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Husky/Labrador Mutt-i-gree


NBC Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams with his dog, Lucy “Just over 16 years ago, we made the trip to North Shore Animal League America and came home with a ball of white fur with loving eyes. She was a gift for our children, who named her Lucy. It turns out she was a gift for all of us. We cannot remember life without her, nor can we imagine it. We often say it’s as if she knows she was rescued and given a good home. We love her more than words can express – and she is a living example of the power of unconditional love.”

Share your life with a pet. Adopt a dog, cat, puppy or kitten from your local shelter or North Shore Animal League America and save a precious life. Visit

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FROM THE PUBLISHER ANGELA S. ANTON After a really tough winter, we joyfully welcome spring! And have we put together a great issue, especially for the animal lovers among our readership. While I’m sure that our readers have heard of the North Shore Animal League America in Port Washington, New York, there is a good chance that many of you don’t know all that much about its workings or the many well-known celebrities who are a part of its various initiatives. Well, our cover says it all. Supermodel, actress and animal advocate Beth Stern, wife of shock jock Howard Stern, sat down with The Boulevard at the NSALA for a photo shoot and interview to discuss her involvement with the organization, as well as her new book, Oh My Dog. Additionally, all of our celebrity features this month have either worked with NSALA, such as Gary Dell’Abate (aka Baba Booey), Law and Order CI’s Kathryn Erbe and New York Islander’s goalie Rick DiPietro and his wife Cassie, or are celebs who simply love animals, like singer and dog lover Carly Simon and the tough guys with gentle hearts from Rescue Ink who sat with Tina Guiomar for an in-house video interview. This issue of The Boulevard also highlights the architecture of Brian Shore, the interior design stylings of Rona Levine and some great real estate tips from Leslie French. In addition, we offer our usual compilation of health and fashion tips, travel features and articles about those wonderful people who make philanthropy an integral part of their lives. So find yourself a sunny spot outdoors, put your feet up, pet the dog or the cat, and enjoy another trip down The Boulevard.



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Americana Manhasset welcomes Ermenegildo Zegna, the world leader in luxury men’s clothing. The brand new Americana Manhasset store covers 2,100 square feet of luxury retail selling space and marks the fourteenth Ermenegildo Zegna retail store to open in the US.


“The opening of the Ermenegildo Zegna store represents an exciting new addition to Americana Manhasset. The store enhances our fashion offerings for men, re-enforcing Americana’s commitment to provide the best fashion experience for all of our customers.” - Deirdre Major, President of Americana Manhasset Designed by architects Gianmaria and Roberto Beretta of Studio Beretta in Milan, the store’s beautifully crafted design and utilization of raw materials accent the timeless style and sophisticated elegance that is the Ermenegildo Zegna heritage. Upon arrival clients are greeted with a video wall featuring the seasonal Milan runway collections. Natural woods and stones are harmoniously combined to create a masculine retail environment, in the vision of a private gentleman’s club.

Contact AMERICANA MANHASSET’s complimentary Personal Shopping Service at 800.818.6767 or

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showhouse living


Architecture Grand Spaces


Interior Design Rona Levine


East Egg Realty Real Estate Tips


Home Spa Kohler Artistic Tile



fashion spring


reinventing the

feminine 26

Diane Von Furstenberg


J. Mendel




Oleg Cassini




Jonathan Clarke’s Out of the Box

Gary Dell’Abate Kathryn Erbe Rescue Ink Rick DiPietro Carol Leifer

Carly Simon

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6 2 G L E N C O V E R O A D I N E AST HILLS NY 11577

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66 MAY 2010


Cotton Tree Resort, Grand Cayman Hershey Park, PA


Wine & Dine







Vine Speak North Fork Inn Michael’s

Fitness Corner Health Watch Dr. Sarnoff

Long Island Events

Chris Robbins, On The Boulevard Charity Events


the men’s issue

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Brings Modern Life to Traditional Design


Brian Shore


Grand Spaces for real people

ShowHouse Living

/ By Matt Piacentini /

/ Photography By Tim Williams / 10

The Boulevard May 2010

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Showhouse Living Architecture Brian Shore is an award-winning architect working in Locust Valley. Drawing on 30 years of professional experience, he specializes in the design of luxury homes and has done 170 new residences and numerous renovations throughout Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut, New Jersey and Florida. Shore grew up on Long Island, where his grandfather and father were homebuilders. “I grew up with that in my blood,” he said. “So that background naturally led me into architecture.” After designing homes, teaching architecture and sitting on design juries in Florence, Shore was “flattered to be recognized” by his peers recently, when given a lifetime achievement award. Asked to describe his design style, Shore says he considers his palette diverse. “Many architects have a very specific style – you go to one if you like that style. We tailor and craft a home to the client.” Shore and his partners spend time analyzing the “qualitative aspects” of their client’s life. “We ask ‘How do you live?’ and ‘How do you want to feel when you drive up to your house?’” he explains. This approach leads to a mainly modern take on traditional styles. These are magnificent, stately homes, with grand spaces, but the feel is directed toward comfort and reallife needs. “All the houses that we do are modern in the sense that they reflect modern lifestyles,” Shore says. “In all my years, I have In areas like the mud room, you can see the practical meeting the traditional.

These elegant spaces are designed with elegance in mind, while providing for a modern lifestyle.


only had one client who has uniformed staff – where there is a wall between the family and staff sides of the house.” He finds that the vast rule these days is that, regardless of age, the kitchen is the center of the house. “That didn’t exist 100 years ago,” he said. “We have attached garages now versus detached stables. So, all houses are ‘skinned’ differently - modern or traditional - but they all reflect the way we live today.” For Shore, this leads to grand kitchens, mudrooms, comfortable dens. “We’ve reversed our living space,” he says. “A hundred years ago, the family lived in the formal living rooms and the staff was by the kitchen. Now its dens and mudrooms and kitchens and the living room is not so intensely lived in.” Even when Shore and his partners renovate old manor homes, this shift in lifestyle defines the course of the work. You can see the practical-meeting-the-traditional in Shore’s home featured in this issue of The Boulevard magazine. The architect designed this home for a couple with four children who live on a bluff overlooking the water. Their gated North Shore property is the perfect site for this stately, traditional scene, with lush woods and beautiful vistas. But the classic-looking brick home also features modern elements, like a helicopter landing area and an indoor basketball court. “This is a close family who really wanted to enjoy their home together,” Shore said. So there is a blending of antique ele-

The Boulevard May 2010

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ShowhouSe Living Architecture

Shore believes we’ve reversed our living spaces over time. Traditionally, the family lived in the formal living rooms while the staff was by the kitchen. Now the kitchen is the center of the house.

ments, traditional styles and livable space – all focused around the property’s grand vistas. “It’s a young family who wanted to have fun together, so that’s how we designed it.” Shore continued, “What I’ve tried to capture in the photos of this home are the grand spaces - the vignettes that illustrate the feel of the place.” One feature that stands out here and is a trademark of Shore’s work is the well-defined circulation pattern you can see in the long hallways. He believes in creating a “strong spine” of corridors that link all the major spaces in the house. These elegant hallways have glass vistas at the ends and take you from the kitchen on one end, through the guest rooms to the dining room and the entrance foyer, on to the living room, to finally end at windows overlooking the view of the courtyard. “This is thematic in our work and a great organizational element,” Shore said. “I want to be walking through spaces to get to spaces. In this house, it works so well as a way to organize things around the view and the numerous windows.” 14

Other features of note are the antique m a nt l e t h at was brought in for the living room as well as the cherry panel walls and two-story The hallway creates a “strong spine” of corridors that link all ceiling, which the major spaces in the house. all make for a majestic room that, again, provides a fantastic view. Another place to enjoy that panoramic vista is the tower. There you’ll find a breakfast room and, above it, the master bedroom. Bring that helicopter in and enjoy the scenery.

The Boulevard May 2010

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200 Blydenburgh Road Suite 4 • Islandia, NY 11749

(631) 234-7023 • Award Winning Designs • Serving Long Island for Over 30 Years

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Interior Design

Planning Interiors Around Style and the Economy on

Creating Lasting Beauty

Rona Levine

ShowHouse Living

/ By Matt Piacentini 16

The Boulevard May 2010

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A lot of thought goes into choosing a designer… or before that, even deciding whether you want to hire one or venture into DYI territory. Living in this economy, even those who regularly work with a professional when it’s time to revamp the interior might feel they have to put it off. Rona Levine, a Great Neck designer with strong training and a broad background in the field, believes that with any budget, a pro’s eye can end up saving you money while creating the right look. The Boulevard recently sat down with Levine and she graciously shared some tips on how she accomplishes her elegant styles that accommodate various price ranges. On the practical side, a seasoned designer knows the market. She’ll tell you not only what would look good in that space but knows the right factory source for the marble or the antique warehouse for the porcelain lamps. And speaking from the style side, a designer will help you organize an informed plan around a theme and a look that all ties together and really works. For Levine, one technique is to build on a classic foundation. “You can create a long-lasting, fashionable look,” she said, “if you start classic and then bring in eclectic elements – throw in something unique.” The right professional eye can help create something that is not reliant on trends that will soon be out of style, but something that you can still enjoy and appreciate 10 years from now. “Things are costly,” Levine said. “So you don’t want someone saying, ‘‘Oh I remember when that was in,’ and [you find that] even you’re tired of living with it the next year when the fad is over. You want rooms that will look good to you – and where you feel comfortable – for a long time to come.” To achieve a lasting but special feel, Levine ‘takes the plunge’ in her design, a leap of faith where a few key pieces take a classic room and make it new and personal. Levine’s “Winter Garden” room at the La Selva Mansion and Millionaires Showcase is a great example of starting classic, reusing items and blending something unusual into the mix. To start, color is always key to Levine’s planning, as in the refinished Louis XVIstyle chairs. She had them lacquered red, the color around which she themed the room. “There was a lot of red brick, so I used that color as an accent to make it all work together,” she said. “It is unorthodox to refinish the chairs that way, but I do that a lot and it works.” She has had clients with family pieces – an antique desk or old chairs – who end up saving money by refinishing these items and incorporating them into the room. “Personally and economically, it adds something sentimental and keeps the cost down,” she said. From there came 16th century Knole sofas and a classic glass cocktail table, seated on beautiful Damask pattern, tone-on-tone rugs for a traditional elegance. “And then I had two wonderful iron tables that were very artsy, yet they mixed beautifully,” she said. And further toward the eclectic, “Someone said to me ‘Wow, you used that red glass table. It’s so contemporary, but it really works.’” Levine explained about how planning around the architecture and space is key, saying about her room, “The view was so spectacular that I didn’t even see the need to dress the windows.” A simple, hand-woven string treatment on top was enough of an effect. And another truly budget-minded move involved some vases. “In the far corner… the vases are from Home Goods,” she let on. “With all this luxurious furniture, you can pick where to spend and where to save.” So, Levine suggests, use a designer’s eye to help you plan out rooms that are built around colors and themes that work for you and your price range. You can update some pieces of furniture you have, build on some key classic items and upholsteries, and then throw in a few unexpected pieces for an interior that is unique and comfortable and stays fresh for many years.


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ShowHouse Living

Real Estate Tips

Class Act P B S reparing for the



/ By Leslie C. French 18

The Boulevard May 2010

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The best performances receive standing ovations. When selling your home, know your audience and play directly to it. Putting your home on the market is a bit of a show, but it doesn’t have to give you butterflies. Any actor will tell you that to deliver on stage, you have to pull from personal experience while adding a fresh perspective. Enhancing your home’s simplest characteristics can provide buyers with a holistic vision of what a home has offered in the past and what it can be to future owners. Finding that balance of showing off your home’s potential and inherent comfort might seem tricky, but doesn’t have to consume your swift sale. A comprehensive understanding of where buyers are coming from and the local market makes all the difference. Ensuring your home is attractive to the scrutiny of first-time homebuyers is important in the current market because these shoppers are here to stay, having nabbed the highest market share on record during the past year. In fact, the number of firsttime homebuyers rose to nearly half of all transactions last year. With current tax incentives winding down, record low-interest rates and affordable home prices will continue to draw these buyers as they anticipate the inevitable rise. It might be difficult to step back and look at your home objectively, especially through the eyes of a first-time or upgrading buyer contemplating the future. Consider listing with a broker who offers consultation in how to properly stage your home. Think of a Crate & Barrel catalogue. What’s so seductive about these visions of staged domesticity is that everything in them is elemental and each item corresponds to a narrative of a specific and successful lifestyle. Make sure that the elements of your home work together in a harmony that suggests order and a history of easy comfort. With homes and their details searchable online, it’s best to highlight every potential that could grab buyers, as well as catch obvious pitfalls before you hit the market. Did you ever think of that nook in your kitchen as a home office? A simple renovation can qualify it as such and add everyday versatility to your space and profile. The kitchen is a hub of activity for families. A dated kitchen can quickly repel buyers who might have more contemporary tastes. Re-staining cabinets, replacing knobs or re-surfacing appliances with stainless steel panels are easy ways to freshen up a kitchen. Room specificity also gives a sense of establishment for potential buyers. Ensure that each room shows its true purpose. Consider quick updates and proper staging elements if necessary. Be aware of what trends buyers might be looking for. Yesterday’s mudroom might be tomorrow’s Pilates studio and yesterday’s den could become a home office. Dedicated office space is now standard for many young couples and even newly retired buyers looking to downgrade. Don’t leave unused space stranded, either. A dusty attic can easily become a cozy bedroom with a majority of costs recuperated in the sale of your home.

Surely these improvements help sell a house, but how can you best highlight those everyday pleasures your home has provided over the years? Examine who uses each area the most and see how these spaces can be democratized for a potential buyer. One household member may have commandeered a room with his or her own personal touches, favorite color scheme or clutter. Ensure that rooms have a broad appeal in terms of palette and style to dissuade any hesitation over minor details. You might have taken for granted the natural light in certain parts of your house. Pull back, or even get rid of the curtains and rediscover the sun. Light exalts any home’s space, especially when it has been brightened by hues in painting and home furnishings. And if you’re showing a home on a spring day, open the windows to give the house even more atmosphere and a seamless connection to the outdoors – a big selling point for active buyers. Get bold with your home’s interior. Accents of color attract young buyers, but don’t overdo it and create a circus of color. Adding a statement chair or incorporating new linens can simply modernize a traditional space. One wall in an open, airy room might do well with a coat of royal blue to add a certain drama. If a wall connects spaces like a kitchen or living area, highlight this spatial fluidity with paint and utilize these open-floor plan connections to enhance the social potential of a home. Buyers love to envision interactive spaces for spontaneous entertaining – both inside and outside. Let’s not forget the importance of curbside appeal. Clogged gutters or a shabby yard may stop potential buyers at the driveway. Make sure that your yard yields seasonal blooms, is trim, and highlights any social potential such as patio space. Sanding, repainting and waterproofing old decks or shutters is crucial to a fast resale. Reassure buyers that they won’t be burdened with fix-ups or extensive gardening responsibilities. A worry-free home counts most when you’re out of town. First-time buyers, along with buyers seeking to downgrade, are more inclined to spend the weekend on day trips instead of working in the yard or on the house. Let them know they can hit the road at the drop of a hat. Highlight areas of the house that require little maintenance and what energy-saving appliances and features your home has to offer. Above all, let your home speak for itself. It’s easy to go overboard and make it into something that it’s not – so just relax and let the most salient details come together. Like any performance, it’s all about collaboration. Feedback from honest friends and working with a trusted broker make all the difference in revealing your home’s unique features by showing its roots without getting too personal. Pretty soon, all these potential buyers will fill a packed house and you’ll be on your way. After all – the show must go on.


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4/5/10 3:13:49 PM

ShowHouse Living

Home Spa

Clean Getaway‌ The Minimalist Home Spa Courtesy of Kohler


The Boulevard May 2010

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As anyone who’s had the pleasure of the experience will tell you, there’s nothing like a spa getaway to tame your stress levels and rejuvenate your spirit. Because it isn't always possible or practical to jet off to a resort for pampering, however, an increasing number of people are creating luxurious settings of their own with at-home spas. What more convenient place to get away from it all than right down the hall, in the comfort of your own home? When designed with thought and care, your bathroom can serve as a relaxing retreat from the demands of the day. For a lot of people, getting away from it all means getting away from clutter and the stuff of everyday life. That’s why many homeowners are following the lead of the world’s most luxurious resort spas and adopting a clean, minimalist design for their private retreats.

SIMPLICITY RULES Minimalism was developed in the 20th century as an artistic movement with principles that stress a minimum number of colors, shapes, lines and textures. Designers and architects adopted the style, resulting in homes that were spare and simple, yet elegant. Typically, these homes featured architectural forms, uninterrupted planes and neutral colors. As applied to home-spa design, the minimalist approach means maximum space, minimum fuss and simple luxury. Surfaces are smooth, lines sculptural and sensual, and clutter is eliminated. Fixtures are sleek and understated; the few accessories often include organic cotton towels and soft candlelight.

INSPIRED BY NATURE The minimalist trend draws inspiration from nature. Simple home spas often contain gently flowing water, rich wood and smooth slate. Colors are calm and neutral, in whites, beiges and grays reminiscent of natural elements such as clouds, sandy beaches and river rocks.

CLEAN LINES The strength of minimalism lies in the efficiency of what exists in the room. Because the room doesn’t contain a lot of furniture or objects, each one needs to be perfectly chosen. Materials matter, and the design of each component is critical. The beauty is in the details. The Purist suite of products, which includes faucets, sinks, vanities, baths and showers, are perfect components for a minimalist-style bath, thanks to their simple lines and classic materials. Look for the following minimalist-style characteristics as you consider bath components: Fixtures: Minimalism in bathroom fixtures means simple architectural forms; geometric shapes; smooth, sculptural lines;

and low profiles. Tubs and showers should be visually appealing and a pleasure to use. Look for wall-mounted, space-saving sinks and streamlined, one-piece toilets. The Purist Hatbox toilet, for example, epitomizes minimalist design. Just above 17 inches high, the tankless toilet is an elliptical cylinder that looks like a tall hatbox. Its Power Lite flushing technology eliminates the need for an exterior tank and conserves water as well as space. Fittings: Look for sleek, wall-mounted fittings with fluid curves and a minimum of ornamentation. Faucets and handles should be modern in design, straightforward and minimal. Each piece should be the right size to serve its function without distracting from the lines of the fixtures. Furniture: Closed cabinets help to hide necessary accessories but you can further streamline your room’s look by installing touch latches or understated hardware on doors and drawers. Keep the style and finishes consistent throughout the room. Ethnic accents: Simple doesn’t have to mean characterless, by any means. Consider the warm elegance of a Scandinavian sauna, the Zen simplicity of an Asian bath, or the elemental beauty of an adobe sweat lodge. You can infuse your minimalist home spa with any of these influences by choosing appropriate materials and accents such as candles, rugs, shelving, mirrors and other accessories – kept to a minimum, of course. If you use your imagination and focus on the details when creating your at-home spa, you’ll be rewarded with a simply elegant escape where you can relax and let all your cares melt away.


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4/5/10 10:51:15 AM

Showhouse Living Home Spa

Artistic Tile’s sinuous mosaic surfs along a freestanding wall and tub surround you, making it easy to catch a wave and get swept away in this spa bathroom designed by Jamie Drake. The interlocking design allows for a continuous pattern in mosaic shown here in Ming Green marble, an elegant and delicatelyhued stone with beautiful shades of green ranging from seafoam to jade with underlying pearl-colored ripples. The sinuous mosaic imparts a light, fresh and peaceful feeling to a room and can be installed on a wall or floor. For further information, visit www.

Artistic Tile 1500 Northern Boulevard Manhasset, New York 516-365-1259 22

The Boulevard May 2010

page 022 ArtisticTileHomeSpa.ind22 22

4/5/10 10:55:15 AM


Change can be exceptional. Our staff consists of full‑time employees ‑ no independent contractors. We embrace professional service, and aspire to bring a fresh, intelligent, and transformative approach to the real estate industry. EXPERIENCETHEEASTEGGDIFFERENCE Long Island 141 Birch Hill Road Locust Valley 516.299.9240 Manhattan 590 Madison Avenue, 21st Fl. New York 212.661.5932

page 023 EastEggAd.indd 23

4/5/10 10:55:57 AM

ShowHouse Living


It's modern. It's organic. It blends the warmth of teak with the sharp lines of clean metal. Best of all, the teak is certified reclaimed and environmentally responsible and whenever we can be good to the earth, that makes us smile! Thompson sofa  $3370 Marcella chair $1685 Simon cocktail table $1255 Charles side table $1180 Pumpkin ceramic table lamp $265 Available at Bloomingdale’s


The Boulevard May 2010

page 024-025 BloomHome.indd 24

4/5/10 10:57:21 AM

Hudson Park Dining Room handcrafted in reclaimed solid teak Dining table $3365 Bench $1180 Madera armchair $1515

page 024-025 BloomHome.indd 25


4/5/10 10:57:55 AM


REINVENTING THE FEMININE MYSTIQUE As women embrace their curves and own their sexuality, designers Diane von Furstenberg, J. Mendel, Trina Turk, Shoshanna, and Andrés Sardá offer summer collections that blend the inspiration of the global market with the nature of woman. The emphasis is on accenting curvaceous lines, defining the waist and bringing attention to long, sexy legs. Accessories follow suit with elements of natural materials in a soft palette of colors reflective of sunsets on the savanna. 1. Diane von Furstenberg Ibiza Cardigan in Creeping Leopard Fresh , Shorts, Dark Khaki Chiffon Blouse 2. Pura Lopez sandal in natural / 3. Marlaina Stone Mary Necklace / $3,800 4. RAFE Beaded Ikat Kim minaudière in blue / $275






page 026-031 SummerFashion.indd 26

4/5/10 10:59:06 AM

Free Endearment Arizona Suitcase in Orange /

Matt Bernson Jonah in primary blue patent / $174 Marlaina Stone Adele Necklace / $2,300

Andrés Sardá Walk of Fame Top / $225 and Bottom / $159

RAFE Riveted leather Zoe clutch in white / $295 Pade Vavra Magical Landscape ring / $4,000 Jee Vice Passionate sunglasses in black/grey fade to rose / $290 Pura Lopez platform slingback sandal in dark walnut

Andrés Sardá Gina bandeau one piece


page 026-031 SummerFashion.indd 27


4/5/10 11:00:31 AM

FASHION REINVENTING THE FEMININE MYSTIQUE Anya Hindmarch Otha satin clutch in Look at Me / $745

Dori Csengeri Perception bracelt / $592

Jemma Wynne 18K Chabachon Rose Quartz with Pave White and Cognac diamonds / $11,500 /

“Illumination at night makes for unexpected colors” - J. Mendel

RAFE Metal and Shell Maryanne clutch in grey / $495

Pura Lopez platform sandals in blush / J. Mendel Sunset amber double-face satin, strapless structural dress with curvilinear seam details /



page 026-031 SummerFashion.indd 28

4/5/10 11:04:34 AM

Pura Lopez peep-toe pump in light biege /

Moni Moni Lily bag in plum / $188

Jee Vice Vivid in orange/grey fade to orange / $325

Shoshanna Graffiti floral scoop back sheath / $340 / available at Saks

Jee Vice Exotic brown and caramel/ bronze fade / $190 Matt Bernson Nouer IV in silver and bronze / $169

Anya Hindmarch Halen straw bag in pale gold / $745

Gemma Redux Cass bracelet / $347 /

Shoshanna Rio Grande bandeau top / $139 and bottom / $84 available at Urban Chic


page 026-031 SummerFashion.indd 29


4/5/10 11:08:26 AM


1. Shoshanna Ikat strapless / $265 / available at 2. Jee Vice Witty in black/grey fade to rose / $325 / 3. Matt Bernson Bo Peep in bronze crackle / $195 / 4. Jemma Wynne 18K Yellow Quartz ring / $11,000 / 212.980.8500 5. Jemma Wynne 18K Tourmaline and Sapphire hoop earrings / $5000 212.980.8500 6. West Feren I’m With The Band clutch in caramel / $250




2 3



page 026-031 SummerFashion.indd 30

4/5/10 11:11:46 AM

Trina Turk Rajan vest in khaki / $286, Jacquetta hoodie in navy / $158, Zoom short in shamrock / $158 /

Jee Vice Cry Baby in gold/bronze fade / $285

Marlaina Stone Mica ring / $750

|Ž',”2A “-1*7,?€uuy{z yuz |~u@v{z~ 555A66'4"'+-,"1A!-+

Pura Lopez wood wedge in natural suede /

page 026-031 SummerFashion.indd 31

Hand Crafted By



EFTJHOT 4/5/10 11:15:04 AM

Actress and Bond Girl Isabella Scorupco wears the Oleg Cassini vivid red pleated, silk chiffon gown, adorned with bold chiffon flowers.

On Location in

Hollywood ...



page 032-037 OlegCassini_OCAd.in32 32

4/5/10 11:18:58 AM

Š Photo credit: Jeff Forney

Actress Malin Akerman wears Oleg Cassini’s crystal, white silk chiffon gown. The bodice is trimmed with black chiffon roses, which are sprinkled with polished jet stones.

page 032-037 OlegCassini_OCAd.in33 33


4/5/10 11:19:09 AM

The Oleg Cassini sweetheart, strapless gown is worn by singer/songwriter, Lee Nestor. Rich black satin is embroidered with beading at the narrowed bodice and ball gown skirt. Jewelry: Oleg Cassini Collection


The Boulevard May 2010

page 032-037 OlegCassini_OCAd.in34 34

4/5/10 11:19:42 AM

Catching the light on stage in Las Vegas, Taylor Swift performs at the Justin Timberlake concert wearing Oleg Cassini’s crystal-beaded fringe slip dress. The fringes are made of miniature, polished crystals on silver.

page 032-037 OlegCassini_OCAd.in35 35


4/5/10 11:20:40 AM

Gate wears the Oleg Cassini floor-length, peony pink silk chiffon halter gown that is bowed at center front with crystal-trimmed chiffon cords.


The Boulevard May 2010

page 032-037 OlegCassini_OCAd.in36 36

4/5/10 11:21:29 AM

A love affair that never ends.

page 032-037 OlegCassini_OCAd.in37 37

4/5/10 11:22:13 AM

Profile Beth Stern

Aqua Lucite Two Row Necklace, $70, Bloomingdales


The Boulevard May 2010

page 038-043 BethStern.indd 38

4/5/10 11:27:47 AM



By Ruth Bashinsky / Photography By Joe Schildhorn for PATRICK MCMULLAN COMPANY

/ Makeup By Rose Jonsson at Paul LaBrecque Salon / Hair By Salome / Beth Stern (aka Beth Ostrosky) giggles as her neck and shoulder are sniffed, then playfully licked, tickled and nuzzled. No, it wasn’t the famous shock jock Howard Stern showing affection for his wife. It was a group of adorable puppies sharing the spotlight with Stern, an animal enthusiast and the national spokesperson for North Shore Animal League America (NSALA), the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization, during a photo shoot to promote animal rescue. “It’s good I have my makeup artist with me,” laughs Beth, as she surrenders to the affection of her fans – Licorice, a black Labrador Retriever; Gracie, a Staffordshire mix; and Chloe, a Basset Hound mix who seemed more interested in putting Stern’s Valentino sandal in her mouth than posing for the camera. The puppies are unpredictable, feisty and fun – traits Beth is apparently used to. After all, she is married to one of the most provocative and unpredictable radio personalities on the airwaves today. Sitting in an NSALA room that had been converted into a dressing room, Beth is back in her denim jeans, white sweater and warm, fuzzy boots, looking relaxed and ready to chitchat with The Boulevard magazine about her passion for animals, her life as a newlywed, her upcoming projects and her decision to use her married name instead of her maiden name. “This will be the first magazine where I’m Beth Stern. It feels right … a year into the marriage.” Nevertheless, don’t let her pretty smile fool you. The 5-foot-10-inch beauty is more than just Mrs. Howard Stern. For the last five years, she has been actively working as a spokesperson for NSALA to help raise awareness of their mission. An avid pet lover, she first became involved with the not-for-profit when she modeled for them in a fashion show

luncheon and was asked if she would be part of their ad campaign. The rest is history. “Animals are my life and I think they saw my passion,” says Beth, who, as a young girl growing up in Pittsburgh, was surrounded by a houseful of rescue cats, dogs, guinea pigs and chicks. In fact, the first pet she ever had was a rescue named Suzie-dog. “Suziedog was a big, fluffy Collie mix. She was the best. I remember her sitting there for hours as I pretended to be a schoolteacher when I was little. She was my only student and the perfect student. She will be in my heart forever.” Since Beth took on the role of spokesperson for the Animal League, she helps the not-for-profit with anything from adoptions to event appearances to puppy mill rescues. She also has done public service announcements and is frequently on


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4/5/10 11:28:24 AM

television and radio talking about the organization that helps to find loving homes for approximately 20,000 companion animals a year and has accomplished almost one million adoptions to date. “It is so inspiring and I feel so honored to be part of NSALA. I love being here when adoptions are happening. I love going to the adult dog area and helping people with their adoptions. I come when we have puppy mill rescues. I love to take the animals off the mobile units, clean them off and get them ready to be adopted. If I am having a bad week or a bad day, personally or at work, I know what I have to do. [I have to] go to the NSALA and volunteer my time. I come home so fulfilled and it puts everything in perspective after seeing what these amazing people are doing and seeing some of the animals’ heartfelt stories and the happy endings when they get adopted. It makes life so worthwhile to me.” In January, the Sterns, who already are the parents of an 8-year-old English Bulldog named Bianca Romijin-Stamos O’Connell Ostrosky Stern, added a new member to their family, a special needs cat named Apple. Before adopting the cat from NSALA, Stern said she and Howard fostered the feline to make sure there would be a love connection with the family. “I knew I would be okay but I wanted to make sure there was harmony

Beth Stern and Apple

[among] Bianca, Howard and Apple. Within an hour my husband fell in love with her. Bianca got swatted in the head a few times but took it like a champ and was so kind and welcoming to her. And now Apple is the greatest addition to our family. When Howard plays chess, Apple jumps on his desk and stares at him. It is the cutest thing.” When asked if Apple had been named 40

after Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter, Beth laughs. “I am the biggest Gwyneth Paltrow fan but, no, Apple came home with the name already.” And, like any proud new parent who is excited to show off her new offspring, Beth adds: “She is precious. She is a gray beige Tabby with a marking. I have to send you a picture.” Beth’s maternal behavior makes one wonder if there will be any little Howards or Beths running around anytime soon, but she makes no secret that she is completely and utterly content with her life just the way it is. “I don’t have the need to have children but I do want to have more animals in my life. I am very fulfilled … very satisfied … and very, very happy.” She feels fortunate for the loving relationship she shares with Howard’s three daughters, who are 26, 23 and 17. “They are fantastic girls. I think they look at me as their friend Beth and I love the relationship that we share.” This past October marked the couple’s first year of marriage. When asked about married life with her best friend, Beth’s blue almond-shaped eyes suddenly twinkle. “Howard is my favorite subject to talk about. He is a great husband. He is different at home than how he portrays himself on the air. He is gentle and sweet and soft-spoken and just precious and adorable. Talking is our connection. He is so interesting and smart. He always knows the right thing to do. I love his advice. We have a lot of fun together. He just makes life so joyful.” Chatting like girlfriends do, Beth was excited to provide the details of her love story to someone who did not know it and who was happy to listen. She explained that the pair first met 10 years ago at a dinner party that neither of them was supposed to be at. “We were both invited last minute and that was the evening we fell in love. We were both at the perfect time in our lives to meet each other. It was fate.” Howard’s eyes, she says, were the first thing that attracted her to him. “I found them to be incredibly sexy.” As for that dark wavy long head of hair, Beth states that every strand is real. “Everyone thinks it is a wig. I need to put it out there that Howard’s hair is real and thick and it sheds like crazy, more than Bianca.” She adds that life with “The King of All Media” is not what one may suspect. “I think people are amazed to hear that we go to bed at 8 p.m. and we are up by 4 a.m. And the weekends are pretty much the same thing. If it is a crazy night, we may stay up until 9:30 -10 p.m. We are up at the crack of dawn, walking the dog. We eat by 5 p.m. We go out and have dinner and that is the excitement in our lives. We are a very normal, boring couple.” In May, Beth will be launching a book she co-wrote titled Oh, My Dog!, a 500-page reference book that she believes every dog owner should have. The book is a guide to grooming, feeding, bonding and caring for your dog. Stern mixed her own personal experiences with those of seasoned experts, including top veterinarians, behaviorists, trainers, etc. She was humbled by the experience, she says; putting the book together was a lengthy process that took a lot of hard work. Beth believes she is a better dog owner because of it. As one of her contributions for the book she took a Red Cross first aid course for dogs to

© Photogragh By Christopher Appoldt

Profile Beth Stern

The Boulevard May 2010

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Diane von Furstenberg “Syrah� Printed Voile Blouse, $198, Bloomingdales

page 038-043 BethStern.indd 41


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help prepare her for an emergency situation and then penned her experience. “I mouthed the snout of a stuffed animal,” she laughs. “I have learned so much. People think because of my association with NSALA and my passion for animals that I am an expert [but] I wasn’t and I still don’t feel that I am. That is why I think everybody who has a dog should have this book because it is so informative and easy to use.” She plans on donating a portion of the proceeds from the book to NSALA. She has also tapped into her entrepreneurial side, inventing a doggie dental hygiene product called Pawfect Smile (www. that will debut around the same time of her book launch. Beth said she came up with the idea years ago, based on her own experience brushing her dog’s teeth. The product is similar to a felt tip pen and releases peanut butter and vanilla-flavored toothpaste that keeps a dog’s teeth healthy and


clean. “It was always so difficult and sloppy for me, and I assume for other people, to brush their dog’s teeth, so I wanted to come up with a product to make it easy and fun for people. Taking care of your dog’s teeth can prolong their life for up to five years.” All of the proceeds from Pawfect Smile, she adds, will be donated to animal rescue. Blessed with good genes (her mother was a model), Beth started her modeling career at a young age. She was discovered at a department store when she was 11. Her perfect physique has been recognized as one of FHM’s Top 100 Sexiest Women of the Year from 2002 to 2004 and again in 2007, but Beth acknowledges that those days are behind her. These days, in addition to her work at NSALA, she is a regular on the morning talk show circuit as a fashion expert doing makeovers as well as dog segments for NSALA. Over the past year, she has appeared frequently on the Tyra Banks Show as an advice panelist and she continues to be a special correspondent for Extra. On Memorial Day, fans can see Beth on the ABC reality show True Beauty where she will act as a judge alongside Carson Kressley when a group of contestants compete for the Face of Vegas. One of her long-term goals, she says, is to open her own animal shelter and expand what she is doing now. In the meantime, she is busy gearing up for the NSALA Pet Adoptathon weekend, May 1 and 2. As part of a global initiative, the facility will be open for 36 hours straight. Events like these, where she is helping with adoptions, particularly adoptions of adult dogs, are by far the most meaningful to Beth. “I remember witnessing an older couple adopt a dog who just lost its previous owner. And then there was Porgy the Corgi, a special needs dog who had bad eyesight and had to get shots every day. I never thought this dog would get adopted, but a schoolteacher came in and adopted the dog and now takes him with her to class every day, so her students can spend time with him. Then there was the blind German Shepherd puppy. A family came in, fell in love with this dog and brought him home. There were goosebumps … tears ... it was beautiful. The stories are phenomenal … people are so amazing to adopt from a shelter.” Completely devoted to the work she is doing at NSALA, Beth jokes that she will be with the organization until they kick her out. For more information on North Shore Animal League America, visit or call 516-883-7575.


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Ruth Bashinsky, Rose Jonsson, Beth Stern, Angela Susan Anton, Jason Feinberg, Joanne Yohannan, and Tina Guiomar. Photo by Joe Schildhorn/PMC


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Gary Dell’Abate

Books New Talent: Introducing Murphy, Pumpkin and Boo / By Jason Feinberg / 44

© Photography By Kevin Mazur/Wire Image

Profile Gary Dell’Abate

The Boulevard May 2010

page 044-045 GaryDellAbate.indd 44

4/5/10 4:40:00 PM

© Photography By Kevin Mazur/WIRE IMAGE

“Hey, Jason, it’s Gary Dell’Abate,” said the voice on the phone.” I had to pause for a moment as I almost expected to hear, “It’s Baba Booey,” a name that has become synonymous with the Howard Stern show. But today’s conversation wouldn’t be about Gary and Howard, Gary the executive producer, Gary and the talent he books, Gary’s support of our troops, or Gary and LIFEbeat, the organization that works for AIDS awareness and prevention. I was saving those conversations for The Boulevard’s upcoming feature with Gary. Today’s interview was about Gary and the North Shore Animal League America, the animal charity the boss’ wife, Beth Stern, drew him into about four years ago. As I spoke with Dell’Abate, he told me about the day he was scouting talent at the North Shore Animal League America. Instead of stroking celebrity egos, Gary found himself stroking a couple of rescue cats, Pumpkin and Boo, while considering booking them for a fulltime gig at the Dell’Abates, playing alongside Murphy, his family’s Vizsla. Of the experience, Gary says, “It was really one of those situations where you go in to find an animal and they find you. The cats were part of the same litter. We knew we wanted a pair and thought it would be really great to keep them together.” When bringing a new pet into a home that already houses an animal (especially one of a different species), there is a lot of concern about how the animals will get along. NSALA once again proved that Gary had come to the right place. “The people at North Shore gave my wife a bunch of advice and my wife was able to call and speak to them anytime. They told my wife what to do – don’t let them get together right away … let them spend a little time together each day – and after two weeks, whatever my wife did worked, because they get along great!”

Boo and Pumpkin

Gary is no stranger to the North Shore Animal League America, located in Port Washington. Growing up in Uniondale,

Murphy and Pumpkin


SITUATIONS where you

go in to find AN ANIMAL and they find you.

he recalls his family adopting their first dog, a beagle, when he was very young. However, his adult involvement with NSALA, including walking the red carpet at the annual DogCatemy Awards, began when Beth brought him on board; it’s an involvement that has progressed very well ever since. “One thing I always knew growing up was that North Shore was where you went to get your dog or cat [but] I didn’t know it was the largest no-kill shelter in the world. Once you go there, you’re a sucker. You know, it’s impossible not to adopt. I would say to my wife, ‘Maybe we should take that dog, too.’” While not a permanent solution for an animal, NSALA is the perfect haven between homelessness and home. “They are treated so well [there] and they are such friendly animals,” says Gary, once again giving props to the shelter. “Beth tells a story of a full-grown dog and how the owner just got sick of him. How terrible is that? You look at him [and] ask, ‘What is that one’s story?’ and they tell you. So then you say, ‘Maybe we should take that one, too.’ I find it hard to believe that anyone would leave there without an animal.” Obviously, Pumpkin and Boo sensed that as soon as they caught sight of Gary. “Hey,” I can imagine them conspiring, “It’s Baba Booey. Let’s pick him to take us home.”

For more on Gary and some of the organizations he is involved with, please visit and


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Profile Kathyrn Erbe


The Boulevard May 2010

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Law & Order Criminal Intent’s

KathrynErbe Lives Life With Passion

By Ilena Ryan / Photography By Christopher Appoldt Walking elegantly alongside Law and Order: Criminal Intent’s Kathryn Erbe is a beautiful blonde, so beautiful that people stop her just to extend compliments. This happens on a regular basis; Erbe has come to expect it. Her companion is her dog, Lilah, who was adopted from the North Shore Animal League America (NSALA) about a year and a half ago. Lilah is a mutt-i-gree, a member of the eponymous American Mutt-i-grees Club, and served as poster dog for the NSALA’s campaign, appearing in public service announcements and billboards alongside her owner. The goal of the Mutt-i-grees Club is to change the public’s perception of mixed-breed dogs. Bringing Lilah into the lives of Erbe and her two children, Maeve, 14, and Carson, 6, was one of the best decisions the family made. “There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t feel good about [it],” Erbe says. The decision to adopt a dog came about when Maeve had to have two teeth pulled in August of 2008. The family had been talking about getting a dog for a while and they decided the time was right – a puppy would be a good cheerme-up for Maeve. After Maeve’s dental surgery, the family drove from their Brooklyn home to the North Shore Animal League America in Port Washington, NY. As soon as they laid their eyes on Lilah, they found they couldn’t take their eyes off her. The “little blonde puffball,” as Erbe described Lilah, charmed the family and the adoption happened that day, along with the request from the NSALA staff for Erbe to work with their organization. “I’m lucky that I have a very prominent job and they recognized me, and before I knew it, people came up to me and asked if I’d be interested in getting involved with NSALA. Our experience with them was so pleasant, and when they started to talk to me about what happens to these animals because of puppy mills and when you see how many beautiful, wonderful,

amazing, smart and kind animals need homes, it really became a passion for me and my kids,” Erbe says. Erbe devotes her time to getting the word out about adoption, as well as being a spokesperson, along with Lilah, for the mutt-i-gree campaign. It’s a cause they both believe strongly in. “There are so many reasons to adopt; hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats [are] in need of homes. It takes a little bit of effort, but it’s the right thing to do, it really is. Mutts have fewer health problems, often they’re incredibly intelligent, and that’s what Lilah is. She’s the kindest, gentlest, smartest, most intuitive dog I’ve ever met. She loves children; she loves other animals. [And] she’s grown into being a watchdog, which I wanted, as a single mom,” Erbe says. If adoption is not an option, Erbe urges people to show their support and love for these animals in other ways, such as by donating money, products and time. Her devotion to NSALA reflects Erbe’s passionate personality—a passion she also applies to her acting career. She spent her school years dancing, singing and acting in school plays and musicals. Growing up in Newton, MA, a suburb of Boston, Erbe always knew she wanted to be a professional actor, but she found herself in a very dark place during her high school years. She almost was forced to let go of her dreams but her passion for performing kept her going. “I really had a hard time. I was not a happy kid. I was very sad, very depressed, had very low self-esteem, and I eventually ended up involved in the wrong crowd of people—they were my friends but they were up to no good. [I] got involved in different things, drugs, and I dropped out of school when I was a junior,” she recalls. But after her parents sent her to an alternative school in Western Massachusetts, Erbe turned her life around. She applied to just one college—New York University—and told her story in her application: she needed acting to turn her life around. She

page 048-050 KathrynErbe.indd 49


4/5/10 11:39:23 AM


was accepted and entered the school as a drama major. “I really have always been a survivor,” she says. In her senior year at NYU, instead of taking the conventional route of showcasing for agents, she mailed her headshot to 10 of the biggest agencies at the time, and fortunately was called in. Before she had even graduated, she had booked a pilot for a show called Chicken Soup with Lynn Redgrave and Jackie Mason and was the only member of her class to have a professional job. “I’ve been working ever since,” she recalls. After a series of television appearances and movie roles, Erbe found herself in the role of Detective Alexandra Eames on Law and Order: Criminal Intent. The show was a gift to Erbe, not only because she loved playing the role of a New York City cop, but because it allowed her to perform her most important duty: that of being a mom. “I was so lucky to have the job on Criminal Intent for as long as I did. As an actor, you have no solidity to your life. Right before I got that job, my daughter was 5, in kindergarten, and I used to take her everywhere, [but] we couldn’t do that anymore. I was despairing because I didn’t think I could deal with the lifestyle of being an ambitious actress. It’s not conducive to raising a family, at least on the level I was trying to do it, so I went in for this Law and Order job, and nine years later, it was probably the best thing that ever happened to my career. It gave me a schedule, my kids knew where I was, they had a playroom in my dressing room,” Erbe says. 50

When asked if her kids will follow her acting path, Erbe answers, “Yes, unfortunately,” with a laugh. While Carson is too young to have formed a decision, Maeve has expressed interest and will be attending a performing arts high school. Erbe offers advice to young actors: “It’s a really, really unfair and difficult business. I could use a lot of expletives, but I won’t. The best thing they can do is do it their own way, do everything they can to feel good about themselves, and [bring] what they alone can bring to each and every project that comes their way.” And, she adds: “Go to school! Get a college education!” For her next job, Erbe is looking for a role that will allow her kids to be her priority. While she would love to play another character like Detective Eames, she’s open to comedy. Regarding her serious, dramatic parts she says, “I tend to be attracted to those roles. I like darkness, I like exploring those emotions, but I think it would be really fun to do something totally different.” But for now, she’s enjoying having more time to spend with Maeve, Carson and Lilah, being able to relax and read an entire book, and dedicating her time to charitable organizations. “I’m using the time well; it’s really nice to just live life after nine years of a really hard schedule,” she says.


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Profile Rescue Ink


The Boulevard May 2010

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PROFILE RESCUE INK When I think about the crew from Rescue Ink, it reminds me of The A Team from the ‘80s. “In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help and if you can find them, maybe you can hire…the A Team.” Okay, so the guys from Rescue Ink are not soldiers of fortune and they don’t get paid for what they do, but if an animal has a problem and if you can find them, the Rescue Ink team is there to help. The founding members of Rescue Ink, Joe Panz, Big Ant and Johnny O, came to the The Boulevard office to sit down for a video interview. At first glance, it would seem that I, at under 100 lbs., and they, big muscular intimidating men, would have little or nothing in common. But that’s not the case at all; we all have loved and cared for animals all our lives. With three years’ experience as a veterinary technician, I felt I had a true understanding of the passion these men have for the safety and well-being of animals. Joe Panz, Big Ant and Johnny O have been friends forever, long before they started Rescue Ink. They grew up in the same neighborhood, Ozone Park, and they had the same interests: motorcycles, hot rods, tattoos and a love for animals. Growing up, these were the guys someone would come to if they had a problem; they were there to resolve the situation. In 2004, a story was brought to their attention about an abused pit bull named Maximus. Shocked to learn that it was going on right in their neighborhood, they decided to take action and began the group that evolved into the organization it is today. Other rescue groups, comprised of mainly women like me, began approaching them about situations that were way beyond their abilities and very dangerous, trusting that the guys, with their aggressive in-your-face style, would confront the abusers, get the animals out of danger and educate abusers on what they were doing wrong. Cases are brought to their attention by concerned citizens calling the office or filing a complaint on the website rescueink. org. Mary, the office manager, filters the calls and forwards any information to pet investigators to run any priors the abusers may have. “We have to know. You never know when you knock on the door what’s on the other side.” They get 400-500 cases a day; the most heinous ones are addressed first. “A rescue is not a rescue until that animal is in a loving home. That’s a rescue,” says Big Ant. They take every step to ensure the animals they rescue will be safe forever. They knock on the problem’s door, stop the abuse from happening again, adopt the animal out and keep up with the new owner to be sure that the animal never has to deal with the effects of abuse again. Something to keep in mind is that these abusers probably have a long history of abusing. Statistics state that 100 percent of all pedophiles, serial killers and serial rapists all start by abusing animals. When they lose interest in that, they move on to the


helpless children, women and the elderly. What the Rescue Ink guys do that really makes a difference is to reach out to kids and teach them how to properly treat animals. Johnny O said it perfectly when he stated that there are “many ways to educate, not just with the abusers, but also starting with the young.” If you can end abuse at a young age, or before it starts, you have a head start on making the world a little safer. Rescue Ink takes pride in changing the stigma attached to being an animal lover. It’s often looked at as wimpy or weak but these guys let everyone know that it’s “ok to be a tough guy and still do the right thing” and help animals. (Are you going to call one of these guys a wimp?) At adoption clinics, the trend is no longer just women; men on bikes have started pulling up and the Rescue Ink crew has helped make that difference. You see them as tough guys but know they have a soft spot for animals and that’s cool. Another stigma the guys from Rescue Ink are trying to rid through educating the public is the unfair rap of the pit bull. I have a friend with a pit bull named Riblet. I remember babysitting her and she was the sweetest little pup that anyone could ever imagine, even nicer than the cat she lived with. But pit bulls are in the news constantly due to their use in fighting rings and the negative thought that sticks with people is that these are aggressive, mean animals. Joe explains, “It’s just a breed that people have brought around and abused that are made to do something that they weren’t meant to do. Even fighting dogs, if anyone knows anything about fighting dogs, are not human-aggressive.” To bring awareness to the public the team brings their mascot, Rebel, whenever they can. Rebel is a pit bull rescued from a fighting ring in Kentucky. Rebel was not as aggressive as the others so the abusers would use him as bait against the more aggressive dogs in the ring. This dog was put through so much, but with time and patience, he has learned to trust and love humans. With the success of their TV show, Rescue Ink Unleashed, Rescue Ink has brought a growing awareness to the abuse of animals worldwide. However, they are just eight men and their success, unfortunately, has its downside. With the current recession, donations for the organization have decreased and the guys are relying more and more on other animal lovers for any help they can get for the cause. You can visit their website, www., to donate and/or volunteer; the guys appreciate every hour and dollar. Also on the site is information on Rescue Ink’s fundraising concert on April 22 at Mulcahy’s in Wantagh. Your $60 donation will get you an evening of live music, door prizes, an open bar and a hot buffet as well as an opportunity to support animal rights and give animals a voice. The only way to end the abuse is to take action. We can’t all physically go into those dangerous situations but we can take the necessary steps to help those who do. Visit B Online at to view our full video interview with the crew of Rescue Ink.


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Profile Rick DiPietro


The Boulevard May 2010

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Holds the Goal

While Cassie Scores With NSALA / By Jules Rabin / Photography By Richard DiPietro Sr. / When New York Islander owner Charles Wang reached for the sporting heavens and signed Rick DiPietro to a 15-year contract in September of 2006, the visionary Islander leader did not realize that vicariously, he was becoming an avid sponsor of the North Shore Animal League America. Rick’s wife, Cassie, is a gung-ho volunteer at the nationally known shelter and is currently working overtime to bring other Islander wives and girlfriends on board. Married to the Islander goalie for less than a year, Cassie was looking to become involved in local charitable endeavors. Hearing nothing but wonderful things from friends and neighbors about NSALA’s heralded work, she tested the waters by volunteering. Now Cassie is a fullfledged enthusiast for the Animal League and handles any and all necessary duties, from driving animals to the vet to cleaning up. Currently involved in a new rescue mission, the charming graduate of Manhattan’s Marymount College (with double majors in theater and sociology) has already brought Islander wives Lindsey Meyer (Freddie) and Teri Hunter (Trent) into the project. As for Rick, his focus remains on regaining his health, strength and flexibility after a series of injuries and operations that started with a concussion in March 2007. A workhorse in the nets when healthy, DP already has a fistful of career highlights, plus a couple of fascinating records, not all of which are well known. For example, in the quarterfinals of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Championship Tournament in 2000 playing for Boston University, he stopped a record 77 out of 80 shots in a quadruple-overtime loss to St. Lawrence. “Losing the game after the tremendous effort by both teams was hugely frustrating,” he says. Then during the 2007 season with

the Islanders, Rick stopped 56 shots in a 2-1 loss to the Rangers, establishing the current Islander record. DiPietro, who has forged a strong relationship with Wang over the years, is overjoyed at his boss’ initiative to have the Islanders pre-season preparation take place in China in the fall of 2010. “Charles’ futuristic thinking is fabulous for the sport,” DP says. “Personally, I can’t wait for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy the experience and take in things like the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.” Rick’s career has had its memorable ups and downs. He still can’t decide whether his biggest thrill to date was the day in 2001 when he was drafted No. 1 by the Islanders or his Olympic selection in 2006 where he was America’s No. 1 goalie. “Both were awesome,” he recalls. Close behind was his selection to the 2008 National Hockey League’s All Star team. He shares his passion for the ice with his other athletic love – baseball. DP has taken batting practice with the Mets and with the Long Island Ducks last season, where Gary Carter was manager. When asked who the toughest shooters in the NHL to stop are, DP puts Alexander Ovetchkin of the Washington Caps, the 2010 “Russian Rocket,” just about at the top. However, the All-Star he really feared the most was the now retired, original “Russian Rocket,” Pavel Bure. “When he retired [in 2005], I heaved a huge sigh of relief. It seems he was forever scoring another goal against me.” With hockey and volunteerism, baseball and each other, Rick and Cassie DiPietro are carving out a full and enjoyable life in New York, a life made all that sweeter when shared with their wonderful pooch, Roxy.


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This Long Islander’s Got Chutzpah (If You Don’t Know What It Means, Google It)

Profile Carol Leifer

/ By

Jason Feinberg 58

The Boulevard May 2010

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Sometimes we really do live in a small world. A few months ago, Stephanie Schulman from the Sid Jacobson JCC contacted me to say that Carol Leifer would be performing there in March and if we were interested in an interview, she would get the ball rolling. Of course we were interested. Carol has a long history in the comedy world and I had seen her promoting her book, When You Lie About Your Age, the Terrorists Win, on Real Time with Bill Maher, (The Boulevard’s November 2009 cover). Once we had confirmation, I planned to feature Carol in July. But then something happened the day before I was to meet with her. Carol was scheduled to be on the Howard Stern Show on the morning of our interview. Coincidently, I was speaking with Howard’s wife Beth when I heard this and Beth said, “Oh my God, I love Carol. She’s a great friend of mine and she had Donald Trump donate $10,000 to the North Shore Animal League America.” Naturally, this changed everything. I went back to Carol’s book, skipped ahead, and sure enough came to the chapter called “Five Lessons of Animal Adoption.” It was bashert (Google again).

“You can take these DISGUSTING things

that happen in life and turn it into comedy GOLD.

Carol and I met at the Roslyn Claremont Hotel on Long Island where Cindy Young had graciously provided us with some quiet space. A native Long Islander, Leifer grew up in East Williston and has proclaimed that she is a Jewish lesbian vegan, since being simply a Jewish lesbian hadn’t put her in a small enough minority. Albeit a joke, the real truth to the matter is Carol’s résumé and achievements are certainly unsurpassed. Discovered doing stand up by David Letterman, she has appeared on his show 25 times, graced The Tonight Show with Carson and Leno … and the list goes on. She’s opened for Sinatra, is an accomplished sitcom writer and the Seinfield character Elaine Benes was loosely based on her. I just had to ask: “Now that you’re at the Sid Jacobson JCC, do you feel like you’ve finally made it?” She laughs. I ask seriously if the real ‘minority factor’ are the opportunities that she has had? “I still can’t believe it sometimes. I’ve had so many career highlights. Franks Sinatra – that happened 20 years ago – and I keep having firsts. This year I worked with Steve Martin for the first time on the Oscars.” Unless you live in a cave, there’s a slim chance that you aren’t familiar with the writing style of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Carol has written for both, including such famous episodes as “The Hamptons” (with the ugly baby) and “The Rye”

where Frank Costanza takes home a marble rye that wasn’t served with dinner. How is it possible to stay so fresh with this style of material? “It’s the beauty of life,” says Leifer. “There’s always something funny out there. I mean literally, just as I was coming here, a friend of mine from LA … [called and said] he finally opened his garbage can outside and there was shit in it and he didn’t know how it happened. So he played a tape – he has cameras at his house – and apparently his pool guy has been leaving his number twos in his trashcan and he’s complaining about it. I’m laughing and I said, ‘This is a really horrible experience but you have to tell Larry David about it because this is a Curb Your Enthusiasm idea if I ever heard one!’ So the great thing about comedy is that you can take these disgusting things that happen in life and turn it into comedy gold.” “There’s never a lack of inspiration,” adds Leifer, mentioning such comedians as Lucille Ball, Steve Martin, George Carlin, Bill Maher, Henny Youngman, Alan King and Rodney Dangerfield. In March 2009 Carol published her first book, When You Lie About Your Age, The Terrorists Win, a collection of pure comedy essays, advice and some statements from the heart. “I really found that the book is really connecting. I’m getting so many messages from people saying [they] really laughed but there were so many other areas in the book that [they] got teary. It’s a new experience for me to touch people in that way. There are also a lot of people that are over 35 and I really wanted to connect with that audience because they are dying to laugh about getting older.” In March 2010 Leifer appeared on Celebrity Apprentice playing for the North Shore Animal League when she was abruptly fired. Having remembered that Donald Trump was a fan of NSALA, she asked him if he would make a donation, to which he cut a check for $10,000. “And I just got an email that they got the check today and it’s cashed!” she laughs. Carol is no stranger to helping animal causes. In September 2007, she won an auction for Michael Vick’s apology letter. “Animal cruelty – the punishment doesn’t fit the crime yet. I felt like this could be a double win for the Humane Society. It was a great opportunity to write them a big check but when the time is right, we will put the note up for auction again.” Carol credits her partner Lori with turning her on to animals. “We tend to rescue the harder luck cases, the more senior dogs, because they are the hardest to adopt. When you see in the shelters what’s happening, especially with the recession – that’s why I wanted to play for an animal cause on Apprentice – with heartbreaking stories of people who are turning in their animals because they can’t afford them or are moving and leaving their animals behind. It’s stupefying. Being from Long Island, from East Williston, I wanted to play for my hometown, for North Shore.” Later that night Carol performed not far from her hometown at the Sid Jacobson JCC in East Hills. She opened with, “So I was backstage reading The Boulevard magazine.” The rest of the show didn’t seem as important after that.


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Carly Simon’s BacK

But She’s Never Really Been Gone

Out of The Box Jonathan Clarke

/ By Jonathan Clarke / 60

The Boulevard May 2010

page 060-061 CarlySimon.indd 60

4/5/10 11:49:22 AM

The hardest part in setting up my interview with Carly Simon was getting approval from my building to allow Carly to bring along her dog, Molly, who evidently goes with her everywhere. When we finally did get the OK, Carly showed up with the adorable Molly, and during the course of the interview, Molly jumped around and played with toys in the studio. And despite the occasional bump into a microphone, it was actually a little comic relief from the standard interview. And as Carly told me, the great thing about animals is, they never worry. They don’t think about the past or the future, they just think about right now. And talk about rock royalty – Simon’s won a few Grammys and she was the first artist to win an Oscar, a Grammy and a Golden Globe for the same song, “Let the River Run” from the Working Girl soundtrack. In addition to these accomplishments, Carly has produced and written several TV and other film soundtracks, recorded several albums of standards, recorded music for an opera, and written children’s books. She’s known worldwide for huge hits like “Anticipation”, “You’re So Vain,” “That’s the Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be,” “Nobody Does It Better” and “Mockingbird” (with former husband James Taylor). She and Taylor have two wonderful kids, Ben and Sally. I asked her about the writing of “You’re So Vain” and the story behind having Mick Jagger on that song and also about working with her son Ben on her new album, Never Been Gone, an album of Carly’s classic songs, reinterpreted.

Carly Simon – Ben really put on his producer’s cap for this. He was the guy behind the job and is a brilliant musician and it comes to him naturally … and also my daughter Sally, who makes an appearance on this album, too. But Ben was really instrumental in getting me to do this album, because at the time, I wasn’t interested in doing anything. He just said, “Let’s do some of your old songs like ‘You’re So Vain’ and ‘Anticipation’ in an unplugged sort of way.” Jonathan Clarke – And speaking of “You’re So Vain,” people for years now have been so fascinated by this song and specifically who the song is about; in fact, you have a whole section on your website about that song.

after that, I was on a plane going to Palm Springs for my record company’s convention, and my friend Billy, who was sitting next to me said, “Look at your coffee; it looks like there are clouds in it.” So I wrote that down, too. At the time, I didn’t relate those three lines together at all. But I got back to New York and had this melody in my head and I came up with a shell of a song that was completely different [from] how the song came out eventually. So it stalled there, but I then went back to my notebook and realized that the guy that the song is about is probably that guy that came into the party. So I continued on that theme and started to think of details and things that had happened with me, and with him, and then everything flowed from there. Up until the final artwork for the album was approved, the song was called “Ballad of a Vain Man.”

JC – And talk about how it came to be that Mick Jagger sang background vocals on that song. CS – We were in London recording the album with Richard Perry. And Richard’s idea was to have Harry Nilsson help out on the background vocals on this song. Harry was floating around London and was a good friend of Richard and the studio, and he came in one night with a bottle of scotch. So Harry and I went into the vocal booth and we recorded a couple of takes. Then there was a phone call for me that I was supposed to take in the lounge. So I pick up the phone and say hello, and I hear on the other end, “Hey, baby, whatcha’ doin?” And it’s Mick Jagger. So I say, “Why don’t you come over? Harry and I are singing background vocals to a song of mine and I would love for you to hear it”. He was open to just being spontaneous. So he came over and it was Mick, myself and Harry in the vocal booth singing. There was such a dynamic between Mick and myself that Harry said “Hey, you know, I think it should just be the two of you. It sounds great and I seem to be getting in the way.” JC – Carly, thank you so much. CS –Thanks so much for having me.

CS – See, I think it’s interesting that people find it so interesting. That song took me about a year to write. I started to write it in 1971 and I recorded it in 1972. I had this, believe it or not, Gucci notebook that I used to carry around and put ideas in when they came to me. One day, I put in the notebook this line that came to me, “You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you.” Then there were other lines on other pages that came to me on subsequent days. Then there was an incident where I was at a party, and someone came into the party and the person next to me said, “Doesn’t he look like he’s walking onto a yacht?” So I wrote that line down. And about two months WWW.TheBoulevardMaGaZINe.CoM

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Where a Second Chance Begins

Avocation North Shore Animal League America

/ By Ilena Ryan Devera Lynn, vice president of communications for North Shore Animal League America, can tell a great story. It all began, she recounts, with a few pet-loving Long Islanders in 1944. The Port Washington residents got together and created a shelter out of a garage, using some outdoor space as runs for homeless animals. Slowly but surely, word about the shelter spread; it took many years for it to grow into what it is today: North Shore Animal League America, the world’s largest no-kill rescue and adoption center. As word got around about this little shelter, other animal lovers came forward to help, including Elisabeth and Alexander Lewyt (inventor of the Lewyt vacuum cleaner). Elisabeth attended a shelter meeting and was inspired to start a membership drive in 1969 that began NSALA’s expansion into a thriving organization that currently has an annual budget of approximately $32 million a year. Today, NSAL America continues its mission to rescue and care for homeless animals. Still located in Port Washington, the shelter houses between 350 and 400 animals in any given week and adopts out approximately 20,000 animals a year. They offer not only adoption and foster care services, but also a full staff of trainers and low-cost medical services for pets, including vaccinations, microchipping and spaying/neutering. NSALA takes the adoption process very seriously, beginning with the introduction of an animal into the shelter. The staff evaluates each animal, working carefully to socialize


it and increase its capacity to interact with other animals until each is up to NSALA adoption standards. By working on and sorting out behavioral issues, NSALA readies healthy animals to enter new homes; none are euthanized. Once the animals are ready, NSALA makes sure potential adopters are ready as well. Interested individuals or families meet with adoption counselors to ensure a match with the right animal. Counselors ask questions about a family’s lifestyle, ages of children, type of home, other pets in the house, any allergies, etc. It’s an extensive approval process but NSAL is determined to ensure that animals are matched properly the first time around. NSALA has a quality control team on staff, which is out on the road daily to make sure that their animals are in safe homes, so NSAL only adopts out in the tri-state area. However, NSAL America offers national tours extending beyond the local area and providing adoption services across the country. March 24, 2010 marked NSAL America’s annual Tour for Life event, during which mobile adoption units traveled from California to New York and from Florida to New York. Working with other shelter and rescue groups, NSALA’s tour stopped along the way to raise awareness about adoption as well as providing adoptable animals. Last year, more than 1,000 animals were saved. NSALA has expanded their services into a global effort. Their annual Pet Adoptathon, held the first weekend of May, unites more than 2,000 shelters worldwide. The shelters keep

The Boulevard May 2010

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© Rescue Photo By Tina Pellicone and Mobile Unite Photo By Manuel Aguirre

to get out of their cages and into a warm home environment, if only temporarily. The NSALA website offers plenty of alternate options for those who want to help, from individual donations to sponsorship programs, where people can contribute monthly donations to a specific animal of choice. The question at hand is: why adopt vs. buying a dog from a pet store? Lynn explains that many pet stores get their animals from puppy mills, which promote inhumane and inadequate conditions. When NSALA rescues puppies and older dogs from mills, they require medical treatment and dental care. "Mill dogs," as they're called "are not treated medically, they’re not cared for, they don’t know what it’s like to walk on grass or feel human love,”

their doors open for 36 straight hours and in 2009, a combined 20,000 animals were adopted over the weekend. NSALA alone adopted out 750 animals during the 2009 Pet Adoptathon. For many, being an animal lover and owning a pet are two very different things. Animal lovers who simply don’t have the time or means to devote to owning a pet are welcome and encouraged to volunteer at NSALA. The age requirement is 16 years of age or older and volunteers must be willing to commit to at least four hours a week for an entire year. According to Devera Lynn, the establishment currently has over 200 volunteers. “We couldn’t do what we do without our volunteers,” she says. There are also opportunities at NSALA to foster an animal for a short period of time. In fact, Lynn emphasizes that NSALA has more need than people to help out with the foster care program. Newborns always need loving homes, even if just for a few weeks. NSALA also seeks foster homes for animals that have been at the shelter a long time, to give them the chance

she says. Many other dogs brought to NSALA are perfectly healthy pups whose owners had to give them up for a variety of reasons. Shelters house many beautiful, loving animals that, Lynn says, recognize and appreciate that they’re being rescued. In turn, that affects the owner, with many adoptive families telling NSAL employees that the animals have given them at least as much in return, promoting a stronger bond between pet and owner. Looking for a pedigree? NSAL also houses purebred dogs. Lynn says, “You can get a beautiful, loving animal from a shelter, plus you know that you’re saving a life.” The North Shore Animal League America is located at 25 Davis Avenue in Port Washington, New York. Further information about NSAL, including donations and upcoming events, as well as some pretty cute photos, can be found at


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HONOREES Contemporary Award James a. Johhnston Director of Real Estate King Kullen Grocery co., Inc.

Company of the Year Amerisc Corp

CHARITIES TO BENEFIT • Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Long Island • Best Buddies New York • Adults and Children With Learning and Developmental Disabilities

• Friends Of Karen

Mentor of the Year


Monique Zorn Zorns

• Contractors For Kids

• Canine Companions

When & Where

Oheka Castle, Cold Spring Hills, NY Thursday, June 10th 2010 @ 6:30pm


Long Island Elite provides mentoring, community outreach and professional networking to promote the development of Long Island’s young business executives.


W W W. l I E M A S q u E R A d E . C O M LIE_BOULEVARD_MAG_8.25x10.754c_v1.indd 1 page 064 LIEMaskAd.indd 64

3/26/10 4:59:24 PM 4/5/10 11:54:21 AM

Upcoming Events



FAMILY PANCAKE BREAKFAST & MAGIC SHOW AT COE HALL Sat., May 15th 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. / Coe Hall Magician Robert “Magic Bob” McEntee performs illusions that amaze, amuse and inspire children of all ages. Ages three and up. $20 Admission Non-Members $15 Admission Members


Sun., May 16th, 1:00 p.m. Meet at the front entrance of Coe Hall Vincent Simeone will lead a tour of the rhododendron collection which includes nearly one thousand different species and varieties. Refreshments will be served on the West Portico of Coe Hall. $15 Admission Non-Members $10 Admission Members


Gold Coast Weddings: 1890 – 1940

May 15th – Sept. 30th; 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Daily at Coe Hall / Included in regular admission $3.50 Exhibition Fee / Members and all children under 12 are FREE

Explore the world of glamorous weddings on Long Island’s Gold Coast. Natalie Mai Coe married Commendatore Leonardo Vitetti, an Italian Diplomat from an aristocratic family, at Planting Fields in the spring of 1934. A newsreel, played in movie theaters across America, featured the wedding of the young couple. The Great Hall will be transformed and will highlight weddings distinctive of that era. The newsreel, wedding gowns, accessories, invitations, guest lists, and other historical ephemera will be included, as will the actual military suit that Commendatore Vitetti wore on his wedding day.

Saturday, May 22nd, at 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Tales of betrothals and weddings from long ago; storyteller Jonathan Kruk will enchant children of all ages.

Included with $3.50 admission to Coe Hall/Members and all children under 12 are FREE. No reservations required.


Wednesday, May 26th, 6:00pm – 9:00pm/Dining Room of Coe Hall. Class will include a lecture (introduction to fondant), how to carve a cake and then making the cake. Participants will be able to create a two-tiered wedding cake covered with fondant. They will also walk away with a complete set of cake decorating tools: 2 layers of cake on foil covered cake board, container of frosting/filling, 3lbs fondant, 8” piece of PVC pipe (used as rolling pin), 8.5” offset spatula. $75/person, including materials.

CHAMBER PLAYERS INTERNATIONAL CONCERT at Coe Hall Sunday, May 30th, 2:30 p.m. Dining Room Nineteenth and twentieth century wedding music.

Tickets are $35.00 and include a wine and cheese reception immediately following the concert.

page 065 PlantingFieldsAd.indd 65

RESERVATIONS & INFORMATION Please call Michelle Benes at (516) 922-8682 or email PLANTING FIELDS ARBORETUM STATE HISTORIC PARK 1395 Planting Fields Road, Oyster Bay, NY 11771 (516) 922-8600

4/5/10 11:56:03 AM

Travel Grand Cayman


The Boulevard May 2010

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Heather Lockington Bringing the Comforts of Home to the Caribbean

Cotton Tree / By Tina Guiomar / Photography By Tina Guiomar and courtesy of the Cotton Tree Hotel /

page 066-069 GrandCayman.indd 67


4/5/10 2:19:54 PM

Travel Grand Cayman A smooth flight to Georgetown, Grand Cayman. On close proximity to the grand island, myriad turquoise, dark cerulean and alabaster shades naturally infuse. The image, a work of art, begins a journey to escape the ordinary on a trip to Cotton Tree Boutique Hotel, where relaxation and warmth await. The Cotton Tree Hotel was a quest for owner Heather

Lockington to create the perfect hideaway luxury hotel, where guests can feel at home. A globe traveler, Heather took the best elements of her luxury hotel experiences and combined it with her Cayman heritage to create the Cotton Tree. Nestled in West Bay, Cotton Tree maintains VIP privacy by offering guests one of four two-bedroom beachfront cottages along the welltended landscape and pristine beaches. Each cottage is named for the trees that surround the property: Seagrape, Almond, Thatch and CocoPlum. The design style is “Caribbean chic” with modern dark Brazilian wood furniture and a vivid Caribbean color palette, French doors that open to a gorgeous view of the ocean, vintage photos of old Cayman culture and artwork by local Caymanian artists. Each cottage has two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, dining area, washer and dryer and a Jacuzzi bathroom in the master suite.


The professional kitchen is equipped with state-of-theart Kitchen Aid appliances and a pre-stocked refrigerator with breakfast items, juices, water and a pantry stocked with snacks, cereal and local condiments. A wide assortment of beer, wine, champagne and spirits are available. Cotton Tree also keeps you technologically connected with a flat-screen plasma TV in the bedrooms and living room, a Wii console to keep the kids (and the kids at heart) entertained, an iPod docking station, Apple TV for movies, free WiFi, a laser printer and even a laptop available for use. The bedrooms are painted a light blue, reflective of the ocean, and the spa bathroom is stocked with full-sized Elemis toiletries. There is a freshwater swimming pool on premises, as well as a state-of-the-art fitness center, a yoga pavilion and a beachside spa hut for the Cotton Tree’s signature natural mango body scrub or any spa treatment to your liking. You can bask all day in the sun by the swimming pool or ask for suggestions on activities if you are interested in venturing outside. The Stingray Encounter is a unique experience you’ll never forget. A three-and-a-half hour ride on a catamaran takes you to Stingray Sandbar where you can snorkel or stand with friendly Southern Stingrays. The story goes that the local fisherman would end their fishing day by dumping the remnants on this sandbar and with the smell of fresh fish in the air, it’s no

wonder the stingrays made their way there. They are the most interesting creatures; the female stingray is twice the size of the male and they are unable to see their food so they have a heightened sense of taste and smell. They are friendly like a dog but slimy like a wet Portobello mushroom (as was described to me). An onsite unique opportunity that Cotton Tree offers is an art experience with Nancy Barnard of Articulate. In the warm

The Boulevard May 2010

page 066-069 GrandCayman.indd 68

4/5/10 2:20:57 PM

morning sun, capturing your experience in a watercolor painting is a relaxing, educational and fun experience. The concierge services are a great advantage where anything that one could need is just a phone call away – grocery shopping, babysitting, dinner reservations, onsite art and cooking classes, personal chefs (with 24-hour notice), car rental, spa appointments and assistance with island excursions and tours. Heighten and enlighten your culinary conquests with an evening of fine wine and gourmet cuisine. Chef Sean of Mes En Place and sommelier Harvey Setterfield of Tatterall Imports work hand-in-hand to create an evening of excellent Caribbean cuisine and wine tasting. On introduction, Harvey brought us a fine champagne and explained the history and proper handling. To accompany the champagne, hors d’oeuvres of shrimp ceviche, roasted tomato canapé and seared ahi tuna crostini were served. Our first course of a light curry carrot and ginger soup that carried a hint of cumin complemented the Oregon Pinot Gris and the main entrée was a choice of surf ’n’ turf or a mushroom risotto accompanied by a Spanish Rosé. The menu and the wines can be altered to anyone’s liking but the quality and craftsmanship of all choices definitely surpass expectations. Mes En Place is available for catering and Tattersall’s Harvey

is available for any questions a guest may have about pairing wines, wine tastings and even assistance to add to your own collection. Guests can also take advantage of the amazing restaurants that are a short drive away from Cotton Tree. After exploration, I would recommended Morgan’s Harbor for its fresh -off-the-boat seafood and the best ceviche (marinated in citrus and island spices), the tuna and the conch ceviche were very good. The Calypso Grill offers its famous sticky toffee pudding (very light and warm and served with a surprising combination of berries and a cool coconut ice cream) and a great grilled blackened mahi mahi sandwich with fresh tartar sauce. The Osetra Bay has great South Beach-style atmosphere and superb food and the best Italian food can be found at Pappagallo, with its freshly made pastas, such as black and yellow linguine with shrimp, scallops, garlic and tomatoes in a light white wine sauce. Cotton Tree Hotel is the perfect hideaway hotel for those looking for tranquility, luxury, quality and warm Caribbean sun. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly. Cotton Tree is just like being at home … but better. For more information or reservations visit

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The Sweetest Place on Earth Diving into America's Greatest Export at the

Hotel Hershey

Travel Hershey, PA

/ By Tim Sullivan / Photography By Michael Ventura /


The Boulevard May 2010

page 070-072 HersheyPark.indd 70

4/5/10 12:07:34 PM

The next time you unwrap a Hershey bar you should think about the history, pride, ingenuity and good old American know-how that went into one of the world's most iconic brands. What you may not know, however, is that a celebration of this history is just a short drive into Pennsylvania, where some of the best fun and food await you at the town named after one of the greatest philanthropists and industrialists the world has ever known – Milton Hershey. Hershey, Pennsylvania is home to the world headquarters of the famous eponymous candy company, founded close to 100 years ago. It’s also the site of the four-star Hotel Hershey, overlooking the town, rural Pennsylvania and the world-class Hershey Park amusements. The amusement park, which opened in 1907, is home to ten spectacular, thrilling roller coasters and has retained some of its original classic décor offering a temporary reprieve to a better, vanished time.

But the hotel is the lesser-known jewel in the candy town crown. The Hotel Hershey was built in 1933 and has housed heads of state, refugee dignitaries from war-torn countries, movie stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood, and A-list elite from all cultures and walks of life. It is a living shrine to the very idea of chocolate and the Hershey candy brand. Its beautiful grounds house an enormous outdoor pool and spectacular flower garden that offer a peaceful retreat above the shrill cries emanating from the thrill rides below. The charm of the Hotel Hershey is in its classic elegance. The staff will check you in and ask you what they deem to be the most important question: milk or dark? Then you will be handed a chocolate bar and shown to your room. In the lobby there is a café where you can make your own cupcakes and have

coffee and various Hershey candy derivations. It’s all so utterly enchanting. The onsite restaurant is called Harvest and its menu is new Americana. I had sweet potato gnocchi and ribs and it was absolutely delicious. My wife had braised pork shoulder. For dessert – you guessed it – more Hershey's chocolate items

page 070-072 HersheyPark.indd 71


4/5/10 12:07:56 PM

Travel HersHey, PA

ranging from ice cream to pastries to hot cocoa. Other onsite dining includes the Iberian Lounge and Trevi 5. There is a fitness center onsite to work off all the sugar you consume, as well as a pool for the guests. In January the beautiful glass room that houses the indoor pool was glistening with snow and ice and was a great respite from the frigid temperatures outside. In addition to the spectacular hotel, the real story here is the town of Hershey and the history of the company built by Milton Hershey. You can learn the intriguing history of the company and the town on a guided trolley tour. Along the way you'll see the Hershey School, a high school for disadvantaged youth set up by Milton Hershey. He donated the entirety of his mind-boggling fortune to this school for orphans, setting up an endowment for a state-of-the-art residential boarding school for at-risk youth. He died penniless after creating one of the most recognized brands in the world – and he wanted it that way. In the showroom you can take a simulated factory tour and learn about the evolution of one of the greatest corporations ever to exist. On a visit to the museum, among the historical


artifacts and exhibits of the origins of the company, you'll find a chocolate lab where you can learn about cocoa from the bean to the bar – and make your own! Culinary technicians teach you the chocolate-making process as you don lab clothing and gloves and leave with your very own homemade chocolate. It’s loads of fun and I lost track of time for the afternoon and just dove in. This would be a great family day, but my wife and I left our two children at home and still had the time of our lives being kids again. My recommendation for nearby spectacular summer fun: Go to and find a concert you like, which will take place in the massive stadium next to the theme park, and book yourself for a long weekend at the Hotel Hershey. Go to the showroom, the company store, the museum, the zoo and the amusement park. And end your stay with one of the A-list acts that make stops on the summer concert schedule. You'll be stunned to find that so much fun is so close. To book a hotel room, visit

The Boulevard May 2010

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4/5/10 4:14:53 PM



/ By Heather Muhleman /


For those who love and collect wine, at some point having your own wine cellar becomes a necessity. Cellars can be simple or extravagant, small or large. The idea is to have the perfect spot to keep your highly prized wine collection safe from its natural enemies: temperature, heat and oxygen. Luckily, there are experts you can call and when I spoke with Peter Cimino, owner of North Fork Wine Cellar Designs, he was quick to state, “The goal of a wine cellar is stability.” Many wines are age-able, he added, but only in the right conditions will they improve. The main thing to consider when building a wine cellar is space. Think ahead as to how many bottles you’ll ultimately want it to hold. Casual collectors usually find they need more space than they originally thought to house their collections. Wine does not hold up well with harsh temperature fluctuations. Heat will literally kill your wine, so it is very important to keep it at the right temperature - 55 to 58 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Peter. Cellars are equipped with cooling systems large enough to keep the entire space at the right temperature for your wine. Technically, a wine cellar is a large refrigerator built to keep wines stable. There should be no sunlight whatsoever in your cellar. Sunlight heats up spaces and direct contact can alter a wine. LED lights are used as lighting in cellars since they give off very little heat. Another consideration is humidity. Long Island doesn’t usually have a problem with this but it is ideal to keep the cellar at 60 to 70 percent humidity. Below that and the corks can dry out and expose your wines to air; above that, mold can become a problem. A properly built cellar has vapor barriers in the walls to keep it at optimum humidity. A wine cellar can be as elaborate or as simple as you want. Prices can range from $20,000 to $150,000 depending on space and custom-design pieces. Just keep in mind that if you want your wines to be in top form and to taste spectacular (and that’s why you bought them, right?), a custom cellar just might be the way to go. And as always, cheers to good wine!


North Fork Wine Cellar Designs offers a free consultation and preliminary design of the wine cellar of your dreams. For more information, visit


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Michael’s Restaurant Springs Hidden Gem


/ By Jason Feinberg

Tucked away on Maidstone Road, in residential Springs, a few miles from East Hampton Village, is Michael’s Restaurant. Before I had a chance to taste any food, I knew there was something special about this restaurant. It was Chef and Owner Luis DeLoera, a native of Naples, Italy, who greeted us and talked with us for what seemed like hours. DeLoera had taken us on a journey through his life, his hardships, his accomplishments and his love for a certain lady (when he was 13) that landed him his first job in the school cafeteria. However, I found myself distracted from our conversation. There was an aroma that was captivating my senses. Cheryl, our waitress, had placed two lobster spring rolls on the table that were wrapped in a tortilla like shell with avacodo and a crème fraiche dip. DeLorea’s voice became more and more distant as my eyes started to stare and my mouth watered. After one bite, I turned to our chef, smiled and said, “Wow!” If this was a sampling, I couldn’t imagine what the rest of our meal would be like. When you’re out east, you have to eat something connected with the ocean. So we started with the mussels that were steamed to perfection and served with bamboo shoots, ginger, chili flakes in a saffron broth created a spicy Asian flair. One of my favorite snack past times is Hearts-of-Palm. So when I saw this on the menu of course I had to order it. I was expecting some Hearts-of-Palm chopped up and spread thinly over the top of a mound of greens. But to my surprise, this was the ultimate treat. A Lincoln Log stacked plate of Hearts-of-Palm shoots covered with slices of avocado with a chipotle duck sauce and honey balsamic vinaigrette. Needless to say, the next day, I went to the supermarket and bought avacado, honey, duck sauce and some

spice to add to my favorite snack. When dinner arrived, I once again became selfish and for that I apologize. But there was no way I was letting anyone touch the four-cheese Ravioli. Filled with asaigo, ricotta, parmesan and romano cheese and topped with a wild mushroom fricassee is by far the wildest ravioli creation I have ever

tasted. The second entrée was the “everything” crusted Atlantic Salmon Filet with root vegetable puree and saffron butter sauce. The everything was from the 27s spice that are infused with the salmon and added a complex yet balanced array of flavors. Just as I sat back to relax, the Belgian Chocolate Mousse and the Crème Brule were brought out. Really, how can you go wrong with either? DeLoera focuses on seasonal foods and what people like. In fact, if it’s not on the menu and it’s within reason, give him a couple of days notice and he will make anything you like. Make sure you call ahead for reservations because this hidden oasis is worth the trip out to the Hamptons anytime of year.



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Seven Stars & Stripes

N orth Fork Table & Inn Culinary Excellence With Manhattan Sophistication

Wine & Dine Hampton Restaurant Week

/ By Barry Kay 76

As we drove to the end of the LIE and turned away from the Hamptons, the quaint villages, towns and vineyards of the North Fork came into view. We were on our way to Southold, the first English settlement on Long Island, located at the northeastern tip of Suffolk County. We had read and heard some great reviews about a very special venue, which was our ultimate destination. After 10 minutes of driving, we arrived at the small, charming, white colonial-style home that is the North Fork Table & Inn. The Inn is owned by two renowned culinary stars from Manhattan, Chef Gerard Hayden (Aureole, Amuse) and his wife Claudia Fleming (Gramercy Tavern), the Inn's pastry chef. After purchasing what was formerly Coeur des Vignes, Gerard and Claudia rebuilt North Fork Table & Inn into a bright countrystyle inn with wood floors, fireplaces and ceiling beams, and opened the Inn in 2006. We checked in and walked upstairs to our second-floor guest room. Our room was small

but comfortable, with a queen bed, down comforter, large flatscreen TV, and brightly lit utilitarian bath and shower. We looked forward to our gourmet tasting dinner in the first-floor dining room. The dining room, also small, offered comfortable table seating, as well as unique alcoves for more intimate dining. The special tasting menu designed by Gerard and Claudia focused on seasonally inspired, locally grown organic produce; exciting fresh seafood from the Peconic Bay; and award-winning Artesian cheeses. The wine cellar featured award-winning L.I. wines, and California and international wines. Our meal got off to a great start with a basket of

delicious rolls and breads served by our lovely and knowledgeable waitress. For appetizers, we had organic Scottish salmon and Yukon Gold potato cake with truffled tartar sauce and herb salad accompanied by Riesling, Kung Fu Girl, Charles Smith, 2008 Columbia Valley, WA and sauteed Peconic Bay scallops with Meyer lemon vinaigrette and microgreens accompanied by Pinot Blanc, Lieb Cellars, 2007 Mattituck, NY. Entrees were hickory-smoked, baconwrapped Cervena venison loin with local ciderfoie-gras jus, red wine-braised cabbage and black pepper spaetzle accompanied by Petite Sirah, Lodi, Starry Night, 2006 Sebastopol, CA and hickory-smoked Long Island duck breast with chanterelle mushrooms and roasted butternut squash with orange puree accompanied by Pinot Noir, Borghese 2006 Cutchogue, NY. A warm chocolate soufflé tart with black mint ice cream was served with Ruby Port Warre's Warrior, Portugal and the Fig Napoleon with vanilla goat cheese cream, concord grape sorbet and toasted pistachios was served with Chardonnay, Late Harvest, Wolffer, 2007, Sagaponack, NY. Each dish, simple in its presentation, offered a wonderful assortment of complementary flavor combinations. After more than two hours of satisfying our appetite and engaging in some fun conversation with other diners, we went to our room for some peaceful slumber.The next morning we had the opportunity to sample some of Claudia's muffins, cakes and cookies. We also spent some time with Gerard and Claudia as they recounted their culinary backgrounds. Gerard is dynamic, personable and bright and it was a pleasure to spend time talking to "a man with a plan." Claudia is witty, attractive and highly creative. She brings her love of cooking to some of the best desserts and cakes we have ever eaten. They believe, and have proven, that a delicious focus on homegrown food combined with excellent service has built their brand and given them "viral" publicity. Today, North Fork Table & Inn is a highly visible and desireable destination for sophisticated diners.

The Boulevard May 2010

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Hampton RestauRant Week Cooking and food are part of Gerard and Claudia's family heritage; and along their way, they had the opportunity to work with some world famous culinary mentors. They worked with chefs/entrepreneurs Charlie Palmer and David Burke and ultimately opened Amuse, their own successful, NYC restaurant. Having always had a love affair with the North Fork of Long Island, Gerard and Claudia decided that their nirvana would be a home and a new restaurant on the North Fork in Southold. With money from the sale of Amuse, they purchased a house, as well as the original Coeur des Vignes restaurant site in Southold. The North Fork Table & Inn gave Gerard and Claudia the opportunity to change their lifestyle, live their dream and create their own unique dining experience to share with others. Their mission continues to be to ''elevate and pay homage to local produce '' on the North Fork. For a memorable evening of epicurean delights, North Fork Table & Inn offers a very pleasurable escape from the frantic pace of the city. The intimate guest rooms are highly prized (there are only a few) and totally charming. The food, service and ambiance are on par with the very best Manhattan has to offer. Congratulations to Gerard and Claudia and kudos to Mary, Mike, Alana and the staff for a truly memorable experience.

pillow-like ravioli, made with mascarpone and Gorgonzola in a parmesan cheese sauce. This was followed by branzino – imported wild sea bass in white wine and fresh tomatoes and the entire meal concluded with tiramisu and creamy panacotta.


The Chef Is In -Robbin Haas has Arrived at



tUtto Il GIorNo

Fab Food and Wine with a Spiritual ambiance / By Barry Kay Tutto Il Giorno restaurant in Sag Harbor is a small culinary jewel with a great backstory and lots of star power. Originally owned by media mogul Steve Florio and partners and boasting acclaimed chef Scott Conant, the restaurant was a success from day one. When Florio died in 2007 at age 58, Conant left for his own NYC restaurant, and Tutto was shuttered for reorganization. Gabby Karan De Felice (Donna Karan's daughter) became part owner and redecorated the restaurant with a zen-like simplicity. Chef Maurizio Marfoglia added world-class cooking and a charming personality. He served us a dinner of delights: Organic tomatoes served with cream-infused mozzarella; organic scallops atop a mound of organic spinach and pignoli nuts; Barbabietole- organic roasted beets, lamb lettuce, blue cheese and crushed hazelnuts. Our pastas were a rigatoni with sweet and hot homemade sausage and peas in a light vodka sauce and fagotti, large

In March 2010, Montauk Yacht Club (MYC) announced the arrival of renowned Executive Chef Robbin Haas to oversee Gulf Coast Kitchen, the club’s premier dining facility. Haas has been a pioneer in the South Florida culinary movement for more than 30 years and has been celebrated as well for his work at Four Seasons, Turnberry Isle Resort and China Grill. Chef Haas is noted for offering unpretentious homestyle cooking and new American fare featuring seafood, meat and produce from local sources with a unique flavor and presentation. According to Haas, "The region is inspiration for the cuisine at Montauk Yacht Club. We're taking advantage of the coastal bounty, using perfect, local ingredients and impeccable technique to generate intense flavors and an unforgettable dining experience." We recently sampled the new Haas dinner menu at Gulf Coast Kitchen while enjoying a spectacular view of MYC's magnificent marina with its hundreds of boats and world-class yachts. Definitely worth the trip! For reservations call 631-668-3100 or email gulfcoastkitchen@


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Health Beautification

Long Island

Closes In on The Fountain of Youth

Anti-Aging Practice Expands on Local Discovery

/ By Dean Miller Efforts to combat the effects of aging and the search for immortality can be traced as far back as 3500 B.C. and has inspired everything from Alexander the Great and Ponce de Leon’s search for the legendary Fountain of Youth to a multibillion dollar industry of products and diets, all claiming to promote longevity. But in 2001, a paradigm-shifting discovery in biotechnology and age management occurred when T.A. Sciences and leadingedge California biotech company Geron Corporation discovered a single molecule, now known as TA 65, that was shown to activate a natural enzyme called telomerase which can help maintain telomere length. You’re probably wondering just what telomeres are and why this discovery is so important. Telomeres protect chromosome ends from being mistaken for broken pieces of DNA that would otherwise be fixed by the body’s cellular repair machinery. But every time cells divide, the telomeres shrink, and when they get short enough, cells no longer divide and production of new cells ceases. Over time, this leads to aging and ultimately, death. Think of a shoelace and the protective plastic at the end of each end (an aglet). Without an aglet, your shoelace unravels and eventually must be replaced. But unlike the shoelace, people are irreplaceable. Although scientists have only recently begun to understand the critical importance of shortened telomeres and their role in the aging process, the consensus is that by reducing telomere degeneration, you also reduce the occurrences of degenerative disease attributed to aging. However, it was not until 2009, when the Nobel Prize was awarded to molecular biologists Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider and Jack Szostak for their groundbreaking telomeric DNA research, which included the identification of the telomere activating enzyme telomerase, that the science of anti-aging and the promise of increased longevity and improved long-term health received widespread scientific validation. One of the few physicians embracing the potential of 78

Dr. Frederic Vagnini telomere science and its role in anti-aging medicine is local resident Dr. Frederic Vagnini. Dr. Vagnini, one of the first physicians to work with the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, maintains a practice in Lake Success and has earned national recognition as a leader in health

The Boulevard May 2010

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education, preventive medicine and clinical nutrition. Always on the forefront, Dr. Vagnini was eager to explore the potential of TA 65 and has been on a regimen of TA 65 for more than three years. Dr. Vagnini has experienced no negative effects; indeed, he has seen significant improvement in his vision, stamina and overall health – all of which he attributes to the improvements of his telomere biomarkers resulting from TA 65. TA 65 has been in use since 2005 without a single reported adverse effect. A 2005 double-blind, placebo-controlled study showed improvements in immune system function, vision, sexual function, energy level, skin elasticity, bone density and more. Later this year, a second study involving 200 people is expected to result in the same conclusions. Dr. Vagnini, one of the few physicians nationwide authorized to offer his patients TA 65, considers this new technology one of the most important breakthroughs in the field of anti-aging medicine. According to Dr. Vagnini, these patients have also seen marked improvements in overall health consistent with lengthened telomeres. T.A. Sciences’ founder Noel Patton, who has been pursuing his passion for knowledge of new developments in age management, is thrilled with this latest breakthrough and sees this as an opportunity for anyone over 40 with an interest in proactive aging management. For more information about Dr. Fred Vagnini visit For more information about T.A. Sciences visit For more information on Telomere Science visit www.

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FAD DIETS – Don’t Let Your

Waistline Destroy Your Face Lines / By Barbara Capozzi, DO, CNS

Planning on starting a low-carb, no carb, or liquid-only diet? You might want to think again. Fad diets not only fail the test of time for keeping weight off, but they also have negative effects on your skin. They can leave your face looking dull, drawn or dry. It’s true that creams, serums and facials are great ways to enhance the surface appearance of your skin, but truly healthy skin has a lot to do with what you eat and drink, do and don’t do. Fad diets may help you reach your goal waistline, but they do so at the expenses of eliminating certain food groups – usually fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Diets that focus on eating just one particular food, such as the Cabbage Diet, limit the intake of important and essential nutrients from lean protein (essential nutrients are those that the body can’t make and therefore needs to take in through foods). Research has shown that variety, balance and moderation are rules for healthy eating and maintaining healthy weight. The foods that doctors and nutritionists recommend include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, fish and low-fat dairy. The American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society follow very similar recommendations. This type of eating also promotes a healthy complexion and smoother, less wrinkled skin. Healthy skin starts with adding fresh fruit to your meals and snacks. Fruit is packed with vitamin A, beta-carotene, 80

vitamin C and antioxidants. High protein, low-carb diets that omit or limit fruit prevent an adequate intake of these nutrients. While deficiencies are extremely rare in the U.S., people who consistently avoid eating specific foods can have unwanted effects. For example, a deficiency of vitamin A can leave skin dry, rough or scaly. Try a mango or mango salsa, cantaloupe and berries. A benefit from the vitamin C in citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruits is collagen formation. Collagen fibers help prevent skin from sagging. Collagen breakdown usually increases around age 30, but eating citrus fruit on a regular basis can help. You may have noted that collagen is used in facials and skincare products. Some of the newest skincare products are made from grape and pomegranate seed. Five big antioxidants – vitamins A, C, E, selenium and zinc – are important for preventing wrinkles. Antioxidants work by destroying harmful free radicals (highly reactive oxygen molecules that damage cells). Sunburn increases your exposure to free radicals, promoting an aged skin appearance and fine wrinkles. While limiting time in the sun and proper application of sunscreen are key in staving off unwanted wrinkles, healthy eating habits can also lower free radicals. Spinach offers three antioxidants – A, C, E – and is also a source of folate. Include lean protein to your face list. Protein is important for every cell in the body and is needed to build, maintain and repair skin. Protein deficiency can cause dry, scaly skin. Fish such as salmon, herring and mackerel are good protein sources and they’re rich in omega-3 fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory effects. Nuts are protein and they’re a good source of vitamin E, which is important in healing. Add almonds and walnuts to your salad, as a coating to your cooked fish, or to your yogurt and berries. Vitamin E is also found in whole grains and wheat germ (the inside component of a grain of wheat). Another favorite source of E includes oils – sunflower, safflower and olive. Get your B vitamins from whole grains. B-2 (riboflavin) is in enriched grains and cereals; deficiency can lead to scaly, greasy red skin around the nose and mouth, and lips may look red and cracked. B-3 (niacin) is found in fortified and whole grains and peanut butter. B vitamins are found in many food sources, but those who completely omit grains (as in no-carb diets) have a lower intake. Drinking six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day helps your skin stay hydrated. Drinking 1 to 2 cups of skim milk gives you protein, calcium, vitamin D and riboflavin, the latter helping to prevent dryness on the sides of your nose or cracking at the corners of your lips. Those who follow extremely low calorie or pure-liquid diets for extended periods of time can be at risk for skin conditions. Although it’s tempting to resort to supplements, the best source of vitamins and minerals is natural, whole foods. The next time you look in the mirror, remember that your complexion reflects your diet, activity, sleep, hygiene and stress levels.


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$UAL"OARD#ERTIkED Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

ANDREW A. JACONO, MD, FACS B otox Restylane JuvedeRm Radiesse FRaxel laseR PeaRl laseR

t i ta n l a s e R limelight laseR laseR genesis l a s e R h a i R R e m o va l laseR vein theRaPy

Located on The Miracle Mile. 440 Northern Boulevard Great Neck, NY 11021 (516) 773-2424 Call today to schedule an appointment.



440 Northern Boulevard Great Neck, NY 11021

(516) 773-4646

990 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10021

(212) 570-2500

w w w. N e w Yo r k F a c i a l P l a s t i c S u r g e r y . c o m

ANDREW A. JACONO, MD, FACS Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon &ELLOWSHIP4RAINED$UAL"OARD#ERTIkED

Cosmetic Surgery Seminar & Spring Brunch Garden City Hotel bag Gift Date: Saturday, April 10 FOR ALLs Time: 11:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. attendee $10 fee per person - will be donated to the Nassau County Coalition Against Domestic Violence RSVP: (516) 773-4646

Plastic Surgery Seminars

Minimally Invasive Facial Plastic Surgery and Non-Surgical Treatments Date: Wednesday, May 26 Time: 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. RSVP: (516) 773-4646

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Read Dr. Jacono’s Book Face the Facts: The Truth About Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures That Do and Don’t Work Available at Barnes & Noble and

Trust Your Face to a Specialist

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We all know the key outdoor season is around the corner. Everyone wants to not only look his or her best, but to feel great, too. Take your fitness routine to another level this spring – and be ready for the beach this summer. If you aren't sure how long ago you purchased your sneakers, it is probably time to change them. I recommend a running shoe for walking or jogging and a cross trainer for weight training or group fitness classes. I love Sneakerology here in Long Island because an owner is always there to properly fit you for that perfect sneaker. Whether you are a novice or a workout warrior, fashion still makes a difference. You want to look good but you also need to feel comfortable. I will admit to being addicted to LuLuLemon! When you are dressed and ready to go, changing up your workouts by adding an outdoor activity can keep you from getting bored. I love to load up my iPod with new music and take to the streets. Billboard Top 20 Online can keep you up on the latest songs that will help you stay motivated. Setting a weekly schedule for your exercise regimen helps you stay on track. Finding a partner who has similar goals can also be great motivation. If you are going to be outdoors, sunblock is a must. Before I go outside, I use a sunblock that is at least 20 SPF. Hydrating to prevent fatigue and keep your skin healthy is another necessity. The best drink pre- and post-workout is water. Drink up to two hours before and after exercise. If you love being outdoors, many local parks have bike paths. Partner up and cycle to get your heart pumping! Cycling is a great family activity as well. Yoga or Pilates is a terrific deviation from high impact or high intensity training. The benefits are stretching and strengthening,


minus the impact on the joints. Yoga relaxes the body and calms the mind. There are so many ways to train to keep seeing results. A sensible diet, cardiovascular conditioning and strength training yield unbelievable results so you’ll be ready for summer. Beautiful abdominals are what we all want for bikini season. Having a strong core not only looks great, but can also prevent lower back pain and improve your balance. As we get older, core strength is necessary to maintain balance and stability and prevent injury. We need balance to make day-to-day activities easier. Setting realistic goals will allow you to better achieve your desired results. Challenge yourself to think big and be the best you can be this summer.

Call Fitness Professional at 646.261.3350


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Body Contouring Center Water Jet-Assisted Lipo Radiofrequency-Assisted Lipo Smartlipo MPX® (Laser-Assisted Lipo) Cellulite Treatments Fat Transfer Breast Implants (Silicone / Saline) Breast Lift Breast Reduction Tummy Tuck Buttock & Thigh Lift TriActive® / Endermologie

31 Northern Boulevard Across from Wheatley Plaza Greenvale, NY 11548 516.484.9000

625 Park Avenue New York, NY 10065 212.794.4000 Congratulations to Dr. Gotkin - Voted one of NY’s “Top Cosmetic Doctors” 2009! (Castle Connolly) Complimentary Consultation page 083 SarnoffAd.indd 83

Ask For Our Cosmetic Coordinator 4/5/10 1:52:51 PM


Loving a Pet Reduces Stress / By Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum /

It’s so important to find ways to reduce stress during the chaotic, busy lives we lead. Sometimes, just reaching over to scratch behind the ear of your pet might be enough to maintain your equilibrium. Everywhere we turn, there is another article, book or TV special on the subject of stress. It is not an unusual topic in light of the fact that every time we turn on the news, or open a magazine, or look on the Internet, we are bombarded with images of war, earthquakes, tsunamis, unemployment, drugs, hate crimes and desperation that flood our senses until it seems impossible to see an end. This all negatively impacts our health by increasing the stress response in our biological “fight or flight” neurological system. Yet, as we are going through hard times as a culture and as a country, we also see images of doctors providing aid, millions of dollars being raised, voices being lifted and voices being heard, and a nation put on pause to simply cheer for itself on an Olympic hockey rink or on the giant slalom course. We are seeing neighbors helping neighbors, food co-ops growing, babysitting networks developing, walking groups and book clubs springing up all over … and evening chats on a neighbor’s front stoop. We seem to be headed back to the basics, to a simpler time, when happiness could be found inside a Cracker Jack box. We all need to do, or not to do, things that allow us to find a place of peace. A place where we can go for serenity and calm in a sea of stress, where less really means more, and perhaps means a more healthy heart. I think of a Norman Rockwell painting of a little boy with his dog and images of Lassie from a different era and time. Pets


have always played a significant role in the canvas of America, of growing up and growing old, but it wasn’t until recent research that we started to learn all the positive effects a pet provides. There is a reduction in blood pressure and heart rate in pet owners – a demonstration of the reduction of a stress response. Taking a dog for a walk keeps both owner and dog healthier. There are the spiritual benefits of caring for another living being. A community forms among pet owners with a common passion. Despite the responsibility and work it takes to care for a pet, the benefits to your own heart could be extraordinary. Loving a pet releases endorphins that we need to stay happy and allows the body a mechanism to release all the stress hormones that rev up the system. Nothing I can do will change the news of the day, but how I choose to deal with it makes all the difference in the world. I can have a long list of things to do, but ultimately at the end of the day, I know that notwithstanding anything else, I simply need to be home just to walk the dog.

Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum is the director of Woman and Heart Disease at the Heart and Vascular Institute at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York.


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Makes It Easier to Slim Down

/ By Stephen T. Greenberg, MD, FACS Picture yourself walking down the beach with just the body you want and you will know why now is the time to schedule that cosmetic surgery procedure you deserve. Spring is here, which means bathing suit season is right around the corner. There are many procedures available and individualized evaluation and assessment can determine which procedures would provide the most improvement for any given woman. Whether opting for breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction or a combination of the above, the result should be a beautiful and natural look. If you are interested in looking thinner and more shapely, consider the new and exciting ThinSmart package, a perfect combination of body-contouring procedures. SmartLipo is the first and only laser-assisted liposuction system to offer a revolutionary and minimally invasive procedure for the removal of fat with less downtime and fewer side effects than traditional liposuction. Zerona® is a new non-invasive body sculpting procedure designed to effectively remove excess fat and contour the body. VelaShape is the only FDA-cleared device that effectively and safely contours, shapes and slims the body by reducing cellulite and firming areas in as little as four treatments. The combination of these procedures is extremely effective in contouring your body and producing a significantly slimmer appearance. Most people would like to return to their ‘high-school’ body. This is especially true for many women who have had children and desire their pre-pregnancy figure. For this reason, there has been a tremendous growth in popularity of the Mommy MakeOver Package, designed to help women trim down, get back into shape and turn back the hands of time. More and more women are having children later in life and their bodies do not

bounce back the way they did when they were younger, or after their first pregnancy. A tummy tuck can tighten the abdominal muscle and skin. Breast implants, breast lift or a combination can make a dramatic improvement in your look. Another avenue to consider are injectables, which are quite effective in reducing lines and wrinkles on the face without surgery. Botox and other dermal fillers continue to grow in popularity. Products including Dysport, a wrinkle relaxer, and Restylane, an injectable containing lidocaine, have expanded the market and increased the options available to people seeking immediate results with significant reductions in facial lines and wrinkles. As recently reported by the Aesthetic Surgery Education & Research Foundation, not only is the use of these products growing, but people are also openly discussing their treatments, reflecting an acceptance of the procedures among society. The best candidates for plastic surgery are those who want to look their best by improving upon their natural beauty while at the same time maintaining realistic expectations. It is the proper mix of procedures that guarantees a successful improvement in appearance. What better time than now to get back into your ideal summer shape? Remember, the perfect cosmetic surgery package can help create the perfect you. Dr. Stephen Greenberg is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery. He is director of New York’s Premier Center for Plastic Surgery with offices in Woodbury and Manhattan. For a complimentary consultation, call 516-364-4200. If you have a question for Dr. Greenberg, please e-mail him at or listen to his radio show on Saturday nights at 10 p.m. on WKJY (98.3 FM). Visit www.


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Calendar Long Island Events


/ April 2010 /

t Series

bulous n King, Marais, aspard ey and treble ord.



resents of the hie and to see ure on eserva-

NCMA Presents MirÓ/Dubuffet/ Basquiat

Ground War

Through May 23

Phone: 516 484-9337 Website:

WLIW presents a new four-part series that surveys technological advances and achievements of ground warfare through the ages to reveal how these innovations have changed the way wars are fought. Episodes explore the development of the soldier and his weapons, movement in the combat zone, the evolution of artillery and battlefield engineering. Premiering in May. Visit for airdates

Works by Joan Miró, Jean Dubuffet and Jean-Michel Basquiat are shown together for the first time. The artists share a confrontational antagonism to the traditional and academic, resulting in art that is raw, bold and forthright.

Through June 13

National Memorial Day Concert

Through May 23

The annual Memorial Day weekend event on WLIW from the U.S. Capitol features an All-Star lineup in performance with the National Symphony Orchestra, honoring the service and sacrifice of the men and women in uniform, their families at home and all those who have given their lives for this country. Co-hosted by Gary Sinise and Joe Mantegna. Premiering in May. Visit for airdates

Featuring an artist best known for his voluptuous figures, the exhibit includes a range of paintings, drawings and monumental sculpture that exemplify Botero’s most familiar themes: commonplace scenes of everyday life, life in the bedroom, life of the streets and life of music and family activities.

Couples: The Art of Attraction

Through May 2

This exhibition, featuring works from The Heckscher Museum permanent collection, focuses on themes of love and relationships. Among the artists included are Berenice Abbott, Romare Bearden, Guy Pene du Bois, Larry Fink, Red Grooms, George Grosz, Rockwell Kent, Paul Manship and John Sloan.

nt day ounds. kes you or and p in the uarters n room Learn om the ed the ed; 12

The Heckscher Museum of Art 2 Prime Avenue Huntington, NY 11743 Phone: 631 351-3250

Five Centuries of Art: Selections from the Permanent Collection Ongoing Exhibition


This installation of outstanding art spans the breadth of the Hecksher Museum permanent collection. Highlights include Old Master paintings, neoclassic sculpture and American landscapes.

The Heckscher Museum of Art 2 Prime Avenue Huntington, NY 11743 Phone: 631 351-3250


Nassau County Museum of Art One Museum Drive Roslyn, NY Phone: 516 484-9337 Website:

Fernando Botero at NCMA

Nassau County Museum of Art One Museum Drive Roslyn, NY Phone: 516 484-9337 Website:

Metamorphosis: Rona Pondick

Through May 23

Nassau County Museum of Art presents work by Rona Pondick, who blends traditional sculptural methods with 3-D computer technology to produce powerful sculptural objects that morph human, animal and plant forms. Nassau County Museum of Art One Museum Drive Roslyn, NY Phone: 516 484-9337 Website:

Under the Big Top at NCMA

Through May 23

N C MA’s C h i l d re n’s M u s e u m presents reproductions of circus art by Seurat, Léger, Prendergast, Toulouse-Lautrec, Picasso, Chagall and others, showcasing them alongside displays that guide young visitors through explorations of circus skills. Room boxes include miniature circus animals and additional materials. Nassau County Museum of Art One Museum Drive Roslyn, NY

Fairfield Porter: Raw

The creative process of an American master. This exhibition is drawn from the Parrish Art Museum’s extensive holdings of works by Fairfield Porter, including unfinished works. While the finished works have been widely exhibited, the unfinished paintings and most of the paintings on board have never been shown. Also on exhibit are sketches, drawings, and various ephemera. The works will be exhibited “raw”—unframed and unmatted—to convey an unprecedented insight into the creative process of an artist. Parrish Art Museum 25 Job's Lane Southhampton, NY Phone: 631 283-2118 Website:


Through June 28 Work by the Huntington Arts Council member artists John Guarino, Cecil Pang, Charles von Schmidt, Latifa Mazza. Curator: William Grabowski Art-trium Gallery 25 Melville Park Road, Melville Phone: (631) 271-8423 Email:

LICM Traveling Exhibit – The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

April 17 - May 2

At the Long Island Children’s Museum, visitors will step into a larger than life, pop-up book that dazzles the eye and stimulates the mind. LICM is the first museum to host to this exhibit based upon the original book by L. Frank Baum. Each exhibit section features an oversized 3-dimensional book opened to a page of the classic story. Children will play in Dorothy's house, see the power of tornados, solve brainteasers alongside the Scarecrow, learn heart facts with the Tin Man and crawl through a cave to test their courage. Expect to see munchkins, flying monkeys, the wicked witch and perhaps the Wizard of Oz himself! Call for dates and times. Long Island Children's Museum 11 Davis Avenue

Garden City, NY 11530 Phone: 516 224-5800 Fax: 516 302-8188 Website:

Rescue Ink Fundraiser Concert 2010

April 22 7-11 p.m.

Presented by WBAB 102.3 and hosted by Joe Rock with musical guests LI's own Borgo Pass. Join the cast of Rescue Ink Unleashed for a night of fun to support animal rights. Book signing, merchandise and photos with the Rescue Ink cast. Donation of $60 includes live DJ, door prizes, open bar and hot buffet. Mulcahy's Pub & Concert Hall 3232 Railroad Ave Wantagh, NY Phone: 516 783-7500 Website:

Long Island Ducks

April 22 - September 19 Come see Long Island's No. 1 baseball team in action! Catch Ducks Fever and maybe even a foul ball as you join in the fun at Citibank Park. Call or visit the Ducks’ website for dates and times. Long Island Ducks Three Courthouse Drive Central Islip, NY 11722 Phone: (631) 940-3825 Website:

Antiques and Garden Weekend

April 23 - April 25

At the Port Jefferson Village Center, 35 quality vendors will be on hand featuring antiques, rare books, vintage lamps, estate and antique jewelry, antique quilts, fork art, vintage toys, furniture, art, lamps, collectibles, garden items and Suwassett Garden Club Boutique. Wine and cheese reception and preview sale on Friday, April 23 from 6 -8 p.m. Admission is $25 per person. April 24 and 25, hours are 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; admission $5. Village Center 101A East Broadway (one block east of ferry) Phone: (631) 428-6467

The Adventures of Jackie

April 23 7:30 p.m.

Jackie Martling is back by popular demand for another evening of high energy storytelling and classic stand-up.

The Boulevard May 2010

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4/5/10 3:08:34 PM

Dix Hills Performing Arts Center - Five Towns College 305 North Service Road Burrs Street Dix Hills, NY 11746 Phone: 631 656-2148 Website: $25

A Taste of Spring

April 24 6-9 p.m.

New and renewing Old Westbury Gardens’ members are invited to enjoy sampling wine, appetizers, entrees and desserts presented by some of our finest local wineries, restaurants and caterers. Reservations required. Old Westbury Gardens 71 Old Westbury Road Old Westbury, NY Phone: 516 333-0048 Website:

Rita Moreno

April 24 7:30 and 9:30 p.m What is there to say? This Oscar, Emmy, Tony and Grammy Awardwinner is here for one night only. You can’t miss it! Tilles Center for the Performing Arts C.W. Post Campus, LI University 720 Northern Boulevard Brookville, NY 11548 Phone: 516 299-3100 Fax: 516 299-2520 Website: 7:30 p.m.: $51.50; 9:30 p.m.: $41.50

Tribute to Tower of Power, Steely Dan and More with Uppercut

April 24 7:30 p.m.

Uppercut is a nine-piece funk, rock and R&B group whose repertoire is dedicated to the great horn bands of the last 40 years, as well as their own original compositions. Dix Hills Performing Arts Center - Five Towns College 305 North Service Road Burrs Street Dix Hills, NY 11746 Phone: (631) 656-2148 Fax: (631) 656-2172 Website: $25

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Long Island's Finest Hour

April 24 3:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m.

Come celebrate "Long Island's finest hour…" commemorating the 40th anniversary of Apollo 13 with Fred Haise and Joe Gavin. Special screening of IMAX film at 3:30 p.m. Dinner followed by panel discussion at 6:30 p.m. Admission is $50 per person for film, dinner and discussion. Special tickets for $100 include a VIP reception with Fred Haise and Joe Gavin. Seating is limited and reservations are required. To reserve your seat, please call reservations at 516 572-4066 by April 20.

Cradle of Aviation One Davis Avenue Garden City, NY 11530 Phone: (516) 572-4111 Fax: (516) 572-4079

Earth Day Celebration

April 24 10 a.m. - 4 p.m

Fourth annual Earth Day celebration. Interactive exhibits, nature walks, beach grass planting, entertainment, trail cleanup, marine-like exhibits, activities for kids, wildlife demonstrations, kayak demonstrations and more. Indian Island County Park Route 105 Riverhead, NY Phone: 631 854-4949 This is a free event

Walk to Honor Holocaust Children


April 25 Noon

A Walk to Remember honoring the memory of the children killed in the Holocaust will be held at Welwyn Preserve, home of the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County. Simultaneously, a walk will be held at the Sands Point Preserve. Discuss children’s Holocaust experiences and have informal conversations with Holocaust survivors. Participants are invited to enjoy a memorial concert featuring presentations by children’s groups.

Welwyn Preserve 100 Crescent Beach Road Glen Cove, NY 11542 Phone: 516 571-8040 Website: www.holocaust-nassau. org. Sands Point Preserve 127 Middleneck Road Sands Point, 11050 Phone: 516 571-7900/7901 Website:

A Walk on the Wild Side at NCMA April 25 4 p.m. Join Dr. Charles A. Riley II, NCMA’s curator-at-large, for a multimedia trip into expressionism in the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Dr. Riley will also discuss Miró, Dubuffet, Francis Bacon, Egon Schiele, Max Beckmann, Gustav Mahler, Richard Wagner and others. Admission $20 (museum members, $10) and includes admission to the museum. Reservations required. Nassau County Museum of Art One Museum Drive Roslyn, NY Phone: 516 484-9337 Website: Email:

Spring Plant Sale at Old Westbury Gardens

April 30 – May 2

Purchase select annuals and perennials, including Old Westbury Gardens’ signature varieties. The Gardens’ horticulturists, members of various plant societies and master gardeners from the Cornell Cooperative Extension Nassau County will be on hand for soil testing and to answer gardening questions. Old Westbury Gardens 71 Old Westbury Road Old Westbury, NY Phone: 516 333-0048 Website:

/ May 2010 / Asian Festival

May 1

Landmark on Main Street hosts community Asian Festival. Landmark on Main Street 232 Main Street, Suite One

4/5/10 3:08:36 PM

Calendar Long Island Events Port Washington, NY 11050 Phone: 516 767-1384 Fax: 516 767-7261 Email: Website:

Chita Rivera: My Broadway May 1 8 p.m.

An evening of music with twotime Tony Award winner Chita Rivera performing songs from her legendary Broadway career. Ms. Rivera is joined by members of the Long Island Philharmonic and will perform selections from her most celebrated musicals, including numbers from West Side Story, Sweet Charity, Chicago, Kiss of the Spider Woman, Bye, Bye, Birdie and The Rink, and featuring the music of Leonard Bernstein, John Kander and Fred Ebb, Charles Strouse, Stephen Sondheim and Cy Coleman. Tilles Center for the Performing Arts C.W. Post Campus, LI University 720 Northern Boulevard Brookville, NY 11548 Phone: 516 299-3100 Fax: 516 299-2520 Website: $86.50, $71.50, $56.50

Do Jump

May 2 3 and 7 p.m. Do Jump offers fun in profusion. Aerialists who act! Vaudevillians who fly! Acrobats who dance! Do Jump’s multi-talented ensemble uses physical skill, hilarious comedy and heart-stopping beauty to surprise and delight. Kites fly indoors, humans dance in the air and everyday objects take on lives of their own. Do Jump creates a whole new world of wonder for the entire family! Staller Center Stony Brook University Nicolls Road Stony Brook, NY Phone: 631 632-2787 Website: $12

Family Sunday at the Museum

May 2, May 9, May 16 and May 23 1 p.m. Each Sunday NCMA offers a 1 p.m. docent-led family walk-through of the exhibition and at 1:30 p.m. are supervised art activities for the whole family. Special family guides of the main exhibition are available in the galleries. Call for fees.


Nassau County Museum of Art One Museum Drive Roslyn, NY Phone: 516 484-9337 Website:

An Evening of Miracles: The Salvation Army’s Relief Effort in Haiti

May 4 5:30 p.m.

Stand Together Campaign presents An Evening of Miracles: The Salvation Army’s Relief Effort in Haiti featuring speaker John Berglund, international disaster response specialist. Refreshments will be served. Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum 180 Little Neck Road Centerport, NY 11721 RSVP and information: 631 363-6100

Private Tea & Tour of NCMA Exhibition

May 5 2:30 p.m.

A behind-the-scenes glimpse of the main exhibition featuring an introduction by Constance Schwartz and a private docentled guided tour tea, sandwiches, scones and sweets in Café Musée. The May 5 event celebrates Mother’s Day. Tea & Tour spaces are always limited; reserve early. Admission $45 (museum members, $35) and includes admission to the museum. Nassau County Museum of Art One Museum Drive Roslyn, NY Phone: 516 484-9337 Website: Email:

Poetica Musica at Old Westbury Gardens

May 8 8 p.m. Now in their 16th year as artistsin-residence at Old Westbury Gardens, Poetica Musica will offer a performance in the Red Ballroom. It will be preceded by a guided tour of Westbury House or the Gardens at 6:45 p.m., a preconcert talk at 7:30 p.m. and will be followed by a meet-the-artists reception. Registration required. Old Westbury Gardens 71 Old Westbury Road Old Westbury, NY Phone: 516 333-0048 Website:

Mother's Day Celebration at Pindar

May 9

Come celebrate Mother’s Day at Pindar. All mothers receive a complimentary Mother’s Day treat all weekend long. Pindar Vineyards Main Road Peconic, NY 11958 Phone: 631 734-6200 Fax: 631 734-6205 Website:

Make a Mother’s Day Bouquet

May 9 Lilac Walk: 1, 2, and 3 p.m.

Come to Old Westbury Gardens to create a floral gift for Mom or Grandmom. Registration required. Old Westbury Gardens 71 Old Westbury Road Old Westbury, NY Phone: 516 333-0048 Website:

Taylor Swift

May 14 - May 15 The Nassau Coliseum presents Taylor Swift with Kellie Pickler and Gloriana. Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum & Exhibition Center 1255 Hempstead Turnpike Uniondale, NY 11553-1200 Phone: 516 794-9303 Fax: 516 794-9389 Website:

An Evening with the Stars of Doo-Wop

Argyle Park Main Street Babylon, NY Phone: 631 669-1810 Website: This is a free event

Long Island Mozart Festival

May 15 – May 16

Presented by and at Old Westbury Gardens, Chamber Players International presents ensemble works by Mozart and other composers. Old Westbury Gardens 71 Old Westbury Road Old Westbury, NY Phone: 516 333-0048 Website:

Every Woman Matters Walk

May 16 Check-in: 8:45 a.m. Walk: 10 a.m.

The inaugural Every Woman Matters: A Walk for Women and Their Families is a 5K walk along the boardwalk at Jones Beach State Park in celebration of women’s health and wellness. All proceeds to benefit the new Katz Women’s Hospital and Women’s Health Institute of the North Shore-LIJ Health System. Event is open to women, men and children of all ages and will feature exhibitions, hands-on activities and giveaways for the whole family. No fee to participate or park Jones Beach State Park Wantagh, New York Phone Megan Stiles: 516 465-2565 Website:

May 15 7 p.m.


Join some classic Doo-Wop groups as they continue looking for an echo.

May 16

Tilles Center for the Performing Arts C.W. Post Campus, LI University 720 Northern Boulevard Brookville, NY 11548 Phone: 516 299-3100 Fax: 516 299-2520 Website: $51.50, $46.50, $36.50

Art by the Falls

May 15 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Third annual outdoor art show and sale featuring work of local artists and presented by the Babylon Village Arts Council.

Porsche Show

Come check out the Hot Rides Classic and new Porsche Showcase of the Year at Old Westbury Gardens. Old Westbury Gardens 71 Old Westbury Road Old Westbury, NY 11568 Phone: 516 333-0048 Fax: 516 333-6807 Website:

Nautical Festival

May 22 - May 23 10 a.m. - 4 p.m

Vintage and new boats, regattas, antique and classic engines, and lots more! Something for everyone!

The Boulevard May 2010

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Long Island Maritime Museum 86 West Avenue West Sayville, NY 11796 Phone: 631 HISTORY Fax: 631 854-4979 Email: Website:

Spring Craft and Fine Art Fair at NCMA May 22 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. May 23 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Live alpacas will be shorn, glass vessels blown, exotic wood turned, clay pottery molded and drawings created at the NCMA Spring Craft and Fine Art Fair. Produced by the American Concern for Art and Craftsmanship, the event will feature works by 100 fine artists and crafts people. The festival features many craft demonstrations, continuous entertainment and a selection of wholesome and popular foods, beverages and desserts. $7 adults; children 12 and under free. Nassau County Museum of Art One Museum Drive Roslyn, NY Phone: 516 484-9337 Website:

Concert for Island Harvest

May 23 1 p.m.

Come hear Gemini Youth Orchestra groups in concert to battle hunger on Long Island; please bring food donations. Chapin Rainbow Stage Heckscher Park Huntington, NY Gemini Youth Orchestra Website: This is a free event with a food donation.

Jones Beach Air Show

May 29 - May 30 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Sponsored by Bethpage Federal Credit Union. Jones Beach State Park Ocean Parkway Wantagh, NY 11793 Phone: 631 321-3510 Website:

Montauk Fine Arts Festival

May 29 - May 30 10 a.m. – 6 p.m

a big hit since its inception, takes place on the Green for two days over the Memorial Day weekend. Sponsored by the Montauk Chamber of Commerce. Village Green Montauk, NY 11954 Montauk Chamber of Commerce Phone: 631 668-2428 Website: com



/ June 2010 / Nassau County Strawberry Festival

June 2 - June 6

Rides, live entertainment, fresh strawberries and strawberry concoctions, free parking. Newbridge Road at Southern State Parkway

North Bellmore, NY 11710 Phone: 516 679-1875

MacArthur Airport 5K Run/ Walk for Veterans

June 5 9 a.m.

Show your support and appreciation for our local veterans. Instead of the usual roadways, run and walk on the airport taxiways and runways. You can almost reach out and touch the 737s that are taking off and landing. All proceeds will be donated to 9/11 veterans. Run, walk or just come out and support. MacArthur Airport Ronknokoma, NY Phone: 631 615-9365 Website: Registration fee $25

Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival


To reach Judy to set up an appointment please call 516.671.5011 or visit

July 29 – August 1

The second annual Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival will be held at Harrah’s Resort, Caesars, Showboat and Bally’s in Atlantic City and features worldrenowned chefs. Festival will include cooking demonstrations, wine and spirits seminars, and tasting events. Tickets available at

Hair coloring, for both men and women, is a private affair as Judy Edelman does her magic - one customer at a time. Judy at Townsend, is now located in Roslyn. She still pampers her customers, one hour at a time. It will be a stress free hour as she tends to your needs: coffee, tea, juice, fruit or a sandwich are the perks. Judy does hair coloring for skin tone, eye color and for life style as well as highlights and low lights. Prices are $40 and up for single process color and $120 and up for highlights, and low lights, glazes and belliage (a French technique of hair painting with botanical hair color). She excels at correcting color mistakes.

This annual event, which has been

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4/5/10 3:08:40 PM

Real Estate



The Boulevard May 2010

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311 West Broadway, New York, New York Stunning Gwathmey Siegel Designed 2 to 5 Bedroom Penthouse, Townhouse and Loft Residences 212.355.0419


Soho Mews. Welcome to Cultivated Living.


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4/5/10 1:55:57 PM

Beauty Cares Inaugural Benefit Honoring Dr. Andrew Jacono with Champion of Change Award

Cara Michelle, Aryn Quinn, Trish Alkaitis, James Corbett and Joy Munger

Honoree Violy McCausland and Kamal Bherwani

Annie Unnold and Kalyn Hemphill

On The Boulevard With Christopher Robbins

with additional photos by Rob Rich, Jennifer Thomas, Van Cushny and Denis Leon

Angela Susan Anton and Dr. Andrew Jacono

Mark Burk and Laurin Sydney

Christopher Robbins and Kristina Newman


Dr. Andrew Jacono (my favorite facial plastic surgeon and yours) was honored along with Violy McCausland at the Beauty Cares inaugural benefit in NYC, which will help break the cycle of domestic violence for women and children by creating dynamic and powerful programs and initiatives that will enable women and their children to break free. This first-time event drew a crowd of more than 150 guests to the Home Loft in Union Square where over $30,000 was raised. In the same space earlier that day they hosted the Beauty Cares Breakthrough Experience, where top celebrity makeup artists volunteered their time by “making over” 25 survivors of violence. This unique program helps the survivors regain their confidence and self-esteem. The grandeur that was Mrs. Mai Coe’s bedroom in Coe Hall has been gloriously brought back to life by the brilliant notion of Henry B. Joyce at Planting Fields Arboretum. Mr. Joyce has single-handedly helped restore and lift-the-life of Coe Hall and Planting Fields to a wondrous new level over the past few years since taking the helm as executive director at that beautiful, extensive acreage in Brookville/Oyster Bay. So applause is in order, I think, as I’ve chronicled several of the other Planting Fields restorations as well over these past many months. Congratulations, Mr. Joyce, on an acute vision for this special place. But I digress … back to Mrs. Coe’s bedroom. And WHAT a bedroom it is! The original wall murals in her boudoir, really too stunning and intricate to describe here, were sold by one of the Coe heirs several decades ago and sadly were destroyed in a fire in the home in Europe where they eventually landed. But clever Mr. Joyce engaged scenic artist Polly Wood-Holland, the artisan/set designer/overall versatile painter to re-mural (is that a word? If not, it now is, and you’ll understand why when you take the tour) Mai’s bedroom, and what a work of art it is. Honestly, words cannot describe the room (except perhaps by some other noted scholar from once-upon-a-time) … ok … oK … OK … I’ll try … So the story starts like this … Incredibly, only two photographs of the original bedroom and mural exist today, which was painted in 1921 on large canvases (turn-of-the-century, really expensive wall paper … sort of) by

Sholeh Aryai, Dr. Andrew Jacono and Sabita Singh

Aryn Quinn, Dr. Andrew Jacono, Rachel Posner and Lionel Warshaver

The Boulevard May 2010

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Coe Hall at Planting Fields Arboretum

David Peikon with Margaret and Bob Foschi

Musical interlude

Dr. James and Elizabeth Watson with Henry Joyce

Terry Peikon, Dr. Mary Ann Rosman and Susan Klebanoff

Peter and Dori Tilles

American artist Robert Winthrop Chanler, the very noted high society artist, who swirled in social circles with the Vanderbilts, Whitneys and oh, so many more of their ilk (were there really any others to swirl with, all those many years ago?). The large-scale painting, which spans all four walls and the ceiling in her bedroom at the north end of the Elizabethan revival mansion, is remarkable. Let me say that again. IT … IS … REMARKABLE. You really have to see it to understand. And Mrs. Coe, having loved Robert’s work, engaged him to paint her breakfast room downstairs as well. In that charming nook, his other mural depicts a buffalo hunt and it is outstanding, which is no surprise. By the way, R.W.C.'s other most famous work is on view at the Colony Club in New York City. The story is that when he first finished his work, he disliked it greatly, so he painted over it a whole new second scene (can you imagine? You gotta love an artist with a vision…)it too is large-scale and fantastic. (For those of you reading this who are not members of the Colony Club, the tour at Coe Hall is a MUST to fully understand Mr. Chanler’s epic works … trust me.) So, let’s move forward to 2010, ok? Polly (remember her? She’s the artist of today, hello?!) very capably re-painted Mai’s room to astonishing perfection with the help of her equally skilled assistant artist, Joyce Kubalak. It took them nearly four months to complete the work. “The ceiling was the most difficult; it was agony, really. I didn’t realize how painful painting a delicate scene over your head would be, always having to look up with your head bent backwards.” (ouch) And it took her another couple of months of planning beyond the actual brush strokes. “The detailed lacework painting that lies over the actual landscape painting was very challenging. And then add in the base silver glaze-work … well, I had never attempted anything like it before. But I’m thrilled with it now. All that’s left to do are the many little butterflies and small birds that finish the piece. I should have it done in another week or so.” When you look at one of the photographs and then look around the room at her work, it is amazing … really it is. She flawlessly captured the lacy and whimsical original vision of Mr. Chanler, completely. So, who else enjoyed Polly’s (and Mr. Robert Winthrop Chanler’s) painting at the opening seated dinner party? I know … I know … you’re just DYING to know … Well, Elizabeth and Dr. James Watson did and so did Dori

Polly Wood-Holland and Marilyn Rose

Joan Shepard with Sed and Gloria Browne

Laura Savini and David Winkler

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4/5/10 1:58:20 PM

Wine Tastings at On3 Restaurant in Glen Head & Isle of Capri

Nancy Montmarquet and Louis Zeppieri

Fran Piazza and Larry Wilson III

Melissa Prospero and Lupe Sanchez

Anthony Fammia and Aimilia Vassiliouand

and Peter Tilles, Renee Bradley, JoAnn and G. Morgan Browne, Laura Savini (of Channel 21 fame), landscape architect Debra Hall with Richard Gibney, Constance Haydock, interior decorator Marilyn Rose, Amy Herling with Ken Couzza, Marianne and Matthew Rosman, artist David Peikon with his wife Terry, Ron Foley (he’s the NY State Regional Director of Parks and Historic Preservation, but you knew that) Claire and Joel Fairman, Daniel Gale’s Sharon Emmanuel, Margaret and Robert Foschi, Gloria and Sedgwick Browne and on and on … with clinking glasses and great cultural conversation all surrounded by that magnificently painted landscape. So what else is happening in the world of high-society, you ask? Well, your first-class ticket to THE party continues, so follow along … Imported wines from Europe paired with American country-style comfort food – I’ll take that invitation any time (wouldn’t you?). That’s just what happened over at On3 Restaurant in Glen Head with the help of Anthony Fiamma and his portfolio of imported wines from Supreme Wines. Chef Stuart Brown blew us away with a tasting menu that included Mini Lobster Rolls, Philly Cheesesteak Springrolls, Steakhouse-style Yellowfin Tuna au Poive, Braised Shortribs with Gorgonzola and an insanely decadent Warm Chocolate and Peanut Butter Soufflé Cake with Caramel-Peanut and Milk Chocolate Sauces. Mouth watering? Yes! Let me fill you in on the wines that complemented each course…Oro Prosecco from Veneto, Provenca Lugana (think really crisp Pinot Grigio), Sorrentino “Vulcano” Piedirosso from Pompeiano (yeah, Pompeii … grapes that are grown in earth steeped in volcanic ash … rich and fulfilling), Domaine Vincent Sauvestre Bourgogne Pinot Noir from Burgundy, France and a fantastic finish with Quinta de Ventozelo, a 10-year-old Tawny Porto. YUM! Be the first to RSVP to the next wine dinner at On3. A second wine-tasting dinner was held a few nights later at Isle of Capri Restaurant, the old world-styled trattoria on Third Avenue in NYC featuring wines from the Sorrentino Winery, which is based in the Campania region of southern Italy. Master sommelier Gabriele Massa from Capri, Italy enlightened us with his vast knowledge of the wines and the region. Enjoying the mozzarella “en Carroza,” porcini-infused Agnolotti Classico, Calamari alla Luciana and the Di Bosco Italian Wild Berry Cake were Melissa Prospero and Tony Pullano, (co-owners of the Prospero Winery in California and Supreme Wines), Mark Severino, Bo Kim and Eric Neher, Donna D’Agostino (her family owns the restaurant), Jane Incao and more.

Gabriele Massa, Jane Incao and Mark Severino


Christine and Timothy O’Keefe

Maria Velissaris, Tony Pullano and Donna D’Agostino

Sergio Marranzino, Anthony Fiamma, Gabriele Massa and Eric Neher

The Boulevard May 2010

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4/5/10 1:59:13 PM

NCMA ART OPENING of Miro, Dubuffet, Basquiat and Fernando Botero

Dr. Barry Fabrikant, Dr. Carolyn Kibel, Shonda and Hugh Daley and Shane Parouse

Museum Director Karl Willers with Roger and Jerry Tilles

Then it was back to Roslyn Harbor for the Nassau County Museum of Art opening of the new Miro/Dubuffet/Basquiat and Fernando Botero exhibit where a lively art-centric and philanthropic crowd including Sharon and Dr. Stephen Cuchel, Angela Susan Anton, Constance and Hank Schwartz, Dori and Peter Tilles, Adele Klapper, Sharon and Marvin Schechter, Museum Director Dr. Karl Willers, Joan and Arnold Saltzman, Jill and Dr. Todd Cohen, Dr. Harvey Manes, Joe Canevari, Ron Gray, Margaret and Tom Stacey, Donna Winston, Jean and Bob Henning, Catherine Rosso and about 100 others all sipped wine and toured the paneled rooms filled with the many works of art, both painted and sculpted. And lastly, in Lattingtown at the March 17 party to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, friends Anna and Edward Rivadeniera rocked the “green house” as they always do! But the celebration was not limited to the green day as we all know, it was because their daughter Alexa turned 18 on the same day … so the green was not only in the cabbage and on the icing on the cake, but also in all the loot that Alexa took away from her birthday event! Great hosts, great party, great holiday! If you have an event, benefit or party you’d like considered for On the Boulevard, kindly email me at

Kandice Seitz and Jennifer Roth

Victoria Crosby and James Tiberg

Connie Schwartz, Adele Klapper, Susan Ganz and Sharon Schechter

Elisabeth Vreeburg and Catherine Rosso

Dr. Stephen and Sharon Cuchel flanking Todd Cohen and Peter Tilles

Jean and Bob Henning with Donna Winston


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4/5/10 2:00:05 PM

American Heart Assciation Go Red

An Evening with Bill O’Reilly

for Women Luncheon is a Great Success

to benefit the Guild of St. Francis Hospital at the DeMatteis Center in Greenvale Photo by Willaim Baker

The 2010 Long Island Go Red for Women Committee

Bill O’Reilly with Anne Maione and Joan Barkman

Holocaust Memorial & Tolerance Center Hosts Grand Reopening with its new multimedia museum in Glen Cove

Beth Lilach and chair Howard Maier with survivors David Gewirtzman and Ethel Katz

Ribbon-cutting ceremony with dignitaries

JCC’s Auction for Excellence The community comes to support Sid Jacobson JCC in East Hills

Survivors Ethel Katz and Peter Stone flank liberator Jim Van Raalte.

Young volunteers stuff goody bags before the 15th Annual Auction for Excellence.


Senator Johnson presents board president Dr. Eric Donnenfeld with a check.

15th Annual Auction for Excellence Committee

Jeff and Nicole Buslik hold up their prize from the silent auction.

Dr. Eric Donnenfeld, Susan Bender, NYS Senator Craig Johnson, US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand with Frank and Rita Castagna

The Boulevard May 2010

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4/5/10 2:01:28 PM

“We have a beautiful view of the water at Sterling Glen of Roslyn. Murray likes to watch the boats come in. It reminds us of our old life in that apartment, only easier!”

! Cover 003 AtriaAd.indd 1

100 Landing Road

Roslyn, New York 516.626.6900

Murray’s wife


4/5/10 10:36:58 AM

Cover 004 ExcelaireAd.indd 1

4/5/10 10:37:39 AM

The Boulevard Magazine May 2010  
The Boulevard Magazine May 2010  

The Boulevard Magazine May 2010 issue featuring Beth Stern, Gary Dell'Abate (aka Baba Booey), Kathryn Erbe, Rescue Ink, Rick DiPietro, Carol...