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37th Annual VNEA World Pool Championships


SportsWomen’s Team - Fourgasm

Women’s Intermediate Resurrection Team - Blurred Vision

Women’s Regular Team - Silver Dollar Chalk is Cheap

Women’s Master Team - How Ya Like Me Now?

Women’s Intermediate Team - The Coven

SportsMen’s Team - Dennis’s Menaces

August 2017

The Break

Open Redemption Team - Road Dawgs

Open Intermediate Resurrection Team - The Angel and the Demons

Open Regular Teams - Australia’s Mighty Ducks

Open Master Team - Barry’s Team

Open Intermediate Team - Get Paid

Open Master Resurrection Team - Jake Finland

Bally’s Hotel & Casino hosted VNEA’s 37th Annual World Pool Championships in Las Vegas, NV May 23-June 3, 2017. 5000 excited pool league players from 30 states, 6 Canadian provinces and 7 other countries attended to play in 56 unique divisions, including seven team divisions for every skill level playing in the 6th annual World Team Championships. Matches were played on 250 Valley Pool Tables. Compusport event software included ten 40” monitors and QR code scanners were scattered throughout the venue and made finding matches and viewing results a breeze for our players.

Pool Tables and a AMI Jukebox valued at $6500 and daily drawings for Poolside Cabanas, GW Cues and Aramith Ball Sets w/case. Three amazing professionals – Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman, Jerry Briesath and Dave “Ginger Wizard” Pearson were in attendance to provide education and entertainment and there was an Artistic Pool Competition. Las Vegas Photo was on site to take Team photos and individual action shots. There were a dozen vendors on hand to meet every pool player’s needs.

3000 players had a great time partying at our fabulous Team Opening Ceremonies which featured T-shirt giveaways, free beer and soda and the sounds of “Phoenix”. Other things available to players and spectators were the 37 Year History Wall display, giveaways including Valley Home

An incredible Awards Banquet, featuring thousands of dollars in random cash drawings, followed the competition. VNEA wishes to thank our Tournament sponsors, Valley, Ozone Billiards, Fury, GW Cues, Aramith and AMI Entertainment.

The Break

August 2017


27th Annual VNEA Junior Pool Championships

Major Male Singles Winners (l-r) Bryan Montgomery, Josh Franklin, Joseph Tialata, Noah Contreras

Major Female Singles Winners (l-r) Hannah Zeigler, Madison Bond, Serena Black, Taylor Hansen

Minor Male Singles Winners (l-r) Skyler Butterfield, Deon Rawlings, Matt Alecci, Kaizer Kaufman

Minor Female Singles Winners (l-r) Hailey Fullerton, Katlin Schilling, Alex Booth, Ashley Fullerton

Youth Male Singles Winners (l-r) Justin Nichols, Kamron Fuller, Zabian Jeram, Tristan Hansen

Youth Female Singles Winners (l-r) Alexandria Endres, Madison Rudd, Maddie Payne, Alyxandra Jones


August 2017

The Break

Major Team Champions - Rochester Squad

Major Scotch Doubles Winners - (l-r) Serena Black & Josh Franklin

Minor Team Champions - Southern Stars

Minor Scotch Doubles Winners - (l-r) Jakob Standley & Sam Klinger

Youth Team Champions - MN Cue Kids

Youth Scotch Doubles Winners - (l-r) Tristan Hansen & Grant Tonjum

On June 15-18, 2017, 220 excited Junior pool league players from 7 states, Ontario, Canada and New Zealand converged on the Bayfront Convention Center in Erie, PA to compete on 80 Valley Pool Tables in 18 unique divisions including team events with all teams in matching shirts and 3 Scotch Doubles divisions. CompuSport provided tournament software. Opening ceremonies featured a colorful Parade of Flags, Singles awards presentation and many dignitaries. There was a Speed Pool Challenge, an Artistic Pool Competition featuring Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman, Hardluck Team Competition, personal professional instruction by Jerry Briesath,

the 4th Annual “Top Cat Challenge” and live streaming provided by There were 26 separate Mini-Tournaments with the winners receiving cues donated by Valley and runner-ups landing cases. Special awards presented were the Jerry Briesath “Sportsmanship Award” and Dick Hawkins “All-Star Teams. There was a fun-filled players reception including Pizza & Pop sponsored by AMI Entertainment. VNEA thanks our wonderful sponsors Valley, Ozone Billiards, GW Cues, Aramith, AMI Entertainment, Fury, Warner Coin and Charters.

The Break

August 2017


Ogawa Wins Fifth VNEA World Championship Title Janis Ogawa of Boise, Idaho recently won the 2017 Valley National Eight Ball Association World Pool Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada in the 8-Ball Classic Division.

Losing the hill match to Dianna Bergdall-Bollenbacher of Ohio, Janis came back convincingly to post a 4-1 victory in the first set and 4-1 in the second set to take first place. Brenda PhillipsRidge of Ontario, Canada finished third and Cynthia Norman of Iowa earned fourth place. “It was a grueling mental and physical challenge. My motivation and focus was to win this championship for my Mom, who passed away in April and my Dad in 2010. They owned a pool room in the 1960’s and 70’s in Caldwell, Idaho” This win results in five VNEA world championships for Janis. The last time she played in this event was in 2000 when she took first place in 8-Ball and 9-Ball. In 1992, scotch doubles partner, Curtis Hudson and women’s team consisting of Kim Anderson, Linda Ellis, Peanut Glass and Margee Fitzpatrick won first place respectively in their divisions.

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Judy Griffith

PACS League Operator Association President


August 2017

NITEHAWK Tournament Director (503) 285-7177 (360) 892-7454

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The Psychology of Pool Frustrated with Your Play? Get Away for a Day (or two) DR. CHRIS STANKOVICH Dr. Chris Stankovich, known as “The Sports Doc,” is a national expert in the field of sport & performance psychology and has been featured on ESPN for his work with elite athletes. His #1 best selling pool video “Mind of Steel: Mental Toughness for Pool Success” has been used by thousands of players to improve focus, increase confidence, and eliminate anxiety. You can learn more about Dr Stankovich and Mind of Steel by visiting

Sometimes in life we find ourselves in the middle of a terrible slump where we see the quality of our play decline, or we become temporarily bored and disinterested and lose our focus and motivation. Some might call this burnout, and while these slumps are inevitable, they don’t need to be catastrophic. Avoid pool burnout Pool players often put in long hours, and over time there is risk of “going through the motions,” especially if you are not playing better competition or signing up for challenging tournaments. Sadly, it is during these times where our focus widens, our motivation declines, and our level of success decreases as a result. The good news, however, is that these moments of stagnant play can be quickly stopped and actually improved upon by simply taking a short break. Many athletes fear taking time off because they think they will lose all the skills and abilities they have worked hard to develop, but psychology research shows us this really isn’t the case. In fact, the theory of spontaneous recovery is loosely defined as the re-discovery of previously learned responses even though they haven’t been used in awhile. Stay fresh Using a practical example, pool players usually experience a learning curve when first tasked with developing the skills needed to bank balls, make combinations, and finely cut balls. When first learning how to do these things the player must take time to learn where to hit the ball, the amount of speed to use, and other important aspects relating to the table and setting up for the next shot. The good news is that once these skills are learned, they stay with you (even when you seriously question yourself where they went after a missed shot!).

MIND OF STEEL MENTAL TOUGHNESS FOR POOL SUCCESS Eliminate nerves & anxiety, beat pressure, and DOMINATE THE COMPETITION!! Streaming in HD on any device 24/7/365


What does this mean to a slumping, bored pool player who needs a break but is afraid of losing all the skills he has learned? It means that you can (and should) take short breaks in order to clear your head, and you shouldn’t worry that your skills will leave you (at worst you will only need a short amount of time to re-find your stroke). Interestingly, if you don’t take breaks from time to time you actually run a greater risk of playing sloppy, adjusting to bad habits, and seeing your game decline over time as a result. Keep your head on straight and win more games by avoiding burnout and catching your breath once in awhile – you’ll be happy you did in the long run. Dr. Chris Stankovich, known as “The Sports Doc,” is a national expert in the field of sport & performance psychology and has been featured on ESPN for his work with elite athletes. His #1 best selling pool video “Mind of Steel: Mental Toughness for Pool Success” has been used by thousands of players to improve focus, increase confidence, and eliminate anxiety. You can learn more about Dr. Stankovich and Mind of Steel by visiting

I would like to hear from you. If you have a question for me please submit to:

The Break

August 2017


Sloppy Bridge, Sloppy Results by Tom Simpson © November 2007 – All Rights Reserved –

Master Instructor, National Billiard Academy, “Beat People With a Stick!”

Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson


August 2017

Most players take their bridge for granted. They notice when they have to make an awkward or uncomfortable bridge, but otherwise, they typically don’t give it much thought. However, the bridge is a critical fundamental; one you can improve throughout your life in pool. Here’s why we should care. Pool is about precision. The purpose of the bridge is to provide an absolute rock that will guide your cue tip to the precise spot you intend to hit on the cueball. If we’re not striking the cueball where we intend – or worse, if we’re not touching it where we believe we’re touching it – we have a problem. It’s a problem that results in delivery of the cueball to somewhere other than your target, and probably with spin a little different from what you had in mind. And we all know what that means. Sloppy bridge, sloppy results. Let’s look at some ways we can improve our bridge and make it work for us rather than against us. For open shots, where there is adequate room to place your bridge hand on the table where you want it, there are two general styles of bridge: the Open Bridge and the Closed (or Loop) Bridge. They each have advantages and disadvantages, so players usually develop both types. Most advanced pool players tend to use a closed bridge for the majority of their shots. When they need to spin the cueball, they feel that type of bridge “forces” the tip to hit the cueball where they intend. And yes, it can help, but there is a price: the closed bridge masks your swing flaws. For example, you could be “death gripping” the butt of the cue and pulling it hard upward, but your closed bridge holds it down. You may never realize this is going on. Try an open bridge a little more often. Does your tip end up pointing at the sky? The truth is, an open bridge makes it a little easier to see where your stick is pointed, since you can use most of the shaft as a sighting line to help you aim. The finger looped over the shaft in a closed bridge reduces that sighting aid. In fact, if your stroke fundamentals are good enough, you can accurately hit any english you want, using open bridge only. Consider a few general bridge pointers: 1. Placement – Don’t try to land your bridge perfectly. Most players get better results landing their bridge hand on the table and then sliding it forward into final position. As the bridge is sliding forward, you are making subconscious adjustments so that by the time you

The Break

stop, you’re right on your shooting line. These subconscious adjustments are why we don’t stab ourselves in the face with our fork when we eat. Once your bridge is in position, do not move it to either side. If you have to move it sideways, your feet are most likely not in the right place. Stand up, back away, chalk up and come in again. Once you touch the table, move forward only. 2. Stability – Once your bridge is in place, it must become a rock. Keep your palm down on the cloth when you can, adding stability through friction. Spread your fingers as far as possible, making as large a base on the table as you can. Narrow bridges are weak and unstable. For elevated bridges (shooting over balls), try crossing your forefinger and middle finger to get more strength and stability, as well as a smaller “footprint” when you have to bridge in tight circumstances. 3. Anchoring – When your bridge is in place and stable, exactly where you want it, anchor it there with a little bit of finger pressure into the cloth. Anchor with the forefinger for open bridge, and middle finger for closed bridge. Use just enough pressure that you know the bridge is anchored and cannot move. 4. Snugness – Try to find ways to snug up your closed bridge. Your bridge probably could be tighter, but still work smoothly. If you’re seeing daylight through the hole the shaft slides in, maybe you can make a small change to reduce the opportunities for the shaft to slop around as it goes through the bridge. With an open bridge, check to make sure your thumb is always in contact with the side of your forefinger. 5. Height – Be careful about raising or lowering your tip once the bridge is in position. For many players, the tip will move diagonally as you raise or lower the bridge, yielding a different contact point on the cueball. 6. Glove – A glove can make an amazing difference. If your hands tend to be damp, this could be a wonderful change for you. In addition, the glove will stretch to reduce the slop in your bridge, while improving the smoothness of your stroke. 7. Life – Your bridge should feel alive to you. It’s not a passive lump sitting out there with a cue gliding through. The bridge is an active and vital part of aiming and stroke delivery, much like the gunsight at the end of a rifle barrel. Make it work for you. Examine your bridge from time to time. If it’s not in the right place, not snug enough, or has motion, it’s not helping you. Build a great bridge and eliminate another source of error.

A Double-Kiss Two-Way Shot We all must admit that some things that happen on the pool table leave us a little puzzled. Obviously, the more I studied the game, the less it has been happening. However, even today, after having played for 40 years, it still, although rarely, happens that I need to carefully examine the consequences of a certain shot, to better understand what happened. Many years ago, it was this month’s shot that had me confused for a short while. It is a fairly easy shot based on an unperceivable double-kiss. Let’s start by placing our first Object Ball (the Blue Ball) at one-ball distance from the long rail and from its 1st diamond. Then we need to place the Cue Ball frozen to the OB still at one-ball distance from the long rail. To be accurate, I suggest using some ghost balls (the dotted shaped balls in my diagram) which you can remove after setting up the shot. Now place the Obstacle Ball (the Green one) in front of the Blue Ball, at oneball distance from the tip of pocket A and at about 2.5” (the diameter of a pool ball + 3/8”) from the long rail. Lastly, place our second Object Ball (the Yellow one) by the side pocket B and freeze another ball to it (the Red one) if you want a bigger margin of error.


Stefano Pelinga (born 1964) hails from Rome, Italy, where he has served since 1985 as a police officer for the Italian government (Polizia di Stato), until his retirement in 2011. He began to play pool at the age of 12, drawing inspiration from his favorite singer and actor, Dean Martin. Stefano, currently a 5-time World Champion in Pool Trick Shots, won several titles in Italy in straight pool and nine-ball throughout the late 1970s and 1980s. In 1990, he devoted himself entirely to “Artistic Pool,” commonly referred to in its practice as “Trick Shots.” Due to his outstanding achievements, Stefano is recognized worldwide as one of the greatest Trick Shot champions in the history of the sport, and has earned a spot in ESPN’s Trick Shot Magic Hall of Fame. Most importantly, on November 17, 2012, Stefano was inducted into the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame. In the presence of approximately 500 VIP guests and many sports stars such as Tommy Lasorda, Mike Piazza, Tony Esposito and Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, Stefano was awarded this honor, becoming a member of this group of legendary Italian Americans.






Remembering that it is legal to shoot through an OB that is frozen to the CB, let’s shoot through the Blue Ball using a 6 o’clock, 2-tip, 2-speed stroke, aiming perfectly straight (as shown by the blue line). The CB and the OB will travel together so after the Blue Ball will collide with the Green Ball, forcing it out of its way, it will be almost simultaneously re-hit by the CB and thus pocketed into pocket A. The double hit and the back spin will propel the CB backwards so that also the Yellow Ball can be sunk into pocket B. A fascinating way to win a 9-ball game!

D The Break

August 2017


San Francisco Billiard Academy

PBIA certified instruction is available for all levels from beginners to instructor training.

Short Kick Systems

Bob Jewett

Bob Jewett


August 2017

Last month I asked you to practice some short kicks like in the diagram. I didn’t offer any system for aiming these but instead asked you to play them until you could make a fair percentage and have a feel for how to shoot them. This month let’s look at 1 some systems for aiming them. 2 In Shot 1 the 1 ball is just a little off the cushion, say a half an inch. To aim this, I imagine how far to the left I’d have to shoot to hit the Shot 1 cushion right by where the 1 is. That would be half Shot 2 an inch. Then I aim the edge of the ball that much again to the left as shown by the solid line. This is a mirror system which assumes that the cushion is a perfect reflector, which it’s not. If the ball is very close to the cushion, the reflection idea will work well enough, but if the ball is farther out, some special technique is needed. You can get the shot to work better by playing a little below center as if you were playing a stop shot on the 1 ball. In Shot 2, the same mirror idea is at work but the ball is a lot farther from the cushion. In planning it, the first thing to decide is where you want the cue ball to land on the 2. That’s shown by the shaded ghost ball touching the 2 ball. Note that the cue ball has to be farther from the rail than the 2 at contact in order to make this shot. Some players line up the shot to hit the 2 ball full with the cue ball. That might work for an easier shot like Shot 1, but for the 2 ball it’s a disaster. Shot 3 Also shown are a ball frozen to the cushion and a paper circle marker up on the cushion. The ghost ball, the frozen ball and the marker are in line as shown and have equal separations. The mirror Equal principle says that if you shoot straight at the marker you will land exactly at the ghost ball. distances As for Shot 1, with that much ball-rail 3 between separation, you will need to play the cue ball with something like a stun shot to make the mirror work. balls If you’re going to try this system, you really need the marker and some reinforcement donuts to make the setup repeatable so you can practice the same shot REJ with several strokes. 30%. In Shot 3 is a system that compensates for For Shot 3 the compensation is not perfect, so you will the imperfect reflection of the cushion when the cue ball is need to practice with it and find out which short kicks it will rolling smoothly on the cloth.The setup is almost the same work for. Note that as you increase the speed of the shot the but the middle ball is no longer frozen on the cushion but curve will be wider so that compensation will be too large. rather its center is even with the nose of the rail. The other To make this system work for faster shots, try adding a little way to look at this spacing is that the ghost ball and the paper running English -- in this case right side spin -- which will target on the rail are the same distance from the nose of the also bend the angle forward. cushion. The path of the cue ball is shown curving back While it’s essential to develop feel and intuition for shots to the cushion some after rail contact.This is due to the like these, it is also good to have a system that is a framework follow on the cue ball (when it’s rolling smoothly on for planning the shots. The system will get you close, but be the cloth) and it usually reduces the reflection angle sure to listen to your intuition if the shot doesn’t feel quite (relative to the line of the cushion) by about right just by the system.

The Break

KEYS TO A FIT MIND! Go ahead! Buy books. Do drills and play for hours, but remember: Physical practice can’t make up for a weak mind. Call it mental toughness; it is a soundness of the pool player’s psyche that’s as vital to tournament wins as sound mechanics. There are four keys that a pool player must master in order to attain a sound mental game.

Anthony Beeler is a 2013 BCA National 9-Ball team champion. He also finished 9th out of 1086 players in the 2013 BCA National 8-Ball Championships. He is a certified Level 3 instructor for the American CueSports Alliance and is the founder of Maximize Your Potential Billiards Academy located in Bradfordsville, Kentucky. Beeler is also a fully licensed Kentucky Educator having, received his bachelor’s degree at Campbellsville University and his master’s degree in Education Leadership at Eastern Kentucky University. Throughout his pool-playing career Anthony has won over 300 tournaments and has defeated numerous professional players in tournament competition.

1. Become a Pressure Player: Varner and Sigel are famous for it. Mental toughness: “running out” when it matters most. “It’s having the Mike Sigel, 1980 Florida Open - Photo by Mike Haines & strength to stand up to pressure,” It’s all about Bill Porter. Courtesy of Mary Kenniston being comfortable on the big stage. find yourself dwelling on the past or pondering In order to get use to pressure, you must learn the future. Are you still smoldering over that shot to embrace it. Put yourself under it. For starters, you missed in the first game? Are you dreading a I recommend shooting every shot like it is for long distance cut shot? Keep track of the number $25,000. If you act like every shot matters you’ll of times your mind drifts out of the present. Your be ready to pocket one when it really does.” goal should be to totally eliminate thoughts of the past or future. 2. Make Adjustments Quickly: Your mind needs to be as limber as your body. The most 4. Go the Distance: Pool tournaments are often successful players are quick to adapt to varying marked by stressful moments and emotional table conditions. They think creatively and accept swings. The key is to minimize them as much things as they are. When Minnesota Fats was as possible so that you can conserve your mental asked if an un-level table bothered him, he replied, energy. “Only if it’s just lop sided for me.” Everybody usually reaches a point during a Mental flexibility means keeping your mind tournament, when you are far enough along open. Just because you’re snookered doesn’t mean to know how you are playing but too far from the game is over. To avoid mental mistakes, it is the finals to slip into autopilot. That’s your important to play every game one ball at a time. TURNING POINT, a perilous stretch where you Obviously you have to think ahead. But if you might feel inspired to make big changes if you’re don’t pocket the first off your game slightly. The key is for you to stick shot then you can’t to your game plan. If you are playing poorly don’t continue your run. fire at balls in a mad rush. If you’re playing well, it is also important to be aware of playing overly 3. Manage Your cautious or conservative. Either type of adjustment Game: Take your can lead to trouble. Trouble raises stress levels, time. Play in the and stress burns both physical and mental energy moment. They’re — energy you will need to win the tournament. popular cliché’s for a reason: They work! Be aware that you can over-train and you can Not getting too overthink — the mental equivalent of a muscle excited, not getting strain. You see it all the time, players fall so in upset with yourself. love with their pre-shot routine that they forget That’s what mental to execute the shot.” So where’s the middle management is ground? Be yourself! If you’re conservative, play about. conservative on the table. If you’re an up-tempo person, shoot quickly. If you’re not, then don’t. In During your next the words of Marjane Satrapi, “Always keep your match, count how dignity and be true to yourself.” many times you

The Break

August 2017


major championships in our sport now using Andy Cloth?

Nubbins Memorial Pool Tournament

- $1,000 added money starting September - $30 entry fee - No green fees or quarters needed (open free tables) - Hotel rooms for tournament players $49/night or $79/two nights September 8-9: Saratoga TYPE: These tournaments rotate from ($1,000 added) 8-ball to Saratoga (a 10-ball & 8-ball hybrid game) every other month Duke’s Bar & Grill 1-307-710-1447 FORMAT: Two day double elimination Saratoga, WY Call Monte Thayer (307)710-1447 4 divisions in one bracket where spot games are used to give everyone a chance for details or sign ups

9 out of 10 Pros agree, ($500 added) ANDY CLOTH plays as good as Julyanything 21-22: Saratoga on tour. August 25-26: Maybe even8-Ball better.

Est 1963

Pool Table Sales

New - Used - Antiques Over 100 in Stock Olhausen’s Oldest Dealer 1262 State St - Salem, OR

128TH BILLIARDS - 617 128th St SW #101 - Everett, WA


425-322-3729 or 425-941-9928

7 Pool Tables - 2 Dart Boards - Full Serve Bar - Full Serve Menu 12 Beers on Tap - 2 - 120” Inch HD Screens - 10 - Big Screen TV’s

Sunday 10-Ball

$100 added/16 players Entry fee $10 + green fee $5 Races to 3 Double Elimination Play starts at 1pm

Monday Bar Table 8-Ball Entry fee $5 + Green fee $2House matches the pot Races to 1 Play starts at 7:30 pm


Open Noon - 2am Happy Hour: Noon - 7pm


$10 entry - BCA rules - DE - Race to 2 both sides - $3/person added Loser breaks after 1st game - free practice after 6PM

27 Pool Tables - Pro Shop Olhausen Dealer - Table Maintenance

Daily Specials

3320 McHenry Ave - Modesto, CA



20 Pool Tabl es 8 HD T V ’s F u l l K i tc h en F u l l Bar 12 Beer s on Tap - Happy Hou r - W eekl y Spec i al s - Leagu es - Tou r n am en ts - Cor por ate an d Pr i vate Par ti es

THE BROKEN RACK EXPANDING HOURS starting in October 2014! Open everyday 11:30 am to 2 am


August 2017

The Break

Happy Hour Mon-Fri! 4:00pm-7:00pm

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August 2017


Skyler Woodward Scores Big Win at World Pool Series RYO Rack Classic (New York City) – When pool fans look back years from now at the career of Skyler Woodward, it will surely be noted that it was precisely in mid-July 2017 in New York City that the friendly and talented Kentucky native finally stepped onto the big stage in the professional ranks. Playing a beautiful game of fast and care free pool, Woodward,24, captured the biggest title of his young career on Saturday night at Steinway Billiards in Queens, winning the third leg of the World Pool Series, the RYO Rack Classic, with a relatively easy two sets to nil finals win over English great Darren Appleton. It was a dizzying finish to an amazing four days of brutally tough 8-ball for the soft-spoken Woodward. He never tasted defeat throughout the event. On Saturday, he first had to endure an over 5-hour marathon semi-final match with 18-year-old Albanian Klenti Kaci, staring down almost certain defeat on several occasions, only to make an amazing comeback in the third set to vault into the finals. Then, with almost no time to catch his breath, Woodward practically free-wheeled it in the final and showed the legend Appleton who was boss for this day. With the win, Woodward has now placed himself among the top young stars of the American pool scene. Already one of America’s top bar table players, the Peducah native has a bag full of tools that foretell big things to come. Personable, loaded with talent, drive, and an infectious and positive attitude, Woodward has the pool world at his feet. He will now surely once again be on the Team USA Mosconi Cup squad in December. And he looks more than ready to be a regular winner and contender both nationally and internationally in all the biggest events.

Skyler Woodward, Referee Michaela Tabb and Darren Appleton with a fine finish. Woodward bounced back nicely in the second race-to-six set, and brushed off several errors to take the match to a one set decider. With his methodical and amazing precision play, Kaci took advantage of several errors by the American in the third set and shot out to a commanding 4-1 lead. Woodward, though, stayed in the moment and didn’t get flustered or fazed. Showing tremendous bottle, the American won five straight racks to book his spot in the championship match.

Appleton came in to the final a slight favorite, if only because he’d been on the big stage countless times in the past. He also had over an hour to catch his breath, while Woodward had only 30 minutes rest after his arduous 5½ hour semi-final against Kaci. Woodward, though, came out loose and self-assured, as if he didn’t have a care in the world. The pair went back and forth early in the first set, but then Woodward stamped his class on the match. With strong confident potting and well thought out patterns, the American took the first set 6-3.

Woodward, though, nearly didn’t get past the semifinals at the RYO Rack Classic. Kaci came to New York as the favorite, having shocked the pool word by winning the second leg of the World Pool Series back in April. The superbly talented young Albanian, who only recently graduated from high school, had spent the three months since touring America and even the Dominican Republic, immersed in pool for over ten hours a day in money games, tournaments and practice. Kaci was clearly in excellent form in New York.

Woodward kept up the relaxed attitude and great shooting in the second set and it was only a few games in that it was clear he had Appleton’s number this day. Appleton actually had a chance to tie the set at 3-3, but as he got down to shoot the 8-ball in the pocket,

Kaci had barely been challenged in the first three days of the event but would get a stiff test from Woodward in the semi-finals. The two dueled for nearly 90 minutes in the first set, but Kaci grabbed the point


August 2017

The Break

There he would meet a resurgent Appleton, who had been playing some of his best pool in months this week in New York, despite juggling promoting duties at this event, and also having to deal with him mother’s illness back home in Pontefract. Earlier in day Appleton met Polish veteran Radislaw Babica in the semi-finals. The Englishman won the first set, while the Pole took the second. Appleton picked himself up and put together an excellent run in the third set to make his first World Pool Series final.

From Sky’s FaceBook page: he touched one of Woodward’s solids with his arm, resulting in a foul and run out for the American. The gaff put the wind in Woodward’s sails as he won the next two racks for the crown. Afterward Woodward was mobbed by fans at Steinway who all wanted a photo and an autograph with this new American pool star. As he greeted all the well-wishers, Woodward couldn’t quite wrap his head around what he had just accomplished. Not only had he won the biggest tournament of his career, but he had done it in the Big Apple against a stacked field. He was sure, however, that it was the start of even bigger things to come. “I played good and steady the whole tournament,” Woodward said. “When I finished the match with Klenti I just went and sat down away from the pool table. I didn’t even hit a ball, I didn’t even look at a pool table until we started the final match. I had a clear head, I was ready to play the finals and I was fresh again. I know I played a little quick but I felt real comfortable. “You have to capitalize on every mistake that your opponent makes and stay positive. Even when I was down on myself, even when I showed a few emotions, I was still positive. “It feels crazy. I feel amazing. I still haven’t come down off it all the way. It’s the biggest win I have ever had. I think it’s going to be a big jump for me. I think I’m just going to get better from here.” For winning the RYO Rack Classic Championship Woodward took home $10,000.

The third event of the World Pool Series, The RYO Rack Classic, is being held at Steinway Billiards in Astoria, Queens, New York City from July 12-15, 2017. The World Pool Series is sponsored by RYO Rack, Aramith, Molinari, Predator, Cheqio, Iwan Simonis, Kamui, Billiards Digest, Cuescore, Ultimate Team Gear, and High Rock Productions. For more information on the World Pool Series, please visit The World Pool Series is on Facebook at and Twitter at @WorldPoolSeries. By Ted Lerner – WPS Media Officer Photos by JP Parmentier

“What a great week I had in New York at Steinway Billiards this past week. I pulled off the biggest win of my career at the World Pool Series 8 Ball Championship. I’d like to thank Darren Appleton for hosting such a great event bringing in such amazing players from all over the world and for also giving me a tough finals match, congrats on 2nd place finish. It’s always a pleasure getting to play pool with one of the best. I’d also like to thank my sponsors Meucci Cues - Lights Out Appareland Molinari. I’d also like to thank my family and friends who are always supporting me and cheering me on along with all my fans supporters and followers. Hopefully I can snap off one of the US Open Events here in Vegas this week and grab some more Mosconi Points. After Vegas, I have a couple tournaments coming up in Texas and then onto China, as I have been invited to play in the World 8-Ball Championships in September, which is a huge honor.”

The Break




More Winners Announced at 2017 BCAPL National Championships CueSports International, Henderson, NV (July 24, 2017)

The 8-Ball divisions at the 2017 BCAPL National Championships are wrapping up and more champions have been crowned! The 41st BCAPL National Championships started July 19 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. More than 5,000 players are participating in this year’s event, which has more than 40 divisions. Here are the top finishers in the divisions that have concluded:

Michelle Jiang, 16, Harvard, Mass., winner of the Women’s 8-Ball Singles Platinum Division

Platinum Scotch Doubles 1. Tyler Styer & Bonnie Hunkins, Wisconsin 2. Doug Whaley & Leslie Bernardi, California 3. Adam King & Aimee Peterson, Colorado

Women’s 8-Ball Singles Silver Division 1. Joey Tohme, Australia 2. Cassandra Ortega, California 3. Bonnie Ogg, California

10-Ball Challenge 1. Warren Kiamco, Philippines 2. James Aranas, Virginia 3. Alex Kazakis, Greece

Women’s 8-Ball Senior Singles Platinum Division 1. Linda Asleson, Montana 2. Brenda Willis, British Columbia 3. Jan Maglio, Wisconsin

Women’s 8-Ball Singles Bronze Division 1. Lejeana Redlin, Wisconsin 2. Angela Lewis Reynolds, California 3. Kendra Fuller, California

Several new champions were also crowned in the USAPL National Championships, which run concurrently with the BCAPL National Championships.

Women’s 8-Ball Senior Singles Gold Division 1. Cindy Yazzie, New Mexico 2. Janis Ogawa, Idaho 3. Dee Strack, Illinois

Mixed 8-Ball Senior Singles Platinum Division 1. Ed Borrego, Colorado 2. Lyn Wechsler, New York 3. Tom DiLorenzo, Arizona

Women’s 8-Ball Singles Platinum 1. Michelle Jiang, Massachusetts 2. April Larson, Minnesota 3. Ricki Casper, Texas

Mixed 8-Ball Senior Singles Gold Division 1. Mike DeWitt, Florida 2. Jose Mendoza, California 3. Wayne Arde, Colorado

Women’s 8-Ball Singles Gold Division 1. Kate Harrison, Australia 2. Collyne Savage, British Columbia 3. Jenny Lucas, British Columbi

Mixed 8-Ball Singles Bronze Division 1. Curtis Muller, Ontario 2. Steve Iverson, Utah 3. Nieko Isturis, Alaska

USAPL 8-Ball Singles 1. Jerry Fogel, Oklahoma 2. Mike Robinson, New York 3. Ronnie Cruce, Florida USAPL Women’s 8-Ball Teams 1. Diamonds in the Rough, Florida: Susan Jones, Jenn Berzinski, Christie Gosneigh, & Janene Phillips. 2. Cue*Berts, Louisiana 3. Felt Ladies, Colorado USAPL Mixed 8-Ball Team Division 1. The Suicide Squad, Okla: Kevin Delling, Jerry Fogel, Mike Herron, Paul James Jr., Kevin Nguyen, Bill Patterson, Kenny Romash & Shawn Smith. 2. You Mad Pal?, North Carolina 3. Olson, Tennessee

Hours: 1pm - 2am Daily 4300 Capitola Rd - Capitola, CA


19 Pool Tables

5 Satellite TV’s - Pinball - Foosball Mega Touch - Beer Pong - Internet Jukebox Food - Beer - Wine Wo rl dPPA 9- Ball Mon days at 8 pm


August 2017

The Break

First Champions Emerge at 2017 BCAPL Nationals CueSports International, Henderson, NV (July 21, 2017) — The first champions have been crowned at the 2017 BCAPL National Championships! The 41st BCAPL National Championships started Wednesday at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. More than 5,000 players are participating in this year’s event, which has more than 40 divisions. Alex “The Lion” Pagulayan snapped off the 9-Ball Challenge, an event that was open to anyone. The 92-player field was heavily peppered with top players from across the globe, many of whom had just played in the US Open 10-Ball Championships. But Pagulayan easily cut through the field, beating: Alex Olinger, 7-4; Sam Wu, 7-4; Jeremy Sossei, 7-4; Ahmed Aldulaimi, 7-2; and Jason Klatt, 7-4 before capturing the hot seat by sending fellow Pinoy Lee Vann Corteza to the loser’s bracket. Corteza returned to play in the finals by beating Alex Kazakis of Greece, 7-3. But Pagulayan kept control of the game during the finals and beat Corteza 7-4 to capture the win. Veteran professional player Loree Jon Hasson of Greenville, S.C. won the Women’s 9-Ball Singles Platinum Division. Michelle Jiang of Harvard, Mass., who was the 2016 BCAPL Women’s 8-Ball Gold Division Champion, took second. Ashea Erdahl, of Las Vegas, Nev. placed third. Marian Poole of Seattle, WA, won the Women’s 9-Ball Singles Gold Division, with Natalie Stanton of Ewa Beach, HI taking second and Christina Maher of Atlanta, GA placing third. Las Vegas players Gary Lutman and Donny Branson made the most of their home field advantage. Lutman took first in the Mixed 9-Ball Singles Platinum Division and Branson placed second. Kelii Chuberko of Honolulu, Hawaii took third. Another Hawaiian player, Mike Madamba, of Hilo, HI, was crowned champion of the 297-player Mixed 9-Ball Singles Gold Division. The runner-up was Evan Edwards, of Cathedral City, CA. John Halter of Mesa, AZ was third. Bill Larson, of Ft. Atkinson, WI became champion of the inaugural 9-Ball Singles Wheelchair Division, with Daniel Henson of Charlottesville, IN placing second. Daniel Sardoncillo of Puyallup, WA, who was the runner-up in the Junior 9-Ball Division in 2016, captured the title this year, beating Aryana Lynch of

ALEX PAGULAYAN Dallas, TX. The USAPL National Championships run concurrently with the BCAPL National Championships. John Hemphill of Albuquerque, N.M. won the 8-Ball Singles Gold Division on Thursday, with Rob Pole Jr., of Brooklyn, NY, placing second and Dave Pittelkow of Leesburg, FL placing third. The 9-Ball Challenge, which features professional players from across the globe matching up with amateurs, will conclude today, as well as the Junior 9-Ball Singles. The 41st BCAPL National Championships continues through July 29 at The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. The event features more than 5,000 amateur players representing 47 states, nine Canadian provinces and 11 countries, competing in approximately 40 divisions, on nearly 300 Diamond pool tables. Sponsors are Viking Cues, Predator, Omega Billiards, Cyclop, Diamond, the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, Kamui, and Simonis. CSI is the parent company of the BCA Pool League and the USA Pool League. CSI also produces independent events like the US Bar Table Championships, US Open 10-Ball Championship, US Open 8-Ball Championship, and much more. For more information, visit or call CSI at 702-719-POOL.

Jointed Cue Billiards

5 Pool Tables

4-8’ & 1-9’ Diamond

“Still making the best burgers in town!”

19 Tables - Cue Repair Weekly Tournaments Billiard Supplies Hours: 9am - 1am Sunday - Thursday 9am - 2am Friday and Saturday

2375 Fruitridge Rd - Sacramento, CA


13 TV’s Full Menu

14824 Smokey Point Blvd Marysville, WA 98271 360-659-2248

The Break

League Play 4 nights a week

Open 11AM-2AM everyday August 2017


MONTE THAYER Tops at July NUBBINS The July event of the Andy Cloth Nubbins Memorial Monthly Pool Tournament at Duke’s Bar & Grill in Saratoga, WY was held on July 21st & 22nd. This tournament included $700 of added money and Wyoming was represented with players from Cheyenne, Laramie, Lander, Pine Haven, Rawlins & Saratoga who battled it out for the Saratoga title (an 8-ball & 10-ball hybrid game) with players from Colorado (Silverthorne & Westminster). The eventual champion, Monte Thayer of Rawlins, WY, went undefeated through a field of James Watkins, Josh Ramey, Tom Thompson & Brian Schnitker on his way to a 1st place finish! Tournament runner up honors went to Brian Schnitker of Laramie, WY who shot strong all weekend with wins over Philip Canaday, Anthony Lucero, Ryan Henry and Tom Thompson and only had losses to Thayer in the hot seat match and in the finale. Tom Thompson of Pine Haven, WY earned another cash with wins over EJ Glode, John Marich, Anthony Lucero and Ryan Henry during the weekend and finished up in the 3rd place spot only losing to Schnitker and Thayer along the way. Fourth place went to Ryan Henry of Westminster, CO - Ryan outdueled Buddy Cooper, Perry Gilbert and Anita Smith during the tournament to earn 4th place money.


August 2017

The Break

These tournaments continue each month with either $700 or $1,000 added to each tournament and only a $30 entry fee which is paid back to the players 100%. The fact that there are no green fees or quarters required and $49 per night motel rooms this tournament is certainly a must for all rocky mountain regional players or those just passing through the area! A big thanks goes out to Bad Roll, Inc. who was on hand to record matches that can be watched by getting on the Bad Roll, Inc. Facebook page. For more information on these tournaments call Monte Thayer at (307)710-1447. The Nubbins Memorial Pool Tournaments are sponsored by Andy Billiard Cloth, Shively Hardware, Koobey 1311, Sagebrush Amusements, Cowboy Saloon, Buckhorn Bar, Duke’s Bar & Grill, Riviera Lodge, Wreck-a-Mend Collision Center, Blackwater Septic Solutions, JCAP Realty and the Carbon County Visitor’s Council. 1st $520/$50 Monte Thayer 2nd $360 Brian Schnitker 3rd $220/$30 Tom Thompson 4th $80 Ryan Henry

Why are many of the major championships in our sport now using Andy Cloth?

Why are 50% of the major championships in our sport now using Andy Cloth? Why are 50% ofofthe major in our now using Why are 50% the major in ourchampionships sport now using Andy Cloth? Why championships are championships 50% of the major insport our sport now using AndyAndy Cloth? Cloth?

Many pros agree ANDY CLOTH anything on tour. plays as good as anything on 9 out of 10 Pros agree, Maybe even better. ANDY -CLOTH plays as good as tour Maybe even better

9 out of 10 Pros agree, 9 out of 10 Pros agree, outasof 10 agree, ANDY CLOTH plays as good as ANDY CLOTH9 plays good asPros anything on anything tour. ANDYonCLOTH plays as good Maybe even better. Maybe even better.


1-307-710-1447 on tour. Maybe even better. 1-307-710-1447

1-307-710-1447 1-307-710-1447

“When I found out that Andy Cloth was what I played on at the 71st World Tournament of 14.1, I called to order one for my home table where I still teach students” - Ray Martin, 3x World Champion & Author of critically acclaimed “The 99 Critical Shots in Pool” • • • • • • • • •

World class performance that surpasses any other surface Endorsed by international champions worldwide Costs significantly less, saving your customers money & building truyst and loyalty Longer lasting and more durable to weather/climate change Unique dyeing and surface leveling technology results in less burn marks Andy Pro Tour Cloth is a blend of 70% wool/30% nylon Used in the biggest prize purse tournaments in the World 41 years of cloth manufacturing experience Currently one of the fastest growing pool companies in the world

The Break

August 2017


boards. That’s where the money is. CHA-CHING. And the winners were....... 7/8th belonged to Mike Deitchman and Bob Zack ($100 each), 5/6th went to Dennis Young and Randy Baker for $195 each. 4th place went to Pete Gates who walked with $290, and 3rd was captured by Roger Goodman for a cool $380. But the cash, the stash real money, went to just Stan Tourangeau who took 2nd place ($660) and #1 stick, Steve Lingelbach for a smooooooth GRAND ($1000).

Thought we would throw an open 9-Ball tournament July 15, 2017 at Kolby’s Restaurant, Bar & Billiards in Keizer, Oregon, thought we would add $1000. Thought we might have 20-25 entries, thought it would be fun. WELL... we did, and we did. And, ... I was wrong about the number of entries … IT WAS FUN! Race to 7 front and back, NO MAGIC RACKS were allowed, alternating breaks, RACK YOUR OWN, whhhat? 32 players signed up! Mostly heavy hitters! Some Slammers and some Jammers too! Almost all were close matches throughout the day, Hill to the left, hill to the right! Damn it’s fun to watch them play! But it all comes down to the last eight still sitting out front of the

Steve Lingelbach photo courtesy of Steve Register

We at Kolby’s are grateful for your attendance and participation and look forward to seeing you again on August 26, 2017 for another $700 added 10-Ball open! Thank you all!

Lingelbach Bests Tourangeau to Win Kolby’s 9-Ball

Stan Tourangeau photo courtesy of Ron Ewing

Roger Goodman photo courtesy of Ron Ewing

Ringo’s Bar & Grill

Every Sunday at 7pm Alternating 8 ball or 9 ball $5 entry - 100% payout House matches up to 23 players 12300 SW Broadway - Beaverton, OR 503-644-7847


August 2017

The Break

The Greek Village

FREE POOL on Sundays 6 - 50 cent pool tables with Simonis Cloth

7 TV’s + Big Screen Internet Jukebox ATM 301 NW Murray Blvd - Portland, OR 503-643-2119

The Only Billiard Museum in the World with a Bar! 719-597-9809

3628 Citadel Dr Colorado Springs, CO

Home of the Rocky Mountain State Games

John Plunket July One Pocket Winner

July’s One Pocket Tournament at Askar’s Golden Fleece in Seattle, WA on July 15, 2017 was an opportunity seized by the locals. The field was short with only 13 players but just as much fun, and everyone had their eye on the prize (qualifying for the $1000 Added). A portion of each month’s entry fees are dedicated to the $1000 Added Grand Finale and you must come in first or second to qualify. John Plunkett who narrowly missed his chance to qualify last month was the first player through the door on this early Saturday morning. The freeto-you, but valuable warm up hour is a gift provided by the Golden Fleece. Here they came, one by one, making their way through the door carrying their cases of doom. It was a repeated scene; players dropping their money on the table, grabbing a rack, followed by the gentle, but familiar clicking sound. The player’s meeting was short, as most had played before. The draw was quick, and with the 10am buzzer, matches were called. The nice thing about this format is that everyone has a chance regardless of their skill level. July’s tournament hosted players with ratings between 6 and 10-3. So, to give you an idea,

if a 6 plays a 10-3 they would play 11 to 5 on ball count. It’s not a walk in the park by any means. As play continued it soon became apparent that it was the Kim and John show as both players continued knocking opponents to the one-loss side setting up the hot seat match. But, only one can sit in the seat, and it was John’s day. Kim went over to face Travis who was on a high having just knocked out Preacher Ronn in a hill/hill match that came down to the last ball. With nothing left in his bag of tricks, Kim turned up the punishment finishing the match in short order 2/0, and returned to face John. The finals showed John bringing another level of play that newcomer Kim was not prepared for. John read the stack like a novel, firing in balls from every angle. Kim was at a loss not knowing where to put the cue ball to be safe, and it was all over in about 45 minutes, 3/0 John. Congrats to everyone that played including Travis for his 3rd Place finish taking home $80. It was a great showing for Kim Jones taking 2nd Place, $200 bucks, qualifying for the Grand Finale and proving that one pocket is not just for guys. And finally, our 1st Place Champion John Plunket showing that sometimes the early bird does get the worm. John qualified for the Grand Finale and took home $370. We expect next month’s tournament on August 19th to fill up so get a rating if you don’t have one, and pay your entry.

Classic Billiards Open Daily 11am-2:30am

All Ages Area 6 Gold Crowns


Over 21 Area 8 Gold Crowns 2 Diamonds 12’ Snooker Table Carom/Billiard Table



Lottery - Food - Espresso 3636 SE 122nd

Portland, OR


The Break

August 2017


Van Boening Scores Second Consecutive US Open 10-Ball Title SHANE VAN BOENING

CueSports International, Henderson, NV (July 19, 2017) — Shane Van Boening once again proved to be an indomitable force as he plowed through a tough international field to capture his second consecutive US Open 10-Ball Title. Van Boening said his hard work in preparing for the tournament, which was a much different format than last year’s. This year, CueSports International, which produces the US Open 10-Ball and US Open 8-Ball Championships, returned the prestigious tournament to 9-foot tables. This year’s field was packed with international stars, including players from Greece, Germany, Qatar, Poland, Austria, Kuwait, and, as always, the Philippines. “My hard work, my breaks, helped me succeed to

Happy Hour: Mon-Fri: 4 to 7pm

1532 Kimberly Rd, Twin Falls, ID 83301 (208) 733-9676


August 2017

win in this very tough field,” Van Boening said. Van Boening was undefeated going into the finals. He posted wins over: Danny Stone, 9-4; Vinnie Calabrese, 9-4; Ralf Souquet, 9-6; Lee Van Corteza, 9-7; and Warren Kiamco, 9-4. He beat Kiamco 11-5 in the finals. Kiamco’s beat Molrudee Kasemchaiyanan, 9-1, Denis Grabe, 9-7, Vilmos Foldes, 9-8, and Alex Pagulayan, 9-3, before losing to Van Boening, 4-9. Then he beat Roberto Gomez 9-7 to gain a spot in the finals. The 2017 US Open 10-Ball & 8-Ball Championships are being held in conjunction with the 41th BCAPL National Championships, July 19-29

FULL BAR Restaurant 12 Pool Tables Snooker Table Pool Leagues

The Break


Friday night 8-Ball at 8PM $11 entry BCA Rules 13 - 7’ Valley Cougar Bar Boxes 7 - 9’ Olhausen Pool Tables

8492 Gravenstein Hwy - Cotati, CA 707-664-8040

at The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. The event will feature more than 5,000 amateur players representing 47 states, nine Canadian provinces and 11 countries, competing in approximately 40 divisions, on nearly 300 Diamond pool tables. The annual tournament will also include about 50 exhibitors. Many of the professional players will also participate in the 9-Ball, 10-Ball, and 8-Ball Challenges, which are open to all and are part of the 2017 BCAPL National Championships. Van Boening looks to add another prestigious title to his resume when he plays the 2017 US Open 8-Ball Championship at Griff’s, 3650 South Decatur Blvd. in Las Vegas. It will be followed by the US Open 8-Ball Championships July 29-31. The sponsors for the US Open 10-Ball and 8-Ball Championships are Predator, Omega Billiards, Cyclop, Kamui, the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino and Simonis. CSI is the parent company of the BCA Pool League and the USA Pool League. CSI also produces independent events like the US Bar Table Championships, US Open 10-Ball Championship, US Open 8-Ball Championship, and much more. For more information, or call CSI at 702-719-POOL.

Silver Dollar Tavern Hours: 9AM - 2:30AM Karaoke BCA Pool Leagues

4 Diamond Smart Pool Tables 479 Newmark Ave - Coos Bay, OR 541-888-5634

Billiards of Idaho

Monday Night Summer Pool League Top 12 Tournament results: 1st $250 Jose Velazquez 2nd $175 Ralph Trenga 3rd $125 CarlaJean Beers 4th $80 Jason Cutler 5/6 $50 Harvey Stanley, Dan Tibbitts 7/8 $35 Daniel Dudley, Jim Matthews 9-12 $25 Jeff Jones, George Gladden, Charliy Cummings & Suzanne Mackey


Tuesday Night Summer Pool League Top 12 Tournament results: 1st $250 Bill Spittler 2nd $175 Daniel Dudley 3rd $125 Rich Holt 4th $80 Tony Britton 5/6 $50 Lee Barnett, CarlaJean Beers 7/8 $35 Mike Conaway, Rick Benavidez 9-12 $25 Bill Sigrist, Jeff Beers, Ben Antunes, Chuck Tate


Thursday Night Summer Pool League Top 12 Tournament results: 1st $250 Bill Spittler 2nd $175 Jason Cutler 3rd $125 CarlaJean Beers 4th $80 Rich Holt 5/6 $50 Jeff Tucker, Amber Johnson 7/8 $35 Joe Wheeler, Ray Calver 9-12 $25 Al Peavey, Charliy Cummings, Ron Hatfield, Larry Hixon


Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 4-7PM 158-100th St So. Tacoma, WA


Pool Leagues Sun - Thurs Karaoke Wednesdays D J & Dancing Fri & Sat Food Specials

1487 N Curtis Rd Boise, ID

208-375-2474 20 Pool Tables Weekly Tournaments - Pool Leagues Free Pool 11am-2pm 7 days a week Food! Drinks! Fun!

The Break

August 2017


Appleton, Rossman Elected to BCA Hall of Fame

Superior, Colo., June 15, 2017 - The Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame welcomes a transplanted English 8-Ball star and one of the sport’s most enthusiastic ambassadors to the class of 2017. The United States Billiard Media Association today announced that three-time World Champion Darren Appleton and “Dr. Cue” Tom Rossman have earned induction as the 69th and 70th members of the sport’s most prestigious hall of fame. Appleton, 41, will enter the Greatest Players wing of the BCA Hall of Fame, while Rossman, 69, will be honored in the Meritorious DARREN APPLETON Service category. Both will be formally inducted during ceremonies later in the year. Born in Yorkshire in northern England, Appleton split his childhood between English 8-Ball, soccer and boxing. He compiled a 12-4 record as an amateur fighter and won the junior national English 8-ball championship in 1996, at 16. Four years later, Appleton decided to devote full time to his cue career, and over the next decade he was the top-ranked player in the world seven times. In 2006, Appleton left the English game and traveled to the United States to participate in the short-lived International Pool Tour. Appleton’s American Pool career took off after his surprising win over Jiaqing Wu in the final of the World 10-Ball Championship in the Philippines. He followed that win with the World Pool Masters title in 2009. Appleton won the first of his two consecutive U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships in 2010, and captured his second WPA world title in 2012 when he beat Hewen Li of China in the final of the World 9-Ball Championship. Showing a propensity for winning in back-to-back years, Appleton won the Challenge of Champions in 2011 and 2012, and the World Tournament of 14.1 in 2013 and 2014. Appleton’s 2013 straight pool win included a run of 200 and out against Francisco Bustamante, the highest recorded run in a major straight pool tournament. He also scored one his great personal triumphs in 2013 when he edged Taiwan’s Jung-Lin Chang, 11-10, to win the gold medal at the World Games in Cali, Colombia. Appleton added the World Cup of Pool title to his resume in 2014, teaming with Karl Boyes. And in 2015, Appleton won his third world crown, this time capturing a world 8-ball title by besting World Snooker Champion Mark Selby in the final of the Chinese Pool World Championship. “It’s really amazing to know I’m in the BCA Hall of Fame,” said Appleton from Yorkshire, where he was visiting his ailing parents. “I can’t really put it into words. To be playing American pool full time for only 11 years and achieve this recognition is incredible. There is no bigger honor for a pool player. This is the pinnacle. It’s been a difficult year for me personally, so this is the kind of news I really needed. I’m very thankful.” Rossman was born in Minonk, Ill., and studied business management at Eastern Illinois University. But pool was always Rossman’s true passion and he has parlayed that love into a 40plus year career as a competitor, promoter, innovator, teacher and ambassador in the sport.

Latitude 84

Poker Tournaments Sun thru Thurs at 6 & 9PM Food & Drink Specials

Weekly Specials - Big Screen TV 4 Pool Tables - 6 Dart Boards Karaoke/D J: Everyday - Happy Hour M-F 11-6 8401 S Hosmer Way - Tacoma, WA



August 2017

The Break

Rossman is credited with being the founding father of the modern day “Artistic Pool” movement. Rossman developed and promoted numerous events through the 1990s and was asked by then-World PoolBilliard Association president Jorgen Sandman to help develop professional artistic pool competitions within the association’s worldwide federation and have the discipline formally recognized by the world organization. Rossman served as president of the WPA Artistic Pool Division for more than a decade. The WPA World Artistic Pool Championship was first staged in 2000, and has been held every year since. TOM ROSSMAN Rossman won the title in 2006, and was runner-up on three occasions. Rossman’s efforts in organizing trick shots as a competitive discipline was also instrumental in the development of the ESPN Trick Shot Magic shows, produced by Billiards International. Trick Shot Magic continues to draw the highest ratings of any televised billiard programming in the U.S. Rossman is a master teacher as well, certified as an Advanced Instructor by the Professional Billiard Instructors Association and the American CueSports Alliance. He continues to travel the country promoting the sport, reaching thousands of junior players and enthusiasts. “I am humbled and honored to be elected into the BCA Hall of Fame,” Rossman said upon hearing the news. “Starting out as a rack boy at the age of 10 provided an initial foundation for my billiard journey. My wife and business partner, Marty, and I share the joy of the roll with players, fans and students of the game around the world. We have been actively involved with all facets of the billiard industry at the junior, amateur and professional levels for a long time. “The Hall of Fame designation is extra special in so many ways. When a person connects with his or her dreams, visions, blessings and passions in a heartfelt manner, he or she may truly rack up a victory in the game and, more importantly, in life.” Voting for the 2017 BCA Hall of Fame was conducted by the USBMA Hall of Fame Board, which consists of USBMA members, elected At-Large members and living members of the Hall of Fame. To be eligible for consideration in the Greatest Players category, a player a) must be 40 years old by Jan. 1 of the year of their inclusion on the ballot; b) must have a professional playing career of at least 10 years; and c) must have recorded significant achievements in U.S.-based and international events. Appleton easily outdistanced Women’s Professional Billiards Association champion Gerda Hofstatter in voting. Appleton was named on 88 percent of the ballots, while Hofstatter was named on 45 percent. Vivian Villarreal, Shannon Daulton and Jeremy Jones were named on less than 20 percent of the ballots. Rossman’s nomination was recommended by the Meritorious Service Committee, which also recommended George and Paul Jansco of Johnston City fame for consideration. USBMA members voted to included Rossman on the final ballot, where he was approved by the Hall of Fame Board.

Oasis Bar 304 N Main

Pocatello, ID


Sun 8 or(alternating) 9-Ball - 8PM

$5 entry - House Matches the Pot

Team USA Standings as of July 30th

The name of the game is to finish inside the top ten of the ranking once the 17th and final event has concluded in early September. Following that, Team USA supremo Johan Ruijsink will be making his picks from the top ten finishing players. To give himself some leeway in this make or break year for Team America, Ruijsink will be selecting four players from the top ten plus another whose final ranking won’t be of significance. RANKING 1 Shane van Boening 2 Dennis Hatch 3 Skyler Woodward 4 Oscar Dominguez 5 Billy Thorpe 6 Rodney Morris 7 Hunter Lombardo 8 Brandon Shuff 9 Johnny Archer 10 Donny Mills


140 119 87 76 61 56 51 45 43 40

@ Family Billiards


DOWNLOAD FULL RANKINGS & SCHEDULE at 2017 MOSCONI CUP TEAM USA RANKING – NEXT EVENTS Aug 17-20: Chuck Markulis Memorial Sacramento, CA: Grade 2 August 23: Don Coates Memorial Raleigh, NC: Grade 1 Aug 31-Sept 3: Turning Stone Classic II Verona, New York: Grade 1 Sept 1-5: Texas Open 9-ball Champ. Round Rock, Austin, TX: Grade 2 Sept 9-10 Houston 9-Ball Open Legends Billiards, League City, TX: Grade 2



Saturday Night Pool Tournament at 7PM 17730 AMBAUM BLVD S BURIEN, WA 98148 - 206-243-6018

40 N Riverside Ave Medford, OR 541-779-6111

BEER & WINE - BCA - APA - TAP Friday night 8 Ball


1 Dennis Orcollo $2,500 2 Mika Immonen $1,600 3 RodneyMorris $1,000 4 Delbert Wong $600 5 Steve Lingelbach $400 Vilmos Foldes $400 7 Gus Briseno $300 Lee Brett $300 9 Greg Harada $200 Francisco Bustamante $200 Rylan Hartnett $200 Santos Sambajon $200 13 Ramon Mistica $100 Robert Yulo $100 Jason Williams $100 Frank Robutz $100

Pockets Inc.

14 Pool Tables - Darts Foosball - Video Games

Meet people, play pool and have fun!

Happy Hour: Mon-Sat 5-7pm/Sun 6-7pm

Larry Maes Andrea Saenz-Maes

Aug 8th - Sept 12th - Oct 10th 8-Ball - $20 entry - $$$ added - 11AM

905 E Lincoln Rd - Idaho Falls, ID 208-525-9962



Doc’s Tavern Home of Frosty Beer and Where Old Rockers Meet!

BCA Pool League Wednesday’s at 7 pm Meat Shoot Fridays at 3 pm 1414 Bay Ave - Ocean Park, WA


712 W Main St - Bozeman, MT


The Break

6-9 pm Daily Drink Specials 5 Pool Tables Open Daily 11am - 2am

August 2017


Young Champs Take Center Stage at APA Junior Championships LAKE SAINT LOUIS, MO (July 26, 2017) — A record number of aspiring young APA members from across North America made their way to Davenport, Iowa in early-July for the APA Junior Championships.

Green Tier (Skill Levels 1-2, 121 entries), 1st Kaleb Frazier-Jackson, Miss.

crowned in each tier of the Junior Championships.

After four-days of having fun, making new friends from across the country and playing their hearts out on the pool table, four new champions were

In the finals of the Green Tier (Skill Levels 1-2), Kaleb Frazier of Jackson, Miss., defeated Madison Glenn of Lawton, Okla. Glenn finished Runnerup. Gianluca Hackembruch of Ontario, Canada, and Maile Cook of Sedgewickville, Mo., tied for 3rd Place in the Green Tier which featured the largest number of competitors in this year’s event with 120 participants. In the finals of the newly added Red Tier (Skill Level 3), Kyle Dodd of Cape Girardeau, Mo., defeated Treyton Weber of Mitchellville, Iowa. Weber finished Runner-up. April Czarnecki of Urbandale, Iowa, and Deekin Smith of Lebanon, Ind., tied for 3rd Place in the Red Tier which had 82 participants. In the finals of the White Tier (Skill Levels 4-5), Hayden Hill of Cordova, Ill., defeated Hayden Sheeler of Ankeny, Iowa. Sheeler finished Runner-up. Cameron McBride of Fenton, Mo., and Beck Matthews of Louisville, Ky., tied for 3rd Place in the White Tier which had 58 participants.

In the finals of the Black Tier (Skill Levels 6-9), Matthew Franzke of Melbourne, Fla., defeated Chase Stumfoll of Independence, Mo. Stumfoll finished as Runner-up. The Black Tier, featuring the highest skilled players, included 31 competitors. Tying for 3rd Place in the Black Tier were Kenneth Walters of Matthews, Mo., and Timmy Bly of Decatur, Ill.

Red Tier (Skill Level 3 82 entries), 1st Kyle Dodd-Cape Girardeau, Mo.

Overall, nearly 300 players competed in one of the four 9-Ball skill level tiers July 13 – July 16 at Sharky’s Billiards. Champions and top finishers each took home trophies in addition to Samsung Galaxy Tablets for the champions, JBL Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers for Runners-up and 3rd Place finishers received Quadcopter Drones. The four-day event also included a Junior/Adult Doubles event, recognition for Outstanding Academic Achievements and a special exhibition and autograph signing by Florian “Venom” Kohler. Event sponsors included: Nationwide Insurance, Action Cues, PoolDawg. com, FCI Billiards, GRIND’N Clothing Black Tier (Skill Levels 6-9, 31 entries), Co., Jacoby Custom 1st Matthew Franzke of Melbourne, FL Cues, Kamui Tips, Khamsin Designs Inc., Kingery Printing, Meucci Cues, Digi Cue by OB Cues, Omega Billiards Supplies, PoolAHolic Apparel, Poison by Predator, Promotions Pronto, RT9 Designs Art and Apparel, Shaftmaster Lathes, Sharky’s Billiards, Tiger Products Inc., Venom Trick Shots and Viking Cues.

White Tier (Skill Levels 4-5, 58 entries) 1st Hayden Hill-Cordova, Ill.,


August 2017

The Break




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Genie, our most advanced HD DVR system.

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Now you can watch your live and recorded shows anywhere1. 1. Req’s Internet-connected Genie HR44+ & elig. svc. Channels/content vary by pkg & location and must be streamed through the DIRECTV App. Restrs apply. See below for DIRECTV app details.


Every live game, every Sunday—only on DIRECTV. Out of market games only. Sports subscriptions sold separately

New residential customer offers require equipment lease and credit card (except MA & PA). EARLY TERMINATION FEE OF $20/MO. FOR EACH MONTH REMAINING IN AGMT AND EQUIPMENT NON-RETURN FEES APPLY.

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866-916-1008 DIRECTV SVC TERMS: Subject to Equipment Lease & Customer Agreements. Must maintain a min. base TV pkg of $29.99/mo. Add’l Fees & Terms: Advanced Receiver fee ($15/mo.) req’d for HD DVRs. TiVo service fee ($5/mo.) req’d for TiVo HD DVR from DIRECTV. There is a fee of $7/mo. for each receiver and/or Genie Mini/DIRECTV Ready TV/Device on your account. $19.95 Handling & Delivery fee may apply. Taxes not included. Programming, pricing, terms and conditions subject to change at any time. Visit or call for details. 1. DIRECTV APP/MOBILE DVR: Residential DIRECTV U.S. customers (excludes P.R. and U.S.V.I.) Must stream through DIRECTV app on compatible device. App uses location info. DVR: Reqs Genie HD DVR model HR44 or higher that is connected to the internet at the time you stream or download from it to your mobile device. To download mobile device, must also be on the Wi-Fi network connected to DVR. Wi-fi data usage charges may apply. Limits: Mature, music, pay-per-view and select on demand not avail. Avail. are based on your package & may vary by location. Live & recorded content streaming from set top box limited to one device at channels to live stream are based on your package & may vary by location. Live & recorded content streaming from set top box limited to one device at time only. Rewind and fast forward functionalities may not work. All functions and programming subject to change at any time. NFL SUNDAY TICKET: Package consists of all live out-of-market NFL games (based on customer’s service address) broadcast on FOX and CBS. Games available via remote viewing based on device location. Other conditions apply. 2017 NFL SUNDAY TICKET regular full-season retail price is $281.94. NFL SUNDAY TICKET subscription will automatically continue in 2018 and each season thereafter at a spcial renewal rate unless customer calls to cancel prior to start of season. Subscription cannot be canceled (in part or in whole) aft er the start of the season and subscription fee cannot be refunded. NFL, the NFL Shield design and the NFL SUNDAY TICKET name and logo are registered trademarks of the NFL and its affiliates. NFL team names and uniform designs are registered trademarks of the teams indicated. ©2017 AT&T Intellectual Property. All Rights Reserved. AT&T, GLOBE logo, DIRECTV, and all other DIRECTV marks contained herein are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property and/or AT&T affiliated companies. All other marks marks are the property of their respective owners.

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July 2017


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August 2017

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WEEKLY Pool TOURNAMENTS DAY CITY Mondays Boise, ID Everett, WA Capitola, CA Fresno, CA Sacramento, CA San Francisco, CA Tuesdays Beaverton, OR Sacramento, CA Wednesdays Coos Bay, OR Petaluma, CA Petaluma, CA Tacoma, WA Tacoma , WA Thursdays Boise, ID Modesto, CA San Francisco, CA Fridays Electric City, WA Cotati, CA Petaluma, CA Coos Bay, OR Medford, OR Salem, OR Lakewood, WA Ocean Pk, WA Tacoma, WA Tacoma, WA Saturdays Burien, WA Lakewood, WA Modesto, CA Salem, OR Petaluma, CA Sundays Fircrest, WA Tacoma, WA Everett, WA Orofino, ID Pocatello, ID Coos Bay, OR Portland, OR Bozeman, MT

LOCATION The Pocket 128th Billiards Fast Eddy’s Diamond Billiards Jointed Cue Family Billiards Ringo’s Bar & Grill Jointed Cue Silver Dollar Buffalo Billiards Buffalo Billiards Malarkey’s Pool & Brew Latitude 84 The Pocket Diamond Billiards Family Billiards Banks Lake Pub Dog House Billiards Buffalo Billiards Silver Dollar Rackem Jake’s Bar & Grill Schooners Doc’s Tavern Latitude 84 Malarkey’s Pool & Brew BZ’s Sport Bar Schooners Diamond Billiards Jake’s Bar & Grill Buffalo Billiards Charley’s Pub Malarkey’s Pool & Brew 128th Billiards The Shot Glass Oasis Bar Silver Dollar NiteHawk Scoop Bar

PHONE (208) 375-2474 (425) 322-3729 (831) 462-1882 559-283-0000 (916) 456-3243 (415) 931-1115 503-644-7847 (916) 456-3243 (541) 888-5634 (707) 794-7338 (707) 794-7338 (253) 383-3301 (253) 531-5154 (208) 375-2474 (209) 577-1447 (415) 931-1115 (509) 633-2000 (707) 664-8040 (707) 794-7338 (541) 888-5634 (541) 779-6111 (503) 362-3600 (253) 584-1919 (360) 665-4105 (253) 531-5154 (253) 383-3301 (206) 243-6018 (253) 584-1919 (209) 577-1447 (503) 362-3600 (707) 794-7338 (253) 564-9454 (253) 383-3301 (425) 322-3729 (208) 476-0243 (208) 232-9347 (541) 888-5634 (503) 285-7177 (406) 209-4124

EVENT / RULES 8-Ball Open 8-Ball WorldPPA 9-Ball 9-Ball Handdicapped 9-Ball B 9-Ball Handicap 8-Ball 9-Ball Open Players Choice 9-Ball Hndcp A-B-C-D 8-Ball Handicap 9 Ball-Race to 3-DE 9-Ball 9-Ball Open 8-Ball Bar Table R2-DE 9-Ball Handicap 8-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball - BCA Rules 9-Ball Handicapped 9-Ball BCA rules 8-Ball Open Poker 9 Ball-Race to 3-DE 8-Ball Call Pocket - BIH 8-Ball BCA rules 8-Ball Bar Table 8-Ball Handicapped 9-Ball 10-Ball 8-Ball 10-Ball 8-Ball Ball-in-hand 8/9 Ball Alternating Players Choice 8-Ball - Race 2/1 Outlaw Pool Tournament

ENTRY $5 $5 + $2 g.f. $12/$25 $10 $10 $20 $5 $5-$15 $5 $5 $5 $5+3 g.f. $5+$3 g.f. $5 $10 $20 $5 $11 $10 $5 $5 $5+$5 g.f. $5 $3 Call $5+3 g.f. $5 $5 $10 $5+$5 g.f. $15/10/5 $5 $5 $10 + $5 g.f. $5 $5 $5 $3 M/$2 W $10

ADDED TIME $$$ 8:00PM House matches 7:30PM $100 (last Mon) 8:00PM Call 7:00PM Call 8:00PM Call 7:00PM House Matches 7PM $50 8:00PM Call 7:30PM Matching 7:30PM Matching 7:30PM 100% 7:30PM Call 8:00PM $$$ 8:00PM $3/player 7:00PM Call 7:00PM Matching 8:00PM Break Pot 8:00PM Call 7:30PM $$$ w/9+ 7:30PM $3/player 6:30PM $$$ 6:30PM 100% 7:00PM Meat Shoot 7:00PM Call 6 & 9PM 100% 7:30PM Match to $100 7:00PM 100% 7:00PM $3/player 7:00PM $$$ 6:30PM Call 2:00PM 100% 7:30PM 100% 1:00PM $100 w/16 1PM $100 min pot 1:00PM Matching 8:00PM Call 5:00PM $100 6:00PM Call 6:00PM

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

Soundview Bar & Grill

Nicest Pool Tables in Downtown Everett F R EE POOL Saturday, Sunday & Monday Nights FULL BAR - GOOD FOOD GREAT PRICES 1116 Hewitt Ave - Everett, WA 425-259-3383

The Break

August 2017


Tournament Trail

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice


Aug 6 Aug 12 Aug 17-18 Aug 19-20 Aug 19 Aug 19-20 Aug 25-26 Aug 26 Aug 26-27 Aug 27 Sep 2 Sep 2 Sep 2-4 Sep 16 Sep 16-17 Sep 22-24 Sep 22-24 Sep 23 Sep 24 Oct 1 Oct 9-15 Oct 9-15 Oct 9-15 Oct 9-15 Oct 9-15 Oct 9-15 Oct 9-15 Oct 9-15 Oct 9-15 Oct 9-15 Oct 9-15 Oct 9-15 Oct 9-15 Oct 9-15 Oct 9-15 Oct 29 Nov 3-5 Nov 3-5 Nov 5 Nov 26


Portland, OR Bozeman, MT Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA Seattle, WA Fresno, CA Saratoga, WY Keizer, OR Medford, OR Portland, OR Portland, OR Keizer, OR Spokane, WA Seattle, WA Emeryville, CA Salem,OR Colorado Spgs, CO Keizer, OR Portland, OR Portland, OR Lincoln City, OR Lincoln City, OR Lincoln City, OR Lincoln City, OR Lincoln City, OR Lincoln City, OR Lincoln City, OR Lincoln City, OR Lincoln City, OR Lincoln City, OR Lincoln City, OR Lincoln City, OR Lincoln City, OR Lincoln City, OR Lincoln City, OR Portland, OR Long Beach, WA Long Beach, WA Portland, OR Portland, OR




August 26th Open 10Ball

(previously Aug. 12th)

$700 added! Race 6/5, BCA

Field limited to 1st 40 paid entrants. Day of, 1st come 1st serve, Race to 6 on the front 5 on the backside, BCA rules, traditional or magic okay, Handicapped entry, GM's & M's $50, A's $40, B's $20 Each entry includes $12 green fee/Admin fee Doors open for free warm-ups at 9:30am, sign-ups till 10:30am, starts at 11am.


August 2017



Sam’s Billiards (see ad p16) 503-282-8266 Straight Pool $15 Call Molly Brown (see ad July) 406-522-7362 Inside Out...side Scotch Doubles $20/open team $$$ Hard Times Billiards (see ad p23) 916-332-8793 1 Pocket - 9th Chuck Markulis Mem. $60 $2,500 Hard Times Billiards (see ad p23) 916-332-8793 9-Ball - 9th Chuck Markulis Mem. $60 Mosconi Cup $5,000 Golden Fleece (see ad p25) 425-280-4514 One Pocket Handicap $65 Call TWCWT (see ad p23) 510-861-0829 9-Ball $30+Mem. Call Duke’s Bar & Grill (see ad p26) 307-710-1447 Nubbins Memorial-8-Ball $30 $500 Kolby’s (see ad p34) 503-393-POOL Open 10-Ball-Limit 40 Varies incl g.f. $700 Rack’em Billiards (see ad p29) 541-779-6111 Ladies 8-Ball Regional champ. $50+$10 g.f. $500+ & prizes Sam’s Billiards (see ad p16) 503-282-8266 10 Ball $15/$10 $300 Sam’s Billiards (see ad p16) 503-282-8266 Straight Pool $15 Call Kolby’s (see ad p34) 503-393-POOL 9-Ball A & B $25 $300 Black Diamond (see ad p10) 509-891-8357 Spokane 9-Ball Open Limit 128 $100 incl fees $4,000 w/ff Golden Fleece (see ad p25) 425-280-4514 One Pocket Handicap $65 Call TWCWT (see ad p23) 510-861-0829 9-Ball at Broken Rack $30+Mems. Call The Cue Ball (see ad p16) 503-362-9740 U.S. Amateur Qualifier Call Antique Billiards (see ad p24) 719-597-9809 U.S. Amateur Qualifier Call Kolby’s (see ad p34) 503-393-POOL Open 10-Ball Varies $700 Sam’s Billiards (see ad p16) 503-282-8266 10 Ball $15/$10 $300 Sam’s Billiards (see ad p16) 503-282-8266 Straight Pool $15 Call Western BCA (see ad p17) Largest Regional 9-Ball Tourny $20,000 Guar. Western BCA (see ad p17) Open Scotch Doubles Varies Western BCA (see ad p17) Master Scotch Doubles Varies Western BCA (see ad p17) Men’s GM Singles Varies Western BCA (see ad p17) Men’s Master Singles Varies Western BCA (see ad p17) Men’s A Singles Varies Western BCA (see ad p17) Men’s B Singles Varies Western BCA (see ad p17) Men’s Senior Singles Varies Western BCA (see ad p17) Women’s GM Singles Varies Western BCA (see ad p17) Women’s Master Singles Varies Western BCA (see ad p17) Women’s A Singles Varies Western BCA (see ad p17) Women’s B Singles Varies Western BCA (see ad p17) Men’s/Mixed Teams Varies Western BCA (see ad p17) Women’s/Mixed Teams Varies Western BCA (see ad p17) Men’s/Mixed B Teams Varies Sam’s Billiards (see ad p16) 503-282-8266 10 Ball $15/$10 $300 Long Beach Tavern (see ad p25) 360-261-2008 4 Man Team-Limit 32 $125 incl g.f. $1,500 Long Beach Tavern (see ad p25) 360-261-2008 Singles 8-Ball Call Call Sam’s Billiards (see ad p16) 503-282-8266 Straight Pool $15 Call Sam’s Billiards (see ad p16) 503-282-8266 10 Ball $15/$10 $300

The Break


11AM 10AM Call Call Call Call Call 9:30AM 11AM 1PM 11AM Call 9AM Call Call Call Call 9:30AM 1PM 11AM Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call 1PM Call Call 11AM 1PM

3838 River Rd. Keizer, Or. 97303 (503) 393-7665

Coming up- September 2nd A’s and B’s 9ball, $300 added, wild 8 to the B’s , $25.00 entry race to 6/5

September 23th, Open 10 ball $700 added,

GM's & M's $50, A's $40, B's $20

race 6/5 BCA Rules, Alt. Breaks, Choice of Traditional or Magic rack. Doors open at 9:30am for open practice, sign-ups at 10am, Start 11am.


MAKES ALL OF THE DIFFERENCE The most important factor in cue ball deflection is cue end mass. Katana shafts use a ferrule that is half the length with thinner walls to reduce the amount of cue ball “squirt” during play.

7 Responsive Top Layers The top 7 layers are medium density boar hide, tanned naturally up to 12 months to achieve maximum control and consistency.

3 Foundation Layers The bottom 3 layers are high density pig skin, selected for its premium durability and legendary feel.


TIP: 12.5mm Katana tip by Tiger FERRULE: 3/8” Long Thin Wall Fiber TAPER: Pro


TIP: 11.5mm Katana tip by Tiger FERRULE: 3/8” Long Thin Wall Fiber TAPER: Conical

KATANA PERFORMANCE SHAFT TECHNOLOGY 10-Piece Spliced Radial Construction The grain in a solid wooden shaft creates a natural spine which affects how the cue ball reacts to impact. Rotating the cue, even a quarter turn, will change how the shaft performs. By splitting the shaft into ten sections and alternating the direction of the grain, Katana removes natural variances and provides lower deflection and more consistent results.

QUALIFIED DEALERS WELCOME WWW.CUESTIX.COM | 800.645.9803 Manufactured by CueStix International

The Break Pool Magazine August Issue 2017  

Janis Ogawa wins VNEA Women's Classic Division ... plus results from both the adult and junior divisions ...more ...more ... more

The Break Pool Magazine August Issue 2017  

Janis Ogawa wins VNEA Women's Classic Division ... plus results from both the adult and junior divisions ...more ...more ... more