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CONTRIBUTORS & ADVISORY BOARD Thota Tharani A senior Indian film art director and production designer who has worked in Tamil cinema, Telugu cinema, Malayalam cinema and Bollywood. He has won two National Film Awards, two Filmfare Awards South and four Tamil Nadu State Film Awards. His work consists of paintings, murals, paper collages, wooden montages, installations and so on

G Venket Ram A leading Indian fashion photographer, who has shot principal photography stills for several notable films as well as portfolios. He quit his engineering studies to work with cinematographers for a while, after which he joined a course in Visual Communication at Loyola College. He then worked with photographer Sharad Haksar and in 1993, he started his own studio

Mallika Sarabhai Educated as an economist and business manager, she is one of India’s best-known classical dancers. She has taken her work and her company ‘Darpana’ to not only over 90 countries around the world, but also to the most remote parts of India

Neeru Nanda A graduate from Delhi University, she’s passionate about writing. She freelanced as a feature writer for ten years before switching to publishing. Author of a collection of short stories titled ‘IF’, she has also worked on novels and short stories for children

Ashok Verghese One of the youngest education entrepreneurs who is making a great difference in this field in the country. He is the Director of the Hindustan group of Institutions, one of the pioneering educational groups in the country. He supports the cause of promoting young talent in art and music

Veejay Sai An award-winning writer, editor and a culture critic. He has written and published extensively on Indian classical music, fashion, theatre, food and art, and loves traveling, researching literary and cultural history. He is an editorial consultant with over 40 brands and designers in and outside India and is on the jury for several prestigious awards in the arts sector across the country

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COVER CREDITS PHOTO COURTESY Padma Mahadevan, AID India Volunteer Dinesh Baburaj Smile Foundation CARTOONIST Vijay Ashokan INTERNAL TEAM EDITOR Vidhya Anand SUB- EDITOR Sanjana Ganesh CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Vilani Senthamil Ajay Srikanth Prathiba Jayapaul MARKETING EXECUTIVE Prashant Balaji DESIGN Ramkumarnagarasan CIRCULATION Ashok Kumar

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The Brew magazine is based on the Entertainment genre has seen stupendous growth in the past five years of its existence. Based on its tagline ‘Contemplate. Create. Live’, the Brew magazine urges readers to contemplate, create and live- in that order. Featuring human interest stories, articles about the most famed artists and elite lifestyle stories, we are immaculately selective about our content. With the support of the advisory and contributory board comprising of a team of great individuals, we host a minimum of eight events a year as well. Sameer Bharat Ram Publisher & CEO Being at the threshold of this year’s close and the start of another, the Brew team is thankful for all the good things that have come our way so far and geared up for the start of something new. Having said that, 2015 has given a lot more to carry than years gone past. The reason as most of us know is the historic downpour that has scarred this land in ways unimaginable. As a tribute to the lives lost and the lives that have suffered, the December issue focuses on the floods that devoured the city, only to pave a sturdy path for humanity to surface. The Create section encloses a brief write up by Dr. M. Rajaram IAS on Thiruvalluvar that will let you ponder about the much needed, esteemed way of living life. On a sincere note, the Live section includes essential food habits to follow in order to remain in good health post the floods, with inputs from Dr. Shiny Chandran. Replete with stories on art, nifty fashion and exotic travel destinations, all that you need now is a cup of coffee, to sit back and enjoy your read. VIDHYA ANAND EDITOR

“Based on its tagline ‘Contemplate. Create. Live’, the Brew magazine urges readers to contemplate, create and live- in that order. Featuring human interest stories, articles about the most famed artists and elite lifestyle stories, we are immaculately selective about our content. ”



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CONTENTS Contemplate


Amy Winehouse A documentary by filmmaker Asif Kapadia



The City that bounced back

Of the catastrophic floods that shook Chennai


TEN-HUT! Military fashion for the season


Quartet Formulae



To Dye For

Fall in love with tie-dye this season!


Thiruvalluvar – A political genius


Resurrecting Robust Health Post-flood nutrition advice to stay in the pink


Of Canyons that were lost Get dramatically drawn into Gandikota, into history


The City of Spires

Must follow tips for a beautiful you

An insight on quaint Prague’s gorgeous castles and squares



Quick and easy steps to prepare this delicacy

Brew’s best collections of the month

Soya Berry Brulee

A write up by Dr. Rajaram IAS

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Fortitude A million words, photographs or days will not suffice nor help the pursuit of articulating the truth of what happened to Chennai and its surrounding districts in the final month of the year 2015. For the first time in years, here is a cover on the city we have all fallen terribly in love with. The purpose of this story is not to relive what happened, not to merely understand the technicalities of all that went wrong. This is a story for you and me and us. A story being told, because it demands telling. It demands curating, to stay alive for eons, for that will be true justice to the lives lost and the lives that have suffered. Walk with us, on this painfully brief journey that hit us in the name of a catastrophe like never before, in over a century; a journey that awakened the veiled humane spirit of Chennai. By Vidhya Anand, Sanjana Ganesh and Ajay Srikanth

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Connecting People, Saving Lives RJ Jane Jeyakumar, Chennai Live While deaths, damages, protests and panic devoured a part of Chennai hand in hand with the frightful floods, there She didn’t go home for days together. And she didn’t stay at the comfort of a safe zone and spectate as the rains battered the city. Instead Jane made a clear call on how she can help the people of Chennai from her vantage stand point. With connectivity completely dead in parts of the city, the floods brought with them more than just loss of life and property. And then crept in the wave of desperate words; said out loud yet unheard, just hanging in the air. Jane chose to stand as the bridge between people, connecting as many lives in need to as many lives that could offer help on air. The experience of the same and her personal experiences as a flood victim, she has a lot to speak about, when asked.

“In terms of futuristic thinking Chennai must look at how what happened can be avoided in days and years to come. That means there should be a concrete plan as to what and how to take this, moving forward. Be it about cleaning up our river banks, getting an entirely new water way system or letting water from the lakes flow to the sea. How do we exactly do this? How do we rebuild this entire system? This needs looking into. Overall, the city’s infrastructure has to be drastically changed and no more new permissions for buildings should be given here,” she says. Earnestly, she also adds, “For every citizen who threw their plastic somewhere, anywhere they wanted, they need to see how they can conserve their environment. Someone on the show said, they got to map the areas which got inundated this time, and we need to have proper evacuation drills in those areas.

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Areas such as North Madras! Lot of places were completely down, like defence colony was totally hit and a couple lost their life. So these areas should have a mapping done and the next step should be an evacuation process if it happens again, and this drill should be conducted by the NDRF. Following this, we need to set up a consistent disaster management unit.” When asked about Chennai as a metropolitan that is thriving, growing faster and bigger than ever and it’s disaster management system, Jane says “It’s not just Chennai, it’s India. I mean, as a country, we are nowhere planned for a disaster. This is the time where people need to start a committee for disaster management. Every metro ought to, with the integration of the intellects of each city. I mean even if someone can’t contribute money, they can volunteer.” On a positive note, she concluded that NGOs can come together, form a framework. Young people and college students should be a part of that framework. Who better than the ones who saved a drowning city in need!


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Striding through the Sludge AID India Dauntless might be an understatement to describe AID India, a non-profit organisation founded in 1996. True to their name, the team consists of an amazing bunch of volunteers who reached out to some of the hard-hit and remote places of the state. AID India had extensively worked to not just bring relief, but immediate relief. With over 15 years of experience in providing disaster relief and rehabilitation across India, AID India recognised that rural areas require a stronger push to restore normalcy. Be it walking through the sludge or making sure relief reached every genuine victim, it is with high spirits that the team got the job done, the very essence of which is reflected on these photographs. It’s only when you pause, take a step back and look closely that you see the grandeur of organisations such as AID INDIA. The integrity in the work they have done and are still doing bring about the compelling need to fight, wake up and keep going. And that in itself is the most beautiful humane gesture needed at this very hour. To donate in India visit

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Spreading Smiles Smile Foundation Smile Foundation, a national level development organization, had their Disaster Response Teams on ground as soon the floods started getting intense. They reached out to approximately 6 lakh people with water, food and other relief materials. Approximately 38000 kg of food and 7,56,000 litres of water provided by Pepsi Co were distributed. Water contamination was identified as an important issue, and this is what prompted the widespread distribution of safe drinking water. Smile worked in Pallavaram, Annaputtur, Naagai keni, Karima Nagar and Mudichur in Kanchipuram district; Ponneri, Ennor, Seethanambakkam and Minjur in Thiruninravuur district and the entire Chennai city region. Once the water abated a little, their mobile hospital, Smile on Wheels started functioning. The organization was helped by almost 500 volunteers from Chennai. Several of them were first time volunteers, and some had been rescued themselves. While there was no power in most areas in the city, the volunteers were still able to somehow coordinate and help out those who weren’t as fortunate. Mr. Santanu Misra, Co-founder and Executive Trustee, says that “The resilience, commitment, and indomitable spirit of the youths of Chennai have been inspiring for us.� Smile plans to set up multispecialty health services to aid those in the aftermath of the disaster.

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No Drama. Just Relief They dipped their legs in the muck, sorted through trucks of 25,000 spoilt food packets to salvage the rest, transported several thousand litres of water to areas unreachable but ceased to utter the word ‘tired.’ Crea-Shakthi, a theatre group from Chennai became a private command centre during the deluge. Crisis seems to have been an old friend of this organization. Dealing with forgotten lines and missed cues on occasions seems to have trained them for immediate and effective solutions towards the process of flood relief. With a clear objective and a fool-proof plan, Crea-Shakthi began its operations on the third of December. Their first step was to clear false rumours surrounding shaking bridges. “I think the reason why people rallied around Crea-Shakthi was because we were some of the first people out there. Vaidhya and Sandeep were our primary guys on the spot. They relayed to me. Their trust in my ability to send the material to the right place at the right time worked for us,” says Dushyanth Gunasehkar. When asked about their primary reason for their stepping in, Dushyanth points to their luxurious position while compared to the rest of the city. They were obliged to work for the city. “Drop a pin on the centre and it falls on Gopalpuram. There was no water logging, constant power and internet and it seemed pointless not to make use of that. It made a lot of sense to set up base here. We had volunteers who were apart for the regular junta due to the already existing set up. This shows that the only thing was connectivity. A wide spectrum of people dropped off their donations and there were constant requests. We attempted to cater to that.” Dushyanth commended the social media worked towards making sense of the chaos. He also believed that the youth of Chennai were no longer to be taken lightly. “It seems unfair to be called heroes during such trying times. Either everybody is a hero or nobody is,” as he took his bow, metaphorically.

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Vikram Cotah, Vice- President of GRT Hotels and Resorts

Rj Ajai, Radio Mirchi

“We were not giving out food packets but a lakh and ten thousand meals to verified organizations who were feeding people. We opened a community kitchen and got our supply from the GRT Thangamaligai canteen at the GRT Convention Centre. Besides that, we at Radisson Blu served 500 families over one and a half weeks through the floods. It started out by helping out friends but later extended throughout the city. Food was necessary for all people in Chennai as many had gone without it for over three days. We as hoteliers could help in that aspect.”

“We knew that the rains were going to be heavy so we planned to camp at the office itself. When news began pouring on social media on the first day, we wanted them to know about what was happening. Several people were stranded so we wanted to get the message out to them. For the first time in thirteen years, Radio Mirchi had a live calling segment until 3 AM in the morning. However, after the power and connection went down, we used the Radio Mirchi vehicle to start directing relief and help people cross the Teynampet Bridge. Radio came back to action not only for entertainment but also for news. It proved its worth as the city truly came together.”

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Create | Arts Galore

Thiruvalluvar - A POLITICAL GENIUS By Dr. M. Rajaram IAS Secretary to Government Tamil Development and Information Department, Chennai

Human life comprises of three components namely personal life, family life and social life. Thiruvalluvar has defined these three components in three cantos or parts. The canto on Wealth categorically enumerates various aspects on social life. Thiruvalluvar describes crystal-clear his political philosophy in the canto on Wealth. Thirukkural, the rarest of rare ancient literature possesses enormous wealth in it. It shatters the boundaries of race, language, religion, etc and suits all ages. No doubt, Thirukkural deals with the art of living. The chief traits Thiruvalluvar prescribes for a king are those to be possessed by people at large. Those bestowed with head and heart should wield the reign of the nation, the ideal democracy.

“Thiruvalluvar describes crystal-clear his political philosophy in the canto on Wealth.� DEC 2015 | Brew entertainment | 22

You can read below a few verses from Thiruvalluvar on different aspects of politics and governance. “A guardless sovereign with none to caution Even without foes will come to ruin” “No enemy can bring ruin to him Who has friends to rebuke him” “The world extols the land of the ruler With easy access and words sweeter” “The world is at the feet of the benevolent ruler Who reigns with love for people’s welfare” “Who falls not in virtue, avoids evils and is bold Is a king honourable and dignified”

No enemy can bring ruin to him Who has friends to rebuke him”

“For virtue and the wise men’s texts The king’s sceptre is the basis” “That alone is a country which has unfalling yields Men of virtue and men of great riches” “Flourishes the country which is free From hunger, plague and enmity” “If a land lacks love between king and subjects All its blessings are worthless” “The unbearable tears shed by the oppressed Are flies to wear out the wealth amassed”

“People regard the king as God For just rule and guard” “Army, subjects, wealth, ministers, allies, forts Who has these six is a lion among monarchs” “Valour, honour, tradition and loyalty Are the defence of an army” “A hostile pack of rats may make sea-like noises But they vanish when a cobra hisses” “This deed, by these means, if he can perform Test him; if convinced, assign it to him”

Valour, honour, tradition and loyalty Are the defence of an army”

“Acquiring, gaining, saving and sharing treasureEfficiency in these marks an able ruler” “Kindness, intelligence and astute eloquence These three are an envoy’s essential traits” “Enquiring, favouring no one, being impartial Consulting and rendering justice is just rule” “Choose and use those who comprehend Good and bad, and love to do good” “Analyse good and bad qualities Strike a balance and choose” “One’s lineage grows by one’s ceaseless acts Based on effort and profound genius”

Thiruvalluvar’s philosophy on politics will be relevant even after 20 centuries and no doubt, this will stay relevant even after several centuries. His words of wisdom have universal appeal and enjoy a worldwide recognition.

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Create | Cine Binge


TO AMY FILMMAKER ASIF KAPADIA ON THE MAKING OF HIS DOCUMENTARY AMY Anyone who has seen Asif Kapadia’s documentary on late British singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse, Amy, has just one word on their lips–heartbreaking. With intimate interviews with her closest people and personal footage collected from her family and staff, the documentary is in a way haunting. Despite facing numerous problems during production including resistance from Amy’s father, Asif has come out with a beautiful, real portrait of the person that Amy was and the potential she had if things didn’t go wrong. Here’s a chat with the filmmaker Asif Kapadia, who is known for his sports documentary Senna, in which he talks about gaining trust of Amy’s family members and the making of this film, which released in India recently. So Asif why Amy?


hy not? To be frank, it wasn’t like I was a huge fan of hers and wanted to make a film about her. I had never even seen her performing live. But I knew her and the best thing is she lived down the road from my place in London. This is what attracted me when Universal Music approached my Senna producer James Gay-Rees to make a film about Amy. That got me curious and I wanted to dig deep. Because it all happened in my own street and I wanted to know what really happened. So this was my take on making a London film.

new image of Amy all together. The film has a lot of personal videos of Amy, some shot by her close friends, some by her staff and some even by herself. Where did you find this footage?

I got extremely lucky. I interviewed a lot of people and there came a point when they trusted me. And, then it was easy. Once they were sure that my intention was in the right place, they all eased up a lot. I got this footage, a diary, some recordings on answering machines. Many many small pieces to put together Amy’s life. The key was in Many people who weren’t too amused by Amy’s personality when being patient and not pushing people to talk or do anything for you. she was alive have taken very sensitively to your documentary As a filmmaker you also need to be empathetic about their loss and claiming to start seeing her in a new light altogether. Have your give them enough time to be okay to talk about it. thoughts about her changed too? Among this, what was the most important source of old footage of Of course! It was as if you got to know another person inside out. Amy that you found? We all loved her because she was just another happy, funny, intelligent young girl. Things just went downhill for her and it is sad. But I For me, it was Nick Shymansky, her first manager. He showed us the am glad that people who didn’t like her come out of the film with a footage of Amy performing, of them hanging out, of her filming

DEC 2015 | Brew entertainment | 24

herself, her chatting with him and looking straight into the lens. We saw young Amy as bright and intelligent and funny, and it felt like you were hanging out with them. I thought it was a breakthrough that gave us a movie, because we know how it ends, but we had never seen that side of her before. Were you worried about not having enough footage like that? There’s always a hole, and you never have enough. It looks like we’ve got a lot, but actually it was an inordinate amount of material from very few people. After Nick, it was her good friend Lauren [Gilbert] who brought the birthday party footage and things like that. Some came from Amy’s mother, but we had to rely on just a few sources, because there was nobody in that circle who was actually photographing her. So how did you go about gaining their trust and making them comfortable to open up to you?

The spine of the film is her songs, first and foremost, and the narrative is the building of images around what she’s already written. She pretty much wrote it all down for us. Towards the end of the documentary, the viewer himself feels a part of all what Amy went through and even in a way responsible for the media torture she underwent in her last days. Do you think the media was to an extent responsible for the tragic ending? Yes, the audience is partly to blame. We are all to blame. Nobody had really seen or know who Amy was. She was a good kid. Sometimes they never even gave her the respect a fellow human deserved. There was so much bullying and she was always picked on wherever she went. The paparazzi drove her crazy and we all at some point in our lives laughed and made fun of her. So at some point in the film, it is like we turn the mirror to ourselves and realise how much we, too, are a part of Amy’s story.

Like I said, the key is patience. My biggest job as a director was to get the trust of these people and to talk to them. Sometimes during our conversations I felt that they needed this more than I did. Some of these people were really locked in. You could see they were quite ill. They were really carrying this pain. It was just like nobody’s really asked them. Nobody listened. Nobody wanted to know what was going on. For some people, it took a year to get them to speak. Other people, once we met, some of them had seen “Senna” and that helped. Songwriters often embellish and filter their lives through their lyrics, but you used her song lyrics as autobiographical. She has a voice in the film because the songs are her at her most eloquent. In a way , we were making a musical about her, so the only way to do that is put the lyrics on the screen.

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Live | Wardrobe Manifestation

“If you do have a hippie streak in you, gear up as it’s time to unleash a splurge of colours”





olids have always been a classic, agreed. But this 2016, that’s about to change. Tie-dye will make its presence felt, big time. If you do have a hippie streak in you, gear up as it’s time to unleash a splurge of colours. Else, if you like your simple English colours, buy a tie-dye tee with just two of your favourite colours and pair it with a jean!

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Live | Wardrobe Manifestation


! T U H

Strangely, military jargons such as “FUBAR” or “AWOL” have found place in common speech. So has military fashion. By Sanjana Ganesh


niforms have eternally maintained grace in terms of style. They command respect when seen. However, the recent inclusion of ‘The camouflage look’ seems to have reached all levels of fashion, making it more accessible for everyday use. Jackets with multiple pockets, high boots, brown belts, and stylish backpacks are taking winter by storm.

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Live | Spruced Up





o you want to set to rights the most common skin ailments in five minutes? Well, this is the go-to article! Vilani Senthamil has penned down remedies verified by Dr. Chytra Anand, a cosmetic dermatologist based in Bangalore. Having studied Dermatology in London with work experience in Miami, Dr. Chytra straightens up the most common skin queries.

||2015 | Brew | 30 || 30 | Brew 30 | 30 July 2015 DEC Brew lIFE STYLE entertainment & June June 2015 2015 Brew lIFE lIFE STYLE STYLE & entertainment entertainment & entertainment


Patches on the skin, body and face is referred to as pigmentation, making you look tired even if you aren’t. No wonder a lot of people ask you “Are you unwell? No? But you look so low.” The Doctor has a simple home remedy to reduce your pigmentation (and the annoying questions). “No


matter what, sunscreen has to be used two times a day with a minimum SPF of 25. This will reduce and prevent further pigmentation. A good mask that can be made at home by mixing the pulp of tomato, little lemon juice and a bit of Malai or milk cream. Apply the mask to your face once a

Almost all teenagers are faced with this issue. What stems at the teenage phase leaves behind marks and pores that will stay for a lifetime. Don’t lose hope though, as there is

week. The tomato gives an antioxidant protection for your skin, the Malai exfoliates the dead skin on the top and also moisturises the skin”, explains the Doctor.

a way out of this. Dr. Chytra says, “Get into a habit of cleansing your face using a pH balance cleanser. That will help tremendously. Using face packs once a week is a must for both oily as well as dry skin. This not only prevents acne but also reduces the size of the open pores from those previously afflicted with acne.”

DEC 2015 | Brew entertainment | 31

Live | Spruced Up


Sleeping too much, sleeping too little, working too much, skipping meals and dehydration can cause dark circles. You are often faced with the insurmountable task of covering them up with


concealers, a load of eye make up even when you don’t want to! Dr. Chytra helps out. “It’s a very sensitive area so any small damage can cause dark circles. Buy a vitamin E capsule and store it in the fridge. Every night, prick the capsule and apply it around the eye area. This will hydrate and

A receding scalp and loss of hair towards the front of the head is a common worry for most women. Getting bangs, opening your hair when you really want to tie it up and incessantly

moisturise the skin around the dark circles and is a fool proof way to get rid of them. Also, drink a lot of water in the morning on an empty stomach and before sleeping as well.”

checking your hairline in front of the mirror are signs that you are one among them! “Hair loss is directly linked to nutrition. So I always do a blood test to check on their nutrition levels, it’s better to get that done. Depletion of Iodine or Vitamin B is a factor for hair loss. What you can try at home to keep your scalp nourished is apply a mixture of egg with honey and wash it off after 20 minutes. This should be done once a week. It is a guaranteed method to nourish your scalp,” she says.

| Brew | 32 || 32 32 July 2015 DEC||2015 Brew lIFE entertainment & June 2015 Brew lIFE STYLE STYLE & entertainment entertainment

LIVE | Anyone can cook




INGREDIENTS BRULEE n 4 egg yolk n 20 gm Sugar n 100 ml soya milk n 100 ml double cream

n 50 gm bluberry frozen n 3 drops vanilla extract

TULIP n 30 gm refined flour n 30 gm icing sugar n 30 ml milk

GARNISH n Tulip n Whipped Cream n Blackberry n Strawberry n Edible flowers

METHOD n Mix together soya milk, cream, sugar and egg yolk

in an egg bowl. Place it in a double boiler mixing constantly until the liquid slightly thickens. n Remove and mix blueberry and vanilla essence. Take

small ramekin cups, pour the mixture and double boil it in the oven at 180 degrees for 25-30 minutes. n Cool it on top of the brulee, spread the demerara

sugar evenly and gratinate it under salamander or using a blowtorch to golden brown. n Serve it with a rosette of whipped cream, fresh

berry, tulip, edible flowers and optionally caramel work TULIP n Mix flour, icing sugar and milk together to a thick

pouring consistency. Using a spatula apply on a flexi silpat mat or on a butter sheet applied with oil. n Bake in a pre-heated oven at 200 degrees until sides

are golden. Mould to your desired shape

34 | Brew | 34 || 34 July 2015 Brew lIFE & June 2015 DEC||2015 Brew lIFE STYLE STYLE entertainment & entertainment entertainment

DEC 2015 | Brew entertainment | 35

Live | Wellness Critique


With monstrous flooding that hit the city of Chennai along with different parts of the state of Tamil Nadu in ways that can’t be described, it is the need of the hour to stay in good health, to help the city bounce back to its original aura. It is no surprise that the real problem with this disaster is post its occurrence. Diseases can spread faster than ever before, and fortunately the city has been anticipating it. With acceptance and precaution of the same, here’s a little more help from Shiny Surendran to stay in fine feather.

Shiny begins with the basic food precautions people need. She says “One needs to be careful with food, post floods. Meat can be avoided to a great extent this month. This is because you never really know about the quality of meat on your plate at a time like this is.” Furthermore, she also points out other possible foods that are likely to be consumed by most people on an everyday basis, “I’d also suggest that people refrain from raw food items such as salads or chutneys from restaurants, leafy greens and herbs. Do not drink juices with ice cubes in them. Basically, the safest course of action would be to live on homemade food.”

“One needs to be careful with food, post floods. Meat can be avoided to a great extent this month. This is because you never really know about the quality of meat on your plate at a time like this is.” DEC 2015 | Brew entertainment | 37


oving on from foods that you should refrain from, Shiny also gives a list of much needed, highly-nutritious consumptions to enjoy good health. “Go for bright coloured vegetables and fruits since they are rich in beta carotene which gets converted to vitamin A, when the body requires the vitamin. Vitamin A boosts immunity and protects against diseases.”

On the Road to Recovery Here’s a list of healthy foods you can take in, to gain essential nutrients. 1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6.

Ginger, turmeric, garlic and pepper are perfect for this weather. They also have petrochemicals to protect your body Coconut milk is an immune enhancer. Take an ounce of it every day A fistful of dry fruits and nuts boost essential fats, iron, other minerals and vitamins Drink gooseberry juice. You can also go for citrus fruits such as lemon, broccoli, papaya, pomegranate and tomatoes, for Vitamin C which is also a great immune enhancer Boil drinking water until it bubbles to ensure destruction of spores Food storage temperature needs to be followed carefully

“On a serious note, Shiny concludes on the importance of healthy food habits at a vulnerable time such as this, “It’s imperative that all of us eat right and drink well-boiled water to prevent any food borne diseases. To pull yourself up and keep walking after what the state has gone through, it’s your responsibility to stay healthy and remain productive.”

DEC 2015 | Brew entertainment | 38

LIVE | Aesthete Haven

Crusaders of

Self Expression I

f not all, some of us remember Guru Dutt in Mr & Mrs 55, upholding the cause of cartoonists across India, way back in the 50’s: Sita Devi: Tum, Communist ho? (Are you a commmunist?) Dutt: Nahi, me cartoonist hoon. (No I’m a cartoonist) True to his word, time and time again, they have been charged with inducing a few laughs, some hysterical fits, moral awakenings in the society, and then some. Ever since the inception, cartoonists have been a rare breed to be reckoned with.In efforts of proliferating across the country, they have formed associations, started institutes and held various arts galas, to keep their brand running and evolving over time. Some of the affiliates go beyond just creating cartoons, by conducting workshops and educating the masses on the power of rhetoric. They also have amidst them, a faction of India’s renowned cartoonists who have penetrated through the most rigid of minds, with just a stroke of their pencils.

DEC 2015 | Brew entertainment | 40

Cartoonists Club of India: Based out of Delhi, this club is more than just a platform for artists. Started in 1991, this club has stood up for the rights of cartoonists, and more importantly, has raised the question on the intellectual property rights for artists like them. In order to encourage budding artists, CCI brings together cartoonists of all types to interact, and teach each other a thing or two.They are open to work by all artists, who can register and post their work on their website, or their social media forums.

Association of Writers and Illustrators for Children: This old timer is the flag bearer of Children’s literature in India. It provides a forum for combined developmental efforts and contribution towards the cause of Indian illustrators and publishers, who specifically cater to the younger audience. Founded in 1981, by K. Shankar Pillai, AWIC is the Indian section of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY). They have taken up literacy projects, and conduct events and workshops on lateral thinking, and the use of art to educate. Their ‘book therapy conference’ in 2012, was a huge hit with students in Delhi.

World Comics India:

Now these arenas are open to all, to enjoy and ponder over. But if you are a budding artist, whether or not in need of validation, these following associations are worth a second look; be it to showcase your work, if you need a pro’s opinion, or if you simply, just love cartoons.

This is a bold initiative that turned many heads in 2012, when grass root activists and cartoonists came together in a movement that would revolutionise self expression. Encouraging all to make a statement with cartoons, WCI conducts workshops in rural semi urban areas, and helps them publish their own wall newspapers. This in turn renders a multi-cultural outlook of the society and helps develop a better communication strategy in addressing the local issues.Thoroughly driven by passion, all these associations started from scratch, only with the grit and determination of a few likeminded artists. This is essential for art forms of all kind in India, especially those which incite questions and bring about moral upheavals through self expression. If you believe in the power of cartoons, visit these associations, register yourself, and see how you can contribute.

Indian Institute of cartoonists: Started almost fifteen years ago, IIC is a common ground to cartoonists across the country. Situated in Bangalore, this institute is also home to the Indian Cartoon Gallery, which features interesting work by artists, big/small alongside the work of legends. Veteran Cartoonist R K Laxman aka the common man was felicitated at this very association in 2002, for lifetime achievement in the field of cartooning. The institute offers workshops and lectures by guests (local and international) and their regular members. Currently, they are also expanding their libraries, both physical and virtual, to be go to places for young cartoonists and researchers.

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LIVE | Glimpses Within

OF CANYONS THAT WERE LOST Gandikota, Andra Pradesh

Replete with history, Gandikota fort chooses to lie quietly in the shadows of a troubled past. Its beauty however, cannot be debated upon. By Sanjana Ganesh


ndia’s history is weaved through several layers. It is deep and ancient but assumes higher meaning when pondered upon. What starts off as a trickle ends up becoming an epic. It isn’t shocking to see the fort of Gandikota stand testament to the above statement. The place derives its etymology from ‘Gandi’ meaning gorge in Telugu. Taking the form of the mystical snake Adisesha, this gorge slithers up on the fort and provides an impregnable wall. It is no wonder that this is called the Grand Canyon of India. Gandikota has seen kings belonging to different religions. The architecture reflects the mood of these transient times through the incorporation of these structures.

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Located about half a kilometre away from the fort, Andhra Pradesh tourism’s Harita Resorts provides for food and lodging. Its economical and well maintained rooms add to a joyous experience of travel hopping. If you wish to grab a bite, there are several local shops that cater to this. To take on this 450 kilo meter journey from the capital city of Hyderabad, use your faithful car. The ride is said to be picturesque as autumn sets in.

In the process of getting mesmerized by the enormity of the canyon, do no forget to visit the following places. • • • • •

Madhavaraya Temple Jama Masjid Granary Ranganatha Swamy Temple Fort and Gorge view point

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BACK TO THE BASICS It is recommended to carry a map around to navigate as there are no guides. You can trek down to the gorge but this must be completed before the sun goes down. The entire trip is said to take a day and will keep you occupied through it all. Read up on your Indian History before you head there for more clarity! Gandikota will not disappoint.

LIVE | Glimpses Beyond

The City of a

Hundred Spires H

istory is engraved

Sitting at the heart of the Czech Republic and often referred to as the city of a hundred spires, Prague without exaggeration is one of the world’s most vibrant places to visit. This alluring, baroque capital is more than just the history that it preserves, for reasons only a versatile traveller can fathom. By Vidhya Anand

in every

quaint corner, giving Prague the idyllic edge an artistic needs. Look beyond that and you will see it’s a city of not just days gone, but days that are yet to come. From the famous Vltava River that bisects Prague upon which the Charles Bridge sits to the Old Town Square, this city weaves beauty with history endlessly.

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Must Knows

Must Sees

Historical intrigue can grip

Begin the

you at the first sight of Old

exploration of Old

Town Square. Take a whiff

Town Square

and without doubt, you can sense that the dramatic aura



If you are to visit Prague during Christmas or Easter, Old Town Square

with the most popular Old

Must Dos

has so much to offer than Town Hall,

of the square dates itself back to the 12th century.

of fame can be lauded to the glorious

booking a sightseeing tour,

Vibrant and thriving with

astronomical tower, the oldest of its

remember that the square

life, the old town square sits

kind in Europe. St. Nicholas Church with

is a haven for the food lover

at the heart of Prague. It

its arresting interior, the Týn Church and

in you. Indulge in alfresco

boasts a striking architectural

the House of Stone Clock both built in

or sip some coffee at a local

finesse through various styles

Gothic style are other attractions of the

restaurant, and let Prague


happen to you.

such as Baroque and Gothic.

One of its aspects

just its architectural, visual

built in 1364.

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magnificence. Other than

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Must Knows For starters, the



President of Czech Republic rules from the Prague Castle. Built around 880 AD and boasting an area of almost 70,000 m², it is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. It consists of an attractive integration of churches, gardens, alleyways, halls and galleries. One such intimidating piece of architecture is St. Vitus Cathedral.

Must Dos The Prague Castle demands a guided

Must Sees St. Vitus Cathedral, an architectural masterpiece and the very spirit of the state of Czech is a must see at the complex. Realising that this gothic beauty has stood tall and lived through coronations of kings and queens gone by, is reason enough to dwell in every possible sight you can take during its visit. Another must see is the Golden Lane within the Prague Castle. It is an archaic street that resonates of quaintness from a time long gone.

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tour. To understand the true intensity and beauty of this massive complex, involve yourself in a detailed, well-guided tour that will also help in admissions into St. Vitus Cathedral. This can also be inclusive of the famous classical concerts that occur at the Prague Castle.

Must Knows Built in 1357, Charles Bridge prides itself

Must Sees Visit the bridge at dawn to enjoy a

with 32 distinct points

stunning sunrise,

of interest across its

and to make sure

520 meter length

Must Dos



you beat the

Whether you are sceptic or a superstitious person, don’t forget to make a wish while you take a stroll on the

Charles Bridge. Although a little

crowd. The

different from wishing upon a star, it has to

architectural value to its

Charles Bridge

be worth the try. Find the statue of St. John

aesthetic likeness. More

serves more than just an

of Nepomuk. As history has it, this saint

so, with the Swedes who

overpass. Lined with 30

was drowned in the Vltava River from the

statues on either sides of its

bridge by King Wenceslas IV, for denying

parapet gives it the aesthetic

revealing the Queen’s confessions. Well,

1648 and the Prussians

belonging any standing

quite the tragic story. Just a little distance

defeated in 1744 here,

structure in Prague screams

ahead of the statue, sits a little golden cross

of. Open up the artist in

marking the spot from which our saint was

you, and you will appreciate

drowned. This, you should consider your

the beautiful melange of

personal holy grail! Why, because here

Gothic and Baroque that has

is where you make a wish. A wish, that is

been created.

believed to come true within a year and a

thereby integrating its

got deterred, during an invasion attempted in

Charles Bridge holds close a significant fragment of history to carry along for eternity.

day. Happy waiting!

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LIVE | What’s new?

Kalyan Jewellers launches Mudhra collection The Mudhra collection consists of assorted handcrafted chokers, a choice of long & short necklaces, bangles and earrings designed by specialists from across the country and crafted by Kalyan’s skilled artisans. The jewellery focuses specially on bridal wear and is designed for today’s Indian woman and has an eclectic mix of traditional and modern designs. The Mudhra collection has exquisite pieces that weigh up to 400 grams.

Viswa & Devji Showcases its Exclusive Designs Viswa & Devji’s product lines are inspired by the beauty of life, magnifying minute details into each art piece; inspired by tradition by embellishing centuries of rich culture; inspired by modernity, working contemporary ideas and art with traditional charm and also inspired by the beauty and richness of the Nature, designs the purity and uniqueness of its kind. Every form of inspiration takes origin in the heart of the artisan who reflects the collective subconscious of his own being, his culture and his generation. Inspiration that will stand the test of time and designs that will light the hearts of generations in the years to come. Take a peep at the collection.

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Opened at Mahindra World City, Chennai Opened atat Mahindra World City, Chennai Opened Mahindra World City, Chennai

For memberships please call, 044- 4749 2200 ForFor memberships please call, 044memberships please call, 044-4749 47492200 2200

Maximise your Life MM a xa ixmi m i si es ey oy u o ru rL iLfi ef e

Life, dotted together with moments of joy, is what we live for. At MWC Club Life, dotted together with moments of of joy, is what wewe live for. At At MWC Club Life, dotted together with moments joy, is what live for. MWC Club you find these moments come alive. Located within the Mahindra World you find these moments come alive. Located within the Mahindra World you find these moments come alive. Located within the Mahindra World City, Chennai on the GST corridor, MWC club is designed thoughtfully with City, Chennai onon thethe GST corridor, MWC club designed with City, Chennai GST corridor, MWC club is designed thoughtfully with luxurious amenities. Here every member ofisyour familythoughtfully can choose from a luxurious amenities. Here every member of your family can choose from a a luxurious amenities. Here every member of your family can choose from host of exciting recreational, social & fitness facilities. At MWC Club discover host of of exciting social facilities. At At MWC Club discover host exciting recreational, social & fitness facilities. MWC Club discover moments thatrecreational, truly Maximize Life.& fitness moments that truly Maximize Life. moments that truly Maximize Life.

Swimming pool I Squash Courts I Indoor Gym I Tennis Courts I Spa and Salon I Sports Bar I Multi-specialty Restaurant I Open air Party Lawns I Spacious Guestrooms Swimming poolpool I Squash Courts I Indoor GymGym I Tennis Courts I Spa andand Salon I Sports BarBar I Multi-specialty Restaurant I Open air Party Lawns I Spacious Guestrooms Swimming I Squash Courts I Indoor I Tennis Courts I Spa Salon I Sports I Multi-specialty Restaurant I Open air Party Lawns I Spacious Guestrooms

For Membership: Call 044 4749 2200 | Email: | F o Fr oMr eMmebme br e s hr si ph :i pC: a Cl la l0l 4044 4 | m| wmcwc cl uc bl u. m l dr cl di tcyi t. cyo. cmo m 4 744794 2 9 220200 |0 E| mEami la: i lm: wmcwc cl uc bl u@bm@amh ai nh di nr ad .r cao. cmo m b .amh ai nh di nr ad w r aowr o

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