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Newsletter Summer 2019


Contents 1. Note from the Vice-Principal (Page 3) 2. Principal’s Piece (Pages 4-5) 3. College build Up-Date (Page 6) 4. Topping Out Ceremony (Page 7) 5. Alumni Reunion (Pages 8-9) 6. JCR Piece (Pages 10-11) 7. 24hr Charity Event (Pages 12-13) 8. John Snow Honour Roll (Page 14-15) 9. Photo Competition (Pages 16-17) 10. Student Development Fund (Pages 18-23) 11. Stressless Week (Pages 24) 12. Annual College Dinner (Page 25-27)


Note from the VicePrincipal and Editor of this Edition Hello and Welcome to the Summer Term Edition of our College Newsletter! Once again the contents reflect how busy we’ve been during Term and includes articles on our recent JCR 24 hour Charity matches, the official ‘topping out’ ceremony of one of our new accommodation blocks at Mt Oswald and our Annual College Dinner plus the Annual Alumni Reunion in London in addition to the various JCR activities and reports from Student Development Fund recipients. Lots of reading…enjoy! This Edition is also our opportunity to congratulate all of our graduates and wish them well for the future. For those of you who will be returning next year, have a great summer and remember for academic year 2019-20 our College will be based at Rushford Court.

To our alumni, we continue to encourage you to keep in contact with us and to be involved in our development, thank you for your continuing support. On a final note, we have bid a fond farewell to our JCR President of the past 2 years, Will Lewington and thank him for all he has done for the College over the years. We look forward to seeing him in the coming years as an active alumnus and wish him well for the future. Have a good summer everyone! Best wishes, Janet Dixon-Dawson


Principal's Piece This term started with one of our annual highlights – the Annual College Dinner. This year, we held the event at Ramside Hall Hotel in Durham. As always, it was a fantastic evening where we celebrated the achievements of our students. This year, we changed the format slightly to include invitations and awards to some of our key Alumni who continue to support the work of the College going forward. Special thanks to those who attended, and to Chris Howard and Diana Blankson for their inspirational speeches. As always, I am in debt to Janet who masterminded the event, and Yasmin who co-ordinated everything with grace and style. There’s a special feature on this event later in this Newsletter.

and an action plan of how to get there. This group will morph into a College Advisory Board in due course, and we hope that alumni, who are key stakeholders in the future of the College, will be keen engage with this process. At our workshop, we also talked about developing a new Senior Common Room for summer 2020, where the majority of members will be alumni.

Later in this Newsletter you can see photos of progress with the move. In brief, we will be moving from Howlands to Rushford Court on 23 September 2019. The main building used to be a hospital – it is very grand and a wonderful building. The new accommodation blocks that have been built alongside it are first class, and similar to the quality and specification of our new accommodation blocks on Mount Oswald. At a recent Alumni social event in London, all present were pleased to learn that College moves were going well (grateful thanks to Nicola for keeping us all on track), This term, we have been working on and that going forward we will maintain our offer as a self-catered improving our strategy to better College with ensuite rooms, and will include our Alumni in College remain a gowned College. Saying activities and planning. We held a workshop in London recently with a that, they were very jealous of the fact that all undergraduate beds in group of some of our ex-JCR presidents, and Will Barry (ex-JCR Rushford Court and Mount Oswald will be 3/4 (or Queen beds). No Treasurer), to start thinking collectively about how we want the comment….. College to look in 2-5 years’ time,


two sabbatical officers - Richard This term is always full of Freeman as the new JCR emotional highs and lows, during President, and Matthew Hulse as the exam period, results, and the new Transition Officer. then congregation. Gini has, as always, helped all students who The College team looks strong for have need support, and I know 2019/20. that some students would have stumbled off the road to success without her careful and clever Finally, I would like to end by interventions. I’m writing this just acknowledging Will Lewington’s a few days before Congregation outstanding service to the week gets underway – I look College, and the University, over forward to seeing those of you the last two years. Will’s stamina, who are graduating next week in humility, and professionalism has the Cathedral, and you and your meant that the transition of the family and friends are very College has gone smoothly, and welcome to join us after your everything is on track for the ceremony in The Pemberton future. I am absolutely sure that building on Palace Green for a the most important factor in celebratory drink and determining the current healthy refreshment. I know some of you state of the College is Will are booked onto one of our Lewington. Graduation dinners, thank you. Graduating from Durham University is a celebration, not Prof Carolyn Summerbell just for the student but always their family and friends. We recently welcomed Lynn Preston to the College team, as Assistant Principal (Student Development). Lynn is already making her mark and is currently organising a student development programme for 2019/20 which will put us on par with other Durham Colleges. In July we will welcome


New College Build - UPDATE! The site is now progressing at a rapid rate and is looking impressive.

At our Pre-App Open Days on 1&6 July and 20&21 September 2019, our potential applicants will be able to view the progress being made.

Enjoy the selection of photos which show the current position.


On Wednesday 5 June 2019, Carolyn, Janet and Will attended the ‘topping out’ ceremony on the first block to be externally completed at our new Mt. Oswald home. We were joined by the PVC for Colleges Prof Martyn Evans and our Project Manager, Lydia Scarth along with representatives from the various companies involved in the construction of the building. Carolyn had the honour of cementing in the final block on the roof top of Block 3 and we look forward to the completion of all of the buildings.


John Snow College Alumni Reunion This year our Annual Alumni Reunion was held in Mabel's in Covent Garden, London on Friday 14 June 2019. It was great to see so many of our alumni there and to hear how they and their careers are progressing. We are keen to keep our alumni engaged with the College and welcome any ideas from our alumni about the types of events they would be interested in. Please email snow.college@durham.ac.uk with your suggestions. Also, if you are a member of our alumni community and would like to be a speaker at one of our Formals or would like to return to College to talk about your profession, please let us know by using the same email address. Enjoy looking at some of the photos taken on the night, others will be put on our website. Janet Mabel’s Covent Garden Market 29-30 Maiden Lane, London, WC2 E7JS




Keeping up with Snow Easter Term always flies by like a tale of two cities. All in one term: being the best of times and the worst of times. Despite being the term full of revision and exams, we still manage to pack in a full calendar of events. The first fortnight back saw the College host the Annual College Dinner and the JCR host the Sports & Society Dinner. It was wonderful to celebrate the success of our students on the pitch, in the community and in music and drama. It was also excellent to see some of our alumni return and also be awarded prizes for their ongoing commitment to the College community. Then, and almost impossibly quick, exam season started. Our Welfare Officers, Clio and Harry came into their own and hosted a range of events for our Stress Less fortnight from petting zoos to free massages. This years exam season (being our first in Durham) seemed to stretch on and on (no more finishing by

May half term like in Queen’s) but by 7 of June, all of our hardworking students had successfully completed their exams and Instagram seemed to become an endless scroll of finalists drenched in champagne and confetti (or flour and eggs if you have particularly cruel friends). To celebrate, our students descended on Wynyard Hall at our best attended Summer Ball to date. Over 350 students dressed to the nines enjoyed an evening of food, rides and entertainment put on our fabulous and president-elect Richard Freeman. Following the Summer Ball the celebrations continued.


The Boat Club hosted its annual Ball, this time switching the Teesside Princess for the Prince Bishop boat on the Wear. Members of our College were recognised at the Annual Students Union Awards and Snow Day was perfectly timed to coincide with the only day of sun in a full week of rain. This year, taking on the theme of ‘Life’s a Beach’ Snow Day saw the arrival of Deck Chairs, Pimm’s, Fish and Chip vans and Seaside Stalls take over College for an excellent College Day wonderfully hosted by our Entertainments Officer Rebecca Fraser. At the time of writing, we look forward to our Congregation and Graduation Dinners. Easily one of my favourite weeks in the University Calendar, it is a pleasure to watch our finalists have their degrees conferred after three to four years of hard work. Our finalists will now go on to join our Alumni Community, one that continues to enjoy our reunions and

one that I hope goes to engage more and more with our College Community in the future. Will Lewington JCR President 2017-19


24hr Charity Event Wednesday 12 June, 2019 marked the return of John Snow’s 5th annual 24hr netball/football charity event. This year’s beneficiaries were The Perfect Day Foundation and If U Care Share.

www.theperfectdayfoundation.or g is a UK based charity raising educational and sporting aspirations in Zambia, providing much needed support and funds. The foundation (est.2006) aims to: develop safe environments for young people, educate inspiring young leaders and build sustainable facilities. www.ifucareshare.co.uk is a North East charity supporting families effected by suicide, established after the untimely death of 19 year old Daniel who took his own life, with no previous history of mental health problems.

“Our aim is to prevent anyone feeling the pain we felt as a family when we lost Daniel. We truly believe that talking can save lives” Shirley Smith Founder & Daniel’s Mother


After a last minute change of venue from Maiden Castle to Howlands (due to an extreme weather warning) Team RED (The Perfect Day Foundation) and Team GREEN (If U Care Share) battled it out on the netball and 5-a-side courts. Even an unexpected power cut at 3am did not dampen enthusiasm!

John Snow rowers drafted in a couple of ergs and rowed through the night. All funds raised will benefit Teenage Cancer Trust supporting individuals diagnosed with cancer, between the ages of 13-24 www.teenagecancertrust.org

Fuelled by large quantities of carbohydrates and coffee, and taking sporadic rest breaks in the Igloo, all remained standing from the 12noon start time on Wednesday until the final whistle at 12noon on Thursday. The totals raised for charity currently stands at £4317.62, an exceptional achievement that will touch the lives of many young people. Catherine Duffell, event organiser, thanked all involved, stating ‘You guys made it completely bearable, especially with all of the enthusiasm shown. We are so proud to have raised such a great amount between the two charities, and really appreciate every single donation.’ She also thanked Will Lewington (JCR President) and Matthew Hulse for their guidance and support, with the event organisation. Hazardous weather condition kept John Snow Boat Club off the Wear, but did not dampen spirits, as they too completed a 24hr challenge alongside the netball/footballers.

Boat Club captain Pyung-te Kim posted updates on proceedings, on social media, with a final congratulatory post ‘Congratulations to everyone who took part in the 24 hour! A magnificent erg by the whole club.’


John Snow College - Honour Roll Summer 2019

John Snow College recipients 2018-19 Shifi Begum Gafur (BSc Applied Psychology) Louise McGregor Crowe (BA Accounting & Finance) Amy Louise Worley (BA Business Management) Chunzhi Zhou (BA Accounting & Management) Veronike Tomilina (BSc Finance) Yu-Lin Wu (BSc Applied Psychology) Roberts Juzenko (BA Business Management)


Rising Stars!

On 24 June 2019 (BSc Applied Psychology) finalists Charlotte Bush and Fleur Riley were recognised for their excellent dissertations, with an invitation to the Rising Stars Research Symposium, an afternoon of oral and poster presentations by outstanding final-year undergraduate students. Third Year Mia O’Shea (BA Business Management) also hosted the Student Community Action (SCA) Volunteer Awards, to end her stint as SCA President, she will hand over the reins for 2019/20 to John Snow student Priyanka Vanama-Rathna (BSc Finance). Doreen Chan (BA Business Management) was recognised in the category of ‘Contribution to the Learning Community’ at the Annual Durham SU Awards, for her work as VicePresident and President of Durham University Business School. Tom Duggan (BA Music) has also had an impressive term, he took-up the role of Co. Director for Durham Opera Ensemble's (DOE) Operette ‘Iolanthe’ that performed to sold out audiences on 21/22 June. Tom will act as DOE President for Michaelmas term (19/20).

Well done everyone!


JCR Photography Competition Arguably, photography has become an integral element of our everyday lives; one photo carrying one thousand words while harbouring visions of the individual’s creativity and expressionism. With this in mind, the JCR wanted to develop a platform which allowed individuals to discover new realms within their everyday snaps, and this was encapsulated within the vision of the John Snow Photography Society. The Photography Society worked with the College to set up a competition which encouraged members of the College to experience all that Durham has to offer, while also generating a new level of understanding of the art of photography – in the amateur and professional alike.

The competition was a resounding success, seeing wide engagement and exciting entries. There were five winners across four categories, as some were too tough to call. The John Snow Photography Society will look to hold this competition annually and look forward to welcoming more members to its friendly and growing community.

Patrick - JCR Vice President




W I N N E R 1. Miriam Douglas 2. Millie Kenworthy 3. Amy Worley 4. Anya Surkis 5. James Lendrum 3 4



SDF Report Emily Storey In March 2019, a group of us were lucky enough to travel to Shenzhen, China as part of the UK-China Fusion Exchange Programme. The trip involved teaching and observing in a culture very different to our own and enabled us to develop great confidence in our own teaching practice, as well as gain an insight into the Chinese way of teaching/life. Throughout our time, we made great friends with professionals in the school, as well as the Exchange Programme leaders who made us feel comfortable as soon as we landed in Hong-Kong and made our way through the border. The teaching in China was a great experience- the class sizes were double what they are in the UK, the expectations and routines in school differ greatly to those in England, yet, the children were just as caring, interested and enthusiastic about learning. We adopted a Harry Potter theme within our lessons and taught maths, English and science every day for a 2-week block. To engage children, we used props (our JCR gowns), actions, chants and rhymes to ensure our lessons were as interactive as possible and created a fascination within children

in terms of the National Curriculum. Similarly, leaving the children wanting to learn more and excited for the next lesson.


We created a huge bond with the children in our class (all 60 of them) and were gutted to have to say good bye. One of our favourite lessons was asking the children to write a post card to a pen-pal in England about their life in China. We were able to take this home and read them to our class in England who absolutely loved hearing about the culture and couldn’t believe we had really been to China. They couldn’t wait to reply and ask more questions! Being able to make links between the schools and developing relationships within teaching and learning in other countries, is massively important for the future of education. It develops children into responsible citizens and makes them aware and curious about the world around them, and just how great it really is.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Lynn Thompson, Linda Wang, Angela Gill and Sarah for organising the trip and making sure everyone was comfortable and happy. As well as, a huge thank you to the staff and children in my school in China and, finally, all of my friends on the trip who made the experience a one to remember! A huge, rewarding and memorable experience in my teaching career so far. Emily Storey (BA Primary Education)


SDF Report - Iona Flegg

In March 2019 I along with 17 other adult Girlguiding volunteers from North West England travelled to Sri Lanka to launch a 4-year project called BLOOM. The project started following a request from Sir Lanka Girlguiding Association (SLGGA) for help with three specific areas where they would like to move towards the UK’s guiding model.

available to us. I also had to think of ideas, activities, and our method of execution that would be useful and relevant to the three aims.

targets they had set.

We also ran a ‘future girl’ activity, which had been a badge in the UK. We read statements and

In order to scope out the project and do what we could with the limited information we were given prior to arriving in Sri Lanka, we planned and executed workshops across the Central, Eastern and Northern areas The project’s three main aims are: of Sri Lanka. We split into smaller 1. Improving retention and training groups and ran workshops in Colombo, Kandy, Anuradhapura, of young leaders. Mannar, and Jaffna. 2. Creating a new learning and In these workshops I spoke directly development methodology. with Guides and Senior Guides, and 3. Improving internal tried to identify their feelings communications for grassroot towards guiding, leadership and leaders reasons why they did not want to As the first group of leaders going to continue after they left school. I Sri Lanka, we needed to scope out spoke about my guiding experiences in the UK, and the situation, identify the reasons they were struggling to reach these explained that volunteers are targets on their own, and develop a women from all walks of life, all ages and varied professions. long term plan that will tackle Prior to visiting Sri Lanka I needed to come up with a strategy and liaise with SLGGA to find out what opportunities and support were

We also ran a ‘future girl’ activity, which had been a badge in


asked the girls to decide how much they agreed or disagreed with the statement. These were good for gauging what the current situation in Sri Lanka was. In-between these we did some active teambuilding games and I also led some songs with actions. Overall the workshops were successful, and empowered young women. The feedback was positive, and some girls felt inspired to continue with Guiding. By running these workshops, I felt inspired in my own way to continue with Guiding.

approaches that SLGGA could take, before meeting the SLGGA chief guiders in Colombo for a debrief. In this I had to apply my own knowledge from guiding in the UK and advise an approach that would be applicable, and was adapted to suit the unique challenges that occur in a country foreign to my own.

My contributions and work towards the project will continue in the coming months, by providing my knowledge and experience of Sri Lankan guiding to the second team of leaders to visit Sri Lanka. As the UK team, we are also still in the Occasionally the workshops were process of compiling our notes, personally challenging. Sometimes resources and ideas into a report to there was no translator, or the send to SLGGA to advise on what language barrier was hard, and I they can do in the coming months had to think of activities that would before another group of leaders be possible. Other times I was goes out to Sri Lanka. challenged with different sized groups and spaces, making interacting and moving about Iona Flegg (BA Business & difficult, limiting our activities. I had Management) to improvise and adapt the activities and plans I had made to overcome these challenges. We then discussed as a team some different approaches teams some different


Student Development Fund Georgia Skeen In March 2019 I travelled to Shenzhen in China as part of the Fusion Teaching Exchange Programme partnership between Durham University School of Education and Full Circle International Education Group. As part of this programme I taught for two weeks within a Primary school situated within the Yantian district of Shenzhen. The aim of the trip was to learn about the education system in China and in particular their portrayal and implementation of the mastery of mathematics initiative. Whilst in China we also hoped to teach Chinese practitioners about the crosscurricular styles we commonly use with success in the UK. Therefore, we taught all of our lessons around the topic of Harry Potter due to its universal nature and its close links with Durham. During the trip I was completely immersed within the Chinese education system and culture and conscious that I was representing Durham University

within my time at school and additional conferences which included the signing of an agreement between Yantian District and Durham University. The funds you kindly provided me

with contributed towards the payment of the flights to and from Hong Kong. This money enabled me to make the most of my time within Shenzhen in order to gain as


education and mathematics. In terms of personal development this experience has allowed me to appreciate the benefits of working abroad and its rewarding nature. It has allowed me to begin to reflect on how this may impact on my

Zhen and increased my confidence of teaching within this area of education. Similarly, this trip has opened my eyes to the requirements of the mastery of mathematics initiative and I am now more aware of how this initiative must be implemented and sustained within English Primary schools in order to achieve optimum success. I believe this information will be incredibly beneficial when I hopefully begin to work in a primary school in September and will in turn increase my ability and confidence to teach effectively within this area of

future teaching and has caused me to strongly consider working abroad full time in the future. This trip also allowed me to forge close links with a Chinese school and its teachers and I hope to uphold these links for the future in order to teach English students within my classroom about Chinese culture. I also hope to use these links to continue to learn from experienced Chinese practitioners who are part of an exceptional education system. Georgia Skeen (BA Primary Education)


Stressless week—Petting Zoo Provided by www.animalsabouttown.com Students enjoyed some much needed downtime in the week leading up to exams, soothing their nerves by petting rabbits, sheep, goats and guinea pigs and receiving relaxing head-massages from Ren Clinic (www.renclinic.co.uk).


John Snow Annual College Dinner 2019 This year we held our Annual College Dinner for the first time at the Ramside Hall Hotel in Durham and we were not disappointed. Venue, service and food were all of a high standard and the tables, dressed by our very own Yasmin, were splendid. Following a highly polished performance from ‘Full Score’ we went onto the eagerly awaited Annual College Awards section of the evening. Staff had once again struggled with deciding who should receive this year’s

leaving speech from our outgoing JCR President Will Lewington and then witnessed the ceremonial handover of the pump handle to

Richard Freeman, our incoming JCR President. We thank Will for his solid leadership and being a kind, caring and supportive colleague over the last two years and wish him well for the future. We welcome Richard to his new role and look forward to working with him in our Rushford Court base. Good Luck to both.

Awards as we had so many fitting contenders, following a lot of Janet debate, the list was drawn up and the Awards presented on the evening, (photos of all individual presentations will be made available on the website). The full list of Recipients is shown overleaf. After the presentation, we progressed to the JCR Handover. We listened to a finely crafted


John Snow Annual College Dinner 2019 List of Awards and Recipients THE LUKE ZAMMIT AWARD: Kenya Peters (Alumna) JOHN LINDLEY MEMORIAL AWARD: Diana Blankson (Alumna) THE Dr. JOHN SNOW AWARD: Clio Hunt (Yr. 3 Primary Ed) COLLEGE AWARD FOR LEADERSHIP IN COLLEGE SPIRIT: Seb Bagley (Yr. 2 Business Management) COLLEGE AWARD FOR CONTRIBUTION TO THE COLLEGE COMMUNITY: Kyle Linacre (Yr. 2 Primary Ed) & Ellie Caley (Yr 2 Applied Psychology) COLLEGE AWARD FOR STUDENT DEVELOPMENT: Patrick Turner (Yr. 2 Marketing & Management) COLLEGE AWARD FOR CONTRIBUTION TO VOLUNTARY AND COMMUNITY WORK (4 recipients) Mia O’Shea, (Yr. 4 Business and Management), Katie Butler, (Yr. 3 Finance) Priyanka Vanama-Rathna (Yr. 2 Finance) Phoung Nguyen (Yr. 2 Finance with Business)

COLLEGE AWARD FOR CONTRIBUTION TO WELLBEING: Harry Engall (Yr. 2 Accounting and Finance) COLLEGE AWARD FOR CONTRIBUTION TO THE ARTS: Rebecca Hartley and Caitlin O’Donnell (both 1st Year Psychology) COLLEGE AWARD FOR LEADERSHIP IN COLLEGE SPORT (2 recipients) Matthew Hulse (Yr. 4 Business and Management) Rebecca Fraser (Yr. 2 Primary Ed) COLLEGE AWARD FOR TEAM CONTRIBUTION TO COLLEGE SPORT (3 Team recipients) Badminton (all teams) Clun Captains: Linda Zhu (Yr. 3 Accounting and Management), Martin Lai (Yr. 4 Pharmacy) Volleyball (Mixed) Club Captain: Heidi Winrow (Yr. 3 Finance) Women’s Hockey Club Captain: Rebecca Fraser (Yr. 2 Primary Ed)



A few highlights of the proceedings

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John Snow College Newsletter - Summer 2019 Edition  

Take a break and read the Summer edition of the John Snow College Newsletter for all final term updates of the 2018/19 academic year.

John Snow College Newsletter - Summer 2019 Edition  

Take a break and read the Summer edition of the John Snow College Newsletter for all final term updates of the 2018/19 academic year.