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FROM THE PUBLISHER ANGELA S. ANTON Summer’s here, and as faithful Boulevard readers know, summer means it’s time for our men’s issue! In keeping with tradition, we’ve created a cover with some good-looking celebrities: in this case, three guys who have just opened up their first Broadway show. Jon Clarke sat down with the alternative punk rock band Green Day to talk about their history and their new Tony-nominated play American Idiot, based on their album of the same name. Inside our pages, we also have conversations with former New York Islander Ken Morrow and actors Simon Helberg, Billy Magnussen and Mark Pellegrino. Matt Piacentini takes us into Brian Shore’s commercial office spaces while our contributing fashion intern Leah Beneskenazi takes us through some awesome fashion for men! Are you ready for a great travel experience? Check out the Irons and Reels article by Tina Guiomar for a golf and fishing trip to Casa Velas Hotel Boutique in Puerto Vallarta. If you’d like to travel a little farther, you can hitch a ride on the space shuttle with our Editor in Chief Jason Feinberg, who was given behind-the-scenes access to witness the final launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis with some incredible photos and deafening video on our website! Also on our website, our interactive media intern Michelle Aguila has been busy making some fantastic additions. For instance, what could be better than having a celebrity greet you via video when you reach The Boulevard? Come for a visit and see what you think.

OTHER IMPROVEMENTS INCLUDE: Sharing: Not only can you print, email and create a pdf of any of the articles, you can share the content on many of the popular social media websites. Translation: Did you know that you can translate the content of “On the Boulevard” into 53 different languages straight from the website? On each page is a translate menu. Select your language of choice and in an instant the site is changed. Restaurant and Hotel Guides: Don’t know where to eat and sleep? At The Boulevard you just have to select eat & sleep to choose from the list we continue to compile of restaurants, lounges and bars all over Long Island and New York City. Additionally, we are putting together a directory of great places to stay around the world! Music: Did you know you can listen to music, notably some great up-and-comers, right on The Boulevard website? Just click on the music link! Stuff: Want a cool shirt, bag, mug or even something for the family pet? Check out the merchandise section. Online Magazine: In addition to the website, kindle and iPhone app, did you know there is a flipbook version of The Boulevard? Just click on the flipbook link; every issue since 2006 is online. Expanded Calendar of Events: Recently we teamed up with to bring you more of “what’s happening” all over Long Island! And The Boulevard keeps going and going and going … be sure to sign up for your free account today.



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Wheatley Plaza is excited to announce the opening of Bar Frites Š2010 CASTAGNA REALTY CO., INC.

restaurant, the newest eatery by Gillis and George Poll. Bar Frites offers French fare in an urban downtown setting featuring such bistro menu items as steak frites, escargots, duck, burgers and fresh seafood. Bar Frites is now open for lunch, dinner, cocktails and weekend brunch. Call 516.484.7500 for reservations. Glen Cove Road at Northern Boulevard • Contact our complimentary Personal Shopping Service at 800.818.6767 or

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showhouse living



Architecture Commercial Spaces


Interior Design The Home Office




Real Estate Tips

Inside and Out




For Guys (and Girls)

J McLaughlin


Time Keepers


Oleg Cassini



Green Day Comes to Broadway


photo by Jason Feinberg


cover photo by Marina Chavez

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There’s an App for That!

Mark Pellegrino Simon Helberg Ken Morrow Billy Magnussen The End of an Era...The Last Flight of The Shuttle Atlantis.

Ironman’s Audi R8


Travel From Museums to Millennia: A Slice of Turkey with Aphrodite, Too Seven Stars and Stripes The Premier Palace, Kiev Irons & Reels Cast a Line and Swing Away at Puerta Vallarta’s Casa Velas Hotel

Introducing the new app for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad! B Mobile The Boulevard Magazine (Search Boulevard)

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64 JULY 2010

Wine & Dine Vine Speak Patroon Inn Ho-Ho-Kus Inn







Dr. Sarnoff Dr. Capozzi Health Watch

Long Island Events

Chris Robbins, On The Boulevard Charity Events

Selita Ebanks


photo / Yu- tsai.

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omfort and


ake a



pace on ong sland

At Home in a One-of-a-Kind Office E P C C M U ‘U ’S L I

/ By Matt Piacentini / Photography By Tim Williams

ShowHouse Living One-of-a-Kind Office

The Boulevard July 2010

5/27/10 3:56:09 PM

Running with the theme of the office space, the conference table is an actual airplane wing.

Most of us spend so much time at work that we wish it could feel like home. Well, if you’re Jan Burman and the other partners at The Engel Burman Group, you just might be able to achieve that goal. The Long Island real estate developers saw surprising potential in an unused industrial space that was part of a historic manufacturing complex they own. They took a leap of faith, redesigning it as their own office, and ended up with something with a hip and urban feel that stands out on Long Island, while also providing the comforts and livability of a home environment. The group brought in Locust Valley architect Brian Shore, who has spoken with Boulevard magazine about his work on elegant, manor-style residential spaces. He talked about rethinking those homes to accommodate the modern lifestyle while keeping with a traditional look and feel. This time, Shore was excited to speak about the chance to work in the commercial space realm. And while rebirthing the heating facility of a factory complex is a jump from creating a North Shore waterfront estate, the concept is the same. You find the key elements that stand out and define a space, then you work with that as your focus and build on the feel it naturally creates. In this case, the venue was a central heating plant with a chimney that acted as the boiler room for the old complex of buildings. The whole Garden City site, which Engel Burman bought about 15 years ago, was originally one of the first Curtiss-Wright manufacturing facilities in the United States. (The Wright brothers and Glenn Curtiss were pioneers in the field of aeronautics. The corporation Curtiss-Wright that stemmed from their work provided much of the foundation for modern flight and became a major part of the quickly growing aeronautics and defense industries.) The group had already renovated other buildings in the historic complex, developing warehouses and offices. This heating facility building had gone out of use, as all these units had their own heat and A/C. So they began to look at what had become nothing more than a storage unit and think, What could be done here? Burman’s two sons had recently joined him in the business and the group needed more room, so they decided this would be a great two-story office space. Shore was excited when they approached him with this idea. “How many opportunities do you get like this?” he said. “I told them, ‘Let’s do something unique to Long Island, since this is a really unique space in itself. ’ The industrial esthetic I could see under the surface spoke something very urban to me. So I felt that rather than just making some standard office, let’s work with these elements not just cover it all up.” Shore said this industrial vibe made him think of a hip, downtown feel. Features such as exposed brick, exposed ducts and steel, barn doors and a roof deck could turn into something that was really in a class of its own on Long Island. So, the sandblasting began. And then a big cleanup. Once the space was back to a blank slate, a mezzanine was built with open staircases that kept the exposed steel look and added steel railings. “We really tried to keep the palate of the original

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Showhouse Living One-of-a-Kind Office


The Boulevard July 2010

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Before (right): The historic airplane manufacturing facility had a lot of potential. They cleared it out, sandblasted and stripped down to all the original brick and duct work. After (far right): The idea was to take the orginal industrial feel of the space, and with a sophiticated use of materials, art work, furniture and lighting, create a downtown urban chic. Opposite Page: The reception area features open staircase in keeping with the exposed steel look. The exposed ductwork highlights the industrial nature of the place, along with wire and glass, brick and steel, and big skylights. There are factorystyle lighting off the ducts, and exposed metal frames supporting the wood ceiling.

structure,” Shore said. “We wanted the original materials and structure to come through.” Shore had all the ductwork exposed to highlight the industrial nature of the place, along with any part of the original structure that added an interesting flair, like wire and glass, brick and steel, and big skylights. There are factory-style lighting fixtures coming off the ducts and big exposed metal frames supporting the wood ceiling. Burman agreed with the approach and lauded the vision as it came to fruition. “Anyone could cover this place up with sheet rock and modern lighting,” he said. “But Brian really took the opportunity to highlight those old elements. And what he had to add, he made it fit with that look.” Now, standing at the main reception desk, you can still see the original standpipe that was the sprinkler system. If you look up, you’ll still see the wood ceiling. There are also the barn doors, all creating a one-of-a-kind work environment. From there, Burman got inspired by the idea of running with the native character of the place. He had a conference room table made, for instance, that is an actual airplane wing. There is a propeller in the office too. He also added contemporary art that fueled the urban vibe.

Now, he said, “Everyone flips out when they walk in here. They can’t believe it. They love the architecture and love being in this bright, airy office that functions so well.” The end result is something that, for all the industrial elements, adds up to a place where you really want to hang out. The chic and strategic use of color, the urbane lighting and furniture and the well-chosen art all comprise a city loft-type luxuriousness that is very inviting. You can as easily picture holding a meeting, doing inspired work, or hosting a trendy cocktail party here. “That was the spirit of this,” said Shore. “We wanted something fun … a space you could really enjoy but to also use the industrial materials with sophistication, in a way that commands respect as you walk in to this big, unusual open space.” Burman added, “This was meant to be an extension of our homes. We spend as much time here as at home. Brian is such an unbelievable architect that he was able to make this happen.” Comfortable through coolness and hip, via a sophisticated use of industrial elements and urban chic, this Garden City office is a truly distinctive concept. The powerful vision of this project is a fitting tribute to a historic local site.

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SHOWHOUSE LIVING HOME OFFICE B-25 Mitchell Bomber Airplane Desk

ULTIMATE DESKS A man’s castle goes only so far as a woman allows, which tends to be the garage and the home office. Today there are many styles of innovative furniture that can make the ultimate office. Each desk can reflect the style and flow of the rest of the home and transport the owner into another world. A collection of desks follow, ranging from traditional to vintage to futuristic modern.

This limited edition desk is sleek in design and rich in aviation history. The aluminum frame is exposed to reveal design details of the elevators and rudders used to form this executive furniture. This desk is available using the Elevator which is 9 feet in length, or the Rudder which is 8 feet in length. The price ranges from $22,000 - $26,000. For more information please go to

Bernhardt Wilshire Blvd. Home Office collection

“Carpett”, secretar Secretary in light walnut wood. Interior in natural sycamore wood. Metal fittings in silver plate with peccary strips. Glass base optional. Designed by Jaume Tresserra 1987.

9-Piece Executive Home Office: Bookcase Hutch, Lateral file, Door base, Bunching Return, Peninsula Desk top, Peninsula Desk Pedestal and Swivel Desk Chair

For more information please go to

Visit for more information

Mayfair Steamer Secretary Trunk

- Part of the Restoration Hardware Artisan Collection, this portable office is handmade of distressed vintage cigar leather over a solid wood frame. Available at Restoration Hardware &


Novel Quest Emperor 1510 - With the signature Emperor scorpion shape and outline, the Emperor 1510 represents the future of high-end home and office computer work environments. Designed by MWE Lab. Starting at $4,950 For more information please visit


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Change can be exceptional. Our staff consists of full‑time employees ‑ no independent contractors. We embrace professional service, and aspire to bring a fresh, intelligent, and transformative approach to the real estate industry. EXPERIENCETHEEASTEGGDIFFERENCE Long Island 141 Birch Hill Road Locust Valley 516.299.9240 Manhattan 590 Madison Avenue, 21st Fl. New York 212.661.5932

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ShowHouse Living


La Russa

The Boulevard July 2010

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WITH FuNCTIONaL BEauTY, the Kitchen Is the Status Symbol of the Home

The evolution of kitchen design in the past few decades has been fueled by new technology in appliances, innovative materials for cabinetry and countertops, and an increased awareness of good design practice, as well as the fact that the kitchen has become a status symbol. Even though status symbols are sought after by men and women alike, specific types of status symbols are usually gender-biased. In most cases men still love their cars while a lot of women define their style by the handbags they carry. The good news for the kitchen industry is that both men and women revere their kitchen as the ultimate status symbol. Most men tend to look for name brands because they offer an assurance of high quality; women still look for value beyond the name brand. But both seek excellence and do not want to compromise on quality or service during their kitchen design process. Today’s man plays an active role in the planning and design process – the selection of product and the actual use of the kitchen – like the one featured in this issue. Baldo LaRussa, a retail fashion executive at a well-known apparel and home furnishing design firm, was the driving force behind this design. Baldo and his wife Gina hired Vasi Ypsilantis of the Manhasset-based design firm, the breakfast room, ltd., to design their dream kitchen. Like most young families, they required a kitchen space that worked for their lifestyle. The kitchen was designed to accommodate daily family meals as well as extensive entertaining. A desk area was incorporated to create a workspace for their two young children. The required amounts of cabinetry and countertop space were abundant; however, the proportions of every detail were taken into consideration in order for the kitchen to appear spacious. Baldo, who works daily with high-end brands, insisted on Poggenpohl cabinets, considered by professionals to be the best in the industry. CaesarStone countertops were selected for their durability and the custom glass backsplash completed the high fashion, yet timeless, design. Baldo and Gina LaRussa’s kitchen is a perfect example of current kitchen design styles. Ypsilantis, who is known for setting trends in the kitchen industry, says, “Today’s kitchens must be unique to their owner’s lifestyle. It is important that style, quality and function are integral parts in kitchen design. Only then can kitchens maintain their place as status symbols.” This kitchen, which was created by the combined efforts of a professional designer who seamlessly integrated style with function and homeowners with the most discerning tastes, has certainly earned its bragging rights.

Cabinets by Poggenpohl Long Island/ The Breakfast Room, Ltd. Countertops: CaesarStone by Renaissance Marble Works Backsplash Tile: Artistic Tile

the breakfast room, ltd. 1492 Northern Blvd. Manhasset, NY 11030

p 516.365.8500 Designer: Vasi Ypsilantis, CKD Client: LaRussa- Port Washington, NY


page 016-017 BreakfastRoom_Kitch17 17


5/27/10 3:59:35 PM

Showhouse Living Bring a Chef’s Kitchen Outdoors

Grillzebo: Barbecue anytime, rain or shine. Aluminum and steel frame in pewter. Assembly required. $799.99.

Grills, a fixture on the suburban landscape, become grander in design every year. They are serious in style and functionality, but with more bells and whistles than ever before. At Fortunoff’s Backyard Store, the deluxe models, made of stainless steel, are the most popular option in grills and offer the home griller the additional benefit of durability. They are less prone to damage from rain, snow and dampness and offer a clean, updated look. Weber has been at the forefront of the gas grilling revolution, adding innovative new features that make outdoor entertaining a simple pleasure by turning a grill into a chef’s outdoor kitchen. In its Westbury location, Fortunoff has the largest Weber shop around, featuring almost every Weber product. Grills range from the portable Weber “Q” to sleek, stainless steel with extra cooking space that incorporates the features of a great chef’s kitchen. This year, Fortunoff is introducing Grillzebo, an all-weather grilling station for grilling anytime, come rain or come shine. The grill simply slips under the solid top Grillzebo for protection from the elements. It features an aluminum and steel frame in pewter with a metal roof and two side shelves. 18

What to Look For When Buying a Gas Grill Purchasing a grill can be almost as daunting as purchasing a car or a computer. A gas grill should have a built-in thermometer, a gas gauge and most importantly, a deep drip pan that’s easy to remove and clean. Try to buy a grill with side tables to give you enough workspace. Other essential features to consider when purchasing a gas grill include: - Sturdy construction - A thick, heavy firebox and tight-fitting lid for even heat conduction. - Electric ignition - At least two, and preferably three or more, separate heating zones - Adjustable controls to set the grill on high, medium and low. The high setting should give you a consistent grilling temperature of 600 degrees F. - A gas burner on one side for heating sauces and accompaniments - Fittings for a rotisserie and smoker box -A warming rack -A spider guard for keeping insects out of the burners

Available at Fortunoff’s Backyard Store in Westbury, NY

The Boulevard July 2010

page 018 FortunoffBackyard.indd 18

5/27/10 4:01:54 PM



11:23 AM

Page 1

200 Blydenburgh Road Suite 4 • Islandia, NY 11749

(631) 234-7023 • Award Winning Designs • Serving Long Island for Over 30 Years

page 019 SeaCrystalAd.indd 19

6/1/10 1:56:28 PM

ShowHouse Living

New York Living

The Perfect Balance - a New York Lifestyle / By Jonathan C. Cifuentes


The Boulevard July 2010

page 020-023 EastEgg_Ed.indd 20

5/27/10 4:04:42 PM

Having a home base is the most relaxing and reassuring part of time away from your primary residence. Vacation homes and pieds-à-terre invite ease and relieve strain on your time away while providing a dependable means of strengthening your investment portfolio. Using real estate as an asset to diversify a portfolio has always been a smart and practical form of investment. The fact that we’re in one of the most auspicious of real estate markets makes this no time to shy away from a proven concept. The New York City, North Shore and Hamptons lifestyle is one of the most luxurious and exclusive on the east coast. If you are thinking of buying a piedà-terre or second home to expand your Manhattan and Long Island real estate portfolio, now is an opportune time to consider doing so. From the sun block-streaked shores of the Hamptons to the rolling hills of Upper Brookville, prices are largely down for homes in the region’s affluent neighborhoods. In fact, prices for luxury homes in the Hamptons have dropped more than 40 percent from their peak. After property values took a bit of a dip, signs of an upward tick in sales are showing where the truly sustainable markets are, leaving many shrewd buyers to quickly pick up on the opportunity to finally own their second property. When the market wanes in this post-storm tide of affordability and predictability, buying becomes both highly lucrative and exciting. You can dive in gracefully, knowing that the long-term prospects bode well for a handsome and effortless return – and some priceless downtime. And that’s exactly the point – the pied-à-terre of your dreams need not consume either your time or any tremendous overhead costs. Increasing sales activity in the Manhattan market indicates that pricing will become more competitive as the looming increase in interest rates entices buyers. This bellwether urban market has already subtly lifted sleepy sales in the Hamptons. Landmark oceanfront properties are still fetching high prices, but if you’re willing to buy inland a few blocks, prices will certainly work in your favor. A two-minute walk to the beach may be the perfect compromise for making the dream of a beach home a reality. Higher rates of mortgage delinquency and bankruptcy contribute to even more lucrative prices. Real estate agents are aware of the caprices of these opportunities first, which is why it’s best to work with an agent focused not just on the immediate sale at hand, but also on empirical market data which will help you focus your long-term investment goals.

It’s also important to realize that sometimes the best deal is down the block from a troubled property. A savvy real estate agent will assist you in identifying pitfalls in your potential purchase and really delve into the local market to see where the opportunity lies. Renovation and restoration costs must be considered and it’s imperative to partner with a team of experts that will make your next purchase a wise one that will suit your income, investment and personal goals. From Manhattan to the North Shore and out to Montauk, opportunities abound for smart real estate investments that can serve as the perfect second home. The North Shore’s dynamic offerings as a “hybrid” community that offers the amenities of city, but relaxation and rural pleasures of country, are ideal for long-term investment and sustained enjoyment as a second home. For some, Manhattan is a vacation and investing in landmark neighborhoods like Soho is a smart buy for the most relaxed enjoyment of what the city has to offer. For others, owning a pied-à-terre in Manhattan offers a welcome escape from a taxing daily commute. And who can argue with a summer on the beach? If that is your goal, there is no shortage of available properties, whether you prefer the tony North Shore or the exclusive villages of the Hamptons. One point is clear – New Yorkers appreciate the ability to balance their time between the fast-paced city and the relaxing beaches of Long Island. For those who are still timid about entering the market, explore some smart financing solutions. It is a common misconception that banks are not lending for second home purchases. Bank guidelines are much stricter these days, but if you have a strong credit history and solid financials, you can find a lender who will work with you. Above all, you should recognize just how much buying a second property will mean to the enjoyment and well-being of you and your family. As we all know, memories appreciate over time and the richest investment is a wealth of experiences, as well as the legacy of real property for future generations.

page 020-023 EastEgg_Ed.indd 21


5/27/10 4:04:51 PM

Real Estate


The Boulevard July 2010

page 020-023 EastEgg_Ed.indd 22

5/27/10 4:05:02 PM

311 West Broadway, New York, New York Sales & Welcome Center, Residence 3A Stunning Gwathmey Siegel Designed 2 to 5 Bedroom Penthouse, Townhouse and Loft Residences


Soho Mews. Welcome to Cultivated Living.


page 020-023 EastEgg_Ed.indd 23


5/27/10 4:05:11 PM




Every man needs comfortable and appropriate clothing to wear to work during the summer.

/ MORNING GLORY platinum in black, $242;

/ SHADES OF GREIGE Elski band collar overshirt in Hamptons red, $97;




page 024-037 MensFashion.indd 24

5/27/10 2:07:18 PM

Hampton Beach


It’s time to hit the beach! Stay cool and comfortable in some light colors and loose fits. 1 / B.D. Baggies Blue mini-check lightweight cotton long-sleeve button-down shirt, $98; B.D. Baggies White cotton oxford shorts, $95; B.D. Baggies Blue/khaki sand bar stripe lightweight cotton long-sleeve button-down shirt, $98; B.D. Baggies Navy cotton oxford shorts, $95 2 / Daniel Buchler cotton drawstring pant in navy $85; American Essentials drawstring cotton lounge pant in plaster, $85; Daniel Buchler linen/cotton drawstring pant in washed olive, $85; Daniel Buchler linen drawstring pant in orange, $85

Available at Bloomingdale’s


page 024-027 MensFashion.indd 25


5/28/10 1:45:49 PM


coLoR BeacH cHIc

Summertime is the time to bring color back into men’s wardrobes in both casual and beachwear. 2 1 / lacOste oversized croc polo, $85;

2 / eDDie embroidered swim trunks, $95 3 / silk print bowtie, $45 4 / Needlepoint belt, $165 5 / medium gingham check shirt and DaVis crew neck pullover, $135 and $110 6 / spread collar washed linen shirts, $135;







the boulevard JULY 2010

page 024-037 MensFashion.indd 26

5/27/10 2:10:20 PM

tHe BoYFRIenD LooK

Women’s fashion is always changing in style and color. Women are now taking over men’s clothing with the new boyfriend look. This new style takes men’s clothes such as jeans and shoes and gives them a feminine twist. 2



5 1 / ViNce slouchy Jean short, $195

and ViNce striped Boatneck tee, $98; Bloomingdale’s roosevelt Field 2 / raY-BaN aviator in black lens, $139 3 /BlOch Pasha Jazz in grape, $175 4 / true religiON Drew rigid Boyfriend in rambler, $239 5 / sPerrY topsider Bahama in white/ navy, $55;





M Missoni • Valentino • Alexander Mcqueen Marchesa • Mikael Aghal






See by Chloe • John Galliano • Badgley Mischka and many more great designer labels!


Located at 8 Hicks Lane, Great Neck NY 11024 • Tel: 516.466.5959 • Fax: 516.466.5958

Hours/Days of operation: Monday - Thursday from 11am-6pm • Friday from 11am-3pm • Closed Saturday • Sunday from 11am - 5pm

page 024-027 MensFashion.indd 27

5/27/10 7:35:37 PM

Fashion Watches

Skeletal Structure Clockwise: / Louis-Frederic Perrelet Split-Seconds Chronograph, price upon request, / Richard Mille Caliber RM 019 Knot Ladies’ Tourbillon, $365,000, / Corum Classical Tourbillon Billionaire Limited Production 10 pieces, $399,000, / Breguet Classique Grande Complication, $138,100, / Bell & Ross Minuteur Tourbillon, price upon request, / Armin Strom Blue Chip Skeleton, price upon request,

Skeletonized inner workings show the superior quality craftmanship of the watchmaker. 28

The Boulevard July 2010

page 028-029 SkeletalStructure_R28 28

5/28/10 10:07:44 AM

AURA HAIR COLOUR EMPORIUM Come enjoy the experience of AURA One of Long Island’s most exclusive Salons Specializing in: • • • • • • •

Colour Cutting Styling Facials Makeup Hair Extensions Bridal Parties

After Hours Every Thursday 10 a.m. - Midnight Cocktails & Hors d’ oeuvres

First time visit, complimentary consultation

TJFOOB “Mediterranean Inspired Treasures”


Hair Colour Emporium 2870 Merrick Road • Bellmore NY 11710 (516) 785-7774

62 Glen Cove Road in East Hills NY 11577 516.484.0030 /

page 028-029 SkeletalStructure_R29 29

5/27/10 3:25:43 PM

Suddenly It’s Summer!

On the red carpet, actress/singer Lee Nestor wears Oleg Cassini in Beverly Hills. The evening ensemble features pink beading stitched on sheer nude chiffon tied at each side of the open top with tiny chiffon bows worn with the Cassini hot pink silk satin skirt with its own floor length satin stole.



page 030-035 OlegCassini_OCAd.in30 30

5/27/10 4:11:21 PM

page 030-035 OlegCassini_OCAd.in31 31


5/27/10 4:11:36 PM

Guess I’ll Just Wear a T The signature Cassini T-shirt bikini in clinging black jersey is worn with the Oleg Cassini Sun OC sunglasses in tortoise and jade, trimmed with gold.


The Boulevard July 2010

page 030-035 OlegCassini_OCAd.in32 32

5/27/10 4:12:06 PM

At the gates of Paramount Studios, Hollywood, Lee Nestor is wearing the Oleg Cassini Diva gown in sheer black chiffon printed with gold branches and Cassini hot pink flowers. “My first assignment as costume designer at Paramount was to design the costumes and ‘look’ for Veronica Lake in her first starring film, I Wanted Wings. Years later, I would design costumes for Kim Basinger in The Sentinel with Michael Douglas. Kim won an Academy Award playing a Veronica Lake look-alike in LA Confidential.” Oleg Cassini (Excerpt from Oleg Cassini, The Wedding Dress)

page 030-035 OlegCassini_OCAd.in33 33


5/27/10 4:13:06 PM

Surf’s Up On the Beach at Malibu The iconic Oleg Cassini T-shirt dress in vivid blue and jet black polished sequins stitched on sheer silk chiffon.


The Boulevard July 2010

page 030-035 OlegCassini_OCAd.in34 34

5/27/10 4:13:57 PM

A love affair that never ends.

page 030-035 OlegCassini_OCAd.in35 35

5/27/10 4:14:39 PM

Profile Green Day

Is Genius

/ By Jonathan Clarke / Photography By Marina Chavez 36

The Boulevard July 2010

page 036-041 BillieJoeArmstrong.36 36

5/27/10 5:07:53 PM

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5/27/10 5:07:58 PM

Profile Green Day I’ll never forget the first time I met Green Day. It was 1994 and the band’s album Dookie was burning up the charts and blasting out of radio stations across America, including mine at the time (the late, great WLIR). I was asked by our promotions department to host their upcoming show at Irving Plaza. You know, the DJ comes onstage before the band and screams a lot of nonsense into the mic to get the sold-out crowd pumped up before the band comes on - not that the crowd needed any encouragement or anything - but yeah, I’m that guy. Anyway, I go backstage and meet the band before they go on. Then I intro the band and they come storming onto the stage shaking cans of coke violently. They then pop the tops of the cans of coke and start spraying it all over the stage. This then makes the stage floor very sticky so they don’t slip in their Chuck Taylors. Ah yes, another rock ’n’ roll lesson learned. If you were there, or if you have seen the band live recently, then you know they consistently blow the roofs off joints around the world with their Ramones/Clash hybrid of pop/ punk rock. And, amazingly, when you see the guys today, they seriously look exactly the same as they did then. In fact, front man Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist Mike Dirnt and drummer Tre Cool look the same as they did 23 years ago when they started the band in 1987 (Tre Cool joined on drums in 1990). “Must be all the surgery,” Dirnt tells me jokingly. They have sold upwards of 22 million albums, won four Grammies and have just been nominated for several Tony Awards for American Idiot, the band’s 2004 seventh studio album, a punk rock opera that Time magazine called a “masterpiece” and that has been turned into a Broadway show. There has been recent talk of Idiot also being made into a movie. In 2003-2004, ironically, the band had been working on an album prior to Idiot when the master tapes to that album with all of the new songs were stolen (okay, there were no real tapes - it was a hard drive). So, a whole new album had to be written. Hence the genesis of Idiot. “Yeah, that was kind of a curse and a blessing at the same time,” says Armstrong. “We felt pretty violated when that happened, but I think deep down we knew we had to strive for something more. We did remember some of those songs from the album that got stolen and they do end up in the show. Songs like “Too Much Too Soon” are in the musical, so all was not lost.” And when you talk about rock operas, Tommy and Quadrophenia, two masterpieces written by The Who’s Pete Townshend, come to mind as a possible influence. “Absolutely. The way that [The Who] are able to tell a story and their dynamics as a band … we kind of think of ourselves as sort of descendants of The Who. They were the first to break down the barriers and do it,” says Armstrong. The band was not necessarily thinking about the album becoming a Broadway show when they were writing and recording Idiot. “When we were making the album, we were definitely thinking outside the box. And you think about the most grand thing in the world when you are trying to write a record like that. And to actually have it come to fruition is pretty


“we kind of think of


as sort of



The Who” .

amazing and incredible,” says Dirnt. Tre Cool adds, “We knew it was more than just a regular record when were making it, and to see it on Broadway, well, was tearful. Good tears though, kind of like your Mom getting her first tattoo.” And on seeing the show’s full production for the very first time? “It’s really kind of surreal, really we just feel like we are hitting the stratosphere right now. We are blown away that this is actually happening and when you finally see it live, you start to get invested in the characters, kind of like seeing a good movie,” says Armstrong. One of the show’s main characters is Jesus of Suburbia, also known as Johnny. “Jesus of Suburbia is a kid growing up in East Jesus, Nowhere who is sick of his surroundings and the town that he’s from and he wants to explore. There’s a reason small towns are small; no one wants to live there. So, he wants to get out and see something more and more diverse and follow something self-righteous. But he gets caught up in self-destruction in the end,” says Armstrong. Evidently director Michael Mayer would drive around in his car and the only thing he would play was Idiot when it first came out. And you have to wonder about the actual process of how a rock album becomes a Broadway show. Is that a difficult or tedious process? Armstrong says, “When we came up with the story of St. Jimmy and Jesus of Suburbia, it was sort of a twoperson act and then Michael got involved. He expanded the story and brought up two more characters. I was sort of hands-on and hands-off at the same time. He would email me or call me and ask me what I thought of things, and mostly, I would say, ‘Yeah, you know, give that a shot.’ The one thing we really wanted to be

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Š Photography By Alessandra Mello

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involved with was the band and how the band played during the show. This is a rock opera after all and the band does need to rock. The musicians in the show are amazing and they play everything the right way, and for us, we said, you know, the right and proper way is cool, but, you’ve got to do it the Green Day way. Which isn’t necessarily always the right way, you know? It’s kind of cool seeing your music charted out and played by union Broadway musicians. I learned a lot of new musical terminology, like, I now know what a gliss, a crescendo and a treble clef are. And, being a songwriter, I’ve always wanted something complex about the way our melodies are. I think a lot of pop/punk bands’ melodies are triangular and generic.” The song “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” won the band a Grammy for Record of the Year, and in the show, is a pivotal scene. “Yes, that’s definitely a big moment in the show. It’s where the character Johnny finds himself alone. And that’s the great thing about the record and the story. Michael Mayer really stuck to the integrity of that character and he really made the story more linear in a lot of ways,” according to Armstrong. While all the songs from Idiot make it into the musical, there are also songs from the band’s current album, 21st Century Breakdown, in the show as well. “Yeah, they fit in with the story line just through synergy, really,” says Cool. “We had demos for ‘21 Guns,’ ‘Know Your Enemy,’ ‘Before the Lobotomy and ‘Last Night on 40

Earth’ and they just seemed to blend perfectly into the script,” says Armstrong. And what of the band’s alter ego band, The Foxboro Hot Tubs, who tend to just show up unannounced and play secret gigs at dive bars? Where is that frontman, the Right Reverend Strychnine Twitch? (Armstrong is the Reverend) “He was last seen in London I believe,” says Dirnt. “Yeah, throwing up on a jet. I would love to see that band do a gig in New York at some place dirty, you know. As long as there are more people on stage than in the band, that’s sort of a pre-requisite of doing a Foxboro Hot Tubs gig,” says Armstrong. “Yeah, some place with low ceilings and more beer than air,” Dirnt says. And there is now a Green Day Rockband video game. “Yeah, that’s a sort of similar feeling we got from seeing our music written on charts, this now sort of really bridges the gap,” according to Tre Cool. Armstrong notes, “We look better than we normally do, we look like superheroes.” Dirnt adds, “I either look really great or I get this monkey look.” And Tre Cool says, “It’s cool when you screw up; then there is a band fight.” Green Day’s American Idiot is now playing at the St. James Theatre on Broadway in Manhattan. If you love Green Day and if you love the American Idiot album, you have to go see this show.


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Profile Mark Pellegrino


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/ BY TARA E. BUTLER / PHOTOGRAPHY BY ERIC WILLIAMS What would you do if you were part of a television series that was scheduled to premiere at the same time President Barack Obama was planning to deliver his State of the Union address? Simple. You wait for your fans to Facebook and Twitter in protest. That’s just what Lost fans did and, well, it worked. Actor Mark Pellegrino, who played Jacob, said with a laugh, "It is pretty impressive that Lost was more important than the actual state of the United States and that people were more invested in the premiere than news about what is going to happen to them." He feels the reason may be that people are so nervous about things to come that they would rather engage in fantasy. Now ABC's Lost has wrapped its final season and I wondered how big a role Pellegrino had in creating his mysterious Jacob? “I shot several episodes and each time I was on a need-to-know basis,” he said. “Jacob was all in the head of Carlton Cuse, one of the show’s producers.” Were fans satisfied with the finale? "I will say that fans should be satisfied with respect to questions that they needed desperately answered." Pellegrino, who only joined the cast last season, talked about how great it was to act with an ensemble cast and said, "It is always daunting coming onto a set as the new guy on the block when everybody’s got rhythm on an established show, but they all welcomed me with open arms." Surprisingly, the actor was not a fan of the show before being cast. In fact, "I’m a nerd who doesn't really own a television," he said, admitting that he was “completely in the dark and had no idea what I was auditioning for.” While he is no longer playing the mysterious Jacob, Mark stays busy portraying Lucifer on the CW's hit series Supernatural,

a role he loves. "I think it’s fun and the sky is the limit,” he said. “It can be playful and fun and a good way to let my anger out.” Does he like Lucifer? “Lucifer is actually a nice, truthful, honest and down-to-earth guy and on the show the angels are gruff and jerky,” he answered. In his free time, the California native enjoys playing his guitar, running, writing screenplays and cooking gourmet meals for his wife and stepdaughter. Also, he enjoys hanging out with his two dachshunds, Frankie and Johnny … and yes, they are an item. Along with his canine friends, he has three cats and two rats. Mark explained that the rats actually belong to his stepdaughter, but over time he has formed a loving bond with one of the little rodents, Sammy. One of the things this writer enjoyed most about interviewing Mark Pellegrino, besides our great conversation, was learning of the tender care he gave Sammy after the rat had a tumor removed. Thankfully, Sammy has recovered nicely. Pellegrino’s television credits include Dexter, Grey’s Anatomy, The Mentalist, Criminal Minds, CSI and more. He has appeared in a number of major films including Capote, Lethal Weapon 3 and Death Wish 4. As he continues his career, it’s for certain that this Lost actor has found his calling.


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/ By Ilena Ryan / Photography By Bobby Quillard / Groomer: Joanna Pensinger / Wardrobe Stylist: Diana L. Chan

Nerds (and Simon Helberg) Have More Fun

Proving the Big Bang Theory Right Profile Simon Helberg

The Boulevard July 2010

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While not assuming the real-life role of a nerd, actor Simon Helberg recognizes that they do have more fun in the CBS show The Big Bang Theory where he plays the self-described “perverted, twisted” Howard Wolowitz. The show is hugely successful, with audiences tuning in on Mondays to see nerd-dom in full glory, but it’s been quite the journey for Helberg to come into such a role in a long-standing series. From television roles to a variety of Internet series, to parts in Academy Award-winning films (he most recently appeared as Rabbi Scott in the Coen brothers’ A Serious Man), Helberg has done it all and has approached each project with professionalism, wit and dedication. As a kid, Helberg had dreams of being a basketball player. “As you can see, I clearly could have pursued that,” he says, though what’s clear is that he’s clearly kidding. At around 5’7”, Helberg’s stature never materialized to the heights of most NBA greats. However, his heart was always in music. He played piano, specifically jazz and rock, and at 14 had dreams of performing in clubs all around LA. Helberg’s father, an actor, was a member of the Groundlings, a prestigious LA-based improv comedy troupe. Watching his father’s performances inspired and encouraged Helberg to pursue acting. He auditioned for The Children’s Hour and was cast in the part of the delivery boy. He only had four lines, but he made the lines count by hamming it up and evoking laughter from the audience. That’s all it took. He was hooked. “Once I realized that I could get people to laugh on stage, that’s when I said, ‘Okay, I want to keep doing this.’ I studied theater at NYU and tried to take it as seriously as I could; then I came back to LA and was lucky enough to start working,” Helberg says. Once back in LA, Helberg embarked on a series of auditions, filming pilots and looking for his next big project. His first break was in the film Old School. While he had a minor role, it provided him with seven weeks of paid work, which was a first for him. “It’s so scary because you’re going from job to job and it could just stop. I look back and am fond of my younger self for being bullheaded because I tried not to give it too much thought and [now] I think ‘Wow, you had no idea what was going to happen and you took this big chance.’ I’m proud of my younger self; I’ve become more neurotic and anxiety-ridden over the years,” he laughs. The Big Bang Theory almost didn’t happen for Helberg. He had to choose between doing the pilot and doing more episodes of the briefly aired series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, which never came to fruition. Helberg had reservations about Big Bang. “It’s hard to think of that now. Of course I would’ve picked Big Bang, but you just think about how many pilots they do a year, and this was a pilot they already shot and I wondered, ‘Is it good; is it bad?’ I loved the script, but I had to be persuaded to do it instead of Studio 60, but I think that was a good decision.” It was a good decision. The Big Bang Theory is a hilarious comedy that has developed an immense following of nerds and non-nerds alike. “You could never predict it could become this.

Our show had a nice strong start; it just didn’t have any sort of landmark ratings. It’s been the frog in boiling water – when you turn on the water slowly, the frog doesn’t realize he’s actually about to boil … I probably shouldn’t have used a metaphor that involved killing animals,” he says, laughing. “We realized it at Comic-Con a couple of years ago. We could look out into the crowd and through the sea of obese transvestite Princess Leias and Ewoks in their 50s, we could see these people that were us. It was like looking in the mirror and it was amazing. They were the sweetest group of people we’d ever come across. We saw those four guys [on The Big Bang Theory] in everybody.” Helbert has particular fondness for the loyal nerd audience: people who watch the show and “blog about it until their fingers are bleeding,” as Helberg says. “You want to be on their good side or they’ll bring you down if you’re not. We tapped into the zeitgeist of nerd-dom.” It was during his successful stint on The Big Bang Theory that he received a wonderful offer from the Coen brothers to join the cast of A Serious Man. Helberg assumed the role of Rabbi Scott in the strange, intriguing movie that was released to critical acclaim and an Academy Award nomination for best picture. “You couldn’t even describe that movie to people,” Helberg says when asked if he had thought the film would be as successful as it was. Though it seemed geared toward a niche audience, it went far beyond that. “It doesn’t matter if you’re Jewish or not, this movie has an incredibly universal and bold message and asks a universal and bold question. People can relate to that.” Other projects along Helberg’s way have included the web series Derek and Simon, as well as Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, a “passion project” written during the writers’ strike that was quirky and boasted a brilliant score. The hilarious project won an Emmy and was recognized by Time magazine. Helberg values such projects because they are a “testament of passion and coming together for the sake of working.” While most of his projects thus far have been comedic in nature, Helberg would love to extend his résumé to include some more dramatic roles. “It can be challenging. I enjoy doing comedy and end up going in for those things, and that’s sort of where my career has gone, but I’d like to stretch people’s ideas of me,” he says. Helberg would love to expand his career to follow that of Philip Seymour Hoffman, and with the range of quirky, unique roles he has played thus far, there’s no doubt he should be able to accomplish that. He’s a testament to an actor who works because he is dedicated to his craft and understands what it takes to make it in the business and adapt accordingly.


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As Skater and Scout, the Man Has Clout / By Jules Rabin


Profile Ken Morrow


The Boulevard July 2010

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Ever wonder what it would be like to be an integral part of the storied MIRACLE ON ICE, the 1980 United States Olympic gold medal-winning hockey team? And what it would be like, just a few months later, to hoist the Stanley Cup as an integral member of the New York Islanders world hockey champions? Ask these questions of Kenny Morrow; a man who did both, and some 30 years later, he still finds he can’t truly describe either feeling. “The euphoria surrounding the Olympic victory was incredible,” says Morrow. “Then the realization that you were overall world champions, the survivors of the best and the fittest … that cannot be put into words, either.” The first player ever to win Olympic gold and an NHL championship in the same season remains in awe, three decades later. Morrow, whose cranky, surgically repaired knees forced early retirement from his 10-year Islander career after 550 games, has a ton of fond memories. But none, he says, is more meaningful than the realization that the Islanders valued his rookie skills enough to trade two veteran defenseman, Dave Lewis and Bill Harrison, to Los Angeles for dynamo Butch Goring, the final piece in building the Islander “dynasty.” From day one, with the great championship teams of 1980-1983 and beyond, Morrow was a stalwart of the Islanders defensive corps along with Hall of Famer Denis Potvin. On the subject of Hall of Famers, Morrow lauds Islander Hall of Fame coach Al Arbour as being a fabulous motivator, as well as teacher and strategist. “Al simply knew how to push the right buttons,” says Morrow. “Tough, but very fair, Al had a gift for kicking your butt when necessary and patting your back at the right moment.” As longtime director of scouting for the Islanders, Morrow sees some 140 games each year, evaluating Islander opponents and checking out top players in the higher minor leagues. During playoff time, he is chief advance scout for the franchise. So what does he look for in a possible future Islander? Basic hockey skills like skating, puck handling and work ethic, of course. Tougher to gauge but equally important are a player’s heart and grit; Ken watches body language and reactions to adverse circumstances under game conditions. Among current “future top” Islanders, Morrow likes Bridgeport forwards Jesse Joensuu and Matt Martin. Ken loves his scouting job but he lives in Kansas City and, he says, “there are no home games. I have to travel constantly; and this, of course, takes precious time away from my family.” wife Barb and children Kristen, 27, Brittany, 25, and Evan, 12, are resigned to the separation, but 1-year-old granddaughter, Alysse, doesn’t yet miss grandpa like he longs for her. “What they say about the wonders of being a grandparent is all true,” admits the taciturn star. “And I sure do miss that little one when I’m away… so much.” When asked about battling the best of the NHL players, two names top Morrow’s list. “While I hated all of those big, bruising, “power forwards,” who loved to park in front of our goalie, two skilled players made my life miserable. Buffalo’s magical centerman, Gilbert Perrault, had a million moves to drive me crazy. And, of course, the legendary Wayne Gretsky had a sixth sense on the ice and was endlessly a couple of handfuls trying to contain.” Being an NCAA All-American at Bowling Green University was a “hoot” for young Morrow, and election into the United States Hockey Hall of Fame was an “exceptional thrill.” However, Ken says, a “major emotional high” in his life was winning the prestigious 1996 Lester Patrick Trophy in 1996. The trophy honors the late Lester Patrick, who was a general manager and coach of the Rangers. It is presented annually for "outstanding service to hockey in the United States.” For a guy who was drafted # 68 in the 1976 amateur draft (# 4 by the Islanders) but chose to stay in college until 1979 before accepting an Olympic Team invitation, Morrow has made a career of correct choices. His sharp hockey acumen continues today as he judges the opposition and forecasts Islander future success with his minor league evaluations and player recommendations. Happily, Ken Morrow sees a bright future for the franchise.


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MAGNUSSEN AS R / By Ilena Ryan / Photography By Thaddeus Harden


What strikes you about actor Billy Magnussen, once you get past his hunky aura and piercing blue eyes, is his incredible energy. Coming down off a post-rehearsal high with his band, Reserved for Rondee, he begins our interview with a genuinely cheerful greeting. “So nice to meet you! I’m so excited!” he says, “We just had band practice this morning; we were jamming a little. It was great!” Magnussen’s rehearsal studio is in Queens, New York, where he lived until he was 10, when he moved to Cumming, Georgia. A jock growing up, he ripped his left hamstring wrestling in his high school state semifinals. Post-injury, Billy needed a new hobby, so he took an acting class. “I found out that this is awesome! And then I found out you could go to college for it and I said ‘Alright, this seems fun,’” he remembers. His love for acting led him to University of North Carolina’s School of the Arts, where he graduated in 2007. He began the audition process as soon as he finished school. The young actor has worked on a variety of projects already, with a starring role as Casey Hughes on the soap As The World Turns and roles in the upcoming Joel Schumacher film Twelve and the horror film Choose. Though fortunate to be consistently working, Magnussen recognizes the struggles he’s gone through. The biggest obstacle he’s had to overcome? “Oh, man … rejection. Especially now, in this day and age, a lot of people choose stars; the good roles go to people who are known. It’s hard to get open that door, but you learn,” he says. Rejection has only strengthened the young actor’s work ethic. He firmly believes that if you work hard, no one can stop you. “You make your own life; when you want to manifest destiny, you can,” he says. The same passion and energy he speaks with is injected directly into his audition process. For the film Twelve, Magnussen explains that he got the role of Claude by licking the casting director’s face. Literally. “My character in this film is very intimidating and aggressive, and I felt like I scared the people in the room, which is what I had to do. I’m not a scary guy – I’m a good ol’ boy – but there was actual face-licking involved. That’s how you get the part – you either take off your shirt or you face-lick,” he says with a laugh. 48


Magnussen will be sharing the screen with stars such as Chase Crawford, Emma Roberts and 50 Cent. He plays the role of a spoiled Upper East Sider who is a product of bad parenting. “He wanted love and he didn’t get that; they just kept throwing money at him instead of support,” he explains. Magnussen took the role very seriously. He recalled a shower scene which took an intense emotional toll on him. “I had an altercation with my mother and it affected me very much and I have a release in the shower and I just lose it. Joel let the camera run for 10 minutes and just let me go. I’m naked and letting all these emotions out and it took me, like, half an hour to come off it. You try to live as these characters. Some days [when] you’re done for the day, you’re just mentally and physically exhausted, but I love it.” A bit of an adrenaline junkie, Magnussen spends spare time at the gym or playing sports in the park. He says if he weren’t acting, he’d love to be a whitewater-rafting or skydiving instructor. That might be why he took to the fast-paced world of soap operas so well. “It is the hardest job. It’s like you are at the running of the bulls. You just get dropped into the middle of the race and you’ve got to keep up. There’s no grace period; you’re just doing it. I walk into work and I have 30 pages to memorize for that day, but after a while, it’s a muscle, you keep working it and working it and after three years now I feel pretty cut and sexy,” he says, laughing. While he loves acting, his music career is an escape for a hard day at work. It also works in the reverse for him. He uses music to prepare for roles but can also come up with a perfect guitar riff in his mind after performing a certain scene (he’s the guitarist in Reserved for Rondee). His band is currently working on recording an album and they perform around New York City and beyond. Magnussen has the kind of carefree-yet-dedicated approach that will help him survive in an industry where a thick skin is essential and a malleable attitude is key. When asked for a piece of advice that has stuck with him throughout the years, he can’t think of one, but he sings a line from The Killers’ song All These Things That I’ve Done: “If you can hold on, if you can hold on, hold on.” And hold on he will.


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Space Shuttle Atlantis

itnessing the ast aunch

Bye Bye Atlantis W L L

/ Article and Photography By Jason Feinberg



The Boulevard July 2010

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5/27/10 1:51:37 PM

There it was – the email I had been waiting a month and a half for. I had decided to go ahead and book my trip with alternate arrangements because I wasn’t passing up this experience. It was the day before I was leaving and here it was: Dear Mr. Feinberg, your NASA Security Credentials for STS-132 have been approved. I was headed to the Kennedy Space Center to witness the last scheduled launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis from a spot that most people never get to. About 25 years ago, my grandmother gave me a gift that sparked such an interest in me I’m surprised I didn’t become an astronaut. It was a scrapbook of newspaper clippings and photos that she had collected starting in the late ’60s, continuing past the Challenger disaster and on to the exploration of Mars. She then handed it off to me to continue. While I didn’t have the organizational skills that she did, I continued it nonetheless. Eventually I would even become an amateur astronomer, photographing the moon and Jupiter, and often simply stargazing. I had always wanted to do this, but kept putting it off. Then one day I was home staring at my model of the space shuttle and I decided, It’s now or never, as the shuttle program is ending this year. The day after I arrived, two days before the launch, I headed to Cape Canaveral to pick up my credentials and spend the day. I was watching the press conference and hearing NASA officials talking about how great the weather looked and how all systems were go when it hit me that there was a greater chance of the shuttle not lifting off than lifting off as scheduled. All I could do was keep my fingers crossed. I picked up my security pass and headed off to the visitors’ center. What I like about KSC is that while central Florida has many things to offer such as Disney World, Universal, Sea World, Busch Gardens, etc., here you and your family will walk away with an educational and scientific experience that no classroom can give

“It’s like we knew the

FinAls WERE CoMinG

but we decided to sTudy the niGHT BEFoRE.

you, all while having fun. On display is the life-size replica Shuttle Explorer that you can walk into and get a feel for what life is like on a shuttle. New to the center is the Launch Experience simulator, which was developed by NASA astronauts and gives you an authentic feel for what it is like to be on the shuttle during a launch. Afterward, I hopped on the tour bus that takes you around the complex to within a mile of the launch pad, then on to the Apollo/Saturn V center where an actual Saturn V rocket sits on its side inside the building. Then it was on to the International Space Station building where you can see firsthand modules being prepped for the ISS. In addition to the Rocket Garden, IMAX Theatre and the Then & Now tour, you can take part in the Astronaut Training Experience and even have lunch with an astronaut. But this article isn’t just about the visitor center … it’s about the most advanced space vehicle ever developed and its final mission. The shuttle replaced the standard rockets that had been used for space WWW.TheBoulevardMaGaZINe.CoM

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Avocation Space Shuttle Atlantis

exploration and for transportation to the moon as a means to transport humans into space. The concept was simple: Take off like a rocket and land like a plane. It was the first time that 75 percent of the vehicle could be reused. When placed together, the package includes two solid rocket boosters, an external fuel tank and the orbiter (or shuttle). NASA refers to this as The Stack. With the exception of the external tank, the SRBs are refurbished and the obiter reprocessed for the next mission. However, unless there is an emergency with the last flight of the Endeavor or the Discovery, there will be no more missions for Atlantis. NASA has become embroiled in a political and economic budget-cut debacle that, by the end of 2010, will leave the United States unable to afford to transport humans into space until 2014. That means our nation will have to rely on, and pay, the Russians to allow us to hitch a ride. Since the days of the Apollo space program of the 1960s, the United States has undoubtedly been the lead in the space program. We won the race to space and held the edge, which led to some of the world’s greatest technological advancements. While NASA still has the capability to launch rockets, none will carry astronauts until the Orion spacecraft is ready. So today, along with 40,000 other spectators at the space center, I embraced the moment to bear witness to a historical event. I arrived at the press site around 10:30 a.m., bypassing 17 miles of traffic, and there I waited in the 90-degree Florida sun. Thank goodness for the gentle breeze and for Central Florida’s Channel 13 news crew who allowed me to share the shade of their tent. I was 3.5 miles from the launch pad in front of the famous countdown clock and I watched it tick away. Even with security passes, you can’t get closer than this. Within 400 feet of the launch pad, the heat will incinerate you and within 800 feet the sound will kill you, something that I really didn’t believe until launch time. Reports of traffic jams came in and it became clear that people in the area were realizing that this was it. It was all coming to an end. “It’s like we knew the finals were coming but we decided to study the night before,” said news anchor Scott Harris. 52

“We in the media tend to become complacent [with newsworthy material]. I’m so pleased to see so many younger people here today.” With the clock holding at its planned 20-minute countdown, I overheard the one thing I didn’t want to hear, “There’s a problem,” said Channel 13’s Greg Pallone. “Something about a ball bearing found in the cargo bay.” Scott Harris said, “That’s not a 24-hour turnaround.” I thought to myself, Of course there’s a problem. I’ve been here for four days, I’m leaving tomorrow and of course they are going to cancel this. I remembered what my friend had said: These things are cancelled all the time. It turned out that only a few days before, a ball bearing had been found in the cargo bay. The bearing came from a camera mount inside the orbiter. The concern was that the camera could come loose and obviously cause catastrophic damage to the shuttle and its cargo. But at NASA, where there is one person working on a problem there are a thousand, and in no time the engineers felt that there was little to no concern and the flight director proceeded with the “Go for launch!” At T-minus two minutes, I attached my video cameras to the stands, took off the lens covers and turned everything on. At Tminus 45 seconds, I started to record. It almost seemed that the clock slowed down as the anticipation sped up. I had a clear shot to the launch pad, but what would I hear? I was told it would be loud but I was three-and-a-half miles away. Was it really true that at 800 feet from the launch pad the sound alone would kill you? I heard a voice faintly synchronized with the clock say, “10, 9, 8, 7… go for main engine start” and saw a plume of white smoke rush outward past the right side of the launch pad. Then

At 800 feet, the sound will kill you!

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“3, 2, 1” and a second, much larger plume appeared, followed by a yellow illumination of the launch site, but no noise as yet. I was expecting a deep rumble, but suddenly, there was more of a whish, a fast wind-type sound. As the shuttle cleared the tower, I realized the sound I was hearing was from the main engine start that happened six seconds before the sound reached me. As it flew higher, the ground started to shake as the sound from the SRBs closed in. A distant rumble grew into a deafening repetitive concussion. The SRB’s, which cannot be shut off, were creating 3.1 million pounds of force while reaching 6000 degrees Fahrenheit inside (which is hot enough to boil steel) The flames dragged behind the shuttle three times its length burning Ammonium Perchlorate Composite Propellant consisting of ammonium perchlorate, aluminum, iron oxide, PBAN or HTPB and an epoxy, I don’t think you would want to eat that. The shuttle spun around, initiating its roll program, which places it upside down, and rocketed toward outer space. The sound faded away as quickly as it started. The picturesque yet violent-sounding liftoff was now a white dot that disappeared behind its own vapor trail, arching over the Atlantic. In just a matter of seconds, the shuttle was speeding up to more than 17,000 mph and was more than 100 miles away.

Back on earth, the vertical roadway of smoke started to dissipate. The sound of equipment cases could be heard opening and closing, vehicles started up, and people began saying goodbye. It was an eerie follow-up to what had just occurred. No announcements, no big screen to watch. It was over. For just about 30 years, the shuttle has arguably been the most recognized and most unique spacecraft in history (the Russians had the Buran but it was destroyed in a hanger collapse). As the program winds to an end, NASA will have to decide on one last journey for each of the remaining shuttles – where to send them for permanent display as these gravitydefying machines are grounded once and for all. There are two more shuttle missions left. If possible, don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of history! You can go to the Kennedy Space Center website ( for more information. If you want to see a real space shuttle up close, the Enterprise is housed at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s annex (the Steven F. UdvarHazy Center) at Washington Dulles International Airport in Chantilly, VA.

See the Launch Video in the Video Section of our website!


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IRON MAN’S AUDI THE SUPERCAR THAT SUITS A SUPERHERO The R8 Spyder featured in Iron Man 2 is practically custommade for the superhero, a technological genius who needs to drive the car without his high-tech suit, but doesn’t want to miss out on innovative technology. Robert Downey Jr. and his R8 Spyder put Audi’s philosophy of Vorsprung durch Technik (Lead through Technique) to good use. Iron Man’s visual capabilities are optimized by the helmet, for example, and the R8’s high efficiency LED headlights likewise provide for good vision. The supercar from Audi matches the superhero’s indestructible suit with its own carbon fiber composite materials in parts of its exterior skin, along with a high-strength aluminum frame known as the Audi Space Frame. And they both have their hearts in the right place: a glowing artificial one in Iron Man’s chest, and an impressive mid-engine design in the R8, which is visible externally. With its jet propulsion, the Iron Man suit worn by Downey is unrivalled – and the R8 Spyder, with its 525 hp engine, needn’t


fear its rivals, either. The 5.2-liter FSI engine of the R8 powers the two-seater convertible to a top speed of 313 kilometers an hour. Only flying could be better – and in this case, Iron Man clearly comes out on top. But Downey needn’t concern himself. In the movie, he has the best of both worlds. Says Lothar Korn, head of marketing communications at Audi, “Just like the first movie, Iron Man 2 is the perfect environment for the Audi R8. Like us, the technologically ingenious superhero Tony Stark represents Vorsprung durch Technik. And just as the R8 Spyder was developed from the Audi R8, the superhero Tony Stark surprises us with new innovations.” For more information on the Audi R8 Spyder, visit www.


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/ By Sara Widness

A Slice of Turkey with Aphrodite Too

From Museums to Millennia

Travel Turkey

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Looking back at blank stares from death masks, or marble torsos that might have had their own personal trainers, or pantheons of gods embellished on sarcophagi are familiar experiences to visitors at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. These artifacts, transplanted from distant places, introduce us to earlier worlds that predate blogging and tweeting, yet the people captured in marble are so lifelike. Come to think of it, how did they survive without some kind of handheld device? Their handheld devices were often swords. Their communications took place in the agora, or market square. Wealthy bodies were scrubbed with sea salt and massaged with oil and there were games galore in the coliseum or amphitheater. Libraries were constructed and enemies held at bay – at least in Ephesus, where our guide relayed that at one time the harbor lapped the city’s shore. Who these people were and where and how they lived are facts that may be considered just ‘interesting’ on a day at the museum. The details are filed away until that day you step foot in a country where the facts come to life, perhaps in a land in Asia Minor where visitors can stroll for hours on acres of the detritus of once-thriving, long-extant civilizations.

Once known as Anatolia, today’s Turkey takes pride in showcasing its best-preserved ancient magnificence that is Ephesus, a city that, during the time of the Roman Empire, was the largest city outside of Rome. For hundreds of years before the Romans, Ephesus was a city that accommodated more tribes than there’s room to list, so the Greeks will have to suffice. The early Christians founded a church here, too. Ripe pomegranates still dribble onto a tumult of stone near the corner of the agora where important people made their detailed preparations to be well turned out in diaphanous garments that always fell – at least for sculpting purposes – into seamless folds when their statues were created. Whoever was ‘last in’ when playing the capture game often then got to play the slave game – sort of like allowing illegal immigrants to stick around because there’s a lot of work to be done that nobody else wants to do. The slave game also helped to assure that these populations always had fresh gene pools as they tended to sacrifice their own fertile pop-star virgins who

were then expected to move on to appease whatever god was the issue of the day while those still breathing were cultivated on earth for consumption by their leaders. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, had a town named after her. A drive of several hours from Ephesus reveals her ruins called Aphrodisias. A small-but-elegant museum, sarcophagi strewn about the grass and a near-intact stadium and temple pilasters still basking in the Mediterranean light stab the heart as surely as Cupid’s arrows. (This god of love would be at home here, too, as the Romans carried on after the Greeks.) A third site is Pamukkale / Hierapolis, which on descent to the Antalya Airport at first glance resembles a large frozen waterfall but turns out to be a virtual cliff not of ice but of the stone travertine, formed over millennia from thermal springs that guests can plunge into after walking miles atop the cliff on a plain in the ancient city called Hierapolis. A former Roman bath was turned into the Hierapolis Archaeology Museum with artifacts from the immediate site and archeological finds from surrounding areas. This region also constitutes a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The intensity of thrusting oneself into 500 BC and trying to imagine the lives of neighbors lounging about didn’t bode well for shopping because somehow the modern material world did not equate with the goats and sheep, olive groves, austere mountains and the Mediterranean, all still singing their own songs in this ancient land. However, on a brisk scramble through Antalya’s old city, a virtual hillside fortification above the sea, there was evidence of a potential to indulge in a sybaritic style befitting the ancients. Which means there are always many reasons to return to experiences that begin to whet the curiosity. For more information on how to travel in well-informed style to this small part of a cordial country, visit


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/ A Seven Stars & Stripes Review

THE PREMIER PALACE / By Thorsten Buehrmann


The Lufthansa crew advised us that we would soon be able to see the Dnieper River from the windows of our comfortable business class seats. We were within minutes of landing in Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine. Kiev is located on both sides of the Dnieper River, which flows south through the city toward the Black Sea. Kiev has a continental, humid climate with the warmest months being June, July, and August. Temperatures in August sometimes reach 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Founded in the fifth century, Kiev is world renowned for its priceless historic landmarks and recognized as a cultural center of Eastern Europe. At the gate we were received by airport security personnel who guided us to a private airport bus and accompanied us to the VIP terminal. We were met with a welcome sign identifying us as guests of the Premier Palace, Kiev's first house. Miss Anna and Mr. Ivan, both in crisp butler uniforms, welcomed us graciously and escorted us to a shiny Mercedes S AMG for our ride to the hotel. When we arrived at the main entrance of the Premier Palace, a blend of art nouveau and art deco, three people welcomed us 58

dressed in bold, colorful, traditional costumes. Modern Kiev seems to be a tasteful merger of the old and the new, precious, incredibly interesting, and not just for history buffs. Executive Assistant Manager Rodderich Leffler greeted us with a smile and a drink. According to Ukraine tradition, when everyone’s glass is full, somebody must propose a toast. Mr. Leffler did the honors: "Hopefully, it’s not the last time we drink together, with God's help." In May of 2009, the Premier Palace Hotel kicked off a yearlong celebration of the 100 years since ground was first broken on the original hotel. As we looked around the magnificent entrance hall, it became evident that the history of the Premier Palace Hotel is the history of Kiev itself. One of the original two buildings that today make up the Premier Palace Hotel originally belonged to Prince Dimitri Zhevakhov, a colonel in the cavalry, whose family roots went back to the legendary Kartlos. He was a hero from the Caucasus region, leader of the Georgian people and the great grandson of the biblical Japheth, the third son of Noah.


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Our accommodations on the seventh and eighth executive floors granted us not only plenty of privacy, but also access to butler service and a splendid view over the distinctive golden domes of Kiev. We dined at the Sumosan Restaurant on the first floor and thoroughly enjoyed our meal. The Sumosan Restaurant itself and Volkov's Japanese cuisine seem to be intentionally eclectic. Presenting a fabulously bold menu, it seems Alexander Volkov has done a fine job in bringing his cuisine to Kiev, returning to his Ukrainian roots. After dinner came deep and dreamless sleep in an extremely comfortable bed. My wakeup call was punctual and breakfast was served on the executive floor. The service was fantastic and omelets and waffles divine. After breakfast we toured the hotel and viewed the meeting and banquet complex. After about an hour we discovered the spa facilities, replete with dramatic waterfalls. We looked forward to a swim in the turquoise blue sparkling pool. But first, we were scheduled for a business lunch at Terracotta Restaurant at the hotel. Our lunch at Terracotta turned out to be a brunch symphony. The display was created by Executive Chef Igal Kovriga and his team. Rodderich Leffler, former F&B director of the Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, has put his personal stamp on Terracotta, from architectural details like the exotic aquarium at the main entrance to the new panoramic windows that allow one to admire the golden domes of Kiev. The brunch offered culinary delights such as smoked duck breast stuffed with foie gras, delicate French crepes with salmon roe and sour cream, whole stuffed pike, tenderly baked pork, ham and kovbasa. Desserts included mousse au chocolate, mini tiramisus, lemon tarts and apple strudel. Later in the afternoon we enjoyed expertly performed massages at the gorgeous spa and got to enjoy a swim in the amazing pool under a raised glass dome. It was an experience we will long savor.

It was then time to have our tour guide take us to some of Kiev's historic sites. St. Sophia's Cathedral is the oldest existing church in Kiev, dating back to the first half of the 11th century and its beauty had a tremendous impact on us. The cathedral is renowned worldwide for its mosaics and frescoes by Byzantine masters and more than 300 irreplaceable notes and images on the walls, known as "Sophia's graffiti.' Another fascinating site is the National Museum of History of the Great Patriotic War (19411945), located in the southern outskirts of the Pechersk district of Kiev. The actual museum complex is centered around the famous 62-meter-tall Motherland statue, which is one of the best recognized landmarks of Kiev today. Open for visitors from all over the globe, destination Kiev celebrated its 1,500th anniversary in 1982. We went back to the hotel for dinner at the Roof Top CafÊ followed by a restful night’s sleep. In the morning my butler opened the drapes and presented me with a tray of freshly brewed, strong coffee, orange juice and Danishes. After an opulent breakfast at Terracotta we left for an excursion on the Dnieper River. We were taken aboard the sleek yacht of Mr. Lytvyn, general director of the Premier Palace Hotel. We slowly passed white sandy bathing beaches and the homes of the wealthy overlooking the river. We waved as other boats passed by. Nothing quite prepares you for the moment you get close to the Motherland statue, majestic and silent like the Dnieper River itself. Seven Stars and Stripes lauds a management team and staff that have demonstrated superior professionalism in operating the Premier Palace Hotel in Kiev, the premier hotel of the city. For more information, please visit


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/ By Tina Guiomar / Photography Provided By Casa Velas Hotel

Cast a Line and Swing Away

Irons & Reels Travel Puerta Vallarta

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Travel Puerta Vallarta

Top : Casa Velas Private Oceanfront Beach Club with pool, Jacuzzi, beach and waiter service.

Right: Upgrade to a Governer’s Suite with a king-size bed, private balcony, plunge pool and Jacuzzi bathtub

Bottom Left: The Patio in the evening is

perfect for enjoying a cocktail.

Bottom Right: Casa Velas lush grounds and garden.

Opposite Page: Fishermen hold on to that

reel hoping to catch a 7-foot sailfish.


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Researching the perfect getaway for a man is not that difficult an assignment. Most men I know enjoy adventurous excursions. Now through December 23, the Casa Velas Hotel Boutique in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is offering an exhilarating adventure package called Irons and Reels that takes full advantage of the hotel’s award-winning services, pro-designed 18-hole golf courses and the best sport fishing in the world. Nestled in the magnificent Marina Vallarta golf course, Casa Velas is located five minutes from Puerta Vallarta Airport and 15 minutes from the local downtown scene. The hotel is an adultsonly all-inclusive resort that has been awarded AAA’s prestigious Four Diamond Award. The hotel features 80 hacienda-style suites (some with private pools and Jacuzzis), à la carte dining, a private beach club for lunch and dinner, Spa Casa Velas and access to three world-class designer golf courses. One of two pools overlooks the golf greens; the other is located at the exclusive Casa Velas private beach club. Every man I know enjoys a good meal. The Emiliano restaurant serves fine Mexican and international cuisine and offers a spectacular view of the golf course and pool. A great starter staple is the roll of lobster and crab in tangerine and cilantro sauce with a crust of anis and dill seed. For the freshest fish, try the black sesame seed-crusted tuna with shiitake mushroom sauce and ginger-infused rice. Carnivores will enjoy the juicy rack of lamb served with baked chayote (summer squash) and mushroom sauce. The Beach Club houses a sushi bar and serves up an Asiatic bistro menu for dinner. Additionally, the hotel provides 24-hour in-suite room service, in case you get the munchies at 1 a.m. And

for those who want to keep trim while indulging, the restaurants offer a spa menu. For drinks, the resort houses two bars: the Aqua Bar (a swimup bar – no need to leave the pool) and the Lobby Bar. The Lobby Bar offers creative drinks depending on the type of man you fancy yourself to be. Macho? Order ‘The Bull.’ Metrosexual? Try ‘Miami Vice.’ At the heart of the Irons and Reels package, which is the true focus of the trip despite the culinary distractions, one finds fishing and golfing, a perfect combination of activities; ask any man. Puerta Vallarta is reputed to be the place for the top angling action in the world. Many sport fishermen make repeat visits in an attempt to better last year’s big catch. Anglers can spend a day of deep-sea fishing in the blue waters of Banderas Bay aboard a 32foot Luhrs boat. Alongside your captain, you’ll cast your line for marlin, tuna, mahi mahi, dorado, sailfish, rooster tail and red snapper. Then grab your clubs and swing away at the Marina Vallarta and/or Vista Vallarta golf courses. Each vacation stay includes two rounds of golf at your choice of three courses: the 18-hole par 72 Jack Nicklaus or 18-hole par 72 Tom Weiskopf (both in Vista Vallarta) or the 18-hole par 71 Joe Finger course (in Marina Vallarta). As part of the package, guests receive a golf shirt as well as accommodations in the grand class suite with a private plunge pool or Jacuzzi. Just a reminder, men – this package is only available through December 23. For reservations, call 1-866-529-8813 or visit www.

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/ By Heather Muhleman



new york


What better topic to cover for the men’s issue than man’s best friend? While the bond between humans and dogs is not exclusive to men, dogs and wineries seem to go hand in hand. After all, wineries are ultimately grape farms and what is a farmer without his (or her) dog? Luckily, there are some fantastic books dedicated to wineries and their four-legged best friends. Below are two that prominently feature the Long Island region. If you plan to do some wine tasting this summer with your best friend, I’ve noted a few Long Island wineries that permit dogs on the premises. Winery Dogs of New York, published by Winery Dogs in 2006, is a beautiful coffee table book filled with elegant photography of the top winery dogs of Long Island, the Finger Lakes and the Hudson Valley. Written by Elaine Riordan, some of the Long Island beasties featured are Bedell Cellar’s Bernese Mountain Dog named Moose, Martha Clara’s Bernie and Bennie, and Shinn Estate Vineyards’ beloved Panda. Riordan expertly depicts the dogs’ personalities, likes and dislikes in a manner sure to melt any dog lover’s heart. Photographers Andre Jacoby and Marjorie Adams capture the heart and soul of these pooches in their natural habitat – the vineyards. ( 64

Wine Dogs - USA Edition, published by Giant Dog in 2006, journals the lives of over 450 winery dogs throughout the United States. Short essays from top wine writers – Dan Berger, Adam Lechmere and Robert Parker Jr., to name a few – are scattered through the book giving unparalleled insight into the winery dog. It’s no question that authors Craig McGill and Susan Elliot are dog lovers as they have published seven Wine Dog books, including a second USA edition in 2008, exploring the purebreds and mutts across the globe. And if a book isn’t enough, Giant Dog Publishers also offer Wine Dog calendars, greeting cards and postcards. ( Some dog-friendly wineries in the Long Island are Bedell Cellars, Peconic Bay Winery, Paumanok Vineyards, Castello di Borghese Vineyard & Winery, Jamesport Vineyards, Wolffer Estate Vineyard and Duck Walk Vineyards. And you can always call a winery in advance to ask about their pup policy. This summer, take a minute to appreciate that bond between man and dog. A pooch’s unconditional love is like no other. And what better way to acknowledge that love than with a glass of wine. Cheers to wine and our four-legged best friends!


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2 tablespoons salt 2 tablespoons sugar 2 tablespoons brown sugar 2 tablespoons ground cumin 2 tablespoons chili powder 2 tablespoons freshly ground black pepper 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper 1/4 cup paprika

Soak long wooden picks in water 30 minutes before threading with onion wedges. Ingredients: 2 large sweet onions, cut in wedges 8 thick hickory-smoked bacon slices, cut in half 2 tablespoons light brown sugar 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar 1 tablespoon molasses

Combine all ingredients in a small bowl and mix well; use as a dry rub on beef, chicken, lamb or pork.

Wrap the onion wedges with bacon and secure with the long wooden picks and place in a large shallow dish. Combine the sugar, vinegar, and molasses; drizzle over onion wedges. Cover and chill 1 hour. Remove the onion wedges from the marinade, reserving marinade. Grill on a covered grill, over medium-high heat (350 degrees to 400 degrees) for 20 minutes or until onion wedges are crisptender, turning and basting occasionally with reserved marinade.



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Looking back over the past 25 years, I have experienced many memorable moments and outstanding venues. In particular, the 21 Club holds a special place in my memory as an amazing place to relax, impress and enjoy business with friends and clients. In truth, 21 always made us feel like celebrities and until recently, I had never been able to duplicate the wondrous feeling and club intimacy in any other restaurant. Call it karma, or just plain good fortune, that on a recent late summer night I was able to find a terrific restaurant and connect with a wonderful friend from our 21 Club days, the iconic restaurant proprietor Ken Aretsky. Ken has a long and successful history in the restaurant and hospitality field and is the proprietor of Aretsky’s Patroon. The dining room, bar and special catering rooms on the second floor are intimate and club-like. Ken greeted my wife and me as we walked in and we spent some time reminiscing about the halcyon days at 21. Ken is a charming and personable host who makes you feel immediately at home. We were seated in an elegant section of the restaurant decorated with fabulous photos, artwork, soft lighting/spotlights and banquet seating. On this particular evening we were served by Patroon’s charming and suave headwaiter. We looked forward to eating some really good American food and our menu offered all that and more. We were treated to a very special tasting menu by Patroon's award-winning executive chef William Peet and started our culinary adventure with a small cup of butternut squash soup, which was sweet and sublime. For appetizers we sampled maple quail with wild rice and sun dried cranberry salad with my personal favorite, crab cakes 66

with lemon tarragon aioli. To accompany our first course, the wine was Sauvignon Blanc New Harbor, New Zealand 2008. Our entrees were sautéed Dover sole meuniere and lobster and mustard sauces alongside New York sirloin with Bordeaux sauce, and a caramelized rack of lamb with wild morel and potato gratin. The Dover sole was filleted and portioned by our maitre d’ at the table. The steak was large in size and delicious! The accompanying wine was a delightful Chardonnay Chalone, California, 2007. The combination of delicately prepared fish and hearty steak and lamb more than sated our appetites. For dessert the sous chef prepared an assortment of three exciting taste treats: grilled pineapple crème fraiche ice cream, warm apple crisp with rum buttermilk ice cream, and warm semi-sweet chocolate cake with pistachio ice cream. The warm apple crisp was our favorite. An assortment of exotic teas and coffee with petit fours and butter cookies brought our journey to a wonderfully satisfying finale. Patroon is everything I hoped it would be and more. Ken Aretsky has created a unique, elegant club-like dining experience that offers fine food and superb service. Patroon has a uniquely intimate ambiance and atmosphere and I recommend it highly. It is definitely a great place for power lunches and for entertaining important business clients and friends. Patroon also offers additional space on the second floor for catering events and during warm-weather months has a fabulous open rooftop area for dining and hors d'oeuvres.


160 WEST 46TH STREET, NEW YORK 212-883-7373


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/ By Barry Kay

The Ho-Ho-Kus Inn & Tavern


The Ho-Ho-Kus Inn & Tavern in the quaint township of Hohokus, New Jersey, was built in 1796 by Andrew Zabriskie as a gift to his son. In 1890, it became a tavern and over the ensuing years has experienced a number of name and management changes. The Inn was a favorite of the late President Nixon and assorted celebrities who lived in Bergen County. In December of 2009, Gordon and Laurie Hamm, longtime Hohokus residents and admirers of the Inn, purchased the establishment and reopened it after a seven-month, $1.5 million renovation. The civic-minded Hamms rebuilt the landmark in order to preserve an iconic venue for the town as well as to bring a new cachet and innovative cuisine to Bergen County. The menu, designed by Executive Chef Bryan Gregg, a graduate of the Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts and culinary world traveler, offers local organic produce and meats to suit today's healthful style of dining. Gordon and I became friendly after meeting by chance at various venues and fine restaurants in New York City. He promised me that one day he would open a restaurant in New Jersey and I would be on his guest list. As promised, my wife and I were invited to dinner on a recent Friday night. We were greeted by a charming hostess who led us to our table where Gordon was waiting for us. Gordon and Laurie have done a spectacular job of converting this centuries-old building into an elegant, beautifully appointed dining venue. Each of the rooms at the Inn has been given a name based on its history. That evening we dined in the magnificent Crystal/Washington Room. The room offers the opulence and elegance of a dining room in a turn-of-the-century mansion. It has claret red walls, sparkling crystal chandeliers and luxurious carpeting. The Crystal Room also features a specially designed floor-to-ceiling wine cabinet with crystal-like glass panels that display the Inn’s ultra-luxe wine collection. For the spring and summer, there is also a new outdoor dining area.

In contrast with the restaurant's previous incarnations, the Hamm’s take on the Inn is a more neighborhood-oriented, family-friendly place with a relaxed dress code to appeal to businessmen and young families, locals and tourists for anything from a meal to a special dinner party. Our meal began with an order of Maryland crab cakes with watercress, a citrus salad and sauce gribiche, and an Inn Salad of pear tomatoes and seasonal vegetables. This was followed by two delicious fish entrees. One was a roasted snapper with cauliflower ramanesco puree, micro coriander and a Vadouvan spiced nage and the other an Artic char confit with horseradish foam and Chiogga beets. The white wines served to complement our entrees were Kendall Jackson Chardonnay 2006 and Stella Pinot Grigio 2008. Our delightful evening filled with good conversation and beautifully presented culinary gems concluded with a bowl of homemade warm Madelaines and exotic tea and coffee. After dinner, Gordon gave us a quick “cook’s tour” of the catering and private dining rooms the Inn offers, including a delightful sports-oriented room in the spacious old-style tavern room/bar. The room features large flat panel TVs, wooden tables and a large wood and brass vintage bar. The Tavern Bar is open until 2 a.m. and offers a menu of comfort food. It is a great place for sports talk, cards and a temporary escape from everyday stress. The Ho-Ho-Kus Inn is a perfect destination for tri-state travelers, gourmands and locals who love fine food. It is highly recommended.



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If you had the chance to look seven years younger in less than 10 minutes, what would you do? The use of injectable products to eliminate wrinkles and restore volume to the skin has increased at a breathtaking rate. In particular, facial fillers have become quite popular as a way to erase moderate-to-deep facial wrinkles and folds without surgery. Fillers are not for women only; men are equally excellent candidates for a new and younger look. As we all age, our skin generates a lower quantity of the natural hydrating substance called hyaluronic acid. Aesthetic physicians use a variety of hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvéderm® or Restylane®, which, like the pull of a magnet, attract water to the skin, replacing lost volume. Think of a raisin turning back into a grape – right before your eyes! Got needlephobia? Today’s fillers are virtually painless – thanks to numbing creams applied to the skin, the use of chilling machines and fine, tiny needles used for treatment. One important question patients always ask me is “Exactly how much younger will I look after a filler treatment?” Well, I’m happy to be able to provide a definitive answer to that question, thanks to a recent clinical study on the subject where I worked as an investigator. In the study, published in the March 2010 issue of Dermatologic Surgery, 10 patients, aged 4259, with moderate-to-severe volume loss of the face, received several syringes (six, on average) of hyaluronic acid injected into the cheeks, tear troughs, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, lips and chin in a single treatment session. No touchup or alteration was allowed within the four-week study period. Three board-certified dermatologists assessed each patient’s age on three separate occasions using photographs taken by a clinical photography system known as the Visia CR System. Photos were taken before treatment, then three weeks and four

weeks after treatment. The investigators determined that the average decrease in the perceived age of the patients four weeks after treatment was a full 7.3 years. Interestingly, the patients perceived an even greater change in their apparent ages than the clinical investigators. The patients thought they looked nine years younger after only two weeks. As one of my male patients told me: “Guys under 45 are getting all the jobs. I’ve got limited time, limited funds, and looking at least seven years younger without going under the knife is good enough for me – I’ll take it!” Fillers made of hyaluronic acid are known as temporary fillers, with results typically lasting up to a year. However, scientific evidence reveals that temporary fillers actually stimulate collagen in the skin and can provide results that last significantly longer than a year. Modern injectables help you look refreshed, younger and healthier by smoothing out facial wrinkles and folds. They can be used alone or in combination with Botox® and laser resurfacing to achieve the facial rejuvenation you desire. If you are considering any type of cosmetic treatment, be sure that it is administered by a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

Deborah S. Sarnoff, M.D., with offices in Manhattan and Greenvale, Long Island, is a pioneer in state-of-the-art cosmetic dermotology, lasers and Mohs surgery for the treatment of skin cancer. A clinical professor of dermatology at NYU Medical Center and in private practice with her husband, board-certified plastic surgeon Robert H. Gotkin, M.D., Dr. Sarnoff has demonstrated her procedures on The Today Show, 20/20, Good Morning America, Dateline, The View and The Doctors TV show. Dr. Sarnoff is co-author of Beauty and the Beam and Instant Beauty: Getting Gorgeous on Your Lunch Break. For additional information, call 516.484.9000 or visit www.


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PLA BLVD FP SUMMER AD r1:Layout 1 5/27/10 2:22 PM Page 1



Wednesday, May 26th, 6:00pm – 9:00pm/Dining Room of Coe Hall. Class will include a lecture and participants will create a two-tiered wedding cake covered with fondant, as well as take home a complete set of cake decorating tools. $75/person, including materials.




Gold Coast

Weddings 1890 – 1940

May 15th – September 30th 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Daily at Coe Hall, included in regular admission for all self-guided visits. $3.50 per person Members and all children under 12 are FREE

Sunday, May 30th, 2:30 p.m. Dining Room at Coe Hall Nineteenth and twentieth century wedding music. Tickets are $35.00 and include a wine and cheese reception immediately following the concert.

TWILIGHT TOUR Thursday, July 8th / Raindate: Thursday, July 15 6:30 p.m. / Meet at Coe Hall Wine & cheese, and tour of the grounds,lead by Vincent A. Simeone, Director, Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park, and Henry B. Joyce, Executive Director, Planting Fields Foundation. We will also visit the Italian Garden. $15 Admission for Non-Members Members and all children under 12 are FREE .


Friday, August 13 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Unlimited champagne and wedding cake will be served. Reservations are required. $40 Admission for Non-Members $20 Admission for Members

RESERVATIONS & INFORMATION Please call Katie Ferguson at (516) 922-8676 or email

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ITALIAN GARDEN OPENS JUNE 19TH The exhibition “Italian Gardens in America” is on view in the Manor House at Planting Fields. June 19th – September 30th 11:30am – 3:30pm daily / FREE ADMISSION

Italian Garden Gala



1395 Planting Fields Road, Oyster Bay, NY 11771 (516) 922-8600

6/1/10 11:58:46 AM


Keep It Healthy at Any Age


FOR MEN / By Barbara Capozzi, DO. CNS

formulas for both sexes will generally weigh in heavier on amounts of vitamin D3, which may help bone and breast health. Low blood levels of D3 are more common with advanced age and supplementation may be a good way to increase blood levels and aid bone health. FOR MEN ONLY

Once used to prevent nutritional deficiency (such as vitamin C for scurvy), vitamins and multivitamins are now recommended to promote optimal health and prevent chronic disease such as heart disease and cancer – two leading causes of death for men and women in the U.S. Ideally, the best way to ensure an adequate intake of vitamins, minerals, calories and nutrients is with a balanced diet. This includes sources of macronutrients – lean protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. The next step may be to consider adding a daily multivitamin to the diet (but not as a replacement for any meal or snack), or alternatively, adding one or more individual vitamin supplements to a healthy diet. Multivitamins vary in types and amounts of nutrient content. To avoid excessive intake of certain supplements, look for a multivitamin that provides no more than 100 percent of the daily recommended value. This one pill may be more practical than a regimen of several single vitamin pills. Label comparison will show that vitamins for men and postmenopausal women have more than 20 ingredients per tablet, but neither includes iron in order to avoid both iron overload and possible harm to someone with undiagnosed Hereditary Hemochromatosis, where excess accumulated iron in the body could cause liver and heart problems. Conversely, adult


Ingredients in men’s multivitamin preparations also vary according to age group. One A Day Men’s Health Formula aims at four areas – heart health, healthy blood pressure, immunity and physical energy. The benefit of some vitamins overlap and specific aims include vitamins B6, B12, C, E and folic acid for heart health; vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and D for blood pressure; antioxidants A, C, E and selenium for immunity; and selenium, B6, B12, pantothenic acid (B5), chromium and folic acid for physical energy. This multivitamin also has 300 mg of lycopene, which may play a role in prostate and heart health. The antioxidant lycopene is the substance in tomato and watermelon that gives the fruits their natural red color. There is no daily percent value for lycopene. A formula designed for men over the age of 50, One A Day Men’s 50+ Advantage also aims to supply nutrients for heart, blood pressure and physical energy plus additional nutrients for eye, memory and concentration – all of which have a propensity for functional decline with advancing age. Vitamins A, C, E and zinc are added for eye health and Ginkgo biloba extract for memory. Due to the potential for bleeding, any patient on a blood thinner (including daily aspirin) and patients who may have surgery should talk with their doctor before taking any form of Ginkgo. There is no daily percent value for Ginkgo, since it is an herb. The B vitamins – B6, B12 and folic acid – all work together and may potentially help prevent heart disease and cancer. Folic acid may help prevent a stroke in patients who have not had a previous stroke. Studies are ongoing. Always be sure to bring your doctor the label of the specific supplement you are considering. Bolded box labels on supplements, including multivitamins, state: * This ingredient has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and the product is not intened to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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$UAL"OARD#ERTIkED Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon


B otox ÂŽ Restylane JuvĂŠdeRmÂŽ Radiesse FRaxel laseR PeaRl laseR

t i ta n l a s e R limelight laseR laseR genesis l a s e R h a i R R e m o va l laseR vein theRaPy

Located on The Miracle Mile. 440 Northern Boulevard Great Neck, NY 11021 (516) 773-2424 Call today to schedule an appointment.


ANDREW A. JACONO, MD, FACS Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon &ELLOWSHIP4RAINED$UAL"OARD#ERTIkED

Read Dr. Jacono’s Book Face the Facts: The Truth About Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures That Do and Don’t Work Available at Barnes & Noble and

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Plastic Surgery Seminars Minimally Invasive Facial Plastic Surgery and Non-Surgical Treatments Date: Wednesday, June 30 Wednesday, July 21 Time: 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. RSVP: (516) 773-4646

440 Northern Blvd., Great Neck, NY 11021

(516) 773-4646


Trust your Face to a Specialist

990 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10021

w w w. N e w Yo r k F a c i a l P l a s t i c S u r g e r y . c o m

(212) 570-2500

5/27/10 4:41:17 PM




The truth is that there is a fundamental difference in communication between men and women. I could give you all the citations and analyses, but what I know are my own experiences and what I hear from behind my desk and see in the hearts of my patients. As a specialist in women's health, about 40 percent of my patients are men. I know that seems strange, but it is simply because women are the quintessential caretakers, making certain that their men are ok. It is a setup, in a sense, because men always seem despondent and a bit macho, like nothing is wrong with them. Yet, there they are, obediently sitting next to their significant others, appeasing them … until the women leave the room, at which time, truth be told, the men complain about their symptoms, their fears, their needs, their insecurities and inabilities and their propensities to want to fix it all. I listen and wonder if and when the stereotypes will change. One patient, who came to me when he began experiencing heart palpitations, arrived with atrial fibrillation and heart failure. I made a small speech about the disease and the medication would be required to fix it. After I explained the gravity of the situation, he cursed and left the room. I sat, stunned. I couldn’t believe that he could be so bold as to dismiss the diagnosis without a treatment plan. The following day, he showed up in my office. He wanted to know what he was supposed to do. I explained. He listened. I hesitated. He listened. Mostly, though, I listened to his tale, his fears and his concerns. We did tests, we talked, he questioned, we talked, he asked, I examined and finally, we had a plan. We decided the medical route and his follow-ups. He followed my


guidelines religiously. He did it my way, without any wavering. Three months later, we were able to start weaning him off the medication. He started getting better. As patients, men are just a bit different than women. Research has shown that men actually perceive situations differently and process information in a different way. Men have more grey matter in their brains and women have 10 times as much white matter. Grey matter is what helps us process information, while white matter works to integrate the information. The bottom line is men need to know the problem and the solution and women need to understand the story, the big picture and the possible emotional or psychological ramifications. In truth, we all want to be healthy, be empowered, be vital and youthful forever, and we all want to be able to control and predict our aging futures. Ultimately, no one wants to be sick and no one wants to be in the doctor’s office or take medication. Both men and women can agree: sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. So here’s the truth. Behind closed doors, we are all the same. Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum Director, Women and Heart Disease Heart and Vascular Institute, Lenox Hill Hospital 110 East 59th Street, Suite 8-A New York, NY 10022 Tel: 212 434-6902


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GRNBS-90084 FR2:GRNBS-90084 1R.qxd 1/11/10 2:36 PM Page 1

Congratulations, Dr.StephenT.Greenberg, Voted Long Island’s Best Plastic Surgeon*Again! If you love yourself, you’ll choose the best for yourself. To help create a fresh, natural -looking new you, choose one of New York’s leading cosmetic surgeons, Stephen T. Greenberg, M.D.

See renowned surgeon, author and radio show host




Breast Augmentation Breast Lift Breast Reduction SmartLipo MPXTM Tummy Tuck

Only ONE Cosmetic Surgeon can be voted THE BEST*, while hundreds wish they were.

Restylane® Juvéderm® Thigh Lift Arm Lift Liquid Facelift

Take a course of Zerona™, the revolutionary non-invasive fat melting procedure that’s as simple as laying on a tanning bed.

Laser Hair Removal ReFirmeTM Eyelid Surgery Earlobe Repair Rhinoplasty

Facelift VelaShapeTM Cellulite Reduction Botox® Cosmetic Mole Removal

Thinking About Breast Augmentation? See Your Results Before Surgery with


CALL FOR A COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION Woodbury, LI: 516.364.4200 • Park Avenue: 212.319.4999

Experience his new, ultimate anti-aging skin care line, Cosmetic Surgeon in a Jar.TM .

Be sure to read Dr. Greenberg’s fascinating and informative book, “A Little Nip, A Little Tuck”. For more information or to order, please go to

*Voted the best plastic surgeon on LI by the Long Island Press.

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Calendar Long Island Events / June 2010 / 4Troops: Live From the Intrepid

Premiering in June. Visit for schedule WLIW presents a program featuring the new pop vocal group 4TROOPS, composed of U.S. combat veterans who served on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan. 4TROOPS's debut performance features a repertoire of well-known patriotic and pop hits. Engaging viewers on the emotional front lines of military life, the members of 4TROOPS have lived the lyrics they sing, from the solitude of sleepless nights without shelter to the challenges and joys of homecomings; from the heartache of mourning fellow soldiers to the honor of patriotic service. As 4TROOPS, these veterans share their experiences as a voice for troops - honoring the sacrifices of soldiers and military families in song and creating awareness of their needs.

Carole King-James Taylor Live at the Troubadour

Premiering in June. Visit for schedule WLIW presents two of the most celebrated musical artists of our time. Filmed during the music legends' 2007 performances celebrating the 50th anniversary of Los Angeles' famed Troubadour nightclub, this concert includes stunning performances of the pair's most popular hits. At the Troubadour some 40 years ago, Taylor urged King to emerge as an artist from behind her piano, a seminal moment in the history of these pop singer-songwriter icons.

Hometown Huntington

Premiering in June. Visit for schedule There’s no place like Huntington with its harbor villages, picturesque towns, glorious beaches, abundant fishing and a sense of place that embraces both the quintessential Main Street and the height of sophisticated culture. WLIW presents Hometown Huntington, which brings together past and present residents plus home movies, photos and letters to celebrate a place rich in history, natural beauty and charm. Hosted and narrated by Lloyd Harbor resident Bernadette Castro.


Heckscher at 90: Then and Now

Through July 25

Works from the original August Heckscher bequest made in 1920, with acquisitions such as the Eclipse of the Sun by George Grosz and a special installation featuring recent acquisitions. Heckscher Museum of Art Two Prime Avenue Huntington, NY 11743 Phone: 631.351.3250 Email: Website:

Live Music - Duck Walk

Through Oct. 31

Live music every weekend on the Duck Walk Patio Duck Walk Vineyards 231 Montauk Highway Watermill, NY 11976 Phone: 631.726.7555 Website:

Live Music at Pindar

Through Oct. 30

Live music on the Pindar Pavilion, every weekend Pindar Vineyards Main Road Peconic, NY 11958 Phone: 631.734.6200 Website:

The Sea Around Us

Through Sept. 12

Ocean-themed paintings and sculpture including American and European Impressionist, PostImpressionism, Cubism, Expressionism, Surrealism and contemporary art. Nassau County Museum of Art One Museum Drive Roslyn Harbor, NY 11576 Phone: 516.484.9337 Fax: 516.484.0710 Website:

Bryan Adams

June 12 8 p.m. Concert

Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center 76 Main Street Westhampton Beach, NY 11978 Phone: 631.288.2350 Fax: 631.288.7898 Email: Website:

Execution Rocks Lighthouse Tower Climb

June 12 – Sept. 26

Boat leaves Louie's Boat Dock at 9:30 a.m.; approximate return to dock is 1p.m. You may order lunch at 9:30 a.m. for return boat ride. Must be able to climb a ladder; no children under 12. Louie’s Boat Dock Main Street Port Washington, NY 11050 Phone: 215.906.5103 Website: $75 Call for Schedule of Dates & Reservations

Model A Ford Show

June 13

The Old Bethpage Village Restoration presents a Model A Ford Car Show on the LI Fairgrounds. Rain Date June 27. Old Bethpage Village Restoration Round Swamp Road Old Bethpage, NY Phone: 516.572.8400

Bernie Williams

June 18 8 p.m.

Bernie Williams is a multifaceted person, having completed a long career with the New York Yankees. A classically trained guitarist, playing and composing music is Bernie's true passion with influences that include jazz, classical, pop, Brazilian, and Latin sounds. Boulton Center for the Performing Arts 37 W. Main Street Bay Shore, NY Phone: 631.969.1101 Website: $75 Main, $175 Front (includes meet and greet)

Andre Rieu and The Johann Strauss Orchestra

June 18 8 p.m. Concert

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum & Exhibition Center 1255 Hempstead Turnpike Uniondale, NY 11553 Phone: 516.794.9303 Website:

Mattituck Strawberry Festival

June 18-20

Mattituck Strawberry Festival includes music, carnival, raffle, coloring contest display, fresh local strawberries, arts and crafts, international food court, vendors, games of chance, strawberry shortcake, chocolate covered strawberries, tourist information, strawberry pie, strawberry festival queen crowning, fireworks. Bring old eyeglasses to donate. Call for directions. Mattituck Strawberry Festival Mattituck, NY 11952 Phone: 631.298.2222

Master Exhibit

June 24 – July 19 Featuring Best in Show and Honorable Mention artists from J u r i e d S t i l l L i fe, Po r t ra i t , Photography and Landscape shows Huntington Arts Council Inc. 213 Main Street Huntington, NY 11743 Phone: 631.271.8423 Website:

Second Annual Barrier Beach Blues and Arts Festival

June 24 6 - 7 p.m. Artists Show, Reception and Awards Blues-themed art and photography created by local artists. 7 - 9 p.m. Jook Joint Blues Dance Performance and workshop led by nationally recognized blues instructors with live blues music. June 25 7 - 10 p.m. An evening of Mississippi Deltainspired blues. Performances by the Mike Barnett Band and the Michael Powers Experience June 26 6:30 - 10:30 p.m. Musical performances by MOTU and his band, Bill and Chaney Sims, Chrissie O'Dell and her band, the Kerry Kearney Band with special guest Steve Adelson on the Chapman Stick.

The Boulevard July 2010

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June 27 2 - 7 p.m. Blues in Kennedy Plaza. Performances and musical groups TBA. Kennedy Plaza at City Hall in Long Beach, New York. Long Beach Public Library 111 West Park Ave. Long Beach, New York Website: Email: All programs subject to change

Long Island Wine and Food Festival

June 26 2 - 4 p.m.

Features Lia Fallon, executive chef and co- owner of Amarelle, who was trained at the Culinary Academy in New York where she received her culinary arts degree. Castello di Borghese Vineyard & Winery Route 48, Alvah's Lane (Cross Street) Cutchogue, NY 11935 Phone: 631.734.5111 Email: Website: www.castellodiborghese. com

Huntington Summer Arts Festival

June 26 – Aug. 15

The 45th Annual Huntington Summer Arts Festival. Check website for details. Huntington Arts Council Inc. 213 Main Street Huntington, NY 11743 Phone: 631.271.8423 or

End Arts Council announce a juried Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition. A gala reception will be held on Saturday, July 17.

Fax: 516.333.6807 Website: www.oldwestburygardens. org

Brecknock Historic Mansion 1500 Brecknock Road Greenport, NY 11901 Phone: 631.727.0900 Fax: 631.727.0966 Email: Website:

July 7 – 11

Winemakers Walk

Hamptons Suffolk County Website:

July 1 - Oct. 31 1 p.m.

Winemakers Walk Vineyard Tour & Wine Tasting Thursdays and Sundays at 1p.m. Castello di Borghese Vineyard and Winery Route 48, Alvah's Lane (Cross Street) Cutchogue, NY 11935 Phone: 631.734.5111 Email: Website: www.castellodiborghese. com

Consuelo Mack Wealthtrack

Season seven premieres July 2 at 7:30 p.m. on WLIW21 and July 3 at 8 a.m. on THIRTEEN. Visit for schedule. The weekly series remains the only program on television devoted to longterm diversified investing, covering all of the investments people care about. Visit website for additional dates and times.

Fireworks Spectacular

July 4 (Raindate Mon., July 5) 9:30 p.m.

Scope Hamptons Art Fair

R epresenting over 40 international galleries plus four days of performances, screenings and special events.

Live From the Artists Den

Season two premieres July 9 on THIRTEEN and July 10 on WLIW21. The innovative music series featuring extraordinar y artists in extraordinary settings returns with seven new concerts beginning with music legend Ringo Starr with Ben Harper and Relentless 7, plus special guest Joan Osborne. Visit website for additional dates and concerts at

Long Island International Film Expo

July 9 – 18

See the movie and the stars, attend the panels and the parties, network with those in the industry. Over 100 short and feature length films will be screened. Bellmore Movie Theater 222 Pettit Avenue Bellmore, NY 11710 Phone: 516.783.3199 Website:

Glen Cove Hospital Auxiliary

Come to Jones Beach for a firework spectacular.

July 11 – Aug. 15

Restaurant and Wine Tasting event. All proceeds will go toward the purchase of a digital mammogram machine.

Jones Beach State Park Ocean Parkway Wantagh, NY 11793 Phone: 516.785.1600 Website: www.nysparks.state.

Picnic Pops Concerts

Old Westbury Gardens 71 Old Westbury Road Old Westbury, NY 11568 Phone: 516.333.0048 Website: www.oldwestburygardens. org

June 29 6 - 9 p.m.

Webb Institute 298 Crescent Beach Road Glen Cove, NY 11542 Phone: 516.676.6664

/ July 2010 / Sculpture Exhibition

July 1 – Sept. 11

Peconic Landing and the East

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July 7 – Aug. 4

Old Westbur y Gardens p r e s e n t s Pi c n i c Po p s Concerts for children. Old Westbury Gardens 71 Old Westbury Road Old Westbury, NY 11568 Phone: 516.333.0048

West Porch Beech Tree Concerts

Old Westbury Gardens hosts West Porch Beech Tree Concerts, Contact for dates and times

Three-Cornered Moon

July 15 – 31 The



5/28/10 11:43:24 AM

Calendar Long Island Events Rimplegar family lives the life of Riley; no work and all play for this wealthy Brooklyn family. But when a stock market mishap wipes them out, the family must give up its extravagant ways and take jobs! The mad-capped boys get hired as a lifeguard and jazz musician, extra bedrooms are rented out to romantic rivals, but only the levelheaded love interest Elizabeth finds real work. Will the family, and love, survive? This charming screwball comedy was the toast of Broadway in 1933. Nissequogue River State Park St. Johnland Road Kings Park, NY 11754 Phone: 631.269.4927 Website:

Long Island Philharmonic Concert

July 17 8 p.m.

Annual free Philharmonic concert for the whole family. Presented by the Islip Arts Council. Heckscher State Park Campground Heckscher Parkway East Islip, NY 11730 Phone: 631.224.5420 Website: This is a free event

Joe Koziarz 5K Run

July 17

The Greater Westhampton Chamber of Commerce hosts its 20th Annual Joe Koziarz 5K Run & Walk. Greater Westhampton Chamber of Commerce 7 Glovers Lane PO Box 1228 Westhampton Beach, NY 11978 Phone: 631.288.3337 Email: Website:

Riverhead Blues Festival

July 17 – 18

Riverhead's Vail-Leavitt Music Hall presents its 12th annual Blues festival. Three stages, great music, great food, vendors. Downtown Historic Riverhead East Main Street and Peconic Ave, along Peconic River Riverhead, NY 11901 Phone: 631.727.5782 Website: Two-day bracelet: $15; one day admission: $10; Children: 12 and under free


Luau at Sunset

July 22 6 p.m.

Huntington Chamber presents a Luau at Sunset Crabmeadow Beach Waterside Drive Northport, NY 11768 Website:

Stony Brook Film Festival

July 22 – 31

15th Annual Stony Brook Film Festival Staller Center Stony Brook University Nicolls Road Stony Brook, NY Phone: 631.632.2787 Website:

Snicktery Nick

demonstrations, wine and spirits seminars and tasting events.

A summer run at Jones Beach State Park.

Tickets available at

Jones Beach State Park Ocean Parkway Wantagh, NY 11793 Phone: 516.785.1600 Website: parks/

Metropolis: Traveling the World

July 31 – Sept. 19

Paintings, works on paper and prints from the Heckscher Museum Permanent Collection focus on major cities of the world. Featured artists include William Merritt Chase, Georgia O'Keeffe, Jules Olitski and others. Heckscher Museum of Art Two Prime Avenue Huntington, NY 11743 Phone: 631.351.3250 Email: Website:

Long Island Biennial

July 31- Sept. 26

Snicktery Nick works for the hardhearted giant Baron Bomberrum, who wants to know why his garden just won't grow. No silver bells, no flowers all in a row for him! Can the giant, and his garden, be transformed by the kindness of a child? With a little help from Nicky, of course it can!

J u r i e d ex h i b i t i o n fe at u re s paintings, sculpture drawings, prints and photography by artists living and working on Long Island. Submitted works will be displayed on the Heckscher Museum website Long Island Biennial gallery. Cinema Arts Centre is a collaborative Long Island Biennial Partner and will show video and film.

Nissequogue River State Park St. Johnland Road Kings Park, NY 11754 Phone: 631.269.4927 Website: parks/

Heckscher Museum of Art Two Prime Avenue Huntington, NY 11743 Phone: 631.351.3250 Email: Website:

Night at the Light

/ August 2010 /

The Fourth Annual Night at the Light sponsored by the Montauk Chamber of Commerce features wine tasting hosted by East End wineries, live music, and hors d'oeuvres.

Aug. 5 1 - 5 p.m.

July 26 – Aug. 13

July 24

Montauk Chamber of Commerce 742 Montauk Highway Montauk, NY 11954 Phone: 631.668.2428 Email: Website:

Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival

July 29 – Aug. 1

The second annual Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival will be held at Harrah’s Resort, Caesar’s, Showboat and Bally’s in Atlantic City and features world-renowned chefs. Festival will include cooking

House and Garden Tour

St. Ann's Episcopal Church in Bridgehampton presents its 42nd Annual Community House and Garden Tour. Five beautiful houses will be featured. Tickets and brochures available at St. Ann's church office, the Candy Kitchen in Bridgehampton, and the S o u t h a m p to n C h a m b e r o f Commerce.  Proceeds will benefit St. Ann’s Outreach Program.

Lenny Coco & The Chimes

Aug. 10 7 p.m.

Doo Wop formerly Lenny Coco & The Chimes, this ’50s quintet made the charts with their hit song, “Once in a While.” Featuring powerful vocals and a dynamic new band, they are more exciting than ever. Hoyt Farm Park Preserve New Highway Commack, NY 11725 Phone: 631.543.7804 This is a free event

Barefoot Black Tie Dinner Dance

Aug.14 6:30 - 11p.m.

Enjoy a catered dinner and dance to the sounds of the Tradewinds. Open bar and silent auction. Prizes for best theme attire. Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation Society, Inc. Robert Moses Field #5 Captree Island, NY 11702 Phone: 631.321.7028 Website: Email: programs@fireislandlighthouse. com Additional events provided by the Long Island Convention & Visitors Bureau. For a complete listing of events, attractions and accommodations, visit

Website: $50 in advance; $60 on the day of the tour.

Summer Run Series

Aug. 9 7 p.m.

The Boulevard July 2010

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5/28/10 11:43:26 AM

62nd Annual Artists & Writers Charity Softball Game

! E T A 0 D 1 E 0 H 2 T , 4 1 . g SAVE u A t

rk, Eas

k Pa Herric

me on Ga Hampt


:3 Starts

For the benefit of: Hospice, East Hampton Day Care and Phoenix House. Visit our website at:

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5/28/10 11:43:30 AM

Figure Skating in Harlem’s Skating with the Stars Wollman Rink, NYC

Olympian sisters, Emily and Sarah Hughes with Christopher Robbins.

Figure Skating in Harlem’s rendition of “Thriller.”

On The Boulevard With Christopher Robbins

with additional photos by Rob Rich, Jennifer Thomas, Van Cushny, Keith Barraclough, Denis Leon, Adam Cooper-RBP and Tina Guiomar

Sasha Cohen signs an autograph on the ice.

Christopher Meloni in the press tent.

US Silver Medalist Mirai Nagasu with US Dance Champion Charlie White.


I look forward every spring to Figure Skating in Harlem’s annual benefit and this year in particular, coming off the Vancouver Winter Games, the event was especially exciting as the skating world’s Princes and Princesses of Ice came out in force for this special night of “Skating with the Stars” at Wollman Rink in Central Park. Leading the pack this year was ice queen Kristi Yamaguchi as honoree along with honorees Candace Matthews, chief marketing officer at Amway, and Law and Order’s Tamara Tunie. On hand as well were skating celebrities Dorothy Hamill; Sasha Cohen; Long Island’s own gold medalist Sarah Hughes along with her sister, fellow Olympian Emily Hughes; the Winter Games’ ice dancing silver medalists Meryl Davis and Charlie White; U.S. ladies’ medalist Mirai Nagasu; former U.S. ice dance champions Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto and so many more. Missing this year was the men’s 2010 Olympic gold medalist, Evan Lysacek, as he’s got a gig of a different sort on the ABC hit Dancing with the Stars (he has been at the FSH event in past years). The starry night was not limited to only elite skaters, oh no, as stars of television also support FSH, including crossover star Johnny Weir (following him at the event were cameras from his own reality show that airs on cable). “I’d like to be the next Dick Button,” said the two-time Olympian, three-time national champion, and 2008 world bronze medalist after I remarked on his excellent commentating with Tara Lapinski during the Universal Sports Network’s coverage of the 2010 World Figure Skating Championships. Also on the ice, from Law and Order SVU, were Christopher Meloni, Richard Belzer, Dann Florek, Ice-T and B.D. Wong. Throw in honorary chairs Melania and Donald Trump and this was an ice party to attend. NHL ice hockey greats also showed up, guys like Ron Greschner, Ron Duguay with the beautiful Kim Alexis, Glenn Anderson and Ron Gilbert. The evening’s high-

Dr. Andrew Jacono and family with Kristi Yamaguchi.

Figure Skating in Harlem’s founder, Sharon Cohen and NBC Sports Commentator, Andrea Joyce

The Boulevard July 2010

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5/28/10 12:23:12 PM

Anderson Gallery Opening Mentoring Partners at Brooks Brothers

Spencer, Sarah and Seth Robins.

Ron Horman and Whitney Maxwell.

Debra and Claudio Del Vecchio.

Franklin Hill Perrell and Emily Franchina.

Artist Lisa Mackay with Lynda Anderson.

Sam Maxwell with Malcom and Julia Mackay.

Mentor and mentee, Michelle Cohen and Jevel Saravia.

Brian and Sally Shore with son, Jason, and Jennifer Paquette.

light was the performance by FSH’s synchronized skating team to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Shortly after the routine began, the Olympians and many of FSH’s youngsters and patrons were invited to the rink to join the performance, closing the show. And by the way, all of this would not be possible without the vision of founder Sharon Cohen, who created and pioneered this special youth development organization that links lessons learned on the ice—focus, determination, character development and self-motivation—to lessons learned in the classroom and in life. It was a terrific night for all! I smile whenever I receive an invitation to a reception at Lynda Anderson Galleries, that jewel of a gallery in Locust Valley. Recently, Lynda Anderson hung a brilliant show of Lisa Mackay’s Watercolors. Lisa’s work is prolific … so many wonderful paintings to admire and purchase. Who wandered into the gallery that fine, warm, spring evening? Julie and Luis Rinaldini did, as well as Liz Roosevelt, Janet and Rob Deans, Emily Franchina and Franklin Hill Perrell, Julia and Malcolm Mackay, Van Cushny, Shelby Coates, Victoria Greenleaf, Irv Arenberg, Sarah and Seth Robins with son Spencer, Seton Bitterly, Jill Johnson, Linda Kennedy, Elizabeth Hendersen, Irene and Richard Gachot, Whitney Maxwell, Ron Horman, Tracy Dellomo, Clifford Packingham and more, all of whom added another piece to their evergrowing art collections. A few days later, a record-breaking crowd of more than 400 flocked to Americana Manhasset’s outpost of Brooks Brothers for the Mentoring Partnership of Long Island’s annual benefit, Making Connections, this year honoring Brooks Brothers’ own chairman Claudio Del Vecchio and his lovely wife, Debra Del Vecchio.

Emilie Antonetti, Rebecca Hollander and Arthur Wayne.

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5/28/10 12:24:08 PM

NCMA Cocktail Receptions at Frette and Cuchels’ Residence

Town & Country Magazine at London Jewelers Angela Susan Anton, Diedre Costa Major, Filipo Arnaboldi and Corrine Paston.

Catherine Rosso and Shane Parouse.

Dr. Stephen and Sharon Cuchel with Museum Director, Karl Willers.

A “selling event” - that special kind of benefit where a fashion house donates a percentage of the evening’s purchases - can be tricky and challenging because you never know if the patrons are going to be in a buying mood (luckily for Mentoring, they WERE), and thus the gang at Brooks Brothers, including store manager Joe Dente, along with Joyce Pardee, Jennifer Yelli, John Lee, William Zubarriain and Suzanne Morris all deserve a round of applause for keeping guests happy, running volumes of merchandise, ringing up the constant sales, all with smiles. The guests at this “celebration of fun, friends, fine food and shopping” also rose to the occasion by opening their wallets and bidding on the 75 or so upscale silent auction items, buying handfuls of raffle tickets and of course, walking out of the store with a closetful of new clothes for their wardrobes. Those philanthropic guests included Rita and Frank Castagna, Adele Smithers, Linda Armyn, Fran and John Gutleber, Sally and Brian Shore, Deirdre Costa Major, Carmela and Chris Nuzzi, Rebecca and Steve Hollander, Tammy Windmiller, Maureen Bergmann, Pat and Dr. John Sheehy, Samara and Sam Ginzburg, Nina and Bob Ronzoni, Kathy and Steven Klar, Lewis Katz, Dina and Peter Chase and so many more. During the “celebration,” one of the “fun” highlights was watching K-Joy radio’s morning show hosts Steve & Maria, a.k.a. Steven Harper and Maria Garcia, joke while emceeing the event. One of the “friends” highlights was the heartfelt speech given by mentor Michelle Cohen about the turnaround she helped foster for mentee Jevel Saravia; one of the “food” highlights was when the Robbins Wolfe Eventeurs waitstaff team began serving the takeout containers of vegetable pad Thai and demitasse cups of truffled mac ’n’ cheese (yummy…); and of course, the real highlight was the raising of revenue that significantly exceeded last year due to the incredible generosity of patrons by “shopping” that night! The Nassau County Museum of Art benefited from two receptions. For the first, the brightest supporters of that fine institution showed up at the home of Sharon and Dr. Stephen Cuchel who opened up the many parlor rooms in their fine English Tudor estate to host the kickoff celebration for the museum’s annual Gala Dinner Dance Ball. Director Emerita Constance Schwartz was there with her husband Hank Schwartz, whose new publication From the Corners of the Ring to the Corners of the Earth chronicles his rise from a Jewish engineer in Brooklyn to promoter of the most famous box-

Amy and Dr. George Kane.

Candy and Mark Udell.


Randi Udell and Marisa Stubin.

Marisa Stubin, Scott and Jessica Udell and Pam Arnowitz.

The Boulevard July 2010

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6/1/10 12:16:23 PM


PAUL SINCLAIRE at Saks 5th Avenue Lisa Medina, Arlene Maccarone, Carolyn Poczater, Bridget Graziose and Sandra Roberti.

Bartenders Anthony Pepe and Dan Carr with Jane Incao.

ing match in history, the Ali-Foreman Rumble in the Jungle. Look for it to hit the shelves of Barnes & Noble and your local library soon. Also seen were Karl Willers, the new executive director; Joan and Donald MacNaughton; Angela Susan Anton, who’s co-chairing the ball this year with Corky Paston; Alix Michele and Van Cushny; Amy and Dr. George Kane; Pamela Arnowitz; Adele Klapper; Alice Zuccaire; H. Brooks Smith; Brigitte and David Stetson; Sharon and Marvin Schechter, WLIW/Channel 21’s Laura Savini and more. Two weeks later, many of that same ilk swarmed the Frette Boutique at Americana Manhasset to view Impressionism on Textiles, a touring art show from the Hadassah Antique Gallery and needless to say, sipping champagne and talking … museum culture is always in vogue, right?!! And finally, over at Saks Fifth Avenue in the Walt Whitman Mall, clothing designer Paul Sinclaire officially opened his boutique of the same name in the store. Paul’s career has spanned decades while he worked with other noted designers, but now that’s all changed and he’s making a name for himself. At his shop on the second floor and with champagne flute in hand, he welcomed Anna Rivadeneira, Sheri Chafetz, Margaret Trautmann, Marie Dalli, Janet Ryan and more to view the collection and spruce up their spring wardrobes with many fine purchases. If you have an event, benefit or party you’d like considered for On the Boulevard, kindly email me at

Keri and Jordan Sadler

Robert and Katherine Tess.

Anna Rivadeneira, Paul Sinclaire, Sheri Chafetz and Margaret Trautmann.

Patty Spinali, Marie Dalli and Shay Scott.

Eileen Caldwell, Amanda Waller and Danielle Aiello.

Sarah Dalli, Marisa Chafetz and Alexa Rivadeneira.


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5/28/10 12:26:34 PM

On The Boulevard The Nassau Region of Hadassah culminated its yearlong health initiative of A Ray of Hope, Understanding the Spectrum of Autoimmune Diseases, with the Black and White Luncheon held on April 15 at Carltun on the Park. The event honoree was Dr. Betty Diamond, head of the Center for Autoimmune and Musculoskeletal Diseases at the Feinstein InstituteNSLIJ. Celebrity guest Brian Stokes Mitchell entertained the attendees with a medley of songs. The room was a sea of black and white, from the decorations to the clothes worn by the Hadassah women. It was a very enjoyable and successful event.

Hadassah Black & White Luncheon at Carltun on the Park

Cheryl Mandelker and honoree Dr. Betty Diamond

LICADD’s Angel Ball Raises Funds for Substance Abuse and Addiction / Photography By Dana Harris Photography

Rachel Rosen, Cheryl Sperber and Cheryl Mandelker, event directors

The Long Island Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (LICADD) hosted its 23rd Annual Angel Ball, raising $275,000 to support substance abuse prevention and addiction services on Long Island. This year’s Angel Ball was particularly special with Christopher Kennedy Lawford receiving LICADD’s 2010 Humanitarian Award. Kennedy spoke about growing up in one of America’s most famous families, detailed his own personal battles with addiction and touted the miracle of recovery. Scott Clark reprised his role as master of ceremonies, Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano offered opening remarks and Bill Baum, CEO of Essex Manufacturing, and vice chair of the LICADD board, received LICADD’s Founder’s Award. Prior to the ball, a kickoff celebration was held in March at Kellenberg Memorial High School and was also a success, raising more than $148,000. The kickoff was hosted by Father Philip K. Eichner, S.M., with the assistance and hospitality of Kellenberg’s students.

Christopher Kennedy Lawford and Ben Vereen


Brian Stokes Mitchell and Hadassah fans

Jeffery R. Capazzi, Bill Baum and Curt Webster, Dr. Jeffrey L. Reynolds flanking Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano, Scott Clark and Christopher Kennedy Lawford.

The Boulevard July 2010

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6/1/10 12:29:53 PM

Children’s Medical Fund Corporate Breakfast Hosts Donny Deutsch at Glen Oaks Club, Old Westbury

CMF Chairman Emeritis and Trustee Jeffrey S. Jurick; Men’s Division President Neil Schorr; Heather On Earth Music Foundation Founder Geri Fessler; Donny Deutsch, Corporate Alliance Chairman; CMF Chairman Emeritus Steven J. Lifton

Long Island business leaders attended the Children’s Medical Fund (CMF) of New York’s Corporate Alliance Breakfast on April 22 at Glen Oaks Club, Old Westbury. They greatly enjoyed listening to keynote speaker Donny Deutsch, chairman of Deutsch Inc., speak about keys to success in our current difficult economy. CMF established the Corporate Alliance in August 2004. Since that time, the group has become part of Long Island’s business elite as CMF continues to cultivate its relationship with business leaders in the community. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Child Life Program at the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Center of N.Y. (formerly Schneider Children’s Hospital).

Solar One Solar 2 Kick-Off Soireé at Mitzi Perdue’s / Photography By Tina Guiomar

Jean Shafiroff, Laura Remington Platt, Hartley du Pont, Sharon Bush and Barbara Winston

Margo Langenberg and Sandra McConnell

Lisa Nilsson Levin and Paul du Pont

Chris Collins, Barbara Winston, Nigel Nicholls and Mitzi Perdue

Laura Remington Platt and Ashley Wilcox Platt

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6/1/10 12:31:01 PM

On The Boulevard Holocaust Dinner Supports Student Tolerance Workshops

The Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County’s event on May 11 successfully raised funds to underwrite the cost of student tolerance workshops provided to local schools. Jed Morey, publisher of the Long Island Press, shared his reflections on the significance of the Center following a visit to the new museum and a video presentation of LI Press interviews with Holocaust survivors. The Center’s educational programs and the compelling new exhibit will serve to help teach the lessons of the Holocaust in order to fight intolerance in classrooms and communities across Long Island and Queens. Everyone is urged to visit the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County. To learn more, visit www.

Event co-chairs Andrea Bolender and Erika Witover with the Center’s founding chairman Boris Chartan.

St. Francis Hospital / Photography By William Baker

What an Operation! Doctors model at St. Francis Luncheon. Spring fashion trends brightened the runway on May 4 as doctors from St. Francis Hospital The Heart Center modeled clothing by Brooks Brothers, Ferragamo and St. John at the annual Spring Luncheon and Fashion Show, hosted by the hospital’s guild. Physicians who hit the runway included Neil Berkow, M.D., Mark Hoornstra, M.D., Sean Levchuck, M.D. and Anthony Moschetto, D.O. The evening also included a raffle, sweepstakes and silent auction and the fundraiser added $85,000 to the guild’s $1 million pledge for a new operating room. Popular sports radio personality Mike Francesa hosted a private screening of Winning Time – Reggie Miller vs. The New York Knicks by award-winning filmmaker Dan Klores at the DeMatteis Center in Greenvale.

WFAN host, Mike Francesa with Alan Guerci, M.D.


Jed Morey with Long Island Press Team

Sponsors Frank and Rita Castagna greet St. Francis Hospital Guild president Anne Maione, veteran member Arlene Miller, event chairs Inge Costa and Nancy Grabow, and past president Virginia Bolla.

The Boulevard July 2010

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5/28/10 12:34:26 PM

Sid Jacobson JCC’s 4th Annual Epicurean Event, An Evening of Wine and Food Tasting held at the George Washington Manor was attended by 225 people. The fundraiser featured some of the finest Long Island cuisine, along with wine pourings from five outstanding wineries. The evening of epicurean delights benefited the JCC’s Young Onset Alzheimer’s, Autism and Special Needs Programs. According to Beverly Gelb, JCC director of Philanthropic Initiatives: “This event helps support the JCC programs for people who need us most. Co-chairs Debra Buslik and Nancy Waldbaum delivered a spectacular, elegant culinary affair and it truly was a night to remember.”

Sid Jacobson JCC Board President Dr. Eric Donnenfeld and Nassau County Legislator Wayne Wink

Maureen Diz, Maria O’Rourke, Margaret Kenny and Margaret Selfert.

Host 4th Annual Epicurean Event at George Washington Manor

Lloyd Gelb, Rita Castagna, Beverly Gelb, Sid Jacobson JCC Director of Philanthropic Initiatives, Denise Silverberg and Frank Castagna

On May 3, more than 165 guests attended the first annual World Pink Luncheon at Estée Lauder Americana Manhasset, raising more than $27,000 to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). Evelyn H. Lauder, senior corporate vice president, the Estée Lauder companies and founder and chairman, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, was guest of honor, celebrated for her tireless work on behalf of the Estée Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and BCRF. The private affair also honored the memory of Roddy Eliash and Haya Kadosh-Gabbay. The menu was inspired by Mrs. Lauder’s cookbook, In Great Taste: Fresh, Simple Recipes for Eating and Living Well. Attendees were invited to bid on auction items, partake in complimentary beauty services provided by Estée Lauder’s top beauty advisors and shop from Estée Lauder’s latest products, with 20 percent of all net sales donated to BCRF. The event was a successful fundraiser and also served as an opportunity to educate people in an effort to make breast cancer a thing of the past.

Frank Castagna, Myra Biblowit, Evelyn Lauder, Rita Castagna, Deidre Costa Major and John Gutleber. Photos by Paul Schneck

Sid Jacobson JCC

Estee Lauder World Pink Luncheon Honors Evelyn Lauder

Dr. Jill Bargonetti and Myra Biblowit

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5/28/10 12:34:49 PM

On The Boulevard North Shore Child & Family Guidence Center at Roslyn Country Club / Photography By Tina Guiomar

North Shore Child & Family Guidance Center hosted its annual Achievement Luncheon on April 22 at Roslyn Country Club. Two hundred guests enjoyed an afternoon that celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Marks Family Right from the Start 0-3+ Center. Honorees included Nancy A. Marks, members of the Right from the Start Advisory Council of 2000, and State Bank. Dr. Joseph Polisi, president of the Juilliard School, was this year’s guest speaker. After his talk, guests were entertained by two young Juilliard students performing a cello and violin duet.

Sirena Huang; Sarina Zhang and students of the Juilliard School

North Shore Animal League America

Deborah Kendric, Andrew Malekoff, Arlene Sanchez and Honoree Nancy A. Marks.

The line to adopt dogs on the first day of the event.

Pet Adoptathon / Photography By Tina Guiomar

Cesar Millan with an adorable adoptable puppy.


NSAL of America and Cesar Millan fans awaiting Cesar Millan’s book signing.

The Boulevard July 2010

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5/28/10 12:35:47 PM

Jean Shafiroff hosted a luncheon at Le Cirque on April 29 for 80 supporters and friends of Southampton Hospital to kick off the hospital’s 52nd annual Summer Party. NBC News anchor Chuck Scarborough was master of ceremonies and Robert S. Chaloner, hospital president and CEO, was guest speaker. Ms. Shafiroff is chair of this year’s event, An Enchanted Evening, that will attract 1,000 people for cocktails, dinner, dancing and a silent auction. A 52-year Hamptons tradition, the Summer Party supports the hospital’s Jenny & John Paulson Emergency Department, which serves more than 25,000 residents and visitors on Long Island’s South Fork each year.

Jean Shafiroff with Chuck and Ellen Scarborough

Luncheon at Le Cirque / Photography By Tina Guiomar

Steve Bernstein, Jean Shafiroff, Bob Chaloner and Dr. Darin Wiggins

On March 24, close to 700 wine and food enthusiasts gathered at Pier Sixty, Chelsea Piers to enjoy Wine & Wishes 2010, presented by the Charmer Sunbelt Group. The event raised more than $500,000 to grant wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions. The event was emceed by CBS2 anchor Chris Wragge, who also served as auctioneer, encouraging guests to bid high and often. Special guests included Chef Dave Martin, fan favorite from Bravo’s inaugural Top Chef season, and CBS2 weatherman Lonnie Quinn. The poignant speech of former wish kid (now wish alum) Paul had guests laughing and crying as he spoke of the lasting impact the Make-AWish foundation has had on his life.

Charles Merinoff, CEO and vice chairman of the Charmer Sunbelt Group, Pat Clemency and David Perry share a moment.

Southampton Kick-Off

Make A Wish Wine & Wishes 2010 at Pier Sixty, Chelsea Piers / Photography By Michael Priest Photography

Chris Wragge, Chef Dave Martin, Lonnie Quinn, Pat Clemency and wish alum Paul Rosario are pictured following the live auction.

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5/28/10 12:36:28 PM

On The Boulevard Surf Side Welcomes Summer Splash Off at Surf’s Out Restaurant in Kismet

Dr. Anthony Guida, Lisa, Walter and Virginia LiPuma

Matthew Barbara, Dean Cirella, Paul Barbara and Dennis Sommeso

Canon Clean Earth at Canon USA’s Lake Success Headquarters

The Canon Clean Earth Crew from Canon USA’s Lake Success headquarters visited the Sands Point Preserve on the North Shore of Long Island for an extensive cleanup effort on May 15. A group of 135 volunteers, including friends and family members of CUSA employees, worked on a variety of projects at the 216-acre preserve that contains woods, fields, ponds and a beach along the Long Island Sound. Projects included removing trash and debris from the beach, painting a barn, planting a pumpkin patch, clearing overgrown vines, cleaning a campground and fixing up trails.

Mary Linda Young, Canon representative, and Joe Adachi, president and CEO of Canon USA


Canon staff and guests

The Boulevard July 2010

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5/28/10 12:37:02 PM

“It’s really wonderful here.”


100 Landing Road

Cover 003 AtriaAd.indd 1

Roslyn, New York 516.626.6900

5/27/10 4:34:45 PM

Cover 004 ExcelaireAd.indd 1

5/27/10 4:37:43 PM

The Boulevard Magazine July 2010  

The Boulevard Magazine featuring Green Day, Simon Helberg, Ken Morrow and many more. Annual Mens issue.

The Boulevard Magazine July 2010  

The Boulevard Magazine featuring Green Day, Simon Helberg, Ken Morrow and many more. Annual Mens issue.