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March advice - read and absorb! Edited by Julia Fenton

As we draw close to the end of the year’s first quarter, the WITS season is well underway with energetic vigour and enthusiasm being shown from our BC teams. We have some superb advice for these WITS as well as junior players, from Head Coach Darren Moore.

Coaches Top Tips – Scouting your Opponent When determining how to play a match scouting is your opponent is crucial. When observing your opponent you are basically looking for a player’s strengths and weaknesses, their favourite shots, how they construct a point, how they handle the big points, can they and do they adjust their game? Take time to consider the following: • Is their forehand or backhand their dominant shot? • Do they play with topspin, slice or can they play all the spins? • Do they prefer to play shots across court or like to change direction down the line? • Are they better at serving or returning? • Are they a fast starter or do they get better as the match goes on? • Do they play aggressively; setting the play or more defensively with counter punches? • Do they attack the net or prefer the baseline? The above highlight some of the key parts of the game. Once you assess your opponent’s game, look to then match your strengths into their least favourite shots. Whilst it may not work immediately, as with anything, the more you practice the better you will get at playing strategic tennis.

Parent & Child Social – enthusiasm sparks across the generations Families were out in force at the start of the year with a successful social on 9 January, featuring many keen players. Keep your eyes open for future dates when this popular event will be repeated!

Teen Social – welcoming new members This now permanent listing in the tennis schedule restarted on Sunday, 10 January when regulars met up again as friends and also to give a warm welcome to two keen new faces; Calum Rowan and Mac Wood (both now just 12 years old). Teen Social looks forward to these players continuing to be a part of the group.


March 2016  
March 2016