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Men’s hoops downs Alcorn The No. 25 A&M men’s basketball team beat Alcorn State 56-44 Wednesday at Reed Arena. Read the recap online.

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Player Bio: Allie Sawatzky ◗ Received All-Big 12 Honorable Mention in 2010

◗ Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

◗ Favorite TV shows are Full House and 90210

◗ Has an older sister, Jill, who is a senior outside hitter for Oregon State

Tourney time ◗ The first game of the 2011 NCAA Tournament at Reed Arena is set for 4:30 p.m. between Kentucky and Dayton

◗ No. 16-seeded A&M plays Lipscomb in the first round at Reed Arena with first serve at 6:30 p.m.

◗ A preview of A&M’s match is available online at


Sophomore setter Allie Sawatzky dives for a dig in a 3-1 win against Kansas State on Oct. 1. At 18 years old, she is the youngest player on the A&M team and has been playing volleyball since the age of 10.

Offensive architect Sophomore Allie Sawatzky sets A&M for NCAA Tournament Courtney Nelson The Battalion Booming spikes excite fans, but the offensive architects in volleyball seldom get credit. Sophomore setter Allie Sawatzky has made strides in her first two years for Texas A&M volleyball and will look to improve as the No. 16-seeded Aggies open the NCAA Tournament Thursday. Sawatzky began playing volleyball when she was 10 years old and excelled in most aspects of the game. She joined school and club teams, leading both to championships. She also played basketball and ran cross country, displaying an all-around athleticism and endurance. Sawatzky made the trek from St. Andrews, Manitoba — a province in central Canada — to College Station, Texas, because of the potential she saw as an Aggie. She said A&M had the best conditions for her to improve as a player and to reach her full potential. At the time, Sawatzky wasn’t familiar with the school or traditions, but

has since fallen in love with them. “I got close to everyone really quickly when I got to A&M, and the players and coaches accepted me really quickly,” Sawatzky said. “When it got to the fall and time to play, everything just fell into place and I felt really comfortable and really liked where I was at.” She joined the Aggies in January 2010 and used the spring to prepare for the collegiate level of play. This worked well for the 6-foot-2-inch setter, as Sawatzky grew comfortable with the team and the way the coaches ran the program. The Manitoba native started all 30 matches of her freshman season and ranked sixth in the Big 12 Conference in assists per set. Before coming to A&M, Sawatzky led Lord Selkirk High School to the Provincial Championships title and was the No. 4 player in the province her junior year. A&M recruited the 6-2 setter strongly, but the coaches couldn’t See Sawatzky on page 2


In 2010, Sawatzky was named to the Big 12 All-Freshman Team and received A&M’s Most Improved Player Award.

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student government

Climbing Capitol hill

Senate lets veto stand, passes GLBT legislation

Why would SGA sponsor a lobbying trip for students, but require that they leave political opinions at home? Opinion editor Taylor Wolken has a theory. Read the fine print online.

Justin Mathers The Battalion


‘We Were Here’ Various campus departments and organizations will be screening the film “We Were Here” at 6:30 p.m. Thursday in Rudder Forum Theatre as part of World AIDS Day. This award-winning documentary chronicles the 30 years since HIV/ AIDS was first recognized. A panel discussion of Texas A&M community members who have been impacted by HIV/AIDS will follow. Texas A&M GLBT Resource Center

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Food scraps from Sbisa dining hall are dumped into a barrel for biofuel use.

Terrabon Inc. turns A&M leftovers into jet fuel Amber Jaura The Battalion It may sound crazy, but students’ leftovers from Sbisa and Duncan Dining Hall may propel jets through the sky. In an agreement between University Dining and Houston-based bio-energy company Terrabon Inc., A&M food waste is processed and used to produce jet fuel. David Riddle, executive director for University Dining, said Terrabon has sponsored chemical engineering research at A&M for more than a decade, and that last year, University Dining started to provide food scraps to the company.

“Everybody’s developing a line of ways in which to extract energy from all sorts of wastes as an alternative to fossil fuels,” Riddle said. “From [food scraps] they’re able to start extracting chemicals that they can sell commercially that are valuable. There’s energy contained in all the food scraps and so what Terrabon does is extract that energy and make it useful again.” Terrabon received a $9.6 million award from Logos Technologies this summer to design a more economical and renewable jet fuel. The company was formed in 1995 following the research of chemical engineering professor Mark Holtzapple. See Terrabon on page 2

In a meeting that began with a senator reading an original, beatnikera poem followed by an impassioned speech by another dressed as Old Saint Nick, the Student Senate made decisions on two important pieces of legislation Wednesday night. A recent Student Senate bill intended to oppose raising student fees was passed by a vote of 44-7, but was then vetoed by Student Body President Jeff Pickering. The bill, before its Senate approval and subsequent veto, was unanimously recommended by a special committee that studied possible student fees increases. The bill opposed raising five fees representing a 2.93 percent increase in student fees. A student enrolled in 15 hours will pay $46.28 more per semester if all five rates increase. Senate debated overriding Pickering’s veto. Part of the increase in student fees would come from a Writing See Senate on page 5


Student senator Andrew Jancaric is the author of the GLBT nondiscrimination bill that passed Wednesday evening.

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know how much she would impact the program. “When we are recruiting these days, we do not really know everything we are going to get with a player,� A&M head coach Laurie Corbelli said. “It has worked out where Sawatzky is the one to start and she paces the team really well. When we got her we didn’t know what we would be getting, but we are excited about where we have gotten with her.� Sawatzky received several honors in the fall 2010 season, including appearances as an All-Big 12 Honorable Mention, on the Big 12 All-Freshman team and as and A&M’s Most Improved Player. The decorated sophomore has brought to the team a confidence and competitive flare. Senior captain Kelsey Black said Sawatzky also helps the group focus. “She has this smile on her face all the time and just being able to see that is a calming factor,� senior captain Kelsey Black said. “I also love the way that she has just come into her own. She is known in the Big 12 and around the country, and she is just constantly looking to see what she can do to help the team.� Ironically, the one to set the pace for the team on the court is also the youngest player — Sawatzky turns 19 in two weeks. This season, she averages 1.54 kills per game and ranks fourth in the Big 12 with 10.41 assists per set. Sawatzky was named to the AllTournament team in three of the four tournaments the Aggies played in to begin the season, which suggests that she can compete with some of the top athletes across the country. As a lefty, she has utilized her power to give the Aggies several extra kills in matches. She knows how to read the other side of the court and strategically place the ball where the defenders are not. “I think over this season she has become more of a risk taker, and she is more willing to get out of her comfort zone of just going to the easy set,� Corbelli said. “She will now stretch our offense by getting the more difficult set. She offers a great attacking option with her swing, which is not necessarily that she will get many kills but the threat that our opponents have to worry about.

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Sophomore setter Allie Sawatzky recorded 50 or more assists in five matches as a freshman in 2010. She’s in the early stages of that. As she gains more experience it is going to be more effective.� Sawatzky said she has learned much more about the sport and life through playing volleyball at Texas A&M. “I learn more and more everyday about how to lead and work together as a team,� Sawatzky said. Much of the success of this year’s Aggie team is due to the number of hitters getting involved in the offense on a consistent basis compared to last season. Sawatzky plays an important role in that with her role distributing the ball and keeping the defense off balance. “I think the most important part of being a setter is just knowing what ev-

ery player needs from you and what will get them the best attempts,� Sawatzky said. “You just really have to know what everyone is comfortable with and what they can run most effectively.� Sawatzky is an allied health major and wants to eventually be a physician’s assistant, but those plans will have to wait a few years while she continues in an A&M uniform. “We couldn’t be more pleased with Allie’s play for us these last two years,� Corbelli said. “She has really developed into a great player and has so much to offer the team on and off the court. It will be fun to watch the next two years as she continues to mature.�

rumen and convert the grass into acids, primarily vinegar. We employ the same basic idea, but are attempting to scale it up to industrial size.� After the biomass has been converted into acids, MixAlco processes the acids and transforms them into usable chemicals or fuels, including, but not limited to, jet fuel. “The fuel produced is deemed ‘dropin’,� said Gary Garverick, project development program manager for Terrabon. “It closely matches the specifications required for conventional fuels produced from crude oil. All transportation vehicles will be able to benefit from the fuel generated using the MixAlco technology, cars, trucks, motorcycles, airplanes.� Riddle said the agreement between the University and Terrabon is mutually beneficial. Terrabon receives the food scraps for research purposes, and the University saves money because it no longer has to transport waste to a landfill. Food scraps come primarily from Sbisa and Duncan Dining Hall and are picked up two to three times per week to be transported to the Demonstration Plant. “We have two types of wastes: preconsumer waste like scraps or things we don’t cook with, and post-consumer waste which is whatever students don’t eat,� Riddle said. “From chicken bones to pizza crusts, we give it all to Terrabon.� Garverick said food scraps begin transformation upon arrival at the plant,

when they are mixed and conveyed into a fermentation vessel. “Acids are created and converted into salts using a buffer that controls the liquid [acidity]. The salts are then dewatered and concentrated before being thermally converted into ketones like acetone,� Garverick said. After being separated from unusable products, the ketones, which are valued in industry as solvents and for other chemical properties, are transported to a third party that turns the ketone into fuel. Garverick said Terrabon’s processes create a usable fuel product with a minimal carbon footprint. “Normally, the food scraps would enter a landfill and start to generate landfill gas, a combination of carbon dioxide and methane,� Garverick said. “Methane is a large contributor of greenhouse gas emissions.� He said that Terrabon’s groundbreaking technology brings with it many opportunities. Terrabon has a license agreement with the University, and both institutions will benefit when the technology advances forward into commercialization. “Terrabon’s process will allow the U.S. to reduce its dependence on foreign crude oil by creating fuel within our own borders,� Garverick said. “The research started at Texas A&M and developed by Terrabon will help give the U.S. this energy independence.�



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Matthew Drew, senior chemical engineering major, called Terrabon’s concept of producing mass quantities of gasoline and jet fuel inventive. Drew has learned about Holtzapple’s research and believes Terrabon may be on the verge of groundbreaking biofuel technology. “It’s innovative. It’s a new approach,� Drew said. “It’s taking recycled waste and turning it into a product that would otherwise not be used to produce energy.� In order to produce 6,000 liters of jet fuel annually, Terrabon will create a production process at the Demonstration Plant in Bryan for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the U.S. Department of Defense. This is the first step toward commercialization of Terrabon’s leading biofuel technology called MixAlco, which is able to transform any biodegradable biomass — including manure, agricultural residues and food scraps — into industrial chemicals and fuels. Holtzapple said MixAlco’s chemical engineering has biological inspiration. “Our technology is based upon the same process that occurs in the rumen of a cow,� Holtzapple said. “A cow eats grass that has dirt on it. The microorganisms from the soil get established in the




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Jason Syptak — THE BATTALION

Santa Clause took a break from the North Pole to attend the Student Senate meeting Wednesday evening in Koldus building. Senior industrial engineering major Jonathan Spencer, top-left, participated in the likeness of Saint Nicholas.

Senate Continued from page 1

Center fee. Valerie Balester, executive director of the Writing Center, said prior to the vote that continued funding through student fees directly supports the success of her organization. “We serve over 30,000 undergraduates a year,” Balester said. “Eighty-five percent of our appointment slots are taken every day. If we don’t continue to grow, we’re going to have to turn students away. The Writing Center has grown and so it follows that we’re going to need this minor fee increase.” Thomas McNutt, chair of the Student Services Committee, presented arguments on behalf of the fee committee prior to Pickering’s veto defense. “If you look at the data, fees have been increasing steadily every year,” McNutt said. “Computer access-information technology has made empty promises each time they’ve asked for raised student fees. We were told last time we would have increased neo email quota but we still don’t have it.” The veto override was defeated in a vote of 33 “for” and 26 “against.’’ Because the veto held, Student Senate did not officially condemn any efforts made by the University to raise student fees. Pickering said his veto does not indicate that he wants to raise student fees across the board. He believed the computer access-

instructional technology and library use fees needed to increase for the benefit of the student body. At time of press, Senate had not acted on a proposed compromise bill that would support the increase of both fees while recommending others remain at current levels. Student Senate also addressed a bill authored by Andrew Jancaric, student senator and vice president of Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Aggies. The bill was designed to support a change in the A&M System’s nondiscrimination policies to include protection for individuals based on sexual orientation and gender identity and expression. Jancaric addressed Student Senate prior to the vote, advocating for the passage of the bill. “Twelve-out-of-12 of our Vision 2020 peer schools have sexual orientation protection while Texas A&M does not,” Jancaric said. “This University needs to move into the future and become more tolerant and accepting. A vote against this bill is a vote against equality.” After one amendment was added and another defeated, the nondiscrimination bill passed by a large majority. The bill may already have a powerful ally in the System. Jim Schwertner, member of the Texas A&M Board of Regents, indicated that he would be open to reexamining the University’s nondiscrimination policy when speaking with Student Senate in November.

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The Battalion: December 1, 2011  
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