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August Shows 6 - 27th August 2013

Marie Mills

2 Violets and butterflies 70 x 70cm mixed media on linen £925

3 Bramble blossom 80 x 100cm mixed media on linen £1295 Cover image: 1 Evening stroll 80 x 100cm mixed media on linen £1295


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“Our three August exhibitions reflect summer days long forgotten, golden days where the simple pleasures of sun, sea and sand were enough to fulfil our holidaying needs. As these islands bask in dazzling sunlight, so these paintings feature densely populated hedgerows and vibrantly coloured beach scenes, muted landscapes and,

How to buy our art All of the art shown is available on publication of this brochure. If you are interested in making a purchase please phone

being Scilly, let’s not forget the odd

01720 424 925.

gale or shower too. Relax and enjoy The exhibition can also be viewed on our web site from Tuesday 30th July 2013.

our depiction of the summer of 2013.” Anna Parkes, manager

Colours may vary between the originals and these reproductions. All measurements shown are in centimetres and are image size only excluding the frame.

Marie Mills

4 Dewdrops and petals 70 x 70cm mixed media on linen £925

5 Chasing clouds 80 x 80cm mixed media on linen £1095

6 Merry thrift 50 x 50cm mixed media on linen £625

7 Roadside jewels 100 x 100cm mixed media on linen ÂŁ1495

8 Spring in the air 80 x 80cm mixed media on linen ÂŁ1095

Mungo Powney

9 Late afternoon study 23 x 31cm oil on canvas on board £850

10 Irises 24 x 34cm oil on canvas on board £925

11 Irises by the beach 51 x 66cm oil on canvas ÂŁ1850

Mungo Powney

12 Fishing boats 26 x 36cm oil on canvas on board £950

13 Beach before storm 23 x 31cm oil on canvas on board £975

14 Small harbour 27 x 36cm oil on canvas on board ÂŁ950

Mungo Powney

15 Ivory green 71 x 66cm oil on canvas £1950

16 The Roman pot 71 x 66cm oil on canvas £1950

17 About summer 43 x 37cm oil on canvas on board £1250 18 Sunday times 87 x 92cm oil on canvas £3400

Tom Holland

19 Bryher day 30 x 100cm acrylic on canvas £1100

20 View from Bryher 20 x 50cm acrylic on canvas £470

21 Pilot gigs 20 x 50cm acrylic on canvas £480

22 Bar quay 61 x 46cm acrylic on canvas £590

23 Firethorn off to St Mary’s 76 x 76cm acrylic on canvas £980

Tom Holland

24 Hell Bay 45 x 60cm acrylic on canvas £680

25 Back from lunch 49 x 40cm acrylic on canvas £490

26 Bougainvillea and montbretia 50 x 20cm acrylic on canvas £480

27 Paradise 50 x 20cm acrylic on canvas £480

28 Boy blue 50 x 50cm acrylic on canvas £520

Paul Wadsworth

30 Sunset sky 40 x 45cm oil £930

29 Beach play in a pink dress 41 x 61cm oil £1150

31 Learning to surf 76 x 76cm oil ÂŁ1750

Paul Wadsworth

32 Bay colours 40 x 40cm oil £930

33 You me and the sea 60 x 76cm oil £1470

35 A beautiful summers bay 40 x 40cm oil £930

34 Warm summers day 50 x 60cm oil £1250

Paul Wadsworth

36 Scilly waves 50 x 50cm oil £1150

37 Spring tide 40 x 45cm oil £930

38 Shifting sands 76 x 102cm oil ÂŁ1850

John Dyer

39 Cycling through the agapanthus, Pentle Bay 45 x 61cm acrylic on canvas £1240

40 Sailing into Tresco 45 x 61cm acrylic on canvas £1240

41 Exploring the gardens, Tresco 61 x 91cm acrylic on board ÂŁ2340

John Dyer

42 Cornish mermaids 30 x 25cm acrylic on canvas £570

43 Magical night, Pentle Bay 61 x 61cm mixed media on canvas £1865

44 Twinkling stars 61 x 91cm acrylic on board ÂŁ2340

John Dyer

45 Sunset cycling, Tresco 30 x 25cm acrylic on canvas £570

46 Agapanthus love 30 x 25cm acrylic on canvas £570

47 Tresco days 30 x 25cm acrylic on canvas £570

48 Fun in the gardens, Tresco 61 x 61cm acrylic on canvas ÂŁ1865


49 Through the light, St Mary’s 31 x 31cm mixed media £750

50 Pentle Bay 46 x 58cm mixed media £1350

51 Across Rushy Porth 81 x 83cm mixed media ÂŁ1900


52 To the great Atlantic 31 x 52cm mixed media £1100

53 With light in my head 51 x 51cm mixed media £1200

55 The light catches and the reeds whisper - Great Pool 58 x 41cm mixed media £1200 54 To Samson 73 x 55cm mixed media £1690


56 Across the silver 50 x 45cm mixed media ÂŁ1100

57 I woke to a still morning 37 x 33cm mixed media ÂŁ900

58 And the Atlantic calls 38 x 65cm mixed media ÂŁ1200

Myles Oxenford

60 Tresco pines 30 x 40cm oil on board £795

59 Path above Pentle Bay - Tresco 40 x 35cm oil on board £850

61 Pentle dunes - Tresco 25 x 50cm oil on board £850

62 Tresco shoreline 25 x 25cm oil on board £695

63 Rushy Porth pines - Tresco 30 x 60cm oil on board £1095

Myles Oxenford

64 Great Porth - Bryher 30 x 35cm oil on board £750

65 Late afternoon - Bryher 30 x 35cm oil on board £750

66 Rushy shoreline - Tresco 40 x 40cm oil on board £895

67 Rushy Bay - Bryher 35 x 40cm oil on board £850

Chris Hankey

68 Bryher storm no1 107 x 122cm oil on canvas £2500

69 Bryher storm no2 112 x 152cm oil on canvas £2500

71 Winter sea 36 x 46cm oil on canvas £395

70 Bryher storm no3 109 x 130cm oil on canvas £2500

72 Winter storm Bryher 46 x 36cm oil on canvas £395

Chris Hankey

74 Sunset after the storm Bryher 46 x 122cm oil on canvas £2400

73 Foam at sunset 36 x 46cm oil on canvas £395

75 Summer sea foam 36 x 46cm oil on canvas £395

76 Sunset Tresco 107 x 122cm oil on canvas £2400

77 Sunset 112 x 152cm oil on canvas £2400

Nicky Walker

78 Boro pines 20 x 20cm oil on canvas £300

79 Lizard Point 20 x 20cm oil on canvas £300 80 Pines near Boro Farm 30 x 25cm oil on canvas £475

81 Pink sky over Cromwell’s 80 x 80cm oil on canvas £1250

82 Cook’s Bar 40 x 40cm oil on canvas £600

Nicky Walker

83 Storm brewing over Ganinicks 54 x 48cm oil on paper £495

84 View from Driftwood 54 x 48cm oil on paper £495

85 Evening light Old Grimsby 50 x 45cm oil on canvas £700

86 Porth Mellin carn 40 x 40cm oil on canvas £600

87 The Ruin 76 x 76cm oil on canvas £1250

The Artists

Marie Mills I am totally addicted to painting. I move the paint around to create shapes, controlling and letting go of the control is what excites me! Sculpting with brushes, palette-knives and my fingers. I constantly experiment with colour, shape and texture. All my work is done rapidly so as not to lose the spontaneity and in order to capture the beautiful chaos that adorns our landscape.

Mungo Powney I have tried to make these paintings alive like the subject, a beach, an interior or whatever it may be, always fighting to give the painting an inner light. I think a painting of a beach is meaningless unless it captures some of the delight that you felt as a child. Typically each painting is thoroughly planned with many layers of under colours with a very impulsive and high energy final layer. It is in this final layer that I have sought to enjoy the colour as sincerely as a child. I tried to challenge myself with varied subject matter so that the works contrast nicely together. All my paintings are done from life for a more direct response.

Tom Holland As I have said before I can honestly say it was the Scillies that inspired me to paint. Surrounded by wonderful colours and shapes. The islands are a constant inspiration to me. I always love painting the Scillies. I hope you enjoy this collection of work.

Paul Wadsworth This collection of landscape works have come together from times spent painting on the Isles of Scilly and the north coast of Cornwall. All works are done on location using either oils or acrylic. I love the energy of painting out in the landscape, be it whatever weather comes my way.

John Dyer For me life is about family, fun, colour and taking an optimistic view of the world. When I paint on Tresco my work naturally records and celebrates all of these elements. The paintings are a narrative of my life and hopefully radiate positive energy and love from the canvases. I don't even try to paint exactly what I see and I don't paint only what I feel - but I do paint that space in-between the two and that is why I paint. Only a painting can visualise this. My dream is that when you look at my paintings you see your story.

Stewart Edmondson To paint down on Rushy Porth, with a soft breeze in your face, the early morning sun sparkling brighter than anything across the wet sand, tide rushing in, curlews calling, barefoot and that bright sand between my toes … skin still tingling from the swim … it doesn’t get better than this. It’s been a real joy to come back to Tresco to paint. Thank you. I hope these paintings can touch the memories of this beautiful place.

Myles Oxenford I first visited the Scillies to get married. I fell in love with the contrasts between the freshness and the calm – the still trees against ever moving seas and light. The islands to me are about movement and time, the rocks and changing sands – sculptures moulded by the lively sea and weather. You cannot help but feel extra awake in the shifting brightness and breezes of the Scillies and I have tried to capture this essence of the islands in my paintings.

Chris Hankey I have always been fascinated by nature and weather, watching Atlantic storms that roll in throughout the year, observing the universe through my telescope, long distance cycling, drawing and painting the landscape and seascapes. This constant interaction with nature has had a profound effect on my philosophical outlook. I am not religious and view the emergence of consciousness as the universe becoming self aware. There is a profound connection between consciousness and nature, a creative energy to the way the sea, earth, atmosphere and artist interact, and light.

Nicky Walker I spent my time on Tresco this year doing lots of oil sketches on paper from the window in Driftwood. Funny how one can get hooked on a single view point, but so much can happen in just a few moments making it an endlessly changing scene; the wind gets up and causes unbelievable patterns of light that dance on the sea, clouds scud across dark skies, raindrops fall, then out comes the sun that changes everything in an instant. Suddenly the sky is a piercing blue. It's all a matter of trying to capture the moment. These paintings are of snatched moments.

88 Rushy Porth - Tresco [detail] by Myles Oxenford 20 x 40cm oil on board £750

g al le ryTRESCO Tresco Isles of Scilly Cornwall TR24 0QE 01720 424 925

adam white

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