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September 2001

The Pool Players Best Source of Information


from: Jeff Mishler, Tournament Coordinator

Here are the results from our Grand O p e n i n g Tournament held Aug. 11 & 12, 2001. We had a total of 83 players in the Open event and 17 ladies in the separate Women’s event, for a total of 100 players. Play 1st Place: Glenn Atwell commenced at 11:30 Saturday morning and continued until approx. 9:00 Sunday evening, with a break Sat. night from 11 to 9 Sun. morning. Great fun was had by most everyone in attendance, participants and spectators


When asked about herself Pam responds, “I’ve been playing pool for about 23 years. Currently playing 8 Ball for the 72nd Street Pub, Tacoma, Washington. Playing pool to me is a lot of fun, challenging and is a very good way to show confidence in yourself. Even if you lose, On the Break is a great paper to read over and over. There’s so much information and promotional opportunities. See for yourself, Everyone’s A Winner” The contest was a huge success. There were entries from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, California, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming and even one from New York. Total entries were 1,091. The drawing took place at the offices of On The Break the 16th of July at 12 Noon. The staff witnessed the drawing by the publisher Don “Cheese” Akerlow and the lucky winner was Pam Soulier of Tacoma, Washington. We would like to thank everybody who entered the contest and made it a success and encourage you to look forward to the next one. Another cue contest is in the works which we will be giving you further information about in future issues. This contest will cost nothing to enter and we will be giving away a high dollar stick. Pam was very please with her new Viking cue. Both Pam and On The Break would like to thank Viking for sponsoring the cue giveaway !

alike. The owners of this new hall in Springfield, Oregon, (Dennis & Sharon Blackwell and Jeff & Kim Mishler) were elated with the turn out and have already planned on making this a quarterly event. 1st Place: Andrena Browne The Open was held in the main pool hall which is filled with 15, 4.5' x 9' Rebco tables covered with Granito Basalt. The Women’s event was held in the Lounge which has 8 Valley bar tables. (Q Street continued on page 12)

Local Teams Place 5th at Nationals Photo courtesy of American Poolplayers Assoc.


5th Place Camel 8-Ball National Team Did I Do That? - Vancouver, WA

Ladies Division

The ladies of Hustlers from Harvey, LA are this year’s 2001 Camel 8-Ball National Team Champions in the Ladies Division. Hustlers defeated Hot Pockets of Denver, CO, 3-0 in the Finals to take 1st Place and the $10,000 cash prize. Hot Pockets returns to Denver $5,000 richer for their Runner-Up’s performance. Hustlers advanced to the Finals with an impressive comeback performance against a fellow Louisiana team, 8-Ball Angels from Metairie,

5th Place Molson 9-Ball National Team Stric9 - Seattle, WA

Molson 9-Ball National Team Championship

are over and the winner is… Silverfront of Athol, MA. Silverfront defeated Refuse to Lose of Ajax, ONT, Canada in the Finals to claim 1st Place and $15,000 in cash, along with commemorative champagne, a team trophy and individual team plaques. Refuse to Lose didn’t return to the “Great White North” empty handed however, as they received a team trophy, individual team plaques and $7,000 in cash. Silverfront defeated defending 9-Ball Champions,

(Camel 8-Ball continued on page 9)

1st Annual Washington State

(Trick Shot)

Pool Championship

(Molson 9-Ball continued on page 9)

BCA Hall of Fame

Jeanette Lee

Wins Gold in Akita

Page 14 Amateur Artistic


Atwell & Browne Win at Q Street Photos courtesy of Q Street Billiards

Pam Soulier


Photo courtesy of American Poolplayers Assoc.


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Page 13 1st Place Torbjorn Blomdahl

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September 2001

Features APA National Team Results from .......................... APA Southwest Montana League Results from: Bob & Becky Zapata ...... Atwell & Browne Win At Q Street from: Jeff Mishler ................................ BCA National 9-Ball from: Amy Long ...................................................... Billiard Club Network from: Rob Sykora .................................................. Billiard Store Opens by: Sean Finney ..................................................... Cascade Pool League Begins from: Andrew Monstis & Sharon Campbell “Chip” Pool Classic by: Dick Jones ......................................................... Corrections ............................................................................................. Dazzles the Northwest by: Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth ................................. Free Advertising by: Jamie & Lenna Daugherty ...................................... Girls Night Out from: ............................................ Hall of Fame Banquet from: Amy Long ................................................... Image Campaign from: Amy Long .......................................................... In Memory of ... by: John and Amy Muldoon ........................................... In My Opinion by: Charles H Tupper ....................................................... In Paradise by: Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth .................................................. Lee Wins Gold Medal from: ............................................. Local Teams Place 5th at Nationals from: ............. McQ’s Tournament News by: Clay Sizemore .......................................... New Web Page ..................................................................................... Playing in APA from: ............................................ Pool on TV from: ESPN ......................................................................... President’s Message from: ................................... Referee Program from: Amy Long .......................................................... Regional Tour Championships from: Mike Hurst ..................................... Sportsmanship Winners from: .............................. TAP News from: Jim Trenary .................................................................. Tips from “Sarge” by: Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth ........................................ Top Money Earnings from: AZ Billiards ................................................... U S Open from: Q-Master Billiards ......................................................... Viking Cue Winner by: Don “Cheese” Akerlow ........................................ Washington Artistic Championship from: Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth ........... What is Skilliards? ................................................................................. Where’s Sarge? by: Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth ........................................... WorldCup by: Bob Jewett .......................................................................

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September 2001


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Second Annual Los Angeles

Billiard Expo


Accu-Stats 8-Ball Invitational featuring Reyes, Archer & Bustamante Oct 25-28, 2001

Burbank Hilton Convention Center Amateur Tournament Info and Entry Form

8 & 9-Ball:

Men’s Seniors Over 50. Women’s Seniors Over 40.

8 & 9-Ball:

Open Men’s, Women’s, Scotch Doubles (1 man & 1 woman)



9-Ball Divisions

will be played on

The Best New site for Pool & Billiards information in the Northwest


Online Publishing Pool League News Tournaments State Championships Appearances National & International Events Log on to see each month’s articles, trick shots, instructional pool

The Pool Players Best Source of Information

8-Ball Divisions

will be played on

Oct. 25-26

Oct. 27-28

8 & 9-Ball:

Tournaments start at 10 AM daily. Sign ups must be made by Oct 10

Boy’s & Girl’s Juniors (15-18) Boy’s & Girl’s Sub Juniors (14 & under)

Open Amateur Tournaments. As you can see, we have tournaments for everyone!

Entry fees are as follows: $60 entry for each open division (singles or doubles) except Juniors and Sub Juniors, which are $30 Prize money will be paid in all divisions, including Juniors which will be scholarship funds. Winners and runner-ups will receive trophies Name

Events you are playing

Street City


Entry fee amount enclosed




Send check or money order to: MJ Enterprises, PO Box 551, Venice, CA 90291

CALL 818.882.3384 for more info or visit Expo: $8 daily admission. Special Expo Hotel rate $99 per night. Call 800HILTONS/445 8667

CORRECTIONS from: Amy Long - Director of Marketing & Business Development (BCA)

Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth

ARTISTIC POOL EXHIBITIONS (206)719-2695 EXHIBITIONS Corporate Functions, Special Events, Major Touraments, Leaque Tournaments, Grand Openings, Anniversaries Parties (Home, Birthday, Taverns.) LESSONS ***** BCA CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR Private, Group, Clinic, and 1 to 3 Day Workshops Digital 8 video taping available *Special package rates for lessons* Web Page:

Jimmy G’s Family Pool Hall

“Shoot Pool ... Not Drugs”

CUE & CASE SALES 14 TABLES VIDEO GAMES FOOD & FUN APA Leagues Tuesday Nites New Owners:

Bob & Kim Brandt & Boys (formerly of Conrad & Helena, Montana!)

611 East 1st St ~ Newberg, OR 97132

(503) 538-4368

Hello! Love the BCA Expo coverage in your August 2001 issue of On The Break. However, I identified incorrectly one of the gentlemen in the cover photograph. Mr. Jason Akst (former BCA Interim Executive Director and Marketing & Public Relations Director) was identified incorrectly as David Anglum. I certainly regret the error. Mr. Akst was hired for the Expo to serve as the host for the BCA Hall of Fame members. He did an excellent job at coordinating their travel logistics and their schedules. All of them commented that his attention to detail and availability made their trip very pleasant.

Misidentified was the staff of Viking Cue Manufacturing

Our Apologizes

Where Good Friends Meet

Jammer’s Bar & Grill Scott & Judy McComas, Owners

Pool Tournament Madness Every Friday Night

Every Saturday 7 pm

Open 8-Ball

8-Ball Tournament Blind Draw Scotch Doubles TAP Rules

Qualifier Tournament TAP Rules House adds $3 per player $6.00 entry fee

House adds $5 per player $5.00 entry fee

1897 12th St. - Salem, Oregon


Every Sunday 7 pm

Open 8-Ball BCA Rules

House Matches $3.00 entry fee

(503) 362-7494


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Girls Night Out Reprinted with permission from APA

It’s not just a man’s game anymore! Historically, billiards has been a sport closely associated with men. But women have actively participated in the sport from the very beginning. Sometime during the 15th century, in Northern Europe, the game of billiards evolved from a lawn game in which balls were shoved with wooden sticks known as maces. Until about the middle of the 19th century, women were forced to continue to use maces on the tables. Men believed that women might rip the cloth of they used a cue, and it was not considered ladylike for women to bend over the table to shoot. Until recently, the atmosphere of the poolroom was still very forbidding for women. But the back alley pool halls are disappearing in the shadows, as pool has become a hot sport. With the emergence of “family style” billiard rooms, more and more women are getting involved in pool. There are an increasing number of women playing serious pool today. The professional women’s circuit continues to grow, and women are getting increased television exposure on ESPN and ESPN2, thanks to the WPBA. The APA has recognized these growing trends in women’s billiards and has sponsored, and will continue to sponsor, many WPBA events. Click here for more information on APA Sponsored Events. Women accept competition against men in pool with open arms, and have for over a century. In 1901, May Kaarlus, a

trick-shot artist, performed a series of amazing billiard shots in New York City. Her male counterparts tried and failed to duplicate her shots. In the 1930’s Ruth McGinnis, toured with Willie Mosconi. As noted in Ripleys “Believe it or Not” About Billiards, Ruth ran 53 consecutive balls at Alingers Billiards Academy in Philadelphia, Pa. She was acclaimed the world women’s champion between 1932-1940. During this time, out of approximately 1,500 challenge matches she lost only 29. Ruth was 98% effective against her opponent. From 1967 to 1971, Dorothy Wise won five consecutive U.S. Opens. She was winning the title with a ballsper-inning average of about 2.3, while the top men were averaging six to eight times that number. Today, women professionals continue to make tracks in professional pool. As more women participate in pool, the gap between men and women players continues to close. The APA offers many options to our ladies. Women can play in Open Divisions of both 8-Ball and 9-Ball, and in some areas they even have the option of playing in an 8-Ball Ladies Team Division, which culminates in August at the Ladies National Team Championship at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. So make it a girl’s night out and play in an APA Ladies Division! © Copyright 2001. American Poolplayers Association, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 2001

McQ’s Tournament News from: Clay Skidmore, Tournament Director

On August 11th - 12th McQ’s Billiards & Sports Bar held there first ever Class “C” Tournament. The game was 8-Ball, and the format was, B.C.A. rules, race to 5 in the winners side, and a race to 3 in the losers side. The event attracted 31 players and they all seemed to have a good time. There were a few players that played a lot better than the field overall and they will no longer be eligible to play in the “C” tournament. It’s tough to know them all. But anyway, play went smooth and we stayed right on schedule. By the end of Saturday we had 8 players left. Sunday’s winners side matches had Carmen Cassella playing Shawn Martin and Johnnie Harris playing Robert Coleman. Carmen defeated Shawn 5-3 and Robert defeated Johnnie 5-2 to set up the winners final. Meanwhile, Ben Flores was weaving his way through the losers bracket. After defeating his first 3 morning opponents, Ben found himself in the B-side final. His opponent was Carmen Cassella. Carmen just came off a disappointing defeat in the winners final. Ahead and perched on top the hill 4-0, Robert made a great comeback to win 5-4. The loss seemed to have a lasting effect as Carmen just could not get by Ben losing 5-3 and placing 3rd. Good job Carmen!! So the final was set Robert Coleman and Ben Flores. Ben had to defeat Robert twice to win, and in the early going it looked as if that might happen. Ben won the First set 5-4 and looked to have the second

set in hand. But fate had something else in mind. With a couple of unlikely misses and unlucky rolls, Robert was able to hold him off and win the second set 5-4 to collect the first place prize. Good work Robert, thanks again to those that played as I will do this event again.


Watkins Park Pub 16740 SE 82nd Dr Clackamas, OR 97105

Billiards & Sports Bar

9614 E Sprague - Spokane, WA (509) 891-8357

16 Pool Tables 1 Snooker Table Darts - Pinball - Tournament Golf 4 Big Screen TV’s - 17-27” TV’s Full Menu - 33 Varieties on Tap

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 7th

Robert Coleman Ben Flores Carmen Cassella Brian Kvasnicka Johnnie Harris Shawn Martin Cale Russell Daryl Stenstrom

$400 + $115 side pot $200 $135 $ 80 $ 50 $ 50 $ 25 $ 25

(see ad page 14)

from: Bob & Becky Zapata


2ND FER THE BIRDS-THE EAGLES 4040 39 PTS TEAM CAPTAIN Tom Spooner, Barb Spooner, Fred Dixon, Amy Knoepke, Dave Desjarlais, Jennifer Briggs, Lincoln Dodd, Jim Benjamin.


TEAM CAPTAIN Justyn Katsilas, Roger Liedle, Will Martin, Scott DeYoung, Angelyn Stonebraker, Amber Kremer.

TOP TEN SINGLES PERFORMANCE 1ST Scott DeYoung Dave Desjarlais 2ND 3rd Shorty Korang 4th Lucas Evenson Ernie Nielsen 5th 6th Justyn Katsilas 7th Angelyn Stonebraker Ron Patty Tom Spooner 10th Craig Koester THURSDAY OPEN HELENA 1ST JESTICLES - JESTERS BAR

POINTS 35 PTS 28 23 21 20 19 17 17 17 16

38 PTS

TEAM CAPTAIN Trevor Jacobson, Laura Shively, Lisa Leaf, Libby Dixon, James Bowman, Dan Kies, Roger Hotchkiss.


35 PTS

TEAM CAPTAIN L. J. Johnson, Ernie Burk, Darlene Daniels, Merilyn McLean, Ernie Nielsen, Darrell Ehlert, Shorty Korang.


TEAM CAPTAIN Carl Garcia, Tara Garcia, Lucas Evenson, Dee Dee Caldwell, Skip Hoveland, Levi Johnson, Frank Sherlock.

TOP TEN SINGLES PERFORMANCE POINTS 1ST Ernie Nielsen 26 PTS Tammy Prout 25 2ND 3rd Carl Garcia 23 4th Dan Kies 22 Frank Sherlock 21 5th Merilyn McLean 21 Laura Shively 21 8th James Bowman 19 9th Sean DeFrance 18 10th Tara Garcia 17 FRIDAY OPEN HELENA 1ST BILLIARDO’S SUMMER SHARKS-VALLEY HUB TEAM CAPTAIN Wade Fredrick 46 PTS Corena Fredrick, Bruce Hamilton, Shane Hornby, Dee Dee Caldwell, Angie Hornby, April Fife, Kirk Fife.


TEAM CAPTAIN Dan Kissner, Chantal VanDaele, Andrew VanDaele, Bryon Steinwand, Jim Pilon, Kent Hanson, Ben Fredrick, Christy Fredrick.

31 PTS

TEAM CAPTAIN Fred Dixon, Eddy Koss, Skip Hoveland, Shorty Korang, Trevor Jacobson, Michelle McFarland, Lisa Leaf, Daniel Hash.

Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth - Pool Clinic September 9th 4:30PM - 8:30PM 209 SW 148th St s Burien, WA 98166

(206) 241-0800

(503) 655-4117 Tables Open for Tournaments HAPPY HOUR AFTER MIDNIGHT Sunday thru Thursday Saturday 8 Ball Tournament $4 entry - 100% Added - Start 8 pm New 8 Ball Break Pot Starts at $10 Tables open after tournament until close

Free Pool On Sunday

TOP TEN SINGLES PERFORMANCE 1ST Lucas Evenson 2ND Shane Hornby Wade Fredrick 4th Jim Benjamin 5th Marc Reeves 6th Ron Amedee Skip Hoveland 8th Christopher Britz Yvey Reeves Bruce Hamilton

POINTS 30 PTS 27 27 26 24 21 21 20 20 20



1845 NE 41st

Portland, OR

(503) 282-8266

NOW SERVING COCKTAILS ! Tuesday Night 8 Ball Texas Express $5 entry 7:30 pm


Sept 1-3 Spokane 9 Ball Open Sept 15-16 Class “B” 8 Ball



Open 11:00am to 2:00am Every Day Tuesday 9 Ball - $50 Added Texas Express Entry $5 + $2 Green Fee Wednesday 8 Ball - $50 Added BCA Rules Entry $5 + $2 Green Fee Progressive Break & Run Pot on Weeklies

September 2001


(425) 488-0140

1st Sunday of the Month Straight Pool Tournament $15 entry + $2 green fee 11:00 am Open 7 am for the best darned breakfast in town ! (9 am Sunday)


September 2001

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“Chip” Pool Classic Results by: Dick Jones - Manager/Tournament Director - Eagles Club #326 Bozeman, MT

Finals standings for the “Chip” Pool Classic held at Eagles Club #326, Bozeman, Montana. This tournament was held Saturday July 28, 2001 with a field of 27 players. With at least a hundred other things going on around us and this tournament being held in July, a field of 27 players was great. The caliber of the players was reflected in the f a c t that we started at 10 am and finished at 6:00 pm, which makes for a great tournament day for everyone. A special Thank You goes out to the players that came and to our added money sponsors. What the h ___ is a “Chip” Pool tournament you ask? And it is about time you did ask. The game is 8-Ball, Singles. When you pay your $10 entry fee, you receive 5 poker style chips. The format is a race to ONE (1) (an absolutely brutal game). Anyone can win. If you win, you stay on the same table and wait for your next opponent. If you lose, you must turn in one of your chips to the tournament director and then wait to be assigned to another table. The winner of course is the player with any chips left. We pay down half the field. (In this case I paid down 14 places.) This makes even us average pool players feel good about receiving some of the prize money. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th Again,

Scott Lee Bozeman, MT $120 Walter Nead Livingston, MT $ 85 Shawn Spence Belgrade, MT $ 65 Rich Robinson Three Forks, MT $ 40 Mike Wright Bozeman, MT $ 30 Brandon Buttars Belgrade, MT $ 30 Travis Delaney Belgrade, MT $ 20 Dusty Geller Bozeman, MT $ 20 Steve Ross Bozeman, MT $ 10 Ernie Neilsen Boulder, MT $ 10 Tina Hansen Bozeman, MT $ 10 Doug Crossman Three Forks, MT $ 10 Wade McDonald Bozeman, MT $ 10 Taylor Johnson Belgrade, MT $ 10 I want to thank all the players that showed up. Without you, I don’t have Pool.



1st Annual Sharky’s Invitational 9-Ball - 9 am



The Place to Play 30 Tables Large non-smoking area Family atmosphere

O Re ve ad r 5 y 0T to a De ble liv s er !

The Place to Buy

Cue Ball Since 1963

1262 State St.

Olhausen Authorized Dealer Low Prices on New and Used Tables

Salem, OR 97301 Huge Selection of Cues and Cases


Fri. Entry 9-Ball $30 Sat/Sun Entry 8-Ball $30 Men


Friday & Saturday Night Pool Shoot $3 entry Thursday Night Tacos All Televised Mariner Games Bud & Bud Light $1.50 Special 3 for $1.50

Salem, OR


October 19-21, 2001

631 N Broadway Everett, Wa (425) 339-8876

$40 entry - Race to 9 Winners Race to 7 Losers - Double Elimination ADDED MONEY based on entries

3985 Commercial SE

News Release Portland, Oregon 8/8/01 Portland-based Cascade Pool League is set for its 4th year of league play. This is a BCA-sanctioned, player-run league. One division is also dualsanctioned with VNEA. This year each division will have its own on-site playermanager. Five-person team 8-ball sessions covering Troutdale, Gresham, NE/SE Portland, Milwaukie and Oregon City will begin the last week of September and run for approximately 20 weeks, including a 5-week Interdivisional Playoff. Division winners receive embroidered competition dress shirts as well as player and sponsor plaques at the Awards Bash in February, where all Cascade Pool League players also receive money back based on individual point accrual throughout the 8-ball session. After 8-ball ends, spring session will begin with scotch doubles 8 and 9-ball. There are two regional events in Lincoln City, Oregon. Both attract hundreds of pool players from all over the Pacific Northwest. The first is 9-Ball in late October, offering singles, scotch doubles, and team events. The second is 8-Ball in late February, also offering singles, scotch doubles, and team events. The North American BCA events are 9-ball in November in Redwing, Minnesota and the hugely popular 8-ball in May in Las Vegas, Nevada, which attracts thousands of players from all over the world. The only requirement to attend all the regional and national BCA events is that BCA league members play at least 8 weeks in any one session! Membership for the year June 1 through May 31 is $25, with an additional $5 for the dual-sanctioned division. Contact the Cascade Pool League Office before the start-up date at 503-252-4215.

Robbie’s Ramblin’ Rose

September 22-23


Cascade Pool League 2001-2002 League Year Begins

Professional Table Service

$1,000 ADDED based on a full field



(208) 237-9577

10 Pool Tables Full Liquor Bar

"We Make Great Food!"


Classic Billiards Gold Crown Tables Group Parties Food - Espresso


3636 SE 122nd Portland, OR (503) 761-2622 Wednesday Night 9-Ball

100’s of Cues from $39.50 to $2500 Dart Supplies


14411 SW Pacific Hwy Tigard, OR (503) 443-6166


Page 6

2001 BILLIARD CONGRESS OF AMERICA NATIONAL 9-BALL CHAMPIONSHIPS (formerly the Midwest 9-Ball Championships)


$35,000 BCA Added Money! The 3rd Annual BCA National 9-Ball Championships will be held at Treasure Island Resort and Casino in Red Wing, MN from November 14-18, 2001. With fields strictly limited to 512 Men’s Singles, 128 Women’s Singles, 128 Men’s Teams and 32 Women’s Teams, the championships are sure to sell out early, so make sure you register for this event as soon as possible! The 2001-2002 league year is off to another fast start and we expect sold out fields in the BCA National 9-Ball Championships. With 9 different divisions, this tournament has something for every player.

Division Entry Fees & BCA Added Money Division Men’s Open Singles Men’s Master Singles Women’s Open Singles Women’s Master Singles Scotch Doubles Men’s/Mixed Open Teams Men’s Master Teams Women’s Open Teams Women’s Master Teams

Fee $ 75 $125 $ 75 $125 $ 50 $150 $200 $150 $200

Added Money $5,000 $7,000 $2,000 $3,000 $1,000 $5,000 $7,000 $2,000 $3,000

For more information call the BCA office at 719.264.8300


FOURTH ANNUAL REGIONAL 9 BALL TOURNAMENT WEDNESDAY October 24th - 9:00 am Master Scotch Doubles Open Scotch Doubles $35 Entry Fee + $5 Reg. $25 Entry Fee + $5 Reg. Fee Per Person Fee Per Person Race to 7 Race to 5 THURSDAY - FRIDAY October 25th & 26th - 9:00 am Master Singles $35 Entry Fee + $5 Reg. Fee Per Person Race to 9

Open Singles $25 Entry Fee + $5 Reg. Fee Per Person Race to 7

SATURDAY - SUNDAY October 27th - 28th - 9:00 am 3 Person Teams Men’s 3 Person Teams - 1 Master Player Per Team - Race to 14 Women’s 3 Person Teams - 2 Master Players Per Team - Race to 14 $75 Entry Fee + $15 Registration Fee

REGISTRATION DEADLINE SEPTEMBER 28, 2001 ($10 Late Fee After September 28th Per Person Per Event) NO ENTRIES ACCEPTED AFTER OCTOBER 5TH 100% Payback on all Events Players Must be BCA & WBPPA Sanctioned Members For Further Information Contact Your BCA League Operator

September 2001

Billiard Congress of America Referee Program Officially Expanding The ever-increasing popularity of billiards and the tremendous growth of tournaments at all levels have created a demand for knowledgeable, fair, ethical and impartial referees. The Billiard Congress of America (BCA) Referee Program was Photo courtesy of Billiard Congress of America started over twenty years ago and has grown to impressive numbers in 2001. The program’s entry level, Referee, currently has 107 members, up 234% from 32 in August 2000. The next level, National Referee, has 76 members, up 55% from 49 members in 2000. National Senior Referee has increased by one since last year from 20 to 21 members and National Head Referee has held steady at five. The program is run by the BCA Director of Referees, Mr. Cecil Messer, and coordinated at the BCA national office by Ms. Betty Harris, BCA Referee Program Administrator. To enter the BCA Referee Program, a person must pass a multiple-choice written exam and pay annual dues, currently $35. There is no charge to take the test and a current edition of Billiards: The Official Rules and Records Book is provided to all applicants. Progression through the various program levels is based on years of service, classroom training, floor training and periodic reviews. All referees receive an official BCA Referee patch, certificate of recognition, I.D. card, web site link and player membership status. Additional information on the referee program can be found in the Play section of the BCA web site ( or by requesting the BCA Referee Training Program booklet published by the BCA. Those interested in receiving the booklet or taking the referee test may contact Ms. Harris at or 719.264.8300. The Billiard Congress of America is a national nonprofit organization, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, whose “mission is to provide exceptional value to our Members by promoting and growing cue sports worldwide.”

72nd Street Bar & Grill

) pm 7 (253) 472-8806 OUR (2 day H ri PY ay - F close) P A d PULL TABS H Mon (9 pm unday -S SIC 4 DART BOARDS MU rsday Thu

828 72nd St E

Free Pool Wednesday All Day 9 Ball League Sun & Mon 8 Ball League Tues & Wed

Tacoma, WA 98404


Congratulations Pam Soulier

Viking Cue Winner

Gripper Cue Caddy Visit Gripper Cue Caddy products by Bauer at or call (509) 467-8942 for orders For Dealer Inquiries and Special Pricing Please Call Direct (Not Available through Website) Sarge says that the Bauer line of products are an asset to any pool players arsenal. Gripper Jr is a “pistol” of an idea. Sarge can be contacted for exhibitions at (206) 719-2695

Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth Renown Trick Shot Artist

September 2001


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In Memory Of... Ian Muldoon 1981 - 2001

PRESS RELEASE The Association for P.O.O.L. is happy to announce the addition of a new Licensee to the TAP Family. His name is Sam Rubick from Butte Montana. Sam’s new “High Altitude Division” territory includes the counties of Beaverhead, Deer Lodge, Granite, Jefferson and Powell. Sam is putting together his divisions and hopes to start league play in Mid September of this year. Sam can be reached at (406) 494-2116.

The Parting Glass

TAP ADDS TWO NEW SUB-LICENSEES The state of California is the new home of our two new sub-licensees. Raymond “Chuck” Boyd will run the “Berkley Pool League” of TAP pool. Chuck recently moved “back home” to Berkley and we are pleased that he wants to continue playing TAP pool even if he has to start his own league. Chuck can be reached at (510) 525-5825. The “N.C.B.A. TAP League” (No Cry Babies Allowed) is going to be run by Charles Segovia, who lives in Oxnard (west of L.A.) There is a lot of excitement in southern California as the news of the new league spreads. Charles can be reached at (805) 485-9449. We couldn’t be happier with the new additions to the TAP family. There is a reason TAP is the fastest growing league in the country and Sam, Chuck and Charles have found out why. If you live in the Western 19 states and would like to get TAP started in your area, give Jim a Call at 1-877-TAP-POOL. Today! On a sad, but serious note. Earlier this month John and Amy Muldoon (licensee from Washington) lost their 19 year old son. He was run over by a Drunk Driver. Words can’t describe the sadness I feel for the Muldoons and I know that there lots of love and supportive thoughts from all the TAP players and Licensees across the country. Please everyone, enjoy yourself and have a good time but don’t let yourself or your friends drive drunk. It only takes a second to destroy a precious life. The Evergreen Division for the Association for P.O.O.L., inc. (T.A.P.) has a lot to be excited about. In addition to our weekly league pool, the top finishing teams will be playing their Session ending “Titleholder” event at Chinook Winds Casino on the weekend of Nov 2nd. This Titleholders event, like last summers will be a joint event with the state of Washington and will be run by the Washington Licensee, John Muldoon. This event is always an exciting closure to each session (3-times a year) as pool players from all over the state come to compete an see who is the “best of the best” in both the team and individual tournaments. Now we have an even bigger prize for the winning teams at Titleholders as they will be qualifying for a chance at winning a free trip to Las Vegas for TAP’s National Championship that will be played at Palace Station Hotel and Casino (October 2002). One (1) out of every twelve (12) teams will win this trip to Vegas! In addition to the Teams National Championships, there will be a 3person “Dream Team” event and two different levels of Individual tournaments. A lot of pool in the vacation Capital of America. The Evergreen Division of TAP will be starting fall session the later part of September and early part of October. If you don’t have TAP in your area, give me a call at 1-877-TAP-POOL (toll free)or visit our website at and we will help you get one started. Yours in Pool Jim Trenary


22 YEAR SPONSOR CHARTER MEMBER VALLEY POOL LEAGUE Captains Meeting: September 25th at 7 PM Eagles Club in Bozeman BOZEMAN MANHATTAN Eagles American Legion Crystal Bar Bowl Scoop Molly Brown Cats Paw Korner Klub Filling Station Rocking R Spectators Point After

Sir Scott’s Oasis American Legion


Friendly Tavern Lucky Cuss The Hub Bar Firehouse Casino Belgrade Lounge Hubcaps

THREE FORKS Town Club Frontier Club

Oh, all the money ever I had, I spent it in good company, And all the harm that ever I’ve done, alas it was to none but me. And all I’ve done for lack of wit to memory now I can’t recall; So fill to me the parting glass, Good night and joy be with you all. Oh, all the comrades ever I had, they’re sorry for my going away. And all the sweethearts ever I had, they’d wished me one more day to stay. But since it falls unto my lot, that I should rise and you should not, I gently rise and softly call, Good night, and joy be with you all. August 22, 2001 Letter to the pool playing community: As league operators, we have always known that the pool playing community is a small world of its own, where news and rumors travel quickly, and we all know or recognize each others names. But we have never recognized before what a closely knit, supportive, or caring community it is; or acknowledged the substance and quality of the people who belong to it. On Sunday evening, August 5th, our oldest son, Ian got off work, hopped on a bus, and headed for home. Six blocks from our house, a drunk driver, after crashing into another car and attempting to flee the scene, lost control of his car, careened onto the sidewalk, and hit Ian. (In Memory Of continued on page 18)

HELP WANTED !!! League Operators


Do you want the respect of other pool players? Do you believe that having leagues compete against each other makes both leagues better? Are you interested in helping promote the fastest growing handicapped coed pool league in the country? Do you want to make money?

If your answer is Yes, then we want You ! We have openings in the following areas: Portland Beaverton Oregon City Hillsboro McMinnville

Bend/Redmond The Dalles Forest Grove Grants Pass Milwaukie

Western 19 States Montana Idaho California Gresham

There is NO Data entry, NO Schedules to make, NO control over handicaps, NO standings sheets to update and NO reason not to SUCCEED !

Interested? Give Jim a call at 1-877-TAP-POOL ext #1


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September 2001

Dr. Cue’s Billiards Dazzles the Northwest by: Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth

One hundred and ten spectators were treated to an unbelievable Trick Shot Exhibition performed by Mike Massey and Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth on Aug. 19th. Dr. Cue’s Billiards recruited the services of two of the top five Artistic Pool Exhibitionist in the world. This exhibition was a treat to their loyal customers as a pool players appreciation day, and also a way to show off the newly remodeled room. The billiard room was immaculate, being newly repainted, newly installed carpet and all of the tables recently recovered. The Charlie and Sarge Aylesworth, Mike and Francine Massey freshly painted outside and new decorations touched off an ambience to the billiard room. Mike and Sarge performed many artistic skill shots that they are required to execute at the North American Artistic Pool Sarge with Glenda and son David Championship as well as the World Championship. Sarge’s wife Charlie, short for Charlotte, performed some of her own trick shots during the show. A great time was had by one and all. Mike and Sarge took challenge matches in nine ball with the spectators. The over four hour event came to an end with Mike and Sarge taking pictures with the audience and signing autographs on pictures, cues and cue balls. It isn’t often that a billiard room goes out of their way to hire two great Trick Shot Artist at the same time. Our hats are off to you for hosting this great exhibition. Jeff and Matt ask that you stop by their room and check out all Mike Massey Exhibition of the beautiful improvements.

An Exhibition in Paradise

by: Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth On Aug. 15th four great superstars performed a Trick Shot Exhibition and an exhibition in nine ball at The Rage in Vancouver, British Columbia. These superstars were none other than Allison Fisher, Mike Massey, Gerda Hofstatter and the founder of Pool School in Paradise in Vancouver, B.C., Paul Potier. The Exhibition was for charity with the proceeds going to Cancer Research and the B. C. Seniors Cue Sports Society. The event was attended by over one hundred people. All in attendance were treated to a magnificent buffet dinner with luscious desserts. After the dinner Mike Massey and Paul Potier performed and amazed the audience with phenomenal trick and skill shots. Photo by Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth Mr. Massey also treated the audience with his magical finger pool. Making an appearance at this special event was former World Champion, Dan Louie, as well as Trick Shot Artist Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth and his wife Charlotte. A number of people donated $100.00 to have the chance to play one of the superstars. The event was also attended by the seventeen students of the Pool School. This year the school had to book two complete weeks because of the great response. The two beautiful tables were provided by Dufferin Games. Wally Unger, a dealer representative for Dufferin in Vancouver, was there to give great tribute to the fantastic event. I’m sure this event will be even bigger next year. See you there! Photo by Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth

Photo by Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth


EAGLES CLUB #326 316 East Main- Bozeman, MT

Pool Played Every Day

Music Fri’s & Sat’s Char-Broiled Hamburgers @ 9:00 pm Fridays @ 5:30 pm Mixed Doubles Sept 15th - $10. per player


One coupon per customer per day. No cash value.

The Corner Bar Peggy Rost - Owner 3212 Euclid Ave Helena, Montana 59601

443-9765 The Last Watering Hole Going West

14 Pool Tables Darts Fooz Ball

Voted Best Pool Hall in Town !

905 E. Lincoln Road Idaho Falls, ID

Liquor Beer Food

(208) 525-9962

sports tavern POOL DARTS PIZZA BEER Op ool All Ages Welcome A D aeyns 7 7 P s l Ta b


Corner of Stark & Troutdale Road (Across from Troutdale Thriftway)

Bellingham Billiard’s Cue Repair Tip Replacement Cue Sticks “New & Used”

(503) 661-6464 7 POOL TABLES FULL KITCHEN 19 BEERS ON TAP HARD LIQUOR Pool Tournaments Monday & Wednesday Nights FREE POOL SUNDAY

(360) 734-0546

Dennis Miller, Owner


eek Wednesday Night 7 pm 8 Ball Friday Night 8 pm Blind Draw Doubles Darts 250 N Main St - Mountain Home, ID (208) 587-9910

Authorized Dealer



Mon-Fri 10am - 2 am Sun 8 am - Midnight

Sat 8 am - 2 am

September 2001

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Welcome to the 21st Annual National Team Championships-the largest and richest of all the APA national tournaments. As a participant in an APA National Championship, you are about to experience excitement and competition unlike that which you faced during weekly League play and local qualifying tournaments. With over $750,000 up for grabs at the national team events this year, your team will need to be at the top of their game, challenging yourselves to play your best, as this is the highest level of amateur APA competition. You’ll experience more excitement, more intensity and more grueling competition than you have ever encountered before. If your team is up to the challenge, you’ll return home as APA National Champions! Before you begin to focus on what lies ahead, be sure to take a moment to reflect on what you’ve already managed to accomplish. Only a small percentage of APA members ever make it to this level of competition. For that reason, you should all consider yourselves winners. No matter how your team finishes here in Las Vegas, you can walk away satisfied, knowing you made it this far. Obviously, to make it to Las Vegas, you’ve had lots of support from family and friends-many of which couldn’t make it out here to root your team on. That’s why we have dedicated our Web site,, to providing onsite coverage of this event for everyone at home-complete with live Web cams! This is such a special event and we want to make sure you thoroughly enjoy your experience here in Las Vegas. Throughout the tournament, you’ll find poolplaying activity in almost ever corner of the Riviera Hotel & Casino. In addition to the National Team Championships, this year we will again feature our Pre-Registered Doubles and 3-Person Team events as well as round-the-clock action with 24 hours of MiniMania tournaments daily. We’ll also have some of the top professional men and ladies players on-hand throughout the week for some great ProAm action in the Speed Shot Finals arena. The annual pool party will again be held this year on Tuesday evening. An added feature to this year’s championships will be a special grudge match between former top-rated professionals and APA Co-Founders “Texas” Terry Bell and Larry “The Ice Man” Hubbart. Be sure to check out this once in a lifetime opportunity on Wednesday afternoon. On behalf of the entire APA staff, our network of League Operators, and our national sponsors, we wish you all the best of luck and hope you enjoy the tournament! Best regards, Renee’ Poehlman, President


9-Ball Teams (continued) Squeeze Inn II of San Antonio, TX, in the semi-final round to advance. Squeeze Inn II finished in 3rd Place and received a team trophy, individual team plaques and $3,500 in cash. Finishing in 5th Place were Stric 9 of Seattle, WA, Katos-Mike of Peoria, IL, Southern Draw of Atlanta, GA and Absolute Power of Des Moines, IA. All 5th Place teams received a team trophy, individual team plaques and $2,000 in cash. 1st 2nd 3rd 5th 5th 5th 5th 9th 9th 9th 9th 9th 9th 9th 9th 17th 17th 17th 17th 17th 17th 17th 17th 17th 17th 17th 17th 17th 17th 17th 17th 49th 49th 49th 49th 49th 49th 49th 49th 49th 49th


Page 9

Women’s Division (continued) LA. Hot Pockets advanced to the Finals with a victory over the ladies of Full Rack from Baton Rouge, LA. Both the 8-Ball Angels and Full Rack received $2,500 as well as a team trophy and individual team plaques. Finishing in 5th Place were Heat is On of Memphis, TN, Bring It On of Ontario, CA, Did I Do That of Vancouver, WA, and Refuse to Lose of Hopedale, MA. Each 5th Place team received $1,000, team trophy and individual team plaques. 1st 2nd 3rd 3rd 5th 5th 5th 5th 9th 9th 9th 9th 13th 13th








Waiting for Tournament Results ?

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All Game Room Accessories Cues w Darts w Lights w Poker Supplies e-mail:


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Shooters Pub 20 S Montana Butte America

(406) 782-5877 POOL DARTS GREAT SHOTS Now Looking for Pool Teams for the Upcoming Season Come on in Check it out Meet Your Friends

“Get Into The Game!”

Showroom 640 Euclid Ave Helena


ODDER’S “The Coldest Beer In Town!”

Now Serving PIZZA!

Lounge & Eatery


GIGANTIC NEW ADDITION ! 8 TABLES ADDED Live Music on the Weekends Dancing & Fun Activities For Everyone All Lottery Games - Pool - Darts 2 Big Screen TV’s Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner - Great Food Great Prices - Full Kitchen and Bar 19195 S Molalla Ave (behind Subway)

Oregon City, OR

(503) 650-2363


Page 10

In My Opinion ...

September 2001

Why Should a Room Support the Best Players? An answer to Brad Gowin

ChaBy Charles H Tupper, Seattle, WA

I have been involved in the sport of pocket billiards for about a half century in the northwest and have always managed to get my table time paid for. I have done this by going to work in every pool hall that I have frequented. In my adult life I have done this on top of working other, better paying, jobs. At this time I work at Dr Cue Billiards in Seattle as tournament director, desk clerk, and janitor. I have worked in bowling alleys, taverns, and other pool halls doing all types of jobs, including management, over these years. In my youth I was taught to play properly by caring WW I veterans who would play and critique my play for no more than the table time. Every one of these men who helped me was capable of running at least a hundred balls at straight pool. They realized that they were not the future of the sport and wished to give something back. These men were polite, well mannered, and a credit to the game. Those of these players whose financial circumstances were tight were sometimes accorded table time and other perks by the room owners because they took of their knowledge and time to help the future of the game. I seldom see this happen in recent times as the players do not seem to think that they owe the sport anything but think the sport owes them everything. This, I think, comes from the attitudes of a modern society which thinks that it is owed something simply for living. “Utilization between the pool room owners and players” is, in your opinion, desirable but there are many problems with allowing this from the poolroom owner’s point of view. Not the least of these problems is the player whose break isn’t working. He comes to the room and practices for several hours on his break shot. When he is finished the cloth is also finished. There is a break divot, a permanent break line to the rack, and divots where the balls have been set. Massive damage to the cloth also occurs when a player decides to practice jump shots or any number of other shots which require an extreme stroke. These types of damage cannot be removed except by recovering the table. The cost is about three hundred dollars to recover a single table with Simonis cloth. Casual players, who outnumber serious ones by many times, do not do these things and the tables do not have to be recovered at nearly the rate that is required for the practicing excellent ones. I have yet to see any player offer to pay to recover a table after abusing it. Many other things also get between the players and the room owners. Watching an excellent player sit on his duff and plainly state that any opponent must play for three hundred dollars or more or he won’t pick up a stick is guaranteed to leave a bad taste in the mouth of any room owner. It leaves the same taste

when one watches professional quality players fleece lesser players day after day without giving anything back. Also, two players playing for thousands of dollars for many hours and then complaining about paying the table time is not conducive to making friends among room owners. I have seen these things happen time and time again. Over the past thirty, or so, years, demanding players and bad attitudes have also hampered any usage agreements. There are enough ego driven players with bad attitudes who argue fouls, payoffs, and just about anything else to make it difficult for people to enjoy playing anywhere in the room. This has a tendency to drive business away from rooms and makes room owners and managers reluctant to cater to any of the semi-pro and professional quality players. Also, these are the same players who have a circuit of tournaments that they follow day by day. They never seem to stay in any room for any steady period of time. The only time a room owner sees these players is when there is a tournament for them to play. When they do stay in a room they are usually looking for any pigeon with money in their pocket to pluck. This causes hard feelings among the lesser players who are capable of beating their friends and come to the room to play those friends. Many may think they are a lot better player than the reality and the lesson taught when they are caught by the shark is a hard one to swallow. This causes steady customers to quit frequenting the room and the cost to the room is a lost customer. I try to give back what has been given to me and would like to see more players with more skill that I do the same. This doesn’t seem to happen as today’s players attitude seems to be that it cost them to learn and it should cost at least as much to teach someone else. In other words if you want to learn from them you put up your money and take your beating. All that is learned by the pigeon is what can be picked up by watching and how to dig into a wallet to pay the shark. Respect is something that must be earned by each and every player. In individual cases many players do have the respect of the rooms and owners and many have agreements whereby the room sponsors the player. The room I work in sponsors three players at this time: one female and two male. Only one of these three is a recognizable name (Dan Louie). The female is a high school student who works very hard to become proficient at the game. The other player is an a/ semi-pro player and is working hard to improve that last step to the top flight professional level. All three of these players are good people who earn the respect of those around them. All are willing to play just about anyone for little or no money and are willing to help others learn the game when they are free from other obligations. They are also careful to take excellent care of the room’s equipment. Until players remember that they owe something to the game, and work to pay what they owe, they will not find too many receptive ears. This can be in the form of being willing to help lesser players learn the game without remuneration. By conducting themselves in a decent professional manner. By helping out in the room they frequent when needed. By remembering that they are emissaries of the sport and by working hard to earn the respect of all who frequent their chosen room. Players in many sports are put on pedestals but these sports have the things that make them marketable and these sports have garnered many corporate sponsors. The hard work of those who have built these empires have made it so their players are available to the media, are marketable, and are under contract. The holders of the contracts have control over the major items that make the public end of the sports visible. This puts the marketing aspect in the hands of third parties who can concentrate on making the players and the sports popular with the public. Pool has none of these things. When I began playing the game in the fifties professional level players were manipulated and underpaid by the corporate entities that controlled the sport. When they finally rebelled and began their own tour infighting took over. Any time players did not like some aspect of the way things were run they would try to

“Utilization between the pool room owners and players” is, in your opinion, desirable but there are many problems with allowing this from the poolroom owner’s point of view.


8000 S.E. Foster Road Portland, Oregon 97206 L I V E ENT 503-774-7449 INM



(In My Opinion continued on page 11)



Vintage Billiards



Open To All Ages

6 - 4 1/2 x 9’ Tables Simonis covered 1 - 4 x 8’ Table Cues, Cases Accessories & Game Room Decorations Pro Shop ~ In-House cue repair Custom Shafts - Grade A Maple & Pic/Lam Extended Hours Fri & Sat until 4 am

Monday Night 9-Ball - 7 PM 21 & Under $5 entry + $2 g.f.

253-835-1468 34507 Pacific Highway South ~ Federal Way, WA

September 2001


In My Opinion ...continued from page 10

begin their own tour. The latest product of this is that there is no tour in place. The “me first” attitude of the players has made it so there is no clear venue to allow the best players to earn a decent living. There is no conduct code. No method of giving the public a look at the lives of the players. No method of marketing the personalities present at the professional level. And no way of controlling the sport. Until the professional players come to some type of accord that will work there is little hope of the sport ever becoming popular as a skill event. The public will not pay the players who have devoted their lives to becoming the best until the players get their own house in order. Until this happens there is little reason for any room owner to make any concession to players as there is nothing for the owner to gain. Like it or not, rooms exist to make money. In order for the rooms to make money from the best players the players must become marketable. Players must remember that the majority of those who play the game do not do so to become proficient or to be able to beat all who would play. Most play to meet those of the opposite sex in a setting which will make an avenue to easy conversation and to socialize with friends. These are the people who actually pay the bills in any pool hall today. The idea of having some method of determining who is actually the best player in any given pool room and giving them perks to be able to improve is a good one but it doesn’t go far enough. Personal dress, conduct, and many other things that will help and enhance the business of the poolroom must be taken into account. Just being an excellent player isn’t nearly enough. There must be things in the mix that actually benefit the room owner. After all, he is a business person and could care less if you are a serious player. Players do not bring enough business to any room over the long term to actually warrant any type of consideration. Most of those who are drawn by the player are attending as railbirds. Railbirds do not pay the bills. They just trade money among themselves by betting on the action, mess the room up, take up space, and generally interrupt the normal flow of business. Few of them ever play in a room for any extended period of time. Not a day goes by when I do not hear players complain about the cost of playing or the condition of the equipment they have abused. They do nothing but utilize the room when pool is half price, leave immediately when the price goes to full time, and never help or clean up after themselves. I have spent about a half century watching the game and those who play it. If you wonder why I take many room owners point of view it is because I have spent my life playing and actually working to be able to play. I realized when I was twelve years old that I had to earn my time in a way that actually benefited the room owner. Simply being an excellent player was, and is, not that way.

They realized that they were not the future of the sport and wished to give something back.


215 Q Street

Springfield, Oregon

(541) 988-0294 Largest Billiard Hall in the Springfield/Eugene area 12,500 Square Foot Facility Featuring: 15 4 1/2 x 9 Tables Full Service Lounge with 8 Valley Bar Tables Restaurant Serving Lunch & Dinner Snack Bar Video Arcade Pro Shop: Tables, Cues, Cases & Accessories Cue Repairs - Open To All Ages


20th Annual Montana State 9-Ball Open October 6th & 7th

$50 Entry Fee + $10 Green Fee - Race to 9 - Double Elimination 7 - 4 1/2 X 9 Brunswicks - Simonis 860 - Red Circle Cue Ball Limited to first 64 Paid Entries - Calcutta at 9 AM Sat 6th Draw at 9:30 AM - Play Starts at 10 AM

$1,000 ADDED based on full field

Open Doubles Bar Box 8-Ball Tourney October 20th & 21st

$50 Per Team 100% Payout - 36 Team Max Field Please sign up early - Saturday Race to 4 - Sunday Race to 5 Sat 10 AM - Sun Noon

$500 ADDED based on full field Mail entry & green fee to: Pete Quande c/o Cue Ball’s Billiards 1805 Regent St Missoula, MT 59801 or call Pete at (406) 728-3009 Tournament Reservations: Brook Street Motor Inn 1-800-538-3260

Page 11

2001 U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships The dates are September 10th through 16th. Player and spectator entries are being accepted now! Player entry fee is $500.00 if mailed in. If you call in your entry with a credit card, the fee is $515.00. After September 1st, Player entry fee is $550.00 The field is limited to 310 players. The players meeting will be Sunday, September 9th at 6:00 pm. Entrance fee must be paid absolutely no later than the players meeting. No break box. Race to 11 for the entire event. Spectators, call (757) 499-8908 or 499-8900 from 11:00AM to 7:00PM Monday through Saturday. Gold VIP seats sell for $160.00 plus $5.00 credit card charge. Host hotel as always is the Holiday Inn at (757) 523-1500 (50 yards from the Convention Center).

Past U.S.Open 9-Ball Champions

Men & Women’s 1976- Mike Sigel 1977- Allen Hopkins 1978- Steve Mizerak 1979- Louie Roberts 1980- Mike Sigel 1981- Allen Hopkins 1982- David Howard 1983- Mike Sigel 1984- Earl Strickland (Men’s) Jean Balukas (Women’s) 1985- Jimmy Reid (Men’s) Belinda Bearden (Women’s) 1986- David Howard (Men’s) Jean Balukas (Women’s) 1987- Earl Strickland (Men’s) Jean Balukas (Women’s) 1988- Mike Lebron (Men’s) Ewa Mataya (Women’s) 1989- Nick Varner (Men’s) Loree Jon Jones (Women’s) 1990- Nick Varner (Men’s) Joann Mason (Women’s) 1991- Buddy Hall (Men’s) Ewa Mataya (Women’s) 1992- Tommy Kennedy (Men’s) Robin Bell (Women’s) 1993- Earl Strickland (Men’s) 1994- Efren Reyes (Men’s) Jeanette Lee (Women’s) 1995- Reed Pierce 1996- Rodney Morris 1997- Earl Strickland 1998- Cecil “Buddy” Hall 1999- Johnny Archer 2000- Earl Strickland 2001- Earl Strickland


1st Weekend of each Month Hard Times Billiards of Sacramento 5536 Garfield Ave Sacramento, CA 95841 One Pocket - Saturday

Sign up & Free Practice for Paid Entries 11 am Touranment Starts @ Noon sharp Entry fee $20 - Race to 4 - Single Elimination Money Added - $300

9-Ball - Sunday

Sign up & Free Practice for Paid Entries - 12 Noon Tournament Starts @ 1 pm sharp Entry fee - $20 Race to 6 Winners Side/ Race to 4 Losers Side Money Added - $300 Jamboree Weekend carries a $300 Bonus for winning both events! Added money & bonus is dependent on 32 players in each event If you’re going to be late to an event call ahead (916) 332-8793 or (916) 332-8798 ask for tournament director Carl Stewart JAMBOREE TOURNAMENTS ARE OPEN EVENTS EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO PLAY. On site cue repair is available by Stew’s Custom Cues & Repair contact (916) 369-2986 e-mail


Page 12

September 2001

Jeanette Lee Wins Gold Medal at World Games

From Akita, Japan Sunday August 26, 2001 Jeanette Lee (USA) defeated Karen Corr (IRE) 9:3. Lee had a furious start. She hardly ever let Corr come to the table, and if, she had played a safety shot before. These shots seemed to be the key to success for lee. She took a rapid 6:1 advantage. The 8th game was determined by safety play of both players. Corr won the safety battle but then missed a relatively easy 5-ball. Lee accepted the present and made the score 7:1. Corr then took off her waistcoat (maybe in order to motivate herself) and immediately won the next game but still trailed 2:7. Since the regulations here said that alternate break was played, Lee started the next game and ran out. Lee was on the hill at 8:2 with Corr to break the next game. She realized it was her last chance to get back into the game and ran out. 8:3. Now Lee had “Match ball”! She made a ball on the break but the 1ball was difficult to make. Lee jumped it in. She could not get position on the 2-ball though and played a foul on her next shot. Corr tried to run the game out but did not get a good position on the 7-ball. She left a tough shot for Lee on the table. Lee made it and won the match.


9-Ball Division Sportsmanship Winners Stric 9 from Seattle, WA

Josa Rivera, Mike Bray, Roy Robinson, Jeff Lilleberg, Rick Storhow, Cheryl Rivera, Donna Robinson and Lisa Lilleberg

Sportsmanship is a key to the success of any event. When APA teams go above and beyond to be courteous and considerate of their opponents they can be considered the true winners. One team was nominated by the official Referee staff, APA staff, and other participants in each event. Winners received a commemorative medal.

Photos courtesy of American Poolplayers Association

Sisters Amy McClure, Carrie Mason, and Cindy Mason-Blackbird pose with team member Deanne Labute before a match.

Special K Knockouts

Cindy Mason-Blackbird, Carrie Mason, and Amy McClure are sisters on Ladies 8-Ball team Special K Knockouts. “We have fun playing together,” said Carrie, “we get to see each other a lot and we have a lot of fun!” Cindy has been to many APA tournaments, her member number is 0019 in her League area of Spokane, Washington. “APA tournaments have changed so much over the years,” said Cindy, “I played in the tournaments when they were in St. Louis; everything is much more organized and there is so much more offered at the tournaments now.” “Playing in the APA is so much fun,” said Cindy, “we have met so many people, I have been able to travel to a lot of the tournaments, playing is so exciting.”

Street Billiards (continued) Photos courtesy Q Street Billiards

Final Results Open: 1st $1163 2nd $ 682 3rd $ 440 4th $ 313 5-6 $ 222 7-8 $ 158 9-12 $ 112 13-16




Glenn Atwell Shane Manoeli Tony Balzer Steve Lingelbach Brad Gowin, Justin Fowler Michael Jensen, Jeffrey Leonards Pon Kanlaya, John Galloway, Jay Krause, Brett Seyler 79 Kris Iverson, Dean Harper, Terry Mickel, Mike Stevens 56 Rick Hodge, Rob Hamilton, Frank Rocha, Jim Dray, Matt Horner, Bob Danielson, Sheldon Lebow, John Dimaio

Women’s: 1st $266 Andrena Browne 2nd $137 Mary Hopkin 3rd $ 78 Matha Hartsell 4th $ 44 Marjie Ito Tournament Director, Ross Gay Tournament Coordinator, Jeff Mishler Tournament Head Referee, Dennis Blackwell


2nd Place: Shane Manoeli

3rd Place: Tony Balzer

SPORTS PUB 10 Pool Tables Valley & TAP Leagues

Thursday night 8 Ball Tournament

SUNDAY 8 Ball Tournament 6:00 pm Valley rules $5 entry Matching Pot



5th-6th Place: (l to r) Brad Gowin, Justin Fowler

7115 NE Hazel Dell Ave Vancouver, WA

TUESDAY 8 Ball Tournament 7:00 pm Valley rules $5 entry Matching Pot

(see our tournament listing)

4th Place: Steve Lingelbach

Halftime Bar & Grill

1902 E Main Ave Puyallup, WA (253) 848-3466 $5.00 entry 100% House Match 7:00PM

2nd Place Mary Hopkin

Watch For Upcoming Tournaments 3663 Pacific Ave SE #D Olympia, WA

(360) 412-1330

(360) 694-3114

Weekly Tournaments

Monday Night 8 Ball “B” Friday Night Blind Draw Scotch Doubles Sunday Night 8 Ball “B” 2118 Broadway Everett, WA 98201

(425) 259-4949 Toll Free 1-888-534-7665

Table Sales, Recovering & Moving Cues, Cases & Accessories Hours: Monday - Saturday

Noon - 6:00 PM


September 2001

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Photos courtesy of American Poolplayers Association

Blomdahl Wins Conlon WorldCup 3-C in Vegas Las Vegas Riviera Hotel - July 23, 2001 by: Bob Jewett, Secretary, US Billiard Association

(l to r) 3rd Place Winner Tonny Carlsen 2nd Place Winner Dick Jaspers 1st Place Winner Torbjorn Blomdahl

Torbjorn Blomdahl beat Dick Jaspers in the finals of the Conlon WorldCup Three-Cushion Tournament at the Riviera in Las Vegas to cap the great six-day event. The champion had a 2.039 grand average while the runnerup averaged 1.921 points per inning. Remarkably, Martin Horn had the highest average of the 32 finalists with a 2.062, but was eliminated in the first round when his opponent (Blomdahl) averaged 2.647. The tournament was the largest 3-C event ever held in the US with a total of 152 competitors, including 132 in the qualification phase and an additional

20 seeded players in the main tournament. Three women were in the prelims: Jeanette Lee, Carol Jin from NYC, and Maggy Bley from Belgium. Players came from 21 countries including Egypt, Japan, Ecuador, and Austria. Defending champ Sang Chun Lee was eliminated in the first round of the main tournament by new Hall-of-Famer Raymond Ceulemans. The two other US finalists, Adrian Viguera and Carlos Hallon, were also bumped out in the first round, all by the same 3-2 set score. The real hard-luck story for the US players was Pedro Piedrabuena’s

Big Sky Billiard Supply

preliminary pairing with Roland Forthomme of Belgium. Piedrabuena averaged a world-class 1.368 but Forthomme beat that with a 1.513 in their two best-of-three matches. (Prelim play was mostly in groups of three, with a round-robin format. Twelve groups only had two players, and they played two matches, best of three sets to 15 points.) For Ceulemans to win the tournament in the same week as his BCA Hall of Fame induction would have been a story-book conclusion, but Blomdahl was Raymond’s second-round opponent. After winning the first set, Blomdahl ran fourteen in the first inning of the second set, but missed the final point for the set run-out by an inch. Ceulemans rallied to win the third set, but lost the fourth and the match. The averages were 1.391 and 2.360. Tayfun Tasdemir from Turkey tied Blomdahl for the high run of the tournament.

Nine featured matches were taped by Pat Fleming and his crew from Accustats ( Robert Byrne, who was inducted into the BCA Hall of Fame on the same night as Ceulemans, provided commentary. Fleming set up a giant projection screen and other monitors so people outside the arena (e.g. at the bar) could follow the action. Two local TV stations taped segments. For one of them, Blomdahl — the man who seemed to do everything — got up at five AM on the morning of the finals to tape a segment with feature guy Ted Pretty of KVVU Fox 5. Blomdahl also got the special prize of $1000 from table supplier Gabriels of Belgium for the highest single-match average of the tournament in his first round defeat of Horn. For complete results, visit the USBA web page at (Conlon WorldCup continued on page 17)

Chris Warren 406-442-7088

Monday Night Pool Tournament


1521 S. Russell in Missoula 1-888-730-7187, 549-1100 Lance Nelson, Owner Poolplayer


The Q’z

Cue & Cushion Sports Bar

Family Restaurant & Sports Lounge 9807 224th St, Suite 120/B1 - Graham, WA (253) 262-8437

Tournament Located in the Lounge Tuesday Night 9-Ball 7 PM Entry $5 + $2 Green Fee - 50% Added

Sunday Night 8-Ball 7 PM

Entry $5 + $2 Green Fee - 50% Added


14905 Pacific Ave - Tacoma, WA (253) 536-1531 POOL - DARTS - GOOD FOOD Wednesday Night 8-Ball 7 PM Entry $5 + $2 Green Fee - 50% Added Sunday Night 9-Ball 7 PM Entry $5 + $2 Green Fee - 50% Added


1005 Main Street Sumner, WA

$5 entry - 8 PM House matches 50% of pot

(253) 863-0742

Open: 11:30 am - 2:00 am

881 E. El Camino Real - Mountain View, CA 94040

(650) 965-3100

Bar & Grill Leagues & Tournaments Parties & Events


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September 2001

1st Annual Washington State Amateur Artistic Pool Championship from: Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth - Founder & Promoter

Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth Renowned Trick Shot Artist

The Practical Shot

This shot may never come up in a game, but it could. Always remember it is the principal of the shot you want to understand and not that the balls are set up perfectly as shown in the diagram. Place the balls as shown in the diagram. The eight ball is Ball A, and the three object balls by the corner pocket are the opponents one, two and three balls. Now, hit the cue ball with a hard stroke, using low center, hitting the corner of the side pocket. The cue ball will rebound off of the corner of the side pocket and hit the eight ball sending it in the direction of the corner pocket. With a little practice you can become quite good at this shot. When I was in the Air Force I used to win a few beers pulling this shot out of my bag of tricks. If you hit the shot perfect the eight ball won’t even touch and carom off your opponents balls. I hope you win a few “cool ones” too!

king! o r t S Keep Sarge


McQ’s Billiards Spokane 9-Ball Open September 1st - 3rd

$80 Entry Fee - Race to 9 Winners - Race to 7 Losers Texas Express - Tournament open to first 96 paid players Sign up early as this event is expected to sell out Players meeting and draw will be held Friday Aug. 30th at 9:30PM - Play begins Saturday September 1st at 10 am

Class “B” 8-Ball September 15th - 16th

$35 Entry Fee - Race to 5 - Double Elimination BCA Rules - Tournament open to first 48 paid players Players meeting Saturday Sept 15th at 10 AM Doors open at 9 AM $2100 Payout based on full field

Mixed Scotch Doubles 8-Ball Oct 20th & 21st

$40 Entry Fee per team - Race to 5 - Double Elimination BCA Rules - Tournament open to first 32 paid teams Players meeting Saturday Oct 20th at 10 AM Doors open at 9 AM $1500 Payout based on full field

Open 8-Ball November 10th & 11th

$60 Entry Fee - Race to 7 Winners Race to 5 losers BCA Rules - Tournament open to first 48 paid players Players meeting Saturday Nov 10th at 10 AM Doors open at 9 AM $3300 Payout based on full field Added money to all events. Amounts vary due to number of participants. Questions about any event contact Clay Skidmore at McQ’s (509) 891-8357 Send entries to: McQ’s Billiards 9614 E Sprague Spokane, WA 99206

Keep an eye on this ad for future events.

Harvey’s Billiards in Renton, will host the 1st Annual Washington State Amateur Artistic Pool Championship on October 5-7, 2001. This event is sanctioned by the Billiard Congress of America. The winner of this event will have their entry fee paid into the Professional North American Artistic Pool Championship in Los Angeles at the L.A. Expo October 26-27, 2001. This event is the first of its kind in Washington. Shot/Challenge programs are available now for $10.00 so you can start practicing. Your program fee will apply towards the entry fee of $35 plus a $10 green fee. The field is limited to 32 paid entrants so sign up now. For more information call (425) 251-9851 or (206) 7192695. Send entries and program fees (paid by money order) to: Harvey’s Billiards, 4100 E Valley Highway, Renton, WA 98055 Deadline for mailing in entries will be October 2, 2001. All other entries will be accepted no later than 6 PM - October 5, 2001. Note: If you were ever considered a Professional player by the BCA, you may not enter. All names will be given to the BCA for verification. Photo ID will be required at players meeting. (See ad page 22)

Where’s Sarge Performing? Trickshot Exhibitions

Sept 28, 2001 Kent Senior Center - Kent,Wa. 12:30 to 2:00 P.M. Oct 17, 2001 University of Wa. (at the HUB) - 11:30 A.M. 3:00 P.M. Oct 21, 2001 Classic Billiards at:6:00 P.M. - 2817 Wheaton Way STE. 106 Bremerton,WA (360)377-8507 (see ad page 15)

Where’s Sarge teaching? Pool Clinics

Sept 08, 2001 Tall Timber’s Tavern - 35509 21st Ave SE (see ad page 20) Federal Way, WA - 2pm to 6pm (253) 952-2302 Sept 09, 2001 Rooty’s Sports Bar - 209 SW 148th St. (see ad page 4) Burien,Wa. 4:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. (206) 241-0800

If you would like to have Sarge perform or teach call 206-719-2695




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Information Contact: Rob Sykora 314-842-7998

BILLIARD CLUB network Signs Charter Members Nationwide

Top Billiard Room Proprietors Join BCn as Affiliate Clubs for Right to Show BCtv St. Louis, MO (August 13, 2001) - BILLIARD CLUB network (BCn) introduced a 30-minute pilot of Billiard Club television (BCtv) to room proprietors and industry manufacturers attending the 2001 Billiard Congress of America Trade Expo in Las Vegas last month. The extraordinarily positive reception to the program, combined with the unique marketing strategy behind the development of a true “billiard room proprietors association,” helped garner the BCn its first members. From San Francisco to New York, to The Netherlands and Japan, “Affiliate Members” within the network will have the exclusive right to air BCtv for the benefit of their customers. “Billiard Clubs are the foundation of the marketplace,” says Rob Sykora, President of BCn. “Through thousands of Club Affiliates we will build a closed circuit television network promoting the game and sport of pool.” BCn has secured annual contract with the following “Charter Members.” BCn AFFILIATE CLUB LOCATION PHONE Affton Billiards Affton, MO 314-631-7667 Action Café & Billiards Hazelwood, MO 314-731-1111 Amsterdam Billiard Club New York, NY 212-570-4545 The Breaking Point Lynwood, WA 425-697-2459 Breaktime Billiards Front Royal, VA 540-636-8424 C. R. Billiards Coon Rapids, MN 763-780-1585 Carolina Rose Billiard Café Wausau, WI 715-845-7665 Chalkers Billiard Club San Francisco, CA 415-512-0450 Chesterfield Billiards Chesterfield, MO 636-537-9229 Classic Billiards Gresham, OR 503-761-2622 Classic Cue Billiards Buffalo, NY 716-684-4644 Hard Times Billiards Fukuoka, Japan 092-606-6627 Magoo’s Billiards Tulsa, OK 918-663-3364 Pool & Snooker Club Leiden, The Netherlands 031-71-5127163 Q-Master Billiards Virginia Beach, VA 757-499-8900 Q-Sharks Burnsville, MN 952-736-8244 San Francisco Billiard Acad. Millbrae, CA 650-873-4658 Southside Billiard Club Savannah, GA 912-925-5398 CLICKS BILLIARDS Dallas(5), Austin(2), San Antonio(2),El Paso(2),Corpus Christi, Tyler, Waco, Houston, Orlando(2), Tempe, Phoenix, Tucson, Baton Rouge and Memphis BCn Affiliates purchase the media right to show BCtv as their own internal programming to promote their core business, similar to national retail chains in other industries. “Wal-Mart, Blockbuster Video, Circuit City, Chuck E. Cheese play-center restaurants, and even professional sports venues, utilize their own internal television programming to entertain and inform their in-store customers,” says Martin Danielson, President of Smart Marketing Solutions, a marketing and consulting firm working for BCn. “Savvy marketers understand the value of a captive audience and they do everything they possibly can to enhance the customers experience by reinforcing the image of their Brand at the point of purchase,” remarks Danielson. “BCn provides billiard room proprietors with same promotional tools and branded imaging that these national organizations supply their individual store locations.” BCn’s new Charter Members are excited about the concept and the affect BCtv will have upon their individual proprietorships: “As a new Club owner, BCtv will definitely be part of our entire business plan…” John Sondelski - Carolina Rose Billiard Café, Wausau, WI “We are excited about BCtv and know it will help grow our business and improve the image of pool…” Wanda Coates – Chesterfield Billiards Club, Chesterfield, MO “BCtv is perfect for our club and it will help promote and feature the U.S Open around the country…” Barry Behrman – Q-Masters Billiards, Virginia Beach, VA“BCn is doing it right. I’ve been a proprietor for 15 years and now I have my own marketing and production company…” Carl Galante – Classic Cue Billiards, Buffalo, NY“BCtv is great eye candy! It has top quality visuals and creative editing that will entertain our casual customers as well as our avid pool players...” Sue Backman – Chalkers, SanFrancisco, CA BCtv is a two-hour, magazine style program produced as visual entertainment

Puyallup (253) 840-0875

ABC Billiards

Lynnwood (425) 775-4140 Seattle (206) 575-1339

2817 Wheaton Way, Suite 106 Bremerton, WA

(360) 377-8507 Family Owned & Operated The Only Billiards Parlor West of Tacoma

17 POOL TABLES PRO SHOP KITCHEN tv ROOM WITH SATELLITE SODA BEER ESPRESSO Entry $5 + $3 green fee BCA Rules Start Time 7:15 pm House adds $5 per player

20015 D Highway 99 Lynnwood, WA 98036 1-800-605-4140 1-800-707-2390

Call: 314-842-7998 Fax: 314-842-7908 Email: Martin Danielson, President Smart Marketing Solutions 760-416-4362 Jeff Fortune, President Fortune Entertainment 314-533-1777 Pat Fleming, President Accu-Stats Video Productions 1-800-828-0397 Barry Hearn, President Matchroom Sport Jay Helfert, President MJ Enterprises

Trick Shot Exhibition @ 6 pm Sunday Night 9-Ball Tournament

Commercial and Home Amusement Equipment

Lynnwood Puyallup

for all patrons within each BCn Affiliate. BILLIARD CLUB tv showcases the game and sport like never before. “We understand the dynamics of the billiard club environment,” says Jeff Fortune, President of Fortune Entertainment, BCn’s production company. “BCtv will be seen but not necessarily heard, so the program will be graphically enhanced with special effects, colorful on-screen graphics and animation to create a highly visual and entertaining presentation.” BCtv features all aspects of pool and billiards as a lifestyle, including tournament highlights, instructional segments, in-depth reports, amateur and professional players, and a look inside BCn Affiliates nationwide Proprietors or Retail Stores can join the BCn for less than $2 per day or pay $590 for the annual membership. BCn Affiliates will receive a new BCtv program each month, along with materials, and advertising to help promote the program. The BCtv 30-minute pilot features a “Sneak Preview” of Pool Hall Junkies, competitive tournament footage from content partner Accu-Stats Video Productions, as well as exciting match action courtesy of MJ Enterprises and Matchroom Sport. A BCtv informational video and sample of the professional production can be seen online at Club owners, sponsors, and advertisers can receive a complimentary VHS copy and media kit by contacting BCn. For Membership, Advertising, Sponsorship or distribution information contact: BILLIARD CLUB network 6922 Aliceton Ave. St. Louis, MO 63123

Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth 10-21-01

Quality is our Cue

Lee Gillis Owner

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4100 East Valley Hwy Renton, WA

(425) 251-9851

All Ages Billiard Hall Open: Monday - Saturday 11 am till 2 am Sunday 2 pm till 2 am


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123 East Main Bozeman, MT

“Making Players Winners through Innergame Techniques”

Bar (406) 587-2888 Office (406) 586-0972 Douglas "Grunch" Sandiland

ROBIN DREYER (503) 848-0422


VIDEO KENO FOOD Buy One Well Drink or Domestic Beer

GET ONE FREE One coupon per customer per visit

• COCKTAILS • Lunch & Dinner Specials • Darts • Pool Tables • Big Screen TV • FREE Pool Sun., M-F daily • Outside Deck

Happpy Hour

4:00 - 7:00 M-F 121 MAIN AVE - RIDGEFIELD, WA 98642 TAVERN: (360) 887-8805

latitude 84 8401 S Hosmer

Tacoma, WA

(253) 531-5154

Wednesday Night 8 Ball $5 Entry - Sign up 6:30 pm Start time 8:00 pm

$150 ADDED

September 2001

Pocket Billiard Instruction (Beginning through Advanced Students)

Allison Fisher

2001 TOP MONEY EARNINGS as of August 13

Allison Fisher Karen Corr Jeanette Lee Jennifer Chen Helena Thornfeldt Vivian Villarreal Shin-Mei Liu Gerda Hofstatter Kim-Ga Young Line Kjoersvik Ewa Laurence Julie Kelly Dawn Hopkins Monica Webb Akimi Kajitani Robin Dodson Tiffany Nelson Loree Jon Jones Laura Smith Alice Rim

$36,400 $35,700 $31,900 $21,200 $13,420 $13,267 $10,000 $8,700 $7,000 $6,750 $6,400 $6,300 $6,015 $5,750 $5,500 $5,250 $5,220 $5,000 $5,000 $4,950

with full field - minimum 15 players Pays Top Woman $10

PH 253-864-6860

9-Ball Tournament 3rd Wednesday of the Month

FX 253-864-6860

Teri & Curtis Murdock





(253) 939-3513

Weekly Pool Schedule

Monday: BCA Leagues Tuesday Midnight: 8 Ball $5 entry Wednesday 8pm: 9 Ball $5 entry Thursday 8pm: 8 Ball Everybody $5 entry

All Tournaments Ball in Hand / Call Pocket House Matches 100%

key o m S int Po

8 Ball Break Pot


5200 172nd NE #D

Arlington, WA 98223

(360) 403-7665


Tuesday Night 8 Ball - 7 PM

Entry $7 + $3 table time House Matches $7

Sunday 9 Ball - 3 PM

Entry $7 + $3 table time House Matches $7 Mika Immonen



Spokane, WA

(509) 443-0750

Sunday Night Open 8 Ball - 7 pm $5 entry Drink and Beer Specials Thursday Night Open 9 Ball - 7 pm $5 entry Drink and Beer Specials

Buy One Entree Get One Free Of Equal or Lesser Value

Karaoke 9:30PM Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday Beer Specials and Prizes

2001 TOP MONEY EARNINGS as of August 13

Mika Immonen Fong-Pang Chao Efren Reyes Ralf Souquet Corey Deuel Jose Parica Alain Martel Charlie Williams Francisco Bustamante Jeremy Jones Alex Pagulayan Earl Strickland Shannon Daulton Johnny Archer Nick Varner Chia Hsiung Lai Buddy Hall Marcus Chamat Kim Davenport Jon Kucharo

$72,725 $51,500 $47,900 $40,300 $38,204 $33,090 $29,100 $24,910 $23,950 $23,315 $23,025 $21,067 $20,925 $20,102 $17,820 $17,500 $16,476 $15,824 $14,674 $12,674

46 TABLES l FOOD & GAMES Open 24 Hours

Table & Cue Repair/Sales l Professional Instruction


16022 SE Stark (Behind Carpeteria) Portland, Oregon

(503) 251-8399


406 E Park Livingston, MT (406) 222-4414

Every Sunday 9-Ball Entry $5 + $2 g.f. Start time 1 PM

Espresso Bar & Family Billiards All Ages Welcome Non-Smoking 2812 Auburn Way N Auburn, WA 98002 253-939-6690

Pool Cue & Case Sales All Major Brand Cues


September 2001 Conlon WorldCup

(continued from page 13)

The cast of characters who appeared at the Royale Pavilion Ballroom of the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas July 18-23 as pictured by Jorge Rubio.

Results Final Tournament - Total Results Final Tournament Name Sets Pts Ings Avg HR WR 1 Torbjorn BLOMDAHL (SWE) 15 - 6 261 128 2,039 14 60 2 Dick JASPERS (NED) 13 - 6 244 127 1,921 11 45 3 Tonny CARLSEN (DEN) 11 - 5 216 164 1,317 10 30 4 Marco ZANETTI (ITA) 10 - 7 225 161 1,397 8 30 5 Roland FORTHOMME (BEL) 8 - 6 172 132 1,303 11 20 6 Semih SAYGINER (TUR) 7-6 170 110 1,545 11 20 7 Tayfun TASDEMIR (TUR) 6-5 140 93 1,505 14 20 146 114 1,280 9 20 8 Rodolfo COVARRUBIAS (MEX) 6 - 7 9 Daniel SANCHEZ (ESP) 5-4 112 65 1,723 8 10 10 Frédéric CAUDRON (BEL) 4 - 3 93 62 1,500 6 10 11 Dion NELIN (DEN) 5-4 102 77 1,324 9 10 12 Jorge RUBIO (ECU) 5-4 105 123 0,853 6 10 13 Richard BITALIS (FRA) 4-4 113 75 1,506 11 10 14 Raymond CEULEMANS (BEL) 4 - 5 95 71 1,338 6 10 15 Jaime BEDOYA (COL) 3-4 88 66 1,333 6 10 16 Jacob HAACK-SÖRENSEN (DEN) 4 - 5 97 75 1,293 7 10 17 Raimond BURGMAN (NED) 2 - 3 56 43 1,302 5 18 Sang Chun LEE (USA) 2-3 57 47 1,212 11 19 Nikos POLYCHRONOPOULOS (GRE)2 - 3 63 53 1,188 5 20 Henk HABRAKEN (NED) 2-3 65 60 1,083 7 21 Adrien VIGUERA (USA) 2-3 49 56 0,875 4 22 Carlos HALLON (USA) 2-3 35 48 0,729 3 23 Martin HORN (GER) 1-3 33 16 2,062 8 24 Marc JANSSEN (BEL) 1-3 48 39 1,230 10 25 Junichi KOMORI (JPN) 1-3 47 39 1,205 4 26 Muharrem PEKER (TUR) 1-3 34 29 1,172 5 27 Francis FORTON (BEL) 1-3 32 34 0,941 6 28 Chul Min KIM (KOR) 1-3 44 59 0,745 3 29 Luis AVEIGA (ECU) 1-3 49 68 0,720 4 30 Peter DE BACKER (BEL) 0-3 20 19 1,052 5 31 Ramon RODRIGUEZ (PER) 0 - 3 24 23 1,043 5 32 Christian RUDOLPH (GER) 0 - 3 25 30 0,833 5 Total 3060 2306 1,327 14

Giant Cue Closeout !!! 20-60% Off

selected clearance items (through October 1st)

Over 300 Cues on Display Discontinued Lines Making Room For New Inventory

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Regional Tour Championships August 11, 2001 To: WPBA Board & Regional Tours As we are all aware, the WPBA is currently in a period of growth. At the same time, the eight WPBA sanctioned regional tours are also growing and bringing some very talented players into the professional arena to compete with the Pros. Currently, the WPBA is limited in its ability to expand their field to accommodate 64 players. There are some very talented 9-ball players involved in the regional tour system who have the talent to compete with the Pros. Since there is limited availability for qualified entrants, I am proposing the induction of an annual Regional Tour Championship event that will allow players from each of the regional tours to compete against each other in a highly-competitive doubleelimination 9-ball tournament to find out who the “cream of the crop” amateur players are. The top place finisher in the event will have the prestigious honor of being crowned the Regional Tour Champion and be given the opportunity to compete in all WPBA point events for the following year. The proposed format for this event will be a 64-player field comprised of the top eight players from each of the eight WPBA regional tours, based on the each regional tour’s points ranking list. Invites will be awarded to the top eight players (excluding Touring Pros) of each regional tour based on the most current rankings of each tour. If 50% or less of the current tour’s schedule has already been played, the tour coordinators will have to provide the previously completed standings for that regional tour to determine their invited players. Players that compete in multiple tours, and are eligible to be invited under more than one tour, will have to decide which tour they wish to represent. Only players participating in the regional tour system can play in this special event. The deadline for the completed list of entrants, entry fees and all program information (pictures, player bios and sponsor info) will be 60 days prior to the event (September 3, 2001). I am currently seeking a November 3 - 4 date. It is proposed to the WPBA Board that both the Regional Tour Champion as well as the Runner-up would receive automatic non-paid entries into all of the WPBA points events for the following year. The entry would be paid by the prize fund earned by the player at the RT Championships. The WPBA board has agreed to offer a spot for 1st place, second place is still up for discussion. If a player is unable to play in a WPBA event the qualifying spot would pass down. It is also important to note that the players must let the WPBA know if they are unable to go to an event, so that another player would have ample time to make travel arrangements. Proposed Tournament Format and Schedule: Nov 3-4. ~~$200.00 entry fee Friday night—7 pm. Players meeting and tournament draw. 8 pm. – 11:00 pm. Charity event, trick shot exhibition & challenge matches. Saturday sessions—Play begins at 10:am. Sunday sessions—Play begins at 10:am. ~~Dress code “B” ~~WPBA rules ~~9-ball, double elimination, race to 7 ~~Race to 9 in the Quarterfinals, Semi-finals and the Finals. Since we currently have eight regional tours, a 64-player field is ideal, with eight representatives participating from each regional tour. Players will be drawn at random and seeded into the eight sections on the tournament board such that each of the regional tour’s eight players will be spread out among the eight sections of the board. This will ensure that no player from a single regional tour will match up with another player from that same tour until the 3rd round on the winner’s side. This will give each tour an equal opportunity to have their player’s come out on top. If one of the tours cannot fill all 8 spots, a drawing will be held to see the “pecking order” of who will receive the next available spot. If a player cannot make the event or if there is a tie for 8th and 9th place, a quick note is required detailing the situation. In the case of a tie, a tiebreaker will need to be determined. A playoff is recommended but may not always be possible (such as is the case when one or more players might live in another state, or out of the country). If a player cannot make it to the RT Championships, the open spot will pass down to the next player on the ranking list. Each regional tour MUST send their top eight players from their ranking list in order. YOU MUST fill out your top eight players from the top 16 players by ranking order. If you need to go below #16 on your ranking list, that spot will be forfeited and go to a tour that has not gone below #16 on their ranking list.

Wide selection of Joss - McDermott - Cuetec

Billiard Tables s Custom Cues Custom Bars and Bar Stools Billiard Supplies s Game Room Furniture Foosball s Air Hockey s Ping Pong s Darts Cards s Poker Tables s Dice s Chess Croquet s Casino Games Table Recovering & Moving Custom Table Covering

Check about Pool Leagues WEDNESDAY NIGHT 8 BALL

(206) 441-4495


2310 6th Ave Downtown Seattle NE corner of 6th & Bell

6106 SE King Rd - Milwaukie, OR

New (503) 654-4201 Tab3 les Menu GOOD FOOD Pool - Beer - Wine $5 entry - House Rules - Matching - 8:30 pm Prizes - 8 pm to Midnight

Free Pool Sunday Nights

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What Is Skilliards?

The.... NEW ....Challenging Sport for All Ages! Featuring the strategy of golf and the skill of billiards! SKILLIARDSTM is a new and challenging sport for all ages that combines the strategy of full size golf and the skill of billiards. Built into the design are pars and multiple hole-in-one opportunities. The course consists of 18 individual hand-crafted custom tables ranging in size from 8 to 36 feet in length and widths of up to eight feet. Each table simulates one hole of a golf course. Tables are designed with sand traps, water hazards, trees, undulations, roughs, greens and dog legs. The game is played with a standard cue stick and billiard ball which allows a player to use bumper angles and english to simulate a hook or slice when executing a shot. In addition to the general public, golf and billiard professionals will be attracted to this new and unique sport because of the built-in par and possible holesin-one. You will find that the majority of players are compelled to try for the hole-in-one. After playing the first time all players will play again to try and lower their score. See for yourself the enthusiasm that is generated by this challenging and competitive sport. Are you ready to play? Take the Skilliards challenge, and find out how good are you with a cue?

September 2001

In Memory Of ...


After two harrowing and horrible days at Harborview Medical Center, Ian was declared officially brain dead and unable to sustain life on his own, and removed from life support systems. He was nineteen years old. He was warm, and funny, and handsome. He was the lead singer with the Seattle band Five Good Reasons. He was a young man with a genuine joy for life, who loved laughter, terrible jokes, music, video games, The Sopranos, his little brother Connor, age 5, his sister Kate, 15, and us. There are no words that can describe the incredible pain and grief of losing a child. But as we stumbled through the following days, an incredible showing of compassion and support was extended to us by the members of the pool playing community, and we owe our gratitude to all. To all the players who ran our league for us, copying, picking up, delivering, forgiving the late paperwork with understanding, thank you. Especial thanks to Linda Groenendahl for doing the paperwork that I was too distraught to focus on. To the Mecca Tavern in Auburn, who collected prizes from both local merchants and individuals, and hosted a benefit tournament in Ian’s honor, thank you. To Ken (Sarge) Aylesworth, trick shot artist, and wife Charlie, who made a surprise appearance and performed an incredible show, thank you. To the Pumphouse Pub in Federal Way, for their benefit tournament and contributing generously to Ian’s memorial, thank you. To all the pool players who reached into their pockets and gave what they could, thank you. None of us expect to bury our children, and we were ill prepared for the burden or staggering costs. You all did what you could to make it easier to bear. But the greatest thanks we owe are not for the much appreciated monetary gifts, but the gifts of kindness and generosity of spirit. Terrible things happen in life, and it is at such times that people show their true character and integrity. Thank you to all the people who wept with us and for us, and offered their compassion and understanding and friendship. Thank you for reminding us that there is goodness in the world. You are wonderful people, and we are proud to count you as friends. Thank you all, and bless you. John and Amy Muldoon The Association for Pool, King County, Washington We would like to express our deepest sympathy to the Muldoon family for their loss. A child is a very precious gift. The loss of a child can only be born by remembering their spirit and their thirst for life. Don and Mary Akerlow is waiting for you --to put your tournaments on-line. HOW ARE THE PLAYERS GOING TO FIND YOU?



al u n st An 9-Ball Tournament 1

September 15th and 16th Texas Express Race to 7 Double Elimination Limited to 32 players

Guaranteed $1,000 Added Entry fee $50 First 32 players paid will play Draw will be at 10 PM on September 14

Weekly Tournaments Sunday 8 Ball Tuesday 9 Ball Contact Bill Anderson at 425-347-1669 or 425-265-9660 for any further information

We have tournaments on-line at:


Can’t Find Your Favorite Place Listed ? Tell them about us !

Shorthorn Tavern & Club Tavern in Omak & Okanogan Washington present

Oct. 5-7, 2001 8-Ball Tournament

$1,000 ADDED 100% Payout

$30 entry per stick Race to 7 Vegas Rules Open to first 64 paid entries $100 Paid top non-placing woman (based on 4 entries)

Pre-registration encouraged

For information contact Shorthorn: (509) 826-0338 Send entries to: Shorthorn Tavern P O Box 865 Omak, WA 98441

September 2001

IMAGE CAMPAIGN In 1998, the BCA Board of Directors approved a $500,000 initiative to “enhance the image and increase participation of billiards” with the ultimate goal of driving retail sales in the billiard industry. Phase I of the projected included extensive market research to determine c u r r e n t attitudes toward pool. Phase II consisted of hiring a marketing consultant to work with the research results and develop an I m a g e Campaign that would achieve the strategic goals of the project. Phase III is the implementation stage in which the campaign is presented to the billiard industry and the strategic plan is set into motion. The marketing firm retained by the BCA is Colle & McVoy, Inc. (CMI) of Minneapolis, MN. Leading the creative team is account executive, Dave Anglum. Based on the research conducted by Opinion Dynamics of Cambridge, MA, CMI developed three possible “Brand Promises” relating to pool: 1. Pool is an activity that doesn’t leave anyone out 2. Pool is a stress-relieving activity in a hectic world 3. Pool brings families closer together The first statement, “Pool is a activity that doesn’t leave anyone out” was the clear winner in focus groups conducted in Maryland, Indianapolis and Los Angeles. Based on this finding, CMI then developed a tag line, complete with graphics, that fulfills the brand promise and serves as the cornerstone of the entire campaign. The tag line: pool. everybody’s game. was presented to and approved by the BCA Promotions Committee in February 2001 and by the full board in April 2001. The tag line and graphics will be used throughout the campaign and serve as the branding anchor to the message being delivered. Subsequent to the tag line and graphics development, CMI developed a three-tiered approach to bring the message to the public. Part One is a series of marketing “how to” booklets titled “52 Ways to Make Pool Everybody’s Game.” The booklets will be sent out quarterly to BCA business members in the retail, proprietor and amusement center operator categories. Each booklet includes 13 creative ideas to drive traffic and sales. The booklet series is housed in a 6” box or sleeve that is both attractive and practical. Part Two is an advertising kit consisting of print ad templates and radio scripts that can be customized by individual retailers and proprietors, while still projecting a unified look and message that pool is everybody’s game. Part Three is a public relations campaign to get the message to a national audience. Based on feedback through seminars, individual presentations and surveys, the Image Campaign was enthusiastically received by retailers, room owners and manufacturers.

www.OnTheBr (continued)

14713 Bothell Way NE Shoreline, WA

(206) 365-1187 15 - 9 foot Brunswick tables with 860 Simonis Cloth

All Ages Welcome

Open: Monday - Thursday 12PM - 2 AM Friday 12PM - 4 AM Saturday 11AM - 4 AM Sunday 11AM - 2 AM

The names are in the order that are eligible, with the top 8 going. The remaining 8 can go if someone can’t make it, either from our tour or one of the other tours by a lottery system.

Watch for our Tournaments

102 S Main

PRICE OF ONE We are offering all locations, operators, supply stores and manufacturers, 3 months advertising for the price of one. THAT’S $25.00 FOR 3 MONTHS ..... WOW, WHAT A DEAL. And if you have never advertised with the WWW.LUCKYDOGNEWS.COM before, we will STILL give you the first month FREE. Yes, that means that new ads will get 4 months of advertising for only $25.00. This is the best deal you will ever find to advertise your location, take advantage of this offer NOW. We hope to hear from you soon. Lenna & Jamie Daugherty See ad page 18.

“Easy as Pie” That’s what people are saying about advertising with “On The Break” Make your pool ad a reality. Did we mention the discount you get if you commit to 3 or 6 months of advertising at a time? Call Toll Free 1-877-285-3099 Fax: 1-406-285-3098 E-mail:


New Deco, Inc.







If possible, we would like all of the regional tours to get involved with “sponsorship” for this event. We are going to put together a player/sponsor program to highlight the players and to showcase support the sponsors. I will need business cards and flyers, if they have any, for the program. I would like to try and organize a charity event the night before the main event, which could include a trick shot exhibition, challenge matches, or even a mini tournament. The location that we are considering for the event is Hollywood Billiards in California. I believe a Regional Tour Championship will bring a greater awareness to the regional tour system, as well as the WPBA. The automatic entry into the following years’ WPBA events offers the Regional Tour Champion an opportunity to bring their game to the next level, get more exposure in the industry, and enjoy to the experience of competing full-time on the WPBA tour. We are still in the structuring stage of this event. All ideas and questions are welcomed and all help is appreciated. Estimated Payout: Based on a 64-player field. 1st *$3000 9-12 $300 2nd *$2000 13-16 $200 3rd $1500 17-24 $100 4th $1000 25-32 $ 75 5-6 $ 750 33-48 $ 50 7-8 $ 500 I look forward to working hard to make this event one of the most exciting amateur events ever held. Sincerely, Mike Hurst ~~ Tournament Director & Regional Tour Championships Event Organizer for 2001 369 Avocado St. # D-102 Costa Mesa, CA 92627 (949) 645-7180 e-mail:

(208) 882-2050

ue C . r D


Regional Tour

Linda Carter Noriyo Yurino Sara Schwefel Kim Sijer Mary Hopkin Jo Woodward Julie Valdez Kim Gates Tamre Geene Rogers Maryann McConnell Kerry Impson Kathie MacDonald Felisa Delon Patty Macheras Bernie Foster Kathy Iwata

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17 POOL TABLES 11 - 4 1/2 X 9 TABLES 5 - Bar Boxes 1 Snooker Table

Jackie Gleason and Paul Newman


Native Son Amusement

P. O. Box 117 Lewistown, MT 59457 We are Proud to offer the Lewistown area Pool Players VNEA Pool League for the 2001-2002 season. For information contact: Stuart Armstrong 350-2204 538-5328

OUTBACK JACK’S 321 W. Sprague, Spokane, WA, 99201 Phone: 509.624.4549 Fax: 509.455.3651 E-Mail: Web:

4439 35th Ave SW West Seattle, WA

WEEKLY POOL TOURNAMENT Monday 8-Ball Call Pocket $5 Entry 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 Lunch & Dinner 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 Specials 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 Fresh Halibut 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 Entrees 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 in 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 Cocktails 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 fife 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 Games 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 Four 4 x 8 Tables 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 One 4 1/2 x 9 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 5119 Pacific Hwy E. Table 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 Company & Fife, WA 98405 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 Charity 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 Tournaments 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789

The Right


(253) 922-7371


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Dates, Times & Tournaments are subject to change without notice.

DATE Sept 1-3 Sept 1 Sept 2 Sept 8-9 Sept 10-16 Sept 15 Sept 15-16 Sept 15-16 Sept 15-16 Sept 15 Sept 16 Sept 22-23 Sept 29-30 Sept 29-Oct 7 Oct 5-7 Oct 5-7 Oct 6-7 Oct 6 Oct 7 Oct 10 Oct 10 Oct 13 Oct 13-14 Oct 19-21 Oct 20-21 Oct 20-21 Oct 20 Oct 21 Oct 24 Oct 25-26 Oct 27-28 Oct 25-28 Oct 26-28 Nov 2-4 Nov 3-4 Nov 10-11 Nov 10-11 Nov 14-18 Nov 30-Dec3 Dec 4-9

September 2001


CITY LOCATION Spokane,WA McQ’s (See ad p14) Sacramento,CA Hardtimes (see ad p11) Sacramento,CA Hardtimes (See ad p11) Portland,OR Classic Billiards (See ad p5) Chesapeake,VA Chesapeak Conf Cntr Bozeman,MT Eagles #326 (See ad p8) Spokane,WA McQ’s (See ad p14) Emeryville,CA Broken Rack Everett,WA Big Al’s (See ad p18) Mtn View,CA CA Billiard Club (See ad p13) Mtn View,CA CA Billiard Club (See ad p13) Salem,OR Sharky’s (See ad p5) San Diego,CA College Billiards Anchorage,AK Billiard Palace Omak,WA Shorthorn/Club (See ad p18 ) Renton,WA Harvey’s Billiards (See ad p 22) Missoula,MT Cue Ball’s (See ad p11) Sacramento,CA Hardtimes (See ad p11) Sacramento,CA Hardtimes (See ad p11) Baltimore,MD ESPN Zone Baltimore,MD ESPN Zone Kent, WA Lucky Star Pub Sacramento, CA Hardtimes Pocatello,ID Club 91 (See ad p5) Spokane,WA McQ’s (See ad p14) Missoula,MT Cue Ball’s (See ad p11) Mtn View,CA CA Billiard Club (See ad p13) Mtn View,CA CA Billiard Club (See ad p13) Lincoln City,OR Chinook Winds (See ad p6) Lincoln City,OR Chinook Winds (See ad p6) Lincoln City,OR Chinook Winds (See ad p6) LosAngeles,CA LA Expo (See ad p3) OceanShores,WA Quinault (See ad p14) Lincoln City,OR Chinook Winds San Diego, CA College Billiards Spokane,WA McQ’s (See ad p14) San Francisco,CA Family Billiards Red Wing,MN Treasure Island Resort Reno,NV USPPA Classic - Sands Reno,NV Sands Regency

PHONE (509) 891-8357 (916) 332-8793 (916) 332-8793 (253) 373-9999 (757) 499-8900 (406) 587-9996 (509) 891-8357 (775) 882-5997 (425) 347-1669 (650) 965-3100 (650) 965-3100 (503) 391-4912 (619) 583-6361 (907) 562-4251 (509) 826-0338 (425) 251-9851 (406) 728-3009 (916) 332-8793 (916) 332-8793 (860) 379-8414 (860) 379-8414 (253) 373-9999 (775) 882-5997 (208) 237-9577 (509) 891-8357 (406) 728-3009 (650) 965-3100 (650) 965-3100 BCA League Opr BCA League Opr BCA League Opr 818-882-3384 (888) 461-2214 (877) TAP-POOL (619) 583-6361 (509) 891-8357 (775) 882-5997 (719) 264-8300 (800) 648-3553 (800) 648-3553

Tall Timbers Tavern

3 POOL TABLES APA & TAP LEAGUES Pool Tournys Every Weds. at 7:00PM



Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth Pool Clinic September 8, 2001 from 2 to 6 PM

Good Food, Good Friends and an Endless Supply of Beer

35509 21st Ave SW

Federal Way, Washington

(253) 952-2302

Thanks Montana V.N.E.A. Players for a Great Year !!!

721 North 7th Ave Bozeman, MT

2 FOR 1 Drinks 8 AM to 9 PM Gr eat Food Great

703 West Babcock Bozeman, MT


2 FOR 1 Drinks 11 AM to 8 PM

EVENT / RULES 9 Ball Open One Pocket 9 Ball ACW Event U.S. Open 9 Ball Mixed Doubles 8 Ball “B” - BCA Rules WWR 9 Ball Tour 9 Ball Texas Express One Pocket 9-Ball 9 Ball Invitational Brunswick 9 Ball State Championships 8 Ball Amateur Artistic Pool 9 Ball Open One Pocket 9 Ball Sudden Death 7-Ball Trick Shot Magic ACW Scotch Doubles WWR 9 Ball Tour 9Ball (Fri) 8Ball (Sat-Sun) 8 Ball Mix Scotch Dbls 8 Ball Doubles Bar Box One Pocket 9-Ball Masters & Open Sc Db Masters & Open Singles 3 Person Teams M/W 9 Ball / 8 Ball 8 Ball-Sngls,Dbls,Team TAP Titleholders One Pocket 8 Ball Open WWR 9 Ball Tour BCA National 9 Ball 9 Ball 9 Ball Reno Open

ENTRY $80 $20 $20 Call Call $10/player $35 $30 $50 $20 $20 $40 Call Call $30 $35+$10 gf $50+$10 gf $20 $20 Call $30 $30 ea $40 $50 $20 $20 $40 & $30 $40 & $30 $90 $60/$30 Jr. $25-$30-$50

$30 $60 $30 $60 $100

ADDED $300 $300

TIME 10:00AM Noon Noon

$700 $1000 $300 $300 $$$

10:00AM 10:00AM Call Call 1:00PM 1:00PM 9:00AM

$1,000 $1,000 $1,000 w/64 $300 $300

Call 7:00PM 10:00AM Noon Noon 10:00AM 10:00AM

$700 $1,000

Call Call 10:00AM 10:00AM 1:00PM 1:00PM 9:00AM 9:00AM 9:00AM 10:00AM 10:00AM Call 1:00PM 10:00AM Call Call Call Call

$500 w/36 $300 $300

$500/division $1,000 w/32 $700 $35,000 $10,000 $23,000

Snohomish County Pool Players Association 9 BALL LEAGUE RESULTS 546 RACKS, 4 SLATES & 7 HOURS LATER The Singles Finals were played on Saturday, Aug 18th at two establishments in Monroe. Over $400 of prize money was awarded to the top four players in the year singles round robin tournament. The SCPPA kicked in over $175 on top of the $10 entry. An additional $50 each was generously added by the two hosting sponsors: Joe’s Place and the Monroe Eagle’s Aerie 2327. Kerry Prosser had 32 wins to take home first place and $166. Jamie Boothman of Snohomish tied Steve Kesting with 25 wins. Jamie made the nine on the break in the first game of a sudden death race to two and took home second place with $135. Marv Johnson, Jamie’s teammate from Chubs Pub, left with fourth place and $40. Team Finals were played the next Saturday. First place - Eagles of Monroe - $220. Second place - Dead Presidents of Joes Place - $140. Third place - Les at Joes Place - $80. Each placing team also received a trophy for their sponsor. The league social and trophy presentation was held the next day at the Eagles. Loggers Inn received a trophy for the best season finish with 74% match wins. Breakfast at the Eagle’s started off each tournament at 9 am and beer specials at Joe’s Place always topped off the afternoon. A special thanks to JR Phinickey’s of Monroe, Chubs Pub in Snohomish, the Logger’s Inn and the Pastime of Sultan for their support of the league! The league generated 32 members and 8 teams for the best Nine Ball action this side of the Everett Trestle.

SCPPA 8 Ball League Meeting Wednesday - Sep 26th - 7PM Team signup deadline! Everyone invited! Eagles 2327, 114 N. Lewis St., Monroe. 4 Person Teams, Any Combination. Ball-In-Hand. Round Robin Singles Format. 20 Weeks.

Phone 360-863-8318. Email


September 2001 Dates, Times & Tournaments are subject to change without notice.


DAY Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays

Thursdays Fridays Saturdays Sundays


Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays Sundays

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CITY Orange

Mountain View

Orange Bellflower

Mountain View

Oceanside Sacramento Bellflower Orange Sacramento

Mountain View

Orange Bellflower

Mountain View

Orange Sacramento Missoula Milltown Missoula Missoula Missoula Missoula Livingston Missoula

LOCATION Danny K’s CA Billiard Club (See ad p13) Danny K’s Hardtimes CA Billiard Club (See ad p13) Family Billiards Hardtimes (See ad p11) Hardtimes Danny K’s Hardtimes (See ad p11) CA Billiard Club (See ad p13) Danny K’s Hardtimes CA Billiard Club (See ad p13) Danny K’s Hardtimes (See ad p11)

Cue Ball’s Billiards(See ad p11)

Harold’s Club

Cue Ball’s Billiards(See ad p11) Cue Ball’s Billiards(See ad p11) Cue Ball’s Billiards(See ad p11) Cue Ball’s Billiards(See ad p11)

49er Casino (See ad p16)

Cue Ball’s Billiards(See ad p11)

PHONE (714) 771-9706 (650) 965-3100 (714) 771-9706 (562) 867-7733 (650) 965-3100 (760) 967-6237 (916) 332-8798 (562) 867-7733 (714) 771-9706 (916) 332-8798 (650) 965-3100 (714) 771-9706 (562) 867-7733 (650) 965-3100 (714) 771-9706 (916) 332-8798 (406) 543-9196 (406) 258-6932 (406) 543-9196 (406) 543-9196 (406) 543-9196 (406) 543-9196 (406) 222-4414 (406) 543-9196

EVENT / RULES 9 Ball Handicapped 8 Ball Handicapped 9 Ball Handicapped 9 Ball Open USPPA 9 Ball Handicap 9 Ball 9 Ball ‘B’ 9 Ball Handicapped 9 Ball Handicapped 9 Ball Handicapped ABC 9-Ball 9 Ball Handicapped 9 Ball Open USPPA 9 Ball Handicap 9 Ball Handicapped 9 Ball Open 9 Ball Reg. Size Tables 8 Ball - Ball in hand 8 Ball Singles Bar Box 8 Ball Women Bar Box 9 Ball Reg. Size Tables 8 Ball Singles Bar Box 9 Ball 8 Ball Singles Bar Box

ENTRY $12 $10 $12 $15 $15 $11 $7-$17 $10 $12 $10 $20 $12 $15 $15 $12 $15 $10 $5 $5 $5 $10 $5 $5+$2 g.f. $5


$50 $50 (1st)

$50 $5/player $$$ $5/player $5/player $5/player $5/player $5/player

TIME 7:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 1:00PM 2:00PM 8:00PM 1:00PM 1:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 1:00PM 7:00PM

Billiard Store Opens September 22nd by: Sean Finney

Renton, Washington


These are tentative dates and are subject to change. This schedule has been provided by ESPN.

All times are Eastern Daylight Time

ESPN2 LISTINGS 09-10-2001 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm 2001 WPBA CLASSIC TOUR at CHARLOTTE, NC, USA Description : WOMEN’S PRO BILLIARDS 09-10-2001 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm 2000 WOMEN TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS at UNCASVILLE, CT, USA Description : PRO BILLIARDS 09-17-2001 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm SUDDEN DEATH 7-BALL BILLIARDS at ESPN ZONE CHICAGO, IL USA Description : PRO BILLIARDS 09-21-2001 2:00 am - 03:00 am 2001 WPBA CLASSIC TOUR at CHARLOTTE, NC, USA Description : WOMEN’S PRO BILLIARDS 09-24-2001 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm 2001 BCA OPEN 9-BALL CHAMPIONSHIPS at LAS VEGAS, NV, USA Description : PRO BILLIARDS 09-24-2001 10:00 pm - 11:00 pm TRICK SHOT MAGIC BILLIARDS at CHICAGO, IL USA Description : PRO BILLIARDS 09-25-2001 3:00 pm - 04:00 pm 2001 BCA OPEN 9-BALL CHAMPIONSHIP at LAS VEGAS, NV, USA Description : PRO BILLIARDS 09-27-2001 3:00 pm - 04:00 pm 2001 BCA OPEN 9-BALL CHAMPIONSHIP at LAS VEGAS, NV, USA Description : PRO BILLIARDS 09-29-2001 2:00 am - 03:00 am 2001 BCA OPEN 9-BALL CHAMPIONSHIPS at LAS VEGAS, NV, USA Description : PRO BILLIARDS 10-01-2001 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm 2001 BCA OPEN 9-BALL CHAMPIONSHIP at LAS VEGAS, NV, USA Description : PRO BILLIARDS

“All About Cues” has been in the making for several years. With what has happened to myself and family during the last 12 months, I decided to take the next step. We get one chance at life in this world, and only live once. My chance was almost cut short last October. If I were to have left, I could not have said that I did everything that I wanted to do. My feet have been rooted in the billiard business in the Northwest for the last 10 years. Playing pool, helping run a billiard room, working at a local pool table shop, and lastly running my own cue repair shop under the name of Eastside Cue Repair. I have met many great people & players during this time. Some of which I’m close friends with away from the business side. My goal is to help promote the game and sport of billiards in the NW going into the future. Email address for the store will be See ad below. Website coming soon

P O E D NIN N A G R G ALL ABOUT CUES September 22nd & 23rd, 2001

1222 Bronson Way North (Village Square Shopping Center-Exit 4 on I-405) Renton, WA 98055

(425) 430-CUES

(2837) Featured Cues in w o Pechauer, Viking, Cuetec, Joss, Schon, er t es Ent or Priz g ) Falcon, Predator, Mali, Action, Orchid, Do ludin e $250 inc (valu Valley, and more Cue s s Jo Custom Cues by: Dale Perry, Jackson, Dave Kikel, Chris Nitti, and Jacoby Cases by: R

Porper, Black Hawk, Assorted Nylon & Box Cases, Instroke Leather


Tip Piks, Ultimate tip tools, Chalk Holders, Q-Clean Products, Sir Joseph Gloves, Shapers, Pocket Chalkers and TONS MORE


efre s & S hmen n all w ack ts eek s end

Dead Stroke and KC Innovations Miscellaneous Books & Videos - Dart Supplies - Miscellaneous Game Supplies in Stock

Pool Tables by Connelly Billiards Cue Repair Done In House by Sean Finney Lessons Available In House or in the privacy of your own home by our instructors Mail Order Cue Repair Available Cues sent in to be repaired will be returned in a timely fashion

Stop By and Take a LOOK

Special Monthly Promotions - Comments & Questions are welcomed


Page 22 Dates, Times & Tournaments are subject to change without notice.

DAY Mondays








September 2001


CITY Everett Federal Way Kennewick Kent Sumner Vancouver W Seattle Algona Arlington Bremerton Everett Federal Way Graham Olympia Oroville Seattle Spanaway Spokane Spokane Vancouver Algona Federal Way Kent Lynnwood Seattle Tacoma Tacoma Tacoma Tonasket Vancouver Algona Kent Newport Hills Puyallup Spokane Spokane Spokane Vancouver Woodinville Everett Everett Kent Omak Spokane Vancouver Vancouver Yakima Yakima Burien Everett Kent Kent Oroville Renton Ridgefield Spokane Vancouver Arlington Bremerton Everett Federal Way Graham Okanogan Olympia Oroville Spokane Spokane Tacoma Tacoma Vancouver

LOCATION Shotze’s Vintage Billiards (See ad p10) The Pub Popps’s Pub Sharkey’s (See ad p13) Halftime (See ad p12) World of Legends (See ad p19) Royal Bear (See ad p16) Shotze’s (See ad p16) Classic Billiards (See ad p15) Big Al’s (See ad p18) Vintage Billiards (See ad p10) The Q’z (See ad p13) Frankie’s (See ad p12) Pastime Tavern Dr. Cues (See ad p19) Spanaway Billiards Double Dribble (See ad p16) McQ’s (See ad p4) Spot Tavern Royal Bear (See ad p16) Tall Timbers (See ad p20) Lucky Star Corner Pub Dr Cues (See ad p19) City Lights Cue & Cushion (See ad p13) Latitude 84 (See ad p16) Tonasket Tavern Spot Tavern Royal Bear (See ad p16) Monte Carlo Mustard Seed Wayne’s Inn (See ad p12) Bronco Inn Great Scott Pub (See ad p16) McQ’s (See ad p4) Spot Tavern McCorry’s (See ad p4) P C’s Pub (See ad p23)

Robbie’s Ramblin Rose (See ad p5 )

Lucky Star

Shorthorn Tavern (See ad p18)

Bronco Inn Halftime (See ad p12) Spot Tavern Little Dutch Inn Ranch Tavern Good Time Ernie’s

Robbie’s Ramblin Rose (See ad p5 )

Lucky Star Lucky Star The Pub Mike’s Place Sportsmen’s (See ad p16) Great Scott Pub (See ad p16) Spot Tavern Shotze’s (See ad p16) Classic Billiards (See ad p15) Big Al’s (See ad p18) Vintage Billiards (See ad p10) The Q’z (See ad p13) Club Tavern Frankie’s (See ad p12) Pastime Tavern Double Dribble (See ad p16) Great Scott Pub (See ad p16) City Lights Cue & Cushion (See ad p13) Halftime (See ad p12)

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EVENT / RULES 9 Ball 9 Ball 21 & Under 9 Ball 8/9 Ball Series 8 Ball - Call Pocket 8 Ball - B 8 Ball - Call Pocket 8 Ball - Call Pocket 8 Ball 8 Ball 9 Ball - Vegas Rules 9 Ball - Texas Express 9 Ball - Vegas Rules 8 Ball - Valley 8 Ball Draw Partner 9 Ball - Texas Express 9 Ball Scotch Doubles 9 Ball - Texas Express 8 Ball - Ball in Hand 9 Ball - Call Pocket 8 Ball - Vegas Rules Ladies 9 Ball - Texas Express 9 Ball - USPPA 9 Ball - Texas Express 8 Ball - Vegas Rules 8 Ball 8 Ball Meat Shoot 9 Ball 8 Ball - Call Pocket 8 Ball - Vegas Rules 8 Ball 8 Ball 9 Ball 9 Ball 8 Ball - BCA 8 Ball - Call Pocket 8 Ball-Vegas Call Pocket 8 Ball Vegas Rules Pool Shoot 8 Ball - APA 8 / 9 Ball 8 Ball Call Pocket Blind Draw Scotch Dbls 8 Ball - Call Pocket 8 Ball Draw Partner 8 Ball Call For Details Pool Shoot 9 Ball - Texas Express 8 Ball - Scotch Doubles 8 Ball 8 Ball 8 Ball - Call Pocket 3 Ball Slop Pool 9 Ball 9 Ball - BCA 8 Ball 8 Ball - Modified BCA 8 Ball - Vegas Rules 8 Ball - Vegas Rules 8 Ball - Valley 8 Ball 8 Ball 8 Ball 8 Ball - Vegas Rules 9 Ball - Vegas Rules 8 Ball - B

ENTRY $10 $5+$2 g.f. $5 Call $5 $5 $5 $5 $7+$3 g.f. $8 $10 $7 $5+$2 g.f. $5 $5 $10M/$6W $10 $3 $5+$2 g.f. FREE $5 $5 $5 $5 $10 $5+$3 g.f. $5+$2 g.f. $5 $2 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5 $3 $5 $5+$2 g.f. $3 $10 $5 $3 $5 $5 $3 $5 FREE $5 $5 $3 $10 $5/stick $5 $5 $2 Quarters $2 $7+$3 g.f. $5+$3 g.f. $10 $7 $5+$2 g.f. $5 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5+$2 g.f. $5

ADDED 100%

50% Matching $7/player Matching Qualifier 50% Matching $25 $20 $50 $2/player 100% up to $100 100% 100% Qualifier 50% $150 w/full field $3/player Matching 100% $3/player Matching Matching $50 $2/player Qualifier 100% w/20 100% w/16 Matching $2/player $$$

Match to $100

50% w/16 100% 100% w/16 Matching Meat $7/player $5/player Qualifier 50% Matching Matching $30 $2/player 50%

TIME 7:00PM 7:00PM 6:45PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 7:30PM 7:30PM Midnight 7:00PM 7:15PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 7:30PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 11:30PM 8:00PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 8:00PM 7:30PM 8:00PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 6:30PM 1:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 1:30PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 3:00PM 7:15PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 2:00PM 6:00PM 1:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 2:00PM 7:00PM 5:00PM

1st Annual Washington State Amateur Artistic Pool Championship

Hosted by:

$1,000 ADDED October 5th, 6th & 7th, 2001 4100 E Valley Highway - Renton, WA 98055 (425) 251-9851 The winner of this event will have their entry fee paid into The Professional North American Artist Pool Championship in Los Angeles, CA at the L.A. Expo

Entry Fee $35 + $10 green fee Limited to the first 32 paid entrants Sanctioned by Billiard Congress of America

There will be a players meeting at 7 PM Oct 5th Play will start at 9 AM Saturday Oct 6th - Play will continue at 11 AM Sunday Oct 7th. Send entry and program fees to Harvey’s Billiards. All fees are to be paid by Money Order if mailed. Deadline for mailing in entries will be Oct 2, 2001. Deadline for all other entries will be no later than 6 PM Oct 5, 2001. If paying in person, cash will be accepted Shot/Challenge Programs are available now for $10. Program fees will apply towards your entry fee. Paying 25% of the field.

Founder & Promoter: Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth Professional Artist Pool Exhibitionist

For more information call: (425) 251-9851 or (206) 719-2695


September 2001


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EVENT / RULES 9 Ball ‘B’ -Texas Express 8 Ball - BCA

8 Ball ‘B’ & below-Tavern Rules

8 Ball ‘C’ -Texas Express 8 Ball 8 Ball Scotch Doubles 8 Ball - Texas Express 9 Ball - Modified BCA 9 Ball - Texas Express 9 Ball - USPPA Handicapped 8 Ball - House rules 9 Ball ‘B’ & Below 8 Ball 8 Ball 8 Ball B & Below 9 Ball B & Below

8 Ball ‘B’ & below-Tavern Rules

9 Ball B & Below 8 Ball 8-Ball - TAP Rules 8 Ball 8/9 Ball Alternating 9 Ball - USPPA Handicapped 8 Ball Vegas rules 9 Ball 7 Ball Open 9 Ball Open-Texas Exp Blind Draw Scotch Dbls 9 Ball

ENTRY $7+$1 g.f. $5+$1 g.f. $3 $7+$1 g.f. $3 $3 $5 $3 $7+$1 g.f. $7 $5 $5+$2 g.f. $3 $5 $3 $5.50 $3 $7 $5 $6 $4 $5+$1 g.f. $7 $5 $5 $3 $3 $5 $8

ADDED Matching Matching Matching $2/player Matching $70 Matching $3/player $2/player $$$ $3/player Matching Matching $75/1st place $$$ Matching Matching $5/player $3/player

TIME 7:00PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 4:00PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:30PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:15PM 7:30PM 7:15PM 8:00PM Call 8:00PM 1:00PM 2:00PM 4:00PM 8:00PM Noon 4:00PM 7:00PM 3:15PM

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8 Ball ‘B’ & below - BCA 8 Ball 9 Ball 8 Ball ‘B’ & Below 8 Ball Grudge Match 8 Ball - BCA 8 Ball 8 Ball BCA+Break Pot Straight Pool (1st Sun.) 8 Ball - BCA Rules 9 Ball 8 Ball - Texas Express Open 9 Ball 8/9 Ball Alternating 9 Ball 8-9 Ball Alternating Open Pot Luck 8 Ball 8 Ball - Ball-in-hand 9 Ball 9 Ball - Texas Express Open 9 Ball 8 Ball - ‘B’ 8 Ball 9 Ball - ‘B’ Open 9 Ball 8 Ball

$5+$1 g.f. $5 $5 $5 $5 $5 $3M/$2W $3 $15+$2 g.f. $3 $5 $5 $10 $5 $5 $5 $7 $5 $5 $5 $5 $10 $5 $5 $5 $15 $5

100% $$$ Matching $100 Matching Matching $300 w/32 $50 w/16+


$$$ $50 w/16+ $$$ Matching $$$ $$$

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The Pool Players Best Source of Information rack‘em 40 N Riverside Ave Medford, OR (541) 779-6111



HOURS: Sun-Thurs 11am - 1 am Fri - Sat 11 am - 2 am

18 Tables

1 - 6 x 12 Riley English Snooker 4 - Coin-op

13 - Antique Brunswicks

6 Video Games * Restaurant USPPA Handicapped 9-Ball

Wednesday at 7 pm & Saturday at 2 pm - $7 entry CUSTOM CUES RETAIL - BUILD - REPAIR

PC’s Pub (425) 258-9465

3021 Rucker Ave

Everett, WA


8 BALL TOURNAMENT FRIDAY AT 8 PM $5 entry Vegas Rules 150% Payout


Golden West



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Bar Stools Table Recovering Moving l Repair

Totem Hill Plaza

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September 2001

Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame Banquet

Photo courtesy of Billiard Congress of America

“Babe” Cranfield (1997), The BCA International Trade Expo culminated Dallas West (1996), Steve Mizerak (1980) and Irving with the Hall of Fame Crane (1978). Induction Ceremony and Awards Banquet held Mr. Dan Taylor was recognized by his peers, this year at the Las and Mr. Johns presented Vegas Hilton. The 2001 inductees are writer him with the BCA Referee of the Year Award for his Robert Byrne and outstanding contributions European 3-cushion champion Raymond to BCA tournament officiating. Ceulemans. Mr. Byrne Attendance at the event was nominated in the Meritorious Service was 315 guests, including 79 Ceulemans supporters category and Mr. from the Billiard World Ceulemans was nominated in the Cup Association (BWA). The BWA hosted a 3Greatest Players cushion tournament from category. Mr. Ceulemans is the first Greatest July 17-24 at the Riviera Robert Byrne Hotel & Casino and Player Hall of Fame scheduled their matches so that member who is not from the pocket billiard discipline. The BCA Board of competitors and spectators could attend the banquet. Entertainment was Directors recently voted to modify Hall provided by some of the billiard of Fame guidelines to include the possibility of players under the age of industry’s most talented musicians including Mr. Jerry McWorter, Mr. Brent 40 and from the international arena. Harding and Mr. Carmine Sardo. Mr. Hans Coolegem introduced Mr. Ceulemans and Mr. Mike Panozzo You Gotta Have Hart! The President’s Award is presented introduced Mr. Byrne. during the annual Hall of Fame Hall of Fame members who also attended the banquet were Buddy Hall Banquet by the president of the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) to an (2000), Ray Martin (1994), Eddie individual that has made significant Taylor (1993), Nick Varner (1992), Mike Sigel (1989), Lou Butera (1986), Jean contributions to the billiard industry. For 2001, BCA President, Larry Johns, has Balukas (1985) and Jimmy Caras chosen to honor Nancy Hart of Viking (1977). Not able to attend were Arthur

Photo courtesy of Billiard Congress of America

from: Amy Long, Director of Marketing & Business Development

Raymond Ceulemans Cue Mfg., Inc. Ms. Hart has been a co-owner of Viking for 19 years and served on the BCA Board of Directors for 10 years, from 1991 to 2000. In the January 1999 edition of Billiards Digest, the first annual Billiard Power Poll named Ms. Hart the 6th most influential person in the billiard industry. Quoting from the BD article: Billiard’s Social Worker “Quiet and unassuming, Hart still speaks volumes with her quiet levelheadedness and penchant for coming to the aid of worthy causes. A longtime BCA director, Hart was among the first

to champion the formation of the World Pool-Billiard Association, the Billiard Education Foundation, the BCA’s annual charity pool event, the National Wheelchair Poolplayers Association, and the American Billiard Manufacturers, Ltd. Hart has also turned heads with her aggressive nature in business and marketing; tagging her cue company’s name to national and regional tours, professional events and professional players.” Ms. Hart considers it a privilege to have served on the BCA Board and feels that the “turning point” of the BCA came when we established and began to host the BCA International Trade Expo. She has many wonderful memories and moments from her association with the BCA. Those that stand out the most include: hosting the Women’s Professional Billiard Association (WPBA) 9-Ball Tournament and being the chair of the tournament committee; and her involvement with the BCA Hall of Fame, helping certain players such as Jimmy Caras, Lou Butera, Eddie Taylor, Jimmy Moore, Cisero Murphy, Dallas West, “Boston Shorty” and Buddy Hall be elected. She says that seeing “Boston Shorty” (Larry Johnson) inducted in 1999 is her fondest BCA memory and dearest to her heart. Ms. Hart did not attend the banquet and the award was accepted by two of her children, Robin and Barry.


FALL SESSION 2001 The only Nationally handicapped pool league is starting fall session in late September and early October, all across Oregon

T.A.P. Offers



















Cost is only $20 a year membership and $6 a week match play ! over $38,000 was won last year by Oregon TAP Teams in cash at our Titleholders Event. (No Entry Fee) Call Jim or Roger, TODAY !! 1-877-TAP-POOL (827-7665) Ext #1

The Break September Issue 2001  

Archived issue from September 2001

The Break September Issue 2001  

Archived issue from September 2001