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The Break - December 2009

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The Break is a monthly publication, dedicated to the advancement of the sport of pool and to promoting enthusiasm and encouragement among the players at all levels, regardless of their league affiliation, in addition to recognizing those businesses who support them all. overing: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Nevada & anywhere pool is played. The opinions expressed are those of the author or advertiser and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Break or its staff. We reserve the right to edit or reject any material submitted for publication. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced Publisher or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the written permission of the Publisher. © 2009 The Break

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December 2009 - The Break


From Frozen Balls To Very Hot Shots By Bill Smith “Mr3Cushion”, Old School

GRIT YOUR TEETH and bear it: From time to time, your cue ball is going to come to rest frozen against the cushion. And after you're done cursing the gods, you'll usually have to deal with limited shot options; after all, you can't address that cue ball with very many variations in English any more. Still, opportunities exist — on some fairly common shots — to score and achieve a highpercentage shot for your next attempt.

How do you assess which is the correct execution of those available to you? Start by looking at the common denominator in these diagrammed examples — specifically, that you can only address the cue ball with 11, 12, or 1 o'clock English, because only the uppermost portion of the ball can be cued. So this is a good place to look for center-ball bank shots, especially those which have a simple solution as to their final positions. In the examples that follow, Diagrams 1 and 2 should yield excellent position to continue the run; Diagrams 3 and 4 show fairly difficult shots in which a simple solution as to final-resting-place might not be so obvious. In Diagram 1, the cue ball is


The Break - December 2009

frozen to the long cushion (as it is in all examples); the white object ball is maybe a half-inch off that same cushion, and the red ball sits between them, about a ball and a half from the long rail. You can't turn around and shoot the double-the-rail bank shot out of the corner, because your cue ball is frozen (in three-cushion play, you cannot shoot into a rail to which your cue ball is frozen and have that rail count in your total). Next, there's no shot off either side of the white; there's not enough room to get behind it going off the inside, and the outside is far too difficult. And there's no shot off the red to the far top rail, because the white cannot be passed. Where then? To Solution 1, whose beauty is in its simplicity. The positions of the balls are such that you only have to aim to contact the short cushion first at the corner, with just enough speed to score the point. With this in mind, you'll achieve the position as diagrammed. Diagram 2 offers the quintessential frozen-ball problem: all three of the balls are frozen to the side rails. Some might try for an almost-impossible thin hit off the outside of the white ball, trying for the natural angle... but even if you got that hit, the . high-ball action on the cue ball will cause it to go long on any table, especially one with new cloth. There is a double-the-rail shot off the corner side of the red,

but again, because of the frozen factor, it's extremely difficult to control. Solution 2 is one of my favorites in exhibition to show how a seemingly difficult position can

surrender a beautiful next-shot opportunity. The white and red balls are one ball's width apart, frozen at the first diamond, while the cue ball rests on the opposite rail, a third of a diamond from the corner. Shoot with 12 o'clock English to the short cushion first at the corner, and with proper speed you'll split the balls like an atom Diagram 3 really doesn't offer much of a choice. Play a "tickey" behind the red and the ball will travel too long; a thin hit off the outside of the white would be too tough for most; and the inside of the white just doesn't compute here at all. So shoot into the short rail as diagrammed with 12 o'clock English. Your speed should be sufent to get the cue ball through the white ball after contacting the top two rails, then down to the short rail and the third ball. Theoretically, you could even achieve position here, if the white ball comes to rest in the opposite corner while your cue ball lands softly on the red. Diagram 4 figures to confuse the novice and intermediate player alike. First, you must understand that shooting into a cushion first yields the exact opposite cueball effect that shooting off an

object ball would. For instance, when you contact an object ball using follow, the cue ball tends to bend back toward the same cushion you first contacted; when you use draw off an object ball, the cue ball tends to rebound off the cushion sooner, creating a shorter angle. But in striking a rail first, a cue ball with follow will rebound from the rail sooner, and draw makes the cue ball tend to "hug" the rail with the proper slower speed. So for the diagrammed shot, the cue ball must rebound quicker off the rail in order to come out long enough to score, and that's why the follow English we're forced to use in frozen-ball shots is an ally here. Additionally, you'll need a little help from reverse English that's right, 1 o'clock English to help the ball come out longer yet (reverse English helps maximize the cue

ball's bounce off a cushion). Next time you find your cue ball strapped to the cushion more than you'd like, demoralize your opponent with one of these. Overcoming a well-played safety is enough of a will-breaker as it is; playing position from such a leave is moxie to the max, and will leave your opponent limp.


By Roger Long, Advanced Certified Instructor

In the billiard world, “sharking” is the term used to define any action employed by one player to distract another. In a game where concentration plays such a huge role, sharking becomes a weapon Roger Long called upon by many players. But sharking is not only considered unsportsmanlike in almost any setting; certain forms of it are illegal in most organized competitions, and will usually elicit a penalty to the offending player. My intention today is not to point out all the obvious sharking methods that are covered in the “Unsportsmanlike Conduct” sections of the rule books, but to look at a few of those that may not be directly covered. For the fun of it, see if you can identify you or your friends in any of these. Standing in front of the opponent’s line of aim. This one is pretty obvious. I’ve even seen beginners run around the table from shot to shot to purposely get in the way! Experienced pool sharks might be more subtle when they do it; but you still know what they’re up to. Hogging the chalk. Some players like to grab what may be the table’s only piece of chalk, right when it is your turn to shoot. That forces you to stop and search for chalk that isn’t there; plus forces you to ask your opponent to please share it with you. Very irritating. Socializing with friends or family. The shark will always do this at very inappropriate times, and will usually do it in a rather loud and intrusive manner. Any untimely, and unnecessary, discussion that takes place, but could really wait until the finish of the match, is usually done for the purpose of sharking an opponent. Setting the cue aside. Many times a shark will set his cue aside the moment his opponent has run down to the game ball, regardless of whether or not the shooter has left himself a good shot. This is another obvious sharking ploy. It sends the false message that the shark respects your ability, and fully expects you to win the game, but he is going to make you shoot the shot, anyway! If it is not intended to be a sharking technique, your opponent will set aside his cue and immediately start racking the balls, thereby conceding the game at that point. Bad racking. There are many ways and explanations on how sloppy and/or crooked racks are intentionally and unintentionally produced, so we won’t go into them here. We will simply touch on the technique of repeatedly producing a bad rack – all the while making it appear unintentional – for the sheer purpose of sharking the opponent. Sooner or later, out of frustration, the breaker is apt to come off his hot streak. Asking for a re-rack. This is the reverse of “bad- racking” and it is employed by the person doing the breaking; many times when he had a good rack to begin with. It is pure sharking. Once again, it is intended to get inside the opponent’s head. Frustrate him. Make him think about things that really shouldn’t be of concern. These are just a few of the techniques commonly used. I’m sure you could point out many more.


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“You Get What You Give” By Samm Diep, © November 2009

How do you prepare for a big event? Are you the “Cram-Practicer”? You know the player that rarely practices and thinks that if they play 10 hours a day for the week leading up to the tournament that it will actually make a difference. Are you the “League Player”? That’s the player that only plays three nights a week, their three league matches, and believes somehow that will count towards a balanced practice. Or, are you the “Steady Samm Diep Practicer”? This is the student that spends hours a day in the poolroom shooting drills and learning new things. They work hard and are realistic about their expectations. Ever heard the song lyric, “We only get what we give?” (“You Get What You Give” by the New Radicals, circa 1999) How true, and what a novel concept. What we get from pool and from our performance depends on how much effort we give to it. If we don’t practice, we can’t expect to play consistently. If we keep working hard and competing regularly, we will ultimately win “Practice isn’t the thing more matches. We eventually get what we give. you do once you’re World Champions Ralf Souquet, good. It’s the thing Mika Immonen and Thorsten you do that makes you Hohmann are perpetual students good,” Malcom Gladwell of the game. At their level, it would be so easy to relax and (Outliers) lighten their practice load. Besides, they’ve earned it, right? They have won numerous titles and prizes. They can shoot any shot and they fear no one. They should be allowed to take a break from their practice, right? On the contrary, they are three prefect examples of getting from the game what they give. Regardless of the countless notches on their belts, they continue to practice between tournaments and in between matches. They understand the importance of tournament preparation, even at their level. To them, “giving” not only includes their time on the table but it also includes maintaining good active health. They are athletes and their training encompasses mental, strategic, as well as physical conditioning. At tournaments of all sizes, whenever there is an open practice table, one of the first players to jump on it is former US Open Champion, Shane Van Boening. He is always hitting balls. Whenever he’s not in competing and he has a free moment before his next match, he’s at the table. A lesser player may wonder, “Why would someone like Shane need to practice so much? He’s already a champion.” Obviously, this is not a new concept for him. That is how he became the great player that we see today. He understands the value of practice and what he gets out of it. In the words of the great Malcom Gladwell (author of Outliers), “Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.” The greatest players didn’t get where they are by chance. They gave and gave to the game and in turn, they reap the benefits.

December 2009 - The Break


“...and the first Mosconi Cup Grand Prize winner is...!!!”

Mr. Ernie Rivas Matchroom Sports presents, “The Mosconi Cup!” live at the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas, NV Dec 10-13, 2009!!! To celebrate and welcome the Mosconi Cup back to the United States, Matchroom Sports is generously sponsoring the world’s longest running weekly 9-ball tournament - *22 years and still going strong! Matchroom Sports will provide prize giveaways for distribution on November 8 & December 6, 2009 at Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower, Ca! To include a **Grand Prize (2), trip for two to the Mosconi Cup live at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas!!! *These giveaways will be awarded in conjunction with Hard Times Billiards’ $1,000 added 1st Sunday of the Month tournament. Brought to you by: C³ Sports Marketing and

Hard Times Billiards! *Total sponsorship support value at over $5,000!!! Sweaters & Rail Birds alike are highly encouraged to join the festivities; only tournament participants will qualify for prizes. **Grand Prize Package Winners (2) to receive the following: • Five night’s room accommodations for two at the MGM Grand Las Vegas (Dec 9-Dec14, 2009)!!! • Two all-session passes to the four days of the Mosconi Cup!!! • Two invitations/passes to the Mosconi Cup players’ reception (Dec 9th – evening) – Meet the Stars!!!

• $500 in spending cash!!!

For more information about these events, email

SkiTAM/APP Rack ‘Em Tournament Raises Thousands for USAST Athletes

Melissa Little and Alana Nichols

The SkiTAM/APP Rack ‘Em Poker and Pool tournament, held at Wynkoop Brewery on Thursday, October 29th, enticed 114 people out of their homes and hotels during a freak Denver snow storm to play in a tournament with professional pool player, Melissa Little, aka, The Viper all for a good cause. The event raised was $5,860, all of which went directly to the APP fund for the USAST athlete’s training, travel and other needs as they gear up for the 2010 Paralympics. USAST athletes Alana Nichols and Gerald Hayden, USAST alumni Marc Romero, and 2010 National Ski Hall of Fame inductee Jack Benedick were also among the attendees and the competitors.

Real Action In Real Time 881 E. El Camino Real Mountain View, CA. 94040 (650) 965-3100


The Break - December 2009

8th Annual Glenn White Memorial One Pocket Championship by: Gene Miller

2nd - $1,050: Santos Sambajon defeated Delbert Wong, Gilbert Arellano, Frank Nordmann Jr., Chohan, Craig Oden, Billy Palmer, then lost to Chohan. 3rd - $700: Billy Palmer defeated Mark K., Bob Zack, Darin Walding, Tony P., Jeff Gregory, lost twice to Sambajon. 4th - $400: Dan Louie defeated Willie Campers, David Vincent, lost to Craig Oden, defeated Bob Zack, Martin Bick, Bryce Avila, Tom Butler, Craig Oden, then lost to Chohan. 5th/6th - $200: Craig Oden drew a bye then defeated Billy Hart, Dan Louie, Steve Linglebach, lost to Sambajon and Chohan. 5th/6th - $200: Jeff Gregory defeated Bee Davison, Mike Suhr, Al Perez, Bryce Avila, lost to Palmer and Chohan. 7th/8th - $100: George Michaels defeated Steve Lucas, lost to Frank Nordmann Jr., defeated Mark Somebody, Marshall Williams, Roddy Kodama, Melvin McKay, Steve Lingelbach, lost to Chohan. 7th/8th - $100: Tom Butler defeated Jarvis Haskin, Andre Girard, lost to Chohan, defeated Michael Somebody, Frank Nordmann Jr., Tony P., lost to Dan Louie. 9th – 12th - $75: Steve Linglebach, Elmer Diwa, Tony P., Bryce Avila

Biggest field yet for this annual event – 46 players put up $50 to try their luck at a very tough field. Tony Chohan has come a long way since I first saw him as a teenager when he and his cousin, Amar Kang, would come to my Junior 9-Ball tournaments at The Great Entertainer in San Francisco. He is definitely in the top echelon of One-Pocket players, and anyone who saw him this weekend at Family Billiards would certainly agree. It’s no wonder he was a double winner in the Hard Times October 9–ball and One-Pocket monthly events. Although Santos Sambajon sent him to the loser’s side 3-2, he defeated Santos 4-2 in the championship match. The format was double elimination, race to three, under the direction of Bob Rugnao and finished at a few minutes after midnight, Sunday night. 46 players x $50 = 2,300, Family Billiards added $2,500 Total purse: $4,800 1st - $1,750: Tony Chohan drew a first-round bye then defeated Chris MacDonald, Tom Butler, lost to Sambajon, defeated Elmer Diwa, George Michaels, Jeff Gregory, Dan Louie, and Tom Butler to reach the finals where he then defeated Santos Sambajon 4-2. Tony Chohan

December 2009 - The Break


Two New World Champions! -Jerry Forsyth, WPA Press Officer-

Keng-Chun Lin, Anja Wagner

Rusian Chinakhov, Phil Burford

Ruslan Chinakhov of Russia and KengChun Lin of Taipei are the new WPA World Junior Champions. The final day of play began with Anja Wagner (GER) defeating Konishi Samia (JPN) 9-7. Then Keng-Chun Lin ended the winning streak of Liz Lovely (USA) by that same 9-7 margin. This set up the semi-final match between Liz Lovely and Anja Wagner as KengChun Lin waited for the victor to play the championship round. That would be Anja Wagner as she found momentum first and carried her margin to ever-larger numbers that resulted in her winning out 9-5. However, the power that Wagner displayed would not

Rails BAR 841 Broadway Sheridan, WY

“Wyoming’s Best Pool Hall” 8-Ball Every Saturday at 5PM Art & Linda Erickson - Owners

be enough to overcome the skills of Lin. Keng-Chun Lin defeated Ms. Wagner 9-6 to stand atop the podium and receive the gold. Watch out, Ga-Young, Jasmin and Allison. Those footsteps you hear are sure and confident. This brought the young men out for their final contests. First up were the two undefeated players, Nolle Stefan (GER) and Ruslan Chunakhov (RUS). Chinakhov found his true form and demolished the young German 11-1. The two players who had already suffered one loss were up next and had a much closer battle as Phil Burford (GBR) narrowly bested Kuei-Min Lin (TPE)

Doc’s Tavern Home of Frosty Beer and Where Old Rockers Meet!

BCA Pool League Wednesday’s at 7 pm Meat Shoot Fridays at 3 pm 1414 Bay Ave - Ocean Park, WA


11-9. As Chinakhov rested, Burford and Nolle hit the tables again to see who would face him. This one was a real nail-biter as the two men traded blows and neither faltered until the very end when Burford managed to squeak by with an 11-10 win to win the privilege of facing Chinakhov for the title. While Burford certainly gave a fine accounting of himself, there would be no doubt as to who the champion would be. Ruslan Chinakhov has announced himself with his 11-8 win as a player to be reckoned with on the world stage. Remember the name, you will be hearing it again. Hard Times Billiards of Sacramento 5536 Garfield Ave Sacramento, CA (916) 332-8793

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Sign up & Free Practice for Paid Entries Noon - Entry fee $25 Race to 6 W/4 L - Double Elimination - $10/player added up to 50

Weekly Tournaments

Wed: 9-Ball $5 entry-$50 added-7PM Signup-7:30PM Start Single Elimination-Race to 3 (25 or more players) race to 4 with 24 or less players $75 added each week Thurs: 9-Ball USPPA $15 entry-7PM Signup-7:30PM Start Single Elimination-Race to 5-Must be a member of the USPPA Sun: 9-Ball Open $15 entry-Noon Signup-1PM Start-Double Elimination Race to 6 Winners to 4 One Loss-$5 per player added up to $150


The Break - December 2009

TOP AMATEURS CROWNED Winner of Men’s and Women’s Divisions Advance to 2010 Pro Event LAKE SAINT LOUIS, MO (November 19, 2009) — The top amateur poolplayers in the country came to Strokers in Tampa, Fla., in early November to compete for the coveted U.S. Amateur Champion title. Betty Sessions of Conyers, Ga., is the 2009 U.S. Amateur Women’s Champion after defeating Mary Rakin of Daly City, Calif., 9-3. Sessions avenged an earlier round loss to Rakin that sent her to the one-loss bracket. In the finals, Sessions came out strong in the 9-Ball set, jumping out to an early 3-1 lead before Rakin could win her first game. The players traded victories in the next two games before Sessions rattled off four straight wins. Rakin closed out the 9-Ball set with a win, but trailed 8-3. On-the-hill to begin the 8-Ball set, Sessions won the first game and closed out the match 9-3, to take home her first U.S. Amateur

Champion in the Men’s Division after a thrilling 11-10 win over young gun Joseph Cole of Pelham, Ala. The hill-hill battle was a nail-bitter, much to the delight of a large audience of spectators. The players split the 8-Ball set 4-4. In 9-Ball, they continued to trade wins through the first eight games. Parks gained a narrow edge with consecutive wins in the ninth and tenth games of 9-Ball.

Men’s Division: Chris Walls, Daniel Gambill, Travis Gunn, Brian Parks, Joseph Cole, Dean Vince

Women’s Division: Michelle Monk, Betty Session, Mary Rakin

Championship title. She moves on to compete in the WPBA’s U.S. Open next year. Rakin finishes at the Runner-up after an impressive performance in her first U.S. Amateur Championship competition. Former champion Michell Monk of Orlando, Fla., finished in 3rd Place. Brian Parks of Bakersfield, Calif., is the 2009 U.S. Amateur


The 20-year-old Cole responded well under pressure, coming back to win the next two games and sending the match to-the-hill. In the 13th and final game of 9-Ball, it was Parks, the seasoned West Coast shooter, winning his first U.S. Amateur Championship title. Cole finished as Runner-up and is no doubt a name you’ll be hearing more in the future. Defending U.S. Champion Travis Gunn of Hewitt, Texas, finished in 3rd Place, losing only to Parks and Cole. Dean Vince of Wesley, Chapel, Fla., finished in 4th Place. Daniel Gambill of Hickory, N.C., and 2008 Runner-up Chris Walls of High Springs, Fla., tied for 5th Place. The 2009 U.S. Amateur Championship, produced and conducted by the American Poolplayers Association (APA), was held at Strokers in Tampa, Fla., Nov. 6-8. Preliminary qualifying rounds were held ccontinued on page 27

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December 2009 - The Break


Liu Shasha Champion! -Jerry Forsyth, WPA Press OfficerPan Xiaotang by the same 9-8 margin to get her ticket punched for the honor of playing Corr in the finals. Before the final match a playoff was held between Pan Xiaotang and Xiaofang to determine our third place finisher. Pan controlled this match throughout and took that spot with a very convincing 9-1 victory. Then a crowd of over 1,000 very excited fans took their seats to watch the final battle. It appeared that Corr would walk away with the title. She was the master of the table early on and rarely gave Shasha a glimpse of daylight. At one point she led our race to nine games by the score of 5-1. Shasha was obviously nervous and off her game. But then, assuming that she had to be aggressive to have a chance at victory, she put her nerves down and began her march. She won the next game to make the score 5-2, then broke and ran five racks in a Lui Shasha with trophy. Photo by Michael Newman row to lead 7-5. The penultimate The pool world has a new World Champion rack had a bit of back and forth but Shasha and she is only 16 years old. Liu Shasha won that as well and then on the final break of China has defeated Karen Corr of Great she made four balls on the snap and easily Britain 9-5 to claim the title and set her made the clearance to take her 6th break career in motion in grand style. and run of the match and earn the gold! When the last day of the Kappa 2009 Congratulations to our youthful Women’s World 9-Ball Championship champion and to all of the organizers who in Shengyang, China began there were worked so hard to make this event a grand four undefeated players all seeking the success. Every detail was handled with same prize. The two semi-final matches care and the event could not have been closer. First, Karen ran as smoothly as Corr defeated Fu Xiofang of China 9-8 to any ever witnessed. earn her berth n the final set. Then Liu Shasha edged her fellow Chinese citizen


The Break - December 2009

Women’s Doubles The Eagles would like to thank those who participated in the women’s doubles tournament held at the Eagles Club on November 14, 2009. There were 9 teams competing in a race-to-4 format. The duo of Candace Evans and Misty DeBates squared off against Tina Hansen and Christine McDonald in the finals, with Evans and DeBates coming out on top 4-3. Jim Walker, club manager, and Mike Schaff,

Candace Evans

event coordinator, would like to thank all participants for making the tournament a success.

Misty Debates

2009 WESTERN WASHINGTON BCA 8 BALL TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP IX TOURNAMENT Doug Schulze, League Operator #287 since 1997. their way back to the finals and a chance to take the title. With the double elimination format, Stixx High plains shooters team would have to beat the undefeated team twice to obtain the Championship title. With that goal in mind, their team played strong defeating the Q’z Cruisers team 3 rounds to 2

during the 1st match. The Q’z Cruisers team came back in the final match to win the title with a 3 to 1 victory. All players had a great time and would like to thank the owner, Mamerto Tolentino and his staff at Stixx & Stones Billiards for their outstanding service at this event.


2009 Team Championship IX Winners – The Q’z Cruisers; Bill Andreozzi, Dennis Proia, Doug Schulze & Gary Timmons

On November 7, 2009 five teams from the Tacoma and Bremerton Traveling 8 Ball Divisions competed for the Western Washington 2009 BCA Team Championship IX Title. This event was sponsored and hosted by Stixx & Stones Billiards in Bremerton, Washington and Western Washington BCA Pool League.#287. The Stixx & Stones Billiard’s owner, Mamerto Tolentino (Jr.) provided the players with a 1st class tournament venue played on 9 ft. Brunswick Gold Crown tables. All matches were played on two tables per match which allows the local players the same venue that both our regional Western BCA Tournament in Lincoln City, Oregon and the BCA National Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada uses for their events each year. This team tournament which provided the players long continuous play on Saturday from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. simulates the type of play and endurance that is needed when teams are in the finals at the larger regional and national events. Each match averaged around 2 hours of playing time. The format was a race to the first 3 rounds won with 4 games in each round. The regular weekly player league handicaps were

used with the difference being credited at 1.5 the normal rate to the lower team per round. The increased handicap benefit per round levels the playing field between the stronger veteran teams and the lower handicapped teams. The Q’z Cruisers with some vary close matches stayed undefeated to obtain the point position on the board for the finals. During the third round match, the Q’z Cruisers team put the Stixx & Stones High Plains Shooters team into the losers bracket. They continued to battle

1st Place $185.00 2nd Place $135.00 3rd Place $65.00 4th Place $55.00 5th Place $40.00 MVP $20.00

The Q’z Cruisers, Capt. Doug Schulze Stixx & Stones High Plains Shooters, Capt. John Fleck Red Dog’s Dog House Junkies, Capt. Joe Tamura Red Dog’s Hit n Misses, Capt. Rita Lauer Our Place Good Guys, Capt. Gerry Jenkin Brian Harmon, 8.733 pts.& 73.33% Win Average, Red Dog’s Dog House Junkies

New Leagues Forming in December

8-Ball Open Dec 12, 2009

$500 added w64

$25 entry - BCA Rules No “A” players - Players meeting at 11am - Calcutta follows - Play starts at Noon - Open to 1st - 64 PAID players - Opens at 8 am Food & Beer Specials all day long Call to Register - Will Fill Up Quickly 115 N Hayes Ave - Emmett, ID 208-398-7321

December 2009 - The Break


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The Break - December 2009

This article is the first of a series of posts written in coordination with other pool bloggers on the topic of strategy. For related articles visit http://www. and use the search term PoolSynergy. Most pool players have heard the phrase “Play the table not the player.” I believe this phrase originated to encourage players to stay calm if they are playing a champion and to never to let up if they’re playing a beginner. The cliché seems to have morphed into an idea that a player should forget about his opponent and execute the one truly correct shot at the table. This is generally good advice and helps many players focus on the task at hand—play the best shot available for the given table layout. There are exceptions to this rule when you may want to adapt your strategy depending on your opponent. Knowledge of your opponent’s abilities, style, or strategy could alter your shot selection. The game of one-pocket is the most obvious scenario in which to prove that you must consider your opponent. Familiarity with your foe’s skill set greatly aids shot selection. Is your one-pocket opponent a ball runner, one who can’t run more than three or four balls, a banking expert, a wonderful mover weak on long straight shots, prone to take crazy low percentage shots, or one who never takes a gamble on a shot? The answers to these questions should factor into your choice of shots. And sometimes faced with a do or die shot vs. a safety situation, you may need to ask yourself, “Will I get a better opportunity in the game against this opponent?” This type of shot analysis could also apply to the more popular game of 8-Ball. Some of these strategies are outlined based on your ability and skills compared to your opponents. Familiarize yourself with your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses by watching matches of upcoming opponents. Take mental or written notes on their styles, weapons, and weaknesses. Do they own a jump cue and use it extremely well? How accurately do they kick? Do they play aggressively with no safes or are they patient and cautious? This scouting information can be useful in deciding whether to attempt a run out or play some sort of safety. In fact, it can narrow down the type of safety that will give you the best chance to win. While playing better players, remember that their breaks are a big advantage for them. They will break and run more often and control the table better. You must take advantage of every single chance that you get at the table. Run out if you are able and play a lock-up safety (jail) versus the toughest opponents. They will make you pay for a missed shot and they will kick/jump out of soso safeties. Weaker opponents may not open up the rack as well on the break and you might have to be more patient for a chance to run out. The penalty for a missed shot might not lead to a loss of game; you could get another chance. It could be that a mediocre safe is good enough versus a poor to average player. Count on more ballin-hands after safeties. When playing weaker opponents, you may want to count on getting another chance at the table or leave trouble areas continued on page 26

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Going for Gold

“In order to perform at your best, what kind of preparations to you do immediately prior to a match?”

By: Bob Jewett

San Francisco Billiard Academy

(For example: eating habits, visualization, warm up activities, etc.)?

Bob Jewett

Here is a drill that is both useful to perfect your use of side spin and is a good test of how the cushions work. Try a few shots like this if you have to play on a table that is strange to you. Put the one ball a diamond from each cushion and the cue ball and nine ball roughly as shown. 9 The goal is to both make the 1 one ball and ? carom the cue ball off the side 3 2 cushion into the nine ball. How far over can you move If you set up the cue ball and still get to the the one ball as nine ball? a nearly straight shot, you can get to the nine with simple follow and no side spin. Find that angle first. Next, start moving the cue ball to thinner and thinner cut shots. You will need increasing amounts of left spin to get the correct angle off the cushion. (Hint for beginners: if you find that you over cut the ball -- hit it too thinly -- when using side spin, you will need to aim fuller, even though it doesn’t look right.) While you will need a good amount of side spin, you will also need some follow to help bend the cue ball forward. Finding the best mixture of side and follow is an important part of this drill. Also, if you hit the shot harder than necessary, you will find that the cue ball doesn’t have time to arc forward and the spin is less effective. If the cloth of the table is brand new and slippery, the spin won’t take well on the cushion and you won’t be able to get to the nine from much of an angle. On the other hand, if the rail cloth is old and sticky or if the cue ball is sticky, the spin will take well on the cushion and it will be easy to get to the nine even from fairly large angles. Once you have the maximum angle figured out for the one ball, try the same drill for the two ball. (The three ball is not there while working with the two.) I think you will find that the two ball allows a wider range of incoming angles for the cue ball. Finally, try the drill with the three. You should be able to set the cue ball up for almost a 90- degree cut and make the shot with enough spin to get to the nine. REJ

Melissa Little

By Mellissa Little, Ask the Viper

Since 2000, I have been playing full time on the WPBA tour and at each and every event I learn something new to put into my imaginary wisdom basket. You have to create a routine and stick by it before each event. You develop this routine over the years of playing and with the help of other veteran players. I was lucky to have Jeanette Lee put me under her wing when I first starting playing on tour. One of the best scenarios that Jeanette offered me was when you first walk into a new venue, sit for a moment and absorb the fine details of room, which includes the carpet, the lights, the seating, the layout, and what ever else your mind can absorb. If you do this before your match you will not be later surprised with distractions. It’s kind of funny to see the younger generation coming into events practicing too much in the practice room and it’s almost like they forgot to practice at home and are getting the last bit of practice in at the event. I see it all the time. But the truth is practice is supposed to be done at home and rest is the most important element of preparations. Hitting balls to judge speed is essential but long practice sessions are a sign of lack of practice. So, when you get to a new event, rest as much as possible you will need it in the long run. I don’t try and eat anything right before a match, because you need the blood supply in your brain and not in your stomach. I eat two hours before my match and not real heavy foods. Either way its important to learn for yourself and figure out what works best for you and use what works into future events. Learn from others who have already experienced these mental preparations. If you have a question for “The Viper” please e-mail them to cuetimes@

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December 2009 - The Break


Delta-13 Ball Rack in the Spotlight

Parker, Colorado, November 18, 2009 15-Rack 2010 Schedule Rack in the Spotlight utive Billiards and their Delta-13 Elite billiard ball rack have Denver, Colorado November 24, 2009 15-Rack 10-ball leagues are proud to announce their 2010 schedule: Spring session: February 7th- April 18th Prizes: 1st place; Jacoby cue, Delta-13 rack, and the top-6 players win free entries into the Open Colorado US Open Championships qualifier that will be hosted at The Wynkoop Brewing Company on April 17th-18th, 2010. Money added end of the session tournament is scheduled for: April 17th-18th, 2010 The top-2 ladies from each session will qualify for the WPBA Amateur National Championships that will be held at the Wynkoop tentatively scheduled for November 2010. Summer session: June 13th-August 22nd, 2010 Prizes: 1st place; Jacoby cue, Delta-13 rack, and the winner will receive a paid entry into the Men's US Open that will be hosted at Q-master Billiards in Oct., 2010. Money added end of the session tournament is scheduled for: August 28th-29th Winter session: September 12th-November 15th, 2010 Prizes: 1st place; Jacoby cue, Delta-13 rack, and the winner will receive paid spots into all the events at the Derby City Classic that will be hosted at The Horseshoe Casino located in Louisville, KY in January, 2011. Money added end of the session tournament is scheduled for: November 27th-28th, 2010 Weekly Prizes for league will receive a gift bag that will include the following: 2-tickets to the $5 gift card to $5 gift card to $5 gift card to Charlie’s (formally the Colorado Cue Club) 15-rack, the leader of big table/10-ball, is a unique pool league that provides on-line stats to promote game improvement and participates do not contribute to any membership or green fees. Hosted at The Wynkoop Brewing Company located at 1634 18th Street, Denver, CO. for more information please contact WPBA Touring Pro Melissa Little at 720-296-5395 or visit Thanks to our newest sponsors; The Impulse Theater, The Wazee Supper Club, Jacoby Custom Cues, Delta-13 Racks, Pool Dawg, Charlie’s, and The Wynkoop Brewing Company. We look forward to the 2010 session and are proud to send 15-Rack players to some of the biggest tournaments around the country!

Parker, Colorado, November 18, 2009 Executive Billiards and their Delta-13 Elite billiard ball rack have teamed up with Billiards International, LTD. for the second year running to support five professional events televised on ESPN. Next week begins the airing of the first tournament, “Trick Shot Magic”. The other Andy Segal, Segal, Trick Shot Trick Magic Champion 2009 Andy Shot Magic four events include Champion 2009 the “International Speed Pool Challenge”, the “International Challenge of Champions”, the “International Tournament of Champions”, and the ESPN Tournament Dates ---------------------------------------------------“World Cup of Trick Shots”. Please find the tournament times and dates below. 2009 Trick Shot Magic Sunday, November 22nd 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm EST ESPN Tournament Dates --------------------------------------------------- 2009 Int’l Challenge 2009 Int'l Speed Pool Challenge Sunday, November 29th of Champions 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm EST Sunday, December 20th 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm EST Sunday, December 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm ESTpm EST 2009 Int'l Challenge of Champions Sunday, December 20th 27th2:30 pm to 5:30 2009 World Cup of Trick Shots 2009 Int'l Tournament of Champions Sunday, December 27th10, 2010 4:00 7:00 pm EST Sunday, January 4:00pm pm toto 7:00 pm EST “We are delighted to have Executive Billiards as our official rack 2009 World Cup of Trick Shots Sunday, January 2010 4:00 to 7:00 sponsor. The10, players all agreed thatpm the Delta-13 poolpm tableEST rack provides the tightest rack in the sport,” said Matt Braun, President of Billiards International, LTD. The Delta-13 billiard ball rack is the only aerospace engineered rack with a Lifetime Guarantee to never warp, bend, or splinter. You can learn more about the Delta-13, “The True Triangle”, and its complimentary line of billiard accessories at

up with Billiards International, LTD. for the second year to support five professional events televised on ESPN. ek begins the airing of the first tournament, “Trick Shot The other four events include the “International Speed Pool ge”, the “International Challenge of Champions”, the ional Tournament of Champions”, and the “World Cup of ots”. Please find the tournament times and dates below.


re delighted to have Executive Billiards as our official rack sponsor. The players all hat the Delta-13 pool table rack provides the tightest rack in the sport,” said Matt Braun, nt of Billiards International, LTD. e Delta-13 billiard ball rack is the only aerospace engineered rack withBilliards a Lifetime Guarantee Jointed Cue “Still making the best burgers in town!” warp, bend, or splinter. You can learn more about the Delta-13, True Triangle”, and its 19 “The Tables Weekly Tournaments entary line of billiard accessories at Billiard Supplies - Cue Repair

Hours: 9am - 1am Sunday - Thursday xecutive Billiards is a subsidiary of RJD Machining, a twenty-two year old precision machine 9am - 2am Friday and Saturday 2375 Fruitridge Rd - Sacramento, CA 916-456-2284 Parker, Colorado. The company produces close tolerance metal and plastic components for space, computer storage and medical device industries.


The Break - December 2009

December 2009 - The Break


2009 Montana State 8 Ball

Every tournament needs three things to be successful, great volunteers to organize and run it, great sponsors and great play from

Championship. MEN’S SENIOR DIVISION Steve Lesmeister edged out some good players in the Men’s Senior division to repeat as the champion in the Men’s Senior division. The

(l to r) ColeDixon, Jeff Boucher, Jim Winter

great players. The 9th annual Montana State 8 Ball tournament was blessed to have all three. Consequently, we had a great tournament. Thanks to volunteers usually ends up at the end of these tournament summaries and that just isn’t right. So, our 9th tournament was organized well and run well because of many that leant a hand. Val Weber, Dan Bummer and Terry Bummer have been the cornerstone of our event for each of the last 9 years and this year was no exception. Their sacrifice of time and their compassion to this event are what make it happen, without them it would not. Our deepest thanks to them and all the others who have helped over the years and there are many. We did miss Jerry Kohm this year and hope he will be back in 2010. Bullwackers Billiards hosted again for the 9th time and thanks to the help of Kings Korner, The American Legion and The Sports page. Intermountain Distributing, Western Awards and Stuarts Applied Graphics played key roles as well. My complements to the players in 2009 for great sportsmanship and courtesy, you were the best ever. The play this year was exceptional and all players who won any prize money were very deserving. Here is the breakdown by event. MEN’S A DIVISION Cat Hanson Jeff Boucher claimed his 5th title going undefeated; Jeff wins this every other year. We have never had a champion repeat in the A Division; will next year be the first? Jeff defeated Cole Dickson in the final in a very spirited match that had almost everyone at Bullwackers closely watching. Cole’s first loss was in the second match of the finals and he had to beat some very tough players to make it to the final. He was behind Jim Winter 3 – 0 and came back to win that one with some exceptional play. Congratulations to Jeff on number 5(one for the thumb). MEN’S B DIVISION Dave Alderman played very strong in the finals going undefeated on Sunday. He beat Landyn Ackerman in the championship match. The B divison this year had a lot of first time players to the tournament and came from all four corners of the state. The top 4 finishers will be in the A division next year. Congratulations Dave on your first State


The Break - December 2009

(l to r) Dave Alderman, Landyn Ackerman

seniors played a round robin event and lots of pool was played. All of the top finishers were close to winning but Steve finished strong to claim the title. WOMEN’S DIVISION Cat Hanson can put “State Champion” by her name for the first time as she won out over an excellent field of women in this year’s event. She defeated three time champ Sky Tigart in the championship match. Candace Evans had a strong final day finishing third. OPEN TEAM EVENT Last year’s champions had to go to a tie breaker to win the title this year as the competion keeps getting tougher in this even. Jeff Boucher, Jason Dawes, Seth King and Jim Winter are again the open team State Champs. MIXED TEAM EVENT New champs this year are the team put together by Barb Walker who combined with Britton and Joe Schwartzer and Sky Tigart. The runner-ups were the team from Butte, Mary Garcia, Janet Dunks, Lyle Cusson and Donnie Salcido We had record number of cities represented this year, hope you will all be back. This tournament is always the first week-end in November! --- Doug Asleson, Tournament Director (results on page 21)

(l to r) Kenneth Naasz, Steve Lesmeister, Darrel Frickel

Battle in the Big Horns LaAnn Dunlap 1st Place

The Battle in the Big Horns was held on November 13-15, 2009 at “Rails” in Sheridan, Wyoming. We had 75 entrants in the Open Division and 29 entries in the Women’s Division. The tournament ran well with most all matches going off on time. Once again “Cheese” and Mary were on hand to stream the tournament live on It’s always fun to sit with “Cheese” and listen to his words of wisdom and wit as he interacts with the viewers. The final 16 in the Open Division went to Sunday with a fresh draw and no losses. The final four in the Women’s Division also went to Sunday with no losses. There were a lot of exciting hill-hill matches on Sunday, but when the smoke cleared it was Wade Hudson, from Laurel, Montana coming out on top in the Open Division and LaAnn Dunlap, from Lander, Wyoming was our Ladies Champion. We had a good crowd that hung around to watch the championship matches, with people clapping and cheering for their favorites. We had a nice calcutta in both division on Saturday morning with $7,625 in the Open Division and $2,110 in the Women’s Division. Both first place winners bought themselves in the calcutta so they had an extra good payday for their efforts. Wade Hudson took home a total of $3,676 for first and LaAnn Dunlap took home $1,374 for her first place finish. Congratulations to all the finalists and thanks to all the players for being here. A special thanks to OTBnTV for their fine work. Hopefully next year will be bigger and better than ever. Remember if you are driving down I-90 past Sheridan, we invite you to stop at “Rails” Wyoming’s Best Pool Hall! OTBnTV had a lot of fun in Sheridan, WY. We want to thank all the players. We had one lady come up and tell us that her little boy was able to watch his Dad last night on the LIVE streaming and he had never been able to watch his Dad at a tournament before. OTBnTV had new software that we were working on and continues to try to improve on the LIVE Streaming. We had to run over 200 feet of ethernet to make this work. We would like to thank Art and Linda Erickson for having us to their tournament and the historic train depot, that has been converted into a very unique bar and pool hall with ten 7’ Valley tables. If you are ever traveling through Sheridan WY, take exit 23 on I-90, the middle exit of Sheridan. Head down the hill until you cross the tracks, turn left at the first street and it’s on the left.

Becka Larkin 2nd Place

You can watch it on click on Battle of the Big Horn or watch and click “Follow” for LIVE streaming

Wade Hudson 1st Place

Jon Cayton 2nd Place

(Big Horn results on page 27)

December 2009 - The Break


O’CONNOR CUES On a fishing trip to Lake Isabella, Thomas O’Connor called an old acquaintance--well known cuemaker, Bert Schrager. That visit led to Tom’s purchase of Bert’s cuemaking shop during the summer of 2006. Tom began planning new cues while transitioning from LA where his livelihood was servicing and repairing tables for many of the pool halls. Now, three years later, an inventory of cues exists that provides a wide selection of exotic woods and inlays. Tom has been playing pool since he asked for and received his first cue for his sixth birthday and has been making cues for over thirty years. Working as a contract machinist

in the aerospace industry, Tom began working on cues in his spare time and soon was making a few for friends. Since he was playing in—and winning—many tournaments, Tom’s focus was

a cue that played well. He has built many cues for players in the greater Los Angeles area. The addition of several lathes, a mill, and a pantograph increased Tom’s production level. Several hand made, one of kind cues are in


The 1 Pocket event had 37 players for a total of $1040 prize fund. 1st $350 Billy Palmer 2nd $200 Chris MacDonald 3rd $150 Frank Nordman 4th $100 Jim Fabionar 5th/6th $70 Roger Estelle and Carl Wilson 7th/8th $50 Jeff Gregory and Jeff Heath The 9 Ball event had 24 players for a total prize fund of $840 1st $240 Frank Nordmann 2nd $200 Billy Palmer 3rd $140 Tony Chohan 4th $100 Tommy Soria 5th/6th $60 George Michaels and Jaynard Orque


The Break - December 2009

process. Tom designs and creates each cue as an individual, so no two are ever identical. Tom still focuses on a cue that is a player’s cue, but also now has a great selection of cues with detailed inlays. While he enjoys creating the ebony cues with elaborate ivory and abalone inlays, his appreciation of the beauty of woods keeps some cues less adorned. Tom also makes cues for customers to their designs and preferences. He has a selection of collector cues as well. For a change of pace, he has also made some electric guitars and several walking canes—and yes, they involve cue sticks! Visit oconnorcues. com to view some of his creations. And if in the area, please give a call – 760 379 4675.

Zack Wins Again Bob Zack returned to win 1st place again at the monthly 14.1 Tournament at Sam's Billiards on November 1. But he struggled to get there. Aaron Curti beat Bob in the first round, and Bob barely edged out Jeff Frey 50 to 48, but Bob slipped past Aaron into the finals round on points. Bob beat Bill Bradford and Vinnie Mellott in the finals, who were both undefeated in the first round. Sam Rabito beat John Fleming, Jeremy Nelson, and David Yuen in the first round, but ran out of steam in the finals losing to Vinnie and Bill. THE FINAL RESULTS WERE AS FOLLOWS: 1st $70 Bob Zack 2nd $50 Vinnie Mellott 3rd $35 Bill Bradford 4th $20 Sam Rabito High Run: 22 balls – Bob Zack The next 1st Sunday of the Month Straight Pool Tournament at Sam's Billiards will be December 6. Tables are open for warm up from 10 AM. The registration deadline is 11 AM. The entry fee is $12.

The Cue Ball - Salem, OR

Wayne Willet, John Campbell, Peni Misa

TOURNAMENT RESULTS FOR NOVEMBER 14TH, 2009 1st $195 Wayne Willet 2nd $115 John Campbell 3rd $80 Peni Misa 4th $50 Niles Kapunaia 5th/6th $40 Michael Kuchler Randy Petz 7th/8th $30 Juan Ibanez Mical Tate 9th/12th $20 Bob Cook

December 2009 - The Break


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The Break - December 2009

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Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 4-7 PM Pool Leagues Sun - Thurs Karaoke Wednesdays D J Dancing Fri & Sat Food Specials

Hot Shot Cafe & Billiards

Weekly Tournaments Mon-Tues-Wed at 7PM Monthly Tournaments Every 3rd & last Saturday 6285 Ball Rd. Cypress CA (714) 952-1120

12-06-2009 7:00 am 1993 Pro Tour Championship Finals 12-13-2009 7:00 am National Women’s 9-Ball Championships 12-27-2009 7:00 am ‘97 $50,000 Challenge of Champions Finals 12-27-2009 8:00 am Men’s 9-Ball Championship Finals

12-13-2009 1:00 pm 2009 WPBA Championships Semi #1 12-13-2009 2:00 pm 2009 WPBA Championships Semi #2 12-13-2009 3:00 pm 2009 WPBA Championships Finals These schedules have been provided by ESPN. These are tentative dates and are subject to change

MONTANA STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS Mens A Singles 1st $600 Jeff Boucher, Bozeman 2nd $450 Cole Dickson, Billings 3rd $325 Jim Winter, Billings 4th $225 Art St. Germaine, Great Falls 5th/6th $175 Lyle Cusson, Butte, Seth King, Bozeman 7th/8th $100 Terry Bummer, Billings, Ryan Grimm, Billings 9th/12th $50 Nate Neergard, Missoula, Brett Van Vost, Helena, Mike Butlert, Billings, Chad Sylvester, Kalispell Womens Singles 1st $550 Cat Hanson, Bozeman 2nd $400 Sky Tigart, Great Falls 3rd $300 Candace Evans, Manhatten 4th $225 Linda Asleson, Billings 5th/6th $175 Lori Warnell, Billings, Stephanie Crawford, Great Falls 7th $75 Mary Garcia, Butte, Amanda Bray, Bozeman Mens B Singles 1st $400 Dave Alderman, Miles City 2nd $275 Landyn Ackerman, Frasier 3rd $225 Jon Kaphammer, Belgrade 4th $175 Mike Nitschke, Billings 5th/6th $100 Lucas Brager, Kalispell, Tyler Yost, Livingston 7th/8th $75 Jody Wilkens, Missoula, Spencer Marsh, Glasgow 9th/12th $40 Will Gross, Billings, Jack Salveson, Billings Edward Allard, Billings, Jason Lucht, Bozeman Men’s Seniors Division 1st $225 Steve Lesmeister, Billings 2nd $135 Darrel Frickel, Laurel 3rd $90 Kenneth Naasz, Billings TEAM EVENTS Open Division Jim Winter(Billings) Jeff Boucher(Bozeman) Seth King(Bozeman) Jason Dawes (Butte) Mixed Division Barb Walker (Pray) Britton Schwartzer(Livingston) Joe Schwartzer (Livingston) Sky Tigart (Great Falls)


Great Food Tuesday 9-Ball - 7:30pm $5 entry House Matches Wednesday 8-Ball - 7:30pm $5 entry House matches

6106 SE King Rd - Milwaukie, OR


20 Poker & Keno Machines Live Poker 6 Pool Tables w/Simonis Cloth

Darts Shuffleboard FULL BAR Happy Hour 6-7 pm Open 8 am - 2 am 3108 Euclid Ave - Helena, MT 406-449-4997

December 2009 - The Break


PC’s Pub 3021 Rucker Ave Everett, WA (425) 258-9465

Now Serving Cocktails

“Where we take pride in what you swallow!”

Oasis Bar 304 N Main

Pocatello, ID


Sunday 8 or 9-Ball - 8PM (alternating)



Eagles Crystal Bar Molly Brown Scoop Cats Paw Filling Station Mixers The Haufbrau

Lucky Cuss The Hub Bar Friendly Lucky Palms

Broken Arrow Sports Depot Sir Scott’s Oasis American Legion

Frontier Bar Town Club Plaza Wolf Den



Three Forks


The Break - December 2009

$5 entry - House Matches the Pot




$5 entry Vegas Rules 8PM 200% Payout



FREE POOL Mon-Fri: 7-9 AM 4-6 PM & 12-2 AM

Pool Tournaments Friday 8-Ball at 8PM $2 entry-Call Pocket-$2 added Saturday Blind Draw Sc Dbls at 8PM $2 entry-Call Pocket-Meat Shoot

7225 4th Plain Blvd Vancouver, Washington 360-256-1110 Karaoke Sun-Thu 9:30PM Live Music Fri-Sat 9:30 PM

The East Bay’s Finest Billiard Room 20 Beautiful Pool Tables Full Bar - Full Kitchen Pro Shop - Smoking Lounge Private Party Facilities

Tournament 2nd Weekend of Every Month Monday College Night Tuesday USPPA Tournament Wednesday Ladies Night Located at the Public Market in Emeryville across from the Emberybay Cinema

(510) 652-9808 6005 Shellmound Emeryville, CA

NWPA’s Final Stop ladies!!! Saturday evening was the year-end awards banquet and while 2nd and 3rd place were still up in the air for the year, Liz Cole was once again crowned NWPA Tour Champion. In addition, several other awards were given. Suzanne Smith was awarded the coveted Player of the Year. Suwanna Kroll was the most improved player and newcomer Michelle Hughes earned Rookie of the Year. Finally, Carissa Biggs earned the Most Embarrassing Moment Award which

Carissa Biggs


Ford, Cindy Sliva, Andrea Saenz-Maes, Dave Lauer

The Parlor Billiards and Spirits in Bellevue, Washington hosted the final tour stop of the NWPA’s 2009 season along with the year-end banquet. The Parlor, with its 17 tables, Pro Shop and excellent food, is always a favorite with the players. 28 women began play on Saturday morning in what would be a very important tournament for the final standings. Liz Cole, having already secured her position as Tour Champion once again, opted not to play this tournament. This left an opportunity for many players to acquire a considerable number of points and move up in the standings dramatically. Sunday afternoon saw Cindy Sliva and Andrea Saenz-Maes facing off for the point while Shelby Locati and Eve Stockstill vied for the opportunity the play the loser of the point match. Eve played a solidly to win 7-4. Andrea and Cindy both played tough and took their match hillhill. Andrea was able to run out on the last game to win the match. Cindy with renewed determination squared off against Eve and won that match 7-0 to face Andrea again. The finals match, a single race to 9, was once

happened at the Golden Fleece tournament where she jumped the cue ball off the table and hit Ford while he was refereeing her shot. It was a great year. Congratulations to everyone!

again a battle between these two fierce competitors. This time, however, it was Cindy who was able to secure the win for the match and take first place. Excellent tournament

z n i C

1 2 3 4 5/6 7/8

$425 $275 $180 $140 $84 $64


301 E Mercury Butte, MT 406-782-2468

23rd Annual


Memorial Doubles Tournament Jan 8-9-10, 2010


added based on 20+ teams

$50 entry per team Double Elimination Play on 3 Tables with New Simonis Felt Calcutta Friday at 8 pm Must be signed up and paid by Calcutta time - no exceptions Saturday 2 flights: 9am & 5pm Sunday play starts at 10am Doors open one hour before for free practice Saturday & Sunday Free Lunch Saturday at 2pm

December 2009 - The Break


Utah Open Here is the list of our Champions for the November 13-15, 2009 Tournament. Ace Brown took it down with a 7 to 2 win over Idaho’s Champion Tony Ruhl in our 8 ball handicapped event. Ace picked up the guaranteed $2,500 eight ball money. Brooke Demke came out of the loser’s bracket beating Juanita Brown twice in our Women’s 8 ball event. Jeff Heath from Reno beat out Ace Brown for 1st Place in our nine ball. Chris Muribrook and Juanita Brown shot their way to 1st Place in Scotch doubles 9 ball. Below is a list of how the rest of the field ended out.

(l to r) Tony Ruhl, Ace Brown

MEN’S 8 BALL 1st $2,500 Ace Brown 2nd $1,200 Tony Ruhl 3rd $800 Duke Mataele 4th $400 Roger Bordley 5th $400 Chris Muribrook & Mike Kushlan Jr. 7th $200 Marlin Mason & Allen Vincent 9-12 $150 Dago Huber, Erick Clark, Rick Jensen & Tarzan Painter 13-16 $75 Danny Glover, Mark Winder, Billy Akinson, Robert Randal 17-24 $50 Mike Shultz, Shane Shumaker, Jeff Clark, Peter DeJonge, Chase McAllister, Bob Hansen, Steve Thomas, Ricardo Martinez 25-32 $40 Rod Curry, Mike Kushlan Sr., Sam Pappas, Monte Thayer, Gary Teeter, EJ Glode, Jeff Heath & John Bemis WOMEN’S 8 BALL 1st $400 Brooke Demke 2nd $200 Juanita Brown 3rd $100 Susan Moss 4th $80 Merida Brooks 5th-6th $60 Maryann Sargent & Cat Hansen

Allen’s Billiards & More Billiards - Darts - Espresso Ice Cream - Xbox 360 & Fun PROUDLY SERVING OLYMPIC MOUNTAIN ICE CREAM 23692 NE State Route 3 Belfair, WA 360-275-2668 FOR ALL YOUR POOL AND DART ACCESSORY NEEDS We do parties - call for details email: Sean Allen - Owner


The Break - December 2009

Brooke Demke

Susan Moss

Duke Mataele

Roger Bordley

MEN’S 9 BALL 1st $1,000 Jeff Heath 2nd $500 Ace Brown 3rd-4th $200 Dago Huber & Roger Bordley 5th-6th $250 Mike Kushlan Jr., Jeff Clark, Tony Ruhl, & Steve Thomas SCOTCH DOUBLES 9 BALL 1st $500 Chris Muribrook & Juanita Brown 2nd $250 Crissie Winn & Cliff 3rd $125 Eric Clark & Tara Maganson 4th $100 Raylynn & GT Anderson 5th-6th $50 Maryann Sargent & Allen Vencent Tony & Susan Moss

December 2009 - The Break


Billy Palmer Takes the Field

November 28-29 64 players @ $60 plus $4,000 added by Family Billiards $640 green fees from entries by: Gene Miller Double elimination, race to 8 (winners side) and 6 (losers side) This one came down to a surprising and exciting finish, going not only to the last possible game, but to a jawed seven ball in that game, when Billy and the rest of us all thought it was over. 1st - $2,200: Billy Palmer defeated Syed Shah, Charles C., Marshall Williams, George Michaels, and Bryce Avila to reach the hotseat. 2nd - $1,200: Louis Ulrich defeated Jeff Gregory, Patrick L, Arturo Rivera, Josh P and Brian Parks before a loss to Palmer. He defeated Parks to advance to the finals where he won the first set, 8-5. The final set, a race to 6, progressed to 5-5, and then I witnessed the most interesting final game I’ve ever seen at Family. 3rd - $900: Brian Parks defeated Mary Rakin, Jimmy Qu, Santos Sambajon, Eleanor Callado, lost to Ulrich twice. 4th - $600: Bryce Avila defeated Rylan Hartnett, Rick D, Hanh Chung, Chris MacDonald, then lost to Palmer and Parks.

5th/6th - $400: Hanh Chung defeated Gary L, Kenny Koo, lost to Bryce Avila, defeated Bart Mahoney, Shawn R, Eleanor Callado and Marshall Williams before a 2nd loss to Avila. 5th/6th - $400: Santos Sambajon defeated Paul M and CJR before a loss to Parks, defeated Deo Alpajora, Frank Nordmann Jr. and George Michaels before a second loss to Parks. 7th – 8th - $250: Marshall Williams defeated Bart Mahoney and Frank Nordmann Jr. before a loss to Palmer, then defeated Doug Whaley, Jared Williams, Josh P, Billy Palmer and then lost to Hanh Chung 7th – 8th - $250: George Michaels defeated Carl Wilson Jr., Walter D and Jared Williams before a loss to Palmer. He then defeated Mary Rakin but lost to Sambajon. 9th-12th - $150: Eleanor Callado, Josh P, Mary Rakin, Chris MacDonald 13th-16th - $100: Arturo Rivera, Shawn P, Jared Williams, Frank Nordmann Jr. The two-day tournament was directed by Bob Rugnao, and could have been even bigger but several players were turned away after the 64th entry was signed up. Three of them came to my NPL tournament at Billiard Palacade to take a shot at our $940 prize fund.

2009 WPBA TOUR FINALS Story & Photos by Anne Craig – WPBA

November 15th, 2009: Hollywood, FL - The Finals were set as two fierce competitors entered the arena, ready to do battle for the title of the 2009 WPBA Tour Champion. Jasmin Ouschan is coming into this final poised to win her third WPBA title of the season, and Xiaoting was looking for her first Jasmin Ouschan win since the 2008 BCA


The Break - December 2009 event. The crowd was amped up and ready for a great match as the competitors stepped into the arena for the lag which Jasmin won. Jasmin broke and she pocketed a ball but missed the 1 ball which set off a safety battle between them. Xiaoting ended up leaving Jasmin snookered behind the 7 and partially the 6 ball for the 2, all lined up across the short side of the table. The crowd cheered as Jasmin jumped the 7 ball, missing the 6 and hitting the 2 dead center of the side pocket for position on the next ball and she ran out for a final score of 7-2 and winning the title of the 2009 WPBA Tour Champion and her 3rd title of the season. Could the 2009 Player of the Year award be far behind? We’ll have to wait and see! That’s a wrap for the 2009 WPBA Season!

Top Amateurs

(continued from page 9)

throughout the country in mid-Sept., with more than 1,500 players attempting to qualify. Sessions and Parks competed with the nation’s most highly skilled amateur poolplayers who were all vying for the U.S. Amateur title. The Men’s Division consisted of 128 players, while the Women’s Division featured 30 players. As Champions, Sessions and Parks will return next year to defend their coveted titles. For complete coverage of the U.S. Amateur Championship visit


OPEN DIVISION 1st $930 Wade Hudson + Jacket 2nd $620 Jon Cayton 3rd $455 Bob Flores 4th $345 Mick Teifanthaler 5/6 $205 Tony Weert, Ernie Cummings 7/8 $180 Jim Winter, Rex Corlis 9-12 $130 Chester Burton, Andrew Kendrick, Perry Gilbert, Shawn Malone 13-16 $110 Steve Sano, Dusty Seniff, Rick Johnson, John Kielman Highest ‘A’ - Wade Hudson $381 Highest ‘B’ - Shawn Malone $381 WOMEN’S DIVISION 1st $530 LaAnn Dunlap + Jacket 2nd $320 Becka Larkin 3rd $210 Linda Asleson 4th $160 Lori McDuffie 5/6 $75 Tammie George, Lynn Duncan 7/8 $50 Val Weber, Dana Winter Highest ‘B’ - Lori McDuffie $211


(continued from page 12)

untouched. You may find that they can’t pick through congested racks but run through wide open racks at will. Consider a secondball break or a more difficult layout rather than blasting them wide open. A tougher opponent will open up the clusters correctly while you may be doing a lesser opponent a favor if you break open the cluster and allow them back to the table. Lay down a safety and then break up the trouble with ball in hand. Table safes (distance with no good shot) are more effective versus beginner players. Advanced or expert players will fire back if they can see it with a better safe or might bank it in. If your opponent is vastly superior at safety play, go for the tough game breaker shot if you can win versus engaging in a tactical safety battle. You might get out-moved otherwise. Sometimes your strategy may evolve within the flow of the match. If your opponent has been sitting and is cold, you may want to choose a safety rather than trying a tough shot. Make them earn the game and prevent them from getting warmed up with a wide open shot to get them started. Knowing your opponent can also shape your mental strategy. Always try to amass a lead in a match and know that players of all abilities might fall apart or may claw back. Prepare, nay, assume that’s the case so you’re game isn’t thrown off if you begin to see your player have a meltdown or stage a monumental comeback. Regardless, try to put the player away as soon as possible. Also, be prepared for your opponent’s pace of play so that you aren’t thrown off your rhythm. Hopefully, you’ve developed your own tempo or pace and you shouldn’t feel pressured or deviate from your optimum speed of play. “Play the table, not your opponent?” Sure, the table and your skills will dictate your course of action most of the time, but a slight change in decision-making based on who your opponent is might give you a slight edge.

December 2009 - The Break






CALL FIRST: Dates, Times & Tournaments are subject to change without notice.

DAY Tuesdays Thursdays

CITY LOCATION Salt Lake City E O’s Billiards Salt Lake City E O’s Billiards

PHONE (801) 967-0777 (801) 967-0777

EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED 9-Ball race to 5 Handicap. $15 9-Ball race to 5 Handicap. $15

TIME 6:30PM 6:30PM

DAY Saturdays

CITY Sheridan


PHONE (307) 751-1609



ADDED $100 w/16


DAY Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Fridays Saturdays Sundays

CITY Aurora Aurora Aurora Denver Aurora Aurora Aurora

LOCATION Rack’em Billiards Rack’em Billiards Rack’em Billiards Wynkoop Rack’em Billiards Rack’em Billiards Rack’em Billiards

PHONE (303) 755-7675 (303) 755-7675 (303) 755-7675 (303) 297-2700 (303) 755-7675 (303) 755-7675 (303) 755-7675

EVENT / RULES 8-Ball Bar Box BCA Rules 3-Ball on 9’ Tables 9-Ball on 9’ Tables 15-rack 10-Ball Hndcp 8-Ball Bar Box BCA Rules 9-Ball Race to 5/5 Prog. Pot 8-Ball Bar Box BCA Rules

ENTRY $5 $5 $10 $12 $5 $10 $5



DAY Mondays


CITY LOCATION Tacoma Latitude 84 Call to get your weeklys listed Tuesdays Belfair Allen’s Billiards Belfair Allen’s Billiards Federal Way P J Pockets Lakewood Longhorn Saloon Mountlake Terr O’Houlie’s Pub Sumner Log Cabin Wednesdays Auburn The Sports Page Bremerton Stixx and Stones Billiards Everett P C’s Pub Lakewood Full Splice Tacoma Malarkey’s Pool & Brew Tacoma Latitude 84 Thursdays Bellevue Mustard Seed Everett P C’s Pub Graham Qz’s Olympia Frankies Fridays Kenmore Golden Fleece Billiards Longview Cadillac Island Monroe Robin’s Billiards Ocean Park Doc’s Tavern Snohomish Kornerpocket Billiardz Vancouver Spot Bar & Grill Saturdays Lakewood Schooners Snohomish Kornerpocket Billiardz Sumner Log Cabin Vancouver Legends Vancouver Spot Bar & Grill Sundays Bremerton Stixx and Stones Billiards Graham Qz’s Kennewick Billiard’Aires Club Lakewood Full Splice Lakewood Longhorn Saloon Longview Cadillac Island Lynnwood Uncle Jack’s Olympia Frankies Snohomish Kornerpocket Billiardz Tacoma Latitude 84 Tacoma Malarkey’s Pool & Brew Vancouver Halftime Vancouver Spot Bar & Grill

The Break - December 2009

TIME Call Progressive Pot Call Progressive Pot Call $100 7:30PM Matching/Prog.Pot Call $200 1st Guar. Call Matching/Prog.Pot Call Matching/Prog.Pot

PHONE EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED (253) 531-5154 9-Ball $5+$3 g.f. 406-285-3099 (360) 275-2668 8-Ball (1st & 3rd Tues) $7+$3 g.f. $$$ (360) 275-2668 9-Ball (2nd & 4th Tues) $7+$3 g.f. $$$ (877) R-U-LUCKY 9-Ball $8 $200 field based (253) 581-2580 8-Ball $5 Pays 75% field (425) 776-1833 8-Ball $7 100%+BreakPot (253) 863-2905 9-Ball Vegas Rules $5 Matching (253) 288-0436 8-Ball $5 50% up to 16 (360) 377-2359 9-Ball (Break pot) $5+$3 g.f. 100% (425) 258-9465 Vegas 8 Ball $5 (253) 512-6898 9-Ball $5+$3 100% w/15+ (253) 383-3301 9 Ball $5+3 g.f. 100% w/32 (253) 531-5154 9-Ball $5+$3 g.f. (425) 603-9001 8-Ball B only Limit 16 $5 up to $100 (425) 258-9465 Poker $20 buy in (253) 262-8437 8-Ball $5+$3 g.f. 100% (360) 455-0352 9-Ball Valley Rules $5 Matching (425) 908-7332 9-Ball Handicap $10 $300 min (360) 957-0065 9-Ball $25 top B player $5+$2 g.f. $200 (360) 794-7878 9-Ball Open $7+$3 g.f. Breakpot (360) 665-4105 8-Ball Open $3 Meat Shoot (360) 862-9054 9-Ball Round Robin $10 (incl g.f.) Break Pot (360) 256-1110 8-Ball Call Pocket $2 Matching (253) 584-1919 8-Ball BCA rules $5 100% (360) 862-9054 Scotch Doubles $25 2nd Saturday (253) 863-2905 8-Ball $5 Matching (360) 693-8125 8 Ball $5 Matching (360) 256-1110 Blind Draw Scotch Dbls $2 Meat (360) 377-2359 8-Ball $5 100% (253) 262-8437 9-Ball $5+$3 g.f. 100% (360) 783-4071 9-Ball $10+$2 g.f. (253) 512-6898 8-Ball/9-Ball Alternating $5+$3 100% w/15+ (253) 581-2580 9-Ball $5 Pays 75% field (360) 957-0065 Blind Draw Sc Dbls $5+$1 Matching (425) 640-5474 9-Ball - Race to 3 $7 $5/player (360) 455-0352 8-Ball Valley Rules $5 Matching (360) 862-9054 8-Ball Open $10 50% w/16 (253) 531-5154 8-Ball $5+$3 g.f. (253) 383-3301 8-Ball $5 100% (360) 694-3114 Blind Draw Sc Doubles $5 Call (360) 256-1110 9-Ball Race to 3 $5 Matching

TIME 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 6:30PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:30pm 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 7:00PM Call 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 3:00PM 2:00PM 7:30PM 8:00PM 6:00PM 7:00PM 1:00PM 1:30PM 8:00PM 2:00PM 4:00PM 6:00PM 1:00PM 8:00PM 2:00PM 6:00PM 2:00PM





WEEKLY POOL TOURNAMENTS DAY Tuesdays Wednesdays Fridays Saturdays Sundays

CITY Moscow Moscow Twin Falls Emmett Moscow Pocatello

DAY Mondays Wednesdays Saturdays Sundays

CITY Kalispell Three Forks Kalispell Kalispell Belgrade Butte

DAY Mondays

CITY Sacramento

CALL FIRST: Dates, Times & Tournaments are subject to change without notice.

LOCATION Mingles Mingles The Pocket Toadstool Mingles Oasis Bar

PHONE (208) 882-2050 (208) 882-2050 (208) 733-9676 (208) 398-7321 (208) 882-2050 (208) 232-9347

EVENT / RULES 9 Ball 8 Ball 8-Ball Handicapped 8-Ball or 9-Ball 8 Ball 8/9 Ball Alternating

ENTRY ADDED $5 $5 $6 $25 w/16+ $5 $5 Matching $5 Matching

TIME 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM

LOCATION Cattlemen’s Casino Frontier Club Cattlemen’s Casino Cattlemen’s Casino Hub Bar Mr Ed’s

PHONE (406) 257-9656 (406) 285-9876 (406) 257-9656 (406) 257-9656 (406) 388-1811 (406) 782-3700

EVENT / RULES 8-Ball Pool All Day 8-Ball 8-Ball Pool All Day 8 Ball


ADDED Matching


$5 $5

Matching Matching

7:00PM 1:00PM




LOCATION PHONE EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED Jointed Cue (916) 456-3243 9-Ball B $5 San Francisco Family Billiards (415) 931-1115 USPPA $20 Tuesdays Cypress Hot Shot Cafe (714) 952-1120 9-Ball $12 Emeryville Broken Rack (510) 652-9808 USPPA $15 Garden Grove Bart’s Pub & Grill (714) 891-1719 8-Ball No ‘A+’ Players $10 Modesto Railhouse Billiards (209) 572-4283 9-Ball Hdcp race to 6 SE $10 Break Pot Mountain View CA Billiard Club (650) 965-3100 USPPA 75 & Under $12 Break Pot Riverside Shooters (951) 785-9588 9-Ball Handicapped $12 Sacramento Hard Times (916) 332-8798 8-Ball Line $10 Sacramento Jointed Cue (916) 456-3243 9-Ball Open staggered entry $5-$15 $50 Wednesdays Cypress Hot Shot Cafe (714) 952-1120 8-Ball $12 Sacramento Hard Times (916) 332-8798 9-Ball ‘B’ player $5 San Francisco Billiards Palacade (415) 585-6800 8-Ball $10 $50 Thursdays Garden Grove Bart’s Pub & Grill (714) 891-1719 8-Ball No ‘A+’ Players $10 Modesto Railhouse Billiards (209) 572-4283 Open Heads Up Race to 7 $11 Break Pot Riverside Shooters (951) 785-9588 9-Ball $12 Sacramento Hard Times (916) 332-8798 10-Ball $10 San Francisco Family Billiards (415) 931-1115 USPPA $20 Fridays Concord DVPL (510) 861-0812 Tourny at Vinnie’s Bar Call Modesto Railhouse Billiards (209) 572-4283 9-Ball 75 & Under $7 Break Pot Saturdays Daly City Town & Country (650) 992-7900 9-Ball Call Modesto Railhouse Billiards (209) 572-4283 8-Ball Heads up DE $10 Break Pot Riverside Shooters (951) 785-9588 9-Ball USPPA $12 $50 w/16 San Francisco Family Billiards (415) 931-1115 NPL $20 San Francisco Billiard Palacade (415) 346-9140 NPL $20 $500 Break Pot Call to get your weeklys listed 406-285-3099 Sundays Garden Grove Bart’s Pub & Grill (714) 891-1719 8-Ball No ‘A+’ Players $10 Mountain View CA Billiard Club (650) 965-3100 10-Ball Open $10 $25w/every 8

DAY Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Fridays Saturdays Sundays

CITY Beaverton Oregon City Portland Portland Beaverton Milwaukee Portland Forest Grove Milwaukee Portland Portland Forest Grove Oregon City Salem Oregon City Oregon City Salem Oregon City Portland Portland Portland

LOCATION Hot Shots Rodders Cues Billiards Greek Village Hot Shots Wichita Cues Billiards Ballad Town Billiards Wichita Cues Billiards Cues Billiards Ballad Town Billiards K C Midway Jake’s Bar & Grill K C Midway K C Midway Jake’s Bar & Grill K C Midway NiteHawk Sam’s Billiards Sam’s Billiards

PHONE (503) 644-8869 (360) 798-6678 (503) 251-8399 (503) 643-2119 (503) 644-8869 (503) 654-4201 (503) 251-8399 (503) 357-1111 (503) 654-4201 (503) 251-8399 (503) 251-8399 (503) 357-1111 (503) 655-0089 (503) 362-3600 (503) 655-0089 (503) 655-0089 (503) 362-3600 (503) 655-0089 (503) 285-7177 (503) 282-8266 (503) 282-8266

EVENT / RULES 9 Ball ‘B’ -Texas Express Play on Diamond Tables 8-Ball BCA Rules 9-Ball (minimum 6) 9 Ball ‘C’ -Texas Express 9-Ball 9-Ball C & below 9-Ball/BCA 3/2 DE 8-Ball 9-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball/BCA 2/2 DE 9-Ball Texas Express 8 Ball-Open 9 Ball Texas Express 8 Ball BCA rules 8-Ball Blind Draw Sc Doubles 9 Ball - Race 4/3 8 Ball Straight Pool (1st Sun.) 8-Ball - No ‘A’ players

ENTRY ADDED $6+$1 $5+$2 g.f. Matching $7 incl. g.f. $5 50% $6+$1 $5 House Matches $7 incl. g.f. $5 House Matches $5 House Matches $6 incl. g.f. $$$ $6 incl. g.f. $$$ $5 House Matches $5 $75/1st w/16 $5 $$$ $6 $75/1st w/16 $5 $75/1st w/16 $5 $$$ $5 $75/1st w/16 $3M/$2W $100 $10+$2 g.f. $5 3rd Sun

TIME 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM

7:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 8:00PM 8:00PM

8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM



1:00PM 3:00PM 1:00PM 8:00PM 5:00PM

TIME 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 6:00PM 7:00PM 7:30PM 7:30PM Call 7:30PM 7:30PM 9:30PM Call 7:30PM 7:30PM 5:00PM 7:30PM 7:30PM 6:30PM 6:00PM 11:00AM 11:00AM

December 2009 - The Break


Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

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CITY Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA Bellflower, CA Portland, OR Rugby, ND

LOCATION PHONE EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED TIME Hard Times (See ad p8) (916) 332-8793 One Pocket $20 $10/p up to 30 Noon Hard Times (See ad p8) (916) 332-8793 9-Ball $25 $10/p up to 50 Noon Mosconi Cup (See ad Nov) Email for details Email $1,000 Email Sam’s Billiards (See ad p6) (503) 282-8266 Straight Pool $15 11:00AM Rugby Armory (See ad Nov) (701) 776-5846 Northern Lights Shootout $75 - $45 $5000 3:00PM or Emmett, ID Toadstool (See ad p11) (208) 398-7321 8-Ball - No “A” Players $25 $500 w/64 11:00AM Billings, MT Kings Korner (See ad p9) (406) 256-8946 8-Ball Blind Draw Sc Dbls $10/player $200 Call Butte, MT Party Palace (See ad p7) (406) 723-4247 Toys for Tots TOY $200 Grand Prize Call Cypress, CA Hot Shot Cafe (See ad p21) (714) 952-1120 Women’s Open 9-Ball $25 $100 1:00PM Cypress, CA Hot Shot Cafe (See ad p21) (714) 952-1120 10-Ball Open $25 $250 11:00AM San Francisco, CA Family Billiards (See ad p26) (415) 931-1115 One Pocket/9-Ball $25 each $300 ea w/32 1:00PM San Francisco, CA Billiard Palacade (See ad p10) (415) 585-6800 8-Ball Handicapped $20 $200 Call Portland, OR Sam’s Billiards (See ad p6) (503) 213-3125 Blind Draw Scotch Doubles $5 Call 6:45PM Lynnwood, WA Uncle Jack’s (See ad p14) (425) 640-5474 9-Ball Open $25 $250 Guar. 9:00AM Sacramento, CA Hard Times (See ad p8) (916) 332-8793 One Pocket $20 $10/p up to 30 Noon Sacramento, CA Hard Times (See ad p8) (916) 332-8793 9-Ball $25 $10/p up to 50 Noon Portland, OR Sam’s Billiards (See ad p6) (503) 282-8266 Straight Pool $15 11:00AM Butte, MT Party Palace (See ad p7) (406) 723-4247 Women’s Doubles Ma-Bell $20 $500 Call Butte, MT Cinz (See ad p23) (406) 782-2468 Traynor Memorial Doubles $50 $500 w/20 t 8:00PM Salem, OR The Cue Ball (See ad p22) (503) 362-9740 9-Ball So. Willamette Valley players $10 $200 10:00AM Mtn View, CA CA Billiard Club (See ad p19) (650) 965-3100 9-Ball - Chet Ito Memorial $50 (no g.f.) $12,500 10:00AM Billings, MT Kings Korner (See ad p9) (406) 256-8946 8-Ball Blind Draw Sc Dbls $10/player $200 Call Denver, CO Wynkoop (See ad p11) (720) 296-5395 “Viper” Clinic $40 2:00PM Butte, MT Party Palace (See ad p7) (406) 498-3740 8-Ball 3 Man FREE $3200 Call Bozeman, MT Eagles #326 (See ad p20) (406) 587-9996 9-Ball Singles - Limit 32 $25 (incl g.f.) $200 11:00AM San Francisco, CA Billiard Palacade (See ad p10) (415) 585-6800 8-Ball Handicapped $20 $200 Call Sacramento, CA Hard Times (See ad p8) (916) 332-8793 One Pocket $20 $10/p up to 30 Noon Sacramento, CA Hard Times (See ad p8) (916) 332-8793 9-Ball $25 $10/p up to 50 Noon Portland, OR Sam’s Billiards (See ad 6) (503) 282-8266 Straight Pool $15 11:00AM Bozeman, MT Eagles #326 (See ad p20) (406) 587-9996 Sweetheart Mixed Doubles $20/team $200 11:00AM Hollywood, CA Hollywood Billiards (See ad p2) (702) 719-7665 9-Ball Swanee Memorial $75 $3,000 Guar 9:00AM Butte, MT Party Palace (See ad p7) (406) 723-4247 8-Ball Mixed Scotch Doubles $25/team $$$ Call Billings, MT Kings Korner (See ad p9) (406) 256-8946 8-Ball Blind Draw Sc Dbls $10/player $200 Call Mtn View, CA CA Billiard Club (See ad p19) (650) 965-3100 Sat: One Pocket / Sun: 9-Ball $20 / $20 $400 each 1:00PM Reno, NV Sands Regency (See ad p2) (702) 719-7665 10-Ball Bar Table Champ. $125 $6000 Noon Reno, NV Sands Regency (See ad p2) (702) 719-7665 9-Ball Bar Table Champ. $125 $6000 Noon Reno, NV Sands Regency (See ad p2) (702) 719-7665 9-Ball Bar Table Champ. Wms $75 $1000 w/16 Noon Reno, NV Sands Regency (See ad p2) (702) 719-7665 8-Ball Bar Table Champ. $125 $7000 Noon Reno, NV Sands Regency (See ad p2) (702) 719-7665 8-Ball Bar Table Champ. Wms $75 $1000 w/16 Noon San Francisco, CA Billiard Palacade (See ad p10) (415) 585-6800 8-Ball Handicapped $20 $200 Call San Francisco, CA Family Billiards (See ad p26) (415) 931-1115 One Pocket/9-Ball $25 each $300 ea w/32 1:00PM Bozeman, MT Eagles #326 (See ad p20) (406) 587-9996 Women’s MT State Doubles $20/team $600+ 10:00AM Lincoln City, OR Chinook Winds (See ad p25) League Operator Western BCA 8-Ball Varies $26,000 based on entries Call Billings, MT Kings Korner (See ad p9) (406) 256-8946 8-Ball Blind Draw Sc Dbls $10/player $200 Call Billings, MT MCMOA (See ad p27) (406) 442-7088 MCMOA State Championships Qual. at bars TBA Call or

Live Streaming Schedule Northern Lights Shootout Rugby, ND Dec 10th: International Cup

Canada vs. U.S.A.

Dec 11th-13th: 8-Ball stay tuned for more info or 30

The Break - December 2009

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December 2009 - The Break


The Break December 2009  

The December issue of the Pool Players Best Source of information is now available online with all the most recent results for the West Coas...

The Break December 2009  

The December issue of the Pool Players Best Source of information is now available online with all the most recent results for the West Coas...