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[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


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So much more! 8 The Bend


Julian Gold model, Teresa Cantu, isn’t married herself, but loved the dress and will certainly shop the bridal section of the store when her big day arrives.

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

February | Meet The Staff

A little about:

Kaley Regas Production Director Born and raised in the Coastal Bend, Kaley is a Portland native who is passionate about helping people fall further in love with where we live. Before launching The Bend Magazine with her husband, Jordan, she spent nearly two years as an Event Coordinator in Austin. She is a quick learner and her willingness to tackle anything that comers her way is the only reason the magazine ever made it off the ground. Kaley has finally settled into her roll as Production Director, where she helps to bring all the hard work of our team to life. Designing beautiful cover pages is one of her special talents and around the office she is referred to as, “The Cover Queen!” It’s safe to say that without all the work and effort she puts in behind the scenes, The Bend would never make it to print. Kaley is simply a ray of sunshine in an office with one window. She loves theater, music and coffee, but nothing compares to the love she has for her two-year-old daughter, Gemma.

CONNECT WITH US @ @thebendmag

What’s the best wedding you have ever been to?

We want to see your most outrageous, funny, over-the-top wedding moments. The most unusual photos received will be uploaded to our website!

#TBBESTwedding to your wedding photos.

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


February | Letter From The Publisher


story is our story I

majored in English and Creative Writing in college, which is ironic considering I should have flunked English my junior year of high school. I was never the best speller and often confused creative writing with creative grammar. My struggle with the technicalities of the English language nearly prevented me from discovering what I was meant to do. During my time in junior college, a professor and mentor helped me look below the surface of literature to discover the power of storytelling. Stories are all around us and come in many different forms. Ten thousand years ago, they were chronicled on cave walls and passed down through oral tradition. Today, we are bombarded daily with stories on the web, social media, television, and more. We share stories with coworkers and chronicle our day to friends and family after work. Humanity is obsessed with storytelling, because we live them out every day. We write them down, type them on a screen, or post them on social media. Often, this is a way to help us make sense of life; to help us see the bigger narrative we’re facing. The idea that perhaps our daily lives are insignificant is not only dismal, but it’s inaccurate. I believe that we all have a story to tell, and that ultimately our small stories are a part of a bigger one happening within our communities. At the end of 2015, our staff sat down to map out goals for 2016. I won’t bore you with the details, but I will say that the most powerful moment happened while discussing the thing we wanted to be known for. During the debate, one of our team members perfectly summarized everything we said: Your story is our story. The Bend has a lot of big plans this year. We just launched a brand new website,, and we’re very excited about our upcoming event, Brunch on the Bay, happening in April. However, telling your stories will always be our priority. We believe that everyone has a story to tell and that your story not only matters, but it’s essential to what’s happening in the Coastal Bend. It’s a privilege to share them, and if you know of any great stories happening right now, we want to hear about them.

Jordan Regas

Favorite page I want to introduce our new travel department launching this year called Destinations. It’s a unique concept that allows residents and visitors to discover local vacation destinations around the Coastal Bend and offers a resource guide for a quick weekend trip to cities near and far. Send in your recommendations to

10 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

Serving South Texas Since 1947

Nancy Coll, DMD

Dr. Coll studied dentistry at a French University in Montreal, Canada. After graduating, she moved to the beautiful Northeast territories for ten years. Dr. Coll is down to earth, enthusiastic and strives to treat each patient with kindness and respect. She loves helping her patients and experiences the greatest reward when she sees them return each year. She is thrilled for this new adventure with The Allen Dental Group and looks forward to meeting you.

Services: · Comprehensive Care · Veneers · Dental Implants · Crowns · Teeth Whitening

General Dentists: Sarah Medina, DDS Arnoldo X. Cuellar, DDS Alex Vial-Nadeau, DMD Nancy Coll, DMD Prosthodontist: Chad Allen, DDS, MS

Corpus Christi: Portland: (361) 854-7999 (361) 643-0416 525 Doddridge Corpus Christi, TX 101 Cox Drive, Portland, TX

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Around the Bend



What’s Inside Sand sculpting, or “sandscapes” as the experts say, requires a certain kind of sand for the best results. The test? Pack a golf ball size wad of wet sand into a ball. Flatten your palm with the ball of sand in the middle and carefully roll the sand into a ball. If the sand hangs together, you’re good to sculpt!

12 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}


Shape Your Lips Lift Your Cheeks Fill Your Creases Renew Your Skin

Call for Selfie Specials

RESERVATIONS 361.561.0240 Photofacial Fractional Laser Resurfacing Rejuvapen Vein Therapy Chemical Peels Facials Scars Stretch Mark Therapy | 7121 SPID Suite 206 Corpus Christi TX 78412 [the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Around the Bend | Currents

Currents The Great Heron Sculpture Installed at the entrance of the Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve & Learning Center, Corpus Christi has a new addition to the City’s Public Art Collection. Standing tall at 24-feet high, 6-feet wide, and 30-feet long, this breathtaking steel sculpture of a Blue Heron with a stainless steel fish in its beak was created by Dixie Friend Gay, nationally-acclaimed artist. Through the City’s ‘percent for art’ ordinance that sets aside 1.25% of qualifying capital construction project costs for public art, Dixie was able to bring this beautiful bird to our art scene.

Chuy’s Mexican Restaurant Coming to Corpus Chuy’s Holdings Inc, a Tex-Mex restaurant chain based in Austin, confirmed it is planning to open a new restaurant in Corpus Christi by late spring 2016. The restaurant is known for its eclectic decor and fresh ingredients that make up a unique take on Tex-Mex. Recipes come from a mix of flavors from Mexican border towns, the Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico, deep South Texas and Austin. Rumor has it, Chuy’s has had its sight set on Corpus Christi since the 1990s. Now is the perfect time with our residential growth, tourism, and booming port. Chuy’s is known for decorating on the “cheap,” as the legend goes, using wooden fish, hubcaps, and other found objects — seemingly anything that shined or sparkled — to attach to walls, tables, ceilings and even floors and doors. The location has yet to be revealed.

Beach Trash Cans The Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation Department is in the process of replacing the 55-gallon trash containers that currently line the beaches with 96-gallon ones. New containers have already been placed on Padre Island beaches. Recreation Director, Jay Ellington, said all the news containers should be in place by Spring Break 2016. The city expects to receive nearly $3 million in additional funds for beach maintenance this year, so all Island beaches and Bay beaches will receive the cans - and may even get more lifeguards. Keep Corpus clean!

14 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

Clothing & Accessories from Babies to Ladies 4234 S. Alameda St. | Town & Country Shopping Center 361.992.9690 |

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Around the Bend | Person of Interest I would be forever stressed out and that is no fun. There is always something to worry about or a detail that may not come to life. Clients always ask “why aren’t you stressed?” or “when are you going to freak out?” My answer is, “Never! If I’m stressed you’re stressed.” I’m known as “Jo Cool” and that is how I intend to stay. If I had to worry about weather or a vendor not coming through for me, I’d never sleep again or plan another party. Then I’d be out of business. How do you help your clients stay within budget yet still deliver exactly their vision?


Event Coordinator, JoAnne Howell with Oh Goodie Designs + Events By: Whitney Noble Photo: Dustin Ashcraft

What made you want to be a wedding planner, and how long have you been in business? I do many types of events but I do love weddings! I love to be able to meet with a newly engaged Bride-to-be and watch the process progress as she grows. They come to me with much vision or none at all and I enjoy being able to complete or create that vision for them. I allow my Brides to be as hands on or hands off as they wish to be. It is fulfilling to me that my Brides can truly enjoy the process as well as concentrate on the marriage as that is the most important aspect. I have been planning events for over ten years but recently moved to the Coastal Bend less than three years ago and contemplated, after a life event, moving to Dallas with my family and it’s big event scene but could not turn my back on this amazing coastal community! Every event I have had here has turned into something bigger and better. My clients and the people I have met throughout this process have been more than wonderful to me. I decided to build my business here and “go big or go home,” and that is exactly what I plan to continue to do.

16 The Bend

Budget is not a word I discuss lightly. I’m either given a nice “budget” or a simple budget. I know exactly what my client wants and I put the money where it needs to be. I have rerouted many weddings that were in the planning process before I was hired and made amazing events with smaller budgets. I know where to get the “wow factor” and clients appreciate me moving their money around to accomplish that. I love saving my clients money, and that is always much appreciated. Vendors I work with are always shocked to see how little I can spend to make a vision come to life. It’s called having a design eye and knowing what will work and what won’t. Events planners have it or don’t. It works best when you do.

What makes the Coastal Bend the How many weddings have you planned perfect place to own your business, Oh Goodie Designs, and are most of clients and what makes them memorable? local or using our coast as a DestinaI have been planning weddings for over six tion wedding venue? years. I offer a personable service that is my At this point I cannot imagine Oh Goodie trademark and many of my Brides and I beDesigns anywhere else. The people I have come friends and their families are very special to me. From small weddings to large, they encountered are hungry for more and deserve amazing events. If I have learned one thing all require my undivided time and attention. in this town it is you like to party! Everyone My events are very detail oriented, therefore wants their party to be the talk of the town. I I do not like to “overbook” myself as many am constantly upping my game, staying ten companies do. I enjoy giving my clients all of steps ahead of the rest and outdoing myself my time and attention with their event which, each time. When I came to town, I knew not in turn, helps the process run smoothly. From a soul. I am so grateful to be here doing what the moment I sit with a client and they share I love in a community that I have grown to love with vendors that I love. My clients are so their wishes with me I am “already there.” I work tirelessly to create that for them and the important to me and my vendor relationships are everything to me. The Coastal Bend is bemost memorable moment is when they see everything in action for the first time. I love a coming that “destination” get away, because we can provide clients with the beach wedding or Bride and Groom or hostess that cannot stop downtown gala that many are looking for withsmiling and “good tears.” out travelling away. Many Brides and Grooms are coming “back home” to be married and What is your secret for staying calm excited to show off their hometown. I’m proud under pressure, and how do you deal with day-of event hiccups and problem to be a part of the area’s growth and rediscovery! solving? Well, thankfully I am a very easy going and calm person. I have to stay calm in my job or

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

Come visit us in our new expanded location!

ents v E l s a Specis Reunionies Clasate Part rties Priv stmas Pa tings Chri ness Meenners Busi arsal Di tering Rehe ption Ca arties Recerement Pciation Reti t Appre Clien

Open for Lunch Mon - Fri (11a-3p)

After Hours & Weekends available for Private Parties & Events

5402 Holly Road, Suite #102 Corpus Christi, 78411


Home of 9 All-You-Care to Eat Sides & Homemade Cobbler (while it lasts)

(361)884-4BBQ or

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Around the Bend | Five Best

Kids Best Birthday Parties

The Top Birthday Party Destinations of the Coastal Bend “My favorite thing to do is teach kids of all ages a skill that they will be able to use frequently and improve on forever.” -Chip Cooper



Learn The Art of Sand Sculpting Award-winning sand sculptor, Chip Cooper, will delight up to 30 children with lessons in the art of sand sculpting. The three-to four-hour party can be held on the beach or brought to you for an additional fee, with the sculpting tailored to the party theme. 361-852-4216


Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History The museum has a variety of party packages available, all of which feature museum admission. Use of the party room is included in all packages, as is pizza and drinks. A craft, science experi-

18 The Bend

ment, or museum tour is part of the higher level packages, and various add-ons are also available.


South Texas Botanical Gardens and Nature Center With both indoor and outdoor spaces available, possibilities for parties are endless! Set up tables and chairs for a themed tea party. Bring in a bounce house. Add a butterfly release to the package. Membership is required to rent, and it’s easy to join.


Cruise with a Pirate Red Dragon Pirate Cruises in Port Aransas offers

birthday parties aboard their vessel. Sword fight with a pirate, hunt for treasure on board the ship, and engage in a (water) gun battle all while sailing along the coast of Port Aransas. Birthday packages not available June, July or August.


Get Air Leap into the air, get buried in the foam pit, or try and conquer the Ninja course. Get Air offers a variety of fun, physical activities for all ages. This indoor trampoline park’s party packages include use of the party area and 90 minutes of jump time.

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

August – most common birth month, over 21 million Americans have birthdays in August (and the least common is February). October 5th – most common birth date (9 months after New Year’s Eve). May 22nd is the least common birth date with the exception of February 29th. $27.2 Million – Most money spent on a birthday party. This extravagant party was for the Sultan of Brunei’s 50th Birthday in 1996. 2 Billion birthday cards are given each year in the U.S. - that is 58% of all cards given annually. Golden Birthday – When your age and date of birth are the same.

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Around the Bend | Style

Anniversary Gifts Traditional and Modern by the Year By: Candace Reichert

You’ve probably been there: Only days left until your wedding anniversary, and you still have not gotten a gift for your spouse. To ensure you are prepared on your next special day, refer to our quick reference guide for each anniversary. Whether your style is traditional or modern, stress no more and focus on what really matters on this day – L.O.V.E.

year one

Monogrammed Paper Stationary Set While monogramming has been around since the early days of Roman and Greek nobility, monogram mania is hugely popular. Giving a monogrammed items as a gift shows that you put thought into personalization.

year two

Fresh Cotton Fragrance The smell is reminiscent of a sweet coastal summer breeze blowing through. This soft white fluffy substance is warm and hugable. Already have a fragrance you like? Opt for a fun Mr. and Mrs. pillow case. Crisp and bright, cotton is the fabric of our lives.

year three

Custom leather boots Here in Texas, leather and boots are a match made in heaven, just like you and your spouse! Two boots, two of a kind. Go two-stepping, you deserve a date night! A beautiful leather-bound book or wallet would also go over well!

20 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

year fifteen Etched Crystal Decanter Set One cannot go wrong with anything that’s luminous, sparkly, and is made from crystal. Pour your favorite wine through the set and enjoy it with your loved one for years to come. This will be passed down through generations.

year twenty Silver Dipped Dinnerware Every house needs that nice set of china to pull out during fanciful dinner parties. Metallics never go out of style, nor does silver! Perhaps pair this ware with a set of sterling serving spoons.

year fifty Engraved Gold Cuff Links Nothing looks more polished than a man in cuff links. Make them special by engraving his initials, your anniversary date, or even wedding vows. Add a tie clip and you’ve just set your man up for success!

Year 1 2 3 4 5 10 15 20 25 30 40 50 60

Traditional Gift Paper Cotton Leather Fruit / Flowers Wood Tin / Aluminum Crystal China Silver Pearl Ruby Gold Diamond

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Modern Gift Clocks China Crystal / Glass Appliances Silverware Diamond Jewelry Watch Platinum Silver Diamond Ruby Gold Diamond


Around the Bend | Giving Back Become a Volunteer: Becoming a CASA volunteer does not require any special education or background, simply the desire to help abused and neglected children find safe, permanent homes. They offer training classes that will prepare you to make a difference by becoming the voice of a child in court. The next new volunteer training starts March 1st. For more information on becoming a CASA contact Samantha Koepp-Stemplinger at 361-884-2272 or

CASA of the Coastal Bend By: Samantha Koepp-Stemplinger Photos: CASA

To the rescue, CASA has one goal: Be an advocate for the neglected and abused children in need.


magine an average classroom filled with children. Now imagine 30 classrooms filled with children. That’s around 740 children, the size of one elementary school, and that’s how many children there are in foster care as a result of child abuse and neglect in the Coastal Bend. For many of us, the only time we think of child abuse and neglect is when we hear of it on the news, when the actions have occurred and children have been removed. What we don’t hear is what happens to those children once they are separated from everything they know and their struggle to have a voice in determining their fate. Thankfully, there is an opportunity for these children to have someone be appointed to them who will speak up for them in court. This someone is a CASA volunteer. CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of the Coastal Bend is a nonprofit organization of trained, court appointed volunteers who speak up for and find permanent homes for foster children in crisis throughout Nueces, San Patricio, and Aran-

22 The Bend

sas Counties. Volunteers receive thorough, professional training that consists of 24 classroom hours, a police ride along, and court room observation. Once appointed to a case, a CASA gets to know the child and everyone involved in their life (family, teachers, doctors, therapists, lawyers, CPS worker, etc). Based on the information they gather, CASAs make recommendations to the court regarding the child’s best interests and they stay on the case until the child is placed in a safe, forever home. The difference you can make as a CASA is invaluable. A Child Protective Services worker typically is responsible for 60-65 cases per month, while a CASA volunteer is responsible for 1 case, allowing them to give quality attention to the child and to the case. A child without a CASA volunteer spends on average over 2 years in foster care with 75% of those children returning back to the foster care system. The children who have a CASA spend on average 1 year in foster care and are less likely to reenter the system. They are also more likely

to pass all their classes in school. As of now, only one half of the children in foster care have a CASA. The organization is making a plea to the community for the need of volunteers. The campaign is spearheaded by the completion of an additional building that will allow for more support staff as well as housing a teen lounge and a kid’s playroom for volunteers to bring their CASA children to after court instead of talking to them in a loud, crowded hallway. The building completion is planned for mid-2016. It is being made possible by the Charity League of Corpus Christi. Selected out of 50 organizations that applied as the recipient for the League’s 2015-2016 fundraising, it began this past October and will be awarded in 2016. The goal is to provide every child in the foster care system in the Coastal Bend with a CASA. Help break the cycle of child abuse and call today to become a CASA!

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}


Beginning more than 25 years ago, a Seattle Judge, David Soukup, decided he needed to know more about the children whose lives were in his hands. His solution? Create a community of volunteers to act as a “voice in court” for abused and neglected children. These Court Appointed Special Advocates™ (CASAs) provided him with the detailed information he needed to safeguard the children’s best interests and ensure quick and safe permanent home placement. The program was so successful that all over the nation, states began to mimic it. The first CASA program established in Texas was Dallas CASA in 1980. Today, the CASA movement has evolved into one of the largest volunteer organizations in the country. In Texas, there are 68 local CASA programs with more than 5,000 volunteers serving 20,509 foster children.

∠  一漀 刀攀昀攀爀爀愀氀 刀攀焀甀椀爀攀搀 ∠  䤀渀猀甀爀愀渀挀攀 䄀挀挀攀瀀琀攀搀 ∠  䤀渀瘀椀猀愀氀椀最渀 ∠  䤀渀瘀椀猀愀氀椀最渀 吀攀攀渀 ∠  䐀愀洀漀渀 䈀爀愀挀攀猀 匀礀猀琀攀洀 ∠  匀甀爀攀匀洀椀氀攀 ∠  䌀氀攀愀 ∠  䌀氀攀愀爀 䈀爀愀挀攀猀 ∠  䤀渀ⴀ䠀漀甀猀攀  ─ 䘀椀渀愀渀挀椀渀最

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


SOUP UP It’s time for

12 of the best soups you ever tasted:

• Every soup is made to our original recipes. • Every spoonful satisfies with premium, real ingredients like wild-caught Gulf shrimp for our gumbo, juicy pot roast for our beef stew and all-organic ingredients in our vegetable soup. • Every day we serve 12 varieties of simmering hot soup, chili, gumbo, pot pie and stew.

Corpus Christi 1416 Airline / 361-992-4649 5325 Saratoga / 361-980-8300 Order online:

24 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

Named “Spirit Song Rock” for native legends

Destinations QUICK TRIP 26 DISCOVER 28

Photo:S. Rawls


What’s Inside The massive pink granite dome rising above Central Texas has drawn people for thousands of years. But there’s more at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area than just the dome. The scenery, rock formations and legends are magical, too!

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Destinations | Quick Trip What to Explore: The Great Outdoors! Try hiking at nearby Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. Eighteen miles North of Fredericksburg, Enchanted Rock opened as a state natural area in October 1978. Camp, stargaze, explore, and hear the myths and folklore behind the rock.

Photo: Robbyn Dodd

Where to Learn:

Hill Country quick trip, your vacation guide unveiled!

Fredericksburg is steeped in history- right down to their German roots. Learn about the life and legacy of the Nation’s 36th President with visits to the Lyndon B. Johnson State and National Historical Parks in nearby Stonewall. Tour the “Texas White House” and the former president’s birthplace at the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park, and then visit the Sauer-Beckmann Living History Farm at the Lyndon B. Johnson State Park and Historic Site just across the river.

By: Whitney Noble

Where to Play:

Steeped in German history, the picturesque town of Fredericksburg is only 2 hours away. With active and fantastical spirit, the folks here know how to have a good time.

Shopping! Fredericksburg’s historic Main Street is home to more than 10 shops, boutiques and art galleries. Perhaps plan your trip around Trade Days, the third weekend of each month, where you’ll find hundreds of vendors and barns of shopping.

Where to Stay:

Where to Drink:

With more than 400 guesthouses, B&Bs, hotels and inns, a romantic “home away from home” awaits couples in Fredericksburg. Try Roadrunner Inn, right in the heart of the city on Main Street, which puts you smack dab in the mix of eclectic entertainment and Texas charm that lured you here.

Book a wine tour with nearly 30 different wineries to choose from! “Must visit” wineries include Grape Creek Vineyards and Pedernales Cellars for barrels of joy! Remember to always put safety first, and book a shuttle!

Where to Eat: Fredericksburg is home to more than 80 different restaurants ranging from casual to fine dining. Visit one of the most authentic German restaurants for a true culinary cultural experience at Der Linderbaum. The restaurant and biergarten is located in a scenic and historic limestone building built by the German pioneers who founded Fredericksburg over a century ago. The atmosphere is cozy, and the chef serves up some of the finest German specialties in Texas.

Where to relax:

The Fredericksburg Herb Farm & Sunday Haus Cottages photo: T. Rawls boast an on-site spa called the Nature’s Spa. It’s not just a spa, it’s a unique relaxation experience. Aside from attractions-categories/wineries/ indulging in spa activities, a therapist will tailor treatments to your specific needs often Where to Hunt: using herbal infused and organic products as Take a guided hunt and for a guaranteed well the finest essential oils, specially blended kill at Bang Whitetail Ranch. They’ll create on-site. customized packages for each hunter and for each budget. Next stop is Stonewall Smokehouse, where your deer will be butchered and processed any way you desire. Then have the smokehouse send it to the Rocking U Taxidermist for mounting! What you bring in is what you get.


Founded in 1846, Fredericksburg was named after Prince Frederick of Prussia. Notable as the home of “Texas German,” this is a special language spoken by the first settlers of Germans who at first refused to speak English.

Old-time residents commonly refer to Fredericksburg as Fritztown, still used by many businesses today.

photo: Blake Mistich

Fredericksburg holds one of the largest Oktoberfest celebration in the country! photo: Robbyn Dodd

26 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

lose weight

get healthy get active be happy

Turn your resoluTions inTo realiTy!

medical and surgical weight loss solutions available locally


5826 Esplanade Dr. • Suite 102 Corpus Christi [the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Destinations | Discover

Local Destination


By: Elizabeth Greenwell Photos: Emily Willis


An Escape Fit for a President: The Tarpon Inn f you are looking for a weekend escape when the cold fronts blow full force, look no further than Port Aransas and its famous Tarpon Inn. The inn has been a landmark in Port Aransas since 1886, and the history radiates from every crevice, glinting off the hundreds of signed, silver tarpon scales that cover the walls of the lobby.

Franklin Roosevelt spent his evenings at the lobby bar, communicating with heads of state after his long days on the water, since the Tarpon Inn possessed the only telegraph on the island. You can still see the tarpon scale that FDR signed, preserved in a frame beneath a black and white photograph of the grinning former president. The main lobby is adorned with over 7000 other tarpon scales, each signed by the angler who landed the fish. But the history is not the only draw. Each one of the twenty-four rooms is unique, each opening to a shaded porch, evoking the sea with crisp whites and varied shades of blue, seafoam, and jade. Only three of the rooms have televisions, so be prepared to fully unplug from the distractions of modern life. The expansive porches, sprinkled with rocking chairs, call to mind the East Coast, hovering somewhere between Cape Cod and Key West. Dine in! Enjoy an exquisite meal at Roosevelts, tucked away behind the Tarpon Inn in a quaint little house, where Chef Jeff Zimmerman is a one-man show serving up elegant and refined warm comfort food. Or partake in Port Aransas night life by simply crossing the street. The staff is gregarious and accommodating, and they can connect you with the best fishing guides in the area. All in all, the Tarpon Inn is the perfect winter getaway for when you can’t get too far away from home.

The two porches are purportedly “The Longest in Texas.” No one has disputed this, so the honor goes to the Tarpon Inn.

The Tarpon Inn is a historic hotel located in Port Aransas, Texas that was added to the National Register of Historic Places on September 14, 1979. It originally opened in 1886 where the building was named after the tarpon sport fish that drew many anglers to the area. The original Tarpon Inn was built from surplus material that came from an old Civil War barracks. The building was destroyed by fire in 1900. It was rebuilt but destroyed again in 1919 by a hurricane. Finally in 1925, the structure that still stands today was built and it retains the barracks style as a homage to the original 1886 Tarpon Inn.

Quick Facts • There are over 7,000 tarpon scales covering the walls at the Tarpon Inn. • While staying in Port Aransas, FDR signed 32 Acts of Congress.

28 The Bend

• After the Hindenburg disaster, FDR sent a wire to Adolph Hitler expressing condolences; Hitler sent a wire to the Tarpon Inn thanking the president for his sympathy.

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

• Tarpons jump up out of the water about four times when hooked making them very challenging to catch. These behaviors can also be damaging to anglers before theyare hooked as they can also jump without warning.

Proven Agents, Proven results

13 homes on Key Allegro have sold/closed from Jan - July 2015. Of these, 26 “sides” (selling or buying), Key Allegro Coastal Luce Properties represented more buyers and sellers THAN ALL OTHER REAL ESTATE OFFICES IN ROCKPORT COMBINED! Talk to the agents that get results, not by accident, but by hard work, loyalty, determination and a strong work ethic.

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Landscape Design by: Donna Mazzola Landscape Plan: 1 : lifestyle Scale[the magazine of the coastal bend]

Date: 3/24/2015

1" = 10'


McNamee Landscapes



th A


National Drawing and Small Sculpture Show Feb. 19 - May 6, 2016

Opening Reception: 6-8 p.m. Friday, Feb. 19, 2016 Joseph A. Cain Memorial Art Gallery Del Mar College East, Ayers and Baldwin (361) 698-1216 Del Mar College offers hundreds of art, music and drama events each year.


Brian Dettmer, artist One of the longest-running juried art exhibitions at a community college in the nation.

Most are free and open to the public.

Lasting Love

February beckons red hearts, flowers, chocolates, romantic dates and LOVE. But how do couples trek through the marriage adventure filled with fussy babies, wailing toddlers, defiant teens, weddings, grandchildren, aging parents; or more chaotic and stressful events, such as moving, diminished finances, illness, accidents, death? By: Cissy Tabor Photos: Rachel Durrent

32 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

KEN & SIBYL DE KONING The couple’s first fight happened at the UCC (TAMUCC) tennis courts, resulting in years of payback in the form of free tennis lessons. Ken de Koning, the former Davis Cup tennis player from Surinam, South America, on scholarship at UCC, laughingly enjoyed watching his novice girlfriend and roommate try to hit the tennis ball. The marine biology student, Sibyl Sjulson, from Minnesota fumed: “I was so mad at him, but I made him pay,” chuckles Sibyl. Ken concurs, recalling one summer: “I would work at HEB Tennis Center, then fly over to the campus to teach her a tennis lesson over lunch, and then I’d fly back for my lessons.” During their 43 years of marriage, Ken and Sibyl de Koning have preserved their love of tennis and one another. Ken has coached many of the tennis pros in Corpus Christi and continues to teach tennis today. Sibyl played on a USTA women’s team at the 4.5 level and competed at Nationals. Both husband and wife know team mentality and relay this concept when counseling pre-marital couples at Waldron Road Baptist Church, where Ken pastors, and through De Koning Ministries. “We stress, so much, the need to work together as a team,” Sibyl says. “If it’s good for me but not good for the team, it’s not good,” explains Ken. Ken laughs easily and often. Sibyl smiles quietly. “We are as opposite as they come,” says Ken. “My weaknesses are his strengths,” adds Sibyl. The opposites attracted in the food line of the UCC cafeteria. “There came this beautiful blond, that I fell in love with instantly,” Ken says. The pretty blond from Minnesota and the South American

tennis star dated for three years during college and were elected Mr. and Miss UCC in 1972. The following January, on a snowy day in Glenwood, MN, the couple were married in Sibyl’s childhood home. For four decades, the de Konings have made their home in Corpus Christi, raising three children and entertaining ten grandchildren. ‘Cousins Camp’ occurs each summer at the de Koning’s home with crafts and trips to the beach. Ken enjoys putting the grandchildren to bed with his made-up stories about a dolphin named ‘Dolphino’ and how Opa (grandfather) gets bitten in half by a shark, as he shows the children his large scar across his chest. “They love it,” says Sibyl. Surviving open heart surgery and past financial struggles, they attribute the success of their lasting marriage to “our relationship with Jesus Christ,” says Ken, “because people are too selfish,” he explains. Today, Ken and Sybil still enjoy playing tennis together and going out to eat at one of their favorite restaurants, Seafood and Spaghetti Works in Port Aransas. In earlier years, the Peking Restaurant held that position; it is no longer in existence but remains a soft spot in their memories. Ken proposed at the Peking Restaurant in Corpus Christi and as newlyweds on a Valentine’s date it was there they returned, to share a single cup of wonton soup, purchased with money they received from glass Coke bottle returns. “We were poor like crazy,” laughs Ken. But rich in love.

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

1+1 = ONE, Marriage greater than the sum of its parts - a book by Ken de Koning. With short, practical chapters and assignments, husbands and wives can apply to their marriage right away. Perfectly tied with suggested “Pray Out Loud” prayers at the end of each chapter, a real sense of honesty is brought before each other, and before the Lord. You can find the book on Amazon!


Reservations for two.

Photo ©2013 Julie Paisley Photography ©2014 Omni Hotels & Resorts

Turn the wedding of your dreams into a beautiful reality at the Omni Corpus Christi Hotel. Let us tend to your every desire, from sensational cuisine to impeccable service. We’ve got all the details covered, so all you’ll have left to do is relax and enjoy your special day. Hold your wedding at Omni and receive a complimentary honeymoon at select resorts in the U.S. or Mexico. (361) 887-1600 •

34 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

“She tolerates me,” laughs Steve.

“We just mesh really well,” says Diane.

Steve and Diane Robeau Running a six-minute mile was the crux of Steve Robeau’s bet, with the dinner bill for the loser. A San Angelo State distance runner, Diane McCarty, gladly took the bet and ran under six. “He thought for sure he would win,” laughs Diane. The two Taft Jr. High P.E. teachers often ate lunch together, taking turns paying, but this bet procured a dinner date. A win for the loser, as Steve confesses, “I thought she was hot.” The upshot of a friendship among co-workers destined a wedding two years later at Portland’s Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church on July 26, 1986. A happy occasion for the families, but it hadn’t started out so cozy when Diane announced her engagement - a Catholic girl engaged to a divorced man. Steve’s previous marriage was a problem for Diane’s folks who “were rude to him,” says Diane. It wasn’t until the couple spoke to the priest and were allowed to get married in the church that opposition of the marriage ended. “Now they love him. He’s the one they call when they need something,” said Diane. Needing something fixed is where Steve steps in with his expertise. Diane liked this quality early on about her husband, which mirrored her father’s own handy-man skills. Lamenting of this praise after 29 years of marriage Diane jokes:“The flip side of that is, I don’t get anything new, everything gets fixed.” Steve also repairs the Corpus Christi Ice Rays bus, which he drives in retirement. Both Steve and Diane retired from 30 years of teaching and coaching in the Taft and Portland school districts. Steve coached two of their three sons in several sports in G-P Jr. High. In recent years, Steve substituted for Diane’s P.E. classes at W.C. Andrews Elementary in Portland. “They call him Mr. Coach Robeau, and there were no rules,” says Diane. Upon her return, the students protested saying “Mr. Coach Robeau said we could do this,” Diane recalls. One day, Steve drove the bus to Diane’s class and the students toured the interior. Athletes in their youth and careers, the Robeaus don’t compete with each another in sports. “He’s a good all-around athlete,” Diane says of Steve, “I think I could beat him in tennis though,” she laughs, because Steve doesn’t play tennis. These days he’s on the golf course at Northshore Country Club or at A-1 Steakhouse in Portland. Years ago, the Chelsea Street Pub in Corpus Christi was their favorite hang out. Today, they get together regularly with three other local couples to watch Survivor and have dinner, meet for breakfast at someone’s home, or camp in their motor home at Goose Island in Rockport. Once they took their two young grandchildren camping in the motor home in Portland. “I’ve never camped in a tent, ever, EVER,” laughs Diane. The Robeaus have a few reasons for a marriage that’s lasted almost thirty years: They concur that they agree on most things, including finances and spending. “We just mesh really well,” says Diane. “She tolerates me,” laughs Steve.

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Dale & Ann Pogue “I was smitten after that first date with Dale.�

36 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}


“I was smitten after that first date with Dale,” says Ann Maurer Pogue. The pretty young 21-year-old nursing student met Dale Pogue during a church newcomer’s visit, with her boyfriend in tow. It was 1957, and Dale Pogue had recently returned from Germany, having served two years with the U.S. Army. He joined the church choir where Ann sang, and the music minister paired them up for service projects. When Ann’s boyfriend made a trip out of town, Dale asked Ann for a date. Nine months later, Dale and Ann were married in Ann’s home church of Pharr, TX. Dale completed seminary and worked as a music minister at First Baptist Church in Taft. In later years he became the interim pastor. The Pogues first rented a house on Fetick Street for $60 a month. Taft was a bustling farm community in the early ‘60s, pullulating businesses. There were three banks, two drug stores, a car dealership, and movie theatre. Cage Hardware was one of the largest in Texas and the International Harvester dealership was the largest in Texas, Dale explains. “We had some of the most progressive farm work in the country. Taft was as alive and active as any town you could ever dream to know. It was really a neat place to live,” says Dale. He also recalls the abundant fishing, catching five 30 lb Jack fish, at the end of Bob Hall Pier on Padre Island; which was longer then, before being destroyed by a storm. He and a friend caught 70 redfish, wade fishing near Indian Point Pier. In Taft, Ann enjoyed activities with the Woman’s Club and worked as the only school nurse for the district. Dale directed five church choirs with Ann as organist and pianist and each summer a passel of children filled First Baptist Church Taft for bible school. In 1994, Dale helped establish the Corpus Christi office of the South Texas Children’s Home providing counseling for families and children. In 1977 Dale and Ann decided to retire. Enjoying life in Rockport in their Magnolia lined backyard creates a lovely oasis for bird watching, a favorite pastime for the Pogues who bird watch throughout the Coastal Bend. They also enjoy Spring Breaks when their two children, spouses, and four of their grandchildren come visit. At ages 84 and 81, Dale and Ann tease and laugh with one another. “Humor is very important,” in a relationship, Ann explains. For a lasting marriage, “Commitment is probably the big thing,” Ann says, with a question to her husband, “Do you agree with me darling, because there are lots of times I would have murdered you,” she jokes. “Yes, very important,” says Dale, “and communication is terribly important; a lot of guys struggle with this and I have. Rather than deal with an issue, … I’d go off and hide, and that’s not the best way to do it. Bring it out, air it out, and move on,” Dale advises. “He’s very, very thoughtful of me,” Ann says. Dale adds that his wife cares so much for so many people and, “I’m at the top of that list…” which makes for “our having a wonderful marriage, not just a mediocre marriage, but a wonderful marriage,” says Dale. “On December 27, 1957, she put this ring on my finger and it hasn’t come off,” Dale says with a smile. That was 59 years ago.

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

What Does It Take? A strong marriage is one that can withstand outside forces, according to Marriage and Family Counselor, Aurora Ortiz of Family Counseling Service. To build this fortress, the couple must “make marriage a priority,” says Ortiz. If you desire to be in a healthy relationship, it will take work, but it’s worth the effort, explained Ortiz. Sometimes couples don’t agree, creating marital strife. “There is a very clear difference between disagreements and arguments. Disagreeing is expressing a different point of view. Arguing is trying to prove your point is better,” says Ortiz. Always be loving and respectful and a disagreement can become a solution-oriented discussion, she adds. “Every marriage is unique to the two individuals,” says Ortiz, so “couples find their own unique ways to a solution.” Ortiz’s philosophy is that marriage can last if it has a good start – with the feeling of LOVE; continues with behavior that expresses LOVE, and persists in communication with respect and LOVE. “It can be a very, very exciting journey that is shared together,” says Ortiz.


38 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}



of Corpus Christi, Inc.

Founded in 1934, the Charity League of Corpus Christi has been dedicated to fundraising for Coastal Bend charities for over 80 years.

By: Sharla Wilkins Photos: SweetPea Photography by Tracy and RenĂŠe C. Gage

Prior charities for last 10 years: 2014-2015:

Citizens of Educational Excellence-$251,000 raised

2013-2014: The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center-$248,000 raised


Charlie’s Place-$250,000

raised 2011-2012: Halo Flight-$218,000 raised 2010-2011: Miracle League of Corpus Christi-$207,345



Mission of Mercy-$201,000


2008-2009: The Ark Assessment Center and Emergency Shelter for Youth-$194,660 raised

2007-2008: Coastal Bend-Texas Chapter of the American Red Cross-$198,500 raised

2006-2007: Habitat for Humanity Restore-

$194,000 raised 2005-2006: Camp Aranzazu-$211,810 raised


ince 1934, a group of forty extraordinary ladies gather each year on a mission to select a new charity to champion. They are known as the Charity League. These women volunteer their spare time from October through February, fundraising through a letter writing campaign. The League desires to contribute to the community by aiding charities via fundraising, as well as raising awareness. One charity a year is selected by the League’s Welfare Committee to be the focus of that fundraising year. The selection process begins with placing a notification in the paper stating they are accepting applications and inviting charities not chosen in previous years to reapply. Over forty applications are usually received, and the League spends about a week and a half reviewing the applications over and over again. “Anyone and everyone is encouraged to apply,” explains Charity League President

40 The Bend

Dana Madry. Any charity not picked is welcome to apply the following year. This year’s special charity, announced back in November of last year, is CASA of the Coastal Bend. Part of the National CASA program, the Coastal Bend chapter, established in 1991, supports and promotes Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) for abused or neglected children. These advocates, volunteers who spend their time advocating for minors in foster care, need a new building. Once funding is complete, their current stark facility will give way to a warm, inviting environment for children who have either just been re-moved from their families or who are waiting to see the judge. CASA plans to include a “Kid’s Corner” and “Teen Lounge” to give these abused or neglected children a place they can know as a safe space. This larger facility will also allow for more room for more CASA volunteers. Currently, only about fifty percent of children in foster care have an advocate.

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

“These charities, not only do they need these funds to do what they need to do, they need people to know about them,” explains Madry. This grassroots organization raised over $251,000 for last year’s charity: Citizens for Educational Excellence. Fundraising is achieved through tax deductible donations or raffle ticket purchases. “It’s strictly a letter writing campaign,” states Tracy Fraiche, who is in charge of public relations this year. “Every raffle ticket that is purchased, one hundred percent goes to the charity,” explains Madry, “because all the raffle items are donated.” Raffle prizes range from values of $500 and up, and include jewelry, gift certificates, teeth whitening, a $1,200 wardrobe allowance from the fashion show designer as well as a $1,500 shopping spree at Julian Gold. The League’s Fashion Show, held each February, sells out every year and ticket sales contribute a significant portion of the

Our Certified Stucco Home Inspectors are trained to see what other home inspectors don’t.

Our home inspector “saw“the potential problem during the home inspection (most inspectors would have missed it) & advised the buyer to have a certified stucco inspection.

The certified inspection confirmed there was a problem behind the stucco allowing the buyer to negotiate needed construction repairs into the sales contract.

Stucco and EIFS are very popular exterior finishes for homes in the coastal bend area. Unfortunately, Stucco and EIFS. (Exterior Insulated Finish System) are very good at hiding problems. The type of problems that can turn the home you’re planning to buy into a frightening money pit.

Every standard new home inspection from Signature includes the use of our Zip Level-Site Elevation Measurement System to verify the integrity of the homes foundation (the same tool used by foundation engineers) AND the use of our Infrared camera system to spot hidden moisture issues from plumbing or roofing problems. Don’t roll the dice when buying a house with stucco or EIFS siding. Have your home inspection done by the stucco/EIFS experts at Signature Inspection Services.

At Signature Inspection Services, we offer the most complete home inspection service packages available using the most advanced equipment. Our inspectors are fully trained in the pitfalls of stucco/EIFS and can offer complete, Certified Stucco/EIFS inspections.

Signature Inspection Services– The most complete home inspection service in the Coastal Bend.

INSPECTION SErvICES TREC License # 10330 Call Anytime 361-230-2312

“Charity League is not about Charity League,” explains Madry. “It’s not about us or about Charity League. Everything we do is about the charity.”

Facts About Child Abuse in Texas

“Every table and ticket that is bought, fifty percent goes straight to the charity,” explains Madry. The other half of the ticket sales cover the cost of the food served at the fashion show. Julian Gold’s current fashions are featured first, followed by the designer of the year. The designer showcases an upcoming collection that is not yet available, so patrons are treated to a preview. Lunch, the menu also keeping with the theme, is served, and the charity representatives speak about their organization and needs. The final fundraising tally is revealed before the event ends.

• Today, 185 Texas children will be victims of abuse. • In one year, more than 65,000 cases of child abuse were confirmed in Texas. • 1 in 4 girls is sexually abuse before her 18th birthday. • 1 in 6 boys is sexually abused before his 18th birthday. • 66% of people in Texas prisons today were in foster care yesterday. • 75% of foster children without a CASA volunteer come back into the foster care system. Help break the cycle. Visit to learn how.

42 The Bend

funds received for the charity. Each fashion show has a different theme, this year’s being Southern Living, and a coordinating nonalcoholic signature drink. Kari Morrison, store director of Julian Gold, selects a designer who complements the League’s theme. “We could not do (the fashion show) without Julian Gold,” says Madry. This year’s fashion show highlights a Spring/ Summer collection by MILLY. A reception precedes the show, with many guests sipping the signature drink while dressed to match the theme. The American Bank Center Henry Garrett ballroom plays host to the sold-out lunch show, which features models strutting the elevated runway wearing the carefully selected designer’s clothing.

While the designer’s clothing is not available for purchase, a trunk show is held at Julian Gold following the fashion show. Julian Gold’s clothing can be bought, and the designer’s clothing can be ordered. While eager to talk about CASA’s needs and fundraising goals for the year, Madry was quick to point out that the focus should be on the charity in need and not the forty women. “Charity League is not about Charity League,” explains Madry. “It’s not about us or about Charity League. Everything we do is about the charity.”

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


44 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

2016 Coastal Bend

Wedding Trends The traditional rhyme explains what a bride should wear at her wedding for good luck: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe” Silver sixpence? Obviously some traditions have become outdated. Some remain, and most evolve! With the holidays come many engagements, and, soon thereafter, wedding planning! We wanted to present to you what’s influencing Brides and weddings this upcoming year. The dress, the rings, the flowers, invites and, of course, social media. Here, we present to you The Bend’s Picks for the 2016 Wedding Season. The Bend teamed up with primo party planner, JoAnne Howell, who coordinated and designed each trend, finally revealed! By: JoAnne Howell Photos: Rachel Durrent By: JoAnne Howell Photos: Rachel Durrent

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]



Soft flowing curls are sexy for sure and most definitely on your wedding day. Adding dainty embellishments such as headbands, floral and clips add charm. The “up-do� is not for you if you are more free spirited. Pulled back and kept in place is beautiful too. Most Brides today show both sides. One during the ceremony and one for the reception. Having your hairdresser on site is a must if this is your choice. Our coastal climate is not friendly to most Brides so having a hairdresser is invaluable. They know exactly which products to choose to keep the mane tamed. Hair & Makeup by Courtney Cotton Pollard, James Stanley Salon.

46 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}



Say yes to the dress that is fitting for you. Still a very personal choice, dresses are becoming more extravagant and detailed. So many to choose from, but Brides today are looking for varying lace with a tight bodice and exquisite detail. This dress from Julian Gold Bridal meets that criteria with blossoms of tulle and lace and shoulder detail. Watters Bride. Ivory, White or Whisper Pink. $3790.00

Out with the gold and in with the platinum, and diamonds are still a girl’s best friend. The more the sparkle the merrier, and trends show multiple layers of bling on that special ring. We shopped Casa de Oro Jewelers.

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]



Go wild with your floral and let loose! Trends show bold and bright colored floral and lots of greenery that hangs low. Lopsided and oversized is where it’s at. Wrapped in ribbon and even complimented with rose gold wire adds that level of detail today’s Brides are looking for. This bouquet, Sandra Sauceda, of The Blossom Shop.

48 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

Wedding Cake:

Let them eat style. A sweet treat for guests is always anticipated. Trends show less traditional style cakes stacked with mixed colors and metallics. Watercolor effects and bold choices are replacing the white wedding cake of yesteryear. Watercolor iced cake with gold metallic accent by Sugarbakers Bakery.

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


wedding website:

Social media takes your wedding to the next level because it keeps your friends and family in the know. All their questions can be answered here from what time does the shuttle arrive to where you are registered to where you first met. It does take time for the Bride and Groom to maintain and update but, is well worth the effort. Hastags are “trending” so use your creativity to develop your own and tag your pictures thoughout the process. Let your guests know your hashtag so their pictures can show up when the hashtag is searched. A fun way to share pictures online, and nobody has to pass around the Polaroid.

50 The Bend


You’re invited to wow your guests with incredible paper goods. The heaviest stock with letterpress and foil lettering is on trend. Your suite should impress your guests and make them circle that date immediately, because your attention to detail makes them anticipate an event they won’t want to miss! Oversized envelopes and textured hand painted papers are huge. Finish off with details such as exquisite ribbons and a wax stamp, and you have sealed the deal on their presence. Custom invitation design by Harper Gray and Paper and Posies for Oh Goodie Designs + Events

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]



Cool cuisine is always trending, and many couples are choosing to offer fun finger foods throughout the evening. A fromage of imported cheeses with dried fruit, berries, and toasted nuts bring the sweet and salty, and are the perfect unobtrusive nibblers. Sweets cannot be overlooked, so providing some fruity dessert options after the wedding cake can be a welcomed surprise! Consider adding strawberries to a chocolate mousse with brownie crumbles, or serving an apple tar tan. Provided by Bleu Bistro, also offering venue services.

A signature cocktail is all the craze, and a passion for the past is in. Consider an Old Fashioned for a pop of color and revive an old classic.

52 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]



Building for the Future


focus on sustainable and thoughtful growth has long been a priority for us her Focusing on sustainable and thoughtful growth has long been a priority at Braselton Homes. As third generation builders in Corpus Christi, we have been a part of our city’s development for over 70 years. As a vital part of the fabric of our community, we place great importance on the quality of our homes, and the environment. We know our customers, our friends, and neighbors, will spend their lives raising families in our homes and natural areas,

54 The Bend

so it is of the greatest importance to us that we use Green Building techniques to make sure our homes are energy efficient, well-built and attractive places to live, and that our natural resources are conserved, and our environment is preserved and protected. The Coastal Bend Bays Foundation, a local conservation organization committed to protecting and sustaining our environment, recently recognized our contribution to building Green and environmental preservation by presenting us with their prestigious Environmental Stewardship Business Award on December 3 at the

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}


American Bank Center. This award is given to a business each year in recognition of its leadership in the protection and conservation of the Coastal Bend’s natural resources. We were deeply honored and humbled to be selected for this award. The Corpus Christi Bay Area is experiencing unprecedented growth. Building hundreds of family homes each year, while at the same time conserving water and electricity, and protecting our local environment, is both an honor and a privilege, but also a challenge. We cannot thank the Coastal Bend Bays Foundation enough for recognizing our contributions here in our hometown. One family home, one street, and one neighborhood at a time, we are changing the way people in Corpus Christi think about their home and hometown. Not too long ago, only a few cities around the country were able to bring this kind of change to their populations. Green building, once a dream that many thought would never be possible, is now an essential part of how we build homes. As the largest home builder South of San Antonio, we are able to make a significant impact with each home we build, on how much water is used each day, to how large of a carbon footprint we create by air conditioning our homes all summer. Being a good steward of our natural resources, while at the same time building quality, affordable homes, is at the core of our business. We’d like to, again, thank the Coastal Bend Bays Foundation for this great honor, but also thank them for the work they do each and every day to protect our beautiful natural resources. Our local habitats are unique, beautiful, and worth preserving for future generations.


Being a good steward of our natural resources, while at the same time building quality, affordable homes, is at the core of our business.

See you in the neighborhood, Bart Braselton

Bart Braselton is the Executive Vice President of Braselton Homes, the Coastal Bend’s oldest and largest Homebuilder and Neighborhood Developer. Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Bart is the third generation of Braseltons building in the Bay Area. Returning to Corpus Christi after earning a BBA in Finance, as well as a second BBA in Real Estate, from the University of Texas, at Austin, Braselton began working in the family business as a construction superintendent. Since then, Braselton Homes has won numerous local,state, and national awards, including the Fastest Growing Builders in the U.S., and has grown into one of the Nation’s Largest Homebuilders, earning consistent rankings in the annual lists compiled by both Professional Builder, and Builder Magazine. Bart, a graduate of Leadership Corpus Christi Class 18, has served on numerous local community and business boards. Presently, he serves on the Board of the Community Development Corporation, as well as the Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, he serves as Chairman of the Coastal Bend GreenBuilt Council, and President of the Board of the Corpus Christi Business and Job Development Corporation. Braselton and his wife, Michelle, have 5 children, and are active church members at Corpus Christi’s Church Unlimited.

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Special Promotion

Bride & Groom A LIST

Directory Local brides expect the very best for their special day. Our annual wedding directory is full of amazing Coastal Bend vendors who can help you turn your dream wedding into a reality. It’s never too early to start planning.

56 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

Special Promotion



our wedding deserves a floral arrangement that accompanies your unique style and taste. If you’re getting overwhelmed form searching Pinterest and the internet for the perfect flowers to accent your special day, then it’s time to talk to the creative floral designers at Always in Bloom Florist and Gifts. From colorful and eclectic to woodsy and airy, every design from Always in Bloom is artfully and meticulously designed to bring your vision to life.

When Always in Bloom first sprouted up over a decade ago, their mission was simple – listen to the customer and address their needs. All of their customers are important, and the staff is dedicated to making your experience a pleasant one. That is why they always go the extra mile to make your wedding day or floral gift perfect. Their team is there to listen and help you minimize the stress of sorting through wedding trends and the many options of shades, colors and seasonal varieties of flowers. Also, they can work with any location or budget. Let the professionals at Always in Bloom take care of all your floral needs, because its not just any wedding – it’s your wedding.

5007 Everhart Rd. Corpus Christi, TX 78411 Phone:(361) 991-5666 [the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


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t Diamond Point Catering, weddings are at the heart of our business, producing hundreds of “culinary celebrations” every year. As the exclusive caterer for The Courtyard at Gaslight Square, we pride ourselves on managing every detail, beginning with your initial inquiry, to the moment the last guest departs your reception. Our talented Chefs find inspiration through the diversity of our Coastal setting, selecting fresh, flavorful ingredients with an emphasis on local flair. In addition to catering we specialize in event production and can oversee every aspect you require, from tents to tables, venue to music! Whether you’re looking for an upscale, elegant reception for 50 or a laid back BBQ for 500 or more, we work hard to “marry” the cuisine and event style in every way. At our place or yours…. let our team of professionals impress your guests by helping you create a one-of-a kind dining experience!


Fillingood Bakery C

akes are the centerpiece of any wedding or special event. Claudia Hurt, owner of Fillingood Bakery, studied under famous pastry chef Ron Ben-Israel and brings her passion and expertise to her students at Del Mar, where she teaches pastry and baking. She only uses the finest ingredients and techniques are used, and always made with love. Custom cakes are one of Hurt’s specialties, and she takes incredible pride in producing both a product that is artistic, visionary, and delicious. Sugar paste sculptures are one of Hurt’s many talents. She can make anything – people, flowers, plaques. Each rose is individually made and can take up to a week to complete. Stop in for lunch, too! All recipes are made in small batches so they’re always fresh.

Fillingood Bakery 58 The Bend

3819 S Alameda St. Corpus Christi, TX 78411 (361) 225-4663

1002 Santa Fe Street Corpus Christi, TX 78404 361-884-1399

Bourbon Street Candy Co. W

hen you walk into Bourbon Street Candy Company and see all the colors, textures and flavors of candies, you might wonder where to start. Finding your favorites in abundance is quick, but creating the theme for your wedding can seem challenging, until you visit with Beth Mills and her friendly team. From playful, to lacey, to elegant, the team at Bourbon Street Candy Company will help you find candies that reflect your idea, while demonstrating how to bring lowlight to your candy table. Let them sweeten up your special day.

Bourbon Street Candy Co.

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

La Palmera Mall 5488 S Padre Island Dr. Corpus Christi, TX 78411 (361) 985-6077

Special Promotion



estled in the heart of Corpus Christi, The Courtyard at Gaslight Square is a wedding venue like no other. The building itself dates to the turn of the century, creating an intimate setting, blending classic elegance with old world charm. Adorned with festoon lights, our bricked courtyard features a fanciful fountain, shaded by an ancient live oak. Each side is flanked by a beautifully appointed banquet room and in the adjoining breezeway, you will find a delightful suite for bridal party preparations. Full service custom catering is provided by “Diamond Point Catering” and seamless, professional event coordination is the hallmark of every event. Ideal for celebrations of 50 – 350, your guests will be enchanted by the organic splendor, and exemplary service The Courtyard offers!


1002 Santa Fe St, Corpus Christi, TX 78404 361) 884-1399



eauty & The Bistro is your one-stop shop for weddings in the Coastal Bend. In 2002, they were named “Small Business of the Year” by the Corpus Christi Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. They offer packages that include catering, music, photography, salon & spa services for both the bride and groom, videography and limousine service, all for one low price. They have served thousands of guests at every type of function imaginable. Corporate business lunches and holiday parties, military training exercises, elegant wedding receptions, quinceaneras and anniversaries are only a few of the events they have catered in the past 14 years. From large to small, they cater them all! Planning and budgeting has never been easier with Beauty and the Bistro’s self-quote service Online. Order and pay straight from their website.


[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend] 361-881-8500


60 The Bend

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The getaway car

Celebration FEBRUARY 2016

What’s Inside The Griffin Wheat Wedding was held on December 12, 2015 in Corpus Christi, Texas. The exchanging of vows took place at The Church of the Good Shepard, following was the festive reception at The Art Center Corpus Christi.

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]




winter wedding is always beautiful, but this event closed out the year in a spectacular way. The weekend was packed full of activity. It began with the rehearsal dinner at the Corpus Christi Yacht Club that featured a cigar roller, rolling fresh cigars for guests as they enjoyed a steak and shrimp dinner and cocktails by the bay. Guests were treated to the finest for this weekend event. From a Groom’s luncheon at The Post Lamar Park to a day of beauty at their private residence catered by Kristoffer Busk, the wedding party and family were kept entertained. Returning from Amarillo to his hometown to be married, Corpus Christi native Travis Wheat and Bride Erica Griffins only request was to be married by the water. The Art Center of Corpus Christi was chosen for its outdoor atmosphere and balcony views of the Corpus Christi Bay. Designing a spectacular formal outdoor event was the job of Wedding and Event designer JoAnne Howell of Oh Goodie Designs+Events. Much detail was put into the design of the day to enhance the beauty of the Art Center and to create new ways for the Center to be viewed. Months of design and preparation laid the groundwork for an outdoor reception under the stars and views of the water from the upstairs balcony and side street entrance. Although Mother Nature had other plans for this outdoor event, rain plans were swiftly decided and a more intimate evening was had indoors and under the balcony eaves. Custom pagodas were sent in to create areas for the outdoor bars and walkways. Creating a formal evening using art as the main focus, Howell commissioned native Corpus Christian, Ashley Woodson Bailey, to create captivating floral artwork photography for the evening. With this, “Project W” was born, and the planning and design of the winter wedding with colors of black, winter white, gold and gilver was set. Linens, chairs and seating were sourced that set the mood. Abundant florals of large amaryllis, peonies, French tulips and evergreens were designed that would abundantly create a soft yet complimentary design to the artwork. Lush black velvet became the thread of the event and silver and gold watercolors set the scene. The head table sat in front of a large piece of art, which was created by Bailey with overflowing greenery and floral. Gilver rimmed charger plates with gold patterned china made place for black satin napkins and a gold mirrored name. Each name, delicately cut from gold mirror, was placed on the plate awaiting each guest. Black velvet lounge furnishings sat beneath Bailey’s art that hung

62 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

on the Art Center walls. Even the custom designed dance floor mirrored the artwork with its special designed image and wedding logo.

Create a

Mouthwatering food was chosen to offer plenty of Gulf seafood including shrimp, char grilled oysters, and South and West Texas favorites like Steak and venison. A mashed potato bar was a hit as well with its various toppings served in martini glasses.


It’s not a wedding without cake, and this cake was on grand display atop a large acrylic box that housed its own floral piece inside. The cake of several layered flavors sat in front of a curtain of lights to enhance its beauty. Curtain lights were a favorite of the Groom’s mother, so they were specially displayed in various areas of the reception. Christmas trees were perfectly placed in certain areas and were trimmed with gold mirrored ornaments designed from the wedding logo. Guests were invited to take an ornament to remember the evening.

Wedding Weekend Event Design - JoAnne Howell, Oh Goodie Designs+Events, LLC Corpus Christi Commissioned Artwork - Ashley Woodson Bailey Marietta, Georgia Floral -The Blossom Shop, Corpus Christi Cake -To Dy 4, Corpus Christi Custom Stage & Barware - Butler Signature Events, Corpus Christi Catering and Liquor - WaterStreet Catering, Corpus Christi S’mores Bar and Cocoa Bar Catering Kristoffer Busk, Shoreline Sandwich Co. Graphic Design and Invitation Suite Harper Gray, San Antonio Transportation and Valet - Harbor Parking, Corpus Christi Hotel Accommodations - Omni Bayfront, Corpus Christi Videography - Southern Charm Video, San Antonio Photography - Juan Jose Photography, Corpus Christi

The outdoor patio had a gourmet s’mores bar that also offered “haute” cocoa with freshly made whipped cream and toppings such as toasted coconut, fresh shaved white and dark chocolate and peppermint chips. The handmade s’mores created from homemade graham crackers and “Miles of Chocolate” brownies flown in, the Grooms favorite, were torched and toasted for guests and served warm. The guests could not get enough. Guests also couldn’t get enough dancing! They enjoyed sharing the dance floor with each other to Eclipse Band long into the night. Even a special appearance by Santa Claus himself had the dance floor jumping as he worked the crowd for selfies with Santa. As guests worked up a hunger from so much dancing, Whataburger taquitos were delivered, and coffee was served because Oh Whata Night it was! As the Bride and Groom made their way to their sparkling exit, extra long ribbon wands were handed out as well as corn tortillas for the crowd as these two Texas Tech alumni made their way under a rainbow of ribbons, sparklers and a Red Raider customary tortilla toss.

Specializing in Event Rentals: • • • • • • • • • •

Tents Tables & Chairs Linens LED Lighting Staging & Dance Floors China*Glassware*Flatware Catering Equipment Custom Props Draping Lounge Furniture

Rental * Design * Décor For all your life Celebrations!

Boutique Showroom! 5826 Wooldridge Rd.


The Bride and Groom reside in Dallas, Texas. [the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


64 The Bend

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Health FEBRUARY 2016

Research shows that walking as little as 30 minutes a day can reduce our risk of heart disease by 40 percent!


What’s Inside It takes a full, friendly, and dedicated staff to bring patients from all over the state. At Dr. Suraj Kamat’s office in Alice, they’re doing just that.

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Health | Be Well

Saving Lives, One Leg at a Time By: Whitney Noble Photos: Rachel Durrent

There is finally a successful alternative to amputation.


ith February being National Heart Health Month, vascular disease is in the forefront of everyone’s mind. Luckily, the Coastal Bend is reaching new heights in technology in treating limb ischemia, a severe obstruction of the arteries. There are nearly 2 million people living with limb loss in the US. Vascular disease is the cause for over half of those individuals who are living without a limb. And nearly half of these amputees will die within 5 years. However, one special Cardiologist based in Alice, Dr. Suraj Kamat, is changing these statistics for our Coastal Bend. Amputation has been the go-to method for centuries. Since 1998, Dr. Kamat has been in the limb salvage business at the Alice Heart Center. Leading the way with the most advanced technology in the field, Kamat is at least 3-4 years ahead of the techniques currently used elsewhere. Patients present with vascular disease for a number of reasons, most commonly: diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure,

66 The Bend

obesity, and a family history of atherosclerosis (which is a disease where plaque builds up inside the arteries that carry oxygen-rich blood to your heart and other parts of your body). When Dr. Kamat came to the region, he was struck by the number of amputations taking place. He has made it his mission to actively bring the amputation count down, putting the coastal bend on the map for advancements in this area and prolonging and improving the lives of many of our residents. “When limbs remain, it reduces the vascular burden,” explains Dr. Kamat. He describes himself as being in the “business of saving legs.” Seven years ago, Dr. Kamat came to Erwin Nietche’s rescue. Nietche was experiencing weakness in his legs that were sore to the point that he couldn’t stand up. Doctors in his hometown couldn’t tell him what it was or what was wrong. So he started taking testosterone shots, and that helped, but over a period of 4-5 years it got worse. Turns out Nietche had heart disease. Stents and even a full heart bypass were performed. As heart problems are almost always linked to leg circulation, they start-

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

Proudly presented by:

USS Lexington 7 pm – 12:00 am (midnight)

Music and Dancing

Casino Night  FRIDAY FEBRUARY 26, 2016 [the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Health | Be Well

“They told me I may be crippled with the bypasses,” says Nietche.

small blade that rotates 8,000 times a minute. Surgeons can then shave away the built-up plaque. Now, the problem artery is open, saving the patient’s limb nearly 90% of the time. A patient will come to him as a last resort in many cases, when other consultations have indicated that amputation is the only option.

He admits to putting it off due to the scary risk. One day at work, a friend told him about a doctor in Alice who treated his son-in-law. Nietche went to see the doctor immediately. Dr. Kamat has now removed plaque blockages from both of Nietche’s legs on numerous occasions. This outpatient procedure leaves only a small incision.

“Plaque, as it is cut, is stored in the nose cone of the device so once the plaque is shaved from the inside of the artery, Dr. Kamat flushes the device of plaque until the artery is cleared,” explains David Woodall, Medtronic sales rep. “Dr. Kamat has done thousands upon thousands of these cases, so from a technical skill perspective, there are few who has what he has.”

“I drive 4 hours to see Dr. Kamat and his staff. I am [experiencing] 100% improvement. The whole group is wonderful. We’ve even become buddies with many of them,” Nietche exclaims.

In many cases, stents are used to expand the artery. Joe Ash first saw Dr. Kamat due to inadequate circulation in his legs. He had only seen his primary care physician until they referred him to Dr. Kamat. Using his “magic touch,” Dr. Kamat put stents throughout Ash’s lower body, which increased blood circulation. “My overall experience with Dr. Kamat and his staff has been extremely satisfactory. They have allowed me to return to and continue my previous lifestyle. His use of advanced technology is simply super,” Ash shares. He continues to be treated by Dr. Kamat and feels “very fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Kamat, because he and his staff have extended my life, and hopefully I will have a lot more to look forward to. Alice and the surrounding area are extremely fortunate to have such an outstanding doctor.”

ed checking around. Sure enough, his legs had very poor circulation. His doctors only offered vascular bypasses in both legs.

He can walk so well that he’s even been able to vacation at Disney World. Any one who has been there knows just how much walking is involved. So how does the process work? “Step one, gain control of the heart. Step two, go after the limb(s).” Using a plaque excision system, Dr. Kamat is doing what most are not. This technology and shaver device is designed to treat peripheral arterial disease (PAD), which is what causes many to lose their limbs due to fat building up in the arteries and eventually blocking blood from flowing to the legs. The device allows the Cardiologist to insert this catheter tube through a small incision into the affected artery. When the catheter reaches the blockage, a switch activates a 68 The Bend

Dr. Kamat is giving legs a second chance in the Coastal Bend.

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

Warning Signs • Severe pain or numbness in the legs and feet (rest pain) • A noticeable decrease in the temperature of your lower leg or foot compared to the rest of your body • Toe or foot sores, infections or ulcers that may not heal • Gangrene • Shiny, smooth, dry skin in the legs or feet • Thickening of the toenails • Absent or diminished pulse in the legs or feet



APRIL 2ND 2016 1K 3K 5K OBSTACLE RUN R EG I S T ER AT J LCC .O R G Adult 5K Run $45 Aug 1st $55 March 1st $60 March 21st -

Feb 29th March 20th April 2nd

Kids 1K &3K Run $25 Aug 1st $30 March 21st -

March 20th April 2nd

All participants will receive a souvenir t-shirt (register by March 9th), running bib, medal, and post race refreshments. AWARDS will be given to the best costumes (team and individual), and the top 3 best times from all registration categories.


LIke us [the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Health | Health Spotlight

February Health Editor’s Pick Love Shouldn’t Hurt 5K Run/Walk February 13th @ 7:30am Cole Park

On February 13th, 2016, the Corpus Christi Young Lawyer’s Association (CCYLA) is hosting the Love Shouldn’t Hurt 5K and Walk to help raise awareness of domestic violence and support for the brave folks affected by it. Beginning and ending at beautiful Cole Park in Corpus Christi, the 5K is open to runners, walkers, movers and groovers of all ages and offers a great opportunity to break a sweat for a most worthy cause! A substantial portion of the proceeds raised will go to benefit the Women’s Shelter of South Texas in honor of Dick King, the beloved and recently departed executive director of the Corpus Christi Bar Association, as Mr. King was a generous, unwavering supporter of both the Women’s Shelter of South Texas and all those affected by domestic violence.

ROTC Centennial 5K & Push-Up Challenge

February 6th @ 8:00am Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Yorktown Christian Academy 5K 10K 2Mile

5th Annual Gulf Coast Pharmacy Symposium

2nd Annual St John the Baptist Youth Formation 5K Fun Run

Girl Scout Thin Mint Sprint 5K

February 13th, 7:30am Yorktown Christian Academy

February 26th-27th Education Service Center, Region 2

February 20th @ 7:30am Veterans Memorial HS Track

Ties and Tennis Shoes 5k 10k & kids 1k February 26th @ 6:00pm Texas A&M University – Kingsville

70 The Bend

February 27th @ 7:30am Cole Park

29th Annual Goodwill Run March 5th, 2016 Railroad Seafood Station

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}


Breaking Ground on the Future of Health Care in South Texas (Corpus Christi, Texas) – The first visible signs of the $325 million dollar plan from CHRISTUS Spohn to transform health care in South Texas

“This is a big step forward for our community, our patients and our associates,” she added. “We’re laying the groundwork for the future of health care right here in the Coastal Bend.”

are here. In January, the Health System made headlines as work commenced on a new patient tower at CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Corpus Christi-Shoreline.

CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Corpus Christi-Memorial site, where the new Dr. Hector P. Garcia Memorial Family Health Center is slated to open in early fall 2016.

Where a parking garage once stood at Elizabeth and 2nd streets, CHRISTUS Spohn has begun work on a new 10-story inpatient tower and expanded emergency department, which will provide more patient rooms and clinical areas.

“I think he would be very happy to know that his patients are being taken care of,” said Cecilia Garcia-Akers, daughter of Dr. Hector P. Garcia. “This is a really positive move for our community.”

“We are very excited about the hospital’s transformation,” said Kelly Elkins, President of both CHRISTUS Spohn Shoreline and Memorial hospitals. “This project will include the creation of approximately 420,000 square feet of new space and the removal of nearly 320,000 square feet of aging buildings.” The project is made possible through an unprecedented $275 million investment by the Health System’s parent company, CHRISTUS Health, along with an additional $50 million in philanthropy from South Texas donors. The project kicked-off in December with a packed ground-breaking ceremony at the

providing health care for the next 100 years, which has been named PATH, or People and Actions Transforming Health Care. Things are already buzzing at the Memorial site as work is underway and the new Health Center takes shape. At Shoreline, the parking garage has come down and is being cleared to make way for the new tower.

The 42,000-square-foot facility will serve as a one-stop-shop for areas patients, where visitors can see a physician, acquire lab and imaging tests and even pick up medications in a drive-through pharmacy.

To help patients and visitors while construction is underway, the Health System has opened up additional room in its Centennial Parking Garage at Santa Fe and Ayers Street, and provided shuttles to get patients and their families where they need to go.

“This is going to be part of a wonderful network of providers,” said CHRISTUS Spohn President and CEO Pamela Robertson. “It’s all about treating the whole person in a comprehensive and coordinated way.”

It’s a pivotal time for the Health System as CHRISTUS Spohn expands not only its footprint, but its capacity to provide state-of-theart care to South Texas residents, Robertson said.

The $21 million dollar Health Center also will focus on preventative care, and the well-being of the individual, with plans for healthy cooking classes and seminars at the facility. It’s all part of CHRISTUS Spohn’s vision for

“This is a big step forward for our community, our patients and our associates,” she added. “We’re laying the groundwork for the future of health care right here in the Coastal Bend.”

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


14717 South Padre Island Drive | Corpus Christi, Texas 78418


[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

Come Coast Awhile...


View amazing tours & photos at [the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Located in Portland’s Exclusive Northshore Community...

Pam morin

Colorblock semi-custom panels

Light-filtering roller shade

74 The Bend

Resolve to Refresh, Renew, Revive! 40%OFF Shades, Shutters, Blinds Offer expires 3/31/16

Call TODAY for a FREE in-home consultation

® *Offer good on selected Signature Series soft window treatments and Inspired Drapes® sold exclusively through Budget Blinds®. Drapery hardware and installation not included. At participating franchises only. Valid at time of initial estimate. Not valid with any other offers, discounts or coupons. Some restrictions may apply. Ask for details. Offer available for a limited time only.

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Wood shutters

BudgetBlinds .com 361


Visit our Online Design Guide

Open House FEBRUARY 2016

This Elk, shot by bow and arrow in Ohio, weighed in at 800 pounds!


What’s Inside Finding the perfect home that suites your needs can be one of the most daunting tasks a person will face. For one buyer, the heavens opened, and one special house actually did check off all the boxes.

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Country Hunter’s Retreat or Island Fishing Home? By: Whitney Noble Photos: Jason Page

The Captain has arrived, and he’s found the place to reside. The Hunt

It took over 40 homes, but then Chad Peterek found “the one.” But it began long before that. It all started on Padre Island, 18 years ago, when Peterek brought his business to this area, Captain Chad Peterek Guide Services. He was staying in various places...renting condos, houses, and stayed at The Passport Inn for the first 10 years. He then made a move to Flour Bluff for the past 8 years. “I knew all along I wanted to buy a house on the island and live on the island for the remainder of my life as a resident and full-time fishing and duck hunting guide,” Peterek admits. Deciding to permanently bring his services to Corpus Christi, Peterek needed the perfect waterfront home to house not only his boat(s), but also his headed wall decor. The home search began online, and then evolved into touring open houses. And lots of them! Peterek spent months window shopping on Sundays around Padre Island to get a feel for exactly where he wanted to be and what type of home it was that he was looking for. In mid-September, Peterek got serious. So on a Sunday like the rest, he was touring a home and clicked with an agent who would stop at nothing to find the perfect space. Over the next 2 days, they saw 21 homes.

Where does Eddie go? The top two check-list items were clearly defined: location and wall space. Wall space? Wall space. Peterek is an avid bow hunter, and his guide services go beyond fishing and extend into hunting as all. Therefore, over the years, he has quite the collection of stunning and regal animal wall mounts. “Where does Eddie go?” This was the certainly the most important question while touring each home. Eddie is Peterek’s most prized Elk. Eddie the Elk was harvested by Peterek on a private ranch in North East Ohio by bow and arrow, weighing 76 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Captain Chad Peterek Guide Services Guide services offered by Captain Chad include fishing for trophy trout, duck hunting, and monster northern whitetail hunting in NE Ohio!!! Sponsors: Foreverlast Hunting and Fishing Products, G•LoomisRods, Shimano Reels, Simms, Gambler Lures, Haynie Boats, Diamondback Boats & Mercury Outboards Largest speckled trout ever caught by Captain Chad was 331/8” weighing in at 11 lbs.

Captain Chad has a

“Signature Series line of Products” made by Foreverlast: 1. Tackle Tote 2. Fish Tote 3. Wade Belt 4. Wade Net

in at approximately 800 pounds and scoring 383 inches of horn. If there were no wall large or tall enough to mount Eddie, the home was no longer a contender in the running. Other creatures to grace the walls and home include white tail, fallow, ducks, fish, bobcat, and even a badger. The home’s location was as important as Eddie’s location. Given his career, quick access to the intracoastal and open water were simply a must. A big deck with lots of room for boats and slips was essential. “I am sponsored by Haynie Boats and Mercury Outboards and currently own a Haynie 24’ HO and a 23’ Cat. Chris’s Marine in Aransas Pass is the dealer I use to purchase all fishing boats,” says Peterek. He also has a 20’ Diamondback Airboat for duck hunting.

Home is where the Man Cave is Many of the homes on Padre Island have that breezy, open, airy, islandy touch, architecture, and colors. But Peterek is a little bit country. His style of home is more rustic, more warm. The adobe Spanish notes evoked an immediate familiarity and comfort. The piney wood with lots of dark knots is

78 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

the same color as much of his own furniture. The majority of the pieces he purchased upon closing were through The Homestead in Victoria Texas. Grand, yet a little more georgic, this home finally hit the sweet spot. Then there’s the check-list item he didn’t even know he wanted! The man cave. Surround sound, dry bar, wine fridge, office space, room to hang his framed antique fishing lures, more deer, and big screen TV, make this Peterek’s most favorite retreat. Here he watches football, entertains, works, and simply relaxes.

Staying for Reel Peterek’s son and daughter, Zach and Cortlyn, just love the deck and being on the water. They definitely take after their dad and spend time with their own fishing poles out there, gracefully casting the line into the deep water beneath. At night, they’ll even fish the green light he installed immediately upon purchasing the home. Peterek loves how calm the Island lifestyle is, even admitting that “I finally understand why no one wants to cross the bridge!” The future is far from fishy for Captain Chad.

AT HOME Coming March 2016 The region’s premier publication devoted to design architecture, coastal living, and entertaining. We help the community feel more AT HOME in the Coastal Bend.

Open House | Spaces

Dinner Dates By: Candace Reichert Photos: Rachel Durrent

Simple, easy, and inexpensive are rare words you hear when it comes to planning a romantic dinner date. For those of you who want to avoid the loud date night crowds or the expensive bill that tags along with a night on the town, we have a solution to make this night unforgettable for your special someone, right in the comfort of your own space. A special evening doesn’t have to be about an elaborate dinner or costly gift. Sometimes, nothing says “I love you” better than a romantic table for two at home, planned and put together all by yourself. Behold, some simple yet romantic settings that are easy to replicate when planning your twinkling twilight table on this Valentine’s Day. Make it a night to remember, and you are sure to score some major points with your sweetheart this year.


Whether homemade or purchased from your local bakery, using a delicious dessert as your centerpiece is a great way to add vibrant color and texture to your table. Try ditching the traditional tablecloth, and opt for a fun gift wrap or crafts paper to really make a statement.

80 The Bend

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OUTDOOR L-O-V-E : Nothing is more romantic then sitting together outside and gazing up at the stars. String some white lights along your patio, grab the champagne and strawberries, and let the bubbly and conversation flow. If you don’t have an outdoor table to sit at, try stacking a few wooden pallets, draped with a blanket, and toss lots of pillows around to lounge on. What better way to get cozied up next to your special someone?


With some fresh flowers, cheeses, and your favorite chilled bottle of wine, cast a romantic glow by placing a variety of different sized candles on a serving tray and watch the love flicker all around. To add an even more romantic touch to your date night, stash a bottle of lotion or oil, and surprise your partner with a relaxing foot rub.

儀唀䄀刀吀娀 䌀伀唀一吀䔀刀吀伀倀匀 匀吀䄀刀吀䤀一䜀 䄀吀 ␀㐀㔀⸀   ⼀ 匀儀 䘀吀

䌀伀刀倀唀匀  䌀䠀刀䤀匀吀䤀

㌀㘀㈀㔀 匀⸀ 倀伀刀吀 䄀嘀䔀 ㌀㘀㄀⸀㠀㔀㌀⸀㌀㌀  

倀伀刀吀  䄀刀䄀一匀䄀匀

㄀㜀㈀㘀 匀吀䄀吀䔀 䠀圀夀 ㌀㘀㄀ ⌀䌀 ㌀㘀㄀⸀㜀㐀㤀⸀㐀  㔀


㌀  ㈀ 䠀圀夀 ㌀㔀 一⸀ 匀吀䔀 䐀 ㌀㘀㄀⸀㜀㈀㜀⸀㈀㄀㘀㜀




for the entire family


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Out & About FEBRUARY 2016


What’s Inside Brewster Street Icehouse opened its doors on June 11th, 2006, becoming the centerpiece for the Sports, Entertainment and Art District! The original building was built in 1932 and was owned by Union Pacific Railroad and later occupied by Yellow Freight Distribution. That sign still hangs next to the female restrooms.

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Out & About | Arts & Culture

Goals for the Community The Corpus Christi IceRays are taking a shot at bigger goals this year.


By: Whitney Noble Photos: Corpus Christi IceRays

he chilly IceRays rink is already heating up this season. The Corpus Christi IceRays are the most popular team in the NAHL thanks to a devoted local fan base. Popularity is largely due to the fans and talented young players, but the team’s community involvement plays a major factor as well. “Over the past five years, we have been top two in the league in attendance, and the top team in the league for the last two years,” says Collin Schuck, Director of Broadcasting & Communications. “We have devout hockey fans, and they are coming out in large numbers,” says Schuck. When Schuck first started with the IceRays, he admits that he was “blown away by the arena and the fan’s reactions to the game.” To date, the Stars and Stripes Military Appreciation Night brought in a roaring 6,014 to the stands – the highest attendance on record. Winning games is important, but the real goal is to better the com-

munity. They take donations at the games and hold Jersey auctions to benefit different charities. “No matter what happens on the ice, we keep ourselves injected into the community whether it be with our fans or local organizations that need it,” says Schuck. February 27th is Heart Association Night. This particular night was inspired by a front office member who suffered and survived a heart attack. This truly “hit home for people in our office and the community,” says Schuck. For this evening, they’ve partnered with the American Heart Association. One team member’s family is sending pistachios from their pistachio farm in California to give away with tickets purchased for the Heart Association Night. Putting the community first is what it’s really all about. “We are providing sports entertainment, providing a place for sports fans to come together for a common cause, but we are also very community oriented, which helps us get the huge attendance numbers,” explains Schuck.

Did You Know? Each hockey player has their own individual and personalized stick with that dote their own pattern. Flexibility, the angle of the blade, weight, etc., vary from player to player.

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Furniture, GiFts and accessories

1027 US Hwy 181 Portland,78374 | 361-413-0090 Add us on Facebook -Decor Furniture [the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Out & About | Date Book

February Mark Your Calendar


Led Zeppelin II Feb. 12th Get ready for Valentine’s Day with a “Whole Lotta Love” concert. Brewster Street Icehouse, (361) 884-2739,


Exploring the Land Jan. 28th – Apr. 24th This exhibition includes 34 works from the 19th through the 21st centuries in a variety of artistic media; with a variety of approaches to the landscape, from historic and more traditional to contemporary examinations. American artists in the 19th century, such as Albert Bierstadt, created paintings that often emphasized the vastness of the land. Artists of the 20th and 21st century followed many paths in their landscapes just as Americans today have varied relationships to the land. Art Museum of South Texas, (361) 825-3520

Community Artwalk

Feb. 5th On the first Friday of every month you’ll find artists, musicians and all things creative converge in the Marina Arts District. It’s where Downtown comes alive with bands on every block, food trucks serving up South Texas fare, and art galleries featuring local and national artists. Marina Arts District, (361) 882-2363,

86 The Bend 86



The Odd Couple x2

14th Annual Lamardi Gras

Feb. 5th – 21st Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30 PM and Sundays at 2:30 PM Harbor Playhouse, (361) 8825500,

Feb. 12th-13th This Rockport festival features food fun entertainment, parade and more on Lamar Peninsula benefiting the Lamar Volunteer Fire Department.



Heart Ball

Barefoot Mardi Gras Feb. 6th Leave your shoes at home and raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Island Foundation Schools with this annual event. Now in its 7th year will expand to include the traditional Barefoot Parade along the beach and the Kings Ball in the evening and an all new Festival on the Beach with music, Cajun food & more! Padre Island, (361) 947-5235,

Feb. 13th The annual Heart Ball is a celebration of the AHA’s local volunteers, supporters, and the organization’s many successes in fighting heart disease and stroke. This elite black tie event features prominent members of the health, philanthropic and local business communities. Solomon Ortiz Center, (361) 692-0607,


Rotary Club Shrimp Boil Feb. 19th The Rotary Club’s Shrimp Boil offers Cajun style shrimp, sausage, potatoes, corn and onions complete with dessert. Along with door prizes, Chinese Auction, and live band entertainment. The cost is $20 per person which benefits the Rotary Club of Port Aransas Scholarship Fund. Port Aransas Civic Center, (361) 749-6614, [the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}


National Drawing and Small Sculpture Show Feb. 19th Celebrating 50 years, this show attracts works from some of the most creative contemporary American artists from across the United States. Each year, a guest juror of national stature judges the annual show with internationally-known book art sculptor Brian Dettmer serving as the 2016 juror. This year’s exhibit begins on Friday, Feb. 19, with a free opening reception from 6 to 8 p.m. and closes May 6. Gallery hours are 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays and 9 a.m. until noon on Fridays. Admission is free. Joseph A. Cain Memorial Art Gallery, (361) 698-1216,

Community Rockport Market Days

Feb. 20th Held monthly, come on out and enjoy “A Day By The Bay” shopping, listening to great music, and eating at the delicious food court. You’ll find over100 booths filled with quality merchandise, arts and crafts, plants and produce, jams, jellies, salsa and other canned products, national distributors, handmade clothing, woodworkers, yard art, all types of jewelry, pottery, and more. Rockport Festival Grounds, (361) 557-7575,


CCSO – A Little Bit Wicked Feb. 20th The CCSO will celebrate its own Academy Awards on February 20, with fan-favorite music show-

editor’s pick Corpus Christi IceRays Feb. 11th - 13th & 26th - 27th

Join our local Corpus Christi IceRays on home ice this season. Cheer them on and #DefendTheBend. American Bank Center, (361) 814-7825, cased in film or music soon to be featured in film. Two leading Broadway singers who have starred in the mega-hit musical Wicked will join the CCSO for this special performance. Texas A&M University-CC Performing Arts Center, (361) 883-6683,


Corpus Christi Live!

Presents Savannah Jack Feb. 21st A high energy, crowd interactive experience by musician-vocalists Don Gatlin, Jay Darby and Matt Schumacher, along with guitar and drums, feature music from all genres with tight harmonies and incredible musicianship. Texas A&M University-CC Performing Arts Center, (361) 980-1949,

3801 S. Staples at Weber 361-853-7303


Sky High Roller Casino Night Feb. 26th Riviera Telephone Company presents Sky High Rollers Casino Night benefitting HALO-Flight, aboard the USS Lexington. Doors Open at 7 p.m. Gaming and cocktails, heavy hors d’oeuvres, music and dancing until midnight. Tickets are $100. USS Lexington, (361) 265-0509,


Whooping Crane Festival Feb. 26th Get your binoculars and checklists ready! The Coastal Bend is the only spot in the United States where the endangered Whooping Crane can be viewed at close range! In addition to the Whooping Crane, an awesome array of wintering migratory birds flock into the wetlands and onto the Texas shorelines

of Mustang Island in and around Port Aransas. Birding tours by land and sea are highlights during the festival. Port Aransas, (361) 749-5919,


Polka Fest Feb. 27th The 31st annual event includes live music by various Polka bands, Czech fun, dancing, a gymnastics demonstration, food, and a raffle and auction. Sokol Hall, (361) 877-9932,


Fulton Oysterfest Mar. 3rd – 6th A true salute to the oyster industry! Including plenty of food, entertainment, arts, crafts and a carnival. Fulton Harbor Navigation Park, (361) 463-9955,

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Out & About | Social Hour

USO of South Texas Lobster Tail and Ale


Benefiting USO of South Texas Photos by: Debbie Noble

1) Jennifer Rahe, Colonel John “Bull” Rahe, Faith Rahe, Georgia Rahe 2) Jeanne Pasch, Jeanie Dodge, World War ll 48 star American flag, Michelle & Dan Koesema, 3) Wayne Squires, Deneece Squires,


Charlotte Minz 4) Chris Purvis, Whitney Woods, Lauren Purvis, Darak N. Tate


88 The Bend


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Distinctive Fashion Serving South Texas Since 1947

Chad Allen, DDS, MS Dr. Chad Allen has the ability to care for all of your dental needs and at one location! He takes his time to get to know you personally and determine your fears and expectations. He strives to make your time in the dental chair as comfortable as possible. Call his office today to enhance your dental experience!

Services: · Comprehensive Care · Veneers · Dental Implants · Crowns · Teeth Whitening


Corpus Christi:

General Dentists: Dr. Sarah Medina, DDS Dr. Arnoldo X. Cuellar, DDS Dr. Alex Vial-Nadeau, DMD Prosthodontist: Dr. Chad Allen, DDS, MS Portland:

(361) 854-7999 (361)us 643-0416 6646 S. Staples St. 126 Follow on Facebook 525 Doddridge Corpus Christi, TX 101 Cox Drive, Portland, TX Corpus Christi, 78413 & Instagram

Fun | Funky | Fabulous Here you will be swept up in the elegance of fine home furnishings, enamored with the whimsy of décor, and thrilled with all of our new coastal apparel and accessories. Sip and shop. Sample our delicious coffee while you stroll through this beautifully renovated, historic building at Old Town Six Points. 1710 S. Alameda St. Corpus Christi, TX 78404 | (361) 881-1091 | |

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

Like us on Facebook: Bleu Frog Mercantile


Out & About | Social Hour


Midnight on the Bay at the Omni Hotel

1. 2.

Photos by: Rachel Durrent


1. Even & Deirdre Smith


2. Joshlyn Davis & Alex Russian 3. Juanita Freudiger & Scott Hilston 4. Mike & Tracy Pierce 5. Dr. Steve Bain and Dr. Maria Bain

4. 5.

90 The Bend


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Happy Kids Happy Parents Pediatric Dentistry


Saratoga Office:

6200 Saratoga Blvd., Bldg. 1 Corpus Christi, TX 78414

Orthodontics Alameda Office:

3435 S. Alameda, Ste. A Corpus Christi, TX 78411

Oral Surgery Calallen Office:

13725 Northwest Blvd., Ste. 270 Corpus Christi, TX 78410

Enclave Office:

5525 S. Staples, Ste. A4 Corpus Christi, TX 78411

Introducing Our New

WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM Come a visit us at our new location

1752 Santa Fe

Mon.-Sat. 9am-5pm 1752 Santa Fe

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B Blue Blue Star Star Radiol R Of

Official Radiologists Official Radiologists of the Dallas of t

Michael B. Jones, Michael M

BERNARD M. SEGER, M.D. JOHN P. MASCIALE, M.D. AdultM.D. Spine Surgery Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy, BERNARD M. SEGER, BERNARD M.D. M. JOHN SEGER, P. M.D. MASCIALE, M.D. JOHN P. MASCIALE, CHARLES W.M.D. BRECKENRIDGE, CHARLES M.D. W. BRECKENRIDGE, Adult Spine Surgery Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy, Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy, Knee & Shoulder SurgeryKnee & Shoulder Surgery

Knee & Shoulder Surgery Adult Spine Surgery Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy, Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy, Shoulder & Knee SurgeryShoulder & Knee Surgery

CHARLES W. BRECKENRIDGE,Diagnostic M.D. Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy,in Fellowship Shoulder & Knee Surgery

Radiolo D Musculoskel Fellowship

David T. Larsen, David M.D T

Diagnostic Radiolo D Fellowship in Magnetic Fellowship Resoin

west Associate

ery, M.D.

Michael E. Patyrak, MichaelM E

ports Medicine

Diagnostic Radiolo D Fellowship in Musculoskel Fellowship


Adult Spine Surgery Foot & Ankle Surgery

Foot & Ankle Surgery Surgery of the Hand & Upper Extremity

We are pleased to announce our bone & joint

Foot & Ankle Surgery Surgery of the Hand & Upper Extremity

RYAN B. THOMAS, M.D. Surgery of the Hand

Extremity ★ 1.5 GE Tesla ★ 1.5 Open GE& Upper Ended Tesla Open Magnet Ended ★ Ma1 ★ Same Day★Appointments Same Day Appointments ★ S newest Associate ★ Report turnaround ★ Report turnaround within 24 hours within★24R

Michael W. Montgomery, M.D.

★ 2-3 Hour ★ Stat 2-3Interpretations Hour Stat Interpretations SUBSPECIALTY ORTHOPAEDIC SINCE 1972 Fellowship-Trained in PrimaryEXCELLENCE Care Sports Medicine


JOHN M. BORKOWSKI, M.D. | FRANK A. LUCKAY, M.D. | RYAN B. THOMAS, M.D. | CHARLES W. BRECKENRIDGE, M.D. | JUSTIN KLIMISCH, M.D. FRANK A. LUCKAY, M.D. MICHAEL W. MONTGOMERY, M.D. JUSTIN KLIMISCH, M.D. FRANK A. LUCKAY, M.D.FRANK A.MICHAEL LUCKAY, W. M.D. MONTGOMERY, MICHAEL M.D.W. MONTGOMERY, M.D. JUSTIN KLIMISCH, M.D. JUSTIN KLIMISCH, M.D. JOHN MASCIALE, | DAWN M.Fellowship GROSSER, M.D. | BERNARD SEGER, M.D. General Orthopaedics Fellowship - Trained in Primary Care Adult -Joint Reconstruction General M.D. Orthopaedics General Orthopaedics Trained in Primary Fellowship Care - TrainedM. in Primary Care Adult Joint Reconstruction AdultP.Joint Reconstruction

10 Years 10Serving Years Serving South Texa Sou 10

Medicine & HipSports and Knee Replacement Sports Medicine

& Hip and Knee Replacement & Hip and Knee Replacement

Sports Medicine

se habla españ 3702 S. Alameda 3702 S. Alameda

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se habla español seTX habla Trail español Texan Trail #300 Christi, 78411 se habla español 601601 Texan 601 Trail Texan • Suite Suite Trail #300 • Corpus Suite #300 8am - 5pm 601 Texan • Suite #300 Follow Us On Follow Us On Follow Us On 361-561-0635 361-561-0635 Monday - Fri 361-854-0811 361-854-0811 361-854-0811 361-854-0811 • Concussion Evaluation & Management

• High School & Recreational Sports Injuries 92 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend} • Professional & Collegiate Sports Injuries

Cuisine FEBRUARY 2016


What’s Inside Host the best football party ever, right at your own home with some super simple yet delicious dishes that may even take your guests eyes off the television!

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Cuisine | Farm to Table

Winning Game Day Recipes Say Hello to Some Serious Super Bowl Flavor! By: Justin & Kayla Butts Photos: Rachel Durrent

For your Super Bowl party, you want to feature healthy food without sacrificing flavor. Say goodbye to the nachos, potato skins, and hot wings of yesteryear, and say hello to some serious Super Bowl flavor! With these tasty and delicious recipes, the game will be the only thing that raises your blood pressure. Be prepared for your Turnip Green Dip to disappear as soon as you set it on the game day table. It’s best to make a secret batch for yourself and hide it well! The robust turnip green flavor balances beautifully with the bacon and melted cheese. The secret to this dip is a good white wine, which adds a level of complexity to the dish and helps elevate the other flavors. Try this dip with crisp and raw veggies, chips, or spread on toasted baguette. You will never believe turnip greens can taste this good. Klobasnek is the Czech name for a savory meat-filled pastry. Klobosneks may be the perfect game day food, because you can wave them over your head as you cheer without spilling anything, then dip them in marinara sauce between plays. These meatball klobasneks are cheesy, gooey, meaty, doughy, and so delicious, and they are easy and fun to make. But be sure to make plenty; they will go fast.(Ladies, if your husband loves meatball subs, you may want to restrict his access to klobasneks or he will be ready to pop by halftime!) The Thai Lettuce Wraps may be the best thing on your Game Day table. They are sweet, spicy, crunchy, and fresh, and every bite is better than the best Super Bowl commercial. If your friends and family vote for their favorite dish, this one is likely to win. Eat as many as you want; this is guilt-free Super Bowl dining at its very best. These dishes are healthy, easy to make, and incredibly flavorful and delicious. Best of all, you can find every ingredient for these recipes in your garden or from a local farm. February is a great month for local produce in South Texas: carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, cilantro, turnip greens, and many others. If you don’t have a garden of your own, stop by Coastal Bend Health Foods in Rockport for the freshest ingredients in The Bend, plus much more. The Big Game is finally here! Let’s get our Game Day food on the table and eat like Super Bowl champions!

Thai Lettuce Wraps Serves 4 appetizer portions Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 10 minutes Ingredients: Pork filling: 2 tbsp sesame seed oil ½ onion, chopped 1 jalapeno, mostly seeded, finely minced 1 lb ground pork Red pepper flakes, to taste Pinch of salt 2 garlic cloves, minced 1 heaping tbsp fresh ginger, grated

94 The Bend

6 or so tbsp low-sodium soy sauce 1 generous splash mirin (rice wine) 1 splash rice wine vinegar 1 tbsp packed brown sugar Wrap and Toppings: 12 large lettuce leaves, rinsed well and dried (Recommend Bibb variety)

minute until fragrant. Stir in liquids and brown sugar.  Increase heat to high and cook until liquids reach a rolling boil. Remove from heat.  Finish with squeezed lime. To assemble wraps: place pork filling, carrot, and cabbage on a large lettuce leaf. Top with cilantro and finish with freshly squeezed lime juice.

5 baby carrots, julienned Cabbage, shredded


1 bunch fresh cilantro

2lbs ground grass-fed beef (may substitute ground pastured pork)

Juice of 1 lime Directions: Heat oil in a sauté pan on medium heat.  Add onion and jawlapeno, sautéing until tender. Add ground pork, salt and red pepper.  When pork is almost completely browned, add garlic and ginger, cooking for an additional

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

½ cup onion, finely chopped 2 tbsp bread crumbs 2 tbsp parmigiano reggiano 2 heaping tsp dried Parsley

1 tsp dried basil 2 cloves garlic, minced ¾ tsp salt ½ tsp red pepper 1 egg Olive oil to coat pan

Basil Marinara: 14.5 oz can diced tomatoes 2 cloves garlic, minced ½ tsp dried basil Salt and red pepper, to taste Directions: Dough: In a medium sauce pan, warm milk

and butter over medium-low heat until butter has melted, but before liquid comes to a boil. Remove from heat and let cool to lukewarm. Whisk in egg yolks. In a small bowl, dissolve yeast and 1 tbsp sugar in water. Let ferment for 5 minutes. Mix remaining dry ingredients in a large bowl. Add milk and yeast, slow incorporating wet and dry ingredients with your hands or a wooden spoon. Knead for 3 minutes until a soft, pliable dough is formed. Let rise for one hour. Begin preparing meatballs.

Divide bread dough into golf ball sized portions (about 1 ¾ oz). Roll to 4-5” round. Place meatball in the center of rolled dough and top with ¼ cup shredded mozzarella. Bring edges of dough together and pinch to seal. Cover with a clean tea towel and let proof for 45 minutes. Prepare basil marinara. Basil Marinara: Combine all ingredients in a medium sauté pan. Heat until boiling, stirring frequently and breaking tomatoes apart with your stirring spoon.

Meatballs: Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl and mix until well incorporated. Spoon beef mixture into golf ball sized meatballs. Coat a large sauté pan with olive oil and place on medium heat. Brown meatballs on all sides, about 5 minutes for each side. Remove from heat. [the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


Cuisine | Farm to Table

Turnip Green Dip Fresh bacon adds great flavor and a chewy bite to this dip without imparting damaging nitrates found in cured bacon. Serves 6 Prep time: 5 minutes Cook time: 30 minutes Ingredients: 1 lb fresh bacon, chopped ½ onion, finely chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced ¼ cup white wine 4 heaping cups packed fresh turnip greens, stemmed and chopped

Directions: In a large sauté pan, cook bacon until crisp. Remove bacon from pan and reserve on a lined plate. Sauté onions in drippings over medium heat for 2 minutes, or until almost translucent. Add wine and garlic and cook 1-2 minutes. Stir in turnip greens and remaining ingredients except mozzarella. Cook 6-8 minutes, or until cream cheese is melted. Stir in reserved bacon. Transfer to baking dish and top with mozzarella. Broil on high for 4-5 minutes until cheese is golden brown. Serve hot with crudité or toasted baguette.

1 cup sour cream 8 oz cream cheese 4 oz mayonnaise ½ cup parmigiano reggiano ¼ tsp red pepper ¼ tsp salt ¼ cup fresh mozzarella, shredded

shop. dine. unwind. More than 130 of the finest names in style, services and cuisine including: Dillard’s • Macy’s • JCPenney ULTA • Michael Kors • White House | Black Market MAC Cosmetics • francesca’s • Aldo • Pandora • PINK Coach • Oakley • Grimaldi's Pizzeria • Buckle LongHorn Steakhouse • Tilly’s • Chipotle Mexican Grill Papaya • Corner Bakery Café • Forever 21 • Express Victoria’s Secret • Soma Intimates • T.J. Maxx HomeGoods • OshKosh B’gosh • Grub Burger Bar DSW • Build-A-Bear Workshop • Dick’s Sporting Goods

5488 S. Padre Island Drive • Corpus Christi F I N D YO U R R U N WAY

96 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

Out & About | The Dish

The Club Sandwich Shoreline Sandwich Co. By: Whitney Noble Photos: Rachel Durrent

Creating nearly everything from scratch (including the potato chips!) with all fresh ingredients, and even the tables from old bowling alley floors out of Flour Bluff, there’s nothing typical or standard about Shoreline Sandwich. Owner Kristoffer Busk takes all sandwiches up a notch, or two or three, including their legendary Club Sandwich. All meat is made in house, and the bacon is no exception! In 2012, Busk was featured on the Travel Channel for his bacon. Cured for 7 days and then smoked in the restaurant’s own smoker, that one single layer exceeds expectations. The homemade guacamole and made-from-scratch ranch dressing elevate this traditional sandwich to unique and unthinkable heights - 6 inches at least! Busk wanted to create a New York style deli, where there was no shortage of meat. With 6 oz on each signature sandwich, Busk says “half a cow and 2 crackers” is the magic twist!

Wait, there’s more Specialty items made and sold in house include: Homemade jams

such as strawberry, jalapeño, blackberry sage, and raspberry, pickled items such as green beans and pickles, and spices such as Meyer lemon salt, chile lime salt and their signature house spice.

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]

2 Locations: 500 N Shoreline Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX 78401 600 Leopard Street, Corpus Christi, TX 78401 361.883-1633


Dining Guide Corpus Christi Padre Island Port Aransas Rockport Outdoor dining Live music

$ = Under $10 $$ = Mostly $10 - $20 $$$ = $20 and up The Bend Magazine Dining Guide is a select list of restaurants around the Coastal Bend. Implicitly, the magazine’s editors recommend all of these restaurants and they are not advertisements. Listings are updated monthly and appear based on space availability. Reviews and articles are written by our editors as a service to readers.

Restaurant owners: If you have news about your restaurant or a correction to our listing, we’re all ears! Send an email to or call (361) 792-3606

98 The Bend

Out & About | Dining Guide

American 8te $ A shabby chic interior feel with classic comfort dishes that have a simple twist. They have it all breakfast, lunch, and dinner! 1220 Airline #250, (361) 723-0261, Andy’s Country Kitchen $ You will feel right at home just like eat’n in mom’s kitchen. Great southern comfort food that gets back to the basics! 5802 S Staples St, (361) 993-0251, Atomic Omelette& Grill $ Omelettes are just the beginning here! Comfortable atmosphere, with a flavor for casual dining and handmade family recipes. 6313 Wooldridge Rd #10, (361) 334-3942, Citrus Bayfront Bistro $ Enjoy everything homemade, even down to the pie crusts with a gorgeous view of the marina. 100 N Shoreline Blvd, (361) 882-2047, The Groove $$ A little something for every discriminating craving with an eclectic dining experience. Nothing is ever frozen or put in a fryer! 2001 N Hwy 35, (361) 729-3663, Irie’s Island Food $ With bold purpose and flavor craving taste buds, they set forth a new twist on local fare and many culinary delights from islands around the globe. 503 N Alister St, (361) 749-2310, The Grille $ Ensures you’ll always have the variety that is the spice of life! With ingredients sourced from Texas, Burger patties and soups are all made from scratch. 3063 Main St, (361) 775-1000, The Post $$ Enjoy this pub in a communal setting with dishes that are meant to be shared, all alongside a cocktail or beer of course! 3850 S Alameda, (361)452-0907, Town & Country Café $ Down-to-earth this diner next door serves the best in homestyle American comfort food for breakfast and lunch. 4228 S Alameda St, (361) 992-0360,

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

Asian Aka Sushi $$ Creative and daring rolls that work well together. The authentic Asian cuisine made with the Chef’s homemade recipe will be sure to surprise you. 415 N Water St, (361) 882-8885 Sang’s Imperial Café $$ Culturally dynamic décor brings an international ambiance to the atmosphere. Their commitment to the healthiest and freshest food shows through from the dishes to the sushi bar. 4650 Corona Dr, (361) 8088881, TakeNiwa $$$ Sit in Hibachi and watch their talented chefs prepare your dinner. Or dine yourself to juicy steak and full sushi bar, your choice! 5216 S Padre Island Dr, (361) 356-6888,

Café BonnA-Petit $ Chef Sophie will always make you feel warmly welcomed, just as her gourmet dishes do. And don’t forget to grab a to-go dinner! 4301 S Alameda St, (361) 334-2579, Daily Grind $ A coffee bar with personality, they offer the finest in gourmet, rustic, or straight-up coffee favorites. Hungry? Stick around for their daily quiche specials, scones, and sandwiches. 302 S Austin St, (361) 790-8745, Hester’s Café and Coffee Bar $ Looking for a true family experience where love is the number one ingredient, along with the simple but important concept of quality and the healing powers of good food 1902 N. Shoreline Blvd, (361) 885-0151, 1714 S Alameda St, (361) 885-0558, 3812 S Alameda St, (361) 855-1892,

Barbeque Hoegemeyer’s BBQ $$ Smoked freshbarbecue on a strong German heritage background and a satisfaction for something unique. South Texas barbecue that comes from the heart. 711 Concrete St, (361) 884-4227,


stinks featuring Rich O'Toole with special guest Steven James & The Jaded

Out & About | Dining Guide

French Bleu Bistro $$$ True playful twists to classic French bistro dishes. The chef’s commitment to the use of fresh, local, peak of the season products is evident in the quality of each dish. 500 N Water St, (361) 887-2121,

Brooklyn Pie Co. $ Enjoy a slice or indulge a whole “pie” of their delicious secret pizza tradition. 15326 S Padre Island Dr, (361) 949-1100, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria $$ Distinctive and authentic pizza baked to perfection in a signature coal burning oven you can see right from your seat, offers a unique crisp flavor. 5488 S Padre Island Dr, (361) 980-8600,

Dragonfly $$$ A fine multitude of international backgrounds to the cuisine prepared entirely from scratch daily by the owner and culinary artist. The menu is full of unforgettable flavor profiles to satisfy any craving. 14701 S Padre Island Dr, (361) 949-2224, Grill

House of Rock $ Great pizza and appetizers, cold beer, and live entertainment! Does it get any better? $$ 511 Starr St, (361) 882-7625,

Brewster Street Ice House $$ Who says that you can’t have 4-Star food in a casual environment? Not the Brewster Street Grill! Bring your kids or stay for concert, they have it all. 1724 N Tancahua, (361) 884-2739,

Mamma Mia’s $$$ Warm and cozy mom and pop Italian experience will make you feel like family. Entrees are delicious Italian culture on a plate. 128 N Mesquite St, (361) 8833773,

Executive Surf Club $$ The perfect casual family dining spot. All the while supplying the most beer on tap in the city. 309 N Water St, (361) 884-7873, Waterstreetmarketcc. com/executive-surf-club

Mesquite St. Pizza and Pasta Co. $$ Their 60 year old pizza oven brought in straight from Brooklyn New York, makes for the perfect pizza, as well asall the crusts and sauces are made in house. 617 Mesquite St, (361) 882-7499,

Stingray’s Taphouse and Grill $$ Anindustrial-chic elite sports bar that provides you ‘raving fans’ a unique dining and entertaining experience, right around the corner from the beach! 401 Beach St, (361)749-2287,

Panjo’s Pizza & Pasta $ Ditch the pomp and circumstance, and eat the way your Italian Grandma intended. Fuss free and real, classic, and a true local secret! $$ 2744 Highway 35 N, (361) 729-1411

Italian Authentic New York Pizza $$ True, authentic New York Pizza right in your hands in Corpus Christi, complete with red-checkered tablecloths. 5838 S Staples St, (361) 986-1151, Bellino’s $$ Comfortable and welcoming with a trattoria style authentic cuisine. You won’t find these dishes anywhere else in Corpus Christi! 3815 S Alameda St, (361) 814-8998, 523 S. Fulton Beach Rd, (361) 729-9003,

100 The Bend

Russo’s Coal Fired Italian Kitchen $$ Brick-oven-fired Italian entrees and New York style pizza down south. The simplicity of a causal Pizzeria with the freshness of a fine Italian restaurant. 6418 S Staples St, (361) 986-0620, Venetian Hot Plate $$$ Quality cuisine and a quaint, yet energetic atmosphere, giving a real touch of Italy. 232 Beach St, (361) 749-7617, Bella Luna Downtown $$ Authentic gourmet Italian cuisine always made fresh to order in the heart of The Marina Arts District. 429 Schatzell St, (361) 887-4777,

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

Port “A” Pizzeria $$ Bring the kids, as this family-friendly pizzeria offers an all-day buffet, video games and draft beer. Or, order straight off the menu! 407 E Avenue G, (361) 749-5226,,

Mediterranean Ginger Café and Grill $$ Eastern hospitality and authentic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, there’s so much to love about these Persian, Turkish, Lebanese, and IndoPakistani specialties. 7009 S Staples, 103, (361) 946-9834,

Mexican Molé $$ The vision lies in freshness, tradition and distinction; Mole’ is where true Central Mexican Cuisine can be enjoyed. 6042 S Padre Island Dr, (361) 334-6081,

Per uvian Costa Sur Wok & Ceviche Bar $$ This cevicheria is a true Peruvian party on your palette. The dishes are fresh takes on traditional originals from Peru. 15113 S Padre Island Dr #101, (361) 945-8303,

Seafood Black Marlin Bar & Grill $$$ Sit indoors, sit outdoors, see the Gulf Coast from any seat in the house while diving into top-quality coastal cuisine, live music and the best views around. 258 Snapdragon, (361) 749-4653, Black Sheep Bistro $$ A unique, trendy atmosphere that transcends age and style with a menu full of foods rich, colorful, and full of flavor. 15201 S Padre Island Dr, (361) 9494819, Doc’s Seafood and Steaks $$ Lively and enjoyable selection for surf ‘n’ turf in an open-air setting overlooking the water, plus live music. 13309 S Padre Island Dr, (361) 949-6744,

Turning your dream home...

Featuring brands like... Miss Me, Mia & Liv Banana Split, Tea, Deux Par Deux...& more!

...into reality

Aide Saenz

361-688-8956 | 5026 Holly Road, CC TX 78411 NMLS 197464 | NMLS 117371

! g n i l i a s o g Let’s

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Out & About | Dining Guide

Engagements Engagements Charter Charter to Port to Port Aransas Aransas Family Family Outing Outing Guys Guys / Girls / Girls DayDay OutOut

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Eleanor’s Coffee Bar + Market Loose Leaf Tea By: Whitney Noble Photos: Rachel Durrent

Eleanor’s Coffee Bar + Market offers black, green and herbal teas that all come as loose leaf. Brewing the tea as a loose leaf, rather than from a bag, maintains the integrity of the tea and allows you to enjoy the tea for all it’s worth. There are some wonderful health and flavor benefits to using loose tea. Since it consists of larger leaves, it retains more of its powerful catechin antioxidants and plentiful plant polyphenols. Also, the larger leaves means larger surface area, allowing for more natural oils to steep out of them, and this of course means great flavor, along with a pleasant scent! Owner Jessica and employee Danny are both enthusiastic and passionate about educating customers and bringing knowledge about the percolation method they use. In essence, a percolator is a type of pot used that continually cycles the hot water through the leaves using gravity until the required strength is reached. This “pour-over method” means that the water touches the tea for a shorter amount of time allowing for the flavor and notes of the leaves to be more prominent. So, tea time, anyone?

4231 S Alameda St, Corpus Christi, TX 78412 (361) 510-1380

102 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

Glow $$ From a renovated boathouse, offers a simply cooked bistro fare using the best local seafood and produce. Bright, relaxed atmosphere with white-washes ship lap wood walls and a full bar. 1815 Broadway St, (361) 727-2644, Harrison’s Landing $$ Tavern on the Bay at Harrison’s Landing is Corpus Christi’s newest outdoor restaurant & bar located in the heart of the city’s marina, and is the only place in town with a floating bar! 108 Peoples St, (361) 881-8503, Harrisonslanding. net Island Time Sushi Bar and Seafood Grill $$ Stop in for fresh and inventive sushi, seafood, appetizers and desserts! Check out the weekday specials! 14225 S Padre Island Dr, (361) 949-3046, Latitude 28˚02’ $$$ Contemporary dining experience specializing in tasty fresh, local seafood. Eye-catching walls that serve as a gallery space, holding colorful works by local artists. 105 N Austin St, (361) 7279009, Lisabella’s Bistro $$$ Casually coastal elegance yet, familyfriendly setting. Remarkable gourmet twist to the lunch fare, a poolside eatery, and a full bar that goes beyond just ordinary. 5009 Hwy 361, (361) 749-4222, Rock & Rolls Sushi Lounge $$

At Rock & Roll, they’re dishing out the most delectable and delicate fish from islands all over the world. Delight in a “sound check” or cold appetizer, an “opening act” or hot appetizer, then “plug in” for some rolls and sashimi! 15121 S Padre Island Dr #101, (361) 949-1110, Roosevelt’s at the Tarpon Inn $$$ Gourmet dining at its finest in a beautiful Louisiana style home that sets the perfect tone for a taste of luxury. Historic background gives a unique sense of its famous visitors. 200 E Cotter Ave, (361)749-1540,

Saltwater Grill $$ Unique family atmosphere with fresh and tasty seafood that will leave you coming back for more. 2401 Cimarron Blvd, (361) 993-7258, Scuttlebutt’s Bar & Grill $$ Extensive menu, makes sure to have something for everyone. Foods made from scratch from the dressings to the burger patties14254 S Padre Island Dr, (361) 949-6769, Scuttlebuttsbarandgrill. com Seafood & Spaghetti Works $$ A unique dining experience, you’ll find the very best in seafood, steak, Italian dishes, pizza, soups, and desserts all made from scratch. 901 S Alister St, (361) 749-5666, Seafoodandspaghetti. com

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Shells $$ Warm, inviting neighborhood restaurant offers a creative and far ranging menu that reflects a variety of world cuisines. Shakes off the old and tired and gets down to real good food. 522 E Avenue G, (361) 749-7621,

■ Life

Insurance Shempy’s Grill $$ ■ DisabilityTaking Incomecare Insurance Laid back setting with a variety of of your delightfully cooked fish will turn anyone ■Highway Long-Term Care Insurance into a seafood lover. 3913 35 S, insurance needs Taking care of your (361) 727-0019,

insurance needs

■ Life Call me today forInsurance more information: Snoopy’s Pier $$ Outdoor dining experience and Local harvested quality with an on-site fish house and shrimp breading facility that enables the freshness. 13313 S Padre Island Dr, (361) 949-8815,

■ LifeIncome InsuranceInsurance Disability ■ Disability Income Insurance ■ Long-Term Care Insurance Amanda Smith ■ Long-Term Care Insurance 361-739-0116 Call me today fortoday more Call me for information: more information:

The Boiling Pot $$ Roll up your sleeves and take manners to new a level for a great Cajun experience. 201 S Fulton Beach Rd, (361) 729-6972

Amanda Smith Amanda Smith 361-739-0116


The Pheonix $$ Insurance products and services underwritten by: Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company or one of its affiliates, Omaha, NE This international bistro/nouveau 68175. This is a solicitation of insurance. By responding, you are American fine-quality cuisine is prepared requesting to have a licensed agent (in WA, producer) contact you to provide additional information. daily using many ingredients from the Insurance products and services underwritten by: Mutual of AFN41199_0912 Corpus Christi Farmer’s Market creating Omaha Insurance Company or one of its affiliates, Omaha, NE a constantly eclectic seasonal menu, Insurance products andThisservices underwritten Mutual 68175. is a solicitation of insurance. Byby: responding, youof are where guests can choose to sit indoor requesting to have aone licensed agent (in WA, producer) contact NE Omaha Insurance Company or of its affiliates, Omaha, you to provide additional information. and outdoor. 337 N Alister St, (361) 68175. This is a solicitation of insurance. By responding, you are 749-9277, Restaurant-and-Bar requesting to have a licensed agent (in WA, producer) contact

you to provide additional information.

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]



Out & About | Dining Guide Trout Street Bar & Grill $$$ Cajun-inspired seafood in an airy environs is a wondrous way to enjoy food and cocktails inside the nautical themed restaurant or on the outdoor deck offering marina views. 104 West Cotter, (361) 749-7800, Water Street Oyster Bar $$ Long-standing, well-known Corpus Christi landmark operation serving oysters, sushi rolls & Gulf seafood in a historic, brick-walled space. 309 N Water St, (361) 881-9448, Water Street Seafood Company $$$ Locally owned and operated and voted “Best of the Best” seafood. Fish is fresh never frozen, while sauces and dressings are all made in house from scratch. 309 N Water St, (361) 882-8683,

Yardarm $$$ Savory seafood dishes with great bay view seating. Family owned gives off a special ambiance in the atmosphere as well as the entrees. 4310 Ocean Dr, (361) 855-8157

Steakhouse Katz 21 $$$ Sets the standard for premier fine dining experience. Prime steakhouse specializes in dry-aged prime beef and fresh gulf coast seafood. 5702 Spohn Dr, (361) 884-1221, Niko’s Steakhouse $$$ Committed to the motto “Great food, Great times, Great experience.” Casual and elegant atmosphere that will exceed any steak lover’s expectations. 5409 Saratoga Blvd, (361) 992-2333, Republic of Texas $$$$ One of the top dining destinations. A multi-level steakhouse offers diners beautiful panoramic views of the CC Bay. All the ingredients for the perfect experience! 900 N Shoreline Blvd, (361) 887-1600,

104 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

Thai Thai Cottage $$ Unique and refreshing, Thai curries meet teriyaki and Chinese dishes in a cozy red cottage. 5830 McArdle Rd, (361) 993-0777,

Vietnamese Vietnam Restaurant $$$ Local fine dining with an extensive menu and eye catching Vietnamese culture spread throughout the dining area. 701 N Water St, (361) 853-2682,

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Ask your agent which photographer they use for their #listingfotos If your agent doesn’t have a good answer, have them call Sell your home, leave the photography to me.

361-589-9050 | JASONDAVIDPAGE.COM 234 Leming Avenue as photographed for The Bend

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Out & About | Looking back

A Coastal Bend Snow Day By: Jeff King Photo Credit: Marketing & Communications at TAMUCC

A courtyard at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi transformed into a winter wonderland.


saying that lingers in the Coastal Bend is that we have two seasons: Mild and Hot. While powdery white landscapes are typically foreign to this area, a look back at the Coastal Bend snowfall of 2004 serves as a reminder that winter does exist in South Texas, even if a wintery enchantment may not reappear for decades. Corpus Christi saw 5.2

inches of snow that year, which was more than all previously recorded years combined, and inland areas were under up to 12 inches of snow. The Coastal Bend became one of the few places around the world to witness snow-covered palm trees, a juxtaposition that etched itself into memories of that historical day. Before the winds of March blow the February chill back to the North, enjoy the rest of “Mild,” and be glad there are still a few months until the first day of “Hot.”

It’s not the first time A snowstorm in February of 1895 covered the Coastal Bend with nearly double the snow as in 2004, but the 2004 snow still broke the record for 24-hour snowfall totals.

106 The Bend

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend}

A snowstorm in February of 1895 covered the Coastal Bend with nearly double the snow as in 2004, but the 2004 snow still broke the record for 24-hour

[the lifestyle magazine of the coastal bend]


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