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Bringing Ireland to India

Executive Chef Ganesh Vellasamy, Hablis gives us his most sought-after recipes

A taste of Bali

The travel memoir

Life in the circus

A photostory by award winning photographer Achuthanand Ravi

Hell bent on leather

Malvika Iyer & Moushimkka Rengenathan Two relentless women, two spectacular stories

Choose a leather jacket to suit your physique

Having carved a niche for itself in the arena of cinema, art and musicBrew is known to appeal to readers with fine taste. With this revamp, it will continue to do so however, with a slightly broader variety of stories. Reflecting on people from different walks of life who have aspired in art, film, music, dance, travel, culture, food, fashion, the real world or businessBrew Lifestyle and Entertainment will now give it’s readers a glimpse into the creative minds of many great people. Getting them to contemplate to begin with, to create and lastly, to live.

- Publisher and CEO, Sameer Bharat Ram

Art, lifestyle and business have slowly but surely evolved to blend entirely with each other. They are no longer independent entities. With this note, Brew Entertainment too is remoulding itself to become Brew Lifestyle and Entertainment. We bring to you stories of Malvika Iyer and Moushimkka Renganathan, the women on the cover, each with a top-notch story that is sure to get you thinking. With that we have a beautiful photostory depicting the lives of those involved in a typical Indian circus. Also, we voice out the stories of a few creators from the field of music, dance and art. Towards the end, you can indulge in some lifestyle stories as we have written on everything right from travel memoirs to food recipes. At heart, we want our readers not just to flip through our magazine but also to contemplate, to create and to live. So in the days to come, Brew Lifestyle and Entertainment will do just that- aspire its readers to contemplate, create and live.

- Editor, Vilani Senthamil

4| JANUARY 2015 | BREW

Contributors and Advisory board Venket Ram

Thota Tharani Thota Tharani is an Indian film art director

Venket Ram is a leading Indian celebrity &

and production designer who has worked

fashion photographer, who has shot principal

in Tamil cinema, Telugu cinema, Malayalam

photography stills for several notable films

cinema and Bollywood. As of 2013, he has

as well as portfolios. He quit his engineering

won two National Film Awards, two Filmfare

studies to work with cinematographers for

Awards South and four Tamil Nadu State Film

a while, then joined a course in Visual Com-

Awards. His work consists of paintings, mu-

munication at Loyola College. After that, he

rals, paper collages, wooden montages, and installations and so on.

worked with photographer Sharad Haksar and in 1993, started his own studio. He recently released the first two editions of his annual calendars in 2011 and 2012 with an overwhelming response. Neeru Nanda

Mallika Sarabhai Educated as an economist and a business manager, Mallika Sarabhai is one of India’s best known Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi dancers. She has taken her work and her company Darpana to not only over 90 countries around the world, but also to the farthest parts of India.

A graduate from Delhi University. Passionate about writing, she freelanced as a feature writer for ten years before switching to publishing. Author of a collection of short stories titled “IF” (Rupa & Co), Neeru is now working on two novels and a series of books for children.

Ashok Verghese

Veejay Sai

Is one of the youngest education entrepre-

An award-winning writer, editor and a cul-

neurs who is making a great difference in

ture critic. He has written and published ex-

this field in the country. He is the Direc-

tensively on Indian classical music, fashion,

tor of the Hindustan group of Institutions,

theatre, food and art, and loves traveling,

again one of the pioneering educational

researching literary and cultural history. He

groups in the country. He supports the

is an editorial consultant with over 40 brands

cause of promoting young talent in art and

and designers in and outside India and is on the jury for several prestigious awards in the


arts across the country.

COVER CREDITS Photography :

G Venket Ram





Internal team : Vijay Singh Nathawat, Designer

Raaki Parthepan, Inhouse Photographer Seeman Elumalai, Circulation Head

Contents Contemplate Across seven seas and further Malvika Iyer, the Global Shaper

Life in the circus- A photostory Anhudanand Ravi

Bringing light to the dark Moushimkka Renganathan, founder of ‘Bhojan Atews’

Create In the air tonight Hudstin Fernandez, the drummer

Dancing her way to glory Anwesha Das, the ‘Nadanamamani’

Art in Business Vincent Adaikal Raj, the entrepreuner

Live Hell bent on leather Leather jackets to suit your physique

Skin tones Aakriti Sachdev, on prepping up your face

Bringing Ireland to India Ganesh Vellasamy, Executive Chef of Moon and Six Pence gives his most sought after recipes

The Foodie Calendar A recipe for each month says Vikram Cotah, Managing Director of GRT Hotels and Resorts

A taste of Bali The travel memoir

Madras- Nothing but the truth By Joshua Jacob Samuel, winning best blog of the month

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7| JANUARY 2015 | BREW



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Across seven seas and


Hard work, persistence and fortitude are three qualities that are very hard to come by. Malvika Iyer, however, is an amalgamation of all the three. She lost both her hands in a freak accident, in spite of which the young woman plunged ahead and achieved recognition beyond the wildest of dreams.

“I could feel my life slipping away in front of me and I decided to stop that from happening”


he was all of 13 staying in Rajasthan,

fact. I was bedridden for two years after that,

Bikaner when this freak accident

when multiple surgeries were performed to fix

happened. “I had just entered the 9th

my bones and skin”, she recalls.

Standard when it happened. Just a

few months before, an ammunition depot had

The taste of success

caught fire in Bikaner due to which there were diffused shells all over the place, all of which

She underwent treatment for this in Jaipur

were said to be inactive. I happened to come

and then moved to Chennai. She was then

across one diffused hand grenade. I simply

admitted in a bone and joint hospital in

held it when it blew up. I immediately lost

Annanagar, for further treatment. “I think

both my hands, but worse than that there was

it was only after one and a half years that I

a lot of damage to both my legs too. It became

could even walk. I was completely depressed

completely disfigured with hypoesthesia and

at the time as my classmates back in Bikaner

all of that.; I didn’t have sensation in one, in

were preparing to write their tenth standard

12| JANUARY 2015 | BREW

board examinations and I was still stuck with

interviews, awards and recognition. “My results

the treatment. It was a very traumatic phase

came on 27th May 2004 exactly two years after

altogether, but I did not want to miss out on my

my accident which had happened on 26th May

academics without even giving it a try. I could

2002. A lot of encouragement happened at that

feel my life slipping away in front of me and I

phase. I was even invited to meet APJ Abdul

decided to stop that from happening. Three

Kalam, which felt so surreal to me at that point

months before the board exams, I decided to

of time”.

attend a private tuition, a coaching centre in the next street and give the boards a try. It was

Social work calling

very difficult because I wasn’t even able to walk without crutches”, she states. She attended all

She then joined regular school in Anna Adarsh

five exams and did her best in all of them. When

to complete her high school education. Im-

the results came, to everyone’s astonishment

mensely interested in Economics she wanted

she had scored a score of 97 percent overall.

to get into St. Stephens College that is the best

Immediately after that she was flooded with

college for pursuing economics. “There was a

“The society has evolved over the years, but even now people stare at me or become uncomfortable when I remove my electronic hands in public- some with concern, some with curiosity, you never know. “ 13| JANUARY 2015 | BREW

cut-off of a 98 percent for that college, and again I made it through giving it my everything. I studied in Stephens for three years. Everything was fine by the time, I was mingling in just like any other college going girl. That was also the time I had got my electronic hands. But I realised that I was shying away from a lot of people, very closed and keeping to myself”. Somewhere along the journey she realised that this was not what she was made for. She took up social work for my masters, in the Delhi school of social work where she did a lot of field work, working extensively with differently abled children. Designing modules for them and doing a lot of research work. “After that I came down to Chennai to do my M Phil where I was awarded for the best thesis project, which was on disability and inclusion as well. It struck me then that this was my calling and I should spend my life doing this”.

Speaking up Selected to be a global shaper by the World Economic Forum, she has been doing amazing talks all across the nation and the world. So when did she begun speaking to the public? “In 2012, Ted Ex Youth invited me over to speak onstage. This was the time people started noticed the work I was doing, my work on disability and inclusion. Ever since then, I have been travelling almost every week to give talks. Some NGO, some corporate company or some school from all over India would keep inviting me over to speak. I have become an inspirational speaker right now, and this is something I am and will be in the future too. In my heart I am a social worker though, because I never intended to be a speaker”, she declares.

Inclusion and the society Something very terrible happened to her, but she was included into the society that pushed her to do better. What about the others who don’t get this opportunity? “If the society hadn’t welcomed me, I may still be submerged in self- doubt and grief. I got the platform and I grabbed it. But, I know so many disabled people who are in that phase. The more the society includes disabled people, the better they can strive to be. The only barrier for disabled people to achieve is the attitude of the society. There are still people who look down upon me, but there are a equal number of other people who accept me as an equal. The society has evolved over the years, but even now people stare at me or become uncomfortable when I remove my electronic hands in public- some with concern, some with curiosity, you never know. I think the society is divided into halves when it comes to inclusion of people with disabilities. That is why I am working on inclusion, to erase that ratio”, she surmises.

14| JANUARY 2015 | BREW

Life in the

Circus There is an entirely different scene happening behind the scenes of a circus, and it’s not all about the show depicts Achuthanand Ravi, with this beautiful photo story. Spending time with people from the circus, having meals with them and attending practice sessions with them, he shows us a glimpse of what he witnessed thereabouts.

Standing high and mighty, the tent has just a carpet for a floor. There aren’t any cots to lie on, or pillows where they can rest their heads on. No blankets to hide behind even, heedless of how low the temperature gets. It’s as hollow as its massive.

They neither go out, nor let anyone in. Tears, dreams and joy come to life and die, within the tent.

Be it injury or be it death, nothing comes to a standstill. After all, it’s just another day at the circus.

The circus is the beginning and the end of them all. Birth, marriage, old age and death, all of it happens in there. For generations past and generations to come.

Oblivious, yet happy. 22| JANUARY 2015 | BREW


light to the dark

A young girl all of 21 years, Mowshimkka Renganathan has an institution of her own called the ‘Bhojan Atews’ to educate children living in orphanages and empower them for the better. She opens up about the work she has been doing and the aspirations she has for her children.

“So we began teaching using activities so that they can grasp everything better. Activity based education, to specify”


here is no big story;

now, though all seven of us are in different

really”, she begins, ever so

localities pursuing different careers we are

modest. “I was studying

still actively engaging with kids to educate

engineering and I had no

them”, she says. “For two years we were

interest in it whatsoever, so I decided I had

concentrating on only two orphanages that

to do something else. But I never thought I

we were teaching. Visiting and teaching the

would be doing what I am doing right now.

children there every weekend. Teaching them

I went to work in an orphanage with a few

supplementary education, basically. After a

friends of mine and on spending time with the

point we realized that following the normal

kids, I realized I wanted to pursue it seriously.

syllabus wasn’t working at all. So we began

Initially it was just me and two other friends

teaching using activities so that they can grasp

of mine. After a year we formed a team

everything better. Activity based education, to

of seven people. We formed a foundation

specify”, she adds. The good work that they

called the ‘Bhojan Atews’ foundation. Even

were doing began reaching many others by

26| JANUARY 2015 | BREW

word-of-mouth, and other orphanages invited

them any such thing. We decided to take up the

them to teach as well. We began travelling

initiative by providing them with underclothes

to government schools across the state to do

that we arranged from a factory in Tirupur and

workshops in the weekend”.

more importantly, teaching them activity based life skills”. In an orphanage where 25 to 30 kids

More than just academics

had to sleep together in one room, teaching hygiene is not a very easy task. They decided

On visiting various orphanages in their mission,

to frame a new syllabus altogether. Getting

they noticed that children lacked awareness of

together, they brainstormed and formed an

humanitarian values and basic hygiene. “We

ideal one called the ‘Atews’ teaching method.

realized that most children did not even know that they have wear underclothes. They lacked

Adapting to the child

the basic life skills because of both reasons, their parents themselves lacked awareness and

In a scenario where children are forced to adapt

the education provided to them did not teach

to the syllabus, instead of it being vice versa,

“We realized that most children did not even know that they have to wear underclothes” 27| JANUARY 2015 | BREW

learning never takes place. Thus, the Bhojan

was best for the girl. They would then choose

Atews team began adapting themselves to the

the one where the girl is career-oriented” she

children to help them learn. “We initially play


a lot with the children. We spend a few days simply playing because they have a common

Aiming for the stars

mindset that we are outsiders and we will leave in a short while. We have to break that

Apart from schooling them, she is also keen on

barrier first, before expecting them to learn.

empowering them so they can lead a good life.

Most teachers try to break that barrier by

“Most of the children from the orphanages

physical abuse, which makes everything all the

and government schools have very low self-

more worse for the children”, she explains.

esteem. After graduating, they are happy to

Instead of teaching them values, the Atews

get a job paying a bare minimum of five to ten

team worked to make the children decide

thousand. We teach and treat them in such a

for themselves as to what is right and what

way that they aim not for the sky, but for the

is wrong. “We figured that was better in the

stars. This is the most difficult thing to pass

long run. For instance, we showed them two

on”, she claims. “Girls especially, do not see a

pictures: one of a teenage girl getting married

life beyond getting married. They are so used

and the other of her attending college and

to trying to survive, that they don’t realize

asked them to choose which they thought

they have to live”, she explains.

28| JANUARY 2015 | BREW

In The Air Tonight Hudstin Fernandez, the self taught drummer is all set to make it big. Juggling films, music and design simultaneously, he proves art is as serious as a profession can be. By Vilani Senthamil


hink about the last concert that you attended. Maybe you were taken by the lead singer’s crooning or perhaps you were tapping your feet to a heated solo by the lead guitarist. No one remembers the drummer, the band’s

unsung hero. The artist who makes it count. Hudstin is one such leading drummer. He is now working with leading film music directors, performing occasional gigs and also runs an online design business involving product packaging. Asking him how he set out, he opens up “I was a part of a band called ‘Junkyard Groove’ for one and a half years, where we did quite a number of gigs. However, the team fell apart due to some personal differences. Forming a band and making it happen is a lot of work,

contrary to what most people think. I would love to form a band of my own someday, I’m waiting for the right people and the right time, I guess.”

On the music scenario He is now an active participant in the film industry, working as an Assistant Art Director with Rajivan apart from associating himself with popular music directors like AR Rahman and Harris Jayaraj. He says, “The harsh reality is that independent artists like me do not have a platform as yet to showcase their skills. This is because people steer towards film music, they have not yet opened their minds to listen to other kinds of music that they might even like better. This is why independent artists like myself get involved with films simply to make a living. My primary source of income is from my online design business and the films I’m involved in. Of course I do gigs now and then, even if it doesn’t really pay me much. I would love to make music my full time career, if only it

30| JANUARY 2015 | BREW

“Forming a band and making it happen is a lot of work, contrary to what most people think.” gets the place it deserves”. Does he think there is a chance of this happening? “There are so many people releasing albums every month that no one knows about. Local bands produce music in English, Hindi and Tamil too. There is so much beauty in regional music that these bands bring out, but people just stop with Bollywood or Kollywood songs. I’m positive that this will change, but it will be a slow process”.

Support, and then some love There is always a dearth of good music. Independent artists like Hudstin should not only be welcomed with open arms, but also held on to. He agrees, “I can see a major difference in the music scene in the past ten years. People, even if not in a large scale, are definitely welcoming good music. For instance, NH7 hosts the Weekender Festival in four cities that is becoming a major thing. People attend such gigs, watch them play and then start following them. This is all that is required. A stage for young talents to stage their skills and then, without further ado, everything else follows. Competitions are a major help in that way, I should say”. It’s a known fact that parents are still closed to the idea that music

“I want to reach a level where if anyone is looking for a Drummer, my name should instantly be the go-to name that comes to mind.”

can be a serious profession too, if pursued with zest. “That’s one side of the story. Many parents are now open to their children pursuing a career in music. A few days back I had visited IIT as a

progressive music but there is a very small market for progres-

judge for a competition, and I was so happy to see the parents of

sive music here. I don’t believe in leaving the country and settling

3 ten-year-olds cheering their children. They had driven all the

somewhere else where the music scene is brighter. To me, that

way from Bangalore just for this. The kids played Metal, and were

doesn’t make sense. I want to promote good music here, so I am

really good. Most parents consider playing even Rock as a taboo,

planning to collaborate with other international artists and release

so it felt good to see something like that, Music is a very serious

albums here. I want to get people here to listen to every genre of

profession. I am a self-taught drummer, and I have been playing

music right from jazz, regional folk to rock and so other new, better

for twelve years now. But I think formal training is necessary. There

styles”, he concludes.

are many good schools for this too, the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music (SAM) is an option to opt for the people close to home. If you work hard at music, there will definitely be light at the end of the tunnel”.

Plans in the pipeline Asking him what the future holds for him, “I’m working on my skills at the moment. I want to reach a level where if anyone is looking for a Drummer, my name should instantly be the go-to name that comes to mind. I’m also looking at music production. I really love 31| JANUARY 2015 | BREW

With input from Monisha Samuel

Dancing her way to


agging the prestigious Nadanamamani award, Anwesha, a dancer presently based in the US is steadily making her way


Do what you love and love what you do, says Anwesha Das, who had no qualms in quitting her high profile corporate career to follow her heart’s desire, dancing. By Vilani Senthamil

up to the top. The passion she

has for the art form is evident from how her expressive eyes light up at the very mention of it. Asking her what led her to pursue Baratanatyam full time, she says, “I love the discipline that goes into dance. The sense of commitment you feel when you get involved in it is completely unparalleled. It’s an ancient art form with so many intricacies and nuances all of which are extremely inviting. Dance just gives so much more meaning to my life”.

On awards and titles Apart from the prestigious ‘Nadanamamani’ award, the organisation Karthik Fine Arts having witnessed Anwesha’s performances right from her childhood has also endorsed her with the ‘Natya Chudar’ title, one that has never been awarded to any other dancer ever. “Receiving this award at such a young age makes me feel so blessed and all the more motivated. I’m happy that their support has continued and helped me grow as a dancer. Awards are a source of sheer motivation for me. For every dancer, I must say. Giving a good performance makes me feel satisfied and awards add merit to that

“The quality of Baratanatyam has a set standard to it by itself and I think every dancer who is passionate about the form is always striving to achieve that standard”

feeling of satisfaction”, she smiles.

while, in companies both in the USA and India. Though I was involved in that too,

Looking back

my passion for dance never dwindled. It was quite the opposite; it just grew until

Trained in the institution of classical

I decided to get involved in this beautiful

dance ‘Natya Sankalpaa’ from a very

field full time. Starting from my Guru

young age, by the renowned dancer

Urmila Sathyanarayan to other prodigies

Urmila Sathyanarayanan, Anwesha has

like Vyjanthimala Bali, everyone is a role

certainly come a long way. She opens

model to me in their own way. I’m glad

up, “I focused on both dance and my

I have so many people to look up to. My

academics for most of my life. Having

husband, my family and my in-laws support

done my MBA and MS in Marketing, I

me and push me to perform more. They

was working in the corporate field for a

have my back when I have to shuttle back

32| JANUARY 2015 | BREW

and forth between India and the USA which is a great relief for me”.

The communication gap With so many other sources of entertainment offered, the audience that the classical arts used to draw in has of late, reduced. Quizzing her on what her take on this is, she states, “I think Baratanatyam as an art form is as such extremely technical- so it’s a talent to even master it, let alone try to modernise it. The

“Dance dramas and group dances are like a medium, I feel. A channel to catapult them to watch solo recitals, as the essence of Baratanatyam, the real beauty of it lies in a solo recital”

quality of Baratanatyam has a set standard to it by itself and I think every dancer who is passionate about the form is always striving to achieve that standard. Having said that, with comparison to other forms of entertainment, Baratanatyam is definitely more complicated to comprehend. I think the more we participate, the more we inspire our kids and the future generation to participate, the more people will be interested in this beautiful art form. Communication is key- the more you spread the word, the more people you get to attend your performances. I think it’s very good that a trend of group programmes and dance dramas is emerging because it’s a lot easier for the common man to understand a group dance. Being colourful with so many dancers onstage at the same time, it is definitely more appealing to the eye. It keeps the younger dancers also interested with a lot happening at the same time. Dance dramas and group dances are like a medium, I feel. A channel to catapult them to watch solo recitals as the essence of Baratanatyam, the

of evolution and dancers in turn, are not completely sure of their long term plans tied to it. This dancer, however, has her head in the game. “I am looking to perform regularly, especially in the Margazhi season in India. I have always wanted to teach and have begun doing so in the USA to a small bunch of girls. My Guru Urmila Sathyanrayanan and I are planning to set up a branch of Natya Sankalpaa in the States, as well. Apart from the Indian citizens, the other citizens there are very interested in the art form too, so there is a lot of scope for Baratanatyam to become popular there. In fact, it’s already almost as popular as it is here today. The colours, the values and the deep culture rooted to it appeals to them. I think fascination of the unknown is what pulls them towards this art, ironically similar to how people here strive to learn western practices like Ballet!” she reveals.

real beauty of it lies in a solo recital.”

Taking the plunge The field of dance, be it classical or otherwise, is as ever in a stage 33| JANUARY 2015 | BREW

ART IN BUISNESS Vincent Adaikal Raj, the executive director of The Black Thunder Theme Park, Ooty runs multiples businesses all at once. He runs the art galleries named ‘Art Houz’ and the national magazine ‘Arts Illustrated’. He is now getting down to producing films too!


uizzing him on how he got involved with art to

promote young, talented artists.” When most

begin, he says “It’s not a very interesting story.

people launch businesses to reap profit, one

I have always loved art, maybe not consciously,

wonders why he launched something that will

but yes. When I had to renovate my hotels or

be a stepping-stone to others. He says, “I have

my theme park, I never opted for prints that are

observed that a lot of South Indian artists are

comparatively much cheaper. I began buying art

being neglected in the national level, so as a

in my hotel about ten years back. If you visit my

South Indian myself I felt that I had to help them

hotels in Coimbatore or my theme park Black

achieve recognition in some way. This doesn’t

Thunder, it will all have beautiful paintings or

mean I pertain to promoting only South Indian

have an attractive artistic theme to it.”

artists; I aid any young talented artist who has the impulse to shine and give them a platform

This passion of his then grew until he decided

both nationally and internationally”. He is put-

to do something about it. “The person who

ting a whole lot of effort to make these galleries

sold me art got me into this business that

bigger too. “We have 3 galleries all under the

has become an investment now. This slowly

same brand called ‘Art Houz’, among which

evolved finally leading to me starting an art

Chennai is the biggest one. We have one in

gallery along with a friend of mine, majorly to

Coimbatore and in Bangalore too. I am planning

34| JANUARY 2015 | BREW

“My strength is business and my passion is art, I simply bought both of it together!” to launch in Bombay and Delhi as well. We are even planning

Again, he is doing this to give a platform to first time directors

to take it forward internationally, in Dubai and Singapore.

and new talent. “I am doing this just for fun, not to make

This is yet in the planning process. This is for the sole reason

money. I just want to make movie with a solid plot just for

that we can get the artists to go on a tour and showcase

the satisfaction that I will get out of it. I will produce a movie

their work on different platforms both nationally and

that is commercial yet brings out current issues. Of course, I

internationally. The more exposure they have, the better it

will want the films I produce to breakeven, if not make profit!

will be for them. Most galleries are located only in one or two

It will be a low budget film, where I will promote only new

places, but we are branching out to many more so our young

faces including the actors, the crew and the director. Again, I

artists will get more exposure.”

want to give newcomers a chance. I will work with a director who understands how people think and one who is aware of

Apart from his art galleries, he owns the magazine ‘Arts

the issues happening in the country. I will want this young

Illustrated’ as well which is known in the national level. “I

director to connect both and produce a solid plot”. He adds,

wouldn’t call my magazine a big one, we are still growing

“I will work with a first time director because technically, I am

and learning”, he adds. Producing the last script of Sathyajit

a first time producer too!” laughing.

Ray for a Hollywood film back in 1994 turned out to be the biggest landmark in his career. “Directed by his son Sandeep

Has he always been this hardworking? “In school and college,

Ray, this just happened. I was initially looking to buy some

I never studied at all. Only when I turned 24 did I become

Hollywood film when this was offered to me. I made my

serious and get down to business. Coming from a business

money back, but the team made more money that was never

family, I got involved in a lot of businesses then. But my

given to me. That was when I backed out from the movie

passion was art, so I eventually came back to it. My strength

business then.”

is business and my passion is art, I simple bought both of it together!” he surmises.

After ten years, he is getting back to produce films yet again, news of which will be open to public by the end of this year.

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Making you look cooler almost instantly and in an offbeat manner at that, leather jackets are simply not just for bikers anymore. Here is why it’s altogether demanding to rein in those leather sheaths to your wardrobe. By Vilani Senthamil

There are many different leather jackets among which you can choose from. Since it’s pivotal to pick the hide that suits your physique and compliments your persona, here’s the inside story of every one of the different leather sheaths you could opt for. For the gentlemen The Motocross Fitting snugly, the Motocross originated from racetracks and has evolved to be the badass jacket among the different styles of leather jackets. It flatters men with a skinny or trim frame, as it skims to the lower waistline hugging the torso. It has minimum detailing on it, and a strap that buttons around the neck. It’s a good bet if you want to look like the hunky guy next-door.

The Fatigue This loose fitting jacket has that century old air to it. It’s sturdy shoulder reinforcements and dual chest pockets are inspired from army uniforms. The military rig to it works wonders. It goes with anything, you can wear it on a crisp white shirt and a tie, a knit tee-shirt or even a Always in vogue, a smart leather jacket is a separate that adds a stylishly laidback demeanour to an outfit. Every fashion trend out there has its phase at turning heads, but there are very few that are perpetually in the main picture. A leather jacket is one such exception as it is almost always a frontrunner, having that infinitesimal edge over other stop-and-go trends. By the same token, it’s not just for the lady. It’s also for the rebellious man. It is that one article of clothing that every man should have in his closet. It transforms a present-day man to look like a rugged rock star from the 60’s. Not in a million years will a leather jacket be labelled a fashion faux pas, nor will any other jacket or overcoat ever supersede it. Let’s see why exactly the leather jacket is by all means, here to stay.

concert tee-shirt, this style will elevate your outfit to a whole new level.

The Bomber This one’s for the bigger guys out there, as it suits the sturdy physique. Lined at the sleeves and waist with ribbed wool, this leather jacket is somewhat thick as it’s made for chilly weather. It works well if you want to keep warm during winters, yet look sharp. Apart from black, dark brown is another shade that works for the Bomber.

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For the ladies Trench coat Jet-black and sleek, a trench coat is forever the classic. Oomph it up with a pair of stilettos, and the figure-hugging trench will make you look like a quintessential character straight out of

Moto jacket Also called the Biker jacket, this one has bling zippers, looks sleek and emanates a really cool vibe. Throw in a Moto jacket with an all black outfit- with a bonus of black leather boots, to knock them senseless.

an English novel. Dark brown and bright red are the other shades you could go for.

Sheepskin leather coat To take things up a notch, you should try the furry sheepskin coat; it looks dressy and is still the same leather jacket you’re looking for. With its frills and flair, it sure brings in a wee bit of summer into the dreary winter.

Peplum jacket The bold peplum leather jacket shows off your curves elegantly. To boot, get your hands on a floral-embossed one, as it is the latest fad amongst the all the peplum leather jackets. It’s sexy, in a sugar coated way.

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Patent slicker jacket The ones who want to go all-out should go for the zesty patent slicker leather jacket. With its glossy finish, a patent slicker sheath coupled with printed pants in bright colours will surely make you look like an eye candy.

Varsity leather jacket This sporty old school sheath gives a true to form vintage air to your whole ensemble. To look ultra hip, wear it with a crop top underneath, crop tops being the rage of late, this ensemble will be the perfect package of old-world chic.

Adding more to the ensemble Scrutinizing the hues

Denim leather play-offs Match your jacket casually with

Where a guy dressed in a jet-

a pair of light denims or even

black leather jacket fitted like a

better, torn denims, as that’s a

glove to his frame is a complete

match that is out-and-out made

knockout, it is also true that

in heaven. Breezy yet slightly

leather jackets manifested in

brazen, this betrothal strikes a

other colours like chocolate

perfect chord for the autumn-

brown, dark brown, tan and

winter spell. Whilst it’s best for

even butterscotch are well-

dudes to stick to their denim

favored. Into the bargain, for

pants, members of the gentler

the ladies who are looking to

sex could go ahead and pair their leather jackets with denim skirts and short-shorts other than pants.

The tailor-made jacket When it comes to leather jackets, it’s all about the fit. It might turn out to look sloppy if it doesn’t fit your body frame just right. Make sure the jacket hugs your shoulders and fits

add a feminine touch to their ensemble leather jackets in blushing shades of rose should work really well. Opt for floral turtlenecks or scarves to go with the leather that is sure to make you look as pretty as a

snugly. In fact, try out one that is a size smaller to your actual size and see if it goes well with your physique. You definitely wouldn’t want to pull a baggy fit for this one. For men, thigh long fads are a strict no for leather jackets- to get the upmarket look, buy a jacket that lines the waist. Keep a check on the sleeves as nothing can be done if the sleeves are too lengthy.


Nailing the formals If you want to look formal and at the very same time nonchalant, a leather jacket is the essential to look out for. For gentlemen, there are two ways to pull off the formal look- Either pair a crisp white shirt, a thin black tie and casual denims with a black leather jacket, or grey or navy formal suit pants and a contrast tee with a tan leather jacket. For women, leather jackets of suitable colours adorned in an ensemble of a white shirt with high wasted skirts or a pair of formal pants will look smart for a workplace. Also, formal dresses in shades complimentary to that of the jacket, will add a sophisticated touch to the outfit.

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Most ladies wouldn’t know how to use make up for their skin specific to different occasions, or to be more precise, the nuances of putting it on. Aakriti Sachdev, the upcoming make-up artist has the perfect tips for this, so read on! Making your face look thin and sculpted

Quick tips to get a healthy glow

There is a certain kind of powder called the

Most people don’t understand that using

‘Contouring’ powder, which when applied

a moisturizer is a must. Be it dry r oily skin,

in the face makes you look instantly thinner.

moisturizer is necessary to keep your skin

This can be applied in the hairline and on

healthy in the long run. “You can use an

the inner hollows of your cheeks. If you want

oil-free moisturizer if you have oily skin”, she

to make it look even more effective, apply


this on the sides of your nose. “Contouring powder is the key to lose three kilos in just

Exfoliating the face at least twice a week

five minutes!” she says.

prevent pores, black heads and pigmentation. She explains, “This removes the dead

Stepping out for business

cells from the skin that in turn makes your skin look fresh”.

“You wouldn’t want people to be distracted by the make-up you are wearing when you

Last but definitely not the least, using

want them to listen to you, so it’s best to

sunscreen for the skin irrespective of being

keep it minimal”, recommends Aakriti. Kajal

indoors or outdoors will do wonders for your

and eyeliner is a must. If you have fair skin,

skin. “Using sunscreen with a minimum SPF

you can use brown eyeliner. Dusky skin tones

of 30 only profits the skin. Otherwise, sun-

can go for black. Soft brown eye shadow can

screen is useless. Make certain you check the

be used as well. “Highlighting the inner cor-

SPF before using sunscreen”, she signs off.

ner of both your eyes makes you look really active, so that’s a good idea”, she adds.

Look stunning at a party “If you don’t have a golden eyeliner, buying one should be the next thing on your list! Gold eyeliner with some Kajal is perfect if you are attending a function or a party. You can even put on some gold eyeliner on top of the black one, along with some golden eye shadow if you want your eyes to stand out”, she states. Pair your eyes up with pink, red or orange lip colour keeping in mind your skin colour. The deeper your skin tone, the deeper the colour can be.

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Ireland to India Bringing

The Moon and Sixpence located in Hablis, Guindy, provides an authentic Irish experience taking dining to a whole new level with its unique cuisine, spacious atmosphere and charming ambience. Ganesh Vellasamy, Executive Chef gives us his most sought-after recipes

Designed in Ireland and later shipped and built in Chennai, this unique venue plays perfect host in bringing family and friends together; and throws an occasion to socialize with other guests. From Monday to Friday, 12 Noon to 3 PM, they serve a complete 3 course meal complemented with a cup of Irish coffee or beer for INR 519, exclusive of taxes. You may also opt for a single course for INR 319. Every Sunday, MASP offers families a venue for relaxation, conversation and bonding with a long Sunday brunch beginning from 11:00 AM till 4:00 PM with an elaborate menu that comprises of 5 course options and 2 beverages (alcoholic and non alcoholic options) for INR 999, exclusive of taxes. To help you enjoy your Sunday afternoons better, they also complement it with a live acoustic performance from talented artists from across India from 12:00 Noon to 3:00 PM. What’s more, entry is free! This is a place of books and great conversations over live gigs rendered by leading musicians from across South India. The cuisines brings alive the authentic European flavours, made with fresh ingredients for your good health. In addition to offerings of refreshing cocktails and mock tails, The Moon and Sixpence also offers the authentic Irish coffee.

Barley and Vegetable broth Preparation time, 12 minutes Serving, 1 portion Diced carrot, 25 gms Celery diced, 15 gms Potato diced, 20 gms Barley boiled, 30 gms Leeks, 15 gms Diced Cabbage, 15 gms Vegetable stock, 200 ml Finely chopped garlic, 10 gms Chopped onion, 15 gms Chopped parley, 10 gms Oil, 5 ml Salt to taste Bread to serve 1. SautĂŠ the onion and garlic in olive oil. Add the remaining vegetables. 2. Add the vegetable stock and allow it to simmer till the vegetables get cooked. 3. Soak the barley and boil it separately, then add that to the soup. 4.Season the soup and finish with chopped parsley. Serve along with bread.

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Steamed Chicken Coin, Plum Tomato Caper Salsa Preparation time, 15 minutes Serving, 1 portion Chicken Minced, 120 gms Salt, to taste Pepper (crushed), to taste Thyme, 2 gms Celery (finely chopped), 15 gms Leeks (finely chopped), 15 gms Onion (finely chopped), 10 gms Fresh Bread Crumbs, 30 gms Tomato (deseeded), 50 gms Caper, 15 gms Baby Potato, 50 gms Parsley (chopped), 5 gms For Garnish Mixed Lettuce, 50 gms Balsamic Glaze, 10 ml 1. Marinate the chicken mince with celery, leeks, garlic, onion, salt and pepper for half hour before preparation. 2. Make small patties from the chicken mixture and steam it. 3. To prepare Tomato Caper Salsa – blanch the tomatoes and remove the skin. Deseed the tomatoes and chop it finely. Add to this olive oil, salt and capers. 4. To prepare the potato – wash and peel the potatoes. Boil the potatoes and chop into one cm cubes. Sauté the potato with garlic, onion and chopped parsley. 5. To serve – put a layer of the potato mix, top it with the chicken coin and finish with some of the caper salsa. 43| JANUARY 2015 | BREW

Bailey’s cheese cake Preparation time, 15 minutes Serving, 1 portion Mascarpone cheese, 250gm Whip cream, 250gm Gelatine, 15gms Lemon juice, 1 no Milk, 150 gms Castor sugar, 150 gms Egg yolk, 2 nos Vanilla essence, 30 ml Baileys, 60 ml Strawberry, 1 no Chocolate Cigar, 50 gm Cookies, 10 nos Butter, 50 gms

1.Cook sugar, milk and egg yolk in double boiler allow it to cool down. 2.Add gelatine, mascarpone cheese, vanilla essence, whip cream and lemon uice. 3.Crush the cookies and mix it with butter and pour the mixture and allow it to set. 4.Garnish with strawberry and chocolate cigar. 5.Drizzle Baileys on top.

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Having travelled extensively across the globe on multiple food trails, Vikram Cotah the senior Vice President of Radisson Blu GRT Hotels and Resorts, Chennai is a connoisseur when it comes to different cuisines of food. The various restaurants, banquets and bars of the brand have won many awards over the years. He travels simply to try different types of food, right from researching Thai cuisine to knowing all about food sold on the streets of Sowcarpet!


long with a team of his

best chefs, he has put together a foodie calendar, which explains the making of



Calendar 47| JANUARY 2015 | BREW

one statement dish for each month. They celebrate certain days with unique food to associate foodies, like the Great Barbecue Day, the Sweet Pongal Day, Vegetarian Day, Masala Dosa Day and what not! From next month onwards, he will be sharing with us some of his most interesting culinary experiences. Furthermore, we will also be publishing the detailed recipe of one dish for each month from the Foodie Calendar. For starters (pun intended), we have the recipe for January- Velvety Chocolate Pudding with Ganache. Flip the page to try making this scrumptious dish at home!

Velvety Chocolate Pudding with Ganache



Pre-heat the oven at 180 degrees C. In a

Butter, 100 gms Sugar, 100 gms Egg, 3 nos Dark chocolate melted in double boiler, 150 gms Refined flour, 100 gms Brandy Snaps Butter, 25 m Refined flour, 25 gms Liquid glucose, 50 gms Icing sugar, 50 gms Ganache Dark chocolate roughly chopped, 100 gms Double cream, 75 ml Cooking butter, 10 gms

bowl, cream the butter and sugar using a wooden spoon till sugar dissolves and forms a creamy consistency. Add egg one by one and keep mixing. Pour the melted chocolate over the butter mixture and mix well. With the help of a spatula, fold the flour to the mixture slowly and do not over mix. Transfer into the greased mould to three-fourth. Bake the mixture in a double boiler method by pouring water in a tray and placing the mould inside the tray. Make sure the mould is only immersed Âź in the water; bake for about 30 to 40 minutes or until a cake like top forms. Pour the ganache in the centre of the serving plate, de-mould the pudding in the centre. Drizzle fresh blackberry and place a crisp of brandy snap to garnish.

Vanilla essence, 3 ml



Boil cream on a slow fire. Add butter to

Blackberry chocolate stick, 25 gms

it and pour over chocolate and stir with vanilla essence. Keep warm. Brandy Snap Pre-heat the oven to 180 degree C. Mix all the ingredients together. On a silpat or a tray with butter paper pour the mixture with a teaspoon and spread into a thin layer. Bake in pre-heated oven for 20 minutes till it gets a nice golden brown colour. Remove them carefully without breaking the snaps. Using a pizza wheel cut to a desired shape and serve along with hot chocolate pudding.

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A taste of


Rugged yet lavish in its own style, Bali, Indonesia is mystical in every form. It provides not only a tranquil holiday, but also a very inexpensive one. With sprawling beaches- some unnerving, some calm and temples around its every other corner, this island should be on every traveller’s wish list. By Vilani Senthamil

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Tanjung Benoa and Nusa Dua Indulging in some water sport or the other is a must when you visit an island. Tanjung Benoa is the hub of all water sports in Bali. Be it snorkelling, scuba diving, banana boat, flying fish, water skiing or parasailing, name it and it’s there! Nestled between inner curves of the island, this spot is calm with white sand beaches perfect for a peaceful getaway. Several Chinese temples, Hindu temples and a mosque are also close to the vicinity. To the south of Tanjung Benoa lies Nusa Dua, the name transcribing to ‘two islands’. Nusa Dua is the nucleus of star hotels, premium villas and luxury spas. If you don’t mind spending too much, opt for a stay in one of these resorts, as they are sure to give you a royal treatment.

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Ubud Plantations and Mount Batur Driving along the Ubud rice plantations passing by some surreal views and stopping at coffee plantations to taste different types of coffee and tea, this package is a must-do indeed. At the coffee plantations you can taste different types of coffee like the cocoa coffee, the vanilla coffee, the ginger coffee among many others. The most unique one among this is the Luwak coffee which involves using the coffee beans from the excreta of the Civet which does sound rather disgusting, but is in fact, delicious. After all of this, you arrive at the Agung Batur Volcano that is truly incredible. After all, how often do you get to see a volcano in real life?

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Kuta-Legian This commercial beach rose to fame for its golden sand beach and perfect surf waves. But lately, its known more for its thriving nightlife that starts right after the sun sets and lasts up until four in the morning. It has a good wealth of bars, clubs and sunset chillout spots. This is the perfect place to party, grab some great food and shop till you drop!

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Tanah Lot and Ulu Watu The Tanah Lot and the Ulu Watu stand out to be the most beautiful of all the temples in Bali. Tanah Lot, located well into the ocean with the waves smashing all around, it is sure to take your breath away. This has developed into a perfect tourist spot with a long string of shops selling local goods all around it. Ulu Watu, perched high on the edge of a cliff gives a splendid view of the sprawling Indian Ocean. This temple is known for its Kecak dance performed everyday during sunset by a good number of Balinese dancers. If you ever plan a trip to Bali, do not miss out visiting both these temples during the sunset.

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Madras –

In this Madras I was born and schooled, where life took me on a tour of her shady corners, and characters of all shapes and

Nothing But The Truth

temperaments along the way. Growing

By Joshua Jacob Samuel, winning the best blog post of the month

Those moments in the sun, I defended

up, sepia shades crossover into streams of technicolor as pictures of us, rug rats playing cricket on the street come to mind. three stone-drawn stumps, building cathedrals of resilience for several hours. All in the hope that if I stuck around that crease long enough I could raise my willow to the skies and live a glimpse of the man in blue. The rushes would bleed into unadulterated ambition, albeit a fire put out in a matter of time as I knocked three consecutive ducks with sniper precision. It shut those aspirations down and sent me packing home to trigonometry and social studies. In Madras, I learnt not just the alphabet, but to treat my elders with gentleness and respect. Not just the piano, but to remember where I came from, that everything I received growing up was by virtue of a league of extraordinary men and women who conceptualized and conceived an establishment where my happiness equaled profit and working overtime without recognition to see it through, was money in the bank. I learnt not just how our world works with the magic of science, but also of the


simpler truths in life: that blood is tougher than carbon-fiber and the rational fades in hennai, this awkward city quietly perched on the sub-continent the face of love. Here, Love conquers all. coastline, unassumingly goes about her thriving business of letting people be, under playgrounds of sky and security. Of Demi-Gods on reel, the cradle of the Carnatic way, and simple folk playing the ordinary hero in this seaside tale. If you came

looking for brazen neon lights, glitzy locale, and smooth talking narcissists, you’ve clearly landed in the wrong port. But you can stay, and I’ll even learn your ways, just as long as you don’t impose your metropolitan rhythm on me. I am Madras, curiously unfashionable by choice, quietly progressive, and unabashedly accommodating all at once, amazing like that. How these seemingly inconsistent elements work together, is the very mystique that needs no advocate, and shuns the inadequacy of

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“It all balances out noiselessly, leaving me with little to ramble on about.”

All that said, I have to say that

little to ramble on about.

Chennai keeps reminding me,

drivers will be a thorn in

ordinary does not confiscate

our side for as long as I can

our ambitions of greatness

that I’m not as free as I wish

The wonder of travel often

imagine, but the hundreds of

that the world confers to those

to believe, not going to lie. It’s

makes you covet the life and

extraordinary people and their

who have reached dramatic

the kind of place where a court

sights of exalted cities that

stories so finely interwoven

landmarks of conventional

of eyes would innocuously

could’ve been ours, instead.

with more extraordinary

achievement. Opportunities’

drive beside you as you take a

Autumn in New York, walking

people (despite a religiously

doors will always be open, and

stroll with a friend on Elliot’s

in Rome with the mighty

and communally polarized

our East Coast will carry us as

beach and suddenly the race

ambience of civilization around

country) make Chennai more

far as our dreams and wills can

against reputation becomes a

you, regal London, it’s music

than worth the while. She

reach. But to attribute success

meticulously measured charade

and history. But for the majority

might be a tad bit passé at

to mere acts of recognition and

of performances. Of course,

of 23 years, Madras has given

times, but you can never hold

trophy, is to miss the legacy and

there’s that sneaky thrill that

me everything I love and am. I

her guilty of pretension, and

blessing that comes from those

goes through you when you

forged the deepest bonds, not

I can deal with that. We have

steadfast acts of devotion and

get away, but we won’t go

in racy clubs or watering holes,

given the world it’s corporate

perseverance, often done in the

there. To put it simply, you

but rather, on lazy nights spent

successes, music, culture, art,

pedestrian everyday.

could say that you are not

on modestly high terraces, over

the works. But this is my tribute

free to do as you wish, where

the finest of food at not so

to the ordinary heroes of this

you wish with impunity. An

fine dining, experiences with

city: the garbage cleaners,

inconvenience, yes, but nothing

the rush of rock n’ roll beside

the fishermen, the sweepers,

harsher than that. It leaves

our wings, and unforgettable

the mothers, the teachers

us with “stuck-up” but sane

encounters at the MCC —

and all those who might be

people, infuriatingly righteous

home of the greatest franchise

tempted to believe that they

gentlemen, but discipline

in Indian sport (argument is

are caught up in the tidal wave

was never a whole bag of


of tedium, the routine and the

fun was it? It all balances out noiselessly, leaving me with

average. We must realize that The traffic jams, the auto

the loyalty and heroism of the

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“Here, Love conquers all”

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