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JUNE 2018

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JUNE 2018

























JUNE 2018

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JUNE 2018

• Ah, June: The start of summer and the start of one more grand, unforgettable Buck Hill Falls season. The golf course is open, the tennis courts and lawn bowling greens, too. Well-known speakers and entertainers are headed our way to inform and amuse us. The Inn site is ready for playtime. Leaves are back on the trees. So, let’s get the season started and welcome summer with open arms. • There was a mini-reunion of cottagers Linda and Warren Goldfarb and Ken and Charlotte Blamble, who connected for a Buck Hill experience away from Buck Hill. They got to enjoy a three-hour outing on the America’s Cup sailboat, the Stars and Stripes, in Hilton Head last April. Looks like fun. • Cris Alonso, Camp Club graduate, Founder Director of Luna Maya Birth Clinics in Mexico City and San Cristobal, Mexico, has The Blambles (back left) and been accepted at Harvard UniGoldfarbs on the Stars and versity to study for a doctorate in Stripes yacht. Public Health. Cris also graduated from Emory University with a BA and Tulane University with an MA in Public Health. Cris is the daughter of the late Emilio Alonso and Sue Williams Alonso and the granddaughter of the Rev. F. Randall Williams who built Cottage 248, where the Alonso family lived for many years. • Hey, neighbors, if you’ve got a trash problem, we’ve got the solution. Dedicated trash bins like the one below at Boldrewood Cottage 222 constructed by Ye Olde Village Workshop in Mountainhome, will Former cottager Cris keep your garbage neatly corralled Alonso is off to Harvard. until Palmisano collects it. This will eliminate the hassle of putting your trash cans out for pick up and putting them away afterward, something that is a “must do” on the good neighbor list. • Frank and Ginny May, Cottage 232, had an unexpected bear stop by to chow down on the contents of the bird feeder in their backyard. This big guy wasn’t deterred by their yelling, or by their dog Bru’s barking. Finally, banging pans got him to leave. While it’s true we share these hills with all sorts of wildlife, beware when they Eliminate the tyranny of wayward come near. trash and cans with a stylish bin.


Shootin’ The Breeze

Time for another Buck Hill summer to get started.

• Talk about a close call! This huge pine came down on Nancy and Bill Hopkins’ Cottage 301 during super storm Riley that hit Buck Hill in March. The big beauty crashed near the den where Nancy was sitting. Fortunately, no one was hurt, and the tree just grazed the house causing only minor Nancy Hopkins was jolted by this huge pine damage. when it crashed on her property. Phew! • Wistar and Andrew Wallace celebrated the birth of their daughter, Elizabeth Scattergood Wallace, on May 6. Elizabeth is a happy and healthy baby and her parents are overjoyed with her arrival. Wistar is the daughter of Guy and Vicky Dean of Todburn, Cottage 408, and Andrew is the nephew of Marie Powers of Greystone Lodge, Proud mother Wistar Wallace Cottage 56. Congratulations to with new baby Elizabeth. the new family.

• For those of you who don’t play the Chinese tile game Mah Jongg, please note that the Buck Hillers who do are a devoted lot. There are about 30 cottagers who gather summer, fall, winter, and spring to play either in the Fairway Grille or Kerby Library. One aficionado showed up in tights sporting a Mah Jongg tile pattern. The guilty shall remain anonymous. Mah Jongg players get • Peter Maier of Cottage fanatical as you can see 300 had an art exhibit of from these decorated legs. his recent works on the 65th floor of a new mega-tower in Manhattan in April. The event was promoted by Bruce and Leslie Eichner who invited Pete to show some of his most extraordinary paintings surrounded by the most extraordinary view. We think you’ll agree on both counts. • Check out the newest pup in the settlement, Miss Lola Rossi who lives at Cottage 106 with her parents Joel and Debbie. She is a Bichon Frise and cousin of Odin Gaillard-Robbins of Cottage 326. These little dogs are hypoallergenic, charming, and simply adorable. Look for Lola around campus with her owners. • Buck Hill Yoga is pleased to announce a special four-class Starter Yoga Program. This is for brand-new participants and assumes no prior knowledge of yoga. Fundamentals, basic Lola Rossi is sure to win positions, breath control, mindover the hearts of her Buck fulness, and meditation will be Hill neighbors. covered. Mats will be provided and there will be opportunity to ask questions following each class. Scheduled on four Sundays—May 27, June 3, 10, and


JUNE 2018

Jan and Peter Maier at his exhibition in New York City.

17—at 9am in the Tennis Tea. Please contact Mary Lowengard for further details and to sign up for one or more of the series at 917 656-4097 or Sunday Buck Hill Yoga will move to 10am starting May 27. • Every Tuesday from June 19 to August 28, Buck Hill’s favorite farmer, Brian Bruno, will once again set up his farm stand across from Camp Club. Brian grows the veggies, raises the chickens for his chicken pot pies, provides the fresh and healthy meats, wild salmon, cheeses, jams and jellies from other like-minded local producers, and bakes the tempting breads and bakery items in his wood-fired brick oven. You can make your selections on site from 2-4pm, but it’s best to pre-order online ( by Friday of each week for Tuesday delivery.

Pick up fresh produce, meat, fish, and other goodies every Tuesday at the stand across from Camp Club.

This big bear showed up in the May’s backyard.

A new yoga class for the uninitiated will start on May 27.

• Please send us news, tidbits, announcements, and photos for inclusion in The Breeze. We welcome your input at thebreeze@



JUNE 2018

Fun, Fun, Fun


ries that cannot be recreated anywhere else. Even talk of “boring” rainy days and By Chrissy Caiazzo-Pritchard stories of a bird flying into the Camp During the school year we expect a Club building become welcomed comlot from our kiddos. Their time beplaints as we smile and realize our days fore, during, and after school is fully have taken on a more relaxed pace. Sleepscheduled, and balancing sports pracing in, staying up late, and spontaneous tice, music lessons, and homework sleepovers are regular occurrences -- and becomes a juggling act. Summer is a the pool? It totally counts as a shower. welcome escape, a time to recognize the Camp Club is a place to try new importance of play. And that’s where things, meet new friends, and hang out Camp Club comes in. Our mission is to give the kids days of fun and play, with responsible adults that care plus help them understand the about kids enough to act just like power of friendship. them from time to time. It’s diffiIn the summer, we take our cult for counselors to not join in leisure time on the golf course the fun as they relive their youth and tennis courts seriously. alongside their campers and We throw some rules out the immerse themselves in childhood window as children run barefoot adventure. They can be caught in the grass, have second helpinitiating “Who Can Swing the ings of ice cream, and perfect Highest?” contests, building cannonballs off the high dive for popsicle stick birdhouses, and hours on end. Fun becomes our jumping the fence to retrieve a daily focus and remembering how to be a kid becomes a stray dodgeball. priority. Watching the children We take our fun seriously at play brings back memories of our Camp Club because we know this own long summer time in our campdays as we breathe ers’ lives goes by in the fresh air. quickly. It’s importLate nights rekinant to enjoy every dling friendships by moment, and Camp the camp fire, early Club is the place to morning fishing foster these memoadventures, and afternoon hikes to the Kids having fun around campus during Camp Club that runs for eight great weeks ries. We cannot wait for June 25! Falls make memofrom June 25 through August 17.

Gen Next

Diary Of

A Rule Breaker

JUNE 2018

R e s i de n t i a l

by Mary Lowengard

When it comes to rules, I’m with General Douglas MacArthur. No, not that old-soldiers-never-die thing but rather his observation that rules are meant to be broken. Yes, he really said that. Look it up. In Buck Hill Falls, we have rules, and then we have capital-R Rules, in the form of capital-C Covenants, which calls to mind Raiders of the Lost Ark, snakes, and how cute Harrison Ford was 35 years ago. We also have capital-T traditions, which when flaunted, are likely to earn you stern looks from your fellow cottagers at social events. Consider Quiet Time. This Buck Hill tradition of banning all outdoor construction activity on our cottages between July 1 and Labor Day is a great idea. But, truth be told, there’s an awful lot of non-construction noise that pierces the quietude of summer days (and nights). I ask you, if we put a man on the moon nearly 50 years ago why hasn’t someone invented a silent leaf blower yet? And one that’s clean, too? The all-things-automotive company Edmunds compared a two-stroke-engine leaf blower to a truck and found that 30 minutes of leaf redistribution spews hydrocarbon emissions equivalent to making approximately 22 round trips from New York City to Buck Hill in a 2011 Ford F-150 Raptor Pickup. nd while we’re discussing noisy things, how about generators that test every month for an hour, late-night beer-bong deck parties, and those gosh-darn cicadas? Their decibels have been recorded at levels as loud as documented in the second row at a Kiss concert. Obviously, these hemiptera have not read the Buck Hill Falls Community and Club Members’ Information Guide. One tradition I suspected might be a rule turned out to be a full-fledged covenant. We cottagers may not, according to Article II, Section 3.9, erect clotheslines, or other exterior clothes-drying apparatuses on any lot or living unit. I confess to flagrantly violating this decree two or three times a year on hot summer days when I set out a few recently laundered items on my hammock. Turns out, Article II, Section 3.9 is only found in Part III Supporting Declaration II, which applies exclusively to the Cottages at Buck Hill, and not mine. Sorry Golf Cottagers, feel free to bring your wet sheets to Cottage 40. And some beer, too. Meanwhile, had Robert Frost been a Buck Hiller he never would have waxed poetic about good fences. Until a quarter century ago fences didn’t exist in Buck Hill, according to a reliable local barricade historian. They were considered “unfriendly.” However, the explosion in deer population transformed fraternity to frustration as hordes of herds chewed their way through . . . everything in sight. But you still must ask for permission to erect a fence on your property. That’s a rule. Got low blood pressure? Pump it up by mentioning tree-trimming in mixed company. I do know I can cut down any tree on my own property, so long as it is less than four inches in diameter and three feet high (as measured from the ground up), or is it three inches in diameter and four feet high? Otherwise, I’ll have to ask for an okay. Arborists abhor topping, though strategic “limbing” is acceptable. Undertaking any of these activities on your neighbors’ or on the Company’s bark-covered leafy growths without permission is verboten (and not very nice either). I’m not planning to cut any trees down, as I will need them to string my clotheslines, on which I plan to hang my laundry. After all, as the American Caesar himself declared, “You will be remembered Hug, don’t cut, this tree! for the rules you broke.”




C o m m e rc i a l


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Talkin’ Trash Refuse 6/4, 6/11, 6/15, 6/18, 6/22, 6/25, 6/29 Recycling 6/4, 6/11, 6/18, 6/25



JUNE 2018

Season Gatherings Foxhowe has front-loaded its summer season with a lineup for the mind, the memories, and the senses.

David Ignatius speaks in Buck Hill on Sunday, June 24 in the Tennis Tea.

David Ignatius June 24, 5:30pm, Tennis Tea We start the summer with David Ignatius, one of the nation’s most acclaimed foreign affairs experts. The Wall Street Journal, The International Herald Tribune, Foreign Affairs, The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic, The Washington Post and The New Republic—as well as prominent political talk shows—all feature Ignatius’ intelligence analysis. He has transmitted his 40-plus years as a global expert, with particular insight into the CIA, into 10 best-selling spy novels, including his latest, The Quantum Spy, set in the futuristic world of high-tech espionage. Celebrating the Inn June 29 to July 1 The Inn site radiates new life as the greater community comes together for reminiscing and reimagining the heart of the

The Inn site is the venue for the Conservation Dinner Dance, and the Sunday festivities.


The Social Network Buck Hill Falls community. Foxhowe, the Buck Hill Conservation Foundation, and Lot and Cot have packed the weekend with activities for all ages. Friday, June 29, 5:30pm: Head to the poolside and reminisce with family and friends about the Inn’s Blue Stone Room with games, ice cream, burgers, and cash bar. Saturday, June 30, 6:30pm: Join in the annual fundraiser dinner dance, with the theme of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Held at the former Inn site, don your best fairy, jester, or Athenian attire.

New Directions As a kickoff to our summer season, please join us on Saturday, June 23 at 5:30pm, at Pembroke Cottage 326, 366 Summit Drive. JR Robbins has graciously offered to host the BHAA Membership cocktail party, open to BHAA members; if you’re not a member yet, join at the door. This summer, the Buck Hill Art Association is painting on a “new canvas” for the traditional Art Festival Weekend with these exciting offerings: • During the week of July 16, the BHAA will have visiting artists teach painting, pastels, and charcoal classes to cottagers each afternoon. Details available soon on our website. • Rather than the art show format of past years, with crafters and artists selling their works in and around the Tennis Tea, we’re hosting a House Tour from 10am-2pm on Saturday, July 21. There will be seven residences that represent every style home Buck Hill Falls has to offer: a golf cottage, ranch, cape cod, a more modern redo, and three traditional cottages. Each home will have a piece of art from the BHAA’s collection on display and a docent to describe the piece. Tickets will be available that morning only in the circle in front of the Tennis Tea for $30 and all proceeds benefit the BHAA.

Join the Quaker Meeting on Sunday, July 1 in front of the East Room fireplace.

Sunday, July 1, 9:15am, 2pm, 4pm: The long-awaited film documentary headlines a festive day of Inn memorabilia displays, music, food, and children’s activities, starting with Quaker Meeting at 9:15am in front of the preserved East Room fireplace on the Inn site. Memory tables at 2pm and Film at 4pm. Be sure your memory of the Inn at Buck Hill Falls is part of the Memory Magazine, which will be distributed at the Sunday event. The deadline is Wednesday, June 13. Send your fond recollection of the Inn (in 100 words or less, along with a photo if you have one) to: For more information, go to

Across the River, c1970 by Charles B. Zimmerman (1900-1994), will be on view during the house tour.

• The Gourmet Table and Gertie’s Garrett live on and will be held at the Tennis Tea circle and Urice Room, respectively, from 10am-4pm on Saturday, July 21. Contact for the Gourmet Table is Stacey Flight 570 595-2436. Contact for Gertie’s is Mary Kate Reeves-Hoche 570 595-8760 and donations may be dropped off at the back

of the Tennis Tea (below the Urice Room) from 12-2pm on the following weekends: May 26/27; June 2/3; June 9/10; June 16/17; June 23/24; June 30/July 1; and July 7/8. Gerties will not accept linens, Christmas decorations, IKEA, broken or dirty items. • Put on your fancy duds and head back to the Tennis Tea on July 21 at 7pm for the second annual BHAA Dinner Dance and Auction. Live music, a seated dinner, and dancing, plus the auction, are on the agenda. $125p/person. Last year’s event sold out, so reserve early.

Attendees at the first annual BHAA dinner/dance last year enjoyed every minute of the festivities.

For questions about the dinner/dance or the house tour, contact Beth Goldwater at 570 481-4128; for info on membership contact Linda Goldfarb at 570 595-3262.

An Artist’s View In 2015, as part of their new strategic plan, the Buck Hill Art Association rekindled its Artist-in-Residence program, which originated in the late thirties to bring talented artists to our community. Last summer, David and Sarojini Johnson were the 2017 Artists-in-Residence. Peter Blume was instrumental in bringing the Johnsons to Buck Hill Falls after his stint as Director of the museum at Ball State University where he got to know them as faculty. Below is David’s remembrance of his time here this past summer. When I went to Buck Hill Falls to be an Artist-in-Residence, I thought I would continue my usual practice, which is to accumulate drawings that could serve as resources for my relief prints. For some time, I have included local buildings in my work, such as churches, houses, and apartment buildings. I usually draw while in my parked car, which gives me a vague sense of security since I generally don’t know how my presence will be received in different neighborhoods. As I drove around the villages surrounding Buck Hill Falls, I found few places to park where I would have an advantageous view of a building that I would care to draw. The church in Mountainhome presented one of the best opportunities. I was hoping such a drawing wouldn’t prove to be too quaint or touristy. On the other hand, I felt such buildings would offer something unique and original to capture in this part of Pennsylvania.

PMMF Performing Arts Camp The Performing Arts Camp is dedicated to bringing the most comprehensive experience to students by introducing them to every facet of the arts. Led by multi-talented performers and artists, this camp is an amazing opportunity for aspiring performers to kick-start Kids participate in master classes their careers. The 2018 twoweek camp runs from July 23 from industry professionals in through August 4, for students the two-week camp. grades 9-12. The camp will be run by the new Artistic Director of the Pocono Mountains Music Festival Scott Coulter, an award-winning performer, director, and producer (see story on page 10 for additional details on Scott). In addition to a variety of daily musical and theatrical workshops, students receive master classes from industry professionals and the opportunity to perform in up to four Pocono Mountains Music Festival events alongside the festival’s headliners. This year tap dance is being introduced with one of NYC’s most celebrated tap teachers, Germaine Goodson. Confirmed instructors for the 2018 Performing Arts Camp are: John Boswell (piano, music director) Highly acclaimed pianist John Boswell has served as musical director for Judy Collins, Andy Williams, Bob Newhart, Faith Prince, and many others. He has appeared on Broadway and television. Klea Blackhurst (musical theater performance, vocal coaching) Klea Blackhurst is an actress, singer and comedienne known for her award-winning tribute to Ethel Merman, Everything the Traffic


JUNE 2018

The four earlier drawings of the church, with and without cars, served as inspiration for this final product including the iconic pickup truck.

I drove around and around the church parking lot until I found the best perspective. I like to draw things several times. Each drawing tends to give me different information and added familiarity and knowledge of the subject. After I made the first couple of drawings a car came and parked right in my line of sight. Since cars are a part of our environment as well, I gave in and drew the church with the car parked in front. It turned out that the car belonged to the resident of the house next to the church and the car was there every time I went back. The next time I went to draw the church there were two cars in front so I said, ‘the heck with it,’ and drew them both together with the church. As I drove around to various villages, the idea occurred to me that the most indigenous thing I could draw in this part of Pennsylvania was probably a big pickup truck. I determined that that’s what I should do. Lo and behold, the next time I went by the church there was a great big pickup truck parked there. It was as though providence had provided for me!

Will Allow. Most recently she starred in the celebrated production of Hello, Dolly! at The Goodspeed Opera House and The Nutty Professor, which premiered in Nashville, directed by legendary comedian, Jerry Lewis and featuring a score by Marvin Hamlisch and Rupert Holmes. Vibecke Dahle (dance, movement, choreography) Vibecke Dahle has choreographed many children’s musicals in the US and Europe. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance Teacher from the Norwegian College of Dance and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sports Coaching from The University of Sports in Oslo, Norway. In New York, she teaches at the most prestigious dance studios including: Broadway Dance Center, Steps on Broadway, Peridance, Ballet Arts, and The Ailey Extension. Germaine Goodson (tap dance) Germaine Goodson is one of NYC’s top tap dancing talents. Currently a master teacher at Steps on Broadway, Germaine was last seen in the Duke Ellington Broadway musical Play On. Germaine has also appeared on Broadway in Black and Blue and Off-Broadway in Back in the Big Time. At the end of the two-week camp, the campers perform in a spectacular showcase on Friday, August 3 during the Pocono Mountains Music Festival. They will also perform on Saturday, August 4 in the Jerry Herman Broadway Legacy concert, appearing alongside top Broadway and concert stars, and the Music Festival’s own orchestra, the Pocono Pops! Classes are held Monday through Friday, 10am-5pm, at Pocono Mountain East High School, 231 Pocono Mountain School Road, Swiftwater, PA 18370. Cost for the two-week program is $300; scholarships are available. For information and registration visit our website at:



JUNE 2018

PMMF The Pocono Mountains Music Festival is celebrating its ninth year with performances from July 27-August 4 (see below for specifics). But to get you tuned up, so to speak, a special pre-festival performance is planned this month at a new venue that promises to be a night to remember. Mark your calendar for Friday, June 15, and head up to The Cooperage Project in Honesdale, PA. Join up with friends for the outing and on your return trip, we promise you’ll be channeling (and singing) all of the songs from the performance. The Pocono Mountains Music Festival presents: YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND: THE MUSIC OF THE BRILL BUILDING Starring Scott Coulter Friday, June 15, 7:30pm The Cooperage Project, Honesdale, PA The Brill Building sits in the middle of Times Square and was home to well-known songwriters such as Carole King (“Take Good Care of My Baby”), Neil Sedaka (“Calendar Girl”), Lieber & Stoller (Yakety Yak), Neil Diamond (“Sweet Caroline”), and Barry Mann and Cynthia Weill (“Blame It On The Bossa Nova”), among others. The songs they wrote changed the sound of popular music and became some of the most iconic songs of all time. Multi-award winning vocalist Scott Coulter takes you on a journey into the music—and the stories—of the singers and the songs that defined a generation. “One of the best things that can happen to a songwriter is to have his or her material interpreted by Scott Coulter. It’s not just Scott’s amazing vocal instrument, but how he uses it to paint vivid pictures and evoke complex emotions.” – Stephen Schwartz, Academy Award and Grammy-winning composer The Festival’s Artistic Director, Scott Coulter, has received five MAC Awards (Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs), five Bistro Awards, and two Nightlife Awards for Outstanding Vocalist for his work in cabaret. He has performed at most of NYC’s top rooms including Birdland, Feinstein’s/54 Below, The Oak Room at the Algonquin, and Feinstein’s at The Regency where he spent a record-setting eight months performing the revue “11 O’Clock Numbers at 11 O’Clock,” which Not-to-be-missed he also co-created, directed, and vocalist, Scott Coulter.

Under The Covers The BHF Book Club organization meeting will be on Sunday, May 27, 1pm at Mary Lou Dalziel’s Cottage 740. The meeting is our annual “picking of the books” for summer. It’s sort of like the running of the bulls, but a bit more polite. We can get passionate about

The Social Network


musically arranged. His self-titled debut CD won the 2003 MAC Award for Outstanding Recording and was chosen as the best recording of the year by TheatreMania and Cabaret Scenes magazines. Scott was director and star of “A Christmas Carol: The Symphonic Concert” in its world premiere with the Baltimore Symphony and reprised his performance in the Emmy-nominated PBS production which premiered in December 2013. He was an Emmy nominee himself for his performance in American Song at NJPAC. The PMMF 2018 Season Program: CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION OF SONG Friday, July 27, 7:30pm Starring Broadway stars, Nellie McKay, and local talent East Stroudsburg University, Smith Theater This evening of music will honor such legendary artists as Leonard Bernstein, Jerome Robbins, and Ella Fitzgerald, among others. SOUTHERN COMFORT: A COUNTRY MUSIC CELEBRATION Saturday, July 28, 4pm and 7:30pm Starring the Honky Tonk Tenors East Stroudsburg University, Smith Theater Get ready for a night of foot-stomping, downhome music. LOVE LETTERS Sunday, July 29, 4pm Starring Tony Roberts and Barbara Andres. East Stroudsburg University, Smith Theater Presentation of the A.R. Gurney play, a Pulitzer Prize nominee. CABARET NIGHT Thursday, August 2, 6pm and 8:30pm Tennis Tea, Buck Hill Falls Starring Andrew Keenan-Bolger Bring the whole family to listen to the soaring voice of the Broadway star. PERFORMING ARTS CAMP SHOWCASE Friday, August 3, 7:30pm Pocono Mountain East High School, Auditorium A special night of song and dance will be presented by the kids from the Performing Arts Camp. JERRY HERMAN: THE BROADWAY LEGACY CONCERT Saturday, August 4, 7:30pm Pocono Mountain East High School Featuring The Pocono Pops! Orchestra Enjoy songs from the legendary composer of such hits as Hello, Dolly!, Mame, and La Cage aux Folles, among others. For more information, to order tickets, or to make a tax deductible donation, please visit our website or Facebook at PoconoMountainsMusicFestival. books we love, so be prepared to make suggestions and to know why we should choose your book. After we make our selection for the summer reads, the first book discussion will be Wednesday, June 27 at the Barrett Paradise Friendly Library, led by librarian Cindy DeLuca. For additional information, contact Barbara Herkner at


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JUNE 2018



JUNE 2018

Our Other Neighbors

Buck Hill Album


e have the good fortune to live in a natural wonderland, where all creatures big and small surround us. They share this settlement on the hill, so welcome them, give them space, and enjoy their antics. Keep watch for bears, porcupines, rabbits, eagles, chipmunks, deer, turtles, frogs, fish, groundhogs, turkeys, and myriad birds as they show themselves from time to time. But‌do keep your distance and respect their space. And don’t forget: they were here first.



JUNE 2018



JUNE 2018

Green Greens


he golf season is upon us and the Buck Hill pros have set up several types of events and programs to address every interest.

Clark’s Corner We all know the definition of golf insanity: Why do you expect to see a lower score at the conclusion of your round if you don’t practice the proper way? So let’s work together to evaluate your game and target some specific goals on which to work. My aim, as your instructor, is to help you play your best golf in 2018. Private or semi-private lessons are one way to go; another is to take advantage of one of our programs or clinics. The ever-popular Get Golf Ready program will run throughout the summer as follows: Session 1: May 19, May 26, June 2, June 9 Session 2: June 16, June 23, June 30, July 7 Session 3: July 21, July 28, August 4, August 11 Sign up in the Pro Shop (or call 570 5957730) for one of the sessions or to schedule other lessons or clinics. —Gary Clark, PGA Director of Instruction

Think we’re just a summer course? Not to these avid golfers, hitting off snow in one of the traps.


That Sporting Life

The Junior Club Championship is just one of many golf events for the kids.

For The Juniors Our first junior golf event will be Monday, June 25 and will run every Monday afternoon until August 13. As always, Gary Clark’s popular Junior Golf Camp will be held August 27-31. It’s all-encompassing, assisting those juniors who want to take their game to the next level. The Junior Club Championship will be August 5-6, a two-day ringer event, and we hope to see lots of participants. And don’t forget the longest running Parent-Child Tournament in the country being held right here in Buck Hill Falls July 21- 22. For Camp Club, we have some new formats to keep things fun and informative this summer. Rob Causton, Ed Urban, and Ryan O’Malley return to help our future golfers enjoy and learn through interactive drills and games.

Pat’s Patter

June is here and, mercifully, the only white on the golf course is beautiful flying dimpled balls, not annoying blowing snowflakes! Not so, April 20, Opening Day. Thirty days post-vernal equinox, there at sunrise was the familiar overnight dusting. But at last the incessant white stuff has given way to gorgeous green, and Buck Hill Falls golfers are out of hibernation and swinging away. Community history is at the fore when tournament season commences each June with the annual Guthrie Cup, named in honor of Scotsman David Guthrie, the first golf professional at Buck Hill Golf Club. The settlement hired Guthrie in 1909 to take the helm and he served until his retirement in 1940. Beginning around 1920 after the birth of a son, Guthrie traveled home to Prestwick, Scotland to winter, returning to Buck Hill each spring. In 1964 longtime member Gladys Remson chronicled the history of Buck Hill Golf, and penned that: Guthrie—the “Scottish Gentleman”—was respected and beloved by all who knew him. In this year’s 13th edition, Guthrie assuredly would relish the spirited Ryder Cup style competition between two teams of Buck Hillers. Women joined the fray several years ago, made famous by Dawn Kendall’s final hole victory over Greg Seighardt to win the Guthrie Cup for her team. Greg has yet to recover. Always a hit is the Friday night draw party hosted by Jean and Tony Sieghardt, where captains Tom O’Malley and Gary Clark announce the teams and pairings. A splendid way to begin the season in fitting tribute to David Guthrie. Happy Hour Nine Holers made its 2018 debut April 26 and will continue each Thursday with 2:30pm tee-off (skins game optional). Happy hour afterward mandatory, 5-6pm. Friday Twilight Golf, the quintessential hit ‘n giggle, is back. Forthcoming dates June 8 and 22 with 5pm tee-off, nine holes followed by dinner and awards. Member/Guest weekend— July 12, 13, 14—now little more than a month away. New members—these events are a must. —Pat McGrath

Tip Of The Month


hat if you commence your downswing with the intention of striking your ball, but you abandon that intention for some reason, e.g., hearing someone shouting “fore”? Is that still considered to be a stroke? Well, it depends on whether you are able to stop or redirect your club so that it does not strike your ball. For example: A player begins his/her downswing with the intention of striking the ball but decides during the downswing not to strike the ball. The player is unable to stop the club before it reaches the ball, but is able to swing intentionally over the top of the ball. Is the player deemed to have made a stroke? No. The player is considered to have checked his/her downswing voluntarily by altering the path of his downswing and missing the ball even though the swing carried the clubhead beyond the ball. If the player had not successfully checked his/her downswing (i.e., he/she had struck the ball), he/she is considered to have made a stroke. Any doubt regarding the player’s intent must be resolved against the player.

The course is in top-notch shape, just waiting for golfers of every ability and age. So get down there and enjoy!

On The Courts Okay, campers, time to get your game on with clinics, tournaments, round robins, and social play, all with the help of our talented pros. Meet the entire international staff right here: Tomas Ollestad You all know our head pro, Tomas, who has been at Buck Hill Falls for 16 years. Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, he has been living in the US for the past 27 years, mostly in Florida. He recently moved back to Stockholm, but spends the summer months at Cottage 705 in Buck Hill. He has a degree from Tyler College in Tennis Teaching and Tennis Management and was All America in singles and doubles while in college. He was ranked in the top ten in Sweden in Juniors, was #1 in Florida in the 25-year-old division, and won the 2010 Florida State Championship for 50-year-olds. Tomas has been teaching for over 40 years and loves working with children, juniors, and adults on the court. His hobbies include tennis, travel, movies, hiking, biking, and lawn bowling. Krystian Bigalowski Krystian is originally from Wroclaw, Poland, where he was ranked among the top 15 Juniors in the country. He participated in intercollegiate competition at the University of Central Oklahoma and played in the #1 and #2 positions in both singles and doubles.

Lawn Bowling This is the Buck Hill Falls Lawn Bowling Club’s 86th season! We look forward to both the upper and lower greens and their 16 rinks being utilized throughout the season for social play and the many tournaments on the calendar this year. Check out the schedule: • The BHFLBC will host the Northeast Division (NED) of Bowls USA doubles event on June 22, 23, and 24. It is exciting that we will be starting the 2018 season with excellent tournament competition. • The Nelson Tournament (Club doubles championship) will be July 28. • The annual Skytop/BHF challenge will be held at Buck Hill on August 11. • The Trumpet Vine (Club singles championships) takes place September 8. • In addition, the NED of Bowls USA has requested to return to the Poconos. As you may recall, the NED Open tournament,


JUNE 2018

Krystian is returning for his eighth summer in Buck Hill and has been teaching tennis for 13 years in both Europe and the US. For the past two years he worked at resorts in Italy in the off-season. He enjoys teaching kids and adults. Some of his favorite pastimes are sports, history, movies, and travel. Christoffer Appelgren Christoffer is a native of Sweden, where he was ranked as high as #14 for under 18-yearolds, as high as #10 as a junior, participated in many national team activities, and reached the finals of the Swedish championships. He is also a two-time winner of doubles in the Swedish Championship, reached the national playoffs for juniors, and won the bronze medal. Christoffer has been playing tennis for 20 years and teaching for seven. This will make his third summer in Buck Hill, where he looks forward to sharing his expertise with adults and juniors. He loves tennis and sports of all kinds (everything that includes a ball!). Melker Svard Melker is a Swedish native and has been playing tennis for 20 years and teaching for three. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland, with a degree in Media, Communications, and Entrepreneurship. He played NCAA Division 1 Tennis for all four years at the #1 or #2 position. His interests outside of tennis are soccer, food, and travel. This will be Melker’s first year at Buck Hill so give him a hearty welcome.

Jack Holloway Jack will represent the US among the international roster of pros down at the club. Jack attends Methodist University in NC, where he is majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in the Professional Tennis Management Program and a minor in music. He plays on the varsity tennis team at Methodist and played #1 singles throughout high school. Jack has been teaching tennis for about five years and is certified by the United States Professional Tennis Association and the Professional Tennis Registry. His main interests are basketball, tennis, and musical theater. Now with all this great talent to tap into, get thee down to the courts to partake of the many offerings, including these special events: • Regular weekly drills and skills and clinics for adults, women, men, and juniors start on Monday, June 18. Call the pro shop for specifics 570 595-3298. • Season Kick-Off Adult Mixer, Saturday, June 23, 10am-12pm. • Annual Davis Cup Tournament, Saturday, June 30, 10am. A reminder to all members and their guests: the Tennis Club has a dress code for the courts. Tennis shoes are a must and no T-shirts, cut-off shorts, bathing suits, or other non-tennis clothing is allowed. We are not an “all white clothing” club, but we still do make every effort to maintain a dress code standard for all players to keep the fashion police at bay.

played on our greens last year, was a great success thanks to our many volunteers. The NED Open this year is a seven-day tournament– Singles, Doubles, and Triples— co-hosted by the Skytop Lawn Bowling Club, the BHFLBC, and the Buck Hill Falls Company, and will run from August 17- 23. We hope many of you who helped out last year will want to assist with the tournament again this year. • Social Lawn Bowling, aka “Groovin’ On The Greens,” under the excellent direction of Tomas Ollestad and Charlene Mead, with assistance from the BHFLBC, will also continue throughout the season. It’s a great opportunity to be with friends and family as well as to learn or enhance your lawn bowling skills. From Memorial Day until Labor Day, we are looking forward to seeing you from 4:30-6pm every Saturday at the Greens. The lawn bowling club and the BHF Company provide beer and wine. As in 2017, there is a $25 annual fee

to join the NED, which enables you to compete in any NED event, to support the NED, and to participate in BHFLBC competitions. Other BHFLBC activities and more detailed information will be highlighted in BreezeMail and BHFLBC emails. For further info or questions regarding the BHFLBC or the NED, contact Jim Price, jimprice95@ or 910 880-0663 (cell), 570 5952662 (home).

Bowlers will compete on the greens in a host of exciting events and championships this summer.



JUNE 2018

Welcome To All We extend a big warm “hello” to these new cottagers.


Up Close & Personal

Paul and Brenda Haas The Haases bought Cottage 257 on Ledge Drive as a getaway from their primary residence in Easton. They have a son Cavan who is in college and a white standard poodle called Maggie. Brenda is interested in the art association and joined the Mah Jonggers at the Grille a couple of times this spring to learn the game. Paul likes golf and Cavan likes racquet sports and art. Brenda’s sister is in the Scranton area, so they are hoping that Buck Hill will be an ideal central spot for the families to gather. Margaret and Barbara Pico In January MarPaul and Brenda Haas and son Cavan will garet and Barbause Buck Hill as a getaway. ra Pico bought Cottage 704 from the estate of Joan Ruvane. They are a mother/ daughter duo and we look forward getting to know them. Silvio Vitiello In February Silvio purchased Cottage 149 on Laurel Lane, previously owned by Leslie Sopko. He is the owner/president of the Pocono Brewing Company and has three sons. We hope to meet them soon. Steve Levy and Pamela Hamilton Pamela says, “We are very excited about our house at BHF—we love it.” The deal was closed in March on Cottage 312 (formerly the Trumpbour’s) on Wintergreen Lane. Pamela and Steve are from the Philadelphia area, where Steve worked in radio and as a sports and news anchor. Pamela enjoyed being a mother and volunteering in the children’s schools. They have a blended family: She has four married children, four grandsons and Steve has two children and one granddaughter. Pamela seems to love just about everything, including golf, hiking, fishing, gardening, cooking, baking, traveling, sewing, needlepoint, watercolor painting, woodworking, animals, reading, bridge, and bees, while Steve loves reading, cooking, Pamela Hamilton and Steve and the news. They had been Levy are eager to join the BH community. looking for a home in the

Poconos for years so are eager to get to know the Buck Hill community.

Scott Housenknecht and Connie Sledge The former Bolock Cottage 717 on Oak Hill became the new home to Connie Sledge and Scott Housenknecht this past March. They live in Greenwich, CT, but intend to retire in Buck Hill in a few years. They have a blended family of five children, Caroline (plus husband Danny), Maggie, Nora, Elizabeth, and Robert. Scott and Connie like hiking, cross-country skiing, kayaking, and golf (and hope to improve their games here). They’re also interested in paddleball and lawn bowling. Scott and Connie have known about Buck Hill for years and vacationed in one of the cottages last summer. Scott lived in Stroudsburg in the late eighties and enjoyed an occasional round of golf at BH Golf Club. Connie has wonderful childhood memories of vacationing at the Pines Hotel in Canadensis. Her parents drove around Buck Hill daydreaming of a Connie Sledge and Scott Housenvacation home. Now they knecht now live at Cottage 717. have it! Scott is the principal of Edgewood Elementary School in Scarsdale, NY, approaching his 30th anniversary. He attended graduate school at Penn State and received his doctorate from Teachers College at Columbia University. Connie is the Director of Operations for the Greenwich Roundtable in Cos Cob, CT, a not-for-profit educational forum for investors in the alternative investment space. She is a graduate of the High School of Performing Arts in New York City, where she majored in dance. She taught dance and worked with various theater groups before settling into a career in finance.

that reminded me of my grandparents’ lake house in upstate New York, so I fell in love with it and we rented that cottage for six years.

Favorite Way to Spend Time in BH: A great day starts with tennis in the morning, lunch on the deck, then going to the pool. I love to catch lawn bowling at 4:30pm, have a few friends over before dinner, and then sit on the porch at night with my girlfriend Melissa and the kids (when they’re around). Too much to do; not enough time. What Committees Have You Served on: I was honored to be the Treasurer of the Conservation Foundation for six years. I was also the Treasurer of Foxhowe for nine years and have served on Lot and Cot. I am currently on the Company Board, serving on the Finance committee and as liaison to the Conservation Foundation. Words of Wisdom About BH: Frank May mentioned to me the cycle of life at BH when I first arrived. He said, “First you play tennis, then you move to golf, and then you play lawn bowling, and then, well…see you!” Funny, I am still playing tennis and now love lawn bowling so I am aging out of order without the golf! Last Book Read: S Street Rising by Ruben Castaneda, which is a story about the crack-cocaine epidemic in Washington, DC in the late eighties. It’s a gripping read from the author who was a writer for The Washington Post but also a drug addict. It’s assigned reading for my son, William, who is a sophomore at American University in DC. Something Most People Don’t Know About You: In addition to an MBA in Finance and a CFA, I have an MA in Philosophy. It’s actually good training for business.

Cottager Of The Month: Peter Shriver First Year in BH: 1997 Where Do You Live in BH: I purchased a detached golf cottage (#2185) fifteen years ago. It’s about halfway up Oak Hill Drive and the back porch is secluded by the trees and looks over the golf course toward Chestnut Mountain and Griscom Creek. Life Outside of BH: I am the CEO of Barrett Asset Management, an investment advisory firm in New York City, and live in Princeton, New Jersey. First Memory of BH: We came up to visit after talking with Greg Muth, who we met through a friend. Virginia Hood, a longtime realtor in BH, showed us the Diver Cottage (now Paulson #386 on Valley View). The cottage had a great musty smell

Peter Shriver and daughter Claire while in London earlier this year.

What Change Would You Like to See in BH: I’m glad the Inn is down but would like to see a central clubhouse. After 20 years in BH, I still meet people I have never met before because they’re involved in an activity (like golf) that I am not part of. With a central clubhouse, maybe that wouldn’t happen, and we could be closer together as a community.

JUNE 2018


Favorite Thing About BH: The people. I have been amazed at the friendliness of everyone and the volunteer commitments people make to run the community. I love the strong sense of family community. The pool, the tennis courts, the lawn bowling, and the Falls—these aren’t too bad either! Favorite Quote: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”—Mahatma Gandhi.


At Barley Creek’s Pint Size Park Featuring

The Maybabies

Live Music Great Food Fun & Games


$10 advance $15 at door 4pm-10pm



JUNE 2018

BHFCO Update The Buck Hill Falls Company Board of Directors met on April 24.


broad variety of topics was covered at the meeting. As the Company’s fiscal year ended on March 31, the Board had the opportunity to review the preliminary financial statements for the full year. These statements will be audited by the Company’s accounting firm and then released to shareholders early this summer in the Annual Report. Mike O’Shea updated the Board on the somewhat extensive damage caused by several storms this winter. Particularly hard hit was the area around Red Rock and the Falls. The Company’s insurance company is likely to cover most of the cost of tree removal and repair necessary to restore the area. Mike also updated the Board on progress to engage a new Food and Beverage Director. Robin Ottaway, Chair of the Board’s Marketing Committee, led a discussion concerning the Company’s more aggres-


It’s Your Business sive focus on promoting the community to potential new cottagers. Though real estate activity in Buck Hill has been busy, there is still an overhang of homes available for sale. The key performance indicator of success in this area will be a more vibrant demand for Buck Hill houses and a resulting reduction of available homes for sale. The Board has approved a multifaceted plan that will incorporate a variety of print and digital media. Going forward, the success of this effort will be carefully monitored by Compa-

ny management and the Board. Erin Delaney, the Company’s Public Relations & Communications Manager, has played the leading role in defining and implementing the strategy. Also discussed at the meeting was the Board’s plan to pursue “privatization” of the Buck Hill Water Company. You may recall that the Board has, over the past two years, spent a significant amount of time evaluating strategic alternatives for the water company. We have determined that operating the water company as a public utility results in an unnecessary and substantial cost that ultimately must be recovered through higher water rates. We hope to have more to tell you about this effort in the coming weeks. Everyone who has spent time in Buck Hill this past winter is glad that summer is around the corner, especially the Company staff. The Board is particularly cognizant of the hard work and sacrifice required of the staff this year. Hopefully, as many of you return with the improving weather, there will be little evidence of the turmoil that occurred while you were away.

Fixer Upper


he Company Board continues to review and respond to the information gathered during the Focus Groups held last summer, and although numerous issues have already been addressed, the desire for a fitness center and an additional community gathering space was overwhelming. Our new Fitness Center, located in Paiste Pond Chalet, is now open and waiting for all jocks and Over the winter, a section of former couch potatoes. the Paiste Pond Chalet was office for a $10 fee. The required waiver and transformed into a compact list of rules are also available at the office. but efficient gym, equipped with treadmills, The bar area of the Tennis Tea also reelliptical and resistance machines, as well ceived a face lift over the winter. New panas free weights and props to stretch and eling and lighting were installed, the carpet build your core. The cardio machines are was removed, and the floor refinished. Plans equipped with state-of-the-art Wi-Fi and for its use are now under discussion and, Bluetooth capability so you can work out to once finalized, the space will be appropriatemusic and Netflix! ly furnished to provide an additional spot The Fitness Center will be open daily from 5am to 10pm and all members in good for cottagers to gather and relax. These thoughtful renovations all took standing, as well as their family members place under the guidance of JR Robbins, and guests age 14 and over, are welcome Recently renovated, the Tennis Tea annex long-time cottager, company board memto use the facility. A key fob is required for will become an additional lounge area or access and can be obtained at the Company ber, and unofficial mayor of BHF. overflow space from the main room.

Lot & Cot

Upcoming Events


May 26 Meet and Greet 5:30-7:30pm, Fairway Grille May 27 Community Meeting 4pm, Tennis Tea June 29 Night Swim/family event 5:30pm, Pool This is part of the Conservation/Foxhowe/L&C weekend celebrating the Inn. The event will be a family party at the pool, conjuring the Blue Stone Room. There will be swimming and games, along with a cash bar, burgers and grill food, and an ice cream bar for milk shakes, cones, and sundaes – all reminiscent of the food you could enjoy at the Inn. The ice cream will be provided by Lot and Cot. In case of rain, we will move to the Tennis Tea. July 3 Family Picnic 5pm, Location TBA July 3 Fireworks 9pm, Golf Course July 4 Flag Raising at Inn, Time TBA July 4 Parade to pool 10am, Flower garden July 4 Fourth Ceremony follows parade, Pool July 4 Pool games, 4pm, Pool July 4 Family Dinner followed by night swim 5pm, Pool July 20 Night Swim 5:30-9:30pm, Pool July 28 Ice Cream Social 2pm, Pool August 4 Community Party, 6:30pm. Details to follow. Pool

ot and Cot loves putting on events LOT & COT for Buck Hill Falls (and we think we’re pretty darn good at it!). But our mission goes beyond that. We also want to keep in touch with the sentiments of the cottagers on matters big and small. We can also play a role in passing on concerns and compliments to the Buck Hill Falls Company Board. When you have an issue that you think needs to be addressed, please feel free to contact anyone on the L&C board. We’ll do all we can to get things resolved. To help you, here’s who we are and how to reach us: Julia Mutch, President 610 513-1210 Jim McClammy, V.P. 973 479-1380 Mill Jonakait, Secretary Winter: 718 858-8443 BHF: 570 595-0422 Phil Ravenscroft, Treasurer 215 668-5356 Susan Frehse 917 687-1320 Beth Haser 570 242-7383 Ginny May 570 595-3446, Cell: 570 807-3675 Jeannine Robbins 610 256-3065 Steve Vosburgh 216 973-0466

Everyone gathers for the pool ceremony— a Buck Hill tradition that lives on.


Fairway Fare Grille After a brief hiatus, the Fairway Grille is now open serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner (check Bulletin Board pg. 22 for hours) Plus the grille is the place to be for Twilight dinners, lunch on the patio, special events, Thursday night happy hour, or just meeting up with friends for a quick drink at the bar. So come on down!


JUNE 2018

Fireworks on the golf course—what a great way to end the day.

The Fourth family picnic is fun for all with games, food, laughter.

Summer Bridge


ot and Cot is pleased to announce that Yefim Shoykhet, a talented bridge instructor who teaches many of our Buck Hillers at the Honors Bridge Club in NYC, will be giving intermediate bridge lessons at Buck Hill this summer at Kerby Library. The lessons are Fridays, June 22 and 29, July 6, August 10 and 17, and September 7 from 9-10:30am, followed by duplicate play until 1pm. The cost is $240 for the series. If you would like to sign up, please email We will also offer Duplicate Play with JoAnn Mauger on Thursdays, July 12, 19, 26 and August 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30 from 9:30am-12:30pm in Kerby Library. The cost is $5 per day. There is no need to sign up for Thursday play—just bring a partner and join in!

Save The Date CPR/AED Class Saturday, July 7 9:30am, Urice Room $55 per person Sponsored by Lot and Cot, this American Heart Association Course teaches CPR and AED use. All participants receive a certificate. Lunch provided. Call 570 595-7511 for reservations.



JUNE 2018

Your Library Buck Hill History Did you know that once the Buck Hill Falls Company built the Buck Hill Inn and their own library (called The Greenleaf Library), the cottagers and the Buck Hill Falls Company jumped right into helping Mountainhome establish its own library? That’s where “Friendly” comes from in our name. It was our friendly Quaker neighbors. The Buck Hill Collection. One of the great resources we have at the Library is our extensive and highly organized archival material focusing on early Buck Hill. This collection was started with bound copies of The Breeze, bound Annual reports of the Buck Hill Falls Co., and brochures and documents donated by Buck Hill’s founding family, the Jenkins. In 1999, Rae Donnelly, Archivist, worked diligently with Christina Sopko, chair of the Buck Hill Collection Committee, to encourage donations of materials, and carefully organized many documents and historic realia of the Buck Hill Falls community. Accessing the Collection. To preserve Buck Hill’s past for future accessibility, the Library is planning to digitize the Buck Hill archival collection of documents, photographs, and realia. What’s needed to do this is an archivist, interns to scan the materials, a high-speed scanner, a program to catalog scanned materials, expanding the materials in the collection, and funding to insure the work is completed. Today, the collection is only available through a visit to the Library’s Quiet Study Room, where the collection is housed. Adding to the Collection. Recently, the Robbins family of Buck Hill donated a copied series of 141 large-scale renderings of the Buck Hill Falls Master Plan by the Olmsted Firm, the successor to Frederick Law Olmsted, Sr. The original drawings are housed in the Frederick Law Olmsted House, a unit of the National Park System, in Brookline, MA.

Save The Date Books and Bubbly June 22, 6:30pm Children’s Summer S.T.R.E.A.M. Programs (Science-Technology-ReadingEngineering-Art-Math) June 18 -August 11, 2018 L.O.L. Comedy Night August 18, 6pm At The Tennis Tea


On & Off Campus

Brochures from the Buck Hill Collection available for viewing at the Library.

Frederick Law Olmsted and his sons, who worked on the Buck Hill project, are known as the forefathers of American landscape architecture, and are famous for New York City’s Central Park design as well as other iconic American parks and town plans. Preserving the Collection. The library needs your help in two ways. First, to develop the collection more fully, the library needs to add documents you would be willing to share by donating them to the collection or allowing them to be scanned and returned. Secondly, the library needs funding to pay for this project. Initial cost for a digital asset management system and the work of scanning is estimated to be $20,000, with an annual maintenance fee of $5,000. Please consider helping the library in this important step of preservation and increased accessibility for all. For more information, contact Cindy DeLuca, 570 595-7171 or

FCC Summer

On Route 191—just a short hop from BHF—The Friendly Community Center offers myriad classes on a variety of topics. This list of activities might be the impetus for you to attend one of their many offerings— It’s a great resource for learning right in our own back yard. Special June Classes • Opt for a gentle walk and standing yoga stretching with Yoga On The Move every Thursday in June at 10am at Skywood Park, Route 191, Cresco PA.

• Create a wooden pallet board painting at Paint & Pour to benefit the FCC on Tuesday, June 12 at 7pm. Bring your favorite beverage to enjoy during the evening. Registration required and class fee of $35 due by June 5. • Enjoy a photographic presentation of One Man’s Photographic View of Our Towns, by Steve Broderick, local writer and photographer on Friday, June 22 at 6:30pm. • Learn how to recognize and stop the spread of spotted lanternfly (an invasive insect from Asia) in our region. Presented by a Penn State Monroe County Master Gardener on Monday, June 25 at 6:30pm. • Make a lavender sachet greeting card at Helpful Tips and Tricks about Growing Lavender presented by Linda Besecker of Paradise Lavender Farm and Bonnie Vogt, Penn State Monroe County Master Gardener on Tuesday, June 26 at 6:30pm; registration required. The FCC offers classes for body, mind, and soul throughout the summer. Choose from hiking, cardio, tai chi, birding, singing along, table games, and crafts to name just a few. Some programs are free and open to the public, others require a minimal membership fee. For more information or to receive a complete list of all of the programs available at The FCC, call Nicole Abrams at 570 481-4330, visit www. or check the FCC Facebook page. Visit The Weiler Family Gallery at the FCC to see art on display (and for sale) by various artists, including photographs by Steve Broderick on display during the month of June.

Giving Back

s we welcome the busy summer season, the Community Services Committee is asking for your support. We distributed more than $30,000 that was raised within the community in 2017. We could not have done this without your help. And so, we begin again. Please consider donating to the Buck Hill Falls Community Services fund. Each dollar goes directly to our neighbors in need including: C.A.M.E. (our local food bank), Barrett-Paradise Friendly Library, Pocono Medical Center (Dracos Orthopedic Clinic), Meals on Wheels, Family Promise, Women’s Resources, Friendly Community Center, Burnley Workshop, Salvation Army, and The Barrett Volunteer Fire Co. The tradition of Buck Hill Falls serving our larger community continues in 2018—be a part of it! Donate by mail: Buck Hill Falls Community Services Committee PO Box 453 Buck Hill Falls, PA 18323 Donate by PayPal:


Annual Dinner Dance


n especially whimsical twist will season the nocturnal reverie of the annual Buck Hill Conservation Dinner Dance on Saturday June 30 at 6:30pm. Peanutbutter®, a face painting company owned by new Buck Hill cottager Robert Woodward, will add colorful embellishments to willing party guests attending the “Midsummer Night’s Dream” event. Held at the Buck Hill Inn site, this year’s annual fundraiser takes on a heightened jubilance as part of a three-day celebration of the legacy of the former grand hotel. For tickets, go to

Green Team

It is impossible to describe the intensely restful quiet of these eternal hills. It may be hinted at, but it must be experienced to be fully understood. Like the store of health and energy that awaits the tired denizen of the city in the mountain region, it can be realized only on the ground. [Building lots] are sold only to stock holders of the company, conditions being attached to the sale which will preserve forever the quiet . . . and the Friendly character of the enterprise. —from the Friends’ Intelligencer, 1904 The founders and original inhabitants of Buck Hill Falls set great store by the healthy mental and physical effects of time spent in the quiet and beauty of Buck Hills’ natural surroundings. You might say that these Quakers were among the earliest environmentalists. One focus of the newly-formed Buck Hill Green Team is to encourage a reawakening of our founding approach to nature by fostering some changes and practices that will enhance everyone’s ability to enjoy our beautiful setting while addressing environmental issues. The Green Team began as an informal group of Buck Hillers led by Ann McGuire and Jeff Hayes. Now with 13 members, it is an ad hoc committee of the Conservation Foundation. While initially focused on the noise and pollution associated with gas-powered blowers, the group decided that a broader set of issues should be tackled. They include: Walkable Buck Hill Our early Buck Hillers were great proponents of walking, and pathways threaded throughout the settlement, making it easy for everyone to walk from cottages to the Inn, to the Falls, and to all other amenities. Bridle paths allowed those on horseback to ride on dedicated paths to Cresco Junction and north to Skytop.

Call Of The Wild Part of our mission is to encourage this practice—cutting down on the pollution, noise, and frequency of vehicular traffic, as well as making it easier and safer for Buck Hill’s youth to use their bicycles to get back and forth from Camp Club and other activities. To this end, we are proposing to rehabilitate and encourage the use of as many original pathways as possible, as well as adding new paths, and to come up with a traffic-calming plan of pedestrian crosswalks on Golf Drive, Lenape Lane, and Rabbit Run. Progress so far: There is a draft map of the walking paths, cut-throughs, and proposed stop signs/traffic calming suggestions. Some paths are now included in the 2018 Cottage Directory map, and the Conservation Foundation has agreed that their next printed map will be Walkable Buck Hill. As part of the Inn site clean-up effort, a group of Green Teamers and others have cleared the old Sunset path from Piney Road, just opposite the flower garden, to the amphitheater, and then east to Falls Drive. If you look at the old 1934 map (below) you can see the simplicity and effective layout of the old network. You might even find that there is an old path next to your cottage—check it out!


JUNE 2018

Peaceful Buck Hill The team is also working on ways to ensure that the tradition of Quiet Time is embraced by all. Most of us are all too familiar with the frustration of trying to relax (or converse) when the landscape crews roll in to “tidy up.” The first prong of our effort is to create guidelines on the use of leaf-blowers, especially gas-powered ones that are not only prime noise polluters, but also air polluters, as their exhaust is more polluting than that of cars. In addition, we are advocating that more areas be left as meadow-type spaces, with reduced mowing and maintenance schedules. While we are ardent in our efforts to control landscaping noise and pollution, we also recognize that sports courts and lawns need to be kept in playable condition. Progress so far: The Green Team has met with Mike O’Shea and Tim Stem and have the outline of an agreement to limit the hours and scope of landscaping operations. We have also met with a local landscaper to begin to brainstorm “eco” alternatives to the status quo. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle While Buck Hill has made some recent progress, the Team has identified that better, easier to use trash/recycling bins could be a big help. In addition, with the closing of the Cresco train station recycling center, there is now no close-by alternative to the bi-weekly curbside pick up. Progress so far: We have identified aesthetically pleasing combination trash/recycling receptacles and will make a pitch to the Company to have these installed in some high traffic areas to see how they work. Green Teamer Jen Brown is now on the Barrett Township Environmental Advisory Committee and part of her involvement is working with the Township to reopen the Center with different rules that should alleviate the trash dumping that led to its closure. Still to Come Other items that have been part of the Green Team discussions: • Developing a “green pledge,” possibly in conjunction with Camp Club, that individual Cottage families could sign, agreeing to some practical environmentally-friendly changes that they could make to their lifestyles. • “Dark Sky” initiatives that would reduce night sky light pollution and make it easy for us all to enjoy the natural beauty of the moon and stars above. If you are interested in joining the Green Team or would like to know more about it please contact Jeff Hayes or Ann McGuire



JUNE 2018

Bulletin Board June 1 - June 30, 2018



Mondays-Fridays 11am-9pm Saturdays-Sundays 8am-9pm Reservations are welcomed and are required for parties of 10 or more. Management has the discretion to close earlier than posted hours.

SNACK BAR WINDOW May 26-September 3 Daily 8am-9pm



Saturdays June 16, 23, 30, July 7 Get Golf Ready Mondays June 25-August 13 Junior Golf

Fox howe

Sunday, June 24, 5:30pm Speaker David Ignatius Tennis Tea

Ca na sta

Wednesdays, 1-4pm Kerby Library

Weekends: May 26-28, June 2-3, 9-10 11am-4pm Tennis June 16-September 3 11am-6pm Saturday, June 23, 10am Hours of operation may change due to pool schedule.


Saturdays-Sundays only 10am-4pm (weather permitting)



Adult Mixer Saturday, June 30, 10am Davis Cup Tournament May 26-June17 Pre-season clinics

(see pg. 13 for details)

Lawn Bowling

Conservation Foundation

Saturdays 4:30-6pm Groovin’ On The Greens June 22-24 NED Doubles Event

Saturday, June 30, 6:30pm Annual Dinner Dance Inn Site

Lot & Cot

Friday, June 29, 5:30pm Family Swim Night Pool

Po co no M ou nt ai ns M

Enjoy The Unique Lifestyle In Historic Buck Hill Falls! 702 Fawn Circle

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Fe st ival Friday, June 15, 7:30p m “You’ve Got A Friend” The Cooperage Projec Concert t, Honesdale, PA

(See pg. 10 for details



Weekends only until June 16 11am-6pm June 17 onward Mondays-Thursdays 11am-7pm Fridays 11am-8pm Saturdays 10am-8pm Sundays 10am-7pm Late swim night June 29

Boo k Clu b

Wednesday, June 27, 4pm Barrett Library

Ma h Jon gg

m Mondays 2-6pm, Wednesdays 5-8p Fridays 1-4pm Kerby Library

Brid ge

Summer Bridge Lessons (see pg. 18 for details)

Tuesdays, 1-4:30pm Tuesday Bridge Kerby Library

119 Rhodora Lane

Wonderful Freestanding 4 Bedroom Golf Cottage on a Quiet Street

Master Suite Balcony Overlooks the Private Wooded Lot

2115 Laurel Lane

2154 Oak Hill

Charming 3 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom Cottage Welcomes You

A Completely Updated Golf Cottage on the 4th Hole of the White Course

The McDonough Team

Floors at

Ye Olde

Village Workshop Creating Style, Ensuring Quality and Maintaining Legacy since 1976

Hardwood • Tile • Laminate • Cork • Vinyl

EXPANDING OUR SHOWROOM 570-595-2593 | 119 Golf Drive | Mountainhome, PA

JUNE 2018

Maria McDonough

Lacey DiTondo

Timothy McDonough

Realtor®, Broker Associate Realtor®, Broker Associate Realtor®, Sales Associate PA Cell 570-481-4174 Cell 908-339-2287 Cell 908-581-6135 NJ Cell 973-277-3834

Anne Russo

Realtor®, Sales Associate Cell 570-807-3881

Agents licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Town & Valley

Direct: 570-481-4174 • Office 908-459-9888 • 1585 Route 517 • Hackettstown, NJ 07840 Each office is independently owned & operated

Caroline Salvino

Associate Broker

If you are thinking of buying, selling, or renting, call Caroline. She lives, works and plays in Buck Hill Falls! Caroline is a FULL-TIME agent with 30+ years experience! SEASONAL RENTALS AVAILABLE. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT BUCKHILLFALLSRENTALS.COM VACANT LOTS AVAILABLE STARTING AT $15,000 FOR ONE ACRE. en itch K r doo Out

$1,150,000 233 Golf Drive – Grand Historic Estate


a lu st V

t ron

219 Huckleberry Lane – Magnificent Cottage

d Rea

155 Vireo Road – Blueberry Hill Cottage


d lude c n I ot ra L Ext



462 Golf Drive – Stone ranch, golf course front ea wH

t Pu



204 Creekside Lane – 4 bedroom, 3 ½ bath





in ve-



548 Pheasant Lane – Spacious 6 bedrooms


ht Brig & ny Sun



F eek

es orch P s ulou Fab

102 Fox Run – Renovated stand-alone golf cottage

y New

t He a

P um

119 Creekside Road – Renovated, creek front

nit nd-U E s u geo Gor

$179,000 2158 Oak Hill Drive – 4 bedroom, 3 ½ bath




2155 Oak Hill Drive – Views of Paiste Pond!

108 Fox Run – 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths

L ar


L ot

$99,000 666 Lenape Lane – Charming stone-front cottage

Mobile: (570) 977-1777 • Office: (570) 595-3705 • To view all Buck Hill Falls listings please visit 1124 Route 390, Mountainhome, PA 18342 •

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The Breeze- June 2018  

The Breeze Magazine has been part of the community since 1913, reflecting the style of the era in which it was written. Today, The Breeze pa...

The Breeze- June 2018  

The Breeze Magazine has been part of the community since 1913, reflecting the style of the era in which it was written. Today, The Breeze pa...

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