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2013 annual report Sept 1, 2012 - Aug 31, 2013

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When we look at the world we see a never ending view of hues, shades and a variety of beautiful colors all around us. Our society has the ability to see the beauty in external things, but at times fails to see the beauty in each and every one of us. That’s precisely why Brighton Center exists; to bring into light the beauty that every child offers our world to make it the rich, amazing place it is. There is a brightness and light in children, especially those with disabilities, who look at the world with wide open wonder and experience every joy that life has to offer. At Brighton Center, we choose to focus on what children can do and the light they offer each day. We find the color and brightness in every child we serve, and then help turn that color up a few notches so the entire world can see them shine! This past year our community has been brightened by thousands of new colors as more than 2,500 children with disabilities and their parents found their light and began sharing it with the world. But it wasn’t just the kids & families that made our community brighter. We had 4 amazing women join our efforts to bring color into our community. The 2013 Queen of the Vine and all our

candidates painted Brighton Center in brilliant hues when they collectively raised more than $184,000 in one stunning night full of inspiration and energy! Kids with disabilities are born or diagnosed each day and Brighton Center understands that we need more places where a child’s gifts can shine brilliantly. Our second child development center location is scheduled to bring new life and color into the Monte Vista neighborhood in August of 2014. The future of Brighton Center is bright and will be even richer as we give more kids the opportunity to share their light with our community. The palette of the world through our eyes at Brighton Center is vivid and awe inspiring! We invite you to share in our colorful view through this annual report. It’s our hope that the next time you see a child, including a child with a disability, you will look to see the color and joy they bring to our world in a new and profound way!

Kim Jefferies, Executive Director

Eric Adams, Chair

Board of Directors

Pediatric Therapy Specialists

Olga Vasquez-Silva One for Autism

Gerry Soto, Chair-Elect

Stacy Bullins

Blake Yeager, Treasurer

Richard Morris

NuStar Energy Corporation



M Strategic Partners

Brian Lancaster, Secretary

Lydia Rodriguez

SC Johnson

Rebecca Mortis

Capital Group Companies

Special Thanks

Jeffrey Dauphin, Graphic Design

Broadway Bank

Blake Stribling

Norton Rose Fulbright, LLP

Blake Lyons

Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union

Matt Unsworth USAA

Justin Thompson Valero

Brian Booker Explore USA

Dr. Karen Hasty Four Seasons ObGyn

Pink is not just a color... it’s an attitude! Your support brought color to her world!

As Anani struts through the door in her pink outfit, her pink glasses and a whole lot of sass, you know that you are about to encounter someone unlike anyone you have ever met before! At 3 ½, this young girl has more personality than most adults have in their little finger. Brighton first met Anani as an infant when her teenage mother came to our child care center hoping to find a place that would believe in and care for her little baby with Down syndrome, a place that would help her grow, develop and reach her unique potential. After three years at Brighton’s child development center and weekly therapy services from Brighton’s ECI Team, Anani has defied all odds and reached milestones doctors never imagined! She is walking and talking. She eats solid foods on her own. She is playing alongside children her age without disabilities. She is confident, smart and ready to take on the world!

Our colors shined and Lives were changed All Because of You!

Darkness. Gray clouds of doubt. Gloomy thoughts of hopelessness. All dreary feelings and emotions you helped ERASE from the lives of families and children with disabilities or delays. Your gifts throughout 2013 have helped the Brighton Center bring bright rays of hope to the families that we serve through parenting sessions, early childhood education and therapy services. Take a look at the pretty picture you helped us bring to life in 2013!

Operational Stats • Early Childhood Intervention (ECI): 1,593

served • % of children making progress in development: 92% • Early Childhood Education: 113 served • % of children who graduated from the program that had the developmental and academic skills to successfully enter kindergarten: 98% • Parent & Young Adult Training: 747


• % of parents who improved their parenting skills after training: 98%

Service Stats

• Total Families and Children Served: 2,571

• Direct therapy and developmental service hours: 49,701 • Meals and Snacks Provided: 44,880

• Parenting Sessions held for parents of children with disabilities or parents of at risk children: 4,200

Organizational Awards

• Bright Beginnings Achieved NAEYC Accreditation • Best Places to Work – SA Express News & San Antonio Business Journal • Best Non-Profits to Work For, #8 Nationwide – Non-Profit Times • Best Fiesta Event – Taste of the Northside (3 years running) – NEWS4 WOAI

2013 was a work of art! Because of Your Support!

The support of generous donors like you helped the Brighton Center create a year of master pieces that will be difficult to replicate! From achieving National Accreditation for our child development center through NAEYC, raising more than $180,000 during our Queen of the Vine Campaign and hosting yet another profitable Taste of the Northside, the year 2013 will go down as a unique work of art because of the continuous support of donors like you!

NAEYC Accreditation

Queen of the Vine

Taste of the Northside

For more than 10 years, Brighton Center’s Child Development Center has been dreaming of achieving national accreditation. In 2013, with the support of several donors and dedicated staff members, Bright Beginnings brought this dream to reality! Bright Beginnings is now one of the ONLY centers in San Antonio for children with disabilities to achieve this prestigious accreditation from NAEYC the largest nonprofit in the US dedicated to improving the well-being of young children with a focus on the quality of educational and developmental service for all children from birth to age 6. This accreditation is a testament to the quality child care and learning opportunities that Brighton provides to children of ALL abilities!

April Ancira - 2013 Queen of the Vine, Dr. Karen Hasty - 2013 Princess of the Vine, Gina Cruz & Adrienne Sudduth.

While the weather was a little gloomy and a bit chilly, supporters of the Brighton Center couldn’t be stopped from attending A Taste of the Northside, the Best Fiesta Event (as ranked by NEWS4 WOAI) on April 24th, 2013. With more than 60 restaurants, 5 live bands, 40 varieties of wine, a host of upscale beer selections and a very cool but pleasant climate rare to San Antonio in April, this year’s Taste of the Northside was a HUGE success! This event is a critical piece in the funding needed to maintain the Brighton Center’s programs and we are thankful to all of our partners, attendees, vendors and volunteers that helped make it possible!

There are no words to express the gratitude that the Brighton Center has for the four amazing ladies who left a radiant mark on our organization and the children that we serve through their incredible Queen of the Vine fundraising efforts. Throughout a 6 month campaign, April Ancira, Gina Cruz, Dr. Karen Hasty and Adrienne Sudduth raised an astounding $184,000 for the Brighton Center, ensuring that our organization could continue to provide the services and care that children with disabilities and their families deserve and need.

The Black and White Truth was revealed

All because you believe in the children that we serve! When Mrs. Jones moved her family from California to Texas, she had high hopes that her daughter Emily’s education wouldn’t skip a beat and that she would continue learning, growing and developing alongside all of her peers. With a diagnosis of Down syndrome, Emily has some learning disabilities, but was succeeding in all of her general education classrooms. Unfortunately, her move to a new school did not encourage or promote her continued educational growth. Instead, the school placed Emily in a “life skills” class which provided little to no educational stimulation and prevented her from being a part of any general education experiences. Mrs. Jones knew that Emily had more to offer if the school would only provide the right opportunities. Frustrated, desperate and feeling like she was failing her daughter, Mrs. Jones turned to Brighton Center’s Parent Alliance for Learning & Support program (PALS). Not only did the PALS program teach Mrs. Jones about the legal rights the educational system must provide for her daughter, she also received individualized support from our staff at all meetings with the school district. Due to the school’s unwillingness to adhere to Emily’s rights, Brighton’s PALS program is now helping Mrs. Jones take this case to court so that Emily can receive the education that is not only her legal right, but that will allow her to reach her full potential. The PALS program is more than just a support service to parents of children with disabilities; it teaches parents critical information that allows them to pursue the black and white truth so that their child receives what they need and deserve from our schools.

Our Financial Picture Looks Bright! Thanks to artists like you who helped us create it! With a budget larger than ever before, supporters like you picked up your paint brush and helped the Brighton Center illustrate a beautiful financial portrait for 2013! With your help, we were able to meet all budget expectations while keeping our focus on the Big Picture, the children that we serve.

2013 Financials* Revenue

Individuals, Corporations, Foundations - $551,310 (8.2%) State & Federal Grants - $2,269,071 (34.0%) Program Income - $3,274,659 (49.1%) Events – $576,526 (8.6%) Total - $6,671,556


Programs - $4,792,054 (77.0%) General & Admin - $1,165,696 (18.7%) Fundraising - $265,697 (4.2%) Total - $6,223,447 *Unaudited

Artistic Moments of Hope, Change and Transformation All from you!

You may not be Picasso or even an Andy Warhol but the colors you have brought to the lives of children with disabilities or delays through your contributions have brought hope, change and transformation to their lives! Thank you for putting your mark on our organization , whether it be through financial giving, volunteering or advocacy, you have helped create a successful future for the children that we serve!

B r i ghto n S u p p orters Eric & Ranita Adams Airrosti Rehab Centers Courtney Alexander Jenni Allen Ally Financial Jorge & Rebecca Alvarez An Event to Remember Ashley Ancira Ernesto & Robin Ancira Ancira Enterprises, Inc. Gary Anderson Karen Anderson AT&T Autogross Marketing Consultants, LLC AVNET Contributions Council Aylor, Harvey & Assoc., Inc Daniel Bahr Brett Hardy Balthrope Brett Barry Anthony & Cara Battaglia Shannon & Craig Beckel Claire Bellis Ryan Berg Big State Electric Carla Blevins Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Brent & Jean Boller Brian Booker Gerald & Marilyn Bourque Robert Braziel Richard Breakie Shannon Bright Broadway National Bank Stacy Bullins Joe & Irma Bustos Brian & Katrina Campbell Jorge Canseco The Capital Group Companies Scott & Nicole Caroselli Center For Maternal

Fetal Care City of San Antoni Linda Comeaux Justin Copp Cord Blood Registry Stystems, Inc. James Cox Cox Media Group Mark Crabtree Vanessa & Patrick Crocker Gina Cruz David & Marsha Cuellar Suzanne Dabbous DARS Jeffrey Dauphin Joe de La Cruz Ted Dearinger Kathleen Deleon Travis & Sarah Dickson Manuel Diotte Insco Distributing Dixie Starnes Wenger Foundation Documation Business Technology Integration David Doherty Lynnette Embrey Raymond Falke Frank Felicella Mark Fenter Denise Fernandez First Automotive Southwest First National Bank John Flinn Paige Flippen Renee Flores Virginia Flores Foresters Four Seasons ObGyn Ronda French Frost National Bank Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P. Kenneth & Kathy Fuller

orters that gave $ 1 0 0 or more i n F Y 1 3 GAC Halff Foundation Mary Gallagher Mark Garcia Gaynelle & Gene Rankin Endowment Trust of the San Antonio Area Foundation Genevieve & Ward Orsinger Foundation Glazer’s Distributors Mark & Sayuki Goldman William Gold Golf San Antonio Gordon Hartman Family Foundation Stephanie Gossen Greehey Family Foundation Ryan & Holly Grogan H-E-B Harvey Haas Kathy Hamilton Harvey E. Najim Family Foundation Dr. Karen Hasty Heidi Heck Brandon Heinsohn Laura Hobbs Margaret Hoppes Marc Iacobucci William Inman Steve Ison J4 Development, Lp Dean and Amy Jackson Jennifer James Freeman Jardan Cory & Kim Jefferies Jefferson State Bank JMI Contractors LLC Pat Jones Junior League of San Antonio, Inc. Karen & Joel Juvette Les Katona John Kellum Kendall Plantation Kerry Kennedy

KENS-TV Candace Kenton Ashley Kinney Annaleise Kistler Casey Knust The Kronkosky Charitable Foundation Richard & Judy Krueger KSAT TV Kuper Sotheby’s Intl Realty Xaviera Laijas Brian Lancaster Land Tiger Holdings, LLC Daniel Lane Julie Langford Steve Lauver David & Nancy Lay Cynthia Lee Lee Lee, LLC Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry Alison Leonard Artie & Jeri Lupo A. David Lynd Michael Lynd The Lynd Company M & M Painting Solutions M2 Technology, Inc Joella Mach McCombs Foundation, Inc. Becky McLaughlin Marcus Mendez Methodist Children’s Hospital Methodist Healthcare Ministries Katy Mimari Joann Minnix Mari Mireles Mirza Trust Belinda Molina Randy & Nancy Moon Brenda & Michael Morgan Richard & Beth Morris Rebecca Mortis

Debra Muniz Myra Stafford Pryor Charitable Trust Deyanira Narvaez Jose Nassar Tony Nassar Kristen Neal NEWS4 WOAI William & Jeremi Niehoff Charlotte Norton Harold Novy NSIDE Magazine Nustar Foundation Chris Oconnor Ed Osuna Orsinger Foundation Outside the Box Events Robert & Laurie Pariseau Amy & Mitch Patterson Charlie Paulette Mary Paxton Pj & Natalie Pfeiffer The Plastic & Cosmetic Center and Spablack Scott Prater Presidio Title Company Lee R. & Melanie D. Price Primelending Carey Provost Sandra Randol Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union Chris & Victoria Raquepaw Catherine Rasmussen Eddie & Becky Rathburn Richie Ray Nancy Rector-Finney Susan Reed David Reininger Jorge & Maria Resendiz Dave Rettinger Bret & Roxanne Richards Lydia Rodriguez

(Spetember 1, 2012 – August 31, 2013)

Patrick Ross David Roth Mary Rybacki Dr. Robert Saad San Antonio Area Foundation San Antonio Automobile Dealers Assn. San Antonio Express News Andrea Sanchez Jacob Sanchez Jim & Toni Sanchez Isai & Maria Sapien Tiffany Satterfield SC Johnson Fund Inc. Jennifer Schnoebelen Schriver, Carmona & Carrera, LLC Salina Scott Sea World Security Service Federal Credit Union Daniel Serna Krista Shepard Patricia Shutterly Cris & Michele Sierra Silver Eagle Distributors Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. Michelle Snider Dora Sosa Gerardo & Dalia Soto Greg Spence Spurs Foundation Alice Stacey Glen Standley Jonathan & Michelle Stehling Mary Stich Blake & Brittany Stribling Marc Strode Emily Stroup Stumberg (H.e.), Sr. Trust Zackary & Adrienne Sudduth Sunrise Rotary Byron & Janette Surrett

SWBC Joshua Tardy Michael Taylor Shannon & Kim Taylor Yolanda Tecuahuey Tejas Anesthesia Texas Cavaliers Charitable Foundation Texas Enterprises, Inc. Douglas & Pamela Thompson Jason & April Thompson Sonja Tice Time Warner Cable Christina & Jonathan Tinker Mark Tompkins Justo & Teresa Travieso Jeff & Amy Trench Jean Tucker David Tullo United Way USAA Foundation UTSA Valero Energy Foundation Sherry Verick Erika Villegas David Walick Cheryl & Jeff Wall David & Joann Webster Joanna Weidman Wells Fargo Amy Welty Tyrell Whisenton The Will Smith Foundation Douglas Williams Amy Winters William Wolters Wortham Insurance & Risk Mgt Blake & Mindy Yeager Stew & Juiie Yocham Jenevieve Zoch

Bright Hues of Hope Now Exist All thanks to you!

When Tristan was a little over 2 years old and still wasn’t speaking, Mrs. Mann knew that something just wasn’t quite right. Her pediatrician echoed her concern and referred her to Brighton Center for Speech and Occupational Therapy. In only short 6 months with the help of the Brighton Team, Tristan went from being completely non-communicative to using sign language, repeating everything his mother said and following directions. Daily routines were a constant struggle in the Mann house but with the new communication tools they have learned, they are now sailing through dinner time, teeth brushing and potty training! Mrs. Mann’s past feelings of fear and confusion have now been overshadowed with nothing but bright hues of hope for her son’s future!

Caution: Brighton’s Future is BRIGHT! Shades may be required! Thanks to the momentum and support from you!

There is no doubt that the year 2014 will hold great things for the Brighton Center as we strive to do more for children with disabilities or delays than ever before! Here is just one of the bright highlights we anticipate for the coming year:

The Opening of a 2nd Child Development Center at Lullwood Avenue

A large challenge facing families who have children with disabilities or developmental delays is finding quality child care that can support their child’s needs. For almost 20 years, Brighton Center has been meeting this need for parents and providing quality care and early education to children with and without disabilities in San Antonio through their Bright Beginnings Child Development Center. With more than 30 children currently on the center’s waiting list, we decided it was time to expand and make our unique and specialized services available to more members of our community. In January of 2014, the Brighton Center will be renovating the property the agency owns off Lullwood Avenue to accommodate up to 46 more children between the ages of 3-6. To bring this project to fruition, we will be seeking out the support of community members that have a passion for children and believe that each and every one deserves the very best life has to offer. We will be recruiting “Brighton Builders” to become a part of bringing the Bright Beginnings Expansion to life and helping to change the lives of children with disabilities or delays right here in San Antonio! Visit for more information and updates about this expansion project.

“Like a box of crayons, each child is different and has a unique color to offer the world - we are here to help them discover that color and share it!” - Anonymous We look forward to seeing you in the community in 2014 PALS / PMNC ECI

Bright Beginnings #1

TONS Taste of the Northside

Brighton Center

Coming Soon Bright Beginnings #2

San Antonio

14207 Higgins Rd. San Antonio, TX 78217

PALS: Parent Alliance for Learning & Support PMNC: Precious Minds, New Connections ECI: Early Childhood Intervention

Brighton Center 2013 Annual Report