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François Hollande leads the pack as election day looms With President Sarkozy declaring his intention to

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March 2012 Issue #29

Airport Director exposed as an unqualified imposter ♦ CV was almost entirely fabricated and backed up by forged documents ♦ He had already spent time in prison for a litany of criminal offences ♦ Airport staff dumbfounded - they had no idea

him to time in prison for a series of crimes ranging from arson, forgery, using forged documents, theft, abuse of trust… Jean-Philippe Olivier Gaillard – to use his official name – was born in Limoges on 31st January 1968 and had allegedly made up virtually every detail on his CV, basing many elements on just a scrap of truth. Perhaps the most bizarre fact in the case is that, according to one source at the airport, “he did an amazing job. He was so good, it leaves you stunned!” Since first being convicted in 1994, Gaillard has spent a total of 2 years in prison for a variety of crimes. In 1996 he was found guilty of falsifying military documents – his CV boasts

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News - Limousin bull sells for record price A Limousin bull has sold at auction in the UK for a world record €150,000

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Comment - What makes you French?

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ow often have you heard the line “you couldn’t make it up”? The recent scandal surrounding the new director at Limoges International Airport could certainly be rejected by Hollywood as being too far-fetched. It is the tale of a serial liar who blagged his way through life and ended up in the top job at an international airport. The story began when local press this month reported that Philippe Gaillard had suddenly been let go after his 3-month trial period at Limoges International Airport for falsifying his CV. He had also presented himself with a clean criminal record but it transpired to be quite the opposite! Just ask the courts of Pontoise, Agen, Périgeux or Bordeaux, all of which have found him guilty and sentenced

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Bugle Editor, Steve Martindale, looks at what makes you French and whether his children will grow up to be British or French >> Page 11

Practical - French inheritance rules & taxes

David Hardy from Siddalls takes us through the basics of this potentially tricky subject >> Page 14

Kelly Brook launches new Dover-Calais ferry service by DFDS and LD Lines >> Page 7

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Welcome to

The Bugle


arch is finally here and I feel slightly silly reading back the introductory column I wrote one month ago. My sentiments were well judged: that spring is round the corner with the hope of a fruitful summer ahead but my choice of language could have been better. It can be arrogant to quote yourself, but I’m poking fun so it’s probably OK: “I love this time of year as it feels like we're through the worst of winter and a long summer lies ahead.” I went on to talk about barbecues in February. Oh, well... How was I to know!! It was a tough old month as it happened. We registered –17ºC on a couple of mornings in the back garden, but people I have spoken to since talk of minus 20!! I never thought I’d see cold like that in this part of the world. Many people I know have had problems with freezing and burst pipes, cars not starting and being unable to reach the shops. If it happened every year, I suppose we’d be better equipped for it. I did fit winter

tyres this year and I have to say that made a huge difference when we were finally able to get out on the icy roads. What struck me most was that when the mercury finally climbed back up to the dizzy heights of 0ºC it felt like a summer’s day. I even went out to collect the eggs one afternoon in my T-shirt, remarking to my wife on returning how warm it felt – it could only have been one or two degrees!! All things are relative I suppose. I have written a comment piece this month on what it is to be French (see page 11). It’s something I have been giving a lot of thought to recently as my eldest daughter has just started school this year and I am realising that English will very soon be her second language. There has been a lot of debate in The Bugle about what it means to be French and whether as expats we have a duty to ‘become French’ or whether it is OK to live here whilst complaining about the bureaucracy and ferrying our marmite and tea bags over from the UK. I don’t expect everyone will agree with my thoughts and I

don’t even think it’s a black and white discussion, but it is certainly an interesting subject for me personally. My daughter has spent her first 2 ½ years being raised the British way, albeit in France. We are not authoritarian and we try not to shout – apparently not the French way at all. I won’t go over the same ground I covered in my comment piece, but I don’t think that for the time being my daughter is quite like the other children in her class. “She has lots of character”, “she does like to play” and “she has lots of positive energy” are, I think, the teacher’s way of telling me my daughter won’t sit down and shut up! It is true that attitudes to parenting are very different in France, but I think it’s another case of “not good, not bad, just different”. We used the excuse that there is a new cross-Channel ferry route opening up to run a picture of Kelly Brook on the front page – shameless I know, but I’m sure at least half of my readers will approve!! It is good news for those of us that return to the UK by boat, but it is a pity for all the SeaFrance staff to lose their jobs, only for the same service to restart a few weeks later. In the meantime, many of them will presumably be re-hired by the new operators, but perhaps without the benefits they previously had. Sometimes I do

not understand the unions’ stance where they would prefer to see everyone go down together than to compromise for the greater good, perhaps because my formative years were from a post-Thatcher Britain where unionism was increasingly a thing of the past. For those of you lucky enough to be moving large amounts of money, either regularly or as a one-off, the below seminar being hosted by Currencies Direct may be of interest. I believe that there will also be talks on healthcare, pensions and investments, and above all there is a free lunch! They say there’s no such thing, but I can’t yet see the catch if there is one!! Until next month. Steve Martindale Editor

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he commandant of the Bellegarde-enMarche Gendarmerie in Creuse has been indicted on charges of taking advantage of his regular patrols to commit a series of thefts over a number of years. The exact charges against him relate to ten thefts, two counts of corruption, two counts of abuse of trust, as well as abuse of office and revealing the details of an ongoing investigation. The conditions of his probation are strict, most notably that he is no longer allowed to reside anywhere in Creuse, to possess a firearm, to approach a brigade or to make contact with any of the victims. He

was also immediately suspended from work while the investigation takes place. According to the Procureur, Olivier Quérard, the investigation is expected to last several months. Psychological and psychiatric reports will also be sought given the “semi-compulsive” nature of the alleged crimes. The commandant in question has previously featured in these pages as one of the team behind the arrest of a local English builder recently accused of working uninsured on the black and using falsified documents. If the gendarme is found guilty, he faces up to 10 years in prison. ■

Limousin bull sells for world record €150,000


Limousin bull has sold for £126,000 (€150,000) at auction in Carlisle in Cumbria, the highest price ever paid for a bull in the UK and a world record for the Limousin breed. The previous record price paid for a bull in the UK was £105,000. Pedigree livestock expert Jonathan Long of online livestock news service www.Farmingeye. com said the bull had been the pick of the entry at the sale: “This may seem like a lot of money to pay for a bull, and it is. But it must be remembered this is the very top echelon of the UK livestock breeding industry. Breeders attempting to secure new genetics are always willing to invest in stock they believe will improve their herds and leave them strong profits in future.” Glyn Vaughan, of Machynlleth, said he had hoped the bull, named “Dolcorsllwyn Fabio” would sell for £40,000 but watched openmouthed as the bidding soared past the previous UK record. “He's been an excellent shape ever since

© 2012 - ctmmediaimages (YouTube)

Gendarmerie chief indicted over theft and abuse of office

he was small”, said the Welsh breeder. “There's always been something special about him.” Mr Vaughan said he would originally have been happy just to top the Welsh record, which was set four years ago with the sale of another of his animals for £33,600. He said: “When it hit 80,000, I hoped it would reach 100,000 to match the previous

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[UK] record. I'm not sure if I remember what happened after that. It was completely unreal. It was a different world to what I and most breeders ever experience really. I was very lucky that two of the wealthiest breeders in the country wanted him. The sale was an excellent sale.” The lucky owner of Britain's most expensive steak is Alan

Jenkinson of Penrith, Cumbria. Experts say that although the price was high the new owner should be able to quickly recoup the money through breeding. As to the secret of his success, Mr Vaughan attributes this to his wife Nia. “She was with me four years ago when I broke the Welsh record, so I may take her to more sales!” ■



Limousin company builds Sarkozy's election website


n a presidential campaign, communication is key. And in his bid for reelection, President Sarkozy has entrusted his new election website to a web design company in Limoges. Launched in February, www. is central to Sarkozy’s online election campaign and was created by leading European independent digital agency Emakina. Le Populaire spoke recently to Manuel Diaz, president of about the challenges of designing a campaign website for the president of France.

Why did you take on the task of digital communication of the UMP? For the challenge of it! Before responding to the tender, I consulted my staff and asked them how they felt about it and if they would be able to separate their personal opinions from their professional ones. They accepted the challenge. What has the web changed in the way elections are run? It has allowed for response. It has given normal citizens the ability to personally address their politicians. That power increased around 2002 with the

rise in popularity of blogging. The discussion is now open, in both directions. What is the difference between the 2007 presidential campaign and this one? In 2007, Facebook and Twitter didn’t really exist. Today, millions of French people get their information from social networks. A modern-day politician must decide exactly how he wants to transmit his message. We call this ‘political orchestration’. Now we put their message across differently depending on the media type, the situation or the

way we would like to convey it. It’s a new way of working. Before, the same information was sent in the same way down all information channels. And what of traditional media? If you look at the amount of radio and television being consumed, not much has changed. But I think the public have different expectations now. They want fast, snappy, up-to-date news from television, radio and the web and look to the written press for more in-depth reporting. There is a time for hearing news and a time for understanding it. ■

Limousin home of France's worst speed camera


early a quarter of a million motorists were flashed by radar cameras in the Limousin last year. Some of these radars are a veritable cash cow for the authorities, but the Limousin is also home to the worst performing (or should that be most effective?) radar in the whole of France. The camera, on the RD17 between Saint-Aulaire and Varetz in the Corrèze, flashed only once all year, although who the unlucky motorist was is not known! Haute-Vienne led the pack in the Limousin with 145,840 speeding motorists caught by fixed-position radars last year, compared to 63,185 in Corrèze and 26,511 in Creuse. The region's most populous department also had the most prolific camera (and the 86th most active nationwide). The camera at Saint-Bonnet-deBellac on the RN147, just west of Bellac, flashed 24,945 times in 2011 – that’s around 3 times, every hour of every day, all year long! When you add the takings from the camera in the opposite direction, that one small commune of Haute-Vienne flashed 36,000 motorists in 2011.

In Corrèze, the camera by the tunnel at Noailles, just south of Brive, was activated 19,068 times, an increase of 1.339%, after the speed limit was reduced from 110 km/h to 90 km/h in December 2010. Creuse saw the fewest speeding motorists, with its top performing camera catching ‘only’ 11,443 heavyfooted drivers on the RN145 near Nouhant between Guéret and Montluçon. The most active radar in the country is on the A41 motorway between the southeastern town of Annecy and the Swiss city of Geneva. The exact point is close to SaintJulien-en-Genevois, which is next to the Swiss border. The speed camera there reportedly flashes 462 times a day on average. ■

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Ikea to open new Clermont-Ferrand store in 2014


ove them or hate them, almost everyone has at least one item from IKEA in their house. Central France has long been a wilderness for fans of the Swedish furniture giant, and for those of us living in and

which will house the Swedish furniture store. “It is absolutely essential,” explained Dominique Adenot, deputy mayor of Clermont-Ferrand. “Since the introduction of the Grenelle de l'environnement any new project involving commercial

not possible on the existing public transport network servicing Gravanches, the site of the new commercial zone. Authorities believe that 40 daily return bus journeys will need to be scheduled between 7am and 9pm in order to cater for employees and visitors

around the Limousin, our nearest stores are currently Tours, Bordeaux or Toulouse. Not exactly round the corner. This is about to change as a new Ikea store is set to open near Clermont-Ferrand in 2014. The project was first reported in The Bugle in December 2009 when it was still in its planning phase, but has since become a near reality. The latest hurdle to be placed in the way is the need for a regular bus route to the commercial complex

zones must provision for public transport access. If not, the departmental commission will refuse the project.” It is estimated that Ikea will attract 2 million visitors a year, a figure that will rise to 6 million visitors for the commercial zone as a whole when it is fully up and running in 2017. These figures have led authorities to estimate that a new bus route would need to be able to carry between 650 and 2,000 passengers every day, something that is certainly

alike. For those of us in the Limousin, the approximate driving times to the new store will be 1h 34mins from Tulle (166km), 1hr 48mins from Guéret (171km) and 2hr 19mins from Limoges (253km). ■

Web of lies unravels for Limoges airport director >> continued from pg 1 a long and glorious military service history with the Air Force and he claimed in an interview with local press last November to have “fought in just about all wars” of recent years: the two Gulf wars, the Balkan war and the Libyan uprising. It would now appear that he has never been a professional fighter pilot in the Air Force although he did once sit for a pilots licence. In 1998 an appeal court in Agen convicted him for having posed as a member of the Police three years previously. “His is the story of a young man who for many years has invented various and diverse identities”. So wrote a journalist in an article dated 6th November 1997. He was also once engaged to be married, before disappearing the day before the wedding after supposedly being called up for an important mission by the military. A letter to his fiancée later informed her that he had been killed in action. And it was to be a woman, combined with his high-profile position at the airport, that was

to prove his undoing. A woman saw his picture on the airport website and anonymously tipped off the authorities that he was not all he claimed to be. After reading the reports in the press the procureur de la République in Limoges, Michel Garrandaux, opened an investigation on 9th February on the grounds that the documents relating to his training and credentials presented when he was hired for his position at Limoges airport were false. “The courts of Limoges were only made aware of this affair thanks to a press release, a situation that is regrettable.” When quizzed about why no complaint was lodged by the CCI of Haute-Vienne (the Chamber of Commerce and Industry – the body that runs the airport), the simple answer was “On what basis? He had mixed truthful elements with false ones and fake ones. Do we have the ability to check everything?” Many of his claims were corroborated by official documentation (although newspaper Le Populaire later claimed to have evidence that much of this documentation was

subsequently found to have been digitally altered) and he came highly recommended by his former employer. Whether the CCI was hoping that by simply terminating his contract he would quietly disappear is not known. Embarrassingly for the CCI, Gaillard did not even apply for the job; according to his lawyers he was headhunted for it. Philippe Gaillard’s month got increasingly worse following his very public exposure. A week after the story first broke, he was arrested by authorities at his home in the Dordogne to serve a 5-month prison sentence that he had received for forgery and use of forged documents in 2008, but had never served. His lawyers condemned the move, saying that their client was not due in court for the 2008 conviction until 5th March. “Our client has never been interviewed in relation to his post as Director of Limoges Airport, and we hope that it is not because of the extensive press coverage that the procureur of Dordogne has made this move.” ■


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Accents introduced to French web addresses from 3 rd May until 3 rd July, the owner of a domain name will be able to buy the equivalent domain with appropriate accents. For example, during this time, the owners of www.societe. fr will be the only buyer who can purchase www. société.fr After 3 rd July, anyone can purchase any domain with accents, with no preference given to the owner of the unaccented domain equivalent. Many fear that this could lead to cases of “cybersquatting” - buying domain names only to resell them for a much higher price. Two famous cybersquatting cases, which can make you a lot of money if you are

The 30 new valid accents: ß, à, á, â, ã, ä, å, æ, ç, è, é, ê, ë, ì, í, î, ï, ñ, ò, ó, ô, õ, ö, ù, ú, û, ü, ý, ÿ, oe

The Domain extensions governed by Afnic: • • • • • •

.fr (France) .re (La Réunion) .tf (French Southern and Antarctic Lands) .wf (Wallis and Futuna) .pm (Saint-Pierre and Miquelon) .yt (Mayotte)

successful, highlight this practice well. In 2001, fashion house Armani lost a case against Anand Ramnath Mani who was the legal owner of the website Armani took him to court, accusing him of cybersquatting, but eventually lost as he proved that it was indeed his name and he had been running his business under the name A.R.Mani since 1981. Armani now owns the site and you can only assume that a significant amount of money changed hands. In a separate case, Canadian high school student Mike Rowe secured the domain www. for his part-time web design business. Microsoft’s legal department heard about the site and at first offered him $10 for the domain (the price he had paid). Annoyed by the derisory offer, Mike Rowe refused, and Microsoft’s subsequent aggressive legal tactics were a public relations disaster for the company. Online support for the teenager grew as the story hit the news channels and Microsoft eventually backed off and reached an out-of-court settlement,

offering Mike Rowe an X-box, free software and an all-expenses paid trip to their headquarters – as well as covering the substantial legal fees that had built up! Whilst many are hailing the acceptance of accents as a victory for the French language, others are suggesting that it is little more than a shrewd business move by Afnic. In order to avoid expensive legal

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Open Tuesday - Saturday 09h00 - 12h00 & 14h00 - 18h00 (closed Mondays) Sunday 09h30 - 12h00 & 14h30 - 18h00 GPS co-ordinates: Long: 0° 53’ 33’’ 40 E Lat: 46° 13’ 45’’ 10 N

to buy www.péché.fr, www. pê, www.pêchê.fr and www.pêché.fr - as well, of course, as paying the annual renewal costs of each domain. All of which will come as a welcome boost to the coffers of Afnic.■

La Tribune goes weekly

La Tribune, the troubled French financial newspaper, has been sold and at the same time ceased daily publication. Under the new owners, France Economie Régions and Hi-Média, the paper will now be printed weekly with a national distribution of 100,000 copies. The paper says that 50 employees will be preserved, including 31 journalists - roughly a third of the workforce. La Tribune will continue to publish news on its website, which receives roughly two million unique visits a day. The cover of La Tribune's farewell daily issue depicted the front page going up in flames.■

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battles over cybersquatting, companies will now be forced to buy up more domain names. For example,, will be virtually obliged to buy société.fr and it gets even more complicated in the case of an address like www., who will now need


n an apparent victory for the French language, it has been announced that from May this year, accents can be used in French website addresses (domain names). Before, domain names were restricted to numbers and Latin letters without accents. The association that manages French domains, Afnic (Association Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération) will allow accents and special characters in the 6 domain extensions it controls, most notably .fr (see box below for a full list of the domains affected and the characters allowed). The change will take place in two stages. Firstly,

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t has been announced that India is in exclusive talks with French company Dassault to buy 126 Rafale fighters. The deal, which could be worth as much as €11 billion, would represent the first successful export of the fighter jet. India is buying the jets to replace its fleet of Dassault Mirage 2000s and Russian MiG-21s and had already rejected proposals from Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Saab and MiG. For Sarkozy's government, a Rafale sale is being promoted as a major boost to the battered French economy and the country's economic pride, as well as vindication of the efforts made to sell France’s fighter jet abroad. The French president told journalists “We've been waiting for this day for 30 years”. Since it first went into development in the mid 1980s, the Rafale jet has been the white elephant of French arms manufacturing. The pride of the French military since the turn of the century, it has until now proved impossible to sell abroad and had come to be seen as too expensive and a generation out of date. A string of dashed hopes over deals with South Korea, Morocco and most recently Brazil have confounded French leaders, despite last year's military intervention in Libya having acted as a showcase for the Rafale. Dassault is a private company, although the production costs for the Rafale have been paid for by the French State; Defence Minister Gérard Longuet was reported recently as saying that if no sales were made soon then funding should be stopped. Shares in Dassault shot up 22% on news of the deal, although nothing has yet been signed. The group, whose chairman, Serge Dassault, is a senator in Sarkozy's rightwing UMP party, also owns the daily newspaper Le Figaro. ■


ust weeks after SeaFrance finally went into liquidation, former rivals DFDS and LD Lines have gone into partnership to launch a new Dover-Calais service. The inaugural sailing of the Norman Spirit, formerly the P&O ferry Pride of Aquitaine, was launched on 17th February by model and actress Kelly Brook, dressed as a sailor. The new route will operate up to five times a day, with a second ship and additional sailings to be added to the schedule at a later date. The new ferry has the LD Lines logo on the side but DFDS Seaways is the majority partner in the consortium running the new service, with 82% of the shares. The joint venture between DFDS and LD Lines was first formed last year, but in November a £5m bid for SeaFrance was rejected by the Tribunal de Commerce in Paris, despite the court declaring SeaFrance bankrupt. In December, DFDS dropped its attempt to buy the ailing French ferry

company, which eventually went under, with the loss of 880 jobs. More than 100 former SeaFrance employees are now employed on the new ferry. ■


© 2012 - PA Kelly Brook

France DFDS and LD Lines to sell launch new crossfighter Channel ferry line jets to India I Cyclists allowed to jump red lights lthough breaking traffic laws is seen by many in Paris as their birthright, cyclists can now do so without fear of punishment. A new law passed in the nation’s capital states that cyclists can go through red lights if they are turning right or going straight ahead after road safety experts decided that it would cut road accidents. Although cyclists can now jump the lights ('griller les feux' in French), they must still give way to pedestrians and other traffic and will be held responsible in the event of an accident. Red and yellow signposts attached to traffic light poles will inform cyclists that they can ignore the lights in designated 30 km/h zones. The new system is being tested on 15 crossroads in the east of Paris, but will be rolled out to 1,700 crossroads across the capital if it is deemed a success. The text for the new rule, approved by Paris councillors in February, justifies the measure by saying: “Experience shows that adding specific traffic lights for cyclists can create confusion

for motorists.” The measure is already being tested in Bordeaux, Strasbourg and Nantes, where “these experiments have led to no rise in the number of accidents,” according to Paris' town hall and it is already in use in Belgium, Germany and Scandinavia. “On my daily bike run I go through three red lights so it saves me time,” Caroline, a cyclist in Nantes, told RTL radio. “I just need to look left to see whether a car or even a bike is coming. It works very smoothly.” “It makes cycle traffic more fluid and avoids bunching up cyclists when the traffic lights go green for motorists,” said municipal authorities. The new rules failed to receive unanimous support, however. Laurence Douvin, a Paris councillor, said: “If pedestrians, cyclists, motorbike users and car drivers don't respect each other, the introduction of these practices could increase the risks in Paris.” ■



Sarkozy in hot water after presidential jet sent to fetch son P resident

Sarkozy is facing difficult questions as to why he allegedly spent over €39,000 to fly his son back from the Ukraine after he fell ill with a stomach complaint. Pierre Sarkozy, 26, was flown home in a Falcon 50 transport jet, an aircraft reserved for presidential and ministerial business. Pierre Sarkozy had been in Odessa under his pseudonym, DJ Mosey, to perform at an elite club called Tchaikovsky. The show was cancelled after he fell ill. When questioned over who paid for the flight, the president's office told weekly newspaper Le

Canard Enchaîné that he had “personally paid the cheque of €7,632 euros” to cover the cost of the flight. However, independent figures suggest that the plane costs €5,600 per hour to keep in the air, putting the return 7-hour flight at €39,200. Le Canard pointed out that such military jets are strictly for ministers in their state duties. The only exception, a state auditor told the newspaper, was for rare flights considered to be “in the public interest”. “At a guess, the intestinal troubles of Sarkozy's son do not count as 'in the public interest,'” it wrote. ■

Sarkozy unveils financial reforms The president launches a bill to raise TVA from 19.6% to 21.2% as well as introducing a financial transaction tax on banks. But with François Hollande pledging to reverse any changes, will the new law see the light of day?


resident Sarkozy has announced a tax on financial transactions that he hopes will take money from the rich which can then be distributed to the poor… and also win him a few votes along the way. The 'Tobin tax', named after the Nobel Laureate economist James Tobin, will place a 0.1% tax on certain financial transactions. In a lengthy TV interview the French president said he hoped his move would push other countries into taking action. “What we want to do is create a shockwave and

set an example that there is absolutely no reason why those who helped bring about the crisis shouldn't pay to restore the finances,” Sarkozy said. “We hope the tax will generate €1bn of new income and thus cut our budget deficit.” The financial tax is being proposed on a European level, and was one of the main sticking points at the recent EU crisis meeting when Britain used its veto to block an EU treaty change. London’s financial sector would be hit hard by such a tax and Prime Minister Cameron believes it could cost up to 500,000 jobs

in the UK. The French tax will apply to share purchases, including high frequency trading and CDS transactions. Unlike the European Commission proposal, it will not apply to bond trading. The European Commission has suggested a tax of 0.1% on equity and bond transactions and 0.01% on derivatives, which it said could raise €55bn a year. European Union finance ministers are due to discuss the tax in March. By going it alone, France is hoping to spur other countries into action. Also announced in the same bill is an increase in VAT from 19.6% to 21.2%, which would come into effect on 1st October. Sarkozy plans to use the money raised from this “social VAT” to reduce the social charges

paid by companies, hoping the changes will boost job creation and discourage French industry from moving abroad. “We have to reignite growth,” Sarkozy said. “We have to catch up in Europe and in the world. Our market share is declining. If we continue to burden our companies with charges that aren't theirs to pay, how can we compete?” The financial transaction tax has been dismissed by many experts as a purely political move. Sarkozy trails behind socialist François Hollande in the polls ahead of presidential elections and Hollande, who considers a VAT raise “unjust and ineffective”, has said he will reverse it if he gets in. The bill still has to go to the Senate, along with the rest of the Corrective Finance Law for 2012. ■

France returns Maori heads


fter two decades of resistance, France has finally returned to New Zealand the mummified Maori heads of 20 warriors that had been held in French museums. French Culture Minister Frédéric Mitterrand and New Zealand's ambassador Rosemary Banks presided over a solemn ceremony with music, singing and calls to the spirits of ancestors at the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris. “You are the breath of life, you, our forefathers,” Derek Lardelli, a Maori elder, intoned at the ceremony. More than 300 such heads have been handed back from several countries since 1992, when the Te Papa Tongarewa, New Zealand's national museum in Wellington, first made requests for all Maori remains to be returned from around the globe. The Maori traditionally kept tribal heads as war trophies, but they later became much sought after by Western explorers. They were in such demand that warriors were believed to have been

killed specifically for their heads and slaves were said to have been tattooed and then killed so the heads could be sold. In the past, the Culture Ministry has blocked such returns. France considers human remains conserved in museums to be among its cultural and scientific heritage and worries that the return of artefacts could open a Pandora’s box of requests. “There is a fear of emptying our museums,” said Sébastien Minchin, director of the museum of Rouen. “There is a fear of restitution demands for other human remains, and notably Egyptian mummies.” In 2010, however, the French parliament voted overwhelmingly to return Maori remains to New Zealand, and the government had no choice but to comply. Before returning the remains, French scientists took tiny samples of DNA and matched them against Polynesian genome databases to verify that the heads were genuinely those of Maori. ■

Property Sales in France Your helping e RED


Situated in a quiet hamlet close to St Junien, large barn & small cottage with attached garden. Plot size 1005m².Valid C U, ready for conversion & renovation. Ref: BH1003

Price 33 500€


Close to the popular tourtist area of the Haute Charente Lakes, 2 recently renovated houses & a further house to renovate, all houses have attached gardens, also included in the sale are 2 barns, 1 with good sized workshop. Plot size 2421m². DPE F&A. Ref: BH1027 - Price 199 000€

hand in franc

Helping you to find your home in France from your initial visit through to completion of the sale and beyond, we are only a phone call away..... Bev Hughes - St Junien area: 0033 (0)545 303592 Cathe Bower - Montmorillon area: 0033 (0)549 483774 John Norton - Bellac area: 0033 (0)555 600479 Jenny Westcott - Ruffec area: 0033 (0)549 072976 ○ THE BUGLE ○ MARCH 2012




or many years rumours have circulated of buried treasure in a cemetery to the west of Paris. But this is no ordinary cemetery, it is the world’s oldest pet cemetery, where the rich and famous have been burying their faithful companions since 1899. The most notable among the 50,000 residents of Asnières cemetery is Rin Tin Tin, star of a number of Hollywood movies in the 1920s. The rumours in question involved a dog that was apparently buried still wearing its €9,000 diamondstudded collar. Although this fanciful story has been circulating for years, most believed it to be no more than an urban myth. The legend, is seems, was true. Last month, Tipsy the poodle’s elaborate tomb was toppled in the middle of the night; the dog's remains were found lying nearby, but without the collar. “The grave of a dog buried with a diamond collar worth €9,000 was desecrated on the night of February 4 th to 5 th,” a police official told news agency AFP. Police have launched

an investigation into vandalism and jewel robbery. Tipsy's elderly owner, whose identity has not been revealed, confirmed her pet had been buried wearing the diamonds. “She is devastated. This has been very traumatic for her,” a police spokesman told Le Parisien newspaper. Asnières mayor, Sebastien Pietrasanta, admitted he was astonished that such a valuable necklace had been buried with an animal, but was at pains to insist: “Treasure is not hidden in the tombs of all the dogs and cats.” Today the French cemetery houses the tombs of 3,000 animals, most of them dogs and cats but also others like Kiki the monkey, Bunga the rabbit, Faust the sheep, several horses and even a lion, staff said. German Shepherd Rin Tin Tin was found as a puppy by a US soldier on a First World War battlefield and taken back to America. After starring in a string of films in the 1920s and 30s, he was returned to Paris when he died in 1932 and buried at Asnières. ■

Keep warm this winter

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QUALITY Dry Firewood

Oak, Beech, Hornbeam Logs of 50, 33 & 25 cm Delivered loose or by pallet to departments 23 & 87

ootballers’ wives tongues were wagging the world over recently as news spread that the luxury French fashion house Louis Vuitton was to launch a new range of condoms. Priced at a staggering $68 per condom, buyers were presumably hoping for a lot of bang for their buck. When a picture of one parcelled in a wrapper with Vuitton's iconic brown monogram appeared on the Huffington Post website, word spread fast and before long 'Louis Vuitton Condoms' was trending on social media site Twitter. The story spread like wildfire across the internet, but rich playboys were disappointed to find out that it was just a design concept and not a real product. The brains behind the spoof is Georgia Republic architect Irakli Kiziria who collaborated with Design Provocation to create the condoms for World AIDS Day in December. “Knowing that the LVMH

group supports various foundations and scientific teams engaged in research related to public health issues, I developed an idea for a product to coincide with World Aids Day.” A spokesman for Louis Vuitton declined to comment on the designer condom-fever sweeping the globe, but the company will take heart from the fact that should the demand for luxury handbags ever wane, they have a potential plan B waiting in the wings.■


€9,000 diamond Louis Vuitton launches $68 condom collar stolen from world's oldest pet cemetery

Homeless advised to stay indoors! French health minster Nora Berra was the target of ridicule recently after posting a blog entry that suggested the homeless should avoid the cold snap sweeping Europe by staying indoors. The blog was quickly amended, but thanks to social networking sites such as Twitter, stories like this travel quickly and the original quote was widely circulated. In it she said that toddlers, old people, the sick and homeless were particularly vulnerable in times of extreme cold and should “avoid going outdoors”. The gaffe sparked a flurry of headlines

along the lines of “Homeless told to stay at home”. Berra sought to limit the damage via a tweet that redirected readers to a refreshed blog note where the reference to homeless people no longer existed. “There are some subjects that lend themselves badly to irony,” she tweeted soon afterwards. Temperatures dropped to as low as -20ºC in parts of France during February, with some 300 people dying across Europe because of the extreme cold; many of the victims were homeless people who froze to death on the streets. ■


Delivering to: Bellac, Civray, Confolens, Gorre, Le Dorat, Ruffec & St Leger Magnazeix


Does your delivery service use a vehicle with the recognised certification so they can legally transport perishable goods through European borders? We at M2H use our ATP (Agreement Transport Perishable) certificated freezer / chilled lorry to regularly deliver UK groceries to France. We keep our customers informed at all times during their shopping experience. Customers are allocated a 10 minute timed drop off slot – so no waiting around in car parks for hours and no long queues; leaving you to plan your day, around us, with confidence.



05 55 63 72 45 (8h30-12h & 14h-18h)

CBL depuis 1991

Carrefour du Bois Limousin

As seen on TF1 & France 3 and at the Foire Expo Limoges

YOU’VE TRIED THE REST - NOW USE THE BEST 05 55 68 78 23 / 06 07 73 64 06 Website: Email:



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All forms of heating work undertaken: gas, oil & wood

Qualigaz certificates arranged Winterising of heating & plumbing systems Kitchens & bathrooms fitted and tiled Swimming pool maintenance. Advice given Jason Green: Email: Siret no: 487 425 639 00027

TVA No: FR86487425639

Presidential race gains momentum

Further to the right, it looked a very real possibility a few months ago that Marine Le Pen, daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen and darling of the Far Right, might beat Sarkozy to second place and thereby make any run-off. Sarkozy has since bounced back in the polls and this is looking increasingly unlikely. Worse still for Le Pen is that she may not be able

to join me”. Later, Sarkozy set out his stall with a well-crafted speech to party faithful, showing that although he lacks popular support, he still has remarkable statesmanship and oratory skills. His maiden speech came in three parts: firstly, a humble mea culpa, accepting that he had made mistakes; secondly he defended his reforms, rattling off a host of changes his government have put through and highlighting significant foreign policy successes, most notably in Libya; lastly he said his second term would be marked by the people's voice and referendums, including one on restricting the right to unemployment benefits.

© 2007 - MEDEF (WikiCommons)

said he would not be changing his security arrangements following the attack, stating: “These are occupational hazards.” Hollande’s gaffe came as he quoted Shakespeare. To an adoring crowd of 20,000, France’s presidential hopeful declared that he would cast off the ennui of the Nicolas Sarkozy era with a new wave of egalitarian idealism, summing up his vision with Shakespeare's great words: “They failed because they did not start with a dream.” Unfortunately for Hollande, scholars could not find this quote anywhere in the works of the Bard, but they did find it in a 1989 novel, The Vision of Elena Silves, written by Nicholas Shakespeare journalist, novelist, biographer and direct descendant of William's grandfather. “I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the French presidential candidate had quoted me!” said the respected author. It is unlikely to help Mr Hollande's campaign to discover the words were uttered by the novel's hero, Gabriel, a Maoist revolutionary who ends up as a terrorist for a murderous Peruvian guerrilla group.

© 2010 - Mgtxx (WikiCommons)

Mr Hollande, who is currently an MP and the president of the Corrèze department in the Limousin, has never held even a junior ministerial post. Less than one year ago, he would have been given absolutely no chance of winning his party’s nomination and indeed would have been lucky to come third in France's first open primary – that he is now the virtual president-elect is a remarkable story. François Hollande remained a relatively unknown name outside of French political circles until recently, referred to by insiders as l'homme tranquille (“the quiet man”). He was considered an amiable figure who liked to talk, but not about himself, and who was witty, well-meaning, normal… and just a little dull. He was the party’s backroom boy, doing the unglamorous but necessary tasks and keeping out of the spotlight. Following a major makeover and series of increasingly high-profile rallies

and speeches, the 57-year-old is trying to harden this image… and despite a few hiccups along the way, it seems to be working. Launching his campaign manifesto, Hollande cited “justice” and “equality” as his key concepts and claimed his programme was measured and based on conservative growth estimates that factored in the economic crisis. Promising to undo Sarkozy's legacy blow by blow, Mr Hollande said he would cancel €29 billion worth of tax breaks for the rich whilst cutting tax for small firms. This, he confidently predicted, would allow him to balance the budget by 2017, while simultaneously creating 60,000 teaching jobs and 150,000 state-funded jobs for first-time workers as part of 20 billion euros in new spending. The police and justice system would also get another 1,000 state sector jobs per year. Other elections pledges include a 15 per cent increase in tax on bank profits in the wake of the financial crisis and a pledge to separate retail banking activities from “speculative” investment banking. He also promised to cut government – and therefore his own – salaries by 30%. Responding to accusations that the books did not balance on his manifesto policies, Hollande declared, “I only make promises that I will be able to keep, nothing more, nothing less. Everything I say will be done”. Absent from the speech was an earlier promise to create 500,000 places in French crèches. The number of state-funded youth jobs was also halved. Hollande did not have it all his own way, however: he was the victim of a “flour bomb” attack and also made a gaffe that would more usually be associated with Sarkozy. At a campaign speech to sign a “social contract” in favour of housing for all, a woman approached the podium and threw a bag of flour – with impressive accuracy! – at the Socialist candidate. Mr Hollande, his glasses, hair and suit covered in white, remained calm throughout the incident. Unfazed, he

© 2010 - Marie-Lan Nguyen (WikiCommons)


he clear favourite for the 2012 presidential elections remains François Hollande, although Nicolas Sarkozy has closed the gap slightly since declaring his candidacy. Hollande has been on the campaign trail for several months already and has been fighting hard to upgrade his reputation from likeable “Mr Normal” to that of someone capable of steering France out of the economic, and some would say social, quagmire it finds itself in.

to stand at all. Every presidential candidate requires the signatures of 500 mayors in France in order to be on the ballot sheet. Despite heavy canvassing, Le Pen is still (at time of print) 80 signatures short and has herself admitted that she may not even make it to the first round of voting, despite carrying around 20% of the national vote. Many would see it as a bad day for democracy if a candidate with this much support was not represented in the voting, but the other candidates seem unwilling to help her. A request by Le Pen to make the mayoral voting anonymous - in order to encourage those unwilling to endorse her candidacy publicly - has been met with silence by the main contenders. Eva Joly, candidate for the Green alliance, summed it up by saying, “It’s not my problem so don’t count on me. Rules are rules and they should be respected.” When President Sarkozy finally confirmed on 15th February that he would officially be seeking re-election, he did so by promising to keep France “strong” like a “captain at the heart of a storm”. He faces the toughest uphill battle of any incumbent president seeking re-election. “Yes, I am candidate for the presidential election,” he told millions of viewers who tuned in to scrutinise his short appearance on TF1’s 8 o’clock news programme, the country’s most watched evening broadcast. “I took this decision because France, Europe and the world have for the last three years seen a series of unprecedented crises, which means that not seeking a new mandate from the French people would be abandoning my duties. Can you imagine the captain of a ship in the heart of a storm saying: I’m tired, I’m giving up, I’m stopping? I have things to say to the French people, I have proposals to make to them.” Sarkozy launched his campaign under the slogan “La France Forte” - A Strong France – and is attempting to reinvent himself. The news effectively broke via Twitter, with the president creating a new personal account. “Good day to you all, I'm very happy today to launch my Twitter account. Thank you to all of those who would like to follow me,” he said in his first message, under the official Twitter handle @NicolasSarkozy. He followed that up with: “I have accepted TF1's invitation to appear on the 8 o'clock news tonight and I invite you all


Now that Nicolas Sarkozy has finally thrown his hat into the ring and declared he will be running for re-election, the presidential race has begun in earnest. Here we take a look at the political manoeuvrings of the last month and the state of the front runners’ campaigns as France builds up to the first round of voting on 22nd April.

For political analysts, Sarkozy has never recovered from personally “flashing his bling” at the start of his presidency: his lavish celebratory party at a Champs Élysées hotel and holiday on a billionaire businessman's yacht, his public romancing of the supermodel Carla Bruni, or giving himself a pay rise. He promised to put morals back into discredited French politics, then tried to parachute his student son into a key business post… all of which left a bitter taste in the mouths of many French, one which many have been unable to shift. The first round of elections will take place on 22nd April, with a second round run-off (if necessary) scheduled for 6th May.■ siret: 510 357 155 00017

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All types of building work, groundwork, renovations, decorating and maintenance Fosses septiques Roofing Tiling Kitchen and bathroom fitting Conservatories Plaster boarding Masonry Carpentry etc. etc.

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Accommodation The Linden House Animals & Pets Self-catering gîte in Creuse Sleeps 6-8 Prices from €250/week

La Courede Bed and Breakfast

Comfortable B&B. Two double rooms, en-suite. Guest lounge. Evening meal on request. 20 minutes from Limoges airport. 05 55 71 08 56 06 75 79 28 71 SIRET: 511 679 011 00011

Hidden France Chambres d’hôtes

Beautiful traditional old French farmhouse in the Creuse. 3 guest rooms incl a family room. Prices from €38/night

La Petite Maison

Beautiful 2-person gîte in the heart of Creuse. Perfect for house-hunters & holidaymakers alike. SIRET: 518 135 009 00018

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05 55 41 17 76 Dog Holidays at Valhalla Farm

5 Star Accommodation in our Home (Dept 23).

4 Walks each day & lots of T.L.C. Contact Karen & Darren Tel: Mob: +44 (0)7700 045 517 SIRET: 511 629 610 00011

La Petite Maison dans la Prairie

Luxury dog kennels - Training Pension pour chien - Dressage Heated, insulated wooden chalets Supplier of Dog and Cat food Aliments pour chien et chats Tue - Sun 9h - 18h 21 La Bussière, 23450 Fresselines TEL: 05 55 89 75 55 06 68 66 69 84 / 08 75 23 93 20

Le Grand Villard 23150, St-Hilaire-la-Plaine

Le Puy

Clay pigeon shooting & deer stalking 09 61 42 41 26 - see pg 8

Your advert here PAWS & HEARTH

Specialist Pet Minding Service

Avoid the anguish of sending your pets away from the comfort of their home when you go away on holiday. I can mind your pets for you in their familiar surroundings, keeping them safe and contented until you return.

05 55 50 19 16 Siret no. 538 488 578 00013 PETS France

Pet & Equine Total Supplies

SIRET: 477 762 736 00015 - see pg 6

Champlong Chatterie

The Orchard Kennels & Cattery

Caring, quiet accommodation just for cats JUNCT 22 off A20, Arnac la Poste Alison & Ray

Tel: 05 55 60 27 83 SIRET: 520 896 671 00010

(Farges, nr. Aubusson)

Small & friendly, English run. Viewings welcome. Certificat de capacité. Also available: Pet foods, treats & accessories.

Mon - Sat: 9.00 - 7.00

Contact Dave Grant: 05 55 67 58 87 siret: 504 584 228 00010

Les Petit Pattes

Food & accessories for dogs & cats

06 28 48 21 67 - see pg 11

Need help with your Puppy or Dog?

■ Pulls on lead ■ Recall bad ■ Jumps up at people ■ Generally misbehaving

Good Citizens Dog Training Call Elaine Smith:

05 55 68 67 56 Weekly classes and one to one

The Caring Cattery Rochechouart

05 55 03 76 87 / 06 30 02 35 73

Only 30 mins from Limoges airport. Established, purpose built secure cattery. Large individual/family units, tiled floors, shelving, adjoining outside areas. Heated, individual needs catered for. NEW - purpose built isolation unit. Certificate of Capacity. Contact Barbara: SIRET: 494 125 016 00019

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Le Charme De Chêne Handmade solid oak joinery and furniture

Our joinery expertise includes barn doors, barn door frame openings, staircases, kitchens, windows & doors. We also make handmade furniture. Every item is bespoke and made to measure. Please visit our website for recent installations and references.



Le Mécanique Anglais


All Makes/Models Catered for. Repairs, Servicing, CT's. Specialist in: Vehicle Diagnostics and Auto Electrics. Garden Machinery incl chain saws. Based 87/24 - I can come to you

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30 years' experience

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Registered Car Mechanic

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Building Services Architectural Services Architectural DRAWING SERVICE Renovating your French property? New build?

Dossiers prepared Permis de Construire Déclarations Préalables

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• Complete renovations • New builds • Conformity checks • Emergency Call outs • Fully insured 10yr guarantee I offer free & friendly advice so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Oradour-sur-Vayres (87150) Siren 527 854 749

Steven Rofe - 20 Years experience

• NICEIC approved Electrician for 8 years in the UK • Wiring of new installations (including liaising with EDF) • Rewiring existing houses/barns • External & garden lighting • All aspects of electrical works • Fully insured - (10 year Decennale) • Departments covered 19,23 & 87

Robert Johnson

ELECTRICIAN SIRET: 493 084 974 00010

Registered in France since 2007 Banque Populaire La Souterraine Décennale Insurance All works to normes NF C15-100 ● Fault finding ● Small Works ● Complete rewires ● Consuel certification arranged ● Temporary EDF supplies arranged ● Permanent EDF supplies arranged ● Free quotations

Mobile No: 06 50 63 65 29

Keith Sloper Tel: 05 55 64 94 20 Mob: 07 86 38 09 61

* Qualified electrician * All types of electrical works carried out * Free estimates * Departments 23 and 87 No Siret: 494 916 760 00015

Michael Courtin

Harlequin Developments

French Stonemason with 20 years Experience in ● Masonry ● Stonework ● Brickwork ● Pointing ● Structural Repairs

Major & Minor works undertaken throughout the Limousin 10% discount for new clients Free Devis/Estimates References Available

Call:Siret: 0952278 23 38 56 076 546 00012

Skilled Workman Prices from €15/hour

● Building Renovations & Small Jobs ● Velux Windows ● Roof Repairs ● Tiling ● Plumbing ● Plaster boarding ● Garden Projects & Maintenance For more info please call Barrie

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M&M Developments

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Philip Evans

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Interior Renovations Honest, Reliable Tradesman

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Limousin Property Care

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Harlequin Developments are a Distributor and Installer for Solarventi, solar dehumidifying and water heating products, as well as a range of other renewable energies SIRET: 494.501.067.00016


** from €40 per day ** Tel: 09 79 73 32 00 Mob: 06 60 20 22 38

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**Special winter discounts**

SIRET: 504 976 689 00019

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Phillip Williamson

Siret: 533 235 016 00011

Repairs, Full Re-Wires, New Build Automated Systems Installation

Siret 509 933 784 00027 See our main ad - pg 4


Qualified Electrician

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in Creuse

Strong, fully adjustable cup-lock scaffolding Collect and erect yourself to save costs or delivery and erection included

Tel: 05 55 68 22 04

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Lovejoy’s Scaffolding Hire


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All electrical work covered, from a light switch to a full rewire Limousin, Charente & Dordogne covered Emergency Callouts 24/7

Salamandre électricité

05 55 14 12 43

Lumiere Service et Energie

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Fully Qualified French Electrician

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Pine Window Shutters from €35 Pine Ledge and Brace Doors from €69 Bespoke items made

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Made to Measure Woodwork

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Building Services

R & B Construction Over 30 years experience in the building trade

● Renovations & conversions Specialist in granite stonework ● Roofing - Carpentry Plastering/rendering ● Electrical (NICEIC approved in the UK) fully conversant with French Regulations ● Plumbing (Corgi Registered in the UK) fully conversant with French Regulations ● Kitchens - Bathrooms - Floor/wall tiling

Members of Federation of Master builders

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All works carried out by time served tradesmen.

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General building Renovation & maintenance Reliable, good quality work 30 years exp Based central 23 - will travel Martin Sprague

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Tel: Dave - 05 55 37 74 06 Tel. Steve - 05 55 69 75 67


Insulation Specialists - see pg 4

Paul Goldsmith Renovations All aspects of interior renovations. Loft conversions, Windows, Bathrooms & Kitchens, Flooring Plastering, Plaster Boarding, Plumbing & Electrics. Established 6 years - references available SIRET: 494 123 847 00019 ○ THE BUGLE ○ MARCH 2012


“SolarVenti”- the solar Harlequin solution to damp and Developments humidity A E stablished and registered in France since 2006, we specialise in all aspects of property renovation and refurbishment, along with barn conversions and extensions. No job is too big or too small and we will provide you with a detailed devis at a competitive rate. Our work includes full renovations, extensions, insulation and plaster boarding, tiling, replacement windows and doors, re-pointing walls, parquet flooring, staircases, kitchens and bathrooms fitted. We also undertake insurance work (floods, fires etc) and send regular update emails, together with photographs, to clients who may live outside France, to keep them fully up to date with their project. References are gladly given from previous/current clients. We now offer a wide range of renewable energy products from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. Our core products are: Solar Hot Water Systems, Underfloor Heating, Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery Systems, SolarVenti Dehumidifiers and Water Heating Systems. Solar Hot Water kits are available from only €2400. Supply only or supplied and fitted. Wall ventilators offering heat recovery, humidity control, acoustic isolation, and anti-pollen filters from only €460. Phone for more details. For more information, a devis, or simply to discuss your project, please feel free to contact us. Tel: 05 55 68 67 56 - Mobile: 06 06 60 46 97


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• house and barn clearances • dechetterie runs • rubbish removal • cash paid for scrap • general labouring service • mini digger hire - with/without driver

05 55 37 45 35 06 74 21 47 71

simple solar energy system that runs on its own, even when you are not there and provides a free heat supplement in winter. The SolarVenti air panel was invented more than 20 years ago to use the sun’s energy for airing and ventilation of the thousands of holiday homes on the West coast of Jutland, houses that were left empty and unheated for long periods, houses with damp problems, mould and bad odours. How it works The principle behind SolarVenti is simple: a small, built-in solar cell powers a 12V fan that is connected to an air vent, a control unit and an on/off switch. Whenever the sun shines, the air in the solar panel is heated and the fan, receiving power from the collar cell, introduces warm, dry air

CHERRY PICKER / ACCESS PLATFORM HIRE Diesel self-propelled 4WD machines with jibs

GENIE 45/25J - working height 16m/50ft, outreach 7.5m/25ft. Will go up and over 7.16m/23.6ft. Lift 227kg. €180HT/day or €600HT/week JLG800AJ - working height 25m/82ft, outreach 15.8m/52ft. Will go up and over 9.78m/32ft. Lift 227kg. €280HT/day or €900HT/week Delivery/collection charged by distance R & L OTLEY sas, Sacierges-St-Martin, 36170

02 54 47 65 37

siret 532 981 198 00015

SIRET 538 982 414 00012


Traditional Building Services

PROPERTY MAINTENANCE A multi-services company ● General building ● Renovation & restoration ● Stonework & rejointing ● Repairs & maintenance ● All aspects of garden/lake maintenance including fencing ● Change overs and general cleaning Free Quotation and advice. Contact Paul

05 55 77 33 72 / 06 85 18 20 05

siret no 483 666 335 00029

UK Paint Depot

Quality UK Paints at the lowest prices see main ad - pg 9

RSW Entreprises

Fosse Septique Specialist

See our Display Ad - pg 13

All aspects of renovation/ restoration covered including bespoke joinery and lime plastering. All work is fully insured. References available.

Ring Andy on 06 35 12 10 66 Ring Will on 05 55 37 45 35 siret: 532 981 198 00015

Your advert here 05 55 41 17 76

into your home at the rate of 20 to 100 cubic metres per hour. In Southern Europe, SolarVenti is not only used for ventilation/ dehumidification purposes; with far more winter sunshine hours, it also provides a substantial heating supplement. A DIY Solution? The installation process is very straightforward and should only take two or three hours. All that is needed is a drill, hammer and chisel to make a hole in the wall. Roof installations are also possible. There are no electrical or water connections and it can be safely left running, even when the property is empty. With a range of panel sizes, and the option for wall or roof mounting, SolarVenti is suitable for all types of buildings, caravans or even boats!

SOLARVENTI - Available in the Limousin From Harlequin Developments Tel: 05 55 68 67 56 Mobile: 06 06 60 46 97


Entreprise Hines Building & Renovation ● Roofing - New & Repairs ● Masonry ● Plastering ● Dry Lining ● Sand Blasting ● Equestrian Buildings ● Digger/Scaffold Hire ● ... and much, much more

28 years qualified experience SIRET: 503 169 237 00016 La Noneix

Construction & Property Services Established, Professional and Personal Building Services. Fully registered with décennale insurance covering all works.

●Renovations ●New builds ●Roofing ●Stonework ●Carpentry ●Ground works Large or small projects undertaken - please view our website. Contact: Paul or Joanne Rands SIRET: 501 144 596 00019

Mini Digger Scaffold and dumper hire with driver and From €120 per day Plant Hire Please ring Robert Kitchen & 05 55 89 69 46 Bathroom Fitting SIRET: 503 169 237 00016

Including Tiling and Plasterboarding

Your advert here

Room construction to finishing touches

T: Ian 05 55 53 37 10 E:

05 55 41 17 76 Monte Sarginson

Siret. 484 206 624 00014

House Renovations Inside & Out

Experience in Roofing, Tiling Floors & Walls, Plumbing, Fitting Kitchens & Bathrooms, Stonework & Rendering, Painting & Decorating

Tel: 05 55 63 88 70 Mob: 06 21 34 18 20 Siret no 507 516 748 00013



Sky TV Installations Satellite Engineer


Sky Subscriptions Available - no UK address necessary All needs, advice, help catered for. All depts covered

06 60 85 93 41

SIRET: 428 620 595 00010


B4 ♦ DIRECTORY Building Services

Building Services

Building Services


PLASTERER Quality Plasterwork, Internal & External

Plasterboarding, Partitioning, Skiming, Solid Plastering, Floor Screeding, Rendering: Mono Couche/Coloured Render Waterproofing Render Systems

Tel: 06 45 18 86 10



(18 Years Experience) Email:

Dennis Fry Timber Services Dave Cardwell - Builder


Building Services

See our Display Ad - pg 10

Chez Vous

Fosse Septique installation and building renovations - pg 12

La Coterie Entreprise

Approved septic tank installer

Chris the Plasterer A genuine plasterer French and English spoken Traditional Plastering Rendering, Floor Screeding Stud partition dry lining Lime mortar stone pointing


05 55 63 53 06 06 23 29 48 19

See our main ad - pg 7

SIRET: 504 612 441 00015


40yrs Experience in quality work, available for all your House Maintenance/Projects including Plumbing, Carpentry, Masonry, Structural Work, Decorating. Plus Key Holding service. Good References. Dept. 23/36

Le Bourg, 23360 Nouzerolles

Your advert here

Siret: 527 736 326 00010

Property Management Limousin Property Care Property Maintenance & Building See Main Ad - pg 11

Building Services

Plumbers Martin Walters



All types of plumbing and general maintenance work undertaken Friendly, reliable, professional service Fully registered and insured

Sand and Blast Sandblasting &

Floor Sander hire

We provide a fully operated sandblasting service for wood, stone and metal. Perfect for stripping away years of grime or paint. Contact us for a free quote or see our website.

Tel 02 54 24 84 62 /

497 962 001 00010

05 55 41 17 76

Siret 522 804 723 00016

SIRET: 488 522 921 00037

BRC Renovations

Pro-Point Facades

Rick Fife


From full renovations to minor improvements, we can make your dream home in France a reality. Free quote - contact Brian

09 80 08 52 72 - 06 02 38 17 45 SIRET: 510 742 711 00011

Building Services Groundworks Mini-Digger with driver

See Main Ad - Pull-out pg B3

Your advert here 05 55 41 17 76

Re-pointing - Rendering - Plastering

05 55 78 80 31 See our Display Ad - pg 4


LIMOUSIN PLASTERING Over 19 years experience in Solid Plasterwork, Skimming, Dry Lining, Rendering and Plasterboard Studwork. Qualification certificate and references available on request. Free quotations and friendly advice.

Tel: 05 55 54 95 63

All aspects of Plumbing and Heating work undertaken.

Areas Covered: North Creuse (23) & South Indre (36)

Tel: 05 55 62 34 66

Office Hours: 8:30 – 21:00 Please give us a call to discuss your requirements. If you get the answer machine we WILL return your call the same day. siret: 494 380 264 00015

Multiskilled Artisan

Submissions Deadline 15th of the month

• Plastering • Rendering • Stud Walling • Tiling and associated works • Bespoke polished concrete surfaces for Window Sills, Shelves, Fire Surrounds etc. • General Renovation interior and exterior of buildings to customer's specification.

Tel: 05 55 76 69 32 Mob: 06 43 11 95 87 Siret No. 513 415 091 00018

Le Plâtrier du Limousin The friendly and reliable plasterer Registered in France. Fully insured offering 10 year guarantee. Call Stuart on:

05 55 80 92 91 06 87 92 83 63 Siret: 534 396 908 00012


Heating & Plumbing engineer

05 55 63 89 23 - see pg 10



NO FIX... NO FEE !! IT Support for Creuse, HauteVienne, Indre and Vienne

We provide a fast and friendly service either at the client's home, via remote software or computers can be left with us and collected when the work is complete. ● Ordering/Installing wireless & broadband ● Fixing results of a virus attack ● PC healthchecks ● Virus , trojan , worm removal and protection ● Backups/Disaster recovery ● Hardware/software upgrades. ● Website and graphic design. ● Printer/scanner assistance.

Sky TV Installations Sky TV/Tous travaux satellite

See Main Ad - Pull-out pg B3


Satellite Systems 05 55 66 60 21

"Tooway" High speed internet via satellite TV Satellite Sales, Service & Installations. TV Receiver & Electronic Repairs. Dish alignments. Sky/Freesat/TNT/FTA. Most of depts 23,03,63,87,36 covered. SIRET: 510 117 328 00011

23 Years Qualified (Previously UK CORGI registered – Oil / Natural Gas / LPG) Established and registered in France for 7 years.

Siret en cours

Graham Carter Plastering

Chimney Sweeps

Plumbing & Heating Engineer


Computers & Satellites

Chimney Sweeping • Flue ways cleared • Birds nests, vermin & debris removed • Smoke evacuation & gas tightness tests • Official certificates of cleaning issued (Certificat de Ramonage)

05 55 63 78 72 Siren: 502 409 949



since 1986 All types of chimneys cleaned Fast and Efficient Certificate de Ramonage issued with every chimney swept (obligatory for home insurance)

Bird guards supplied and fitted Chimney repairs and maintenance Safety surveys

TEL. 02 54 06 40 80 siren 504 218 454

Your advert here 05 55 41 17 76 Connect-Français

Computer Problems? Limousin & Charente PC & Mac Internet Assistance WiFi, ADSL, Dial-up Helpdesk, Data retrieval Call Dave SIRET: 479 095 705 00014 Submissions Deadline 15th of the month ○ THE BUGLE ○ MARCH 2012


La Maison Shopping Services Still ONLY 15% with Next Day Delivery

Announcing our new "Home Delivery" service for fresh, chilled and frozen goods. If you're an expat living in France, the chances are that you've hit one or more of these problems: • You miss your favourite brand (tea, say) and can’t find it locally. • Higher prices compared to in the UK (e.g. paint, general groceries). • The language barrier makes it hard to find what you need. • UK companies often don’t ship orders abroad (or charge ££££ for it!).




e are now able to extend our service to offer an exciting development of "Home Delivery" with the introduction of a new Multi-Temperature Van. This means that your shopping is delivered to us and the following day we can deliver it to your door. No loss of shelf life – maximise the Bargains and keep saving money!!! Through Customer Recommendations we are continually expanding the services we are able to offer

and also the Areas that we are able to deliver to.

Maris Piper Potatoes 25kg Sack - ONLY £10.00 including delivery We are now working with 2 large Frozen Food Wholesalers for those customers that want to take advantage of larger Savings! With La Maison Shopping Services, you can do your shopping on-line with UK stores and get next day delivery in one consignment to your area. See our website for more details. ■

Courses & Classes


Jewellery Making Courses

Learn how to make stunning jewellery and stay at our beautiful B&B SIRET: 479 965 758 00010

Call Patrice: Fast dependable service

15 Grande Rue, Le Dorat

Café, Bar and Events Venue Lunch Menu Free WiFi

SIRET: 489 218 636 00012

siret: 453 067 910 00019

For all your TV and satellite installations and repairs (Sky TV, Internet etc.)

La Petite Fontaine

Tel: 05 55 62 05 61

Submissions Deadline 15th of the month


Dept 23 & surrounding areas

Food & Drink

Based Séreilhac (87)


Menu du jour. Teas, coffees, cream teas and gateaux. Tue - Fri 10:00 - 5:30 Mon, Sat & Sun Closed Jackie Cawtheray

1 rue Pierre Chambord, Oradour-sur-Vayres

Tel: 05 44 00 03 24

Your advert here

2-course Sunday Lunch from €10 with real Yorkshire puddings.

The Living Room

05 55 41 17 76 05 55 48 92 37 - see pg 15

Friday Night - Free Weekly Quiz Every Saturday starting 3rd March Steak Night - steak for 2 + bottle of wine from only €19.50

(alternative menu available)

Restaurant Open:

Mon–Fri 11.30–2pm Fri & Sat eve 7–9pm, Sun 11:30–2pm

05 55 12 99 45 - 06 04 09 03 10 Or email for a menu:

Come and see for yourself - Open all week.

See our Notice Board events listings 39 Place du Champ de Foire 36140, Aigurande

02 54 06 30 77

The Corner Shop

Submissions Deadline 15th of the month

Large range of British foods. Special orders can be catered for. Usually cheaper than the supermarkets!! 5km west of Aubusson Tue-Sat 10.00 - 4.00


Freshly home-cooked Food Daily Plat du Jour from €9

‘...more than just a bar’ ‘....a bit like Allo Allo and Cheers!’

05 55 41 17 76


Restaurant & Bar

JJ’s Cafe Bar Some customer quotes:

SIRET: 504 584 228 00010

5 Rue Andre Jouhannaud, Compreignac

Advertise your business here for only €35/month

Your advert here

SIRET: 510 986 490 00017

siret: 353 613 227 00035

"the place to be"

“Following day delivery” “Setting the Standard in Home Shopping” Contact Janine :- Email :- Website :-


FISH & CHIPS €10 4 Course Sunday Lunch €15 For Further Information

Tel: 05 55 69 33 38 SIRET: 508 754 314 00013

Le Pub 58, rue d'Orjon Argenton-sur-Creuse

02 54 60 02 14

Open Late!! Sunday roast & pudding A TENNER (€) from Sep Fish + Chips + Mushy Peas, every Fri + Sat night Opening hours:

Thu 12-2pm & 6pm-midnight Fri 12-2pm & 6pm-2am Sat 12pm-2am Sun 12pm-11pm




Le P’tit Marchois

Garden Services

Health & Beauty


Insurance & Finance

Menu du Jour, Mon-Fri

€12.50 (3 courses), €15 (4 courses)

Sunday Carvery - €15

Tel: 05 55 61 99 14

05 55 80 44 83

Cross Cut Tree Surgeons for all your tree requirements / see main ad below

Gifts & Crafts

Les Genêts, Azerables

High quality British & French food at reasonable prices. Menu du Jour €12, Traditional Pub Food, Vegetarian dishes, Childrens & Snack menus also available SIREN: 483 988 853

Au Bon Vivre Parnac, opposite the church

Open 10h-21h for food, all day every day! 4-course lunch menu + wine from ONLY €11 Only 3 mins from A20 (junct 20) ● Moules-Frites (2nd weekend every month) ● Fish & Chips, Tuesday nights - €7.50 ● Tête de Veau, 29th (for les Herolles) See our website for more details...

The Exchange Rochechouart


Tue 2.30pm - 5pm Thu, Fri 9:15-12 & 2:30-5pm Sat 9 - 12

05 55 78 19 24 9 rue Dr Charles Poitevin SIRET 484 479 480 00010

Handholding Services

Hotel - Bar - Restaurant Busseau-sur-Creuse - pg 13

C’est cheese

Find us at local markets selling a small and tasty selection of excellent quality english cheeses. Also available online. For more information, see our website: SIREN: 409 679 578

A moment of luxury for your body, mind and spirit. The finest skincare, massage and wellness treatments await you. All in the comfort of your own home

06 35 92 77 83 / 02 54 06 07 48 Based La Châtre. Covering 36 and surrounding. Siret No. 530 364 744 00017

La Petite Place Hair salon, Le Dorat

See our Display Ad - pg 4

Santé et Beauté Beauty and Holistic Therapy Salon

● UK trained/qualified Sports Therapist ● Well Established Salon. ● Full Body, Back, Neck & Shoulders, Indian Head, Reflexology etc ● Waxing, Manicure, Beauté des Pieds, Tinting, Ear Piercing etc ● Products and Gift Vouchers available

Tue-Fri 9am-12pm & 2pm-6pm Sat 9am-2pm

See our Display Ad - pg 14

Currencies Direct

Assistance and advice for auto-entrepreneur, self-employed & companies. Bookkeeping and accounts preparation. Tax investigations defended. Capital gains tax and tax planning. We can deal with the tax office and authorities/Carte Vitale on your behalf. Sylvie BARITAUD - 02 54 24 89 64 Email: siret: 498 420 280 00014


International money transfer

Language Services

Tel: 02 54 06 93 47

Contact Debra on

Sophie Arsac

05 55 53 37 10 06 15 63 70 22

siret: 539 484 238 00016

French lessons & handholding services - pg 14 Siret. 482 420 114 00019

UK shopping delivered to your door

05 55 41 46 88 - see pg 4

Property Sales

Property Sales in France Bev Hughes - 05 45 30 35 92 See our main ad - pg 8

Kevin Andrews Leggett Immobilier

+33 (0)6 31 19 55 81

SIRET: 493 871 826 00019

discount available for multiple bookings

La Maison Shopping

05 53 63 49 19 - see pg 5

I can help you either by going with you or writing for you. I am perfectly bilingual and I am an experienced translator and interpreter

05 55 68 78 23 - see pg 9

Blevins Franks

3, Rue Principale, 87740 St-Mathieu

Mobile Hairdresser

Mouse 2 House

Your shopping simply delivered

Integrated Tax Planning & Wealth Management

05 55 00 92 97

Are you having problems communicating with French administrations, notaires, banks...?

Online Shopping see Page 2

Tel: 02 54 24 83 31

Au Beau Rivage

05 49 91 02 23 06 47 94 95 75


Financial Solutions & Expert Advice

FRENCH ACCOUNTANCY Donna’s AND TAXATION SERVICES Beauty Treatments Personal tax returns completed.

Free range, rare breed pork See our Display Ad - pg 3


All aspects of hairdressing, in your home or mine Call Jane:

siret: 502 867 211 00018

La ferme du Duc noir

Le Creusois

English Hairdresser

Based La Trimouille (86290)


SMALL & FRIENDLY GROUPS Not sure? Attend once for free!

SIREN: 508 665 692

Bar & Restaurant - Gouzon


Vacancies for various levels in Chénérailles. Elisabeth Sicard

47 Grande Rue 23260 Crocq

Auberge du Golf

FRENCH CLASS - see pg 13 The

French and Spanish Translation Service

is a vibrant translation company based in the UK. We specialise in translations from and into French and Spanish and can supply work electronically in any format. For all your translation needs call

0044 1642 769 279

Naudon’s Estate Agency Long established, traditional, French Estate Agency with a British member of staff at your service for property transactions in Limousin.

or visit us at

Find us easily, just opposite the church in La Souterraine

Submissions Deadline 15th of the month

e-mail : Site : Office line : 05 55 63 13 57 Helen’s mobile : 06 82 92 88 61

Cross Cut Tree Surgeons

for all your tree requirements 27 years experience Grass & hedge cutting service We will not be beaten on price or standard of work Fully qualified arborist - Fully insured Covering depts: 87, 23, 86, 36, 19 & 16 Reliability guaranteed /

siret: 530 840 958 00017 ○ THE BUGLE ○ MARCH 2012

DIRECTORY ♦ B7 Houses on Internet

Stove Sellers

See our Display Ad - pg 3

See our Display Ad - pg 8

Retail & Commerce

Your local corner shop

Finegans Rainbow

05 49 48 87 23 - see pg 12

05 55 41 17 76

Antiques Brocantes

Mike & Van Deliveries and collections

Magnac-Laval 06 30 88 78 62 - see pg 6

Moulin de Tintin

Eco Entrepot - see pg 3

87230 Bussière-Poitevine

Furniture, interiors & gifts

Arfeuille Antiques All types of furniture

05 55 83 14 47

See our Display Ad - pg 5

Auwell Piscine

Pools, Hammams, saunas, spas, furntiure... - see pg 7

Get down The Shed - see pg 6

Submissions Deadline 15th of the month

Transport, Removals & Storage Tel: 05.55 48.28.89 SIRET: 510 995 681 00010

Contact Mike on 05 55 60 22 28 or email: siret 52226733500019

Central France Storage

Reliable man with reliable van and trailer for hire Cheap rates for any work requiring 1 or more strong, fluent French-speaking men to move, pick up, or dump whatever you need.

Call us on: 06 16 91 or email at

64 67

Parking For Limoges Airport

Cheaper parking for all types of vehicles Book now!!

MAN + VAN Fiat Ducato with 11m² load capacity Collections / Deliveries Removals / Brico Runs All over France. Competitve hourly rate incl fuel. Please ring or e-mail for a quote. Based nr Aubusson Dept 23

05 55 83 02 77 / 06 81 33 07 15 SIRET: 523 955 151 00015

05 55 06 07 28

See main ad page 5


45cm Oak - €40/m3 45cm Mixed Hardwood - €35/m3 (poplar/cherry/hornbeam)

Buyer collects from 36160 Lignerolles

02 54 30 51 95 (evenings best) siret 508 166 642 00019

Ebénisterie Hemming

Quality handmade wood furniture

02 48 63 15 09

See our main ad - pg 20



To raise funds for the SPA dog rescue centre in Guéret.

All your storage needs both long & short term. Fully insured through Axa and alarmed.

High chair, buggy, play pen, travel cot, fire guard, stair gate etc.

Call Karen or email for a quote:

Each item will incur a hire charge of 7 euros, plus a refundable 8 euros deposit.

SIRET: 494 123 847 00019

For more INFO or to HIRE Call Jean: 05 55 54 96 36

Removals/ Single Items House/Barn/Garden Clearance Handyman jobs of all kinds Iveco Luton with Tail-lift

Carrefour du bois Limousin

Tel: (+33)

05 55 63 72 45 - see pg 9

Siret : 532 526 001 00013

Metal World

Welding & Metalwork

05 55 03 37 96

With A Van Who Can See our main ad - pg 9

Dress agency and gallery, specialising in designer and high quality pre-owned clothes for women and children, together with accessories, footwear, jewellery, gift items, and hand made furniture. 4 rue Principale, St Mathieu, 87440

Available for house and garden clearance rubbish taken to dechetterie. All types of jobs considered such as labouring jobs and van and man jobs. Daily, half daily, and hourly rates. Those mucky little jobs that you want sorting out at competitive rates and reliable service. Live in 87 but can work further afield.

Man with Van

Handy Man

The Reclamation Yard

Soie et Bois Depot Vente des Vêtements

Your advert here

Jon the Carpet Man Carpets & Flooring

See Display Ad - pg 11

Please mention The Bugle when responding to adverts

To advertise in The Bugle Business Directory call or email


B8 ♦ GAMES Crossword

Caption Competition - March

Clues and answers in English

Send your entries for this month's Caption Competition to: Winner receives a modicum of kudos.

Last Month's Winners Across:

7. High level of proficience in spoken language (6) 8. Global cosmetics brand (6) 9. Coated in sugary paste (4) 10. List of signatures for or against (8) 11. Ceaseless (11) 14. Sceptic (11) 18. Ocean separating Australia from Antarctica (8) 19. South-Pacific Island (4) 20. Term used by South-Americans to describe a white man (6) 21. Hydrocarbon added to gasoline (6)


1. Extended mass of ice (7) 2. Unwanted garden plant (4) 3. Basic food item e.g. bread, rice, potato (6) 4. Delighted (6) 5. A false show of e.g. friendship (8) 6. City in northern Vietnam (5) 12. Giving off (8) 13. Host city of the 2008 Olympic Games (7) 15. From Brittany (6) 16. English Capital City (6) 17. Belongs to you (5) 19. French party (4)

Please be aware that the deadline for all submissions for content and advertising is the 15th of the month for the following month’s print edition.



"Honey, I shrunk the garden" - Dave Glass HONOURABLE MENTIONS:

"Can someone please fetch the bug spray!!" - Pete Duncan "They say the Asian Hornets killed all the honey bees. Let's see what they make of this fella!" - Nick Pett "This should keep us in honey for a few more months!!" - Mark Alexander


The solutions to this month’s puzzles can be found on page 17



Les Petit Pattes

food & accessories for dogs & cats

free delivery on orders over 50€ distributor of Allen & Page horse feed tel. Andrea: 06 28 48 21 67 / 05 55 89 67 60

What makes you French? With 2 young children growing up in France, Bugle Editor Steve Martindale has a vested interest in considering what being 'French' is. Much has been said in recent editions about expats' views and attitudes about integration and here Steve gives us his personal opinion of what makes someone French.


lot has been made in these pages recently about a piece that appeared last November entitled “Little England”. The article was written by a Bugle reader, Eddie Malone, and was, in my opinion, a balanced look at a recent ITV series focussing on expats in the Dordogne. The piece has produced more correspondence over the last 3 months than everything else we have received put together and has stirred up emotions on both sides of the central theme: does moving to France mean that you have to ‘become French’? In truth, most of the response has been to previous responses and the two camps that seemed to present themselves moved further apart in their views. Eventually a third, more moderate position emerged asking why we can’t have the best of both worlds: making the most of everything France has to offer whilst being proud to remain British deep down. It is a particularly important issue for me at the moment. Those who regularly read my introductory piece on page two may be aware that I am the proud father to two beautiful little girls. My eldest is 3 in April and started school in January. My youngest just recently turned 1. They were born here, they have French birth certificates (although curiously not French passports until they are 18), but they have two incredibly English parents. I have lived most of my adult life away from the green and pleasant land of my birth, but I still feel resolutely British (since moving abroad I feel increasingly British first and English second). But what will become of my children? Writing in The Guardian, Jenny Colgan, a Scottish journalist bringing up three children in France with her Kiwi husband, wrote a fascinating article on the subject recently. She began by saying, “In my head, I figured we

would raise totally normal (while also perfect and special, of course – I am a parent), anglophone children who loved Narnia and Top Cat and Tunnock's tea cakes and Guy Fawkes and knew what a half-decent pop song sounded like, but who would have the added advantage of speaking another, really sexy, language. But they would still be anglophone on the inside.” I was of the same opinion until recently, but it is becoming increasingly apparent to me that very soon I will instead have two very French daughters thanks to their having been brought up in France. There has been a good deal written on this recently following the release of a new book by author Pamela Druckerman entitled “French Children Don’t Throw Food” (published as “Bringing up Bébé” in the US). Paris-based writer Pamela Druckerman allegedly had something approaching an epiphany while on a seaside holiday in France with her husband and 18-month-old daughter. “We were staying in a little hotel and had all our meals in restaurants around the port,” she explained when talking to “Each meal got worse. My daughter would eat some french fries, then tear apart some sugar packets, then demand to get up. After a couple of days of this I looked around and realised there were all these French families who were having a completely different experience. They were having long multi-course meals with children who were eating their vegetables and sitting in their high chairs. They weren't in hell, they were on holiday.” The book follows her attempts to track down what it is in the French way of life that creates such well-behaved children. She focuses largely on white middleclass Parisian families, so it is perhaps a bit disingenuous to draw such sweeping generalisations between entire nations, although

the book is meant as a humorous look at the subject and not a parenting bible. There is, however, undoubtedly a difference. Bénédicte Lohe-Le Blanc, 38, a teacher originally from Brittany, and her husband Vincent, 39, live with their three children aged 6, 9 and 11 in west London. She believes British parents are lax with their children. “We consider our children to be small people, but they are not equal to an adult. They need authority, they need rules and they need to be kept in line. A child is a child and has his place. In France we see authority as a form of affection and believe that a child blossoms because of, not in spite of, that authority. The bottom line is my child can have his own opinion, but it's me who

decides.” The modern Anglo-Saxon approach is to involve the child in day-to-day life, asking their opinion and treating them more as an equal. I have to say, I do not agree with the French approach in this respect. In France, there are strict parameters for how a child should behave and many see this as the job of the State to enforce via schooling. The French way appears very much to be based around learning by rote, having neat handwriting and sharp mental arithmetic. One commentator wrote that it is less important to a French primary school teacher whether the answer is correct, but whether it was written in perfect handwriting. Again, I disagree and will encourage free thinking in my daughters. But is it this parenting and teaching system that makes you ‘become’ French? If I eschew these ‘French’ parenting principles

siret no. 534.411.905.00019 will my girls grow up to be ‘British’? Is it in your genes (I believe not), in your upbringing (I believe so), or can you ‘learn’ to be French as an adult (this is the tricky one)? What does it mean to be French and does it matter? There is a type of expat that disowns all aspects of their home country and culture, professes their host country to be the best in the world and then busies themselves in becoming stereotypical locals. I can’t imagine that this approach works in anyone but the person’s own mind and they probably look faintly ridiculous to the locals. I am English and I believe that I always will be. That isn’t to say that I can’t live a full and integrated life in France, but I don’t believe that I will ever be French. I believe it is too late for me and I’m fine with that. There’s nothing wrong in my mind with being British and I currently love everything that life in France has to offer me. I also love going back to the UK and indulging in warm beer and fish and chips. I am definitely in the ‘best of both worlds’ camp. Any parents who have moved here with young children will

Jurors in French Courts The Bugle's resident lawyer, Laure CHAVERON, looks at when jurors are used in French courts and how you qualify for jury duty.


juror is a French citizen who is called for service on a jury alongside professional judges, for a short period of time. Prior to the Act of 6th August 2011, jurors were only used in the Crown Court (cour d’assises), but since 1st January 2012, they can also now sit in the magistrates' court (tribunal correctionnel). The Crown Court has the power to try more serious criminal cases

such as armed robbery, rape, murder, etc. There are 9 jurors in a Crown Court (or 12 if it is a Court of Appeal) and they judge the case alongside three professional judges. The Crown Court does not sit permanently, but rather holds sessions lasting two weeks on average, that are repeated more or less frequently during the year depending on the number of cases to be tried. To be eligible for jury duty, you

must have French nationality, be a registered voter, be over 23 years old, have the ability to read and write French and have all your civil rights (i.e. you must not be under a supervision order and must not have previously been sentenced to more than six months in prison). Jurors are selected at random from the electoral roll by the Mayor. They are compensated by the State for carrying out these functions if they so request. The presence of jurors in magistrates' courts (which hear less severe cases than those of the Crown Court) was introduced on an experimental basis on 1st

probably have noticed how ‘French’ their offspring have become since starting school. Their brains act as little sponges that absorb every aspect of French language and culture. I don't think the same can always be said of adults. Most of us will know someone who has lived here for 10 years and is still so stereotypically British they could be lifted straight out of a sitcom. I met someone recently who moved here aged 14. In my mind, that is right on the cusp of ‘too late to be French’. She is 23 now and assured me that for as long as she can remember she has dreamt and thought in French. She has plenty of British cultural reference points (for example, a self-professed near addiction to Galaxy chocolate!) but is to all intents and purposes now French. So should I return to the UK and come back with my kids when they are 12/13 years old to ensure an appropriate level of ‘Britishness’? I think not. I have to accept the fact that I will be bringing up two little French ladies who will have a sexy second language… English. ■ January 2012 for a trial period of two years at the courts of Dijon and Toulouse. This reform has been widely criticized by legal professionals who believe that its cost will be very high and that the judicial process will be considerably slowed, due to the need for professional judges to instruct the jurors in increasingly complex matters of law. ■ For more information on this topic, contact: Laure CHAVERON, Avocat 10, rue Martin Nadaud, Boussac Téléphone: 05 55 82 18 99 E: chaveron


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fter the first part of the winter with unseasonably w a r m temperatures, we were plunged into unseasonably cold ones. The snow and ice covered everything. “Yay, that'll kill all the pests and microbes,” said some, ecstatically. Yes, but by killing good things, too. How will this drastic switch affect the garden? Who knows! It may be a good idea, therefore, to pamper it a little this spring, in advance of the season starting. Feeding: Give a light feed of pelleted manure of blood, fish and bone to beds and borders. Mulch shrubs with rotted compost or horse manure. Make up a bucket of liquid manure and feed tubs and planters. Help your soil organisms reestablish themselves. Don't feed the weeds, so deal with them before you do this, by directing them to the compost heap, chickens or the salad bowl. The first sowings: If you laid down textile in the autumn, the area should be weed free and ready now, so take some of it up, sowing as you go, but be prepared with fleeces or cloches if it turns cold again. If you need to dig or rotavate your potager, it may be a little early, depending on your terrain. Start by preparing a small bed as a seed bed. Weed and loosen the soil to form a nice crumbly texture, adding compost if necessary. Warm it up for a few days under fleece or polythene, and it's ready for sowing those things that you will later transplant. If you've got a tunnel or a

greenhouse, it's the moment to get organised (although this can be tricky if you're storing lots of plants in it!). Sowing inside the house, on windowsills and in warm areas, will produce a nice crop of seedlings. Make your seed work hard for you: if you have reasonable quantities of seed, saved from last year, it can give you four different crops: sprouted seed for adding to salads & sandwiches; micro leaves, harvested by cutting

it's not, build another one for this year's waste. Check what may need pruning and tying-in. Climbing roses and ramblers will flower much better if trained nearly horizontal. Make sure other climbers are still well tied-in after the winter weather (and before the birds start thinking about nesting). Resist temptation!! The shops and garden centres will suddenly be full of glorious plants, many in full

with scissors (think mustard and cress); baby leaves, picked at about 5 cm; and last but not least, young plants. Now that's what I call worth it! In warm conditions sow lettuces, chard, spinach, mustards, orache, spring onion, carrots, beetroot, herbs (dill, chervil, coriander, parsley), sorrel, rocket, mizuna, lambs lettuce and most other leaf vegetables. In situ outside sow peas, broad beans, spinach, mustards, radish, sweet peas and annual flowers.

flower. If what you see is much more advanced than what's in your garden, then it has been gown in hotter conditions and it won't adapt easily to life outside. Just try to be a bit patient (though that's easier said than done). Remember that shops respect their product cycles much more than the seasons and that it's in their best interests if you need to buy tomato plants twice over because the first ones died. Ils sont malins!

Start weeding: don't let it get away from you later. Empty the compost bin if it's ready (be careful of hibernating wildlife), and if

Michelle Pierce Un Jardin en France plant nursery 05 45 89 36 54

Good gardening!

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Your Local Corner Shop

Epicerie anglaise, Books, Beers, Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Cards, Kippers & Quorn + lots more at sub supermarket prices. Regular trips to UK for supermarket and wholesale pick-ups. Carriage only charged.

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Ashes to ashes


or many of us living here in rural France, a log burner can be a relatively earth friendly option for heating, and quite economical too - particularly if you're fortunate enough to have easy access to a supply of good quality wood. The ashes left behind from a wood fire are also a valuable and versatile by-product; don't just throw them away indiscriminately! Here's some great uses for your ash. As per usual, exercise appropriate caution, spot test etc. etc. etc.

© 2005 - Smokey Combs (Flickr)

In the garden - March

Fire helper Lumps of charcoal shouldn't be removed from your fireplace if possible, just the ash, as the charcoal will help kick start your next fire and get it cranking out decent heat far faster than if a fire is just started with wood alone. You could also save it for summer barbecues, rather than using some of the commercial products that sometimes have toxic chemicals added.

sometimes. Wood ash increases the pH or alkalinity of soil, so use sparingly. Black charcoal is a little different in that it has a much higher ratio of carbon, so this can be used more liberally.

Pest deterrent Sprinkle the ash around the border of garden beds to repel snails and slugs (this will need to be applied after rain).

Cleaning Dip a damp rag into ash and use to clean silverware, brass and glass. Ash added to a scourer can also give your scouring a bit more oomph.

Ice Wood ash can be used as an anti/de-icing agent, a little more environmentally friendly than salt or other chemicals used these days. Compost Add a dusting of wood ash to each layer of your compost heap as you're building it up.

If you do intend to use wood ash and carbon, be sure not to throw things such as plastics, cigarette butts and the like (which you shouldn't do anyway) into your wood burner or fireplace as they can contaminate it. Ash should be stored in a metal container with a lid. Of course, you should also wait for it to cool before using for any of the above purposes. ■

Fertilizer Ash contains potash (potassium carbonate), phosphate, iron, manganese, boron, copper and zinc and can be quite beneficial as a natural fertilizer...

Arthur Smith Harlequin Developments Tel: Mob:

Dehumidifying Lumps of charcoal placed in a can punched with holes can help reduce moisture in areas such as closets, basements, under sinks etc.

Camellias - la rose du Japon

At this time of year, many old gardens in the Limousin have large rambling shrubs with dark, glossy green leaves and white, red or pink flowers – Camellia japonica. When the first paintings of Chinese plants were brought back to the West, there was some doubt as to whether they showed real plants, so beautiful were the flowers. The camellia certainly tallies with that, having (depending on the species) large, well-formed flowers, showy enough to astound and cause envy in your neighbours. And on top of all that, camellias flower during the winter, at a time when few other things do and so quickly became a must-have plant for royalty, the aristocracy and the wealthy (Queen Victoria, Impératrice Joséphine….) This popularity filtered down through the classes and can still be seen today; few are the old gardens that don't have a camellia somewhere in them. In France, Brittany, and especially Nantes, became a centre for camellia growing after 1805, when Ferdinand Favre, mayor of the town and passionate gardener, saw the economic opportunities it offered – garden plants, pot plants, cut flowers, buttonholes. He bought seed from England and started production. We can clearly see how popular this plant became by the fact that, fifty years later, Nantes had a quarter of a million plants growing! Clearly this implies sales at a national, not purely local level. The town boasted many

family-run nurseries, all vying to produce their own hybrids, each more beautiful than the other. The charm of the plant itself was reinforced by the publication 1841- 43 by Abbé Berlèse of his great work « Iconographie du genre Camellia ou description et figures des Camellia les plus beaux et les plus rares peints d'après nature ». In his Paris garden and greenhouses this fan had more than 800 cultivars. Rather taken for granted now as the flashy hussy of garden centres and supermarkets, the much admired camellia entered into literature via Alexander Dumas' « Dame aux Camélias », and in the following century became a fashion icon through Coco Chanel's pure white blooms. ■ ○ THE BUGLE ○ MARCH 2012

to cook or trust me to do much housework so I spent most of my formative years helping my Dad service and repair his usually clapped-out cars. Having had no children and therefore worked continuously for 44 years, I was always a ‘chicken ding’ or ‘it had to come in a tin’ type cook – the microwave and tin openers were, in my opinion, great inventions and no-one could accuse me of being house-proud then or now. It was not until 6 years ago when we moved to France that I began to try real cooking with fresh vegetables, meat and fish

and, provided I’m not catering for more than 6 people, I enjoy cooking, although I draw the line at making my own pastry. With the price of gas for the central heating rising fast over the last few years, we installed our very own wood burning stove 2 years ago, but it has proved somewhat expensive. Firstly because, 18 months ago, one evening when I was watching TV, I peeled a few clementines, placing the peel into a tissue on the table beside me. After a while I threw the peel and tissues into the wood burner. At bedtime I could not find my bottom denture

A week in the life...

Kevin Andrews, Regional Estate Agent for Leggett Immobilier, gives us a look into his weekly diary.


udging from what I read on some internet forums, most people think that estate agents spend their time careering around the countryside in their gold-plated Ferraris, fleecing old people and ruining the lives of unsuspecting English house buyers. To try and set the record straight (as we do have something of a reputation it would seem), I thought I would jot down an ordinary week’s activities, just to show what it is we get up to.

is probably worth about 20,000€ - she is going to think about it! Signing in the afternoon at the notaire’s office in Rochechouart for a house near Marval. Neither the buyer nor seller are there (both are abroad and we have organised power of attorney for both of them) so the signing is really a formality, but I need to check that the money goes to the right place and that the vendor isn’t being charged more capital gains tax than originally thought.

MONDAY Early start off to the house of another agent to drop off some keys for one of my properties on which he has a viewing. Straight onto Châlus where an elderly French couple have rung me about putting their renovation project on the market. As it turns out, she wants 125,000€ for the place which

TUESDAY Sun comes out, so I stop at a house I recently mandated to take some blue sky exterior photos to replace the existing ones and then straight off to meet a client. They are a couple in their fifties looking for a holiday home that they can eventually retire to. We spend the day looking around six

or seven houses and discussing their requirements in more detail when they let slip that they will be funding the purchase with a house that hasn’t yet sold in the UK – they had, until that point, maintained that they had cash in the bank! Something of a wasted day, although I’ll keep in touch for progress on their house sale (or, more likely, lack of it). WEDNESDAY Nothing scheduled, so a day in front of the PC catching up on emails, completing property descriptions, editing photographs and contacting the vendors of the houses from the previous day’s viewings to tell them not to hold their breath – in the case of a couple of vendors it would appear that it is my fault that the clients had no money. THURSDAY Early meeting with SPANC at a house that has just gone under

house warm as we had visitors for dinner due shortly, I lit the stove. Twenty minutes later, my husband discovered my 12-year-old mobile phone on the top of the burner where I’d placed it in my rush and it had ‘fried’ to bits. The SIM card was also decimated meaning a new mobile phone and yet

more expense. As we think those two incidents have cost around £2000, that is probably more than we would have spent if we had used the gas central heating! But we still love our wood burning stove for its look, its warmth and the fond memories it brings. ■

offer to have the fosse septique checked for the certificate of conformity. Straight off to another mandate – an English couple near Gorre going back to the UK who want to sell their bungalow. The afternoon is spent at the Banque Populaire with a client in the throes of buying a house who needs help opening a French bank account.

increase their offer – the vendor says no, again. One viewing this morning on a small house in a nearby village with an English guy who already lives in France and a mandate in the afternoon of a lovely gite property owned by Dutch vendors who want to stay in France but downsize and do a little less work….don’t we all !"

FRIDAY Two sets of client visits today at opposite ends of the spectrum: in the morning a young English couple with 50,000€ to spend, looking for a semi-habitable renovation project to do up as a holiday home and in the afternoon a French couple from Dijon looking to spend somewhere around 350,000€ on an equestrian property. Both put in offers on the day – the expensive one is rejected (it was way under asking price) but the cheap one is accepted. Spend the evening starting to prepare all the information needed for the compromis de vente for this sale.

If you have any questions regarding these issues or indeed anything else to do with house sales, please feel free to get in touch:

SATURDAY The horsey couple from yesterday


n advertisement in The Bugle extolling ‘the joys of a wood burning stove’ set me to thinking. It took me back to my childhood where, in our council house, there was an open coal fire. I remember one or other of my parents holding newspaper over the aperture to get the fire to initially ‘draw’ and my Mum cleaning out the grate and re-laying the fire every morning. I recall now how comforting the sight and heat of that open fire was when growing up. My Mother was not exactly child-friendly and did not encourage me to learn


This month Bugle reader Annie O'Kane considers the hidden costs when buying wood burning stoves... although it does sound like she only has herself to blame!

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A burning desire

(it hurts my gums when I eat so I usually remove it) and yes, you probably guessed, I’d thrown it in the fire and not a trace of it was found next morning. Luckily my husband, who originates from Ireland, had a spare set of dentures so I used his bottom one until I could get a new one of my own. The joke doing the rounds was that I was now talking with an Irish accent and more rubbish was coming out of my mouth than usual! That incident cost a return crossChannel ferry fare with car to consult my dentist, 3 weeks' contributions to food while staying with friends, the cost of the new denture and an irresistible urge to shop until I dropped in the UK. Secondly, 2 months ago I came into the house after visiting a neighbour in hospital at Poitiers and, being in a rush to get the

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Kevin Andrews Email:- Tel:- 0631 195 581

HOUSES NEEDED We are one of the biggest sellers of houses to UK clients in France and after a busy year I am looking for more properties, particularly in the following areas:

Oradour sur Vayres Chalus - Bussiere Galant Saint Auvent - Saint Laurent sur Gorre - Cognac la Foret - Sereilhac Contact me for a no obligation chat. We have clients looking now!

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Rate* - 1.1632 Fee - £25 Sale price - £150.472 Number direct to a call centre Takes a number of people to get the right expertise needed • Unable to trade over the phone – in branch only for large amounts • Indicative rate only, final sterling price not known until delivery of statement Currencies Direct • Rate* - 1.1951 • Fee - £0 • Sale price - £146.431

• Direct line to your personal currency dealer • Fast online registration within 2 mins (no obligation) • Rate available instantly with verbal agreement over the phone • No fees, no commission • Products to suit your personal needs * All rates and prices shown above are indicative Question: What are the different kinds of services you offer? Currencies Direct offers a regular transfers service for those sending money to France every month or every quarter. This is an ideal service for expats wanting to bring their pensions over or pay their mortgage overseas. You won’t pay any fees, no matter how small the transaction and you can set up a direct debit so you

need never worry about your funds being transferred again! Do you have an overseas mortgage, UK pension or living expenses to transfer? Choose from our innovative variety of services, including spot contracts, which are ideal for immediate purchases whereby you book the deal and the transfer is done on the spot, or our popular forward contract which will help you budget by booking a favourable rate up to a year in advance for your future transfers. If you are interested in having more flexibility there is also our time option contract where you can book the rate and are able to draw down on the funds whenever you wish. Learn about these services and more on our website www. to find the service which best suits you! Where can I find out more about

savings on payments?



You can find out more at Le Tour de Finance, a FREE forum for expats where you can speak to members of the Currencies Direct team to understand the savings you can make on your international transfers. They can show you how to make savings on large transfers as well as monthly or quarterly cross-border payments. There will be other companies at Le Tour De Finance which is being held in Brive on 22 March who can assist you with information on all areas relating to finance for expats. You will also have an opportunity to chat with other people from your area over a free lunch and refreshments. For more details contact Pippa Maile on pippa.m@ or telephone 04 89 82 92 06. ■

See the savings based on a monthly transfer amount of £800 per month Saving Over

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Total saving

1 year




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4 years




5 years




French Inheritance Rules & Taxes – The Basics Once you become a permanent resident of France, you are considered domiciled in France for inheritance purposes. This basically means that your worldwide estate will be subject to French inheritance rules and taxes. However, there is an exception in that the UK retains the right to tax British immovable property, which will be devolved according to your UK will. The double tax treaty ensures that tax will not be paid twice. That apart, the inheritance rules in France state that, should you have children, they have an automatic right to inherit a share of your estate. How much they must inherit will depend on the number of children involved, but their share, the “réserve héréditaire”, will be at least 50% of the deceased parent’s estate. However, the children do not have to inherit all the estate as there is a portion which is freely disposable by way of a will, called the “quotité disponible”. It is, therefore, only possible to leave everything to the surviving spouse by will if

you have no children! For most British people, protecting the surviving spouse is of paramount importance. Depending on your situation, there are various ways of achieving this aim and advice should be sought as to ascertain their effectiveness or suitability. Inheritance tax in France works in a completely different way than in the UK, as it is the heirs who are liable for the tax and not the estate. What is more, the tax rates and allowances are dependent on your relationship to your heirs. At least, since 2007 there is no longer inheritance tax between spouses, with the same rule applying to couples with a “Pacte civil de solidarité” (PACS). Whilst your children may have a French inheritance tax liability, the allowances were raised significantly in 2007 and the tax rates are perfectly reasonable. What is more, there are ways of reducing the tax for them in France. A problem faces those, however, who wish

to leave assets to other family members or friends, with siblings paying up to 45%, nieces and nephews 55% and friends 60% tax! This also means that stepchildren and couples without a PACS will pay most of their inheritances to the State, in taxation, since they will also be subject to the 60% rate. It is normally the wish of any couple in a second marriage to want to leave everything to each other and then to children and step children. It is easy to see that this can cause severe financial and family difficulties without proper planning to avoid the above problems. David Hardy, Poitou-Charentes Regional Manager for Siddalls France, who have been providing impartial independent financial advice to the British community for over 15 years. If you wish to discuss your own financial planning requirements in more detail, please contact David on 05 56 34 75 5 1 ○ THE BUGLE ○ MARCH 2012


The Living Room “ The place to be ! ” Letters to

The Editor

S.O.S. – Save Our Shops Christine Moshy By Email Dear Editor,


love Saturdays, a bit of a lie-in, put on my glad rags (instead of the usual jeans), slap on a bit of make-up and off to Aubusson. As I work from home, and can usually be found with a telephone glued to my ear in front of my solitary computer screen, Saturday represents FREEDOM. I can’t always whizz off to Paris, London or Geneva (much as I would like to), so for many years now I have been spending Saturday mornings in Aubusson, my favourite town. But have any of you out there noticed that Aubusson is dying? Every second or third shop is closed or about to close. Gone is my friend Catherine’s wonderful second-hand clothes shop, gone is the hardware shop up by the market where you could buy any kind of gizmo that you needed, as is the mercerie where you could always be sure to get just the right shade of cotton to mend that hem you never ever got around to mending, the market itself has shrunk beyond recognition and so on. And let's be honest, the shops that remain aren’t doing well. Bourganeuf too has suffered a similar fate and believe it or not, when I first came to the Creuse, Pontarion had three

cafés, two grocers, a newsagents, two butchers, a mercerie, a doit-yourself shop, two restaurants and two hairdressers. I won’t even list the number of little shops there were once in Guéret. You get the picture... I read recently that in the UK the High Street is on its way out too; people prefer, it seems, the soulless out-of-town shopping centres, with the muzak, the escalators, the bland shops that make you wonder whether you are in Brent Cross or Barcelona, Singapore or Stockport. No more little book shops where you can browse all morning and order the book that would never get a mention on Amazon’s best-seller list. Gone is the little boutique where the shop assistant will remember you and say “I’ve got something you will love in your size”. Gone is the jeweller’s where they name a derisory sum or nothing at all when you say how much was it to repair this or clean that. Gone is the shoe menders, where you can get your shoes back, looking as good as new, with a long interesting chat thrown in. Shopaholic as I am, I hate those dreary, alienating shopping centres. Whilst in dear old Aubusson the bookshop is still there (I challenge you to name any book they won’t try to get hold of for you), the jeweller cleaned my ring a few weeks ago for nothing, Gilles, the shoe mender is a

true craftsman and has a wealth of stories to tell and a shop straight out of the nineteenth century, Claudine at the Café du Commerce makes a mean cup of coffee and might just ask you to adopt a cat, Nathalie at the dry cleaner’s has a beautiful smile and so on and so on. The American, Leonard Lauder, of the cosmetics company Estée Lauder invented the term Lipstick Indicator, because he said that, luckily for him, in an economic downturn more people bought small luxuries like lipsticks to make them feel better. So let’s all save our shops; give Aubusson or Bourganeuf or anywhere’s city centre shops a try. Isn’t it nicer to go and drink a beer or a coffee in a friendly café, get your shoes repaired with a story thrown in, browse in a bookshop that is browse-able (you can’t talk to the people at Amazon)? Let’s say to hell with the economy, I want that shocking pink lipstick, that yummy cake in the patisserie, that small piece of pleasure. Let’s save our shops (and the local economy), and who knows the Lipstick Indicator might just make us all feel good. With best regards,

Christine Moshy

P.S – You can even read The Bugle over your coffee at Claudine’s.

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10 actual quotes... honest!! Bob Darvell, Chabrac By Email Dear Editor,


aving read and enjoyed the letter from Reg Clarke (Febraury's Bugle) regarding life in France, I thought your readers might appreciate some of the things people have said to us during our 9 years or so here. These are all true and have not been altered, I believe they show us a little about many Brits! 1. You ain't got no buses in France... 2. Most houses in France have no toilet... 3. I won't buy French wine as I don't like it... 4. There's no bingo in France...

5. Dentists in France do not use anaesthetic... 6. If you don't stop at a junction the Gendarmes will shoot you... 7. Where is France... is it abroad? 8. I'd like to book somewhere within walking distance of an airport, so we don't have to hire a car, and it must have a beach and be near shops, bars and restaurants... 9. We want to be in the middle of nowhere with no neighbours and no traffic, but we must be able to walk to the bar and supermarkets... we would like 5 bedrooms, a barn, views, central heating, a pool and about 4 acres of land... we have £20k... 10. Do they have diesel in France Bob? Regards, Bob Darvell Chabrac

Little England Response Joy Sutton By Email


Dear Editor have been following the varying views expressed by readers on your Letters page since the publication of the “Little England” article and would like to add my own observations. I do think it is important to try to integrate into the French way of life, but some of my fellow countrymen who move here seem to develop “antiEnglish” tendencies. They see France through rose tinted spectacles, viewing everything French as good and anything British as negative. If you dare to criticise the service from France Telecom or the bureaucracy of the Prefecture you can be told quite curtly, “Well if you don’t like it go back to England”. If you admit to

using one of the shopping companies who bring English goods to France you are met with a disapproving look and accusations that you should be supporting the French economy. (Did these people always buy British when they lived in the UK, I wonder?) Then there are those that wax lyrical about the delicious food yet refuse to taste the gésiers and look decidedly pale when faced with escargots or cuisses de grenouille. However, they soon look down their nose at you when you reveal that you just have to have Heinz baked beans or Walkers crisps or decent tea bags. I even hear people declare “I think of myself as French now,” when they have only been here a year or two or state that they only mix with the French and don’t want to socialise with any other Brits. (Is it just me that can’t help a rueful smile when I hear that they have moved

back to England just a few months later?) Of course we are all different but I am proud to be British and don’t see why in this global economy I shouldn’t exercise my choice. After all, the French friends I have don’t have any hesitation in asking me to bring back power tools, cheddar cheese or work boots for them when they see how much cheaper things are on the other side of the Channel. I want to experience the French culture but don’t see why I shouldn’t also tell the French about our customs and help them if they want to improve their English. It helps us communicate and understand each other. So I say “Vivre la différence” and can I have the best of both worlds please? Yours sincerely

Joy Sutton

ED - This topic has rumbled on and on. Each time we printed a reader's thoughts on the Little England debate, it generated a whole new raft of correspondence. I think we have said all there is to say on the subject now, so thank you to everyone who wrote in and apologies to those whose thought I could not print.

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FOR SALE ANIMALS & PETS FOR SALE: 3 pure bred cockerels 10 months old. 2 are speckled sussex and 1 maran. Email: juliet.stringer@ FOR SALE: WHIPPET PUPPIES

Superior quality puppies from Champion parents. Father EL NINIO MOSQUITO French & Italian Show and Racing Champion and mother CASTAGNETTE DE CROQUESOLEIL (LOF 37388/9190) French Show & Race Champion. Fully French registered. Pedigrees can be seen on Puppies will be vaccinated, miro-chipped and registered. Make wonderful family pets or can be shown or club raced. 4 Males & 3 Females born 13 Nov 11. Available Mid January 2012. Price Males €650, Females €700. For more photos & information Tel. 05 53 56 49 38 Email: Email marland. FOR SALE: Jack Russell Puppies x 3 males Born 28/12/2011. Ready end February. Mother's tat: 2EEZ603. Registered L.O.F. Will go to new homes micro-chipped and vaccinated. Exceptional pedigree as well as both parents having excellent characters. Royal Canine puppy starter kit offered with each puppy. €500.00 Tel: 02 54 24 07 76 Mob: 06 78 29 32 61 FOR SALE: Shetland Ponies Free to a good home 2 Shetland ponies - free to a good home. Must be collected. 11 and 6 years old so quite young. Both have passports. TEL: 06 04 46 73 92 ASK FOR NIGEL FOR SALE: Wood Dog House & Pet Barrier for Auto Wood dog house in excellent condition for medlarge dog (height 90 cm): 60 euros. Pet barrier for auto, never used: 12 euros. Please contact: FOR SALE: DOG BASKET IN WILLOW Large dog basket 1 metre x 80cms - our dog refuses to go anywhere near it! Hence totally unused. €45.00 Email: BUILDING MATERIALS & EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: A limited amount of ecological paint and varnish removing products The items listed below are a much safer alternative and really work. No hazardous skin burns, no solvents and no fumes!500 ml and 1 litre containers of paint and varnish remover.2.5 litre containers of textured coating remover (perfect for removing crepi)Brush renew (removes paint and varnish from your brushes), Super strength degreaser (great for removing grease ,oil and grime), Graffiti remover, and also hand cleaner.To check availability and prices on any of the above please e-mail. Email: sndmb@hotmail. com FOR SALE: Mixture of corrugated and steel framed sheets 17' x 6' and 8' x 4'. Ideal for animal shelters and pens. Buyer collects. 50 euros the lot. Please call 05 55 00 98 52 FOR SALE: RECLAIMED TOMMETTES 160MM X 160MM X 20MM, APPROX 20 SQ/M, €36 PER SQ/M. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT 05 55 63 43 35 FOR SALE: Building materials - roof tiles/ stone Approx 200 m2 roof tiles. 45 m3 stone. Call for more

information. Tel: 06 03 07 82 10 FOR SALE: Quarry Tiles - 150mm Square Approx 550 (13 m2). Brand new. €350.00ono Tel: FOR SALE: Large quantity mechanique roof tiles (around 1000) Offers invited. Tel: 05 55 60 64 92 FOR SALE: Scaffold tower, cement mixer, builders trestles, acrows 1 Scaffold tower in aluminium. Working platform 3.8m. Good condition and easy to erect by one person...150 eu2 Cement mixer. Electric. 145 litres. Very good condition...125 eu3 Builders trestles. Very strong and heavy. 50mm steel construction. Adjustable from 1m to 2.3m with 2 x 3.8m scaffold boards...125 eu4 Acrows...or the French version. 8 from 1.6 to 2.6m...60 eu the lot Tel 04 73 52 14 07...15 mins east of Auzances FOR SALE: A Somatherm kit for central heating systems Pump, expansion tank, pipes, valves etc. Approx 2 years old but only used for 2 months. €100.00 Contact Graham on 04 70 06 37 99 FOR SALE: OLD RECLAIMED ROOF SLATES 100s! Only €95! Buyer collects. €95.00 Tel: 05 55 78 79 02 FOR SALE: RECLAIMED FRENCH INTERLOCKING NATURAL RED CLAY ROOF TILES Approx 350. (French manufactured). Only €95! Buyer collects (Nr Rochechouart). €95.00 Tel: 05 55 78 79 02 FURNITURE FOR SALE: Farmhouse Table - 2 Carvers + 4 other Chairs Rug also

available if required. €100.00ono Tel: 05 53 56 90 87 FOR SALE: Pine Double Bed €100.00 Tel: 05 53 56 90 87

FOR SALE: Nathan furniture Display Cabinet Very good condition, approx 6ft long, two leaded glass illuminated displays and center drinks cupboard with draws and cupboards below. Plus matching corner unit. €120.00 Tel: 05 55 76 69 32 FOR SALE: Welsh Dresser Good condition. Cupboards in base with two glass-fronted display cabinets on top . €100.00 Tel: 05 55 76 69 32 FOR SALE: Meubles anciens Various pieces of furniture: armoires, bedhead, Chesterfield, St Hubert sideboard, candelabras etc. Call for more info. Tel: 06 75 51 47 27 FOR SALE: Solid Oak Chest Age

unknown (at least 100 years). Been in family but now too large to keep. Contact for more photos. Dimensions: 150cm(w) x 54cm(d)x x 70cm(h). Depth of inside 34cm. €250.00ono Tel: 05 55 41 17 76 FOR SALE: HABITAT round dining table 42"/ 107 cm in diameter. Handpainted and antique waxed in soft white. Very sturdy. A beautiful piece of furniture in very good condition. €75.00 TEL: 05 55 08 46 53

FOR SALE: Two pine dressers One has a top unit with two cupboards and one centre glass cupboard with shelves below. The other one is a pine base unit with three cupboards wide 150 x 45 cm. 125 euros for the base cupboard and 200 for the dresser unit. Tel: 05 55 67 58 87 FOR SALE: Single beds & bedding 2 brand new single quality beds 200x90cm, adjustable on 3 heights, complete with undermattress, 100% latex mattress, mattress protector, 4 seasons quilt, cover, sheet, pillowcase. Never used. Bought for 3000 euros, will sell for 2000 euros. €2,000.00 Email: FOR SALE: Oak Corner Display Unit 2m H x 50cm. Leaded glass top. €40.00 Tel: 05 55 51 91 79 FOR SALE: Various 1. Brand new ( Reference Bali) single sprung hypoallergenic mattress 200cm x 90cm x 18 cm. Eu 100.002. Single sprung mattress , hardly used 190cm x 90cm. Eu 30.003. Solid pine round (1.25m) pedestal table. Eu 150.004. Sofa bed red colour converts to double bed with built in storage in as new condition. Eu 275.00Delivery possible locally. Phone Geoff on 05 55 81 08 77 Email: geoffrey.sowler@orange. fr FOR SALE: Recliner chair Floral draylon, in excellent condition. Will deliver locally. Email for photos. €150.00 Email: janemcmullin@ FOR SALE: ROUND STURDY FARMHOUSE KITCHEN STYLE TABLE 1.1 Diameter. Dark oak finish. Very good condition. €50.00 Tel: 0555784524 FOR SALE: Brown leather, large 3 seater sofa Some wear hence 85 euros. E-mail for info and photo. €85.00 Email: carol.roach@ FOR SALE: Single Beds + Almost new matress Bed - metal frame and dismountable. €35.00 Tel: Mob: (Daniel McNally) FOR SALE: 3 piece lounge suite - 3 seater settee All covers removable & washable. Blue/grey colour. Available mid December. Buyer collects from between St Yrieix and Payzac. €200.00 Tel: 05 53 55 21 85 FOR SALE: Set of 4 70’s style dining chairs In fair to good condition, the seats have been recovered in brown velor type material. The chairs would benefit from a quick coat of varnish as one of them was always left near the central heating radiator. €30.00 Tel: 05 55 03 28 18 FOR SALE: ROUND WOODEN TABLE Wooden table painted white - diameter 110cms €45.00 Email: GARDEN FOR SALE: Log Saw Rocking bed type 3 phase motor. €250.00 Tel: 05 46 33 18 75 FOR SALE: Two Hay Carts 100 euros each. Buyer collects. Tel: 05 55 48 81 98 FOR SALE: Garden Tools Stihl KombiSystem: débrousailleuse, scarificateur, cultivateur, coupe bordure (used for trimming hedges, edging lawns, turning borders or sweeping paths) - 350 euros. Agria Farmhandy Power Hoe - 290 euros. Honda petrol scarifier 50cm - 395 euros.Épandeur (spreader) - 85 euros. Black & Decker cordless Pole Pruner - 125 euros.All tools hardly or never used. Email: FOR SALE: Log Saw Blade diameter 500mm. Cutting depth 150mm. Motor 230V. 1.8kW. Little used. Excellent condition. Cost new EUR 650. €325.00 Tel: 05 55 51 91 79 GENERAL FOR SALE: TV Thomson TV 52 cm with remote. €30.00 Tel 05 55 03 87 56 FOR SALE: SUPRA WOODBURNING STOVE Cast iron. Model HF3932. 7 to 14 KW. Rear venting. Almost as new, used

little. Includes some chimney pipes. €350.00 Tel 05 55 03 87 56 FOR SALE: A SELECTION OF ANTIQUE FURNITURE AND KNICK-KNACKS 1) Baby High Chair/Stroller Combination. Antique. Condition Excellent/Good. Wood. Total height 3'8.5". width 19.5". As low chair 2'6". 200€ or very near offer. 2) YOU REALLY NEED TO SEE THE PHOTOS OF THIS ONE. Vegetable Serving Tureen. By removing the handle this can transform from a single Vegetable Warmer into two individual serving trays. Brilliant Idea. Made in Sheffield of Electo Plated Nickel Silver (EPNS) it dates between 1890 - 1910. Measures approx 12" long x 9.5" wide x 3" high (not including removable handle). Weighs approx 1kilo730g before packing. 130€ or very near offer. 3) Antique Vase made by A J HARLEY JONES, FENTON, STAFFORDSHIRE, ENGLAND between 1907-1934. The principle colour is blue - called Bleu de Feu because of the type of firing the glaze. The picture on the side shows 2 peasant women in a woodland setting. Approx 10.25" tall x 16" round the body (not including the handles). This vase has been valued by two local Antique Dealers (in France) as being worth between 150€-200€. 150€. 4) Large Wall Clock with Westminster Chimes. Runs for 20 days per windup. In very good over-all condition. Measures approx 28" high x 12" side to side x 6.5" front to back. 140€ or very near offer. 5) A set of 3 jugs. coloured green decorated with various fruits. Unmarked. 1) 4.75" high x 4.5" handle to spout x 2.5" wide. 2) 5.25"high x 5" handle to spout x 2.5" wide. 3) 6" high x 6.25" handle to spout x 3.25" wide. 40€ 6) Very unusual Brass Lamp with 2 wicks. Marked DUPLEX. MADE IN ENGLAND on both wick handles. Patterned glass shade. Overall height 18.5". 150€ or near offer. Email for photos. Tel: Jannie 05 55 89 98 47 Email: janniesjunkandjems@ FOR SALE: Various 2 x Free standing electric heaters. Different models/styles in very good/ excellent condition. Very little use. 20€ eachFlame effect electric fire. 54cm x 44cm x 30cm. In good/excellent condition. Very little used. 50€Free standing Fire Grate with attached Back Plate. In good used condition. 45cm x 53cm x 29cm. 250€ or very near offer.Heavy dining table and 6 chairs. Malaysian Oak. Not sure of the age but at least 10yrs old (possibly older). In very good/excellent condition. Table 96cm x 152cm x 78cm. Chairs height to top of back 115cm. Height to seat 47cm x 52cm x 47cm. 300€ or very near offer.Email for photos. Tel: Linda 05 55 89 31 97 or Jannie 05 55 89 98 47 Email: FOR SALE: Various - House Clearance 1) 6 Chairs and a Dinning Room Table. Solid oak. Very good condition. €250 2) 2 Single Beds. €100 the pair. Metal framed. 3) 2 Reclining Chairs. Cream leather. 4) Electric Bike. Needs new battery. EUR 50 ono. Tel: 05 55 64 18 33 FOR SALE: Hay Bales Small Bales 2.50 per bale. Tel: 05 46 33 18 75 FOR SALE: Various equipment for handicapped person Wheelchairs, stanner stair lift, 3 wheel electric scooter etc. Tel: 05 55 42 75 92 FOR SALE: Hot Tub Spa Lay-Z with digital control for 4 adults Un WANTED present. As new, still in packaging. Sells on at €489. Area 87130. €399.00 Tel: 05 55 56 62 84 Email: pugsley.homer@ FOR SALE: Good selection of long playing records Including: Bizet Carmen, orchestral magic, Buddy Holly live, box set Cliff Richard & Shadows, Johnny Mathis [double alb] plus others all in v/good condition. Offers welcome. We are located in Chenerailles [dept 23] - buyer to collect. Phone 05 55 41 47 00 FOR SALE: A beautiful old French Pendulum Clock in oak case with bevelled glass Strikes on the hour and

half hour. 800 x 360. €110.00 Tel: 05 55 787902 (Near Rochechouart) FOR SALE: Godin solid cast iron woodburner fire Size 660mm long - 600mm high - 320mm wide. V.G.C. Buyer collects. Phone Patricia for details. €200.00 Tel: 05 55 41 19 28 FOR SALE: Ikea oven White. Used only few times. V.G.C. Buyer collects. Phone Patricia for details. €50.00 Tel: 05 55 41 19 28 FOR SALE: "PETIT GODIN" multi fuel circular stove 10kw output. Majolica enamel brown finish, with decorative ash tray and cast iron tool for opening door catches. £1600 new. In good condition. €300.00 TEL: 05 55 08 46 53 FOR SALE: Woodland and Pasture Almost 5 acres of beautiful land near St Saturnin (north of Boussac, east of St Severe). Pasture, woodland and rough pasture. Has a stream and a spring - possible to construct etang. Mature woodland and coppiced trees - grow your own firewood and enjoy nature. Plenty flat areas for caravan etc. Not building land. Offers around 15,000 euros. €15,000.00 Tel: 05 55 63 83 28 FOR SALE: Antique woodburning stove dating from the 1900's Excellent condition with bread oven. Delivery possible. €450.00ono Tel: 0613363979 FOR SALE: 2 off Shimano Baitrunner 6000b GTE Carp reels C/w spare spools and boxes, instructions etc. Hardly used, as no time. In excellent condition. 75 Euro each or 140 Euro for the two. Also a tackle box trolley/barrow still in box never assembled. 50 Euros. Phone Andy 0555-483062 (nr Rochechouart) FOR SALE: 5 pairs of original wooden windows Varying sizes, with original window furniture and fittings. All fitted with the original glass. 75,00 euros for the lot. €75.00 TEL: 05 55 08 46 53 FOR SALE: Various PETMATE AIR TRAVEL and TRAINING KENNEL Through flow ventilation for safe air and auto travel. Safe way to help solve behaviour problems. For dog/cat up to 51 cms tall by 61 cms long. Meets international air travel requirements. (IATA) Kennel bedpad also included. Unused. Easy to carry. €50 3 SINGLE PINE BEDS. TWO MATCHING, including mattresses for all three. Comprised of head and footboards and slatted base. €50 each. BATHROOM WASHHAND BASIN AND MATCHING PEDESTAL. White. New and unused. Includes two taps. Basin measures 66 cms wide by 56 cms deep. €30. Ladies BICYCLES° Ladies Peugeot Mosaique. Pink. 15 gears. €50° Ladies Ammaco Oasis. Purple. 15 gears. €50° Ladies Boulevade EMMELLE. Black. 12 gears. €50 Telephone 05 55 14 28 09 FOR SALE: Fonds de commerce Fonds de commerce FOR SALE due to ill health - for restaurant in Parnac area. Includes all equipment, cat IV licence, all stock & 4-year-old sign-written Kangoo van. Plus furniture & 2-bed apartment with the restaurant. €45,000.00 FOR SALE: Licence IV Enables sales of beverages and spirits in Bars/ Restaurants etc Email: jsezer@ FOR SALE: Ladies Coats Pale blue swede, full length ladies coat. Brand new. Size 14. EUR 80 onoRed leather, short ladies coat. Brand new. Size 14. EUR 50 onoCream, full length ladies coat. Brand new. Size 14. EUR 35 ono Tel: 02 54 25 38 97 (orsennes, dept 36) FOR SALE: Computer Equipment Computer screen, Epsom printer, English keyboard, mouse + mouse mat. €60.00 Tel: 02 54 25 38 97 (orsennes, dept 36) FOR SALE: SCHAUB LORENZ COMBO FLAT SCREEN LCD TV/DVD 19" with TNT and HDMI, still boxed, as new. €50.00 Tel: 0555895605 (La Souterraine) Email: FOR SALE: Baby/child items

Quality baby car seat, in excellent condition, 30 euros. Travel Cot which folds into carry bag, in good condition. (Also suitable as play pen). 25 euros. Used few times during our grandchildren's visits! Tel: 05 55 78 79 02 FOR SALE: Land Rover Discovery dog guard, mats & UK headlights TRAVAL dog guard for Land Rover Discovery, as new - 60 euros.Full set Land Rover mats for Discovery - 15 euros.UK Headlights for Land Rover Discovery - 60 euros. Tel: 05 55 78 54 20 FOR SALE: Rectangluar Hay Bales (87) Ideal for use as animal bedding. 6 euros a bale. Please call 05 55 00 98 52 FOR SALE: Hot Water Cylinder 150 litre hot water cylinder, brand new from Castorama, never been out of its box. €95.00 Please call 05 55 00 98 52 FOR SALE: Yeoman Freestanding Multi-fuel Stove "Country Integral"

model, colour black. 770mm(w) x 810mm(h) x 480mm(d).Will serve 4 large and 5 small radiators + hot water.Used for 1 winter only, in very good condition.Buyer collects (dept 19). €700.00 05 55 98 29 73 Email: FOR SALE: BASS GUITAR IBANEZ SR305DX 5 STRING ACTIVE, VERY GOOD CONDITION, PROFESSIONALLY SET UP, NEW STRINGS. €225.00ono FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT 05 55 63 43 35 FOR SALE: BABY ITEMS CHILDS BUGGY. XTS 3 WHEELED, OFF-ROAD/ JOGGING BUGGY. EXCELLENT CONDITION, NEW TYRES, CARRY CASE, RAIN COVER, COSY-TOES SNUGGLE BAG. €100 CHILD CAR SEAT. BRITAX BEBE CONFORT. FOR 4 TO 11 YEAR OLD APPROX, FULLY PADDED, ADJUSTABLE WINGS, ARMRESTS, REMOVEABLE BACK TO CREATE BOOSTER SEAT €30 CHILDS BIKE SEAT. WILL FIT MOST BIKES, HARNESS, FOOT PLATES AND ANKLES STRAPS, AS NEW. €25CHILDS BLACKBOARD/ EASEL. EXCELLENT CONDITION, LENGTH 43CM, WIDTH 62CM, HEIGHT 118CM. BLACKBOARD ONE SIDE WHITE BOARD ON REVERSE, ALSO COMES WITH A ROLL PAPER ATTACHED FOR PAINTING. €17.50 FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT 05 55 63 43 35 FOR SALE: Shower suite Blue knight shower cubicle - toilet white close coupled suite - white vanity china basin. All still in packaging. All brand new. 87 area. €180.00 Tel 05 55 60 27 03 FOR SALE: Godin Circular Wood Burner Brown enamel, filigree finish. 75cm high, 28cm diameter. €250.00ono Tel: FOR SALE: Nokia mobile telephone 3500 Classic, earphones and mains adapter Good condition, with black leather protective case w/ belt clip. €40.00 Tel: 09 50 76 37 75 FOR SALE: Electric Sewing Machine - Lervia Almost new. Only used twice. Perfect condition. €70.00 Tel: 05 55 62 49 65 FOR SALE: Vox Cambridge 30 twin guitar amplifier The amp has been upgraded to 50 watts and is in perfect working order. Features incl. footswitch for channel, reverb and tremelo. €199.00ono Tel: 05 55 71 79 31 Email: john.martin@ FOR SALE: White kitchen sink ○ THE BUGLE ○ MARCH 2012

CLASSIFIEDS ♦ 17 The Bugle CLASSIFIEDS are brought to you in association with WWW.HOUSESONINTERNET.COM ceramic single bowl With barge like flowers painted on (still in bricodept). €85.00 Please call FOR SALE: French Linguaphone Course Complete course in boxed set (books, tapes & cd's). €30.00 Tel: 05 55 71 79 31 Email: john. FOR SALE: Ladies Mountain Bike 26" wheels, 18 gear twist grip change. Good condition. €40.00 Tel: 05 55 51 91 79 FOR SALE: Bike trailer 20" wheels. Seats 2 children. €30.00 Tel: 05 55 51 91 79 FOR SALE: Bikes Ladies shopper bike, 17" wheels. New tyres & tubes.Boys mountain bike, 24" wheels.EUR 30 for pair. Tel: 05 55 51 91 79 FOR SALE: New White PVC D.G. Window 1600 x 1250 inc sill. €50.00 Tel: 05 55 51 91 79 FOR SALE: Large wooden storage chest/coffee table 92cm x 94cm. €30.00 Tel: 0555895605 Email: FOR SALE: TAKAI open face sports helmet Matt black, clear visor and retractable sun visor. XS 53-54cm. 5 months old, hardly worn. €65.00 Tel: 0555895605 Email: FOR SALE: Towable Altrad Cement Mixer With a 3.5 Briggs and Stratton engine, with a ball hitch. €450.00 Email: sermur2002@ FOR SALE: Complete photographic dark room Any offers considered. Tel: 05 55 02 93 01 (Saint Junien-87) FOR SALE: Scanner Epson Perfection 1240U Photo. Any offers considered. Tel: 05 55 02 93 01 (Saint Junien-87) FOR SALE: AMD Tower and PC Complete with DVD, CD rewriter and floppy disk drives, IIYAMA monitor, 2 keyboards (French and qwerty), speakers and mouse. Needs hard disk. Any offers considered. Tel: 05 55 02 93 01 (Saint Junien-87) FOR SALE: Antique French cast iron fire dogs with iron basket Height: 59cms, Overall Width: 90

Crime and family sagas. All in good condition, 3 for 1 euro, North Creuse. Contact 05 55 80 75 78 FOR SALE: Red Diesel heater

45cm (16ins) X 74cm (29ins). Fire dogs and back plate. Hardly used. Price 350 Euros. With free fire guard to match. €350.00 Call Linda on 05 55 75 27 01 FOR SALE: 100 English Books Both Hard and Paperback. In good condition. All for 20 euros. €20.00 Tel: 0962 58 49 03 FOR SALE: Large number of bargain books Adventure, Mystery,

Including 700 ltr tank and electric pump.Excellent condition. Lignerolles 36160 €450.00ono Tel: 02 54 06 02 37 FOR SALE: Various Log saw, free standing, 1.8KW 230V, 480mm blade. 400 euros.New generator 2KW. 200 euros.Window - new, white, double-glazed. Act size 1600 x 1250 inc. sill. 100 euros. Tent new vango colorado 600 DLX 6 man+. 200 euros.Corner display unit, oak, leaded glass. 75 euros. Copper compression fittings, 22mm elbows x 10 & 22mm straight connectors x 10. 25 euros.Tasco telescope/tripod/various lenses. 50 euros.Table saw 230V. 30 euros. All new:Shutter hooks 300mm 6 prs - 6 euros the pair.Shutter hinges complete 400mm 4 prs - 12 euros pr.Shutter hinges complete 500mm 12 prs - 12 euros pr.Coach bolts/ washers/nuts m8, 75mm, 6 pks x 25. 3 euros pk.Coach bolts/washers/ nuts m8, 65mm, 6 pks x 25. 2.75 euros pk.Glue screws (like no nails) 9 tubes x 350 ml + exp. foam 2 x 750 ml. 20 euros. Tel: 05 55 51 91 79 (Marsac) FOR SALE: Large fine photogravure prints of famous paintings. Only €5 each. Tel: 05 55 51 91 47 FOR SALE: 100 Edwardian English Books Many with gold leaf covers. Ideal for bookcase display. €300.00 Tel: FOR SALE: National Geographic Magazines 11 years - 1989 to 2006. 22 volumes (2 per year) plus 2 volumes of maps. All in slip cases and in very good condition. Reason FOR SALE: downsizing from a very large house to a small flat. €265.00ono Contact: 05 55 80 48 20 FOR SALE: 100 Novels / Autobiographies All good condition. €100.00 Please ring 05 55 78 45 24 FOR SALE: New Oak Door Frame 900 x 2100mm (exterior) €35.00 Tel: 05 55 81 30 39 FOR SALE: Long black leather riding boots Size 7. Length 19" 49.5cm. Calf 14" 35.5cm. Knee 13" 35cm. La Souterraine area. €90.00 Call Judy (eve) Email: wildlifegardens@orange. fr FOR SALE: Sony Playstation One Complete with two controllers, steering wheel and pedals, memory card and six games. Excellent condition and can be seen working. €75.00 Telephone 02 54 30 00 79 (near Guéret) FOR SALE: Various Garmin Oregon 300 GPS complete with topo maps for SW France, City navigator maps for Europe, rechargeable batteries, carrying case and fixing kit for car windscreen. This GPS is primarily designed for walking and cycling, but can also be used for driving. Cost 680 euros new, will accept 400 euros.Fish kettle, 20 euros.FAIP NHP 145 pressure washer, 50 euros.Philips SBC HC 8445 wireless rechargeable headsets,



cms, Basket Width: 63 cms, Depth: 57 cms. €300.00 Phone: 05 55 65 00 04 Email: pc.cullen@yahoo. FOR SALE: Caste Iron fire grate

20 euros.HDMI selector box 4 in 1 out, 10 euros.Techwood 19” LCD TV used twice as new, 100 euros. FTE twin universal satellite receiver head LNC 54 US, 30 euros.3 ultra sonic cordless pest repellents, new, 30 euros each. Linksys wireless G broadband router WRT54GL, 50 euros.French TV satellite receiver, 15 euros.Bush Freesat HD satellite receiver box, as new, 50 euros. Sony blu ray disc player BDPS350, 150 euros. Logitech Z5500 5 speaker + sub woofer surround sound system. 100 euros.TACX cycle trainer, as new, 150 euros. Panasonic portable stereo CD system, 50 euros. Tel. 09 80 08 68 72 FOR SALE: Various Half moon hall table with drawer 50 eurosD’Longhi oil filled electric radiator unused 30 eurosModern square sink white unused 18 eurosM&S tall cherry display cabinet 4 shelves, 4 drawers 300 eurosModern white sideboard 2 cupboards, 2 drawers 6 months old 90 eurosBoots sidestepper unused 15 eurosRound coffee black/clear glass 50 eurosMoulinex bread maker used once 15 eurosBlack & gold hall runner excellent quality unused 80 eurosBlack glass TV stand with 3 shelves 40 eurosDulux trade Weathershield brilliant white paint 5 litres undercoat 7 and half litres 40 eurosAll in excellent condition. Phone 05 55 67 15 08 FOR SALE: Temporary EDF connection box Only used for 5 months. Purchased new in Feb 2010. Creuse area. €140.00 Tel: 06 04 42 97 73 FOR SALE: Rosieres wood burner 1920's? Art Deco style. Blue enamel finish. Works but a couple of parts need replacing. Front loading, rear flue. 55 cm high, 50 cm wide, 40 cm deep. €60.00 Telephone 05 55 65 67 24 (near Auzances) FOR SALE: 1930's Westminster Chimes Clock Chimes on the quarter hour and hour. €45.00 Tel: FOR SALE: Garage trolley jack 2 1/4 tonne. Heavy duty. Hardly used. €60.00 Tel: Mob: (Daniel McNally) FOR SALE: EPSON PICTURE MATE Excellent condition. Only 55 Euros. We are in dept 23. €55.00 05 55 62 77 41 FOR SALE: Motorcycle helmet 'TNT' open face with visor, size XL (61-62cm), black and orange, hardly worn. €30.00 Contact 05 55 68 58 16 FOR SALE: Black mesh fire screen 120cm wide, with 3 hinged sections 30 cm-60 cm-30 cm wide x 65cm high. Excellent condition, as new. €80.00ono Contact 05 55 68 58 16 FOR SALE: TV stand 3 shelf black glass TV stand. Size: 110 cm long, 40 cm wide, 50 cm high. €60.00 Tel FOR SALE: Two Canon Pixma ink cartridges 510 Black and 511 Colour cartridges, suitable for Pixma series MP240/MP260/ MP480/MX320/MX330. Bought in error. €15.00 Tel: 05 55 03 28 18 VEHICLES/PARTS FOR SALE: Classic Car 1961 Peugeot 404. In good condition, drives regularly. Car on show at events organised by the VAHL (Volants Anciens du Haut Limousin) in Bellac.Price EUR 2,500 or exchange for 2CV. €2,500.00 Tel: 06 20 79 79 34 FOR SALE: FORD FOCUS 1.8TDi Sept 2004 French registered but RHD, with French headlights. 62,000miles. Alloy wheels. Pale


blue metallic. CT until 07/13. All round good condition. €3,500.00 05 55 29 39 15 - Correze (19) FOR SALE: Landrover 4x4 TD5 French green. Alcantara beige interior. 2001. 60,000km. €15,000.00ono Tel: 06 75 51 47 27 FOR SALE: Peugeot 307 SW

LHD. Met Grey. 122,000 km. Full service history. Just had Controle Technique. Good reliable car. Priced to sell. €6,500.00ono Tel: 05 55 61 99 14 / 06 76 52 26 47 FOR SALE: APRILIA ATLANTIC 500 MAXI SCOOTER UK registered, 2005. 500cc, vgc, fast and comfortable, lots of storage space. €1,500.00 Tel: 0555895605 (La Souterraine) Email: FOR SALE: Renault Master T35D (ex ambulance with seats removed) Used to move down to France now selling. Good mechanical condition, lots of space, on French plates & part registered in France. Only needs new Controle Technique, and registration to complete. €1,000.00 FOR SALE: Peugeot 406 HDI man sal 2002 RHD, on French plates, CT until Oct 2013. Silver. VGC. High spec, climate control, computer, CD player, elec windows and mirrors. All good tyres, under 90000 miles. €2,495.00ono Tel: +447779 406613 Email: tony. FOR SALE: Renault Megane Cabriolet 'Karmann' LHD French registered. Petrol. 89,000 km. Colour: champagne. Glass roof. Fully serviced, CT until 2012. Excellent condition. €5,200.00 Tel: FOR SALE: Peugeot 307 HDI Estate - 2005 French registered. RHD. 22 months left on CT. High milleage, hence price. €2,300.00 Tel: 05 55 60 45 03 FOR SALE: Ford Transit Short Wheel Base Van, 1997, LHD French registered, 2 year CT, White no stickers, good all round. €1,800.00 call 05 45 31 59 34 FOR SALE: Citroen Relay (Jumper) Hi-Top Long Wheel Base. 2003 model. New battery, alternator and fuel pump. CT until April 2011. Headlights changes. UK plates. €2,500.00ono Tel: 05 55 61 19 81 FOR SALE: VW Golf MK2 GTI 1.8 8v 1987 Over €400 spent in new parts all with 0 miles including 4 new tyres, RHD, UK reg, absolute bargain! €550.00 05 45 31 59 34 FOR SALE: Truckman HiTop Cab (white) with rear glass door Fitted with rotavent in roof. Originally fitted to a 2005 Mitsubishi L200 double cab. €350.00 Tel: 05 55 68 71 22 (after 6pm) FOR SALE: Halfords Car Roof Box (Half width). Approx 360ltr. Plus Roof Bars plus Clamps complete €100. Used once. €100.00

Tel 05 53 52 41 34 FOR SALE: Roof Bars and Headlamps Roof bars for Renault ClioII 3dr 35€; Thule KIT1297 roof bars for Renault Megane Hutchback96-02 5dr, Coupé97-02 3dr, or Classic 4dr Sedan97-02 40€; headlamps Megane RHD 96-02 40€. Tel: 05 55 78 73 46 FOR SALE: Suzuki DR 650 R Djebel 1991, 46000 kms, good condition, French registered, blue/ white, good tyres, lights, indicators all in good working order. €900.00 Tel David 05 55 94 38 35 (North Correze) FOR SALE: Engine and gearbox 1.9 diesel from Citroen Xsara (also suitable for other models of Citroen and Peugeot). Complete with all ancillaries except alternator. Delivery possible if fuel cost covered from 87330. €450.00 Tel: Email: FOR SALE: Engine and Gearbox for Ford Transit, 2.5 Radiator and exhaust (complete) also available. €350.00 Tel: FOR SALE: 50 cc scooter Peugeot buxy. Year 1996. Slight problem with it - sometimes loses power when riding, it then picks up again after a few seconds but could be fixed quite easily. Apart from that is fine. It also has a sports exhaust on it. €300.00 Tel: 06 83 45 70 96 FOR SALE: 2 x Right Hand Drive Renault Megane Headlights From a 2004 Megane Hatch. Excellent Condition. Tel: 05 55 65 02 31 WHITE GOODS FOR SALE: FRIDGE, FREEZERS, FRIDGE/ FREEZER 1 x Fridge/Freezer, LG Multi air flow.model GR349SQF. 80 Euros ovno...67 1/2 inches high x 23 1/2 inches wide x 24 inches deep..1 x Upright Freezer, DIVA Metro model MM5. 90 Euros ovno..76 inches high x 29 1/2 inches wide x 28 1/4 inches deep..1 x Fridge, Model Frigster BC135.. 45 Euros ovno..34 inches high x 21 1/2 inches wide x 22 1/2 inches deep..1 x Chest Freezer, Curliss model CC2001.. 60 Euros ovno..35 inches high x 31 1/2 inches wide x 28 inches deep.. All in very good condition.Also an Electrulux Fridge model RF493.32 1/2 inches high x 19 1/2 wide x 22 1/2 inches deep..Plus a Chest Freezer Elmec..{ lid detached }34 inches high x 21 1/2 inches wide x 23 inches deep.20 Euros each OR 35 Euros the pair.Both a bit untidy, but would make ideal freezer and fridge for Anglers bait... Phone 0555 64 48 35 (St. Dizier Leyrenne) Email: FOR SALE: Fridges Large Bluesky fridge - 1450 high by 550 wide. 75 euros. Under counter fridge 50 euros. Please call FOR SALE: Three-Way Fridge for a Caravan Electrolux 700 12V, 22OW, gas fridge. €220.00ono Tel: 05 55 64 27 86 Email: FOR SALE: Table Top Fridge with ice box Excellent condition - hardly used. Silver casing. Size: height 62cms, width 47cms, depth 44cms. Haute-Vienne. €65.00 Tel: 05 55 03 08 19 Mob: 06 02 32 46 31

WANTED WANTED: 16 Roumazieres Loubert II interlocking roof tiles Size 435mm x 255mm. Maximum 500 needed. Approx 150 to be exact match for an existing roof. South of Limoges - North of Thiviers off N21. Please email to discuss further.Other building materials required - oak flooring - celotex insulation - window/door heads & cills Tel UK 0044 1848 841581 Email: WANTED: Small Trailer to sit behind ride-on mower Any conditions considered Tel: 05 55 51 19 67 Email: mazzer09@hotmail. com WANTED: Cot or travel cot and a high chair in good condition Tel: 05 87 86 52 04 WANTED: Covered parking to store a car For approx. 12 weeks a year in the region of Limoges or Bergerac airports. Tel: 0044 1748 884526 Email: thiernswood@ WANTED: For compact tractor Transport box (bennette), rotovator, plough and snow plough all in usable condition. Tel: 05 55 64 33 71 WANTED: Chain harrow / grass rake Approx 8' x 8'. Any age considered, for use on a small tractor. Tel Barbara 06 30 02 35 73 WANTED: Tea chests/ stong boxes for packing Tel: 05 55 51 91 79 WANTED: Mobile home For use while restoring my house near Guéret (23). after 6 pm Email: WANTED: Various ...Roof bars for 124series Mercedes estate, engine for 3ton mini digger or similar with pumps if possible, large log saw bench, PTO or engine driven. Tel: 05 55 60 64 92 Email: WANTED: Vacuum Cleaner in good working condition Tel: 05 55 78 79 02 WANTED: GAYTIME POTTERY SALT POT WANTED Gaytime salt pot, I have just broken mine and want to replace it. Please contact with price or I will exchange for a Gaytime vinegar/oil bottle. Tel 05 65 31 20 10 WANTED: Inexpensive House/ Building to Renovate Quick purchase. Tel: 05 55 65 84 95 WANTED: Land With or without buildings, with or without planning permission. All types of land considered: woods, fields, houses with attached land etc. Preferably in the Blessac/Ahun area of Creuse. Tel: WANTED: Transit type pick-up Does not matter if it's got no mot or ct. Any condition as it's for a project. Cash paid. Tel: 05 55 68 31 81 WANTED: Motor transport scooter/moped Will pay up to EUR 500 Tel: 06 42 82 92 42 WANTED: Moped/ Trail Bike WANTED by private buyer one or two cheap old road legal French reg mopeds or perhaps 50cc trail bike. Nr A20 direction Bellac. Anything considered as long as they run. Email: WANTED: Second Hand Washing Machine Tel: 06 42 82 92 42 WANTED: Cooker and hob in good condition (not free standing unit). Will collect - we are near Rochechouart. Please call 05 55 77 66 61 Ruby

Classified Submission Deadline 15th of the month for next edition




English-speaking church services Guéret Come as you are……This is an invitation to join us at our CHURCH SERVICE IN ENGLISH. Whether you have a faith, or would just like to attend a church service you are welcome at 3pm on the 2nd Sunday of each month at the Eglise Evangélique, 9b Place Bonnyaud, Guéret, 23000. We welcome all who want to join a group of English-speaking Christians for a time of Worship and learning together. Children are very welcome. For more details contact Jim & Pat Scott on or email: scott. English-speaking church services Limoges @ 2pm, 4th Sunday each month. 126 Rue Armand Dutreix, 87100 Limoges. Contact Pat Reid Tel: 05 55 84 00 64 Email Interested in Alpha? An opportunity for those who don't regularly attend church to explore the Christian faith. More than 17 million people worldwide have done this course. In English @ L'Eglise Baptiste Evangélique, Limoges (contact details as above). Christians together in Limousin La Souterraine Area We hold a time of fellowship and Bible study every Tuesday afternoon. Barbara and Cedric look forward to welcoming you. 05 55 71 09 04

Fitness & Fun

SALSA! SALSA! SALSA! Learn to dance! Come and join in the fun! Recommencing 12th March. Every Monday, 7pm-8.30pm (Absolute Beginners) & every Thursday, 7pm8.30pm (Improvers). 4 euros per person, 7 euros per couple. No partner required. Any age welcome. Free soft drink included. Come and join in the fun and fitness and burn off the winter blues at StPriest-la-Feuille community hall. NEW for this year. Why not try bachata or merengue? Private lessons also available. For more info contact Ellie on 05 55 63 86 05 / email elena. Association Equilibre, le mouvement du corps Yoga for all levels: Tue 18:30 Aubusson, Pied au plancher (Espace Philips); Wed 18:30 Vallière, salle polyvalante. Pregnancy/Post Natal: Tue 17:00 Aubusson, Pied au Plancher (Espace Philips) For further information tel 06 83 24 62 72 or visit www.spaequilibre. Classes coming soon to Felletin on Fridays. Chinese Gym & Karate Mondays & Thursdays at the DOJO, Allée Jean-Marie Couturier, Aubusson. Warm and friendly atmosphere. For more info tel 06 08 92 30 53 Tai Chi at Boussac and La Châtre Tai Chi classes in Boussac (Tue 18.15-19.45) and in La Châtre (Thu 18.1519.45). The first two lessons are free, the subscriptions are 36 euros per month, and folks can go to both venues having paid this fee. The style is that of Yang. All ages and abilities welcome, but folk must bear in mind that they will be on their feet, doing the equivalent of what one might classify as light exercise, for about an hour and a half. For more information, contact 05 55 65 08 20. Learn how to jive at Lussac-les-Eglises in an exciting, fun, friendly group that meet every Mon at 8pm, at the Salle Polyvalente, Lussac-les-Eglises. Everyone welcome whether you’re on your own or part of a couple, young or young at heart. This is a great way to keep fit, have some good laughs and meet new people. For more info contact Alwyn on or Hank on See you there! Gym Bien-être Would you enjoy an afternoon of gentle exercise with a cheerful, lighthearted group? Each week we exercise a different group of muscles, do a little country dancing & some floor exercise and laugh a lot .The aim of the activities is to increase suppleness and mental agility. We meet every Tuesday afternoon upstairs at the Capitole in Rochechouart between 2.00 and 3.30 pm. It isn’t necessary to speak French because you can copy but you will learn some. Come for 2 weeks’ free trial. For details contact: - Secretary Gym Bien-être. Learn to Meditate Learn to meditate and meet other like-minded people. Simple mindfulness technique. Dechen Choling, Le Mas Marvent, St-Yrieix-sous-Aixe, 87700. Also, ongoing regular group meetings and events. Contact tel Christina 05 55 03 82 01


Les petits jardiniers du Limousin Http:// Do you love gardening or are you keen to learn more about it? Then why not come along and join Les Petits Jardiniers? We’re a friendly group of English, French and Dutch residents and normally meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 2.30pm in the salle de fêtes in St-Amand-le-Petit, between Peyratle-Château and Eymoutiers. Our meetings are held mostly in English and we have guest speakers, organise garden visits and swap plants and seeds. You can take out an annual membership of 15 euros per person or 20 euros per couple or pay as you go for 3 euros per meeting. Managing Editor: Steve Martindale Editor-in-Chief: Steve Martindale Registered Address: Les Quatre Chemins 23150 St-Yrieix-les-Bois France SIRET: 514 989 748 00017 Printed by: Rotocentre 348, rue Marcel Paul 45770 Saran France Monthly circulation: 12,000 copies All copyright, unless stated otherwise, is reserved to The Bugle. Reproduction in whole or part of any text without permission is prohibited.

Agenda for 2012: 15th March Vegetables & Seed Trial; 16th April Private visit to Garden Centre & talk by Proprietor; 17th May Drought resistant planting & water conservation; 21st June Guided Tour of Private Garden; 19th July Growing Herbs for culinary/medicinal use; 16th August Annual BBQ; 20th September Plants for free – splitting perennials; 18th October AGM plus ‘All about apples’; 15th November Gardeners Question Time; 6th December Natural Christmas Decorations & party. If you would like to receive more information about our association or be put on our mailing list for our quarterly newsletter or monthly agenda then please contact Carolyn at or Gill at

Club Liseron – Gardening Club meets on the second Monday evening of the month at 19.30 at the Salle des Fêtes in Massignac. We're a mixed bunch of English & French, who are united by a passion for gardens and gardening, sharing plants, seeds and information. More info contact Michelle Pierce on 05 45 89 36 54 or at Aux Plantes etc We are a new association of independent, ethically minded and passionate plant producers. Our aim is to encourage consumers to know more about the plants they buy, how they were produced and their needs, thereby avoiding the disappointments that so often come with mass produced plants. It's not just about us selling you plants- we want them to thrive and do well for you! Current members include plantspeople specialising in unusual shrubs & trees, butterfly plants, heritage vegetables and flowers, irises, perennials and drought-tolerant plants. We are working on our website ( and a common plant list but for now contact us via: Michelle Pierce 05 45 89 36 54


Faceaface is an association founded to facilitate and encourage interaction between all members of the local community. As our first venture we have created a library. Where? In the Mairie of St Priest which is just off the D4 between Mainsat and Chenerailles. When? The first and third Mon afternoon in every month between 2-5pm. To join all you have to do is donate six books and pay €5 per person or €8 per household. If you would like more information please contact us at: or just come by and see us. Everyone is welcome! Learning Together – Apprenons Ensemble Our main aim is to foster understanding and good relations amongst the local French-speaking and English-speaking populations. To this end we are offering courses of tuition in English and in French, and organising social and cultural events and visits. Language Classes (take place at the Maison des Associations, Rochechouart) Beginners and intermediate classes - Monday am; French/English conversation – Tuesday am; Advanced and children’s classes – Wednesday am. Games Night (Rochechouart) 1st Thursday; Games Night (St Junien) 2nd Thursday; Lunch Club – Last Thursday. Next lunch club 29th March at Massignac. Book with Pat Hewitt in the normal way. For your calendar: St Patrick Party Night – Sun 18th March (Register with HENRY GRUNDY on 05 45 71 51 02. All Welcome); Quiz Night – Thurs 12th Apr; Race Night – Sat 19th May; Picnic & All American Hoedown Sun 17th Jun. For more details visit or contact Mike or Christine ELLINGHAM 05 55 03 27 67 The Melting Pot Members of the Ambassador's Club of the Welcome en Limousin association. We are a group of around 70 members, both French and British, who meet each week with the aim of sharing things and trying to integrate with the French community. We meet every week at the Ancienne Ecole in Darnac, on a Wednesday morning from 10am-12noon, except for the first Wednesday, when we meet in the evening at 8pm. We hold information meetings, plant swaps, BBQ's, games nights, visits, and have guest speakers about topics relevant to living in France. Contact: We look forward to seeing you! Charente Limousine Exchange The Charente-Limousine-Exchange (CLE), founded in 2003, aims to improve the provision of French language courses and to share experiences and skills among members who live in Charente, Vienne and Haute-Vienne. CLE provides information to members living and/or working in France and works with local communities and organisations to tackle practical issues through forums and workshops, as well as organising a wide range of cultural and social events throughout the year. The recent launch of English lessons has been well attended by Confolentais. If you would like to know more about this group of volunteers, please look on our new website www. or contact the Chairman, Barry Leech, on 06 35 96 77 46.


St Jean English Library, La Souterraine The La Souterraine Library and Information Centre – the friendly library – is now firmly installed in a beautiful medieval building at the Porte de Puy Charraud, Route de Portail, La Souterraine. The library has over 5,000 books, DVDs and other items, as well as its café, Caxtons, which serves English cakes. The Library also provides French lessons and organises Anglo-French conversation groups. The Information Centre provides support and assistance with bureaucratic, family and legal problems to British residents and new arrivals. The library is open from 9.30 -12.30 on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Contact Rodney Sabine on 05 55

Directeur: Steve Martindale Rédacteur-en-chef: Steve Martindale Siège Les Quatre Chemins 23150 St-Yrieix-les-Bois France SIRET: 514 989 748 00017 Imprimé par: Rotocentre 348, rue Marcel Paul 45770 Saran France Tirage mensuel: 12,000 copies Tous droits réservés. Toute reproduction, totale ou partielle, des articles et illustrations du présent numéro est strictement interdite. Dépôt légal à parution.

The Bugle cannot accept responsibility for the claims of advertisers or their professionalism. We strongly advise readers to verify that the company you are dealing with is a registered trading company in France or elsewhere in the world.

63 03 87 or at Our website is www.frenchweb. eu/biblio The English Library, Dun-le-Palestel Located in the Route des Rateries, just behind the Biblithèque Municipale, you will find the Anglophone Library, which offers a wide variety of reading material, DVDs, talking books and videos. It is also a meeting point and arranges a host of activities including: Café Franglais; Club Scrabble; Café Philo; Sewing Group; Art Group. Library opening hours: Thu 10am – 4pm & Sat 10am – 12.30pm. For details of activities or general information, go to or email We look forward to seeing you there soon.


Club de Musique Takes place on the last Friday of each month from 8pm at La Grange, Chassignolles (5mins from La Châtre) Open to all musicians, singers, groups and audience. PA and drum kit available. Bring your instrument, mic and join in a great French / English musical and social evening. Bar, hot and cold snacks. Meals available if reserved – see website for contact details of La Grange. For more info email: http://www.clubdemusique. fr Club de Musique , Le Vieux Soldat, 7 rue de La Fontaine, 87250 Fromental If you like music and have ever fancied getting up and having a go, please come and join in. This monthly evening (first Friday in every month @ 8pm) is designed mainly for amateurs who would like to play or sing or just to meet some like-minded people with similar interests. There is no age limit. So if it be guitar, violin, spoons, triangle etc (get the gist?) or maybe you might like to read a poem, then please come and see what it's about, dust down that instrument and bring it along. jacqueline.grant@ The Harmonics This is our 6th season of singing as a group. Our music is varied classical, madrigals, spiritual, songs from the shows etc. and we sing in French, English, Swahili, Latin - whatever the music demands. Our concerts are in support of a variety of charities including the British Legion, L'Oregon at Civray and Retina and thus non profit making. We meet Wed 14h–16h in the Salle d'Annexe behind the Mairie in Civray. Interested? We'd love to see you so contact: David Lee tel 05 49 87 53 93 email dave.lee@cegetel. net or Dolly Ait Boualou email Amateur open mic night @ Vautredeix (Just outside Gouzon, next to Saint-Sylvain-sous-Toulx). Poets, musicians, whatever you may be.... Everyone welcome to perform or just enjoy the company. Every Friday night 7pm onwards. Free. Bring a bottle. For more info contact


Alcoholics Anonymous If you or someone you know has a drinking problem, there is now an English-speaking meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous at 2 Avenue Pierre Traversat, Limoges. Thu 7.30pm-9.00pm. Alcoholics Anonymous is a Fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are no dues or fees for A.A. membership and A.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety. Contact tel Roger 05 55 76 22 65 or Nancy 02 54 24 09 74 or visit www. Cancer Support France, Creuse branch If you or anyone close to you has been diagnosed with cancer and would like help or support, we are here for you. If you need someone to talk to we have a helpline available and if we are not there we will call you back within 24 hours. Our helpline number is 06 06 47 18 60. If you would like to get involved with the work of CSF Creuse (perhaps you have some free time and can help to organise and run fundraising events) please get in touch with Mike Walsh on 09 50 49 33 04. Cancer Support France, Charente Plus Offers free and confidential support to English speakers affected by cancer in departments 16, 17, 86 & 87. Our helpline number is 06 45 35 32 30. Drop-in Service at the Maison des Usagers (MDU) at Limoges CHU Held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 9.30 – 12.30. There will be 2 trained Active Listeners available to you if you have been affected by cancer in some way and have questions or need information about CSF Charente Plus and the service we provide. We are entering into a contract with Limoges hospital which is very thorough on their part. They do not take it lightly, allowing associations onto their premises, so be assured the service is confidential and that we are fulfilling the requirements of the hospital. The hospital informs all departments of our existence, it informs other associations and those in the community of the service we provide, so this is another way of promoting our services and getting to those who may need us. If you need any more information, please get in touch via csf.

Storytime in La Souterraine

Parents and young children in La Souterraine will now be able to hear stories in English and take part in language based activities at the new ‘Storytime’ sessions at the La Souterraine English Library and Information Centre. “This is an opportunity for the English children in our community to access English stories and English Literature’, said Library President and former primary school head teacher Rodney Sabine. While our children get a good education in French schools they cannot always access the variety of English children’s books in an English Library”. The sessions which will be run by Suzanne Ellwood and Emma West, both of whom have a wide experience of working in English Primary Schools. French parents who want their children to listen to English stories will be equally welcome. The sessions will be held at 10am on the second Wednesday of each month, starting on 8th February and 14th March. Mums and Dads can enjoy a coffee in the Library café as well as listen to the stories with the children. For more information contact Rodney on 05 55 63 03 87. ○ THE BUGLE ○ MARCH 2012

COMMUNITY ♦ 19 Creusetec

Bugle Notice Board

SPECIAL OFFER - "tooway" satellite broadband from €24.99 per month

Tel: Martin -

JJ’s Café Bar Aigurande

Saturday 17th March ST PATRICK'S NIGHT 2012 AT JJ's

Le Pub

Its time to let out your 'inner leprechaun' and celebrate St Patrick's Night. Vic Hargreaves will be entertaining us and playing all our favourite songs, plus for food there is an Irish-style Beef Casserole and Dessert - and all for €12 per person. Meal from 7.30 onwards, concert from 9pm. Reservations advisable but optional.

58, rue d'Orjon, Argenton-sur-Creuse

Thursday Night PROMO

2 entrecotes (env.225g) and chips for only €20 (booking necessary)

Sunday Roast + Pudding - just €10!! 02 54 60 02 14

Music Club

2nd Sat of every month. 8.30 pm. Next event: 10th March JJ's Music club is for musicians of all levels and genres entry is free, there is no membership and is open to everyone who loves music. You can also buy fish and chips from the van in the market square (from 6.30 - 8.30) and eat them in the comfort of JJ's. The club starts from 8:30, but we are open for all those who want to come earlier to eat. In fact we hardly ever shut !!!! JJ's Cafe Bar, 39 Place du Champ de Foire, 36140 Aigurande

See Business Directory for more information and opening hours Tel: 05 55 12 99 45 - 06 04 09 03 10

We open again after our Holidays on the 1st March 2012 at 10am


Plat du Jour 12.50€ 3 Courses & 1/4 per person - Mon to Fri

Hotel – Restaurant – Café-Bar

Le Bellerive

I apologise if we did not inform all our customers.


Under new management

Saturday Plat du Jour, not inculding Wine

Re-opening in April 2012. Further details will be announced next month.

Sunday Lunch 15€ In March Fish & Chips Days - 12.50€ 3 Courses incl. 1/4 l wine per person Friday 9th & 30th March 12-3pm Reservation only

10th & 11th March - Sale, from 9am

We have many items for sale that are no longer required after extensive renovations. Various items are available including furniture, chairs, tables, glasses, glassware, books, cutlery, pictures, linen and various bric-a-brac....too much to list!

Please Note. We are close at 2.30pm on Wednesday and re-open Friday at 10am (Closed all Day Thursday)

29 Ave de la Tour, 87470 Peyrat-le-Château Further information:

Porc Stew - Ragoût de porc (recipe provided by Chef George at the Auberge du Golf - see above) This stew is very tasty and nourishing, good for all the family. Serve straight from the casserole dish with a few boiled potatoes. Serves 4


1kg Pork, diced (jambon du porc) 1 Onion, finely chopped 2 Cloves of garlic 1 Red, green & yellow pepper 1/2 Frozen bag of minestrone mix 2 tbsp Apple compote 1 tsp Wholegrain mustard Salt & pepper to taste 1 litre Chicken stock Flour for dusting


For ladies who love to read (and chat!)

BELLAC AND SURROUNDING AREA Get in touch if you would like to join in with a new book discussion group or for more details:


1. Dust the pork in seasoned flour. Brown the meat in a large casserole dish and set aside. 2. Now fry the onions until soft. Add garlic, peppers and minestrone mix. 3. Then add the compote, mustard, chicken stock and pork and bring to the boil. 4. Simmer for 1 ½ - 2 hours or until pork is tender. 5. Season with salt & pepper to taste, add a handful of parsley and serve.

The Living Room

Fish and chips every Tue evening, just €7.50 NEW €8 Menu - starter + plat du jour OR plat du jour + dessert Tel: 02 54 24 83 31

A huge increase in book numbers and we now have in stock over 500 DVD's to suit all tastes ready for those long Winter nights. Read/Watch and exchange at 'The Exchange'

Weekly Quiz Every Friday 5 Euros – to include a hot meal. Prize for the Winner.

Auberge du Golf

Au Bon Vivre, Parnac

5 Rue Andre Jouhannaud, Compreignac 2-course Sunday Lunch from €10.00


Tel: 05 55 51 19 67 Email:

The Exchange

Daily Plat du Jour from €9.00

We live near Gouzon and are interested in starting a gardening club to integrate with all people who enjoy gardening etc. We are hoping to be able to share knowledge, seeds, plants and experience and of course, language. If you are interested in joining in, please get in touch.


Restaurant & Bar

Tel: 02 54 06 30 77

WANTED: Gardening Club Members

Upcoming events

Thu 8th Mar Quiz Night Sat 17th Mar Music Night (Motown/Soul 60s 70s 80s) Thu 22nd Mar Quiz Night Thu 5th Apr Ladies Afternoon (Choeur de Lion) Tel: 05 55 48 92 37 Route de St Laurent, 87310 Saint-Cyr


Call Phil and Jane: 06 62 84 16 14 or 05 55 78 19 24

WANTED: Singers I am looking for singers to start a new ensemble vocal. You need to be able to (sight) read music and have choir experience, we aim for a more than average level of music making. Repertoire from early renaissance to contemporary 21st century, in French, English, German and Latin. Rehearsals in French, every two or three weeks, in the north of La Creuse, in Lourdoueix-SaintPierre. If you are interested please let me know me your voice, level and experience. Email to or call 05 55 81 31 26.


20 ♦ WHAT’S ON

Sun 19th Feb to Sun 11th Mar SAINT-SULPICELE-GUÉRÉTOIS Diverticreuse Indoor soft play for both children and parents. Open for the school holidays - every day from 10h-19h at the salle des sports, Saint-Sulpice-le-Guérétois. Snacks available. Entry 5€ (1€ for accompanying adult). Contact 06 98 39 12 45 for more information. Fri 2nd Mar SAINT-SÉBASTIEN Soirée, Repas Quizz A quiz night for French and British. In fact you need both in your team if you want to win! Teams of 4 to 6 people - come with your own or we will match you up on the night. All questions asked in both languages. A three course meal will be served during the interval. Venue: Salle des Fêtes, Saint-Sébastien, 19:15 for a 19:30 start. Reservation please: Quiz plus meal 10 Euros. Please contact Clare on Sat 3rd to Sat 31st Mar AHUN Saturdays in the Garden A series of gardening courses held at the Lycée Agricole in Ahun. For March: Sat 3rd Grafting (level 2); Sat 10th Pruning Roses; Sat 17th Bio Gardening; Sat 24th Introduction to Vannerie - a chance make simple objects in wicker; Sat 31st Cuttings. Courses cost EUR 27 (free for accompanying children) and are held from 8h30 - 12h at the CFPPA Ahun.

For more information tel: Sun 4th Mar LIMOGES Carnival Get out your costumes! Since 1998, the city of Limoges has been organising its carnival on the first Sunday in March. A continuous effort has allowed the creation of unique floats, matched by top quality musical entertainment. The growing reputation of the Limoges Carnival has opened up the event to national and foreign musical troupes and you will now find Brazilian music, bagpipes and so on here… A fantastic day out to enjoy with friends or family. Departs 15h from the Champ de Juillet. Sat 3rd to Sun 4th Mar AIXE-SUR-VIENNE Salon Antiquités Brocante 32nd antiques fair organised by the Val de Vienne tourist office. Exhibitors (all professionals) from Limousin, Aquitaine, Poitou-Charentes, Indre etc. Centre Culturel Jacques Prévert Aixe-sur-Vienne. Sat 9h - 18h30 & Sun 9h30 - 18h30. Entry EUR 2.50. Free parking. Refreshments available. For more information contact the tourist office on 05 55 70 19 71 Thu 8th Mar LIMOGES André Rieu in Concert Waltz your way through an unforgettable evening with Andre Rieu & the 60 musicians of the Johann Strauss Orchestra. Zenith, 16, avenue Jean Monnet, 87000 Limoges.

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20h30. Tickets: 52,50/79€. Fnac Limoges or buy online at or or www. Fri 9th Mar LE DORAT Book Signing Haute-Vienne author, James R. Vance, will be at La Petite Fontaine in Le Dorat on Friday 9th March from 19h and at Thé Bonbons Cadeaux in MagnacLaval on Saturday 17th March from 11h to sign copies of his latest historical fiction novel, Les Ruines, a present-day mystery involving the HauteVienne Resistance from the dark years of occupied France during WWII. Sat 10th Mar BOUSSAC St Patrick’s Be Seen In Green For An Early St Patrick’s Day! The AIPB of Boussac, in partnership with the Troubadours, is holding a St Patrick’s Event. It’s a night of music from the talented Poitiers-based band Argyle, winners of the Battle of the Bands in 2010, and Boussac’s own excellent Fingers in the Noise. The entertainment begins at 9pm in the Salle Polyvalente in Boussac. Entrance is €5 per person. Food and drink will be available. And, for fun, please wear green if you can to celebrate this special day for the Emerald Isle! Tickets are available on the door or in advance from the Office de Tourisme in Boussac. Please see AIPB’s website at for further information. Mon 12th to Sun 18th Mar BOURGANEUF Spanish Week Exhibition about Spanish immigrants at the Mairie & poster exhibition on dance & bullfighting at the centre Alain Gouzes & the tourist office. Various events incl. a pot d'accueil "Tapas et sangria", a soirée "Auberge espagnole" & Spanish film showings. Contact the tourist office for the full programme & for more information.

musicians - listen out for the sublime melodies heard in Titanic, Braveheart, The Last of the Mohicans and other traditional music. Espace André Lejeune. 15h & 20h30. Tickets €38 via Gueret tourist office (05 55 52 14 29) or online at or or www. Fri 30th Mar to Sun 1st Apr LIMOGES Limoges Salsa Carnival

Sun 18th Mar LA CROISILLE-SUR-BRIANCE Sale of Secondhand Books On the 18th of every month, during the monthly market at La Croisille-sur-Briance (87130), there is a sale of secondhand books (both English and French) from 9am to 12 noon, at the church. All proceeds towards the restoration of the church.

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Sat 24th to Sun 25th Mar ROCHECHOUART Salon régional de la randonnée Biennial event organised by the tourist offices of Saint-Junien & Rochechouart together with the 2 Communautés de Communes Vienne & Glane et Pays de la Métérorite. The salon (60 exhibitors) will take place in the Salle du temps libre from 10h - 18h30 and invites you to discover "randonnée" in all its forms (hiking, cycling, pony trekking etc) and also to participate in various activities, events and conferences. Free entry. In the morning of Sun 25th 8 outings will be organised (pédestre, équestre, VTT, moto, quad, moto route). Contact the tourist offices of Saint-Junien & Rochechouart for the full programme & more information. Fri 30th Mar GUÉRET Irish Celtic With its precise choreography, explosive tap, catchy music & colourful costumes, this show will transport you to the heart of Ireland. On stage, the talented dancers of the legendary Irish show Riverdance, Celtic Tiger and Lord of the Dance who have chosen to put their experience to a unique performance: Irish Celtic. Choreographed by Denise Flynn and Jim Murrihy & accompanied by the best Irish

For this year's Limoges Salsa Carnival, the EnDanse association is launching a new formula with two evenings at the John Lennon Municipal Cultural Centre. The programme is composed of an opening night with shows on the Friday evening, two days of courses, with the customary traditional costume party and concert. Centre Culturel Municipal John-Lennon, rue de Feytiat, 87000 Limoges Tel: 05 55 06 24 83 For more info visit Sat 21st Apr LUSSAC-LES-EGLISES Fund raiser for Cancer Support France HauteVienne Sausage and Mash 'give us your cash'. 7 euros per person. Ingredients are being donated by Del and Jackie of Fish et Frites. Le Petit Verneuil, 87390 Verneuil Moustiers (nr Lussac-les-Eglises). Contact Karen 05 55 68 64 43 for bookings

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