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Fall/Winter 2016

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FROM A HOUSE TO A HOME The Bend: AT HOME is the region’s premier publication devoted to design, architecture, coastal living, and entertaining. Discover a more in-depth look at the most beautiful homes in the region and read intriguing stories about the personalities behind them. Full of practical advice and tips from design experts, we bring readers the latest in local décor and trends. This supplement is a must-read for anyone desiring to turn their house into a dream home and make memories for years to come. It’s our mission to help you feel more at home in the Coastal Bend. Copyright © 2016 Gemstone Media, LLC. The Bend: Coastal Life Magazine is published by Gemstone Media, LLC. No portion may be reproduced without express written consent. Editorial or advertising does not constitute advice, but is rather considered informative. Expressed opinions are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of ownership.


18 6 EXPERT Q&A Find out how Rockport Interior Designer, Steve Akin, turns drab to fab.

8 GET THE LOOK Why a hot fire pit is so cool.

12 BY DESIGN One local developer has built the first tiny house in our Coastal Bend.

18 OPEN HOUSE Explore the modern and lustrous custom-built home that used nature as art.

24 INDOORS Roll around with the best suited bar cart - how to create the look.

26 GET THE LOOK Metallics are back, they’re chic and oh so shimmery.

28 GARDENING Simple steps to prep your fall garden using the oldest trick in the book - Nitrogen Fixation!





Q: WHAT WAS THE PROCESS OF OPENING YOUR STORE, AND IS THERE SIGNIFICANCE BEHIND THE NAME, MAISON ET JARDIN? A: Maison Et Jardin is French for home and garden. My business partner and her husband are from Louisiana, so the French version of the name was a natural. We opened at our first location in the summer of 2007 as more of a design studio with home furnishings for sale and gradually added more gift and home accessory lines as we moved locations and increased our show room space. In 2014, Sharon and her husband, Charles, bought the building at 414 S. Austin Street, and I designed a new facade and interior for it. We opened the doors to our current store October 4 of that year.



This design pro and owner of Maison Et Jardin knows the art and science of enhancing the interiors.

Q: HOW DID YOU GET IN TO DESIGN? HAVE YOU ALWAYS HAD A PASSION FOR INTERIOR SPACES? A: My background is in Fine Arts and Business. After going back to University when I was 29, I went to work in the floral wholesale business in Austin. Upon returning to Rockport around 1986, I went to work for Bill Thompson, who owned several Ethan Allen stores in Texas. My job was to build an artificial plant and flower arrangement department in his stores. During those years, I worked with many great designers and found my calling in architecture and design. In 1996 I started my own design business, and in 2007 I opened Maison with the backing of my friend and business partner, Sharon Miller.


Q: HOW DO YOU STAY ON THE CUSP OF GROWING TRENDS? A: I read a lot of industry periodicals and books. Wherever I travel, I check out what is showing in the local home furnishing and gift markets. And of course we book “buying trips” to markets in Dallas, Las Vegas, Atlanta and New York! It is also important to have a natural talent for seeing where style and color is headed before it actually appears in the market place. Q: WHAT IS IT ABOUT ROCKPORT THAT CONNECTS YOU TO YOUR DESIGNS? A: Rockport clients are looking for Southern comfort and color ease. Rockport vacation-home clients want the influences of the seashore. Also, many of our local clients have ranches and want either Hacienda or Western style influences. Q: DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF TO HAVE A SPECIFIC DESIGN STYLE?

A: No, I believe my job is to take the client on a journey that gets them to the home they want to live in. My personal taste has no place in the end product of that journey, it only has its place in helping with the decisions we make on that journey. My job as a designer is to bring my client’s vision to life, not to impose my vision on them. Q: HOW DO YOUR INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICES TAKE SHAPE, FROM CONCEPTION TO COMPLETION? A: That depends on the client and what they want from me. For many, it starts with architectural conception of a new home or the remodel of an existing home. We work through the planning stages together making sure that the plans reflect exactly what they want before moving on to construction. Once they have chosen a contractor, many of my out-ofarea clients hire me to act on their behalf in overseeing the day-to-day progress and decision making that a construction project requires. During that time, we make all the decisions regarding materials, surfaces, colors, etc. At the same time, I am looking at what the client wants to use from their existing trove of home furnishings, art, and other items, and seeing how we can incorporate them into the new space. The clients and I are also making decisions regarding new purchases. It is all choreographed to bring everything together for final installation and move in to their new home. Q: WHAT IS IT THAT YOU LOVE SO MUCH ABOUT THIS INDUSTRY? A: The satisfaction of knowing that I have helped people, who have becomes friends, make their home a place they love.

FISH Window Cleaning has been showing up and getting the job done right the first time since 1978. Locally owned & operated. Proudly serving Port Aransas, Padre Island & the entire Corpus Christi Bay Area. Commercial & Residential • Professional & Reliable • Insured & Bonded • Screens, Skylights, & Solar Panels • Gutter Cleaning • Pressure Washing • Construction Clean-Up

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Fabric ottomans and poofs make for comfy and casual seating.

Garden stools serve another purpose. From the garden to girls night out. Easy to move around and sturdy for seating.

LIGHT UP THE NIGHT Friends + Fire = Fun

While the fire pit flame is strong, candle flames are not. Enjoy the glow and natural look with a flickering LED candle.



After a very hot summer, let’s keep things hot but in a more outdoor entertaining way. Fire up the fire pit for an evening escape! We gathered some friends on a breezy coastal evening and lit up the pit. With a glass of red wine and platters of cheese, the conversation carried through the evening. As the sun faded, the fire got brighter and laughter got louder. Just add chocolate and oversized marshmallows for s’mores not soon to be forgotten. An outdoor fire pit is such a great option for outdoor entertaining. Moving outside to relax near dusk will get easier as the heat fades away in the fall. Easy and always entertaining, a fire pit makes for a natural conversation piece as flames flicker.


The beautiful glass pieces that hug the flames in this fire pit by Riverside Pavers were a conversation piece themselves as the flames flickered and danced on them. A fire pit nestled into beautiful landscaping adds charm and hominess to your outdoor area. It’s easy to relax around the pit on comfy stools, adding pillows to walls. Lanterns add natural light to surrounding areas as the candle flames mimic the larger flames. What a way to end an evening. STYLING: Jo Anne Howell Oh Goodie Designs +Events LANDSCAPE DESIGN: Jamie Steen FIRE PIT AND PATIO: Riverside Pavers THANK YOU to Janet Pitchford of Cabana Homes for

opening her home to us and her friends Kathleen Pratt, Marsha Baxter, Patricia Tankey & Lisa Escue.


Special Promotion


or the past four years, I’ve had the privilege of serving on the Corpus Christi Jobs and Economic Development (or Type A) Board, which has funded many important projects for our community. The Type A dollars come from a 1/8 cent sales tax, approved by the voters in November 2002, for a 15-year period. Since 2004, Type A funds of $11,785,037 have created 1,948 new jobs, while increasing the investment in the City’s tax base by $113,006,444. Now, that is a great return, and it represents an annual increase of $685,117 in property tax to the City. It is important to note that this number is ONLY for the City… it does not include the additional property taxes also collected by the County, Del Mar College, the Hospital District or the School Districts where projects are located. Over the past 15 years, the Type A funds have helped us update, and care for the seawall, as well as for the Convention Center Arena. They also have given us Whataburger Field, and the Coastal Bend Innovation Center and the Drone program at the university. Type A funds have invested millions of dollars in job training programs and educational programs at Del Mar, Texas A&M Corpus Christi and at the Coastal Bend Craft Training Center, as well as incentivized 16 large companies to locate in our area. This has helped create and/or retain 628 small business jobs, create 1,062 internships for local students, and increased the annual number of graduates in various professional and vocational programs by 1,174. But one of the significant as aspects of the board, to me, as a third-generation Corpus Christian builder, is the Affordable Housing program. The Affordable Housing program receives $500,000 per year, for use in helping citizens in Corpus Christi become homeowners. This


program specifically targets qualified families who, may otherwise spend decades saving up the necessary funds for a down payment on a home, and it gives them the jump start they need to start down the road, to homeownership. Homeownership can be a transformative event not only for the families who qualify, but also for our community. To own your home is the American Dream, and it helps builds a family’s wealth over their lifetimes, and over generations. Homeowners are invested in their community, and are willing to invest time and talent to help their community improve. Studies have shown that children who grow up in a home of their own experience stability, and a sense of self-worth. The impact of homeownership on our city is no less impressive. A study done in 2007 shows that for each 100 homes built in our city, 285 jobs are created, and for every year thereafter, 71 more new jobs are generated… from that initial 100 homes. Additionally, in year 1, $12.6 million in income is generated, and local government takes in an additional $1.2 million in revenue. As a homebuilder, I get to see this transformation every day, on the faces of the families that buy our homes. The joy and pride that comes from owning a home of your own is part of experiencing the American Dream, and the accessibility to homeownership has set our nation apart from all others, since its inception. I have been honored to serve my city with my time on the Corpus Christi Jobs and Economic Development Board, and look forward to the bright future that the Type A Board has helped to create, for all our friends and neighbors, here in Corpus Christi. See you in the neighborhood, Bart Braselton

Bart Braselton is the Executive Vice President of Braselton Homes, the Coastal Bend’s oldest and largest Homebuilder and Neighborhood Developer. Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Bart is the third generation of The Braselton family building in the Bay Area. Returning to Corpus Christi after earning a BBA in Finance, as well as a second degree in Real Estate, from the University of Texas, at Austin, Braselton began working in the family business as a construction superintendent. Since then, Braselton Homes has won numerous local, state, and national awards, including the Energy Star Leadership in Housing Award, as well as the Environments for Living Diamond Award for Energy Efficiency. And, the company has grown into one of the Nation’s Largest Homebuilders, earning consistent rankings in the annual lists compiled by both Professional Builder, as well as Builder Magazine. Bart, a graduate of Leadership Corpus Christi Class 18, has served on numerous local community and business boards, including the Coastal Bend GreenBuilt Initiative, Bay Area Smart Growth, and the Police Foundation. Presently, he serves on the Board of Directors for the Community Development Corporation, the Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce, the Builders Association and the Corpus Christi Business and Job Development Corporation. Braselton and his wife, Michelle have 2 young children at home, and are active with Braselton Homes, in community and church organizations throughout the city, including the American Heart Association, the Food Bank, and CASA of the Coastal Bend.


Tiny TEMPTATION Julia Shodrok of Port Aransas had big dreams of something small. 12

HER DREAM HATCHED OUT OF A TINY TRAILER EGG, AND THE PINK FLAMINGO WAS BORN! . America, home of the free. But sometimes, freedom comes at a cost – it can look something like a monthly mortgage payment, electric bill, insurance premiums, or even the clutter of personal items. Port Aransas resident and developer, Julia Shodrok, saw a solution. Having been in the real estate industry since 1987, she is in


The vaulted ceilings and full-size kitchen makes this home appear far larger than 399 square feet.


familiar territory. High property values drove Shodrok to build the first tiny house on the island. A light flickered, and she decided, “I wanted to create a product that was less cost to me, the developer, and I could, therefore, pass along that savings to the buyer. My goal was to create a vacation spot that is attractive, new, and priced at the lowest price point on the island. Usually, when something is the lowest price for the area, it sells!� A tiny house is most commonly


fact that it makes homeownership possible for those who cannot afford a large mortgage. In my opinion, sometimes less is more.” Many television series have captured the tiny house craze, and follow-up confirms most who have done so are happy with their decision to downsize so dramatically. There is a real comfort in knowing you’re free from lots of maintenance, payments, and “stuff.” Delivered in late March of this year, it took roughly 3 months for the home to be complete. Shodrok recalled, “When they delivered the house, a long line of cars were following. Several followed it to see where it was going. Some stopped to get details. I have had a considerable number of people come out to see it just because they watch the HGTV series and wanted the opportunity to see one in person. They even get their picture standing in front of it.” It’s become an attraction of sorts, a source of intrigue. Many wonder how these homes can offer adequate space. One may assume that a tiny house must have tiny everything. But that could not be further from the truth! The kitchen is equipped with a regular-sized refrigerator, oven, and large sink. The bedroom comfortably accommodates a queen-sized bed, side tables, closet, and even some storage! The bathroom, right off the master and near the kitchen, has a full-sized shower, standard-sized sink with extra counter space, and room to move. The hot water heater is secretly hidden here underneath the counter, with full access from the exterior.

defined as a home of 500 square feet or less, either on wheels or a foundation. This one is at 399 square feet exactly. Not one foot over 400. That is because anything under 400 square feet is not taxable. Plus, 399 square feet sounds that much more intriguing! Her tiny home, affectionately named Pink Flamingo, is perhaps a replica of a doll house a little girl once played with, trimmed in white, accented with teal, and fancied with flora. Shodrok admits she’s always wanted a pink house (although this one may lean more toward coral!) but knows her husband wouldn’t buy into that. Inspiration for this color came from her vacations to the Bahamas and her love of the birds. It is picture perfect, sufficient, and simply a scaled down version of a normal home! “I am a developer, so I always look for innovative ways to create an attractive setting. This property is for sale. It has been totally a test product, because I already had the land and so many people across the country are fascinated by these little homes,” said Shodrok. “The incentives were enticing: the cost, the short construction time, and the


Between the kitchen and master bedroom is a staircase (yes, not a drop-down ladder!) that leads to the loftiest of lofts. Use this incredible space for more sleeping, or as a second living or game room. Notably, Shodrok made a point to purchase all home décor in Corpus Christi, as she believes in supporting local. The hutch in the dining room even came from Antique Row on Alameda! Tiny living is really about living indoors and outdoors. Shodrok gushed of the process, “Bring it in, create fun outdoor space, add some tropical plants, and you’re ready to enjoy!” And she has done just that. Palm trees line from the street all the way back to the home, and Shodrok planted all the fun and fragrant flowers and plants, herself. They range from the upgraded date palm tree, to asparagus fern, plumeria, hibiscus, fountain grass, and honeysuckle, just to name a few. She comes at least once a week to water the growing garden, stating that Port Aransas has a landscaping ordinance that she takes very seriously. Nationally recognized as an RV, this home is classified

“The incentives were enticing: the cost, it takes far less time to construct, and it makes homeownership possible for those who cannot afford a huge mortgage. In my opinion, sometimes less is more.” – Julia Shodrok 15


Zoning: • Zoning regulations typically have a minimum square footage for new construction built on a foundation. But for tiny houses that are typically on wheels, parking on one’s own land may be prohibited by local regulations who are against what might be perceived as “camping.” • Even some RV parks do not allow tiny homes, so always do your research.

as a park model. Although it is on wheels, 3 sets to be exact, it doesn’t sit directly on the wheels. It’s blocked on its frame and strapped in. To transport it, one must remove the skirt, put on the tongue, and unblock it before placing it back on wheels. “Also, in the event of a hurricane, it can be removed, saved from a storm,” Shodrok reminded.

moving on to my next project, wherever that may be. I love to take something that needs attention and give it new life, make beautiful spaces. Usually everything I do involves tropical landscape.” And she certainly has proven a propensity for creating innovative, attractive and alternate solutions to living scenarios. Huzzah for diversity and options!

The end product is exactly what she had envisioned. It remains on wheels because that is how it was delivered and there was no down time. Shodrok said, “I didn’t really gain inspiration from the shows on TV. I staged and decorated it as if I were going to live there.” She noted that she has never heard a negative comment from any of the curious spectators visiting the house. It is located in an unrestricted, commercial development where something like this is allowed. Everyone is shocked to see how spacious it really is and that you can actually live in these. Her passion for the home is undeniable. As far as what the future holds for Shodrok, she’ll admit, “My future will be

Embrace the small, liberate your living, and when in doubt, pop up a palm.


• Port A zoning allows this home to be on the island. However, it is classified as an RV, and the city of Port Aransas has an ordinance that you can only occupy an RV 14 days out of a 60 day period. This is not really a problem for most vacationers as that translates to one week out of every month. The home is built with impressive specs, however it is not built to wind code regulations.


KITCHEN: Gourmet-grade appliances and a double drawer dishwasher, all by Fisher and Paykel, are luxurious elements of this well-equipped kitchen.





LAID-BACK LUXURY SLEEK. ELEGANT. LAID-BACK.PARADISE!! These are the words guests use to describe the home of Ed and Gillian Spengler. Built in 2014 in the gated community of Kings Crossing’s Domain, the unique design of the home was guided by Gillian’s Caribbean upbringing and a home the couple visited in Hawaii. “I grew up in Trinidad and lived in a beautiful home with an open floor plan. I always knew that if I ever built, my home would have that feature and reflect the tropics that I love so much,” says Gillian. It’s pretty safe to say that the goal was accomplished! Walking into this home, you immediately know you’re someplace special. The tropical ambience begins in the front courtyard, where palm trees and other exotic flora seem to flow into the home’s interior. Floor-toceiling windows line the courtyard, which allow for nearly all rooms in the home to take in the


LIVING ROOM: A modern fireplace and chic lighting lend to the cool, contemporary feel of the home. A monochromatic color scheme adds to the sleek sophistication and enhances the tropical landscape just outside the windows.

breathtaking view. At the back of the home, similar windows overlook the pool, a natural creek, and a large open green space. “We wanted the outdoors to be our artwork,” reflects Gillian. The oversized patio boasts a custom outdoor kitchen, a tropics-inspired louvered window, and a richly stained wooden ceiling. “Some late nights, I love to sit in the living room and admire it all through the windows, such beauty and tranquility,” muses Gillian. “The dim lights from the patio lanterns, the reflection of the moonlight in the creek, and the crystal luminescence from the pool have such calming effects.” The pool is extra popular, mimicking a giant hot tub, where all can sit around and enjoy jets, conversation, and perhaps a cold cocktail. This soothing mood is also reflected in the interior of the home. A monochromatic color palette


of creams and blacks highlight the home’s sleek sophistication. Soaring ceilings are adorned with modern fixtures, and the furnishings are a tribute to a “less is best” attitude. Keeping it simple, a splash of color can be added with a well-placed accessory here and there. “I aimed at buying furnishings that fit the space – nothing bigger than need be,” shares Gillian. No “can’t touch” showrooms in this home! All rooms are used on a daily basis. “We knew the third bedroom would be used as Ed’s office, so we fitted it with double doors so he, too, could enjoy the view of the courtyard.” Somehow, Ed does get work done here, but it’s hard to see how the ambience wouldn’t be distracting enough to play hookie. The open floor plan makes it easy to comfortably entertain family and friends and accommodates a

TOP The Black River Stack Stone used to accent the home gives it depth and texture. It’s curb appeal at its finest. LEFT The outdoor kitchen boasts wine cooler, fridge and grill. Kick back in the loungers and enjoy the pool, creek, and a chilled drink.


growing family. “I love to entertain, cook, and dance to the beat of the music,” Gillian says. Their kitchen is equipped with high-end appliances for ease of cooking for whoever is baking, boiling, stewing, steeming or grilling. And after feeding their family and friends, it only seems fitting to dance off the meal. “Our friends and family know they can always drop in and before long, the music begins! The more the merrier!” The sleek gourmet kitchen and spacious living room spill and overflow naturally into the dining area and wet bar. This oversized space welcomes crowds and makes mingling easy. The sense that every guest is valued is reflected in the minutest details. “It was very important to me to have a round dining table, so no one is left out of any conversation,” states Gillian. A true testament to the attitude of a gracious hostess! MASTER BEDROOM: A large master bedroom provides ample sitting space to insure a relaxing refuge for the owners.



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Nothing beats a great bar and nothing beats an even better bar cart! Add this entertaining piece to your home, and welcome your guests with sophistication. For all the Martha’s out there and the Martha wannabes, it’s easy to style a bar cart with a few essentials to keep this focal point “on point.” Starting with a great cart is essential. It doesn’t have to have wheels, any tiered side table will do, but of course to keep its vintage charm, a rolling cart is preferred and more versatile. Picking your favorite liquors is key, as is a beautiful bottle. Staging more than one bottle is a great idea, but keeping it simple is also important. Of course offering many drinks is fun, but streamlining your choices will help keep your cart tidy. You can always choose to serve one signature drink from your cart while still providing an “open bar” from your in home bar nearby. But what’s inside the cup is only half the fun! Pretty party ware and glasses are a must. From glitzy glassware to snazzy swizzle sticks (and not your basic beverage naps) make for a fanciful presentation! Keeping necessities like lemons, limes, and as seen here, oranges, to juice up your drinks, adds more color and presentation as they can be placed in bowls and remain within reach. Shake it with a shiny shaker and a pretty pitcher with a fruity drink. A monogrammed hand towel or tray and your favorite flowers will make your cart more personal. What’s best? Your cart can go from room to room with you…looks like you just found a new best friend.


SWIZZLE STICK DIY A fresh flower bloom was added to the tip of an acrylic stir stick with a touch of hot glue. Use any small detail that matches your mood or theme. Try customizing to a theme, fishing lures, buttons, and custom printed paper flags. The possibilities are endless, just be creative!


This fun font dressed up a plain glass pitcher, from stab to fab.

SHAKERS GONNA SHAKE. Every bar needs a shaker to mix things up. Bringing a metallic shaker to the party adds sparkle and it’s useful.

THE LARGE-SCALE TEXTURED MERCURY GLASS LAMPS add a “wow factor” to that focal point. Touches of silver accessories of metal, glass, and terra cotta add a bit of a modern flair to natural elements.


Look beyond your typical bendy straw, and dress up a glass with foil wrapped straws.

SERVE YOUR GUESTS RIGHT. with this acrylic tray that has a slit for interchangeable designs. Match the look with a piece of gold marbled wall paper cut to size.





5 3

7 6





$32.99, Thirteen & Market


2. PEWTER SHELL SALT & PEPPER SHAKERS: $62.00, Susan Castor Collection

3. GOLD STARFISH: $10.00, Susan Castor Collection


$19.99, Thirteen & Market


$9.99, Thirteen & Market



$75.00, Coastal Closet

7. METALLIC FLOWER: $39.00, Chic to Chic



$108.00, Coastal Closet



$15.00, Coastal Closet

11 Mixing metals is no longer a faux pas, rather it adds strength and sheen to a space - that perfect synergy between powerful and pretty.



$15.99, Thirteen & Market






HOW TO PLANT A COVER CROP: 1. Prepare your garden beds by tilling the soil and raking the surface smooth.

Arikara Yellow

Top Pick Pinkeye Pea

Kentucky Bush

2. Plant your black-eyed pea or bean seeds four inches apart in all directions. Plant the beans or peas 1” deep, and water them daily until they sprout. Then water them once or twice per week.

Gold Wax Bush

3. For maximum nitrogen fixation, till the entire plant into the soil when they are at full flower, but before the pods set. Alternately, you may harvest all the beans or peas you want, leaving the plants intact. When you are finished harvesting, till the entire plant into the soil.

Contender Bush Kentucky Wonder Pole Jackson Wonder Lima

Stringless Bush

4. You will now have maximum soil fertility with excellent organic material as mulch. Plant the seeds or transplants of your favorite fall and winter veggies.

Blue Lake Bush



5. To determine when to plant your peas or beans as a cover crop, check the seed packet for the number of days to maturity. Some can take 45 days to mature, and then ready to be tilled into the soil.

This old farmer’s secret is the best way to start your Fall garden!

eas and beans are among the oldest and most important vegetables in human history. Not only are they rich in protein and carbohydrates, but actually fertilize the soil as they


Farmers have long used a process called cover cropping (also called green manure) to reinvigorate a spent garden or to supercharge the soil for a new planting. This technique is a lost art, but you can use it to achieve astonishing results in flower beds or vegetable gardens. The best way to prepare your fall garden is to first plant a cover crop of black-eyed peas or beans. Plant your peas or beans 30 to 50 days prior to your fall planting date, and you will have all the

fertilizer, mulch, and pest control you need already built into your garden!

Before the days of chemicals, gardeners routinely rotated beans and peas into their gardens to condition and fertilize the soil. This old-fashioned technique is still the best way to invigorate a garden for planting!

What is Nitrogen Fixation and How Does it Help?

Beans, peas, and other legumes fertilize the soil as they grow through a process called nitrogen fixation. In this process, the roots of the plants convert nitrogen in the atmosphere to usable nitrogen in the soil. Moreover, the broad leaves of beans and peas form a canopy to shade the soil, which helps to retain soil moisture, prevent weeds, and provide a habitat for beneficial predators, such as frogs, toads, and ladybugs. Only use bush beans or peas as a cover crop, and not pole beans that require a trellis. Southern peas,

such as black-eyed peas or cowpeas, are grown in hot weather, and are best planted in the heat of early September. As the weather cools, plant bush beans of any variety. English peas, such as sugar snap, can be planted in the cold weather of winter.

Legendary Legumes • Beans and peas are among the oldest and most important food crops in human history. They are rich in protein and carbohydrates. Eaten with grains, such as


wheat in Mesopotamia and corn in Mesoamerica, legumes helped humankind evolve from foraging to farming.

• Peas were first domesticated in Mesopotamia 10,000 years ago. Pea cultivation spread to Asia and Europe, then to America through English colonists.

• You can add 200 pounds or more of powerful nitrogen per acre (which is several pounds in a small garden) to your soil simply by growing beans or peas!

• Beans and black-eyed peas fertilize the garden as they grow!

Fall is Right Around the Corner!


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