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Campers without a cause

Photos by Tanner Garza — THE BATTALION

Students camp outside Kyle Field Sunday evening, waiting to pull tickets for the first home game against Florida.

Updated software randomizes ticket pulling process, surprises students

Campers give their opinion See what other students think about the new pulling rules in video interviews at

Michael Rodriguez & Jake Walker The Battalion


s the A&M football season approaches its season opener at Kyle Field, students received an email from University officials Saturday afternoon that said there was a change in the ticket pulling process. The change will take affect Monday, the first day seniors can pull tickets for the A&M-Florida matchup. The new process randomizes how tickets are allocated to students, eliminating the ability to pull early to reserve better seat-

ing. Since as early as Friday night, students have set up tents and TVs on The Zone to camp out until ticket windows open Monday morning. Many of these students were unaware of the altered ticket

pulling system or that an email was sent. “We actually read [the email] after we got here and were already set up,” said Josh Hooton, sophomore mechanical engineering major. “At that point we were like, ‘Eh, oh well.’” The email described the new ticket pulling rules, changes to seating due to SEC bylaws and how tickets will be distributed. The email ended with a paragraph saying that camping was not necessary. See Tickets on page 3

Students stretch hammocks across trees Sunday evening before ticket windows open Monday morning.

corps of cadets


Friends, family honor Deputy Commandant

Aggies work with NASA

Barrett House

Amber Jaura

The Battalion The Commandant Staff and distinguished University officials gathered to recognize — amid laughter and tears — the retirement of Col. Jake Betty, who worked with the Corps of Cadets for the last 24 years. The Sam Houston Sanders Corps of Cadets Center hosted Betty’s retirement ceremony Friday. Guests came to share stories, experiences and gratitude with Betty, Class of 1973. Betty most recently served as deputy commandant underneath Brig. Gen. Joe Ramirez. Before the arrival of Ramirez, Betty had been assigned to the position of interim commandant. “I’ll never forget a certain day

hesitate; he said ‘yes sir.’ Aggies do that.” Others, like Lt. Gen. Joe Weber,

The Battalion Texas A&M aerospace engineers are developing new technology for space debris removal in a joint project with NASA. The project has been in progress since last year to develop and test methods of autonomous debris removal. Kurt Cavalieri, aerospace engineering doctoral student, is part of the team of aerospace engineering graduate students working on the project. He said currently all testing is ground based to produce sensor and control algorithms to allow for space debris removal autonomously. “We are developing and testing in our lab different sensing techniques and

See Betty on page 3

See NASA on page 3

Aaron Cranford — THE BATTALION

Col. Jake Betty ‘73 holds his grandchild as he sits in a specially made commemorative chair. in Feb. 2010 when I summoned Jake into my office and asked him to do a very special job: interim commandant,” said President R. Bowen Loftin. “And Jake didn’t


ESPN debuts A&M GameDay ad Chandler Smith The Battalion Already announcing its arrival in College Station for Saturday’s A&M-Florida game, ESPN College GameDay — the network’s flagship college football program — will be officially debuting its commercial featuring A&M’s Midnight Yell tradition starting Monday. The commercial, filmed July 31 at Kyle Field, attempts to blend the tradition of Midnight Yell with a touch of comedy. Uploaded to YouTube Thursday, the video — placed

Pg. 1-09.03.12.indd 1

online due to postponement of the Louisiana Tech game — gave fans the full-version of the commercial before its television release. This specific commercial spot was unique given ESPN’s placement of the opportunity for an on-campus commercial to a vote, the first such contest in GameDay history. A&M competed within a field of 124 FBS schools and edged Nebraska for the chance to bring ESPN College GameDay to campus, giving the University a chance for additional exposure throughout the 2012 college football See Gameday on page 3


inside sports | 4 Arkansas series returns to Arlington The A&MArkansas series returns to a premier venue when it begins playing at Cowboys Stadium in 2014.

sports | 4 Volleyball The Aggies made a statement in their debut road challenge, clinching the Yale Classic title.

life | 5 Concert kicks off festivities The weeklong MSC Grand Opening Celebration started Saturday when MSC Town Hall invited musicians Ben Rector and Mayer Hawthorne to perform in Rudder Theater. Students said the artists improvised during the show, incorporating A&M traditions into the lyrics.

ESPN film crew shoots footage for the ESPN College Gameday ad on Kyle Field. The ad will be aired Monday – the ad can also be seen online.

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Opening the House

Photos by Roger Zhang — THE BATTALION

Hundreds of students browse through the 400-plus booths of various student organizations in the MSC Sunday afternoon during the MSC Open House. ent St ud p s m u s t i by bersh Mem urchased 2 p 1 0 e b . 5, 2 Sept

thebattalion asks


How do you feel about Open House being back in the MSC?

It’s super exciting. I’ve never been to a MSC Open House in the MSC, it’s always been in Reed Arena or the REC. Sarah Tankersley, senior kinesiology major


We oer Zumba, LiveSTRONG Indoor Cycling, Yoga, Group KICK, Group POWER, Group ACTIVE, Group CENTERGY, Group CORE, and more!

It’s great. It’s just a lot less crowded and gives all the booths a chance to be seen.






Members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, an organization dedicated to learning and recreating 17th Century Europe, duel with rapiers at Simpson Drill Field.

Kyle Tatam, junior communication major


I think it’s an awesome opportunity. It’s pretty awesome to feel that the Aggie family is all back together chilling and hanging out. Texas A&M Ballroom Dance Association members perform a routine in the MSC Flag Room for MSC Open House.

Rolan Fields, junior ag business major

It’s very spacious and it’s nice having the MSC Open House back in the MSC — the actual place. Justin Daniel, junior sociology major

Texas A&M Sports Car Club displays a Lotus Elise in front of the MSC during the MSC Open House Sunday afternoon.

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approach maneuvers to allow a capture spacecraft to autonomously dock with and de-orbit larger debris,” Cavalieri said. “Specifically, we are targeting spent rocket boosters that were used to put other spacecraft into orbit.” The project is being developed at the Land Air and Space Robotics Lab located at Easterwood Airport. Cavalieri said space debris has always been an issue but was ignored until two satellites collided a few years ago. He said without a solution, the amount of debris continues to grow. “If something isn’t done soon, the amount of debris will continue to grow exponentially with every collision,” Cavalieri said. “Debris can be the size of a paperclip to the size of a pick-up truck and it all poses a threat to current and future space missions because it travels at such a high velocity.” Space debris occurs primarily from launches, satellites and satellite collisions. It threatens the International Space Station and communication satellites used for TV, Internet, cellphones and GPS. John Hurtado, associate professor in aerospace engineering, said the means for this project have been developed over several years of work in the lab. He said many problems stem from space debris and will continue to increase unless a solution is perfected. “Our laboratory specializes in design and rapid prototyping of robots and robotic concepts for space applications,” Hurtado said. “Space debris poses a problem for space missions because spacecraft must

spoke of Betty’s efforts to be an influence on the Quad. “[Betty’s] legacy is going to be the men and women that [he’s] touched over almost a quarter of a century,” Weber said. “They will always remember [him] and [he] will always remember them.” Weber read a certificate of retirement from Gov. Rick Perry, citing Betty’s military service and dedication to the Corps. “It has often been said that the actions of the brave allow us all to live free in this great land that we call home,” the certificate read. “Our armed forces have long borne the standard of our great nation in defending our most cherished rights: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We salute you for your service to the United States of America, the state of Texas and Texas A&M University.” Ramirez, who made Betty his deputy commandant and chief of staff after he arrived, said Betty had been a model in which to follow. “When I got here, people said ‘do what Jake did,’” Ramirez said. “It didn’t take me long to realize they were right.” Ramirez said Betty became more than the position he had been assigned. “He became a confidant. He became the guy I turned to,” Ramirez said. “Not only is Jake Betty a great officer and a great deputy commandant, but he’s also a great friend.” Ramirez also spoke about Betty’s legacy, which has surpassed the realm of the Quad. “I can’t tell you the number of young men and women who came up and said ‘let me tell you how Col. Betty kept me in the Corps,’” Ramirez said. Through tears Betty addressed the crowd, thanking everyone for their support and helping him to be successful. “Everyone in this room has had an impact on my life and my success here at Texas A&M,” Betty said. “It makes what I’ve done at Texas A&M worth that much more.” Betty first came to Texas A&M after initially being denied admission to the school, but his father’s friend was class-

Tickets Continued from page 1

“For me, I don’t ever camp out, so it’s good for me,” said senior industrial engineering major Johnny Khai. “But the hardcore campers are out here Friday nights.” In summary the email said tickets will be distributed


The Holonomic Omnidirectional Motion Emulation Robot (HOMER) with a 1:10 scale model of the Hubble Space Telescope on top. travel through the cluttered environment. A collision between orbiting debris creates more debris, which increases the probability of subsequent collisions.” Junior aerospace engineering major Hunter Ritter said the technology is an effective means to reduce problems in space and he hopes it continues to advance. “With this project they’re using different sensing techniques to calculate how much debris and where it’s going to be able to pick it up,” Ritter said. “As of right now there’s a lot of debris in the air and the atmosphere. If a satellite piece breaks off or any other debris, it orbits around the Earth causing a lot of problems.”

Cavalieri said while the project involves a new concept that makes it more challenging, it is crucial for a breakthrough in reducing space debris. “What’s important is that we’re able to learn a lot about what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t work,” Cavalieri said. “Over the last year we’ve been able to develop a few prototype demonstrations to show the difficulties associated with autonomous debris removal. This project puts A&M in a great position to play a pivotal role in debris removal.” Ground testing will begin October 1st at Johnson Space Center in Houston.

starting with the best sections — four sections at a time — randomly to students assigned to that classification day. Seniors will still have the first chance at the best seats, but seats among those sections will be distributed at random. The particular time of day at which those tickets are pulled doesn’t matter. “I’m not a huge fan of [the

system],” said senior psychology major Lydia Boyles. “I like the reward of getting here early and being able to be rewarded with a good seat.” The fully randomized system has been implemented by the University in the past. The ticket pull system was originally designed to create an equal opportunity for everyone to get good seats. As software

changed several years ago, randomization was no longer an option, and it had to be done manually. The manual method of randomization was flawed and gave students the impression that better tickets could be pulled earlier in the day, which defeated the purpose of a randomized draw. “We want to change the system back to the way it

Aaron Cranford — THE BATTALION

Col. Jake Betty ‘73 listens on as his brother recognizes him. mates with the president of the University at the time. “He wrote a recommendation letter to Gen. Rudder,” Betty said. Later Betty became Mrs. Rudder’s escort and was told that Gen. Rudder had been keeping an eye on him as he progressed through school. As a result, Betty became very close with the Rudder family, and even has a grandson with that name. Betty said as a senior in the Corps, he hoped he would work with the Corps in some capacity. “I remember one evening my senior year with my buddies and we were discussing our future. All of a sudden one of my buddies turns to me and says ‘Jake, if you had you’re dream what would you be doing in 25 years?’” Betty said. “I said if I had my dream job I would be working with the Corps of Cadets.” As he looked out over the crowd one last time, Betty said he would always remember the Corps. “To say that the Corps of Cadets had an impact on my life would be an understatement,” Betty said. “The Corps will forever be on my mind, and will forever be a part of my life.”

was,” senior finance major Garrett Rowe said. “In the email it said it’s to make it more fair, but I feel like, for people that are up here, it’s not fair to them.” Even with the email accessible for the students to read, most students camping in front of The Zone didn’t let the news dampen their spirit for having the opportunity to

camp out. “I think it’s awesome that everybody is out here camping just promoting that camaraderie, getting excited for the first Florida game,” senior yell leader Nelson Ingram said. “It’s really neat to see Aggies bonding together even if they necessarily don’t have to. They are coming together to hang out because they get to.”

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Lee Corso climbs out of a tent on Kyle Field for the ESPN College Gameday commercial.

GameDay Continued from page 1

season. “It’s a tremendous payoff for all the Aggies who voted in the online contest. It’s a 45-second commercial and it’s an opportunity for us to spotlight one of our most unique and cherished traditions in front of a national television audience,” said Jason Cook, A&M vice president for marketing and communications. “I think the commercial turned out extremely well and Texas A&M fans will be very proud of it.” Generating a buzz among fans, the YouTube version of the commercial surpassed 100,000 views as of Sunday night. Featuring ESPN talent including Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreet, Tom Rinaldi and Desmond Howard, the commercial showcases a highly recognizable cast. The ad should only continue to receive publicity come Monday’s television release. Fredrik Treven, a junior electrical engineering major, said the commercial spot was

Pg. 3-09.03.12.indd 1

a testament to the dedication of the A&M fan base. “It’s pretty big because, one, it was a contest that we won, which shows how committed and large our fan base is,” Treven said. “Secondly, a bunch of people showed up to the actual commercial shoot, which is another testament to the very same thing.” The debut of the commercial comes on the heels of the announcement ESPN College GameDay will be broadcasting live from College Station on Saturday morning. The presence of the show only adds fuel to what is expected to be one of the most intense atmospheres in Kyle Field history. Junior marketing major Liz Gunther said it’s about time GameDay made its way back to Aggieland. “It’s exciting that ESPN College GameDay’s going to be here because it hasn’t been here in so long, not since 2006,” Gunther said. “The fact it’s A&M’s first SEC game will have everyone especially pumped and excited.”


Acct 229 Acct 230

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Football | ESPN College GameDay announced it will broadcast in College Station Saturday for the Florida game.

Men’s Golf | The A&M men’s golf team defeated Vanderbilt 6-0 in Carmel Cup medal match play Sunday.


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Classic comeback James Sullivan: A&M-Arkansas series’ return to Cowboys Stadium keeps rivalry ignited

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s Texas A&M enters its inaugural season with the Southeastern Conference, the Aggies have been forced to adjust to a separate set of rules and procedures. Accordingly, the program sustained early casualties — one of which was the distinguished Southwest Classic.

The matchup featured former Southwest Conference rivals Arkansas and Texas A&M, culminating in a nationally acclaimed contest at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. With the Aggies joining the SEC West, however, league limitations dictated the two division foes face off in a home-and-home situation, killing the aura surrounding the colossal rivalry. Over the course of the Aggies’ transition, both universities have continued to show strong interest in competing on the big-time stage. In the final days of August, the two reached an agreement in which the Southwest Classic would be renewed starting in 2014.

“Having a game annually in the [Dallas-Fort Worth] Metroplex is very advantageous for Texas A&M from a visibility and recruiting standpoint,” Texas A&M President R. Bowen Loftin said. “This was a significant, unresolved issue as part of our transition to the SEC.” From the Aggies’ point of view, the revived rivalry creates more opportunities for the program to spread its ever-growing brand. Nationally broadcasted matchups against recognized conference teams garner A&M a stronger presence in college football, particularly in their home state of Texas. Head Football Coach Kevin Sumlin has already spotted advantages for his program in the announcement. “It’s another game guaranteed in the state instead of having to go to Arkansas,” Sumlin said. “From a recruiting standpoint, it’s convenient. For our players, it’s exciting.” On a consistent basis, the Dallas-Fort Worth area produces multiple talented high school prospects, many of which commit to the Aggies. With A&M playing just minutes away in Cowboys Stadium instead of hours south at Kyle Field, local recruits have at least one more chance to catch time with the coaching staff and current players. While seemingly insignificant, any time a program can visit with volatile high school

Pg. 4-09.03.12.indd 1

Despite the fact that the Aggies lose out on a matchup in Kyle Field once every two seasons, many fans are excited about the prospect of competing in the professional arena. “It will be sad to lose another home game especially against a big rival like Arkansas,” sophomore computer science major Travis Williamson said. “The experience of going to Cowboys Stadium, an away game you can actually travel to, against an SEC opponent will be amazing.”

James Sullivan is a junior business major and sports writer for The Battalion.

A&M gets off to solid road debut in New Haven Michael Rodriguez The Battalion The Texas A&M volleyball team completed its first road trip of the season by defeating Yale, American and Stony Brook to win the Yale Classic in New Haven, Connecticut. After the road trip, the Aggies are now 5-1, with a four game winning streak to start the season. “It was a total team effort today,” said head coach Laurie Corbelli. “We didn’t drop a set today, we worked on some of the kinks that we have been having and to complete the first road trip [of the season] was good.” The Aggies were led by All-Tournament MVP, senior middle blocker Stephanie Minnerly as she posted a .460 hitting efficiency with 26 kills and only three errors. Making the All-Tournament

team were fellow Aggies junior setter Allie Sawatzky and junior outside hitter Heather Reynolds. “Sometimes kids just get a zone where everything just comes together and feels right,” Corbelli said. “[Minnerly] found openings, and Sawatzky certainly is blossoming this season early here in the second weekend just being comfortable with a variety of hitters. Reynolds was just all-around one of the most valuable players of the weekend.” A&M opened the match with a 5-0 run as Sawatzky had five kills in the frame and kept Stony Brook’s defense off-balance with her attacks. A&M used that attack to win the first set 25-14. “Allie is one of those returning starters who is in charge of making sure that

Courtesy of Aggie Athletics

Allie Sawatzky had 12 kills to lead Texas A&M to a 25-14, 25-22, 25-19 win over Stony Brook Saturday. she commands the court,” substitutions worked out well Corbelli said. for the Aggies as they closed For the rest of the match, the set and match with a 25Corbelli was tweaking the 18 third set victory. lineup to get some of the “One [of our goals] was to younger players some expe- make sure we did our best to rience. Junior outside hitter give our new players who are Ashley Vrana went into the going to be having an impact game for senior Tori Mel- in some court time,” Corbelli linger, while sophomore said. “Just that kind of expedefensive specialist Hannah rience is really hard to get Hood and freshman Shelbi sometimes.” Vaughan entered the game The Aggies will wrap up as well. In the second set, the their non-conference schedAggies used key kills from ule by taking part in the DelaSawartzky and Vrana to give ware Invitational starting with the Aggies the 2-0 lead. a doubleheader on Friday Before the third set began, September 7th as they play Corbelli once again opted to Xavier and host Delaware. insert more youth like fresh- The Aggies will conclude the men Kate Praslicka and An- invitational by facing Columgela Lowak, while later sub- bia Saturday afternoon. bing rookies Sierra Patrick and Shelby Sullivan. All the

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athletes is valuable. An entire game is easily enough to swing a teetering prospect in one’s favor, making the recommencement of the Southwest Classic a giant gain for the Aggies on the recruiting trail. For the student body, they’re allowed the opportunity to visit the DFW Metroplex and see the series continue in high-class fashion. The Dallas Cowboys’ relatively new dome is largely considered one of the finest facilities in the nation, making the visit to Jerry’s World more than worth the trip.

Aggies win Yale Classic

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The A&M-Arkansas series returns to Cowboys Stadium beginning in 2014 — Arkansas is 3-0 in Arlington.

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page 5 monday 9.3.2012


Town Hall concert opens MSC celebration

Photos by Roger Zhang — THE BATTALION

Special to The Battalion Students packed into Rudder Theatre Saturday to hear free performances by musicians Ben Rector and Mayer Hawthorne to kick off the Memorial Student Center’s Grand Opening Celebration. The concert, put on by MSC Town Hall, was the first event of the weeklong celebration from Sept. 1-8. “We worked hard to use as much marketing information as possible, as far as what the students’ interests were, because this concert is for you,” said Dave Salmon, advisor for MSC Town Hall and co-chair of the MSC Reopening Committee. The bluesy, soft rock, pop musician Ben Rector opened the show, and kept the attention of the audi-


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FOR RENT $295 prelease. All bills paid, 1-room in shared furnished apartment, short-term leases ok. Call Maroon & White Management, 979-422-5660. $395 Prelease 1/1, 2/1 and 2/2. Free WiFi/water/sewer. On Northgate, on shuttle. Short-term leases ok. Call Maroon & White Management 979-422-5660. 2-3/bedroom apartments. Some with W/D, some on College Main, remodeled with dishwashers, Great deal! $175-$600/mo. 979-219-3217. 2bd/1ba apartment, 800sq. ft. New appliances, carpeting and tile. W/D. bus-route. $575/mo. 210-391-4106. 3/3,3/2 Houses, Townhouses &Apartments, 1250-1400sqft. Very spacious, ethernet, large kitchen, walk-in pantry &closets, extra storage, W/D, great amenities, on bus route, now pre-leasing, excellent specials. 979-694-0320. 3/3/2 house on Richards Street, CS, near TAMU, HEB, and Target. Fenced backyard, small pets considered, gourmet kitchen, outstanding condition, $1250/mo, Bernie 979-777-3699. 3bd/2ba mobile home on one acre, 3131 Cain Rd. CS, $600/mo, call 777-2395. 3bd/3ba home, available now, Central air/heat, $900/mo, 10 minutes from Vet School, horse stall available, 979-229-2408. 3bdrm/2ba house for rent close to campus, 2 car garage, very clean $1300/mo 214-797-7400 4/3, 3/3 &3/2 Houses, Townhouses, Duplexes &Fourplexes, 1250-1700sqft. Very spacious, ethernet, large kitchen, extra storage, W/D, great amenities, on bus route, now pre-leasing, excellent specials. 979-694-0320. Available now, 3bd/2ba house on 3 acres in town, fenced yard, pets ok, $1000/mo, 979-693-1448. Available now, large 2bd/2ba, on shuttle, fenced yard, pets ok, $700/mo, 979-693-1448. College Station, 3/2, spacious, W/D, available now, $795/mo, 979-693-0551, 979-229-9908. CONDO! 521 SW PKWY #201, 4/4, $1200, Alpha-Omega Prop., Broker, 774-7820

ence by having them sing along, as well as by showing his impromptu song writing skills on stage. Senior accounting major Ricky Arnold said he loved this creativity. “My favorite part was when he made up a third verse about Texas to ‘Loving You Is Easy’ on the spot,” Arnold said. “He incorporated a lot of traditions that we are used to here at A&M into the verse.” Changing between the piano and the guitar, Ben Rector’s performance was full of energy, a dancing crowd and gratefulness he expressed to be playing in Texas. “We were extremely lucky too find these artists,” Salmon said, not-ing the large fan base for Ben Rectorr at A&M. “And Mayer Hawthorne iss


TO CALL 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday Insertion deadline: 1 p.m. prior business day

FOR RENT Cozy 2bdrm/2bth condo 3-blocks from campus, yard, w/d connections, over 1000sqft., no HUD, updated, $595/mo total, 506-B College Main. Available. 254-289-0585, 254-289-8200. DUPLEXES! 3520 Paloma Ridge, 3/3, $1100, Alpha-Omega Prop., Broker, 774-7820 FOURPLEXES! Oakdale, 2/1, w/d & water incl, $600, 4 units left, on Shuttle route! Alpha-Omega Prop., Broker, 774-7820 FREE IPAD OR LCD TV if you sign a lease today! Recently remodeled 3/2 on the bus route; W/D, some bills included. $825 or $925 w/yard +lawncare. Pet friendly. Available immediately. 979-703-8925. HOUSES! 1309 Timm, 3/2, $1200/mo, lawn care included, close to campus. 601 Maryem, 3/1, $850, close to campus. 2615 Westwood Main, 3/2, $1250, new flooring, paint. 4111 McFarland, 4/4, $1325. 4130 McFarland, 4/4, $1500. 4137 McFarland, 4/4, $1500. 11106 N. Dowling, 3/3, $1200, country setting. 123 Mile Dr., 4/2,$1500, huge yard! Alpha-Omega Prop., Broker, 774-7820 Just available! Close to campus, College Main and Eastgate areas. 2bd/1ba., some w/dishwasher, 1-fenced, some bills paid. $325-$450/mo. 979-219-3217. Live in Northgate! High rise building, 1/1’s with W/D, cable/internet, water included. Covered parking available. 2-blocks from campus. Move in today! $875 +up. 979-703-8925.

the MSC, but to show the breadth of experiences that students have at A&M,” says Eric Blodgett, the committee coordinator for the MSC. “[We wanted] to make sure everyone knows that all are welcome at the MSC; that there’s room for all kinds of activities.” According to Salmon, the week is in the interest of the students as it showcases everything the MSC has to offer. “This party is for y’all,” Salmon said. “This is yours. We included activities to show students from all walks of life that there is something to do in all areas of the building.” The various activities and events offered each day can be found on the Grand Opening Celebration’s website, Salmon summed up the purpose of the week’s events as being geared toward the students. “Our passion is you and your 50,000 friends,” Salmon said.

Ben Rector (left) and Mayer Hawthorne (above) entertain the audience at the MSC’s Grand Opening Celebration.

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Jennifer Keith

one of the most unique and interesting artists on the rise.” Mayer Hawthorne and his band, the main attraction of the evening, performed songs from their motown and retro album, in contrast to Ben Rector’s lean toward pop. The free concert was a unique way to get A&M students excited about the events offered this week, of which there will be more than 30 held in the MSC. “We realize [this concert] transcends any concert we’ve done before because it’s really not about MSC Town Hall,” Salmon said. “It’s about celebrating the reopening of this facility.” After the MSC was closed for renovations, several organizations came together to form the MSC Reopening Committee and began planning the week’s variety of events. The committee was intentionally large in order to include the opinions of various organizations on the programming of events. “The Grand Opening Committee wanted this celebration to be not only a housewarming event for


$10 for 20 words running 5 days, if your merchandise is priced $1,000 or less (price must appear in ad). This rate applies only to non-commercial advertisers offering personal possessions for sale. Guaranteed results or you get an additional 5 days at no charge. If item doesn’t sell, advertiser must call before 1 p.m. on the day the ad is scheduled to end to qualify for the 5 additional insertions at no charge. No refunds will be made if your ad is cancelled early.

FOR RENT Super cute! Recently built 4/2, less than 5-minutes from campus. $1450 lawn +W/D included. 979-703-8925.

FOR SALE House for sale- Must sell! Reduce 4-2, 1,923sqft. Southwood Valley, recently upgraded, $129,999, 979-450-0098.

HELP WANTED Child Care FT & PT shifts available. Some nights & Saturdays required. Apply in person at 3609 E. 29th St., Bryan. Cleaning commercial buildings at night, M-F. Call 979-823-5031 for appointment. COACHES & BUDDIES WANTED: Our challenger soccer program (a program for mentally and/or physically challenged children) is looking for people to volunteer and provide a positive experience for challenged children. Call 764-3424. COACHES WANTED! We need enthusiastic, positive, motivational volunteer coaches for Girls Volleyball.  Call 764-3487. Couple with one story ranch home on two acres near TAMU needs assistance with some landscaping projects, fencing and minor internal and external renovations. All supplies and tools provided. Flexible project schedule and good working environment. Would like to establish a multiple year relationship for this paid position. Please share a brief work history and your interest by email to:  before 9/21/12.

HELP WANTED J.Cody’s hiring meat cutters and cashiers, apply within 3610 South College. No experience necessary, just common sense! Lawn crew member needed, $9/hr. Hrs Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9-6, experience required. Students only. 979-224-2511. Needed morning and early afternoon PT person for document scanning and watching our 2 boys 979-574-7474 Now hiring bike or car delivery. Burger Boy, 4337 Wellborn, in Westgate Shopping Center. Apply in person. Flexible schedule! Part-time job helping handicapped. Male student preferred. $360/mo. 5-10hrs/wk. 979-846-3376. Part-time warehouse help needed. Flexible hours. Business hours are M-F 7:30-5. Apply at Valley Supply 3320 S. College Ave. Bryan, TX. 979-779-7042. PT help needed. Local hunting club needs PT guides. Freshman and Sophomore only. Average 1-2 weekends/month in offseason; 2-3 in Fall and Winter. Limited hunting privileges. Applications at Receptionist/Cashier needed: Must be customer oriented, able to work Saturdays. Flexible hours. Apply at Readfield Meats & Deli 2701 S. Texas Ave, Bryan. Servers needed, Longhorn Steakhouse in Downtown Bryan, 201 East 24th Street, must be willing to work weekends, no phone calls, apply within.

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SERVPRO of Brazos Valley, a local fire and water restoration company is accepting applications for productions helpers and supervisors. Full-time positions available. Applicants must be able to work some weekends and on call schedules. On the job training provided. Previous cleaning and or restroration work experiene is preferred. Motivated, drug-free, persons with good driving records are welcome to apply by contacting Eric at All applicants must pass a criminal back ground check. Shuttle bus drivers needed for all TAMU home games, must have CDL, $15/hour, call 214-708-7668 for additional information. STUDENTPAYOUTS.COM Paid Survey Takers Needed In College Station. 100% Free To Join. Click On Surveys. The Corner now hiring all positions for all shifts. Come by in person to apply. Tutors wanted for all subjects currently taught at TAMU/ Blinn and Sam Houston State starting at $8.75/hour. Apply on-line @, 979-268-8867.

NEWLY BUILT! Granite, stainless, cable, internet, water included. On the bus-route, bike to campus, fenced patios, gated w/pool. $1190 for 2/2. ONLY 1 LEFT! Move in today! 979-703-8925.

ROOMMATES Cool roommate wanted, 3bd/3ba duplex, big rooms, $400/mo plus utilities, on bus route, close to campus, 210-867-4777.

TUTORS Need a Tutor? Friendly, helpful one-on-one private tutors for all subjects at TAMU/Blinn and Sam Houston State. Check us out at, 979-268-8867. Special offer! Sign up for tutoring during 8/22 to 10/4 and receive a $10 dollar gift card to Fuzzy Tacos with a purchase of any tutoring package.

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Weekend merchandisers. Budweiser has immediate openings for part-time positions. Great pay! Pre-employment drug screen. Apply at Jack Hilliard Dist., 1000 Independence, Bryan, TX


MOTORCYCLE 150cc scooter, maroon, 100mi/gal, automatic, great for campus, $1200, 220-7777.

MUSIC MOBILE HOME! 5005 Collette, 2/2, 1 fenced acre, $800 Alpha-Omega Prop., Broker, 774-7820

B/CS. Sell/Buy/Invest! Michael McGrann TAMU ‘93 Civil Engineering 979-739-2035, 979-777-6211, Town & Country Realty.

Private guitar lessons in my home, beginner through advanced, blues, rock, jazz. Call Phil 281-785-3729.

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Northgate. Brand new 1bd/1ba. Also available 2bd/ba, 3bd/2ba. Washer/dryer. Walk to campus. Call 979-255-5648. Spacious 2bd/1ba, C.S. duplex, 3-minutes from campus, Internet, cable, W/D, remodeled, fenced front and backyard, 1000sqft, beautiful with many extras, one week free, 979-422-3427.



Vail • Beaver Creek • Keystone • Arapahoe Basin

20 Mountains. 5 Resorts. 1 Price. Country Living! Short drive to campus. 3bdrm/1bath home. Kitchen, dining and den. Garage w/carport, fenced yard w/2 large dog pens. Barn and feed silo w/three to four fenced acres w/corral. $895/mo. Call 979-255-5555.

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plus t/s


1-800-SKI-WILD • 1-800-754-9453

9/2/12 11:30 PM

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8/30/12 3:55:30 PM



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