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Tattoo culture gains traction in A&M community Barrett House The Battalion With each needle puncture delivering another dose of intricately injected ink, the art of permanent body tattoos becomes both more appealing and acceptable in today’s culture. Former student Andres de la Concha, Class of 2008, helps to fuel that trend. De la Concha, who studied health while a student, began working at Arsenal Tattoo in College Station in 2005, and began his apprenticeship six months before he graduated. Although de la Concha knew he wanted to become a tattoo artist, his boss, Cliff Collard, encouraged him to finish school. “The stipulation with Cliff was he wanted me to finish what I started — didn’t want me to drop out of school. I showed him that I could work hard, showed him I was trustworthy,” de la Concha said. “He got to know my family and he knew how important it was to them that I graduate. He was very adamant that I put school first.” De la Concha said he became a tattooist because of everything that tattoos incorporate, from the artwork to family values. “I just loved art, drawing, I loved getting tattoos. I loved the artwork. I loved the culture,

too,” de la Concha said. “Once I started working conventions and started hanging out with other tattooers, I liked the camaraderie and the family values within the tattoo community. We hold a lot of stuff close because it’s a trade that you have to earn the right to tattoo.” De la Concha said tattoo culture is growing in College Station, although there are still some misconceptions. But tattoo artists in College Station take pride in their work, which requires clients to understand what it means to get a tattoo that is done well. “People are starting to learn a little more about what a good tattoo is,” de la Concha said. “If they just look at the quality of the work of the tattoo shop maybe they would understand why there is a wait, and then they would understand [a tattoo] is forever.” The culture has also spread to the campus as students get bigger, more detailed tattoos. “It’s not necessarily Aggie tattoos, but we do get several students, and then, just by word of mouth, the shop’s reputation definitely spreads through the campus,” de la Concha said. “They’re starting to see the [tattooing] shows on TV, which sort of inspire them to see it as more of a popular thing to do. It’s no longer just about very simple designs — [the See Tattoo on page 4

women’s basketball

nation Bill targets immigrants Illegal immigrants could see their tuition costs rise at the state’s public colleges if a bill facing the New Hampshire House passes. The House votes Wednesday on a bill requiring students to prove they are legal residents of the United States to receive in-state tuition rates. Proponents assume a student would have to sign an affidavit and provide documentation.


Andres de la Concha, Class of 2008, began a tattooing apprenticeship six moths before graduating from A&M.

Aggies grab last-second win against Cyclones Mark Dore The Battalion

Freshman guard Alexia Standish drives past an Iowa State defender. James Thompson — THE BATTALION

Senior guard Sydney Carter didn’t make a single field goal attempt in her 24 minutes of action, but in dramatic fashion with 2.8 seconds on the clock and the score tied at 64, Carter stepped to the free throw line and scored her only two points of the game. Afterward, head coach Gary Blair had this to say: “Thank heavens for Carter.” Carter’s free throws sealed a 66-64 win over the Iowa State Cyclones, moving the team’s record to 14-5 overall and 5-3 in the Big 12 conference. The Aggies weathered a three-point barrage from the Cyclones and a 22-point outing by junior forward Chelsea

Poppens in the process. Carter said she was confident in her free throw ability, even if her shots weren’t falling. “I knew that if I drew the foul, free throws are like layups for me,” Carter said. “I know if I can’t make any other shot, I can make free throws with confidence.” Sunday afternoon marked the second meeting between these two teams in the last two weeks. A&M won the first meeting 59-33 in Ames, Iowa — part of five consecutive losses to begin the conference season for the Cyclones — but A&M head coach Gary Blair said that Iowa State has changed since the two teams last met. See Women’s on page 5

campus ‘The Help’ wins at SAG awards The Deep South drama “The Help” won three prizes Sunday at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, including best actress for Viola Davis and supporting actress for Octavia Spencer. The Associated Press

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Students celebrate Lunar New Year Chase Carter The Battalion Considered the most important traditional holiday for the Chinese People, the New Year, or Spring Festival, occurs during the first day of the first month of the Chinese calendar. The members of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, CSSA, shared the occasion’s tradition with other A&M students Saturday. The Spring Festival is celebrated

during a 15-day period and ends, traditionally, with the Lantern Festival. On campus, the CSSA recreated and represented many of the customs and celebrations that would normally take place during the weeks following the Jan. 23 start to the Lunar New Year. According to tradition, Chinese families celebrate the new year together. Yining Xu, educational phiSee Spring Festival on page 4


Students from the International Shaolin Wushu Center perform a dragon dance Saturday night during the Chinese Spring Festival Variety Show.

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Tuesday Chance of storms high: 73 low: 59

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A magical game

Wednesday Chance of storms high: 75 low: 53

campus Mechanical engineering professor dies Ted Noyes, a professor emeritus in the mechanical engineering department, died early Sunday morning. John Nichols, interim department head for mechanical engineering said a memorial service will be held at 11 a.m. Monday at the Memorial Funeral Chapel in College Station.

nation&world Romney favored to lead Florida primary Three Polls show Newt Gingrich will likely be clobbered by Mitt Romney in Tuesday’s pivotal Republican primary election in Florida, even though the former speaker of the House of Representatives crushed Romney last weekend in South Carolina. Money for television attack ads appears to be a key factor in the former Massachusetts governor’s resurgence. Figures made available to The Associated Press showed Romney was spending $2.8 million to air television commercials in the final week of the Florida campaign. In addition, a group supporting him, Restore Our Future, was spending $4 million more, for a combined total of $6.8 million. By contrast, Gingrich was spending about $700,000, and Winning Our Future spent an additional $1.5 million. The Associated Press


Sean Faries, freshman biomedical engineering major, plays Quidditch on Sunday afternoon at the Simpson Drill Field. The Texas A&M Quidditch team has intramurals every Sunday at 3 p.m. at Simpson Drill Field.

Globetrotters travel to A&M Trevor Stevens The Battalion The world-famous Harlem Globetrotters are stopping by Reed Arena Monday night in its 86th consecutive year of trotting the globe. Globetrotter Slick Willie Shaw said this year the Globetrotters have a great rookie class. Monday’s game will feature players such as Jacob “Hops” Tucker, the 2011 College Slam Dunk Champ, who sports a 50-inch vertical leap. TNT Maddox, the first female Globetrotter in nearly two decades, and just the ninth female in Globetrotter history, will play Monday night, as well as 7-foot-4inch Stretch Middleton — one of three 7-footers on the team this year. “Like the NBA, we are going to play basketball, but we are going to mix it up at the same time,” Shaw said. “We activate the crowd, get the crowd involved; it’s basketball with entertainment in the mix.” Shaw said it doesn’t matter who the Globetrotters play, they are going to whoop up on them, but that the other team is still full of talented basketball players. “These guys can play basketball, you know, they’re basketball players; they can shoot the ball really well, they can run, they can dunk, they

can play the game of basketball,” Shaw said. “So, we’re going to have to go out there and play.” Every Globetrotter’s game includes the 4-point shot, 35feet from the basket nearly 12 feet beyond the NBA’s threepoint arc. The North American leg of the 2012 World Tour runs through mid-April. Until then, the team will play nearly 270 games in more than 230 cities, 46 states and five COURTESY PHOTO Canadian provinces. “Harlem Globetrotters — Slick Willie Shaw shows we trot the globe,” Shaw off his talents on the 2012 said. “I’ve been blessed in my Globetrotter tour. eight-year tenure as a Harlem Globetrotter. I’ve personally mother literally shed a tearbecause she’d seen her child been to 60-plus countries.” Shaw said the Globetrot- smile.” Zaid Siddiqui, junior psyters have scouts to recruit chology major, said he is explayers like any other team. “Personally, I was in Las cited to see the Globetrotters Vegas playing an All-Star perform. “They’re always so innogame eight years ago and was recruited by the Globetrot- vative and creative, bringing excitement and something ters,” Shaw said. Shaw said the Globetrot- different to the normal realm ters are known as a basket of of basketball,” Siddiqui said. Reed Arena general mangood will in addition to being ager Leslie Lamkin said stubasketball players. “We go to children’s hos- dents can purchase tickets pitals, schools; those are the through the Twelfth Man things I like personally doing, Foundation website. Tip-off because you go see children is at 7 p.m., and doors open at in the hospital fighting for 6 p.m. for the public. Ticket their life, and they haven’t prices start at $15. “We’re going to have a smiled in a month because they’re going into surgery,” good time out there, and it’s Shaw said. “I go in there and going to be something you spin the ball on my finger, will remember for the rest of and I’ll never forget when a your life,” Shaw said.

news for you b-cs area Car struck by train after failing to yield On Sunday, 89-year-old Mary Bell was stopped at a red-light at the intersection of Wellborn Road and Holleman Drive when her car was struck by a train. Her silver 2004 Cadillac Deville was sitting on top of the railroad tracks, past the designated stop marks, when a crossing arm came down on her car. According to police reports, Bell tried to reverse off of the tracks but her car stalled and she was unable to restart the vehicle. Sgt. Mike Dean of the College Station Police Department said Bell was uninjured but cautioned residents that stopping above the marks is not only dangerous, but a law offense that can

result in stiff fines.“We see it all the time,” Dean said regarding drivers coming to a complete stop on railroad tracks. “It’s a daily occurrence, and people don’t often think about it. Train car accidents don’t happen a lot, but, when they do happen, they’re usually a lot worse than the results that happened today. The car’s never going to win.” The Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety Analysis reported that there were 7,269 motor-to- vehicle related accidents involving railroads which resulted in 639 injuries and 298 deaths from January to September 2011. Natalee Blanchat, staff writer

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Robert Carpenter, Editor in Chief

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track | Six school records were broken at the Texas A&M Mondo Challenge. Read the recap at

men’s tennis | The Aggies knocked out Purdue 6-1 and beat Mississippi State 4-3. Read the recap at

signing day | Football, soccer and track signing day is Wednesday. Check out our preview and Thursday’s recap.


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Aggies put away Cowboys, 76-61 A&M garners much needed win before showdown with Baylor Austin Meek The Battalion Injured and dressed in sweaters and jeans rather than maroon jerseys, senior point guard Dash Harris and junior forward Khris Middleton began a chant while walking into the locker room after the Aggies’ 76-61 victory over Oklahoma State. “Keep the lights on,” Harris and Middleton shouted, effectively telling the world that even though it may have written off the Aggies after stumbling out of the gate into conference play, the team isn’t quite ready to turn off the lights of its season. “We talked about it all week,” head coach Billy Kennedy said of the team’s effort. “‘We’re beat up, we need everyone to give a little more.’ Obviously I’m real proud of our guys. This is what A&M is all about: character, toughness.” Junior guard Elston Turner scored 23 points — the third consecutive game in which he has broken the 20-point plane. Senior forward David Loubeau chipped in 13 points and two steals. But the real story of the game was the production out of A&M’s bench. “I feel like everyone stepped up,” Turner said. “We preached it all week, if Dash doesn’t go, then we’ll rely on us and our bench. Everybody stepped up today, and we get that consistent effort then we’re going to be a tough team to beat.” Harris’ foot injury and freshman Jamal Branch’s recent withdrawal from school for personal reasons left the Aggies very short-staffed in the point guard department. Turner

Pg. 3-01.30.12.indd 1

started the game at point, but when the offense mired, Kennedy turned to seldom-used senior guard Alex Baird, a walk-on who had played a total of six minutes in two years of service. With Turner at shooting guard spot and Baird running the show, the Aggies finished the first half strong and eventually outscored the Cowboys 46-32 in the second period. “We needed that,” Turner said of Baird’s three assists, four rebounds and zero turnovers. “We’ve always had confidence in him and have seen him play. He was just waiting for his time, he finally got it and used the best of it.” Baird described his time on the court as “pretty surreal.” “Probably the most insanely awesome thing I’ve ever done,” Baird said. “I just wanted to win because we were down two players. They gave me the ‘you might need to be ready to go’ and I gave everything I had for my team.” Help came from all kinds of unexpected places for the Aggies on Saturday afternoon. Freshman forward Jordan Green used his length to force OSU’s Keiton Page into a 2-for-13 day from the field and strong defense from freshman forward Danny Alexander minimized the impact of the Cowboys’ freshman phenom, Le’Bryan Nash. Coming off a 27-point outing in a win against No. 2 Missouri, Nash was held to 13 points on 5-of-15 shooting and committed four turnovers. “[Turnovers] allowed them to get easy baskets, and we had a 7or 8-point lead and we turned it

Game Review ◗ The Aggies held the Cowboys to a 33.3 shooting percentage in the second half.

◗ A&M’s victory over Oklahoma State was its third in a row at Reed Arena.

◗ Junior guard Elston Turner has averaged 23.3 points in his last three games. His five assists were a career-high.

◗ A&M’s 58.3 field goal percentage was its highest in Big 12 play. ◗ Daniel Alexander had a careerhigh eight points Saturday.

◗ Senior walk-on Alex Baird totalled six minutes through eight games before his career-high 21 minutes against Oklahoma State.

Up Next Tyler Hosea — THE BATTALION

Senior guard Alex Baird drives to the bucket past Oklahoma State’s Keiton Paige in the Aggies’ 76-61 win over the Cowboys. over,” OSU head coach Travis Ford said. “When you’re playing a team at their court, you don’t want to give them anything to build on. And they forced them, their kids are feisty, and that’s dangerous.” Junior guard Zach Kinsley connected on half his attempts from the three-point line en route to eight points while Alexander scored 11 and pulled down six rebounds. Two

◗ A&M’s next opponent will be the No. 7 Baylor Bears at 8 p.m. Wednesday at Reed Arena.

of his 11 came on an alley-oop from ◗ The game will be televised on Green that drew the 9,027 fans in ESPN2. Reed Arena out of their seats. “It was cool because we were night’s battle against No. 7 Baylor. “Baylor obviously is very confiplaying almost kind of like a pick-up game,” Alexander said. “I pointed dent; they’ve only lost two games up, he saw me, we both smiled and this season,” Kennedy said. “I think we’re a much better team than it was easy from that point on.” Kennedy hopes that the win, his when we played them last. I think team’s third consecutive at home, we’re going to have to have a spec“breeds confidence” for Wednesday tacular effort against a good team.”

1/29/12 9:35 PM

monday 1.30.2012

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will be your last chance to have it made for the 2012 Aggieland yearbook.


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Taylor Brack, junior communication major, said tattoos are still seen as taboo in conservative settings like A&M, but that he hasn’t received negative feedback for his tatoos. As a Christian, Brack said tattoos allow people to express their spirituality. “If someone asks about [my tattoos] it opens the door to my life, to my spirituality,� Brack said. “I’m going to get tattoos that mean a lot to me. It gives an opportunity to share about my life and my spiritual walk.� Brack said tattoos are becoming available to more groups because they won’t change a person’s personality. “It’s not limited to the liberal group anymore,� Brack said. “A lot of people think they’ll become a social outcast. It changes your appearance, but it doesn’t change your character.� Ryan Bray, junior technology management major, said tattoos are an art form that uses the human body as the canvas and allows people to express who they are.


Matt Short, former student psychology major, getting his first tattoo at Arsenal Tattoo on Jan. 26. “A tattoo should have meaning,� Bray said. “If you’re getting tattooed, you have to treat your skin as a canvas, not a high school spiral that you’re just doodling on.� Although he doesn’t have any tattoos, Bray said he would get tattooed in College Station as opposed to a big city, because location doesn’t define artists’ talent. “I think it’s about the artist, their reputation and work, not about location,� Bray said. “There is hidden talent everywhere. It’s just a matter of finding someone’s work you like, putting your confi-

Spring Festival Continued from page 1

losophy graduate student, equated it to a more familiar American holiday. “It’s a lot like Christmas here, with you and your family coming together to eat and party and spend time together,� Xu said. “On the next day, aunts and uncles and other family join in. It’s a very happy way to start the new year.� The Spring Festival allows Chinese Aggies — as well as those from other cultures that recognize the Lunar New Year — who did not return home to their families to celebrate with friends on campus. Performances by traditional dance and musical groups gave attendees a glimpse into the festival’s cultural roots, while other student groups, including a four-handed piano solo — during which two pianists share an instrument — and comedic ensembles, offered their skills to round out the entertainment for the evening. Since this year marks the Year of the Dragon, according to the Chinese zodiac, a plethora of powerful colors and symbols set the mood for the festival in Rudder Auditorium. The Dragon is primarily known as a symbol of good fortune, luck and the embodiment of the Chinese people. “We view the dragon with reverence and awe, as it symbolizes

dence in them as an artist and laying the ink down.� De la Concha said there are things to consider when getting your first tattoo. “Wait. It’s not a spur of the moment thing,� de la Concha said. “Definitely start where you can keep stuff a little bit hidden. Think about your future. If you’re not sure what you’re going to be doing, make sure it’s not going to keep you from being able to do what you want to do.�

luck and power for the Chinese,� said Jianchao Ge, geophysics graduate student. “This is not the same dragon from medieval legends. Ours is unique and special to our people.� The CSSA first began the local Spring Festival in 2005 as a way to offer homesick international students a way to take part in such an important event. Initial turnouts of 500 students burgeoned with each year, and approximately 2,000 students attended Saturday’s event. As the celebration grew on campus and more students became enamored with the bright colors, lively music, and welcoming generosity, CSSA turned its influence toward educating fellow Aggies about the heritage and cultural importance of the event. Now, CSSA uses the Spring Festival as a way to thank the Texas A&M community for its acceptance and love toward the many students far from home. “I saw a sign on campus and was simply curious about the event,� said John Lisle, junior history major. “When I got there, the smells and the sights nearly overwhelmed me. It was a fantastic experience, and the people were more than happy to have everyone there.�

To get involved â—— CSSA works with classes on campus to offer tutoring in Chinese languages courses as well as many other subjects. Aside from the Spring Festival, the group plans to host a Dumplin Making session on Feb. 2, which will include traditional eatery and activities like puzzle solving.

â—— Interested students can learn more about the CSSA at www. tamucssa. com, or by attending any one of the many celebrations or tutoring sessions on campus.

THIS WEDNESDAY NIGHT!  63Š8;**+8';*/:58/;3


39)(U^5LLOIK© 5TROTKGZ39)56'9UXM

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“That’s so much different than the team we saw at Iowa State,” Blair said. “The reason is that they went 0-5, and they have a great coaching staff. They went back to the board and said ‘We have a little pride.’ They’ve been playing that way ever since.” The game was knotted at 64 with two minutes remaining, but neither team scored until Carter’s free throws. The Cyclones had a chance to take the lead as they inbounded the ball with more than 30 seconds remaining, but freshman point guard Nikki Moody dribbled the clock out for a shot-clock violation, giving the Aggies the chance they needed to win the game. Iowa State head coach Billy Fennelly said his team practices late-game situations every day.


AN AD Phone 845-0569 or Fax 845-2678 The Grove, Bldg. #8901 Texas A&M University


“She made a freshman mistake,” Fennelly said. “We knew how much time was on the clock and we talked about the difference. They defended it very well; [Moody] just couldn’t get a shot off.” Moody accounted for eight of her team’s 18 turnovers, but scored 12 points and had success penetrating the Aggie defense off the dribble. In a matchup of freshman point guards, Alexia Standish had eight points and zero turnovers. Blair said Standish’s ball protection has been good, but added that there is room for improvement. “She has been safety conscious,” Blair said. “Sometimes that’s good, but against a zone and in transition, I need her to be a little more creative. She’s not turning it over, and I love her for that. In the first half, she kept us in it with her eight points.” Senior forward Adaora Elonu scored a game-high 14


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“Everything is Poppens, Poppens, Poppens,” Blair said. “She’s just a good player whether she gets the ball or not. She takes people away. She’s constantly going hard after the ball. Poppens is one of the five best players in our league and she proved it again tonight.” The Cyclones made seven three-pointers on nine attempts in the first half, flipping a 17-10 deficit into a 3932 advantage. Poppens said ball movement was the key to the early perimeter success. “We just tried to make hustle plays and get the outside shooters open,” Poppens

said. “Everyone was moving the ball really well and people were hitting screens, just getting teammates open.” In a game that could have gone either way, Carter said the team doesn’t consider the victory a “steal.” “You can’t afford to lose any games in the Big 12 because the league is so balanced this year,” Carter said. “I don’t think it’s a steal; you just have to win at home. It’s all or nothing for these last few games. If it means getting a black eye, a black eye and a win is better than a loss.”

James Thompson — THE BATTALION

Senior Adaora Elonu drives in for a lay up past defending Iowa State

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points in the prior meeting, and led the Aggies again tonight with 19 points on 7-of12 shooting and a team-high four assists. Senior guard Tyra White added 14 points. Blair praised Elonu’s consistency. “Adaora was solid as usual,” Blair said. “Don’t ever forget about her.” Poppens, who came into the game leading her team with 13.6 points per game and a Big 12-best 11.4 rebounds per game, made nine of 15 shots and brought down five of her nine rebounds on the offensive glass. Blair called Poppens is one of the best players in the conference.




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1/29/12 9:17 PM


page 6 monday 1.30.2012


‘Relentless’ offers encouragement to Aggie Christians Tim Bardin The Battalion Picture a bunch of college guys laughing, having milk chugging contests, enjoying the company of brothers in Christ and worshiping Jesus ferociously in a gym that echoes and amplifies every sound. For the hundreds of men gathered in the Family Life Center of Central Baptist Church-College Station on Friday night, Relentless Conference presented the opportunity to relax, let down person walls and experience spiritual renewal. “The conference was a flood of wisdom and great worship,” said Jordan Stubbs, senior kinesiology major. The purpose of the Relentless Conference — now in its second year — is to teach college-aged men biblical truths so that they can become who God is calling them to be. The conference used contemporary worship, speakers and smaller breakout sessions to achieve this goal. Joe White, former Aggie assistant football coach, opened the conference. White rode his Harley into the building and down to the stage. He spoke about the void in the men’s hearts where pain, anger and hurt are hidden. White challenged every man in the room to give his heart to God and receive a new one. White “Hearing [Joe] talk about the power of having a ‘new heart’ and the impact of something like that on your life got me excited to start [my] new job,” said Neal Spencer, Class of 2011. Russell Moore, dean of the School of Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth and senior pastor of Highview Baptist Church, followed White. Moore spoke on temptation and a believer’s identity in Christ. Moore also addressed how satanic powers try to trap Christians, especially

Pg. 6-01.30.12.indd 1

men, to identify with struggles and sins, rather than accepting their true identity as sons of God. Stubbs said Moore gave him a new perspective. Interspersed between worship and speakers, in-depth “breakout sessions” analyzed topics including evangelism, goal setting, Christian ministry and spiritual intimacy. “I went to the breakout session on goal setting and got some good advice,” said Anthony Clay, junior anthropology major. “Now because I have tangible goals, I’m motivated to live for God all the time, not just when I’m going to church or feel like people are watching.” Ben Stuart, executive director of Breakaway Ministries, closed the night of teaching with a talk on Christian brotherhood and the need to be focused and united in the fellowship of the gospel. “Relentless helped me realize how much I I’m motivated to

live for

God all the time, not just when I’m going to church or feel like people

are watching. — Anthony Clay, junior anthropology major

really need my brothers in Christ,” said C.J. Cottey, junior allied health major. “We need each other to survive in this world.” Christian artist and A&M former student Jimmy Needham kicked off his Grace Amazing tour with Christian rapper Trip Lee at the conference. “Thanks to Jesus’ sacrifice we shouldn’t worry about the history of the sin in our lives. It’s amazing how easily you can forget about that,” Spencer said.

1/29/12 9:46 PM



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