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Today, the most significant trend in flooring products that has overtaken a huge percent of the types of flooring being purchased by consumers is waterproof! The options that are now available continue to amaze the flooring industry professionals, not to mention the consumer who needs to relieve their inhibitions regarding the purchase of new flooring for their home.

So many choices are offered to homeowners when it is time to update their home or replace a damaged floor that was affected by a spill, flooding, pet or kid spill, or appliance leak of some sort. Allison Flooring America has been servicing the flooring needs of this community for over 40 years! We offer a complete team of flooring experts who can work with you on all your residential or commercial interests.

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The Bend: AT HOME is the region’s premier publication devoted to design, architecture, coastal living, and entertaining. Discover a more in-depth look at the most beautiful homes in the region and read intriguing stories about the personalities behind them. Full of practical advice and tips from design experts, we bring readers the latest in local décor and trends. This supplement is a must-read for anyone desiring to turn their house into a dream home and make memories for years to come. It’s our mission to help you feel more at home in the Coastal Bend. Copyright © 2017 Gemstone Media, LLC. The Bend: Coastal Life Magazine is published by Gemstone Media, LLC. No portion may be reproduced without express written consent. Editorial or advertising does not constitute advice, but is rather considered informative. Expressed opinions are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of ownership.


22 6 EXPERT Q&A How a first-time buyer flipped from top to bottom.

8 INDOOR SPACES Picking paint colors to better your mood.

10 OPEN HOUSE How an Island family built their dream home - and the wait was so worth it.

14 GET THE LOOK Don’t be envious, go green too!

16 BY DESIGN Learn more about the man behind SquareFoot Design Studio.

20 OUTDOOR SPACES Learn just how to set up the perfect outdoor kitchen atmosphere. It’s smokin’!

22 FOR SALE Take a peek at this imaginative and colorful Island home.

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FIRST-TIME FIXER-UPPER YOU BOUGHT A HOME ON THE ISLAND THAT NEEDED A LOT OF WORK. WHAT MADE YOU THINK, “I CAN TURN THIS IN TO A GEM!”? Honestly, we had no idea our home was going to turn out as wonderful as it has. Our home wasn’t even on the market for a whole day when we viewed it, and we knew if we didn’t act quickly someone else would see the same potential in it as we did. The location of this home, and the deal we got it for made us jump on the opportunity to buy it. HOW DID YOU KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN? AND WHAT WAS THE FIRST STEP? There was so much work to be done that we struggled with what to start on first. My father-in-law, Steve Winchester, drove in from California to help my husband and me, because we soon realized we were in over our heads. With some guidance, we learned to work our way from the ceiling to the floor. Our first step was scraping the popcorn ceiling down, then removing old cabinets, taking wall paper down, texturing, painting, installing new doors and base boards, painting, then finally, laying the tile down. ON A TOTAL HOME REMODEL, WHICH ROOMS GET THE MAJORITY OF YOUR


This pretty lady isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. BUDGET? ANY TIPS OR TRICKS YOU’RE WILLING TO SHARE? Our primary focus during this remodel was the kitchen. Kitchens and bathrooms are safe places within the home to put money into, because you’re more likely to get that money back when it comes time for resale. We spent a large portion of our budget on installing granite to give our home a classy and updated feel. Then we replaced the appliances. A big money-saving tip we learned was to shop around, buy knobs for cabinets and new light fixtures off of Amazon. If you can save old cabinets by freshening them up with a coat of paint, do so! Also, shop locally! We quickly learned the tile we almost bought from a big-box store was 50 cents MORE a square foot than it was at a locally owned here in Corpus. If possible, pay attention to sales, and buy things you know you may need in advance. And finally, if you can do the work yourself instead of paying someone else for the labor, you will save thousands. Luckily, the labor my husband and I didn’t know how to do, Steve and my grandpa did. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE ROOM AND WHY? The kitchen by far! This is where we spent

most of our time and money. It was also the biggest transformation in our home. The new appliances have to be one of my favorites. We had recessed lighting installed in the living room and in both bathrooms. We also painted the fireplace and added a new mantel that really made the living room look more modern. We installed wood-looking tile throughout the whole house to give it that beachy vibe. WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO ANYONE WHO WANTS TO DO A COMPLETE HOME RENOVATION ON THEIR OWN? First, do not trust the renovation shows! It is WAY more work than HGTV makes it seem. Second, be sure to have a contractor or someone with experience close by. You might think you’re saving yourself money by not hiring anyone, but you could be wasting a lot of money on unused materials. Finally, even though it was a lot of work and very stressful at times, it was totally worth it in the end. Not only did we create our dream home, but we created irreplaceable memories with each other and the family members who volunteered their time to give us a beautiful first home. When doing the work yourself, you learn to appreciate your home on a whole other level.

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CRAZY FOR COLOR Our home is our sanctuary, where we wake up and prepare for the day ahead, and the place to which we go at the end of a busy day. The colors we choose to put in our home can impact our emotions in various ways. Here is a quick look at how different colors can affect our moods, and what those colors say about us. So how do colors affect human emotion and reaction? Designers have been paying more attention to not only what colors to choose, but why to choose them. Color psychology is now known to play a larger role in mar-


keting, design and branding. As homeowners, we, too, should choose wisely. The colors you choose for your spaces can actually play a role in your mood and temperament.




innocence, and sterility. Wouldn’t it just seem odd to baptize a baby in a red gown? Or to paint the walls of an operating room a dirty tone of split pea soup?

For the home: If you have a case of kitchen OCD, a white kitchen will make the space appear larger (and it IS the heart of the house!), and the more sterile this room feels, the better. Your guests don’t want to question whether their food was prepared in a germ breeding ground. White countertops and cabinets are no hiding place for grease splatters or red wine rings.



but can lead to irritability and anxiety. Just because it’s gender neutral doesn’t mean you should paint your nursery this color. Studies have shown that the same baby will cry more in a yellow room than in a blue room. use this color as an accent. If you just love the color, a downstairs powder room would be a nice place to put yellow on the walls. It will add a kiss of zest to the first floor. Consider the sun…it’s always nice when it’s out, but you never want to stare at it!



For the home: As with red,

and optimism. Think of the fruit – it’s bright, sweet, makes you want to do an Irish jig.

For the home: A little girl’s

For the home: If you have a

bedroom is the obvious choice. But another less obvious space would be light maroon color in a playroom. This may help mold creative thoughts and visionary children.

home gym, this is the PERFECT place for this color. It will likely give you that needed boost an extra shot of espresso may provide…without the calories!

Back in the `80s, The San Bernardino County Probation Department in California decided that when a child became violent, instead of using

It’s natural…relaxing…can’t you smell the fresh cut grass? Not only does green bring you down to earth, but it can symbolize greed and envy. So, use green wisely.

For the home: Incorporate green by using indoor plants. They will bring the outdoors in, and studies have shown plants and flowers will reduce stress and improve general well-being. You wouldn’t bring your sick friend a gerbil, right? You’d bring them a fresh bouquet! If you’d rather bring green in another way, go with a nice pale green for the living room.

But it also brings about a sense of nurturing and immaturity - the silly, playful kind.



physical restraint, they put them in an 8 x 4 foot room with bubble gum pink walls. After approximately 10 minutes, the child would tend to relax and even fall asleep.

Studies also show that it increases circulation, action, and exudes an empowering masculine energy.

For the home: Try using red as an accent color: Red pillows, a red door, red vases. Does your house have a man cave? Red that room!

Straight from Wikipedia, “In 2000, Glasgow installed blue street lighting in certain neighborhoods and subsequently reported the anecdotal finding of reduced crime in these areas.”


wealth, and sometimes romance. In ancient healing therapies, the color psychology behind purple was believed to treat skin problems, and purple crystals were used for both emotional and physical healing.

For the home: What better place for purple paint than the master bathroom? Maybe the good purple vibes will work their magic and make you forever beauteous. If that’s not what you’re about, picture a relaxing lavender scented bath. Purple is also said to spark the imagination. Don’t be shy, you’re probably part of the vast majority who do their best thinking in the bathroom.


similar to green. It symbolizes loyalty and peace.

For the home: Choose a navy blue as an accent wall in the dining room, or a light blue for a bedroom. If you’re like most, your bedroom is the one place you can really go to unwind. Blue will allow you to feel soothed and restful. Light up a beach wood candle, and you’re in heaven! Just don’t go painting clouds on the ceiling. Then you’ve taken it too far.



It is a perfect day in the Coastal Bend, with low humidity, the sun sparkling off the ocean waves, and a cool breeze is blowing in from the north. The kind of day where glimpses of fishermen hauling in the catch of the day are in full force, and the idea of anything being more beautiful is ludicrous. Trish and Garrett Frazier’s Island home quickly cranks up the beauty dial to eleven!


arge stone steps sweep up to the French-door-style entry way. The first family member on the scene is Beauregard, the Frazier’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme colored French bulldog. As of February of this year, the Frazier family will have lived in the custom-built home on Commodore Pointe for a full year. “It was a 3 year-long project from initial planning to move-in. The home’s entire design and functionality were developed by myself, one-half of mother/daughter, interior design


team, “Trish & Alice.” I was very involved and worked extremely closely with our architect and interior and exterior developers,” Trish explains. Trish stands in the entry way, effortlessly put together, much like her home. A stone accent wall, from a quarry in Texas, climbs up the wall to the left, as pops of gold and red décor peak out to the right and flow into the living room. “My personal style can be eclectic. I really appreciate many different influences, which can make decision-mak-

ing really hard sometimes! With that said, I have always leaned toward a contemporary foundation. That was the case for this home, with its clean, simple structural design and industrial influences represented in many aspects, such as the fixtures, high ceilings, andI have always leaned toward a contemporary foundation. That was the case for this home, with its clean, simple structural design and industrial influences represented in many aspects, such as the fixtures, high ceilings, and exposed beams. I like neutral palettes that you can build on and



During the final phase of construction, when I walked in... for the first time...I actually teared up.” change when the mood strikes without major, expensive overhauls. I also really love touches of Hollywood Regency for an added air of sophistication and to balance the more “masculine” feel of industrial spaces. Black and white, bold jewel tones, and mirrored furniture to name a few,” Trish elaborates. “Because we live on the water, I included enough “coastal” elements to be significant, without going overboard. To sum it all up with a name, I’d say: Coastal Contemporary Glam.” The entry way bursts into the living room and kitchen area with a breathtaking effect. Large floor-to-ceiling windows line the living room, pulling the outside day in, and inviting those inside out. The idea was for the house to flow, and from this perspective the flow is as clear as the tide breaking outside. “During the final phase of construction, when I walked in and the lights were on for the first time, it brought all the warmth and personality to the space. It evolved from being just a project to a “home.” I actually teared up,” Trish says. Trish’s mother began from humble beginnings in Oklahoma. “She started out cleaning houses, but she was so good at organizing that clients started asking her specifically to help them organize and design a cleaner space. This evolved eventually into a full on interior design profession, after about


20 years,” Trish mentions. Growing up with that influence is what inspired Trish to the interior design industry. Pieces in the home are unique to her style, such as structural designs used on areas of the home and furniture she has had custom made, some even being made locally. “My favorite space from a design standpoint is our wine room. It has some really unique features. The most important space to me, though, is our kitchen. We have an open-concept space, with our island being the central “hub” where we cook, eat, drink, do homework and socialize. All the action happens here. It is the heartbeat of our home,” Trish beams. The Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi alumni have shared several heart-warming moments with their two children, in their new home, in just a year. Trish believes, “My one-word, inspired dream for this home was: community. For me, the rooms are like blank canvases awaiting divine inspiration. Instead of impulse-buying just to fill the space, I want to fill them with meaningful, well thought out pieces that have a story and bring much more character and personality to our home. We have time.”


• In order to have a lawn that would survive the harsh weather of the Island, the Frazier’s used Astro turf both on the front and backyards. • The wine room is climate controlled and lit using LED lights. • The soaking tub, master bathroom vanities, and daughter Olivia’s bedroom closets are all custom-designed and built. • The backyard is complete with lounge area, grill, mini-fridge and flat screen TV, as well as a fire pit, wood-burning fire place, saltwater pool, and herb garden.

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It is easy being green today as the Pantone 15-0343 color of the year “Greenery” is all the trend.

3 1


Inspired by this color, from home décor to home interior and design, “greenery” is in full bloom.


A refreshing color for the year, it’s full of botanical beauty and an eco-friendly vibe.

1. Glass Lantern: Bay Window


2. Linen Napkin: Maison, Chilewich, “Grass”

3. Dinner & Salad Plate, Saucer, Tea Cup: Hanley-Wood, Raynaud, “Villandry Vert”

4. Placemat: Masion, Chilewich

5. Pillow: World Market, Lumber Pillow






Sage Green

9 10 Fern Canopy

6. Greenery: Blossom Shop, Belles of Ireland

7. Porcelain Tile: Squarefoot Design Studio, AKDO, “Nomad Menta”

8. Fabric Swatch: Squarefoot Design Studio, Krauet Collections, “Bacalaria”

Hillside Grove

9. Wallpaper: Squarefoot Design Studio, Philip Jeffries, Jack’s Jungle Collection, “Palm on Tiki Bar”

10. Candle: Blossom Shop, LAFCO, “Rosemary Eucalyptus”



”Each project is memorable and special for various reasons” 16




Ryan Rios is bringing new designs to the Coastal Bend from around the world. BOASTING A NEW-AGE DESIGN STUDIO, RIOS IS RENOVATING HIS WORLD INSIDE AND OUT.

Rios’ love of design began as a child. He explains, “Growing up, my mother’s best friend, Joyce Beadle, was a well-known and talented interior designer in town. I would tag along as they went on buying trips and set up various events. I’ve always appreciated how things are made and put together and think how things could have also been done differently.”  Born and raised in Corpus Christi, designer Rios has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. At only 26 years old, Rios has built a successful full-service design firm, SquareFoot Design Studio. Led by his self-starter acumen, at the age of 16 Rios decided to work at McDonald’s after school every day. The day he turned 18, he was promoted to shift manager and quickly advanced through various management positions. It was during this time Rios learned as much as he could about restaurant business and management. He says, “I’ve always been very business-minded. I wanted to know and learn why McDonald’s is so big and successful. What are they doing right and how do they execute that.” August of 2013, at the age of 22, Rios registered for the Fall semester at TAMU-CC. Using his leftover financial aid money—and without telling anyone—he secured a storefront lease for what would become SquareFoot Designs. Using his ever-expanding knowledge of design and construction,

Rios’ business relationships quickly grew as well. “I contacted one of my now current distributors and purchased a few tile and wood flooring displays, quartz countertop samples, and mosaic tiles and was able to have a small but nice product mix to do a few renovations,” he says.

possession is their home. It’s often times our biggest single purchase we’ll ever make and our most sacred space. It’s where we celebrate and live through life’s most important moments. Having someone trust you enough to work in their home is very special and something I don’t take for granted.”

As the number of jobs grew, so did SquareFoot Designs. “I fell in love with a high-end, innovative tile line, AKDO, and reached out to their company. The rep at the time flew down from Georgia. Her believing in me and approving me as an exclusive dealer gave me the credibility to open more unique, artisanal lines. The rest is history!”

In Rios’ own home, less is more. With a love of clean lines and timeless design, the designer uses accents that are important to him, be it artwork displayed on top of cardboard boxes from the streets of Rome, or hanging colorful, framed political posters from Cuba. “During my trip to Washington DC, I visited the Treasury Department and purchased sheets of uncut $2 bills that hang in my foyer, inspiring me to work hard when I leave every morning,” he states. 

Today, Rios works alongside an in-house interior designer and continues to learn and expand his business through relationships with clients, reps, and installers. He says, “People’s most prized

Rios gains inspiration from all around him, especially when traveling. So far,


he’s visited 19 countries and counting! He is bringing fresh ideas and a unique style to the Coastal Bend. Corpus Christi looks forward to experiencing the wonderful blend of culture, art, and creativity that this designer continues to share with our city. Whether it’s in a beautiful home or

stylish eatery, Ryan Rios is ensuring we will all live with what we love. 3735 S. Alameda St. Corpus Christi, TX 78411 (361) 226-3545

Traveling has opened his eyes and taught Rios not only about accepting a different way of life, but different styles. He’s seen a lot of good and a lot of bad, and a lot new and a lot old. In this business, he sees it through the different products he carries. For example, Tabarka Studio, one of their exclusive lines, recently released an old European marble originating from Spain. While walking down the streets of Old Havana, Rios peeked into an old building and saw the same material installed on the floor. He was excited to see it installed, knowing the history as it has been installed in that exact spot for the last 500 years.




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KITCHEN LARGE WINDOWS with custom blinds not only provides drifting for the grill, it allows you to let the sunshine in or keep a chillly wind out.

LODGE Cast iron cookware Maison, Rockport

VASE & ARRANGEMENT Recognize this from pg. 14? We love this vase from Bay Window!


STAINLESS STEEL CABINENTS provide ample storage for the necessities of the outdoor chef.

CEDAR LATTICE WALL provides a sense of privacy yet keeps nature near.

Be Spring and Summer ready, and get outdoors with an outdoor kitchen. Upgrade your basic barbeque by adding a solid counter top; a perfect place to prepare veggies and plates. A stone counter is sturdy, but work with your budget to create the perfect peninsula. If your counter is small, you can always provide a pull-up table for more space and seating. Light the way with task lighting. You will want to see what’s cooking and not feel lost in the dark. Decorative lighting can be installed as well. Use easy-to-use and ready-to-hang decorative bulb lights or lanterns. It may be worth the foot steps to install outdoor appliances. A small fridge houses cold drinks ready to sip. A sink is handy for hand washing and meal prep, so count in plumbing if you are designing from scratch. It’s not a kitchen without a cooking surface, so upgrade your grill and fire away. Side burners make for lots of cooking power. Keeping your pots and cooking utensils within arms reach is smart and makes for efficient serving.

LYNNE CHASE “American Waters” Melamine Dinner plate and salad plate Hanley Wood, Corpus Christi

Using tough surfaces, chairs, and dining tables will allow for any weather. Wood will weather and add character, and metal chairs will add that decorative touch. Enjoy the fresh air and space when you entertain with an outdoor kitchen. Entertaining can be more fun on the patio!


SANCTUARY ON EL SOCCORRO Every piece has a place and a story in the imaginative home of Dave and Pam Krischke.

Our best memories are sharing our home with children, grandchildren, relatives and great friends.� 22



THE ADIRONDACK CHAIR, originally made with 11 flat wooden boards, is a fun and colorful way to bring comfortable and durable outdoor seating to a waterfront poolside patio.


here’s no one way to describe the style of this couple’s Island home. It’s a bit traditional, a bit country, a bit exotic, a bit contemporary, a bit artsy, a bit renaissance, and a bit beachy. Each compliment the next, flowing from room to room quite seamlessly, where the eye can’t help but be at max stimulation. They have actually developed a category all their own – the Krischke. The most incredible Venetian glass chandelier greets you in to this fantastical home and gives you only a taste of what you’re about to find. Above you, this chandelier looks like melting fiery icicles from some forgotten corner of The Persistence of Memory painting by artist Salvador Dalí. Then, the big blue water from the canal and pool peeking seen through the plantation shutters far ahead through the living room draw you in to another fantasy land – The Island. It was this view and location that drew the couple to this home. After living on the island for two years, the Krischkes realized their current home

was not meeting their needs. These needs included location on a wide canal that faced the right direction for heat purposes. They also wanted a pool and a spectacular view. Their agent, Tara Gallaspy, searched high and low - and this was the one. The four bedrooms and four bathrooms were another huge plus as they love to have friends and family visit. The house has a great flow and an oversized garage, which meets Dave’s needs. “We made a list of specifics we wanted in the next home and wanted one that we could make improvements to,” says Pam. The major improvements included


FOR A TIMELESS AND TRANSITIONAL SPACE, pair dark, light and neutrals throughout the home and accent by using colorful hand towels, art, and fun lighting.

renovating and updating the kitchen including all appliances, gutting and renovating the master bath (yes, the tile is from Spain!), additional lighting added, all interior and exterior lights and ceiling fan upgrades throughout, entire home painted inside and out, and, their favorite, the modern Flor carpet squares installed. These squares come in more patterns than you can imagine. They are so fun to mix and match, and the best part is, if there is a spill, all you have to do is replace the one or two squares and not the entire floor! The spacious entertainer’s kitchen is one of two of their favorite rooms. It is the heart of the home where they all gather and can handle several cooks. Their second favorite room is the spa like master bath, “which is our relaxing retreat,” Pam reveals. And whether you’re in the kitchen or taking a bubble bath, wine is a must! The Krischke’s have a secret wine cellar underneath their stairs. It’s something out


of an adult’s fairytale book. The cellar is an art form, just like the rest of the home. It’s meant to showcase their special and eclectic art collection. “We have been collecting unique pieces for many years, and each item on the wall has a special meaning and story to us. The large pieces were painted over a number of years by the father of a dear friend. We personally were intrigued by his style of texture and layering with natural elements. The “Lady in the Coliseum” is another favorite. She was in the private suite of Judge Roy Hofheinz in the Astrodome. My mother-in-law acquired it and it has been in the family since,” explains Pam. But the carousel horse perhaps has the most meaning. Pam recalls, “It was our first find 42 years ago. We have moved it all over the country. My husband was a college coach, so that carousal and has been many collegiate colors. Most recently, we handed it over to our artist nephew to create a


“We have been collecting unique pieces for many years, and each item on the wall has a special meaning and story to us.”

CRAFTSMANSHIP Custom boat bunks to the Peter Maly bed.

unique look for this home.” Because of their travels and experiences, their style of décor tends to lean toward a mixture of contemporary and eclectic with heirloom pieces thrown into the mix. If a piece calls to them, they find a way to incorporate it into the space. “Our home makes us feel happy when we walk in and that is our inspiration. I believe any style would work great in this home though as it has great bones,” says Pam. The large glass windows really let the outside in. The high ceilings give the home an open and airy feeling. “We love our party pool and spacious covered patios both up and down with views all the way to the intracoastal. Lower the boat and you are fishing in minutes. Location, location, location!” Pam boasts. “Our best memories are sharing our home with children, grandchildren, relatives and great friends.”


The Richard Avedon vintage posters of the Beatles were purchased in Houston for their loft when the couple lived downtown. The posters were on display at one of the Krischke’s favorite art galleries, but they were not for sale. They loved the colors in the posters and are also fans of their music. The couple was able to contact the owners and convinced them to sell the posters. When their first granddaughter saw them, she called them the “Beagles,” and the nickname has stuck with all the grandkids! Think you could live here? You’re in luck, it’s for sale! Contact Tara Gallaspy for more information: 361.652.1950

. t r o h s s ’ e f i L ! e s u o h h c a Buy the be Taylor Adcock 361-701- 3896


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POOL Yacht Club


Another Project by Britestar Construction



Located on Lake Padre near Packery Channel


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The Latest Trends in Home Design


here and how we live has a profound influence on our everyday lives. In this ever-increasingly frantic world, our homes can be sanctuaries where we do everything from work, to play, to entertain, to relax, and everything in between…so, to be surrounded by a home that is serene, inviting, and even inspiring is essential. At Braselton Homes, our mission is to provide this type of home for our customers, regardless of their budget. That’s why we’re constantly hunting for the design trends that make our homes stand out, giving our homeowners a beautiful place to come home to, after a long day at work, and as they work to raise their families. There are many new home design trends out there, but the ones that we believe are the most interesting to focus on in 2017 are: - Indoor/Outdoor living spaces - Functional transitional spaces that work as home offices, or even movie and game rooms. - “Drop zones” or an Owner’s Entry We are blessed with mild winters here in South Texas. This means that for many months of the year, we can enjoy our backyards, when most of the rest of the country is googling “how to cure cabin fever and Seasonal Affective Disorder.” Having outdoor spaces that serve as an extension of indoor living space, such as a dining patio off the kitchen, or an outdoor covered patio extending from your living room, welcomes the outdoors in, and expands the real living space of your home. With a good layout, and a great use of windows and doors, you will “naturally” invite your family, and guests, to step outside to enjoy Mother Nature. Transitional spaces are areas in a home that can help define the change or use of a space, allowing a smooth flow in the home. For example, a courtyard front entry can create a serene moment for you, and your guests, as you enter your home. And, our floor plans can also maximize these


spaces, adding functionality to them. For instance, we add workstations and “Tech Bars” in the kitchen area, to help reduce the need for dedicating large square footage rooms for such tasks; this allows a homework area, a home office, and needed storage to all fit in the kitchen/main living space. Lofts in our two story homes can function as game rooms, home office spaces, and children’s playrooms. And, many Braselton plans feature a “bonus room” (attic space found under the existing roofline) that can serve as everything from a guest bedroom, to a child’s study space, to a hobby room, or “man cave”. And, finally, as most of us enter our home through our garage, we believe our owners deserve as a nice an entry as the guests do…so, at Braselton, we see the Owner’s Entry, or “drop zone,” to continue to increase in popularity. As a home space where you can “drop” your car keys when you get home, and where you can store important “stuff,” and a place to organize the kids backpacks, so they are ready for school the next day, the drop zone has become one of the most popular “rooms” in any Braselton Home. Is this the year that you are ready to make a move? You can buy a used home and live the way families did in the 1950s (in older parts of town), or as they did in the 1970s (in parts of the Southside), or you can buy a New Braselton Home, and “live” the way families do today. Select the design of your dreams from Braselton; with us, you can have a home that you can “live” in, that also adds to your quality of life. We have seven fully-furnished Model Homes ready for you to tour, with four new ones on the way. We are open daily, so you can visit us a time most convenient for you. For more information, and for directions to the models, please visit us at I hope to see you in the neighborhood soon! Bart Braselton

Bart Braselton is the Executive Vice President of Braselton Homes, the Coastal Bend’s oldest and largest Homebuilder and Neighborhood Developer. Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Bart is the third generation of Braseltons building in the Bay Area. Returning to Corpus Christi after earning a BBA in Finance, as well as a second BBA in Real Estate, from the University of Texas, at Austin, Bart began working in the family business as a construction superintendent. Since then, Braselton Homes has won numerous local, state, and national awards, including the fastest Growing Builders in the U.S. and has grown into one of the Nation’s Largest Homebuilders, earning consistent rankings in the annual lists compiled by both Professional Builder, and Builder Magazine. Bart, a graduate of Leadership Corpus Christi Class 18, has served on numerous local community and business boards. Presently, he serves on the Board of the Community Development Corporation, as well as the Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, he serves as Chairman of the Coastal Bend GreenBuilt Council, and President of the Board of the Corpus Christi Business and Job Development Corporation. Bart and his wife, Michelle, have 5 children, and are active church members at Corpus Christi’s Church Unlimited.

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