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The Break - July 2011

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Places People Play 15 Rack Denver, CO 12 7-11 Bar Las Vegas, NVs 27 Allen’s Billiards Belfair, WA 7 Ballad Town Billiards Forest Grove, OR 24 Behind The Rock WA 25 Black Diamond Spokane, WA 16 Black Star Tacoma, WA 20 Broken Rack Emeryville, CA 24 Bull Shooters Phoenix, AZ 8 California Billiard Club Mtn View, CA 6 Cat’s Paw Bozeman, MT 10 Cattails Lounge Williston, ND 27 Charley’s Pub Fircrest, WA 27 Classic Billiards Portland, OR 24 Cue Ball, The Salem, OR 24 Dave Piona Memorial Concord, CA 5 Doc’s Tavern Ocean Park, WA 10 Eagles Club #326 Bozeman, MT 29 Family Billiards San Francisco, CA 10 Frankie’s Olympia, WA 24 Full Splice Tacoma, WA 29 G.M.P.A. Phoenix, AZ 8 Golden Fleece Kenmore, WA 12 Greek Village Portland, OR 30 Harvey’s Sun Valley Bar Sun Valley, NV 25 Hub Bar Belgrade, MT 10 Inn Sports Bar & Grill Lynnwood, WA 12 24 Jake’s Bar & Grill Salem, OR Jointed Cue Sacramento, CA 27 K C Midway Oregon City, OR 30 Kornerpocket Billiardz Snohomish, WA 25 Latitude 84 Tacoma, WA 20 Log Cabin Bar Sumner, WA 24 Ma’s Tavern Albany, OR 30 Malarkey’s Tacoma, WA 5,25 McCorry’s Woodenville, WA 24 Molly Brown Bozeman, MT 29 Mustard Seed Bellevue, WA 27 NiteHawk Portland, OR 31 O’Finnigan’s Everett, WA 13 Oasis Pocatello, ID 25 P C’s Pub Everett, WA 24 Pocket, The Pocatello, ID 29 Pocket, The Twin Falls, ID 29 Pub 181 Gresham, OR 21 Rackem Billiards Medford, OR 21 Ranger Lounge Sidney, MT 24 River Road House Milwaukie, OR 30 Rodders Oregon City, OR 30 Sam’s Billiards Portland, OR 22 Schooners Lakewood, WA 30 Sharky’s Salem, OR 25 Shooters Riverside, CA 22 Silver Dollar Coos Bay, OR 27 Spot Bar & Grill Vancouver, WA 24 Stixx & Stones Bremerton, WA 21 Uncle Jack’s Lynnwood, WA 29 Underground Beaverton, OR 27 Wichita Milwaukie, OR 12


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APA Snohomish Everett, WA 29 CSI / BCAPL Henderson, NV 35 Diablo Valley Pool League CA 22 NWPA Kent, WA 16 Rocky Mountain Gaming Bozeman, MT 31 TAP Little River, SC 2 Tiger West Coast Women’s Tour CA 13 Western BCA 8

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Atlas Billiard Supply Skokie, IL 28 Championship Cloth Lincolnwood, IL 14 Cue & Case St Augustine, FL 11 CueStix International Lafayette, CO 36 Kamui Tips 34 Mueller Lincoln, NE 27 34 Players St Augustine, FL 23,34 Simonis Cloth Gurnee, IL 34 Sure Shot Billiards Richland, WA 27 Tiger Products Burbank, CA 34


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Jimmy Caras

6 WorldPPA 7 Challenge Match 9 BEF Jr Nationals 10-12-16-17


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A Day for Jimmy Caras

It was sometime in June of 1991 when Jimmy Caras approached me and said he had to get ready for a challenge match with Willie Mosconi The match had been planned for months and it was time to get serious about getting in stroke. So, we made a practice schedule and stuck to it. Every day was like watching a boxer train for the heavy weight world championship. We spared together day after day. Jimmy was 82 years old at the time but acted like a teenager that had just fell in love with the game of pool. Everyone could see Jimmy was up for this one and getting better with every stroke. There was really a buzz around the pool room. All our regulars would show up every day to watch Jimmy and I practice. I (Bob Maidhof ) had met Jimmy about two years before and was fortunate to have acquired a wonderful friendship with one of the greatest players of all time and felt blessed to have been so lucky. Everyone at the pool room (Drexeline Billiard Club) was primed to go spectate this marvelous event. We bought about 30 tickets to this Dinner Show Exhibition and

4 The Break - August 2011

that was not enough. Probably 35 people plus attended from our pool room. Anyway, day after day of practice was paying off as Jimmy was running 50 balls plus every day, and that ain’t chopped liver at the age of 82 folks. Funny thing about when I first met Jimmy was that when my wife Susan and I had first opened The Drexeline Billiard Club early in 1989, Jimmy Caras had found his way to our pool room to check it out. He walked in and I immediately knew who he was (My Idol in the pool world) and ran up to introduce myself. I was very excited and said, “Mr. Caras, my name is Bob and it is so cool to have you here.” He looked at me funny, said hi, and walked out. I could not figure out where I went wrong and if I had offended him. I asked my counter person, Marie, “What did I do wrong for him to walk out?” We could not figure it out other then Jimmy

not wanting people to make a big thing over his presents. A few days went by and here came Jimmy Caras again, walking into the pool room. I decided to not pay him any mind. Did not want to shark him again. He stayed a while, just watching the hackers, had a cup of coffee, and chewing on a cigar then exited. He fell into that routine the rest of that week, with me not saying a peep to him. He kept to himself for the most part. The following week he was bringing his cue now and hitting balls around. Found out he was killing time while his wife Phyllis was at bowling league. This went on for about a month. Then one day he was hanging out while I was hitting balls. I did not realize he was watching me. I was practicing straight pool. My patterns at the time were fair. As I ran a rack, right in the middle of my stroke Jimmy jumped out of his

chair and yelled out, “NO, not that ball, shoot this ball”. He immediately came running over to show me the best pattern for the remains of that rack. I never saw a man of that age run so fast. He really had a passion for the game as it was clear to see. He came over and started schooling me and I thought I was in heaven. This went on almost every day and that is when Jimmy opened up to me and all of our customers. To this day I don’t know what held him back when he first started coming to our room. From then on we became very close and went everywhere together. My wife Susan, Jimmy’s wife Phyllis, Jimmy, and I were always going out together, and I was the luckiest guy alive to be in his company, let alone his good friend. One night we were in a French restaurant and next table over was Mike Schmidt from the Philly’s dining with a couple other guys. Jimmy leaned over and said to Mike Schmidt, “Hi, I am Jimmy Caras”, extending his hand to shake and Mike Schmidt said “Hi”, shook Jimmy’s hand and turned his back. Jimmy figured Schmidt should know that he was a Billiards Hall of Famer, but we all know pool is a different world. At least I thought Schmidt would mistake Jimmy for a fan looking for a autograph, but we know that was not the case. After the hand shake Jimmy turned to us and said that Mike Schmidt was not very nice to put it kindly. Had to be there. Was certainly a funny moment. Getting back to the challenge match, the time had come. Jimmy dressed


to a tee in a Tuxedo with cue case in hand he was ready to go. We all showed up with approx. 40 people from the pool room to support Jimmy. Pat Fleming was there with his Accu-Stat crew , and Mike Massey came to entertain the guests before the match. Mike Massey put on a trick shot exhibition that was amazing. What a great way to begin. Finally the main event. All the hard work paid off. Jimmy won the challenge and also took high run. I had never seen him so happy. It was like he was 30 years old again. Never saw a man his age so alive. The next day we had a celebration party for Jimmy back at the pool room. What a great time in Jimmy’s life, and I was fortunate to be a part of it. I miss Jimmy and am thankful every day for the time I was lucky enough to be around him. He really helped my pool game as my high run is now 316 thanks to what I had learned from the great Jimmy Caras. I hope I get a chance to tell you the story of our trip to Key West, Florida. Jimmy , my wife Susan and I in Fla. Great Time. PS: Accu-Stats has Valley “Hall of Fame” Dinner Show Willie Mosconi vs Jimmy Caras. A collectors DVD. A great one to add to your collection.

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Mary Rakin, former World Junior Champion, wins WorldPPA Shootout at California Billiard Club in Mountain View, California on July 23-24, 2011. 103 entries (including Rafael Martinez, Amar Kang, George Michaels, Bryce Avila and more…) played in the handicapped doubleelimination, race-to-eight tournament. Mary Rakin, won all of her matches to the “Hot Seat”. Easy Street Billiards owner Michael Stansbury, toughed it out on the one-loss side and made it to the Finals. Michael won the first set and everyone watching knew it was going to be a tough battle to the very end.

Giving up a 3 games spot in a race to 8, Mary knew she would need to stay focused for the 2nd and final match. With the score was tied 4 to 4, most watching thought Mary had the tournament for sure, but that’s when Michael Stansbury dug deep and stepped up his level of play. For each game Mary won, Michael came back with a win of his own; and, the battle continued until the last game where it was hill-to-hill (7 to 7). Michael had an opportunity to run out, but his cue

Hours: 11:30AM-2AM

881 E. El Camino Real Mountain View, CA. 94040 (650) 965-3100

3rd Weekend of the Month One Pocket

$40 entry - Race to 3 - Double Elimination - 1pm

$400 Guaranteed Added

12 - 42” Plasma TVs Expanded Menu 6 The Break - August 2011

ball speed on the 6 ball was a little too soft which forced him to attempt a bank of the 6 ball cross-side; he just barely missed it. Mary seized the opportunity and closed the door to a fantastic tournament. Great playing by both players! Thanks to Chris Swart, California Billiard Club owner, Michael Reddick and Bob Beaulieu, WorldPPA Founder for running a great tournament. As always, California Billiard Club provided quality equipment, excellent food and drinks at great prices. The atmosphere and camaraderie was fantastic; players were serenaded by Maestro Al Markasky’s guitar playing and singing; Teresa Tong shared some

of her delicious special cheese cake (Thanks TT!). Chris Swart setup a special fund for Jeff Gregory, a favorite top local player going in for heart surgery on Monday; $837 in donations were collected during the tournament for Jeff. Christ Swart, is also planning on a Special Fund Raising Tournament for Jeff in August. If anyone wants to make a donation, please send an e-mail to Chris: or call him at: 510-378-6301. Playing pool is fun and that is exactly what happened at the WorldPPA Shootout. Check out pictures of players at the Shootout event by pointing your browser to: http://

Below is a list of the payouts paid to winners at the event : 1st $900.00 Mary Rakin (AA) 2nd $480.00 Michael Stansbury (A-) 3rd $325.00 Ryan Nelson (B+) 4th $200.00 Nelson Ortega (A) 5-6 $150.00 Guillermo Carrillo (A), Chris Atkins (A+) 7-8 $100.00 Simon Dudley (A), Paul Richardson (A) 9-12 $ 85.00 Greg Becerril (A+), Eric Harada (A+), Jason Lagore (B+), Jimmy Qu (B+) 13-16 $ 65.00 Rich Mamerto (A-), Carolyn Koo (C), George Michaels (AAA-), Randy Cady (A-) 17-24 $ 40.00 Robert Farwell (B), Tom Kelly (B-), Nick Callado (A), Amar Kang (AAA), Michael Reddick (A-), Rex Goulet (B), Emmerson Joiner (A-), Rick Thomas (A) Total Prize Fund $3,325.00

For more information about the WorldPPA, contact Bob Beaulieu: bob@, levartze on facebook, join the worldppa group on facebook, go to http://www., or call 408-205-7519



On June 25th –two months after taking the women’s side of the Ultimate 10-Ball Challenge with consecutive wins over Kelly Fisher, and one week after besting Ga Young Kim for the US Open title—Allison Fisher came to The Broken Rack in Emeryville, CA to play a 10-ball challenge match. We are proud to say this was Ms. Fisher’s second visit to The Rack. Thirteen years ago she won the WPBA’s Olhausen Classic held here. The match was played on a newly acquired Diamond Pro Am—now the official table of the WPBA. Just like for the pro tour years ago, we moved tables and brought in bleachers so that the audience could truly appreciate the opportunity to see Ms. Fisher play live. Her challenger was The Broken Rack’s own house pro, Eleanor Callado, now in her second year as a WPBA exempt player. Although her record naturally can’t compare to Hall-of-Famer Fisher’s 75+ professional titles worldwide, Eleanor has been building her own resume since she was a teen. It includes 2 BCA Junior national titles, 4 national Associated College Unions International titles, the 2010 West Coast Women’s Regional Tour championship and a top 16 finish in a tournament on the WPBA tour. Along the way she has won matches against a number of top pro players. The match shaped up as the classic contest between a legend and an aspiring young player. Well, Allison Fisher isn’t about to fade into history. As to be expected from her most recent play, she came in excellent stroke. Winning the lag for first break, Allison went on to win the first game and dominate the match. With the race to 11, alternating break format, Eleanor had chances to get back in the match, but every time it seemed she might build some momentum she’d uncharacteristically rattle a ball out of a pocket. Eleanor blogged later, “I have NEVER shaken that much in my life. I felt fine and then all of a sudden, my awareness washed over

Allen’s Billiards & More BILLIARDS - DARTS - ESPRESSO Ice Cream - Xbox 360 & Fun PROUDLY SERVING OLYMPIC MOUNTAIN ICE CREAM 23692 NE State Route 3 - Belfair, WA 360-275-2668 FOR ALL YOUR POOL AND DART ACCESSORY NEEDS We do parties - call for details Sean Allen - Owner email:

me like a roaring tide and hit me so hard. I’m playing Allison Fisher! And that was it; I could not for the life of me get a handle on my nerves. Lesson learned.” Of course Allison’s near flawless play didn’t help. The final score was 11-2 Fisher. Allison understands all about the mental side of the game and how it can impair your performance. During the question and answer session that followed the match, she attributed the long dry spell in professional titles that had preceded her recent victory to her mental game and said that having always been naturally good at that aspect of the game had made is harder in some ways to overcome. Asked how much longer she might play, Ms. Fisher said that last year she might have said another year or two. But now she feels that her game can still reach higher peaks and she has a renewed enthusiasm for playing and seeking new levels. Good news for pool fans! If anyone attending was not an Allison Fisher fan when they arrived, they certainly were by the time they left. From the pre-match meet and greet through the match, the Q&A and the autograph session that ended six hours later, she was approachable, friendly, down to earth, funny, generous with lengthy answers on technical questions and patient. And she played masterfully. A class act all the way. As Eleanor Callado said later, “So, yes I got my butt kicked, but I tell you what: I will NEVER forget this day. It was an honor and a pleasure…”. To sum it up: She came. She saw. She conquered.

4 1/2 x 9 Gold Crown II Pool Table with 4 x 8 Diamond Light Table and light in Good Condition

$2500 for 1 table and 1 light

2 Sets Available Delivery Possible - Call Larry 425-330-9000

August 2011 - The Break 7

8 The Break - August 2011


CROWNED Olson, Miller, Thorpe and Reynolds reign

The Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) crowned four winners in the 2011 BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships. Over 100 junior pocket billiard players gathered in the Huskies Den at Northern Illinois University on July 6-10 to compete for the title in 4 divisions. In the 18-and-under boys’ division, Danny Olson of Broomfield, CO, prevailed, while Briana Miller of Allentown, PA, steam-rolled through the18-and-under girls’ division. Billy Thorpe of Dayton, OH, thrived in the 14-and-under boys’ division and Taylor Reynolds of Waterville, ME, won her first title in the 14-andunder girls’ division. Junior billiard players travelled from 26 states to attend the 23rd Annual BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships in hopes of winning a title, scholarships, prizes, an entry into the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) World Junior 9-Ball Championships, to connect with friends and to make new friends. In the 18-and-under boys’ division, the top finishers were no strangers to junior billiards. Danny Olson, determined to better his 4th place finish in 2010 and finishing a respectable 7th place in the 2010 WPA World Junior 9-Ball Championships, proved to be a tough contender this year. Olson steadily proceeded through the winner’s bracket with wins over Jeremy Johnson 9-2, J.C. Torres 9-1, Kevin Sun 9-7, Zachary Leonard 9-3, and Tyler Styer 9-3 before losing to Brendan Crocket 6-9. Crockett, 2009 champion of the 14-and-under boys’ division, smoothly sailed through the winner’s bracket without a loss. Crockett defeated Refugio Vara 9-0, Edwin Gomez 9-4, Chris Byers 9-3, Chad Behnke 9-4 and Danny Olson 9-6 to claim the seat as the only undefeated contestant in the 39 player division.

Olson faced Tyler Styer on the one-loss side in a match that almost sealed any chance of him winning his last opportunity, because of age eligibility, for a Junior National title. But a well executed safety by Olson when the score was 8-8 found Styer’s three-rail kick only inches short of hitting his target, giving Olson ball-in-hand on the 5-ball. Olson ran out for the win and a chance for a rematch with Crockett in the one set finals. Olson kept his winning momentum, capturing the match 11 games to 6 and his first title as the Junior National 9-Ball Champion. In the 18-and-under girls’ division, Briana Miller zipped through the tournament losing only a hand-full of games. The fierce and determined 15 year old bulldozed her way through matches over Kendra Britt 7-0, Caitlyn Shuping 7-0, Kendra Russell 7-2 and Brooke Zimmermann 7-3 before taking charge in the final match against Zimmermann, 9-0 and seizing her fifth title as Junior National Champion in the girls’ division. Billy Thorpe won his second consecutive title in the 14-and-under boys’ division by breezing through several matches including wins over Marcus Abney 7-2, Nathan Bourque 7-1, Sergio Rivas 7-3, Austen Russell 7-1, Joey Torrez 7-2 and Shawn Begay 7-0 before claiming the honors of being the only undefeated player in the 49 player field. Also moving forward through the winner’s bracket was Shawn Begay of Gallup, New Mexico. Begay inched his way with victories over Nick Evans 7-6, Justin St. Andrews 7-5, JonMichael Monegato 7-4, Tyler Brandom 7-6 and Ricky Evans 7-3 before facing the reigning champion, Billy Thorpe, for the winner’s bracket seat. Thorpe sent Begay to the one-loss side to battle with Austen Russell. Begay prevailed with a 7-6 win over Russell and earned a chance to

dethrone Thorpe. Thorpe secured his title as reigning champion with a 9-5 win over Begay. In the 14-and-under girls’ division, it was former runner-up Taylor Reynolds who eagerly made it through the winner’s bracket defeating April Larson 7-3 and 7-1 wins over both Katilyn Hall and Julianna Poutry before the finals match. Poutry made her way on the winner’s bracket with wins over Katelin Ballou 7-1 and Karsyn Terry 7-6 before losing to Taylor Reynolds 1-7. Poutry faced Larson on the one-loss side, finishing in 3rd place. April Larson, a newcomer from Bloomington, Minnesota, steered her way through the one-loss side for another chance to play Reynolds. Larson, a well poised eleven year old, calmly, but quickly dashed ahead in the race to 9 games in the finals. Reynolds sprinted to tie the score at 7 games each and continued to thrust forward to win the next 2 games, winning the race and her first Junior Nationals title. In addition to trophies and prizes, the winners of the four divisions were awarded $1,000 in academic scholarships and earned an opportunity to represent the U.S. in the upcoming World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) World Junior 9-Ball Championships, which will be held in Kielce, Poland, August 31st – September 4th. Second-place finishers in all four divisions received $500 in academic scholarships, trophies and prizes. Additionally, second and third-place finishers in (BEF continued on page 29)

PHOTO 2011 BEF Junior National finalists, L-R: Kendra Russell, Brooke Zimmermann, Billy Thorpe, April Larson, Danny Olson, Briana Miller, Tyler Styer, Taylor Reynolds, Brendan Crockett, Shawn Begay, Austen Russell

August 2011 - The Break 9

COLUMNIST San Francisco Billiard Academy

Bob Jewett

San Francisco Billiard Academy is a BCA Certified Master Academy. The academy offers: Private Instruction Basics Clinic Eight Ball Clinic Nine Ball Clinic Introduction to Billiard Instruction BCA Recognized Instructor Course BCA Certified Instructor Course

The Game of Three Ball BY: BOB JEWETT

Three ball is a great game for group play. It is fast action, pure offense, and suitable for small stakes among players who are not perfectly matched. Everyone has a chance to win even if the better player will edge ahead in the long run. The basic idea is for each player to break and run three balls off the table in as few shots as possible in any order and in any pocket. The player who takes the fewest shots wins the pot. If there is a tie for lowest score between any two players, everyone antes again and gets another turn until there is an untied best score in a round. Any number may play, but four or more is best. I’ve heard of 15 in a game. There are many regional variations in the detailed rules; I’ll try to cover the ones that seem the most common. The standard rack for the break is in a triangle as shown. Among experienced players this rack is sometimes considered too easy as the two back balls often go along the route shown for the four ball -four cushions around the table and back to its home corner. I think this break is fine as long as the players in the game rarely score a “two” which would be like an eagle at golf, with four strokes being par. Placing the three balls in line for the “pro” break removes any really standard break. Order is decided by any standard method, such a pulling peas from a shake bottle. Since the order is important towards the end of a round, I favor having whoever shoots last in a round shoot first in the next round. If you foul, it is a one-stroke penalty, and any ball made on

Doc’s Tavern

Home of Frosty Beer and Where Old Rockers Meet!

BCA Pool League Wednesday’s at 7 pm Meat Shoot Fridays at 3 pm 1414 Bay Ave - Ocean Park, WA


10 The Break - August 2011

the foul shot spots back up. That pretty much guarantees you won’t win that round. The recommended break is hard, nearly straight at the head ball and from the center of the table. Try to control the cue ball to bring it back to the middle. This break gives the best chance to make the two four-railers on the corner balls. An alternative suggested in an on-line forum looks a lot like a one-pocket break: shoot softly from the side and just clip the head ball. That repositions the farthest ball a little which is then struck by the third ball and it is redirected to the pocket. Even if the ball doesn’t go in, you should have at least one good shot after the break. If a player has no chance to tie -- he has already taken 4 strokes with 2 balls still up and a 4 has already been scored -- he should concede and the next player will start. This helps a lot on coin-op tables where balls in play are precious. If you shoot last in the round, modify your strategy accordingly. For example, if the best score so far is a tie at four strokes, you have to go all-out for a three, even if that means playing a fourcushion carom or a 5-foot combination. If you don’t get all the balls moving on your third shot, there is no way to score a 3. On the other hand, if there is a single score of four leading and you shoot last, the other players are likely to expect you to take a “conservative” four to tie and get everyone into the next round. For other variations, check out the article in Wikipedia, which includes a 3-ball tourney format.

Welcome VNEA Players

Hub Bar

Open 8 am - 2 am Daily

721 N 7th Ave Bozeman, MT

4 Pool Tables - 28 Big Screen TV’s New Safari Big Buck Hunter 406-586-3542 Golden Tee Live - Shuffleboard Brandi’s Restuarant Drink Specials - Shot Specials

Serves Breakfast all day

Open 8-Ball Doubles Sept 3rd $20 entry - Limit 30 teams Sign up 10:30 - Start 11am

$200-$300 Added 23 East Main - Belgrade, MT 406-388-1811

August 2011 - The Break



Trick Shots by Sarge


This month’s Artistic Pool Shot is from the Follow Discipline and has a Degree of Difficulty (DOD) of 9

Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth

One of the top trick shot artists in the world, Sarge now calls Las Vegas his home. He is looking to resume his trick shot exhibitions which made him famous throughout the Northwest. ... look for him in a pool room near you.

This follow shot requires great accuracy in the amount of ball hit on object ball one. Let’s look at the set up. Object ball 1 and 2 are set up frozen to the cushion at the diamond segments shown. The C ball is one diamond from pocket C and approximately one eigth of an inch off of the rail. The cue ball is in hand behind the X line. The object of this shot is to shoot the cue ball into object ball one. Object ball 1 will contact object ball 2 clearing both balls. The cue ball will then travel along the cushion pocketing the C ball. Here are a couple of hints to help you execute this shot. I

4 Pool Tables Free Pool Monday’s 16716 Highway 99 Lynnwood, WA 425-743-0700

Nightly Drink Specials

place my cue ball between one third and one half of a diamond away from the long tail. I aim at object ball one 3/4 th’s full as if I were cutting the ball to the right. I use as much follow as I can on the cue ball with a medium hard stroke. Getting the correct hit on the first ball to clear the second is the key. You should be able to adjust hit and speed for the direction of the cue ball. You also may need to adjust how far the cue is off the rail. It is a tricky shot, but I’m sure you will get it with pratice. Have fun with this shot.

Tuesday U-Call-It Cocktails $2.00 Wednesday $2.00 Rolling Rock Pints & $5.00 Bombs Thursday $3.00 ‘Inn Shelf’

Wednesday Night Singles BCA 8 Ball tournaments 7:00 sign-ups - 8:00 start - $ 5 Entry Fee - 100% added

Wednesday Night 8-Ball $5 entry - Max 32- House Matches Pot

Last Wednesday of the Month 1st Place gets

$100 Bonus 6106 SE King Rd Milwaukie, OR


7 Pool Tables - 2 Dart Boards Shuffleboard - Air Hockey 8 Flat Screens

12 The Break - August 2011

Oscar’s Golden Fleece 20 Diamond Tables BCA - APA - ACS - 211 Regional-National & Action Events

7804 NE Bothell Way - Kenmore, WA

425-908-7332 or 206-941-7531


Phoenix TAP Announces 2011 “PLAYER OF THE YEAR”

FREE POOL Sunday & Monday ALL DAY FREE POOL 11-6 Everyday Tuesday Night 9 Ball at 8PM - Vegas Style $5 entry + $2 green fee - sign up at 7:30pm - 100% Matching

APA & BCAPL Leagues

Full Bar 2 Pool Tables - Darts

Full Menu Open til Close

Karaoke Every Night at 9

Food & Drink Specials Daily 13601 Hwy 99 - Everett, WA 425-745-4805

CONGRATULATIONS TO JERRY HARTNETT There are times when a specific player makes such tremendous contributions to the game of pool and the billiard community, that they deserve a special award. That is why Phoenix TAP, which has served the Phoenix area for the past nine years, is taking this opportunity to give its, first ever, “Player of the year” award to Jerry Hartnett. Jerry, a veteran of the Vietnam War, has played pool for over 55 years and commands the table when he’s playing his match. He plays in the Phoenix TAP League three nights a week and supports his team with superior pool playing. With all of those years of experience under his belt, he is also an excellent coaching resource. There isn’t a shot on the table that Jerry hasn’t seen or attempted to master. In addition to his pool-playing abilities, Jerry is skilled in woodworking and personally designed one-of-a-kind cues for his cue collection and a wooden “coffin” case that is so impressive that you can’t help but notice it when he walks in the room. These skills carried over when he funded, designed and built the, much needed, tables for the seating area in the pool room at Skip & Jan’s in Tempe, AZ. Mind you, these aren’t your everyday-type tables – he thought of everything – underneath each table there are half-circle cutouts to set your case and a shelf for the ladies to set their purses. This leaves the top of the table for food and drinks while you play a match. But, wait…there’s more…Thanks to Jerry, all of the twelve 9’ tables at Skip & Jan’s are back in tip-top shape – the best they’ve ever been - and there are enough bar stools for everyone to have a seat, especially during league night and tournaments. Jerry spent a considerable amount of money and time assisting the table reconstruction crew to make sure everything was perfect. Because of his determination, talent, experience and love of the game, Jerry Hartnett has made playing pool in the Phoenix TAP League more exciting than ever. We appreciate Jerry’s commitment to the billiard industry and his dedication to the league. Thank you!

August 2011 - The Break 13


The Break - July 2011


I Never Tried to Hustle


It was some 40 years ago that I won probably the most from someone playing pool for money From my first days of learning and playing pool in a in Cincinnati” his twin, in the way he dressed, basement pool hall in a small town in Southwestern would have been Herb Tarlic. Now don’t get me Pennsylvania, where I watched some of the best wrong I sort of liked Al because he was a good players I’ve ever seen. I never played to their level, salesman and didn’t like him because ... let’s face it, even at my best and I never tried he was an A-hole to hustle pool more than for a when it came to night out of drinking and playing personality. for a dollar and a shot in some out Al wanted me to of the way bar. I never had any come over to the inspiration to take pool to any office and see the level in my early years. Bison, so I did. Yet back in 1972 in Savannah, He talked me into Georgia, I found myself in a going to work situation that I could win a lot. for him for a two I had been working for almost week trial basis. If 2 years as a salesman. I worked I liked it, I’d quit for the Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Kirby, if not, I’d DON Company and I worked by go back to Kirby. AL knocking doors. I would work mostly in the Every morning for about ten days evenings selling to military personnel (Army) in a I would ride back and forth to Buford and sell. small town called Hinesville at Fort Stewart. My We knocked them dead! Between us we sold 25 second choice was Paris Island selling to Marine units in the first 10 days. I was getting a better Drill Instructors and their wives. Both bases would commission and we were making a lot of money. net me some $200-$300 per week in sales at a time As with most salesmen we needed a break, so for when minimum wage was $1.25 per hour. I was the next couple of days we would travel to Buford working 4-5 hours a day, 2-3 days a week. Needless later and later each morning. We would stop in to say, I had a lot of time on my hands. the diner on the way into town for breakfast. We’d I found myself playing 8 ball in a bar for $2-$3 a have a big ol’ breakfast of eggs, hash browns, bacon game, sometimes $10 or $20, most of the time I and always grits and of course sat for half an hour won, sometimes I lost. Losing was a good thing just drinking coffee. In the back room, by the depending on the crowd and the personality of bathroom, sat a pinball machine. We would always who I was playing. It was more important to play for breakfast. Whoever lost paid and left the have a good time and always leave your opponent tip. I played pinball most everyday as a kid and got wanting for more. Sometimes losing the last 3 or 4 pretty good at it. Al was about 10 or 15 years older games, buying a round of drinks and interesting my than me and just didn’t have the reflexes but mostly opponent into chasing some young skirt. But what couldn’t shake the machine without the “tilt” happened next, I couldn’t have written a script any light coming on. Well, this day things were a little better. different. I think the gambling fever got to both of I was in Buford, South Carolina at a diner when us. We played for breakfast, then a dollar, then $2, Al Curtis walked in. He was the Area Distributor then $5. I never lost! Believe me, it wasn’t that I was working under the same boss I had but he had an that good, it was, he wasn’t. Remember that ego I office and got a better price on the Kirby’s than I mentioned before? did. Al never had any friends, maybe it was because If you have a big ego and you like to gamble you he always considered everybody a “sucker” because take it personally. Well, that day, Al did more than he would always try to get the better of you. Most I had expected. Al was the type that thought he door to door salesmen had to have a similar attitude was ten foot tall and bullet proof. On most mights to survive and an ego to match. You get the door on the way back to Savannah, he would be half slammed in your face a few hundred times and toasted from the Scotch, with a Falstaff beer in one you’ll understand what I mean. hand and cigarette in another, bragging he had one Al told me he had quit Walter at Kirby and started glass eye and couldn’t see out of the other. At first selling Bison’s. Now Al, looked like a used car this made me nervous, being I was his passenger. I salesman, if you could picture that. A massive didn’t drink a lot in those days but maybe I should receding hairline, an eyebrow that curved upwards, have. a glass eye, a white shirt and tie and a red pair of Let me get back to that last day after we left the slacks. If you ever watched the TV show “WKRP diner. As we drove out of the parking lot, Al said,

“Let’s take the day off, go have a few and play some pool.” I said, “Let’s go!” Most nights before we left Buford and headed back we would stop, have a few and play partners at one of the local bars. Maybe I should back up a couple of days before, when I bought a 4 door ’67 Chevy from Al. He wanted $800 for the car. I gave him $500 and a note for $300 to be paid within a month. Now we got to the bar, ordered a couple beers, got a dollar in quarters and started playing 8 ball on an 8’ table. Starting out as I remember, at $2 a game. After half a dozen or so games Al was down about $20 and we were up to $5 a game. We were still having fun, joking, yelling for more beers and just having a good time. Al wanted to play for $20 a game, so we did. He won two in a row and then said, “Let’s play rotation for $1 a point.” Now I thought to myself, there’s 120 points that are on the balls. If he would break and run, I would owe him $120. But having played rotation when we used to get tired of practicing in the pool hall on 9’ tables, I had learned the game pretty well. Of course, we played slop. I outscored Al to the tune of about $275. I asked him when should we pay up. He looked at me with what I thought was his glass eye and his eyebrow curled upward and said, “You owe me $300 more for the car. If you get to that I’ll sign the title over. But, we have to play for $2 a point.” I thought to myself, “Could he be setting me up? In one game he could take it real close to breaking even.” I told Al I had to hit the head real bad and we’ll talk when I come back. In sales we had learned the Ben Franklin Method, you weigh the positives and negatives. I was shooting good - he wasn’t. On the negative, was he coning me? He had been drinking all this time and I was the one who hadn’t been drinking so much. When I got back to the table Al had ordered a round for both of us and had racked the balls. I decided to see if I could find a “tell” like in poker. Is he bluffing? Is he playing me? I told him I didn’t want to play for $2 a point, I wanted to play for $5 a point! He agreed - game on! For the first couple of games, it wasn’t very much diference in the points 55-65 and so on. Then I nailed a game 90-30, that’s 60 points times $5 a point - that’s $300 right there. Now he owed me $575. He signed the title over to me and gave me three $100 bills. I gave him back a five and two

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Ask the Viper



“What are the differences between professionals and amateurs? And what is the process of becoming a professional? --- Daniel D. from Denver, CO

Answer: Melissa Little

Melissa “The Viper” Little has been a WPBA Touring Professional for over 10-years, she has represented the USA in Four WPA World Championships and has over 20 top-10 WPBA career finishes. Melissa is currently the housepro at the Wynkoop Brewing Company located in Downtown Denver. She teaches monthly clinics, gives private lessons, and has created a juniors program that promotes billiards education to the local youth. For more information about Melissa please visit:

The differences between the professionals and the amateurs are that the pros establish a world ranking through either the Women’s Professional Billiards Association (WPBA) or the World Pool Association (WPA). The WPA is the governing body for pool and asks organizations such as the WPBA & BCA for their top ranked woman/men players to participate in tournaments such as the World Championships. I have been honored to represent the USA/WPBA and participate in 6 world championships. How to become a professional? Over the years the formats have evolved, but currently the WPBA has created nine regional tours across the USA. The top players from each tour receive special invites to participate in the yearly Regional Tour Championships and the top finishers from that event get spots onto the WPBA for the following calendar year. The WPBA awards points for participation on tour and at the end of the year if you have calculated enough points to be ranked into the top-32 then you become a touring professional plus get an invite to play the following year. At the end of the classic tour year if you’re ranked below the top-32 then you must re-qualify through the regional tours system. Another venture is to compete in individual WPBA qualifiers. This is where all amateur players are welcome to participate in a tournament in which the winner receives a paid spot into a WPBA event. For more information I suggest visiting or The men are basically the same, open to all independent events such as the Men’s US Open, Turning Stone, and the Steve Mizerak Championships award points towards the BCA men’s world rankings. Then the top men are invited to participate in events such as the World championships and additional international events. Also, the Mosconi Cup US team is collaborated of the top finishers of the BCA points list. For more information on this visit Best of luck to you, Viper If you have a question for “The Viper” please e-mail them to Melissa Little at

Read more articles by Melissa Little at

16 The Break - August 2011


WWPD? (What Would the Pros Do?) Vol. 2 By Samm Diep © August 2011

Samm Diep

Samm Diep, “Cherry Bomb” ( House Pro at Rack ‘Em Billiards (Aurora, CO) Author of “You Might Be A D Player If… (101 Classic Moves That All Pool Players Can Appreciate)”

Player Representative for Chris Byrne Custom Cues, PoolDawg, Predator, Jim Murnak Custom Cases, & Delta-13 Rack | fun & unique products for pool players | random smatterings of pool thoughts, articles, news, & reviews

Volume 2 of “What Would the Pros Do?” takes us to the 2010 contact and adjust his speed accordingly. This shot is played U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships in Chesapeake, Virginia with inside draw. The inside (right-hand) spin facilitates where the score is tied 5-5 between Efren Reyes and Marc pocketing the ball and as an added bonus, it also causes the Vidal. After making a remarkable shot on the 7 ball in the cue ball to bounce away from the 9 ball after it contacts the side, Efren leaves himself dead, straight in on the 8 ball with second rail. the 9 at the other end of the table. This rail-first shot guarantees position on the 9 ball. In Commentators quickly identified his dilemma and the event that you miss the 8 ball, it also carries the possibility suggested he might attempt a jump or masse shot. Efren of a safety because the cue ball is sent down table while the 8 scratched his head and contemplated all the possibilities. In the end, the choice was clear. Let’s review his options: Option A: Cheat the pocket. Option B: Jump the cue ball. Option C: Masse the cue ball. Option D: Draw the cue ball. Option E: Pocket the 8 ball rail-first. Efren chose Option E. The risk of attempting to cheat the pocket in Option A is too high. So many things could go wrong with this choice. It’s far too easy to miss the shot when you place priority on playing position. Aside from missing the shot, there’s also the extreme danger of jumping either or both balls off the table. ball usually remains up table. Efren also knew that with the Jumping the cue ball in Option B requires a perfect hit newer cloth on the TV table, the balls slide more and shots are and is also more forgiving. incredibly risky. Like any new shot, do not attempt to execute this without The possibility practice. If you miss the shot, pay close attention to what of the cue ball side of the ball you’re missing it. Don’t be afraid to cut this and/or the ball. It’s much better to overcut this shot than to undercut object ball it. Remember that along with pocketing the ball, the other jumping off the objective is to create distance between the cue ball and the 8 table is quite ball. Undercutting the 8 ball could easily result in selling out high. This shot the shot. also requires Choosing the correct option won the game for Efren and an elevated cue allowed him to take and a very firm the lead for the first stroke. Once time in the match. again, there is He went on to win a huge chance 11-7. Both players of missing the demonstrated shot. t r e m e n d o u s The masse shot in Option C is not a bad choice but it’s shot-making and an extremely difficult shot that requires a lot of practice. defensive play in this This is not a practical shot and even with practice it’s not feature Accu-stats guaranteed that it can be executed properly under pressure in match. Efren shot a competition. If you are able to pocket the ball with the masse, .871 and Marc shot the cue ball is sent loose and there is very little guarantee for a .793. position. To purchase this Drawing the cue ball straight back with low left-hand dvd or others like it, spin will get you close, but not close enough. You will have a go to hard time getting the cue ball anywhere near the center of the and mention this table. Once again, using such extreme spin and speed reduces article to receive $5 the chances of pocketing the ball and in this case, with very off. little reward even if you do. The best decision in this scenario is Option E. The only thing Efren has to do was decide what part of the rail to Read more articles by Samm Diep at

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Liz Cole

18 The Break - August 2011

July 9-10, 2011 ladies of the NWPA came out to compete at Black Diamond Billiards & Eatery in Spokane, WA. It had been since 6 years since an event was held at this room, formerly known as McQ’s. New room owner Steve Legault was excited to host NWPA’s 4th tour stop of 2011 and is looking forward to more events in the future. Black Diamond Billiards (BDB) is open daily from 11 am to 2 am, has a full bar with daily happy hour specials, a fantastic menu, and free pool on Sundays. The event was run on nine 9-foot Brunswicks that had recently been recovered with blue 860 Simonis felt and Rail2Rail Productions provided live streaming for the entire event. BDB also has six 7-foot Shelti barboxes and league play for BCA, APA, and Valley are ran on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. The Spokane Open will be September 3-5, 2011 and is $1000 added with a full field. Twenty-three ladies came out for the event and the top tour spot would be up for grabs with Kim Jones (ranked #1 in points prior to the event) not in attendance. Four local ladies came out to play, including Sheila Moss currently residing in Oldtown, ID who hasn’t played an event for several years. New players to the tour included teammates Nasrin Emam Cornell, Alicia Kvasnicka, and Sharon Bledsoe. Welcome ladies and we hope you can join us again! Early round play went as expected, with few upsets going into Sunday. With the long drive home and a slightly smaller field, NWPA Tournament Directors Chris and Ford decided to bring the field down to 6 players instead of the usual 8. Adrianne Beach (CEO of Rail2Rail) had her best NWPA finish of her career, finishing T7/8th with another local lady Phyllis Fernandez. Great job. Sunday morning, 6 ladies remained in the main event. B side match ups included Jana Montour vs. Kimberly Kirk and Sheila Moss vs. Deby Welfringer. Jana and Sheila would advance through their morning matches 7-4 and 7-6 respectively, to duke it out for 4th place. Jana defeated Sheila 7-4 to earn her spot in the B side final. Playing on the live stream for the hot seat was Mona Remedios and Liz Cole. Mona defeated Liz 7-5, forcing 2010 #1 and #2 to battle for their shot at the title. Liz defeated Jana 7-4 in that match to earn a second opportunity against Mona, this time one race to nine. The winner would assume the #1 ranking in points and both players had already shown their abilities by winning events earlier in the year. Liz won our first stop of 2011 earning her a bid to the WPBA’s US Open in Norman, OK where she tied her best finish on tour, finishing T17-24 against some of the best players in the world. Mona won our 2nd stop of 2011 and was currently ranked 2nd behind Kim Jones. Path to the Final- One Race to 9, Alternating Break Mona Remedios (On Point): Adrianne B (3), Alicia K (2), Deby W (5), Jana M (5), Liz C (5) Liz Cole: Bye, Janie R (4), Kimberly K (2), Sheila M (4), loss to Mona R (5), Jana M (4) Mona won the lag to start things off, but it was all Liz early on, who jumped out to 3-0 lead before Mona got on the board. They exchanged racks to make the score 4-2 Liz, and then Liz turned things up a notch and won the next four racks to reach the hill first. Consistent shotmaking and position play by Liz put her in a great position to close out her second final appearance of 2011. Mona, not one to let up, rallied to win the next couple games to bring the score to 8-4, but Liz was

Mona Remedios, 2nd

not to be denied. Liz won game 13 to reach 9 and resume position on top of the NWPA standings, leaving Mona in a close second. Jana Montour also moved up in the rankings with her finish to 3rd overall. Congratulations ladies, and thanks to Black Diamond Billiards for hosting a fantastic event. Our next event is hosted at The Parlor in Bellevue, WA August 13-14th. Come check it out! Seven ladies came to play in a $100 added/$10 entry Second Chance tournament on Sunday. After a first round bye, Jessica Orth lost a hillhill match up against NWPA tour president Tamre Rogers. Tamre then defeated Talya Makus for the hotseat. Jessica battled through three hill-hill matches to earn her spot in the final against Tamre, which was one race to 4. Jessica defeated Tamre 4-2 to earn top prize of $52. Congratulations MAIN 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6th 7/8th

EVENT PAYOUTS 365 Liz Cole 250 Mona Remedios 155 Jana Montour 115 Sheila Moss 74 Deby Welfringer/Kimberly Kirk 54 Phyllis Fernandez/Adrianne Beach

ladies. Northwest Women's Pool Association (NWPA) is the WPBA-sanctioned regional tour for the Pacific Northwest. Though this tour prepares women amateur pool players for the pro ranks, women of all skill levels are encouraged to participate. The NWPA is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization that is funded by player membership and sponsorship. A number of volunteers help keep the organization running by keeping it fiscally sound, communicating with the Women's Professional Billiard Association to provide opportunities for players to reach the pro level, negotiating with regional pool room owners/operators, and managing events. For more information contact: Adrianne Beach 206-755-3847 Tamre’ Greene-Rogers 206-920-1936







Jana Montour, 3rd



GLOB% Games Won 86




Sheila Moss, 4th

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The Art of Teaching By The Monk

Tim Miller

You can go to my web site and read over seventy important instructional articles at no cost to you. www. has video clips to show you how to hit the shots. My special three-day workshop is limited to four students. I do not allow my students to get lost in a large class. I am here to help you at a reasonable price. It is about skill development. May all the rolls go your way, The Monk

I have two students who have joined my “mentor program”. One is a professional player who seems to be stuck in the middle of the pack. The other is a young man who has dreams of a world championship. They both desire to be world class. The valley between the desire to reach high skill level and the reality of reaching high skill level is found in how you prepare. It is not in how much time you put on the table. It is how you train. Your training must be deliberate and specific. As you travel through the training material you must be aware that there are pitfalls at every turn, ways to stray from the path without knowing what is happening. After a while, ten years have passed and you have not experienced the progress you expected when you took up this game. There are four stages each player must pass through to reach the top. The first stage is the Shot making stage. Here we simply make balls. While in this stage we find ourselves hooked behind balls and not able to complete our run out. It is at this point many players move on to play position. Moving from the Shot making to position play is fatal for most players. The second stage is the Four Strokes of Pool. The stroke determines the track line of the cue ball. The stroke determines the speed of the cue ball. Without mastery of the Four Strokes you will always be guessing on your position play. The third stage is Cue Ball Speed. Here we master speed and position play. The fourth stage is Mastering Self. In this final stage we learn to control our emotions and are able to deliver one hundred per cent effort on each shot. SEE THE SHOT, KNOW THE STROKE, SHOOT THE SHOT. If you have a mentor who can guide you through all

four phases you will pass through the valley and become a master. Lets suppose you are faced with a safety shot. You could go for the bank but this would be low percentage. In the Mastering Self stage you realize that you would be playing a bank only to get another bank shot. The right shot would be to play a safety. Bank the ball back to the bottom rail and send the cue ball down table. This way you put your opponent at a disadvantage. In this shot you must be able to hit the precise edge of the object ball. That comes from the Shot Making stage. Then you must spin the ball down table. This comes form the Four Strokes of Pool stage. Then you must land at the bottom rail. Here you are using the Cue Ball speed stage. As you can see, all four stages come into play on a shot like this. Don’t trust your game to a “pool player.” Go to a professional teacher. Read books from those who have done the research and have the experience to help you. Studies have shown that the best teachers are at ages sixty-five and over. Take advantage of these wise instructors while they are still in the game. Experience is vital to teaching all phases of this complicated game. Success is found in skill development. Knowledge applied is skill developed. You can acquire all the knowledge in the world but until you develop your skills you will never reach world class.

158-100th St So. Tacoma, WA

Training Materials Classes Workshops Videos Books and more ... See it all online

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Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 4-7 PM Pool Leagues Sun - Thurs Karaoke Wednesdays D J Dancing Fri & Sat Food Specials

Latitude 84

Poker Tournaments Sun thru Thurs at 6 & 9PM Food & Drink Specials

Weekly Specials - Big Screen TV 4 Pool Tables - 6 Dart Boards Karaoke/D J: Everyday Happy Hour M-F 11-6

8401 S Hosmer Way-Tacoma, WA



Pacifc ACS Announces Dates April 17-22, 2012

Emerald Queen Casino, Tacoma Washington Pacific ACS is pleased to announce that it has secured dates for the 2011-2012 annual regional championship and a continued relationship with Emerald Queen Casino and Hotel. The next championship will be held April 17th through the 22nd 2012 at the Emerald Queen Casino I-5 Event Center in Tacoma Washington. Details of the event can be found online at .


We are also pleased to give Cindy Sliva and Eddie Mataya a special award for their accomplishment of winning three of our Masters Scotch Doubles events in a row. We wish them continued success in their pool playing endeavors.

Pub 181 3 Brand New Diamond Pool Tables Under New Ownership

Rackem Billiards

Now Available BEER & WINE BCA - APA - TAP Friday night 8 Ball Lessons with the House Pro 40 N Riverside Ave - Medford, OR 541-779-6111

Open 7am Daily for Breakfast Happy Hour 7-11 am AND 3-6 pm Monday thru Friday LIVE Music Friday & Saturday

Largest 9-Ball Tournament in Portland Saturdays Sign up 11 am - Play starts at Noon $5 entry - House matches the pot

18415 SE Division - Gresham, OR

503-666-4457 August 2011 - The Break 21

Tiger West Coast Women’s Tour TWCWT

Tiger West Coast Women’s completed its second stop of this season at Breaktime Billiards in Modesto, Ca. on July 16th and 17th There were a total of 38 players at this stop for a total of 55 between first stop at San Jose and this second stop at Modesto. 17 new players joined in for the competition and fun. TWCWT plays a double elimination format with the final eight players facing off on Sunday and the second chance taking place as well. Mary Rakin secured her spot with victories over Lisa Coronado, Anita Azevedo, Riwan Khalil and Marina Cole. On the other half of the chart the Callado twins were making their way to a showdown Sunday morning. Each of them started with a bye; then Emilyn defeated Rachel Byrket, Dar Domingo and Bonnie Plowman while Eleanor defeated Christy Hawley, Lelani Ching, and Debbie Hagar. On the one-loss side, Rachel Byrket made it through to Sunday with wins over Terry To, Tammy Moreda, Riwan Khalil and Modesto’s hometown favorite, Debbie Hagar. Jessica Skye had a long road too, having to defeat Cocoa Huey, Lelani Ching, Leslie Bernardi and Marina Cole. Bonnie Plowman and Holly Robinson, who went deeper on the winners’ side, had just one match each to win on the one-loss side to make the final 8—Bonnie against Deborah Cullen and Holly against Ginger Bowen. Sunday started with wins by Mary Rakin over Shawn Modelo, Bonnie Plowman over Rachel Byrket, Holly Robinson over Jessica Skye and Eleanor Callado over Emilyn Callado. That set up a hot seat match between second place of last stop Mary Rakin and winner of first stop Eleanor Callado. Reversal of the outcome of the last stop, it was Mary who prevailed over Eleanor in a tight match and claimed the hot seat. Meantime Bonnie Plowman beat Shawn Modelo, and Emilyn Callado defeated Holly Robinson to bring match-up between Bonnie and Emilyn. Emilyn moved pass Bonnie setting another Callado versus Callado match. El finished on top putting her into the final and ending Emilyn’s run in 3rd place. In the final match, Eleanor broke in the first game, but came up dry. After sinking three balls, Mary missed leaving El a tough shot on the four. El made a nice jump shot and went on to take the first game. Mary had been playing strong all tournament and her powerful break was much on display in the finals. In the second game she sank two balls on the

break but couldn’t get to the two. El played safe but Mary sank the two when she got back to the table, running out from there and evening the match at 1-1. El broke in game 3 but nothing fell. Mary made a phenomenal shot on the one then made a 3-9 combo to take the lead 2-1. In the fourth and fifth games the players traded breaks and wins. In the sixth game Mary made another great break but missed the two. She got back to the table and finished the game by caroming the cue ball off her object ball to sink the 9. In the next game Eleanor sank two balls on the break but found herself without a shot. She pushed, Mary miscued, El missed and then Mary ran out to extend her lead to 5-2. But Eleanor didn’t give up. In game 8, Mary broke then missed the two. El ran out from there, broke and ran out in game 9, then took game 10 to even the score at 5 apiece. The 11th was a tight game which Mary eventually won. On the hill, Mary broke but came up dry. After back and forth play, the turning point came when El missed the six. El’s miss left Mary with a shot on the six and she ran out from there. Taking the match 7-5 and first place. Congratulations to all the participants for taking on this challenge on the big tables and showing their drive to excel on the game of 9ball. The final standings and prize money for the main event were: 1 $450 Mary Rakin 2 $300 Eleanor Callado 3 $220 Emilyn Callado 4 $150 Bonnie Plowman 5/6 $110 Shawn Modelo, Holly Robinson 7/8 $75 Rachel Byrket, Jessica Skye 19 other women returned to play in the Second Chance Tournament. In the end, a first-time player on the tour, Tanner Roo, won the event. 1 $85 Tanner Roo 2 $65 Leslie Bernardi Sports Bar - Full Menu 3/4 $50 Tiffany Simonton, APA Leagues A Aiem-sa-ard Weekly Tournaments We were pleased to see a number of returning tour players such as Emilyn Callado, Shawn 10226 Indiana Ave - Riverside, CA

Shooters Sports & Grill 12-9’ 8-7’ 1-5x10 Snooker

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22 The Break - August 2011







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Facseit us on FOR A CH book ANC E TO W a Pl IN a

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HXT yers S Cueport !

WWW.PLAYERSHXT.COM A Global Division of Cue & Case Sales, Inc.

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Even Against Warpage!

August 2011 - The Break


7/26/2011 5:54:37 PM

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Now Serving Cocktails

“Where we take pride in what you swallow!”

Friday 8-Ball at 8PM $2 entry-Call Pocket-$2 added Saturday Blind Draw Sc Dbls at 8PM $3 entry-House Adds $2/player-Money Shoot

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24 The Break - August 2011

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Now Serving WINE! Pro Shop Cue Repair ALL AGES WELCOME


Mon-Wed-Fri @ 7pm Pool Tournaments $5 entry - 50% added

It started as an idea less than a year and a half ago. The first Behind The Rock Tour tournament attracted four players to a small pool room in Bremerton in the winter of 2010. Since then, the tour organizers have been actively recruiting members and today, their weekly tournament claims 195 members playing in four rooms across the state of Washington. The intention of the BTRT is to attract tens of thousands of participants across the country in hundreds of pool rooms each week playing a variety of

cue ball control, sometimes a key skill overlooked when playing in games that reward defense in traditional league or tournament play. The bottom line, according to many players, is that these games significantly improve any player’s ability. For players who want to compete equally with others, a handicapping system is employed for every player regardless of their level. Because the handicaps are based on actual scores averaged out, direct comparisons of ability can be made yielding

102 Avenue D (2nd Floor) Snohomish, WA 360-862-9054

Open Everyday - Rates $3/person per hour (max $12)

445 Tacoma Ave So -Tacoma, WA


21 POOL TABLES 9-Ball Wed & Fri 8-Ball Sunday 211 on Sunday

Great Food

Voted Best Place in Salem to Play Pool

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Mon & Thurs - $5 entry no green fee House pays $10/player with 20+ or $5/player from 8-19

games vying for big purses. Sound ambitious? According to the president of BTRT, Deby Welfinger, it is the tip of the iceberg. “Our goal is to elevate the sport of pool to a level that is on par with any of the current televised sports,” she says, “including televising interesting matches.” She continues, “We want novices through pros to be playing in any one of our divisions, in any of our scored games, whether in handicapped play or open competitions. We believe that with our format and with the technology offered by the internet, we will change the sport of billiards for everyone.” Currently, the matches played are a scored match called “211” which is based on 10-Ball vs. The Ghost. Essentially, players play eleven games using a score sheet. Each game consists of a break, scoring a point for each ball dropped, then a second chance for players, starting with ball in hand, to attempt to run out the remaining rack also scoring a point for each pocketed ball. Bonus points are available from the subsequent game if a rack is run-out. It is pure, challenging, unadulterated offensive play that teaches position and control. BTRT got its start with the realization that the current business for professional players is not sustainable. Between travel, lodging, meals, and fees, working the tournament circuit only made money for a small handful of players. With a tag of “Play locally, Compete nationally” the BTRT offers weekly competition for any ability of player in certified rooms. And with purses paid out to the top third of the field each week, players need to have their “A-Game” to earn some cash. BTRT contends that properly managed and with the appropriate sponsorship, pro players can make a fair living playing in this format. The tour developers also believed that the sport was underappreciated for its deceptive difficulty. The offensive-based scoring games have been developed for all the standard pool room games such as 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 10-Ball, One Pocket, 14.1 and others. The games certainly teach pocketing skills, but also

a ranking of players. No assessment of ability is needed as compared to league play. We talked to a number of current members of the tour and all of them expressed a real affection for the tour in spite of the evident challenge. Says Tacoma’s Justin McCrory playing out of the Malarkeys room, “My goal is to improve enough to make a living at this sport. I’m not sure I would have advanced toward this dream as fast as I have without this format. It’s just that challenging and so addicting!” The BTRT has applied for a patent on the unique tournament system and with a fully developed website, they seem to be on a track to capture a big part of the pool-playing market with their tournament system. According to them dozens of rooms in at least twenty states are waiting for enough players to get involved with the Tour. Their website at www. provides a solid basis for understanding the tour, the games, rankings, and so on. Any interested player should start there. The BTR tour may have started small, but according to their feisty founder, Ms. Welfringer, “The interest in the BTRT is growing. Our growth rate is such that we expect to have a thousand players in another six months, and by this time next year, we hope to have almost three thousand members participating. We’re ready for them and we’re going to turn this sport around!” Hmmm. According to their website, 10,000 players means a weekly payout pot of $80,000. Can you imagine when BTRT goes worldwide. You might want to check them out.

3895 Commercial SE - Salem, OR 503-391-4912

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Sun 8 or(alternating) 9-Ball - 8PM $5 entry - House Matches the Pot

Harvey’s Sun Valley Bar

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Last Saturday of the Month: Birthday Party - Pot Luck - BBQ

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August 2011 - The Break 25





Lucky in Action In Vegas Continued… …………….We snoozed, watched some NBA Basketball on TV and had some “quark” and crackers in the room for a couple of hours and then returned to the action. There were new faces in the room gambling. Lucky was right. If he got action this way, very few people would remember him. I found a couple of folding chairs along the wall for us, and right away a kid came along and asked to gamble cheap. I said no thanks and Lucky shook his head and said, “No, maybe later. I don’t want to get in over my head.” He hooked the kid by the extra comment. The kid had a high-pitched laugh, “Yeah, you would lose, old man. I’m pretty good. You want none of me” How arrogant I thought!! Lucky tilted his head up at the kid and asked him if he played chess. The kid chomped his gum, eyes roving around the room restlessly. “I am here to play pool, old man. Not some other game” “Well, maybe I’ll play you later on,” Lucky said. “I might learn a thing or two from you.” We watched the room action for a few minutes and here came the kid again, back after catching no fish to try Lucky again. Lucky was patient and declined politely. He knew that when they played they would play under Lucky’s conditions. An older guy listening nearby leaned over and said, “Say, fella, I saw you playing in here earlier. How’d you come out?” “Oh, it was okay,” said Lucky, “I got lucky and won a few games.” The kid interrupted, “Come on, old man, what are you here for? I’ll play you for a few bucks. Fifty a game, that’s cheap.” He tried a little intimidation, “What, are you afraid of me?” “Chess?” Lucky queried. “Pool,” the kid said, and muttered something under his breath. Lucky stroked his beard and his mustache and finally said, “Oh, all right. That’s cheap enough.” So I went over and got my cue again, while the kid fooled around, chopping the cue ball with his hand, back spinning it all over the table. As I handed the cue to Lucky, he whispered to me, “Ok, here’s where I have to beat him flat out to take the cash, whereas in a set I could lose a few games and still win the money. Don’t leave. This will be quick.” This was going to be interesting. The kid, just happy to be playing somebody, finally, was practically bouncing from one foot to the other, nervous energy crackling. “C’mon, let’s flip,” he urged.

26 The Break - August 2011

Lucky won the flip. They agreed to pay on every four games. The kid racked the balls and you could see he was acting as if he racked tight. Now Lucky knows better than most that there is no perfect rack. He takes a look at the rack, but only to see how the balls lie, so he knows how to break them. He broke and made the nine. The kid racked about the same way again. Lucky broke, the nine going into the same pocket as before. I could see the smirk on the young hustler’s face as he racked yet again. Lucky took a look at the rack but said nothing, and returned to break. Most players will change something about the rack to keep the nine from going in again, and this rack was no exception. Lucky broke and pocketed the nine -- in a different pocket. The kid slammed the rack onto the table, muttering something about ‘lucky b*****d.’ Lucky broke game four and I could hear a different cracking sound off this break. The nine disappeared in the headstrong right corner pocket. I saw the kid’s eyes burning, but he only clenched his jaws as he handed over $200 to Lucky. “Again?” Lucky inquired politely. With only four people, including myself, watching the match, Lucky got loose and put another four nine balls down quick. The kid didn’t know what to do, he was so angry, and was unable to speak. Lucky took the proffered $200 and shook his head, “Eight nine-ball breaks! Son, I love your racks. That was something!” I could hear the kid saying, as he slammed his cue case together, “Ah, the old fart (nicer word than he really used) was just lucky. He couldn’t even play. Lucked in the nine on the break a few times.” Lucky walked over to where I was sitting. He had kind of a strange look to him. He said the next strategy was going to be different. He wanted to get everyone lined up to play like he had back in his hometown that time I first met him there. I wondered how he planned on accomplishing that in here. He said, “Watch,” and went straight over to a small crowd watching a match and tapped one person on the shoulder. “Play cheap? Fifty a game?” “Ok!” exclaimed the stranger, Mexican looking heavy set guy beer in one hand and cue in the other with a blue sun hat. Named Sebastian. He had his cue off his shoulder and out of the case before Lucky finished saying the words, “Fifty a game.” I settled back, expecting to be here for a while. Lucky then proceeded to lose game after game after game. He lost $1,000 so quick it made my head spin.

I sat there, stunned. What was happening? I never saw him lose this kind of money before. And then, on top of that, he up and said, “I quit, for now.” I couldn’t believe my ears! I never saw this coming. The player who took Lucky’s money, grinning from ear to ear, bragged to his buddies and onlookers, and then turned back to Lucky, saying, “Maybe we can play some more later.” Lucky, normally a very polite and laid back person, ground his teeth, flexed his hands, and, in general, looked pretty darned upset. “Look, mister, I have plenty of money. You tell me where and when. You won’t win next time.” He yanked out his bankroll and I about had a heart attack. He flashed it under the guy’s nose and exclaimed, “See? Just so’s you don’t think I’m kidding you.” At that point I grabbed Lucky by the arm and steered him away, where I said, “What the hell are you doing? You have got to be out of your mind!” Lucky shrugged off my hand with an angry look. “I’ll play anyone in here for $500 a game, right now!” he said loudly. I regained my grip on Lucky’s arm, my cue, and walked Lucky out the door. A few people were barking at Lucky to play them as I hurried him out. Needless to say, I was puzzled by how Lucky was operating. This was not the Lucky I knew, the gentleman pool player, the class act. I was just about to say something to him, when he calmly turned to me and said, “Everyone knows me now. When you’re in the fish tank you have to act like the other fish sometimes.” He waved his arm at a taxi. “Where do you want to eat?” We rode a short distance to a casino that offered a great all-you-can-eat seafood buffet. Over lobster and crab legs and an array of exotic seafood, Lucky said that he was going to play only sets for high money from now on, unless one game was $500 or better. I said nothing, focusing instead on a great dinner. Finally, over coffee and dessert, I said, “Look, Lucky, I don’t know where to start, exactly, but I don’t think I can…” “Son,” he said, “Let me explain something to you before you go wasting all that energy you need to digest what you just ate. Now, normally, you would not see me doing anything like what I just did today, would you?” “No, I wouldn’t,” I said. “I know you are better than that.” “Well, consider this. This place we are at, this amateur event, have you ever seen such a bunch of wannabe’s in all your life? It would (Lucky continued on page 27)

All times are Pacific Coast Time Add one hour for Mtn Time Hours: 10:30 - 2 am Kitchen 10:30-1 am

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Wednesday Night 8-Ball 7:30PM

presents ESPN does not have any scheduled telecasts of pool/billiard events for the month of August.

$5 entry - House Matches Pot to $100 Limit 16 players B Players Only


Sundays 7pm, 8ball, BCA rules Thursday 7pm,9ball, BCA rules $5 entry and we match $5. Pays up to 4th plus last woman. No masters please. 18641 SW Tualatin Valley Hwy Beaverton, OR 503-848-8888

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Lucky continued from page 26 take me a long time to find the high stakes games if I didn’t make some noise. Shake the trees to see what falls out. You know I don’t have that kind of time. Let me tell you about fish, Drew. Small fish lose their lives to bigger fish and those fish lose theirs to even bigger fish. And it’s always the big fish you want to catch. And if you’re in a hurry -- well, you’ve heard of using dynamite? Not exactly a sporting move, but it does the job quickly -- stuns them all and brings them to the surface of the water.” Lucky smiled, with a little glint in his eye, and stabbed into another scallop. “There are times when you just have to create your own show and throw in some dynamite. You might say I just issued an invitation. Great food! I’m going for seconds on these scallops – maybe some more lobster, too. You coming?” Went down to the action room in the Riviera, Sebastian Franco, Charlie Peterson, Ronnie Allen, Tony Banks, John Evans, King Kong and Bucktooth All was barking up a storm But Bucktooth was trying to get Shane in a game with Pots and Pans who some think can’t play. Shane just won the US Open10 ball Championship. The game they were trying to get were they both played one handed. Shane had to play left handed $2000 a game. Boy there was barking. After saying how unreasonable the game was Shane disappeared only to re-emerged 10 minutes later with his cue. It looked as if the game was on. Bucktooth had wrenched up the heat wanting to bet more. Shane was trying to get a different game with Bucktooth as he knew Pots and Pans could still play some even at his age. We have a couple more days at the event. We heard there were a group of Taiwanese players playing and beating everyone they have booked no losers. They always pool their money every time they are all are in on every match. Heard even Atwell lost to one of them. I know Lucky has a plan………more on Vegas next issue

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August 2011 - The Break 27



Raises Money for Denver Pool Instructor and Stroke Victim Tom Ross

Denver – The “Cueing Folks with Strokes” fundraiser was held Saturday, July 9th, 2011 at the Wynkoop Brewing Company at 1634 18th Street, Denver, CO. Money from the event helps pay daily living expenses for Tom Ross, a Denver pool instructor and former Billiards Digest Magazine writer who suffered a stroke last November. Ross, 50, does not have health insurance and now requires expensive health treatment. At this time his ability to read, write and talk is extremely limited. Steve Thomas of Denver won the pool tournament, his prize was a beautiful Murrey brand “Californian” pool table donated by Tom Ross himself. The event -- organized by Wynkoop Brewing pool pro Melissa “The Viper” Little --raised approximately $4800. 85% of the proceeds went to Ross, the remaining 15% was donated to Boulder Community Hospital’s In-Patient Rehabilitation Center. Staff from Boulder Community Hospital’s rehab center were on hand at the event to educate attendees to the dangers of strokes. “I want people to recognize the early warning signs of strokes,” Little says. “Strokes have taken the lives of some of the heroes of our local pool community, and one has now turned Tom’s life upside down. Quick action can save your life and limit the effects of a stroke.” Little has launched a Web site -- – that includes info on the early symptoms of strokes. At the site pool players can purchase instructional DVDs produced by Ross and his pool partner “Dr. Dave.” Money from the sales of these DVDs goes to Ross. The event also featured a silent auction and “challenge the pro” matches with Little, Danny Medina and Mark Haddad. Prior to the start of the event, players gathered to recognize those pool players who have suffered strokes, including Colorado’s own Steve Knight. Knight lost his life to a stroke last year. Wynkoop Brewing Company donated staff, pool hall space and lunches for the event. Other contributors include Ozone Billiards,, Michael Toscano, Dave and Diane Gross, John Hopkins, Dr. Cue Promotions/Tom & Marty Rossman and www.onthebreaknews. com. A full list of contributors to the event can be found at

28 The Break - August 2011

Winner of the event Mr. Steve Thomas

BEF JUNIORS (continued from page 9) the 18-and-under boys’ division also received an entry into the 2011 WPA World Junior 9-Ball Championships. As well as enjoying all the excitement of the main event, players, families and fans were mesmerized by the sweet venom of “The Black Widow” Jeanette Lee. Lee was available during the event for challenge matches, clinics and shared her personal story of adversity and inspirational words to over 250 attendees at the BEF Junior National banquet. Other excitement included the Junior National “Artistic Pool” Championship, facilitated by none other than World Trick Shot Champion, Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman with wife Marty “Ms. Cue.” Also available was BCA Master Instructor, Jerry Briesath, who tirelessly worked with eager youth who were interested in perfecting their game. Much appreciation goes out to all who diligently worked to help produce a first class event, including: tournament director Earl Munson for keeping the event running smoothly and for his volunteer work throughout the year; volunteer referees: Rick Doner, Justin Ballou and Jamie Strait; Melvin and Tammy Leonard for their assistance with the mini-tournaments, parent/child partner tournament and assistance throughout the week; to Christian Riddle, Huskies Den manager and all his staff; and BEF personnel Dawn Hopkins and Laura Smith. A special “thank you” to all of the event sponsors who made the 2011 Junior National 9-Ball Championships possible: Simonis Cloth, Billiard Congress of America (BCA), Aramith Billiard Balls, Dr. Cue Promotions, Northern Illinois University (NIU) /Holmes Student Center/ Huskies Den and the BEF. Also, thanks to all the product donors who contributed to the junior prizes. A list of donors can be viewed on the BEF website at www.Billiard 9-BALL CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS: 18 & Under Boys’ Division 1st Danny Olson- Broomfield, CO 2nd Brendan Crockett - Bell Canyon, CA 3rd Tyler Styer - Brookfield, WI 4th Chad Behnke - Farley, IA 18 & Under Girls’ Division 1st Briana Miller - Allentown, PA 2nd Brooke Zimmermann - Gloversville, NY 3rd Ashley Fisher - Ocala, FL 4th Kendra Russell - Salem, OR 14 & Under Boys’ Division 1st Billy Thorpe - Dayton, OH 2nd Shawn Begay - Gallup, NM 3rd Austen Russell - Cherryville, NC 4th Joey Torres - Tomball, TX 14 & Under Girls’ Division 1st Taylor Reynolds - Waterville, ME 2nd April Larson - Bloomington, MN 3rd Julianna Poutry - Ayer, MA 4th Morgan Chesla - Mantua, OH About Billiard Education Foundation The Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which is committed to promoting education and encourages the development of life skills through youth billiard programs. The BEF funds academic scholarships, produces the Junior National 9-Ball Championships, supports billiard athletes to attend the WPA World Junior 9-Ball Championships and promotes “Pool In School” programs. For more information, please visit or call 303.926.1039.

APA of Snohomish County

Offering: 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Double Jeopardy, Masters, Scotch Doubles Areas: Everett, Lynnwood, Marysville, Snohomish, Arlington, Mount Vernon League Operator: Jeff Bowman Ph: 360-659-POOL (7665)

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August 2011 - The Break 29



ABP Asks to Secure Funds From the Law Offices of Dennis M. Walsh, ABP General Counsel Attorney The ABP would like to address some of the issues that have surfaced during the recent negotiations with Barry Behrman. We would have preferred to keep the negotiations private but some of the issues raised by Barry Behrman are somewhat misleading and need to be addressed. First we need to address Mr. Behrman’s statement that the players listed in the original press release had been “blindsided” and did not support the ABP’s stance. To date, only one ABP pro member has changed their mind and has requested that their name be deleted. In fact, Darren Appleton, the defending US Open 9-Ball champion, contrary to statements made by Mr. Behrman has indicated that he still supports our position. In addition, more professional players have joined the ABP’s initiative to not attend the US Open 9-Ball Championship in the effort to provide financial security for all players worldwide. 5429 100th St SW (corner of 100th & Bridgeport)

Lakewood, WA

253-584-1919 3-8’ Diamond Pool Tables Fri & Sat Night Tournaments $5 entry - BCA Rules Double Elimination - Starts 7PM House matches the pot

Notable players to be added include Niels Feijen of the Netherlands, and BCA Open Champion Tony Robles of the USA . The updated complete list of names follows at the bottom of this release. The ABP has made it clear for more than a year that it wanted Barry Behrman to make sure that he would be able to pay the players the promised prizes at the conclusion of The US Open Nine Ball Tournament. Last year, after repeated promises by Mr. Behrman that he would pay everyone on time, the ABP relented and attended the event. However, as has happened in previous years, not all of the players were paid as promised. In fact, it was much later that the players were finally paid. In 2007, Shane Van Boening did not receive all his prize money until seven months after his win; in 2008 and 2009 Mika Immonen did not receive all his money until nine months after his wins; in 2010

Ma’s Tavern Big Shot 9-Ball

August 20-21, 2011 $15 entry + $5 green fee

Darren Appleton did not receive all his money until three months after his win. Since then, Mr.Behrman promoted another event in March of 2011, the Masters 10-Ball for which he advertised a prize fund of $35,000 added. He reduced the added money by $5000, just before the event. At the start of the first day, he further reduced the added money another $5000. After the event ended, Mr.Behrman failed to pay many of the top finishers, and till this day still owes a balance of $10,000 to Mika Immonen, the winner of the event. This year, the ABP has been telling Barry Behrman from the beginning that he needed to put the guaranteed prize money in escrow so that the players could count on being paid. Initially, he refused to discuss the matter, hanging up on representatives of the Board. Since he would not guarantee the prize money, the ABP released the press release that they would not attend the event

K C’s Midway Bar & Grill

1003 7th St-Oregon City, OR (503) 656-9501

First 64 entries will play - Call to sign up

Monday 9-Ball FREE Entry - 7:30

3411 Pacific Blvd SW - Albany OR 541-928-4055

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$300 added w/30+ players

unless the prize money was, in fact, guaranteed. Since that time, there have been discussions between representatives of the ABP and Barry Behrman. The ABP indicated that it needed the added money in escrow 30 days before the event, and the entry fees in escrow, as the fees were paid by entrants. Mr. Behrman agreed to do two things. 1) Put the added money of $50,000.00 in escrow 30 days before the event; and 2) Put up, as collateral, his corporate papers and rights to the US Open 9 ball Tournament. The ABP indicated that it needed the rest of the entry fees in escrow before the members would commit to taking part in the tournament. The collateral of the US Open Corporate papers was not something that the players organization wanted. The ABP is not an entity set up to run tournaments, but

$3 per player added

Rodders Grub & Pub Great Happy Hour Menu Monday thru Thursday 4-7 pm Food & Drink Specials 9 pm till Midnight Food Specials

Great Food - Lottery Full Service Bar 8 Diamond Pool Tables 4 Dart Boards & Shuffleboard

Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner (Breakfast served until 2PM)

19195 S Molalla Ave - Oregon City, OR 503.650.2363 30 The Break - August 2011



(continued from page 15)

tens. I said, “Are we gonna go?” He said “No, let’s play. Your rack.” I won over $200 the next rack. Now I have gotten my money back for the car and paid the money I owed for the car. I had won $800 give or take. As I thought to myself, really I was only even. I had gotten my money back for the $500 and $300 I had owed for the car. Not bad for a day’s work of goofing off and playing pool. But the day wasn’t over yet. Al wanted to play more. To make a long story short I walked out of there with over $1200 plus a car! Not bad for a door-to-door salesman. Al never really was mad that I could tell, he kept on joking as we sat down to have a steak dinner before we headed back to Savannah. And of course, I paid for the steak. I didn’t work for Al after that, I went back to Kirby for a while and never did hear from Al again. I never knew if he kept the office and made a ton of money with Bison or what ... ? I’ve always said, it wasn’t that I was that great at playing pool, it was that Al, just wasn’t.

If anybody has a story they would like to share - email us at:


(continued from page 22)

Modelo, Holly Robinson, and Jessica Skye had their highest ever finishes at this stop. Seeing their game continue to get better at each stop, is rewarding for them and those of us who have watched them play for years. This was the second year that Breaktime Billiards has participated and it has proven to be a great location for the tour. Owner Joe Gonzalez contributed $750.00 to the main event and second chance prize fund and was happy to show the recent remodeling which allowed all spectators to eat while viewing the matches. Joe has Good Luck plans for the growth of Breaktime Billiards in Vegas including expansion to other cities. We welcomed Magic Rack and Mark Griffin Bozeman as another one of our sponsors. All matches Bar 9 Eagles were played utilizing it achieving a balanced Crystal Bar tight rack. Molly Brown Again we want to thank our main sponsor Scoop Tiger for providing us with the items for Cats Paw our raffles, the Bar sponsors for contributing Filling Station Frank-N-Steins to our prize fund, Doug Woo and Bernie Mixers Garma from West The Haufbrau Coast Players for doing the live streaming, Hideaway Diablo Valley Pool Leagues for their Legion Club continued support and finally thanks again, Belgrade The Hub Bar to Magic Rack for joining the tour. Friendly Next stop is August 13-14 at Hard Times in Lucky Palms Sacramento—a great venue to play or watch Manhattan pool, come to the next stop and come join Broken Arrow the growth, the fun, and the competition. Sir Scott’s Oasis American Legion Players can join at any stop. For more info Three Forks go to

(continued from page 30)

an organization set up to help protect the players. They would not be in a position to auction off Corporate papers, should it become necessary, to make sure that the winners were paid on time. It was suggested to Mr. Behrman that if the Corporate papers had that much value, perhaps they could be used as collateral and a third party could guaranty the funds. Any default in the obligation would result in that third party obtaining the rights that Mr. Behrman was willing to pledge. After the position of the ABP was communicated to Mr. Behrman, no further effort was made by Mr. Behrman to negotiate and he issued a press release that negotiations had come to an impasse. The ABP would like to reiterate its position that all it really wants is to be sure that the players will be paid as promised at the event. Nothing that Mr. Behrman has offered ensures the payment. His past history in this and other events does not give players much faith in his statement that the players will be paid at the event. In the event that Mr. Behrman cannot raise the necessary funds, perhaps another organization can step in and bid on Mr. Behrman’s corporate papers to allow him to raise the necessary funds. The ABP members will need to make their travel arrangements at least a month in advance of the tournament and are hopeful that Mr. Behrman will be able to come up with a creative solution in order to meet his obligation. The ABP has set a deadline of September 15, 2011 for all added monies and entry fees to be collected by a third party approved by the ABP pro players. ABP Pro Players Not Attending the US Open 9-Ball 1. Johnny Archer USA 2. Mika Immonen FIN 3. Darren Appleton ENG 4. Niels Feijen NED 5. Tony Robles USA 6. Adam Smith USA 7. Frankie Hernandez USA 8. Efren Reyes PHI 9. Francisco Bustamante PHI 10. Darren Appleton ENG 11. Shane Van Boening USA 12. Rodney Morris USA 13. Alex Pagulayan PHI 14. Dennis Orcullo PHI 15. Thorsten Hohmann GER 16. Lee Van Corteza PHI 17. John Schmidt USA 18. Corey Deuel USA 19. Huidji See NED 20. Mike Sigel USA 21. Buddy Hall USA 22. CJ Wiley USA 23. Tony Drago MLT 24. Raj Hundal IND

25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47.

Karl Boyes ENG Imran Majid ENG Marcus Chamat SWE Roberto Gomez PHI Carlo Biado PHI Warren Kiamco PHI Antonio Lining PHI Jundel Mazon PHI Shawn Putnam USA Mike Davis USA Stevie Moore USA Oscar Dominguez USA Charlie Williams USA Dennis Hatch USA Jeremy Jones USA Allen Hopkins USA Scott Frost USA Ernesto Dominguez MEX Kim Davenport USA Robb Saez USA Tony Crosby USA Art Wiggins USA Tommy Najar USA

Frontier Bar Town Club Plaza Sacajawea Hotel

August 2011 - The Break 31




CALL FIRST: Dates, Times & Tournaments are subject to change without notice.

DAY Mondays Wednesdays Thursdays Saturdays Sundays

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CITY Pocatello Twin Falls Pocatello Emmett Twin Falls Twin Falls Twin Falls Twin Falls Twin Falls Pocatello Twin Falls

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CITY LOCATION Snohomish Kornerpocket Billiardz Spokane 7th Rail Spokane Black Diamond Everett O’Finnigan’s Pub Kenmore Golden Fleece Mountlake Terr O’Houlie’s Pub Spokane 7th Rail Spokane 7th Rail Spokane Black Diamond Sumner Log Cabin Tacoma Malarkey’s Pool & Brew Bellevue Mustard Seed Everett P C’s Pub Kenmore Golden Fleece Lynnwood Inn Sports Bar & Grill Snohomish Kornerpocket Billiardz Tacoma Malarkey’s Pool & Brew Tacoma Latitude 84 Belfair Allen’s Billiards Belfair Allen’s Billiards Everett P C’s Pub Olympia Frankies Spokane 7th Rail Spokane 7th Rail Tacoma Latitude 84 Kenmore Golden Fleece Lakewood Schooners Ocean Park Doc’s Tavern Snohomish Kornerpocket Billiardz Spokane 7th Rail Tacoma Latitude 84 Tacoma Malarkey’s Pool & Brew Vancouver Legends Vancouver Spot Bar & Grill Kenmore Golden Fleece Lakewood Schooners Spokane 7th Rail Sumner Log Cabin Tacoma Latitude 84 Vancouver Legends Vancouver Spot Bar & Grill Olympia Frankies Tacoma Latitude 84 Tacoma Malarkey’s Pool & Brew Tacoma Malarkey’s Pool & Brew

32 The Break - August 2011

PHONE (208) 233-1841 (208) 733-9676 (208) 233-1841 (208) 398-7321 (208) 733-9676 (208) 733-9676 (208) 733-9676 (208) 733-9676 (208) 733-9676 (208) 232-9347 (208) 733-9676

PHONE (360) 862-9054 (509) 325-7751 (253) 226-3594 (425) 745-4805 (425) 908-7332 (425) 776-1833 (509) 325-7751 (509) 325-7751 (253) 226-3594 (253) 863-2905 (253) 226-3594 (425) 603-9001 (425) 258-9465 (253) 226-3594 (425) 743-0700 (360) 862-9054 (253) 383-3301 (253) 531-5154 (360) 275-2668 (360) 275-2668 (425) 258-9465 (360) 455-0352 (509) 325-7751 (509) 325-7751 (253) 531-5154 (425) 908-7332 (253) 584-1919 (360) 665-4105 (360) 862-9054 (509) 325-7751 (253) 531-5154 (253) 383-3301 (360) 693-8125 (360) 256-1110 (425) 908-7332 (253) 584-1919 (509) 325-7751 (253) 863-2905 (253) 531-5154 (360) 693-8125 (360) 256-1110 (360) 455-0352 (253) 531-5154 (253) 383-3301 (253) 226-3594

EVENT / RULES 8-Ball or 9-Ball Handicap 8-Ball Handicapped 8-Ball or 9-Ball Handicap 9-Ball (Scratch bucket) 8-Ball Mixed Doubles 8-Ball Women’s Open 8-Ball No Big Dogs 8-Ball Big Dogs Open 8-Ball Big Girls Open 8/9 Ball Alternating 8-Ball Seniors 55+

ENTRY ADDED $5 100% payout $6 $$$ w/16+ $5 150% payout $5 $2/player $10+$5 g.f. $$$ w/16+ $10+$5 g.f. $$$ w/16+ $10+$5 g.f. $$$ w/16+ $20+$5 g.f. $$$ w/16+ $20+$5 g.f. $$$ w/16+ $5 Matching $5

TIME 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM Noon Noon Noon Noon Noon 8:00PM 1:00PM

EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED TIME 8/9 Ball B & below $5 50% 7:00PM Texas Holdem Poker $5 Call 211 $10 Combined 6:30PM 8-Ball BIH Vegas Rules $5+$2 g.f. 100% 8:00PM 8-Ball $10 based on field 7:30PM 8-Ball $5 100% 7:30PM 8-Ball Call 8:00PM Texas Holdem Poker $10 Call 211 $10 Combined 6:30PM 9-Ball Vegas Rules $5 Matching 7:00PM 211 $10 Combined 6:15PM 8-Ball B only Limit 16 $5 up to $100 7:30PM Vegas 8 Ball $5 7:30PM 211 $10 Combined 7:15PM 8-Ball - BCA Rules $5 100% 7:00PM 8-Ball - Mod Vegas rules $5 50% 7:00PM 9 Ball-Race to 3-DE $5+3 g.f. 7:30PM 9-Ball $5+$3 g.f. 8:00PM 8-Ball (1st & 3rd Thurs) $7+$3 g.f. $$$ 7:00PM 9-Ball (2nd & 4th Thurs) $7+$3 g.f. $$$ 7:00PM Poker $20 buy in 7:30PM 9-Ball Valley Rules $5 Matching 7:00PM Cribbage $6 6:00PM Texas Holdem Poker $15 7:00PM Poker 6 & 9PM 9-Ball $10 based on field 7:30PM 9-Ball BCA rules $5 100% 7:00PM 8-Ball Open $3 Meat Shoot 7:00PM 9-Ball Mod Vegas Rules $5 50% 7:00PM 9-Ball Call 8:00PM Poker Call 6 & 9PM 9 Ball-Race to 3-DE $5+3 g.f. 7:30PM 8 Ball - Mod BCA $5 Matching 7:30PM 8-Ball Call Pocket $2 Matching 8:00PM 9-Ball $10 based on field 7:30PM 8-Ball BCA rules $5 100% 7:00PM 8-Ball Call 8:00PM 8-Ball $5 Matching 2:00PM Poker 6 & 9PM 8 Ball - Mod BCA $5 Matching 7:30PM Blind Draw Scotch Dbls $3 $2/player 8:00PM 8-Ball Valley Rules $5 Matching 6:00PM Poker Call 6 & 9PM 8-Ball $5 100% 2:00PM 211 $10 Combined 4:00PM

WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS CITY Forest Grove Milwaukie Oregon City Salem Coos Bay Forest Grove Milwaukee Milwaukee Beaverton Portland Salem Albany Coos Bay Forest Grove Medford Oregon City Oregon City Oregon City Salem Albany Forest Grove Forest Grove Gresham Milwaukie Oregon City Salem Albany Beaverton Forest Grove Portland Portland

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Sun Valley Sun Valley Sun Valley Sun Valley

Harvey’s Harvey’s Harvey’s Harvey’s

(775) 673-8787 (775) 673-8787 (775) 673-8787 (775) 673-8787

8-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball 9-Ball

$5 $5 $2/player $5 $5

7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM Noon



Riverside Sacramento

Shooters Jointed Cue Family Billiards Broken Rack Shooters Jointed Cue Hard Times CA Billiard Club Shooters Hard Times Broken Rack Shooters Family Billiards DVPL CA Billiard Club CA Billiard Club (last Sat) Shooters Hard Times CA Billiard Club CA Billiard Club (last Sun)

(951) 785-9588 (916) 456-3243 (415) 931-1115 (510) 652-9808 (951) 785-9588 (916) 456-3243 (562) 867-7733 (650) 965-3100 (951) 785-9588 (562) 867-7733 (510) 652-9808 (951) 785-9588 (415) 931-1115 (510) 861-0812 (650) 965-3100 (650) 965-3100 (951) 785-9588 (562) 867-7733 (650) 965-3100 (650) 965-3100

9-Ball Handicap 9’ Tables 9-Ball B 9-Ball Handicap WorldPPA 9-Ball Handicapped 9-Ball Open staggered entry 3 Cushion Handicap WorldPPA 8-Ball 9-Ball Handicap 9’ Tables 9-Ball Handicap 9-Ball Open 9-Ball 9-Ball Handicap Tourny at Vinnie’s Bar WorldPPA 9-Ball/SE WorldPPA 9-Ball/SE 10-Ball Hndcp 9’ tables 9-Ball Open - Limit 32 10-Ball Open SE 10-Ball Open SE

$11 $5 $20 $20 $100 1st Tues only $12 $5-$15 $50 $17 incl g.f. $100 w/20+ $11 $11 $10 $20 Call $12 $20 Call $11 $22 $100 $20 $$$ $20 $10 $20 $100

8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 6:00PM 8:00PM 7:30PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 6:00PM 6:00PM 1:00PM 12:30PM 6:00PM 6:00PM


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Riverside Bellflower Emeryville Riverside

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Mountain View Mountain View

Mountain View Mountain View


Riverside Bellflower

LOCATION Ballad Town Billiards River Road House K C Midway Sharky’s Silver Dollar Ballad Town Billiards Wichita Wichita Underground Sports Bar Greek Village Sharky’s Ma’s Tavern Silver Dollar Ballad Town Billiards Rackem K C Midway Rodders Rodders 10 Ball Run out Jake’s Bar & Grill Ma’s Tavern Ballad Town Billiards Ballad Town Billiards Pub 181 River Road House K C Midway Jake’s Bar & Grill Ma’s Tavern (1st Sun) Underground Sports Bar Ballad Town Billiards NiteHawk Sam’s Billiards

PHONE (503) 357-1111 (503) 653-5885 (503) 656-9501 (503) 391-4912 (541) 888-5634 (503) 357-1111 (503) 654-4201 (503) 654-4201 (503) 848-8888 (503) 643-2119 (503) 391-4912 (541) 928-4055 (541) 888-5634 (503) 357-1111 (541) 779-6111 (503) 656-9501 (503) 650-2363 (503) 650-2363 (503) 362-3600 (541) 928-4055 (253) 226-3594 (503) 357-1111 (503) 666-4457 (503) 653-5885 (503) 656-9501 (503) 362-3600 (541) 928-4055 (503) 848-8888 (503) 357-1111 (503) 285-7177 (503) 282-8266

EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED 8-Ball BCA 2/2 DE $5+$2 g.f. $3 8-Ball Open $5+$2 g.f. $$$ 9 Ball - No masters FREE $3/player Pool Tournament $5 $10/player w/20+ Players Choice $5 $$$ w/9+ 9-Ball/BCA 3/2 DE $5+$2 g.f. $3 8-Ball (max 32) $5 House Matches 8-Ball (last Wed only) $5 $100 Bonus 1st 9-Ball BCA Rules-No Masters $5 House Matches Pool Tournament $5 50% Pool Tournament $5 $10/player w/20+ 9-Ball Race to 3 $3 $30 8-Ball $5 $$$ w/9+ 8-Ball/BCA 2/2 DE $5+$2 g.f. $3 8-Ball Call Call 9 Ball Play on Diamond Tables $5 $3/player 8-Ball Race to 2 $5 Matching One ticket drawn-House Rules $100 Guar or pot 8 Ball-Open $5 $$$ 8-Ball Race to 2 $3 $30 211 $10 100% payout (3rd Sat) Darts: Cricket/501 $7 $5/player 9-Ball $5 Matching 8 Ball BCA Handicap $7 $$$ 8 Ball No Masters $5 House Matches 8-Ball Blind Draw Sc Doubles $5 $$$ 8-Ball Sc Dbls (co-ed) $5/person $$$ 8-Ball BCA Rules-No Masters $5 House Matches 9-Ball BCA 3/2 DE $5+$2 g.f. $3 8 Ball $3M/$2W $100 Straight Pool (1st Sun.) $15

TIME 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 6:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 7:30PM Call 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 6:00PM 7:00PM 11:00AM 1:00PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 2:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 6:00PM 11:00AM


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CALL FIRST: Dates, Times & Tournaments are subject to change without notice.

August 2011 - The Break 33

Tournament Trail Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice DATE Aug 6-7 Aug 6-7 Aug 7 Aug 13 Aug 13-14 Aug 13-14 Aug 20-21 Aug 20-21 Aug 27 Aug 27 Aug 27 Aug 27-28 Sep 1-5 Sep 1-5 Sep 1-5 Sep 1-5 Sep 1-5 Sep 1-5 Sep 1-5 Sep 1-5 Sep 3 Sep 4 Sep 3-5 Sep 10 Sep 17-18 Sep 17-18 Sep 17-18 Sep 17-18 Oct 2 Oct 6-9 Oct 7-9 Oct 8-9 Oct 9 Oct 8 Oct 10 Oct 11-16 Oct 15-16 Oct 15-16 Oct 22 Nov 19-20

CITY Lynnwood, WA Bellflower, CA Portland, OR Salem, OR Sacramento, CA Bellevue, WA Albany, OR Mtn View, CA Bremerton, WA Spokane, WA Concord, CA Tacoma, WA Scottsdale, AZ Scottsdale, AZ Scottsdale, AZ Scottsdale, AZ Scottsdale, AZ Scottsdale, AZ Scottsdale, AZ Scottsdale, AZ Belgrade, MT Portland, OR Spokane, WA Salem, OR Kenmore, WA Bremerton, WA San Jose, CA Mtn View, CA Portland, OR Phoenix, AZ Phoenix, AZ Phoenix, AZ Phoenix, AZ Salem, OR Lincoln City, OR Lincoln City, OR San Francisco, CA Mtn View, CA Bozeman, MT Emeryville, CA

LOCATION Uncle Jack’s (See ad p29) Hard Times (See ad July) Sam’s Billiards (See ad p22) The Cue Ball (See ad p24) TWCWT (See ad p13) NWPA (See ad p16) Ma’s Tavern (See ad p30) CA Billiard Club (See ad p6) Behind the Rock (See ad p25) Behind the Rock (See ad p25) Vinnie’s Bar (See ad p5) Malarkey’s (See ad p5) BCAPL/CSI (See ad p35) BCAPL/CSI (See ad p35) BCAPL/CSI (See ad p35) BCAPL/CSI (See ad p35) BCAPL/CSI (See ad p35) BCAPL/CSI (See ad p35) BCAPL/CSI (See ad p35) BCAPL/CSI (See ad p35) Hub Bar (See ad p10) Sam’s Billiards (See ad p22) Black Diamond (See ad p16) The Cue Ball (See ad p24) NWPA (See ad p16) Stixx & Stones (See ad p21) TWCWT (See ad p13) CA Billiard Club (See ad p6) Sam’s Billiards (See ad p22) Bull Shooters (See ad p8) Bull Shooters (See ad p8) Bull Shooters (See ad p8) Bull Shooters (See ad p8) The Cue Ball (See ad p24) Western BCA (See ad p8) Western BCA (See ad p8) TWCWT (See ad p13) CA Billiard Club (See ad p6) Eagles #326 (See ad p29) TWCWT (See ad p13)

PHONE (425) 640-5474 (562) 682-8797 (503) 282-8266 (503) 362-9740 (510) 329-3566 (206) 920-1936 (541) 928-4055 (650) 965-3100 (253) 226-3594 (253) 226-3594 (510) 861-0829 (253) 383-3301 (702) 719-7665 (702) 719-7665 (702) 719-7665 (702) 719-7665 (702) 719-7665 (702) 719-7665 (702) 719-7665 (702) 719-7665 (406) 388-1811 (503) 282-8266 (509) 891-8357 (503) 362-9740 (206) 920-1936 (360-377-2359 (510) 329-3566 (650) 965-3100 (503) 282-8266 (219) 465-8101 (219) 465-8101 (219) 465-8101 (219) 465-8101 (503) 362-9740 (510) 329-3566 (650) 965-3100 (406) 587-9996 (510) 329-3566

EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED 9-Ball Seattle Open Race 9 $75 $1,000 w/48 9-Ball Tad Cup “B” Race to 7/5 $50 Call Straight Pool $15 9-Ball So. Willamette Valley players $10 $200 9-Ball Tour Call Call 9-Ball Tour Stop Call $500 Min. 9-Ball Handicap Races $15+$5 $300 w/30+ One Pocket - Race to 3 - DE $40 $400 Guar BTR Trimester Event 6-Div $35 $400+ BTR Trimester Event 6-Div $35 $400+ Dave Piona Memorial $20 $500 10-Ball Race to 7 $40+$10 g.f. $1,000 w/64 SW Regional Scotch Doubles $30/team $6,000 (all div) SW Regional AZ Only Rated Singles $35 SW Regional Men’s Open Singles $60 SW Regional Women’s Open Singles $50 SW Regional Men Adv/Master Singles $75 SW Regional Wmn Adv/Master Singles $65 SW Regional Men’s Mixed Team $140 SW Regional Women’s Team $120 8-Ball Open Doubles $20 $200-$300 Straight Pool $15 9-Ball Spokane Open $60+$15 g.f. $3,000 w/128 9-Ball So. Willamette Valley players $10 $200 Tour stop at Golden Fleece Call $500 9-Ball Open Race to 9/9 $45+$10 g.f. $1,000 w/64 9-Ball Tour Call Call One Pocket - Race to 3 - DE $40 $400 Guar Straight Pool $15 9-Ball Singles 4 Divisions $35 ea. $250ea w/full field 8-Ball Singles 5 Divisions $35/$60 $250/$500 ea 9-Ball 4 Divisions $20-$60 $500 w/full fields 8/9-Ball Singles 3 Divisions $20/35 $500 w/full fields 9-Ball So. Willamette Valley players $10 $200 Minis & Ring Game Fun Night Call Call 9-Ball Regionals Men & Women Varies $17,500 9-Ball Tour at Family Billiards Call Call One Pocket - Race to 3 - DE $40 $400 Guar “Chip” Pool Classic - Limit 42 $10 Call 9-Ball Tour at The Broken Rack Call Call TM

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34 The Break - August 2011

TIME 9:00AM Call 11:00AM 10:00AM Call Call 10:00AM 1:00PM Call Call 10:30AM Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call 10:30AM 11:00AM 7:00PM 10:00AM Call 9:30AM Call 1:00PM 11:00AM Noon Noon Noon Noon 10:00AM 7:00PM Online Call 1:00PM 10:00AM Call

2011 BCAPL Southwest Regional Championships

September 1-5, 2011 $6,000 Added Radisson Fort McDowell 10438 North Fort McDowell Rd Scottsdale, Arizona 85264

Format: Handicapped 8-Ball BCAPL Rules Equipment: 7’ Diamond Smart Tables Simonis 860 Tour Blue Cloth Red Circle Cue Balls Super Aramith Pro Balls

Divisions & Entry Fees NEW DIVISION CRITERIA

READ ENTRY FORMS FOR DETAILS VIEW & DOWNLOAD AT WWW.PLAYBCA.COM Regular Entry Deadline 08/15/11 Late Fees Start 08/16/11 Hotel Reservations: Scotch Doubles (32 team max field) (per team) $30 Mention BCAPL Southwest Regional AZ Only (6 & Under) Rated Singles $35 Room Block Rates (two options): Men’s Open Singles $60 Women’s Open Singles $50 $129 (which includes $50 daily resort credit) Men’s Advanced / Master Singles $75 $89 (without the resort credit / room only) Women’s Advanced / Master Singles $65

TO ENTER: REGISTER ONLINE AT WWW.CTSONDEMAND.COM Forms fax faxed or mailed entries at Produced by:

All teams are 4 player teams Men’s Mixed Team (per team) $140 Women’s Team (per team) $120 SPECIAL EVENTS TRICK SHOTS by Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman BCAPL SWIMMING POOL PARTY DRINK & FOOD SPECIALS Thursday Evening 09/01/11

Contact: CueSports International (CSI) at (702) 719-7665 or email DR. Pool Promotions, Inc.

Profile for The Break

The Break August Issue 2011  

The Pool Players Best Source of Information features Liz Cole of the NWPA on the front cover. Read all about Jimmy Caras at Drexeline Billia...

The Break August Issue 2011  

The Pool Players Best Source of Information features Liz Cole of the NWPA on the front cover. Read all about Jimmy Caras at Drexeline Billia...

Profile for thebreak