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Rain causes setbacks Renovations on the A&M golf course continue to take place as scheduled with minor setbacks due to wet weather.

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MLK’s dream endures Danny Glover stresses meaning of human rights Camryn Ford The Battalion


dream — not one that fosters an end to racism, but one that encourages evolution of the human soul — is what renowned actor Danny Glover took away from the message Martin Luther King Jr. bestowed upon Americans Aug. 28, 1963. See Glover on page 3


Chair member of WBAC Aja Holston leads a discussion with keynote speaker actor/activist Danny Glover during the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast Thursday morning at Memorial Student Center.

thebattalion asks


What do you think of the news about Manti Te’o? Students respond on page 2

Open House This Sunday, the MSC will open its doors to hundreds of organizations and students for the Spring MSC Open House. The event will give students the opportunity to explore interests, interact with club members and get involved on campus.

women’s basketball

A&M hoops team travels to No. 13 Georgia Charity Chambers

The Battalion The No. 20 Texas A&M women’s basketball team will travel to Athens, GA., on Sunday to take on the No. 13 Georgia Bulldogs. The Aggies have lost all but one of their games against ranked opponents but assistant coach Bob Starkey said they hope to turn the momentum around. “One of the focuses of our team this week will be to try and clean up our turnovers and some of the mistakes we’ve made in playing some of the nationally ranked teams that we’ve fallen short on,” Starkey said. “That’s the opportunity we’re going to have at Georgia.” The Aggies began the season with a tough schedule, facing Top 10 nationally ranked opponents in their first three games. Nevertheless the Aggies have managed to attain a 13-5 record and junior center Kelsey Bone has begun to


Freshman Guard Jordan Jones seeks the edge going to the basket against Penn State in a 58-63 loss. make her mark this year. Bone is No. 4 in the nation in field goal percentage and No. 36 in rebounds. In the past five games Bone has managed five double-doubles — her longest streak yet. In the weekly press conference, Bone said she doesn’t like the break the women

have in their schedule, but it does give them extra time to prepare for Georgia. “I think it sucks because we’ve gotten into a groove,” Bone said. “But those little details and those small things that See Hoops on page 2

Reed Rout No. 10 Florida wins 68-47 in matchup of SEC leaders.

texas Kaitlyn Becker — THE BATTALION

A&M professor comments on financial feasibility of secession Micah Mills

The Battalion More than 125,000 people who signed an electronic petition after requesting that Texas be permitted to secede from the U.S. received a White House response Monday. The Obama administration did not permit Texas, nor the eight other petitioning states, to leave the Union. The statement addressed petition from nine states, including Texas, Ala., N.C., S.C., Tenn., Ga., Fla. and La. Jon Carson, White House director of public engagement, responded to the petitions through “We the People,” a White Houseaffiliated website that provides the American people a way to petition the White House. If a petition gains 25,000 signatures in 30 days, it is

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a White House policy to review it, send it to the appropriate policy experts and issue an official response. “As much as we value a healthy debate, we don’t let that debate tear us apart,” the statement said. “… More than 600,000 Americans died in a long and bloody civil war that vindicated the principle that the Constitution establishes a permanent union between the states.” Harvey Tucker, an A&M political science professor, said he doubts Texas would secede due to its significant financial dependence on the U.S. government.

“Almost 40 percent of the current Texas state budget is financed by funds from the federal government,” Tucker said. “I doubt very many petition signers knew this when they signed. I doubt people who thought withdrawing from the union was practically feasible contemplating a 40 percent increase in Texas state taxes and fees.”

Tucker also pointed out the legal implications regarding states’ liberty to act. “A legal option for states to secede would require an amendment to the U.S. Constitution,” Tucker said. “The president plays no legal role in amending the U.S. Constitution.” Daniel Cobos, senior history major, said it is fun to joke about the idea of seceding, but in reality it is not plausible. “For the sake of my love for Texas, the whole secession thing is a fun idea,” Cobos said. “For the sake of America, I can’t condone something that would be harmful to my country. I think the White House’s response See Secede on page 2

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thebattalion 1.18.2013

Te’o’s girlfriend reported as hoax

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Notre Dame senior linebacker Manti Te’o finished runner up in the Heisman race to Johnny Manziel. Te’o’s girlfriend — who purportedly died within a day of Te’o’s grandmother — doesn’t exist, as first reported on Wednesday by

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Notice of University Student Rule Revisions Additions, deletions and changes to the University Student Rules may occur over the course of the year. The following sections of the student rules have been revised: Rule # NA 23 24 25 26 27 28 41 51 58 Appendix VII Appendix VIII Appendix XIII

Rule Date Approved Students’ Rights and Responsibilities 12/21/12 Basic Rules and Procedures Governing Student Life 12/21/12 Student Conduct Code 12/21/12 Student Conduct Code Procedures (System) 12/21/12 Student Conduct Code Proceedings 12/21/12 Sanctions 12/21/12 Student Conduct Files and Records 12/21/12 Student Organizations 12/21/12 Student Conduct Separation and Appeal 12/21/12 University Disciplinary Appeals Panel 12/21/12 Texas A&M University Drug Rules 12/21/12 Texas A&M University Alcohol Rules That Apply to Student Organizations 12/21/12 Laws Relating to Alcohol 12/21/12

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Each student has the responsibility to be fully acquainted with and to comply with the Texas A&M University Student Rules. Student Rules can be found at Informational sessions will be provided in the coming weeks to provide opportunities for students, faculty and staff to learn more about the rule changes above. For more information, please contact the Offices of the Dean of Student Life at (979) 845-3111 or email


What do you think of the news about Manti Te’o?

Freshman guard Courtney Walker squares up a contested jump shot with a hand in her face in a home loss against Penn State.

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this Sunday in the MSC, from 2-5


we’ve kind of been troubled with when playing these types of opponents, we have a couple of more days to prepare.” The Aggies are 3-1 in SEC play after a tough 65-62 loss against No. 6 Kentucky last week and will face another tough opponent against Georgia. Georgia’s senior forward Jasmine Hassell was named SEC Player of the week Monday after scoring 21 points against Alabama and 19 against South Carolina. She made more than

68 percent of her shots in both games combined. Hassell has been a key component for Georgia’s offense this season, especially when it comes to big games. Georgia’s offense is ranked No. 32 in the nation while the Aggies’ offense is ranked No. 34, so it will be an offensive battle for these two teams. Nevertheless, A&M freshman guard Jordan Jones said they will be prepared Sunday to play Georgia. “We have to go back into the practice gym and just work on the little things we have to do in order to play Georgia,” Jones said.

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whoweare The Battalion staff represents every college on the campus, including undergraduates and graduate students. The leadership of The Battalion welcomes students to participate in the First Amendment in action as you utilize your student newspaper. We are students. Senior English major Trevor Stevens, editor-in-chief

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“It’s hard to believe he didn’t know. My gut tells me that he’s been lying to get that Heisman candidacy out there.” Shane Ward, senior chemistry major

“The heartbreaking story doesn’t make you a more solid athlete. This is just another reason why it was better Johnny won.” Samantha Conrad, sophomore kinesiology major

“He seemed like such a stand up guy. If he’s lying about this, it’s disappointing.” Zach Cestari, sophomore sport management major

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was appropriate and I have to say I agree with it 100 percent.” On the opening day of the 83rd Texas Legislature last Tuesday, supporters of the Texas Nationalist Movement — a group that wants Texas to sever its federal ties and become an independent nation — met with Republican leaders, including Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, The New York Times reported Thursday. Despite students typically responding to the petition and subsequent White House response without serious consideration for the likelihood of Texas seceding, there are Texans who have full belief in the state to survive on its own. Tabor Cobern, junior agricultural business major said Texas’ qualifications could match those of other countries. Cobern compared Texas to Australia, saying Texas’ population is larger than Australia’s by 3 million and that the two have equal gross domestic products. “[Texas] was an independent nation for a decade,” Cobern said. “We also had our own president and currency. If we seceded, we would be the 46th largest country by land mass and the 13th largest economy in the world. And Texas gets more from the federal government than it gives back to it. In the end, yes, I think Texas would be fine seceding.”

The MSC Woodson Black Awareness Committee put on the sixth annual Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Breakfast on Thursday morning. The breakfast honored King for his accomplishments and legacy in relevance to the University and its students. “This is our formal way to reflect on the life and legacy of Dr. King,” said Raquel Davis, senior anthropology major and member of the WBAC executive staff. Davis said the goal of the breakfast was to implement a spirit of action in the college community. Jimmie Green, sophomore agricultural and life sciences major and member of WBAC, said the goals in which WBAC sets out to accomplish to educate students about the black community. Glover, who is commonly recognized for his roles in “The Color Purple,” “2012,” “Angels in the Outfield” and “Lethal Weapon,” was this year’s honored guest speaker for the event. Glover offered insight on the meanings and representations of what King stood for and the types of messages he was in the process of portraying before he was assassinated. “King was always evolving, always thinking,” Glover said. Glover said King’s message was evolutionary. He said it was transformative when men and women chose to boycott nonviolently. “There were four steps to [King’s] evolution,” Glover said. “The march in Washington, his acceptance speech of the Nobel Peace Prize, his speech in Vietnam and his speech in Memphis, Tenn., in 1968 when he supported the sanitation workers.” When King gave his speeches in Vietnam and Memphis, he was branching out to a different cause. He was branching out to the rights of humans, not just a particular race, Glover said. As his speeches ventured into such topics, his message began to alter and fuse itself into another “dream” entirely. “King called for a revolution of values,” Glover said. “ He went from talking about civil rights to human rights — poor African Americans, poor Hispanic Americans, poor white Americans.” Glover focused a major part of his discussion on the notion that King was inclined to understand and address these human rights. Glover said part

Actor Danny Glover poses with University President R. Bowen Loftin at the annual MLK breakfast Thursday morning in the MSC. Jade Bedell— THE BATTALION

of King’s motto was that he wanted to change the souls of Americans. Glover posed the questions to the audience, “How have we changed our souls and where have we taken this step in human evolution?” Regardless of the direction and interpretation Glover offered on King’s ideas, the audience remained centered on the topic of racism. Audience members asked the questions about how young, black adults are supposed to deal with current racism and how to overcome it. “The first question we need to ask ourselves is, what does it mean to be a human being?” Glover said. “The work that we do has to go beyond changing racial attitudes. It’s about human beings. How do we become a more people-oriented society?” As King had originally envisioned, Glover shared a continuation of the message to go beyond the traditional framework of civil rights. University President R. Bowen Loftin was a guest speaker at the breakfast to deliver opening remarks. He told the audience to look back 50 years. “1963 was a pivotal year at A&M,” Loftin said. “There was the changing of the University’s name, the first partial admission of women and the admission of black students. We are richer for it. We are a more diverse student body.”

Glover spoke about family values, telling the story of when his grandmother first saw the film “The Color Purple” at the age of 97, and in a wheelchair, she made Glover retrieve his own switch from a tree and threatened to chase him down if he tried to run away. On several accounts of stories from his past, he relayed the amount of importance it is to be able to have a close-knit family and respecting your elders. Glover also stressed to the audience the importance of participating in efforts of change. “My grandson was crying when he couldn’t vote in 2008,” Glover said. “He was only four.” Glover also posed the topic of current events and issues over wars, drugs and global warming. He said King’s vision was not just to eliminate racism, but also to overcome other important issues in life that everyone deals with. “King would have been 84 years old now,” Glover said. “And he would be right here talking about stuff like global warming.” In closing, Glover left the audience with a thought to ponder and act upon. “Einstein was the greatest scientist,” Glover said. “He said that imagination is more important than knowledge. If the world ever gets to do the things it can do — it could do amazing things.”



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The Battalion 1-18-2013

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