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06 10 OPEN HOUSE Mid-century modern meets the Coastal Bend’s Aransas Bay

18 DIY The Tanager’s Rest is Corpus’ newest and trendiest Airbnb

10 GUIDE Bring your drab and dated bathroom to the next level with this guide to all things tile

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HOW DID YOU GET STARTED IN THE DESIGN INDUSTRY? HAVE YOU ALWAYS HAD A PASSION FOR IT? Right out of art school, in Kansas City, I began working in a unique environment—a contemporary art gallery/fine art custom frame shop. In addition to being an exciting, creative, and busy space, we were always involved in a restaurant or bar design or some sort of custom build project. We were a small but very close group. That type of energy will always influence me. I KNOW YOU’VE WORKED ON PROJECTS IN VARIOUS DIFFERENT MEDIA. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEDIUM TO WORK WITH? I really love metal fabrication. My shop co-worker at the gallery in Kansas City and I designed and built a set of benches and planters for a rooftop terrace. They were steel frame clads with an exotic


hardwood called Ipe—which is naturally insect resistant and weather tolerant. It came out looking very clean and simple. It wasn’t necessarily the most high profile project, but the look and construction were challenging. WHAT ARE SOME PROJECTS YOU ARE CURRENTLY WORKING ON AROUND CORPUS CHRISTI?

YOU ALWAYS WORKED ON INTERIOR DESIGN/ARCHITECTURAL PROJECTS? I’ve worked on several facets of building and making things, indoor/outdoor both, but the common thread is custom. If it’s a very specific custom project, that’s what excites me the most, because it usually has a big challenge somehow and I know that I’ll be learning along the way.

I am working on a biergarten downtown on the corner of Mesquite and Taylor, called The Gold Fish. Also, I am working on a design and furniture package for Hamlin Bakery. Other projects I have going on in my shop include a custom framing job for UC Irvine’s Museum and freelance work for Anthropologie (Urban Outfitters Inc.) at a new store location in Wisconsin.

Probably simplicity and tradition. However, when I really want to be impressed I look to the Shakers for inspiration.


I have a really meta design for a park. Although I have the perfect location and a lot of the work is already done, it is only in my dreams.



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TAKING THE DESIGN WORLD BY STORM A great sense of style has always come naturally for Bennett Maddox, but it was when he turned that passion into a profession that a great interior designer was born. Dressed in head-to-toe designer labels, complete with a pair of Coco Chanel sunglasses perched on his head, Bennett Maddox portrays in every way the stylish, accomplished interior designer his clients and close friends know him to be. Sipping his Cosmopolitan in the early afternoon light of Water Street Oyster Bar, Maddox smiled as he discussed how his personal style translates into his work. “My style is an extension of my talent and what I do,” he said. “I’ve always felt my clients judge me on how I look, so if they trust I have good taste and good style, then they have faith I’ll be able to perform for them to do the projects they give me.” The clients Maddox speaks of are the 150 plus South Texas residents whose homes he has redesigned, redecorated, or remodeled since moving to Corpus


Christi from Philadelphia in 2013. Apart from wanting to escape the snow and ice that are customary of Northern winters — something Texans know nothing of, Maddox said with a shudder — the proximity to his family and a far less saturated market for designers are what drew him to the Coastal Bend. He wanted to offer people in South Texas a new perspective on things that are more relative to now, and give them a more updated style. Although his career in interior design really took off on the East Coast, Maddox is no stranger to the Coastal Bend. Having grown up on a ranch just outside of San Antonio, he had a father who taught him rodeo and a mother who taught him etiquette. Although Maddox says he loved his time on his family’s ranch, he knew he wanted to explore other areas of life as well.

“As soon as I was old enough,” Maddox said, “I moved away to the biggest city I could and I started getting my education.” He majored in theater at the University of Texas. Once there, Maddox said it didn’t take long for him to figure out that acting was not, in fact, his true calling. “I slowly started to realize I wasn’t a good actor. I was actually really bad,” he laughed, recalling his early days at the university. However, his days in the theater did not prove entirely useless, as Maddox said while there, he was able to explore his other passion: design. He began to study set design and realized he was quite good at it. He switched gears completely and got into architecture and interior design.




He said after realizing math wasn’t his favorite subject, Maddox dropped architecture and went straight for a degree in interior design. “I always had an eye for design, decor, accessorizing, and changing things,” he said. That passion for creating, for seeing the potential in a space and taking hold of it, took Maddox to the East Coast after graduation where he launched his initial design company, Interior Enhancements. Maddox’s time on the East Coast helped shape his appreciation for keeping up with fashion and trends—a passion he sought to bring with him to South Texas in the form of Bennet Maddox Designs. Four years after moving here, Maddox and Bennett Maddox Designs are thriving. Maddox’s unique style of what he calls Romantic Modern has all the sleek, clean lines of contemporary design, with the beauty and tradition of classic style. The method of mixing designs to create a

space in which such different styles can mesh and flow together is what makes Maddox’s eye so unique—and what makes him such a sought after designer. While Maddox does both commercial and residential projects, the latter holds a special place in his heart. Being invited in to design people’s homes, he says, is a very special privilege he doesn’t take lightly. “It’s a very intimate thing to invite a perfect stranger that you don’t personally know into your home,” he said. “It’s really cool how I establish these very close connections with my clients very quickly, and after designing for them for a little while, they become like friends and family. It’s a beautiful thing to see my art form living through their day-to-day life.” Getting to that point, Maddox said, has taken time, effort, and countless hours of hard work. He said he hopes other

aspiring entrepreneurs can look at his example and understand what it takes to make a name for themselves. “This doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s not going to just be handed to you,” Maddox says. “You need to be willing to work harder than anybody else, and when you feel like you’ve worked so hard, push yourself even more to get to the goals you have for yourself, to get to the point you want to be.” With a bright smile, Maddox finished off his Cosmo and sets his glass down on the bar. In an hour, he has another meeting with a prospective client. It has been a busy day for Maddox—a fact for which he is thankful. He said his work has challenged him and made him grow, and although the hard days have indeed been difficult, every step has made him the successful designer he is today. In the end, he said he wouldn’t change a thing.



Mid-century modern meets the Coastal Bend’s Aransas Bay. When Chris Zeiter began construction on the newest addition to Rockport’s Key Allegro neighborhood, the rumor quickly spread that Johnny Depp was moving in. Although Johnny Depp is known to fish around the Coastal Bend, the upscale, mid-centurymodern home overlooking the Aransas Bay does not belong to Depp. The actual owners, who wished to remain anonymous, worked with Zeiter on a previous home in Crestview, Colorado. The family enjoyed trips down to Rockport from their primary residence in Dallas. The slow


pace and fun outdoor activities, such as fishing, boating, biking, and golfing, inspired them to build a modern, low-maintenance, second home in the Coastal Bend.

of time. Inspiration came from studying the Bass family home on San José Island built in the 1950s. A majority of the Bass home was built with concrete made from oyster shells.

“They had been going down to Rockport for a while and they found that lot, it did have an old home on it. They asked me if I wanted to come down here and build, so I went and checked it out and my family liked it, so we decided to take it on,” said Zeiter.

“The board formed concrete was something the homeowners really wanted. We looked at several different types and then I took that and some of my own ideas and did several mockups of different textures and different boards to use. We ended up using three different types of wood to get that texture,” Zeiter said.

The architect, David Droese, wanted to design a house that could withstand the test


From left to right. 1. Three types of wood were used to create the board formed concrete. 2. The living room features a 180-degree view of the Aransas Bay. 3. Floor to ceiling glass windows were used throughout most of the home.

The board formed concrete makes up the first level of the home with the appearance of wood panels along the exterior. The whole home was designed to be as low-maintenance and hurricane proof as possible. Zeiter refers to the home as modern with a “mid-century flair.” Interior Designer Erin Garcia, who worked with the homeowners on a previous home, designed the home around multiple styles and tastes amongst family members. The idea was to stick with the modern theme and throw in a coastal twist. It added a lot of character to the overall design.


Floor to ceiling glass surrounds the majority of the home. Mark Prewitt of K&P Fabrication is responsible for all the glass work and stainless steel rails around the home. The living room has an incredible 180-degree view of the Aransas Bay. Cantilever Overhangs were added to the second floor to offer shade and keep the home cool, as well as add to the lines of architecture. The home’s first floor features polished concrete, while tile covers the second in all rooms except for the music room, a special creative suite looking out on the bay. “The music room was a very important element for the home owners. They are really into vinyl and music.


From left to right. 1. The kitchen feature a natural sone, waterfall island with mahogany wood ceilings. 2. The music room was a must for the homeowners and serves as a creative suite for music and art.

We basically designed the room around the sound system and incorporated the art as well,” said Zeiter. Custom, European cabinets designed by Travis Wright of Wright Custom Cabinets lead up to the Mahogany ceilings in the kitchen. The kitchen also features a natural stone waterfall island with wood tile. Along with the amazing view, one of the primary features of the living room is the suspended, rotating fireplace. The Gyrofocus is made in France and typically burns wood, but the home owners had it converted to gas. Adjacent to the living room is a lovely terrace. This outdoor living space includes


a dining area, a campfire, and a suspended lounging chair. As beautiful as the interior is, the home was designed with outdoor living in mind. Nearly surrounding the home is a 200ft. wrap around dock with three boat lifts. The patio area, complete with a pool, leads down to a hardscape area reminiscent of a small beach. The entire landscape was designed to require very little up keep. McNamee Landscapes and Nursery adapted the original concept from landscape designer Tricia Quaid to meet the demands of the local climate and and incorporate more indigenous plants.

One of the biggest challenges was finding a way to access the lower beach level. McNamee installed limestone blocks leading down the the hardscape beach area. The solution was both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Zeiter says the home is just as spectacular at night as it is during the day. With beautiful landscape lighting and lights along the retainer walls and steps, this modern gem is a sight to see at all times. Zeiter is proud of what he calls his first “cut and dry modern home” and has permanently relocated to the Coastal Bend with the hopes of building more beautiful homesalong the Texas Coast.



THEMES IN MODERN LANDSCAPE DESIGN: When the homeowners approached John Bivens and Landscape Architect Alexis Dominguez of McNamee Landscapes and Nursery, they were looking for a low-maintenance landscape design and relied on McNamee’s expertise for plants that thrive in the Coastal Bend’s climate. Some of these plants, which are both salt tolerant and drought tolerant, include Yucca Rostrata, Rosemary, Succulents, and Fire Cracker. McNamee choose to use a combination of Sylvester Palms and Queen Palms around the home. Also, imported soils were used for the planter boxes to provide more plant nutrition. Below are a few elements Bivens and Dominguez used in their adaptation:

• Water conservation is a major aspect in modern landscape design. The entire landscape is designed with a drip irrigation system so that no water is wasted. Everything is subsurface and does not require any watering. • Container Gardening with potted plants are very waterwise and easy to maintain. A lot of Coastal Bend plants are not very cold tolerant, so in the case of a freeze, potted plants can be moved indoors for protection. Once trees grow to a substantial size and root system, they can be transplanted and get a new start on life. • Artificial turf was used along the edge of the home. The plants are salt tolerant and low water consumption design. • Edible plants, such as Rosemary, serve a double purpose. They can be used for culinary reasons and are easy to maintain garden plants. • 18 limestone blocks were used to design the natural steps leading down the sandy hardscape that doubles as beach. There are a lot of stones below the exterior used tocreate the grades. • A slope was used with coronas, opposed to levels, for a more modern look along the edge of the home.









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One woman’s quest to turn her two-car garage into a cozy (and trendy) Airbnb Kari Perritte is no stranger to DIY projects. In her mind, her two-car garage looked more like a creative endeavor as opposed to just a two-car garage. Her exceptionally creative mind and passion for giving a new life to old objects both have helped her in the process of designing, constructing, and opening an Airbnb in her back yard. With the help of her loving husband, Joel, the Perritte’s are Corpus’ newest Airbnb hosts. DIY projects can seem daunting at first. Most times, it requires a lot of work, patience, and money to get the project done—and done right. For Kari, the idea of opening an Airbnb came to mind because of her love for the city of Corpus. “I really love Corpus,” she says with a smile. “Joel and I are really just excited to kind of be hosts for the city and share with people all of the reasons and places that make Corpus so unique and special.” When it comes to the style and design that went into the making of the Airbnb, there is no shortage of innovation. Kari, a renowned thrifting queen, used her own style as the inspiration behind the way the room looks. Most of the items in the room were either thrifted, found, or even taken from her own home. “I always try to repurpose things. I have always wondered why I am like that, I mean, it isn’t because I can’t afford to go out and buy a headboard,” she says with a chuckle, “but it is kind of a challenge to figure out how to have a headboard without actually buying one.”

of them a new (and purposeful) life. She is a firm believer in “shopping your home” and bought this dresser from her son’s room over to the Airbnb. The room is decorated in true thrift store fashion with random objects perfectly placed throughout the room. Her gallery wall (which also includes artwork of her own), numerous glass bottles, a gold ladder, pitchers, Pyrex mugs, and other knick knacks are all thrifted items and have nestled their way into the room. The overall style of the room can best be described as a little bit of everything. When designing, Kari wanted to bring in a few trendy items; however, her design taste goes far beyond just one style. “I am the kind of person who appreciates nearly every type of style,” she says. So, instead of trying to pick just one theme, she decided to mesh them all together and create a unique room. “If you could see the inside of my brain, it would probably look like a thrift store,” she says as she ponders the choice of décor, and that is exactly what the room conveys—a trendy thrift store with a modern twist. To book a stay in the oh so cozy Tanager’s Rest, visit and search “The Tanager’s Rest.”

Items in the room such as her dresser turned coffee bar, the bedside table, a mid-century modern writing desk, and the accent chair were all thrifted here in town! Kari found each of these pieces at places like Goodwill and Salvation Army. After a little TLC, she gave each


TILE YOUR STYLE Bring your drab and dated bathroom to the next level by recognizing your personal interior style and choosing the tiles that most compliment it. Subway Tile is the most universal choice in tile because of its timeless design. First created to adorn the walls of the first subway station in New York City in 1904, these effortless rectangular tiles showcased simple colors and a sleek finish. Over a century later, subway tiles have become a staple in interior design, showing up in kitchens and bathrooms across the country. It is the epitome of versatility. No matter the style, from contemporary design, to a farmhouse aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with a classic subway tile.






Mid-century design is illustrated by crisp lines, minimalist silhouettes, and environmental interactions. Style and functionality are key, so focus on contemporary patterns, natural materials, and a continuous flow between indoor and outdoor space. The mid-mod palette typically hovers in the hues of green, yellow, orange, and brown, but it’s not uncommon to stray.

SCANDINAVIAN: Simplicity and function are what distinguishes the Scandinavian style of interiors from all others. Scandinavian homes have a style that is centered around warm functionality presenting spaces bathed in light, airiness, and serenity. Definitely stay in the timeless color palette of greys and whites; but don’t be afraid to enhance with a controlled touch of color or pattern.

Glass Palm Mosaic Tile is an unpredictable and show-stopping choice; it contains the structure of a contemporary pattern and embraces organic symmetry.

FARMHOUSE: Farmhouse

style interior is a modern take on cabin inspired design. The farmhouse style has a classic feel that embraces organic simplicity. The balance is made with rustic accents paired with warm woods and clean textiles. Stick to off-white shades for your palette, you want a soft and comfortable feeling. Stone Pebble Tile is a fantastic choice; the natural stone promotes the notion of rural living while the uneven texture (when used as flooring) is therapeutic.

INDUSTRIAL: Industrial

interior design is about boldly displaying the building materials that most homes try to mask. Industrial decor is about the raw and unfinished look. Often rustic and mature, while emphasizing the use of exposed metals, extensive use of wood, and vintage accents. Earth tones and neutrals are the most attractive color choices for these spaces.

SHABBY CHIC: Shabby chic decor highlights the use of vintage elements and feminine finishes to create a fun, antique look. Furniture is warm and comfortable; the decor is stamped by its faux aged appearance. White in a myriad of shades is the staple of any shabby chic style, accent with pastels for lightness and wood for warmth.

Marble Penny Mosaic Tile is a perfect choice; it is a strong, yet soft statement that keeps in tone with the strict color restraints of Scandinavian design.

Stone Herringbone Mosaic Tile is a unique and unexpected choice; the use of stone underlines the use of raw materials while the herringbone pattern gives a dynamic and fresh look.

Porcelain Wood Grain Tile is an intelligent choice; the mimic of wood paneling creates a beautifully warm texture while porcelain makes for a durable and easy to clean surface.


URBAN MODERN: Urban mod-

BOHEMIAN: Bohemian style design is all about thinking outside the box and capturing the carefree spirit of the avant-garde lifestyle. The Bohemian design is wild and busy, creative and innovative. It focuses on the art of accessorizing way too much. The Boho palette is unrestricted but often features elaborate patterns and vibrant hues of red and purple.

Aqua Mosaic Glass Tile is a fun and safe choice; the blue and green hues perfectly reflect the coastal lifestyle while the horizontal lines give the space soft movement.

Ceramic Diamond Dimensional Tile is a sleek choice; the base geometric pattern combined with the three-dimensionality offers a stunning new-age aesthetic.

al design transports us to the seaside. It is light and breezy and nods to summer all year round. Coastal style blurs the line between indoor and outdoor by utilizing large windows and skylights to accentuate the space with natural light. The color palette is based on a white canvas, and accents are inspired by the sand, shells, and sea.

ern design takes inspiration from cosmopolitan environments by fusing together design elements from minimalist modern to ultra-glam chic, ethnic heirlooms to edgy experimental. All of these designs come together in a 21st century setting to make a creative expression. The beauty of urban modern is that the color palette is a blank canvas.

Ceramic Mixed Mosaic Tile is an exciting choice; the beautiful opportunity to mix and match countless colors and patterns is truly the spirit of bohemian design.


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