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匀琀爀甀最最氀椀渀最 眀椀琀栀 礀漀甀爀 愀琀琀攀洀瀀琀猀 一䔀嘀䔀刀  琀漀 氀漀猀攀 眀攀椀最栀琀㼀

䘀䔀䄀刀 吀䠀䔀 圀攀 䌀愀渀 䠀攀氀瀀℀ 匀䌀䄀䰀䔀 䄀䜀䄀䤀一⸀

䄀搀瘀愀渀挀攀搀 圀攀椀最栀琀 䰀漀猀猀

䌀⸀ 䐀愀氀攀 䔀甀戀愀渀欀Ⰰ 䴀䐀

㔀㤀㈀  匀愀爀愀琀漀最愀 䈀氀瘀搀⸀Ⰰ 匀吀䔀 ㄀㄀ 䈀

䴀䔀䐀䤀䌀䄀䰀䰀夀 匀唀倀䔀刀嘀䤀匀䔀䐀  簀  㤀㤀─ 匀唀䌀䌀䔀匀匀 刀䄀吀䔀  簀  ㄀  ─ 匀䄀䘀䔀 倀䄀吀䔀一吀䔀䐀 匀䔀刀伀吀伀一䤀一 匀唀倀倀䰀䔀䴀䔀一吀  簀  吀刀䄀一匀䤀吀䤀伀一䄀䰀 䐀䤀䔀吀䄀刀夀 倀䰀䄀一 ꤀

䴀攀搀椀挀愀氀氀礀 匀甀瀀攀爀瘀椀猀攀搀 簀 㤀㤀─ 匀甀挀挀攀猀猀 刀愀琀攀 倀愀琀攀渀琀攀搀 匀攀爀漀琀漀渀椀渀 匀甀瀀瀀氀攀洀攀渀琀 琀漀 挀甀爀戀 挀愀爀戀漀栀礀搀爀愀琀攀 挀爀愀瘀椀渀最猀  䌀䄀䰀䰀   䰀椀猀愀 刀漀戀攀爀猀漀渀Ⰰ 刀一 吀爀愀渀猀椀琀椀漀渀愀氀 搀椀攀琀愀爀礀 瀀氀愀渀⸀

㌀㘀㄀ⴀ㤀 㘀ⴀ㄀㄀㄀㈀

                                                           琀漀 氀攀愀爀渀 洀漀爀攀  匀攀爀漀琀漀渀椀渀 倀氀甀猀 椀猀 愀 猀愀昀攀 愀渀搀 攀昀昀攀挀琀椀瘀攀 洀攀搀椀挀愀氀氀礀 猀甀瀀攀爀瘀椀猀攀搀 眀攀椀最栀琀 氀漀猀猀 瀀爀漀最爀愀洀 愀瘀攀爀愀最椀渀最 愀 氀漀猀猀  漀昀 ㌀㔀 瀀漀甀渀搀猀 椀渀 ㄀㈀ 眀攀攀欀猀℀  䈀愀猀攀搀 漀渀 戀攀栀愀瘀椀漀爀 ☀ 氀椀昀攀猀琀礀氀攀 洀漀搀椀昀椀挀愀琀椀漀渀Ⰰ 琀栀攀 瀀爀漀最爀愀洀 椀猀 猀琀爀甀挀琀甀爀攀搀  眀眀眀⸀眀攀椀最栀琀氀漀猀猀挀漀爀瀀甀猀挀栀爀椀猀琀椀⸀挀漀洀 琀漀 栀攀氀瀀 礀漀甀 氀漀猀攀 琀栀攀 眀攀椀最栀琀 ☀ 欀攀攀瀀 椀琀 漀昀昀⸀ 圀栀攀琀栀攀爀 礀漀甀 眀愀渀琀 琀漀 氀漀猀攀 ㄀ Ⰰ ㈀ Ⰰ ㌀  瀀漀甀渀搀猀 漀爀 洀漀爀攀Ⰰ  䌀⸀ 䐀愀氀攀 䔀甀戀愀渀欀Ⰰ 䴀䐀 琀栀椀猀 瀀爀漀最爀愀洀 眀椀氀氀 眀漀爀欀 昀漀爀 礀漀甀⸀ 䰀攀琀 甀猀 栀攀氀瀀 礀漀甀 愀挀栀椀攀瘀攀 琀栀攀 栀攀愀氀琀栀礀 氀椀昀攀猀琀礀氀攀 礀漀甀ᤠ瘀攀 愀氀眀愀礀猀 眀愀渀琀攀搀⸀

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

䌀愀氀氀 䰀椀猀愀 刀漀戀攀爀猀漀渀Ⰰ 刀一

琀漀 猀挀栀攀搀甀氀攀 礀漀甀爀 䘀刀䔀䔀 挀漀渀猀甀氀琀愀琀椀漀渀

㌀㘀㄀ⴀ㤀 㘀ⴀ㄀㄀㄀㈀



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PUBLISHER: Jordan Regas ART DIRECTOR: Julio Studios



Whether it’s a birthday, a corporate business meeting or a wedding party, let

Bourbon Street Candy Company create a unique and original gift for the occassion. Give us an idea and we will show you what we can do on any budget.


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CONTRIBUTORS: Justin & Kayla Butts Sharla Wilkins Cissy Tabor Kateri Reyes Jeff King JoAnne Howell Erica Rose Bertero Caroline Randall Freeman Lexi Buquet Jinky Romero

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It's time to get outdoors! We've outlined the best hiking and biking trails for the fall season. Photo by: Rachel Durrent

Around the coas tal Bend


of the Hospital How Nurses Change Lives


10 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Tra10 ils Top

Clowning Around

is Serious Business

Kennedy dental Care

s d i s t K n y e p r Hap Happy Pa

Pediatric Dentistry

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Orthodontics for Adults & Children

Saratoga Office:

6200 Saratoga Blvd, Bldg. 1 Corpus Christi, TX 78414

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Oral Surgery

Calallen Office:

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Enclave Office:

5525 S. Staples, Ste. A4 Corpus Christi, TX 78411


Discover why over 17 million homeowners trust us. Mark Silva, Agent 5515 Saratoga Blvd, Suite A Corpus Christi, TX 78413 Bus: 361-992-3341


October | Meet The Staff

With your new home comes new responsibilities – like protecting your new investment with the right amount of homeowners insurance. That’s where I can help. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.® CALL ME TODAY.

State Farm Lloyds, Dallas, TX

Meet the Staff

JASON PAGE, PHOTOGRAPHER Jason is a self-taught real estate and interiors photographer. He has worked with many of the top agencies in the Coastal Bend, as well as some of the premier commercial and residential home builders. Over the years, Jason has diversified his portfolio to include product, lifestyle, and wedding photography. He has received several awards for his artistic and landscape photography as well as American Advertising Federation awards for images that have been used in advertising. The Bend Magazine is incredibly blessed to work with Jason on a monthly basis. He has an exceptionally imaginative eye and can see and capture the beauty in just about anything. It’s because of his pure talent and aesthetic expressiveness through the lens that Jason often shoots the magazine’s cover, features, and open house stories. Jason is not afraid to take on a challenge and can handle anything that comes his way. The support and passion that Jason shows the Coastal Bend is extraordinary. When he isn’t behind the lens, you can find him donating his skill and time to many local nonprofit groups and charities. Otherwise, he and his wife, Rebekah, can be found playing with their energetic 8-month-old boy, Elias, or hanging around their tasty and successful family-owned barbeque restaurant, Hoegemeyer's BarBeQue Barn.

CONNECT WITH US @ @thebendmag on Instagram and Twitter #CBLife

What's your favorite workout? Send us your favorite spot to get some fresh air and feel one with nature. #TBFavTrail

12 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Serving South Texas Since 1947

Nancy Coll, DMD

Dr. Coll studied dentistry at a French University in Montreal, Canada. After graduating, she moved to the beautiful Northeast territories for ten years. Dr. Coll is down to earth, enthusiastic and strives to treat each patient with kindness and respect. She loves helping her patients and experiences the greatest reward when she sees them return each year. She is thrilled for this new adventure with The Allen Dental Group and looks forward to meeting you.

Services: General Dentists: Services: General Dentists: Prosthodontist: · Comprehensive Care Sarah Medina, DDS • Comprehensive DDS X. Cuellar, Chad Allen, · Veneers Care Sarah Medina, Arnoldo DDS DDS, MS • Veneers · Dental Implants William Tinnell, AlexDDS Vial-Nadeau, DMD • Dental Implants Alex Vial-Nadeau, · Crowns NancyDMD Coll, DMD • Crowns · Teeth Whitening Nancy Coll, DMD • Teeth Whitening Charles Allen, DDS Prosthodontist: Chad Allen, DDS, MS Corpus Christi: Portland: Corpus Christi: Portland: (361) 854-7999 (361) 643-0416 (361) 854-7999 (361) 643-0416 525 CorpusChristi, ChristiTX CoxPortland, Dr. Portland, 525 Doddridge, Doddridge Corpus 101 Cox101 Drive, TX TX (361) 992-8900 6200 Saratoga Blvd #102, Corpus Christi

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


October | Letter From The Publisher

Mile Markers I used to run a lot in high school and a couple years in college. I ran year-round between Cross Country, Indoor Track and Outdoor Track. I was never very fast, but I had endurance, which naturally inclined me to enjoy and excel at greater distances. Cross Country took place in the fall. If you’re not too familiar with the sport, it’s essentially a five-kilometer race across the local terrain: uphill, downhill, through the woods, across a river. Each course was unique, and sometimes you never knew what obstacles you would encounter. Before each race, especially if it were a new course, the team would get together and walk the trail ahead of time to see its twists and turns. Believe it or not, there is a lot of strategy involved in distance running, both mentally and physically. We’d especially take note of the mile makers – it always helps to break something down into smaller, easier goals. There was one trail in particular I ran often and knew by heart. I always knew how far I had come and how far I had to go. Unfortunately, not everything in life is as concrete. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what’s ahead or how far we have to go in whatever path we are on, whether it is our health, schooling, career, parenting, etc. Sometimes things can seem impossible, like running a marathon, or riding a bike across the country, but people do it all the time. It helps to break things down in to small goals and think about the next marker ahead. Set your sight on something you see and just try to make it that far. October is our annual Health and Wellness issue, and this year we wanted to encourage everyone to get outside and walk, bike, or hike the Coastal Bend. We bring you 10 Top Trails in the region. Some are paved and family-friendly, while others are a little off the beaten path; however, all of them are beautiful and exciting in their own way. We hope you discover one or two new trails that suit you. This fall, I hope we can all get fit, have fun, and go further…one mile marker at a time.

Favorite Page I got to meet Danny Kollaja, otherwise known as Lanky the Clown, at Thanksgiving last year. Between bites of turkey and green bean casserole, I got to hear his story and learn more about the clowning profession. Lanky is a local clown who is highly sought out for events and festivals around the country, but also really loves using his talents to bring hope and laughter to children’s hospitals. Over the years, he has given much support and training to the Clowns Who Care organization at Driscoll. Lanky proves there is a lot of power packed into a small, red nose.

14 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

ar -- something along these lines.... Last and Worth It. oes it take to build new homes that last a lifetime? 50 f Experience.

What does it take to build new homes that last a lifetime?


OF EXPERIENCE find yours. [the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]



Specializing in Traditional, Modern, Mediterranean, Contemporary, Tuscan styles and much more.

Rebar Foundation • Foam Insulation • Lifetime Impact Windows • Custom Showers Limited Lifetime Roofing • Custom Cabinets • 3Cm Granite • Rebar Driveways

Need Help? | Locating property, Home plans, Interior Designing and Decorating, Financing 16 The Bend •

361-779-9069 • [the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Around the Bend OCTOBER 2016


What’s Inside All women know the power of the perfect black dress. This closet staple is said to have evolved in the 1920s, where designs by Coco Chanel and Jean Patou created the dress that was intended to be long-lasting, versatile, and affordable! It's become known simply as "LBD."

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


“Life is a party, dress like it!” - Audrey Hepburn

Chrystal’s Couture Closet Girls are as eclectic and dynamic as their wardrobe – Chrystal Seymour is no exception. Her unique style is a little bit vogue, a little bit country, and a whole lot of fun!! By: Whitney Noble Photo: Rachel Durrent

18 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Keep it Classy! Mix classy with everything! Casual, sporty, country… hip, sleek, bum! It gives you extra sass, wear it loud and wear it proud! Throw on your favorite chunky necklace with a V-neck, your sparkly hoop earrings with a button up, or pearls a plenty with your favorite cowgirl boots. Just because you are comfy doesn’t mean you can’t still bring the heat in a hot outfit.

When in Doubt… just wear black Ever struggle over what to wear? If you’re a girl, put on a black dress, jeans/tank leggings/tunic, and call it a day. Next, what are you doing and where are you going? If it’s dinner or drinks with friends and you want to spruce it up, go for some fun heels, bright lipstick, and some classy jewelry. If you are headed for a lunch date, shopping spree or a festival, opt for cute booties, a flannel shirt, and some gaudy studs. Get it girl!

Layer! Vests are her favorite layering item, and they are so versatile. You can add color and print! She loves pairing them with just about anything from a dress or a tunic, to a skirt. Play with their different textures and patterns, and don’t be afraid of leather, wool or even jean!

Accessorize to Mesmerize An outfit really becomes fabulous when it has a statement necklace or an arm of bracelets. An arm full of bracelets is what Chrystal is known for, whether she is fishing, hunting, working, or sleeping, they are on. All different metals, leathers, and stones, they are a must!

Neutral Territory One of the most commonly asked fashion questions out there: Can I wear black and brown together? The answer is a simple heck yea! Brown and black together are no long a faux pas! With fall just around the corner, wearing all black with brown boots is a good way to switch up the expected. Add in a brown belt, a neutral clutch, blazer, or gold jewelry! If you stick to three colors total, black, brown and one other, you should be able to pull it off every time.

Chrystal's Closet Staple: Layering necklaces is all the rage right now, just make sure they are of differing lengths. It’s okay to layer different metals, too! Mix short with long, multiple of the same length, and add one with color. Pearls always are a goto, match those with gold, silver or both!

Chrystal’s Go-To Fall Outfit: Black jeans, a colorful plaid, fun tassel necklace, and comfortable boots!

Around the Bend | Currents

Currents Park Progress Westhaven Park is getting a facelift thanks to the collaboration between the City of Corpus Christi, Nueces County and West Oso ISD. This strong partnership is resulting in an even more beautiful park, located at 1718 Cliff Maus Drive near the WOISD administrative offices. This recreational area will receive more than $200,000 in improvements including a new walking trail, upgraded irrigation and turf for a multipurpose sports field, exercise equipment, a new park sign, and possible improvements to the lighting at the park. Designed by LNV, Inc. and contracted by Grace Paving Construction, the work is expected to be complete in late October 2016. A second phase of City-funded renovations is scheduled to take place in the future and will include improved parking spaces, shaded seating areas and a new playground.

Bahama Bucks H&M at La Palmera High fashion at a low cost? You heard right! International retailer H&M is coming to Corpus Christi’s mall. The two-level La Palmera store will be approximately 27,000 square feet, connecting the upper level space formerly occupied by Aveda Institute Corpus Christi and the space formerly occupied by Buckle and Wet Seal directly below. No longer do you have to shop online for the high-quality fast-fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers and children that you and your family oh so crave. With an emphasis on design, quality, and sustainability, H&M offers inspiring fashion for all at an unbeatable value. Job openings, as well!

20 The Bend

Chilled snow. These aren’t conditions we’re used to here in the Coastal Bend. But the owners of Nothing Bundt Cakes are opening a Bahama Bucks here on the South Side of Corpus Christi! A franchised company headquartered in Lubbock, Texas, since 1990 they’ve provided customers with good service and better treats. In addition to snow cones, with over 93 original flavors, the menu also offers smoothies, fruit cups, coffee, and specialty colas. Bahama Buck's also sells various Bahama Buck's-themed clothing. A little something cool for everyone.

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

ties r a p ion ns t a u d gra s Reunio es Clas te Parti rties Privastmas Pa tings Chri ness Mee ners Busi arsal Din ering Rehe ption Cat Rece

Open for Lunch Mon - Fri (11a-3p)

After Hours & Weekends available for Private Parties & Events

Home of 9 All-You-Care to Eat Sides & Homemade Cobbler (while it lasts)



[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Around the Bend | Person of Interest

Where are you from, and what was the most important lesson or tool you’ve learned along the way and in your 12 years as Assistant City Manager that prepped you for this job? I am originally from Georgia. Over the years, I learned to take on various projects along the way, because each project teaches you something that can be helpful when you become City Manager. The other city I worked for was Inkster in Michigan. I learned in working for a smaller city that you have the ability to work all types of jobs where you gain tremendous experience. They share the same challenges as Corpus Christi, but on a smaller level due to size. What was your first job in city government? What brought you to Corpus Christi? My first job in city government was an Accounts Receivable Clerk while in college. My first professional job after graduation was an Assistant Purchasing Agent position. I was working in county government 14 years ago, and I had a chance to get back in local government. An Assistant City Manager position became available in Corpus Christi, and I applied through a consultant the city hired. I had never been to Corpus Christi, but I liked what the brochure was saying about what was going on here. Would you say your degrees in Business Administration (Accounting) and your Masters of Public Administration apply to your day-to-day work? Yes. I am pleased to have received my undergraduate degree in Accounting. It really helps when you are dealing with a nearly billion-dollar budget. What do you think is one of the most important issues in our city today? And what would you say is the key to ensuring all the departments you oversee complete their daily/monthly/ yearly tasks and goals?

Conversation with

Margie Rose

Name 3 things people probably don’t know about you.

Corpus Christi’s New City Manager Gets Candid By: Whitney Noble Photo: Rachel Durrent

During your time as interim, did you see this position becoming yours? No, I did not. It was a surprise.

22 The Bend

I would like to help play a role in addressing our streets and infrastructure issues as they are the most important (notably water, wastewater, and storm water). Currently, storm water is covered in the water rates, but at some point, the city may want to establish a Storm Water Utility. As City Manager, I have an opportunity, along with staff, to provide the necessary information Council needs to make decisions related to the infrastructure issues. Making sure you have the right staff in the right positions is critical. They need to understand what to do and have passion for what needs to be done. They also need to have the drive to accomplish their position’s goals.

1) I love to sing gospel music; 2) I enjoy reading romance novels; 3) I appreciate traveling with my family to Hawaii What makes Corpus so special to you? What’s the future for you and the city? Corpus Christi is special to me, because the citizens have always treated me well from day one. From the time I came to the city for an interview, the citizens have been friendly and personable. I look forward to working with a wonderful leadership team and elected officials to take the City of Corpus Christi to the next level in a very positive and successful way that citizens can be proud of.

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

361-413-0090 LIKE US ON




1027 US HIGHWAY 181 • PORTLAND, TEXAS 78374 [the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Around the Bend | 5 Best



Pumpkin Patches Pick ‘em, carve ‘em, and eat ‘em!

How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds

Find your perfect pumpkin at one of these festive pumpkin patches.

1. Slice off the top of the pumpkin.

By: Sharla Wilkins Photo: Rachel Durrent


Asbury United Methodist Church

Pumpkins of varying shapes and sizes fill the grassy yard at the corner of Staples and Yorktown. A free Fall Harvest Festival is held on church grounds Saturday, October 15th from 10 am - 4 pm, featuring a puppet show, rides, food, and a carnival. Pumpkin Prices: $1-$50 depending on size. Open: September 30th - October 28th, or while supplies last Monday-Saturday 9:30am-7pm, Sunday 11:30am-7pm 7501 South Staples St., Corpus Christi (361) 992-7501


St. Peter’s by the Sea United Methodist Church

The church yard transforms into a multi-sectional pumpkin patch inviting children to explore and pick their favorite. School groups are hosted weekday mornings for pumpkin picking and activities. Pumpkin Prices: $1-$50 depending on size. Open: October 9th-31st Monday-Friday 2pm-dark, Saturday 10am-dark, Sunday 12pm-dark 1451 Waldron Rd., Corpus Christi (361) 937-1456


Rockin’ K Maze

Visitors can ride a cow train, run in a human-sized “hamster wheel,” play corn hole toss, practice their roping skills, explore a 6-acre haygrazer maze, and much, much more. There’s even

24 The Bend

pumpkin bowling! Every weekend will have a different themed event. Pumpkin Prices: Vary. Open: October 1st-November 20th Saturday 10am-8pm, Sunday 1pm-5pm Admission: Ages 3-64 $10+tax 65 and over $8+tax Children 2 and under are free FM 666 and CR 52, Robstown (361) 537-3308


First United Methodist Church of Portland

A variety of pumpkins and gourds of different dimensions and colors can be picked at this patch. Bring your camera for family photo ops! Pumpkin Prices: $1-$35+ depending on size. Open: October 10th-31st Monday-Friday 9:30am-12pm & 4pm-7pm, Saturday 9:30am-7pm, Sunday 2pm-7pm 4545 Wildcat, Portland (361) 777-2000


Church of Reconciliation Day School

Find your future jack-o’-lantern among the pumpkins that adorn their lawn near Saratoga or take home some mini-pumpkins for a seasonal table display. Pumpkin Prices: $0.25-$60 depending on size. Open: October 9th-31st Sunday-Saturday 10am-7:30pm 4518 Saratoga Blvd., Corpus Christi (361) 852-9677

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

2. Remove the seeds and set in a bowl.

3. Rinse the seeds in

cold water; carefully remove all strings and pumpkin flesh.

4. Soak seeds in salt water for 8-48 hours.

5. Discard water and dry the seeds.

6. Season to taste with favorite seasoning, adding oil or melted butter if desired.

7. Pre-heat oven to 300 degrees.

8. Spread seeds in a

single layer on baking sheet.

9. Roast for about

45 minutes, or until seeds are golden brown, stirring occasionally.

FOR SPECIALS Visit us on facebook or online at

7121 S. Padre Island Dr. #206 Corpus Christi, Texas 78412 [the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Around the Bend | Giving Back CBCF helps donors achieve their charitable giving by offering the following types of funds: • Designated for a specific nonprofit • Scholarship for students at any educational level or institution • Advised for current projects recommended by the donor • Field of Interest for a charitable area, e.g. arts or environment • Unrestricted for supporting charitable needs as determined by CBCF

Donate As You Desire How one foundation allows local charitable residents to donate as they wish to give our community a higher quality of life. By: Tracy Ramirez Photos: Courtesy Coastal Bend Community Foundation

Seven Counties in Care The Coastal Bend Community Foundation (CBCF) has improved the quality of life in the Coastal Bend for over 35 years, serving primarily as a permanent endowment for seven counties: Aransas, Bee, Jim Wells, Kleberg, Nueces, Refugio, and San Patricio. What began with a $150,000 donation from the Paul and Mary Haas Foundation has increased to $71 million in assets held in 305 funds. CBCF assists donors in their giving by offering a variety of funds and an easy set-up process. Donors may establish a named fund or contribute to an existing fund. Whether for a named nonprofit, a general interest such as art, or the community’s greatest need, CBCF helps donors decide how best to meet 26 The Bend

their charitable interests now or long after they are gone. CBCF’s 25-member board of directors, all long-time, respected residents of the seven-county area, ensure funds are distributed according to donors’ directions. Grants to nonprofits and student scholarships from CBCF funds, totaling over $93 million since 1981, provide lasting impact in our community. In 2016 alone, 99 nonprofits received an annual grant from the Foundation. Three of those organizations are First United Methodist Church, West Side Helping Hand, and the Coastal Bend Kidney Foundation.

Testimonials: Anita Woolsey, Director of Adult Education at First United Methodist Church in Corpus Christi, helps volunteers with the Seniors Assisting Senior (SAS)

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

program. She noted, “CBCF grants help SAS provide services such as dentures or home repair to very low income seniors. One client’s bathroom was unusable due to rotting flooring; we made the necessary repairs to make it safe for her to use again.” Father James Farfaglia with West Side Helping Hand, a new youth outreach program on Hiawatha Street said, “Our summer program attracted 85-100 kids daily in June and July. Gaige Ramos, a participant, told Rudy Trevino, KIII reporter, that instead of watching TV at home, he enjoyed playing outside, learning about nature and making new friends. Others enjoyed the program because there were no bullies.” Jettie Powers, Executive Director of the Coastal Bend Kidney Foundation, also appreciates the impact of CBCF grants. “We screen clients for chronic kidney disease, which is fatal if not caught early. With a simple finger stick test, they are either relieved to discover they are okay, or are counseled and referred to medical professionals if the tests find disease.”

Upcoming Coastal Bend Day of Giving CBCF scholarships have not only helped top academic students but also those who have overcome obstacles such as homelessness, family strife, or full-time employment while still a student to help provide for their families. In spite of hardships, they have persevered to attend colleges, including Texas A&M University and the University of Texas, among others. The Foundation’s continuing initiative, the Coastal Bend Day of Giving, is November 15th this year. Since 2009, the event has raised over $7.3 million for nonprofits providing basic services to our neediest neighbors. This year, 24 matching funders are providing a $725,000 matching fund for this one-day online program, allowing donors to give to any of the 45 participating nonprofits and have the amount doubled up to $16,111. Donations must be made through the Coastal Bend Day of Giving site, www.coastalbenddayofgiving. org on that day, or “prescheduled” November 6 – November 14. The Coastal Bend Community Foundation, and its directors, are appreciative of the many local citizens who have made gifts to the CBCF during their lifetimes or through bequests. May the legacy continue! 361-882-9745

Using nothing nothing but but the the best best for Using for you you

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What good is the

“right� treatment ififthe thediagnosis diagnosisisiswrong? wrong? Based on the medical cases reviewed by our physicians, 1 out of 3 diagnoses in the U.S. require correction or refinement. And 75% of the reviewed treatment plans need modification. In fact, medical errors are a leading cause of injury and even death in our country. Best Doctors is out to change that. We help ensure the right diagnosis and treatment by providing patients with access to world-class medical experts for second opinions, treatment guidance and more. Our services are offered nationwide as an employee benefit by companies like The Home Depot and many other Fortune 500 companies. Find out if your company offers Best Doctors and keep your health care on the right track.

Helping patients get the right diagnosis and the right treatment. Below are a few case studies where Best Doctors made an impact. Marion was involved in a serious car accident and began experiencing headaches, neck pain and dizziness. Medical test results revealed nothing, yet her condition worsened. A Best Doctors specialist reviewed her case and discovered an undetected brain injury, as well as soft tissue injury and even a possible concussion. The expert provided a step-by-step plan to put Marion on the right course for treatment.

A lump on Simon’s hand was diagnosed as a noncancerous ganglion cyst. Less than two weeks after surgery to remove it, the lump grew back, bigger than before. A Best Doctors specialist reviewed Simon’s case and found Simon was positive for a cancer called fibrous histiocytoma. The specialist recommended further surgery and Simon avoided the consequences of a life-threatening situation.

Alex, a runner and mother of two, lived for years with a malfunctioning heart valve. She always took the necessary precautionary steps with her cardiologist to watch for any changes in symptoms, such as feelings of fatigue, fainting, and shortness of breath. Alex felt healthy, until one race in 2012, which she struggled to complete. Something wasn’t right. She decided to have her case reviewed by a Best Doctors cardiology expert. The expert recommended an immediate valve repair, noting that Alex’s condition had become severe and was endangering her heart. She had the surgery and is on the path to recovery, grateful for the services Best Doctors provided.

if the diagnosis is ABOUT THE LIST

Based Looking foronathe medical cases reviewed by our phy in the U.S. require correction or refinement. new Doctor? treatment plans need modification. In fact, m Best Doctors, Inc. is transforming and improving health care by bringing together the best medical minds in the world to help identify the right diagnosis and treatment. The company’s innovative, peer-to-peer consultation service offers a new way for physicians to collaborate with other physicians to ensure patients receive the best care.

Headquartered in Boston, MA, the global company seamlessly integrates its services with employers’ other health-related benefits, to serve more than 30 million members in every major region of the world.

cause of injury and even death in our country.

Finding the right doctor can be difficult. Most of us rely on referrals from physicians we know and trust. Thankfully, Best Doctors, Inc. has conducted an extensive, on-going, peer-review survey to discover the doctors that other doctors recommend. It is a special honor to make this list and in no way does it encompass all of the excellent doctors in the Coastal Bend.

More than a traditional second opinion, Best Doctors delivers a comprehensive evaluation of a patient’s medical condition – providing value to both patients and treating physicians. By utilizing Best Doctors, members have access to the brightest minds in medicine to ensure the right diagnosis and treatment plan.

Best Doctors is out to change that. We help and treatment by providing patients with acc experts for second opinions, treatment guidan are offered nationwide as an employee benefit b Listing By Speciality Depot and many other Fortune 500 companies Contact information offers Best Doctors and keep your health care Family Medicine Ricardo C. Perez FE Medical Services 2222 Morgan Ave, Ste 107 Corpus Christi, TX 78405 Phone: 361-653-0610

Obstetrics and Gynecology C. Dale Eubank, Jr. 5920 Saratoga Blvd, Ste 101 Corpus Christi, TX 78414 Phone: 361-906-1277

Ophthalmology William C. Newberry Eye Associates of Corpus Christi 3301 S Alameda St, Ste 403 Corpus Christi, TX 78411 Phone: 361-853-7319

Orthopaedic Surgery Robert Q. Lewis The Orthopaedic Center of Corpus Christi 6118 Parkway Dr Corpus Christi, TX 78414 Phone: 361-883-2000

Best Doctors’ team of researchers conducts a biennial poll using the methodology that mimics the informal peer-to-peer process doctors themselves use to identify the right specialists for their patients. Using a polling method and balloting software, that Gallup® has audited and certified, they gather the insight and experience of tens of thousands of leading specialists all over the country, while confirming their credentials and specific areas of expertise.

The result is the Best Doctors in America® List, which includes the nation’s most respected specialists and outstanding primary care physicians in the nation. These are the doctors that other doctors recognize as the best in their fields. They cannot pay a fee and are not paid to be listed and cannot nominate or vote for themselves. It is a list which is truly unbiased and respected by the medical profession and patients alike as the source of top quality medical information.

Gallup® has audited and certified Best Doctors, Inc.’s database of physicians, and its companion The Best Doctors in America® List, as using the highest industry standards survey methodology and processes. These lists are excerpted from The Best Doctors in Americaâ 2015-2016 database, which includes over 40,000 U.S. doctors in more than 40 medical specialties and 400 subspecialties. The Best Doctors in Americaâ database is compiled and maintained by Best Doctors, Inc. For more information, visit or contact Best Doctors by telephone at 800-675-1199 or by e-mail at Please note that lists of doctors are not available on the Best Doctors Web site. Best Doctors, Inc., has used its best efforts in assembling material for this list, but does not warrant that the information contained herein is complete or accurate, and does not assume, and hereby disclaims, any liability to any person or other party for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions herein, whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident, or any other cause. BEST DOCTORS, THE BEST DOCTORS IN AMERICA, and the Star-inCross Logo are trademarks of Best Doctors, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries, and are used under license. Copyright 2016, Best Doctors, Inc. Used under license, all rights reserved. This list, or any parts thereof, must not be reproduced in any form without written permission from Best Doctors, Inc. No commercial use of the information in this list may be made without the permission of Best Doctors, Inc. No fees may be charged, directly or indirectly, for the use of the information in this list without permission.

s wrong?

Debunking Myths Surrounding the effects of childbirth and aging on Women’s Health Dr. Dale Eubank, a Board Certified Gynecologist with over 30 years of experience, debunks some myths surrounding female health throughout the lifespan.

fully committing to help women throughout their lifespan maintain their self-image, confidence, sexual, physical and emotional health.

bladder issues, decreased vitality, mental focus, emotional wellbeing and energy levels. Many women approaching menopause tend to rule out any chance of enjoying the life they once knew; however, this is a myth. Women do not have to accept these things as they age according to Dr. Eubank who practiced as an OBGYN for years before

discussing issues they previously thought were an inevitable part of aging and realize there are new, innovative, non-surgical options for feeling good and increasing vitality at every stage of life,” said Dr. Eubank.

ysicians, 1 out of 3 diagnoses According to Dr. Eubank, it starts with women There are many unspoken assumptions women feeling comfortable to have the conversation with . Andhave regarding 75%the effects ofof childbirth theandreviewed aging their health care providers about any of these issues they may be experiencing. There are many on their physical and emotional health. Some of these assumptions include are the inevitability ofleading safe and effective non-surgical options available medical errors a weight gain, decreased sexual health and desire, today. “We help women feel comfortable about

ensure the right diagnosis cess to world-class medical nce and more. Our services (361) 906-1112 like by companies The Home s. Find out if your company on the right track.

Dr. Eubank shares three myths surrounding aging for women. Myth 1: Weight gain is inevitable after 40.

Weight gain does not have to be an inevitable part of aging. Maintaining optimal weight may become more challenging as we age due to changes in hormone levels and decreases in muscle mass but by implementing some lifestyle changes and creating new habits, people at any stage of life can lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. Over the past three years, Dr. Eubank’s team of Registered Nurse/Weight Loss counselors have helped over 600 men and women safely lose over 15,000 pounds. The medically supervised, industry-leading Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program produces sustainable weight loss by focusing on supporting patients via a very structured program as they create new habits and long term lifestyle changes involving real food – Not prepacked meals or shakes.

Myth 2: Decreased Sexual enjoyment and bladder issues are inevitable after childbirth and as women approach menopause:

Many women suffer in silence after their child bearing years with bladder issues (stress incontinence), vaginal atrophy/dryness, decreased sensation due to vaginal laxity after childbirth, declining libido, trouble reaching orgasm, and pain during intercourse. Today there is a comfortable, in-office treatment that can turn back the clock on the aging vagina. ThermiVa is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment performed by a female nurse and supervised by Dr. Eubank. Women report that this non-hormonal treatment is giving them tighter vaginas, increased sensation, perked up labia, being wet when they want to be and dry when they don’t. Read real patient reviews at

Myth 3: Vitality decreases as women reach menopause

Dale Eubank, M.D., F. A.C.O.G. Dr. Eubank was born and raised in Central Texas and is a seventh generation Texan. He attended Baylor University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and subsequently attended University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas where he graduated in the top ten of his class. Dr. Eubank was elected into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society and received the Lang Memorial Publishing Award upon graduation. He subsequently did a residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Parkland Hospital in Dallas where he served as Chief Resident as well. Dr. Eubank is a Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and a Board Certified Diplomat of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and a member of the Society for Reproductive Medicine. He has run a private practice in Corpus Christi since 1983.

Declining hormone levels can cause negative effects on a woman’s physical, emotional, cognitive and sexual health which in turn can affect every aspect of a woman’s life and intimate relationships. Bio-Identical Pellet Hormonal Replacement Therapy (estrogen and testosterone) can help restore overall health, vitality and well-being by replicating a more natural release of hormones into the blood stream versus the peak and valley effects of pills or topical synthetic hormones. Dr. Eubank said, “I am thrilled to hear my patients report feeling like their “old” selves again …or I should say their “young” selves again. It’s great to have a patient tell me “I got my “Mojo” back. It’s time for Women to realize that they don’t have to accept declining physical, emotional and sexual health as an inevitable part of aging! If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, Dr. Eubank hopes that you don’t continue to suffer in silence. It’s time to start the conversation and seek new and available treatments so you too can say, “I got my “Mojo” back!”

For More Information: Call Lisa Roberson, RN

(361) 906-1112 5920 Saratoga BLVD Suite 110 B Pathology

Pediatric Surgery


James D. Mullins CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Corpus Christi Department of Pathology 3853 S Alameda St Corpus Christi, TX 78411 Phone: 361-992-4040

Patrick Stephen Almond Driscoll Children's Hospital Children's Physician Services of South Texas Department of Surgery 3533 S Alameda St, Ste 302 Corpus Christi, TX 78411 Phone: 361-694-4700

Carlos R. Estrada Corpus Christi Medical Center Bayview Behavioral Hospital 6629 Wooldridge Rd Corpus Christi, TX 78414 Phone: 361-993-8358

Pediatric Allergy and Immunology Wesley W. Stafford The Allergy and Asthma Center of Corpus Christi 1718 Braeswood Dr Corpus Christi, TX 78412 Phone: 361-992-8500

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Mark Richard Bielefeld Cardiothoracic Associates 1224 3rd St, Ste 1 Corpus Christi, TX 70404 Phone: 361-854-0201

Pediatric Infectious Disease Jaime E. Fergie Driscoll Children's Hospital Department of Infectious Diseases Joseph Sloan Bldg, 5th Fl 3533 S Alameda St Corpus Christi, TX 78411 Phone: 361-694-6128

Mohammad Ali Emran Driscoll Children's Hospital Children's Physician Services of South Texas Department of Surgery 3533 S Alameda St, Ste 302 Corpus Christi, TX 78411 Phone: 361-694-4700 Haroon Patel Driscoll Children's Hospital Children's Physician Services of South Texas Department of Surgery 3533 S Alameda St, Ste 302 Corpus Christi, TX 78411 Phone: 361-694-4700

Radiology Richard P. Chepey Radiology Associates 1521 S Staples St Corpus Christi, TX 78404 Phone: 361-887-7000

Rheumatology David P. Petros Corpus Christi Rheumatology Clinic 613 Elizabeth St, Ste 704 Corpus Christi, TX 78404 Phone: 361-885-0010

Surgery Lloyd Stegemann The Better Weigh Center 5826 Esplanade Dr, Ste 102

Pediatric Thoracic Surgery

Corpus Christi, TX 78414

Mark Richard Bielefeld Cardiothoracic Associates 1224 3rd St, Ste 1 Corpus Christi, TX 70404 Phone: 361-854-0201

Thoracic Surgery

Phone: 361-500-2898

Sergio Tavares Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 601 Texan Trail, Ste 205 Corpus Christi, TX 78411 Phone: 361-884-7081

Your suite awaits you.

34 The Bend

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Destinations OCTOBER 2016


What’s Inside Theatre has its origins from roughly 2,500 years ago, and likely began as a performance of rituals that did not involve an audience. Back then, theatre resembled the sacred mysteries and brought healing to the specator by means of vision. As societies grew, these spectacular elements began to be acted out under non-ritualistic conditions hence the first steps toward theatre as an autonomous activity. [the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Destinations | Quick Trip

Visit Some History: The Winters-Wimberley home, built in 1856-57 by San Jacinto veteran and furniture maker William Carvin Winters, is the village’s oldest documented stone cottage. It is known to represent the anchor of Wimberley’s economic origin: the miller and his mill. Built using 18” thick hand-cut limestone walls in a single gable style, this home was built to last! Successive resident millers were John Cude, Pleasant Wimberley and John Will Pyland. This dwelling was purchased for community use in 1997, but was continuously occupied as a residence for 140 years. It received an Official Texas Historic Subject Marker in 1999 and was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 2002. Guess what? You can even rent it out!

Where to Shop:

When in Wimberley A Little Bit of Heaven

Wimberley is known for its physical beauty, rolling hills, creeks, and the beautiful Blanco River. Also known for the arts, Wimberley was designated at Texas Cultural District by the Texas Commission on the Arts. Come visit the many art galleries, music venues, shopping, swimming, relaxing…and not a hotel chain in sight! By: Whitney Noble Photos: Courtesy Wimberley Valley Chamber of Commerce

Where to Stay: At Hotel Flora and Fauna, you’ll discover Wimberley's newest boutique hotel, where a dramatic art wall sets the stage for a special experience. These twelve studio suites in total feature generous amenities, unique art, and charming surprises. Take a step beyond ordinary hotels, lodges, B&Bs, and Inns, and discover why this space is one of the best places to lie your head. A boutique hotel treats guests to a pool and hot tub spa and even comfy memory foam mattresses! Modern style and Texas hospitality come together at the hotel, where guests discover a casually sophisticated oasis brimming with both style and charm.

Where to Taste: At the Blair House Inn you’ll be delighted in every bite! Every meal is a special treat, from the three-course breakfasts to the five-course dinners served every Saturday evening. Rich red tablecloths and comfortable wingback chairs set the perfect ambiance for a date night to remember. Not only do they have a reputation for fine food, but it

36 The Bend

includes mouth-watering homemade desserts that are delivered to your room each evening as part of their turn-down service if you’re staying there! You'll savor a Texas Hill Country fine dining experience like no other.

For the finest décor from the old west, visit Rancho Deluxe. This unique shopping experience showcases a variety of decorative, rustic, ranch, and folk art to accessorize your home. Stop in to grab something fun for your home, or bring back a memorable gift for a friend. Explore their featured artists, too! The knowledgeable staff is always available to assist you. Go on, make things rustic!

Where to Relax: Head on out to the Blue Hole community park during the hosting of the annual Concert in the Park series. Grab a blanket, lawn chair, family and friends, and listen to the finest in local and regional talent! In 2005, the City of Wimberley embarked on a mission to save the Blue Hole from the threat of residential development. After incredible fundraising efforts, the land was purchased by the City for use as a community park that is now used for the enjoyment of all.

Where to Explore: Art on 12 Gallery & Studios is Central Texas' largest art gallery with 5,000 sq. ft. of display space and 8 working artists' studios. Come and take in the work of 53 local artists. The gallery is 100% staffed by their artists so that buyers can receive knowledgeable assistance in choosing the perfect artwork. Take something home from an artist you know personally!

Where to Play: Jump in to Jacob's Well! This perennial karstic spring (underground drainage systems with sinkholes and caves) in the Texas Hill Country flows from the bed of Cypress Creek, located just northwest of Wimberley. The mouth of the spring is about 12 feet in diameter and serves as a popular attraction and swimming spot. For you daredevils out there, dive in!

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Fun Facts • It’s believed that before settlers came to Wimberley, the area was home to Native Americans, where evidence of their presence is found near now extinct stream beds. • Wimberley started as a trading post settlement near Cypress Creek in 1848. • In 1880, Alfred vom Stein, a postmaster from San Marcos, applied to have a post office established in the community, calling it Wimberleyville. • In 2003, Travel Holiday Magazine placed Wimberley on their "America's Ten Best Small Towns" list.

Destinations | Local Discovery

Photo: Courtesy AEP Texas

Photo: Courtesy Monica McLeod Sawyer

Photo: Courtesy ®Doc McGregor – Corpus Christi Public Libraries

Revival of The Ritz & Famous The historic Ritz Theatre is the cornerstone for Downtown entertainment By: Lexi Buquet

“You can't make a record if you ain't got nothing to say. You can't play music if you don't know nothing to play.” – Willie Nelson, Shotgun Willie


historic theatre, which may feel like a time-warp, perhaps hearing the ghostly sounds of song-and-dance routines from the 1930s, or the booming voices of onscreen Hollywood actors of the 1950s, or the maverick echoes of the emerging outlaw country movement of the 1970s.

audeville acts on stage, the first actual talking movies on a big screen in South Texas, concerts by some of the best-selling music artists of all time including Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Buffet, Metallica, and many more. For much of its history, Chaparral Street has been the ultimate creative hub for Downtown Corpus Christi thanks to The Ritz Theatre. In addition to being one of the largest theatre palaces in Texas, The Ritz was declared to be “one of the finest in the state,” attracting Hollywood celebrities and government dignitaries with movie premieres and up-and-coming music acts from 1929 to the 1980s.

For the past ten years, a nonprofit organization called CCPATCH (Corpus Christi Positive Action Toward Culture Heritage) has been dedicated to restoring and developing The Ritz Theatre into a state-of-the-art entertainment venue of the highest quality. To garner support, they have hosted ghost hunts, clean-up events, haunted house tours, Dia De Los Muertos altars, and many other volunteer events.Their recently released mission statement, called “The PATCH Manifesto,” calls for community-wide support to restore the building into a center for local artists to be nurtured with proper funding, recording space, and education.

Fortunately, still retaining the same Art Deco and Spanish Renaissance architectural influences, The Ritz continues to be a symbol for entertainment, creativity, and growth. Currently open from 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm the first Friday of every month during the Corpus Christi Downtown Artwalk, anyone can sit in the original theatre seats and enjoy open mic performances by local artists on the same grand stage that held such notable acts as David Allen Coe, Bo Diddley, and Charlie Daniels. Guests can also tour the


In recent years, paranormal investigators led tours through The Ritz Theatre, conjuring ghosts

38 The Bend

So stay tuned. The Ritz Theatre will eventually return as the entertainment nucleus for Downtown Corpus Christi.

linked to the 60-year history of the landmark. According to the investigators, too many years of conjuring had summoned

an angry presence into the Theatre. Their firsthand experience at The Ritz became so intense that the investigators

reportedly had to take a hiatus from ghost hunting altogether. Since then, The Theatre has been cleansed by a clairvoyant,

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Ways to support The Ritz Theatre: • Sign and share The PATCH Manifesto at • Donate to CCPATCH at • Get involved! Attend monthly CCPATCH meetings, info at

715 N. Chaparral St. Corpus Christi, TX 78401 (361) 887-6055

and a representative from The Ritz stated that there have been no menacing spirits. Others may disagree.

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Dental Braces for Children & Adults

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Roxanne Robertson, DDS, MS Colin Mihalik, DDS, MS Stephan Ramsay, DDS, MS

(361) 992-2483 4750 S.P.I.D., Suite 101, Corpus Christi, Texas | Exit Everhart from SPID

Coverage for all the things you care for. • Automobile Insurance • Homeowners Insurance • Life Insurance


Call 361.232.4717 today for Auto, Home, Life and Business. [the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


f o r

d e e w r o p e h t




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Lanky the Clown is more than a balloon-blowing, tiny bike-riding, face-painting clown. This Corpus based clown is turning frowns upside down. By: Whitney Noble Photos: Courtesy Danny Kollaja


hat is the difference between broccoli and boogers? Kids don’t eat broccoli.

That’s one of Danny Kollaja’s favorite ice breakers. But, many may know Danny better as Lanky the Clown. You may not imagine that underneath the big red painted grin and oversized tie is a soft-spoken man with a most genuine laugh and genuine cause. Kollaja started in the clown business 35 years ago. “My first time ‘in clown’ was in 1976 when I had to be a clown for a high school theater production. An individual spoke to me after one of the shows and invited me to a clown meeting,” Kollaja recalls. And that was the beginning. He says, quite simply, that a person just has to have the desire and interest in clowning. There is no accredited program that officially certifies someone as a clown. There are, however, some programs recognized in the industry as excelling in quality clown education. Inspiration came from the clowns in the local clown club, says Kollaja. “The ladies were so warm and welcoming. They had such enthusiasm and excitement about clowning. Since then, I have met some awesome clowns around the world that keep me intrigued and motivated.”

“Danny is one of the finest people I have ever known. He gives so much of himself to anybody who needs it. He has traveled all over the world entertaining people, and he has a rare gift. He is what we should all fashion our own lives after.” – Mary Anne Sinclair, Founder of Clowns Who Care

Lanky’s “look” took years to refine. “My changes and refinements came from me entering competitions and using the critiques to consider changes. I have a fantastic costume designer in Minnesota,” he says. He’ll submit sketches, and then she embellishes the ideas and turns them into reality. Costume in tow, Lanky goes all around the country and all around the world! “My business has sort of grown on its own through word of mouth. And that is sort of what made that ‘aha’ moment for me. I couldn’t keep saying ‘no’.” The majority of Kollaja’s work is performing at fairs and festivals around the nation.

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


But sometimes, clowning around turns more serious. Kollaja knows that bringing laughter to places that need it most is how he can bring some relief. “I do enjoy the foreign travel and mission trips clowning in third world, war-torn countries. I love bringing my style of smiles and laughs to people who could use an escape from their daily struggles.” His many different “characters” have traveled the world to bring cheer to over 10 different countries. Much of what Kollaja does nearer to home is visiting hospitals. He used to be a regular at Driscoll Children’s Hospital in the oncology department. “I attended the regular peer support meetings for parents. While they were in their sessions, I would teach the children various skills that related to clowning. My visits were with groups of patients, and each session showcased a different focus depending on their treatments.” Although Kollaja hasn’t had the chance to clown at Driscoll in a number of years (as his contracts keep him on the road most of the time), he does have several locations that plan for him to make hospital visits when in their cities. As tremendously philanthropic as many of his jobs are, some are much lighter in nature. Kollaja’s business, Lanky's Corner, has the most energetic and colorful ground entertainment for any event. As Lanky, Kollaja offers a large variety of services that make his company a source of comedy entertainment for all sorts of amusement venues. On top of it all, he also teaches clowning, which began through the local clown club. “Our goal and purpose is to promote the art of clowning. We had offered a variety of clown education programs in South Texas. As I continued my experience and knowledge of the art, I became the lead instructor locally,” Kollaja is proud to say. Local teaching and national conventions provided the springboard for him to expand into other cities such as San Antonio and Houston.

Fun Fact!

Being election year, it might be of interest to know that there was a clown who ran for the President of the United States in 1868, Dan Rice. Our “Uncle Sam wants you” is modeled after Dan Rice.

“I feel I am always learning and developing my clowning skills and having fun doing it too. I wish I had one popular joke or act. Each audience is different, and I always must determine what material is best suited for the situation and event.” Clowns are like aspirin, only they work twice as fast.

43 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Clowns Who Care Since 1994, the Clowns Who Care program has been bringing joy to the children at Driscoll Children’s Hospital – in the form of notable women in our community who choose and dress as their own clown character and persona. Most, when they’re invited to join, have never really thought about what their character would be, yet many know within a week. It’s like an unspoken testament that they’ve found their calling. Founder Mary Anne Sinclair has known Danny Kollaja "forever." When she started this special program with 6 other women, 23 years ago, she headed to Houston to attend clown school. Upon hearing this, Kollaja offered his assistance, “I can help train these girls!” And so he did. Many of the original clowns were trained by Kollaja. He’s still somewhat involved with the newer clowns, like teaching them how to put on their makeup. These incredible women with big shoes bring tireless efforts and volunteering hours (over 15,000 hours total!) to, if even for a moment, let the patients, families, and staff laugh and enjoy some lighthearted moments that may seldom come. There are a total of 38 clowns, some active and some retired, with an incredibly long waiting list that even includes men. Sinclair, affectionately referred to as “Mother Clown,” will keep it to only women. She says, “It’s become a sisterhood, where each woman must fit in to the group. It’s not just the fun of the costume, it’s a huge commitment.” Retired clowns stay very active in the program, and active clowns participate one day a month, but it requires the entire day. In the beginning, the best method of clowning at the hospital needed to the determined, says Sinclair. They wanted to put on a show in the Solarium, not realizing many of the children were too ill to even come to a different floor. Over the years, they’ve honed their approach. “Each child gets one-on-one attention. We go in, and it all depends on the child, what they can tolerate and what they want,” Sinclair explains. What they do is entertain these sick children, one at a time. “We clown twice a week. We’ve been with children while they passed away.” They are known and recognized both nationally and locally for these compassionate efforts for the children and their loved ones. In the past, American Bank has been a pivotal sponsor and purchased all of the toys for the children. “When it’s your turn to clown, there’s never a day that you think to yourself, ‘I don’t have time for this today.’ We know it’s just where we need to be. The chronically ill children will wait for us to arrive. It’s the hardest yet most rewarding volunteer work any of us have ever done. We get as much, or more, out of it than the children do!”

44 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

45 The Bend

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Moisture does more damage each year to homes in the US than everything else combined. What your inspector can’t see can hurt you. At Signature Inspection Services we are trained and equipped to spot expensive potential problems, including moisture problems, from top to bottom, that other inspectors can’t “see”.

Nifty Lift. While other inspection services may be content to use binoculars from across

Infrared Camera spots moisture problems invisible to the naked eye. We are trained on and deploy a state-of-the-art infrared camera on all inspections. We routinely spot moisture intrusion issues around windows, doors, flashing and plumbing using this special camera. The sooner moisture issues are discovered the easier they are to repair.

the street to “inspect” your roof, we deploy our lift to get “up close and personal” with every roof we can’t safely walk. Moisture problems often start at to top and work their way down.

Invisible Moisture Problems with Siding. Any type of home

siding, from stucco to brick, can allow significant structural damage if not properly installed. We have the training and equipment to provide certified stucco and siding inspections that discover hidden problems from moisture. The photos show some of the damage we’ve discovered that was invisible until revealed by our testing and inspection. Left un repaired, moisture problems with siding can, and have, turned beautiful and expensive homes in to “tear-downs”.

Signature inspection Services is ready to help ensure that your home purchase doesn’t come with expensive, undiscovered moisture problems. Call for your moisture scan home inspection or our more in-depth moisture analysis inspection.


TREC License # 10330 Call Anytime 361-230-2312 [the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Accessories Appareal Baby Clothes Furniture Home Decor Kids Toys Local Art & More! 1710 S. Alameda St. Corpus Christi, TX 78404 Monday - Saturday 9am to 5pm






when you mention this ad ( ends October 31st )

Located in Portland’s Exclusive Northshore Community...

47 The Bend

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DISCOVER THESE PATHWAYS TO ADVENTURE It’s time to explore the trails of the Coastal Bend, where the nature is astounding and the hiking and biking is calling your name.

By: Whitney Noble Photos: Rachel Durrent

48 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

#1 TEXAS A&M CORPUS CHRISTI HIKE AND BIKE TRAIL 6300 Ocean Drive, Corpus Christi, TX 78412 You don’t have to be a student to have the stamina of one! Try The Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi Nature & Hiking Trail that wraps around the Ward Island. There are 7.3 miles for both fitness enthusiasts and nature explorers to enjoy! This lengthy trail is lighted from dusk until dawn everyday so all exercisers are safe. Walkers, stay to the right, while all others (bicyclists, skaters, etc.) move swiftly on the left. Bring along your pet, too! With palm tree-lined pathways throughout the campus, hike and bike this one-of-a-kind university grounds. It’s also accessible to the disabled.

TAMUCC Hike Bike Trail Corpus Christi Bay

Ocean Dr.

Ocean Dr.

Texas A&M - Corpus Christi



Mustang Island State Park Corpus Christi Bay

MUSTANG ISLAND STATE PARK 17047 TX-361, Port Aransas, TX 78373

Mustang Island State Park

For a real workout, venture through the 20 miles of trails that pass through some of the best shallow-water fishing areas in Texas! What could be better than working out on the beach? Jog barefoot, bring the dog, or even think outside the hiking and biking box and consider paddle boarding.

Gulf of Mexico








20301 Park Rd 22, Corpus Christi, TX 78418 Hiking

Be one with nature on Padre Island’s National Seashore Grasslands Nature Trail, where a two-mile path through the sand dunes offers an opportunity to take in the grasslands, marshes, and occasional animals as jackrabbits and coyotes (more reason to bring your running shoes!). The park protects 70 miles of coastline, dunes, prairies, and wind tidal flats. Keep your eyes peeled, you may even come across some treasures from the Spanish shipwrecks of 1554. Bring the kids, take lots of Padre Island Natonal Seashore Grassland Trail photos, go shelling, and even take advantage of the bathroom or showers. Walk, jog, hike, and more along this trail!








Gulf of Mexico



50 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]



Oso Creek Trail



8422 Salsa Drive, Corpus Christi, TX 78414

202 S. Palmetto Street, Rockport, TX 78382 Come one come all to this nature hike in the coastal woodlands. Whether you’d like a nice nature stroll at .66 miles or a more challenging workout at 1.3 miles, there’s a route for everyone. Don’t forget to route yourself toward the “Big Tree” for a peaceful break and some shade, or keep an eye out for the rare endangered whooping crane that returns to the park every winter. Aside from the usual ensemble, it’s been suggested to even bring a walking stick, bug spray, and a bit of cash! Park entrance fees do apply: $5 for adults, $3 for seniors, and children 12 and under are free.

The single-track loop trail is one of Corpus Christi’s most popular parks, right around Oso Bay. Hike or bike this Main Line Trail that forms a loop around the majority of the park. Not ready to quit, and looking for a longer route? There are plenty of connecting trails that allow joggers and cyclists to add loops in Oso Creek Park. Take a breather and take in all the wildlife, such as javelinas, rabbits, bobcats, and water birds to name a few. Perfect for all levels, it’s a particularly fun beginner/intermediate trail. Try riding or walking on a dry day, as rainfall can make this trail wet and muddy. At 1.7 miles, the loop is maintained by volunteers on the third Saturday of the month each month.



Goose Island State Park E. Main St.

• First 59 minutes are free, $3 an hour afterward up to $24 a day • Monthly pricing, $15 + 2 free hours per ride, $3 an hour afterward up to $24 a day • Annual pricing, $75 + 2 free hours per ride, $3 an hour afterward up to $24 a day


Goose Island State Park

1. CCRTA Staples Street Station 2. La Retama Park 3. North Bayfront Park 4. Seawall 5. Peoples Street T-Head 6. Lawrence Street T-Head 7. Bayshore Park

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Corpus Christi Downtown Management District (DMD), along with funding partners City of Corpus Christi and Corpus Christi Regional Transit Authority (CCRTA), recently hosted the ribbon cutting for their new bike share program powered by bike provider, Zagster! Bike share programs, by definition, are public bicycle systems, or schemes, where bicycles are made available for shared use to individuals on a very short-term basis. Bike share schemes allow people to borrow a bike from point A; and return it at point B. Forty bikes in seven different “stations” stretch along the bayfront. This will help link workers, transit riders, visitors and residents to our employment centers, cultural and recreational venues and hospitality businesses. Terry Sweeney, Executive Director of DMD, explains that Zagster, a turn-key lease provider, is the bicycle provider, but it’s the city’s program where DMD is the service provider. “It’s all app based, just download the app, create an account, choose a bike, and enter the bike’s number into the app,” Sweeney explains. That bike’s number will provide a code to unlock the bike. “Accessible and affordable, it’s incredibly convenient, open 24/7.”


#7 SUNSET LAKE PARK TRAIL IN PORTLAND 201 Sunset Drive, Portland, TX 78374


#6 PORT ARANSAS NATURE PRESERVE AT CHARLIE’S PASTURE Port Aransas Nature Preserve, Port St, Port Aransas, TX 78373 For an all-day excursion, enjoy an adventure through the 2 miles of trails at Port Aransas Nature Preserve at Charlie’s Pasture. Amenities include a pavilion, boardwalks over algal flats, crushed granite trails on the uplands, covered seating sites, tower overlooking wetland areas, and even restrooms! Exercise and then catch a glimpse of jumping fish, shoreline birds, maybe even a snake! After your hike, relax on a bench Port Preserve andAransas watch theNature sun go down.

Port Aransas Nature Preserve

52 The Bend

Geocaching is a modern-day treasure hunt! People hide geocaches everywhere, and many are hidden here in our own parks! Geocaching is the hunt for any of more than 2 million geocaches hidden worldwide. Each hunt will take you to a fun, creative or beautiful place outdoors. Geo means earth and cache means hidden item. Many are camouflaged, but none are buried. Geocaches hold things like a log book to sign your name, tradable items for kids and adults, and more. Go on, join the hunt! Texas State Parks Geocache Challenge will lead the way. To learn how to play, visit

Sunset Lake Park is the newest protected public park. At only 16 years young, this one-of-a-kind park located between the shores of Nueces Bay and Corpus Christi Bay is an ecologically rich wetland and saltwater lake habitat. It’s designed to provide a broad range of outdoor recreational opportunities, including a 2-mile hike and bike trail constructed on an old roadway that transects one of the most diverse coastal marsh and wetland habitats anywhere along the Texas Coast. Oversee hundreds of species of wildlife and observe their behaviors right on the boardwalk! When you’re done with your hike or cycle, jump in your kayak and work out those arms.

Sunset Lake Park - Portland

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


#9 Blucher Park



1133 N. Shoreline Boulevard, Corpus Christi, TX 78401

100 Block Carrizo Street, Corpus Christi, TX 78401

Love the Bayfront? It loves you! Take advantage of the paved path that follows nearly the entire length of Ocean/Shoreline. This ride follows the bike lane that extends with only a few breaks for the entire length of the scenic and envied Ocean Drive, from the Bayfront Downtown District to the naval air base and back. Totally nearly 23 miles, use as much or as little of the route as you choose! The flat terrain makes it ideal for joggers, stroller walkers, and of course bikers as there is a dedicated Island Breeze Ramble bike lane for the majority of the length. The constant breeze off the bay is a welcomed cool-off.

Who says you can’t get down and dirty downtown? At Blucher Park you can. Don’t judge a park by its size, as although it’s only a few acres, its stream, vegetation, and migratory land birds make it a pretBlucher Park ty magical place to enjoy an afternoon. There are a few trails to nature seek through, perfect for the kids or a relaxing stroll. You may find yourself so one with nature that you start humming along with the hummingbirds that make this park home.

Corpus Christi Bay

Oso Bay Naval Air Base

#10 HAZEL BAZEMORE COUNTY PARK 4343 County Rd. 69, Corpus Christi, TX 78410

Hazel Bazemore County Park

Tennis shoes and binoculars required for a good time at Hazel Bazemore Park, where during winter migration season, tens of thousands of Hazel Bazemore County Park Broad-winged Hawks, Swainson’s Hawks, Mississippi Kites, and accipiters pass through! Along the trails you can River Hills walk, jog, bike and even Country Club fish! The park, 77.6 acres large located on the Nueces River, boasts the largest concentration of migrating raptors in the United States. Pack a picnic as there are tables, then take a dip in the river to cool off. RUN COMPLETE [the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Special Promotion

New Home Designers

Bart Braselton is the Executive Vice President of Braselton Homes, the Coastal Bend’s oldest and largest Homebuilder and Neighborhood Developer. Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Bart is the third generation of Braseltons building in the Bay Area. Returning to Corpus Christi after earning a BBA in Finance, as well as a second BBA in Real Estate, from the University of Texas, at Austin, Braselton began working in the family business as a construction superintendent.


raselton Homes has drawn a lot of homes in our decades of work in Corpus Christi, but on this page are some of the home drawings that may be the ones we are proudest of; they show the work of some local children from the E.C.F. Community Center.    The E.C.F. Community Center, not far from my father’s boyhood church, provides an after-school tutoring and educational enrichment program for at-risk youth, in Corpus Christi’s inner city. The program is designed to demonstrate that the trend of poor student achievement can be reversed and that all students can master academic standards if they are given time, support, and instruction that focuses on their academic needs. The Braselton Homes Family prioritizes supporting local charities that benefit children – we consider these programs to have a large impact on the future of our community and upon the lives of those most vulnerable in our society.   The E.C.F. Community Center is an amazing place that does some incredible work for kids in the neighborhood. And, to get the school year started off right for dozens of local school kids this year, Michelle and I, along with some of our great Braselton team members, were proud to get the opportunity to  give out brand new backpacks, filled with school supplies, so that the kids were ready and excited about the new school year.  These kids are the future of our community, and supporting their education is one of the ways that we feel we can have the most impact on Corpus Christi for decades to come. Not to mention that we had fun hanging out with them!  Be sure you review the adorable home drawings  54 The Bend

Since then, Braselton Homes has won numerous local,state, and national awards, including the Fasterst Growing Builders in the U.S., and has grown into one of the Nation’s Largest Homebuilders, earning consistent rankings in the annual lists compiled by both Professional Builder, and Builder Magazine.

they created for us! We definitely feel that those kids gave much more to us than we did to them. Their great Home Drawings will soon be on display in our model homes, so that our potential buyers can see their awesome artwork.  Collaborative projects like this one make our community stronger!  If you want to have a direct impact on the life of an inner-city child in our city, please join us in supporting the E.C.F., so it can  continue to offer its greatly-needed education  and feeding programs. Please visit, and scroll down to the bottom of the page to donate today. See you in the neighborhood,  Bart Braselton [the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Bart, a graduate of Leadership Corpus Christi Class 18, has served on numerous local community and business boards. Presently, he serves on the Board of the Community Development Corporation, as well as the Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, he serves as Chairman of the Coastal Bend GreenBuilt Council, and President of the Board of the Corpus Christi Business and Job Development Corporation. Braselton and his wife, Michelle, have 5 children, and are active church members at Corpus Christi’s Church Unlimited.

Distinctive Landscapes Start Here... Wondering where to start is where we love to start!

 

We offer professional landscape design services to help you plan before you plant. Nothing is more important than the design itself. Call us today for a free consultation.

     


   

Landscape Design & Installation, Stonework & Hardscapes, Outdoor Kitchens, Poolscapes & Patios, Sprinkler Systems & Drainage Systems, Nursery, Stone & Boulder Yard

(361) 438-8281

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         

       

     

  



stone on stafmasons f for a f Call ree estamin et

  

| 160 U.S. Highway 181 West Taft, TX 78390 | Revision #:


Landscape Plan: 1

Landscape Design by: Donna Mazzola

Date: 3/24/2015

1" = 10'


McNamee Landscapes

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]



Breathe The Pivotal Profession of Nursing

These distinctly trained healthcare professionals are so much more than temperature takers and vaccine givers. They change lives. They save lives. “We have become a large nursing program but always try and keep the small school experience. We know our students, they share their joys and sorrows with us, we are their second family. We believe in supporting them, educationally, psychologically and connecting them to the best support systems possible. We give them the tools to be successful in their lives and careers as nurses. Christina is a great example of our student body.� -Mary Jane Hamilton RN, PhD, Dean & Professor of Nursing

By: Caroline Randall Freeman Photos: Jason Page

56 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


TAMUCC College of Nursing & Health Sciences • State-of-the-art nursing simulation laboratories on campus. • Both face-to-face and online instruction methodologies. • Current enrollment in college exceeds 2,000 students. • Established the first accredited online Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) track in 2003. • eLine Military Program (established in 2010) was awarded the 2013 Innovations in Professional Nursing Education Award by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. • 4th largest Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program in the State of Texas. • MSN theory available in Nurse Educator, Leadership in Nursing Systems, and Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). • Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program ranked in the top 10 for Best Online Education Programs by U.S. News & World Report in 2014 and 2015. “Christina was a great student to teach –very eager to learn–she GOT IT. She understood the role of the nurse and the importance of the role she was preparing for. She was a very hard worker and often helped other students. Christina stood out to me, because I never saw her without a smile on her face despite her obstacles and challenges. She always had a kind word for her classmates, and often was the one helping them out, consoling or celebrating with them, all while she was struggling herself with her coursework, progressing pregnancy, and impending wedding. She was the calm one–always there for others. Even when she’d stumble, she was upbeat, understanding this would make her a better nurse and in the end, she persevered. I have such respect for this young lady, and she is a great role model for others in her family and community.” -Julie Fomenko, Clinical Assistant Professor

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


From Loss to Found Obregon’s journey to become a nurse began with her family. While attending college and taking basic courses, she didn’t truly know what career she wanted to pursue. An accident occurred that shifted her view and directed her focus onto what would become her life’s passion—nursing. Obregon’s grandmother broke her hip and faced complications that put her into the ICU. With her grandmother being given only a few days to live, Obregon and her family were heartbroken and distraught. They hated seeing her in pain and knowing that she wouldn’t recover. The waiting and watching was overwhelming. The only thing that gave Obregon respite was her grandmother’s wonderful nurse.

“Just breathe.”

Perhaps this is a self-motivational proverb you repeat to yourself to get through a tough moment in the day. But for nurse Christina Obregon, who works on the respiratory floor of Christus Spohn Shoreline, breathing is, around the clock, the sole purpose. She confidently enters the floor, immediately greeted by her co-workers. “Hi, JJ!” and “Hey! Are you on shift?” JJ is a nickname given to her that stands for Joe Junior, after her preceptor, Joe Villegas, who gave her the nickname as she’s always looking deep into her patients' charts to find extra information. Her smile is infectious; others follow suit. Upbeat and self-assured, you’d never guess she’s only been here since February. Nursing is the largest healthcare profession in the United States, and nurses are the largest single component of hospital staff, according to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.

58 The Bend

“My grandmother had one nurse, in particular, who cared for her as though she were her own grandmother. She came in and checked on my grandmother frequently, making sure that she was comfortable. She turned her constantly, placed extra pillows around her, and covered her with extra blankets as she became more and more cold. I could see the worry in her eyes and the hurt that the nurse was feeling as my grandmother neared the end of her life.” Witnessing the compassion and love the nurse provided her grandmother changed Obregon’s life. “Nursing was so much more than administering people’s medications, and nursing is where my passion is,” Obregon says.

The Passion to Practice Obregon followed her heart and worked her way through nursing school. “My favorite part of nursing school was being around people who shared the same passion as I do,” she explains. Studying and working with like-minded friends helped Obregon through the tough days. “There is so much to learn in order to safely care for patients, and it can become overwhelming. What made it easier was being around not only classmates who loved the profession as much as I did but also professors,” says Obregon.

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Fall is Right Around the Corner!

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


A unique aspect of her nursing school, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, is that every person involved in the school is a current or former nurse. This affords a dialogue of true understanding about the difficulties and the joys of the profession. Obregon’s mentors and professors knew the fulfillment awaiting her and her peers at the end of their school journey. “Graduating from nursing school was probably the hardest thing I have ever done,” says Obregon. “But I liked that, even as students, we were already considered nurses.”

Always Care Working as a full-time nurse comes with many responsibilities that are both empowering and stressful. “My will is occasionally tested when coming across some patients who don’t necessarily have a chance at good outcomes. It’s hard to accept that not all patients can be healed. There are some awful diseases out there that severely debilitate some patients, and it can be hard going in and out of a room, doing every possible thing you can think of to keep them stable and comfortable, but still knowing in the back of your mind that they aren’t necessarily on any kind of road to recovery. I think that is the hardest part of the job,” explains Obregon.

the nurse who held your hand, the nurse who made you laugh, the nurse who helped you feel better. “One moment that I always look back on happened when I was still in nursing school. One of the patients I was assigned to spent a good amount of time during the shift asking for lots of things. He called for some clean socks, another blanket, a toothbrush, deodorant, a washcloth, and countless other things that day. At the end of my shift, I was telling the patient that I would be leaving for that day, and he began to cry. It was unexpected, so I asked him what was wrong, and he shared with me that he was homeless. He then explained that it meant so much to him that I took time out of my day to “treat him like a person.” That moment made me realize that each patient has their own story, and they may be going through things that we don’t know about or understand. It helped me see that, as nurses, we are provided with such a special opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our patients, and sometimes the smallest things we can do for the patients can mean so much to them,” says Obregon. Nurses like Christina Obregon are a true blessing. She passes on her courage, determination, and bravery to her patients and their families when they doubt they can keep going. In times of stress, sickness, sadness, and for some, relief and healing, Obregon herself continues to just breathe.

“They remind us in school that we have to be caring, but that we should never get too emotionally involved. It sounded easy enough, but nothing can prepare you for those moments when your patient has had a bad day, and you feel overwhelmed with emotion." When the hours are long and hard, or she is working on a difficult situation with a patient, Obregon remembers why she began her journey in the first place—the patients. Just as her grandmother’s nurse sustained kind, loving care despite her grandmother's worsening condition, Obregon’s resolve to help all those around her never wanes. “They remind us in school that we have to be caring, but that we should never get too emotionally involved. It sounded easy enough, but nothing can prepare you for those moments when your patient has had a bad day, and you feel overwhelmed with emotion. You find yourself either bawling alone on your drive home, or shedding a tear in the medication room. But most importantly, you quickly pull yourself back together, because it isn’t about you. You can’t be the weak one, because your patient and their families depend on you. They look to you for strength, for comfort, for hope. So, you push on…”

Practicing Perseverance Looking back to her time in nursing school, Obregon wishes she hadn’t doubted herself. “Back then, I wish I knew that I was capable. I spent way too much time in nursing school wondering if I would be good enough or smart enough to actually finish school and become a nurse. I’m here. I’m working in a hospital, caring for my own patients, and I’m doing it!” Aside from the presence of family and friends, most people say that it was one specific nurse they remember, the person who made their experience more tolerable. The one who spent more time explaining procedures and medications, the nurse who brought extra blankets,

60 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]




• Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery • Certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery • Certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

HERVE F.GENTILE MD, FACS A BETTER YOU COSMETIC SURGERY & LASER CENTER Clinical Assist. Professor of Surgery (Plastic Surgery), Medical College of Georgia


Membership matters:

Dr. Gentile is member of the elite American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and others too many to mention. He is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Did you know that in most states including Texas, any licensed physician can perform cosmetic procedures without being Board Certified in Plastic Surgery? Cosmetic surgeons such as Dr. Gentile have completed rigorous training in facial plastic surgery and plastic surgery. It is incumbent upon YOU to check that your surgeon is indeed Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. WHY choose Dr. Gentile? … He has over 25 years experience in Cosmetic Surgery. His surgery skills leave patients not only looking and feeling younger, but the true artistry of a skilled surgeon’s hand leaves patients with a more natural, youthful look. When you decide to have plastic surgery it is because you want a specific outcome…and this outcome is dependent largely upon which plastic surgeon you choose.

Dr. Gentile has been practicing exclusively cosmetic surgery, as well as non-surgical cosmetic treatments for over 25 years employing the latest techniques. His concern for safety led him to develop the first in-office accredited surgical center in South Texas 20 years ago. Dr. Herve Gentile is widely recognized as one of the nation’s top plastic surgeons with the nation’s highest credentials. He is listed by Best Doctors©, Consumer Research Council of America© and Castle Connolly’s Top Doctors© guide as well as many other professional accolades. All of these are chosen by an impartial resource that catalogs the top quality doctors after peer nomination with an extensive research and screening process.

Discover how you too can look great by simply calling (361) 881-9999 for a consultation.

We invite you to learn more through our website: *Financing available and all credit cards are accepted*

1102 Ocean Drive, Corpus Christi, TX 78404

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Meet the Doctors Jered B. King, DMD

Save Your Tooth! If you are experiencing tooth pain, do not give up on your tooth right away. Saving your tooth should always be your first option. With all of todays technological advances in dentistry, there is yet to be a denture or implant that looks and feels as natural as your tooth. Cosmetic benefits are one thing, but when it comes to chewing and biting down on your favorite foods, you will be glad you choose to save your tooth. Talk to your dentist about getting a root canal or getting a recommendation for specialized endodontic treatment. Endodontists are root canal specialists and experts at saving teeth! They can often perform root canals on a tooth that a family dentist might not feel comfortable with. So before opting for extraction, consider these tooth saving tips.

Tips for Saving Your Teeth 1.

Always ask your dentist if a root canal treatment is an option. Ask if your dentist can refer you to a local Endodontist for further evaluation.


Endodontists are dentists with an additional two years of education in Endodontics and perform a high volume of root canals on a weekly basis. This gives them more experience, efficiency and availability for saving teeth.


Root Canals are much more cost efficient in the long run when you consider the cost of upkeep for a denture, bridge or implant down the road.


Enjoy your favorite foods with your natural bite and chewing motion for years to come. Most dental insurance plans cover Endodontic treatment and thanks to modern dentistry and effective anesthesia, a root canal is practically painless.

The staff at South Texas Endodontics are happy to answer any questions you might have and offer quick and quality care to relieve your pain and save your tooth before it is too late. 62 The Bend

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Dr. King has a strong background in sedation for the anxious patient and dental surgeries. Dr. King graduated from Nova Southeastern University, Ft Lauderdale, Florida (with honors) in 2005. He completed a 1-year Advanced Education in General Dentistry at Mike O’Callahan Federal hospital in Las Vegas. He served as a general dentist in Valdosta Georgia at Moody AFB for two years. He went on to complete his Endodontic Residency at Louisiana State University and Keesler Medical Center where he graduated top of his class. He was also inducted into Omicron Kappa Upsilon dental honor society. Dr King is also actively involved with the local Nueces Valley District Dental Society. He enjoys to go fishing, diving and loves spending time with his beautiful wife and 2 kids. Dr. King is the only Board Certified Endodontist in the Costal Bend. He looks forward to meeting you and taking care of your dental endodontic needs.

Donald R. Anthony, DDS Dr. Anthony has a great love for treating patients. His constant reminder is that we are treating a patient with a tooth problem not simply a tooth. Dr. Anthony was born and raised in Texas. He attended the University of Texas in Austin and obtained his general dentistry degree at the University of Texas Dental Branch in Houston. After completion of dental school Dr. Anthony served in the USAF Dental Corp for two years. In the fall of 1972 he and his family moved to Corpus Christi and set up his general dentistry practice. In 1979, Dr. Anthony decided to pursue his love of endodontics and attended the University of Texas Dental School San Antonio obtaining his endodontic specialty degree.

South Texas Endodontics You can visit our website at 737 Everhart Road, Corpus Christi, TX 78411 Phone: 361-992-7871 Fax: 361-992-6341

Health OCTOBER 2016


What’s Inside Evolving out of the popularity of roller skating in the mid-1880s, the first game of Roller Derby was officially played in Chicago in 1935. This contact sport made its television debut in 1948 on a New York show, broadcasting well before television viewership was widespread.

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Health | Be Well

Screening: Screening tests are used to find breast cancer before it causes any warning signs or symptoms. The tests can detect breast cancer early, when the chances of survival are highest. Regular screening (along with follow-up tests and treatment if diagnosed) reduces your chance of dying from breast cancer. As a cancer patient, she served as an interpreter as well. Blogging became her therapy, and through satirical journaling she was able to add a touch of whimsy to the often cold and sterile settings she found herself in. She turned to drawing characters in vivid storytelling genres from fairytale to court of law. She quickly became the darling of her medical team who are still very much a part of her life personally today. With all her treatments landing on a Wednesday, “hump day” became the comical jest, and the camel became her tongue-incheek mascot. “I want women to know that control of their health is theirs for the taking; you have to be your own advocate both in preventing cancer or become your own expert in its treatment.” Galbraith reiterates the importance of frequent screening. She is very proud to be able to quantify that 27 women sought mammograms after reading her blog. That alone is proof enough that she is doing “the most good” living her cancer out loud.

Life is a Canvas Living Cancer Out Loud Words & Photos by: Kateri Reyes

Julie Galbraith didn’t allow the diagnosis of breast cancer to overcome her – she decided the overcoming was HER role.


o one plans for cancer. Yet Julie Galbraith has battled and won, in her words, “{I} have emerged with new and unexpected understanding and insights that add color to almost every day now. Surviving is more about transformation than simply enduring."

Galbraith knows this all too well, and as her transformation occurred, she made sure to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for women on her path to follow if they were to find themselves on a similar track. She did not choose to embark on the fight of her life, but she DID choose to live each day with joy and purpose. Her favorite Danny Kaye quote became her anthem, “Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can.” Although Galbraith admits, “Not my chosen canvas, but paint away I will. Hope you find it beautiful anyway!” After her 2013 breast cancer diagnosis, Galbraith’s world was, in all senses of the word, turned upside down. At the time she was a 20-year veteran of the Texas State Aquarium; Galbraith worked as an interpreter, transmitting information in ways the public could understand and grow from. 64 The Bend

“What people don’t know when it comes to being a support for someone with cancer, is that it's the little things that do matter. Cancer gave people an opportunity to serve; now honestly I sometimes had too much pride to accept their help, but those who loved me kept asking, kept showing up, and that meant the world to me.” Galbraith keeps two spiral bound greeting card collections. These cards were the bricks that laid the path to healing for her, arriving on some of her most difficult days, little messages from friends and family reminding her that she was not alone in her fight, which is pivotal for survival. “It’s such a small thing to send a card, to make a meal, to stop by and talk, but these things were the greatest gifts to me in that time.” Now, cancer-free life looks very different for Galbraith, a new career at Merrill Lynch to boot and hump day is no longer attached to chemo and white coats. Life is reclaimed, but then again, Galbraith never let it go. Her joy continues to radiate and has only gotten stronger.


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Back on Your Feet

Get Back to an Active Life with the New Joint Replacement Center At CHRISTUS Spohn Don’t let knee, hip or joint pain get you down. The Joint Replacement Center at CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital-Shoreline wants to help you get up on your feet and back to your normal routine. High-quality, minimally-invasive knee or hip replacement surgery is now available close to home, thanks to the Health System’s newly designed program based on the nationally-acclaimed Marshall | Steele™ method, part of

Dr. Dinn

which walks them through everything they can expect before and after their procedure, said says James R. Dinn, M.D., board-certified orthopedic surgeon with CHRISTUS Spohn Shoreline’s Joint Replacement Center.

inpatient recovery, featuring a dedicated nursing team that has a deep understanding of the joint recovery process. Patients can also enjoy same-floor access to rehabilitation services within just two days of their procedure.

“Patient safety, and keeping them involved, is the driving force behind what we do,” Dr. Dinn added.

It’s a continuum of care and a team approach to best serve joint replacement patients’ needs. Additionally, all data and outcomes are measured through the Marshall | Steele™ program, utilizing nationally-recognized best practices close to home.

the renowned Stryker Performance Solutions model.

Using a team approach, the CHRISTUS Spohn Joint Replacement works with the patient to ensure they have the coaching and support system they need for the best outcomes.

“This new program is safe, quick and focused around educating the patient and keeping them engaged along their journey,” says Leslie Mitchell, RN, orthopedics care coordinator.

Their goal is that by week seven, post-surgery, patients are back to their normal routine: exercising, playing with their grand-kids or planning their next trip with their family, Mitchell said.

Weeks before surgery, CHRISTUS Spohn orthopedic surgeons meet with their patients, consulting with them about the joint replacement model that’s best for their needs.

“We want our patients to get back to their daily lives as quickly and as safely as possible,” Mitchell added. “That’s really what’s it all about.”

Patients attend an educational course

“Patient safety, and keeping them involved, is the driving force behind what we do,”

All joint replacement patients at CHRISTUS Spohn can now enjoy

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“We’re here to provide everything our patients need to experience a high-quality joint replacement procedure right here in the Coastal Bend,” Mitchell said. For information about knee and hip joint replacement educational classes offered at The Joint Replacement Center at Shoreline, please call (361) 881-3020


Health | Fitness

TICKET AND SPONSORSHIP INFO: Season 2016 Remaining Bouts – at American Bank Exhibit Hall

MAKE THE GAME: October 22nd vs. the Yellow Rose Roller Girls


Skate Fast! Skate


Quad roller skates? Check! Knee, elbow and wrist pads? Check! Helmet and mouthpiece? Check! The Hurricane Alley Roller Derby team means business!


Punky Bruiser Hermione Danger Ms. Conduct Babe Ruthless Nina Cochina LL Cruel J Conquistadorable

By: Erica Rose Bertero Photos: Renée C. Gage

esides equipment, roller girls also need to possess an athletic ambition, intelligent reflexes, and a passion to compete as a team player. Well, look no further – an entire team of dedicated roller girls exists right here in Corpus Christi. And they are THE official roller derby league of the city, Hurricane Alley Roller Derby! A team is made of 5 skaters, each playing a specific position, who race around an ovaltrack to score points by lapping the opponents – a pivot, 3 blockers, and a jammer who work together to be the victors. A bout is made up of periods, each one played for a set number

66 The Bend

Roxy Balboa

of minutes. Teams can skate on either a flat track or banked track. Each player adopts a skater number and name. As with any sport, there are rules, points to be gained, and penalties. Here in the US, in 2004, the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) was formed to legitimize the sport and oversee the creation of new leagues and teams. The idea to bring flat track roller derby to Corpus Christi started in July 2005, within a small group of local women. HARD was officially born on Halloween, October 31, 2005, with the first scheduled bout held on March 16, 2006. Averaging about 200 fans in 2008, today the spectatorship and involvement has

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The Amazing C That Changes 4730 S. Padre Island Dr. Corpus Christi, 78411 ( Exit Everhart ) CALL 361 - 814 - 4378

Large selection of quality fitness equipment and accessories

Sixty seconds on a Helix L

Trainer will forever change

perceptions and expectatio of cardio.

Your mind and, more impo

your body will tell you...this

most effective cardio produ grown to more than 700 per bout. Skater owned and operated, the league consists of volunteer skaters, referees, board members, and community sponsors. The HARD Executive Board has been working tirelessly over the past couple of years to join the esteemed leagues of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association, completing their Apprentice program and becoming an official member of WFTDA on June 16, 2016. Competing at the American Bank Center Exhibit Hall, there is one bout left of the current season, on October 22nd against the Yellow Rose Roller Girls. The bout will be HARD’s second ever WFTDA sanctioned game, which will then lead to HARD joining the international flat track roller derby ranking system. “As a full member of WFTDA, Hurricane Alley RD joins the ranks of more than 378 leagues worldwide, that have united to lead the growing sport of women’s flat track roller derby,” shares Felicia Cain-Dziadek, AKA Willa Shankspear #37 – Executive Director for HARD. With an admirable mission of promoting the sport in Corpus Christi and to support and give back to the community through various projects/fundraisers, HARD is a proud organization made up of a diverse group of women from all backgrounds and experiences. Completing their 11th season, HARD is skating into an exciting and upcoming future as a member of WFTDA! Join them track side as you watch this local talent skate fast and skate HARD!

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Helix Lateral Trainer creates up to 44% more muscles group activation, including: • Core • Glutes • Inner/Outer Thigh • Achieve Heart Rate 23% Faster

you’ve ever tried.

You owe it to yourself, you and your members to add

your cardio mix. Check ou

hundreds of club owners a

directors have to say abou

Helix Lateral Trainers —

changing all the rules. Compact only requires 3’ x 4’ space

Unique, patented motion creates dramatically more muscle activation than traditional cardio products.

Call: 1 - 800 - 880 - HEST ( 4378 ) or visit us at

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Health | Health Spotlight

October Health Editor’s Pick

American Heart Association's Heart Walk October 1st @ 8:00 am Whataburger Field

Sunday Funday Yoga Every Sunday in October Texas Surf Museum

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Kings Challenge Obstacle Run

October 15th @ 7:30 am Corpus Christi Bayfront

October 15th @ 9:00 am Rainbow Express Pre-School

The American Cancer Society's premier event to fight breast cancer. Join us for a non-competitive, family-friendly, fundraising walk this year at Bayfront Park. Last year, over 16,000 participants helped raise over $460,000. Help finish the fight!

Boo Bash Tri

68 The Bend

October 29th @ 7:30 am Portland Aquatic Center

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Striving for your

Best Smile

Family | Restorative | Cosmetic 361.991.7791 5756 S. Staples - Suite I • Corpus Christi, TX 78413

The experience you can trust!


Corpus Christi Medical Center’s Certification of Excellence At Corpus Christi Medical Center, we provide the treatment you need, the quality care you deserve and the doctors and nurses who are truly dedicated to you and your health.

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e Gold Seal of Approval ® Disease Speciic Care Certiication for Total Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery



Promptu, urgent care designed for u. The fast, low cost alternative to an ER visit.

ly R

Airline Rd



• We are in network with most insurances, including Medicare and Tricare



• Onsite X-Ray Facility, EKG & lab



• $25 Sports Physicals

Corpus Christi

4938 S Staples St Suite E-8



• Flu shots and Occupational Health

rha rt R d

• Walk-ins Welcome, No Appointment Necessary



• Open 7 Days a Week

5638 Saratoga Blvd Suite 114 Sar


888-577-4424 | 70 The Bend

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Home & Garden OCTOBER 2016


What’s Inside Backyard chickens are allowed in the City of Corpus Christi! Seven chickens are the maximum but no roosters! The two other rules are that 1) the fowl are kept or used for egg production purposes only; 2) and not to be used for profit.

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Artfully Ranchy

True Casual Elegance with Western Flare By: Cissy Tabor Photos: Jason Page

72 The Bend

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Home & Garden | Open House


rom the doorstep, the beautiful wooden, arched, leaded glass door of Joel and Barbara Hoskinson’s home is worthy of more than a brief gaze. From the foyer, these glass designs are illuminated by the sunlight, creating its own work of art, and art is what this house was built to display. The 15’ ceiling easily accommodates the two large, 6’ x 4’ colorful, snow scene paintings on the entrance wall. The Hoskinsons owned a home in Utah where snow skiing vacations were enjoyed. These paintings reflect their happy memories. Seven years ago, the Hoskinsons were talking about another update to their home in Northshore Country Club in Portland. “We kept trying to make our home new, with renovation after renovation,” explains Joel. Their desire was an open kitchen/dining area but taking out the wall that divided the rooms would be a major project. This became the impetus that sparked the idea of building their own home. They bought a lot in the same subdivision on a street where they knew several neighbors, and in 2009 they built a new home. Design plans came from homes they viewed in the hill country, putting parts of two different floor plans together with a few minor tweaks from architects. “We took one side from a home we saw in San Marcos and one side from a home we liked in New Braunfels,” says Joel. For several years, Joel purchased works of western art from New Mexico, Utah and Texas. “We wanted a home that would fit in with our artwork,” Barbara explains. Cowboys, horses and dusty scenes painted by artists Jack Terry, Tim Cox, and Andy Thomas, are beautifully framed and displayed throughout the home, as well as large Guy Harvey works of art. Two rows of Guy Harvey paintings adorn one wall in the sunlit dining room, situated at the front of the house and just off the kitchen. An octagonal glass table elegantly fills the room with intimacy for dining in the round. Light shimmers off the chandelier hanging above the center of the table. Conveniently located just outside the dining room entrance is a coveted corner wet bar. Steps away is the spacious kitchen that is outlined by a wrap-around bar of striking Medora Gold granite, flanked by four large, leather, studded bar stools. The rich, antique glazed wood kitchen cabinets with accordion grooved design looks more like furniture than cabinetry. Barbara loves to cook, and her kitchen ensures her joy. After years of celebrating Thanksgiving at her grandmother’s, Barbara cooked her first Thanksgiving turkey here and hosted 12 relatives. The colorful rooster paintings in the kitchen were painted by Barbara’s mother, Paula Kainer, whose work is also displayed in Latitude 28°02' Restaurant and Art Gallery in Rockport. A wall of windows overlooking the patio and pool bring the outdoors in. Built-in book shelves along a side wall add to the comfortable setting. The Hoskinson’s calico cat, Callie, lounges atop the square coffee table appearing as if a porcelain accessory. The inviting living room is separated from the casual dining area by two large overstuffed chairs and

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


ottomans. Showered in sunlight from the windows and glass French doors, this casual dining area seems to glow from the brightness of the day. Stepping outside the French doors, the stone covered patio invites fun all around with an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and TV. Cooking on the grill or lounging on the comfy furniture, the setting is enhanced by the dark blue saline pool. Water cascades from a large stone platform into the twelve-foot deep, rounded end of the pool. Verdant hedges of faint coral oleander line all three sides of the backyard, creating privacy and uniformity befitting an English garden. Before the home was built, the couple planted these bushes along the fence line. Now over six feet high, the oleaners create a lovely view from the patio. The patio area gets lots of attention from 16-year old Ally and her friends. Just down the hall is Ally’s bedroom. An avid reader at age nine, her only request in the plans for her new bedroom were bookshelves. One shelf overflows with her collection of Nancy Drew books that she accumulated from shopping antique stores with her grandmother, Sharon Buford of Portland. At the rear of the home, the master bedroom offers convenience as it’s situated off the dining/living area with lovely beveled glass doors 74 The Bend

that lead to the patio. Hanging above the leather upholstered sleigh bed is an original painting by Beaumont artist, David Drinkard, of the multi-family owned White Point Ranch along Nueces Bay. Of all the rich art displayed throughout the home, this piece is Joel and Barbara’s favorite. Not to be excluded, a child’s portrayal of the ranch, painted by Ally as a youngster, hangs on a side wall next to a roll top desk. The appeal of the master bathroom is accentuated by the large fireplace across from the travertine tiled tub. The focal point is this elegant, elevated, oval tub set into a curved stone wall in the center of the room. Nestled behind the tub is a walk-in shower built of the same lovely tumbled tile and turret shaped wall. Aside from western art and cowboy sculptures, Barbara’s prized antique is a small child’s rocking chair in the living room that was made by her great grandfather for her grandmother’s baptism. Joel’s family’s secretary desk in the guest bedroom belonged to his great grandfather who kept lollipops for the grandkids in the desk. Joel and Barbara’s friendly, inviting, and easy-going nature is reflected in their home’s comfortable furnishings, casual feel, and rich uniformity.

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76 The Bend

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Hoskinson’s home doubled as a resort in a movie The 2014 “Bad Turn Worse” movie was filmed using the Hoskinson’s home, Joel’s office and the White Point ranch. Scenes in the movie take place on their home patio, pool, and master bathroom, projecting images to be viewed as a resort. Rough and Tumble film company also shot footage at the Midway Gin in Taft. This was the first movie by Portland native, Justin Duprie of Los Angeles. The movie is about three Texas teens who hope to make a break for it and escape their dead-end existence in a cotton-mill town but get sucked into the seedy underbelly of organized crime when one of them steals from the wrong man. Directors: Simon Hawkins, Zeke Hawkins; Writer: Dutch Southern; Stars: Mackenzie Davis, Logan Huffman, Jeremy Allen White, William Devane

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Home & Garden | Gardening

Budding Info: • The Honey Bee and the Hound uses only recycled containers in their floral arrangements. • Capule keeps her own bee hives. Most of the local honey in South Texas comes from mesquite flowers, but Emily loves her wildflower honey, which has a very different flavor. • The Honey Bee and the Hound now offers unique and original“living jewelry” that Capule fashions from succulents. The profits from this line, called“Pits and Poseys,” support Capule’s initiatives with the Gulf Coast Humane Society. • Most of the cut flowers in America come from Central and South America, where child labor is common in cutting flowers. These flowers are sprayed extensively with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The Honey Bee and the Hound is a sustainable local business that grows flowers without any chemicals whatsoever!

A Dog and Flowers; A Girl’s Best Friend The Honey Bee and the Hound Cut Flower Farm brings us a gorgeous flower garden in the heart of Corpus Christi! By: Justin and Kayla Butts Photos: Renée C. Gage


happy little dog runs through a field of flowers to a woman, kneeling in the black soil, cutting blooms for a bouquet. Bees buzz around her, and the soft blue sky overhead is filled with puffy white clouds. This sounds like the dream sequence from a movie, but it is a real place right here in The Bend. Emily Capule started The Honey Bee and the Hound Cut Flower Farm when she moved to Corpus Christi in 2015 with her husband, Chris. Chris is a pilot with the Coast Guard, and as Capule said, they are a “military family putting down roots.” Capule started her bouquet business in her front yard. When her space was filled completely with flowers, she expanded to a nearby vacant lot that had been empty for twenty years. She convinced the owner to let her convert it to a flower farm. Now it is a dazzling array of colors with bees, butterflies, and birds diving in and out of the blooms. Capule has more than a green thumb, it is a rainbow thumb. Everything she touches turns into colors. Emily grew up on a 200-acre farm in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Her mom always kept a beautiful flower garden, and Emily says flowers help her stay connected to her mom.

78 The Bend

Baylor University recruited Capule to ride horses in their equestrian program. As a freshman, driving home through the Smokey Mountains, she found a puppy on the side of the road that had been run over and left for dead. She rescued the little dog and nursed him back to health. Her parents warned her that it would be difficult to keep a dog in college, but she said Smokey helped keep her grounded and focus on her studies. Smokey has been with her every day since she found him. Now, Capule works with the Humane Society and the VA to turn rescue dogs into companion dogs for veterans. Capule interned at the esteemed Kew Royal Botanical Garden in London, the oldest and one of the best botanical gardens in the world. She went on to manage the Orchid House at the Naples Beach Resort in Florida, with its magnificent array of 4,000 orchids. The Honey Bee and the Hound is registered with the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers. Capule grows her flowers without chemicals, which is extremely rare in the professional bouquet business. Go ahead, bury your face in the full pompom bouquets without fear of chemicals! It’s an instant mood booster. Capule brings more than flowers to The Bend, she also brings a wonderful spirit that will brighten your day just as much as her bouquets.

The Honey Bee and the Hound (908) 331-7248 Cut Flower Farm, Corpus Christi, Texas 78411

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Many Women experience it, so let’s start talking about it. • Do you occasionally dribble or leak when you sneeze or exercise? • Do you feel “loose” vaginally since childbirth or menopause? • Do you feel dry during intercourse or have trouble reaching orgasm? • Are any of these Symptons affecting your life or intimate relationship? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone! Many women are experiencing it, they’re just not talking about it. So start talking to someone who can do something about it. Introducing ThermiVa, an in-office, comfortable, non-surgical, procedure, performed by a female nurese and supervised by Dr. Dale Eubank, a board certified Gynecologist with over 30 years experience helping women with their physical well being.

Check out real patient reviews at:

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Home & Garden | Spaces

Trick or Chic By: Jo Anne Howell Photos: Rachel Durrent

A Spooky Yet Sophisticated Welcome to This Year’s Halloween Front Porch


elcome guests and neighbors to your home with a coastal chic creepy look. Fall on the coast means wispy grass, which lends itself perfectly for the Halloween look. Using dried coral adds an eerie effect to the planters. Do it yourself with spray paint and dried coral or driftwood! Paint it orange, black, or even metallic to fit your color scheme. A touch of paint goes a long way. A wreath greats guests in a most welcoming way. These willow wreaths were spray painted black metallic with a silver shimmer. Hung on extra wide black and white stripped grosgrain ribbon, the stripe adds a bit

80 The Bend

of bold to the front door. Try even tucking in flowers or any creepy crawlers to your wreath for extra spook! Get batty with your windows! Watch out as these bats fly into the night. Black vinyl bat cut outs make for fun anywhere, especially on windows. Simply apply in a flight of terror pattern! And it’s not fall without a pumpkin on the front porch. These black pumpkins add to the Halloween charm, and of course white pumpkins add contrast to the scene. Mix and match with all shapes and sizes. Again, spray painting pumpkins is a simple and easy trick, or buy them pre-painted at a local craft store for a decorating treat!

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Styling: Jo Anne Howell Oh Goodie Designs +Events Thank you to Cinnamon Shore for lending us this front porch and Honey Bee and the Hound for the hand cut flowers.

COME CELEBRATE WITH US! Visit the original Hester’s location at Six Points and help celebrate 10 years in the Coastal Bend.

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1714 S. Alameda St. Mon-Fri 7-3


82 The Bend

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Out & About OCTOBER 2016


What’s Inside The Corpus Christi Symphony Orchestra is on the search for their next Maestro (conductor). The final five musical prodigies will showcase their talents, beginning October 8. First up, Aram Demirjian. Maestro, an honorific title of respect, originates from the Latin word magister (“master”). We cannot wait to hear the magic that comes from these finalists!

83 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

The Making of a Maestro

Out & About | Arts & Culture

The Corpus Christi Symphony Orchestra (CCSO) 2016-2017 season showcases five finalists auditioning to become the next CCSO Maestro.

“Y a promise.

our City. Your Music. Your Orchestra.,” reads the tagline on the Corpus Christi Symphony Orchestra website. It’s a nice sounding phrase, but it’s more than a slogan to the CCSO’s staff and board members – it’s

For over 70 years the symphony has entertained, inspired, and educated audiences from around the Coastal Bend. Last year marked the end of a great chapter in CCSO’s history as the community said goodbye to world-renowned Maestro John Giordano. Over the past two years, the Conductor Search Committee reviewed potential applicants and narrowed it down to this group of five finalists. The committee received 144 applicants from around the world. This speaks to the reputation and caliber of the CCSO. The committee narrowed the field to the five finalists who are all competing in the 2016-2017 season to become the next Maestro, but the final choice is in the hands of the city and symphony goers. The season kicks off on October 8th at 7:30 pm with guest conductor Aram Demirjian. Maestro Demirjian is the Associate Conductor of the Kansas City Symphony Orchestra and has appeared as guest

84 The Bend

conductor with symphony orchestras in Omaha, Fresno, Knoxville, and Memphis. Each conductor is selecting one guest musician to join them, and Demirjian has selected violinist Jennifer Frautschi. The following month, on November 12th, Maestro Robert Franz takes the stage with musician Changlu Wu on the pipa. Maestro Franz is Conductor and Music Director of the Boise Philharmonic Orchestra and Windsor Symphony Orchestra, and is Associate Conductor of the Houston Symphony. He has appeared as guest conductor with the Buffalo, Louisville, and Carolina Chamber Orchestras. The final three auditions take place in 2017, beginning in February with Maestro Akiko Fujimoto who is joined by pianist Norman Krieger. Maestro Fujimoto is Associate Conductor of the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra. She has appeared on the podium with the Virginia Symphony Orchestra, Stanford Symphony Orchestra, and Harvard Bach Society. March’s concert features Maestro Hector Guzman accompanied by pianist Joaquin Achucarro. Maestro Guzman is founding Conductor of the Plano Symphony Orchestra and conducts the Irving and San Angelo Symphony Orchestras. He is the past conductor of the Filarmóni-

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Meet Maestro Aram Demirjian 1) What made you decide to pursue conducting? I grew up playing cello, and I was completely fascinated by the phenomenon of the symphony orchestra -- 70-plus people all working as individuals toward a greater harmonious goal. I wanted to be connected to as many aspects of that synergy as possible, and conducting seemed like the best way to do it!

2) Do you have any favorite composers? Asking a musician to choose a favorite composer is like asking a parent to pick their favorite child -- it's impossible! I love so many composers, all for different reasons. But if I had to choose two composers that I simply could not live without, they would be Bach and Brahms.

3) Tell us a little bit about the program you will be conducting with the CCSO. This program is quite eclectic, featuring a broad spectrum of different styles, time periods and sounds, from the familiar sounds of Mozart's The Magic Flute to the more exotic-sounding El Amor Brujo by da Falla. The ideas of romance and magic unify the program, which will also feature actors performing selections from Shakespeare to go along with Tchaikovsky's Romeo & Juliet.

ca de Jalisco and has appeared as guest conductor of symphony orchestras in Dallas, Phoenix, and Mexico City.

Jennifer Frautschi, Guest Violinist

Last, but not least, is Richard Buckley. Maestro Buckley is the Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of the Austin Opera. He is the past conductor of the Oakland Symphony and has appeared as guest conductor with numerous prestigious symphony orchestras including the London Royal Philharmonic, New York Philharmonic, and Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Each finalist will be spending a week in Corpus Christi immersing themselves in the city and meeting with the community (elected officials, community leaders, board members, schools-students and orchestra directors, and the media). Each finalist was asked to create their own program to showcase their talent and conducting style. This allows the audiences to hear and see what they can expect from these final five Maestro hopefuls. With all the talent on display this season, no one will want to miss their chance to participate in deciding the future of music in the community. 85 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

4) If you could say one thing to entice people who have never been to a CCSO concert, what would it be? There is no right or wrong way to experience great music -- even if you don't know much about symphonic music, come with open hearts and open ears, and we'll guide you the rest of the way. Symphonic music is about being transported to new worlds and new emotional experiences exciting the imaginations of every person who listens to it, each in their own unique way. Plus, a night out at the symphony is even more affordable than a night at the movies!

5) When you're not conducting, what can we find you doing? If I'm not reading or spending time with friends, I am likely watching football, baseball or basketball (but don't ask me what teams I root for...!)

Out & About | Celebration

A Very Fairy First Birthday Welcome to Alexandra's Enchanted Garden


or the first birthday of Nick and Nina Rothchild's daughter, Alexandra's guests were invited by a custom hand-painted watercolor invitation with hand-drawn calligraphy and painted floral garland. Hand-lettered calligraphy by mom, Nina, addressed the envelopes for that personal touch.

Alex celebrated her first birthday surrounded by friends and family in a whimsically created enchanted garden. Alex's mommy wanted to create a fun and frolicking garden space for the event. Lush ferns and potted plants were brought in to create the magical scene. Little guests were greeted upon arrival with gold fairy wings, handmade floral halos and wands with wooden gold stars, and wispy pink ribbons. Handmade swings were hung for the children to enjoy and draped in plumosa ferns. A childsized table was crafted with wooden stools where the tiny guests could enjoy coloring books and woodland creature masks. An antique iron bed was brought in to create a story-telling area where a beautiful garden fairy read to the children. Draped in blush pink linen sheets, duvet and velvet pillows, the children gathered to hear stories about fairies and princesses. It turned into a picture-perfect spot for family photos after the festivities.

86 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Create a Event!

Specializing in Event Rentals: • • • • • • • • • •

Face painting was a hit with the littles as dragon fly faces, butterflies, and garden creatures were painted throughout the day. Custom linens were brought in to match the color theme, and dramatic floral arrangements took center place with enchanted fairy and garden literature books. Hand-painted scrolls topped the floral wishing Alexandra a happy birthday. A garden-infused lunch was offered along with sweets that were worthy of a princess. Edible flowers topped the fluffiest petit fours, raspberry cookies, and divine fruit tarts.

Tents Tables & Chairs Linens LED Lighting Staging & Dance Floors China*Glassware*Flatware Catering Equipment Custom Props Draping Lounge Furniture

Rental * Design * Décor For all your life Celebrations!

Alexandra enjoyed her first birthday cake as she was all smiles and laughter as guests looked on. So many special handmade touches and details made this a day to never forget. Alex's Enchanted Garden will be a favorite for years to come.

Event Styling & Coordination: Jo Anne Howell Oh Goodie Designs+Events Invitation: Calligraphy + Watercolor Paper & Posies

Invitation, Event Graphics Chair Rentals & Wooden & Printing: Harper Gray Tables: Butler Signature for Oh Goodie Designs Events Venue & Catering: Hester's Lamar Park

Moss Wall Rental: Haute Belle Events

Floral: Sandra Sauceda, The Blossom Shop Desserts & Birthday Cake: Sugarbaker's Photography: Renée Gage Photography

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Boutique Showroom! 5826 Wooldridge Rd.



Out & About | Date Book

October Mark Your Calendar


Rockport Seafair Oct. 6th–9th

Fresh from the bay seafood, live entertainment, arts and crafts, and crab races. Festival Grounds at Rockport Harbor, (361) 729-6445,

COMMUNITY Harbor Bridge Walk Oct. 9th


“agri-tainment” in Robstown opens to the public on Saturday, Oct. 1st. The design changes each year, and this year’s maze highlights the Coastal Bend’s favorite, Whataburger. Rockin’ K Maze, (361) 537-3308,

Moonlight in the Gardens Oct. 14th

The 10th annual signature fall fundraiser is temporarily relocated to the scenic Corpus Christi Ship Channel, due to highway improvements. Presented for the third year by CITGO Corpus Christi Refinery, the casual event’s food and beverage line-up includes Astronomical Appetizers, Stellar Spirits bars, plus Best Steak on the Planet and Saturn’s Sweets. The Martian Music Bar on Apollo’s Patio, Pictures with Parrots in Jupiter’s Jungle Room, Starlight Silent Auction, Grand Galaxy high-end-item Auction, Visitors from the Planet Plant, a wine pull, plus Nep-Tunes and dancing with rock and pop band Flashback will keep guests entertained throughout the evening in a tropical garden atmosphere. Attire is garden party casual to Star Wars glitz. Solomon P. Ortiz International Center, (361) 852-2100,

COMMUNITY Old Town Festival Oct. 10th–13th

FAMILY Rockin’ K Maze Opening Oct. 1st

The six-acre crop maze of family oriented

88 The Bend

Every Sunday, following the monthly First Friday ArtWalk, locals and visitors alike get together and take in breathtaking views from atop the Harbor Bridge. Enjoy this bird’s-eye perspective from one of Corpus Christi’s most iconic structures, with uninterrupted aerial views of the USS LEXINGTON, Texas State Aquarium and the Downtown skyline. The event begins at Heritage Park and the walk begins at 8:30 am. Join this Corpus Christi tradition! Heritage Park, (361) 882-2363,


John Patrick Cobb: Two Chapels Oct. 4th– 29th Two Chapels, the title of the first ever solo exhibition at Felder Gallery brings together a historical Port Aransas landmark Chapel on the Dunes with Chapel II, an installation of twenty-four egg tempera paintings to be exhibited inside a 16 x 12 ft. chapel built and installed inside Felder Gallery. Felder Gallery, (361) 749-2388,

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

The annual Old Town Festival is three days of fun with a plyWooden Boat Festival, parade, Pat Farley’s World Famous Gumbo, Chapel tours & lecture, Old Town Expression-Session surfing contest, canine surfing contest, live music, 8 Wonders of Port Aransas tours and more! Port Aransas, (361) 749-3800,

editor’s pick BENEFIT

7 Most Beautiful Women: Inside & Out Charity Event Oct. 6th

Join The Bend Magazine for the second annual 7 Most Beautiful Women: Inside & Out! An evening of celebration and fundraising for 7 charities. Tickets are $45 each, and a portion of the proceeds will go to the winning charity. See you there! Omni Corpus Christi Hotel, (361) 792-3606,


33rd Annual Songwriter’s Showcase Oct. 17th

Last year’s musicians were fantastic, so this year’s surely will be. Come on out and listen to some wonderful original music. Bring a chair or a blanket if you wish. The Tarpon Inn Courtyard, (361) 749-7334,

ART TEXAS Exhibit: trees, sky & sea Oct. 20th

Renée C. Gage photography celebrates 15 years of Fine Art Photography with infrared Photography featuring Texas landscapes. Island Time Sushi, (904) 891-7883,

FESTIVAL Ziegenbock Music Fest Oct. 29th

Performances by Gary Allan w/Cody Johnson, Jack Ingram, Bart Crow, Dirty River Boys, Zane Williams, The Powell Brothers and a special performance and hosting duties by Bri Bagwell. Concrete Street Amphitheater, (361) 884-8085,

10th Annual Rockport Film Festival Thursday, November 3 – Saturday, November 5, 2016

Forty independent films to be shown during the three-day festival. 3-day filmmaking workshop in conjunction with the Festival. Exciting New location for the Annual Red Carpet Party. Discounts at the Lighthouse Inn for Festival attendees. Red Carpet Party & Outdoor Screening Thursday, November 3 @ 5:30 p.m. (film starts at 7 p.m.) 1867 RH Wood House @ 203 N. Magnolia ◊ Rockport, Texas

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Out & About | Arts & Culture

and more people ask, ‘How can I get the freshest, cleanest, most locally-sourced food possible?’” So the fest was born.

The Birds Roam Free at BAWKtoberfest

David Ritchie is one of the homes on the tour. Since the first BAWKtoberfest, he’s been showcasing his beautiful backyard, bustling with honeybees, herbs, and of course, chickens! He shows his small compost area, which takes in chicken manure, kitchen scraps and lawn trimmings to provide rich, organic material that goes right back into their garden.

Don’t be Chicken, Know Where Your Food Comes From

G city limits.

ROW Local South Texas’ third annual BAWKtoberfest is right around the corner. Really, it’s that close, and that’s part of the purpose! This event is a two-stop tour designed to educate the public about a 2011 city ordinance that allows residents to keep up to 7 hens within

The chickens roam free all day, ridding the land of pests and basking in the sun. Then at dusk, they file into their coop, hand-built by Ritchie around an antique wooden desk, for a night of rest away from any predators. “It’s a fun adventure day, and the best part is watching kids learn, up close and personal, where food comes from,” said Campbell. “Families are inspired to build their own coops when they learn how easy and economical it is.”

This event has grown into a city-wide, self-guided ‘Parade of Chicken Homes’ with eight backyard coops, rotating educational seminars, a VIP bus (The BAWKmobile) and an after party featuring a chicken coop giveaway. Aislynn Campbell, Executive Director of GROW Local South Texas, said that, “As the local food movement takes root in South Texas, more

90 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Join in the fest on Saturday, October 22, from 10 am – 4 pm. See what all the cluck is about! (855) 476-9789

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Out & About | Social Hour

Casa De Amor


Photos by: Gabe Mancha

1. Amy Granberry, Amy Griffin, Daniel Nash & Jaycee Sleight 2. Michelle Ezell, Blaire Turnbull, Sarah Jones, Andrea Teasdale & Lindsey Pietsch 3. Mario & Sebastian Cardenas, Charles & Phyllis Toler 4. Mike Grulke, Jeni Arnold & Rosemary Grulke


92 The Bend

2. 2.


[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

93 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Out & About | Social Hour


CC Wine Festival Photos by: Gabriel Mancha

1. Armando & Norma Hinojosa, Briana Hinojosa 2. Gabriella Deleon, Jarrett & Carissa Box 3. Jerry & Lauren Jackson 4. Toni & Abraham Garcia



5. Nick Nicest, Tessa Barrera, Russell Jackson, Rj Torres, The Great Gatsby & Clydesdale 6. Mirna Flores, Marissa Saenz & Patty Barrera 7.Trey Weber & Isabel Meijering




94 The Bend


[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Breast Cancer Awareness Month October is breast cancer awareness month. Breast cancer affects 1 in 9 women. Accordingly, we should be aware of methods of early detection and treatment. After diagnosis, treatment, and removal, the next step is often a plastic surgeon. Your plastic surgeon is uniquely qualified to help you regain your confidence by minimizing the effects of the cancer treatment on the appearance of your breasts. Reconstruction is an important part for women both esthetically and psychologically. Implant-based reconstruction involves using expanders to stretch the tissue before placement of a breast implant. Reconstruction can also be done using tissue from your own skin, usually the abdomen, typically known as “Free Tissue Transfers.” There can also a combination of implant-based and tissuebased reconstruction. After meeting with your plastic surgeon, you can decide which type of reconstruction is best for you. The procedure can include a breast lift, reduction, or an augmentation. Every woman’s situation is different. It is very important to make sure your surgeon is proficient, has completed their residency, and is board certified. Once a plastic surgeon has completed their residency, they can become a member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This membership affirms that they’ve passed their board exams and follow the high ethical and professional standards set by the organization. Not all are board certified, as it’s a voluntary credential. It is also important to make sure that you have a good rapport with your plastic surgeon and his/her office staff. At The Corpus Christi Institute of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, Dr. Vijay Bindingnavele, MD, FACS, is a board-certified plastic surgeon and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Their team puts the patient first and strives to provide the best care with the highest standards and the latest proven technologies at the best value. Dr. VJ, as he is known by many of his patients, has been performing these procedures in Corpus Christi for the past eight years. Dr. Vijay Bindingnavele - Where Beautiful Results & Experience Meet.

Dr. Vijay Bindingnavele At The Corpus Christi Institute of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, Dr. Vijay Bindingnavele, MD, FACS, is a board certified plastic surgeon and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. They put the patient first and strive to provide the best care with the highest standards alongside the latest proven technologies at the best value. Dr. VJ, as he is known by many of his patients, has been performing these procedures in Corpus Christi for the past eight years.

Dr. Vijay Bindingnavele Where Beautiful Results & Experience Meet. 5826 ESPLANADE DRIVE, SUITE 101 CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS 78414 (361) 888-7417 DOCTORVIJAY.COM 96 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Cuisine OCTOBER 2016


What’s Inside With the weather cooling down, heartier more comfort-like foods such as potatoes are craved. See how you can easily incorporate them into your favorite locally-sourced summer dishes, such as fish!

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Cuisine | Farm to Table

Pumpkin' Around with Chef Veatch By: Justin & Kayla Butts Photos: Rachel Durrent

98 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Cooking Tips


• For tender gnocchi dumplings, use as little flour as possible and don’t overwork the dough. • Chef Veatch recommends Russet Marshmallow potatoes pureed using a potato ricer to achieve the desired gnocchi texture. • You can add a touch Clouds of French elegance to your redfish by making beurre noisette, or brown butter sauce, using pan drippings, herbs, and butter. • Marshmallow Black drum are running in October. Black drum are close cousins to redfish,Clouds with little difference in flavor or texture. Redfish are protected, and you can’t get wild-caught reds in restaurants or retail, but you can get fresh black drum from your favorite fishmonger!


Treats Marshmallow

Sweet Cream and Chocolate Ice Cream with fudge brownie pieces and rainbow sprinkles

Chocolate Mountains Clouds Treats Candy Marshmallow Clouds Surprise Marshmallow


Cotton Candy Ice Cream with Raspberry Sorbet, gummy bears and rainbow sprinkles

Candy Clouds


Chocolate Mountains

Candy Clouds

Marshmallow Surprise

Marshmallow Surprise

Very Yellow Marshmallow and Sweet Cream Ice Cream with chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles


©2016 Ltd. “King”, “Candy Crush” and associated marks and logos are trade marks of Ltd or related entities

Visit Our 3 Locations 2030 US HWY 181 Ste. A Portland, TX 361.643.0500

5221 Saratoga Blvd. Ste 130 Corpus Christi, TX 361.993.2202

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Marsh Su

Chocolate Mountains


MARBLE-2016-22028 Candy Crush Counter Card.indd 1

99 The Bend

Candy Clouds

Choc Mou

4938 S. Staples St. Corpus Christi, TX 361.992.2202 BRING THIS AD IN TO RECEIVE 15% OFF YOUR ORDER!

Enjoy the Flavors of a South Texas Fall with a New England Twist!


he typical iconography of fall comes from New England. The best example is the changing of the leaves that paint the northern landscape in red, orange, and gold to mark the passage into winter. This does not happen in South Texas.

Chris Veatch was chef/owner at the legendary Sarducci’s in Vermont. He also served as chef at CR’s in Coastal New Hampshire and at the Chartroom when he moved to Rockport. Now Chef Veatch is semi-retired and caters special events for friends and exclusive clients.

Fall in The Bend is more subtle. The sky shifts slowly from the burning yellow of summer to a softer shade of blue. The gentle north wind brings a change in the movement of fish in the bay, and makes their pursuit by anglers even more enjoyable. Fishing for reds reaches its perfection in October. We submit the redfish as an excellent icon for a Gulf Coast autumn.

Chef Veatch has tried hundreds of preparations for fish, but finds the best recipes are the simplest using the freshest ingredients. He seasoned the red fish filets with sea salt and crushed pepper, then made an herbed brown butter sauce in the pan in less than five minutes that took the fish to an insane level of deliciousness. We now want brown butter sauce on everything.

We wanted to give a New England fall feeling to our redfish filets and freshly-picked pumpkins, so we called our friend Chris Veatch.

Gnocchi is the Italian word for “lumps” and likely originated from nocchio, meaning “knot in wood.” Gnocchi is small potato dumplings. It is a traditional fall dish in many countries. The dumplings take work, but it is more than worth it to earn the flavor.

Chris Veatch is one of the originators of the farmto-table movement. Thirty five years ago, as an up-and-coming chef in Montpelier, Vermont, he sourced all his ingredients from local farms, fishmongers, and artisan butchers. When the national Farm-to-Table movement gained momentum, it simply caught up to what Chef Veatch had been doing for decades.

Pan-Seared Red Fish with Fall Pumpkin Gnocchi Serves 4 Prep time: 45 minutes Cook time: 2 hours

Fall Pumpkin Gnocchi Ingredients: 1 large russet potato 1 egg, beaten ¾ cup roasted pumpkin 1 ½ cups all-purpose flour, plus extra for dusting 1 tbs chopped parsley Salt and pepper to taste 2 fl oz olive oil 1 of your favorite apples, skinned and cubed 1 cup oven dried tomato or ¼ julienned sun dried tomato 1 cup of roasted squash or more pumpkin 1 bunch scallions, whites only (reserve greens for sauce) 4 fl oz Apple Juice or your favorite fruit juice Chopped parsley or sage 4 oz butter Grated Manchego or Parmesan if desired Directions: Bake or steam potato with skin on, peel and rice pulp. Split small pumpkin, salt and roast covered in foil. Remove pulp, rice, and let drain.

100 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Fall is a flavor in The Bend; the flavor of the sea and of local farms. Get your ingredients fresh, and distill them into the essence of the season, changing leaves and all.

Make well with flour and add beaten egg, parsley, pumpkin, seasoning and potato. Use favorite tool to mix: fork, spatula, or hand. Just don’t over mix! Let dough rest, covered, for ten minutes. Section dough into four; roll out into tubes that are ¾” thick. Cut and blanch in simmering salted water, when they float they are ready. You can store prepared gnocchi in the refrigerator for up to three days, or in the freezer for up to six months. Sear prepared gnocchi in hot oil until they begin to brown; add pumpkin, scallions and apple, cook for a minute. Add juice and reduce. Finish with butter and herb, season to taste.

Pan-Seared Redfish Ingredients: 4 six to eight ounce filets, with or without skin 1 fl oz olive oil 3 fl oz white wine 4 oz butter ½ fresh lemon Scallion greens, sliced Directions: Season fish with salt and cracked pepper. Sauté fish until cooked through and reserve to warm plate. Deglaze pan with white wine and allow to reduce by half. Melt butter in pan and allow to brown slightly. Add lemon juice and scallion greens. Serve fish on a bed of gnocchi, and spoon sauce over the filet.



A new school year brings a fresh start—and Mathnasium is here to help set the stage for success! Together, we can make this school year greater than last year!

Risk-Free Assessment Math Help and Enrichment

Test Prep

Homework Help

Mathnasium of Corpus Christi

361 444-6746

7426 South Staples St., #203 Corpus Christi, TX 78413

101 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Cuisine | The Dish

What is a Trattoria? A Trattoria is a kind of Italian restaurant. Trattorias are usually family kitchens, where dishes are cooked according to tradition. Within Italian trattorias a family atmosphere is all around the place.

920 Louisiana Ave. Corpus Christi, TX 78404 (361) 884-4400

Treat Yourself to Traditional Trattoria By: Jinky Romero Photos: Rachel Durrent

At Trattoria Taddei, the pasta is made fresh, the pizzas are authentic, and all meals begin with “Mangiamo!” The smell of good food being made and the smooth sounds of jazz and bossa nova are the first things to welcome you as you enter Trattoria Taddei.


he smiling faces all around, natural light coming from the windows, and the wooden motif all make up the homey feel that engulfs you immediately. Entering the restaurant feels like going home to your parents on a Sunday evening to your favorite meal. Trattoria Taddei, which literally means “the family kitchen of the Taddeis,” is not Chef Vasco and Alma Taddei’s first rodeo. They have had three successful restaurants, two in Mexico and one in Brownsville, Texas, before opening up here in Corpus Christi. The Taddeis take pride in that all dishes are made from scratch, and their ingredients are exported from Italy. As much as possible, they want to stay away from “Americanizing” their menu by going

102 The Bend

easy on condiments and staying true to flavors you’d only find in a traditional Italian family kitchen. True enough, their house specialty, Seafood Tagliolini, is like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. It’s made with handmade tagliolini, a traditional thin Italian pasta cut into long strips, and is typically whipped up with egg in the dough. The pasta is served with homemade tomato sauce and topped with seafood favorites – clam, mussel, squid, and shrimp. All together, they create a very distinct flavor that the Taddeis hope to one day be considered a trademark for their restaurant. Pasta aside, their menu also comes alive with a great selection of appetizers, pizzas, and dessert. Their Focaccia Mediterranean, a pan of oven-baked

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Italian bread, is the perfect mix of rosemary, garlic, and sea salt, tasty enough to prepare your palette for the entrée. And for the more delicate eaters, vegetarian and organic dishes and salads are available. Their Eggplant Pyramids, Four Cheese Fettuccine, and Potato Ravioli are just some of the meatless options you can ask for. If gluten-free is what you’re seeking, a special menu of handmade pastas are made just for you. Trattoria Taddei aims to serve our city artisanal Italian cuisine. Chef Vasco’s recipes, which have been passed down from generation to generation, all boast a traditional Italian flavor that is hard to find nearly any place else. Give Online Nov.15 & your donation will DOUBLE! Since November 2009, the Coastal Bend Day of Giving matching gift program, has raised over $7.3 million to help participating nonprofits provide services to those most in need. This year, 24 matching funders have pledged $725,000 in matching grants, allowing 45 nonprofit’s online gifts to double, up to $16,111 each. Join us by donating to your favorite participating nonprofit on November 15.


[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]



104 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Dining Guide Corpus Christi Padre Island Port Aransas Rockport Outdoor dining Live music

$ = Under $10 $$ = Mostly $10 - $20 $$$ = $20 and up The Bend Magazine Dining Guide is a select list of restaurants around the Coastal Bend. Implicitly, the magazine’s editors recommend all of these restaurants and they are not advertisements. Listings are updated monthly and appear based on space availability. Reviews and articles are written by our editors as a service to readers.

Restaurant owners: If you have news about your restaurant or a correction to our listing, we’re all ears! Send an email to or call (361) 792-3606

Cuisine | Dining Guide

American 8te $ A shabby chic interior feel with classic comfort dishes that have a simple twist. They have it all breakfast, lunch, and dinner! 1220 Airline #250, (361) 723-0261, Andy’s Country Kitchen $ You will feel right at home just like eat’n in mom’s kitchen. Great southern comfort food that gets back to the basics! 5802 S Staples St, (361) 993-0251, Atomic Omelette& Grill $ Omelettes are just the beginning here! Comfortable atmosphere, with a flavor for casual dining and handmade family recipes. 6313 Wooldridge Rd #10, (361) 334-3942, Citrus Bayfront Bistro $ Enjoy everything homemade, even down to the pie crusts with a gorgeous view of the marina. 100 N Shoreline Blvd, (361) 882-2047, Irie’s Island Food $ With bold purpose and flavor craving taste buds, they set forth a new twist on local fare and many culinary delights from islands around the globe. 503 N Alister St, (361) 749-2310, Liberty Hall Inferno $$ Herbs and vegetables grown on site, your dining experience will be unforgettable! 106 E. Cotter, Port Aransas, TX 78373, (361) 749-4888 MacDaddy's Family Kitchen $$ Serves BBQ, Fried Chicken & Seafood. Big tables for big groups, they'll also deliver! 118 Beach Street Port Aransas, Texas 78373, (361) 749-2271, The Grille $ Ensures you’ll always have the variety that is the spice of life! With ingredients sourced from Texas, Burger patties and soups are all made from scratch. 3063 Main St, (361) 775-1000, The Groove $$ A little something for every discriminating craving with an eclectic dining experience. Nothing is ever frozen or put in a fryer! 2001 N Hwy 35, (361) 729-3663,

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

The Post $$ Enjoy this pub in a communal setting with dishes that are meant to be shared, all alongside a cocktail or beer of course! 3850 S Alameda, (361)452-0907, Town & Country Café $ Down-to-earth this diner next door serves the best in homestyle American comfort food for breakfast and lunch. 4228 S Alameda St, (361) 992-0360,

Asian Aka Sushi $$ Creative and daring rolls that work well together. The authentic Asian cuisine made with the Chef’s homemade recipe will be sure to surprise you. 415 N Water St, (361) 882-8885 Sang’s Imperial Café $$ Culturally dynamic décor brings an international ambiance to the atmosphere. Their commitment to the healthiest and freshest food shows through from the dishes to the sushi bar. 4650 Corona Dr, (361) 8088881, TakeNiwa $$$ Sit in Hibachi and watch their talented chefs prepare your dinner. Or dine yourself to juicy steak and full sushi bar, your choice! 5216 S Padre Island Dr, (361) 356-6888,

Café BonnA-Petit $ Chef Sophie will always make you feel warmly welcomed, just as her gourmet dishes do. And don’t forget to grab a to-go dinner! 4301 S Alameda St, (361) 334-2579, Daily Grind $ A coffee bar with personality, they offer the finest in gourmet, rustic, or straight-up coffee favorites. Hungry? Stick around for their daily quiche specials, scones, and sandwiches. 302 S Austin St, (361) 790-8745, Hester’s Café and Coffee Bar $ Looking for a true family experience where love is the number one ingredient, along with the simple but important concept of quality and the healing powers of good food 1902 N. Shoreline Blvd, (361) 885-0151, 1714 S Alameda St, (361) 885-0558, 3812 S Alameda St, (361) 855-1892,


Cuisine | Dining Guide

Barbeque Hoegemeyer’s BBQ $$ Smoked freshbarbecue on a strong German heritage background and a satisfaction for something unique. South Texas barbecue that comes from the heart. 711 Concrete St, (361) 884-4227,

French Bleu Bistro $$$ True playful twists to classic French bistro dishes. The chef’s commitment to the use of fresh, local, peak of the season products is evident in the quality of each dish. 500 N Water St, (361) 887-2121, Dragonfly $$$ A fine multitude of international backgrounds to the cuisine prepared entirely from scratch daily by the owner and culinary artist. The menu is full of unforgettable flavor profiles to satisfy any craving. 14701 S Padre Island Dr, (361) 949-2224, Grill

Bar & Grill Brewster Street Ice House $$ Who says that you can’t have 4-Star food in a casual environment? Not the Brewster Street Grill! Bring your kids or stay for concert, they have it all. 1724 N Tancahua, (361) 884-2739,

Executive Surf Club $$ The perfect casual family dining spot. All the while supplying the most beer on tap in the city. 309 N Water St, (361) 884-7873, Waterstreetmarketcc. com/executive-surf-club FINS Grill and Icehouse $$ For the past 11 years, they've featured fresh seafood, 1/2 lb Angus beef burgers & chicken. Full full bar and you "You Hook 'Em, We Cook 'Em" for the fisherman. 420 West Cotter, Port Aransas 78373, (361) 749-8646,

Stingray’s Taphouse and Grill $$ Anindustrial-chic elite sports bar that provides you ‘raving fans’ a unique dining and entertaining experience, right around the corner from the beach! 401 Beach St, (361)749-2287,

106 The Bend

The Brewery $$ Brick Oven Pizza, Pub food & Burgers sound good? How about a fresh brewed-in-house beer? 429 Alister Street, Port Aransas, Texas 78373, (361) 749- 2739,

Italian Authentic New York Pizza $$ True, authentic New York Pizza right in your hands in Corpus Christi, complete with red-checkered tablecloths. 5838 S Staples St, (361) 986-1151, Bellino’s $$ Comfortable and welcoming with a trattoria style authentic cuisine. You won’t find these dishes anywhere else in Corpus Christi! 3815 S Alameda St, (361) 814-8998, 523 S. Fulton Beach Rd, (361) 729-9003, Brooklyn Pie Co. $ Enjoy a slice or indulge a whole “pie” of their delicious secret pizza tradition. 15326 S Padre Island Dr, (361) 949-1100, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria $$ Distinctive and authentic pizza baked to perfection in a signature coal burning oven you can see right from your seat, offers a unique crisp flavor. 5488 S Padre Island Dr, (361) 980-8600, House of Rock $ Great pizza and appetizers, cold beer, and live entertainment! Does it get any better? $$ 511 Starr St, (361) 882-7625, Mamma Mia’s $$$ Warm and cozy mom and pop Italian experience will make you feel like family. Entrees are delicious Italian culture on a plate. 128 N Mesquite St, (361) 8833773, Mesquite St. Pizza and Pasta Co. $$ Their 60 year old pizza oven brought in straight from Brooklyn New York, makes for the perfect pizza, as well asall the crusts and sauces are made in house. 617 Mesquite St, (361) 882-7499, Panjo’s Pizza & Pasta $ Ditch the pomp and circumstance, and eat the way your Italian Grandma intended. Fuss free and real, classic, and a true local secret! 2744 Highway 35 N, (361) 729-1411

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Russo’s Coal Fired Italian Kitchen $$ Brick-oven-fired Italian entrees and New York style pizza down south. The simplicity of a causal Pizzeria with the freshness of a fine Italian restaurant. 6418 S Staples St, (361) 986-0620, Venetian Hot Plate $$$ Quality cuisine and a quaint, yet energetic atmosphere, giving a real touch of Italy. 232 Beach St, (361) 749-7617, Bella Luna Downtown $$ Authentic gourmet Italian cuisine always made fresh to order in the heart of The Marina Arts District. 429 Schatzell St, (361) 887-4777, Port “A” Pizzeria $$ Bring the kids, as this family-friendly pizzeria offers an all-day buffet, video games and draft beer. Or, order straight off the menu! 407 E Avenue G, (361) 749-5226,,

Mediterranean Ginger Café and Grill $$ Eastern hospitality and authentic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, there’s so much to love about these Persian, Turkish, Lebanese, and IndoPakistani specialties. 7009 S Staples, 103, (361) 946-9834,

Mexican Molé $$ The vision lies in freshness, tradition and distinction; Mole’ is where true Central Mexican Cuisine can be enjoyed. 6042 S Padre Island Dr, (361) 334-6081,

Per uvian Costa Sur Wok & Ceviche Bar $$ This cevicheria is a true Peruvian party on your palette. The dishes are fresh takes on traditional originals from Peru. 15113 S Padre Island Dr #101, (361) 945-8303,

Seafood Black Marlin Bar & Grill $$$ Sit indoors, sit outdoors, see the Gulf Coast from any seat in the house while diving into top-quality coastal cuisine, live music and the best views around. 258 Snapdragon, (361) 749-4653,

Original recipes. Big taste. Limited time! Now serving two seasonal soups.

Pozole Verde

Corpus Christi 1416 Airline / 361-992-4649 5325 Saratoga / 361-980-8300 Order online:

Beef Stew

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Cuisine | The Drink

From Grain to Glass By: Whitney Noble Photo: Rachel Durrent

Local Brewery with Steins of Golden Oktoberfest Goodness

realize they’ve tasted the same beer, simply carbonated differently. From grain to grass, this Oktoberfest batch takes roughly 35 days. Also, try their Blonde, which is their top seller, and their Double IPA, the second best seller and the strongest! You might not make it to Germany this October, but you can get a taste of Oktoberfest here in our own backyard.

Since February 6th of this year, the Lorelei Brewing Co. has been brewing some of the tastiest beers around. At any given moment, the brewery BEER 101 has roughly 6-8 beers on tap – plus what’s miTheir “menu” showcases not only what’s gratory. on tap, but also these measurements: This fall, they’ve added an Oktoberfest to their menu. This lager (which means “storage” in German) has two renditions, the Oktoberfest and the Dirndl Dropper. Although they taste quite different, there is one small difference – the carbonation. In their back brewery, all shiney with silver kettles and magical mixers, the beer, on its last stage right before it enters the keg, gets carbonated with either CO2 or nitrogen. The change in gas changes the taste entirely. CO2 gives the beer more bite, whereas nitrogen makes it a bit creamier. Many tasters are shocked to

ABV = Alcohol By Volume (how strong it is) ABU = International Bitter Unit (how bitter or hoppy it is) SRM = Standard Reference Method (the scientific way to measure the color)

520 NAS Drive Unit #BL002, Corpus Christi, TX 78418 (361) 445-1084


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Dr. Ingraham has earned the reputation for orthodontic excellence in the Corpus Christi area for over 30 years! If you are considering orthodontic treatment, YOUR SEARCH ENDS HERE!


Calallen Office Five Points Center Across from Hobby Lobby



Patients starting Treatment in October receive a Water Pik! [the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]







The sights and sounds of the season begin here.

shop. dine. be merry. 5488 S. Padre Island Drive, Corpus Christi

110 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Cuisine | Dining Guide Black Sheep Bistro $$ A unique, trendy atmosphere that transcends age and style with a menu full of foods rich, colorful, and full of flavor. 15201 S Padre Island Dr, (361) 949-4819, Doc’s Seafood and Steaks $$ Lively and enjoyable selection for surf ‘n’ turf in an open-air setting overlooking the water, plus live music. 13309 S Padre Island Dr, (361) 949-6744, Glow $$ From a renovated boathouse, offers a simply cooked bistro fare using the best local seafood and produce. Bright, relaxed atmosphere with white-washed ship lap wood walls and a full bar. 1815 Broadway St, (361) 727-2644, Harrison’s Landing $$ Tavern on the Bay at Harrison’s Landing is Corpus Christi’s newest outdoor restaurant & bar located in the heart of the city’s marina, and is the only place in town with a floating bar! 108 Peoples St, (361) 881-8503, Harrisonslanding. net Island Time Sushi Bar and Seafood Grill $$ Stop in for fresh and inventive sushi, seafood, appetizers and desserts! Check out the weekday specials! 14225 S Padre Island Dr, (361) 949-3046, islandtimesushi Latitude 28˚02’ $$$ Contemporary dining experience specializing in tasty fresh, local seafood. Eye-catching walls that serve as a gallery space, holding colorful works by local artists. 105 N Austin St, (361) 7279009, Lisabella’s Bistro $$$ Casually coastal elegance yet, familyfriendly setting. Remarkable gourmet twist to the lunch fare, a poolside eatery, and a full bar that goes beyond just ordinary. 5009 Hwy 361, (361) 7494222,

Rock & Rolls Sushi Lounge $$ At Rock & Roll, they’re dishing out the most delectable and delicate fish from islands all over the world. Delight in a “sound check” or cold appetizer, an “opening act” or hot appetizer, then “plug in” for some rolls and sashimi! 15121 S Padre Island Dr #101, (361) 9491110, Roosevelt’s at the Tarpon Inn $$$ Gourmet dining at its finest in a beautiful Louisiana style home that sets the perfect tone for a taste of luxury. Historic background gives a unique sense of its famous visitors. 200 E Cotter Ave, (361)749-1540, Saltwater Grill $$ Unique family atmosphere with fresh and tasty seafood that will leave you coming back for more. 2401 Cimarron Blvd, (361) 993-7258,


Stay up-toGet the first date on the look into every latest events new issue. and trends.

Enjoy the dish on the best cuisine in the Coastal Bend.


Scuttlebutt’s Bar & Grill $$ Extensive menu, makes sure to have something for everyone. Foods made from scratch from the dressings to the burger patties14254 S Padre Island Dr, (361) 949-6769, Seafood & Spaghetti Works $$ A unique dining experience, you’ll find the very best in seafood, steak, Italian dishes, pizza, soups, and desserts all made from scratch. 901 S Alister St, (361) 749-5666, Seafoodandspaghetti. com Shells $$ Warm, inviting neighborhood restaurant offers a creative and far ranging menu that reflects a variety of world cuisines. Shakes off the old and tired and gets down to real good food. 522 E Avenue G, (361) 749-7621,




Shempy’s Grill $$ Laid back setting with a variety of

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Cuisine | Dining Guide delightfully cooked fish will turn anyone into a seafood lover. 3913 Highway 35 S, (361) 727-0019, Snoopy’s Pier $$ Outdoor dining experience and Local harvested quality with an on-site fish house and shrimp breading facility that enables the freshness. 13313 S Padre Island Dr, (361) 949-8815, The Boiling Pot $$ Roll up your sleeves and take manners to a new level for a great Cajun experience. 201 S Fulton Beach Rd, (361) 729-6972

(361) 749-7800,


Water Street Oyster Bar $$ Long-standing, well-known Corpus Christi landmark operation serving oysters, sushi rolls & Gulf seafood in a historic, brick-walled space. 309 N Water St, (361) 881-9448,

Niko’s Steakhouse $$$ Committed to the motto “Great food, Great times, Great experience.” Casual and elegant atmosphere that will exceed any steak lover’s expectations. 5409 Saratoga Blvd, (361) 992-2333,

Water Street Seafood Company $$$ Locally owned and operated and voted “Best of the Best” seafood. Fish is fresh never frozen, while sauces and dressings are all made in house from scratch. 309 N Water St, (361) 882-8683,

Republic of Texas $$$$ One of the top dining destinations. A multi-level steakhouse offers diners beautiful panoramic views of the CC Bay. All the ingredients for the perfect experience! 900 N Shoreline Blvd, (361) 887-1600,


Yardarm $$$ Savory seafood dishes with great bay view seating. Family owned gives off a special ambiance in the atmosphere as well as the entrees. 4310 Ocean Dr, (361) 855-8157

The Pheonix $$ This international bistro/nouveau American fine-quality cuisine is prepared daily using many ingredients from the Corpus Christi Farmer’s Market creating a constantly eclectic seasonal menu, where guests can choose to sit indoor and outdoor. 337 N Alister St, (361) 749-9277,

Thai Cottage $$ Unique and refreshing, Thai curries meet teriyaki and Chinese dishes in a cozy red cottage. 5830 McArdle Rd, (361) 993-0777,

Vietnamese Steakhouse

Trout Street Bar & Grill $$$ Cajun-inspired seafood in an airy environs is a wondrous way to enjoy food and cocktails inside the nautical themed restaurant or on the outdoor deck offering marina views. 104 West Cotter,

Vietnam Restaurant $$$ Local fine dining with an extensive menu and eye catching Vietnamese culture spread throughout the dining area. 701 N Water St, (361) 853-2682,

Katz 21 $$$ Sets the standard for premier fine dining experience. Prime steakhouse specializes in dry-aged prime beef and fresh gulf coast seafood. 5702 Spohn Dr, (361)


“Making Lives Better” “Making Lives Better”

Gabriel Lopez, M.D. Board Certified in Pain Medicine Fellowship Trained in Pain Medicine

Specializing in Interventional Pain

Rudy Garza, M.D.

Are you suffering from ChronicBoard Pain? Eligible in Pain Medicine Fellowship Dr. Lopez and Dr.Garza may be able to help.Trained in Pain Medicine

• Treatment options include injections * that reduce orall alleviate Treating typespain of and/or chronic pain a variety of pain relieving medications

* Most insurances accepted

• Treating all types of chronic pain including, but not limited back, neck, * Both Drs. are to fluent in Spanish joint, muscle, leg, arm, hip, knee, pelvic, abdominal, headache, shingles and diabetic pain. • Accepting new patients by self or physician referral depending

on insurance. 3825 SPID Corpus Christi, TX 78415

(Located between Kostoryz & Weber)

• Accepting Medicare, BCBS, Spohn, Humana, Humana Gold, Cigna, 361.225.0089 | | Workers “Se Habla Español” Tricare, Aetna, United Health Care, Comp insurance and many smaller ones.

Specializing in Interventional Pain


Fellowship Trained in Pain Medicine

Board Certified in Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology by the American Board of Anesthesiology Gabriel Lopez, M.D. Board Certified in Pain Medicine Fellowship Trained in Pain Medicine

112 The Bend

3825 SPID Corpus Christi, Tx 78415 (Located between Kostoryz & Weber)

361.225.0089 • • “Se Habla Español” [the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Rudy Garza, M.D. Board Eligible in Pain Medicine Fellowship Trained in Pain Medicine



Please join us on Thursday, October 27 for an exclusive Vintners dinner with Rombauer Vineyards at the Republic of Texas Bar & Grill. Executive Chef Danny Rosa has created an amazing four-course meal to complement different varietals of wine from Rombauer Vineyards.


O M NI H O T E L S . C O M / CO R P US CH R I S T I 3 6 1 -8 8 6 -3 5 1 5

LO C A L L I S T ’ S B E S T S T E A K • O M N I C O R P U S C H R I S T I H O T E L • C O R P U S C H R I S T I , T X [the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


History | Looking Back

Corpus Christi High School football players are ready for the snap at their first high school football game in 1904.

The Old Pigskin Kicking Off Fall in the Coastal Bend Since 1904 By: Jeff King Photo: Corpus Christi Public Libraries


y this time of year, a long-awaited cold front has slid across the United States weather map and has teasingly dipped its tail into the Coastal Bend, providing a slightly noticeable drop in temperatures. This unofficial sign of fall may be the necessary evidence for the rest of the country, but Texans have no need for any further evidence of fall’s arrival – high school football has already proclaimed its arrival! In 1904, the young athletes pictured above walked out onto a rough looking field with little, if any, protective equipment, unaware of the risk of injuries we know today. Cars would line up side-by-side along the football field in some of these early football games before Friday night lights would be installed around designated stadiums to allow for night games. Tailgates

would truly be used to watch a game in person, rather than be the name given to the tradition of rallying before a game in a parking lot filled with team spirit. As the two teams broke their first huddle and approached the line of scrimmage, they unknowingly paved the way for Corpus Christi to join the rest of the Lone Star State in the ritualistic celebration of the annual arrival of a time-honored tradition. The game has evolved. The traditions have grown. What has remained constant is the place that high school football holds in the identity of this state. Entire communities lay down their differences to unite over a leather ball one night of the week, and the cooler temperatures of fall will follow after the bright lights of a crowded high school football stadium in the Coastal Bend.

Did you Know American’s favorite game began over 100 years ago in 1863 in England. Rugby football and association football branched off on their different courses, and the Football Association in England was formed - becoming the sport's first governing body.

114 The Bend

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[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Hollon Safe Company 227 44th St. Corpus Christi, TX 78405 1-888-455-2337

Jessica Gilmore & Zack Gilmore Owners



Hollon Safes are designed, assembled and/or manufactured right here in Corpus Christi, Texas. Hollon Safes are designed with much higher security than any other gun safe available in the state. Zack Gilmore and his wife

HOLLON SAFES ADHERE TO THE HIGHEST STANDARDS OF DESIGN Find our safes locally at these retailers. AND DURABILITY IN THE INDUSTRY. Jessica started Hollon Safes 10 years ago, and have since provided quality safes throughout the Coastal Bend and the United States.

Corpus Christi Loc Doc

ABC Keys & Safes

909 Airline Rd. Corpus Christi, Tx 78412 (361) 992-2200

2619 Ayers St. Corpus Christi, Tx 78404 (361) 884-9522

Eagle Lock & Key

Visit us online - we have loads of safes

to choose from. Or search for dealers (888) 455-2337 | 14254 S P I D , #107 across the country in our nationwide Corpus TX 78418Christi, TX 78405 227 44thChristi, St., Corpus dealer network at

The Republic Gun Safe has 300% THICKER steel then anything else on the market!

(361)National 949-2233 Danny Burns, Sales Manager, Also like us [the on lifestyle • Hollon Safe magazine of the coastal bend] 116 The Bend

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Fire Test Certification

October 2016  
October 2016