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Members of the Ross Volunteer Company exemplify moral values such as service, integrity and honor, acting as representatives of the University.

Selfless Service Ross Volunteer Company exhibit humility, serve namelessly Chris Scoggins The Battalion


t was a clear and brisk fall day. The fading leaves were a sign of the passage and frailty of life all too present in the minds of those who attended the funeral of Lt. Col. David E. Cabrera, Class of 1992. Through the eyes of Daniel Bernhard, there was only one comfort he could provide as he and his fellow Ross Volunteers stood.

As they quietly escorted the body of Cabrera, killed in combat in November 2011, they were there to provide comfort in a time of loss, to remind everyone that Aggies never have to grieve alone, that Aggies never forget their fallen. The Ross Volunteer Company of the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets attends events like these on a regular basis, serving as an elite unit of cadets who exemplify selfless service


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johnny football

Grand theft auto Police officers were faced with a multi-car theft and subsequent chase on Monday afternoon. Officers were dispatched to the intersection of Jones Butler Road and Harvey Mitchell Parkway South to probe a major accident. Officers were informed that one of the vehicles involved was stolen. While driving the getaway car, suspect Coty Joe Lohse of Bryan hit a vehicle at the intersection of West Villa Maria Road and Wellborn Road, and fled the scene of the accident. A witness followed the suspect until he became involved in a second crash. The suspect then stole the ambulance dispatched to check for injuries and drove toward Holleman Drive. The suspect fled to the McDonald’s at George Bush Drive and Marion Pugh Drive where he ran the ambulance into a concrete pillar. CSPD said the suspect was taken into custody and is being charged with first-degree felony theft. The case remains under investigation.

and moral values in an effort to give back and represent the University. “The purpose of our organization is just to give back what we’ve been given,” said Scott Lovett, senior finance major and Ross Volunteer tree platoon leader. “We don’t ask to be recognized for different things. We don’t try and put our name out there. All we do is we try and go out there and serve. We don’t ask for anything other than

just allowing us to come help out and serve in any capacity.” The Ross Volunteer Company was established in 1887 and remains the oldest student organization in Texas. They have also served as the honor guard of the governor of Texas since 1950 and serve as escorts of special guests and dignitaries. In addition, they have represented the University out of state as the personal guard of King Rex at the Mardi Gras Parade and attend weddings and funerals at the request of former students. Despite the numerous services they do on behalf of the University, the volunteers always attempt to serve without pomp and circumstance. “We’re just here to serve the University, and there’s nothing that we love more than doing that,” said Corbin Flores, senior sociology major and Ross Volunteer Company historian. Besides attending Muster and Silver Taps, “People do recognize the fact that we are Ross Ross Volunteers are escorts of special guests and dignitaries including the See RVs on page 4 state governor.

Meet the press

Proper study habits foster exam success Elise Brunsvold

Aaron Cranford — THE BATTALION

Johnny Manziel speaks to the press in front of cameras for the first time this season on Tuesday afternoon at the Bright Complex .

Chandler Smith: Manziel has superhuman stats, normal persona


or two consecutive afternoons, the national sports scene — including ESPN and Sports Illustrated — held its breath in eager anticipation, focusing absolute attention upon the quaint town of College Station, Texas. They wanted an answer to a simple question. Who exactly is “Johnny Football?” It was one of the best and worst kept secrets in college football. As a freshman under Kevin Sumlin’s media policy, the 19-soon-to-be-20year-old quarterback, Johnny Manziel, could not speak to media — at least not with his voice. What the youthful gunslinger did do was take the college football world by storm with magical, and sometimes unimaginable,

on-field performances. Though in his Tuesday press conference debut, and with utmost humility, Manziel was quick to credit his fellow players. “The individual success that I’ve had, the records that have been broken — without my teammates none of that would’ve been possible,” Manziel said. “Our team success is us coming to together as a unit and because of that, I get the chance to get up here when there could be five linemen up here.” Still, the media attention remains upon A&M’s beloved signal caller. For weeks, comparisons were drawn as sports writers and fans deliberated who Manziel most resembled. Legendary names surfaced of days of yore — the likes of Doug Flutie, Fran Tarkenton and Brett Favre — among others. Johnny Football became a national sensation. His uniquely endearing style of play and knack for making everything out of nothing piqued See Manziel on page 3

The Battalion Though the act of studying proves to be difficult for many students, the process of learning how to study and how to do it well can present an even greater challenge. With procrastination, distractions and chaotic schedules rampant among students, establishing effective study routines for tests and quizzes is vital to achieving good grades and valuable habits. From mnemonic devices to highlighting text, the approaches used to memorize and absorb information are all effective in their own way. Lyle Slack, a director for the Academic Success Center, said premeditating what’s going to be on an exam and becoming familiar with a professor’s testing methods are the first steps in putting these techniques to use and achieving a high grade. “Knowing what to look for going into the test helps you to focus on the learning style and skills you need to focus on,” Slack said. “You need to decipher what kinds of See Study on page 2

student government

SBP vetoes controversial concealed carry bill Annabelle Hutchinson The Battalion Student body president, John Claybrook, vetoed “The Texas A&M Personal Protection Bill” on Nov. 20. This brings the bill, which advocates for concealed carry in campus buildings, back to the Senate floor for another vote Wednesday at 7 p.m. Student Senate passed the concealed carry bill with a 3819 margin on Oct. 31. Scott Bowen, senior chemical engineering major and speaker of the Senate, said a new vote on the bill will take place and a two-thirds majority is needed to override a veto by the student body president. The bill passed with exactly a two-thirds majority. Claybrook said he vetoed the bill because he did not think the majority of students supported concealed carry in campus buildings. See Senate on page 4

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thebattalion 11.28.2012

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Brandon Shrewsbury, computer science graduate student, rides a unicycle and juggles simultaneously on Tuesday afternoon near Rudder Tower.


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THE ANNUAL CHORAL HOLIDAY CONCERT December PM in inRudder RudderAuditorium Auditorium December2,4,2012 2011 at at 4:00 3:00 PM

MSC Box OfďŹ ce: 979.845.1234 ADVANCE TICKETS $5 OR $8 AT THE DOOR

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information will be included.� Slack said looking over old tests and quizzes and knowing what a professor usually looks for will help with question predictions, allowing students to concentrate on important information. Memorizing and understanding the information is a different matter. Joel McGee, another director for the Academic Success Center, said active studying is the best for comprehending material and preparing for tests and quizzes. “You can’t just be passive and look over notes,� McGee said. “You need to take the information and put it into a different format.� McGee recommended supplementary instruction sessions, rewriting notes and group activities for this type of studying, as it encourages thinking and understanding in more complexity. “If the test is going to be at a high level, the studying has to be at a high level,� McGee said. Spacing out study time is another great issue in getting ready for tests and establishing


Olin Boyd, sophomore mechanical engineering major, studies in the MSC Flag Room tuesday evening for his calculus III exam routines. McGee said cramming isn’t an effective way to absorb material. He said when students pace themselves, they not only get an idea of how well they know material, but it allows them time to go to professors and tutors for help in case they need it. Senior biochemistry major Isabel Jarvis said she plans ahead for tests and quizzes and divides study time up over several days. “I usually make a study guide,� Jarvis said. “I look at my planner and think about how many days I need to study based on difficulty.� Sacks also said preparing for lectures and reading before classes are other great ways of

studying for tests because it improves note taking and understanding of material. “Doing pre-reading and a little upfront work allows you to listen more and write less,� Lyle said. “What you write will be more thorough on information.� Although studying can be a daunting task, good habits can help in making the process easier and more effective. From techniques as simple as rewriting notes to reading before class, these methods can be used together to make the most out of classes and study time, paving the way for higher grades and a better understanding of material.

Behind every great concept, moving image, visualization, or interactive experience There is an innovative digital artist.

M.S. in Advanced Digital Applications With the explosion of emerging technology and data-driven design, there is an increasing demand for artists who possess technical production skills and the intuition to use them most effectively for a broad array of projects. To compete and succeed, a deep understanding of digital media that includes the command of animated 2D graphics, 3D modeling and animation, visual effects integration with live-action footage, as well as hands-on experience with coding and mobile technologies, is required. The M.S. in Advanced Digital Applications offered by the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies Center for Advanced Digital Applications (CADA) prepares artists for the new digital frontier. Project collaborations, lectures by leading industry professionals, and internships at top production studios provide the basis for successful careers in digital visualization of data content that encompasses both new and traditional markets.

To learn more about this program, visit us at: or call 212-998-7100 To request information and to apply: New York University is an afďŹ rmative action/equal opportunity institution. Š2012 New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

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File photo

Johnny Manziel strikes a Heisman pose Saturday while carving the Missouri defense in a 59-29 rout.

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the curiosity of football fans everywhere. Whether he ran in circles around the Arkansas defense, raced past defensive backs for game-winning touchdowns or caught his own fumble and — somehow — darted a perfect pass to a receiver in the back of the end zone against the infamous Crimson Tide defense, Manziel mesmerized his audiences. Then there are the statistics. Manziel’s 4,600 total yards and 43 touchdowns to only seven interceptions are video game numbers. Gamers would be hard pressed to match those statistics with custom-made NCAA football players complimented with the highest possible attributes. He blows SEC Heisman winners Tim Tebow and Cam Newton out of the water and broke the SEC total season


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yardage record — previously held by Newton — in two fewer games. He’s the fastest player in college football history to reach 3,000 passing yards and 1,000 rushing yards in a single season and the only freshman in college football history to ever do so. In the words of LSU defensive end Sam Montgomery: “Heisman. Give it to him.” But what Manziel revealed Monday and Tuesday, granting his first words ever to the press, is that he doesn’t believe he’s the superhero everyone makes him out to be. He indicated that he’s, instead, pretty normal. “I really don’t see myself as the ‘Johnny Football’ craze that’s kind of swept Aggieland and the nation. I see myself as Johnny Manziel,” he said. “I’m a guy from Kerrville, Texas just trying to be a laid back guy who likes to


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hang out with friends and be a normal college student just like anybody else.” In only a matter of days, however, Johnny Football will likely transform to “Johnny Heisman.” Fans and media will be forever endeared. What might never change, trophy or not, is Manziel’s perspective of himself. Johnny will be — well — Johnny. About the experience, Manziel wasn’t shy to give his thoughts. “It’s a dream come true,” Manziel said. Chandler Smith is a senior communication major and sports editor for The Battalion.

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PAID ADVERTISEMENT You deserve a factual look at . . .

The Most Practical Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Can the two current proposed solutions bring peace to the region? A persistent mantra maintains that only two possible solutions exist to the seemingly intractable, centuries-old conflict between Arabs and Jews in the Holy Land. But is that really true . . . or is there a more sensible alternative?

What are the facts?

assist in the final destruction of the beleaguered and helpless Jewish state. The “One-State Solution.” Some commentators Which Solution Should Israel Choose? It’s clear that advocate a one-state solution, in which Jews and Arabs neither the one-state solution nor the vaunted twowould be joined in one state, with all inhabitants state solution would resolve the region’s issues. How having the same citizenship – call it Israeli or then should Israelis respond to the demand that they Palestinian. But such a “solution,” as most observers choose either of these “solutions”? In fact they need know, is totally unacceptable to the Jewish population. choose neither. Those who insist that they choose Given the murderous hate expressed daily in statebetween those two controlled Palestinian media “solutions” either don’t fully toward Jews, this would be a “How then should Israelis understand the problem . . . recipe for a second Holocaust. Within one respond to the demand that they or they oppose Israel’s generation, Arabs, with their choose either of these ‘solutions’? continued existence. The reality is that, high birth rate and inevitable immigration from In fact they need choose neither.” according to virtually every Palestinian leader, including abroad, would be a majority. President Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinians are not They would unleash a civil war that would make the interested in a resolution of the conflict or even in the Lebanese and the Syrian wars seem like child’s play. creation of a twenty-third Arab state. Their With more than half the world’s Jews now living in unrelenting, stated mission is destruction of the Israel, Adolf Hitler’s most fervent genocidal wish would Jewish state and extermination of its inhabitants. finally be fulfilled. Neither does the conflict have to do with territory. The The “Two-State Solution.” This second solution is Arab states occupy territory larger than the United favored by much of the world, including the U. S. States including Alaska. Israel is the size of New Jersey. government. But this solution is not much better than Would the seething Arab-Muslim world finally lapse one state and almost as unacceptable to those who into peace and contentment if they were to acquire this support the welfare and future of the Jewish state. The tiny piece of land? example of Gaza is instructive. In order to advance A Practical Solution to Resolve the Conflict. Clearly, peace and appease world opinion, Prime Minister Ariel Israel cannot agree to a “solution” that would Sharon abandoned Gaza with no reciprocal agreement eventually lead to the end of the Jewish state and the from the Palestinians. All Jewish inhabitants, most slaughter of its citizens. Because the Palestinian living there for generations, were expelled from their leadership refuses to negotiate peace and continues to homes by Israel and resettled in “Israel proper.” What advocate conquest of the entire Holy Land, like it or reward, what thanks did Israel get for its generous not, Israel must for security reasons remain in control gesture? Today, almost daily bombardments by deadly of the “West Bank.” However, there’s no reason that Hamas rockets force up to one million Israel civilians even under today’s current impasse that the into bomb shelters. Israel’s forbearance to these Palestinians should not have full autonomy—which affronts is almost unbelievable. One can imagine how they almost have today—as an “unincorporated our country would respond if Mexico were to launch territory.” While the situation is not ideal, until the hundreds of rockets on San Diego. Thus it’s easy to Palestinians agree to full peace with Israel, providing foresee what would happen if, under a “two-state they do not resume terrorism, they could be welcomed solution,” Israel were to abandon Judea/Samaria (the as partners in the Israeli economic system and should “West Bank”). Israel would surely suffer daily rocket be able to fully participate in Israel’s commercial and assaults on its population centers—Tel Aviv, its creative life. Even without statehood, in less than a international airport, its industrial heartland and its generation the Palestinians could become the most military installations. Life would become impossible. advanced and prosperous people in the entire Arab The surrounding Arab states and Muslim countries world. beyond (such as Iran) would certainly join the fray and Obviously the prospect of the Arabs having to wait longer for the launch of a Palestinian state will be painful for them. But this is a price that must be paid if Palestinian leaders refuse to negotiate peace and cling to the futile dream of conquering Israel. Israel has given its land in Gaza to the Palestinians in the name of peace and receives rockets in return. Israel has offered 97% of the West Bank and a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem in the name of peace and received rejection. It’s time the Arabs acclimate to a status quo of their own making and take advantage of living next to one of the most successful countries in the world. In any case they must accept that their dream of Israel’s annihilation will never be fulfilled. This message has been published and paid for by

Facts and Logic About the Middle East P.O. Box 590359  San Francisco, CA 94159

Gerardo Joffe, President

FLAME is a tax-exempt, non-profit educational 501 (c)(3) organization. Its purpose is the research and publication of the facts regarding developments in the Middle East and exposing false propaganda that might harm the interests of the United States and its allies in that area of the world. Your taxdeductible contributions are welcome. They enable us to pursue these goals and to publish these messages in national newspapers and magazines. We have virtually no overhead. Almost all of our revenue pays for our educational work, for these clarifying messages, and for related direct mail.


To receive free FLAME updates, visit our website:

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Volunteers, but we try not to show it. Obviously we do things with Silver Taps Muster, but even within the company we don’t speak about it because that’s one of the things that’s for the families.” The ideals of the Ross Volunteer Company are centered around the cadet values of honor, integrity and selfless service while additionally encompassing the values of being a soldier, statesman and knightly gentleman that were exemplified by Lawrence Sullivan Ross of whom the company is named. Such a namesake carries a high precedent for the cadets to represent. “When we are in that uniform, we are no longer individuals,” said Daniel Bernhard, public service administration graduate student. “When we wear our uniform, you’ll notice we don’t have a name tape on our uniform. We have a moral responsibility now to do the best we can to be solid individuals and it takes a lot of moral aptitude to understand you’re not just representing yourself.” Those who are members in the Ross Volunteer Company are considered to be the most exemplary cadets in the Corps. They are expected to uphold high moral and physical standards. The idea of the Ross Volunteers is those who are selected to join the company are already holding themselves to a higher standard prior to acceptance. “We don’t try and change somebody’s morals,” Lovett said. “What we try to do is pick the people who believe in the morals that are kind of just a moral standard of society. And we try and pick those people that are already at the level that we need and then we go from there.” Apart from the high values one must uphold to be a member of the Ross Volunteer Company, there are also physical challenges that must be met. Members of the Ross Volunteer Company must learn to drill with a rifle, a skill that is new to many cadets. “The main practices are on Monday and Wednesday,” said Marc Martinez, junior kinesiology major. “If you go out there and you’re not physically fit, it will take time to self improve. Some days, if we’re not doing too well we’ll go on a


Ross Volunteers practice drills with a rifle on the Quadrangle, a requirement to be a part of the company. run instead of drill.” For some in the company, the desire to serve as a Ross Volunteer comes from a desire to emulate or honor friends and family who were former Ross Volunteers. Many current Ross Volunteers have seen the character and behavior of the Volunteers who have come before them and sought to follow in their shoes. “I know for myself there was one upperclassmen that I had, Taylor Gillespie, who was a very active Ross Volunteer,” Bernhard said. “He was very proud of the organization. For me, signing up for Ross Volunteers was an honor to his memory and to honor those things that he honored, to continue that tradition of being a truly selfless person in everything he pursued.” The ideal of being a selfless individual is central to the Ross Volunteer purpose of service. Ross Volunteers give back because they want to and do so with humility. This mutual desire to serve brings together cadets from all walks of life. “The strong ties with everyone in the company is a big thing,” Martinez said. “At first it was kind of different to see people come from all different cultures in the Corps, but a few weeks in we’ve already started to work together and mesh together really well.” For some cadets, the Ross Volunteer Company provides a standard they are able to live every day and reaffirm through their actions. “One of the things that I love about the Ross Volunteers is that it’s a place where people hold themselves to a standard that’s been written

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“After the 2009 and 2011 referendums where students voted in both cases against having concealed carry on campus, I just don’t see, in any way, how Senate’s vote could have been representative of what students really believe,” Claybrook said. Claybrook said he is in favor of a referendum where all students could vote on the issue. “I think that [a referendum] would be the best way the handle an issue like this,” Claybrook said. “With a historical basis to believe that students are against this, I think that we need to continually bring it up to the students.” Cary Cheshire, junior political science major, said he believes most students support concealed carry on campus. “As the bill author, I feel like that is representative of students and that the veto should be overridden,” Cheshire said. Student senators who are in favor of the bill argue that a referendum is not necessary. Another bill being voted on is the “NonAcademic Student Fee Reform Act,” which would give Student Senate more power over the use of student fees. Fernando Sosa, bill author and sophomore political science major, said this bill seeks to give elected representatives more control over fees. “The first stage of the bill seeks to abolish the Student Service Fee Advisory Board (SSFAB) and the Aggie Green Fund Advisory Board,”

down,” Lovett said. “These aren’t people that do it because they’re told to. These are people that volunteer to do it because they want to be there. And so it’s hard to find a better group of people who are there on their own will and on their own accord to do the job because they want to do it, not because they’re told to.” The spirit of selfless service, of going beyond the call, defines Aggieland and defines the Ross Volunteers. The sense of giving back what one has been given permeates their culture and was especially reticent for Bernhard while attending the funeral of Cabrera. “The thing about that event more importantly than anything was the fact that he was an Aggie and his family requested us,” Bernhard said. “There is no way when you go up to somebody’s widow to really say thank you to them. There was no way I could reciprocate the loss and sacrifice of her husband. That really struck me as a future officer in the military.” These events, though somber, provide a medium for these men and women to bond and grow together, and create life-lasting bonds forged through service and dedication that last a lifetime. “There’s no doubt about it. I could not find a single better group of people to call my friends,” Lovett said. “Being around those guys and girls is one of the most rewarding but humbling times. You see that there are great people in this world and great people in the Corps and just being around them and spending as much time with them as you do, it’s a privilege.”

Sosa said. “This does not mean eliminating the Green Fee, just to reform the governing body that oversees its.” Bowen said SSFAB is a student committee that makes recommendations for how the Division of Student Affairs should be funded out of the University Advancement Fee. It is a nine-member board of students appointed partially by University President R. Bowen Loftin and partially by the Student Government. SSFAB is mandated by the Texas Legislative, so legislative action is needed to remove it. “[SSFAB] is completely unelected and not in any way accountable to the student body,” Sosa said. “They make decisions and that is the decision that goes to the administration.” Sosa said the second stage of the bill is to be implemented in 2015 in the next state legislative session. “It would give the student government control over any decisions that involve nonacademic student funding,” Sosa said. This second stage would give the Senate Finance Committee a significant amount of responsibility, as these Senators would make all decisions on non-academic student funding. “A lot of the top-ranked school’s student governments have this,” Sosa said. “It is a lot of responsibility, but a lot of time. I don’t see a lot of responsibility coming from the administration either.”


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