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‘The Kid’ Rrrrrrrr…olls!

By Rob Cameron win the “B” side and set up the showdown for first place. Piercing black eyes. The cap pulled low. A 24” bridge. Shape on the next shot. Who can it be other than Mike Vidas, from Vancouver, B. C.. Mike is Mike worked his way through the “A” side with wins over; Bob Heideman, Tim Tweedell (7-5), Mike now a two time champion of Jensen, Pon Kanlaya, and the Maltese Bar and Grill Kris Iverson (8-2) before Open 9-Ball Tournaments. losing to J. D. for the point. Vidas won his first As he has for the last two tournament at the Maltese in months, J. D. continued his Kelso, WA in January 2002. hot play as he cruised to win He tied for 8th in November. the point Sunday afternoon. In a match that resembled Victims who succumbed to the total domination he J. D.’s quiet, confident displayed against Santos approach included; Mike Sambojan, (9-0), in The Reno Stevens (7-0), Joe Trevino (7Open in December, Mike 4), Bennie Renteria, Bryce outplayed the hottest player Avila (8-2), Dan Louie (8-7), in the Northwest, namely and Vidas (8-7) for the point. John (J.D.) Doherty for his Dan Louie finished third. His second win in three tries at performance reminded this the Maltese. The victory in the two day event held February writer that he was the best in th the world at one time as he 8 and 9th, along with Mike’s (l to r) J.D. 2nd, Mike Vidas 1st, Bruce Birchfield-Owner Maltese Bar & Grill did not have his overall performance in tournaments precise game, but every time he needed to come with a shot he did. In the for the past 13 months, solidifies the fact that he has arrived as one of the match to see who would play J. D. in the single race to 13 final, Louie could top 9-Ball players in Western Canada and the Northwest. In the $1,000 championship match, Mike got out of the gate early and never not make the adjustment to the speed on the championship table as he lost to Vidas (8-2). J. D. sent Dan to the “B” side earlier in a hill-to-hill really gave J. D. a chance until the score was 9-2 in a race to 13. At that thriller. Dan ground out wins over Dave Reavis (7-3), Frank Martin (7-2), point, after some tough rolls and outstanding play from Mike, J. D. couldn’t Merv White, and local favorite John Ward (8-4) before falling to J. D. Sunday get it going. Vidas showed a complete repertoire of shots on the Valley 8’ afternoon. On the “B” side, Louie defeated Pon Kanlaya and Carlos Santos tables as he kicked, hooked, jumped and cut his way to a 13-2 victory. J. D. sent Vidas to the one loss side in the $4,200 tournament (8-7) in the (8-7). In the match with Carlos, Dan was down (7-5) when he ran out the (The Kid continued on page 11) set for the win. battle for the point, to set up the rematch. Mike defeated Dan Louie (8-2) to

What Was Old -- Is Now New

McMenamins Olympic Club By: Pat Sheehan

Yogie Berra had the words for my experience at the Olympic Club, “It was deja vu all over again.” I had heard of this place the McMenamins had brought back to life. On my way from Tacoma to Portland I had to see for myself. As soon as I walked through the front door I was transformed back to the days of my youth when Dad and I traveled to all the old Pool halls. The beveled glass windows and doors that let you into the bar, were very much like Lucky’s before it was moved from Willamette Street. The bar was like the ones that Dad and I walked through to get to the pool tables in the 1940’s when they were on their last gasps as high rents were causing them to close their doors. The ornate Brunswick Balke Collander back bar, the stained glass windows, the beveled lead glass lamps and huge mirrors, were all the rage in the early 1900’s.

Club Patrons and Crew - Circa 1910

They weren’t cheap in the money of those days but the big saloons were a gold mine. In those days it was a man’s world and there was a Bachelors cult. On paydays the bar cashed his check and he spent

most of it before returning to work in the mines, logging camps or the railroad. I continued pushing my way past the bar, which was three deep. It was Friday and the joint was jumping.

Everyone was having a good time in the spectacular surroundings. I followed the signs to the Billiard Room; made a right turn at the end of the bar and sure enough there was the huge wood burning stove so typical of the old places and just beyond I could hear the click of the pool balls. And there they were, seven Brunswick Balke Collander Company Monroe Pool Tables and one Madison 5 x 10 Snooker Table. I felt that same thrill I felt as a kid. “Hey Pat”, a familiar voice came from behind me. It was Ron Spagle, an old friend and life long pool player. “These tables need your special kind of help.” We went back and looked things over. The tables were built after the First World War and the basic structures were sound but the rails were broken and they looked weird. They did need help. We continued to look around. I noticed a spot where the floor was worn through to the sub floor. “Ron (Oly Club continued on page 3)

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The Pool Players Best Source of Information

March 2003


McQ’s Billiards

March 15-16: Class “B” 9-Ball Texas Express Double Elimination Race to 7 both sides $40 entry fee Open to the first 64 paid players

$2,900 Payout

9-Ball Tour Stop April 5-6, 2003

$1,500 ADDED *Entry $50 + $10 green fee Race to 9 Double Elimination * Requires $10 Tour Card to play.

All 9-Ball events are played on 4.5 x 9 Gold Crown III’s. All 8-Ball events are played on 4 x 8 Olhuasen’s. Questions about any event contact Clay Skidmore at McQ’s (509) 891-8357. Send entries to: McQ’s Billiards, 9614 E Sprague, Spokane, WA 99206




Tuesday 9 Ball $50 Added Texas Express Entry $5 + $2 GF Thursday 8 Ball $50 Added BCA Rules Entry $5 + $2 GF

Progressive Break OTB& Run Pot on Weeklies

March 2003

Oly Club

The Pool Players Best Source of Information (continued from front page)

this is where the rack man sat”, I said. “When pool was a nickel a cue he had to run back, rack the balls and collect the nickels. They went right into his apron.” You could see that he was a man in motion. We talked to the players, got their complaints and suggestions plus a brief history. The Olympic Club was opened in 1906 but the tables were made after 1918. The Monroe was first made in 1916 and continued to 1923. The Madison Snooker was made in 1923 to 1927 so it was newer. The club was remodeled in 1918 and the Billiard Room was added then, which fit my recollection. After the great war the boys came back “from over there”, there was a big demand for poolrooms. In Portland the Rialto, the Second Avenue Billiards, East Side Billiards, Ben Fene’s; in Pendleton Sheehan’s Cozy, The Beaver in Corvallis, Lucky’s Club Cigar Store in Eugene; Brown’s in Medford to mention just a few. Remodeling and expansion was the order of the day and Brunswick was shipping tables all Street view of Olympic Club, Hotel, Theater over the U.S. Money was spent on the hope of new times. However, the new times brought Prohibition and hard times were on the way for many places. In 1913 A.J. Forgues opened the New Tourist Bar under the brand new hotel. In 1916 Washington State went dry and Forgues was an honest man and did not want trouble. It was one of the most beautiful places for miles around but in 1916 it closed. Jack Sciutto the owner of the Oly Club was not such an honest man and became the “King of the Bootleggers”. Jack turned a lemon of a law into lemonade by dealing in illegal hooch. The hooch brought in more money than the legal booze before Prohibition. Now Jack couldn’t get by without protection of the Chief of Police and all the local law enforcement. The Billiard Room provided cover and a reason for men to congregate. The cook had a view of the entire place and there were plenty of lookouts to keep an eye out for the unwanted visit. Sure

3rd Annual Gate City Open May 2, 3 & 4, 2003


Added Money

Sponsored by: Watkins Distributing - 1st National Bar Bourbon Barrel & Oasis Bar

Friday May 2nd, 2003 Open 9 ball Entry $40 - Double Elimination - Race to 5 - Finals race to 7

1st Place $800.00 Guaranteed Limited to 64

9-Ball Calcutta Friday 7 P.M. @ 1st National Bar

Men’s 8 Ball Saturday & Sunday 1st Place $1,200.00 Guaranteed

$40 entry Double Elimination Race to 5 Winners/Losers

VNEA Rules

Women’s 8-Ball Saturday & Sunday 1st Place $600.00 Guaranteed

$30 entry Double Elimination VNEA Rules Race to 4 Winners – 3 Losers

8 Ball Calcutta Saturday

11 A.M. Sharp

Play on 13 - 3 1/2 x 7 Valley Tables with Championship Cloth


Send entries to: (each entry receives a free raffle ticket) Bannock Music Co. 455 Pershing Ave. Pocatello, ID 83201 (208) 232-4243

$1.99 Breakfast @ 1st National Saturday Morning


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@ Econolodge 835 S. 5th 1-800-377-0451

Men’s 8 Ball Women’s 8 Ball 1 st $1,200.00 1 st $600.00 2 nd $ 800.00 2 nd $400.00 $ 600.00 3rd $300.00 3rd 4 th $ 400.00 4 th $200.00 5th-6th $ 175.00 5th-6th $100.00 7th-8th $ 125.00 100% PAYBACK $10.00 Late Fee after April 30, 2003 No entries without money!

there were plenty of busts but the Oly Club survived because of Jack’s clout with the law. Prohibition ended and the Club was back in the legal business and money was rolling in. The depression slowed down the drinking, but Winds of Change Have Blown pool was a cheap way Judy and Sean Camenzind to idle away the time and perhaps a guy could win a few bucks if he played well. The man’s world continued through Prohibition and the Depression. All the men were playing pool or cards, but women would be there “when pigs fly”. The sign over the door reads, “Women’s patronage not solicited”, but in the 70’s things changed and women came in. Now about half of the customers are women. Now you can see a mom teaching her son how to play pool. The man’s world continued from Prohibition through the Depression but a real obstacle came in 1942 when all the young men to middle age were called back into action in World War II. There was a mass exodus of men from Centralia, but the hope was they would return to play pool when the war was over. Art Vogel who now owned the club was sure they would pick up their cues. The G.I. Bill changed all this. The boys would be going back to school, and buying a home to get married and raise a family. Education took them out of the mines and lumber camps and put them into banks, law offices and the business world. Pot bellied stove in the pool room Nothing can ruin a guy’s pool game like a happy marriage. If they did play they went into the smaller clubs and (Oly Club continued on page 15)

March 2003

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March 2003

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By: Sharon Marshall, Tournament Director

Valentine Tournament

Woodinville, WA February 15 & 16 There was an over abundance of players at McCorry’s for their annual Valentine Mixed Scotch Doubles Tournament. For the first time ever for this event, there were 34 teams who wanted their share of the prize money. I was slightly overwhelmed at the number of teams that wanted to play, and I wanted to make sure they were going to have a good time – win or lose. The team from Canada, Brenda Willis and Gord Gervais had every intention of staying on the winners side and they accomplished that. Their first opponent, Cathy Young and Pete Phillipe, were the first of many teams sent to the loser bracket. Janie Reckard and Scott Chandler followed Cathy and Pete to the loser side, along with Tamre’ Rogers and Jeff May, Natalie Wiita and Marvin Seal. The next opposing team of Chrissy Ishida and Frank Anthony was sent to the loser bracket to await another chance at them. Saturday play started at 10 am and the 34 teams who started were down to 12 teams by 2 am Sunday morning. These 12 teams returned again at 10 am Sunday to start the shuffling for positions and prize money. There were many teams left in the dust as the way was paved for Chrissy and Frank to meet Brenda and Gord again. For Chrissy and Frank, the road was paved with some very tough competition. Their first opponent was Julie and Vic Valdez, followed by Cindy and Ronnie Sliva, Marci Cundy and Dave Matiria, Margie Avlon and Tyler Luce. These teams were all sent to the loser bracket, some of them to meet Chrissy and Frank again! Brenda and Gord were setting on the point and were not going to be willing participants to give up that spot. After Chrissy and Frank were sent to the loser side, they watched the teams they had just sent there inch closer and closer to them. Finally Margie and Tyler were to face them again – only to lose again and take home 3rd place prize money. The final match between Brenda & Gord and Chrissy & Frank started at 7 pm Sunday – Chrissy & Frank were determined but alas! so was Brenda & Gord. With a final score of 4-2, Brenda & Gord secured their 1st Place Prize money of $900 and Chrissy & Frank accepting 2nd Place Prize money of $500. Left along the way were these teams to collect 3rd – 12th Place Prize money: $300 Margie Avlon & Tyler Luce 3 rd 4 th $200 Nancy Measor & Jim Conway 5/6 $100 Natalie Wiita & Marvin Seal Cindy & Ronnie Sliva 7/8 $80 Margie Ito & Kris Iverson Mary Olson & Ray Lunde 9/12 $70 Tamre’ Rogers & Jeff May Tina Miller & “Mac” MacDougall Shawn Graves & Ron Graves Marci Cundy & Dave Matiria It was a weekend filled with some awesome pool playing and tough competition. I want to thank all the players for allowing me to be their Tournament Director for the weekend and I enjoyed meeting all the new players I had. Thank you all!


The Club 125 West Pine St

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Okanogan, WA

(509) 422-1907

9-Ball april 5 - 6, 2003 $40 entry - Texas Express - Race to 7 Pays $100 to Top Non-placing Woman based on at least 4 entries

Players Meeting 11 AM - Tournament Follows

$500 ADDED

Friday Night Warm-Up 9-Ball

$10 entry - Starts 7PM - House adds $5/player

Hard Times Billiards of Sacramento 5536 Garfield Ave Sacramento, CA 95841

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Sign up & Free Practice for Paid Entries Noon Tournament Starts at 1PM sharp! Entry fee $20 Race to 6 Winners Side Race to 4 Losers Side

$300 ADDED MONEY $300 BONUS for winning both events !

Added money & bonus is dependent on 32 players in each event. If you’re going to be late to an event call ahead (916) 332-8793 or (916) 332-8798 ask for Russ Pettis - Tournament Director


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March 2003

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(818) 831-0747

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18 Gold Crown III’s

USPPA Tournaments Tues & Wed Sat 9-Ball Handicapped 1PM Entry $20 + $1 Reg. Fee - Race to 9 - Loser Pays Table Time

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Tall Timbers Bar & Grill

3 POOL TABLES APA & TAP LEAGUES Pool Tournys Every Weds. at 7:00PM

COCKTAILS NOW AVAILABLE PULL TABS - BAR TOP VIDEO GAMES Good Food, Good Friends and an Endless Supply of Fun

35509 21st Ave SW

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Shannon Daulton Efren Reyes Jose Parica Larry Nevel Francisco Bustamante Max Eberle Young-hwa Jeong Danny Harriman Shawn Putnam Rodney Morris Johnny Archer Ralf Souquet Charlie Williams Scott Frost Buddy Hall Mika Immonen Alex Pagulayan Paul Turner Dee Adkins Cliff Joyner

$18,378 $16,800 $13,185 $11,200 $ 9,300 $ 9,025 $ 8,862 $ 7,357 $ 6,950 $ 6,200 $ 5,650 $ 4,150 $ 3,844 $ 3,700 $ 3,693 $ 3,668 $ 3,438 $ 3,000 $ 2,938 $ 2,893

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March 15 - 16

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1700 Harrison Ave - Butte, MT

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Saturday 8-Ball Scotch Doubles $5 entry - House Matches Pot - 2PM

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Monica Webb Sarah Ellerby Belinda Campos Deanna Henson Helena Thornfeldt Phoebe Choy Janet Atwell Terri Kelley Jeannie Seaver Pam Bell Megan Minerich Nicole Mancini Lisa Marr Leslie Anne Rogers Mary Hopkin Hsin Huang Angel Paglia Sueyen Rhee Betty Sessions Kim Gates

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Mondays 9PM-Close: 2/$1 Tacos, $5 Pitchers Wednesdays 6-10PM: Beef & Brew Night $8.95 Steak Dinner $2.75 Micro Pounders Fridays 4-8PM: $2 Cheeseburgers $5 Domestic Pitchers our py H y Hap M Dail Every Monday - Open 9-Ball Tourney 7PM $5 entry P Every Wednesday - Open 8-Ball Tourney 7PM $5 entry 4-6

Full Service Restaurant & Bar

March 2003

The Pool Players Best Source of Information

Mighty Max Takes T.O.P. Prize By Melissa Herndon

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe

Northridge, CA - February 10, 2003 Have you ever wondered what it would be like if every player in a tournament had to face the exact same table lay-out? Have you ever thought to yourself that it would be great if there was no opponent to miss a shot and accidentally leave you safe? If so, then welcome to T.O.P. - Total Offense Pool. T.O.P. - created by John Bryant and Joe Porper - held their inaugural tournament this weekend at Billiard Connection in Northridge, CA. The prospect of an exciting new format drew such notables as Ernesto Dominguez, Morro Paez, Mike Massey, Max Eberle and Dave Hemmah. Also in attendance were many of the top local players, such as Francisco Galindo and Gerardo Jamito. In the T.O.P. tournament, players did not have to face an opponent. Every player played the exact same pre-defined table layouts of 10 precisely positioned balls per table. If a player ran out perfectly without missing a ball, he scored a 10…1 point for every ball made. If he missed, then 1 point would be added for every miss…so if he missed once, then he scored an 11, if he missed twice, then he scored a 12, and so on. One point would also be added for any Max Eberle scratches made.. Saturday started with a buzz of excitement because none of the players knew exactly what to expect. All ten tables were set-up with different lay-outs, but none of the players knew exactly what was in store for them. Gerardo Jamito started off the first-round with a perfect 10, drawing applause from the spectators and other players, but faltered on some of the later racks…scoring a couple of 13’s and 14’s. Dave Hemmah had a great day, scoring 2 perfect 10’s. Max Eberle finished in 1st place for the day, scoring one perfect 10 and several close-to-perfect 11’s. When everyone had finished every table on Saturday, the tournament director, Ron Wishnack tallied the total scores and the top half of the field was invited back on Sunday to play another 10 tables to determine the final placements/payout. The Sunday round saw the return of all the top players, plus some local players who deserve a quick mention. Congratulations to Derek Kim, Amir Shoshan, John Fields and Steve Chaplain for hanging in with the big guns and making the cut! Max Eberle once again played a near flawless game all day, and continuing his run of high tournament finishes, won the first ever T.O.P. event. With only 2 tables left to play, it looked like Dave Hemmah would be the runner-up in this event, but Dave’s last 2 racks didn’t go as smoothly as hoped, and his total score ended him in 3rd place, propelling Gerardo Jamito into 2nd place. Morro Paez and Ernesto Dominguez rounded out the top 5. John Bryant created T.O.P. with the idea in mind of gearing it specifically for television. He believes that this format will be easily understood by the general public since every player has to face the exact same challenge…just like in golf. He feels that this event was a success even though it did not draw as many players as hoped. All the players expressed their enjoyment of the new format and plan to participate in future events. John Bryant and Joe Porper would like to express thanks to everyone who helped bring this tournament to fruition: Laura Friedman, Dave Belgium, Ron Wishnack, Mark Yamato of Billiard Connection and all the sponsors and players. For information on future T.O.P. events, of if you have questions about T.O.P. in general, please call John Bryant at 661.478.2171. Max Eberle $1400 1st 2nd Gerardo Jamito $ 900 3rd Dave Hemmah $ 600 4th Morro Paez $ 450 5th Ernesto Dominguez $ 375 6th Billy Palmer $ 350 7th Mike Massey $ 325 8th Arturo Rivera $ 300 9th Francisco Galindo $ 275 10th John Fields $ 250 11th Amir Shoshan $ 225 12th Derek Kim $ 200 OTB 13th Steve Chaplain $ 100

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Where’s Sarge

Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth - ARTISTIC POOL EXHIBITIONS (206) 719-2695

Sarge’s Pool School

Instructional Seminar: Stroke Development & Consistency Date & Time: Mar 8th, 1-5 PM (4 hours) at City Lights, 445 Tacoma Ave S, Tacoma, WA (253) 383-3301 See Mike at City Lights to sign-up. Cost: $50 per student, pay when you sign-up. Seminar limited to first 12 paid students. Each student will be video taped shooting the stroke consistency drill. At the end of class instruction each student will receive a video analysis of their stroke while watching themselves on television. You will learn how to improve the mechanics of your stroke. Handouts and drills will be given to each student. Instructional Seminar: Basics of Pocket Billiards Date & Time: Mar 22nd, 1-5 PM (4 hours) at Sunset Family Billiards, 2814 NE Sunset Blvd, Renton, WA (425) 255-7225 See Rick or Sean to sign-up. Date & Time: Apr 12th, 1-5 PM (4 hours) at Far West Billiards, 1001 West 1st Ave, Spokane, WA (509) 455-3429 See Patrick to sign-up. Cost: $45 per student, pay when you sign-up. Seminar limited to first 16 paid students. Each student will receive a six page handout. For more details on these seminars call Sarge at (206) 719-2695


Private Lessons available at:

Harvey’s Billiards, 4100 E Valley Hwy, Renton, WA (425) 251-9851 Dr. Cue’s Billiards, 14713 Bothell Way NE, Shoreline, WA (206) 365-1187 City Lights, 445 Tacoma Ave S, Tacoma, WA (253) 383-3301 Java Billiards, 2812 Auburn Way N, Auburn, WA (253) 939-6690 Sunset Family Billiards, 2814 NE Sunset Blvd, Renton, WA (425) 255-7225

Up, Over, Around and Through is to shoot the cue ball with a jump

Here we are again this month with a great Artistic Pool Shot/Challenge. This

shot has been named, “Up, Over, Around and Through”. This shot is from the Prop/ Novelty/Special Arts Discipline and has a Degree of Difficulty (D.O.D.) of 7. Object ball letters coincide with corresponding pocket letters. To set this shot up position B ball as shown, not quite centered over pocket B. The B ball should be one half balls width out from the long rail. The C ball is frozen to B ball with allowance for throw effect on C ball to pocket C. The D ball is centered between pocket points. The cue ball is in hand, or as the diagram suggests. Put the bridge on rial tops as in diagram with a chalk cube under the handle on rail. Make sure C ball will go under the bridge, if not put something under bridge head to raise bridge higher. The C ball edge closest to bridge is flush to back edge of bridge. The objective of this shot

stroke into B ball. The cue ball then jumps up and over the bridge, goes around three cushions, and goes under the bridge to D ball. Make all three object balls as pocket letter designated. The cue ball may hit the bridge on the way over and may contact an extra cushion by D ball. A scratch is also allowed. Here are some helpful hints on executing this great shot. On new cloth place the cue ball closer to ball B. With the cue ball jumping into B ball understand that the carom angle of the cue ball off the B ball would not be the same as if aiming without the jump. Why? Because you’re contacting B ball in the air and hitting the B ball thinner. If the cue ball goes under the bridge on its way to D ball don’t use the cube of chalk, it is optional. Most people hit the shot too hard and jump the balls off of the table. This shot is executed with a moderate jump stroke. The last helpful hint, get the owner’s permission to try this shot before you attempt it. Most places don’t allow jump shots. If it is your own table, GO FOR IT! Next month’s shot will be a D.O.D. of 7 from the Draw Discipline.

Keep Strokin’ Sarge OTB




based on 64 entries


plus S & H

April 11-13, 2003 $40 Entry - $10 Green Fee ($50 Entry - $10 G.F. after Apr 7, 2003)


$30 Entry - $10 Green Fee ($40 entry - $10 G.F. after Apr 7, 2003)

Entry Deadline: 6:30 PM April 11, 2003 Calcutta: Open & Ladies Divisions 7PM Sharp - TJ’s Lounge Apr 11, 2003 Play Begins: Open Division 9PM Apr 11, 2003 - Ladies 10AM Apr 12, 2003 Send Entries to: T J’s Lounge 1308 10th Ave S, Great Falls, MT 59405 or call

(406) 727-1800

Precision made circular billiard rack

Order Online at: or call toll free 1-888-391-3842

Challenging and Fun! If you’re ready for a new game that will sharpen your skills and give you hours of fun, try


March 2003

The Pool Players Best Source of Information

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2416 San Ramon Valley Blvd #100 San Ramon, CA 94583 (925) 743-0750 Open Daily 12pm-2am - Must Be 21 yr w/ID

New USPPA 9 Ball & Open 8 Ball Weekly Tournaments BCA 8 Ball Handicapped League Signups Feb 5th

Sports Bar with 2 Big Screens & 5 27” TV’s Billiard Pro on Staff / Lessons / Equipment

Live Music/Dance Floor Fri & Sat Nights 9 PM 2002 Golden Tee Golf & Mega Touch Games Internet Jukebox - Billiard Pinball - Darts

ADDED MONEY March 15: 8-Ball

$25 entry - Double Elimination - VNEA Rules Sign up 10am - Starts 11am Call to Register - Limit 64 players 905 E. Lincoln Road

Idaho Falls, ID

(208) 525-9962

River City Billiards


Jack n’ Jill Scotch Doubles 8-Ball Tournament Added with full field March 29, 2003 Race to 5/3 - Double Elimination - $30 Team Entry Draw @ 10 AM - First Match @ 10:30 AM

Friday Night Warm-up Tournament 7PM $5 entry Limited to the first 24 paid entries (360) 424-3515 or To pre-register mail checks to: (360) 739-4075 River City Billiards, 14637 SR20, Mount Vernon, WA 98273


Dean Shane Cassem Coming Soon!

If You’ve Liked the Short Stories, You’ll Love the Novels

In Hardcover, Paperback, Audio Cassette, and CD’s

The Carter Keating Series. The New Skinny Malone Series The New Kelsey Maynard Series For More Info. 817-763-5819 / 817- 690-5990 See our Web Site @ or Send Us an Email to Hardcover Novel $23.99 Audio Cassette Book $19.99 Compact Disc $15.99

Old School is Cool Again

By Dave Lewis

While the younger players like 8-ball and the money players all want a game of 9-ball, an older game is quietly gaining ground in the South Bay. A modest, but growing 14.1 continuous league is operating out of Shoreline Billiards in Mountain View and some of the best local talent is playing straight pool on Tuesday nights. The number of people in the league is growing with 23 members and two divisions for the Winter 2003 session. The Fall 2002 season ended with a classic battle for first place with a fantastic shoot-out for the title. Javier Alcala, a deputy District Attorney and generally dangerous player, overcame the perennial top dog, Bob Jewett, to claim the trophy. The winter season promises to be even more interesting as additional serious players have joined the league.   (l to r) Bob Jewett, Javier Alcala What is most engaging about the league is the very different attitude that the players bring to the table. There are no ball-bangers and sledgehammer breaks here. The players themselves bring a much more enlightened approach to the table and while the competition can be intense, there is a sense of camaraderie that is seldom found in other games. In the course of an evening you can find Bob Jewett, a principle of the SF Billiard Academy and Scientist at Agilent Technologies, working with other players and helping to settle rules questions. You can also hear many of the players providing positive coaching for each other as play progresses.   For the Fall 2002 season there were 16 players in the league. The league operator, One-Shot Balogi, handicaps each player with a rating from 50 to 140. The rating indicates the number of balls the player must pot in order to win a match. So there are frequently races where one player is racing to 60 while his opponents may be trying to sink 120. The handicaps change as a player demonstrates skills (or lack thereof). As the Spring 2003 session launched, Balogi found that with 23 players currently on the roster it was going to be very difficult to use the roundrobin format. After several beers and a lot of shouting, the league decided to split into A and B divisions. Players with a Handicap or 80 and up would play in the A division and those with A handicap of 50-70 would play in the B division.   Add features of the league include a high run bonus – a whole $1 for every ten balls in a run over 20. A 40-ball run pays a four-dollar bonus. There is also an end of the season party funded out of the nightly $8 playing (table and league) fee.   None of this would be possible without the support of Shoreline Billiards in Mountain View and owner Jeff Szfansky (a 130 handicap who plays in the league).   For more information, please contact Alex Balogi at 408-447-5025 or email to 


One Eyed Jack’s


14019 Hwy 99 Lynnwood, WA 425-743-5570 - Open: 10:30 am - 2:00 am 7 Days


FREE POOL 10:30AM - 6:00PM $2.75 Micro Pints 8PM - Close Karaoke 8pm-12:30am $3 Jack Daniels T-Shirt & Promo Giveaways

Open Mike w/The Remains 9:30pm - Close $3.50 Iced Tea “Pounders” 8pm - Close

Karaoke 9:30pm-Close $3 Sauza Gold 70’s-90’s Rock & Dance Music w/DJ Tom Collins $3 Finlandia Cosmopolitans 8pm - Close

Live Music (call for band line up)

$1.50 Bud & Bud Light Drafts 8-10pm Friday & Saturday

Happy Hour Everyday 2-6pm - $1.50 Wells & Domestic Drafts - $2 Domestic Bottles

March 2003

The Pool Players Best Source of Information

Table Talk

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with Mary Price

Who’s Talkin’?

Communication. Verbal & non-verbal. Explicit; implicit. Eye to eye; body language. Not least, written; from thank you notes to emails; from columns to dissertations and novels. Communication is like an iceberg. Each verbalized portion out in open air just a small section of a mountain of personal experience and opinions formed through time and unknown by most who pass through. Soulmates, lovers, close friends and highly intuitive people often “converse” through eye contact, catching and riding the same wavelength, sometimes to an amazing extent. Verbal communication is like wearing a toolbelt. Everything you need is at hand – it is just a matter of choosing the right tool and employing it correctly. However, as we all know, verbal constructs can be chimeras supported by deliberate inflections, earnest facial expression and studied body language. Politicians leap to mind here. That leaves the written word. Though we, naturally enough, interpret that expression through our own dictionary of experience, I believe it is the purest medium. Applying the preceding paragraphs to pool is an interesting exercise. I have a close friend who once told me that he can tell a lot by a person given 5 minutes of pool with them. I think one of the things reflected is communication strengths. Think about it. The written word is powerful. Before sharing it, we reread it; we deliberate on it; we make a lot of decisions pertinent to it. Some of the best players I know are also very literate/articulate people. I watch them in their game – they will study the table (deliberate); then proceed to outline their runs, fleshing them out with wonderful precision. Some see their patterns in a flash I feel is intuitive. These are usually people very able at getting their verbal/written message across. Conversely, when I read written words from or by poolplayers, I find myself leaping to conclusions about them. An article in last months OTB comes to mind. An individual was moved to write about 1) attitude and 2) the great sport of pool becoming more respected, etc. This writer made some valid points; then, he/she negated them all by hiding identity behind a “fear of retribution”. Many know of individuals referred to by incident in that article - the most probable fear that writer should have would be on any greens. I cannot help but wonder if that writer does face the best in the state across the table. Guess I will never know. I’ve always believed, probably to my own detriment, that if it is worth saying, it is worth taking ownership. I didn’t submit a column last month because I had nothing to say. (Those who know me probably find that hard to believe!). Several times in the last few weeks various types of interpersonal communication have held great power for me - I think we forget or take for granted how powerful each of us is in each thing we say or write. Mindfulness has skidded on cyber-ice and/or been KO’d on the wall of routine - balls of words getting knocked around by careless cues. You breaks it, you buys it. You says it, you owns it. Here’s to you, poolplayers – we cover the whole spectrum. Mary Price, word owner/operator - Helena, MT OTB

March 15th & 16th


“B” Players Only

19720 44th Ave W Lynnwood, WA

(425) 774-6573



Over 17 Years Experience in Commercial, Coin-Op and Residential Table Maintenance, Moving and Cloth Recovery


703 W Babcock In the Bar-muda Triangle Bozeman, MT Open 11am - 2 am Daily


(with 32 players)

For Sign-up info call: Dave Lauer (206) 595-3391

10 Week Progressive Tournament Starting January 30th - Every THURSDAY - “B” players only 50% ADDED NIGHTLY - 7PM Sign-up - 7:30PM Start Up to Payout at end of 10 weeks


“Unsinkable” Beer and Drink Prices ALWAYS 10 Pool Tables & Other Video Games Yearly Team Sponsorship!

(509) 765-3942

518 E Wheeler - Moses Lake, WA

Men’s & Women’s Leagues 22803 44th Avenue West Mountlake Terrace, WA (425) 670-0377

Happy Hour 1-7 PM Mon - Fri

Saturday 8-Ball at 2PM

$5 entry - Double Elimination - BCA Rules - House Adds 100%


Daily Specials

Lunch from 11am to 5pm Dinner from 5pm to 9pm

21Beers on Tap


The Q’z

(253) 262-THEQ (8437)

Family Restaurant & Sports Lounge

9807 224th St Graham, WA

10’ Screen - 2 Big Screens

Mariner Headquarters & More Pool & Darts on Both Floors Live bands - dj - karaoke comedy - Pull tabs Check for Leagues & Tournaments

Live Poker - Video Poker & Keno

$35 entry (includes green fee) BCA Rules - Start Time 10:00 AM

$1,500 Payout


721 N 7th Ave Bozeman, MT


Open 8 am - 2 am Daily Brandi’s Restuarant Serves Breakfast all day Free Coffee Always!

Golf - Boat Racing & Other Video Games 3 Pool Tables - 12 Big Screen TV’s Insanely Low Beer and Drink Prices Full Service Liquor Store Lowest Prices in Town

March 2003

The Pool Players Best Source of Information

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RESURRECTION About the Author Dean Shane Cassem Born in Charleston, W.Va. to an immigrant father from Lebanon, Dean Shane Cassem picked up his first cue stick at age 15. His father and grandfather before him had Cassem’s restaurant in Kanawha City, a suburb of Charleston, which is the state capitol of West Virginia. From age 15 to age 20, except for a short stint in Viet Namn, Shane hardly put his cue down and by age 20, had placed second in the annual Virginia straight pool tourney (1966). In his twenties, his game went stale from staying in the bars and out of the rooms where stiffer competition

Part 2

In Part One, Carter Keating, college graduate and former Special Operative returns home from a tour of duty in the Colombian jungles. Gracie, his significant other, has dumped him for someone else. He enrolls in the local police academy and meets new friend, Joe Lauterette. Elizabeth, a new companion, inspires him to enter the Texas Eight Ball Championships. The story continues as he ponders the decision to resurrect his game.

JOE LAUTERETTE WAS AN IMPOSING MAN. TALLER THAN ME at six three, he weighed about two twenty, had broad shoulders and large hands that could palm a basketball like most people could a grapefruit. He had light brown, almost blond wavy hair cut just over his ears in the Nick Nolte fashion. His upper right lip rose slightly above the left and made him look like a mad wolf at times. Most people, especially meeting him for the first time, found him intimidating. Yet, if he raised that same lip enough and showed his teeth, it came across attractively, a charismatic grin that won people over, part of the charm that went with the stylish clothes and steely blue eyes. “Gettin’ my ears lowered tomorrow ain’t exactly my idea of havin’ a good time,” he hissed. His upper lip lifted at the corner, the thought obviously distasteful. As usual, his upper body slouched down in the chair, but the trademark posture did nothing to minimize his largeness. “You sure ya’ want to do this police academy thing,

EAGLES CLUB #326 316 East Main- Bozeman, MT Pool Played Every Day

Mar 8: Open Doubles $30 entry $200 ADDED Limit 24 Teams-Starts 10AM

Char-Broiled Hamburgers - Fridays @ 5:30 pm Music Fri’s & Sat’s @ 9:00 pm BUY ONE DRINK GET ONE DRINK OF SAME - FREE One coupon per customer per day. No cash value

The Corner Bar Peggy Rost - Owner 3212 Euclid Ave Helena, Montana 59601

443-9765 The Last Watering Hole Going West

by: Dean Shane Cassem would have honed his game. His stroke subsided completely until his mid thirties when he resurrected his game and won the Coors statewide Texas 8ball Championship in Houston in 1981. Directing his energies to a new wife, his church, and an interior wall and floor-covering business in the mid to late 80’s, his game went dormant again until he sold his business and returned to school. At age 48, he completed his undergraduate work in theology, and earned Master’s degrees in Marriage & Family Counseling and Christian Education. During that time, he developed his writing skills and has

since become the most prolific writer of pocket billiard fiction in America. Shane has five Carter Keating novels nearly ready for publication: Breakthrough, Resurrection, Backrooms, Twist of Fate and Trade-off. Readers will see Twist of Fate in the bookstores by November 2002. In addition, he has recently created two new characters; Skinny Malone and Kelsey Maynard. Currently, Shane also has a Marriage and Family Counseling practice. He and Mary, his wife of fifteen years, live in Fort Worth, the setting for his ongoing Carter Keating Series. Shane has one daughter, Vickie Linn, a son-n-law, Brian, and a precious granddaughter, Shelbie Linn. You may visit Shane’s web sites at; or

Keating?” We were in Friday’s Eatery drinking beer, chowing down on a burger, talking about the upcoming weekend. Five weeks had passed since we had met at the gym where we quickly became friends. From there we applied to the academy, and were accepted. Ignoring the complaint, I said, “Joe, I’ve been thinking.” “Uh oh.” “How about playing a little pool after we leave here?” “Depends,” he said, grinning big, “you gonna sign up for that statewide tournament?” Shrug. “Uh huh, and what would ol’ Charley Sturgis want you to do?” The question caught me off guard and shot through me like an arrow. A raging fire stirred deep in my gut. Swallowing hard, I sighed and leaned back in my chair without saying anything, then stared out the window. “Whoa,” Joe said, raising his eyebrows, surprised at my emotional expression. Leaning back as though he’d taken a hard left, he said apologetically, “thought it might help to talk about it.” “Sorry, Joe,” I said, eyeing him straight on, “I know what he’d want me to do.” Pause. “And so do you.” Clinking plates, thick crowd noises, whirling fans, and busy waiters filled the place. Across from us, four women dressed in business suits ate salads and crossed bare legs outside knee high skirts. One, a tall thin dark-headed one sporting a navy blue suit, had dark talkative eyes and smiled sweetly to me . . . the transmission palatable. A dainty, hardly noticeable, cupid looking tattoo smiled at me from her right ankle as

she dangled her foot below the table. Only the straps held the shoe to her toes. “Joe,” I said, “Charley Sturgis was like a surrogate father to me. In high school during the breakthrough years, he mentored me when my game really developed. Taught me about things that go on in the mind, and the power we have over them.” Relaxing back in my chair, I stared at a ceiling fan and watched it twirl mindlessly. Then I looked back to Joe and continued, “One week after I graduated from college, he died. Suddenly. It was almost like he’d intentionally waited till my graduation. Never forgot him, though. Even in the jungles, I thought about him and the lessons he taught me about life. He always encouraged me from the beginning, even when I could hardly make a ball. “Well . . . dang it, Keating,” Joe exclaimed. He threw up his hands and said, “There’s your answer.” He eyed me straight on, “what are you waitin’ for?” Silence. I glanced away. Joe sat back in his chair and waited. A waiter skipped by with a sizzling Fajita plate and set them it on the table beside us. The smell saturated the air around us. The sound welled up a sense of gaiety. Around us people were laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Across the way, Dark Eyes ran a finger under her eye as though she had something in it, then shot a quick glance in my direction. I smiled without showing my teeth. She smiled back, then looked back to the mirror and smirked cutely. I thought about Elizabeth. Joe straightened up in his chair and fixed his gaze on me, “Think it’s about (Resurrection continued on page 19)

Eagles 2327

114 N Lewis St - Monroe WA

(360) 794-8155

SCPPA Leagues

Contact: Steve Kesting 360-863-8318

Jimmy G’s

Family Pool Hall

“Shoot Pool ... Not Drugs”


611 East 1st St ~ Newberg, OR 97132 (503) 538-4368 Bob & Kim Brandt & Boys

March 2003

The Pool Players Best Source of Information

‘The Kid’ Rrrrrrrr…olls!

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(continued from the front page)

that one player made the only two bids on himself, first for $10.00 AND THEN THE NEXT BID FOR $20.00. Again, in a surprise announcement, there was prize money awarded to the top lady finisher. Josie LeRoy captured the $60.00 prize over the other four ladies. A full field of 64 players showed for the two-day event. This did not include the 12 players on the waiting list, some of whom actually made it into the field. It is the third consecutive time the tournament has filled a 64player bracket. Owner Bruce Birchfield expressed his pleasure at the turn out. He is extremely pleased that the tournament is drawing the top players to compete in the $1,000 added tournament. We look forward to the next open tournament this fall. The class exhibited by the players drew a large local crowd that included the Gregorys and the Colbys. Tournament directors Rob Cameron and Ivan Doty extend a big “Thank you” to Mike McEwen and The A-man for their help and to Bruce and his crew for the outstanding service.

Mike Vidas

Carlos Santos showed that he is a factor as he finished 4 th, eventually losing to Dan Louie. Santos solid foundation and fundamentals allowed him to compete at a high level as he has done in recent area tournaments. In a first at The Maltese, a player auction was held. At 9:00 PM on Saturday, play was halted with 32 players remaining, 16 on the “A” side and 16 on the “B” side. The opportunity for choice of the field was auctioned 4 times to the high bidder. The top choice in the tournament was Dan Louie followed by Glenn Atwell. The “Longview Consortium” bought both players. Louie finished 3rd and Atwell finished tied for 9th. Better luck next time to the high bidders. The sale of all 32 players was completed, with a total of $1,800 raised, and play was resumed at 9:30 sharp. The auction went so well

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6

Mike Vidas $1,000 J. D. $700 Dan Louie $525 Carlos Santos $375 Kris Iverson $275 Pon Kanlaya $275 7/8 Pat Mowdy $175 Glenn Atwell $175 9/12 Tim Tweedell $100 Ivan Doty $100 John Ward $100 Bryce Avila $100 13/16 Mike Jensen $60 Andrew Monstis $60 Mike Stevens $60 Chad Aldridge $60 Top Lady Josie LeRoy $60

$675 Auction $495 $270 $180 $90 $90


255 North 3rd - Stayton, OR



Lynnwood, WA

(425) 771-8192 Tuesday Night 8-Ball 7:30 PM

100% ADDED Happy Hour 3-6 PM Everyday

$5 entry - 8-Ball Break Pot $1.75 Pounders

$4.75 Pitchers

Come In and Check It Out Open Monday - Friday 11am - 6pm

1611 Everett Ave Everett, WA (425) 259-3551

Pool Leagues Forming


Choose from a variety of accessories and cues like: Cuetec, Predator, Falcon, Schon, Viking, Joss, Jackson and Top Quality custom cues. Authorized Dealer for Kasson products Buffalo Bill’s Billiard Supply :: 1626 6th Ave N :: (888) 452-5814 ::

11 - 4 1/2 X 9 TABLES 5 - Bar Boxes 1 Snooker Table

Custom Pool Cues & Repair 707-557-1648

Mick and Mom’s

Arlington, WA The Longhorn Saloon again hosted this years 6th annual Finger Pool World Championship. The tournament was held on Saturday February 8th for the Semi Final round & Sunday February 9th for the finals. 18 people were signed up and played the Semi Final round on Saturday, and on Sunday were the finals to determine the World Champion. This years Finger Pool World Champion, Tom Davis, was very excited to defeat last years champ, Sherm Card, who had remained the Champ for two consecutive years. Tom has played in previous Finger Pool tournaments, but this year was able to become the World Champion, congratulations Tom!!! The crowd enjoyed potluck, gourmet burgers made especially at the Longhorn, and music by Woodstock. The tournaments consist of both male and female participants, there is always a Finger Pool Champion Tom Davis good turn out for each tournament that they put on, come on in and join the fun. Come by the Longhorn Saloon, 360-653-4760, for our mini-qualifier tournaments, which are held through out the year. All new Finger Pool players are welcome to join in.

19710 Hwy 99

Billy Teeter Grant Wilcox

(425) 251-9851

By: Lynette Evans

Club Broadway

Refinish Ivory Work

4100 East Valley Hwy Renton, WA


Corner Pub

Rewrap New Shafts

Check out our Weekly Pool Tournaments 8-Ball Wed Nights 7PM 8-Ball Fri Nights 7PM Blind Draw Scotch Doubles $5 entries House Matches the Pot PAPER & FELT BILLIARD SUPPLY Since 1989

Pool Tables w Foosball w Air Hockey

Professional Installation Table Repair & Restoration

All Game Room Accessories Cues w Darts w Lights w Poker Supplies e-mail:


Showroom 640 Euclid Ave Helena

(503) 252-4833 11340 NE Halsey

Portland, OR

Thursday Night 8-Ball - 8:30PM


kARAOKE Wed-Sat 9PM-2:30AM

The Pool Players Best Source of Information

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Platis Law Firm Harry B Platis - Attorney at Law (425) 776-3888 1-800-245-3777



30 Years Experience Personalized Service Million Dollar Jury Verdicts and Settlements Serving Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada and New Mexico

Where Good Friends Meet

Jammer’s Bar & Grill Scott & Judy McComas, Owners

1897 12th St. - Salem, Oregon

Pool Tournament Madness Every Friday Night

Every Saturday 7 pm

Open 9-Ball

8-Ball Tournament Blind Draw Scotch Doubles BCA Rules

BCA Rules

House Matches

$5 entry - Race to 3 Double Elimination Sign-up by 7:15 PM Limit 32 players

House adds $5 per player $5.00 entry fee


Every Sunday 7 pm

Open 8-Ball TAP Rules

House Matches $3.00 entry fee

(503) 362-7494

March 2003

From The Work Bench by: Pat Sheehan

Picking a Cue from the Pack

When a player begins the search to pick the right cue from the pack he could become bewildered by the selection. The one-piece cue in the rack is actually hard to beat. If you could fall in love with one and take the time to get it smooth and put on a good tip it will hit better than any two-piece on the market. Pat Sheehan When I first looked for a two-piece cue in the 1950’s, there were very few out there. Brunswick had the Willie Hoppe Professional Master Stroke and the Ku King Snooker. A. E. Schmidt had a few, none of the above were good hitters and all had joint problems. We made most of the cue sales in the Pacific Northwest, which was about 10 cues per month. As pool got hot in the 60’s with the release of “The Hustler” cue sales rocketed. Brunswick could not keep up and the union went on strike. A.E. Schmidt began to market a cue with the signature of the current 3-cushion champ Harold Worst. People would call to see if we had any two-piece cues in stock. When I said we had the Worst cue you could cut the silence with a knife. Then cues began to arrive from Germany, France, Portugal and Japan, but it took American companies a long time to respond with quality in quantity. Most of the custom cue makers were very lax in business practices. Frank Paradise would take two to three years, and since he wrote most of his orders on matchbooks they were discarded when the last match was used. Eugene Bolner tried to help and picked up production, but Frank was his worst enemy. Peter Bolner came up with the money to set up Palmer cues with his Dad and Mom and was a success. You could call and get a cue shipped that day. A dealer could get dozens at a time. Fred Mali of the cloth company was always a cue nut and set up a company as a toy that really took off. Those two companies had the bulk of the business through the sixties and seventies. There are now hundreds of cue makers making a bazillion models and weights. All trying to make a cue that hits as good as the one piece. Vanity will control the amount of money you spend on the butt of the cue but the shaft will tell you who is really doing a job to make things right, the shorter the ferrell, the least falderal on the joint the better. I once complained to Bob Meucci about all the millwork in his joints, I was told that was how he kept the repair department in business. That was the last Meucci I ordered. The shaft is the thing that takes the greatest care. Manufacturers will go through a lot of Rock Maple to get a good one. Look at the heart line (the series of little “O’s” on the side). The smaller the “O’s” the stronger the shaft. See that it is perfectly straight; any curve in this, the shaft will bend to match. The side grain should be as tight as possible, but all the strength is in the heart line. The shaft always reacts differently in each degree of rotation in your hand. The reason most of the Pro’s used The Predator shaft on cues that manufacturers pay them to use, is that The Predator is consistent, no matter what the rotation because it is made up of eight pieces of pie laminated as one. Many of them are all heart line. It deflects less than any other and hits the ball like a ton of bricks when you need it. I bumped into another Pat in Scappoose where I live. I was delivering “The Break” to the Wigwam Tavern and picking up some cues for repair. Pat brought his $40 cue. He has spent a lot of money with local cue makers to turn the shaft to 12mm (Big Mistake), had the joint repaired and now was looking to add tip weight, but the shaft has a flaw in the stroke area that bothers him. It is a small brown knot that is hollow in the center. Dents can be steamed with a small piece of cotton soaked in water, but a hole is another story. I told Pat to check this month’s issue for the answer and here it is. Build a cofferdam with masking tape. Put a drop of yellow super T that I described in my first article. Hit it with the accelerator or baking soda and sand through the masking tape. Remove the excess tape with paint thinner and smooth out with 600-paper wet with H2O. A light coat of Sheehan’s Super Cue Stick Slicker will finish the job. I do hope you are keeping these issues of “The Break”. Lance McGill’s articles will help every player’s game and the experience of the 55 of my 65 should give you an insight from the other side of the cue ball. Like Lance said on the “Cue Tips” radio show, “You have to do it wrong a thousand times before you learn to do it right.” You would think that after all this time I would know it all, but I am just beginning to learn it now. OTB See ad page 15

...the shorter the ferrell, the least falderal on the joint the better

March 2003

The Pool Players Best Source of Information

Snowflake Tournament


From: Glenda Kessell

Redmond, WA - January 11, 2003 We had 18 entries and the winners were: 1st Greg Christensen 2nd Justin Overman 3rd Preston Borden We are holding an Shamrock BCA 8 ball tournament on March 15, 2003 at City Slicker’s and Boss’s Office. Entry fee is $25 with a $5 greens fee included. It will be a race to 4 winners and race to 3 losers with race to 4 in the finals at City Slicker’s. Draw will be at 10:30 and will start at 11:00 a m. For entries call Glenda Kessell at 923-2231. There will be a prize for top woman. OTB

RATED NATION’S 2ND LARGEST DART HOUSE ! Tournaments every Sat & Sun 5:30pm on 10 dart boards Sign up 5pm $200 added based on 20 teams

BILLIARD TOURNAMENT Every Monday 9-Ball & Wednesday at 8pm Open Tables FOOSBALL 50% ADDED Paying down 80% of field CASUAL &



Tacoma, Washington’s Premier Sports Bar 10011 Bridgeport Way SW (253) 581-2580 DirectlyacrossfromLakewoodK-Mart OpenDailyfrom2pm-2am

Our tournament was a great success. Thank you Corinne, Dale, and the Kings Korner Staff for all your hard work - It really paid off. Because of the tremendous turnout, we expanded the tournament to include 40 players and paid the top 8 winning teams. The following are the results (l to r) Travis Woltermann, Kyle Fraser of the tournament. 1st $110 Travis Woltermann & Kyle Fraser 2 nd $80 Raul Sanchez & Jo Shirek $60 Brandon Scala & Jeff Wolcott 3 rd 4 th $50 Kelly Huso & Curtis Old Bull $40 Gene Niles & Blain Schaff 5 th 6 th $30 Jack Grimm & Kevin Niles th 7 $20 Steve Davis & George Niles $10 Trevor Jacobson & Barry Martin 8 th Thank you to all the players who participated. You made this event really fun. It was so much fun that we have decided to host a tournament every month. Every 3rd Friday of the the month we will host a tournament and again match the entry fee for prizes. We would also like to expand the sign up time to accommodate those who were unable to get off work in time to sign up before the tournament spots filled up. Therefore, we will begin to accept paid registrations the day before the tournament begins. OTB Thanks again to everyone who participated.

Bud Sautter Memorial Tournament

Jeff Boucher

Helena, MT - February 1-2, 2003 Great Tournament! 20 Teams came to play in the Bud Sautter Memorial Tournament. Bud was a well known and liked pool player from Helena, Montana. Each year Capital Music donates $200 to a charity in Bud’s name and awards one member of the Helena Pool Leagues with a plaque in his honor. The award is voted on by the members of the VNEA leagues. Dan Hamper, Jeff Boucher Tim Dalin, Rob Gibson Phil Boucher, Heath Gradwahl Jerry Churchill, Dan Pronto

Anniversary Pool Tournament

JoQ’s 2512 NE Broadway Portland, OR

Join Us For The Celebration Call Lloyd for information about this & other scheduled tournaments

Send your questions to:


The Pool Whisperer . . . . Lance McGill



(253) 939-6690

Under New Ownership & Management Hours:

M-Th 10am-Midnight F-Sat 10am-1am Sun 1pm-12am

Daily Specials

Mon-Thurs: 50% OFF 8’ Table Time Sunday: 13 & Under FREE with paying parent

1st 2nd 3rd 4th


(503) 287-4210 Food & Drink Specials Coming in April ! Trophies & Prizes

Kings Korner 8-Ball Tournament

Dan Hamper

Page 13

7 - 8’ Tables 5 - 9’ Tables

No Smoking No Alcohol

Weekly Tournament Monday:

8-Ball “C” $5 + $1 g.f. entry Start time 6:30PM


March 2003

The Pool Players Best Source of Information

Page 14

Kings Korner Casino Friday February 21st

McQ’s Class C By: Clay Skidmore

from: Jim Dorman

1st Shane Reed & Dale Cowger 2nd Leon Spaeth & Sane Potter 3rd Don Partyka & Rick Bellinger 4th Jim Philhower & Ann George 5th Jeff Niles & Stephanie Andrews 6th Judy Leigheiser & Corrinne Grimme Prizes ranged from $110 to the first place team to $20 and T-Shirts and Hats for the 6h Place winners. Shane Potter, in addition to winning 2nd place, also won the McDermott pool cue in our monthly cue drawing. Now there’s one happy camper! I would also like to thank Donna Sayre for her help in score keeping and Dale Cowger for his great pictures (see them at I will also post these results at Kings Korner along with some other pictures that Dale took.


McQ’s Class D

By: Clay Skidmore

Spokane, WA On the weekend of February 22nd & 23rd, McQ’s Billiards hosted a class “D” 9-ball tournament. The event is really a 2nd chance tournament for the players that didn’t finish in the money in the “C” tournament. The 32 player field was full of parity and I think parity is a good thing. The players were fun to watch and everyone seemed to be pretty loose. The field was almost a dead heat with 19 men and 13 women taking part. After a good day of play on Saturday there were 8 players remaining in the battle on Sunday. Eric Marshall and Steve Gillespie guided their cues into the winners final. Eric started with an opening round win over Tim Samuelson 7-3. He then went on to defeat Mike Yost 7-1, David Molton 7-6, and Daniel “Tic Toc” Evanger 7-5. Steve opened his play with a first round win over Danny Horner 7-5 he then went on to defeat Kathi Giles 7-3, Kevin Rife 7-3, Linda Knight 7-1 and Eric Marshall 7-5 to take the drivers seat. Meanwhile, Amber Johnson was plodding through the b-side. With a 3rd round loss to Tic Toc, she went on to defeat Jeff Svodoba 7-3, David Molton 7-5, Linda Knight 7-6 and Tic Toc 7-2 before she lost to Eric 7-4, giving her the top spot among the ladies. The finals did go 2 sets with Steve winning the 2nd 75. Thanks you guys and I’ll see you soon. 1st $350 Steve Gillespie 2nd $220 Eric Marshall 3rd $150 Amber Johnson 4th $100 Daniel “Tic Toc” Evanger 5th $60 Jackie Clark, Linda Knight OTB 7th $30 David Molton, Kevin Rife

Spokane, WA On February 8th – 9th McQ’s Billiards held a class “C” 9-ball tournament. The 64 player field looked a little strong at times. A problem that I can’t quite overcome. But with 64 players there will be a few that play stronger than the rest. Our top 2 finishers did exactly that. Greg Cantrill off a 10 year layoff picked the cue up again about 9 months ago. Playing in the weekly tournaments in the Tri-Cities, Greg was encouraged to play. He then parlayed that advice into a first place finish. His opponent in the finals was Deby Welfringer from Tacoma. In the 8 years I have been directing tournaments at McQ’s, I have never had a lady finish 1st in a singles event, but Deby came very close. She won 8 matches in a row with her run through the B-side, but ran out of gas in the finals. Great job, everyone, see you soon. 1st $700 Greg Cantrill + $185 side pot 2nd $500 Deby Welfringer 3rd $350 Jason Amason 4th $250 Scott Reed 5th $175 Josh Peterson, John Hardin 7th $125 Ed Andrews, Matt Nelson 9th $75 Shane Davis, Louis Forbush, Brian Smiddy, Tina Teesatuskee th 13 $50 John Patzeiski, Sam Poleson, Greg Garcia, Mark Nevills

McQ’s Valentine By: Clay Skidmore

Spokane, WA February 15th & 16th brought us Valentines weekend. Time for scotch doubles again. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be celebrated with couples in love. Instead here at McQ’s we celebrate couples playing pool. This year I expanded our field to 32 teams, and 25 spots were filled. As you all know scotch can be very entertaining to watch, both on the table and off. Deby Welfringer and Chad Alexander teamed up for the first time. It proved a lethal pairing as the 2 won over Clay Skidmore and Phyliss Fernandez. Thanks to all the teams that played and I’ll see you next year. 1st $680 Deby Welbringer & Chad Alexander 2nd $400 Phyliss Fernandez & Clay Skidmore 3rd $200 Michelle Gamble & Dave Williams 4th $100 Jackie Clark & Bob Kollasch 5th $60 Melissa Wilson & Davey Anderson Mary Hopkin & Dan Coffman OTB

$5,000 WAMOA

Washington State Championships May 2-3-4, 2003 Held at the Ellensburg Inn 1-800-321-8791

NO Entry - ALL PLAYERS MUST QUALIFY Arrow Amusement 12703 East 9th Ave Spokane, WA 99216 (509) 926-0114

To Qualify contact the following operators General Amusement 431 E Riverside Spokane, WA 99202 (509) 534-5857

Bullseye Amusement 5700 N Havana Spokane, WA 99207 (509) 483-3900

Hart Novelty P O Box 218 Bellingham, WA 98227 (360) 734-7250

Capitol Amusement 315 N Capitol Way Olympia, WA 98501 (360) 357-5041

Kline Music 11508 120th Ave East Puyallup, WA 98374 (253) 845-2223

Musivend 1550 4th Ave S Seattle, WA 98124

Outback Ent. Inc 1003 E Trent, Suite 145 Spokane, WA 99202 (509) 482-6070 R & K Amusement Box 231 Kettle Falls, WA 99141 (509) 738-6915

System Amusement 114 E Baldwin Spokane, WA 99207 (509) 326-1551 Triple H Amusement 8012 S Tacoma Way #35 Tacoma, WA (253) 584-1672

tough enough come one come all 8-Ball Singles Friday May 2nd Start 7PM $100 Entry Ball in Hand Double Elimination Race to 5 Contact a WAMOA Operator or participating location

only pays first 3 places 50% - 30% - 20%

100% payback

March 2003

Oly Club

The Pool Players Best Source of Information (continued from page 3)

played on the coin tables where women were welcomed or now they could afford to have their own table at home. The rack man’s apron was no longer filled with nickels to fill the till. It was 60c per hour in 1950 and it will be taken care of by the bartender. Of course, the hourly rate has gone up since. One

distractions provided by the women working in the adjacent, upper-story Oxford Hotel). Adding to its legend, the Olympic Club was one of the only Centralia drinking establishments to survive prohibition. Stories abound of bootlegging in the area, and the Oly Club seems to be at the center of many of them. Local lore says that a

Page 15

Pat Sheehan

The Man of the Cloth (Pool Table Cloth)

6505 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR 97202 503-232-POOL (7665) Cell 503-313-8646

We Build One of a Kind Pool Tables Specializing in Antique Tables and Restoration Tables recovered anywhere in the Pacific NW

Jack Sciutto - Owner & bootlegger

by one the excess tables were set on top of each other against the wall and soon the entire place was closed in the 1980’s. Rigor mortis began to set in and the dust collected until 1996, Brian and Mike McMenamins saw the gem and put the place back on its feet. They breathed life into the bar almost at once since everything remained in place. The Billiard room took a little longer and still the old Oxford Hotel was a real work. The hotel now the Olympic had a complete make over. Tthe photos and pictures and newspaper clippings along with new art work created by Jennifer Joyce, Myrna Yoder and Lyle Hehn has built the 100 years of history and a million stories. They have set out a tour that brings the past back to life. They brought back A.J. Forgue’s New Tourist Bar, added a theater and Gift Shop. It’s a pool player’s getaway in Centralia. Good food, great drink, a hotel to stay in, a Theater and Pool Tables. I promise you a weekend you will never forget. Bring your camera and pool cue to the Olympic Club. (I-5 Exit on Mellen Ave and follow it to Tower then left to 112 N Tower) My special thanks to Tim Hills, the Historian, Todd Chapute, the Oly’s Manager. 112 N Tower Ave – 360-736-5164 Call for Reservations.


By: Tim Hills

In the early 1900’s Centralia’s ten or more saloons were teeming with loggers, miners and railroad workers. The Olympic Club’s opulent furnishings of mahogany paneling, ceramic-tiled floor, tiffany-style lights and Belgian crystal glassware lured many folks in the door, but it was the club’s other attractions that kept them coming back. Early advertisements refer to the Olympic Club as a “gentlemen’s resort” and this was no exaggeration. Under one roof, men could get a good shave and haircut, eat a well-cooked meal of soup and steak, enjoy fine Cuban cigars and a wide selection of liquors, and partake in spirited games of pool and poker (not to mention other

tunnel from the club’s basement to the neighboring railroad tracks served as the club’s conduit for moving illegal booze into and out of the saloon, and upstairs, several hiding places were created for storing the bathtub booze. Although the city’s Chief of Police was a frequent patron of the establishment and its card games at the time, the club did not completely escape

the watchful eye of the revenuers. On more than one occasion, city, state or federal officials busted the place for bootlegging. A relic left over from these extralegal activities was found in the cellar: a wooden pickle barrel modified with a secret compartment at its base for stashing the hooch A similar discovery of a motorcycle and side car resembling those formally used by Centralia police officers has yet to be explained. Today, the Olympic Club again legally stocks premium liquors and a variety of beer and wines, featuring McMenamins handcrafted creations. In addition, a diverse menu ranging from pasta to beef dishes to burgers is available through the café. Incredibly too, the club’s turn-of-the-century setting remains virtually unchanged, with most all of its original furnishings in place and in working order – including several pool tables. Truly, the Olympic Club’s only notable “modernization” of the last eight decades is that now women are welcome.



The Pool Players Best Source of Information

Page 16


Hours: M-Th Noon Fri Noon Sat 11AM Sun 11AM

- 2 AM - 4 AM - 4 AM - 2 AM

All Ages Welcome

March 2003


Huebler Cues A Tradition in Excellence

14713 Bothell Way NE Shoreline, WA

(206) 365-1187

Cues by: Viking (Authorized Dealer), Lucasi, Players, Joss, Mali Custom Cues by Dave Jones New Dealer of Custom Whitten Cue Cases Several In Stock and Custom Orders Large Selection of Supplies & Accessories





“Best Pool Room in Northwest” Visit our website @ or

Visit us online at 600 E Jefferson Street Linn, Missouri Phone: (573) 897-3692 * Int’l Phone: (573) 897-3179 * Fax: (573) 897-4255

March 2003

The Pool Players Best Source of Information

Page 17

W.S.P.L. 2003 State Championship from: Gary E Smith

W.S.P.L. State Championship Tournament. I say this simply Currently the alleged gang known as the N.A.P.L. because between the Players Enthusiasm (No Apparent Perspective Literacy) invaded the and the Harassment W.S.P.L. State Championship on Sunday, from the N.A.P.L.; February 16th and although they thought they had Bruce Walsh and I are just about worn out completely!! “I Hope You Can Understand That!” It might not make sense to some p e o p l e reading this article, but I’ll 1st Place Team Break-M-Balls guarantee (back row l to r) Dusty Cline (Div. Rep.) Captain-Tim Taylor, Clutch Player-Dave Bell, Scorekeeper-Ralph Kuehnel and Team Comedian Mike Jeffres (front row l to r) WSPL you it makes sense to Secretary treasure-Krista (Sissy) Miller and CoCaptain-Chris Campbell 2nd Place Team Sunny Greens every player (back row l to r) Steve Thurber, Jason Theriault, Team Captain Kip Well players, this story might just be the shortest who has been involved with the Miller and James Persoon (middle row l to r) Team MVP-Christy one that I’ve ever written, since I started taking W.S.P.L. through these difficult times Mullins and CoCaptain Dave Rogers (front row L to r) Team Coach pictures and sending them in with stories to leading up to the January Titleholders Keith Tracy and Oh! Gallaghers Owner Phil Pullins “CHEESE” and Mary at The Break!! Tournament, and especially the 2003 (WSPL continued on page 24)

Results from The Club Okanogan, WA - February 1-2, 2003

We had 39 players for the tournament. Excellent! Our next Tournament is going to be April 5-6. 9-ball, Texas express, race to 7 $500.00 added with a $40.00 entry fee. I’m going to pay $100.00 to the top nonplacing woman finisher based on at least 4 women entering the tournament. There is an optional warm up Friday night $10.00 entry and I’ll match $5.00 per player. MAIN TOURNAMENT 39 Players

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th Top Woman

$600.00 $425.00 $275.00 $180.00 $125.00 $125.00 $ 75.00 $ 75.00 $100.00

Merv White Dave Williams Jack Heggie Jim Ward Brent Babcock Rudy Boyd TJ Frank Gene Baker Mary Garcia

(l to r) Merv White, Dave Williams, Jack Heggie

2ND CHANCE 20 Players 1st 2nd 3rd Top Woman

$140 $ 84 $ 56 $ 20

Jack Heggie Brent Babcock Dave Williams Casey & Lisa Hale

Friday Nite WARM UP 29 Players 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Top Woman

$200.00 $150.00 $ 90.00 $ 60.00 $ 30.00 $ 30.00 $ 20.00

Brent Babcock Jack Heggie Dave Williams Bob Sandy Sal Saenz John Binchus Sheila Baker


March 2003

The Pool Players Best Source of Information

Page 18


Hours: 11:30AM-2AM

By: Janet Neitzell


1ST 2ND 3RD 4TH 5/6 7/8 9/12


$600/$1000 $420/$790 $300/$600 $200/$480 $100/$275 $ 60 $ 40



881 E. El Camino Real Mountain View, CA. 94040 (650) 965-3100

30 Gold Crown III Tables 2 - 12’ Snooker Tables 2 - Verhoeven 10’ Billiards Tables

Video Games - Pinball - Foosball Full Line of Cues & Accessories Full Service Kitchen - Beer & Wine Bar Third Weekend of the Month: Saturday One Pocket Sunday 9-Ball

$20 entry Practice 11:30AM Starts 1PM $300 ADDED (based on 32 players)

$20 entry Practice 11:30AM Starts 1PM $300 ADDED (based on 32 players)

7355 Hwy 2 East Columbia Falls, MT 59912 (406) 892-2181 (406) 892-2166 Fax 1-800-238-8669


al 2nd Annu

River Bridge Classic

8-Ball Tournament - March 14-16, 2003 Entry $25 + $5 Green Fee - Ball-in-Hand Rules Round Robin - Men’s & Women’s Divisions Sign up until 11am Saturday - Play starts at NOON

MINIMUM $200 ADDED MONEY FRIDAY NIGHT 8-BALL 7pm OPEN TO ALL Entry $10 + $2 green fee - Sign up by 6pm

Player and Guest Specials: $25 per night room rate - 50% off Sunday morning breakfast buffet - 5 for 5 gaming coupons - 2 free drink coupons






G0-Go Girls Friday & Saturday Nights 11 pm - 1 am 3901 4th Ave NE Renton, WA 98056 (425) 277-7850


correction Ted Woodward was misidentified as Dennis Blackwell in the February Issue. Sorry for any inconvenience (l to r) Ted WoodwardTournament Director, Mary Hopkin 1st Place NWPA, Sharon Blackwell owner Q Street Billiards, Springfield, Oregon


March 2003


The Pool Players Best Source of Information

Page 19

(continued from page 10)

time ya quit feelin’ sorry for yourself, Carter?” He sighed, opened his mouth to speak, then said, “Past is the past, gotta give the future a chance.” He shot a frustrated glimpse at the ceiling lights as if looking for the right words, then growled, “if you don’t, you’re liable lose Elizabeth, too. And that Keating, would be about the dumbest thing you ever did in your life.” A thunderous drum roll sound filtered through the glass and over the ceiling. Our eyes shifted outside. A streak of lightning flashed brilliantly out of the eastern sky from ominous black pregnant clouds. A gust of wind whooshed solidly against the large windows. Heads turned outward toward the street. As I gazed out into the parking lot, I thought for a moment then looked back at Joe and said, “still wondering if I still have what it takes, Joe.” “Uh huh,” he grunted deeply, accentuating the deep gravel pitch in his voice. “Soo. . . exactly how good are ya’, Carter?” he queried, echoing Elizabeth. The question rattled through my nervous system like fingernails on a chalkboard. “Not sure.” Pause. Might as well say I haven’t played for three years.” “And before that?” He asked, his attention fixed completely on me. “Well,” I said reflectively, “I picked up a cue stick for the first time just past fifteen.” One level up, over the bar, a TV showed a CNN rerun of the Indy 500. Jeff Gordon had the lead. I continued, “From the beginning I played eight hours a day, seven days a week. Grades went to hell . . . I stopped playing all the sports except baseball, but learned the game quickly. By the time I was seventeen I was hustling the bars. Later that year I hit another level when I busted Jimmy, the Stick, Gadwell in a nine ball match. Game took off after that.” Joe narrowed his eyes and watched me closely, the crown between his eyes tight. Not seeing any BS in my gaze, he leaned in on the table, clasped his hands and said, “You, this ugly face across from me, actually beat Jimmy the Stick Gadwell?” Nod. With a half smile. “Yes. After that they came from everywhere. The Rifleman from the Midwest, L.A. Fats, Razor from Chicago, Bucktooth, Locksmith, Ever Ready, Road Runner Adams, Gattling Gun Jones, New York Skinny.” My eyes lifted to the TV for a moment. Gordon went into the pits and someone I didn’t recognize took over the lead. I continued. “Over the next year I played most of them to a dead heat or better. After high school I went to San Jac Junior College for a year but kept my game sharp. The railbirds thought it a matter of time before I’d be on top . . . if I’d just keep playing. That’s when they started calling me Doc Keating, the Surgeon. Said it had to do with the way I ran the table, always so surgical the way I did things. Joe glared at me, then exclaimed, “You’re the kid the rooms talked about, disappeared off the face of the earth. Everybody wondered what happened to you?” “Yep. Wanted some military experience, and to get some credits for school some day, so I joined up and ended up in Special Ops. “Then what?” he asked, and glanced up to a TV facing him behind me. I glanced up. Rain. The yellow flag had been waved. “Finished college, kept playing, worked on my game but got serious about my grades too. After Charley died, I went into Special Ops. Six months later they sent me into the Colombian jungles to discourage the drug cartels. Had no chance to keep my game sharp.” Pause. “Don’t have pool tables in the jungle, Joe.” “Traveled some in school, especially during the summers, but avoided the high profile tournaments, my focus was on school, not being distracted by all the attention. Kept sharp as an on-site pro at a local pool hall near the campus, but stayed in the shadows. I earned plenty of running money which allowed me to study at nights and in the mornings.” “And what about the scar?” Joe asked, “hustle the wrong person?” I smirked. My hand drifted to my left cheek. “Doc said it ought to be hardly noticeable in a few years.” I sighed. “Got it in Colombia, on one of the trails the gorillas used for drug trafficking. Our unit was responsible for blockading the route.” In the television booth, three announcers traded remarks. The rain suddenly pouring down heavily. I looked at Joe and continued, “We broke up a caravan, one of the bad guys had a knife. Caught me by surprise. Would have done me in, had not a buddy took him out as he was coming down on me.” My eyes drifted to my rib cage, “sliced me along the side, too. Why I was in the hospital before I was discharged.” Joe shook his head, kept glaring, and added, “On top of that Gracie dumped you when you came back. My god, Keating, musta felt like a ton of scud missiles had hit you.” He scooted up in his chair and looked at me directly, “Led a sheltered life, huh Keating?” He said dryly. Joe always had a way of lightening things up when the heavy-ness got too heavy. “Joe?” I said. “Yeah.” “Bout drinking up n’ going by the storeroom on the way back to my car?” “Storeroom?” “Yeah. I’ve got a couple cues in storage. Thought we might dig them out, see if they still work.” “Keating, Joe injected, pushing his chair back, standing up, “you are indeed a piece of work.” “Hope so, Joe,” I reflected. “Sure hope so.” OTB

“From the beginning I played eight hours a day, seven days a week. Grades went to hell . . .

I’ve got a couple cues in storage. Thought we might dig them out, see if they still work.”






(based on 32 entries)


1517 WYOMING BILLINGS, MT 59102 (406) 259-9865

The Pool Players Best Source of Information

Page 20

Tom Scott Memorial 8th 8-Ball Tournament

l March 22-23, 2003 a u n n A $800+ Added M





$25 entry ($15 entry / $10 green fee) CE RN A Tables - 2 Locations: The Mint Bar, VFW Club T B AM E N T Check in Saturday 8AM - Calcutta 9AM - Play Follows Open to First 64 Men & 32 Women - Tournament Flighted Singles / Doubles Elimination - Ball in Hand Rules Race to 4 Men & Women on Sat / Sun 5 (races subject to change)

ALL ENTRIES RECEIVED BY MARCH 12TH RECEIVE A T-SHIRT (NEED SIZE) T-SHIRTS WILL BE AVAILABLE TO PLAYERS ENTERED AFTER MARCH 12TH FOR $10 Tim Scott Send Bart McCully Johnny Siefke 146 Quartz Rd 918 Idaho Ave #247 entries 35 McKays St Libby, MT 59923 Libby, MT 59923 Libby, MT 59923 to: (406) 293-1283 (406) 293-7280 (406) 293-7935 (406) 293-2396 MOTELS: Super 8 - (406) 293-2771 / Caboose (406) 293-6201 Evergreen (406) 293-4178 / Venture (406) 293-7711

Now 21 & Over Only! STREET 215 Q Street BILLIARDS (541) 988-0294 Springfield, Oregon



* The length of the race may be reduced depending on the number of team entries

Rocky Mountain Gaming


Qualify for MCMOA Championships BOZEMAN

Eagles American Legion Crystal Bar Bowl Scoop Molly Brown Cats Paw

Korner Klub Filling Station Rocking R Point After 5th Ace Saloon Colonel Black’s The Haufbrau


Depot Lucky Cuss The Hub Bar Belgrade Lounge

MANHATTAN Sir Scott’s Oasis American Legion

THREE FORKS Frontier Club

March 2003

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BCA MEETS WITH USOC MEMBERSHIP & CREDENTIALS COMMITTEE From: Amy Long, Director of Marketing & Business Development

Colorado Springs, Colorado - Representatives of the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) met with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) Membership & Credentials Committee on February 1, 2003 in San Diego, CA. The committee requested BCA representatives to discuss the BCA’s application for membership in the USOC as an Affiliated Sport Organization (ASO). BCA President Skip Nemecek, BCA Executive Director Stephen Ducoff, player representatives Jeanette Lee and Paul Guernsey and BCA legal counsel represented billiards. The meeting gave the BCA representatives the opportunity to present the case for billiards and for the BCA’s recognition as an ASO. “Recognition as an ASO is an important step toward eventual inclusion in the Pan American and/or Olympic Games,” said Mr. Ducoff. “The BCA has made several changes to our by-laws, procedures and structure so that we are in compliance with USOC requirements. This meeting was to clear up a few minor issues and allow us the opportunity to present billiards as a competitive sport that is enjoyed by players and fans around the world.” The Billiard Congress of America (BCA) is a national non-profit organization, dedicated to providing its members with exceptional value by promoting and growing cue sports worldwide. The BCA supports its membership with educational programs, trade expos, tournaments and other programs designed to make pool everybody’s game. Go to the BCA website for additional information.



February 10, 2003 (Charlotte, NC) Women’s Professional Billiards Association players, Ewa Laurance and Loree Jon Jones , are visiting United States military personnel stations in the Balkans. Set for February 10-21, the tour stops in Macedonia, Kosovo and Bosnia where the players will play pool against the troops, give trick shot demonstrations and sign autographs. OTB

BCA Board of Directors Seeking Nominations From: Amy Long, Director of Marketing & Business Development

The Billiard Congress of America (BCA) Nominating Committee is seeking nominations from current BCA Voting and Associate members to fill four BCA Board of Director positions that will begin in July 2003 and have a three-year term. The committee, which is chaired by Mr. Michael Brownstein (Recreation World) and includes Mr. Michael Di Motta (Imperial International), Hank Hayes (Iwan Simonis) and Martyne Bachmen, is also seeking nominations from Retailer and Proprietor members for their respective representatives, each of whom will serve a two-year term that will begin in July 2003. Written nominations must be received at the BCA National Office or provided to any committee member no later than April 18, 2003 for Retail and Proprietor member representatives and no later than May 25, 2003 for Voting and Associate member representatives.

Submit nominations by mail to: Billiard Congress of America-BOD Nominations 4345 Beverly Street, Suite D, Colorado Springs, CO 80918-5916 OTB

Varner Show at Riverside Billiards & Blues

MOUNT VERNON, WASHINGTON — Local T.A.P. Pool League operator Ray Mills and the owner of the Riverside Billiards & Blues pool hall, Dave Goodenbour, have announced the signing of Billiard Hall-of-Famer NICK VARNER to an exhibition event for St. Patrick’s Day, Monday, March 17th, 2003 from 7-11pm. During the Mt. Vernon exhibition he will provide insight into how a professional cueist’s mind works, perform trick shots, accept challenge matches from attendees, and be available for autographs, especially for those obtaining one of his signature cues. NSW T.A.P. and Riverside Billiards & Blues are new entrants into the Washington pool scene, with T.A.P. starting league divisions of no-slop, all-skills Vegas championship in five counties north of Seattle this spring. RB&B just opened with 11, 9-foot tables and one 10-foot snooker table, plus a pro shop and late play for all ages. Tickets for this appearance may be reserved by sending check or money order to: T.A.P. by March 14th or by visiting Riverside Billiards and Blues. RB&B is found near I-5 exit 227, east then south on Riverside Drive. Mail for NSW T.A.P. goes to PO Box 281, Oak Harbor WA 98277. For more details, call RB&B after 2pm at 866/848-9767 or “No-Slop Washington” T.A.P. 24-hours at 360-NSW-8BALL. Four options of tickets are available. OTB

March 2003

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Breaking News

Press Releases From: Leagues, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Organizations, Instructional and anything of interest in the pool and billiards community.


1700 Canyon Rd - Ellensburg, WA For Reservations call 1-800-321-8791 (509) 925-9801 fax: (509) 925-2093

Proud Host of the

Specialty Brand Will Be “Official Beer” Of Two Amateur Leagues ST. LOUIS (Feb. 10, 2003) – Anheuser-Busch, Inc., today announced Michelob AmberBock, its best-selling specialty beer, will be the “official beer” sponsor of the American Poolplayers Association (APA), the world’s largest pool league, and the American Darters Association (ADA), a national network of amateur dart leagues. As part of the sponsorships, Michelob AmberBock will gain exposure through 216,000 members of the APA and 8,500 members of the ADA, and will have signage in a combined 9,600 retail accounts nationwide. “Michelob AmberBock is proud to be the ‘official beer’ sponsor of two great amateur sports leagues,” said Mike Murphy, product manager, Michelob Specialty brands, Anheuser-Busch, Inc. “Our sponsorships give Michelob AmberBock an opportunity to reach active, contemporary consumers playing two of the most popular games in prime retail locations.” Michelob Specialty Ales & Lagers are brewed by OTB Anheuser-Busch, Inc., the world’s largest brewer.

U.S. AMATEUR CHAMPIONSHIP Prestigious Amateur Championship to Change Venue

2003 WAMOA Pool Championships Special Room Rates: $63.00 Singles for players $67.50 Doubles +tax


Indoor Pool l Jacuzzi l Fitness Center Restaurant l Lounge l Meeting Rooms Visit us online at:

Shotze’s Bar & Grill presents 5th Annual Open 9-Ball Spring Classic Tournament March 8 & 9, 2003 $1,000 Added with 32+

First 40 Paid Players will Play!

From: Jason Bowman, Public Relations Manager

LAKE SAINT LOUIS, MO (February 17, 2003) The nation’s most prestigious amateur billiard event-the U.S. Amateur Championship-will take place this year at Ultimate Billiards in Berlin, Conn., Nov. 7-9. The championship was held the past three years at Champion Billiards in Laurel, Md. “We are very excited to host the U.S. Amateur Championship at Ultimate Billiards. Champion Billiards was an outstanding location for the event the past few years, and we believe Ultimate Billiards will also be a great site,” said Teresa Gooch, APA Director of Tournament Productions. In addition to the change in venue, the APA will also add a Women’s Division to the U.S. Amateur Championship beginning in 2003. The event will feature 16 of the nation’s top women amateurs competing for a shot at the U.S. Amateur Championship and paid travel, lodging and entry into a 2004 WPBA Classic Tour event. The winner in the 128-player Men’s Division will receive paid travel, lodging and entry into the 2004 U.S. Open Pro Event. Both champions will automatically return to the U.S. Amateur Championship in 2004 to defend their titles. This tournament is the only non-handicapped national tournament sanctioned by the APA that is open to both members and non-members alike. Preliminary Rounds for the U.S. Amateur Championship are scheduled for Sept. 20-21. For more information on the U.S. Amateur Championship or entry materials, visit the official APA Web site at or call OTB 1-800-3-RACK-EM.

Trick Shot Exhibition April 8th Rich Cook “Bucktooth” is going to put on his first trick shot show in 10

years on April 8th at 7:30pm at Felts Billiard Club. He has a lot of new trick shots and will be performing for approximately 2 hours. For more information call (925) 743-0750 OTB


With 5 or more Women - We pay High Woman 100% Payback - Race to 7 - Double Elimination - Texas Express B Bracket Race to 6 on Saturday and 7 on Sunday Semi-finals Race to 7 & Finals One Race to 9 Five 4 1/2 x 9 Tables - Small Red Triangle Cue Ball Entry Fee: $65 - No Table Fee -With Full Field Paying 12 PlacesNew Menu - Full Bar - Breakfast All Day - Big Screen TV DEADLINE: Thursday March 6, 6PM - $10 Late Fee After That

Free Practice 9-10 am - Draw 10-10:30 am Start Immediately after draw Mar 8th Send entries to: Shotze’s Bar & Grill Or call: Shotze’s (425) 355-5766 9602 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA 98204 or Ford (425) 220 9051

All About Cues 1222 Bronson Way North Renton, WA 98055

(Village Square Shopping Center Exit 4 on I-405)

(425) 430-CUES (2837)

Pool Tables by Connelly Billiards Custom Cue Repair by Sean Finney

Large Selections Viking McDermott Cues

Lessons Available In House or in the privacy of your own home by our instructors Mail Order Cue Repair Available Cues sent in to be repaired will be returned in a timely fashion

Featured Cues: Pechauer, Huebler, Cuetec, Schon, Falcon, Predator and more Custom Cues: Dale Perry, Jackson, Dave Kikel, Dave Barenbrugge, Chris Nitti, Tom Coker, Nova and Jacoby

Wide Selection of Cases, Accessories, T-Shirts & Dart Supplies

425-255-7225 (RACK)

Nick Varner Exhibition

2814 NE Sunset Blvd. - Renton, WA

Nick Varner exhibition March 15th at 8:00PM. Come see World Champion and BCA Hall of Famer Nick Varner delight the crowd. Free Admission. Nick will be performing some trick shots and skill shots. He’ll also take some challenge matches from the audience. Nick has won world titles in all the major categories, 9-ball, 8ball, straight pool and one pocket. Here’s your chance to see one of the living greats. It has been ten years since Nick has been in the great NW so come out, and welcome him back for one entertaining performance at Sunset Family Billiards. OTB

$5 entry - Race to 2 - House adds 50%

Off Exit #5 Sunset Exit on 405, at the top of the hill.

Every Sunday 8-Ball at 2PM

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe

from: Sean Finney

9-Ball Tour Stop

March 15th - 16th

Race to 9 Winner’s side - Race to 7 One Loss side Players Meeting 9:00 AM - Players Auction 9:15 AM Entry $50 + $10 Green Fee - Tournament Starts at 10:15 AM


Hotel Information: Silver Cloud Inn - 1850 Maple Valley Hwy - Renton (425) 226-7600 $65 night + tax (Off exit #4 on 405, next to Shari’s Restaurant) Renton Inn - 219 Sunset Blvd N - Renton (425) 687-9846 $59.99 night + tax

Nick Varner Exhibition March 15th 8pm Sarge’s Pool School

Instructional Seminar: Basics of Pocket Billiards

March 22nd, 1-5PM (4 hours) $45 per student - Seminar limited to first 16 paid students

March 2003

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Riverside Billiards & Blues


1022 Riverside Dr - Mount Vernon, WA (360) 848-9767

HOURS: Sun-Thurs Noon-Midnight / Fri-Sat Noon-2 am

Wednesday Night 8-Ball at 7 PM

“C” and below $7.50 entry - Vegas Rules Special Rates Sundays $2.50 per hour

Pro Shop - Restaurant

These are tentative dates and are subject to change. This schedule has been provided by ESPN.

Jay’s Billiards & Sports Bar 3883 W Century Blvd #11 Inglewood, CA

All times are Pacific Coast Time Add one hour for Mountain Time

$10 entry - Warm-up 10AM Texas Express - Race to 5 / 4 - Loser Breaks Maximum Players 32 - 100% Payout Visit us online at

• COCKTAILS • Lunch & Dinner Specials • Darts • Pool Tables • Big Screen TV • FREE Pool Sun., M-F daily • Outside Deck

Happpy Hour

4:00 - 7:00 M-F 121 MAIN AVE - RIDGEFIELD, WA 98642 TAVERN: (360) 887-8805

DAILY BREAKFAST LUNCH & DINNER SPECIALS All You Can Eat Sunday Breakfast Buffet Open Daily 6am to 2am

Orders To Go 541-754-7622

Banquet Facilities Available

350 SW 4th Corvallis, OR

Full Service Cocktail Lounge with Outdoor Patio Seating

Sage Bar & Grill 3248 E Sprague Spokane, WA (509) 534-9908 Fri-SunOpen6amforBreakfast Wednesday Night 8-Ball 7PM

$3 entry - Call Pocket - DE - House Matches

Pool - Darts - Pinball - Video


Cocktails & Beer Specials 2118 Broadway Everett, WA 98201

(425) 259-4949 Toll Free 1-888-534-7665

Table Sales, Recovering & Moving Cues, Cases & Accessories Hour: Mon - Sat

11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

03-03-2003 12:00 pm 2002 TRICK SHOT MAGIC 03-05-2003 12:00 pm 2002 WOMEN’S TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS SEMIFINAL #1 03-06-2003 12:00 pm 2002 WOMEN’S TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS SEMIFINAL #2 03-06-2003 1:00 pm 2002 WOMEN’S TOUR. OF CHAMPIONS FINALS 03-17-2003 12:00 pm 2002 WPBA CLASSIC TOUR FINALS 03-19-2003 12:00 pm 2002 WPBA CLASSIC TOUR FINALS 03-20-2003 12:00 pm 2002 WPBA CLASSIC TOUR SEMIFINAL #1 03-20-2003 1:00 pm 2002 SUDDEN DEATH 7-BALL 03-21-2003 12:00 pm 2002 INT’L CHALLENGE OF CHAMPIONS FINALS 03-21-2003 1:00 pm 2002 SUDDEN DEATH 7-BALL 04-05-2003 3:00 pm 2002 WOMEN’S TOUR. OF CHAMPIONS FINALS 04-05-2003 4:00 pm 2002 WPBA NATIONALS FINALS 04-07-2003 12:00 pm 2002 WPBA CLASSIC TOUR SEMIFINAL #2

Since 1964

Cue Repairs Aluminum and Wood Shafts

Each cue is hand made in memory of the original Waldo Cue Maker Russ Waldo Visit our new website at:

WALDO CUE CO (253) 529-1192

Everyone Needs An ...


2 Tables



Wednesday 8-Ball 7PM $2 Entry BCA Rules House adds 50%

Sunday March 9th










The Northwest’s Premier Billiard Room New hours: 2:00pm - 2:00am

(425) 697-2459 New Cocktail Lounge and Restaurant 5800 198th St. SW

Lynnwood, WA.




(253) 939-3513

Weekly Pool Schedule

Monday: BCA Leagues Tuesday Midnight: 8 Ball $5 entry Wednesday 8pm: 10 Ball $0 entry $100 ADDED Thursday 8pm: 8 Ball Everybody $5 entry

All Tournaments Ball in Hand / Call Pocket House Matches 100%


03-01-2003 2:00 am 2002 WPBA NATIONALS SEMIFINAL #1 03-01-2003 3:00 am 2002 WPBA NATIONALS SEMIFINAL #2 03-02-2003 10:00 pm 2002 INT’L CHALLENGE OF CHAMPIONS FINALS 03-04-2003 9:00 am 2002 MOSCONI CUP BILLIARDS 03-04-2003 1:00 pm 2002 WPBA NATIONALS FINALS 03-05-2003 9:00 am 2002 MOSCONI CUP BILLIARDS 03-06-2003 9:00 am 2002 MOSCONI CUP BILLIARDS 03-08-2003 3:00 am 2002 WOMEN’S TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS SEMIFINAL #2 03-08-2003 8:00 pm 2001 TRICK SHOT MAGIC 03-16-2003 3:00 am 2002 WOMEN’S TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS FINALS 03-17-2003 9:30 am 2002 SUDDEN DEATH 7-BALL 03-17-2003 10:00 pm TRICK SHOT MAGIC BILLIARDS 03-31-2003 8:00 pm TRICK SHOT MAGIC BILLIARDS 04-07-2003 6:30 pm 2002 TRICK SHOT MAGIC 04-07-2003 7:30 pm 2002 TRICK SHOT MAGIC

Waldo CUE

2422 Main St Springfield, OR (541) 988-1402



located at Hollywood Park Casino - 3rd Level

(310) 677-6878 16 - 9’ GOLD CROWN TABLES Sunday 9-Ball

Hollywood Billiards 658 S “A” St - Oxnard, CA 805-487-2056

key o m S int Po

5200 172nd NE #D

Arlington, WA 98223

(360) 403-7665

Tuesday Night 8 Ball - 7 PM

Entry $7 + $3 table time House Matches $7

Sunday 9 Ball - 3 PM

Entry $7 + $3 table time House Matches $7 186 E Jewett White Salmon, WA

(509) 493-1990

Fine Dining Upstairs - Full Service Menu Live Music Every Weekend & No Cover Charge Pool Tables - Pull Tabs

Tournys 7PM

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Mon: Jack & Jill 8-Ball - Double Elimination - BCA Rules Tues: 9-Ball - Double Elimination - Ract to 3 - BCA Rules Thurs: 8-Ball - Double Elimination - Race to 1 - BCA Rules House adds $50 - $150 depending on field

P J’s Pub & Grub 4712 E Fourth Plain

Vancouver, WA

(360) 695-5119 Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 4-7PM - 50¢ OFF all Beer

FREE POOL Wed Men’s Night (4-close): 50¢ drafts Sat Ladies Night (4-close): 50¢ drafts Miller High Life & Pabst SUNDAY MEAT SHOOT 6pm - $5 entry Chris Warren 406-442-7088

Mar 21-23: Men’s Team Tournament 5 Person Teams - $50 entry - BCA rules - Fri 8PM Send entries by 2/11 to:Sea Hag c/o Janette Wilks P O Box 516 Ilwaco, WA 98624 Nick’s West

The Sea Hag

(360) 642-5100 or (360) 642-5899



March 2003

The Pool Players Best Source of Information

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Atwell Wins at City Lights By: Mike Caillier getting real tough. Marsh Tacoma City Lights hosted was on a mission to make it Pechauer Tour Stop #5 on to the finals, he defeated st nd February 1 and 2 . With Paul Juarez 9-1, and then took down a tough Mike only 10 Gold Crowns to Vidas 9-5, then knocks out play on, the field was J.D. 9-7. Stan had a mission limited to the first 64 to do the same, no one was players. As usual there was going to stand in the way of quite a waiting list of a rematch with Atwell. When procrastinators wanting to Stan and Todd met, the play (most of them got their winner to play Jerry Johnson, wish). Little did anyone the loser to go home. It was know that the combination Glenn Atwell a tough seesaw battle but it of 4 inch pockets and a was the tough Canadian race to 9 would take its toll moving on and Marsh settling for a 4th place finish. on everyone. Saturday started with horrific news about the loss With only one person still in his way to the finals, Stan opened up against a weary Johnson with of the Space Shuttle Columbia. After a moment such precision that Johnson, who played of silence, which I would personally like to thank flawlessly on Saturday, could not get it back and every player and fan for observing with total the match ended 9-3 with Stan headed for a class, the play began. After about 17 hours of non-stop pool, the field rematch with Atwell in a race to 13. The match began with Atwell jumping out to a was finally down to 16 players, with some very good lead, but Tourangeau is not going down good players not returning for day two. At 10 a.m. without a fight. With the score 11-9, Atwell rose Sunday, play began, and the tables had not gotten any easier. Glenn Atwell started right to the occasion and with a few mistakes by this tired opponent, he closed it out 13-9. where he left off on Saturday taking down one City Lights would like to congratulate Glenn on top player after another. On AtwellÂ’s way to the his win and would like to thank Pechauer, Steve point, Todd Marsh, Stan Tourangeau and Jerry Johnson were all sent to the other side by similar Linglebach, Carissa Biggs, all the other tour scores of 9-3, it was a pretty dominating sponsors, the players for the great sportsmanship and the fans for their support. performance. I would like to thank the staff for helping make On the other side of the board the action was

Our Third Weekend Results Open One Pocket Tournament Sat. Feb 15, 2003

34 Players @ $20 ea Money added Total prize fund 1 $360 2 $200 3 $140 4 $100 5 $ 60 6 $ 60 7 $ 30 8 $ 30

$680 $300 $980 Tony Chohan Billy Palmer Jason Williams George Michaels Don Lim Trevor Smith Robert Lombardi John Hahn

Open 9 Ball Tournament Sun Feb. 16, 2003 35 Players @ $20 Money added Total Prize fund 1 $360 2 $220 3 $140 4 $100 5 $ 60 6 $ 60 7 $ 30 8 $ 30

$ 700 $ 300 $1,000 Trevor Smith Tinsley Johnson Doug Coleman Tony Chohan Ralph Daloian Jason Williams George Gromoff Paul Juarez


this a great experience for everyone involved, especially my wife Lisa, whoÂ’s creativity in the kitchen and organization everywhere else made this easy for myself, also thanks to Rich Geiler for without him there would have been no auction. 1st $1500 Glenn Atwell $890 nd 2 $1100 Stan Tourangeau $590 $800 Jerry Johnson $440 3 rd 4th $550 Todd Marsh $290 5/6 $300 Bryce Avila $220 J. D. 7/8 $200 Mike Zimmerman $150 Mike Vidas 9/12 $125 Dan Louie, Zach Leach, Rennie Amadeo, Paul Juarez 13/16 $100 Randy Camantique, Don Wirtaman, John Duclose, Chad Aldridge Best Finishing Female: $100 Hsin Huang OTB

March 2003

The Pool Players Best Source of Information

Page 24 Affordable Healthcare! Entire Family $139.95 Per Month Everyone Accepted - Guaranteed! National Physician & Hospital Repricing Network l

$5,000 Accident Medical Benefit


$10 Co-pay Generic Prescription Benefit


$10 Eye Exams & $25,000 Accidental Death & Dsm. Benefit


Dental, Chiropractic, Hearing, Air Rescue, Legal Plan, More!


For Information Call 253-373-9999 This is not Insurance

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W.S.P.L. 2003 State Championship

Kingsmen Billiards 2588 Olive Hwy Suite A & B - Oroville, CA


Monday USPPA 7PM

5 - 9’ Tables & 3 Coin-ops Deli - Monster Sandwiches Open 11 am Cold Beer - Barber Shop 7 days a week OPEN 24 HOURS FRIDAY & SATURDAY

Nightly Specials Pool Tournament

YA, YA, YA You have seen these faces, but now that you know who they are!! Let’s ALL LEARN a lesson in Good Times and Good Sportsmanship from the Sunny Greens Team in HOW to Win & Lose with Dignity!!

an impact on the tournament, the only real impact that they have had on the industry is to show that they can create R Rated pictures that need to be censored before publication, and write rules and regulations that have been allegedly copied from the W.S.P.L. HEY PLAYERS!! What DO YOU THINK??? Please send comments to W.S.P.L., P O Box 3364, Federal Way, WA 98063 Please send your views to the W.S.P.L. P.O. Box. WE AT THE W.S.P.L. would like to read them!!!!!!!!!!!! Please note: The W.S.P.L. State Championship was a great success. Thanks to ALL of the players, owners, bartenders, officials and a very special thanks goes out to the following people: Krista Miller, Robert Young, Scott Johnson, Dusty Cline and Bruce Walsh.

Friday 8-Ball 7 PM $5 entry - House Matches Pot


Salem, OR

(503) 391-4912

7304 Lakewood Dr W - Lakewood, WA (corner Lakewood Dr & 74th - right behind H & L Produce)

(253) 472-3009

UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP Happy Hour 3-6pm - 7 Days a Week

Tim Taylor and Paul Thompson show why the W.S.P.L. has developed a Good Sportsmanship Reputation and why with players like these two will continue.

Pool Tournaments Tues & Sat 6:30PM 8 or 9-Ball - $5 entry - 50% Added Karaoke Tuesday Nights 9PM Comedy Night Thursdays 9PM DJ’s Wed thru Sat Nights Pull Tabs - Pool - Darts TV’s All Over (1 Giant Screen)

Gary E. Smith League Operator

WASHINGTON STATE POOL LEAGUE Introducing the Spot Option Rule

35023 Enchanted Parkway #5 Federal Way, WA 98003

Grand Central SteakHouse

Office Phone (253) 838-7676

February 15-16, 2003 1st 2nd 3rd

$100 $ 40 $ 30

Mary Price / Dan Proleau Suzette Chelini / Bob Brizel Krystal / Josh Kovnesky



Legends Sports Bar & Grill

4439 35th Ave SW

1202 Main St Sumner, WA 253-863-2234


Sweetheart Scotch Doubles

Drink Specials Home of the FREE $5 Free Throw

Lessons by Appointment Cue Sticks l Billiard Accessories

Jason Theriault and Tim Taylor end the SUDDEN DEATH MATCH with class and Good Sportsmanship. These photos show why Tim Taylor is MVP

Seattle, WA

HAPPY (206) 938-3598 HOUR 3-6PM Mon-Fri $5 entry - Double Elimination ADDED

Monday Night 8-Ball 7:30 PM 100%

Great Food - Pull Tabs

Sweethearts Tournament

From: Glenda Kessell

Redmond, OR The tournament was great again this year. We had 15 teams and some great players. First place went to Mike White and Josie Le Roy of Portland. They recieved jackets, a trophy and $206.25 each. Second place went to Louie Smith of Warm Springs and Linda (Smitty) Smith of Gresham. They recieved a trophy and $123.75 each. Third place was Dave Waters and Anna Speck of Redmond. They recieved a trophy and $82.50 each. Hope to see all of you and more at next years tournament. We finished the tournament early Sunday morning and decided next year if we are going to run late that we will have a practice hour at 9 am and finish the tournament at 10 on Sunday. Thanks for being there. OTB

Dancing Fri & Sat Nights Karaoke Sun - Thurs 9PM


l Pool l Darts l Games l Pull Tabs l Cocktails l Great Food

Karaoke Thurs thru Sat Nights with Seth Bates and Friends

Come Join The Fun!!!

2216 SW Orchard Delridge, WA “Almost A City” (206) 764-6320


27201 Pacific Hwy S Redondo Heights, WA (253) 945-6153 9-Ball Saturdays at 2 PM $5 entry - Double Elimination - 100% Added

PULL TABS - POOL - DARTS Happy Hour: 4-7 PM Mon - Fri

March 2003

The Pool Players Best Source of Information

Log Cabin Pub & Eatery

Sweetheart Doubles

2719 E Valley Hwy E Sumner, WA (253) 863-2905

from: Curtis Watts

On February 15, continuing a tradition, the 2003 Sweetheart Doubles was held with 32 pairs at the Cats Paw in Bozeman. Also, as per tradition, the tournament was held with much fun and

Page 25

as they win, ensuring that 75% of the pairs get money. The two and out losers get door prizes. Mike and Erica also received trophies for their win. 1st Erica Nunberg and Mike Wright $150 $70 2nd Barb Wetzler and Mike Schaff 3rd Kibbie Horsley and Rod Johnson $50 We would all like to thank the Cats Paw for being a perfect venue. The great food and great service from the Cats Paw employees, combined with the attending players, made this a very fun tournament.

POOL TOURNAMENTS Tuesdays & Saturdays

Live Music

Fridays & Saturdays

Great Food

Classic 50’s Casino 1810 14th St SW Great Falls, MT

(406) 453-0136

Mar 22 8-Ball Singles

$300 ADDED

$20 entry - Race to 4 - Sign-up 11 am - Starts Noon


World Record Attempt

On February 16, 2003 at the Unison Pool Bar in Montreal, Nick Nikolaidis, the fastest pool player in the world, pocketed 16,709 balls in 24 hours to raise money for the Foundation for Research into Children’s Diseases. A hundred or so fans, family and friends were there to cheer him on as he came tantalizingly close to breaking his own world record of 16,723 balls. “We had some technical problems and unfortunately I wasn’t feeling 100% but I really appreciated the support from the crowd,” Nick said. “They absolutely helped me put away 734 balls in the last hour which surprised even me.” When asked about breaking the 17,000 ball mark Nick Nikolaidis replied, “I want to do it and I know that I can. My equipment is the best in the world and even though this time we had some problems we can learn from our mistakes and we just have to move on.” Nick Nikolaidis would like to thank all his sponsors for contributing generously in helping raise money for the Foundation for Research into Children’s Diseases. Please visit Nick’s web site at

Race to 2 - Double Elimination - Pay 1st, 2nd, 3rd

$100 ADDED (with 12 players)

3rd Place Rod Johnson and Kibbie Horsley 2nd Place Mike Schaff and Barb Wetzler


Billiard & Dart Club

3500 Fulton Ave

Sacramento, CA 95821

(916) 978-9916

Now with 22 Tables USPPA Tournaments Mon at 8PM

Thank You From: Jeff Boucher

Many thanks go to the people who consistently put in the effort and time to put out a positive image for the game. Thank you Dick & Curt in Bozeman. Doug, Terry, Dan and Fritz in Billings. Pete in Missoula. Brian in Helena. Tim, Kim and Billy in Great Falls. Cindy and Ed in Butte. And to anyone else I may have forgotten, Thank you for all that you do. It doesn’t go unnoticed. And finally even though he doesn’t want it, Thank you to Cheese for letting us express our opinions and find out what else is going on in the world of pool. Without you and this paper, some of us would be standing around waiting for someone to rack.



(425) 488-0140

(503) 649-1006

Club Underground

8-Ball or 9-Ball Tournaments 7:30 PM

Monday - Thursday - Sunday $5 entry $3 new players House Matches $3 per player


18641 SW Tualatin Valley Hwy

Robbie’s Ramblin’ Rose & Beer Garden

631 N Broadway - Everett, WA (425) 339-8876



Tuesday Night 8-Ball 7 PM Saturday 8-Ball 2 PM NO entry - Ball-in-hand Call Pocket

1st Place Mike Wright and Erica Nunberg

laughter. This is an event for the not-so-serious mates of pool players to enjoy. We don’t have ticky-tack fouls called, no time complaints, and everyone has a great time. That’s guaranteed with this tournament. Mike Wright and Erica Nunberg won, Mike Schaff and Barb Wetzler second, and coming in third were Rod Johnson and the legendary Kibbie Horsley. In this tournament pairs are paid for each win

12303 E Trent Spokane, WA 509-892-0598


Friday & Saturday Night Pool Shoot $3 entry Thursday Night Tacos 3 for $1.50 All Televised Sonics Games Bud & Bud Light $1.50 Special

Sharkee’s Ohana Billiards 127 Peabody Rd - Vacaville, CA

P B (707) 446-1363 E Aloha Spirit IZ & Sat USPPA 8PM E $13Tues entry - Race to 5 - Score Sheets Z Sun USPPA Open 2PM A R Call for entry - Race to 5 - Double Elimination

14905 Pacific Ave Tacoma, WA

(253) 536-1531 PULL TABS

KARAOKE 9 pm - FRI & SAT Pool Tournaments Thurs 9 Ball 6:30 PM & Sat 8 Ball 2 PM Entry $5 + $2 green fee - House Adds $5 per player


Restaurant & Bar

605 E Seltice Way

Post Falls, Idaho


Aloha, OR

Lil’ Big Foot 3015 E Mission Spokane, WA

(509) 534-0401


Omak, WA

(509) 826-0338

The Pool Players Best Source of Information

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March 2003


$20,000 based on maximum entrants

Sanctioned Coin-operated 8-Ball Championships of

MONTANA May 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 2003 Held at the Yogo Inn - Lewistown, MT

no entry fee Qualify at local bars win cash & trophies FOR INFORMATION CALL CHRIS AT (406) 442-7088

March 2003

The Pool Players Best Source of Information


Dates, Times & Tournaments are subject to change without notice.

DAY Mondays

CITY Oroville Sacramento

Felts Billiards (See ad p8) Eddie’s Classic Billiards Mountain View CA Billiard Club (See ad p18) Monterey Easy Street (See ad p6) Northridge Billiard Connection (See ad p6) Oxnard Hollywood Billiards (See ad p22) San Francisco Family Billiards (See ad p6) Vacaville Sharkee’s Ohana (See ad p25) Dublin Room With A Cue Inglewood Jay’s Billiards (See ad p22) Mountain View CA Billiard Club (See ad p18) Rancho Cordova Diamond Billiards (See ad p5) Sacramento Hard Times (See ad p5) Vacaville Sharkee’s Ohana (See ad p25) Boise 44 Club Boise The Pocket Boise 44 Club Hailey Mint Bar Keuterville Keuterville Store Moscow Mingles (See ad p11) Boise Backstreet Boise Dutch Goose Boise Q’s Billiards Moscow Mingles (See ad p11) Mtn Home Brew-n-Cue Twin Falls Pocket Boise 44 Club Boise The Pocket Cottonwood Royale Room Boise Q’s Billiards Moscow Mingles (See ad p11) Nampa Woodshed Boise Backstreet Boise Riders

PHONE (530) 534-1922 (916) 978-9916 (415) 931-1115 (925) 743-0750 (510) 652-9808 (650) 965-3100 (916) 368-8800 (707) 446-1363 (650) 992-7900 (818) 831-0747 (916) 368-8800 (916) 332-8798 (925) 551-3140 (831) 333-0825 (209) 303-3391 (805) 487-2056 (916) 332-8798 (415) 931-1115 (925) 743-0750 (209) 477-2255 (650) 965-3100 (831) 333-0825 (818) 831-0747 (805) 487-2056 (415) 931-1115 (707) 446-1363 (925) 551-3140 (310) 677-6878 (650) 965-3100 (916) 368-8800 (916) 332-8798 (707) 446-1363 (208) 344-0693 (208) 375-2474 (208) 344-0693 (208) 788-6468 (208) 962-3090 (208) 882-2050 (208) 672-8870 (208) 342-8887 (208) 322-9122 (208) 882-2050 (208) 587-9910 (208) 733-9676 (208) 344-0693 (208) 375-2474 (208) 962-3560 (208) 322-9122 (208) 882-2050 (208) 467-7952 (208) 672-8870 (208) 342-0393

EVENT / RULES 9-Ball USPPA 9-Ball USPPA Handicap USPPA 9-Ball - USPPA 9-Ball USPPA 8 Ball Handicapped 9-Ball USPPA Score Sheet 9-Ball USPPA USPPA Open 9-Ball 9 Ball ‘B’ 9-Ball USPPA NPL 9-Ball Texas Express 9-Ball Handicapped 9 Ball USPPA USPPA 8-Ball - Open USPPA Handicapped 9-Ball ABC USPPA 9-Ball Handicapped 9-Ball Open NPL USPPA Score Sheet 9-Ball NPL 9-Ball - Texas Express 9-Ball USPPA Handicap 8-Ball 9 Ball Open USPPA Open 8 Ball 8 Ball 8 Ball 8-Ball BCA 8 Ball 9 Ball 8-Ball Bar Box 8 Ball 8 Ball 8 Ball 8 Ball - Ball-in-hand 8-Ball Handicapped 8 Ball 9 Ball 8 Ball 9 Ball 8 Ball 9 Ball Open 9 Ball 9 Ball

ENTRY $13 $8 $20 $15 $15 $10 $5 $13 $15 $15 $5 $5 $15 $10 $10 $10 $8 $20 $15M/$10W $11 $20 $15 $20+$1 reg. $25 $20 $13 $15 $10 $20 $5 $15 Call $3 $5 $3 $5 $5 $5 $5 $3 $5 $5 $5 $6 $3 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5


(775) 829-2221



San Francisco




Fridays Saturdays

Mondays Tuesdays


Mountain View Rancho Cordova

Vacaville Daly City Northridge

Sacramento Dublin Monterey Oakdale Oxnard Sacramento

LOCATION Kingsmen (See ad p24) T C Billiards (See ad p25) Family Billiards (See ad p6) Felts Billiards (See ad p8) Broken Rack (See ad p32) CA Billiard Club (See ad p18) Diamond Billiards (See ad p5) Sharkee’s Ohana (See ad p25) Town & Country Billiard Connection (See ad p6) Diamond Billiards (See ad p5) Hard Times (See ad p5) Room With A Cue Easy Street (See ad p6) Oakdale Billiards (See ad p27)

Hollywood Billiards (See ad p22)

Hard Times (See ad p5)

San Francisco Family Billiards (See ad p6)



Thursdays Saturdays Sundays


San Ramon Emeryville

Rancho Cordova



San Ramon Stockton

Billares LaRaza (See ad p27)

Oakdale billiards 140 B 2nd St - Oakdale, CA


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Thursday Night 9-Ball 8PM $10 entry - Single Elimination - Race to 6 House Adds $100

Billares LaRaza 2295 S Virginia - Reno, NV (775) 829-2221

10-Gold Crowns 1-Snooker and 1-Coin-op Thursday at 7PM 9-Ball - $10 entry

Grand Opening Shooter’s Side Pocket

1618 Main Street - Lewiston, ID N (208) 746-9240 Loc e w atio n

March 15-16 Handicapped 8-Ball

Entry: $10 + $5 green fee Race to 5 - Double Elimination Starts Saturday & Sunday at Noon

GUARANTEED $250 1st Place (based on 32 players)



TIME 7:00PM $$$ 8:00PM 7:00PM Break Pot 7:30PM 7:30PM 8:00PM $$$ 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM $$$ 7:30PM $$$ 8:00PM $50 8:00PM 8:00PM 6:30PM $100 8:00PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:00PM $100 7:30PM Break Pot 7:00PM 8:00PM 1:00PM $5/players 1:00PM $1000 w/64 1:30PM 3:00PM 8:00PM 6:30PM 10:00AM Break Pot 7:00PM $$$ 7:00PM $50 1:00PM 2:00PM Matching to $48 8:00PM $50 w/16 8:00PM Matching to $48 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM $50 w/16 8:00PM $20+ 7:00PM $$$ 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM Matching to $48 10:00PM $50 w/16 8:00PM 7:00PM $$$ 8:00PM Matching 7:00PM $2/player 7:30PM $50 w/16 3:00PM $$$ 2:00PM 7:00PM

12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 3805 SW Murray 2401 NE Cornell 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 Beaverton, OR Hillsboro, OR 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 (503) 646-0802 (503) 693-5700 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567

Maguffy’s Pub

Lottery - Pool - Darts - Foosball Big Screen TV - Games

Great People ~ Great Fun ~ Stop In

Opens 11 am

445 Tacoma Ave S Tacoma, WA 98402

(253) 383-3301

Come In and Check Us Out 10 - 9’ Gold Crowns l 8 - Coin Op l 1 - Snooker Table

Weekly Tournaments

$150 Added Wed 9-Ball 7:30 PM: $5 + $3 g.f. - Texas Express - $150 Added Sun 8-Ball 2 PM: $5 entry - 100% Added Mon 8-Ball 7:30 PM: $7 + $3 g.f. - BCA Rules -

Sarge’s Pool School

Instructional Seminar: Stroke Development & Consistency March 8th, 1-5PM (4 hours) $50 per student - Seminar limited to first 12 paid students

Dates, Times & Tournaments are subject to change without notice.

DAY Mondays


March 2003

The Pool Players Best Source of Information

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CITY Auburn Burien Everett Federal Way Lakewood Mt Vernon Renton Seattle Sumner Tacoma White Salmon Algona Everett Kent Lakewood Lynnwood Oroville Renton Renton Seattle Spokane Sumner White Salmon Algona Arlington Burien Everett Federal Way Graham Kent Lakewood Mount Vernon


LOCATION PHONE EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED TIME Java Billiards (See ad p13) (253) 939-6690 8-Ball “C” $5+$1 g.f. 6:30PM Good Time Ernie’s (See ad p6) (206) 248-1670 9-Ball $5 7:00PM Big Al’s (425) 347-1669 9-Ball Sc Dbls-Blnd Drw $10 $150 7:00PM Tall Timbers (See ad p6) (253) 952-2302 8-Ball SL2,3 + non-league $5 100% ($100 max) 7:00PM Longhorn (See ad p13) (253) 581-2580 9-Ball $5 Pays 80% field 8:00PM River City (See ad p8) (360) 424-3515 8 Ball - Women’s $5 100% 7:30PM Spotlight (See ad p18) (425) 277-7850 9-Ball $5 100% min. 10 7:30PM Legends (See ad p24) (206) 938-3598 8-Ball $5 100% 7:30PM Grand Central (See ad p24) (253) 863-2234 Spot Option - Limit 16 $5 100% 7:00PM (253) 383-3301 8-Ball BCA Rules $7+$3 g.f. $150 7:30PM City Lights (See ad p27) Elkhorn (See ad p22) (509) 493-1939 8-Ball Jack & Jill $5/player $2.50/player 7:00PM Tuesdays Royal Bear (See ad p22) (253) 939-3513 8 Ball - Call Pocket $5 Matching Midnight Big Al’s (425) 347-1669 9-Ball $10 100% 7:00PM Eli’s Road House (253) 859-1783 SL4 & under $5 50% ($200 max) 8:00PM Oh Gallaghers (See ad p24) (253) 472-3009 8 or 9-Ball $5 50% 8:00PM (425) 771-8192 8-Ball $5 100% 7:30PM Corner Pub (See ad p11) Pastime Tavern (509) 476-9974 8 Ball Draw Partner $5 7:00PM Spotlight (See ad p18) (425) 277-7850 8-Ball $5 $100 min. 10 7:30PM Wild Spirits (See ad p18) (425) 228-7950 8-Ball $5 100% 8:00PM (206) 365-1187 9 Ball - Texas Express $10M/$6W $25 7:30PM Dr. Cues (See ad p16) McQ’s (See ad p2) (509) 891-8357 9 Ball - Texas Express $5+$2 g.f. $50 7:30PM (253) 863-2905 9-Ball Vegas Rules $5 Matching 7:00PM Log Cabin (See ad p25) Elkhorn (See ad p22) (509) 493-1939 9-Ball $5 $2.50/player 7:00PM Wednesdays Royal Bear (See ad p22) (253) 939-3513 10 Ball FREE $100 8:00PM Shotze’s (See ad p22) (360) 403-7665 8 Ball $7+$3 g.f. $7/player 7:00PM 8-Ball $5 7:00PM Good Time Ernie’s (See ad p6) (206) 248-1670 Big Al’s (425) 347-1669 8-Ball-Amateur Tourny $5 $150 7:00PM Tall Timbers (See ad p6) (253) 952-2302 8 Ball - Modified TAP $5 100% ($100 max) 7:00PM The Q’z (See ad p9) (253) 262-8437 8 Ball - Vegas Rules $5+$2 g.f. 50% w/16 7:00PM Eli’s Road House (253) 859-1783 Scotch Doubles $5 50% ($200 max) 8:00PM Longhorn Saloon (See ad p6) (253) 581-2580 8 Ball - Open Tables $5 Pays 80% field 8:00PM 8-Ball “C” & Below-Vegas $7.50 7:00PM Riverside Billiards (See ad p22) (360) 848-9767 Mountlake Terr. Richie D’s (See ad p4) (425) 670-9990 8-Ball $5 $250 w/16 7:00PM (509) 422-1907 8 Ball Call Pocket FREE $5/player 7:00PM Okanogan The Club (See ad p11) Seatac Funsters (See ad p26) (253) 373-9999 9-Ball BCA Rules $10 $500 7:00PM 8-Ball Call Pocket $3 Matching 7:00PM Spokane Sage Bar & Grill (See ad p22) (509) 534-9908 Tacoma City Lights (See ad p27) (253) 383-3301 9 Ball - Texas Express $9 $150 7:30PM Thursdays Algona Royal Bear (See ad p22) (253) 939-3513 8 Ball - Call Pocket $5 Matching 8:00PM Kent Eli’s Road House (253) 859-1783 8-Ball $5 50% ($200 max) 8:00PM (360) 412-1330 9 Ball - Valley $5 Matching 7:00PM Olympia Frankie’s (See ad p29) Seatac Funsters (See ad p26) (253) 373-9999 8-Ball - BCA Rules $5 $500 6:30PM (509) 892-0598 8-Ball - Ball in Hand $0 $100 w/12 7:00PM Spokane Blue Keg (See ad p25) Spokane McQ’s (See ad p2) (509) 891-8357 8 Ball - BCA $5+$2 g.f. $50 7:30PM 9 Ball $5+$2 g.f. $5/player 6:30PM Tacoma Cue & Cushion (See ad p25) (253) 536-1531 Vancouver Spot Tavern (See ad p28) (360) 256-1110 8 Ball - Call Pocket/Ball In Hand $3 $2/player 8:00PM (509) 493-1939 8-Ball $5 $50+based on field 7:00PM White Salmon Elkhorn (See ad p22) Woodinville McCorry’s (See ad p25) (425) 481-7829 8 Ball-Vegas Call Pocket $5 50% 7:30PM Fridays Everett P C’s Pub (See ad p28) (425) 258-9465 8 Ball - Vegas Rules $5 100% w/20 8:00PM Everett Robbie’s Ramblin Rose (See ad p25) (425) 339-8876 Pool Shoot $3 7:30PM Shorthorn Tavern (See ad p25) (509) 826-0338 8 or 9 Ball $5 7:00PM Omak Renton Mike’s Place (See ad p6) (425) 255-9213 8 Ball $5 100% w/16 7:00PM (509) 747-3080 8 Ball $5 $100 8:00PM Spokane Little Nickles (See ad p6) Vancouver Spot Tavern (See ad p28) (360) 256-1110 8 Ball - Call Pocket FREE $2/player 8:00PM Saturdays Everett Robbie’s Ramblin Rose (See ad p25) (425) 339-8876 Pool Shoot $3 6:30PM Federal Way P J Pockets (See ad p13) (253) 839-9922 9-Ball $5+$2 g.f. $200 1:00PM (253) 472-3009 8 or 9-Ball $5 50% 8:00PM Lakewood Oh Gallaghers (See ad p24) Mountlake Terr. Richie D’s (See ad p4) (425) 670-9990 8-Ball $5 $250 w/16 7:00PM (425) 670-0377 8-Ball BCA $5 100% 1:00PM Mountlk Terr Sharkey’s (See ad p9) Redondo Hts Castaway’s (See ad p24) (253) 945-6153 9 Ball $5 100% 2:00PM (425) 255-9213 8 Ball $5 100% w/16 2:00PM Renton Mike’s Place (See ad p6) Ridgefield Sportsmen’s (See ad p22) (360) 887-8805 8 Ball - Call Pocket $2 Matching 7:30PM (206) 365-1187 One Pocket - Limit 32 $20 Noon Seattle Dr Cues (See ad p16) (509) 892-0598 8-Ball Ball in Hand $0 $100 w/12 2:00PM Spokane Blue Keg (See ad p25) Sumner Log Cabin (See ad p25) (253) 863-2905 8-Ball $5 Matching 2:00PM (253) 472-8806 8-Ball Scotch Doubles $5 Matching 2:00PM Tacoma 72nd St (See ad p6) Tacoma Cue & Cushion (See ad p25) (253) 536-1531 8 Ball $5+$2 g.f. $5/player 2:00PM (360) 256-1110 Slop Pool $2 Meat 8:00PM Vancouver Spot Tavern (See ad p28) Support The Advertisers on These Pool Pages because They Support Pool in Your Community !!! Sundays Arlington Shotze’s (See ad p22) (360) 403-7665 9 Ball $7+$3 g.f. $7/player 3:00PM Burien Rooty’s (See ad p6) (206) 241-0800 8-Ball $5 Matching 4:00PM Everett Big Al’s (425) 347-1669 8-Ball $10 100% 7:00PM Graham The Q’z (See ad p9) (253) 262-8437 9 Ball - Vegas Rules $5+$2 g.f. 50% w/16 7:00PM (360) 424-3515 8 Ball $5 100% 5:00PM Mt Vernon River City (See ad p8) Okanogan Club (See ad p5) (509) 422-1907 9 Ball - Vegas Rules $5 Matching 2:00PM (360) 412-1330 8 Ball - Valley $5 Matching 6:00PM Olympia Frankie’s (See ad p29) Oroville Pastime Tavern (509) 476-9974 8 Ball $5 1:00PM Renton Sunset Billiards (See ad p21) (425) 255-7225 8-Ball Race to 2 $5 50% 2:00PM Renton Wild Spirits (See ad p18) (425) 228-7950 8-Ball FREE $100 w/14 2:00PM (206) 365-1187 9 Ball - USPPA $10+$3 g.f. Qualifier 2:30PM Seattle Dr Cues (See ad p16) Spokane Double Dribble (See ad p22) (509) 468-7946 8 Ball $5 $30 8:00PM (253) 383-3301 8 Ball - Vegas Rules $5 100% 2:00PM Tacoma City Lights (See ad p27) Vancouver P J’s (See ad p22) (360) 695-5119 8-Ball Meat Shoot $5 6:00PM (360) 256-1110 9-Ball $5 $3/player 6:30PM Vancouver Spot Tavern (See ad p28)

PC’s Pub Pub PC’s (425) 258-9465

3021 Rucker Ave Everett, WA



Vegas Rules

150% Payout


OPEN 24 - 7 Pool Tournaments

FREE POOL Mon-Fri 7-9 AM 4-6 PM 12-2 AM

SPOT TAVERN 7225 4th Plain Blvd Vancouver, Washington 360-256-1110

Live Music Fri-Sat 9:30 PM

March 2003

The Pool Players Best Source of Information

Dates, Times & Tournaments are subject to change without notice.

DAY Mondays Tuesdays








Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays Saturdays Sundays

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CITY LOCATION PHONE EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED TIME Aloha Club Underground (See ad p25) (503) 649-1006 8-Ball $5 or $3 $3/player 7:30PM Beaverton Hot Shots (See ad p29) (503) 644-8869 9 Ball ‘B’ -Texas Express $7+$1 g.f. 7:00PM Troutdale Skyland (503) 661-6464 8-Ball B & Below $3 7:30PM Beaverton Hot Shots (See ad p29) (503) 644-8869 9 Ball ‘C’ -Texas Express $7+$1 g.f. 7:00PM Halsey Halsey Junction (541) 369-2285 8-Ball $2 Matching 7:00PM Jefferson Tommy’s Welcome Inn (541) 327-3031 8-Ball $2 7:00PM Support The Advertisers on These Pool Pages because They Support Pool in Your Community !!! Portland Sam’s Billiards (See ad p6) (503) 282-8266 8 Ball - Texas Express $5 7:30PM Sandy No Place (See ad p6) (503) 668-6415 9 Ball $3 Matching 8:00PM Sweethome Bohemian Club (541) 367-4309 9-Ball $5 7:00PM Tigard Classic Billiards (See ad p29) (503) 443-6166 9 Ball ‘B’ & below $5+$2 g.f. 7:00PM Beaverton Hot Shots (See ad p29) (503) 644-8869 9 Ball - Texas Express $7+$1 g.f. 7:00PM Brownsville Brownsville Saloon (541) 466-5251 8-Ball $1.50 7:00PM Harrisburg Sparky’s (541) 995-9116 8-Ball $3 $$$ 7:00PM Milwaukie Wichita Pub (503) 654-4201 8-Ball - House Rules $5 Matching 8:30PM Portland Classic Billiards (See ad p29) (503) 761-2622 9 Ball ‘B’ & Below $5+$2 g.f. 7:00PM Portland Cues Billiards (503) 251-8399 9 Ball ‘C’ & Below $7 $2/player 7:15PM Springfield Alibi Tavern (See ad p22) (541) 988-1402 8 Ball BCA Rules $2 50% 7:00PM Springfield Q Street Billiards (See ad p20) (541) 988-0294 9 Ball B & Below $5.50 $3/player 7:15PM Stayton Mick n Mom’s (See ad p11) (503) 769-7588 8-Ball $5 Matching 7:00PM Troutdale Skyland (503) 661-6464 8-Ball B & Below $3 7:30PM Aloha Club Underground (See ad p25) (503) 649-1006 9-Ball $5 or $3 $3/player 7:30PM Beaverton Hot Shots (See ad p29) (503) 644-8869 8-Ball Open $7+$1 g.f. 50% 7:00PM Portland Cues Billiards (503) 251-8399 9 Ball B & Below $7 $2/player 7:15PM Looking for more players at your weekly tournaments? Call 1-877-285-3099 to see HOW! Portland Wired Sports Bar (See ad p11) (503) 252-4833 8-Ball $3 Matching 8:30PM Sandy No Place (See ad p6) (503) 668-6415 8 Ball $3 Matching 8:00PM Tigard Classic Billiards (See ad p29) (503) 443-6166 9 Ball ‘C’ $5+$2 g.f. 7:00PM Veneta Yukon Jack’s (541) 935-1921 8-Ball $3 50% 7:00PM Albany Ma’s Dairy Farm (541) 928-4055 8-Ball Race to 2 DE $6 7:30PM Oregon City Midway (503) 656-9501 9-Ball Texas Express $5 $75/1st w/16 7:30PM Salem Jammer’s (See ad p12) (503) 362-7494 9 Ball - BCA Rules $5 Matching 7:15PM Salem Sharky’s (See ad p24) (503) 391-4912 8 Ball $5 Matching 7:00PM Stayton Mick n Mom’s (See ad p11) (503) 769-7588 Blind Dr Scotch Dbls $5 Matching 7:00PM Beaverton Best Bet (503) 644-8075 APA 1600 Invitational Call 7:00PM Bend M & J’s (541) 389-1410 Scotch Doubles $5 $$$ 5:00PM Gresham Pub 181 (503) 666-4457 8/9 Ball Alternating $5+$1 g.f. Matching NOON Medford Rack’em (541) 779-6111 9 Ball - USPPA Handicapped $7 2:00PM Oregon City Midway (503) 656-9501 8 Ball BCA rules $5 $75/1st w/16 7:30PM Salem Jammer’s (See ad p12) (503) 362-7494 Blind Draw Scotch Dbls $5 $5/player 7:00PM Springfield Q Street Billiards (See ad p20) (541) 988-0294 9 Ball $8 $3/player 3:15PM Springfield White Horse (541) 726-3102 8-Ball $2 7:30PM Aloha Club Underground (See ad p25) (503) 649-1006 8-Ball $5 or $3 $3/player 7:30PM Bend Westside (541) 382-4810 8-Ball $5 7:30PM Eugene Overtime Tavern (541) 342-5028 8-Ball $3 50% 5:00PM Gresham Pub 181 (503) 666-4457 8 Ball ‘B’ & below - BCA $5+$1 g.f. 1:00PM Junction City Raven-a-Pub (541) 998-3738 8 Ball $2 2:00PM Oregon City Midway (503) 656-9501 9 Ball - Race 4/3 $5 $75/1st w/16 7:30PM Portland NiteHawk (See ad p10) (503) 285-7177 8 Ball $3M/$2W $100 6:00PM Portland Sam’s Billiards (See ad p6) (503) 282-8266 Straight Pool (1st Sun.) $15+$2 g.f. 11:00AM Salem Jammers (See ad p12) (503) 362-7494 8 Ball - BCA Rules $3 Matching 7:00PM Springfield Jason’s Pub (541) 741-1305 9-Ball $2 3:30PM Sweethome Bohemian Club (541) 367-4309 8-Ball $5 50% 4:00PM Wilsonville Paradise Grill (See ad p6) (503) 682-9131 Pool Tournament Call $$$ 7:00PM Missoula Cue Ball’s Billiards (406) 543-5028 9 Ball Reg. Size Tables $10 $5/player 7:00PM Missoula Cue Ball’s Billiards (406) 543-5028 8 Ball Singles Bar Box $5 $5/player 7:00PM Missoula Cue Ball’s Billiards (406) 543-5028 8 Ball Women Bar Box $5 $5/player 7:00PM Billings Bullwackers (See ad p19) (406) 259-9865 8 Ball $5 $25 9:00PM Missoula Cue Ball’s Billiards (406) 543-5028 9 Ball Reg. Size Tables $10 $5/player 7:00PM Missoula Cue Ball’s Billiards (406) 543-5028 8 Ball Singles Bar Box $5 $5/player 7:00PM Great Falls T J’s Lounge (See ad p7) (406) 727-1800 8-Ball Handicapped $5 $100 w/15 4:00PM Billings Bullwackers (See ad p19) (406) 259-9865 9 Ball $5 $25 8:00PM Butte Mr Ed’s (See ad p6) (406) 782-3700 8 Ball $5 $2.50/player 2:00PM Missoula Cue Ball’s Billiards (406) 543-5028 8 Ball Singles Bar Box $5 $5/player 7:00PM

Classic Billiards SPORTS PUB 12 Pool Tables Valley & TAP Leagues

THURSDAY 9 Ball Tournament 7:00 pm Valley rules $5 entry Matching Pot

Gold Crown Tables Group Parties Food - Espresso


3636 SE 122nd Portland, OR (503) 761-2622

100’s of Cues from $39.50 to $2500 Dart Supplies


14411 SW Pacific Hwy Tigard, OR (503) 443-6166

FOR TOURNAMENTS See Listing Page 29

This is the Season !!!


SUNDAY 8 Ball Tournament 6:00 pm Valley rules $5 entry Matching Pot

Watch For Upcoming Tournaments 3663 Pacific Ave SE #D

Olympia, WA

(360) 412-1330

y y a a d d r r u y Satu y SatHottest a a d d r r u u t ay a Sat Deals S y a d rd r u u t t a SIn rTown Sa rday y a d tu tu a a S S Saturdays Only Noon - 6

928 NW Bond St Bend, OR

(541) 317-1468

4900 SW Western Ave

Beaverton, OR

(503) 644-8869

March 2003

The Pool Players Best Source of Information

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Funsters Results for Jan/Feb.

2003 Tour Schedules

from: Linda Carter

Funsters has NO LIVE MUSIC on Thursdays anymore, and FREE comedy acts on Wed. nights, so come on down and enjoy the friendly atmosphere and great payouts (1/3-1/2 of the field!). We are offering unprecedented payouts for a weekly tournament, ($500 added on 48, $300 added otherwise), so please come out and support both Wed. and Thursday night tournaments. January 16 - 36 Players – 8 Ball 1st Val Alvarado $170 2nd Raul Abenojar $130 3rd Shawn Anderson $100 4th Tim Tweedell $ 70 5/6 Mike Zimmerman $ 45 Randy Camantigue 7/8 Todd Marsh $ 30 Alex LaFountaine 9/12 Junior Sardoncillo, JD $ 15 Fred Bangayan , Dave Dimmitt High Woman: Linda Carter $ 10 January 22 - 23 Players – 9 Ball 1st Tim Tweedell $195 2nd JD $150 3rd Kris Iverson $110 4th Lou Soros $ 75 5/6 Ed Hobbs, Rich Geiler $ 50 7/8 Dave Dimmitt Leon Thomas $ 25 9/12 Jacob Crawford, Linda Carter $ 10 Raul Abenojar, Rory Fullerton High Woman: Margie Ito $ 10 January 23 – 30 Players – 8 Ball 1st Raul Abenojar $160 2nd Rich Geiler $120 3rd Mike Zimmerman $ 90 4th Tim Tweedell $ 75 5/6 Fred Bangayan , Ed $ 40 7/8 Dave Dimmitt, JD $ 25 9/12 Leon Thomas, Scott Reed $ 15 Jeff Wells, Todd Marsh High Woman: Linda Carter $ 15 January 29 – 25 Players – 9 Ball 1st Todd Marsh $180 2nd Bryce Avila $150 3rd Tim Tweedell $120 4th Mike Zimmerman $ 80 5/6 Randy Camantigue, Sambo $ 50 7/8 Scott Reed, Jimmy Iwata $ 30 9/12 Linda Carter, Ted Uhlry $ 15 Val Alvarado, JD – John Doherty

January 30 – 31 Players – 8 Ball 1st Stan Tourangeau $160 2nd Raul Abenojar $125 3rd Mike Zimmerman $100 4th Todd Marsh $ 70 5/6 Val Alvarado, Scott Reed $ 45 7/8 Todd Ruhlen, Tim Tweedell $ 30 9/12 Wendy Sedlacek, Bryce Avila$ 10 Ted England, John Kiske High Woman: Linda Carter $ 10 February 5 – 16 Players – 9 Ball 1st Glen Atwell $120 2nd Todd Marsh $100 3rd Tim Tweedell $ 80 4th Randy Camantigue $ 60 5/6 Mike Zimmerman, Kris Iverson $ 35 7/8 Jacob Crawford, Ed Hobbs $ 15 February 6 - 27 Players – 8 Ball 1st Tim Tweedell $110 2nd Todd Marsh $ 90 3rd JD $ 70 4th Raul Abenojar $ 50 5/6 Scott Chandler Randy Camantigue $ 30 7/8 Tommy Sliva, Kris Iverson $ 20 High Woman: Linda Carter $ 15 February 12 - 22 Players – 9 Ball 1st James Davee $165 2nd Todd Marsh $120 3rd Randy Camantigue $ 80 4th Mike Zimmerman $ 55 5/6 Jacob Crawford, Bryce Avila $ 35 7/8 Leon Thomas, Junko Araki $ 15 February 13 - 32 Players – 8 Ball 1st Raul Abenojar $120 2nd JD $ 90 3rd Todd Marsh $ 60 4th Bryce Avila $ 40 5/6 Tim Tweedell, Kris Iverson $ 30 7/8 Dave Jones, Jeff Leonard $ 20 9/12 Mike Zimmerman, Val Alvarado $ 10 Jimmy Iwata, Skip Switzer High Woman: Teresa Savage $ 10

January 11-12, 2003 Q Street Billiards Winner: Mary Hopkin March 22-23, 2003 Dr Cue Billiards, Shoreline, WA April 12-13, 2003 The Cue Ball, Salem, OR June 21-22, 2003 McQ’s Billiards, Spokane, WA July 19-20, 2003 City Lights, Tacoma, WA September 13-14, 2003 Q Street Billiards, Springfield, OR Oct 11-12, 2003 The Breaking Point, Lynnwood, WA


Contact (949) 645-7180 for details


Contact (775) 882-5997 for details

August 24-25, 2002 City Lights Winner: John Horsfall October 12-13, 2002 Q Street Billiards Winner: Billy Palmer November 16-17, 2002 Buffalo Billiards Winner: Billy Palmer January 18-19, 2003 The Cue Ball Winner: John Doherty February 1-2, 2003 - City Lights Winner: Glenn Atwell February 22-23, 2003 California Billiard Club, Mountainview, CA March 15-16, 2003 Sunset Family Billiards, Renton, WA April 5-6, 2003 McQ’s Billiards, Spokane, WA April 19-20, 2003 BackStreets Billiards, Boise, ID May 3-4, 2003 Family Billiards, San Francisco, CA


D E D D A 100% ) ERS PLAY 2 3 N ED O (BAS




100% AD DED

D E D D A % 100

March 2003 West Coast Northwest Pool Tournaments DATE Mar 1-2 Mar 1-2 Mar 1-2 Mar 6-7 Mar 7-9 Mar 8-9 Mar 8-9 Mar 8 Mar 8 Mar 8 Mar 9 Mar 14-16 Mar 14-16 Mar 15 Mar 15 Mar 15-16 Mar 15-16 Mar 15-16 Mar 15-16 Mar 15-16 Mar 15-16 Mar 15-16 Mar 15-16 Mar 17 Mar 21-23 Mar 21 Mar 22 Mar 22-23 Mar 22-23 Mar 29 Mar 29-30 Apr 4-6 Apr 5-6 Apr 5-6 Apr 11-13 Apr 12 Apr 12-13 Apr 15-19 Apr 18 Apr 19-20 Apr 19-20 Apr 24-26 Apr 26-27 Apr 25-27 Apr 26 Apr 27 May 2-4 May 2-4 May 2-4 May 3-4 May 9-17 May 10 May 16-18 May 16 May 17 May 22-31 May 24 May 24-25 May 24-26

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Tournament Trail CITY


LOCATION Western BCA Bellflower, CA BCA Qualifier Sacramento, CA Hard Times (See ad p5) Reno, NV Bar Table Champ. Billings, MT Big Sky Open Reno, NV Bar Table Champ. Everett, WA Shotze’s (See ad p21) Federal Way,WA Tall Timbers (See ad p6) Wilsonville, OR Paradise Grill (See ad p6) Bozeman, MT Eagles #326 (See ad p10) Oxnard, CA Hollywood Billiards (See ad p22) Columbia Falls, MT River Bridge (See ad p18) Billings, MT Bullwackers (See ad p19) Idaho Falls, ID Pocket, Inc (See ad p8) Redmond, OR City Slickers Lynnwood,WA Daverthumps (See ad p9) Mtn View, CA CA Billiard Club (See ad p18) Spokane, WA McQ’s (See ad p2) Lewiston, ID Side Pocket (See ad p27) Renton, WA Sunset Billiards (See ad p21) Woodinville, WA McCorry’s (See ad p25) San Diego, CA BCA Qualifier Butte, MT Mr Ed’s (See ad p6) Moscow, ID Mingles (See ad p11) Ilwaco, WA Sea Hag (See ad p22) Billings, MT Kings Korner (See ad p3) Great Falls, MT Classic 50’s (See ad p25) Libby, MT Tom Scott Mem. (See ad p20) Shoreline, WA NWPA (See ad p19) Mt Vernon, WA River City (See ad p8) Springfield, OR Q Street (See ad p20) Okanogan, WA The Club (See ad p5) Spokane, WA McQ’s (See ad p2) Sacramento, CA Hard Times (See ad p5) Great Falls, MT T J’s Lounge (See ad p7) Butte, MT Mr Ed’s (See ad p6) Salem, OR NWPA (See ad p19) Calgary,AB,Canada Great White Billiards (See ad p32) Billings, MT Kings Korner (See ad p3) Woodinville, WA McCorry’s (See ad p25) Mtn View, CA CA Billiard Club (See ad p18) Las Vegas, NV APA Nationals Northridge, CA Billiard Connection (See ad p6) Ilwaco, WA Sea Hag (See ad p22) Great Falls, MT Classic 50’s (See ad p25) Seattle, WA Jillian’s (See ad p30) Ellensburg, WA WAMOA (See ad p14) Lewistown, MT MCMOA (See ad p26) Pocatello, ID Gate City Open (See ad p3) Sacramento, CA Hard Times (See ad p5) Las Vegas, NV BCA Nationals (See ad p16) Great Falls, MT Classic 50’s (See ad p25) Ilwaco, WA Sea Hag (See ad p22) Billings, MT Kings Korner (See ad p3) Bozeman, MT Eagles #326 (See ad p10) Las Vegas, NV VNEA Nationals Butte, MT Mr Ed’s (See ad p6) Woodinville, WA McCorry’s (See ad p25) Everett, WA Shotze’s (See ad p21) Lincoln City, OR

PHONE League Operator (562) 867-7733 (916) 332-8793 (866) 386-7829 (406) 208-0678 (866) 386-7829 (425) 220-9051 (425) 952-2302 (503) 982-8083 (406) 587-9996 (805) 487-2056 (406) 892-2181 (406) 259-9865 (208) 525-9962 (541) 923-2231 (206) 595-3391 (650) 965-3100 (509) 891-8357 (208) 746-9240 (425) 255-7225 (425) 481-7829 (619) 583-6361 (406) 782-3700 (208) 882-2050 (360) 642-5899 (406) 256-8946 (406) 453-0136 (406) 293-1283 (206) 465-5484 (360) 424-3515 (541) 988-0294 (509) 422-1907 (509) 891-8357 (916) 332-8793 (406) 727-1800 (406) 782-3700 (206) 465-5484 (403) 253-1830 (406) 256-8946 (425) 481-7829 (650) 965-3100 League Operator (818) 831-0747 (360) 642-5899 (406) 453-0136 (206) 223-0300 (509) 326-1551 (406) 442-7088 (208) 232-4243 (916) 332-8793 League Operator (406) 453-0136 (360) 642-5899 (406) 256-8946 (406) 587-9996 League Operator (406) 782-3700 (425) 481-7829 (425) 220-9051

EVENT / RULES 8-Ball Men’s/Women’s Teams 9-Ball at Hard Times One Pocket/9-Ball 9-Ball Division @ Sands 8 Man Team 8-Ball Division @ Sands 9-Ball Spring Classic APA Qualifier Mixed Sc Dbls 8-Ball Modified BCA 8-Ball Open Doubles 9-Ball 8-Ball Men&Women 8-Ball Doubles 8-Ball VNEA 8-Ball BCA 8-Ball BCA One Pocket/9-Ball 9-Ball Class “B” 8-Ball Handicapped 9-Ball Pechauer Tour Stop 8-Ball Round Robin 9-Ball at College Billiards 8-Ball Open Doubles 8-Ball “B” Men’s Team (5 Person) 8-Ball 8-Ball Singles 8-Ball Men & Women 9-Ball @ Dr Cue’s 8-Ball Jack n’ Jill Scotch Dbls 9-Ball 3 Person Teams 9-Ball Texas Express 9-Ball Pechauer Tour Stop One Pocket/9-Ball 8-Ball Open & Women 8-Ball Blind Draw A/B 9-Ball @ The Cue Ball 9-Ball Canadian Open 8-Ball 8-Ball Ladies Round Robin One Pocket/9-Ball National Singles/Doubles 9-Ball USPPA Event Women’s Team (5 Person) 8-Ball Doubles 8-Ball Women’s (Limit 32) 8-Ball - WA State Champ. 8-Ball - MT State Champ. 9-Ball (Fri) 8-Ball M/W (Sat/Sun) One Pocket/9-Ball Singles/Doubles/Teams 8-Ball Singles Men’s Team (5 Person) 8-Ball 9-Ball Singles/Doubles/Teams 8-Ball Blind Draw A/B 8-Ball Round Robin 9-Ball

Page 31 Dates, Times & Tournaments are subject to change without notice.

ENTRY Call $50+$20 g.f. $20 ea $100 $150 $100 $65 $20/team $25 $30 $35 $25+$5 g.f. $30 $25 $25 $35 $20 ea $40 $10+$5 g.f. $50+$10 g.f. $35/player $50+$10 g.f. $40 $10 $50 $5 $20 $25 Call $30 $90 $40 $50+$10 g.f. $20 ea $40/$30 $10 Call $250 Canadian $5 $35/player $20 ea Call $30/$60 $50 $40 $25 Qualify Qualify $40M/$30W $20 ea Call $20 $50 $5 $25 Call $10 $35/player $60

ADDED $$$ $1000 $300 ea $10,000 $$$ $10,000 $1,000 w/32 $200 max $200 Limit 24 $1500 w/64 $200 min. Matching $$$ $1500 payout $300 ea $2900 payout $250 Guar 1st w/32 $2000 Limit 16 players


Based on teams


Matching $300 $800+ $500 minimum $200 w/24 $1,000 $500 $1500 $300 ea $1500 w/64 $2.50/player min. $500 minimum $10,000 guar. 1st Matching Limit 16 players

$300 ea $$$ $2,000

$300 100% $$$ $20,000 full field $$$ $300 ea $$$ $300 Matching $200 $$$ $2.50/player min.

Limit 16 players

$1,000 w/64

TIME 8:00AM Call Noon 11:00AM 6:30PM 11:00AM Call 1:00PM 10:00AM 10:00AM 1:30PM 7:00PM 11:00AM 10:00AM 10:30AM 10:00AM 1:00PM Call Noon 9:00AM Call Call Call 7:00PM 8:00PM 6:45PM 11:00AM 8:00AM Call 10:00AM Call 11:00AM Call Noon 6:30PM Noon Call 6:30PM 6:45PM Call 1:00PM Call 11:00AM 8:00PM 11:00AM 10:00AM Call Call 7:00PM Noon Call 11:00AM 8:00PM 6:45PM 10:00AM Call Noon Call 9:00AM

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