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financial aid

TEXAS grant shortage State budget cuts leave low-income students with less aid Jake Walker

The Battalion Due to recent budget cuts passed by the Texas Legislature, some students will have to make do with less financial aid in the form of the TEXAS Grant for the next academic school year. The TEXAS, Towards Excellence, Access and Success, Grant was established in 1999 to assist academically successful students in paying for college. To receive a TEXAS Grant, the student must be a Texas resident, be enrolled in at least nine semester hours, have not been convicted of a crime involving a controlled substance and have an estimated family contribution of less than $4,000. In the past, students were awarded approximately $4,400 to $7,400 per year, depending on the type of institution they attended. More money was awarded to students attending a public university, and less for students attending a technical college. Although the program is consistently supported by the Texas Legislature, it has recently been met with high demands and funding concerns. “Recent reductions in the funding has resulted in limited funding and in some cases no funding for new students entering college that are qualified students,” said Bridgette Ingram, See TEXAS Grant on page 3


Coach instills blue-collar mentality Michael Rodriguez

The Battalion When you stand by Aggie head baseball coach Rob Childress, there is a silence about him, yet his message is communicated loud and clear. “His message is to take one game at a time, because you never know when your last game is going to be,” said senior starting pitcher Ross Stripling. “Coach said to us, ‘What if this was your last game? Play with a fire,’ and I think this team has embodied that.” For a student-athlete going through the grind of a 56-game baseball season, the brevity of a college career is sometimes overlooked, but Childress’ philosophy cements the foundation of hustle and hard work that has built his team. “I stress effort and attitude and those are the only two things. We’re going to out hustle you and out compete you from when the first pitch is thrown,” Childress said. “If we do that, the scoreboard will take care of itself.” Childress has been the Aggies’ head ball coach since 2005. He preaches strong pitching, defense and aggressive base running. While other programs recruit flashy student-athletes, Childress said he looks for athletes who will fit his system. “None of our players were premiere recruits. We recruited kind of in our image, blue collar, hard-nosed guys, and they’re told that on their visit. When you come here, it will be the hardest thing you’ve ever done but it will be the most rewarding,” Childress said. Senior first baseman Jacob House said Childress stresses the importance of hard work and accomplishing goals. “I think coach does a good job relaying his message, keeping us motivated and giving us goals every day,” House said.

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Going Pro Where he stands See where Ryan Tannehill ranks among his peers at the position. These stats, among others, are considered by NFL general managers and scouts when selecting prospects on draft day.

Brains The Wonderlic test A cognitive ability test designed to rate the problemsolving ability of NFL prospects Andrew Luck Ryan Tannehill Kirk Cousins Brandon Weeden Robert Griffin III

37 34 33 27 24

Size Height and Weight Brandon Weeden 6’5” Kirk Cousins 6’5” Andrew Luck 6’4” Ryan Tannehill 6’4” Robert Griffin III 6’2”

221 214 234 221 223

Arm Career passer rating Andrew Luck 134.2 Robert Griffin III 158.9 Kirk Cousins 157.7 Brandon Weeden 146.1 Ryan Tannehill 134.2

Legs 40-yard dash in seconds Robert Griffin III 4.48 Ryan Tannehill 4.65 Andrew Luck 4.67 Kirk Cousins 4.84 Brandon Weeden 4.89

Tannehill stock soars as NFL draft nears Austin Meek

The Battalion Just one day before the draft, pundits are as confused about senior quarterback Ryan Tannehill as ever. The man will go down in Aggie lore not only for his passing prowess, but also for the speed and precision with which he ran his routes back during his days as a wide receiver. After being converted from a pass catcher, Tannehill registered 19 starts behind center, and this versatility has become a polarizing topic among NFL circles. Can a player with less than 20 college starts under his belt handle the rigors of the NFL? If he couldn’t even win his own starting quarterback job until his junior year, is he really worth building a franchise around as a top-10 pick? Pat Dye, the gunslinger’s agent, said that what Tannehill lacks in film footage is made up for by his “prototypical measurables.” “His height, weight, speed, arm strength, is tops,” Dye said. “Then … you throw in the intangibles that are off the charts: the character, the work ethic, the intelligence, his ability to talk football

and translate it on the boards.” Tannehill’s ride up the draft charts has been an unorthodox one. After throwing for 3,744 yards and 29 touchdowns in his final season in Aggieland, he was considered a late first-round selection. He then sustained a foot injury, which kept him out of the Senior Bowl and other showcases, but wowed teams enough with his tape and interviewing skills that he continued inching toward the top of the board. Now, he’s considered one of this year’s premier talents and will most likely be selected among the top-10 picks. “To come back from having surgery and having a screw inserted in his foot, to come back and work out the way he has at his pro day and his private workouts, I think is really remarkable,” Dye said. “He’s held up physically and mentally. Now I think he’s just probably ready, like everybody else is, to find out where he’s going to be.” Tannehill has drawn significant interest from the Cleveland Browns, who pick in the No. 4 slot, and the Miami See Tannehill on page 2

A&M firstround draft picks since ’93 #"2011: Von Miller, 2nd overall, LB, Denver Broncos #"2003: Ty Warren, 13th overall, DE, New England Patriots #"2003: Sammy Davis, 30th overall, CB, San Diego Chargers #"1996: Reggie Brown, 17th overall, LB, Detroit Lions #"1994: Sam Adams, 8th overall, DE, Seattle Seahawks #"1994: Aaron Glenn, 12th overall, CB, New York Jets #"1994: Greg Hill, 25th overall, RB, Kansas City Chiefs #"1993: Patrick Bates, 12th overall, DB, Los Angeles Raiders

See Childress on page 2



Today windy High: 86 Low: 67

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Friday breezy high: 86 low: 68 Saturday partly sunny high: 85 low: 68 Sunday partly sunny high: 85 low: 68


courtesy of NOAA

!"#$%&'()*+",-.: /%*0()'"#*-()+.-(1.#(2'3&%*0.&(34#*(/%+%'5 63&#78.&&9(:(;",.(<#7#==#* >=*#(?%"#-#(:(6.@(%*(34.(;.#+4 A#&0#&=3#'(:(BC(D34.&(!"#$%&'(1%(?4%%'.(!&%E

thebattalion 04.26.2012

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Cafe Eccell

University Dr. Church Wellborn


A&M Campus

Double Quick Natalie



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6$#@$A0-=$B2,0=C2C$D9C20$ 6$E05>-(2=9F2C$G,,233$H4(23

IB%%$J32$0K$L=-,M$(0$7082$N:(0$O0-=$E-../$A012P *LJQ%RL*$?B$*LGII$B%RL$S%I?B%$%RQ$?I$INRGT*&&& UGO$R?$Q%U?*NL$VW!XY$<$H%L$IB%%$T?EZ$VW"&''Y NQ$<$E?UO$?I$LAN*$GQ$B%[JNB%Q GH$?\R%Q$GRQ$?U%BGL%Q&


Freshman wildlife and fisheries sciences major Heather Sterling samples a variety of vegetables during “Earth Day,” held by the Environmental Issues Committee Wednesday afternoon at Rudder Plaza.

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Dolphins, who will make the No. 8 selection with the help of new offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, Tannehill’s coach while at Texas A&M. “If it’s Cleveland, he’ll be thrilled to go there,” Dye said. “If it’s Miami, he’ll be thrilled to go there. If it’s Kansas City at 11, he’ll be thrilled to go there, and likewise with Seattle at 12. I think he’s thrilled to be discussed in the top half of the first round. It’s an exciting time, yet it’s a stressful time, because you just don’t know, and anything you hear from a team right now you’ve just got to take with a grain of salt.” Senior receiver Ryan Swope said he’s excited for his former quarterback and knows that, more than anything else, he wants the process to finalize so he can begin preparing to become the face of the franchise that selects him. “I actually talked to him today and I think he’s very ready to get this going, and I can’t wait for him,” Swope said. “He did some

great things while he was here. I have a great connection with Ryan and hope for the best for him.” Junior political science major Ryan Funderberg said he thinks Tannehill will pull a page from LeBron James’ book and take his talents to South Beach. “Miami just makes the most sense,” Funderberg said. “The offense he ran with Sherman here at A&M was a pro-style scheme, and it’d be much easier to transition there than in Cleveland or anywhere else.” Rarely has there been such contentious national debate on an NFL prospect, but that may be because there’s never been a prospect quite like Ryan Tannehill. “For a guy that only has 19 starts to be discussed in the top-10 picks when you’ve got two guys as talented as Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III already in the draft, and presumably being taken one and two off the board, it’s rare to have a talent like either one of those guys, much less two of them, much less three of them with Ryan thrown in the mix,” Dye said. “It’s a unique situation and we’re all anxious to see where it’s going to work out.”


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Childress Continued from page 1

On Feb. 28, the Aggies had a difficult time figuring out Northwestern State pitcher Jacob Roark and found themselves in a nine-run hole after five innings. The Aggies scrapped their way back to overcome the biggest deficit in Olsen Field history, winning 14-10. Childress made it clear to his team to LARGE NON-SMOKING ROOM Great Food • Security • Unlimited Pull & Event Tabs and Much More! never give up. His players have not only !"#$%&'()* 21,3&'$4,--(5 20<<,$=&&1( !"#$%&'()* bought into the philosophy, but picked =(>&1.,$ !"#$%$ +,"*&-./$ +,"*&-./$ up the language. 6-7'$89:; “This is a place where we play blue?1&0)@$AB/# +*01/* !/*&&collar, hard-nosed and we’re going to get our uniforms dirty,” redshirt sophomore starting pitcher Rafael Piñeda said. “We’re going to lay out and sacrifice ourselves for the team.” Childress’ success on the field is chronicled by five Big 12 championships and a trip to the Aggies’ first College World Series in more than a decade. His success off the field is measured by the players’ Rice University’s Paralegal Graduate Certificate Program success after leaving A&M. “I think with everything, the character of the coach and what the coach CLASSROOM PROGRAM: stands for comes out through their team, Join us for an information through their play and coach Childress session on June 19 or August 8 at 6:00 p.m. Classes is a prime example of that. The way our begin August 27, 2012 guys play, they play hard, they play aggressive, but they are very consistent,” WEB-DELIVERED PROGRAM: assistant coach Justin Seely said. “His Connect to a virtual “I would not personality comes out through our team information session on August 22 or September 19 and that’s why we continue to plug along have been able to at 6:00 p.m. Classes begin and persevere.” make it this far October 8, 2012 In a society that accepts disingenuin my career in ous answers as sufficient, Childress still $300 discount for abides by a give-it-to-you-straight, nosuch a short time information session nonsense attitude. Childress motivates attendees without the and pushes his players in order to reach

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Your career in five months

Rice program.”

James Thompson — THE BATTALION

Head coach Rob Childress speaks to freshman right hand pitcher Gandy Stubblefield during the UT-Arlington game. This is Childress’ seventh season as head coach. their potential because he’s developed the same guy.” trust in the group. As the season heads into May, Chil“When we talk to recruits we always dress’ Aggies have hit a rough patch. say a couple of things about him. He’s After rising to No. 2 in the nation, the the best man you know. He’s the best team dropped five consecutive games, man I know. He is the most honest man including a sweep at the hands of rival I know,” said associate head coach Andy Baylor. With a little help, though, the Sawyers. “In athletics when you have Aggies could still contend for the Big egos, agendas, people want to play… 12 regular season title for the last time honesty from the man in charge is a very as conference members. When the time important trait and that is what I believe comes, A&M will also look to claim its sets him apart from everyone else.” third-consecutive Big 12 tournament So, has Coach Childress changed title. throughout the years? Post-season success, though, will re“Well he’s not as skinny as he used to quire the character of this team to mimic be, and he’s a little greyer now,” Sawyers that of the man who stands quietly, yet joked. “He’s the same man he was as a maintains a loud message — intensity 27-year-old assistant at Nebraska to be a and blue-collar hard work. pitching coach when I was a senior. He’s



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news for you b-cs area Animal Center holds adoption events The Bryan Animal Center, along with the help of Watercrest at Bryan, will be holding special adoption events 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday at Watercrest at

Bryan, 3801 East Crest Drive, and from 11 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Saturday at the Bryan Animal Center, 2207 Finfeather Road.


eligible incoming students. Wyatt also said students renewing their TEXAS Grants would continue to be awarded, assuming they are still meeting program eligibility. There are still many other federal and state grant options available to students who show financial need and meet other grant specific qualifications. For example, the Federal TEACH Grant is available to students intending to teach in a public or private elementary or secondary school that serves students from low-income families. Other examples include the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant and the Texas Public Education Grant. Texas A&M offers programs to eligible students such as the Texas Aggie Grant, Texas Aggie Graduate Grant and the University Incentive Grant. There has been discussion within the U.S. Department of Education to consolidate all federal grant programs into one program, but it is not likely that this approach will be implemented in either the federal or state grant programs. “State grant programs will likely continue to remain distinct in their eligibility and awarding requirements,” Ingram said. Students can have eligibility for these grant options determined by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, the Texas Application for State Financial Aid and the International Student Financial Aid Application. Links to these forms are available at Students needing assistance in completing the forms can meet with a Scholarships and Financial Aid advisor on the second floor of the Pavilion.

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a director of Scholarships and Financial Aid. “Nor does it allow students awarded to receive a full TEXAS Grant.” The reductions leave it up to colleges and universities to fill the gap left by less funding to the grant program. “Texas A&M has to be more strategic in awarding other financial aid dollars to try to fill the gap left by less funding,” said DeLisa Falks, executive director of Scholarships and Financial Aid. “In some cases we can assist to help fill some of the gap, however, not the entire gap.” John Wyatt, assistant director of external relations at the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, said the state legislature faced difficult decisions during the most recent session where direct state resources, and nearly every sector of the state budget, saw reductions — grant funding included. “The budget approved by the Legislature for TEXAS Grants for Fiscal Years 2012 and 2013 was about 10 percent lower than the amount approved for the previous biennium,” Wyatt said. It is anticipated due to this reduction in funding, institutions will not be able to award the TEXAS Grant to as many eligible incoming students as before. “Previously, institutions were able to provide initial-year TEXAS Grants to about 70 percent of eligible incoming students,” Wyatt said. At the current funding level, Wyatt said, and under guidelines proposed by the coordinating board, it is estimated that institutions will cover about 50 percent of

City of College Station

Matthew Wong — THE BATTALION

Senior international studies major Russell Stone studies on military walk amidst a setting sun Wednesday.

Dermatologist urges students to avoid dangers of UV rays Michal Ann Morrison

The Battalion With summer fast approaching, many students are looking forward to basking in the sun at the beach or by the pool. While a few hours here or there spent in the sun seem harmless enough, a fast-growing epidemic is making our summer months more dangerous, according to a local dermatologist. Melanoma is a serious type of skin cancer that, if not caught in its early stages, can be fatal. Because of the use of tanning beds and prolonged sun exposure without sunscreen — activities common to college students — melanoma has become the most common form of skin cancer for people in their mid 20s. Rachel Moore, a dermatologist at Scott and White Clinic in College Station, said melanoma is becoming a more prominent disease among young people. “Melanoma has been increasing since 10 or 20 years ago amongst a young demographic. Young people spend more time outdoors, and so are developing these skin cancers at a younger age. Although the data sup-

ports that tanning bed use increases your risk for melanoma, the general public hasn’t bought into that yet,” Moore said. In response to the growing trend and media attention, many tanning salons have changed the warning labels on their equipment to educate consumers about the risks of too much exposure to ultraviolet rays. But that does not always keep people from tanning. Katie Anderson, manager of Darque Tan in College Station, said spring is when the salon sees the largest amount of clients. “We see anywhere from 100-300 tanning sessions a day, which is about 1,500 tanning sessions a week,” Anderson said. Tammy Massman, education major, said that while she occasionally goes to a tanning salon, the risks are making her think twice. “I’ve gone a few times before, but I always regret it. I realize it’s not that good for my skin,” Massman said. “I think we have a responsibility to take care of our bodies. Why do we bring attention to not harming ourselves with things like drugs, but not sun

exposure? It’s still hurting our bodies. We treat skin like it’s an exception.” Signs of skin cancer include moles that become asymmetrical, have irregular borders or change in color and size. Annual skin checks with a dermatologist can help detect skin cancer before it becomes too serious. Moore said some people are at a higher risk than others. “Those with light skin or eyes have less natural protection in their skin and will be more susceptible for cancer. People who burn easily and can never get a tan, or anyone with a family history should be even more cautious,” Moore said. Moore said not only does limiting sun exposure save from blistering burns, but from trouble in the long run. Protective measures like wearing sunscreen and limiting sun exposure between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. help lessen the chance of developing skin cancer. “People don’t think about it ‘til later on in life, then they look back and see that it adds up and ages your skin, as well as increasing your risk for skin cancer. There is no safe level of exposure,” Moore said.

Our idea of a

history lesson See the world differently


2:47pm: Colosseum in Rome

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!"#$%&$'(&)&#**+'&#,"'-! "!#$%&''(!)!"!#*+,! -&*./+$!0'1.+$&+'23! #/4!56&$$.!789!#&:*.!;+/</+/$3! =14$!#*6>:*&%3! ?@9"AA!!!!!!!BCBDCA"DECCB! *44/$*6&$3<$*3/.4F6'(! 4/25/12 11:22 PM

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Many aspects of the MSC Flag Room remain the same, even with renovations. The grand piano, cowhide couches, add flags add to the communal atmosphere.


Spirit of Aggieland complete


Matt McCullar: Renovated MSC reinvigorates Aggie experience

united with a group of freshman sat in the newly renovated MSC on a warm for a midnight game of captureSunday afternoon. Although the building was the-flag. If I knew then what the next crowded with students former, present and four years would hold, would future, there was a familiar tone in the air. it make a difference? Would I believe that I could find the unity The baby grand was being the real studying. And although and a sense of belonging that I played as if it never missed a note the fringes of the flags, the lights found with Impact? Would I while students studied for the final of the chandeliers and the brown understand the frustrations that exams of the semester in the Flag of brick never left my mind, my would come studying ancient Room. In my mind, the Memomemory returned to an age when Greek? Could I express to my rial Student Center had not closed I was but a newcomer to Agfreshman self what it means to yell for three years — it seemed that gieland. the Aggies through both victory I was engaging in a tradition that In an instant, I relived watching and defeat — what it’s like to find had filled my collegiate life day-in my family drive away as I masked those quiet corners of campus and day-out. the fear of being on my own with to call my own, or the feeling of In truth, I had not set foot in a high-five to my best friend. I accomplishment and utter pride the MSC since May 2009. Three reminisced the days when I knew that comes with slipping on my years had passed since I set eyes but a handful of people within a Fightin’ Texas Aggie Ring for the on the cowhide chairs or lazily 90-mile radius… 90 miles. There very first time? strolled past the wooden panels. was a time when A&M was a There’s a spirit here can ne’er Without a second thought, my world away from everything I be told. As a freshman, I would hand removed the cap from my knew and loved. not have been able to understand head as I presented myself to the Again, my mind took a seat in how this place could change my building. As was my custom fresh- my very first college classroom — life. As a senior, I cannot express man year, I wandered through which was the wrong one — and how this institution has built me the bookstore before beginning once more I had lunch at Sbisa, or into the man I am today.

The Aggie War Hymn Frank Cox: A former head yell leader’s take on a tradition’s future


here are two verses — not one — to “The War Hymn.” For decades, we have sung the t.u. verse and repeated it, and sadly, it refers to t.u. more times than it does the Aggies.

Even though I am a traditionalist, I like good change, so I propose that we sing the A&M verse, not the t.u. verse. In fact, we should have always sung the A&M verse. Now that we are going to the SEC, now that we won’t even be playing t.u., now that we have left them behind — now is also the time to leave the verse about t.u. behind! How can singing about a team we are not even playing “fire-up” our team? So let’s sing the A&M verse only, dropping the t.u. verse in its entirety. It boils down to this: It’s time to turn the Longhorns loose. Failing to do so would give our new SEC rivals additional ammunition to ridicule us — and, given the legacy of some of the schools’ manners, that’s not something we want to do. The change would put A&M at the forefront of our song rather than t.u. As much as we hate t.u., we love A&M more. We can still hope t.u. loses every football game between now and eternity. But that doesn’t mean they have to be the focus of

Pg. 4-04.26.12.indd 1

our school’s obsession. We don’t have to abandon what we know altogether — we’ll still sway and saw varsity’s horns off. In fact, we must continue that tradition. It is unique, a kind of recognizable brand for the University and valuable during national television exposure. How can we saw off any horns if not Texas’? It’s simple. Every team we play is a varsity — we don’t play junior varsity squads. And as for the horns, that too is still appropriate to sing against every opponent. I know most of you have seen (and possibly worn) the Aggie T-shirt that says, “Saw off the horns of the wicked.” Opponents may not be “wicked” in the sense of being evil, but they are “wicked” in the sense of being our opponent in a sporting event, and yes, we do want to saw off their wickedness — represented by horns. This change begins with the student body. The words to the A&M verse are printed on this page — learn them. Teach the incoming freshmen this verse. The yell leaders can emphasize it during each Midnight Yell. Then the Association of Former Students needs to send the verse out in its publications. The Athletics Department can publish the verse in football programs. For the first few games, we can run the words on the Jumbotron to ease the transition and encourage participation. With these steps, it won’t take long for

I came here ready to be a student at Texas A&M. But with every penny placed at Sully’s feet, every ‘Here’ at Muster, and every backward step taken as a tour guide, that ‘I’ has slowly been reshaped into the plural. We are the Aggies. The Aggies are we. Though the Memorial Student Center is newly opened, newly renovated and newly designed, students enjoy it the same now as the generations of Aggies did during the past six decades. Our individual experiences, memories and stories are as unique as each student that walks across this campus. They are also the individual brush strokes that together paint the masterpiece known as the Spirit of Aggieland. Matt McCullar is a senior communication major and guest columnist.

Jorge Montalvo — THE BATTALION

the A&M verse to be the tradition, as it should be. If you agree, tell your student leaders before the semester closes. Decisions are being made about this issue now. Take a stand so that we can make this change once and for all. As our move to the SEC was a lifetime commitment, this too will affect Aggieland for a lifetime. We Aggies have never been afraid of change as long as it is good change. We know this is good change, so let’s get it done. Frank Cox, Class of 1965, is a former head yell leader, 1992 Campus Muster speaker and author of “I Bleed Maroon.”

Taylor Wolken: Generation split reveals misguided priorities


s my time here draws to a close and I reflect on my years at A&M, I can’t help but feel a disconnect between our generation and those past.

Unlike the greatest generation, the baby boomers and generation X, we, the millennials, generation Y are still desperately seeking an identity. Previous generations faced definitive big-ticket issues from civil war to civil rights and World Wars to Cold Wars and Vietnam. There were winners and losers. Generation Y suffers from a lack of definitive battles to be won. We have the War on Terror, income gaps and gender gaps — all measured in shades of gray. The result is an aimlessness today among our generation that is disconcerting — we don’t tackle one issue, we tackle them all in short passionate spurts. We decided changing our Facebook statuses was an effective way to stop child abuse against all reason. It defied all logic but it was quick, it was easy and, heck, it made us feel good. We donated tens of thousands of dollars by texting Haiti. Never mind that the Haitian government has perfected poverty, ruling the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. Never mind as much as 40 percent of donations went to the problem rather than the solution. Then we jumped on the KONY2012 bandwagon, a movement that funded salaries, travel and more videos for the organization while the rest funded a Ugandan military as deplorable as Joseph Kony’s withering and meager Lord’s Resistance Army. We want a cause, an identity, and seem determined to throw as much against the wall as we can until something finally sticks. Don’t wear shoes this week, rage about bullying the next then make sure you put some skittles at the feet of Sul Ross. There is certainly no lack of passion from our generation and no lack of problems in the world; I can only hope that as we grow older and our generation matures we can gain a bit of perspective and focus. World Wars I and II weren’t won in a day on Twitter. The Civil Rights movement didn’t succeed because someone made a status update, “We have rights now FTW!” I hope we can find the dedication and commitment to do the hard work of making the world a better place so when the next generation wants to know about us no one asks “whY?” Taylor Wolken is a senior economics major.

4/25/12 11:23 PM

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BED AND BREAKFAST Romantic Getaways & Engagements, secluded cabin suites. All Day, All Night. 979-690-0073.

FARM/RANCH Aggieland Alfalfa. 50lb compressed Alfalfa bales, 50lb compressed Timothy bales. Call or text orders to 806-683-2916.

FOR RENT $1200 Pre-lease, 3&4 bedroom houses, W/D, pets ok, near TAMU. Call Maroon & White Management, 979-422-5660. $1195, 3/2 HOUSE, just remodeled, very clean, 3400 Wildrye, 979-255-8637. $295 prelease All bills paid, 1-room in shared furnished apartment, short-term leases ok. Call Maroon & White Management, 979-422-5660. $375/room. Large 1800sqft, 4bd/2ba. Looking for 2 or 4 individuals. 2-car garage, eat-in-kitchen, dining room, family room w/fireplace. Wood/tile floors, W/D, 2 refrigerators, large patio, fenced yard. Lawn maintenance, pest control service. Available 2012-2013. 832-326-3215. $395 Available Now and Prelease 1/1 and 2/1. Free WiFi/water/sewer. On Northgate, on shuttle. Short-term leases ok. Call Maroon & White Management 979-422-5660. 1,2,3,4 bedroom apartments. Furnished or unfurnished. Available May or August. 979-693-4900. 1127 Welsh- Available August 1st. 3bd/3ba townhouse with 3-car carport and small fenced yard$1650/mo all bills paid including yard service. $1000 deposit. Small pet ok with $250 non-refundable pet deposit. Near Welsh/Holleman intersection on bus-route. Call or text 325-763-8535 or email if interested. 1bd private bath in 4bd apartment. Sublease may-august. Lofts at Wolf Pen. W/D, internet, cable, shuttle. $639/mo. 972-571-8249.


see ads at


$10 for 20 words running 5 days, if your merchandise is priced $1,000 or less (price must appear in ad). This rate applies only to non-commercial advertisers offering personal possessions for sale. Guaranteed results or you get an additional 5 days at no charge. If item doesn’t sell, advertiser must call before 1 p.m. on the day the ad is scheduled to end to qualify for the 5 additional insertions at no charge. No refunds will be made if your ad is cancelled early.

FOR RENT 2 bdrm/2bath duplex. Brand new. 1000 sqft. All appliances included, W/D. Nice, quiet country setting. Water is included. Extra land for horses is a possibility. Energy efficient heat pump. Electric bill is super affordable! Super nice!! Very close to main campus/Health Science Center, beat the traffic!! Call for more information 979-777-2253. 2,3,4 and 5/bdrm. CS duplexes. Very nice, garage, on shuttle, tile, fireplace, w/d, fenced, lawn service, pets o.k. Available August. Details and photos available online. 979-255-0424, 979-255-1585. 2-3/bedroom apartments. Some with w/d, some near campus. $175-$600/mo. 979-219-3217. 2/2 fenced yard, covered deck, pets ok, tiled living and kitchen, hardwood bedrooms, available June 1st, 979-204-1950. 2bd/1.5bath, W/D included, water included, bus route, $780/mo, call 713-594-6205. 2bd/1.5ba. Townhouse style units. Include W/D, <1-mile from campus. 2bd/1ba apartment, 800sq. ft. New appliances, carpeting and tile. W/D. bus-route. $575/mo. 210-391-4106. 2bd/1ba duplex, extra nice! W/D, remodeled, fenced front and backyard. Designer extras. Convenient to everything! One week free. College Station. 979-422-3427. Call for specials. 2bd/1ba Duplex, fenced yard, W/D connection on shuttle, 3 Locations to choose from! $610/mo. 979-693-1448. 2bd/1ba. Townhouse style units. Include W/D, <1-mile from campus. 2bd/2.5ba unique floorplans w/balcony views of Kyle Field. Brand new luxury apartment condos. Fullsize stainless steel appliances, W/D, designer ammenities granite/wood/tile, bus stop. Only 36units on Holleman at Wolf Pen.,, 979-776-6079. 2bd/2ba 4-plex. Spacious floorplan, W/D connections, close to campus. $550/mo. 979-776-6079. 2bd/2ba Duplex for rent. 115 Kleine in College Station. $900/month. 4-yrs old w/tile floors in living-room, bathrooms and kitchen. W/D and refrigerator included. Pet friendly. Call 979-696-6839/text 979-229-2171. 2bd/2ba in 3bd/3ba apartment. Summer Sublease. Fully furnished. $510/mo. each +utilities. 972-672-1058. 2bd/2ba unique floorplans w/balcony views of Kyle Field. Brand new luxury apartment condos. Fullsize stainless steel appliances, W/D, designer ammenities granite/wood/tile, bus stop. Only 36units on Holleman at Wolf Pen.,, 979-776-6079.

1bd+Office/1ba. Student Community, <1-mile from campus. 1bd+Office/1ba. Townhouse style units. Include W/D, <1-mile from campus. 1bd/1ba. Student community, <1-mile from campus.

1948 Texas A&M Yearbook last year it was called Longhorn

Great Shape! Make good offer


Volunteers ages 12-40 years old, with moderate facial acne are needed to participate in a 12-week clinical research study with an investigational topical medication. All eligible volunteers will receive at no cost: • Acne Evaluations by a Dermatologist • Study Medication • Compensation up to $200.00 for time and effort Volunteers will need to make 4 office visits over the 12 week period. For more information please contact:

FOR RENT 2bd/2ba. Student Community, <1-mile from campus. 3/2 duplex on Holleman, all appliances, yard care, pest control, avoid the crowds in apartment living, call 979-774-4575. 3/2 Duplex on shuttle, updated, fenced, fireplace, W/D connections, pet friendly, 802 San Benito, $850/mo. 979-776-8984. 3/2 duplex, 1813 Woodsman Dr. Available August. Biking distance to campus, A&M bus route. Recently updated, wood/tile and carpet floorings, ceiling fans, W/D, lawncare, fenced backyard. Pets OK. $1095/mo. 979-255-9432 3/2 duplex, 1920 Holleman Dr. West. Available August. Great location, new wood floors, tile, new carpet, newly updated, fenced backyard, W/D, shuttle, bike to campus. Pets ok. $1095/mo. 979-731-8257. 3/2 Duplexes, prelease August, very nice, 5mins to campus, W/D, lawn care, security system, $900-950/mo. 979-691-0304, 979-571-6020. 3/2 home in CS, nice area close to campus shuttle, privacy fenced backyard with patio, responsible females only, no pets, no smoking, $1050/mo with year lease, $1050 deposit, available June1st, call 979-571-9299. 3/3,3/2 Houses, Townhouses &Apartments, 1250-1400sqft. Very spacious, ethernet, large kitchen, walk-in pantry &closets, extra storage, W/D, great amenities, on bus route, now pre-leasing, excellent specials. 979-694-0320. 3/3 condos/townhomes, larger, ganite, shuttle, $1450 to $1590, cable, internet, Owner/Broker, 979-777-5477. 3/3 Duplex off Graham, includes all appliances, tile floors and backyard. Available August 3 for $1050. Call 979-571-3036. 3/3 newer duplex includes all appliances, tile floors, backyard, pets allowed. $1200/mo. Available August. Call Tia 979-739-1160. 3/3.5 luxury condo in Gateway Villas, granite throughout, W/D, close to campus/restaurants/bus route, kitchen island, small backyard, 817-437-9606. 3bd/2ba House, <1-mile south of campus, close to everything, garage, pet friendly, 3bd/2ba House, <1-mile south of campus, close to everything, garage, pet friendly, 3bd/2ba off Graham Road, standard lease $1300/mo., pets on a case-to-case basis. 713-444-9376. 3bd/2ba with 2 car garage, newly remodeled, large fenced back yard, pets ok, 2714 Silver Maple, $1100/mo. 979-777-9933. 3bd/3ba. Duplexes. Close to campus, Great backyards. Fairly New! 979-693-4900. 3x2 duplex @ 907 Camellia. $950/mo. Call Brandon Meek, 214-334-0032. 3x3 duplex @ 1814 Woodsman. Spacious floorplan, W/D included, large fenced backyard, pets welcome, on shuttle route, call Brandon Meek 214-334-0032. 3x3 duplex @ 2306 Axis. $1,200/mo. Call Brandon Meek, 214-334-0032.

4+bedroom Duplex for rent. 113 Kleine in College Station. $1600/mo. 4-yrs old w/large back-yard. 4bd/4ba +office, and storage room. Tile floors in living-room, bathrooms and kitchen. W/D and refrigerator included. Pet friendly. Call 979-696-6839/text 979-229-2171. 4/2/2 College Station, close to campus. Updated, fenced, w/d, granite. Prelease for August. $1799/mo. 1312 Timm. 979-776-8984.

C.S. 4bdrm Houses, updated, fenced pets, ok. Starting at $1295/mo. 979-776-8984. Charming House in Historic District. 4bd/2ba. Completely remodeled! Everything brand new! Across street from park. $1950/mo. 512-966-0117. CLOSE to campus! Ride your bike! Great 3bd/1.5ba house in good neighborhood w/large fenced backyard. Pets ok. $1100/mo. Signing bonus! Available now. 979-820-1198.

4/2/2 house, 1302 Mary Oaks. Available August. Close to campus, A&M bus route, recently updated, carpet/tile flooring, spacious closets and ample storage. Large fenced backyard. Pets OK. $1595/mo. 979-255-9432

College Station: 2/2, 1000sqft, $675. Shuttle, all appliances, W/D, lawn/pest/maintenance included. 906 Spring Loop (off University). KAZ Realty. 979-324-9666.

4/2/2 off Dominik. Large updated house, tile, carpet, with W/D, pets allowed. $1800/mo. Tia 979-739-1160. Available May.

College Station: 3/2, 1240sqft. Newly remodeled! All Stainless Steel Appliances! Close to shuttle, W/D, lawn/pest/maintenance included. 905 Balcones (off Welch), $1000. KAZ Realty 979-324-9666.

4/2/2, 1508 Austin, available August, great floorplan, updated, huge backyard, close to shopping, W/D, no pets, $1395/mo, 979-731-8257 4/3 house, 4024 Southern Trace CS, built 2006, $1325/mo, available August, 979-450-0053. 4/3, 3/3 &3/2 Houses, Townhouses, Duplexes &Fourplexes, 1250-1700sqft. Very spacious, ethernet, large kitchen, extra storage, W/D, great amenities, on bus route, now pre-leasing, excellent specials. 694-0320. 4/4 University Place condo, W/D, private bath, pool, on shuttle, student community. $300/ room; $250 for June and July. Call 979-690-8213 or 979-422-9849. 4/4.5+1bd, like new. High ceilings, huge closets, large front porch, tile floors, all appliances, many extras. $1600/mo. Preleasing for August. 979-229-6326. See photos and info at 4bd/2ba house. Close to campus, wood floors, tile floors, ceiling fans, granite countertops, W/D, fenced yards. 979-776-6079. 4bd/2ba Large house, <1-mile from campus, close to everything, W/D, pet friendly. 4bd/4ba houses. Brand New, great size, great location, AAF 979-693-4900. 4bd/4ba private bathroom. Summer $240 other season$295/$325 per room. Wood/tile floors, large living room, new refrigerator, central a/c, walk-in closets, on shuttle. Student community, large pool, basketball court, sand beach volleyball. 979-574-0040, 281-639-8847. 5/2 + study, 1112 Berkeley, available August, COMPLETELY REMODELED, W/D, new paint, all appliances, large backyard, no pets, $1595/mo, 979-731-8257 For all your rental needs. Open 7 days/week. 979-776-8984. Attention sorority sisters. 4br/3ba House available August 1st. $375/bdrm. 210-289-1609. August Leasing. 4bd/2ba house. Close to campus, wood floors, tile floors, ceiling fans, W/D, fenced yards. 979-776-6079. Balcones Apartments, 3/2, available now, fully remodeled, internet and water included, $895/mo, 979-703-8282. Brand new building now! Sierra condos walk to NG/campus. Granite, SS, W/D incl. Pet friendly. 1,2,3 bed+ guest baths. Bus route bills incl. 979-314-7145 Brand new luxury condos, granite countertops, tile flooring, great location. 979-693-4900.

puzzle answers can be found online at

Cottage. Holik C.S. 2bd/1ba, 1000sqft., W/D, Balcony, wooded. Private drive. Clean. Quiet. No pets. $600/mo. 979-777-2472. Duplex, rent 2bd/1ba. Beautiful, quiet! Remodeled, all new, many extras, drapes, in College Station. Convenient to everything! Fenced backyard. One week free. 979-422-3427. Call for specials. FREE $200 SIGNING BONUS! 3/2 on bus route. Remodeled 2010. $975 upstairs unit $1075 downstairs unit with yard. 979-314-7145. W/D, lawncare, some bills included. Pet friendly. Free ethernet and cable, paid water, Campus shuttle. Preleasing, Great Prices., 979-693-1906. Gateway Villas. Affordable luxury. 4bd/4ba available August. $1600/mo. 512-413-8748. HOUSE FOR RENT! (BRYAN- near Traditions Golf). LR, 3BR, 2.5 Baths, Loft, Recroom, 2099 SFT. 2 Car Garage+ Driveway Parking, IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY$1495.00/MONTH. CALL (979) 412-0979. Newer 3/3 townhomes, close to campus, cable/internet, $1380-$1550. Broker/owner 979-777-5477. Northgate. New apartments 3/3, 2/2, 3/2, and 1/1. House for rent. 979-255-5648. Now Leasing and pre-leasing for August! 4bdrm/2bth houses. Spacious floorplans. Great Location. Close to campus, wood floors, tile floors, ceiling fans, w/d, fenced yards, refridgerator, icemaker,lawncare. 979-776-6079, One Month Free! Spacious 3/2 duplex available in May. W/D. $895/mo. 979-693-0551. Pre-leasing for 2012-2013. Students only. 2bd/2ba apartment. W/D, 900+ sq-ft. $600/mo. Call 210-387-5030. Pre-leasing for August 2,3,4,&5 bedroom houses and town-homes. Updated, fenced, pets ok, on shuttle route. 979-776-8984. Prelease available now! Large 2bd/2ba duplex. Walk-in closets, W/D connections, large fenced backyard, on shuttle. University Oaks. $775/mo. 979-693-1448. Prelease for May or August ! Large 2bd/2ba duplex. Walk-in closets, W/D connections, large fenced backyard, on shuttle. University Oaks. $775/mo. 979-693-1448. C.S. 3/1.5/2carport, Updated, Fenced, biking distance to campus, on shuttle, pets ok. $750/mo 979-776-8984. Storage- Rent for 4 months. Pay for 3 get 1 free. All sizes, close to campus. 979-693-0551. Sub-lease Female, one bedroom, all bills paid, June, July $515/mo. 512-422-7421.

Subleasing 1bd/1bath in a 2bd/2bath at Campus Village apartments. Furnished, lazy river, $615/month. Available now as well as 8/12-7/13. 713-992-5057 Townhomes 2/1.5+Half, on shuttle, W/D connections, fenced patio, $775-895/mo, ask about student discounts, 979-703-8282.

HELP WANTED Alumni Moving Company is looking to hire long term and seasonal movers. Starting pay is $10/hour plus tips with raises available depending on experience, and how quickly you learn. We are looking for hard working, responsible individuals with clean driving records that are capable of driving box trucks. Please stop by 3201 S-Earl Rudder Freeway on Tuesday May 1st during business hours 8am-5pm. Bring resume and drivers license. Athletic men for calendars, books, etc. $100-$200/hr, up to $1000/day. No experience. Build a career, be a CA, The Callaway House is taking applications for Fall 2012-2013, Free Room and Board, Apply at Child Care- FT & PT shifts available. Some nights & Saturdays required. Apply in person at 3609 E. 29th St., Bryan. City of College Station, LIFEGUARDS & WATER SAFETY INSTRUCTORS NEEDED, $8.50/hr, Apply online @ or call 979-764-3540 EOE Cleaning commercial buildings at night, M-F. Call 979-823-5031 for appointment. D&D Moving and Storage, Inc. is accepting applications for part-time summer help. Apply in person at 3700 Texas Ave South College Station, TX. Fish Daddy’s and Cheddar’s now interviewing all positions. 1611 University Drive. J. Cody’s hiring cashiers, apply within, 3610 S. College. Must be able to work Tuesday/Thursday nights. No experience necessary, just common sense! Join the crew at Kolache Rolf’s Bakery &enjoy a great working environment, great hours &great pay! Apply at the Rock Prairie location 35.25 Longmire in the Kroger shopping center. Kingwood Country Club in Houston is hiring life guards. No previous experience required. Call us at (800)210-0049 to apply. Kirk Consulting in Caldwell is looking for a web/graphics developer to start partime immediately. Candidate must have basic graphic design skills and have sample URLs. Sharepoint, Drupal and Flash experience a plus. E-mail samples of work to or call Steve Kirk at 979.436.4360. Little Caesars Pizza now accepting applications for pizza makers. Apply at SW Parkway location. Little Guys Movers now hiring FT/PT employees. Must be at least 21 w/valid D.L. Apply in person at 3209 Earl Rudder Freeway. 979-693-6683. Looking for a student worker. Painting, minor plumbing and maintenance skills required. $12/hr. 979-324-9666. Med Tech for full-time, medical allergy office. Excellent benefits. Great experience for student applying to medical or nursing school. Degree in Biomedical Science and one year commitment required. Please fax resume to 979-485-0575, apply in person at 3306 Longmire Drive CS, TX, or email resume to Classifieds continued on page 7


Volunteers ages 18 and older are needed to participate in a 6-week clinical research study with an investigational topical medication for the treatment of athletes foot. Eligible volunteers will receive at no cost: • Study related medication • Medical Examinations related to study • Compensation up to $150.00 for time and effort Participants will be required to make 3 office visits over the 6 week period. For more information please contact:


Female volunteers who think they might be experiencing a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) are needed to participate in a 2 day clinical research study of an investigational study medication for the pain that is associated with a UTI. Symptoms of a UTI include: Pain, Burning and Frequency when urinating. Eligible volunteers will receive at no cost: • UTI Assessments by a Study Doctor • Antibiotics for their UTI • Study Medication • Compensation up to $100.00 for time and effort Eligible volunteers will be required to make 2 office visits. There is no cost to you for participating in this research study. For more information please contact:

J&S Studies, Inc.

979-774-5933 1710 Crescent Pointe Parkway, College Station, TX 77845

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see ads at

SERVPRO of Brazos Valley a local fire and water restoration company is accepting applications for production helpers and supervisors. Applicants must be able to work summer, some weekends and on call schedules. On the job training available. Motivated, drug-free, persons with good driving records are welcome to apply by contacting Eric at All applicants must pass a crimal background check with no felonies.

Classifieds continued from page 5

HELP WANTED MEMdata, a local medical equipment bidding company is seeking dependable and organized part-time employees to be part of a growing team! Must be able to work a minimum of 24hrs/wk, M-F 8-5. Good communication and negotiation skills required. Must be responsible, self-motivatated, and organized with the ability to multi-task. Strong interpersonal skills; ability to work with deadlines. Computer skills required, knowledge of MS Excel a plus! Hourly pay DOQ plus bonus. Email resumes to or fax to 979-695-1954.

Wanted: Energetic people for Kids Klub After-School Program. -Fall semester employment begins 8/20/12. Application deadline -April 30., 979-764-3831.


NINFA’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT COLLEGE STATION. Now accepting applications for Wait/Servers and Hostess Staff. Will train. Flexible schedules available. Good communicators and strong customer service skills preferred. Apply in person Mon-Fri 11am-4pm at 1007 Earl Rudder Freeway South, College Station.

Peter Block Mobile DJ, professional 22+yrs. experience. Specializing in weddings, TAMU functions. Mobile to anywhere. 979-596-2522.

Office Help/Leasing, part-time summer help, must be available on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10:30am - 5:30pm, 979-422-4296 or fax resume to 979-703-8282.

Imperial Shih-Tzu puppies! 4-8lbs, rare liver, chocolate/white, black/white, $400 and up 979-324-2866.



P/T service station attendant and lube tech. Basic Automotive knowledge. Villa Maria Chevron, Villa Maria & E.29th. 979-776-1261.

B/CS. Sell/Buy/Invest! Michael McGrann TAMU ‘93 Civil Engineering 979-739-2035, Nadia McGrann 979-693-1851, Town & Country Realty.

Part-time job helping handicapped. Male student preferred. $360/mo. 5-10hrs/wk. 979-846-3376.


Part-time summer help, apply in person, Conlee-Garrett Moving and Storage, 600 South Bryan Ave., Bryan.

Female roommate needed. Large updated townhouse off Southwest Pkwy. Bus-route, W/D, covered parking, 1/3-utilities. $350/mo. 979-204-9788.

Receptionist/Cashier needed: Must be customer oriented, able to work Saturdays. Flexible hours. Apply at Readfield Meats & Deli 2701 S. Texas Ave, Bryan.

Looking for 2-roommates to share 4bd/2.5ba house. $400/mo/person. Furnished. Utilities not included, except for cable. 214-734-0178.

Rural mixed practice clinic needs part-time help for late summer/fall. Cattle experience required. Email resume to or call 979-589-2777.

Roommate Needed. Seeking 1 Male with classification as junior, senior, or grad. Prefer individual with school as first priority and can maintain clean environment. Location 2818 Place. Call Austin, 281-682-9828.

Servers needed, Longhorn Steakhouse in Downtown Bryan, 201 East 24th Street, must be willing to work weekends, no phone calls, apply within.

Roommates needed. 4bd/4bth $350/mo, washer/dryer, phone & internet, University Place on Southwest Parkway. 281-844-2090.

STUDENTPAYOUTS.COM Paid Survey Takers Needed In College Station. 100% Free To Join. Click On Surveys.

Two female roommates needed for Fall 2012. $400/mo. with year lease +utilities/cable. Call 512-917-7726.

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sports Aggie softball to play Texas in Lone Star Showdown After putting the finishing touches against Baylor in a season series sweep on Tuesday, the No. 16 Texas A&M softball team (32-14, 12-6 Big 12) will start a three-game series against No. 7 Texas (37-7, 11-5 Big 12) in the State Farm Lone Star Showdown this weekend. The Aggies will host the Longhorns at the Aggie Softball Complex for game one of the series on Thursday while games two and three, Saturday and Sunday, will be played in Austin at Red and Charline

Tanner Garza — THE BATTALION

Junior pitcher Mel Dumezich pitches against Baylor, the first of the series, on March 28. McCombs Field. Tickets for Thursday’s game can be purchased at The Zone at Kyle Field box office or through the ticket window at the Aggie Softball Complex an hour before the game. Roland Ruiz, staff writer

nation Dr Pepper profit falls NEW YORK — Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc. said Wednesday that its profit fell 11 percent in the first quarter, blaming higher costs for packaging and ingredients. Its shares fell almost 3 percent in midday trading. The Plano, Texasbased company said its overall sales volume fell by 1 percent. In addition to its namesake drinks, Dr Pepper makes 7Up, Sunkist, Canada Dry, Mott’s and Hawaiian Punch. For the three months ended March 31, the company reported net income of $102 million. Associated Press





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$116 $113 $100 $98 $95

We’re still here. We still care.

We still give the most cash for books!

Check buyback prices online:



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FIAT® 500


Thanks to your local FIAT® Studio, life after college has become a lot more exciting and more affordable than ever. Right now, you can get an exceptional deal on the spor ty and stylish FIAT 500. So load it up, turn the key and you are off to the races, the movies, concerts, coffee shops and most likely your new job!

Life is best when driven.™

*Eligible customers must meet one of the following criteria: graduating in the next 6 months with any degree, graduated in the last 2 years with any degree, or currently enrolled in a masters or doctoral program. Residency restrictions apply. See your studio for details. Offer excludes Abarth, Pink Ribbon and Gucci models. Offer ends 9/4/12. ©2012 Chrysler Group LLC. All rights reserved. FIAT is a registered trademark of FIAT Group Marketing & Corporate Communication S.p.A., used under license by Chrysler Group LLC.

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