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Coastal Chic Escape PLUS

The 2016 IT Colors You Must Have

01 Spring 2016






FROM A HOUSE TO A HOME The Bend: AT HOME is the region’s premier publication devoted to design, architecture, coastal living, and entertaining. Discover a more in-depth look at the most beautiful homes in the region and read intriguing stories about the personalities behind them. Full of practical advice and tips from design experts, we bring readers the latest in local décor and trends. This supplement is a must-read for anyone desiring to turn their house into a dream home and make memories for years to come. It’s our mission to help you feel more at home in the Coastal Bend. Copyright © 2016 Gemstone Media, LLC. The Bend: Coastal Life Magazine is published by Gemstone Media, LLC. No portion may be reproduced without express written consent. Editorial or advertising does not constitute advice, but is rather considered informative. Expressed opinions are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of ownership.


24 6 EXPERT Q&A Organization can change everything! Find out how.

8 GET THE LOOK A fun spread based on Pantone’s 2016 color trends for the right pop of color in your home.

12 PROPERTY Beauty, grace, water, and family retreat, all in one spectacular home in the Islands of Rockport private community.

18 BY DESIGN What goes into the perfect custom home? The perfect residential designer behind the scenes!

22 ROOM FOR THOUGHT From top to bottom, take a peek at one of the most stylish rooms in the Coastal Bend.

24 OUTDOOR LIVING Kick back and relax! That’s what an outdoor space is for. Add a pool, and you’ve got it going on!

26 SMART HOMES Technology has piqued, and it’s making its way into the home! Check out some of the coolest devices on the market.

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Q&A with Professional Organizer Jessica Neblett, IOrganizeCC









HOW DID YOU GET INTO ORGANIZING PROFESSIONALLY? WHEN DID YOU KNOW YOU HAD A SERIOUS KNACK FOR IT? After my twins were in school, I was trying to figure out what to do with my time and energy. I knew I had great organizing skills, but I didn’t realize there was a market out there for organizers. I did a lot of research and discovered NAPO, which is the National Association of Professional Organizers. This organization opened up doors for me, and I was able to get pointed in the right direction to begin my business. WHAT ROOM(S) DO YOU FIND YOUR CLIENTS HAVE THE MOST TROUBLE WITH? I don’t know if there is one room specifically. If I had to choose, I see mostly offices and garages that people have the most trouble with. Here is some advice for specific spaces: Offices / Filing I have lots of clients that can’t find their current bills or their insurance policies. It’s really important for people to establish a filing system that makes sense to THEM. I can come into someone’s home and establish a whole filing system for them, but if their habits aren’t like mine, it will never work. It’s so important to work with the client’s way of doing things. My goal is to just tweak what they are doing. A really good tip I regularly use is to have an empty file just for items that need to be filed. By having a “To Be Filed” file, you can just pop the papers in there until it fills up and you have a little time, then you can put everything in its respective place. Kids Toys It’s not feasible to expect these little guys to put things back where they belong, and moms have enough to do as it is. I find the easiest way to deal with the overflow of toys is to have a large basket for each child. They can easily pick up toys and put it in their designated basket. PURGE if their basket is overflowing! As a mom, you know which toys they play with and which ones they don’t.

Garages My best advice is PURGE. We (including myself) have so much stuff we don’t use. Also, get some shelves (they don’t have to be expensive) and get that stuff off the floor. With shelves, you can see what you have and you can establish zones. By this I mean you can use one set of shelves for gardening items, another for paint, and so on. Closets Here is a fact for you…We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time! Yep, depressing but true. Ladies, (and some men out there) we’ve gotta get rid of it! Try and think of it as making room for all the new clothes you’ll buy. I will admit this is a challenge even for me. Kitchens Think of your kitchen cabinets as real estate. If your cabinet is at eye level and you don’t have to stand on your tippy toes to reach it, then that is your beach front property. Put the items you use most often right there (cups, plates, spices). Do you have to crawl half way into your cabinet to reach an item? That would be “the hood” real estate part of your kitchen. Put that Kitchen Aid mixer or bread maker you only use once a year right there. WHAT IS THE EASIEST WAY FOR SOMEONE TO START ORGANIZING A ROOM ON THEIR OWN? ANY QUICK AND EASY TRICKS? I have lots of tricks! The best first step to take is to get rid of anything you don’t use. Clean it out! If you have trouble with donating or trashing stuff, I like to have my clients put their items in a box and store it in a garage or attic. Then I have them put a note on their calendar at the 6 month mark. If they haven’t used anything in the box within that time frame, then it’s time to donate it! There are so many worthwhile charities in our community, it’s best to evaluate what you have and then decide. The Salvation Army will come pick up large items such as furniture, and CharityClothingPickUp. com will come grab all those clothes you never wear anymore.

HOW DOES BEING A MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZERS HELP YOUR BUSINESS AND HONE YOUR OWN TALENTS? NAPO provides so much education for anything a Professional Organizer might need, such as business advice, client advice, and skill advice to name a few. It is the gold standard for the organizing industry. Any time I encounter something new (i.e. green organizing) I can go to their website and most likely take a class on it. WHAT’S THE MOST SHOCKING TRANSFORMATION YOU’VE DONE FOR A CLIENT, AND HOW DO YOU KEEP YOUR CLIENTS CALM WHILE TACKLING THE TOUGH ITEMS? I redid a huge master closet for a client of mine. There was already a closet system installed when they bought the house, but it wasn’t very efficient, and my client was frustrated with it. My clients trusted my vision and I surprised them when they were out of town for a week. I personally removed the old system and installed the new system and put everything in its place. They were so happy with the result. It got to the point where every time they went out of town, I picked a large project to redo. It worked well since they didn’t have to see the crazy mess during the project and only saw the finished product. DO YOU SEE YOURSELF KEEPING CORPUS ORGANIZED FOR THE UNFORESEEABLE FUTURE, AND HOW DO YOU GAIN THAT CLIENT TRUST? Absolutely, it’s in my blood! Trust levels really depend on the client. You are in someone’s home and that is their sanctuary. You are sometimes working with very sensitive and private information. It’s extremely important to respect their privacy and follow their lead. Lots of times they are embarrassed because of the clutter. This may sound silly, but I’m kind of like a doctor and I have seen it all, so nothing bothers me. However, it bothers them and this is what is most important to keep in mind. I never want to push someone into doing or sharing something with me they are not comfortable with.



Lilac Gray

Presenting Rose Quartz and Serenity as 2016 colors of the year! The world-renowned authority on color, Pantone, is known for being “it” in color design. They’re the provider of pigmentation systems and leading the way in technology for color selection, color accuracy and forecasting trends. Here, we’ve matched some of the latest color crazes to fun trinkets around your home. The right pop of paint and knickknacks can make your space fun and inviting.

Snorke l Blue



Rose Quartz


Peach Echo

1. Buttercup

Green Flash

ell Limpet Sh








1. Simplified Hand Soap - Bleu Frog 2. Macaron Trinket Box - Bleu Frog 3. Piggy Bank - Harrison’s Landing 4. Jon Hart Zip Wallet Shannon’s Distinctive Fashion 5. For Tea’s Sake - Hamlin Pharmacy 6. Placemat - Bleu Frog 7. S&P Shakers - Harrison’s Landing 8. Corkcicle Tumbler - Hamlin Pharmacy


Special Promotion

Home Improvement


en Franklin once famously said, “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” Here at Braselton Homes, we’ve never stopped looking for ways to improve each and every house that we build.

so that our homes are contemporary and beautiful inside and out. Most importantly, we’ve focused on building houses that meet the particular challenges of our area: efficient and low-cost air conditioning is a priority as well as exceeding the state standards for windstorm and other weather related disaster prevention.

We Braseltons have been building Corpus Christi for three generations, and the secret to that longevity is that each generation has been a pioneer and innovator in the field. My grandfather was one of the first in the country to use the modern slab technology that, to this day, makes our homes more resistant to the shifting ground in our area than any other. My father began building whole neighborhoods here on the city’s South Side, because he knew that was our best corridor for growth. Since I began working here at the family business, we’ve brought Green Building to the Coastal Bend, ensuring that our growth is sustainable and less damaging to our environment to protect it for future generations.

Our commitment to improvement includes our dedication to building our community through our support of the nonprofits working to improve the lives of our friends and neighbors. Through our support of New Life Refuge Ministries, the Food Bank of Corpus Christi, Habitat for Humanity, the American Heart Association, the American Diabetes Association, the Salvation Army, CASA, and others, we are grateful for the opportunity we’ve been given to make a difference here in our hometown for those who really needed our help.

Home improvement, to us at Braselton Homes, means constantly improving the homes that we build. From researching the most efficient appliances to doing our homework to find the best insulation to use, we make sure that your home is running at the lowest cost possible to you. We also have a team of experts who are always looking for the next trends in interior and exterior design


Our city is experiencing unprecedented growth over the past five years, and that growth is expected to continue over the next decade. Braselton Homes is committed to continue looking for ways to improve how and what we build for our customers so that our growth is thoughtful, measured, and sustainable- something of which we can all be proud. Now that is home improvement we can get behind! See you in the neighborhood, Bart Braselton

Bart Braselton is the Executive Vice President of Braselton Homes, the Coastal Bend’s oldest and largest Homebuilder and Neighborhood Developer. Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Bart is the third generation of Braseltons building in the Bay Area. Returning to Corpus Christi after earning a BBA in Finance, as well as a second BBA in Real Estate, from the University of Texas, at Austin, Braselton began working in the family business as a construction superintendent. Since then, Braselton Homes has won numerous local, state, and national awards, including the fastest Growing Builders in the U.S. and has grown into one of the Nation’s Largest Homebuilders, earning consistent rankings in the annual lists compiled by both Professional Builder, and Builder Magazine. Bart, a graduate of Leadership Corpus Christi Class 18, has served on numerous local community and business boards. Presently, he serves on the Board of the Community Development Corporation, as well as the Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, he serves as Chairman of the Coastal Bend GreenBuilt Council, and President of the Board of the Corpus Christi Business and Job Development Corporation. Bart and his wife, Michelle, have 5 children, and are active church members at Corpus Christi’s Church Unlimited.


PIE-SHAPED LOT The home was built on a pie-shaped lot to block the sun and catch the cool breeze.

SIMPLY COASTAL The Matkin Home was designed for a family that loves the outdoors, featuring a traditionally designed wrap-around porch that overlooks the stunning Aransas Bay and intracoastal canal. 12

LOCATED ON A PIE-SHAPED LOT IN THE GROWING ISLANDS OF ROCKPORT COMMUNITY, THIS VERY TRADITIONAL COASTAL HOME WAS DESIGNED TO FULLY MAXIMIZE THE INCREDIBLE VIEW OF THE ARANSAS BAY. After vacationing in Rockport for the past 15 years, Joe Matkin and his family decided it was time to sell the family condo in Key Allegro and build a new home designed specifically for their growing family. In fact, Matkin’s entire family was involved in the design. It was a priority to have enough bedrooms for his daughters’ own families.



It was probably one of the most family oriented homes I have ever done.

BELOW: The infinity pool has been perfectly positioned to give the impression of merging into the surrounding waters.

“It was probably one of the most family oriented homes I have ever done,” said residential designer Michael Mahoney. They all wanted to take advantage of the view, but

the pie-shaped lot presented an interesting challenge. The lot itself was chosen to offer special protection from afternoon sun exposer and catch a cool sea breeze blowing in off the water during sweltering summer days. There were details the family debated on, but everyone agreed that the house was missing something without the wrap-around porch. Wire, stainless steel cables were used around the porch in place of rails. It meets building codes and creates better visibility, which was a primary concern. Mahoney did a considerable amount of thinking before even

putting pen to paper. To take full advantage of the view, Mahoney followed the property line on the south. “We put the house parallel to it, and the other side that angles, that’s where we put the garage and junior suite. That angle is the one that looks straight out onto the bay. It’s a beautiful lot, but if we had turned the house to the other angle, we would be looking right at other houses,” says Mahoney. It took about six months to work up the plans and then about a month to bid it out to builders. The Matkin family is actually in the building business, so the pro-


cess was not foreign for them. They chose J.R. Gilmer as the builder and stayed very involved. The home features three bedrooms downstairs and a beautiful upstairs master that connects to the living room. Intentions designed clearly for kids and grandkids, there are five bedrooms total. The downstairs features a kitchenette and entertainment area for the little ones to use that leads right out to the pool. With minimal square feet to work with, the junior master suite worked out nicely. Disconnected from the rest of the home, it allows for more privacy. ABOVE As the heart of the home, this kitchen is the hub for the entire family. The sink is strategically placed for entertaining and for the view looking out to the water.

BELOW The decorative glass tile backsplash adds a simple pop of serene color and elegance.

THE DESIGN This home has a distinct traditional coastal design. Some of the key elements are tall, two panel doors, transoms (transverse horizontal structural beams) over the windows. The wrap-around porch pays homage to the very traditional architecture. The large roof allows for the larger dormer that Matkin requested himself. It really gives the design its character, along with the stately looped balconies. This porch was a costly addition, but it was completely worth it. Unlike most homes, the interior was actually created and inspired around the floor itself. The unique tile, manufactured in Brazil, is rare and difficult to come by. It perfectly resembles old wood siding from a rustic barn, creating the interior’s perfect Texas-coastal ambiance. The design is very nautical with a hint of coastal chic. These subtle nuances ensure that everything is very simple and elegant. The family preferred an airy, uncluttered look.

KITCHEN AREA Gracious eight foot doors adorned with crown molding and vaulted ceiling are just a few aspects that make the Matkin manor the traditional coastal home they conceptualized. The kitchen is defined by its large bar top area that can seat the entire family. Between the two large pantries is a booth that the Matkin’s daughters voted for. It’s not only aesthetically appealing, but it also serves as a practical dining space for the grandkids. Most of the time, the children will spend their time downstairs and then come up to eat. The granite is reminiscent of emerald, which is almost a perfect reflection of the Aransas Bay.


The kitchen is defined by its large bar top area that seats upward to sixteen. 15

ABOVE Distressed colorful wood bedroom sets further emphasis the beachy, rustic, chic feel of the whole home.

BELOW A separate garage houses many of the family’s water toys and outdoor activity items.

The pool is very family-friendly, containing two shallow beach inlets.


MASTER BEDROOM The master bedroom features subtle, yet, stunning features. A transom accents each window; a classic feature that many newer homes no longer have. The large master bathroom also contains a separate upstairs washer and dryer and large chipped tile shower. They decided to forego an extra large closet space, as sweeping, comfortable beach clothes don’t take up much room! The view from the bedroom windows is spectacular. The reflection of the morning sun off the Bay is one welcomed wake up call.


ABOVE Islands of Rockport is quickly becoming the gated waterfront community that’s all the buzz. Phase I is complete, and the relaxed elegance this community exudes is attracting buyers from all over who desire the large lots and private docks.

The Matkin’s have a true affinity for the outdoors. To accompany the incredible porch, the home features a spacious downstairs patio overlooking the intracoastal channel. The wrap-around patio leads out to the pool overlooking the boat dock. Jim Post, with Coastal Reflections in Rockport, designed the pool. The pool is very family-friendly, containing two shallow beach inlets. The garage features a separate tack room for fishing equipment. The tack room is a common feature in many of Mahoney’s designs. The garage is long enough and fixed to hold a boat.

儀唀䄀刀吀娀 䌀伀唀一吀䔀刀吀伀倀匀 匀吀䄀刀吀䤀一䜀 䄀吀 ␀㐀㔀⸀   ⼀ 匀儀 䘀吀

䌀伀刀倀唀匀  䌀䠀刀䤀匀吀䤀

㌀㘀㈀㔀 匀⸀ 倀伀刀吀 䄀嘀䔀 ㌀㘀㄀⸀㠀㔀㌀⸀㌀㌀  

倀伀刀吀  䄀刀䄀一匀䄀匀

㄀㜀㈀㘀 匀吀䄀吀䔀 䠀圀夀 ㌀㘀㄀ ⌀䌀 ㌀㘀㄀⸀㜀㐀㤀⸀㐀  㔀


㌀  ㈀ 䠀圀夀 ㌀㔀 一⸀ 匀吀䔀 䐀 ㌀㘀㄀⸀㜀㈀㜀⸀㈀㄀㘀㜀


let’s do

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Before his pen hits the pages of his sketch pad, Mike Mahoney spends months conceptualizing each design.






When Mike Mahoney built his first house in the mid-60s, it was the beginning of a life-long passion for design. FROM THE FIRST SKETCH TO COMPLETION OF CONSTRUCTION, IT IS AN UNFOLDING OF THE CLIENT’S DREAMS.

Born and raised in Dallas, residential designer, Mike Mahoney, almost missed the opportunity to follow his artistic dreams. Mahoney graduated from Southern Methodist University with his degree in business and a minor in art followed alongside extensive study in design and architectural history. His late father wanted him to enter the family business, a prominent insurance firm. That stint was short lived, as Mahoney was more inclined to follow in the footsteps of his family’s long legacy of artists. In addition to his mother being an artist, his great-grandfather was a renowned portrait painter, with works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. He could not resist the calling.

classic homes in Dallas’ prestigious Park Cities community.

Mahoney took the plunge and built his first house in the mid-60s. The residence was a traditional golf course home. It was the beginning of his passion for creating imaginative and tasteful designs enhanced by an ability to embrace and share the visions of his clients. An ardent student of design and architectural history, Mahoney gained recognition in his field and spent the early days of his career building and remodeling

In the 80s, Mahoney became intrigued by the landscape of Kerrville, moving there to open a Design/Building firm. For 23 successful years, he created magnificent custom homes on hillsides, golf courses and sprawling ranches in the Hill Country. His love for fishing, however, ultimately lured him to Rockport, where his keen eye for coastal-style architecture led to designs of distinctive residences on the waterfronts and fairways. Mahoney’s southern roots made for an easy transition from rustic nuances to

decks and verandas reaching out to waterfront views. Kerrville and Rockport exteriors are a study in contrast, but Mahoney’s penchant for space planning is the key ingredient in his interior design. While each phase of his career has been meaningful, being able to live and work in Rockport has proven to be the zenith of his professional life. Armed with years of experience, he was prepared for the opportunities offered by the Coastal Bend. “New developments such as The Reserve at St. Charles Bay and the Islands of Rockport are positively impacting the


LEFT The Alpine home was Mahoney’s first home. His creative genius was evident immediately in this stately masterpiece. BELOW Featuring a valet style pull up, grand double doors, dignified columns, and intricate curb work, there were few homes like it in the 60s.

new construction and custom home building business,” said Mahoney, “and individuals from all parts of the country are discovering the beauty of the Texas coast.” Mahoney enjoys his working relationships with a cadre of fine builders in the Rockport area, and he has designed homes in Key Allegro, Harbor Oaks, Rockport Country Club and other prominent neighborhoods. He recently designed a custom home at the Islands of Rockport, along with a variety of plans for the development’s new construction building program. Since a number of customers are out-of-town clients building a vacation home on the coast, Mahoney offers construction management for the projects. This service includes expediting, verifying and assisting the contractor and client with allowances. It further extends to helping clients select light fixtures, flooring, paint colors, plumbing fixtures and other amenities of the home. Through the internet and design publications, he keeps abreast of building trends, products, construction codes specific to the coast, and all aspects of design and construction. Mahoney knows this is imperative, but places equal value on establishing a strong personal relationship with a client. He begins the design process with extensive interviews to fully absorb their vision and lifestyle. Determining size, shape and function is fundamental, but capturing how individuals want to


live in and savor their space is critical to the creative process. As a residential designer, Mahoney then draws the plans and when he completes them, they are sent off to be professionally engineered. Success has been a constant companion throughout Mahoney’s career, and he credits it to the personal relationships he establishes with clients and being active in community affairs. Having a strong interest in maritime history, Mahoney served on the Board of Trustees of the Texas Maritime Museum. During his term, he contributed the architectural drawings for the Education Building and served on the building committee from inception through completion of the structure on the grounds of the museum. He is currently in the process of contributing plans for the proposed YMCA in Rockport. He was appointed to the City of Rockport’s Board of Adjustments and also was a member of the Water Equality Board. Dedication to his clients and giving back to the community is the

foundation of Mahoney’s success, with personal referrals being the driving force. Mahoney and his wife, Paula, enjoy waterfront living in Harbor Oaks and spend their free time fishing the waterways surrounding Rockport. They have 4 children and 7 grandchildren, whose visits add emphasis to the lifestyle for which the Coastal Bend is famous. A consummate professional, Mike Mahoney has enormous enthusiasm for his design projects. It begins with a blank canvas, starts to take shape as he and the client revel in imagination, and evolves into a plan harmonious with one’s personal and individual lifestyle. “My happiest days are spent at the drawing board, sketching people’s dreams and seeing their vision come to life,” said Mahoney. His approach to designing coastal homes is akin to his love for the earth, sky and sea, with spaces designed to capture the all-encompassing beauty.

Located in Portland’s Exclusive Northshore Community...

Pam morin

Colorblock semi-custom panels

Light-filtering roller shade

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THE LARGE-SCALE TEXTURED MERCURY GLASS LAMPS add a “wow factor” to that focal point. Touches of silver accessories of metal, glass, and terra cotta add a bit of a modern flair to natural elements.

HORSE HEAD SCULPTURES on the coffee table that flank the Mercury glass bring in the best of both modern and rustic worlds.

THE RECLAIMED WOOD FLOORS add a lot of character and warmth to the room.


THE LIVE EDGE COFFEE TABLE and end table bring in a natural element that compliments the reclaimed wood floor, and the metal legs take the natural element and bring in a more industrial modern concept.

Traditional Western living rooms tend to have a sofa, coffee table, bookshelf, lamp, and rug. Traditional UK living rooms tend to have fireplaces, and traditional Japanese living rooms have sectioned mats for comfortable sitting. No matter what geographic location, it’s about comfort, entertaining, and personal style. Coined in the late 19th century, the living room, lounge room, sitting room, parlour, whatever you call it, is meant for sitting, relaxing, and most importantly, socializing! TOUCHES OF LOCAL FLAIR such as a longhorn help identify your space and pride of Texan ownership.

THE BLACK WOOD AND MIRRORED CONSOLE along with the abstract artwork in natural colors adds warmth and creates the focal point in the room.

THE COORDINATING SQUARE ARM SOFA and chair offer luxe modern appeal with faux fur and hand stamped quote pillows.

- Shop the look at Decor in Portland 23

OUTDOOR ENTERTAINING We do live in one the most outdoor-friendly environments that can be enjoyed virtually year round! So, the perfect place to host your friends and hang out with your family can be very important to take full advantage of with the blissful weather with which we are blessed! 24





he hot summers just beckon for a pool and the perfect outdoor space. Whether you’re one to throw pool parties, teach the kids to swim, take late night dips, spend lazy Sundays on a comfy blow-up floating lounger, or all of the above, an over-the-top pool like this one meets all the criteria! Numerous fountains trickle for that serene, spa feel.

Keep it low-maintenance, yet sophisticated with simple bright lounge chairs and a comfortable couch set underneath the covered patio where the TV is mounted for those must-see shows and sports events. The Great Yard is perfect for children to run, play, and have their own space. Homeowner Hailey Riedesel expresses, “Our backyard is a perfect piece of paradise all year long whether we are lounging or listening to the soothing sounds of the waterfalls or having a party complete with surround sound. Eve-

nings are always a joy to watch the kids splash in the bubblers on the tanning ledge while the adults enjoy an evening game and dinner on the back porch. Summers are a blast laying on the lounge chairs, reading a book under the fans while the children burn their energy running and swimming all day long!” BELOW With a view like this, it’s easy to see why the homeowners opted for furniture that can host many.

ABOVE Many water features are wired to actually turn on and turn off at the times you’ve set.






Can a home be “smart”? Maybe a house doesn’t have a brain, but there are many new devices and technologies that can be connected to speak to one another, allowing homeowners to control their homes from inside and from afar! NEST THERMOSTAT Be comforted by your Nest, this self-learning thermostat that uses WiFi so you can control it, and it can in turn learn your habits by using motion to adjust the temperature. Designed to be sleek, simple and beautiful down to the hardware, the Nest is the new self-taught thermostat that knows its owner, and will even light up when you walk into the room. “The Nest was so easy to install and looks cool on the wall. It’s learned my office’s heating and cooling preferences, and at 7 pm each night, the temperature goes down. In the morning, it goes back up. This is great for saving energy and decreasing your electric bill in an era where we’re all trying to be a little more ‘Green’. The WiFi networking allows me to monitor the Nest from afar when I’m out of town or even just right at home!” – Christopher Kight, owner of O2 Dental


PHILIPS HUE Smart lighting is here! These fancy bulbs work with HomeKit for Apple iPhone integration. Control your lights with Siri voice, and design your own personal lighting system using the Philips Hue A19 Bulb Starter Kit that includes three bulbs and everything you need to set up a wireless lighting system. Use your smartphone or tablet to control via apps. Create and save lighting “scenes” you’d like to use again. Ambiance, energy saver, and choose warm to cool bulb shades.

Moen ioDIGITAL Finally, an athome digital spa! In the shower, this programmable device goes inside your shower with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to set and maintain the perfect temperature and flow with digital precision. The LED indicators flash until the requested settings are achieved, so no more guessing if your shower or bath is ready. Use the remote to turn on your bath or shower from up to 30 feet away, or top off your tub with hot water. Change the way you shower!

Our Certified Stucco Home Inspectors are trained to see what other home inspectors don’t.

Our home inspector “saw“the potential problem during the home inspection (most inspectors would have missed it) & advised the buyer to have a certified stucco inspection.

The certified inspection confirmed there was a problem behind the stucco allowing the buyer to negotiate needed construction repairs into the sales contract.

Stucco and EIFS are very popular exterior finishes for homes in the coastal bend area. Unfortunately, Stucco and EIFS. (Exterior Insulated Finish System) are very good at hiding problems. The type of problems that can turn the home you’re planning to buy into a frightening money pit.

Every standard new home inspection from Signature includes the use of our Zip Level-Site Elevation Measurement System to verify the integrity of the homes foundation (the same tool used by foundation engineers) AND the use of our Infrared camera system to spot hidden moisture issues from plumbing or roofing problems. Don’t roll the dice when buying a house with stucco or EIFS siding. Have your home inspection done by the stucco/EIFS experts at Signature Inspection Services.

At Signature Inspection Services, we offer the most complete home inspection service packages available using the most advanced equipment. Our inspectors are fully trained in the pitfalls of stucco/EIFS and can offer complete, Certified Stucco/EIFS inspections.

Signature Inspection Services– The most complete home inspection service in the Coastal Bend.

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Although we may not quite live in a world of elaborate robotic contraptions (well, does the Roomba count?) and holograms, there have been some huge advances in our world of home technology and conveniences. The Smart Home connects devices around your home to interact. The idea is really that the homeowner can give a command, be it by voice, remote, smart phone or tablet, and the home reacts. What used to be only for the rich and the famous, is now becoming more main stream. Many of the devices and technologies have come down to more reasonable prices, and builders and architects are becoming more familiar with and more comfortable integrating them into homeowners daily lives. Convenience, it’s a beautiful thing.

Simon XTi “Welcome!” Simon XTi may greet you and your guests. This is a self-contained security system that offers exclusive image captured technology, alongside powerful security and color LCD touch screen. Amenities include: Control A/C, control lighting, control audio/video, built-in PSTN 2-way voice capability, chime feature for monitoring door, window or motion activity, and, of course, control security system. “Being able to access the security cameras from my phone to check on the kids and the house has been incredible. We also love being able to control the air conditioner, TV and lights without a bunch of remotes to have to use. Our phone or tablet is all we need!” -Ron Richardson, homeowner


Homey Central station! This central automation device is placed in the center of your home, connected to your WiFi, and scans to find all of your other automation devices and appliances. Talk to it, as it will listen to voice commands to turn on your lights, close the blinds, and even pick a movie. Meet your very own personal home assistant.

GE Brillion Oven A WiFi-enabled range or wall oven lets you set timers, check cooking status, and preheat - whenever and wherever you are. Download the app, GE Brillion app and preheat your oven from anywhere you are, set timer alerts for when you are baking or roasting, and change the oven’s temperature from afar. It’s simply mouthwatering! “The GE Brillion Oven can be accessed on a smart device and have the temperature set and be turned on to preheat and setup cook times and stop time and will alert you when the food is done cooking.” – Eric Newman, Braselton Homes

Vivint This security system is far more than simply an alarm. Its smart features can all be controlled from your phone. Skip the wires! The standard security equipment comes with the Vivint SkyControl panel with 7’’ touch display, a smoke detector, door & window sensors, a motion detector, a key fob, a Vivint yard sign, and there’s even additional equipment available such as a doorbell video, HD video recording, remote door access, garage door controller, outdoor video, and smart temperature control. “We absolutely love this system! It’s so easy to use and offers so many features right through our smart phones. The display in the house is a high-tech touch screen and allows you to view your cameras and play back any recorded clips from detected motion. I can set the system from the display, my phone or from my key fob. Also, being able to change the thermostat before I get home is an amazing added bonus! For us, it was about protection, but also ease and affordability!” – Tara Gallaspy, Realtor


Distinctive Landscapes Start Here... Wondering where to start is where we love to start!

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We offer professional landscape design services to help you plan before you plant. Nothing is more important than the design itself. Call us today for a free consultation.

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   

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       

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  



stone m as on staf ons Call fo f ra free es timate

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| 160 U.S. Highway 181 West Taft, TX 78390 | Revision #:


Landscape Plan: 1

Landscape Design by: Donna Mazzola

Date: 3/24/2015

1" = 10'


McNamee Landscapes

It’s Almost Summer Time! Save money on your utility bills by switching to ductless heating and cooling!** Call (361)727-0086 to find out how!

! n o e r F **Financing options available, subject to approval.

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