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Our 333rd year... and we hardly look a day over 200.

Founded upon unwavering principles of quality and value, 2013 marks our 333rd continuous year in business. We are the oldest company in the billiard industry. Being the oldest didn’t make us the best... being the best has made us the oldest. Premium products with premium value. Iwan Simonis.



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19 Zachery Tyler Hampton

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PLACES PEOPLE PLAY 4th Plain Tavern Vancouver, WA 30 Batter’s Up Salt Lake City, UT 28 Black Diamond Spokane, WA 47 Black Star Tacoma, WA 34 Broken Arrow Manhattan, MT 34 Broken Rack Emeryville, CA 42 BullShooters Phoenix, AZ 18 BZ’s Sports Bar Burien, WA 34 Cat’s Paw Bozeman, MT 42 Charley’s Pub Fircrest, WA 34 Classic Billiards Portland, OR 36,43 Cue Ball, The Salem, OR 36 Cue-Topia Lakewood, WA 47 Danny’s Midway Marysville, WA 31 DCC (Derby City Classic) Elizabeth, IN 40 Doc’s Tavern Ocean Park, WA 28 Eagles Club Bozeman, MT 43 Family Billiards San Francisco, CA 39 Frankie’s Olympia, WA 44 Greek Village Portland, OR 35 Hi Way Lounge Alexander, ND 28 Hot Shots Beaverton, OR 46 House of Billiards Sherman Oaks, CA 28 Jake’s Bar & Grill Salem, OR 36 Jointed Cue Sacramento, CA 44 K C Midway Oregon City, OR 11 Kolby’s Keizer, OR 36 Laramie Peak Invitational Wheatland, WY 46 Latitude 84 Tacoma, WA 35 Legion Bozeman, MT 35 Log Cabin Bar Sumner, WA 43 Malarkey’s Tacoma, WA 35,36 Molly Brown Bozeman, MT 42 O’Finnigan’s Everett, WA 18 Oasis Pocatello, ID 28 Office, The Livingston, MT 42 Pocket, The Boise, ID 11 Pocket, The Idaho Falls, ID 11 Rackem Medford, OR 35 Ringo’s Bar & Grill Beaverton, OR 11 Sam’s Billiards Portland, OR 36 Schooners Lakewood, WA 11 Scoop Bar Bozeman, MT 34 Silver Dollar Coos Bay, OR 34 Soundview Everett, WA 11 Spot Bar & Grill Vancouver, WA 43 ORGANIZATONS BCAPL/CSI/USAPL Henderson, NV 51 BEF Englewood, CO 19 Judy Griffith PACS League Operator 31 Rocky Mountain Gaming Bozeman, MT 30 TWCWT California 18 BILLIARD SUPPLIES Aramith Libertyville, IL 3 Billiard Buddies 29 Buffalo Billiards Petaluma, CA 18 Cue & Case St Augustine, FL 17 CueStix International Lafayette, CO 52 Holiday Spotlight 6,7,8,9 Lucasi Hybrid Cues St Augustine, FL 26 Master Chalk 11 McDermott Menomonee Falls, WI 2 Mueller Lincoln, NE 33 O’Connor Cues California 30 Players Cues St Augustine, FL 20 Simonis Libertyville, IL 3 Sure Shot Billiards Richland, WA 28 Tiger Products Burbank, CA 4 INSTRUCTION/SERVICES Anthony Beeler 16 Ask the Viper 13 Billiard Directory Index 5 Bob Jewett 14 Michael Glass 15 Monk, The 10 National Billiard Academy 12 Subscription 45 POOL TOURNAMENTS Weekly 48,49 Tournament Trail 50

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Holiday Spot INK03:

Polynesian warriors invented the tattoo centuries ago to mark their place in the tribe and their power as men. Action cues new Ink Series delivers the same status to your weapon of choice.  Pick one up and prove your manhood at the table.  Retail price $89. Dealer requests welcome.  1-800-645-9803.  www.  Manufactured and distributed exclusively by CueStix International.

McDermott 4x8 Soft Case

MSRP: $139 This brand new vinyl soft case holds four cue butts and eight shafts with two accessory pockets for extra storage. Its double-stitched construction ensures that it is built to last, while its extra long design accommodates cue butts and shafts up to 32”. To learn more, call 1-800-6662283 or visit


Blow torch branded cherry wood and bad to the bone. The Outlaw OL-20 features a new twist on the iconic 8 ball imagery with its own style of tribal design to add some flash.  Black, stacked leather wraps, stainless steel joint and butt caps, with AAA grade Canadian maple shafts in standard 13mm.  Suggested retail price of $165.  Dealer inquiries at or call 1-800-645-9803

6 page November 2013


The butterfly effect for 8 ball. When you flap the wings of this beautiful new Athena pool cue, you create devastating results in pool rooms a world away.  Delicate foil inlays jump off the cue in a dramatic departure from average overlay designs.  Free 10” extension.  Retail $125.  Sold exclusively by CueStix International. Dealer requests call 800-645-9803 or visit

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tlight on Cues KAT04:

The Way of the Sword describes the ancient Samurai path of a lone warrior and his quest for glory. Using his blade, known as a Katana, he determines justice through the purity of battle.  Carry one of our new Katana cues into your pool room and find your own glory.  Retail price $499.  Dealer requests welcome.  1-800-645-9803.  Manufactured and distributed exclusively by CueStix International.

Stinger NG05

MSRP: $299 Jump and break like a pro with Stinger jump/ break cues! The NG05 features Stinger’s patented phenolic tip with a “Stinger” stem to help transfer the shock of impact through the shaft. This results in a powerful, precise hit. As a bonus, the NG05 comes in a bundle that includes a quick release jump joint butt, a Stinger shaft, McDermott’s high-performance G-Core shaft ($149 value) and a lightweight jump handle. Break, jump and play, all in one cue! To learn more, call 1-800-666-2283 or visit


Battles on the pool table can get pretty tough. The new VooDoo VOD-22 cue from CueStix delivers the death blow you need to finish off your competition.  Named “Black Magic” for a design that features dripping blood and an 8 Ball skull, it comes with all the extra performance you need and a little bit of VooDoo just to be sure.  Dealer requests welcome at or call 800-645-9803.  Ask your favorite billiard retailer about it today.

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Holiday Spot McDermott G605 MSRP: $699

The G605 is one of McDermott’s unique shaft inlay cues. It features a birdseye maple forearm and sleeve with turquoise, white urethane and black urethane inlays. As a bonus, this cue has matching inlays in the shaft that compliment the cue’s design. The G605 comes standard with McDermott’s highperformance G-Core shaft ($149 value). To learn more, call 1-800-666-2283 or visit


This cue features a Natural Curly Maple forearm with 5 Cocobolo inlay points, w/Curly Maple Handle and 10 Cocobolo Inlays. It is complemented with white plastic sleeve with custom rings. Each cue features the Ultra-X® high performance patented technology shaft (low deflection X shafts are optional) and a radial Tiger joint protector. Standard cue specifications and items included; Length 58”


This cue features a Ebony forearm w/4 White Poly Board/Snakewood Points, 4 Tulip wood Inlays. Butt sleeve combination of Snakewood, Cocobolo, Tulip and aluminum inlays. Butt sleeve and handles are complemented with tulip wood, black phenolic and silver custom rings. Each cue features the Ultra-X® high performance patented technology shaft (low deflection X shafts are optional) and a radial Tiger joint protector. The standard is with double black genuine Irish linen. Stack or regular leather wraps are available (optional). Standard cue specifications and items included;

8 page November 2013

Weight 18oz. - 20.5oz. Handle-Curly Maple and 10 Cocobolo Inlays Shaft - Ultra-X® high performance shaft Cue tip - Sniper laminated cue tip - 12.75mm Ferrule - Saber-T® Tiger ferrule Joint protector - Radial Tiger joint protectors Case - Soft black velvet Tiger cue case MSRP: $999.00

Length 58” Weight 18oz. - 20.5oz. Wrap - Double Black Irish Linen Shaft - Ultra-X® high performance shaft Cue tip - Sniper laminated cue tip - 12.75mm Ferrule - Saber-T® Tiger ferrule Joint protector - Radial Tiger joint protectors Case - Soft black velvet Tiger cue case MSRP: $1449.00

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tlight on Cues TL-5


This cue features a Ebony forearm w/4 White Poly Board/Snakewood Points, 4 Tulip wood Inlays. Butt sleeve combination of Snakewood, Cocobolo, Tulip and aluminum inlays. Butt sleeve and handles are complemented with tulip wood, black phenolic and silver custom rings. Handle is decorated with 3 piece white plastic tube and custom silver rings. Each cue features the Ultra-X® high performance patented technology shaft (other shafts optional) and a radial Tiger joint protector. Standard cue specifications and items included; Length 58” Weight 18oz. - 20.5oz. Handle - 3 piece white plastic tube, 3 custom silver and black rings Shaft - Ultra-X® high performance shaft Cue tip - Sniper laminated cue tip - 12.75mm Ferrule - Saber-T® Tiger ferrule Joint protector - Radial Tiger joint protectors Case - Soft black velvet Tiger cue case MSRP: $1599.00

This cue features a 2 Piece Natural Curly Maple forearm with 5 Cocobolo inlay points either side of it. Center of the cue complemented by 5 Turquoise diamond shape inlay points in white poly inlays around it. Near each tulip points it is decorated with 5 half diamond shape turquoise inlays and 10 black and white poly board inlays. Each cue features the Ultra-X® high performance patented technology shaft (low deflection X shafts are optional) and a radial Tiger joint protector. Standard cue specifications and items included; Length 58” Weight 18oz. - 20.5oz. Wrapless Shaft - Ultra-X® high performance shaft Cue tip - Sniper laminated cue tip - 12.75mm Ferrule - Saber-T® Tiger ferrule Joint protector - Radial Tiger joint protectors Case - Soft black velvet Tiger cue case MSRP: $1299.00

McDermott G322

MSRP: $399 New to the Wildfire cue line, the G322 utilizes McDermott’s 3D image carving technology to create a wood-burned and engraved “Clover” logo. It also features a bocote sleeve and bocote points on the forearm. The G322 comes standard with McDermott’s high-performance G-Core shaft ($149 value). To learn more, call 1-800-666-2283 or visit


This cue features a Natural Curly Maple forearm with 6 Cocobolo inlay points, 6 Tulip wood and 6 blue pearlescent poly inlay points on forearm and ebony/curly maple butt sleeve. Each handle and butt sleeve is then complemented with Tulip wood and black custom rings. Each cue features the Ultra-X® high performance patented technology shaft (low deflection X shafts are optional) and a radial Tiger joint protector. The standard is with double black genuine Irish linen. Stack or regular leather wraps are available (optional).

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Standard cue specifications and items included; Length 58” Weight 18oz. - 20.5oz. Wrap - Double Black Irish Linen Shaft - Ultra-X® high performance shaft Cue tip - Sniper laminated cue tip - 12.75mm Ferrule - Saber-T® Tiger ferrule Joint protector - Radial Tiger joint protectors Case - Soft black velvet Tiger cue case MSRP: $1199.00

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My list, checking it twice, We are now into the fall league season. There are three things you will always receive when you arrive at the pool hall for your team match.

The Monk


One, you will learn something. Be alert to what it is you learn. Spend some time after the match, thinking about how it went. I remember telling people I got screwed in a match and then when I thought about it, I realized I blew it, not once but three times. Two, enjoy your time with your friends and team mates. No one can take this away from you. It is your gift every time you go to the league matches. Three, make sure you enjoy your performance. I remember a match in Reno where I was not doing so well. I looked around at the crowed, realized I was in the match, I was in the players chair and felt an overwhelming sense of appreciation that I was here. So I make it a point to enjoy my performance good or bad. Two more things. Sometimes it is best if you just “take your medicine”. One time I was facing a tough shot and could not get good position on the eight ball. I decided to make my shot and take whatever I ended up with and it turned out I faced a kick cut shot on the eight which I made. Make the shot and take what you get when you are not sure of position. Don’t miss the shot because you are worried about your next shot. Always remember that only two things can happen when you shoot a shot. You will miss it, or you will make it. You are not sure which one it will be. Not

sure if you will make it or miss it, but you are sure you will “look good shooting the shot”. Before your next match, do the 4-16-8 Zen art of breathing. Sit by yourself and draw in a deep breath to the count of four. Then hold your breath to the count of sixteen and then let it out to the count of eight. You will be surprised who how this exercise increases your concentration. Finally, I want you to do three things on every shot. First, connect to the shot. Second, land on the cue ball about a quarter inch from it. Third pause in your back stroke slightly and finish the stroke to the point where your cut tip is on the cloth about five to eight inches in front of where the cue ball was laying. I have created a master piece. The Road Players Nine Ball Training Guide. It is a full color hard cover classic with all my best graphics. Your game will go through the roof when you order this book. IT COMES WITH A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. I am the only author of a book that will guarantee your happiness with a product. This book also comes with two $29.95 each full length DVD’s I shot while I was in New Zealand. You can buy the book and the DVD’s for just $85.00. email me thelifeline@yahoo. com I have a workshop in Asheboro NC on Novemeber 22,23,24. You are welcome to join me. Call 1-413345-0496 for details. You will receive a free copy of my Road Players training guide


Email me at:

10 page November 2013

I designed this book just for the collector who cares about his game. Each page is in full glossy color. The cover is hard bound. It is a masterpiece. This is the only book I will sell while I am in the states. The book cost me one hundred dollars to produce. I got a good price on ten copies. You can order this book for just $79.95 + S&H

section then move on to the blue section, then through the green section and so on until you complete the training. You must master each session. You will have a top level game when you complete the training. Email me now for a buy now button. I am not putting this on the market as I only have ten copies in my inventory.

You have my full money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied in every way, I will refund your money.

This is the only book I will sell. When you order your copy, I will send you a digital download of my training book THE LESSON.

The training is color coded. You work through the red

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CHALK TALK Sponsored by: Master Chalk


If I Had A Dream ... If I were to write a script for a movie about pool, I would write it about growing up in a family that played in pool leagues several nights a week. I would want to play with my friends at least one night a week and with my family perhaps one or two nights a week, so that I could learn from them. My mother, father, aunts & uncles would all be state champions, either in singles or teams. The movie would take place in a small town in the Midwest: maybe in Iowa, Minnesota, the Dakotas or Nebraska. Some place where it is cold, mainly because everybody would want to be inside playing pool. A league organization that my friends and family could play in, that would also offer national championships. I would watch my family and even friends win national singles and team championships. I, too, would eventually win state and national singles’ championships. And for an added bonus, I would play in a different league and make it to the finals, only to have the disappointment of losing.


With all those accomplishments, one would think you would be happy, but not in my movie. In my movie I would have aspirations and dreams of turning pro; beating greats like: Earl Strickland, Francisco Bustamante, Efren Reyes and all the other great pool players I had heard about while I was growing up.

S. Open Championship. And if the truth be known, I would want to have three U. S. Open Championships by the time I was thirty years old! Because, in the history of the U. S. Open, only two other men have accomplished this: Mike Segal in ’76, ’80 & ’83 and Earl Strickland in ’84, ’87, ’93, ’97 & 2000. In my movie, I would then have nine years in my thirties to win three more U. S. Opens, to pass the great Earl “The Pearl”! I would also have fast cars and beautiful women, while I traveled the world to play in pool tournaments. And in my movie, there would be pool magazines that would put my face on the cover, just like in the song, “on the cover of the Rolling Stone”. Wait a minute, my movie actually mirrors real life, because in my movie Mr. Shane Van Boening has accomplished all of my dreams. Shane turned thirty in July of 2013. He has won Amateur, State and National Championships, the U. S. Open 9-Ball three times and is the only player at this point that can win the first three-peat of the U. S. Open. Maybe I would add that to my movie as well.

But my movie would have another plot: to win the most prestigious national championship in this country - the U. S. 9-Ball Open Championship. If I were to only win one pro event in my entire life, let it be that!

I want to thank Shane for living my dream or at least my movie.

And in my movie, I wouldn’t stop with that dream. I would want to win another U.

Soundview Bar & Grill

Nicest Pool Tables in Downtown Everett F R EE POOL Saturday, Sunday & Monday Nights FULL BAR - GOOD FOOD GREAT PRICES 1116 Hewitt Ave - Everett, WA 425-259-3383

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1003 7th St-Oregon City, OR (503) 656-9501 Eleven 7’ Diamond Pool Tables All tables now updated to Blue Diamond Rail System with Pro Cut Pockets Proudly hosting ACS, APA & BCA leagues

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208-375-2474 20 Pool Tables Weekly Tournaments - Pool Leagues Free Pool 11am-2pm 7 days a week Food! Drinks! Fun!

Ringo’s Bar & Grill

Every Sunday at 7pm Alternating 8 ball or 9 ball $5 entry - 100% payout House matches up to 23 players 12300 SW Broadway - Beaverton, OR 503-644-7847

Pockets Inc.

14 Pool Tables - Darts Foosball - Video Games

Happy Hour: Mon-Sat 5-7pm/Sun 6-7pm Evey Sunday 8-Ball Blind Draw Doubles $5 entry starts at 7pm Money added

905 E Lincoln Rd - Idaho Falls, ID 208-525-9962

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Opportunities for Greatness © October 2008 – All Rights Reserved –

What are we doing, playing such a difficult, frustrating, insanely precise game? What were we thinking as we became more “serious” about our play? After all, pool humiliates all of us, and fairly frequently. What’s the attraction? Where’s the reward?

Master Instructor, National Billiard Academy, “Beat People With a Stick!”

Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson

12 page November 2013

In my 20’s, I played a lot of small stakes pool. But since then, I rarely play for anything other than beauty. Money players scratch their heads when I tell them I play for beauty. For them, the game is about beating others, about winning money and proving their skills and cleverness. Nothing wrong with that. Good ol’ extrinsic reward. But for me, and I suspect, for lots of other good amateur players out there, it’s more about beating yourself, about playing well and getting better. About playing well enough that you are getting intrinsic rewards: experiences of confidence, excellent shot-making, smart position play, strong safety play, run-outs, etc. Good stuff. Quality is its own reward. Yeah, I want to compete, I want to play hard, I want to play tougher opponents. But the truth is, I’d rather play a terrific match and lose by a hair than clobber someone in an unchallenging mismatch. I’m probably just as hard on myself for my errors and lapses of attention as the guys for whom these mistakes are measured in dollars. It’s embarrassing to step up to an easy, routine shot – and miss the shot or blow the shape. But it happens. One of the differences between amateurs and pros, it’s been said, is “Pros don’t miss easy shots.” Well, that’s not quite true. Even pros lose their focus sometimes, but overall, they maintain it far better than most amateurs. Perhaps they’ve been smacked by the cost of missing an easy shot or easy shape so many thousands of times that they’ve learned to strive to always be fully present, every shot. When I asked pro player Jose Garcia how he got over the big hump from good amateur to pro, he said “I started taking every shot seriously.”

This is a key insight. Frequently, we miss position while shooting easy shots. We don’t give “easy” shots the respect they require. Don’t just step up and bang that easy shot into the pocket. If you see the ball-pocketing aspect of the shot as easy, be more precise about the position aspect. Make your next shot easier. Money players and beauty players both want the rewards of quality play. The better you play, the more confident you become. The more confident you become, the better you play. That confident attitude and demeanor helps you shoot without the doubts that lead to hitches in your stroke (and embarrassing misses and even less confidence). Easy shots give your confidence a little boost. Obviously, we should plan to have lots of them. Inevitably, a “hard” shot will arise. Now what? Of course, you have to select the appropriate strategy (make the hard shot, play safe, play a two-way), considering your skills and the game situation. If your confidence is high, you’re more likely to succeed. If your confidence is not so high, or the shot is dang difficult, you might have low expectations for the shot. When players don’t believe they will make the shot, they don’t give it their full attention. They are not present in the shot, seeing and expecting it to unfold as planned. They’ve given up on the shot. Unfortunately, this is precisely the time when you won’t make the shot unless you give it your full attention and believe you can do it. My suggestion is to view challenging shots as Opportunities for Greatness. Expect to pull it off. Believe in your plan. This attitude will get you focused and positive. If it works out as planned, you just got another confidence boost. If it doesn’t, you probably got a better quality result than you otherwise would, and now you’re not beating yourself up for just taking a random whack at a ball.

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“The“The Viper” Viper” An Interview by:

I am proud to announce one of my favorite professional players and # 1 USA Player

Mr. Shane Vanboening!

Melissa Little

Melissa “The Viper” Little has been a WPBA Touring Professional for over 10-years, she has represented the USA in Four WPA World Championships and has over 20 top-10 WPBA career finishes. She teaches monthly clinics, gives private lessons, and has created a juniors program that promotes billiards education to the local youth. Recently, Melissa opened a new billiard supply store For more information about Melissa please visit:

Read more articles by Melissa Little at

The Interview: Viper: Where were you born? Shane: I was born Jackson, WY in 1983. Viper: What are your biggest accomplishments in the sport of billiards? Shane: In 2007, I won my 1st major title the US Open in Chesapeake, VA and then followed with winning the 2007 Reno Open beating twice Johnny Archer in the finals to win the championships. That was the first year I was invited to participate in my first Mosconi cup. Viper: Do you have a nickname yet? Shane: They have been calling me “The South Dakota Kid” forever. Viper: What are your short-term goals? Shane: I am currently in North Dakota participating in a bar table event and then I am going straight to the US Open and then off to England to play in the World Pool Masters. Viper: What do you do when you’re not competing? Shane: I enjoy my time golfing, hunting and fishing with my friends and family. Viper: Do you have siblings? Shane: I am the oldest of four and have three sisters who live in Rapid City, SD. My youngest sister is 17-years old and no not one of them plays pool! Viper: Who got you started in playing pool? Shane: My entire family plays pool. My grandfather owned a poolroom called “8-Ball Express” and both my mom and aunt

were BCAPL National Champions and semi-pro players. Viper: What do your parents think of your pool career? Shane: They are all extremely proud of my accomplishments. Viper: In your opinion, what parts of the world produce the best players? Shane: Absolutely hands down the best pool players in the world live in Asia, especially in the Philippines and Taiwan! I think one of the reasons is because here in the United States all the players are so spread out! Over there they only have a couple of poolrooms and all the best players hang out together and push each other. There only focus is to improve and become the dangerously the best!! Plus, over here there are way to many handicaps and bar-tables – you don’t see any of that over there!! Viper: Who is/was your favorite pro player growing up? (Viper continued on page 39)

For Juniors Events, Tournament News, Sponsors, Lessons & For My Fans...

The WPBA Touring Profession Like Us On Facebook

November 2013 page 13

San Francisco Billiard Academy

Bob Jewett

San Francisco Billiard Academy is a BCA Certified Master Academy.

14 page November 2013


Sometimes I balls are three OB think beginners dimensional. CB believe too The cue ball will CB&OB OB CB OB CB much in aiming always appear systems. They larger than the Full 1/2 Full 1/4 Full 3/4 Full think that if object ball at its they just find starting point the right way and even at the to look at the time of contact cue ball, object because it will be CP ball and pocket, nearer to you. CB they will never miss again. Besides full ball Unfortunately, and half ball OB Half ball hit seen from above there is no such are 1/4th or system. Aim “quarter” ball varies with balls cloth, stick, speed, spin, humidity, and 3/4ths full. To aim for a half ball hit, you actually and where your head is, literally and figuratively. All have a visible target: the edge of the object ball. Your systems, or at least the ones I know about, ignore some stick should be aimed directly through the center of or most of those factors. the cue ball at the edge of the object ball. For 3/4 full, you sort of have a target if your stick is pointed The only way to learn how to aim is to play and half way from the center of the object ball to the edge. develop a feel for angles, but that’s not to say that all For a 1/4 full shot, your stick must be aimed as much systems are worthless. A system can provide a first outside the edge of the ball as the 3/4 shot was aimed estimate of the line of a shot that you have no feel inside the ball. for, which will frequently be the case if you are just beginning to play seriously. If you practice with one, In the lower diagram is view from above of a half-ball it can give you confidence in times of stress. A system hit to make things a little clearer. Note that the edge will usually make you look at the shot, and that alone of the cue ball is going towards the center of the object will improve your play if you’ve gotten into really lazy ball, just as it’s center is going towards the edge of the habits. Finally, a system will organize angles into a object ball. Also drawn is a line half way between structure that may be easier to understand than if every the two “centerlines” which turns out to give the shot is separate and unconnected to shots at slightly two points on the balls that actually make contact at different angles. “CP.” This demonstrates that the stick is almost never pointed at the spot on the object ball you actually want The fractional ball aiming system has been with us for to contact. perhaps 200 years -- it appears in a book by Edwin Kentfield that was published in 1839. The basic idea Geometry tells us the cut angles for each of these four is simple: any cut angle is described by “how much” cardinal fullnesses of hit. Full ball is pretty obviously of the object ball the cue ball hits. If the cue ball is a cut of zero degrees. Half ball is 30 degrees, which directed straight at the object ball, it is said to hit the can be shown pretty easily with equilateral triangles, object ball “full.” If the center of the cue ball is sent if you retain some of your high school geometry or towards the exact edge of the object ball, it is said to mechanical drawing. It’s a little harder to work out hit “half ” of the object ball. If the cue ball barely that 3/4 full is a cut of 14.48 degrees, and 1/4 full cuts grazes the edge of the object ball, for a cut of nearly 90 the ball 48.59 degrees. A friend of mine memorized degrees, it is a “very thin” hit. the cut angles for thicknesses down to 64ths, so he could tell you that 51/64ths full is a cut of 12 degrees. Various thicknesses of hit are illustrated in the top I think the 1/2 ball angle is plenty for most people, diagram. Shown is how much the cue ball overlaps since you have to judge the angles by eye anyway. the object ball from the tip’s-eye-view. Of course the diagram is a simplification, since the balls are Even if you don’t use the idea of fractional ball hits to drawn as equal-sized two-dimensional disks, and real aim, it is very useful to describe how full a shot is hit.

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Gimme a (9-ball) Break! Part one of a short series on breaking

Michael K Glass Michael Glass has been teaching pool for close to 10 years. He is a Recognized PBIA Billiards Instructor, taught by none other than Bob Jewett of the San Francisco Billiard Academy. Michael has been playing pool almost all of his life (except when he was in the Navy — it’s hard to install a pool table on a rocking ship!). He managed to stay away from the hustler life; he doesn’t believe in being dishonest in order to win money. He will, however, occasionally play for a beer or two at the local watering hole. Michael teaches all levels of pool players, from beginner to pro, and works on all aspects of the game, from fundamentals, to pattern play, to trick shots. He can be found playing in his home town of San Ramon, CA at Crown Billiards. Visit his website at for pool tips or to schedule a lesson!

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If you are serious about your game at all, then you practice. If you are very serious, then you practice a lot, sometimes just lining up shot after shot for hours on end. I have shot thousands of practice bank shots myself, to the point where it’s almost a “gimme” shot. But how often do you practice the one shot you shoot more than any other? Can you guess what shot I’m talking about? Hint: it’s in the title... That’s right! The break shot. This month, we’re going to talk about the 9-ball break. I’m going to assume you know the rules of 9-ball. In summary, you must hit the lowest ball on the table, and keep shooting if one of the numbered balls goes in. If the 9-ball is potted at any time, you win. If you need more, check out Honestly, I could write a whole book on just the break. I don’t have that many words available to me, so I’m going to stick to the basics, and hopefully help you improve your 9-ball break. In future issues, we’ll talk about 8-ball, Straight Pool, and One-Pocket breaks. So, in 9-ball, what is it that makes a good break? Let’s make a neat bullet-point list. Those are fun, right? Some of these are no-brainers: Although you can break from anywhere behind the head string, the best spot seems to be close to the side rail. Position the cue about 4 to 6 inches from the rail, and use a rail bridge. Keep your cue stick as level as possible. Use a firm, controlled, hard stroke. Speed is important, but control is paramount--keep the ball on the table! Hit the 1-ball as full as possible. Try to leave the cue ball in the middle of the table, or come back to the head of the table. If the 1-ball doesn’t get potted, it will most likely end up at the head as well, and you want a decent chance to shoot it.

In 9-ball, you’re going for a strong, hard break (unlike straight pool and one-pocket, which require finesse breaks). I cannot stress enough how important it is that you control your cue ball when you are breaking. This is much more important than speed. You can break as hard as you possibly can, potting 4 balls, but if the cue ball ends up off the table, in a pocket, or even in a bad position preventing a shot on the one, then what have you accomplished? If nothing else, you have given your opponent a very good chance of running out on you. Make a ball on the break, and put the cue ball in a good position. That’s how you win 9-ball games. If you have people helping you with your game, you’re going to get all kinds of advice. Many of them will tell you to pivot your hips, or step into the shot. While I will agree that these techniques will help add speed to your break, I strongly believe that you must first master your control. Keep everything still, and only move your forearm. I have a drill that will help you with this. A bonus for this drill is that it will help you determine your maximum break speed. Place the 1-ball on the foot spot. Do not rack a full set of balls -- just the 1-ball. Place your cue ball in position to break on the head string, one diamond from the side rail. Now, get into “break” position, and shoot a stop shot on the 1-ball. Shoot it as hard as you can while shooting a successful stop shot. The 1-ball should come very close to banking into the corner pocket. Keep trying this shot, shooting harder if you are successful, and shooting softer if you are having trouble controlling the cue ball and making it stop. When you have found the maximum speed you can use while still successfully

(Glass continued on page 39)

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The Cincinnati Kid

Anthony Beeler is a 2013 BCA National 9-Ball team champion. He also finished 9th out of 1086 players in the 2013 BCA National 8-Ball Championships. He is a certified Level 3 instructor for the American CueSports Alliance and is the founder of Maximize Your Potential Billiards Academy located in Bradfordsville, Kentucky. Beeler is also a fully licensed Kentucky Educator having, received his bachelor’s degree at Campbellsville University and his master’s degree in Education Leadership at Eastern Kentucky University. Throughout his pool-playing career Anthony has won over 300 tournaments and has defeated numerous professional players in tournament competition.


Your Potential!

Bradfordsville, KY Cell: 606-669-8401 Office: 606-346-2953 16 page November 2013

A cold breeze and the sputter of snowflakes marked a cold February afternoon back in 2007. Robert Walker, a close friend, hosted a monthly 9-ball tournament at The Billiard Café’.  It was a small, old time poolroom nestled in the heart of Lancaster, Kentucky’s city square.    Even though the poolroom was small, local talent was big!  Players like Mike Patton, Landon Shuffett, Mike Blevins and Robert Frost lined the room.  They were all regular suspects in quest of the monthly title.  However, during this period, new faces were becoming quite common.  In fact, at one time or another, pro players Stevie Moore, Rafael Martinez and Charlie Bryant all paid their respects to the monthly event. Just before the players meeting, I was sitting at the bar, eating my lunch, when suddenly I felt a gust of wind hit me as the front door opened.  To my surprise, in walked the Cincinnati Kid.   After making his appearance Shannon Murphy, calmly paid his entry fee and prepared for battle.  Out of the gate, he was on fire pocketing ball after ball, mowing down one player after another by a score of 5-0.  At that point, it was easy to see that if anyone were to beat Shannon it was going to take more than lady luck.  As time passed and the smoke cleared, I was standing “Mono E Mono” with Shannon in the finals of the tournament. As push came to shove, the match seesawed back and forth.  The score was 4-3 and I was barely ahead.  I missed a ball and gave Shannon an opportunity to play safe.  When I returned to the table I faced the layout below and had a tough decision to make. I was left with kick shot on the 5 ball. The first thing that came to mind was that the 6 and 7 could be used as potential blockers in playing a return safe. The problem is that to execute the shot I had to hit a precise point on the long rail. After carefully contemplating what to do, I decided to break out the Sid System. The Sid System is a precise dead ball, 1 rail kicking system, meaning the cue ball is hit 1 tip above center with medium speed. The diamonds on the long rail are numbered starting at 1, then 2, and then increase by ½ for each additional diamond. You’ll note that for this system the contact point on the long rail is adjacent to the diamond on the rail, not through the diamond as is the case for several kicking systems. Here I wanted the cue ball to contact the rail adjacent to point 2.5. The plan was for the cue ball to hit the rail then the 5, hopefully hiding the cue ball behind the 6 and 7 – ending at cue ball position “A”. To calculate the shot I had to determine the cue ball starting point. Since I was shooting 2 diamonds from the corner (diamond “2”) I used that as my cue ball position number. I then multiplied the cue ball number (2) by the long rail contact point number (2.5), and got 5, which was my aim point on the end rail. The aim points on the end rail are numbered from the corner diamond by 10’s, so 5 would be a ½ of a diamond from the corner diamond. The corner diamond (zero) begins at the rubber tip of the long rail. I shot through 5 and laid the shot down perfectly.  You couldn’t have drawn it any better with a pencil.  Shannon was locked up tighter than a movie star’s face-lift. At that point I remember someone saying, “Lucky shot!” Upon returning to the table Shannon fouled leaving me ball in hand with an easy run out for the tournament win.   Looking back, several people probably thought I made a lucky shot to win the tournament that day, but I’ll always know that it took more than lady luck to win that game. In fact, that day my luck was self-generated using a system named Sid!

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Join us and watch the top WBCA Regional Tour Players from all across the USA compete for the title Tournament Directors: Tres Kane and Kristie Ortega

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Zachary Hampton FULL NAME: Zachary Tyler Hampton NICKNAME: Zack”The Attack” HOME TOWN: Rocky Mount VA BIRTH DATE: 8/16/1997 GRADE: 10th FAVORITE SUBJECT IN SCHOOL: Math POOL ROOM(S) WHERE YOU PLAY: Guys n Dolls WHAT KIND OF CUE(S) DO YOU USE? Pechauer, & Predator AT WHAT AGE DID YOU START PLAYING POOL? 11 LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED? Right TITLES / HIGHEST FINISHES: 2 time consecutive junior national champion of 2012, & 2013 MOST MEMORABLE POOL MOMENT: osing my second round to a real good player and coming all the way back to defeat him and two other really good players to win the 18 & under boys in my first year playing in it. SPONSOR(S): None currently HOBBIES: Play pool, ride dirt bikes, go fishing, & hanging out with friends FAVORITE POOL GAME: 9-ball FAVORITE POOL PLAYER: Shane Van Boening FAVORITE FOOD: Chicken FICTIONAL HERO: Superman REAL-WORLD HERO: Dad FONDEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY: When I first picked up a pool stick its crazy how much you can learn & improve with hard work. GOALS (personal and/or career): To win world championships & to be rich & famous.

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. . . e f i L r o f d e e t n a r ! e a g a u p r Gven Against Wa E

. m e l b o r P o N ? d e k l a h C rting at ta

ns S g i s e D 0 0 er 1


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20 The Break - November 2013

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Western BCA Regional 9-Ball Championships By: Robbin Iredale, with contributions from Rebecca Easley Oct. 15-20, 2013 Western BCA players enjoyed a full week of sunny Oregon coast weather while competing at the 16th Annual 9-Ball Championships. Every night, a beautiful sea of stars greeted and dazzled the pool players and guests of Chinook Winds Casino Resort® in Lincoln City, OR. Inside, another sea of talented stars were shooting on Diamond® tables, with new Cyclop® Pool Balls (brought in Bad Boys Billiard Productions®) and dazzling the spectators! Special new event, the 1st Annual Chinook Winds 10-Ball Open Tournament drew many high caliber players in the Northwest including Raphael Martinez, Stan Tourangeau, Dan Louie, Kim Jones, Suzanne Smith and Jackie Fitchner. The 10-Ball event also featured the 2013 BCAPL National Grand Master and Master champions facing off in the first round. Raphael Martinez and Kim Jones took home the Championship titles and the many on-lookers that gathered to see them showcase their remarkable pool talent were not disappointed. The Championships Eve (Monday) was, once again, Fun Night. The tables were up and ready for play at 3pm as players started coming in. By 5pm, the room was filling up and everyone was ready to get things going with Mini Tournaments and the Handicapped 10-Ball Singles tournament. Mini-tournament head honcho Ed Slade and his crew (Cary Bennett, Shari Ross, Kim Toops, and John Alcorn) started taking sign-ups at 7p and were busy all evening with a total of 28 minis. Sign-ups for the Fun Night Handicapped 10-Ball Singles exceeded last tournament’s total by almost double, with 56 entries. Mike Jensen, special events Tournament Director,

kept the matches moving and when all was said and done, it was an all Canadian Final. Grand Master Stan Tourangeau faced off against Master Gord Gervais. It looked like Stan all the way but he made an uncharacteristic mistake and Gord took advantage and never looked back to take the first place prize of $360. Stan, in 2nd place received $220. Cindy Sliva and Paul Marquez finished 3rd/4th ($110). In 5th-8th ($40) were Junior Sardoncillo, Jose Chavez, Frank Kincl and Tim Lezard. Marvin Seal, Clayton Foran, Randy Baker, Clifford Maxson, Greg Garcia, Joyce Robinson, Carlos Cadena and Jim Masterson each got $20 for finishing 9th-16th. As always, the 9-Ball Championships started off with Mixed Scotch Doubles Tuesday morning at 9am. Open Scotch Doubles fielded 98 teams who played all day Tuesday to get down to 6 teams. The remaining matches were played when the players were not involved in singles. Roy Chevalier and Melissa Reeves (NPL) went through undefeated to wait on the point for an opponent. Ernie Omori and Olga Azarova played all the way to the Final Bracket before being sent to the back side by Roy/Melissa in the quarterfinals, where they had to win three matches to get another shot and Roy/Melissa. On their way, they left Ed Slade/Lisa Foster (LTD) and Shannon Wallahee/Dyamelle Casteilleja (CWY) in 5th/6th ($420), Jim Knappenberger/Alfreda Amyotte (CPL) in 4th ($580) and Larry Maes/Faith Morfin (LTD) in 3rd ($800) and got another chance at Roy/ Melissa. Ernie/Olga came out strong, taking round 1 of the final by a score of 4-1. In the double dip, the pairs

traded the first 4 games (2-2). In game 5, Ernie/ Olga ran down to 3 balls, including a couple of nice combos but missed the 5-Ball. Roy/Olga closed out that game (3-2) and were on the hill. Game 6 looked to be all Ernie/Olga’s as they ran down to the 8-Ball. Ernie just missed the 8-Ball, hanging it deep in the corner pocket and gave the table to Roy/Melissa. They pocketed the final two balls and the title was theirs along with a check for $1560 and sending Ernie/Olga home in 2nd place with $1120. Master Scotch Doubles started off with 47 couples and at the end of the day which was strewn with many upsets, there were just three left and they would finish Friday evening. Paul Marquez/Cindy Sliva (NPL) made their way to the point unscathed. Their point match was against Clayton Foran/ Jessica Orth (CWY) who could not get to the final and a rematch and finished in 3rd place ($920). Eddie Mataya/Deby Welfringer went to the back side, losing their 2nd match and had to fight their way through the back side to get to the final. They were up to the task, playing and winning 6 matches [including past MMSD Champs Mike Stevens/ Cindy Doty (NPL) and Steve Linglebach/Carissa Biggs (NPL)] to get to Clayton/Jessica and on to the final. Paul/Cindy won the break and wasted no time taking game 1, breaking and running out. (1-0) They followed that up by taking the next 3 games including another break and run and a kick combo to make the 9-Ball early in game 4. (4-1) Paul/ Cindy looked to be unstoppable but Eddie/Deby had (WBCA continued on page 22) 1st Master Scotch Doubles Paul Marquez & Cindy Sliva

1st Men’s 10-Ball: Rafael Martinez photo by: Sandro Menzel

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Western BCA Regional another plan and took the next 3 games. (4-3) In game 8, Deby broke, made a ball but left Eddie with a jump shot. He scratched and gave Paul/Cindy the table. They played a couple of good safeties, finally forcing a foul and, with ball in hand, proceeded to run out and capture the title and the $2000 1st place check. Eddie/Deby went home with $1380. Next on the agenda were Singles, with 8 divisions and 8 champions to be crowned. Debuting was a new format for our Grand Masters. While the rest of us played 9-Ball, the Grand Masters played 10-Ball in what Western BCA and Chinook Winds Casino Resort hope to be the first of many such events that will eventually attract the best players in the country. The Men’s and Women’s Open 10-Ball events were open to anyone with the courage and confidence to go up against our best. When play got underway there were 10 women, including 2 master women and 23 men, including 10 master men and 1 A man. The Women’s Division of the 10-Ball Open was comprised of all Western BCA players. Kim Jones (LTD), the runner up last time, played her way to the point, sending Liz Cole (NPL), Andrena Browne (EV), Andrea Saenz-Maes (NPL) and, in the point match, Suzanne Smith (NPL) to the back side along the way. Andrea made a strong push to get to the final, but had to settle for 3rd ($500) as Suzanne wanted a chance to redeem herself in the final and was not to be denied. The final between Kim and Suzanne started out with Kim breaking game 1 but having to push out. Suzanne stepped up to the table and proceeded to run out. Kim took game 2 (a grinder) and game 3 (early 3-10 combo) to take the early lead (2-1). Suzanne evened the match, taking game 4 (2-2). Kim ended up winning the match and

1st Men’s B Singles Travis Bowman

22 page November 2013

the title Champion, with a score of 7-5 and earning $1,200 in prize money. Suzanne proved herself a worthy opponent her first time competing with the Grand Masters and received $800 for 2nd place. There were many familiar names and faces in the Men’s 10-Ball Open division but there were also some new ones, including players from Canada, Alaska and even Ohio. In the end, it came down to a new name vs. a previous champion. Rafael Martinez (LTD), new to Western BCA events and former GM Champ, Stan Tourangeau (LTD) met twice on the way to the final. Rafael and Stan met first in the point match, Rafael won that one. Stan would have to play one match on the back side to have another go at Rafael. Stan then sent Eddie Mataya (NPL) home in 3rd place ($1000) and went on to the final. There is not a lot to say about the final. Rafael made short work of Stan (2nd place, $1475), taking the match (9-2) and the 1st place prize ($2500) in roughly 45 minutes; Raphael shoots very quickly and efficiently and did not give Stan many chances at the table. Watching Raphael was a real treat to the pool players; they truly appreciated the display of his remarkable skill. Side note: Along the way, our two national champions played each other. Luke Thomas (CC), Men’s Master Champ in Las Vegas this past July, played Stan Tourangeau, Men’s Grand Master Champ at the same event. You can see how much respect they have for each other (see photos) and really enjoy playing each other. This time around, newbie Luke fell to the veteran with a score of 9-3. Who knows what will happen the next time they meet?

1st Women’s 10-Ball Kim Jones

The Men’s B Singles got underway at 9am Wednesday morning with a field of 152, all with their eye on the 1st place prize. The eventual finalists, Travis Bowman (NPL) and Mike Eklund (COB) both make it through their preliminary brackets to get to the final bracket undefeated. Travis would make his way to the point, sending Tyrel Datwyler (NPL) down with hopes of winning one game on the back side and having another crack at him. Mike had a more difficult route to the final. He was sent to the back side by Tyrel where he would have to play and win 5 matches before reaching the final, including a repeat against Tyrel. Mike won this time, leaving Tyrel in 3rd place ($470). The first round of the final match went hill-hill with Mike getting the final game and forcing the double dip. The two played even (3-3) before Travis settled down and won the next three games to take the crown and $825. Mike received $625 for 2nd place. The Men’s A Singles got underway later in the day on Wednesday with 130 men taking to the tables. Again, both finalists made it to the final board undefeated. They would meet for the first time in a quarter final match where Dominic Cardoso (NPL) beat Tim Lezard (WWA) and moved on to the point match against John Starcevic (LTD). Dom won that match and would wait to see who would emerge from the back side to face him in the final. Meanwhile, Tim played 3 matches, including a rematch against John who would end up in 3rd place ($555) and get his rematch with Dom in the final. Dom couldn’t hold him down and Tim took the first match. In the double dip, Tim again got the better of Dom, who would take home 2nd place and $765 and Tim was crowned champ and got $1050 richer.

1st Women’s Open Singles Marian Poole

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9-Ball Championships In the Women’s Open Singles, there were 101 ladies entered. Sara Atwood (EV) and Marian Poole (LTD) played to the point match. Marian won the match and a spot in the final. Sara had to wait and see who would make her way through the back side and so they could play for the remaining spot in the final. Jenny Blackstone (EV) made it through, but Sara was too much for her and she ended up in 3rd place ($415). Marian didn’t need a warm up match to be ready to play; there would be no double dip. Marian would leave Sara in 2nd Place ($580) as she claimed the crown and $800. The ever popular Men’s Senior Singles started out with 36 entrants, cagey veterans all, eager for the title. Once again, the final matchup would be a repeat of the point match. This time former Senior Champion Mike Jensen (NPL) would take the point beating former finalist Sonny Boggs (PCGP). Sonny would go to the back side and need one win to get back to the finals. John Aranda (CPL) wasn’t able to deny Sonny another go at Mike and left in 3rd place ($210). The final was a lopsided affair. Mike was red hot and never gave Sonny a chance to get going. Sonny, once again, would have to settle for 2nd place ($310). Mike collected his 2nd Crown and a check for $475. The Master Singles got started on Thursday morning. Women’s Master Singles started with 34 women. Cindy Rosenthal (EV) and Eve Stockstill (NPL) met in the point match, with Eve advancing to the point and Cindy going to the back side. Deby Welfringer (WWA), runner-up at the 2012 9-Ball Championships, lost her first match before making her way through the back side and the chance to

1st Men’s Senior Singles Mike Jensen

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play for a spot in the final. Cindy was the last obstacle. Deby wanted another chance at the title and was too much for Cindy, sending her home in 3rd place ($350). Round 1 of the final was close but Deby came out on top by a score of 6-4. Deby got off to a quick 2-0 lead before Eve got on the board (2-1). Deby answered with a break and run, then a run-out to lead 4-1 after 5 games. Eve took game 6 after Deby fouled on the 7-Ball, allowing her to run out. (4-2) In game 6 Eve broke, making 3 balls but stalled on the 2-Ball. Deby ran out and was on the hill. (5-2) Game 7 looked to be a break and run and match over but Deby hung the 9-Ball in the corner pocket, keeping Eve alive. (5-3) Game 8 would be the last game, Eve was on her way out but fouled on the 8-Ball, giving Deby the easy 9, the match, the title and the 1st place check ($855). Eve, in 2nd place, took home $550. A total of 64 men entered the Men’s Master Singles division. As so often is the case, the point match would be a preview of the final. Paul Marquez (NPL) and Miguel Morfin (NPL) arrived at the point match, only one would gain the point and that turned out to be Paul. Miguel went to the back side to find out who would try to derail his hopes of getting to the final. Bill Rosenberry (CPL) tried but failed and left in 3rd place ($590). The Marquez/ Morfin final was on and a battle it would be. The match started with a gimme 9-ball in for Miguel in game 1 and a Miguel scratch on the break and Paul running out in game 2. Game 3 was an unusual strategic battle with 15 safeties before Paul finally hooked himself on the 5-Ball, had to masse and fouled leaving Miguel the easy run out. (2-1) On the way to hill-hill, there were five early 9-Balls (4

1st Women’s Master Singles Deby Welfringer

combos/1 carom), one 9-Ball break, one break and run and four back and forth games. (7-7) A little of everything. Paul broke game 15, made the 4 ball, hung the 1-Ball and was forced to watch Miguel run out. The double dip was on. Round 1 of the final was basically a repeat of the first. A little of everything. Great shot making, great position play, well executed safeties, some bad luck and some good luck. Game 1 went to Paul after some safety play and a 3-9 combo. (1-0) Game 2 was a grinder going to Miguel. (1-1) Paul took the next 3 games with a 4-9 combo, Miguel running to 9-Ball and missing and a break and run. (4-1) Miguel answered back with 3 wins of his own including a break and run, a 4-9 combo and an easy run after a hung 6-Ball. (4-4) They traded the next two games. (5-5) In game 11, Paul dry broke and Miguel ran out. (5-6) In game 12 Miguel dry broke but Paul missed the 1-Ball setting up a 1-9 combo for Miguel and he was on the hill. (5-7) Paul worked hard for the next two games and it was hillhill again. In the Championship game, Paul broke and ran 4 balls before missing the 6-Ball. The two then traded safeties before Miguel found himself with no shot on the 6-Ball but somehow it managed to find a pocket and he was able to run out for the title and $1200 while Paul could only watch as he finished in 2nd place ($840). The end of Singles play means the beginning of Teams and Friday evening the room was full to bursting as the Men’s/Mixed B Teams got underway with a field of 42. By Sunday morning there were three teams left standing. LTD’s Soundview Bs (WBCA continued on page 24)

1st Men’s Master Singles Miguel Morfin

November 2013 page 23

Western BCA Regional (Cary Bennett, Gene Henry, Al Miller) and CWY’s Ranches B Squad (Tony Claro, Frank Silva, Don Wilmoth) met in the point match with Soundview Bs winning the point. NPL’s Inch Perfect (Alex Blair, Brookman Holmes, Clifford Maxson), after winning their first 4 matches, went to the back side where they won 2 matches to get to Ranches B Squad and a place in the final to the winner. Inch Perfect moved on and Ranches B Squad finished in 3rd place ($600). A determined Inch Perfect took the first round of the final by a score of 10-5, lead by Cliff Maxson with 5 wins and supported by Alex and Brookman with 3 each. In round 2, Soundview Bs put up a stronger fight but, again, Inch Perfect prevailed, this time by a score of 11-9 and lead by Alex Blair with 5 wins, Cliff and Brookman with 3 each. 2nd place Soundview Bs earned $915 and the champions, Inch Perfect, took home $1400. In the Women’s Team division there were 52 teams. LTD’s Keeping Up With the Jones (Lisa Foster, Kim Jones, Angie Jones-Verhoeven) and LTD’s Pool Tourettes (Cassie Francois, Stacy Moore-Moses, Shari Ross) made it to the point match. Pool Tourettes won the point, sending Keeping Up With the Jones to the back side. Meanwhile, CWY’s COR (Dyamella Castilleja, Jessica Orth, Leeja Rein) won their first 2 matches before going to the back side where they would win 5 more matches and meet Keeping Up With the Jones for a spot in the final. COR left Keeping Up With the Jones in 3rd place ($870) and went on to the final. COR took the first round by a score of 9-4 and led by Leeja Rein with 4 wins. Pool Tourettes came alive in round 2 to win by a score or 11-6, led by Shari Ross with 5 wins. 2nd Place COR received $1245 and Champions Pool Tourettes took home $1800. The third and largest team division was the Men’s/Mixed Teams with 104 teams. The two teams who made it to the finals were LTD’s Soundview Bar&Grill I (Cody Clark, Greg Odal, Ed Slade) and NPL’s A Little Loaded (Mike C. Jensen, Frank Kincl, Mike Stevens). These two teams met earlier in the quarterfinals. Soundview B&G I won that match, sending A Little Loaded to the back side. Soundview B&G I went on the win the point, defeating CC’s Bounty Hunters (Rod Bair, Matt Horner, Aaron Probst). On the back side, A Little Loaded was determined to get another shot at Soundview B&G I. All they had to do was win 3 matches and they were in the final. Bounty Hunters also wanted a trip to the

1st Women’s Team Pool Tourettes: Cassie Francois, Stacy Moore-Moses, Shari Ross

24 page November 2013

finals but A Little Loaded ended their hopes and sent them home in 3rd Place ($1560) and they got their rematch with Soundview B&G I. The score at the midpoint was 6-6 then Soundview B&G I got serious and only allowed A Little Loaded one more game before clinching the title with an 11-7 win and the $3000 first prize. Leading the way for Soundview were Cody Clark with 6 wins and Greg Odal with 4. A Little Loaded took home $2145. There was still more pool to come with the first ever Free 2nd Chance Tournaments. This format is designed to give those who go out in 2 or 3 rounds a chance to play with their peers for a little money and have a fuller tournament experience. As with any new concept, there were some confusion and problems getting things going but go they finally did. This is how they went: MMS: 1st - Randy Baker, 2nd - Jeff Jimenez, 3rd/4th - Tim Desmarais, Steve Copher WMS: 1st - Cathy Duenas, 2nd - Diane Krause, 3rd/4th - Shirley Morgan, Kathy Pridgen MBS: 1st - Al Williams Sr, 2nd - Todd Smith, 3rd/4th - Brian Goodrow, Rocky Berquist, 5th-8th - Robert Best, Adam Veliz, Paul Alexander, Thomas Patricino MAS: 1st - Carlo Cadena, 2nd - Tim Fraser, 3rd/4th - Eric Tate, Rod Bair, 5th-8th - Jeremy Daniels, Jose Chavez, Jora Sandhu, Doug Ellenberger WOS: 1st - Windy Manuelito, 2nd - Lisa Foster, 3rd/4th - Michelle Patterson, Lynette Perez, 5th-8th - Pam Haggard, Lynette Schmale, Carole Hartzell, Becki Silva-Smith

1st Men’s/Mixed Team Soundview Bar & Grill I: Cody Clark, Greg O

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9-Ball Championships A VERY SPECIAL CUE RAFFLE

Custom cue makers Dave Jones (DJ Cues®) and Ernie Omori (eyo cues®) combined their considerable skills and craftsmanship to create a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind pool cue, made of purple heart wood with walnut and ivory inlays, to donate to Western BCA for a fundraising raffle. They went the extra mile and inscribed it with “Western BCA 2013” in the ivory at the base of the cue. The custom cue comes with two shafts and is valued at $900. Shari Ross, Western BCA volunteer from Players Club LTD, organized the collaboration of the Seattle area cue makers and the raffle to raise money for the players. All proceeds will go directly to future tournaments and the benefit of the players. Alex Blair of NPL from Portland, OR is the happiest new cue raffle winner in the Region. Western BCA extends a special “Thank you” to DJ Cues® and eyo cues® for their generous contribution and continued support of the players… so does Alex! (Pictured here between Dave Jones and Ernie Omori)

MSS: 1st - Wes Hough, 2nd - Joe Mendoza, 3rd/4th - David Nelson, Bill Ermatinger MMT: 1st - Twilight Zone (Randy Baker, Peni Misa, Tony Tipton), 2nd - Cannon Balls (John Brown, Steve Del Rosso, Bill Lewis, Eric Novack), 3rd/4th - Bloody Knuckles (Dom Cardoso, Liz Cole, Jeremy Heisler), Zen Masters (Bill Chillous, Vernon Joe, Mike Siplivy), 5th-8th - Running Things (Akio Nakashima, Robert Niemeyer, Dave Thompson), Ironman 3 (Dave Bowlby, Gene Copher, Steve Copher), Malarkey’s 2 (Seth Cumby, Ed Hobbs, Brad Laskoski), Slow Rollers (Michael Keife, Mike Owings, Glenn Strode, Jora Sandhu)

Odal, Ed Slade

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MBT: 1st - Monkey Bizz (Marcus Barroso, Michael Barroso, Jose Velazquez), 2nd - Washougal Eagles (Jerry Dinsmore, Omar Gravelle, Joe Parkison), 3rd/4th - Sam’s Billiards (Aaron Coe, Tyrel Datwyler, Adam Jelinski), Lucky Bastards (Rodney Barney, Les Harvey, Ralph Jones) WT: 1st - Chix with Stix (Melanie Elder, Debbi Owings, Lynnette Perez), 2nd - Smokin’ (Gloria Villa, Olga Azarova, Barbara Rosa), 3rd/4th - Parking Whitey (Elaine Eberly, Fran Johnson, Carol Mellors, Kim Toops), 9-Ball Nanas (Coleen Brower, Sherri Denke, Donna Tretheway, Barbara Ekstrom) Thus concluded the 2013 9-Ball Championships. As always Western BCA cannot thank the dedicated volunteers, vendors and sponsors enough for making these championships a success. So…what’s next? You’ll just have to come to the Beach March 10-16, 2014 to find out. (Results continued on page 44)

1st Men’s/Mixed B Team Inch Perfect: Alex Blair, Brookman Holmes, Clifford Maxson

November 2013 page 25

Buy ANY Lucasi Hybrid that retails for $369.99+ and receive a FREE AIR HOG or buy ANY Lucasi Hybrid that retails for $899.99+ and receive a FREE BIG BEULAH 2. That’s up to $369.99 absolutely FREE! * Offer is valid from Nov. 15 - Dec 15, 2013 or while supples last. This offer excludes LH10-LH50, LH80, & LH83 and can not be combined with any other offer.

26 page November 2013

Nov2013 ThorstenAd(RackEm 9.375x11.25).indd 1

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Carter and Gilliland Route Scotch Doubles tourney By David Teller The shooters came back to The Black Diamond in Spokane, Wash. on Oct. 5 for more 9-ball action. This time two local shooters cleaned up. Sterling “Smiley” Carter and Joe Gilliland went coast-to-coast in a small but competitive 16-team tournament. They routed the A-side of the tournament board, going 7-3, 7-1, 7-2, 7-1. In the third round, they met Scott Brasher and Jessie Garcia. But, it was over quickly. In the one-loss bracket, Brasher and Garcia went another three rounds, going 5-4, 7-5, 7-4 to get another shot at “Smiley” and Gilliland. In the night cap, “Smiley” and Gilliland jumped out to a quick 4-1 lead. Then the two teams both began struggling with accuracy problems, exchanging misses and whiffed safties. Brasher and Garcia

wrestled the ugly game away to make it 4-2, then lost the next one to go 5-2. Ugly play became a comedy of errors. In the following game, Brasher scratched, “Smiley” failed to cash in on an early 9, Garcia missed and then later Gilliland missed. Garcia sold out the 9. Gilliland sold it back, making it 5-3. Not surprisingly, both teams agreed to a take little break. After resuming play, Brasher and Garcia took another win, despite a couple of misses. A skirmish of safties and “Smiley” and Gilliland took back one more to put them on the hill. “Smiley” and Gilliland put a merciful end to the match and the tournament with an early 9 for a 7-4 final.

Joe Gilliland (background) waits his turn while his partner Sterling “Smiley” Carter leans in for a shot during the scotch doubles tournament on Oct. 5 at The Black Diamond in Spokane, Washington.

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The comeback performance of the weekend went to Dan Vostitsiamos and Steve “Duke” Malinak. They lost their first match, then took the next four rounds in the one-loss bracket to catch the bottom rung on the pay out ladder to get a fourth place finish. The tournament was played by BCA rules on 9-foot Brunswick Gold Crown tables with Red-Circle cue balls and an alternating break. Entry fee was $50, plus $10 greens fees. The total purse for this tournament was $900. The race was to seven on the winner’s side and to five in the loser’s bracket. When the disqualifying matches end in a payout, the loser’s bracket matches were a race to seven. Tournament director Brian Kvasnicka. For questions call (509) 891-8357. Black Diamond Billiards is located at 9614 E. Sprague, Spokane Valley, Wash.

Results 1st Joe Gilliland and Sterling “Smiley” Carter


2nd Scott Brasher and Jessie Garcia


3rd Bill Harvey and Steve Rijon


4th Dan Vostitsiamos and Steve “Duke” Malinak


November 2013 page 27


Bounty tournament

The Pocket of Boise put another Bounty tournament in the history books September 29th. We had 29 players gunning for the “new guy “ in town Sam Yost. He showed up that day with a temporary injury to one of his fingers critical for shooting - this led the other players to assume “easy” pickin’s but Sam held on best he could. J.P. sent him to the losers side first earning himself $10 and then Janis put him out of the tournament completely earning her $20. Since Janis has previously graced us as a bounty the honor passed to J.P.

801.463.4996 SPORTS BAR 1717 S Main St Salt Lake City, UT

- find us on facebook!

Pool Tournaments Tues-Wed-Thurs-Sun Diamond Pool Tables Shuffleboard, Dar ts, free wi-fi and more! Now open at 7am for Breakfast

Hi Way Lounge

Stop In~Check us Out Open Pool Nightly

619 Elk St - Alexander, ND

701-828-3100 28 page November 2013

Doc’s Tavern

Home of Frosty Beer and Where Old Rockers Meet!

BCA Pool League Wednesday’s at 7 pm Meat Shoot Fridays at 3 pm

Sure Shot Billiards Billiard Supply 8 Pool Tables Easy Parking Central Location

1414 Bay Ave - Ocean Park, WA

2602 N Columbia Center Blvd Richland, WA 509-737-9868

Just Run a Rack at 310-738-5675 House of Billiards Sherman Oaks, CA

Oasis Bar


$1,000 Break Pot Cost $10 + Play in the tournament WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS

Monday: Handicapped 9-Ball - 7PM entry $15 + time - $5 per player added info call 310-738-5675

304 N Main

Pocatello, ID


Sun 8 or (alternating) 9-Ball - 8PM $5 entry - House Matches the Pot

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In Memory of … Pat Morrison

Pat Morrison had a real passion for pool and billiards. He either played pool, watched pool or was talking about pool. He always looked forward to playing in tournaments as often as possible. Pat played in many of the weekly Portland tournaments. He was a staple at his favorite Saturday 9 Ball Tournament in Pub 181. He loved to play in the big local tournaments over the years, like the ‘Huntand Fish’ in the 80’s and ‘Sewickly’s’ in the 90’s, where he rubbed shoulders with the big boys. Pat would occasionally surprise them by winning, too. Pat was a competitor who loved competing.

If you were looking for Pat, you knew where you could find him; just go to the biggest pool event that was going on. If he wasn’t playing in an event, then he was watching it. He liked to travel to where the best tournaments were. He’d get the front row seats, or the best viewing spot. If road players were in town or two good players were matching up; he was down at the pool room, usually Classic Billiards, ‘sweating’ the action. He was always learning a shot or two. He was really into the personalities of pool players. He basically knew what many of them were doing, who they were playing and beating, or

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where players were traveling to next. He was often downat the pool room conversing with everyone over pool. He would be talking about every aspect of pool and it’s actors. Pat could have written a book on what pool players were all about. Patrick was married to his high school sweetheart, Mary, for 53 years. Pat and Mary did a great job raising 3 wonderful kids. He was proud of his family and he often shared that. He had a pool table at home and he taught his kids to play, but they say their dad never let them win. Family was very important to him. Pat worked as a Portland Firefighter. He served as Fire Marshall for the last few years of his career. He retired as Fire Marshall with a total of 28 years of service in the Portland Fire Bureau. Pat liked sports and he played them all. He liked to cook and enjoyed cooking family dinners. He was always sharing great places to dine locally, along with some exotic places. If you knew Pat, you liked him. He shared himself with others and he was a gentle friend to everyone. Pat truly had many wonderful experiences in life and he loved to impart those experiences to his family and friends.


November 2013 page 29

Kolby’s nnual

tA Firs10 ball

double bracket classic

Thanks to all the players that showed up for the First Annual 10 ball double bracket classic Nov. 26th! Man... that was fun to be a part of! All the players were hitting the balls pretty good too! The following is a breakdown of the money winners. In the B & under bracket... Jose Aquino out of Washington took 4th for $55, Kris Derby of Salem took 4th for $100, Audi Hall, also Salem, took 2nd for 160. 1st place was championed and earned by Rocky Berquist for $210! Congratulations! In the A’s & better bracket Gentleman Mike D. from the Portland area took 4th for $85 , and Jack.. hey Jack... What’s your last name? Oh, got it ... Jack Kjelde. Well Jack took 3rd. for 160 and Mr. Pete Gates hauled in 250 smackers for 2nd! Salem’s own Tommy Rossi came from behind in the final match with Pete to capture first place and $330! Congratulations to all who participated! It was very clear what your objectives were... WIN! Our Saturday Tournament for November falls on the 30th due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

A Bracket

B Bracket

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30 page November 2013

2014 MCMOA Team & Singles Championships VNEA Sanctioned 406-586-9526 Players Only

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Chalk Horse Bar & Grill Idaho, Montana and Utah were represented in the tournament, thanks everyone for your participation.


8 Ball A Division 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Carl Christensen Mark Tademy Wade Thompson Ace Brown


1st Jeremy Brown 2nd Eric Santos

Jeremy and Eric Battled it out all through the tournament neck and neck.

8 Ball 9ft Tables 1st 2nd

Jeff Boucher Wade Thompson/ Mark Tademy split prize money JEFF BOUCHER, WADE THOMPSON, MARK TADEMY, CARL CHRISTENSEN

5 Pool Tables 13 TV’s Full Menu

Judy Griffith

PACS League Operator Association President

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NITEHAWK Tournament Director (503) 285-7177 (360) 892-7454

14824 Smokey Point Blvd Marysville, WA 98271 360-659-2248

League Play 4 nights a week

Open 11AM-2AM everyday

November 2013 page 31

Western Regional U.S. Amateur preliminary

Article and photos by: Merle Humphreys








32 page November 2013

THE CUE BALL IN SALEM, owned by Jim Lebold, hosted the Western Regional US Amateur Preliminary on Saturday September 21st, with Merle Humphreys as director. There were 74 entries representing multiple western regional states (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Nevada). and one entry from Vancouver Canada—primarily (21 women & 53 men) Participation was open to any amateurregardless of Skill Level or league affiliation—– who sent in their entry to APA Headquarters in St. Louis prior to the sign up window closing in June 15, 2013. The format was double elimination—–race to 7 for the men and a race to 5 for the women. The races usually required a combination of both 8-Ball and 9-Ball. The winner of the Lag received the choice of either breaking— or—naming the game to be played first. The keen and fierce competition was pretty much continuous once we got underway. In the Men’s division the 53 person board produced three indi-vidual preliminary champions. In the ladies 21 player bracket one winner was produced. In each of the men’s finals it was a race to eleven with 13 games of 9-Ball and 8 Games of 8 ball possibly being played. The ladies final was a Race to 9 game wins and they possibly could play 11 racks of 9-Ball and 6 racks of 8-Ball. In the Men’s 3rd Tier defending 2010, 11, & 12 Champion Criegh Dumo from Bonney Lake Wa, and Chris Rodriguez from Spokane, Wa., found their way into the first finishing men’s finals. Criegh went straight away to the finals match undefeated. Meanwhile Spokane WA’s Chris Rodriguez took the longest and toughest road to the finals possible. In the end, newcomer to the scene, Chris Rodriguez fought valiantly but he proved to be no match for the determination of Criegh Dumo who ended up defeating Chris 11-5 to claim 2013 as his fourth US Amateur preliminary title in a row. In the Second Men’s Tier Bracket, past champion Richard Fearr from Yakima, hopped, skipped, and jumped his all the way to the finals undefeated. Meanwhile, starting out on the 3rd bracket was John Boldman a newcomer from Arlington Wa. John took the first tier winner’s point and cross over to take on the awaiting Richard Fearr in the 2nd tier finals. John was told that he had nothing to fear but “Fearr” himself ! In the second tier race to 11 finals, Richard & John both seesawed back ’n forth to until about the halfway point, but then John started pulling away from the past champion and went on to eventually

defeat him 11-7 and leave him empty-handed, and on the road back to Yakima. In the first Men’s Tier, Tacoma Wa.’s Frank Rocha, and Lee Noble from Redmond Wa., made it to the finals. He got to relax and perch himself on the 1st tier winner’s point and await to see who would eventually be coming to take his potential title away. Meanwhile, Lee Noble from Redmond Wa., had began his journey from the 3rd tier bracket. Lee traversed to the Tier 1 finals against past champion Frank Rocha. In the race to 11 finals both Frank and Lee knew well the other’s skill. Lee Noble from Redmond Wa., dominated the match from the start and eventually defeated Frank 11-4 to claim the bragging rights to being the third men’s preliminary champion. Moving over to the women’s bracket where there were 21 hungry for glory ladies who were fighting for just the one slot. Former champion Suzanne Smith of Puyallup, Washington and 2012 runner-up Olga Azarova from Seattle Washington were the two ladies who ended up in the Finals. Olga was mind set on revenge in the race to 9 Finals match against Suzanne Smith. Well that didn’t happen. It was a close match through Six games of 8-Ball, but that’s where the closeness stopped. After that Suzanne took 6 out of the next 7 straight games of 9-Ball to win the match 9-4 and claim the bragging rights to being the ladies 2013 U.S. Amateur Women’s NW Preliminary Champion. Criegh Dumo, Lee Noble, John Boldman, and Suzanne Smith will be traveling east to compete in the US Amateur in Tampa Florida November 6-10 We wish them all the best of success, and a fun trip. We wish to extend a very special thank you, in appreciation to Jim Lebold & Aaron Probst of The Cue Ball in Salem, for being such gracious hosts, and allowing us the use of the clean, and well maintained Cue Ball location as the site for this year’s 2013 US Amateur Western Region Preliminary. Also special praise and thanks go to referee Larry Hande for giving up his time and energy to officiate the majority of this event. We received many positive player com-ments on how nice the room was and the fact that the tables were all in immaculate shape and played absolutely fabu-lous. The whole long day and extended night experience, was both exciting and fun as a direct result of the fine condi-tion and quality of the 4 & 1/2 by 9 foot Brunswick tables.

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Fall Singles Regional

October 12th Jake’s Bar ’n Grill in Salem hosted the NW APA Fall Singles Regional with Randee Lee of Salem, APA League Operator as the tournament director, and Merle & Boomer assisting. There were 55 players that were qualified. All were hoping for one of the total of 5 slots —3 in 8-Ball and 2 in 9-Ball—to the APA National 8-Ball Singles Championship at the Riviera in Las Vega during April 2014. In 8-Ball there was one “Yellow” Tier (SL-4) slot, One “Red” Tier (SL-5) slot, and one “Orange” Tier (SL 6) slot. In 9-Ball there was one “White” Tier (SL’s-4 & 5) slot, and one “Black” Tier (SL’s 6-9) slot. The Format was Modified Single elimination. Both formats were started and finished in the one day. 8-Ball started at 9:00 Am, and 9-Ball was slated to begin around 2:30 PM.


Yellow (SL-4) Tier 1st Jonathan Swanson 2nd Courtney Corda SL-5 “Red” Tier 1st Jodell Broaddus 2nd Bill Backman SL 6 “Orange” Tier 1st Alexander Willett 2nd Steve Kemp



“White” Tier (SL’s 4 & 5) 1st Jodell Broaddus 2nd Mihkel Talviste “Black” Tier (SL’s 6-9) 1st Miguel Madrigal 2nd Andrew Dalbey Special Thanks to Scott McComas & Staff for being such gracious and generous hosts for this event. The tables were all in great shape, the food was great, and there was plenty of cold liquid refreshment to be had! Also Kudos’ and grati-tude’s to Referee’s: Morey Marks, Larry Hande, and Glen Shoup who donated some of their time to officiate.






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November 2013 page 33

U.S. Juniors Prepare for WPA World Juniors October 14, 2013 (Englewood, CO): Through the recent BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships, the Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) qualified six junior billiard athletes to represent North America as part of Team USA at the upcoming WPA (World Pool-Billiard Association) Junior 9-Ball Championships. This year’s prestigious event will be held at the Gold Reef City Theme Park Hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa December 8-12, 2014. Through the support of the Billiard Congress of America, the BEF has coordinating international travel and participation for this world tournament for over two decades. The following players will proudly represent our country this year: Joey Bourgeois, Jr., age 14 (Bayown, TX) Nick Evans, age 17 (St. Peters, MI) Sergio Rivas, age 14 (Milwaukee, WI) Tyler Styer, age 18 (Big Bend, WI) April Larson, age 13 (Bloomington, MN) Taylor Reynolds, age 16 (Winslow, Maine) For more information on the BEF Junior Nationals or hosting qualifiers or a State Championship, visit the BEF website at

L to R: (top row) Tyler Styer, Joey Bourgeois, Jr., Sergio Rivas, (bottom row) April Larson, Nick Evans, and Taylor Reynolds

Happy Hour til 10 Well Drinks $2.50

Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 4-7PM 158-100th St So. Tacoma, WA

Wireless Internet


Oriental Menu 6520 19th St W - Fircrest, WA


Tues: Live Blues & Wed: Texas Holdem

Pool Leagues Sun - Thurs Karaoke Wednesdays D J & Dancing Fri & Sat Food Specials

Silver Dollar Tavern Pool Tournaments Wed (7:30pm) & Sun (5pm) Karaoke Fri & Sat at 8 pm

4 Diamond Smart Pool Tables 479 Newmark Ave - Coos Bay, OR 541-888-5634

BZ’S Sports Bar 14 Big Sreen HD TV’s

Internet Music - 2 Pool Tables Internet Darts - Video Gaming

Happy Hour 4:30-7:30 pm - VNEA Leagues

208 E Main - Manhattan, MT 406-284-3353 Open 10am-2am

34 page November 2013



Wed Night Pool Tournament at 7PM 17730 AMBAUM BLVD S BURIEN, WA 98148 - 206-243-6018

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Annual Challenge the Stars Event

the many generous silent auction donations which included: a custom Jacoby cue, a McDermott cue, Fury NR series cues and other gift packages from Sterling Gaming, custom leather wallets and bags from Castillo Leather Goods, a one of a kind original oil painting by Tanner Pruess (which will be auctioned at a later date), two Delta-13 Select racks, Dr. Dave gift packages, RT9 Designs poster packs, commemorative signed memorabilia from Mosconi Cup, as well as a signed event t-shirt from the Jay Swanson Memorial tournament courtesy of, a collection of books form Bebob Publishing, Dr. Cue autographed collection, and more donated items from A special $1,000 donation was also made by Tom Riccobene. Special Thanks go to Claude Gragg, Randy’s right-hand man, Dave Merrill and his crew of referees who all donated their time, particularly Ed Stephens for the extra donation, and CSI and its staff for all their support. Staff photographer for the evening, Jim Calderon worked tirelessly to ensure all challengers got their photo taken with their pro. Additional thanks also go to volunteers Earl Munson, Tammy Jo and Melvin Leonard, Kathy Coffee, Travis and Tarasa Escoubas, Taren Stewart, Josh Bustos, Cody Escoubas, and Winfield Hong. The BEF also thanks all the donors, challengers, bidders, and supporters that helped make the event successful and its fundraising efforts pay off. For more information on the Challenge the Stars, Junior Nationals, and other BEF programs, visit the BEF website at

September 30, 2013 (Englewood, CO): Where can amateur players challenge their favorite professional pool players, all while helping to raise money for their favorite billiard charity? Only at the annual BEF Challenge the Stars event. The popular Challenge the Stars returned this year July 23rd to the Rio Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. Keeping with the tradition, the event took place on the Tuesday evening of the singles finals while all the team players rolled in for the annual CSI National Championships. Since its first year, Cue-Tech Pool School’s Randy Goettlicher has been the emcee and this year was no exception. The impressive list of top professionals who showed their support by taking challenge matches included top world and junior champions: Shane VanBoening, Mika Immonen, Jennifer Barretta, Dennis Orcullo, Mike Dechaine, Francisco Bustamante, Corey Deuel, Ralf Souquet, Darren Appleton, Jason “The Michigan Kid” Lynch Fan Page, Lee Brett, The Drill Instructor, Stefano Pelinga, Hunter Lombardo, and top BEF Junior player, Briana Miller. This year’s event raised approximately $5,500 for the organization through the pro challenge matches and it was greatly due to the support of

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445 Tacoma Ave So -Tacoma, WA



9-Ball Wed & Fri 8-Ball & 220 on Sunday

Great Food

Latitude 84

Poker Tournaments Sun thru Thurs at 6 & 9PM Food & Drink Specials

Weekly Specials - Big Screen TV 4 Pool Tables - 6 Dart Boards Karaoke/D J: Everyday - Happy Hour M-F 11-6 8401 S Hosmer Way - Tacoma, WA


The Legion

Welcomes all Pool Players 2 Pool Tables - 6 TVs 8’ Projection TV Daily Lunch Tues-Fri 11am-2pm Drink Specials Mon-Fri 4pm-7pm Sat & Sun FOOTBALL Specials 11am

225 E Main - Bozeman, MT 406.586.8400

The Greek Village

FREE POOL on Sundays 6 - 50 cent pool tables with Simonis Cloth

7 TV’s + Big Screen Internet Jukebox ATM 301 NW Murray Blvd - Portland, OR 503-643-2119

Rackem Billiards

BEER & WINE BCA - APA - TAP Friday night 8 Ball

40 N Riverside Ave - Medford, OR 541-779-6111

November 2013 page 35

NOV 30TH-1ST race to 7



C l a s s i c




◊ ◊ ◊ 7pm friday night · $20 mini 9 ball · limit 32 players 1pm sunday · $20 mini 8 ball · BAR BOX · limit 32


  

double elim

$125 entry ($100 ENTRY $20 GREEN $5 ADMIN)

445 Tacoma Ave S

8, 3 1/2 x 7’ Diamond’s 1, 4 1/2 x 9’ Diamond Full Bar (36 ft long!) Full Menu /Great Food! Open

3838 River Rd. N. Keizer, Or. 97303 (503) 393 - POOL (7665)

November 30th, 2013 $200 Added !! 9 Ball, Race to 9. Handicapped. Step down system: 1 game given per rank under. Even players in all rank categories race to 9

Mon-Thurs 11am-2am Fri & Sat 9am-2am Sun. 9am –12am or until close! Breakfast Fri - Sun 9am - 1pm .  2 eggs, Hash browns or Country Potatoes, Ham, Bacon, or Sausage, Toast & Coffee ...$6.00 !  Big Breakfast Burrito … $9.00  Breakfast Sandwich … $6.00

Sign-ups at 10am. Play begins at 11am. $20.00 entry (includes 5.00 Green Fee) BCA Rules, Winner Breaks!





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Liz Cole

wins NWPA Tour Stop #6, Takes over Top Spot in Tour Rankings

The Parlor in Bellevue, Washington hosted the sixth tour stop of the Northwest Women’s Pool Associations’ 2013 season. The Parlor has been voted best of the Northwest for its pool room, comedy club and night club. For more information on all that they have to offer, please check out their website. www. We would love to thank our title sponsor Mueller for their continued support of the NWPA. Please check out their website and mention the NWPA for a discount on select items at www. The tournament was run on eleven Brunswick Gold Crowns with Centennial balls. Twenty-two players came out to compete Saturday morning and Rail2Rail Productions provided a free live stream all weekend (for more info on their streaming schedule, please go to The format was 9 ball, alternating break, race to seven on the A side and 6 on the B side. Play wrapped up early Saturday evening and only eight players returned on Sunday morning with a chance to win the event. On the A side, Liz Cole played Sheila Clark, while Kim Jones took on Suwanna Matarazzo. Sheila and Kim both advanced through their morning matches, 7-6 and

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7-2, respectively to advance. Sheila continued in her winning ways, defeating Kim by an astounding 7-0 score line to earn a spot in her first final ever playing on the NWPA. B side matches included: Mary Coffman vs. Gloria Villa and Natalie Seal vs. Suzanne Smith. Mary (6-1) and Suzanne (6-3) advanced through their morning matches. Fresh off their first round losses, Suwanna then played Mary, while Liz took on Suzanne. Mary and Liz advanced through their matches by the same margin (6-3) and then played each other. Liz continued doing what she does best defeating both Mary (6-4) and Kim (6-2) to earn her place in the finals, a rematch of her final four A side loss against Sheila. FINAL Match- Sheila Clark vs. Liz Cole Sheila Clark- path to the final: Bye, Suzanne S (6), Jocelyn L (6), Liz C (6), Kim J (0) Liz Cole- path to the final: Bye, Alicia K (6), Mary C (2), loss to Sheila (6), Suzanne (3), Mary C (4), Kim J (2) The finals were one race to 9, alternating break. Straight out of the gate, Liz took a commanding 4-1 lead and never really let go, Sheila taking games to get to 4-2 and 6-3. Liz’s strong runout play dominated

the final with the final score ending up at 9-3, putting Liz 35 points ahead of Mary Coffman in overall tour standings. Going into the final event of the year, the 2013 NWPA Tour Champion title is still up for grabs. We will see everyone the first weekend in November for our Year End Event and Banquet. If you’re looking for great competition, great times, and great friends, please come join us on the NWPA. 2014 schedule should be finalized soon!

Results 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6th 7/8th

Liz Cole $355 Sheila Clark $245 Kim Jones $150 Mary Coffman $110 Suwanna Matarazzo Suzanne Smith $72 Natalie Seal Gloria Villa $52

November 2013 page 37


at E-One Entertainment



The 5th stop this year took place at E-One Entertainment in Oakland, CA, which was one of two new stops this year. This location is the largest location we have been to. It has a full bar that seats 40 people comfortable, its own parking lot and the pool room is located in the rear of the building that includes 15 9ft tables and 3 large snooker tables. The sponsor, represented by Dr. Levi Macintosh, provided us with 15 regulation tables, our own juke box and a menu that included items like salmon with mashed potatoes. With this being a new stop no one had a table advantage. Everyone was excited to see what this new location would bring in terms of competition. A new stop means a chance to improve from the last stop, one more chance to

win another match, one more stop to improve their overall performance. The participants all have different goals when it comes to showing up stop after stop. Some come to place higher than before and some aim for beating the person who knocked them out in previous stops. Eleanor Callado and Cony Mendoza; Board members welcomed the players, thanked the new sponsor and informed players of the newest RTC dates and information for the 2014 session. Once the announcements were over, the action began. The day began with a total of 30 players for a full payout of $1,015 for the main event and $160 for the second chance event which was held on Sunday. There were many returning players and a few players that were known amongst the veteran tour players that reappeared. Heather Pulford and Kim Benson are two ladies that haven’t participated at every stop, but everyone was aware of their presence. With the addition of two other top guns the top eight was totally unpredictable. In one bracket players such as Heather Pulford, Mary Rakin, Revelina Um and Kim Benson were listed. With players like that, there was no predicting who would win. In the other bracket list was Eleanor Callado,

Kim Benson Shawn Modelo, Stephanie Hefner and A Aiem-Sa-ard. That was no easy bracket to predict either. Heather faced Deidre Li, Lynn Donner, and Ivy Barrozo to set herself for a game against Mary Rakin on Sunday. Mary has had an outstanding year winning 3 of the 5 stops so far. Mary faced Revelina Um, Kim Benson and Cony Mendoza. In the other bracket, Eleanor Callado, a regular in the top placing, would face tough competition from Shawn Modelo, Dee Domingo, and A Aiem-sa-ard, setting herself for a match against upcoming player Stephanie Hefner, who on her way to this point had to defeat Mei Lung, Tammy Moreda and Leslie Bernardi. At the end of the day the following players would complete in the final 8: Winner side: Stephanie Hefner vs. Eleanor Callado Mary Rakin vs. Heather Pulford One loss side: Deirdre Li vs. Revelina Um Kim Benson vs. Dar Domingo With Heather and Stephanie upsetting the favorites Mary Rakin and Eleonor Callado, they would face each other for

Heather Pulford

38 page November 2013

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Leslie Bernardi

the hot seat. Mary and Eleanor would have to work the one loss bracket to stay alive. Kim Benson, who had lost Mary on her initial match Saturday, would have to work her way back through the one loss side, winning matches against Deborah Cullen, Jess Quinata, Leslie Bernardi and Dar Domingo to face Mary again in a do or die match to stay alive. Kim prevailed and moved ahead to face Eleanor Callado. By talking to Kim, winning matches against Mary and El was her main objective for this stop. Kim would get past Eleanor to face Stephanie, who was waiting after having lost to Heather for the hot seat match. Kim prevailed to set up a finals match against Heather, while Stephanie took 3rd. The fact that the regular favorites Mary, Eleanor and Revelina were out early served as motivation for the rest of the players to want play better. At the end of Sunday, we were watching a show down that we hadn’t seen for awhile. It was Heather

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Results Main Event 300 200 125 90 60 60 40 40 25 25 25 25

Heather Pulford Kim Benson Stephanie Hefner Eleanor Callado Deirdre Li Mary Rakin Revelina Um Dar Domingo Cony Mendoza Ivy Barrozo Leslie Bernardi A Aiem-sa-ard

in the hot seat and Kim coming up for the challenge. Kim seemed confident and Heather seemed relaxed as the match began, but suddenly there was a change in energy. Kim asked that music be put on as Kim was leading the first race 3 to 1. The music seemed to help, as Kim won the first race 7-4 which meant it was on to the next race. Heather had to step up her game or lose the number one spot. After a short break the ladies returned. Heather seemed more relaxed and the games began. They both played a number of great safeties. Kim showed her defensive skills and Heather showed her offensive skills of kicking at balls to ensure no fouls were committed. The second and final race seemed to be all in Heather’s favor though. Her skills and determination were present thought the second race and the final 5-2 score showed it. Heather Pulford is our TWCWT Champ of Tour Stop #5. It was nice watching the hard work and skills that all the ladies displayed during the weekend.

For the second chance event on Sunday 18 players showed up to participate.

Leslie Bernardi $80 Bonnie Koerner $40 Kendra Fuller $20 A-aiem Sa-Ard $20

The very last stop of the 2013 year will be at Family Billiards in San Francisco. As a reminder the tour will be paying money for point’s accrued during the 5 previous stops. Points are given to each player for attending (whether they win or lose matches) each event and additional points are awarded based on their finish in each event. In order to qualify for end of season points, players must participate in at least 4 of the 6 tour stops. The tour guidelines have been the following: alternate breaks, double elimination, races to 7 on the undefeated side and races to 5 on the one-loss side, true double in the final. It is custom of the tour to make this last stop the biggest celebration and the farewell until next year. Tiger sponsor continues to donate items to raffle at each stop, and for this stop a Tiger cue will also be a part.

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Jan. 24th - Feb. 1st, 2014 The 16th Annual Horseshoe Derby City Classic

40 page November 2013

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High Desert



1st Eric Durbin 2nd Carl Christiansen 3rd Roger Bordley 4th Tim Joseph 5th Tom Bourdeon Tommy Baker 7th Matt Sanchez Mark Tad 9th Ed Borrego Jordan Thayer Brian Krapes Tom Thompsoon 13th Jose Cruz Ace Brown BJ Spencer Ricardo Martinez




1st Juan Venegas 2nd Ole Olson 3rd Geoffrey Quezada 4th Anthony Lucero 5th Ross Smith Mike Kozeniewski 7th Bryan Bland Bill Farmer 9th Juan Aranda Don Rogers Peaches John Marich 13th Shannon Fisher Steven Cloward Logan Penhollow Jarrold Harris


1st James Zook 2nd Jana Thompson 3rd Josh Ramey 4th Mike Johnson 5th Zane Long Rick Lumpkins 7th Trey Brattin Robert Hilton

JAMES ZOOK Like Us On Facebook

Utah $2,100 Utah $1,600 Utah $1,300 Idaho $1,000 South Dakota $600 Utah $600 Wyoming $405 Utah $405 Colorado $225 Wyoming $225 Colorado $225 South Dakota $225 Colorado $150 Utah $150 Wyoming $150 Wyoming $150

Colorado Wyoming Colorado Wyoming Colorado Wyoming Wyoming Colorado Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming

$850 $700 $550 $410 $260 $260 $190 $190 $140 $140 $140 $140 $100 $100 $100 $100

Wyoming South Dakota Colorado Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming

$400 $270 $200 $150 $90 $90 $50 $50

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U. S. Open 9-Ball Lightening Strikes Twice 721 N 7th Ave Bozeman, MT


Welcome VNEA Players Open 8 am - 2 am Daily

4 Pool Tables 28 Big Screen TV’s New Safari Big Buck Hunter Golden Tee Live Shuffleboard Drink & Shot Specials Brandi’s Restuarant Serves Breakfast all day

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The East Bay’s Finest Billiard Room


20 Beautiful Pool Tables Full Bar - Full Kitchen Pro Shop - Smoking Lounge Private Party Facilities

Tournament 2nd Weekend of Every Month

Monday College Night Tuesday USPPA Tournament Wednesday Ladies Night Located at the Public Market in Emeryville across from the Emberybay Cinema

(510) 652-9808 6005 Shellmound Emeryville, CA

703 W Babcock In the Bar-muda Triangle Bozeman, MT Open 11am - 2 am Daily

FREE POOL 3-6pm Tues thru Thurs

Nightly Beer Specials


Home of the $2 Jager 9 Pool Tables & Video Games

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BY: JERRY FORSYTH - AZBILLIARDS.COM - OCT. 19, 2013 Shane Van Boening has won the 38th U.S. Open with a 13-10 victory in the finals over Lee Vann Corteza. This is the second consecutive victory here for Van Boening and his third U.S. Open title, the first of which he won in 2007. Oddly, the Open had gone for 33 years with only one man, Nick Varner, who had won the title consecutively. But then Mika Immonen won it in both 2008 and 2009 and Darren Appleton won in both 2010 and 2011. Van Boening is our third consecutive winner in a row. When the day began there were four men who still had hopes of wearing the crown. Shane Van Boening and Jayson Shaw were still undefeated while both Lee Van Corteza and Niels Feijen were down to a single bullet. Feijen was the first to fall. He put up a great fight and had played brilliantly all week. He took the first lead at 2-1 but Corteza won racks 4, 5 and 6 to go up 4-2. Feijen came back to tie at four apiece but then Corteza put together three racks again to lead 7-4. Niels took the floor and put on a show for four consecutive racks to lead once again at 8-7. They traded a few racks and Feijen led 10-8 in the race to 11 games. But on finals day at the Open the rule is that you must win by two racks with these first games of the day capped at 13 racks. When Corteza won the next two games to tie us again at 10 we knew we were in store for some bonus rounds. Corteza had found his gear and his cue ball control and denied Feijen the opportunity to regain his footing. He won the next two racks to send Feijen away in fourth place and earn the right to continue fighting. His opponent would be Jayson Shaw. Shaw had come into the arena against Van Boening exhibiting his usual confidence and he was looking good when he led Van Boening 4-1. But then Van Boening came back strong and started stringing racks in his usual manner. He won the next eight games in a row to deny the air to Shaws’ sails and leave him with a cold arm. Shaw would only enjoy one more rack when he claimed the win in game 14. Other than that it was all Van Boening and Shane won going away at 11-5. This set up the contest for third place between Jayson Shaw and Lee Van Corteza. Shaw again came out of the gate well and won the first rack but then had to sit again and watch his opponent show off with a fine display of pool that gave Corteza a nice comfort zone at 6-1. Shaw had had enough of being treated so roughly. When he took control of the table in rack seven he refused to give it back until he had put on a run of his own and put away five consecutive nines to tie the match at 6 games each. Corteza took the next two and Shaw the next to tie us at 8 apiece. Then we swapped racks until the score squared up again at ten games apiece and we were once again bound for some bonus games.



Classic Billiards

Open Daily 11am-3am

All Ages Area 7 Pool Tables - Arcade

Pool Tournaments Friday 8-Ball at 8PM $2 entry-Call Pocket-$2 added Saturday Blind Draw Sc Dbls at 8PM $3 entry-House Adds $2/player-Money Shoot

7225 4th Plain Blvd Vancouver, Washington 360-256-1110 Karaoke Sun-Thu 9:30PM Live Music Fri-Sat 9:30 PM Like Us On Facebook

The last two racks would again belong to Corteza. He is remarkably calm at the bitter end of a match and his easy demeanor around the table made the end look easy. Our final would be a race to 13 games between Lee Van Corteza and Shane Van Boening. Van Boening won the lag and then broke and ran the first rack. He opened the second rack with a nifty cross-side bank on the one ball that left the remainder of that rack at his mercy as well. When he broke and ran the third rack the Corteza fans began to twitch. Van Boening jarred a shot early in the next rack and Corteza took advantage to move his first bead and trail Van Boening by two at 3-1. An amazing safety exchange left Van Corteza with ball in hand and Corteza cashed that chip to draw within one. His cue ball went wild on the break shot and wound up deep inside the head corner pocket. This safety exchange went to Van Boening and he found himself with ball in hand on the 1 ball and took the rack to its logical conclusion to lead 4-2. Van Boening kicked in the 1 ball on the next rack and wound up tough on the 2. His safety left Coreteza blocked and a table-length away from the ball. Corteza fouled and once again Van Boening had ball in hand. Again he cruised through the rack to lead 5-2. Corteza grabbed the next rack after the break shot and moved within two again. Corteza broke dry and within moments Van Boening completed a 4-9 combination to regain his three game margin. Van Corteza took the next rack but scratched on his break shot so Van Boening finished that out to lead 7-4. When Van Boening won the next rack, after a fairly sloppy exchange of missed shots, his lead increased to four games and his confidence took a step up. He fired in a table-length 1-9 carom to lead by five and then scratched on his next break. Corteza should have owned the easy layout but he got funny on the 5 ball and missed it. Van Boening 10-4. Corteza needed to make a stand. When Van Boening dogged the 1 ball Corteza had a chance to string some beads out and began with that rack. 10-5. The comeback faded fast when Corteza fouled out of a Van Boening safety and Van Boening took the game to lead 11-5. Van Boening scratched on the next break. With no problems on the table Corteza took himself to six games. The next rack was ugly, with both men visiting the table multiple times before Van Boening took the rack out from the 5 ball to get on the hill. Corteeza had one more charge in him. After Van Boening got to the hill Corteza put two racks together to get to 10 but then Corteza made an illegal break and Shane took the table to the Championship 13-10. The win was worth $30,000 for Van Boening, with Corteza settling for $15,000 in prize money. (Check out “If I Had A Dream ...” Movie about SVB on Chalk Talk page 11)

Over 21 Area 9 Gold Crowns 2 Diamonds 12’ Snooker Table



Wi-Fi Access Gold Crown Tables Group Parties Food - Espresso

3636 SE 122nd

Portland, OR


Log Cabin

Pub & Eatery 2719 E Valley Hwy E-Sumner, WA




1st TUES 9-Ball at 8pm 3rd SAT 8-Ball at 3pm $5 entry + green fee $$ MONEY ADDED $$

BCA, APA, USA & TAP Leagues FREE Pool Mondays!


n Skeeball n Ping Pong n Horseshoes n DJ Wed-Sat n HUGE Beer Garden n Excellent Food n Great Staff!

Nov 29-Dec 1

Fri: 9-Ball - Race to 9 - $400 added Sat-Sun: 8-Ball - Race 5 $65 entry each-Starts daily at 10AM

$700 Added

Come in and Check Us Out


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Western BCA Regional 9-Ball Championships

Complete results online at: MASTER SCOTCH DOUBLES 1st $2,000 Paul Marquez/ Cindy Sliva 2nd $1,380 Eddie Mataya/ Deby Welfringer 3rd $920 Clayton Foran/ Jessica Orth 4th $610 John Chaplin/ Mary Hopkin 5-6 $410 Frank Kincl/ Laura Hardie Bill Henderson/ Darcy Williams 7-8 $270 Clark Smith/ Andrea Saenz-Maes Steve Lingelbach/ Carissa Biggs OPEN SCOTCH DOUBLES 1st $1,560 Roy Chevalier/ Melissa Reeves 2nd $1,120 Ernie Omori/ Olga Azarova 3rd $800 Larry Maes/ Faith Morfin 4th $580 Jim Knappenberger/ Alfreda Amyotte 5-6 $420 Ed Slade/Lisa Foster Shannon Wallahee/ Dyamelle Castilleja 7-8 $300 Dave Mackey/ Suzanne Mackey Jackson McDonald/ Robin Adams MEN’S MASTER SINGLES 1st $1,200 Miguel Morfin 2nd $840 Paul Marquez 3rd $590 Bill Rosenberry 4th $405 Leo Violette 5-6 $275 Clayton Foran Bob Olson 7-8 $185 Pastor (Junior) Sardoncillo Pete Gates 9-12 $125 Mike Deitchman John Chaplin Ken Dodd Mike Stevens 13-16 $85 John Evans Roger Goodman John Brown Dave Bersenadze

WOMEN’S MASTER SINGLES 1st $855 Deby Welfringer 2nd $550 Eve Stockstill 3rd $350 Cindy Rosenthal 4th $220 Suwanna Matarazzo 5-6 $140 Jessica Orth Susan Preston 7-8 $85 Mary Olson Cristy Barsky 9-12 $55 Barb Thompson Laura Hardie Robbin Iredale Shari Ross MEN’S A SINGLES 1st $1,050 Tim Lezard 2nd $765 Dom Cardoso 3rd $555 John Starcevic 4th $405 Bill Fuller 5-6 $300 Todd Irving Jackson McDonald 7-8 $220 Jim Roe Ed Slade 9-12 $160 Jeff Farnsworth Mike Scotvold Greg Cantrell Randy Ohrstrom 13-16 $120 Bob Danielson Jesse Garcia Larry Maes Mike Siplivy MEN’S B SINGLES 1st $825 Travis Bowman 2nd $645 Mike Eklund 3rd $470 Tyrel Datwyler 4th $340 Victor Ellingsen 5-6 $250 Ed Terry Mike Morang 7-8 $185 David Lash Paul Schweigart 9-12 $130 Sean Head Steve Johnson Joe McCraw Cary Bennett 13-16 $90 Cory VanNortrick Virgil Hunt Alex Batinovich Alex Dobler

SPORTS BAR & GRILL THURSDAY: 9 Ball 7:00 pm Valley rules - $5 entry - Matching Pot

SUNDAY: 8 Ball 6:00 pm

Valley rules - $5 entry - Matching Pot FREE POOL Mon-Fri 11 am - 3 pm


Sun-Thurs 7 pm Live Poker Daily at 10 am Hold-em and Omaha

3663 Pacific Ave SE #D - Olympia, WA (360) 412-1330 44 page November 2013

MEN’S/MIXED TEAMS 1st $3,000 Soundview Bar & Grill I Cody Clark, Greg Odal, Ed Slade 2nd  $2,145 A Little Loaded Mike C. Jensen, Frank Kincl, Mike Stevens 3rd  $1,560 Bounty Hunters Rod Bair, Matt Horner, Arron Probst 4th  $1,125 Canadian Imports

5-6  5-6  7-8

Toshi Moriguchi, Stan Tourangeau, Scott Walton


Soundview Ratpack

Terry Bergan, Jeff Jimenez, Keith Johnson


Rodents of the Nite

Justin Lilje, Doug McMullin, Daniel Schwartz


Slate Breakers

Jacob Andring, Jesse (Castulo) Garcia, Dave Schneider



Yi Du, Damian Pongpanik, Conkord Rapanan

Parlor Live

9-12 $435 We’ll Take the 8 Carlos Cadena, Luke Thomas, Wayne Willett 9-12 $435 Balls Deep Josh Anderson, Scott Dzurik, Rich Fearr 9-12 $435 Trouble Shooters John Kiske, Steve Tamura, Leo Violette 9-12 $435 III Brent Kirschenmann, Ryan Skaggs, John Te MEN’S/MIXED B TEAMS 1st $1,400 Inch Perfect Alex Blair, Brookman Holmes, Clifford Maxson 2nd  $915 Soundview B’s Cary Bennett, Gene Henry, Al Miller 3rd  $600 Ranches “B” Squad Tony Claro, Frank Silva, Don Wilmoth 4th  $390 Double Diamond Jose Chavez, Caleb Dugger, Eric Tate 5-6  $255 Nine Ballers 3 Steve Johnson, Ricardo Munoz, Mel White 5-6  $255 Peacock Rob Best, Scott Dannen, Lance Griffin, Randy Skinkis 7-8 $165 The Fighting Stickmen Rick Dusa, Mike Siller, Darren Veenker 7-8 $165 Corner Pocket 4

Stanley Beard, Steve Dugan, Karl Moore, Gabe Moore

9-12 $105 Toadstool Lost Cause Dave Mackey, Jeremy McKenney, Dave Zeleny 9-12 $105 TKO Chuck Ferguson, Reynold Phillips, Marlowe Sam 9-12 $105 It Wasn’t Us Cisco Cabello, Roger Schantz, Dave Stanley, Q Robertson 9-12 $105 Pendleton Billiards Scott Gentry, Paul Schweigart, Chris Sykes

WOMEN’S TEAMS 1st $1,800 Pool Tourette’s Cassie Francois, Stacy Moore-Moses, Shari Ross 2nd  $1,245 COR Dyamella Castilleja, Jessica Orth, Leeja Rein 3rd  $870 Keeping Up With The Jones’ Lisa Foster, Kim Jones, Angie Jones-Verhoeven 4th  $600 The Accountants Debbie Cicchitti, Kimberly Kirk, Andy Ruth 5-6  $405 The Gatekeepers Susan Gray, Faith Morfin, Andrea Saenz-Maes 5-6  $405 SLJ Rocks Susan Preston, Lora Sharp, Jennifer Speer 7-8 $285 Carissa’s Krew Carissa Biggs, Kristin Cambas, Kim Trip 7-8 $285 NPL Chix Robin Adams, Cindy Doty, Brandy Phillips 9-12 $195 That’s Unfortunate Adrianne Beach, Angela Jensen, Marian Poole 9-12 $195 Sam’s Sweet Shots Juli Dewalt, Jackie Fitchner, Pam Haggard 9-12 $195 Magic Black Widows Cindy Rosenthal, Lynette Schmale,

Becki Silva-Smith

9-12 $195 X-Cues Us Jordan Oakes, Dara Koch, Cindy Medina MEN’S 10-BALL OPEN 1st $2,500 Raphael Martinez 2nd $1,475 Stan Tourangeau 3rd $1,000 Eddie Mataya WOMEN’S 10-BALL OPEN 1st $1,200 Kim Jones 2nd $800 Suzanne Smith 3rd $500 Andrea Saenz-Maes MEN’S SENIOR SINGLES 1st $475 Mike Jensen 2nd $310 Sonny Boggs 3rd $210 John Aranda 4th $140 Owen Miller 5-6  $90 Scott Dannen Dave Thompson 7-8 $60 Don Wilmoth Joe Parkison 9-12 $40 Dave Zeleny Bill Henderson Bill Lewis Mike Gwinn

Jointed Cue Billiards “Still making the best burgers in town!”

19 Tables - Cue Repair Weekly Tournaments Billiard Supplies Hours: 9am - 1am Sunday - Thursday 9am - 2am Friday and Saturday

2375 Fruitridge Rd - Sacramento, CA

916-456-2284 Like Us On Facebook

Western BCA

k Behind the Roc ebook U.S. Open Notett w Je ob B by:

Cindy Sliva Wins Black nd Diamo s d Billiar pen O l l a B 8-

LU CK Y Ba tt er s Up As k th e Vi pe r e U. S. Ba r Ta bl ampi onship Ch e at St o Id ah To ur na m ent er Br ea st Ca nc


A rn BC Weste 11-17, 2013 March aming re Live St


The U.S. O12pen 0 2 2012 ChaBmopeniiongn U.S. arks P n a i r Van B e n a Sh IN S ID E Th is M on

th :


TAP Nationals Cue Balls result e Colorado Stshatips Champion Keith McCready Interview













TT BO B J E W E Ju ni or Pr of ile ET en Re no 9- Ba ll Op POOL N ty un Bo s Po ol Pl ay er P o o l ON T V 8- Ba ll Wy o Sa ge br us h E TA En d 9 Ba ll RIP To ad st oo l Ye ar LE sic Re su lts T A B LI VE De rb y Ci ty Cl as














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U. S .













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lass michaelg



at the



la s s ic e r n C u lt s S o u th Res te le Comp




Pay for 12 Issues Get 15 Issues 10


s on” Win “The Li i ll e r r H i ll T h D o u b le

son T O M Simp

lass michaelg

Limited Time Offer

Each issue of The Break Pool Magazine Sign up online at delivered to your door every month. Never miss an issue! offer subject to change without notice 1 year + 3 Bonus Months (15 issues) $30 per year Pay for 12 Issues of The Break - Get 15 Issues Send Check or Money Order for $30 (U.S. Delivery Only) On The Break News - P O Box 1566 - Bozeman, MT 59771 Name Address City State Zip Or call 406.285.3099 to order by phone --- credit cards only Like Us On Facebook

November 2013 page 45

Press Release

9th Annual Colorado Junior State 9-Ball Championships

Simonis Supports the BEF Juniors, 10 Years and Counting October 14, 2013 (Englewood, CO): Iwan Simonis, billiard industry leader and longtime supporter of the Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) continues its support for the tenth consecutive year. The top billiard cloth manufacturer generously contributed $1,000 to the organization in support of its junior programs and the recent BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships. Kind donations and sponsorships like this help the organization to support youth pool programs, promote billiard education, produce the annual Junior Nationals, and award academic scholarships year after year. To learn more about the BEF and all the ways to get involved, make a donation, or contribute products and services, contact Executive Director, Samm Diep-Vidal at (303) 926-1039 or visit the website at Founded in 1680 in Verviers Belgium and still there today, Iwan Simonis S.A. is the oldest and most respected name in the billiard industry and the only mill in the world dedicated to the production of cloth for cue-sport games including pool, carom, snooker and pyramid. Known worldwide as the truest playing cloth, Simonis will increase your enjoyment of the game by allowing you to play your best. Contact Iwan Simonis, Inc. in North America at 847-549-6109 or visit us at The Billiard Education Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that produces the annual Junior National Championships, provides scholarships for young players, sends junior players to the World Junior Championships and promotes Pool in School programs to encourage lifelong participants.

Colorado’s popular juniors event will kick off with its 9th Annual Colorado State Juniors 9-Ball Championships that is scheduled for Saturday, November 16th, 2013. Tournament director and creator of this prestigious juniors event is WPBA touring professional Melissa Little. “This year will be the 1st time it is not hosted in downtown Denver and instead will continue forward each year in a new venue. I am excited to have the opportunity to host this event up north at Match-Up Billiards located at 625 S Mason Street, Fort Collins, Colorado and give the youth in neighboring states, like Wyoming, a better opportunity to participate.” says Little. The youth event is open to any junior between the ages of 7-18 and will be handicapped by age groups. Doors will open at Match-Ups at 9 am and play will begin promptly at 10 am, $15 entry fee, double elimination, and participants will play 9-ball on the 9 ft. tables. Lots of prizes will be awarded to the kids throughout the event. Other notable past Colorado State Champions are 2005 Zack Winter from Denver, CO., 2006 DJ Martinez from Pueblo, CO, 2007 Nicole Keeney from Englewood, CO., 2008 James Fortin from Denver, CO., 2009 Malek Haj Hussein from Colorado Springs, CO., 2010 Ricky Smiley from Colorado Springs, CO., 2011 Nick Weston from Greeley, CO., and last years winner was Randy Rodriguez from Cheyenne, WY. Melissa Little would like to send out a special “Thanks” to long-time sponsors and supporter of the state championships Jacoby Custom Cues, Nicole and Mike Hellmer owners of Match-Ups Pool Hall and the new gift bag sponsor www.qzetta. com. Melissa created her “Viper Juniors Program” back in 2004 and continues to support kids playing pool. She is also the creator of other programs like her Viper Kids Boot Camps, junior pool leagues, open clinics and her popular after school program. For more information, photos, results and future events please visit www.

Official Cloth Sponsor for the Laramie Peak Invitational


Here is a promotion that works for us at House of Billiards in Sherman Oaks Calif. We took a dollar a week per player until we got $200 then we started a break pot one try once a week at $5.00. It grew slowly 3-4-5 tries a week until it got to $1000.00, then we got PLAYER ATTENTION 7 PLAYERS TRIED at $10 a break. We will set aside that money and additional money, until pot is broken. Then we will have money the next week for a new break pot . We were down to 10- 12 players, now in second week at 18 and 24 players. The tournament director after struggling for years found success.We have done this before, this is a old promotion. Ron Wishnack, was desperate to find a solution and did it. Call Ron with your tournament question at 818 400 3693 and get a free tournament entry if he can not answer your legitimate question.

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All Age Facility 23 Tables 7’,8’,9’ & Carom Tables Awesome Food

Cool Merchandise Arcade Room FREE Wi-Fi


by liking us on

acebook or

by filling out an entry form

4900 SW Western Ave. Beaverton 503-644-8869

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(continued from page 15)

stopping the ball, you have found your maximum break speed! Now, put together a rack of balls behind that 1-ball, and do the same thing: a stop shot on the 1-ball. You should get a nice scatter on the balls, hopefully pocketing a ball or two, and get shape on the 1-ball for your next shot. Keep practicing the break shot using a single ball. After a while, you will probably find that you can increase your speed while still controlling the ball. An added bonus on practicing in this way is that you don’t have to put together a full rack of balls every time. That can be a bit frustrating, and is probably one of the

biggest reasons most people don’t practice the break. You might even try just racking three balls... still just as easy as breaking 1 ball, but with the satisfaction of scattering some balls. Next month, we’ll talk about the 8-ball break. Do you have some tips on breaking that you’d like to share with me? Do you have any suggestions for future articles? Drop me a line at I can also be found hanging out with fellow billiards enthusiasts at billiards. Come on by and join the discussion!

“The Viper” (continued from page 13) Shane: “Francisco Bustamante” because he is so fearless!! Viper: Do you currently have any sponsors? Shane: Cuetec cues!! The BEST cues in the world!! Viper: Did you ever play in a pool league? Shane: The first 10-years of my young career I played in Valley league (VNEA). Viper: Are you good at any other sports? Shane: Golf and fly-fishing. Viper: Describe yourself in three words? Shane: Quite, hard working and athletic. Viper: If you had to live your life over again, what would one thing you change about yourself and/or your pool career? Shane: I wouldn’t make any changes because I AM LIVING THE DREAM!! Viper: How do you prepare for events? Shane: I practice at least 3-hrs before matches and I am always working on my break. (Viper: When I am on the road and see Shane, he is always practicing even in between matches- the kid is like a machine!) Viper: What was the best advice you were ever given? Shane: My grandpa once told me to work on my break and to try and break the balls like “Mike Segal” and I took it to heart. Viper: What is one thing that you enjoy most while playing pool? Shane: I LOVE beating everyone! Viper: If you could say one thing to a young upcoming player what would it be?

Shane: Life is short, so go to school and enjoy what makes you happy! Viper: What’s your Favorite game? Shane: Bar-table 8-ball. Here are some Facebook questions for you… Erika White from Black Hawk, CO asks: Shane, who is the toughest opponent you’ve ever played? Shane: Francisco Bustamante. Brian Ruden from Golden, CO asks: Shane you have one of the best breaks on the pro tour and you break with your playing cue, why do you use your playing cue to break, and if it cause any problems with your tip. Also, what tip do you play with and is it hard, medium, or soft? Shane: Yes, I break with my playing cue and I have a Kamuii tip hard. Phillip Pensabene from Georgetown, TX asks: How did you develop your amazing stroke and were you mentored by anyone? Shane: Its all natural and nobody really helped me. Josh Soneathit Souvannakasy from Anchorage, AK asks: Shane what went wrong with your hearing? Shane: I was born deaf. Jackie Claxton from Springfield, MO also asks: What drives you to play? Which is hardest for you, the mental aspects of the game, or preparing after you find out whom you’re playing? Or does it matter. Shane: What drives me to play is winning! It does not matter whom I am playing, but its all-hard work in the end!

Eric Mayeda from Greeley, CO asks: What drills does he run when warming up for events?? Shane: No drills, just playing 10-ball patterns. Shaun Pierce from Tempe, AZ asks: What achievement in pool is he most proud of? Who are your favorite MLB and NFL teams? Shane: My victory at the 2007 US OPEN and I don’t follow baseball and I like the Dallas Cowboys. Linda Trujillo from Cheyenne, WY also asks: Shane, are you single and available!! Shane: No comments! Gail Eaton from Los Angeles, CA also asks: Shane do you have any pre-tournament and/or pre-shoot routines? Shane: All I look for is patterns. Hal Leisure from San Antonio, TX also asks: When did you know you could stand with the best players in the world? Shane: When I was 17 years old I beat pro player Danny Harriman. Johnny Tan from Brunei, Malaysia asks: What is his cue weight and ferrule size? Shane: 19 oz. and 12.2 mm. A special “Thank-you” to Shane VanBoening for taking time out of his busy schedule to participate in my “Ask the Viper”. Till next month you can find me on Facebook: www.

FULL MENU - GREAT FOOD 9614 E Sprague Spokane Valley, WA 99206 509-891-8357

9-Ball Open - Nov 16-17

Open and Sign-ups 9am Draw at 10 am Race 7 and 5 BCA Rules Alt. Break $50 Entry (Incl. $10 GF) - $1000 Added W/ 64 entries $ Top Lady with 3 or more entries $ Ladies 8-ball on 7ft Shelti’s $40 entry ($10 gf) Race 5/3 BCA Rules Alt. Break $500 added with 32 Like Us On Facebook

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CALL FIRST: Dates, Times & Tournaments are subject to change without notice.


DAY CITY Mondays Boise Thursdays Boise Sundays Idaho Falls Pocatello

LOCATION The Pocket The Pocket Pocket Oasis Bar

PHONE (208) 375-2474 (208) 375-2474 (208) 525-9962 (208) 232-9347

EVENT / RULES 8-Ball Open 9-Ball Open 8-Ball Blind Draw Dbls 8/9 Ball Alternating

ENTRY $5 $5 $5 $5

ADDED $$$ $$$ $$$ Matching

TIME 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM

DAY Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Sundays

LOCATION D & R Spirits Batters Up Batters Up Batters Up Batters Up

PHONE (801) 394-8400 (801) 463-4996 (801) 463-4996 (801) 463-4996 (801) 463-4996

EVENT / RULES 8-Ball VNEA rules 8-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball 8-Ball

ENTRY $5 $5 $5 $10 $25

ADDED Call Matching Matching Matching $10/player

TIME 7:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 1:00PM

CITY Ogden Salt Lake City Salt Lake City Salt Lake City Salt Lake City


Report any tournaments no longer being played 406.285.3099 DAY Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays Saturdays Sundays

CITY Spokane Vancouver Everett Spokane Sumner Tacoma Burien Everett Lakewood Spokane Tacoma Tacoma Vancouver Lakewood Lakewood Olympia Spokane Tacoma Lakewood Ocean Park Spokane Tacoma Tacoma Vancouver Vancouver Lakewood Sumner Spokane Tacoma Vancouver Vancouver Lakewood Lakewood Lakewood Olympia Tacoma Tacoma Tacoma Vancouver Vancouver

48 page November 2013

LOCATION 7th Rail 4th Plain Tavern O’Finnigan’s Pub 7th Rail Log Cabin (1st Tues) Malarkey’s Pool & Brew BZ’s Sport Bar O’Finnigan’s Pub Cue-Topia Black Diamond Malarkey’s Pool & Brew Latitude 84 4th Plain Tavern Cue-Topia Cue-Topia (last Thurs) Frankies 7th Rail Latitude 84 Schooners Doc’s Tavern 7th Rail Latitude 84 Malarkey’s Pool & Brew Legends Spot Bar & Grill Schooners Log Cabin (3rd Sat) Black Diamond Latitude 84 Legends Spot Bar & Grill Cue-Topia Cue-Topia Cue-Topia (last Sun) Frankies Latitude 84 Malarkey’s Pool & Brew Malarkey’s Pool & Brew 4th Plain Tavern Spot Bar & Grill

PHONE (509) 325-7751 (360) 254-3729 (425) 745-4805 (509) 325-7751 (253) 863-2905 (253) 226-3594 (206) 243-6018 (425) 745-4805 (253) 512-6869 (509) 891-8357 (253) 383-3301 (253) 531-5154 (360) 254-3729 (253) 512-6869 (253) 512-6869 (360) 455-0352 (509) 325-7751 (253) 531-5154 (253) 584-1919 (360) 665-4105 (509) 325-7751 (253) 531-5154 (253) 383-3301 (360) 693-8125 (360) 256-1110 (253) 584-1919 (253) 863-2905 (509) 891-8357 (253) 531-5154 (360) 693-8125 (360) 256-1110 (253) 512-6869 (253) 512-6869 (253) 512-6869 (360) 455-0352 (253) 531-5154 (253) 383-3301 (253) 226-3594 (360) 254-3729 (360) 256-1110

EVENT / RULES Texas Holdem Poker 9-Ball DE (sign up 6pm) 9-Ball Vegas Rules Texas Holdem Poker 9-Ball Vegas Rules 220 8-Ball Call Pocket - BIH 8-Ball Vegas Rules BTRT 220

ENTRY ADDED TIME $5 Call Call $3+$2 g.f. Matching 8:00PM $5 100% 8:00PM $10 Call Call $5 + green fee $$$ 8:00PM $10 Combined 6:15PM $5 Matches to $100 7:00PM $5 100% 8:00PM $6 7:00PM

9 Ball-Race to 3-DE 9-Ball 8-Ball DE (sign up 6pm) 9-Ball B & Below-Brk Pot 9-Ball Open-Brk Pot 9-Ball Valley Rules Cribbage Poker 9-Ball BCA rules 8-Ball Open 9-Ball Poker 9 Ball-Race to 3-DE 8 Ball - Mod BCA 8-Ball Call Pocket 8-Ball BCA rules 8-Ball

$5+3 g.f. Call $5+$3 g.f. Call $3+$2 g.f. Matching $5+$3 g.f. $3/player $5+$3 g.f. $3/player $5 Matching $6 Call Call Call $5 100% $3 Meat Shoot Call Call Call Call $5+3 g.f. Call $5 Matching $2 Matching $5 100% $5 + green fee $$$

9-Ball on 9’ tables-Race to 3

8-Ball on 7’ tables-Race to 2


$20 gift card 1st 7:00PM


$20 gift card 1st Noon

Poker Call Call 8 Ball - Mod BCA $5 Matching Blind Draw Scotch Dbls $3 $2/player BTRT 198 $10 8-Ball B & Below-Brk Pot $5+$3 g.f. $3/player 8-Ball Open-Brk Pot $5+$3 g.f. $3/player 8-Ball Valley Rules $5 Matching Poker Call Call 8-Ball $5 100% 220 $10 Combined Meat Shoot-8 players/round $3/round MEAT 8-Ball Call Pocket-Mod BCA $3 Matching

7:30PM 8:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 6:00PM 6 & 9PM 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 6 & 9PM 7:30PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 7:00PM 3:00PM 6 & 9PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 3:00PM 5:30PM 5:30PM 6:00PM 6 & 9PM 2:00PM 4:00PM 2:00PM 2:00PM

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TOURNAMENTS DAY Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays Saturdays Sundays

LOCATION K C Midway Kolby’s Jake’s Bar & Grill Hot Shots Billiards Hot Shots Billiards Silver Dollar Ballad Town Billiards Wichita Pub Underground Sports Bar Kolby’s Greek Village Silver Dollar Ballad Town Billiards Rackem Jake’s Bar & Grill Ballad Town Billiards Rodders Rodders Greek Village Jake’s Bar & Grill Jake’s Bar & Grill Jake’s Bar & Grill (2nd & last) Ringo’s Bar & Grill Silver Dollar NiteHawk Sam’s Billiards Jake’s Bar & Grill

PHONE (503) 656-9501 503-393-7665 (503) 362-3600 (503-644-8869 (503-644-8869 (541) 888-5634 (503) 357-1111 (503) 654-4201 (503) 848-8888 503-393-7665 (503) 643-2119 (541) 888-5634 (503) 357-1111 (541) 779-6111 (503) 362-3600 (503) 357-1111 (503) 650-2363 (503) 650-2363 (503) 643-2119 (503) 362-3600 (503) 362-3600 (503) 362-3600 (503) 644-7847 (541) 888-5634 (503) 285-7177 (503) 282-8266 (503) 362-3600

EVENT / RULES ENTRY 9 Ball-Now on Diamond Tables FREE 8-Ball $7 + $3 g.f. 8-Ball Handicap $5 + $4 g.f. 8-Ball B & below $6 9-Ball B & below $6 Players Choice $5 9-Ball/BCA 3/2 DE $5+$2 g.f. 8-Ball Open - R2 $7 +side pot 9-Ball Open $5-B/$10-M 10-Ball $7 + $3 g.f. 8 & 9-Ball BCA Rules 3/2 $5 8-Ball $5 8-Ball/BCA 2/2 DE $5+$2 g.f. 9-Ball-Handicapped FREE 9-Ball Handicap $5 + $4 g.f. (last Sat) Darts: Cricket/501 $7 8-Ball $3 9-Ball (starts after 8-Ball) $3 8 & 9-Ball No Masters $5 8-Ball Handicap $5 + $4 g.f. 9-Ball Handicap $5 + $4 g.f. 8-Ball Sc Dbls (1 “B” player) $5 + $2 g.f. Alternating 8-Ball/9-Ball $5 Players Choice $5 8-Ball - Race 2/1 $3 M/$2 W Straight Pool (1st Sun.) $15 8-Ball Handicap $5 + $4 g.f.

ADDED TIME $3/player 7:30PM $5/player 7:00PM $5/player 7:30PM Call 7:00PM Call 7:00PM Call 7:30PM $3/player 7:30PM Match on $5 7:00PM $3/player 8:00PM $5/player 7:00PM $$$ 7:00PM $$$ w/9+ 7:30PM $3/player 7:30PM $100 6:30PM $5/player 7:30PM $5/player 7:00PM Matching 7:00PM Call Call Call 4:00PM $5/player 1:00PM $5/player 7:30PM Call 7:30PM Match up to 23 7:00PM Call 5:00PM $100 6:00PM Call 11:00AM $5/player 7:30PM

LIST YOUR TOURNAMENTS 406.285.3099 DAY Mondays

CITY Sacramento

LOCATION Jointed Cue San Francisco Family Billiards Sherman Oaks House of Billiards Tuesdays Carson Manila Billiards Emeryville Broken Rack Sacramento Jointed Cue Wednesdays Bellflower Hard Times Petaluma Buffalo Billiards Petaluma Buffalo Billiards Thursdays Bellflower Hard Times San Francisco Family Billiards Saturdays Petaluma Buffalo Billiards Sundays Bellflower Hard Times

PHONE (916) 456-3243 (415) 931-1115 (310) 738-5675 (310) 738-5675 (510) 652-9808 (916) 456-3243 (562) 867-7733 (707) 794-7338 (707) 794-7338 (562) 867-7733 (415) 931-1115 (707) 794-7338 (562) 867-7733

EVENT / RULES ENTRY 9-Ball B $5 9-Ball Handicap $20 9-Ball Handicapped $15+time 9-Ball Handicapped $15+time 9-Ball Handicap $20 9-Ball Open staggered entry $5-$15 3 Cushion Handicap $17 incl g.f. 9-Ball Hndcp A-B-C-D $5 8-Ball Handicap $5 9-Ball Handicap $10 9-Ball Handicap $20 9-Ball Handicap $12 9-Ball Open - Limit 32 $20

ADDED TIME Call 8:00PM Call 7:00PM $5/player 7:00PM $5/player 7:00PM $100 1st Tues only 8:00PM $50 8:00PM $100 w/20+ 8:00PM Matching 7:30PM Matching 7:30PM Call 7:30PM Call 7:00PM $5/player 2:30PM Call 12:30PM


CITY Oregon City Keizer Salem Beaverton Beaverton Coos Bay Forest Grove Milwaukee Beaverton Keizer Portland Coos Bay Forest Grove Medford Salem Forest Grove Oregon City Oregon City Portland Salem Salem Salem Beaverton Coos Bay Portland Portland Salem


CALL FIRST: Dates, Times & Tournaments are subject to change without notice.

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Tournament Trail Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

Click on the MAP link online to get directions to each location DATE

Nov 1 Nov 2-3 Nov 2 Nov 2 Nov 2-3 Nov 3 Nov 9 Nov 9 Nov 16-17 Nov 15-17 Nov 16 Nov 16-17 Nov 29 Nov 30-Dec 1 Nov 30 Nov 30 Nov 30 Nov 30-Dec 1 Dec 1 Dec 7 Dec 7-8 Dec 8 Dec 13-15 Dec 13-15 Dec 13-15 Dec 13-15 Dec 13-15 Dec 14 Dec 28 Jan 11 Jan 16-19 Jan 24-Feb 1 Jan 24-Feb 1 Jan 24-Feb 1 Feb 1 Feb 15 Feb 22-23 Feb 24-Mar 2 Feb 24-Mar 2 Feb 24-Mar 2 Feb 24-Mar 2


Billings, MT Billings, MT Emmett, ID Keizer, OR Bellevue, WA Portland, OR Salem, OR Salem, OR Spokane, WA Colo Springs, CO Keizer, OR San Francisco, CA Bozeman, MT Bozeman, MT Salem, OR Keizer, OR Tacoma, WA Tacoma, WA Tacoma, WA Portland, OR Carso, CA Portland, OR Wheatland, WY Wheatland, WY Wheatland, WY Wheatland, WY Wheatland, WY Salem, OR Salem, OR Bozeman, MT Phoenix, AZ Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN Bozeman, MT Bozeman, MT Bozeman, MT Reno, NV Reno, NV Reno, NV Reno, NV


MT State (see ad Oct) MT State (see ad Oct) Toadstool (See ad Oct) Kolby’s (see ad p36) NWPA (see ad Oct) Sam’s Billiards (see ad p36) The Cue Ball (see ad p36) Jake’s Bar (see ad p36) Black Diamond (see ad p47) USAPL/BCAPL (see ad p51) Kolby’s (See ad p36) TWCWT (See ad p18) Eagles #326 (See ad p43) Eagles #326 (See ad p43) Jake’s Bar (see ad p36) Kolby’s (See ad p36) Malarkey’s (see ad p36) Malarkey’s (see ad p36) Malarkey’s (see ad p36) Classics (see ad p36) Manila Billiards (see ad Oct) Sam’s Billiards (see ad p36) 4-H Building (See ad p46) 4-H Building (See ad p46) 4-H Building (See ad p46) 4-H Building (See ad p46) 4-H Building (See ad p46) Jake’s Bar (see ad p36) Jake’s Bar (see ad p36) Eagles #326 (See ad p43) BullShooters (see ad p18) Horseshoe Casino (see ad p40) Horseshoe Casino (see ad p40) Horseshoe Casino (see ad p40) Eagles #326 (see ad p43) Eagles #326 (see ad p43) Eagles #326 (see ad p43) Grand Sierra (see ad p51) Grand Sierra (see ad p51) Grand Sierra (see ad p51) Grand Sierra (see ad p51)


406-656-2887 406-656-2887 208-794-8821 503-393-7665 206-920-1936 503-282-8266 503-362-9740 503-362-3600 509-891-8357 702-719-7665 503-393-7665 510-329-3566 406-587-9996 406-587-9996 503-362-3600 503-393-7665 253-383-3301 253-383-3301 253-383-3301 360-771-0633 310-738-5675 503-282-8266 307-331-0642 307-331-0642 307-331-0642 307-331-0642 307-331-0642 503-362-3600 503-362-3600 406-587-9996 602-441-2447

406-587-9996 406-587-9996 406-587-9996 702-719-7665






8-Ball Team 2 Div $120 $3,000 Total 10:00AM MAP 8-Ball Singles 4 Div $40 Call 7PM-Fri 8-Ball Grand Finale $20 Call 9:00AM MAP Women’s Hndcp 9-Ball $20 $200 Call MAP 9-Ball Year End Event Call $500 min Call MAP Straight Pool $15 Call 11:00AM MAP 9-Ball So. Willamette Valley players $10 $200 10:00AM MAP 8-Ball Sc Dbls (1) “B” player $5+$2 g.f./plyr Call 7:30PM MAP 9-Ball Open $50 $500 w/32 9:00AM MAP Regional 8 Ball Call $2,000 Call MAP 9-Ball Handicap - 7’ Diamonds $15+$5 g.f. $200 Guar 9:00AM MAP 9-Ball Women-Family Billiards $30 + fees Call 11:30AM MAP 9-Ball - Race to 9 $65 $400 10:00AM MAP 8-Ball - Race to 5 $65 $700 10:00AM MAP 8-Ball Sc Dbls (1) “B” player $5+$2 g.f./plyr Call 7:30PM MAP 9-Ball Handicapped $20 $200 10:00AM MAP 9-Ball Mini - Limit 32 $20 Call 7:00PM MAP Thanksgiving 9-Ball Classic $125 incl fees $8000 prize pool 10:00AM 8-Ball Mini-Bar Box Limit 32 $20 Call 1:00PM Benefit Homeless & Hungry $15 Cash & Prizes 8:00AM MAP 9-Bal Handicapped $25 $400 Noon Straight Pool $15 Call 11:00AM MAP 8-Ball Singles AAA/AA/A $70 incl fees $$$ 6:00PM MAP 8-Ball Singles B $65 incl fees $$$ 6:00PM MAP 8-Ball Singles C $60 incl fees $$$ 6:00PM MAP 8-Ball Singles Womens B/A/AA $60 incl fees $$$ 6:00PM MAP 8-Ball Singles Womens C $60 incl fees $$$ 6:00PM MAP 8-Ball Sc Dbls (1) “B” player $5+$2 g.f./plyr Call 7:30PM MAP 8-Ball Sc Dbls (1) “B” player $5+$2 g.f./plyr Call 7:30PM MAP 9-Ball - Women ONLY-Limit 32 $20 incl. g.f. Call 10:00AM MAP WPBA Regional Championship Call $5,000 Guar. Call MAP 9 Ball online online online MAP One Pocket online online online MAP 9 Ball Banks online online online MAP 9-Ball for Men ONLY $25 Call Call MAP Mixed Doubles Sweethearts $20/team Call Call MAP State Doubles-MT Women ONLY $20/team Call 10:00AM MAP 21st U.S. Bar Table-10 Ball M/W Call $25,500 Call MAP 21st U.S. Bar Table-9 Ball Register Online Call Call MAP 21st U.S. Bar Table-8 Ball M/W Online Info Online Online MAP WorldPPA M/W Call Call Call MAP

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50 page November 2013


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The Break Pool Magazine November Issue 2013  

Read the latest from the Western BCA 9-Ball, U. S. Open 9 Ball, local tournaments, instruction, results and more ....

The Break Pool Magazine November Issue 2013  

Read the latest from the Western BCA 9-Ball, U. S. Open 9 Ball, local tournaments, instruction, results and more ....