9. Keyrings €2 plus other unique gift ideas. Customisation and personalisation possible. Come and visit the workshop by appointment.


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High chair, buggy, play pen, travel cot, fire guard, stair gate etc. Each item will incur a hire charge of 7 euros, plus a refundable 8 euros deposit.

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Should les rosbifs really be les frogs?


e may need to find a new nickname for our French cousins after a major archaeological dig near Amesbury in Wiltshire, England, has found evidence of frogs legs being eaten in Britain, 8,000 years before France!! The dig near Stonehenge unearthed the evidence that now brings into question our long-held stereotype of the French and their penchant for amphibian appendages. After discovering burnt animal bones at the Blick Mead dig site earlier this year, a team of archaeologists led by David Jacques, senior research fellow in archaeology at the University of Buckingham, sent the remains for testing at the Natural History Museum. It turned out what they had dug up were toad bones which had been cooked and eaten by whoever lived at the site between 7,596 and 6,250

B.C. “We were completely taken aback. [The inhabitants] were eating everything that moved, but we weren’t expecting frogs’ legs,” said Mr Jacques. “They would have definitely eaten the leg because it would have been quite big and juicy,” he added, calling it “the Mesolithic equivalent of fast food”. “This is significant for our understanding of the way people were living around 5,000 years before the building of Stonehenge,” added Mr Jacques. “And it begs the question - where are the frogs now?” The dig has already revealed that the average Mesolithic Wiltshire family were not just eating toads' legs, but were enjoying quite an attractive and varied diet. “There's basically a Heston Blumenthal menu coming out of the site,” said Mr Jacques. “We can see people eating huge pieces

of aurochs - cows which are three times the size of a normal cow - and we've got wild boar, red deer and hazelnuts. There were really rich food resources for people and they were eating everything that moved but we weren't expecting frogs' legs as a starter”. Despite the obvious comedic potential of the revelations, researchers are hoping that the discoveries being made will point to the site being the oldest continuous settlement in the UK. There is growing evidence that there was a near 3,000-year use of the site. “People are utilising all these resources to keep going and it is clearly a special place for the amount of different types of food resources to keep them going all year round,” concluded Mr Jacques. He said it was looking increasingly likely that the site was the “cradle to Stonehenge” which was built

around 5,000 years later less than a mile from the dig site. Andy Rhind-Tutt, chairman of Amesbury Museum and Heritage Trust, said: “No one would have built Stonehenge without there being something unique and really special about the area. There must have been something significant here

beforehand and Blick Mead, with its constant temperature spring sitting alongside the River Avon, may well be it. I believe that as we uncover more about the site we will discover it to be the greatest, oldest and most significant Mesolithic home base ever found in Britain.” Although calling our

cross-Channel cousins “frogs” may now be questionable, archaeologists in France have yet to find evidence of roast beef, yorkshire puddings and horseradish sauce at any of their dig sites, so it looks as though the British can hold on to their nickname of “les rosbifs”... for now at least! ■

Regular environment contributor, Arthur Smith from Harlequin Developments, examines a time-saving single clove garlic bulb and looks at ways that we can store food to cut down on unnecessary wastage.


revolutionary garlic made from a large, single clove that was discovered in the Himalayas has hit European shelves for the first time. The unique vegetable looks like a normal head of garlic but rather than being made up of many small segments it comprises just one. It can be chopped like an onion and the rest can be stored in the fridge for later. The bulb promises an end to the fiddly and frustrating task of peeling pungent garlic cloves, and saves cooks from getting smelly fingers from its strong odour. The product, dubbed 'lazy garlic', has recently gone on sale at Lidl stores with a 250g basket containing around eight single cloves costing €1.99. Single clove garlic was discovered being grown by organic farmers in the south of China in the misty foothills of the Himalayas. 'Normal' garlic is planted as a single seed clove which is then triggered into developing multiple cloves by cold weather. But in the temperate climes of the Yunnan province the garlic seeds

stay as a single clove, growing to around two inches in diameter. The white and purple crop is harvested in February and March, and is said to have a milder, more fragrant taste than regular garlic. I can’t see it catching on here in rural France, can you? ------------------------------------ Still sticking with a food theme this month, I’ve mentioned many times in this paper that food waste is a major environmental issue as so many resources go into growing food and then getting it from field to fork and paddock to plate. The figures vary somewhat depending on where you source them, but one estimate I’ve read is that 40 per cent of all the food produced in the US is thrown out, and that isn’t even at the high end of the scale. Talk about a throwaway society. Aside from the wasted resources, there’s also a substantial financial cost. An average American family dumps an equivalent of up to $2,275 worth of food in the bin annually. Food waste is the single largest component of solid waste in

US landfills, and Europe is not far behind. In France, the average person throws away 20kg of waste food each year, costing roughly €400 per household. This figure includes 7kg of food thrown away with the packaging unopened. Remembering an old trick I’d heard, I recently put a (perforated) bag of carrots on a couple of sheets of kitchen roll in the fridge. It’s now been 4 weeks and the remaining carrots haven’t lost any of their crispness. It seems the kitchen roll idea not only extends the shelf life of carrots, but lettuce too. I’m also told that wrapping green peppers, broccoli and celery in foil works to the same effect. There are many simple ways to extend the life of fresh produce and some don’t involve any additional products at all, not even paper towel. Some of the strategies involve not storing some foods like we usually do these days or avoiding storing one type of food next to another. For example, onions should not be stored close to potatoes. It seems the gases one gives off affect the other. Our refrigerators tend to become dumping grounds for all sorts of foods, some of which don't need to be and shouldn’t be refrigerated. Wiser refrigerator use might also mean a smaller appliance is needed,

© 2009 - Dmitry Makarov (WikiCommons)

A revolutionary bulb

and that means additional environmental and financial savings. Some fruits produce ethylene gas that can cause vegetables in close proximity to spoil more rapidly, so these should be stored if possible at room temperature rather than in the fridge. (You may have smelled ethylene gas in your fridge, it has a sweet, musky odour.) Fruits that should not be stored in the fridge include: • • • • • • • • • • • •

avocados apricots bananas oranges kiwi fruit melons nectarines pears peaches plums pineapple tomatoes

Something I’ve also found to help is to wipe out the vegetable crisper bin in the fridge each week and without fail. I’m assuming that this is because it helps to reduce the amount of bacteria present that contribute to spoilage. It’s not just fruit and vegetables you can easily extend the life of. In the case of cheese, instead of wrapping in plastic, use cheese paper or wax paper. Mushrooms should be stored in a paper bag, not plastic. It’s at this time of year when we seem to have a glut of produce that we should be thinking about being able to keep and use it for as long as possible. ■ Arthur Smith Harlequin Developments Tel: Mob:



Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!


orks will be popping around the world on 21st November as lovers of Beaujolais Nouveau mark the start of a new French vintage by enjoying large quantities of the popular tipple. At one past midnight on the third Thursday of every November over a million cases of Beaujolais Nouveau begin their journey from little villages and towns, through a sleeping France to Paris and on for immediate shipment to all parts of the world. For a few short days, banners everywhere will proclaim: "Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!" The biggest festival takes place in Beaujeu, the capital of the Beaujolais region. This small and quiet commune springs to life during the third weekend in November, hosting a massive party called Sarmentelles (so-called after the French word sarments, the name for cuttings from the

grapevines which are burned in the centre of town just prior to the grand midnight unveiling). Huge barrels are opened to much fanfare and party-goers indulge in the new wine for the duration of the festival. What was once a very local tradition has in recent decades become a national and international event. Other areas in France also boisterously celebrate the arrival of the Beaujolais Nouveau. Lyon hosts the Beaujolympiades (Beaujolympics), marking the release of the wine with music and fireworks followed by 2 days of sampling. There is also now a much publicised race to bring Beaujolais Nouveau to markets around the world. By the time it is over, more than 65 million bottles, which represents nearly half of the region's total annual production, will have been distributed and drunk around the world. To begin with, what we now know of as Beaujolais

Nouveau was a wine created by the producers of the area as a ‘wine of the year’, designed simply to celebrate the end of the harvest. The wine was only fermented for a few weeks, and was intended for immediate consumption, certainly not later than a few months. Indeed, it was not until the establishment of the Beaujolais Nouveau AOC certification just before the Second World War that the release date for this wine became fixed each year. Wine producers began to see the marketing potential of Beaujolais Nouveau and by the 1970s its release and the ‘race’ to get the first bottles to Paris became a national event, attracting considerable media attention. This race to deliver the first bottle soon spread to other countries in Europe in the 1980s, and North America and Asia joined in the madness in the 1990s. In some places, the wine was delivered by hot-air balloon, elephant,

motorcycle, helicopter or by relay runner. Concorde was even drafted into service one year! Since 1985, the release date has been fixed as a Thursday (as opposed to the 15th of the month that it had always been until that point). This was another marketing ploy intended to make the most of the wine consumption during the weekend that followed its release. The man largely credited with ‘inventing’ this annual drinking frenzy is Georges Duboeuf, the so-called King of Beaujolais. His empire reaches just about every corner of the Beaujolais region just north of Lyon and roughly 10 per cent of the wine flowing out of the area comes from his cellars. It is Duboeuf who is chiefly credited with turning the release of Beaujolais Nouveau into a global phenomenon - a marketing masterstroke for a wine mainly borne of the


region’s worst vineyards, a wine barely removed from the fermentation vat, a wine that many say is nothing more than pleasantly tart bar-room

swill. That said, I’m sure plenty of us will still enjoy getting caught up in the ritual again this year! ■

Did you know...? Strictly speaking Beaujolais Nouveau should more properly be termed Beaujolais Primeur. By French and European rules, a wine released during the period between its harvest and a date in the following spring, is termed primeur. A wine released during the period between its own harvest and the following year’s harvest, is termed nouveau. All the grapes in the Beaujolais region must be picked by hand. These are the only vineyards, along with Champagne, where hand harvesting is mandatory.

Recipe provided by Brett from Le Moulin du Breuil (23140 Pionnat) - 05 55 80 37 70

A good friend of mine from Switzerland - also a chef - gave me this recipe for a cake called the Bee Sting. After making this cake I felt I had to share it, as it's one of the nicest cakes I have ever tried. It’s great with a nice cup of tea or coffee or can equally be served as a dessert after dinner with friends or family.

Cake batter

275g Unsalted butter (at room temperature) 300g Caster sugar 250g Whole eggs (lightly beaten at room temperature) 250g Self-raising flour (farine à gateaux) 20g Lemon zest 5g Salt 1 Heaped teaspoon baking powder (if using French farine à gateaux)

Almond caramel 50g Butter

Method for the cake Cream the butter and sugar together until well combined and pale in colour. Add the beaten egg and mix gradually until all the egg is incorporated. (If you add the eggs too fast the mixture may split or curdle. If the mixture does look like it’s starting to split add a little flour to bring the mixture back.) Now add the lemon zest, self-raising flour, baking powder (if using French farine à gateaux) and salt. Mix until all the ingredients are well combined, forming a smooth batter. Grease a cake tin or line with parchment paper (for this recipe I use a 12-inch springform cake tin). Spread the cake batter evenly and bake in a pre-heated oven at 175 degrees for 35 to 40 minutes. Method for the caramel Whilst the cake is baking make the caramel by placing the butter, sugar and honey in a thick bottomed pan. Place over a high heat whisking continuously until the caramel is a nice

50g 25g 75g 75g

Caster sugar Honey Flaked almonds Full fat cream (35%)

Pastry cream

1 Vanilla pod 500ml Milk 6 Medium egg yolks 125g Caster sugar 40g Plain flour (sifted)

golden brown. Add the flaked almonds, then remove from the heat and add the cream. (This part of the process has to be done quite quickly or the caramel will burn. The caramel will bubble profusely when the cream is added, but don’t worry, this is normal). Keep whisking until you have a velvety sauce and all the almonds are nicely coated. Set aside to cool. Method for the pastry cream (you can make the pastry cream well in advance) Slit the vanilla pod lengthways and scrape out the seeds with the back of the knife, place the seeds and the pod in a small pan with the milk and bring to the boil. Beat the egg yolks and sugar together until they are pale and well mixed, add the sifted flour and combine to make a smooth thick paste. Pour in a little of the boiled milk and whisk until smooth, add the rest of the milk and stir well. Remove the vanilla pod, return the mixture to the pan and

place over a medium heat. Whisk continuously until it comes to the boil - it will thicken as it reaches boiling point. Lower the heat and continue whisking for a minute or two to make sure the starch in the flour is cooked out. Cover the surface with cling film to stop a skin forming and leave to cool. Build the cake Firstly, you need to leave the cake to cool slightly. Then, whilst still in the tin, pour over the almond caramel and spread out evenly. Now leave to cool completely in the tin. When the cake is cool enough carefully remove it from the tin and transfer to the fridge for 1-2 hours. Once the cake has cooled completely and had chance to rest, carefully cut the cake in two, spread the bottom half of the cake with a generous topping of the pastry cream and place the top back. Place back into the fridge for another hour or so just to let the cake and the pastry cream firm up a little. Serve with a dusting of icing sugar. ○ THE BUGLE ○ NOVEMBER 2013

BILINGUAL ♦ 15 SIRET 502 409 212 00011 – APE 8559B

FRENCH LESSONS WITH A NATIVE FRENCH SPEAKER Individual/Group lessons, all levels - Skype lessons via the internet also available

Free trial lesson !

Lessons in Aigurande (36), Dun-le-Palestel and La Souterraine (23) Other services offered include: help with notaires, arranging new utilities (electricity etc), locating tradesmen, liaison with French administration etc. I can also be your French contact in France when you are away! Contact Sophie ARSAC to discuss your requirements 05 55 89 15 74 (E-mail:

Who are les anglais?


ne of the first things that you notice as a British person living in France is that, on the whole, the French do not have a very good understanding of the difference between England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom. Do not worry, however, as you are not alone and there are many British people who themselves don't always completely understand the differences. It is very common to hear a French person refer to us collectively as “les anglais”, something that infuriates our Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh cousins. It is also a very bad idea to use the term British, or even worse, English, when talking to someone from the Republic of Ireland. When two English speakers talk to each other, our accents will very quickly announce where we are from, but for the French it is more difficult to hear the different accents in a foreign language... to the French, if we are speaking in English then we must be English. Although most people will usually see it as an easy mistake to make, there are many people who will take offence. Until about 300 years ago, England, Ireland and Scotland were separate countries. Then in 1707, England (including

Wales) and Scotland signed the Act of Union and formed a new country called the Kingdom of Great Britain. When Ireland joined in 1801, the name was changed to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. In 1922, most of the southern counties of Ireland chose to leave the kingdom and declared independence, eventually forming a new country called the Republic of Ireland, leaving behind the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - often now simply referred to as the United Kingdom. So, in brief: Great Britain is England, Scotland and Wales, but the United Kingdom is England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Republic of Ireland is

an independent country completely separate to the United Kingdom. In terms of nationality, everyone from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland comes under the general term British, although many people prefer to be identified by their individual country: English, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish, etc. Another common mistake is made during international sporting events such as the Olympics, when the British team is referred to by the initials GBR, often thought to be short for Great Britain. In actual fact, Britain's Olympic team should correctly be described as representing Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Confused? I know I am! ■

Bilingual Crossword Clues in English - answers in French



’une des premières choses que les Britanniques remarquent lorsqu’ils vivent en France, c’est que, bien souvent, les Français ne comprennent pas bien la différence entre l’Angleterre, la Grande-Bretagne et le Royaume-Uni. Ce qui n’est pas bien grave car de nombreux Britanniques eux-mêmes ne font guère mieux. Très souvent, les Français nous appellent collectivement «les Anglais», ce qui a le don de rendre furieux nos cousins irlandais du nord, écossais et gallois. C’est également une très mauvaise idée d’utiliser le terme «Britannique», voire pire «Anglais», lorsque l’on s’adresse à une personne originaire de la République d’Irlande. Quand deux anglophones conversent, leurs accents les informent rapidement sur leurs origines respectives, ce qui est une tâche plus ardue pour un Français pour qui «celui qui parle anglais ne peut être qu’Anglais». Bien que la majorité des gens réalisent qu’il s’agit d’une faute aisée, beaucoup d’autres s’en offusquent. Jusqu’à il y a environ 300 ans, l’Angleterre, l’Irlande et l’Ecosse étaient des pays indépendants. Puis en 1707, l’Angleterre (avec le Pays de Galles) et l’Ecosse signèrent «l’Acte d’Union» et formèrent un nouveau pays dénommé «le Royaume de GrandeBretagne». Quand l’Irlande fut rattachée en 1801, le nom fut transformé en «Royaume-

The Bugle thanks local French teacher, Sophie Arsac, for the translation of this month's bilingual article on another topical aspect of Franco-British culture.

Uni de Grande-Bretagne et d’Irlande». En 1922, la plupart des comtés du sud de l’Irlande décidèrent de quitter le royaume et déclarèrent leur indépendance, pour former un nouveau pays dénommé «la République d’Irlande», laissant derrière eux «le Royaume-Uni de Grande-Bretagne et d’Irlande du Nord» désormais simplement regroupés sous le nom de «Royaume-Uni». Alors, en résumé: la Grande-Bretagne, c’est l’Angleterre, l’Ecosse et le Pays de Galles. Le Royaume-Uni, c’est l’Angleterre, l’Ecosse, le Pays de Galles et l’Irlande du Nord. La République d’Irlande est un pays indépendant complètement distinct du Royaume-Uni. Quant aux nationalités, les natifs d’Angleterre, d’Ecosse, du Pays de Galle

et d’Irlande du nord sont regroupés sous le terme général de «Britanniques», bien que de nombreuses personnes préfèrent être identifiées sous le nom de leur pays d’origine: Anglais, Ecossais, Gallois, Irlandais du Nord etc. Une faute est couramment commise lors d’événements sportifs internationaux tels que les Jeux Olympiques: l’équipe britannique est désignée sous les initiales «GBR» qui passent pour être une abréviation de «Grande-Bretagne». En fait, la dénomination de l’équipe olympique britannique devrait indiquer clairement qu’elle représente la Grande-Bretagne et l’Irlande du Nord. Alors ? Vous êtes perdu ? Parce que moi, oui  ! ■

5. cockerel(3) 6. garbage(7) 8. meal(5) 9. keys(5) 11. divorced(7) 14. dresses(5) 15. pen(5) 17. jobs(7) 18. friend(3)


1. cheeks(5) 2. meadow(3) 3. advertising(9) 4. eggs(5) 7. chickenpox(9) 10. floor(3) 12. apple(5) 13. lead(5) 16. lily(3)

Bilingual crossword solution can be found on page 20



Local Council and European Elections 2014 In a discussion with Neil Spoonley, the Maire of Beyssenac in Corrèze, Francis Comby, explains why expats should register on the local electoral roll before 31 December this year.

Neil Spoonley: It is probably true that few expats who have the right to vote in France have bothered to register. Francis Comby: From our own experience in Beyssenac that would certainly be true, but I think that many of them do not realise that they have the right. To me this is sad, as compared with Britain, the vote for the Council is taken very seriously by local people, and typically 80% of registered voters will participate. NS: Surely as long as you are an owner, and live here, you have the right?

- own a property and have frequent and regular visits to the commune, or - spend more than six months per year resident in the commune. For Beyssenac, the principal nonFrench come from Britain, Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Voting for the Council is taken very seriously by local people, with typically an 80% participation

NS: So as long as they fulfil one of these two conditions they can register ? FC: That is correct. They must register before 31 December of one year in order to vote in the following year. But being able to vote is not the only reason for registering. The act of registration, whether you vote or not, places you on the commune electoral roll (liste électorale) for non-French EU voters, and you will be given a carte électorale or carte d’électeur. It is a demonstration of your commitment to the commune. Others in the commune can see the list and welcome that commitment. NS: But what happens if you fulfil the conditions, and wish to vote, but are

The Conseil Municipal de Beyssenac 2008 - 2014 unlikely to be in France before 31st December? Can you register other than by a visit to the Mairie ?

ers choose the members of the Council, who will subsequently choose the Mayor.

FC: Of course. You can contact the Mairie for the form and return it by post, together with a copy of the relevant pages of your passport and proof that you fulfil one of the conditions above.

NS: Many expats will have difficulty in understanding the system, and may know very few in the commune, so is it that important for expats to vote?

The act of registration is a demonstration of your commitment to the commune

NS: It would seem that 2014 could be an important year for all voters. FC: Certainly. It is the first time in 6 years that there will be an election for the local Council (conseil municipal) and for the EU Parliament. Actually, registered expats can only vote in these two elections, both taking place in 2014 - at the end of March (local Council) and in May (EU Parliament). NS: I understand that the voting procedure has changed since the last election. Is that true? FC: For smaller communes, of less than 1000 inhabitants, the procedure has not changed, but for larger communes voters will choose a whole council from complete lists. Beyssenac is small so we keep the old procedure and vot-

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FC: I think so, but I do recognise that many find it difficult. Here in France the local Council take many decisions that affect daily life including that of expats: i.e. processing planning applications; registering births, marriages, and deaths; rental of facilities; road repairs; support when there are accidents or storms; maintenance of council buildings; fund-raising for projects, etc. The Mairie also offers a wide variety of services to help all individual members of the commune. It is the best place to go when you have a problem. NS: I think it is true that votes are cast for individuals, not for a political party, and so generally voters do not know the candidates’ political leanings. FC: That is true, but in most communes the leanings, as you put it, of the Mayor tend to be known but it is not important in smaller communes! NS: What is the actual voting procedure in a small commune? FC: You go to the Mairie with your carte d’électeur which you will have

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FC: Yes, but ownership is not the only determinant. Non-French voters must hold an EU passport and:

received on registration and your right to vote will be checked by the presiding officials. You will then be given a plain envelope and you will be asked to sign the voting register. NS: What happens if I cannot attend? Can I vote by post? FC: No. That is not possible, but you can vote by appointing someone else to vote on your behalf, i.e. by proxy (procuration). This is done by a meeting at a gendarmerie or a commissariat de police in France. You need to give the name and birth date of somebody who is registered on the same voting register in your commune and they will be able to vote in your place. Your request will be sent to your local Mairie who will register the procuration. NS: And then on election day ? FC: Normally electors are presented at the Mairie with one or more pieces of paper listing the candidates, with the total in each list being not more than the number of permitted Council members for that commune (for Beyssenac, that is 11). Generally people will vote for a whole list, but if you do not want some of the people on the list you can strike them out and add other names from other lists, if you so wish. You can also add nobody and vote for fewer than the permitted members. You can top it up with another list if you wish but you cannot vote for more than the permitted total number. You place your chosen candidates’ names in the plain envelope, and put it into an urn in the Mairie, in front of the presiding officials. NS: This system must make counting rather complicated!! FC: It does, but it works. The votes are all counted under an appointed local Président de bureau de vote (often the current Mayor) and his/her assistants. Other help is given in opening the envelopes and checking that no mistakes have been made with the vote. All this is done in public view,

The local Council take many decisions that affect daily life including that of local expats

and each vote is normally read out by the Président, with the scrutineers checking all the votes. It is true democracy in action. When all votes are counted the leading candidates up to the permitted limit become the new Council. To become elected during the first round (tour) they need to have more than 50% of the votes. For the second round, the leaders of the result become elected, to bring the Council up to its full complement. The new Council must meet within the next seven days to appoint the new Mayor and the Deputy Mayors (maires-adjoints). It is not automatic that the Mayor is the person who comes out top of the voting, but it is normally so. NS: You said that for larger communes the process will be different. FC: Yes that is true. There, all lists will have the full complement of candidates, and the voter will simply chose one or other list. If there are several lists, there is a form of proportional counting. For the first round, if one list has more than 50% of the votes, half of the permitted members are taken from this list. The remaining half is appointed from all the lists in proportion to the votes received by each list. There is a second round if no list reaches 50% of votes in the first tour. The leading name of the majority list will generally become the new Mayor. NS: One last word ? FC: Please register to vote. It costs nothing but it is worth a lot in supporting your community (commune). Your registration will always be valued by the French. ■ ○ THE BUGLE ○ NOVEMBER 2013


IT Postbox - your computer questions answered With the help of Phil Monaghan from Mayday computer services, we are pleased to bring you the IT Postbox. If you have any computer-related questions you would like answered, send them in to and our resident expert will do his best to get them answered. Hello Phil,

SIM for the same number - ask your provider. But this does mean that you can keep your number. However, you may need to review your contract should you wish to access the internet or email on the move, as these services require that you have a combined “voice” and “data” contract. Your service provider will tell you which is the best plan based on your requirements.

My current mobile is a MotorolaV220 - about six years old on 'pay as you go' - and I would like to update to a new smartphone, probably a new Google Nexus or equivalent. Question: Can I transfer the current SIM card into a smartphone and keep the PAYG service and the current number?

Hope that helps Geoff !

Kind regards, Geoff Orme

I have a Monaghan.




Your current SIM will work in most smartphones, however your phone shop may need to put it through a cutter to allow it to fit some models. Some providers may send you a new

In October's issue, he said not to run more than one anti-virus. Well, I have 3 on my PC and want his advice as to which one I should keep. I have Malware, Windows

Defender and recently an IT expert put on Avast without deleting the other two. Also, for the last 3 months my Internet Explorer has been hijacked by something called GVO6, so I started using Chrome and it hijacked that. I can still manage to use Chrome, but Internet Explorer has disappeared completely. I've tried all I can to get rid of it, but to no avail - is it a harmful server to use? Anon Only Avast is an anti-virus programme. Defender looks for “spyware” and Malwarebytes scans for “malware” (things like Trojans). Therefore runtime conflicts do not occur. Regarding GV06, this is something that I haven't encountered but sounds like it may possibly be connected with the loss of Internet Explorer. I imagine that IE is still there somewhere and can be resurrected after investigation.

Children and Divorce

The Bugle's resident lawyer, Laure CHAVERON, looks at what happens to children when parents separate or divorce.


t can be very complex to decide the lieu de résidence (place of residence) of a child, something previously known in France as le droit de garde (custody rights). Only 1 in 5 children live with their father, although this trend has been on the increase in recent years. Joint custody is possible, i.e. 1 or 2 weeks with one parent and 1 or 2 weeks with the other. This is known as la résidence alternée - alternating residence. It is the Family Court judge (le juge aux affaires familiales) who decides which parent a child will live with. In extreme cases, for example those involving violence or alcoholism, the child may be placed with a third party if it is deemed to be in their best interests. Indeed, the best interests of the child

always form the basis of any custodial decision made by the judge. The wishes of the parents or their well-being are not taken into account if they are deemed contrary to the interests of the child. In the majority of cases, the parent with whom the child does not principally reside is usually still given visiting and access rights. Again, these rights are based upon the child's best interests and will normally take the form of every other weekend and half of all school holidays. The idea is that no one parent has custody for a prolonged period of time. If this becomes the case, the judge may amend access rights. A financial contribution towards the education and upkeep of the child is agreed if requested by the parent the child lives with. This will take into account the needs of the child and the

incomes of the respective parents. Today, any financial contributions are calculated on a case by case basis (although an indicative scale exists), taking into account whether the parents have re-married or are cohabiting; if this is the case, then the income of their new partner is also taken into account. Contributions are not set in stone. They are indexed based on the cost of living and the INSEE website allows you to easily calculate how they will be adjusted each year. A judge may also reassess the contributions if circumstances change. For this, a parent needs to go to court to petition the judge (the greffe can provide the necessary forms) and to attend the hearing with a copy of all the relevant paperwork. The use of a lawyer is not mandatory. ■ For more information on this topic, contact: Laure CHAVERON, Avocat 36 avenue Pierre Leroux, 23600 Boussac Téléphone: 05 55 82 18 99 E:

The Bugle, live on France Bleu Creuse Tune in to our next show: 09h35 TUESday 5th NOVEMber

Mayday computer services

Operating system support Application support Network support System security pc • mac • network Virus and Malware removal Call for friendly no-obligation assessment and advice Haute-Vienne & surrounding areas 05 55 68 47 33 06 82 26 31 54 siret 500 443 536 00015

Phil Monaghan - Email:-

Tel:- 05 55 80 34 26

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Classified adverts are currently free for all small items (less than €500). For other types of classified adverts a small fee does apply: ● Items more than €500 are charged at €5 per month ● Accompanying photos are charged at €2.50 per month To place a classified advert, please email with the details you would like included in your advert.

FOR SALE ANIMALS & PETS Puppies looking for loving homes

Beautiful Anglo-Poitevin rescue puppies (chip/vac/vet, good with cats) are looking for loving family homes after spending 12 happy weeks with their mother and siblings. (Mum’s chip: 250269500568873). 2 left. Contact for further information on adoption fees and conditions. Tel: Katharina on 06 66 24 85 49 Email: info@ PLEASE HELP. FREE TO GOOD HOME. Little grey kitten looking for a loving home. About 2 months old. Please email or call for further information. Tel: 06 78 17 27 78 Email: FOR SALE: HEINIGER – Professional Clippers Horses /cows/ sheep shearing & clipping machine. Model ‘Handy’ 230volts with separate heads for sheep shearing, purchased new, complete with original box /manual, hardly used and in perfect working order. 150 euros (no offers). €150.00 Tel: 05 55 69 28 22 Gentle natured Brittany spaniel Needs a loving home due to owners moving. Chipped, vaccinated, puce and with all his own documents. 8 years old. Contact Garry 05 55 62 98 73

BUILDING MATERIALS & EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: Compressors Doosan/ Ingersoll Rand

Due to ill health and retirement 2 Compressors for sale purchased 2012 with the intention of hiring to a local French Artisan. Although both compressors are 7/26E they are marked as Doosan which is the later only working for 5 hours and Ingersoll Rand which has worked for only 21 hours. They are both equipped with hose, breaker and 4 tools. They are both as new and cost 8000€ each in France. Parts manuals included with both. NO TVA. Each 2995€. Both 5500€. FOR SALE: Very Strong Galvanised Metal Roof Rack

Length 10ft 5inches/3175mm Width 5'5inches/1650mm. 4 anchor points on each side, 17 fixed tie hooks, 10 cross bars and a ladder roller bar. Suitable for transportation of heavy ladders, building materials, etc. €200.00 Tel: 05 55 80 70 93 Dept 23 (near Aigurande) Email: FOR SALE: Tile cutter Including

case, good condition. €50.00 Email: FOR SALE: Makhita 2200W Angle Grinder €40.00 Tel: 05 55 63 43 69 FOR SALE: Reclaimed roof slates 100s of them. Only 75 euros for the lot. Buyer collects. €75.00 Tel: 0555 787902 (near Rochechouart)

FURNITURE FOR SALE: Furniture Pine kitchen table 6ft x 3ft + 2 chairs good condition 50.00€; 2 x Bridle holders 5.00€ for the two; 2 x Saddle racks 10.00€ for the two; TV Phillips (old style heavy) 20inch screen 25.00€; Pine TV unit 2 glass doors & a draw 25.00€; Pine bedroom cabinet 1 door, 1 draw 15.00€; 4 x Mahogany, regency style chairs vgc 40.00€; 2 seater settee, green with white spots, slight wear mark on one cushion wooden base, good condition 40.00€; Piranha table + 1 carver chair and 2 chairs 35.00€; White wooden wine rack 12 bottles (heavy) vgc 20.00€. Tel: 02 54 36 71 96 (Dpt 36 Chaillac) Email: FOR SALE: Double bed (4ft, 6 in) and 2 latex mattresses All in excellent condition and hardly used. The price: €35 for each item, which can be sold separately. Cash sale only and buyer collects (Bourganeuf area). Tel: 05 55 64 22 25 Email: FOR SALE: Bookcase/Display Unit Solid Wood Pine 5 Shelves

€150.00 Contact Jo on 06 78 17 27 78 Email: daveandjo100@gmail. com FOR SALE: Regency style mahogany table and 6 chairs Large

mahogany dining table sitting on double leg pedestal with brass claw feet + 4 mahogany chairs & 2 carver chairs. In lovely condition, used only on special occasions, the plastic covers are still on the seats of the chairs.The top comes apart from the bottom section to make transporting it easier. Would fit in a car with the seats down when taken apart. Measurements are: 53"/1350mm Long - Extending to 71"/1800mm36"/920mm wide 312/790mm High. €450.00 Tel: 06 04 09 03 10 FOR SALE: 4 Country chairs painted white with flower and fruit motif Original cane seats. 80€ the 4. Email for photos. €80.00 Contact Jo on 06 78 17 27 78 Email: FOR SALE: Beautiful French Buffet Bas Louis Philippe Very attractive piece of furniture. Email for photos. €300.00 Contact Jo on 06 78 17 27 78 Email: FOR SALE: Antique French Bed

GENERAL FOR SALE: ‘Graco’ Folding Highchair Lovely clean condition.

€19.00 Tel: 05 55 64 46 27 (St. Dizier Leyrenne) Email: tiony_48@ FOR SALE: ‘Graco’ Folding Highchairs Lovely clean condition. Measuring 188cm x 112cm on metal casters. €150.00ono Tel: 05 55 69 49 28 FOR SALE: Beautiful modern, almost new, red suede 2 seater settee Bargain at 300 Euros - cost

over 800 Euros. Photos available. €300.00 Tel: 05 55 67 37 60 Email:

GARDEN 1 Drawer H179/W49/D34.5 cm. Excellent Clean Condition – BARGAIN 95 euro. €95.00 Tel: 05 55 64 46 27 Email: tiony_48@ FOR SALE: Chateau style white painted single bed With sculpted wood (flowers and birds) on the head and baseboard. Mattress and base as new. Email for photos.

Marjorie's Seedling (late, large, purple, good flavour). 15euros each. Also available 3yr old Plum or Pear semi-dwarf rootstocks for grafting on your own variety of plum, peach, nectarine, gage, apricot (St Julian A) or pear (Quince A) to create small to medium tree. 4euros each (or 3euros if take several). Tel: 05 55 62 25 18 or 06 40 30 86 17 (Nr. Gouzon, Creuse) FOR SALE: GAZEBO 3m x 3m. Steel tube frame with polyester cover (beige). Brand new - still in box. BARGAIN BUY - 90 EURO. Tel: 05 55 64 46 27 (St. Dizier Leyrenne) Email: tiony_48@ FOR SALE: Parasene 1.5 kw Greenhouse Heater (New - never used), 692 Super Warm - covers 10 sq metres + 5 litres of parafin + Greenhouse Netting (new) 2.59m by 1.83m. €40.00 Tel: 05 55 76 25 43 Email: lesley.edwards@orange. fr

FOR SALE: 3yr old ENGLISH PLUM TREES Bought from good UK nursery, planted last winter to create orchard, no longer required due to change of plans. Grafted on semi-dwarf rootstock (St Julian A) to give a small to medium tree: Victoria, Jubilee (similar to victoria, larger fruit), Rivers Early Prolific (early, small, black, good flavour),

€19.00 Tel: 05 55 64 46 27 (St. Dizier Leyrenne) Email: tiony_48@ FOR SALE: Deville Poele à fioul/Oil Heater 8kw. Reservoir 12 litre (uses central heating oil). Economical. Loc: between Confolens 16 St Junien 87 €250.00 Tel: 05 45 71 19 37 FOR SALE: Small bales of hay 10-12 kilo - 2.40 each. Near to Chénérailles. Can deliver up to 70 BALES if required. Tel: Steve or Rosie 05 55 41 59 42 Email: FOR SALE: Oil Fired Central Heating Boiler Geminox. Model TL 357S. Output 33kw. €600.00ono Tel: 05 55 80 37 70 FOR SALE: Infra-red Sauna Seats 4 to 5 people. Dimensions: 1750 x 1350 x 1900 (mm). Power 2350. Interior light. Radio CD player.

Email for photos. €950.00 Tel to view 05 55 81 31 85 FOR SALE: Yamaha Clavinova PR903 Electric piano/keyboard

in cherry with matching stool. Excellent condition as new. €1,800.00 Tel: 05 55 08 21 59 Email: FOR SALE: Cash Register Casio Electronic. Model SE - S10. Almost new. €55.00 Tel: 05 55 80 37 70 FOR SALE: SAMSUNG 40inch LED HD Smart TV Less than a year old. (We now find our lounge requires a larger screen!) €350.00 Text 06 41 99 57 40 Email: FOR SALE: Hi-Fi System Separates, comprised of: TEAC AG-790 AM/FM Stereo Receiver, TEAC PD-D2620 Compact Disc Changer (5 tray), 2 x Speakers: WHARFDALE Diamond Pro. Pioneer stereo headphones. All excellent working condition REDUCED - 100 Euros. Demo possible - St Yrieix la Perche area. Email for details, photos, and full specifications. €100.00 Email: jim87500@gmail FOR SALE: Old oak double bed Old oak double bed - Carved flower pattern on headboard and footboard. With fixed sprung base. In good condition. €30.00 Tel: 02 48 56 74 73 FOR SALE: 3 wall brackets for flat screen televisions All brand new still in boxes. 1 large for 30"- 63" TV 49 euros; 2 medium for 32" TV 29 euros each. Tel: 05 45 31 19 84 FOR SALE: Invicta Woodburner Insert Fire - 11 kW 6 years old, in good working order. €350.00ono Tel: 05 55 63 37 67 FOR SALE: Pair of Cast Iron Fire Dogs €15.00 Tel: 05 55 76 25 43 Email: FOR SALE: Artika Z100 Pressure Washer 85 bar, 400 litre/hour hardly used. €25.00 Tel: 05 55 76 25 43 Email: lesley.edwards@ FOR SALE: Various Single divan bed and mattress with storage drawers. Good clean condition. 80 euros.Hat/coat/brolly stand with centre mirror. 100 euros. Tel: 05 55 03 11 40 FOR SALE: Hay Square bales 2 euros. Standard round bales 15 euros. Can deliver (for cost). Based Etagnac (16). Tel: 05 45 31 12 68 FOR SALE: VHS Videos 51, all in very good condition inc some unused, looking for a good home. All in original packaging. Email for list of titles and to make an offer. No reasonable offer refused. Tel: 05 55 64 83 13 Email: dshawleycett@ FOR SALE: English TV - AVTEX L185DR Ultra slim 18.5in LED DIGITAL TV/DVD. (Unwanted

"freebie" with our new caravan.) €230.00 Tel/text 06 41 99 57 40 Email: FOR SALE: Fisherprice vibrating chair (up to 2 years old) Nr St Yrieix

La Perche. €15.00ono Email: FOR SALE: Cuve / IBC 1000ltr Only had water in and only a couple of months old. €95.00ono Email: FOR SALE: Graco swinging seat

Like new, excellent condition (ideal up to 18months old). €50.00ono Email: FOR SALE: Brand New Sink Unit Top quality stainless steel modern round bowl and drainer, still with protective film in original packaging. Change of kitchen plan necessitates sale. Cost E130, will accept E80. €80.00 Tel: 05 55 03 04 49 FOR SALE: DINNER JACKET Cream, size 44L. Worn twice only. Excellent condition. €50.00 Tel: 0555 787902 (near Rochechouart) FOR SALE: Dell Inspiron M501R Laptop Not Working For spares or repair. Not 2 years old yet but either processor or motherboard fault. Hard drive removed. UK keyboard good, screen good, DVD-RW good and battery good. €50.00ono Tel: 05 55 40 80 44 Email: graham.d.hay@ FOR SALE: Early learning centre bouncy castle Continuous electric

airflow, inflates and deflates in seconds. Ages 3 to 9. In good condition. €65.00 Tel: 05 55 66 44 06 FOR SALE: Child's bike Age 4-6, with stabilisers. €10.00 Tel: 05 55 78 79 02 (near Rochechouart) FOR SALE: Radiators Used 1 winter only. QTY2 1000 x 600 double €25each; QTY1 800 x 600 double €20; QTY1 600 x 600 single €15. Tel: 05 53 52 89 62 ○ THE BUGLE ○ NOVEMBER 2013

CLASSIFIEDS ♦ 19 The Bugle CLASSIFIEDS are brought to you in association with WWW.HOUSESONINTERNET.COM Email: FOR SALE: Solid Fuel Range 'Rosieres 18076' €500.00 Tel: 05 53 52 89 62 Email: julianpalmer@ FOR SALE: Antique Large Solid Copper Urn With 2 side handles. Top diameter 40cm, base diameter 52cm, height 46cm. Used to store logs for wood stove. €200.00ono Tel: 05 55 60 46 33 FOR SALE: Various Box of pans 5 euros. Various gym equipment 400 euros. Piano requires tuning plus music 200 euros. Nest of 2 glass coffee tables 20 euros. Buyer to collect. Tel: 02 54 06 96 67 FOR SALE: Kitchen sink Single bowl & drainer, size 800mm, new never used, with waste fittings and chrome mixer tap. €50.00 Tel/text: 07531 792706. Dept 36 FOR SALE: Radiators x3 Double panel style, French bought. Installed then removed unused.Sizes 600, 800 & 1200mm. €50.00 Tel/text: 07531 792706. Dept 36 FOR SALE: Gas Combi Boiler Ariston Euro-combi boiler. Bought in UK. As new, installed & then removed un-used. €100.00ono Tel/ text: 07531 792706. Dept 36

FOR SALE: Landrover Discovery 1 300Tdi 1999, 166000 miles,


condition. 3 doors, blue graphite metallic, manual transmission. ‘Smart Entry and Start’ - Full Toyota service history from new. 95,000 kms. One lady owner. €6,450.00 Tel: 05 55 08 21 59 Email: FOR SALE: Bailey Oaklahoma Senator Caravan 2002 4 birth

FOR SALE: 1996 Landrover Discover Petrol/LPG automatic €1,000.00 Tel: 05 53 52 89 62 Email: FOR SALE: VW POLO 1,2L

7/2004, 123 000 km, very good condition, LHD, petrol, silver metallic, French registered, air conditioning, electric windows. Radio, CD, non smoker, CT 9/2015. €2,950.00 Tel: 06 95 02 52 43 FOR SALE: Suzuki Wagon R+, 1,3 GL Comfort 4/2003,135 000

km, 5 door, petrol, E 4, LHD, green metallic, non smoker, very good condition. Radio, air conditioning, central locking, electric windows. €1,950.00 Tel: 06 95 02 52 43


front discs and pads new in 2012. 112749 miles. Lots of service history available.Only selling as surplus to requirements. €500.00 Tel Judi or Paul 05 55 41 55 89 FOR SALE: Towbar Citroen Xsara Picasso wither towbar & Peugeot 406 towbar, both complete with wiring - €60 & €40. Towbar (make unsure), complete with wiring - €25. Tel: 02 48 56 74 73

7 seater, full leather seats, blue, RHD, French registered. CT 03/2014, good condition, new gear box 2011. Air con, heated front and rear screens. Very reliable. Sorry to see it go but downsized. Contact for more info and photos. €2,750.00 Tel Chris on 05 55 66 48 35 (evenings) Email: chris. FOR SALE: Toyota Yaris SOL D-4D 2007 LHD In showroom

with fixed bed. Power mover, 3 way fridge & cooker (with oven). Shower, toilet. Blown air heating. Heki roof light, mosquito blinds. Outside gas point & on board water tank. Could be used as tourer or static for renovation project. €4,500.00 Call Tony on 06 42 95 44 08 or 05 55 09 19 83 FOR SALE: June 1998 Ford Mondeo Ghia X 5 door hatchback Automatic V6 24 Valve 2544cc Petrol/ chocolate brown with full black leather interior/ ABS/ traction control/ cruise control/ aircon/ electric drivers seat/ heated front seats/ electric windows/ electric sun roof with screen/ 5 good tyres/ RHD but registered in France on French plates. 2 years control technique (passed 25/09/2013). Alternator/ battery/

FOR SALE: Roof racks In good condition for Renault 19 or 21. €20.00 Tel: 05 55 89 21 37 (evenings please) FOR SALE: Marchal Snow Chains Used twice. They fit various wheel sizes of 14 inches to 16 inches - too many to list. Telephone or email with your tyre size. €25.00 Tel 05 55 76 25 43 Email: lesley. FOR SALE: Weissenfels Snow Chains Never used - still in cellophane wrapped box. They fit various wheel sizes of 13 inches to 15 inches - too many to list. Telephone or email with your tyre size. €50.00 Tel 05 55 76 25 43 Email: FOR SALE: 2 Roof Bars Should fit any car with factory fitted roof rails. Excellent condition, with keys. €25.00 Call Dave on 05 55 64 83 13 FOR SALE: Renault Twingo Expression, 1.2 16V, petrol, LHD,

gold yellow, 11/2002, 128 383 KM, sun roof, non smoker, radio, just passed German controle technique,


very good condition. €1,585.00 Tel: 05 55 30 40 26 Email: margret. FOR SALE: Nissan Primera 2.2 DCI Turbo Diesel Hatchback 2004 UK registered. 1 year MOT. Taxed until December. Low mileage. Excellent all-round condition. Regularly serviced. Very economical (no cam belt required). 6-speed, cruise control, alloy wheels, reversing camera, onboard computer, air conditioning, electric windows, power steering, central locking with alarm, fold down rear seats, large boot, new Witter towbar with twin electrics. Spacious comfortable car in very good overall condition. €2,200.00 Tel: 02 48 56 74 73 FOR SALE: Roof Bars Maximum carrying weight 100kgs. Fits PEUGEOT PARTNER / CITROEN BERLINGO 2003/08. Haute-Vienne 87460. €35.00 05 55 69 49 28 Speak to Paul or Pauline FOR SALE: TRIUMPH SPITFIRE 1500 1980, 76,000 miles, Inca

yellow. Engine and gear box in very good condition with no faults. Chassis completely rust free. Very little body rust - bottom of driver's door needs some attention. New soft top, new minilite wheels and tyres, stainless steel twin exhaust system, reupholstered. New walnut dash to replace original. Replacement fuel tank. Comes with tonneau and soft top apron covers. Full history shows thousands spent on her. This car can be made road legal with little effort or enjoyed as a restoration project to bring her up to first class condition. I brought her out from UK but have found I do not have the time she deserves (still UK reg). Will supply many photos to interested party. €3,000.00 Email: FOR SALE: BMW K1200S Motorcycle 2005 35,000 kms, full

dealer service history, new battery, new front brakes, new updated clutch, superb condition, comes


with extra seat. 16220 Rouzede. €7,500.00ono Tel: 05 45 65 96 20 FOR SALE: Hobby Excellent Caravan 460 UFE. Purchased and registered in France 2008. 4 berth. Double fixed bed. Water reservoir 50 litres. Extract Hood. Powrtouch Mover. Large Awning. Rear reversing camera. Good condition. Photo available. €12,900.00 Tel: 05 55 60 10 56 FOR SALE: McCormick F135D tractor 1960 Comes with Carte

Grise, and two spare rear wheels with tyres. Fully serviced, all oils and filters, etc. are done, new battery, great little tractor for light work. 16220 Rouzede. €2,500.00ono Tel: 05 45 65 96 20 FOR SALE: Citroen Xsara Picasso SX RHD. reg 2000. 1600cc petrol. 1 year 3 months CTA. UK plates. 86000 miles. Good reliable runner. FSH. €1,000.00ono Tel: 05 55 03 11 40 FOR SALE: BOX TRAILER Super

twin axle braked box trailer. Roller shutter rear door. Aerodynamic front. Supplied with removable ramps enabling transport of ride on mower, quads etc. Supplied with High-Vis hitch lock and lockable wheel clamp. Quick release number plate holder. Easy to tow. €1,395.00 Call Damien on 07973 641665 (Department 23) FOR SALE: FORD IVECO 75E15 CARGO 7.5 Tonnes WAGON

with fridge, cooker, water heater, shower room with handbasin and lavatory. Central heating, gas fired 6/9 conducted air, easy access. Motor Yanmar 3JH3E with marine drive SD 31 easy access. Electricity 12 volts DCS. 2 water tanks 200 litres each. Moored in Clamecy. €28,000.00 Tel: 05 45 71 53 02 Email: angelaandangus@ FOR SALE: TRANSIT T280 125 2004 Rare example of the 125 hp swb transit for sale. 100,000 miles French reg but RHD. Good condition for year. Electric windows, tow bar and tail lift back door. Low height so classified as a car on the motorway. 1 year's CT. Very economical, fast and a good towing vehicle due to the powerful engine. €4,000.00ono Tel: 0787 11 94 93 FOR SALE: Mahindra Tractor FS 254I 2008 25 hp. 140 hours. Front end Loader. Back Hoe. PTO for other attachments. Good condition. Photo available. €8,900.00 Tel: 05 55 60 10 56 or 05 55 60 06 19

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: Pub to Let near Limoges Are you interested in taking a pub/restaurant which is already a going concern for very little ingoing? Current operators wanting to finally retire. Good location, but currently trading on limited openings with the potential to open more hours and increase revenue substantially. Reasonable rent. Established regular trade (French and English). It is a good opportunity for someone with aptitude for hard work. Tel: 06 04 09 03 10 FOR SALE: Licence IV covering whole of Creuse area Enables sales of beverages and spirits in Bars/ Restaurants etc Email: jsezer@ FOR SALE: Licence 4 €4,000.00 ono Tel: 06 76 52 26 47


M Reg (1994) 216,914 Kms. Will carry three large horses with living space and professionally fitted ramp. In very good order but requires some cosmetic work and minor welding around cab area. Change of circumstances forces sale hence price. Dept. 36. €2,500.00 Telephone: 0254 24 81 12 FOR SALE: Eau claire fibreglass canal and river cruiser Boat all on

one level, 2 main cabins sleeping 2 and 3. Fully equipped, kitchen

WANTED: Classic car pre 1980 Must be in good condition. Email: WANTED: Wanted to buy Digger/ Excavator Tel: 02 48 56 74 73 WANTED: Log Burner Any type. Tel: 02 48 56 74 73 WANTED: Gate or pair of gates Can collect. Tel: 02 48 56 74 73 WANTED: Roof racks for Citroen Xantia Tel: 05 55 89 21 37 (evenings please)

Classified Submission Deadline: 15th of the month for the next edition


20 ♦ COMMUNITY Le Bellerive

Hotel - Restaurant - Café-Bar 29 Avenue de la Tour, 87470 Peyrat-le-Château

Monday 11th November - Armistice Day Ceremony at Peyrat Memorial followed by drinks and lunch at Le Bellerive Friday 15th November - Fun Quiz Night Thursday 21st November - La Maison delivery & Book Club (DVDs as well as books) Saturday 23rd November - Fish & Chip Night Saturday 30th November - Christmas Tree Decorating Party. With mince pies!! For details of all our events, go to: Email:

Phone: 05 55 36 20 63

JJ’s Café Bar Aigurande Music Club

2nd Sat of every month. 8.30 pm. Next event: 9th November

JJ's Music club is for musicians of all levels and genres entry is free, there is no membership and is open to everyone who loves music. You can also buy fish and chips from the van in the market square (from 6.30 - 8.30) and eat them in the comfort of JJ's. The club starts from 8:30, but we are open for all those who want to come earlier to eat. In fact we hardly ever shut !!!!

JJ's Cafe Bar, 39 Place du Champ de Foire, 36140 Aigurande

Bugle Notice Board Pianist/ vocalist available for events/ gigs/ private parties etc... New Orleans old time jazz n blues n boogie... Call:

Atelier d'Art du Jardin is open every Fri, Sat, Sun & bank holiday from 11h to 18h. Artisan art for your garden. Cream teas on the terrasse. RDV for weekday visits SVP. 2km from Chénérailles and the Chateau Villemonteix 26, Ecurat 23150

tel: 05 55 81 31 85 email:

Tel: 02 54 06 30 77 Email:


AUX CEPES La Veytizou

On the main road (D979), Between Limoges & Eymoutiers

Our famous Fish & Chips every day of the week *******************

Next Open Mic Night: Sat 9th Nov ******************* Bookings being taken for Christmas Lunch Wed 25th Dec - 13h00 one service only Arrive at 12h30 for a Champagne cocktail! By reservation only. ******************* Bookings also being taken for New Year's Eve. Buffet and musical entertainment by John and Shirly Martin. ******************* For more information, please ring Sue:

05 55 69 33 38

Bar/Restaurant Jouac Le Bourg, 87890 JOUAC

Saturday 2nd November - Hallowe’en Party with a spooky themed menu. Fancy dress optional. Thursday 14th November - Games Night ‘Rummikub’ championship with prizes on offer!! Saturday 23rd November - Indian Night. €20 set menu Saturday 30th November - Disco Night with music from the 60’s onwards. Disco dress optional! Every Wednesday night - get a meal for €3.50!!

tel: 05 55 47 30 43



Restaurant & Bar

5 Rue Andre Jouhannaud, Compreignac Freshly home-cooked English and French food Plat du Jour - Mon-Sat: €12.50 Sunday Lunch with real Yorkshire puddings Every Friday Night - Fish & Chips with home-made mushy peas €9,50 To Eat In or Take Away - (alternative menu available) Party Bookings welcomed See main ad for more information and opening hours Tel: 05 55 12 99 45 / 06 04 09 03 10 email: Or see us on Facebook for more details.

Cartes de Christine

Hand-crafted cards for all occasions Find us every week at Piégut market. Christmas cards are now available. You can also find our cards at Magazin Artisanat, Confolens.

Petticoat Lane

Our Christmas Stock is now in We are also taking orders for Christmas Find us at the following markets in November :Sunday 3rd November - Panazol Saturday 16th November - Confolens Sunday 17th November - Panazol Plus every Tuesday at Civray and every Wednesday at Piégut We will be at the following Christmas Markets :Sunday 1st December - Aigre Friday 6th December - Confolens

5 Rue Nationale – 16150 Chabanais

Tel: 05 45 29 03 99

Le Moulin du Breuil Restaurant, Bar, Terrasse


RESERVATIONS ONLY LUNCHTIMES AND EVENINGS IN NOVEMBER Contact us to discuss your catering needs for any special event. Join us on facebook: and follow us on twitter: @lmdb_pionnat

Tel: 05 55 80 37 70 Mail: Web:

Très Jolie

Fashion Accessories

Where to find me in November: Every Wednesday - Piégut Market Sunday 17th - St-Auvent (87310), Marché de Noël

Lots of new Autumn/Winter accessories now in. New stunning Jewellery Scarf designs, a great affordable gift. Hat & scarf sets, snoods, ponchos and lots more. Great little gifts starting from €3. Most items now stocked at the 'Coeur et Etoile', St-Mathieu Postage available, please email or call for details.

05 55 78 62 29 / 06 04 08 29 53

** NOW OPEN!! **

LE DORAT (Pl. Charles de Gaulle)

Vera Laine Gift Shop & Salon de Thé Large selection of gifts, candles, mugs, shabby chic homeware, cards, plus leather goods, jewellery and hair accessories. Affordable prices! HOMEMADE CAKES and FREE WIFI now available! We look forward to meeting you! Contact Jay: 06 35 91 03 83

Carraciola Sardo Italian Restaurant & Bar St-Etienne-de-Fursac

Carraciola Sardo has now re-opened as of 23rd October We apologize to all our customers who had prebooked a table during our unplanned closure. We would be happy to welcome you back with a free glass of wine if you would like to re-book. We also have a special menu of new dishes to choose from. Thank you to all our customer well wishers over the last four weeks. Hope to see you soon. Elena & Steve

e-mail: tel: 05 55 63 86 05 ○ THE BUGLE ○ NOVEMBER 2013



Church Notices Monthly Worship in English If your journey of life has brought you here to France, why neglect your journey of faith? We look forward to giving a warm welcome to everyone from whatever Christian tradition (or none) on the 3rd SUNDAY of the MONTH at 3pm. Where? At the Temple in Thiat (in the north of the Haute-Vienne) – we are part of the Parish of the Basse-Marche of the Eglise Protestante Unie de France. The Temple is on the main road close to the Mairie. After worship there is tea/coffee and cake – and a chance to chat. If you want to know more contact Rev Derek Lawson on 05 55 68 53 03 or Rev Stephen Sawyer on 05 49 84 33 86. English-speaking church services Guéret Come as you are... This is an invitation to join us at our CHURCH SERVICE IN ENGLISH. Whether you have a faith or would just like to attend a church service you are welcome at 3pm on the 2nd Sunday of each month at the Eglise Evangélique, 9b Place Bonnyaud, Guéret, 23000. We welcome all who want to join a group of English-speaking Christians for a time of worship and learning together. Children are very welcome. For more details contact Jim & Pat Scott on 05 55 67 54 78 / email or Ian & Becky Jefferies on 05 55 61 10 23 / email mail@ Christians together in Limousin La Souterraine Area We hold a time of fellowship and Bible study every Tuesday afternoon. Barbara and Cedric look forward to welcoming you. Tel: 05 55 71 09 04 The International Free Church in Creuse The church presently meets at 10, La Chaudronnière, a small hamlet mid-way between Crozant and Eguzon. Sunday worship meetings are held on the first and third Sundays of the month at 10.30am. Fellowship meetings, for midweek prayer, bible study and discussion are at the same venue every Thursday at 7.30pm. For further information contact Eric Sutton tel 05 55 89 26 62

Fitness & Fun PENSOL Indoor Carpet Bowls We meet on Wednesdays at 2.30pm-5.00pm. Come along for a fun afternoon, a warm welcome in a warm hall, refreshments and equipment provided. Ladies and Gents welcome. The venue is the salle polyvalente at PENSOL - 87440 on the D67 between Marval and Dournazac, clearly indicated from the village, or from Piégut-Pluviers take the D91. Come and have a free trial, with our slightly smaller Bowls and 33` carpet. NO heavy lifting. Established club and club Leader. Registered and insured. Please phone Hilary for any enquiries on 09 72 23 13 20 or Tai Chi, Pakua & Qigong Tai Chi, Pakua & Qigong classes organised by the ACAMIES (association culturelle d'arts martiaux internes et d'exercices de santé). Wed: Jarnages, 18h30-20h, Salle Polyvalente. Thu: Bétête, 19h-20h30, Domaine de Tournessac. OPEN DAY Sun 6th Oct at the salle de la mairie, Jarnages from 9h-12h. Individual classes, courses, massage & treatments also available. Contact: 06 48 00 02 07 Keep Fit Amazing abs, breathtaking buttocks! Come and join our group at the CAPE in Pontarion. We are all ages, all sizes, men & women, but are serious about keeping fit. Our “monitrice” is English and will happily provide bilingual instructions. We meet every Thursday at 8p.m. in Pontarion Town Hall, for a one-hour workout. Come for a free trial, or call 05 55 64 98 87 or 06 32 42 95 68 for more details. Indoor Bowling at Oradour-sur-Vayres If you already play or have never tried indoor bowling then come along to a meeting. It's great fun and easy to play. If you have never played it before we will show you how. We meet every Monday evening starting at 18.30 hrs at La Chapelle, avenue des Chapelles, 87150 Oradour-sur-Vayres. Come and try it - it's free. If you require further information or directions to our venue please contact me - Email: or telephone: 05 55 08 41 75 SALSA! SALSA! SALSA! Beginners only class 7-8 pm; Improvers class

8-9 pm. Come and join us at the newly opened Carraciola bar in St-Etienne-de-Fursac 23290. Find us on No partner necessary. 6 euros per person or 10 euros per couple. Open to all. So why not give it a go and get fit in 2013? Tel 05 55 63 86 08 or email Debs on for info. Zumba classes coming soon. Zumba! Regular zumba classes across depts 36, 18 & northern 23. For more info tel 06 58 37 17 04 email and for details of classes visit Indoor Short-mat Bowling at Cussac 87150.... and now Outdoor too! As the premier bowls club in the Haute-Vienne, we are going from strength to strength with members seeking us out and travelling great distances to continue their love of bowls or simply to 'try us out'. Our reputation as a "very friendly and welcoming club" goes before us. If you've never tried the game, just come along and take a look; there is far more to it than first appears! We are a formally registered association within the French system and benefit from assistance from our local commune by use of a wonderful indoor venue. AND NOW...the use of a synthetic outdoor court where Flat-green, Crown and Short-mat can be played. Just imagine the summer evenings with a drink in your hand, watching fellow bowlers enjoying the quiet of village, interrupted only by the 'click' or 'tunk' of bowl against bowl! Our regular sessions indoors are Wednesday evening at 8pm and Thursday Mornings at 10am. Outdoor sessions will be arranged as the spring arrives so keep in touch. Serious bowlers and beginners are welcome - club bowls are available for use. For further information contact or telephone 05 55 50 40 89. Association Equilibre, le mouvement du corps Yoga for all levels: Tue 18:30 Aubusson, Pied au plancher (Espace Philips); Wed 18:30 Vallière, salle polyvalante. Pregnancy/Post Natal: Tue 17:00 Aubusson, Pied au Plancher (Espace Philips) For further information tel 06 83 24 62 72 or visit Chinese Gym & Karate Mondays & Thursdays 19h30-21h at the DOJO, Allée Jean-Marie Couturier, Aubusson. Warm and friendly atmosphere. For more info tel 06 08 92 30 53 Tai Chi at Boussac and La Châtre Tai Chi classes in Boussac (Tue 18.15 - 19.45) and La Châtre (Thu 18.15 - 19.45). The first two lessons are free, the subscriptions are 36 euros per month and members can go to both venues having paid this fee. The style is that of Yang. All ages and abilities welcome, but folk must bear in mind that they will be on their feet, doing the equivalent of what one might classify as light exercise, for about an hour and a half. For more information contact 05 55 65 08 20. Gym Bien-être Would you enjoy an afternoon of gentle exercise with a cheerful, light-hearted group? Each week we exercise a different group of muscles, do a little country dancing & some floor exercise and laugh a lot. The aim of the activities is to increase suppleness and mental agility. We meet every Tuesday afternoon upstairs at the Capitole in Rochechouart between 2pm and 3.30pm. It isn’t necessary to speak French because you can copy but you will learn some. Come for 2 weeks’ free trial. For details contact: Learn to Meditate Learn to meditate and meet other like-minded people. Simple mindfulness technique. Dechen Choling, Le Mas Marvent, St-Yrieix-sous-Aixe, 87700. Also, ongoing regular group meetings and events. Contact tel Christina 05 55 03 82 01 www. Gardening Les Jardins de Sirius Based in Pressignac, Charente, we are a small association of people who are keen on gardening. As well as finding plants an endless source of interest, we believe that the simple fact of gardening has numerous positive benefits for health, stress, social interaction - in other words, our daily lives - and we'd like to encourage this aspect. Currently, we run flower/plant sessions in old people's homes on a regular basis. From June (weather permitting) we are hoping to run

Phoenix appeal for MAX – 2 Year-Old Border Collie Cross Max is a big softie. He is completely endearing and we can't fathom why he has still not been re-homed - it's such a shame, but we know his forever home is out there. He's beautiful, bright, loving and good with other dogs. He's un-tested with cats. Max is not a barker but he is a talker, he likes to give you a story in the mornings which is another of his endearing qualities, as well as liking to put his head on your lap. He'll do this when it's thundering, as he's a bit of a scaredy-cat! Max is castrated, microchipped, vaccinated and de-parasited. For more information, please contact Foster Carer, Yvonne at yyanderson87@ or call on 06 02 38 20 70. Check out our ADOPTION PAGE at or FACEBOOK for other Phoenix animals available for adoption.

gardening sessions once a month. If you'd like to get involved, have more info on the association or become a member, please contact Michelle Pierce on 05 45 89 36 54 or at unjardinenfrance@gmail. com Les petits jardiniers du Limousin Do you love gardening or are you keen to learn more about it? Then why not come along and join Les Petits Jardiniers? We’re a friendly group of English, French and Dutch residents and normally meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 2.30pm in the salle de fêtes in St-Amand-le-Petit, between Peyrat-le-Château and Eymoutiers. Our meetings are held mostly in English and we have guest speakers, organise garden visits and swap plants and seeds. Annual membership is 15 euros pp or 20 euros per couple or pay as you go for 3 euros per meeting. For more information or to be put on our mailing list for our quarterly newsletter or monthly agenda contact Carolyn at Carolyn@ or Gill at Agenda for 2013: 21st Nov Planting a wildflower meadow; 12th Dec Xmas party, Gardeners Question Time and Quiz. Agenda for 2014: 16th Jan Presentation entitled 'Plateau de Millevaches'; Feb No meeting; 20th Mar Planting for Night and Day; 17th Apr Electrifying your garden: a guide to outdoor lighting/fountains; 15th May Invasive plants - Friends or Foes?; 19th Jun Visit to two gardens 'From field to fantastic garden'; 17th Jul Demonstration - flower arranging; 21st Aug Summer lunch; 7th Sep Annual Show; 16th Oct AGM and Splitting perennials to double your plants; 20th Nov Visit to the Musée des distilleries, Limoges; Tba Dec Gardeners' Question Time and Christmas party.. Club Liseron – Gardening Club Meets on the 2nd Mon evening of the month at 19.30 at the Salle des Fêtes in Massignac. We're a mixed bunch of English & French, who are united by a passion for gardens and gardening, sharing plants, seeds and information. More info from Sally on 05 45 21 30 20 or Craig on 05 45 89 33 50 or Aux Plantes etc We are an association of independent, ethicallyminded and passionate plant producers. Our aim is to encourage consumers to know more about the plants they buy, how they were produced and their needs, thereby avoiding the disappointments that so often come with mass produced plants. It's not just about us selling you plants - we want them to thrive and do well for you! Current members include plantspeople specialising in unusual shrubs & trees, butterfly plants, heritage vegetables and flowers, irises, perennials and drought-tolerant plants. For more info contact Michelle Pierce 05 45 89 36 54 or vitist www.auxplantesetc.jimdo. com Integration International Apero Reseau We meet each Saturday from 11.30am-1pm at Baileys Bar/Restaurant, 5 Rue de L'Abreuvoir, Aubusson. These meetings offer the opportunity to: exchange views - make new friends - share experiences have fun together - help and advise one another help intergrate newcomers. Discussions in English (all nationalities welcome). For more information please contact Catherine 06 86 17 80 88 or Liz 05 55 66 22 92. Learning Together – Apprenons Ensemble Our main aim is to foster understanding and good relations amongst the local French-speaking and English-speaking populations. To this end we are offering courses of tuition in English and in French, and organising social and cultural events and visits. LANGUAGE CLASSES (take place at the Maison des Associations, Rochechouart) Beginners and Intermediate - Mon am; French/ English Conversation – Tues am; Advanced and Children’s – Wed am; Conversation (StJunien) - Thur. SOCIAL EVENTS Games Night (Rochechouart) 1st Thur; Games Night (St-Junien) 2nd Thur; Lunch Club – Last Thur. FORTHCOMING EVENTS - More details in Association Newsletter. For more details visit or contact Sue Ratcliffe 05 45 31 50 86 The Melting Pot Members of the Ambassador's Club of the Welcome en Limousin Association. We are a

group of around 70 members, both French and British, who meet with the aim of sharing things and trying to integrate with the French community. We meet every week at the Ancienne Ecole in Darnac, on a Wednesday morning from 10am 12noon, except for the first Wednesday, when we meet in the evening at 8pm. We hold information meetings, plant swaps, BBQ's, games nights, visits and have guest speakers about topics relevant to living in France. Contact: Charente Limousine Exchange The Charente-Limousine-Exchange (CLE), founded in 2003, aims to improve the provision of French language courses and to share experiences and skills among members who live in Charente, Vienne and Haute-Vienne. CLE provides information to members living and/or working in France and works with local communities and organisations to tackle practical issues through forums and workshops, as well as organising a wide range of cultural and social events throughout the year. The recent launch of English lessons has been well attended by Confolentais. If you would like to know more about this group of volunteers, please look on our new website or contact the Chairman, Barry Leech, on 06 35 96 77 46.

so lifts to and fro may be possible if necessary. Contacts: French language Marie-France Martinie 05 55 30 76 23 / English language Alan Kerr 05 55 56 34 52 Club de Musique Takes place on the last Fri of each month from 8pm at La Grange, Chassignolles (5mins from La Châtre). Open to all musicians, singers, groups and audience. PA and drum kit available. Bring your instrument, mic and join in a great French / English musical and social evening. Bar, hot and cold snacks. Meals available if reserved – see website for contact details of La Grange. For more info email: http://www. The Harmonics This is our 6th season of singing as a group. Our music is varied classical, madrigals, spiritual, songs from the shows etc and we sing in French, English, Swahili, Latin - whatever the music demands. Our concerts are in support of a variety of charities including the British Legion, L'Oregon at Civray and Retina and thus non profit making. We meet Wed 14h – 16h in the Salle d'Annexe behind the Mairie in Civray. Interested? We'd love to see you so contact: David Lee tel 05 49 87 53 93 email or Dolly Ait Boualou email

Libraries & Books Baileys Book Exchange Baileys Bar/Restaurant, 5 Rue de L'Abreuvoir, Aubusson. Large selection of English books, plus a few French books and DVDs. Swap (for each swapped book a small charge of 20cts applies) or buy books from as little as 50cts. ALL money received donated to S.P.A. de la Creuse Dog Refuge Guéret. Books available during opening hours, please check Baileys Restaurant Ad for details. Sale of Second-hand Books, La Croisille-surBriance On the 18th of every month, during the monthly market at La Croisille-sur-Briance (87130), there is a sale of second-hand books (both English and French) from 9am to 12 noon, at the old garage in La Place - next door to the pharmacy. All proceeds towards the restoration of the church. St Jean English Library, La Souterraine The La Souterraine Library and Information Centre is now firmly installed in a beautiful medieval building at the Porte de Puy Charraud, Route de Portail, La Souterraine. The library has over 5,000 books, DVDs and other items, as well as its café, Caxtons, which serves English cakes. The Library also provides French lessons and organises Anglo-French conversation groups. The Information Centre provides support and assistance with bureaucratic, family and legal problems to British residents and new arrivals. The library is open from 9.30 -12.30 on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Our website is The English Library, Dun-le-Palestel The English Library, which has now been established for over 5 yrs, is situated in the Route des Rateries, beside the Bibliothèque Municipale, Parc Benjamin Bord. The library is a very welcoming meeting place, where you can come and enjoy a cup of tea, or coffee, whilst you browse through our collection of around 7,500 books, DVDs and talking books. Our opening hours are Thursdays, 10h00 – 16h00 and Saturdays 10h00 – 12h30. Also, on the first Tuesday of every month, 10h00 – 12h00, you are invited to join us for our Club Franglais, which welcomes people from all nationalities, to chat in French, English or any language you wish(!) whilst enjoying a cup of tea, and a piece of home-made cake. We host a range of other activities too, including the Café Philo, and Club Scrabble, More information can be found on the Entente Cordiale website at or email us at


Music L'Orchestre Philharmonique de La Souterraine If you or one of your family are interested in playing in an orchestra and think your standard might be adequate do get in contact with us. We meet weekly on Friday evenings in La Souterraine (apart from the summer holidays) to rehearse. Most of our concerts are around Xmas or MayJuly. Our members come from all over Limousin

New Music Club in Boussac A music club has been formed in Boussac. All musicians and singers

wishing to join in an evening of free fun and entertainment are most welcome to come along, as are those who simply enjoy listening to live music. A PA system and drum kit is available, so all you need to do is bring along your own instrument to have a good time. "Oh My Cod" fish and chips will be in the square or Philippe, the bar owner, will provide a charcuterie. All food can be eaten in the café. Please contact: Bev or Dave Calladine at gemsandcrystalsmail@ or Mervyn or Rosie Wood at for more info. The event takes place every 3rd Saturday of the month at the Grand Café des Sports, 26 place de l'Hôtel de Ville, so please add these dates to your diary:

16th November 21st December

Alcoholics Anonymous If you or someone you know has a drinking problem, there are now English-speaking meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous at Limoges, Périgueux and the recently opened meeting at Civray. Alcoholics Anonymous is a Fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are no dues or fees for A.A. membership and A.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety. For details of the meetings or other information contact Roger 05 55 76 22 65 (Limoges), Ewen 05 53 05 76 62 (Périgueux) or Angela 05 49 87 79 09 (Civray). Other meetings in South-West France can be located on our web-site at Cancer Support France, Charente Plus Offers free and confidential support to English speakers affected by cancer in departments 16, 17 & 86. Our helpline number is 06 45 35 32 30. If you need any more information, please get in touch via Cancer Support France, Haute-Vienne We offer free and confidential support to English speakers affected by Cancer in the Haute-Vienne (87). Our helpline number is 06 04 43 39 87. If you would like more information or would like to become a member or help in any other way, please contact Sue Ware 05 55 00 31 15, csfhv@ Cancer Support France, Creuse If you are English-speaking and need support or information, please phone Helpline number 06 06 47 18 60. The Creuse Branch is now under the umbrella of Haute-Vienne.

We rely on you to help us keep these pages up to date, so please do inform us of any changes to clubs and associations that you run or are members of.

Many thanks!!


22 ♦ WHAT’S ON

First Annual Horticultural Show When Les petits jardiniers du Limousin decided to hold a horticultural show it was with some trepidation as horticultural shows are not a tradition in this area. Would the local community embrace the idea of a competition to see who could produce the largest pumpkin, the finest carrots, the best potatoes, apples, tomatoes, beetroot and beans? Or who could grow the best single rose, single dahlia, herbs, seed heads, pink flowers, yellow flowers? To say nothing of the classes for a floral arrangement, a vegetable creature, a photo depicting some aspect of the garden or even the class for a conserve made with home-grown fruit.

Scottish Ceilidh The Amicale Laique de Gouzon organizes a soirée each year to raise money. For March 2014 it is looking into organizing an introductory Scottish ceilidh with dancing (as part of the soirée). We are looking for a musician, or more, to play 'Strip the Willow' and 2 other dances. We also need a caller and anyone who knows and can help with the dances. If you think you can help and would like to participate, please call Louise (English speaking) as soon as possible on 05 55 62 25 18.

Open Gardens 2014 Do you glow with pride when you look at the garden you have created from a field? Do you have interesting features in your garden that you would be happy to show others? If so, how would you like to open your garden to the public? On Sunday 30 June this year, four members of the English Library and Information Centre Gardening Group at La Souterraine in the Creuse opened their gardens for the day based on the UK’s Yellow Book Scheme. They had no idea how many people, if any, would visit the gardens but were amazed at the response they received from members of the public. Over 50 people visited the four gardens, one near Vareilles, one close to Azerables and two at Bussière-Dunoise. The money raised was donated to ‘A Chacun son Everest’, a charity which helps children with leukaemia or cancer. For 2014, we plan to be more ambitious and, if possible, open twelve gardens to the public over the last weekend in June (28 and 29). Any garden submitted will be judged on a set of criteria in order to be sure that there is enough in the garden to interest visitors. Gardens close by can ‘team up’ to make up this interest but owners need to be able to devote the whole weekend to showing visitors around, provide toilet facilities, cordon off hazardous or dangerous areas and write a resume of their garden to provide to visitors. It is important to note that gardens can be ‘work in progress’, as most of them are and the charity will remain the same as this year.

Prize-winning pumpkin with L to R: Treasurer, President and Judges. After a wet week, Saturday 21 September dawned hot and sunny and a large crowd turned out to see the outstanding display of flowers, fruit and vegetables. The refreshment tent, serving tea and coffee with slices of home-made cake, was a great success as was the sale of locally grown garden plants. Of the entries received, approximately half were from non-club members and a great number were from French people. The class for the largest courge had several similar sized entries until one member arrived requesting help to bring her French neighbour's entry from the car to the show hall. It took two strong men to drag the pumpkin on a cloth into the hall. A truly magnificent specimen it not only won its class, it also took the prize for Best in Show. Now that they know what a horticultural show is, our French friends are all promising to enter next year's show with bigger and better entries. Les petits jardiniers du Limousin's Horticultural Show has just become an annual event!


The Balancing Game: A Child Between Two Worlds, A Society Approaching War by local author Dorothea Shefer-Vanson The Balancing Game describes the strange and unique world occupied by the daughter of refugees from Hitler’s Germany, growing up in a run-down part of post-war London. The novel also tells the story of Felicity, a young woman who is pregnant with her first child and is living in Jerusalem before and during the Six-Day War of June 1967. The two tales intertwine, eventually connecting in an unexpected way.

The Balancing Game is available at or or from:


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Scottish Cartoon Art Studio 2014

In September 2014 a referendum will be held in Scotland. The question put to voters will be: “Should Scotland be an independent country?” The answer will be of great interest to citizens across the UK, Europe and the world. 2014 is also the 15th anniversary of the Scottish Cartoon Art Studio. We would like to invite cartoonists everywhere to contribute to a new exhibition examining the issues raised by the referendum. In particular we are seeking work on the following topics: ●●Perceptions of Scotland and her current relationship with the rest of the UK ●●Important figures in the debate: politicians, artists, commentators ●●Scotland’s independence movement compared with others around the globe, for example in Catalonia or Quebec ●●The crucial issues at stake: EU membership; national debt; North Sea oil; nuclear weapons, etc. We welcome cartoon artwork of all kinds: editorial and political cartoons, caricatures and strips, published or unpublished. It is proposed that the exhibition will be shown in two locations, firstly in Le Centre Permanent du Dessin de Presse et d’Humour, St-Just-le-Martel, in the spring of 2014 and secondly in the Provand’s Lordship, a historic medieval house and the oldest in the city of Glasgow, during the weeks before and after the referendum. If you are interested in contributing work to the exhibition e-mail us at the address below with an attachment of the cartoon(s) you would like us to consider for inclusion. MEDIA: all welcome, but please email a scanned copy before sending any original drawing SIZE: max A3 (279 x 420mm; 11.7 x 16.5″; 3508 x 4962 pixels @ 300ppi) DEADLINE: 31/01/14 Enquiries to: or visit ○ THE BUGLE ○ NOVEMBER 2013

WHAT’S ON ♦ 23 Tue 3rd Dec SAINT-JUNIEN Concert: I love America! Concert by the Orchestre de Limoges et du Limousin: Fri 22nd Nov SAINT-SÉBASTIEN Dvorak, Stravinsky & Barber. Soirée Beaujolais Nouveau Relax in the Salle des Fêtes and try this year's Pôle Culturel de la Mégisserie. 20h30. Beaujolais Nouveau, with a 4-course meal - entrée, Reservations: tel 05 55 02 87 98. plat (Bourgignon), dessert and café - and a glass of Beaujolais, all for 11 Euros. Vegetarian option available Fri 6th to Sat 7th Dec CHABANAIS Pantomime: Aladdin Sat 16th to Sun 17th Nov LOURDOUEIX-SAINT- of Pâté de pommes de terre. PIERRE Please reserve in advance by contacting Annie Exposition vente art et artisanat or Clare or email Exhibition and sale of arts and crafts. Salle Paul Gaudiard. 10h-18h. Free entry. Thu 28th Nov Sun 17th Nov SAINT-LÉONARD-DE-NOBLAT Bennetti's Jazz & Blues Club Fête de la Quintaine The club is for all who would like to play or sing jazz and blues. Anyone wishing to participate must contact us in advance. We recommend you come along to an evening and have a chat with Steve the organiser or send an email to Food available but reservation is recommended as it is a very popular event! All welcome to come and watch and listen - free entry. Snow White - 2012's panto Le Soleil Couchant - 16150 Plage la Guerlie (Lacs Charente) - Tel 05 45 65 23 67 Theatre Chabanois presents a traditional British Panto "Aladdin" on Friday 6th December at 20h & Saturday 7th December at 15h at the Salle des Fêtes Chabanais. Sat 30th Nov to Sun 1st Dec ANZÈME Adults 6€, Children 4€ (Under 5s FREE) Art Exhibition and Sale An exhibition of fine art from a group of local artists and To reserve your seats in advance and grab a chance craft(wo)men will be held on Saturday 30 November and to win 2 free tickets call 05 45 94 10 71 or Facebook Sunday 1 December (from 10am to 6pm) at the Salle des Theatre Chabanois Theatre Chabanois is a bilingual community theatre The Fête de la Quintaine is an old tradition which Fêtes in Anzême (Creuse). honours Saint Leonard, founder of the city and the There will be lots of great ideas for your Christmas group formed in 2009 with about 30 members so far. A patron saint of prisoners. La Quintaine is a three-foot- shopping: turned wood and carved wood objects; cast and crew of all ages (10 yrs to over 80), abilities high box painted to resemble a prison. After being paintings; home decoration; decorated ceramics and and talents. We are always looking for new members, not blessed, it is carried in procession and then mounted wood; “emaux de Briare” mosaics; art photography; only those with thespian tendencies but those that are on a pole on the place de la Libération. It is then struck wooden mobiles; earrings; necklaces; bracelets; willing to help backstage and front of house. Everyone is welcome to join us. Whatever you bring to the group and destroyed with mallets by riders on horseback. pendants; dream catchers; earthenware; sculptures... you will be sure of a warm welcome and much fun on a Spectators clamour for fragments of the smashed We look forward to welcoming you in Anzême! Monday evening at the Salle des Fêtes in Chabanais at Quintaine as they are said to bring good luck and to 7pm. make hens lay eggs. Sat 30th Nov LUSSAC-LES-EGLISES In the evening the crowd, armed with torches, runs Christmas Fayre through the city crying "Vivo la sen Lionar ! En dau Christmas Fayre from 2p.m. at the barn of Tina and Jane, Sat 7th to Sun 8th Dec SAINTE-FEYRE po ! En dau lar !" 5 La Trigalle, 87360 Lussac-les-Eglises. Come along Marché de Noël - Parc Animalier Les Loups de Chabrières 10h the Quintaine is carried through the old town and enjoy mulled wine and mince pies. Christmas market at the wolf park. Come and do a spot accompanied by the musicians of the Eicola dau Christmas carols, cards, cakes, tombola. Barbichet; 10h15 traditional photo; 10h30 blessing of Various tables (no charge) to fund-raise for charities in of Christmas shopping: games & toys, crafts, regional produce... Free entry to the park. From 10h. the Quintaine during Mass; 14h45 Procession (departs France. Contact: Tel - www.loups-chabrieres. place Champ de Mars); 15h30 Quintaine tournament Admission Free. com (place de la Libération); 18h torchlit procession, Contact Tina or Jane 05 55 60 69 23 for info. bonfire & mulled wine on the place de la République.

05 55 41 17 76

Contact tel: 05 55 56 25 06


Rêveuse. Contemporary of Purcell, Henry Lawes is an Elizabethan musician to rediscover. Sensual, passionate, poetic and melancholic music. Ferme de Villefavard. Tickets €16; Under 18s €4. Have dinner after the show! Price: 15€; Under 10s €10. Information & reservations: 05 55 60 87 71


24 ♦ WHAT’S ON

UPCOMING EVENTS ACROSS THE REGION Tue 15th Oct to Sun 10th Nov Jazz à La Sout

Jazz Festival with events organised all over the Creuse. Visit www.jazz.lasout. com to find events near you. Sat 2nd Nov BOUSSAC AIPB Battle of the Bands This year's AIPB Battle of the Bands competition will be held in the Salle Polyvalente in Boussac starting at 19h00. All proceeds from this event will be donated to charity as always. The winning group will receive 300 euros plus a trophy sculpted by a local well-known agri-sculptor. Last year's winners "Belle Allure" will be opening the evening. Tickets €4. For more information visit Sun 3rd Nov PIONNAT "Garage" Sale "Garage" Sale from 10am to 4pm at Le Moulin du Breuil, Pionnat, in aid of the S.P.A. Guéret. Refreshments available. Your support will be greatly appreciated. Telephone Jacky Hawker 05 55 81 12 71

Tue 12th to Sat 16th Nov BOURGANEUF Semaine franco-britannique Franco-British week. Contact the Bourganeuf tourist office tel 05 55 64 12 20 or the Association francobritannique tel 05 55 64 22 25 for the programme.

or Anne Newcombe 05 55 80 37 70. Sun 3rd Nov SAINT-PRIEST-SOUSAIXE Journée de la Châtaigne, du cidre et de l'artisanat Chestnut, cider and craft fair. All day. Sun 3rd Nov SAINTE-FEYRE Fête de la pomme et du boudin Annual Apple Fair & brocante. All day. The apple producers of the region invite you to come and taste local varieties of apple, discover how cider is made and nibble on such delights as boudins and apple crepes. Wed 6th Nov MAGNAC-LAVAL Presentation of Théâtre du Cloitre season Bilingual presentation of this season's programme of events by the Théâtre du Cloitre. Bar/restaurant L'Escapade. 6pm. Sun 10th Nov LES GRANDSCHÉZEAUX Concert of Gypsy Jazz and World Swing Music At 5pm the group Djamano will begin the evening with the great classics of gypsy jazz. Renaud Grimoult on the guitar and Jeanne Robert on the violin will bring back to life the work of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli, the legendary duo of the 1950s. Our two musicians

will then quickly lead us on a dizzy tour from Central Europe to Spain, on to the Argentinian tangos of Astor Piazzolla, and will finally end up in the USA with famous music such as "Petite Fleur" by Sydney Bechet and "Isn't she lovely" by Stevie Wonder. Discovery of the year, Djamano have just brought out their third album. Information and Bookings: The concert will take place in the mairie, in the centre of the village (A 20-exit 21) Ticket price: €8 pp; Free for Under 18s. After-concert dinner (€12 pp) in a nearby restaurant by reservation. Early bookings by phone (05 55 76 70 15) or by e-mail ( Sun 10th to Mon 11th Nov SARDENT 33ème Foire aux huîtres Sale of oysters and gourmet products. Terrain de l'Ouche (old football ground). 8h-19h. Free entry. Contact: Tel

Thu 14th Nov SAINT-JUNIEN Concert: It's a long way to Tipperary Traditional songs of Ireland, North America, France, Germany & England. Pôle Culturel de la Mégisserie. 20h30. Reservations: tel 05 55 02 87 98. Sat 16th Nov VILLEFAVARD Concert: I’M SICK OF LOVE – Ensemble La Rêveuse

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The Bugle Limousin - Nov 2013  
The Bugle Limousin - Nov 2013  

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