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Cassie Stricker — THE BATTALION

Gus Kimbrough signs a letter of intent with Texas A&M baseball with head coach Rob Childress.

Beyond baseball Aggies add honorary teammate to 2019 dugout as part of Team IMPACT initiative Meredith Seaver — THE BATTALION

Junior forward Josh Nebo, sophomore forward John Brown and freshman guard Zach Walker celebrate after two Georgia turnovers resulted in two A&M dunks on Tuesday evening.

and 1-10 in conference play. “Finally getting a conference win at home is big,” Chandler said. “We’ve just got to keep pushing.” Senior forward Christian Mekowulu earned his second-straight double-double with 15 points and 15 rebounds. Sophomore guard TJ Starks led A&M in scoring with 19 points, with sophomore guard Jay Jay Chandler following with 18.

Gus Kimbrough, a 13-year-old Bryan native and great-grandson of Aggie legend John Kimbrough, was added to the Texas A&M baseball team as an honorary member on Monday. Gus, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of seven, will be joining the team for games and practices throughout the 2019 season. The signing was made possible by Team IMPACT, a nonprofit that works to better the lives of children fighting severe illnesses by connecting them with college teams. Gus’s mother, Alissa Kimbrough, said she learned about Team IMPACT through a Facebook page for mothers who have children with Type 1 diabetes. Alissa said she knew the Kimbroughs and Team IMPACT were a good match after a few emails, and the A&M baseball team jumped at the chance to bring Gus on board.



SWEET TASTE OF VICTORY Men’s basketball earns two-game win streak with Georgia victory By Hannah Underwood @hannahbunderwoo Texas A&M men’s basketball earned their second consecutive win on Tuesday with a 73-56 victory over the Georgia Bulldogs, generating the Aggies’

first win streak since December. A&M head coach Billy Kennedy said the win came down to the team’s poise on the court. “They had to take some chances, and we moved the ball better than we have against pressure,” Kennedy said. The Aggies move to 10-13 overall and 3-8 against Southeastern Conference opponents with their first home SEC win, while the Bulldogs are now 10-14 overall

By Cassie Stricker @ cassie_stricker

‘The past is never the past’ Arizona State professor lectures on lynching in US By Paige Brazil Guest Writer

Provided by Madison Brown

Ersula J. Ore spoke to audience members after her presentation on “Lynching: Violence, Rhetoric and American Identity.”

Ersula J. Ore spoke to a near-capacity crowd of 90 students and faculty Tuesday morning about the history of lynching in America, and the rhetorical power lynching still commands in modern society. Ore, an assistant professor of African American Studies and Rhetoric at Arizona State University, discussed her upcoming book, “Lynching: Violence, Rhetoric, and American Identity,” for the 2019 Kurt Ritter Lecture in Political Rhetoric.

The event was sponsored by sponsored by the Texas A&M Department of Communication. Today, Ore explained, lynching is a performance of American identity; it is an act of establishing community and rhetoric of civic belonging. Ore said education about the history of lynching is needed to foster hard conversations that will lead to change. The rhetorical power of lynching explains why “the past is never past,” said Ore. It started with Charles Lynch, an American revolutionary who set out to punish British Loyalists in colonial America. His actions marked the start of the act known as lynching.

“Lynch’s exoneration and later promotion legitimated lynching as an integral part of American civic life,” Ore said. Exonerating Lynch and his assistants cast lynching as a legally protected action and made the act an example of the highest citizenly etiquette, Ore said. “Lynch laws not only secured the borders of America but defined who was and was not a member of the burgeoning new nation,” Ore said. “This violence against British Tories reinforced the new American identity.” Ore said that while African Americans were a part of Colonial America and indeed lynched, that lynching did not LECTURE ON PG. 3

Preserving a presidential aircraft Bush Library expansion to add helicopter display, restaurant By Marina Garcia @margar211 A Marine One Helicopter will be on display at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum starting in 2021. Helicopters operating under the Marine One call sign are famously used for presidential travel, often landing on the White House lawn. The current fleet of Marine One helicopters, including some over 40 years old, are set to be retired a year and a half from now. The Bush Presidential Library Foundation requested one of the first retired helicopters as an addition to the library grounds. The helicopter will be shipped

out by the Marine Corps on permanent loan to the National Archives and Records Administration, which oversees the presidential library and museum. David Jones, Chief Executive Officer of the George Bush Presidential Library Foundation, said a new structure would be built on the library grounds to house the helicopter. “It will be a building behind the library on our lake,” Jones said. “It will contain a restaurant in addition to the display area.” Presidential Library Director Warren Finch said the museum always wanted a full-scale, full-service restaurant. “It would be a destination restaurant, both when the library is open and when it is not,” Finch said. While visitors will not be allowed inside of the helicopter, they will still

be able to see it up close. The exhibit built around the aircraft will show videos of it landing on the White House lawn. “We have a couple of videos of President Bush getting on and off the helicopter and actually dictating some notes one day on a very important issue while he was on the helicopter,” Jones said. With the helicopter on display, the library has another way to share the 41st president’s story with visitors. Director of Marketing and Communications David Anaya said Marine One is essential to presidential travel, and to have one on display at the presidential library is a tremendous honor. “It adds on to the exhibits we have available to our visitors to learn about the legacy of President Bush,” Anaya said.


The George Bush Library and Museum will have a Marine One Helicopter on display starting in 2021.



The Battalion | 2.13.19

Ask Lexi: Love advice for Valentine’s Day Love is a tricky, scary thing that can be difficult to master. The dating game has more complicated rules than the U.S. judicial system. Luckily, Life & Arts writer Lexi Ellis offers advice to help students navigate this Valentine’s Day. Dear Lexi, recently, I’ve started seeing my long-time friend as more than a friend, but every time I’m single he’s in a relationship and vice-versa. I want to tell him how I feel before we both graduate in May, but I don’t want to ruin our friendship or his current relationship. What should I do? I know this feeling all too well! I have been there — twice. I’m even on good terms with one and still close friends with the other, so you can trust me on this one. Since graduation is going to cause a significant shift in your relationship regardless, you should tell him now instead of delaying the inevitable. Once it is out in the open, you can finally let go of the constant ache in your stomach, the nightly dread and the restless anticipation. My best advice for going about this would be to say it in a very calm and understanding way. Tell him that your friendship is the top priority, and you are fine

whether he feels the same or not. I’m sure you’ve already evaluated whether he feels the same how he looks at you, “jokes” made and subtle hints he’s dropped. Only you can tell if he currently has or once had feelings toward you. However, him having a girlfriend makes things more complicated. It would be best if you mentioned that you respect her, their relationship and her feelings. If your friend thinks his shot with you is worth losing her, he will do what he has to do. Don’t take it too hard if he chooses her though. His current relationship is familiar and comfortable, and exploring a new path with you will be scary for him, especially with graduation right around the corner. If your friendship is set to last, think about how a romantic relationship with him may affect your career and job situations post-graduation. Would it even get that serious so quickly? Being honest about your feelings will be awkward and scary, but if your friendship is true, the awkwardness will pass in about a week if you resume your usual attitude toward him. Otherwise, you may enter the best relationship of your life. Good luck and

happy Valentine’s Day!

Dear Lexi, I recently broke up with my long-term boyfriend, and I haven’t spent a Valentine’s Day single in years. What do you suggest I do to keep from feeling lonely this year? Depending on what your interests are, you can make a super fun night of it! Plenty of singles will be out on the prowl that night, so if you want to sleep in on Friday, go to Northgate with friends! Grab a wingman/woman, head to Harry’s and have fun dancing! For an extra boost, dress up cute and post a hot picture on Snapchat or Instagram! You can’t go wrong with that. You can also do something like ice skating, movies, trampoline park, bowling or just stay in with your other single friends and order a heart-shaped pizza or nugget tray. Another thing you can do is have a flower-and-chocolate exchange with your roomies! This year is my first year post-long-term-relationship without a Valentine too, so my roommates and I are all exchanging bouquets! So since you all live together, place them together and it will feel like you have even more

who you are and only for the physical aspects, chances are it’s not going to work for too long. If they initially ask you to come over and “chill,” either suggest going out instead, or just go and get to know them. Kissing on the first date is never a bad thing because that’s very fun and important when deciding if you have sparks with someone, but you can often tell a good or genuine guy if he’s (happily and respectfully) willing to wait before getting physical. Plus, if you leave them wanting more, well, they’re literally wanting more. As far as the guys being mean, be mean back! (Only to guys who are mean though. Don’t do this to nice boys!) You deserve someone who will get your attention without acting like a jerk. The less you care, the more he will. You can play, or you can be played. Good luck in this crazy Aggie dating pool.

admirers! My tactic is to call all of my family members to complain and see how many of them send me something on Valentine’s!

Dear Lexi, I’m having trouble finding a quality guy! They’re all either mean, lead me on, leave me on read or are just boring. How do I find a good guy? First of all, bold of you to assume a good man exists. I am just kidding. First, trust your gut. You can gauge pretty quickly if a guy is going to be a jerk or not based on his response rate, social media and clothing. Not to say to judge based on looks alone, but sometimes it helps. I would also tell you to change locations. If you usually meet guys at the bar or on Tinder, switch to hitting up cuties in class, a student org, a mutual friend or maybe even Bumble. Meeting guys in the same student org as you or through a mutual friend helps eliminate the fear of having boring conversations and no similar interests. Another critical thing in initiating a new relationship is how you attract their interest. If a guy doesn’t want you for

Thank you for trusting me for advice, and have a happy Valentine’s Day!

Love, Lexi

New dark comedy cuts deep ‘Cold Pursuit’ exceeds expectations

Keagan Miller



Keagan Miller says “Cold Pursuit” is more than just another Liam Neeson action revenge film.


ans Petter Moland’s “Cold Pursuit” is a thrilling exhibition of black comedy, complete with character development and artful use of omission. This movie is just as good for what it doesn’t show as what it does, making beautiful use of sharp cuts and inferred action that encourages the audience to draw its own conclusions. Something I didn’t realize before seeing the film is that it’s a remake of a Norwegian film starring Stellan Skarsgård titled “In Order of Disappearance.” Both the Norwegian version and the new American version were directed by the same man. The original was released in 2014. The story follows Liam Neeson as a father grieving the passing of his son. Officially, the death is listed as an accident, but Neeson’s character believes it was a murder. The ensuing bloodbath is triggered by the father’s investigation into his son’s death and determination to kill everyone who had a hand in it. However, you probably know all that from the trailers. What the trailers didn’t advertise to the same degree is the film’s incredible capacity for black comedy. For a movie about murder and bloody gang violence, it was hilarious. One exceptionally well-delivered line about Stockholm Syndrome made me laugh out loud in the theater — something I rarely do. “Cold Pursuit” intentionally draws parallels to the Coen Brothers’ black comedy masterpiece “Fargo,” an ambitious comparison that Moland earns. In addition to the humor, “Cold Pursuit” has real character development. Neeson’s character, Niles Coxman, is literally citizen-of-the-year turned murderer, and the

police baffled by the disappearances show just as much humanity. One particularly compelling scene is when Neeson has his lips wrapped around the barrel of a rifle following his son’s death only to be stopped at the last second by the intrusion of one of his son’s old friends. Another brings depth to the two smalltown police officers. As they stand before a body hanging from a road sign, the 30-year police veteran is seen vomiting while the wide-eyed, eager newbie stares raptly with a slight smile on her face. The film also makes excellent use of omission to leave some parts of the story to the imagination of the audience. For instance, when Coxman’s son is found dead, the film neglects to show the notification of the family, choosing instead to show a brief shot of the mother, played by Laura Dern, standing out in the snow with nothing but a bathrobe. It shows the consequence of the call but not the notification itself. Everything in the movie is presented as matter-of-fact while the emotions are left to be implied, but that doesn’t signal a lack of emotions, in fact, quite the contrary. Silent snowy vistas and stoic action are interspersed with anger and outrage on behalf of the mob bosses who get caught up in Coxman’s revenge scheme. So even this is interspersed with surprisingly mature yet somehow also innocent observations from the son of the primary mob boss antagonist. At first glance, “Cold Pursuit” seems like just another Neeson action revenge film, but when you look deeper, it’s so much more. If you like black comedy and you’re not afraid to read between the lines of a movie, “Cold Pursuit” is absolutely the film for you. I enjoyed it much more than I was expecting. Keagan Miller is a psychology junior and columnist for The Battalion.

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LECTURE CONTINUED become a practice of anti-Black racism until after the Civil War. Moving forward in American history, lynching transformed into violent attacks and hate crimes against minority groups, creating a tone of “us versus them” across society. Ore’s goal through her book is to use historical context in contemporary society to form a dialogue around how lynching continues today. This includes recent history, including the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, a black teenager who was killed in 2012. Associate dean for inclusive excellence and strategic initiative at A&M Leroy Dorsey said he has written about historical instances of lynching, and appreciated how Ore’s modern example of Trayvon Martin’s death pulled the issue of lynching “into the near present.” “The opportunity to discuss ideas is how change occurs,” said Dorsey, with education as the key to moving forward. Sociology doctoral student Jalia Joseph described the lecture as “not what I expected at all” but said she was glad she attended. “I like how she gave lots of historical content and she provided historical analysis to give us a background,” Joseph said. PROVIDED

Dr. Lon Young, emergency medicine physician and co-founder of CapRock Health, spoke to the Texas A&M Emergency Care Team on Jan. 31.

Forty years of emergency care Organization trains A&M students to provide medical aid across the state By Marina Garcia @margar211 The Texas A&M Emergency Care Team gives students an opportunity to help the Bryan-College Station community by providing medical aid. The care team has been a volunteer organization since 1976. Students work closely with A&M Emergency Medical Services to help provide medical care for the public. Each member undergoes training to become a First Responder and CPR certified through the organization classes. “One of the major events we do is football games,” said Michael Mores, TAMECT vice president. With 150 active members, Mores said the organization can provide medical care alongside EMS teams. TAMECT also volunteers at

other events such as hockey games, Ring Day and CapRock Health’s annual 5K run. Emergency Care Team Public Recreations representative Isabel Nolte said the organization has also provided medical aid during major catastrophes, including the 1999 Bonfire Collapse and Hurricanes Ike and Rita. Before a member can volunteer to help at events, they must go through a series of five classes provided by the organization to get their certifications. Associate instructor Maddie Malone said these classes can be taken in the span of a month, each requiring about three to five hours once a week. Even when they are certified, TAMECT members are not alone while on duty at an event. “When we are in the field, we are always with an EMT,” Malone said. “They are always overseeing us, and we never perform anything without them.” The Emergency Care Team works closely with Texas A&M EMS, and many TAMECT members are also licensed EMTs. The differ-

ence between the two is that TAMECT can provide basic first aid while the EMTs can provide more serious medical help. TAMECT also gives its members other resources outside of volunteer experience. For example, TAMECT is sending 10 of its members to attend the National Collegiate EMS Conference from Feb. 22-24. At the conference, the organization will compete in skill competitions against similar groups from other schools. “In 2011, we received first place for the basic life support and mass casualty incident competitions,” Nolte said. “We continue to attend and represent Texas A&M at that conference.” While most members are pre-health majors, the organization is open to anyone who wants to know more about first aid and how to help people. “We’re available to any Texas A&M student here on campus,” Mores said. “Any year and any major.” More information can be found at tamect.







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to todays puzzles

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Photos by Meredith Seaver and Cassie Stricker — THE BATTALION

Left: Junior pitcher Payton McBride pitched 14.2 innings during the Aggie Classic. Right: Senior Riley Sartain hit the first home run of the season on Feb. 8 against California Baptist.

AGGIES PREPARE FOR PRAIRIE VIEW PANTHERS Texas A&M softball looks to build on strong start in Wednesday matchup By Abigail Ochoa @AbigailOchoa88 After closing out the Aggie Classic with a 4-1 record, the No. 20 Texas A&M softball team will take the field again on Wednesday at Davis Diamond against Prairie View A&M.

BASKETBALL CONTINUED Sophomore forward Nicolas Claxton was Georgia’s leading scorer with 18 points and 10 rebounds. Following Claxton was junior guard Jordan Harris with 10 points and sophomore guard Teshaun Hightower with nine. A nine-point scoring run by Chandler halfway through the first half put A&M up 20-14 and gave them a permanent lead. By halftime, A&M had a healthy 34-21 lead over the Bulldogs. The Aggies held Georgia to a shooting percentage of just 28.6 percent in the first half, allowing only 8 of 28. The Aggies kept Georgia at bay throughout the second half, allowing them to shoot only 43.5 percent. Second half performance is something that has hurt the Aggies in games past, and Chandler said that was key to their win over Georgia.

The Aggies had quite the weekend, with all five games ending in five innings, as opposed to the seven innings usually played in regulation. A&M also compiled the most runs in the first five games since the 1993 season, ending the classic with 53 runs and giving up just 14. A&M’s sole loss of the weekend came from the University of North Texas on Saturday. In the 10-2 defeat, junior pitcher Payton McBride said the team had to make changes in their game plan because UNT was dominating in its defensive performance.

“We stayed connected,” Chandler said. “Finishing the game, that’s been our main thing that’s been affecting our team — just finishing games out and just fighting and getting the win.” A&M saw the return, albeit brief, of freshman forward John Walker III, though junior forward Josh Nebo was still out with an MCL sprain. Walker played only seven minutes, going 1-of-1 to give A&M two points. The Aggies will next take the court on Feb. 16 at 12 p.m. in South Carolina. The Gamecocks are 12-11 overall and 7-3 against SEC opponents. Kennedy said he hopes the two back-to-back wins will help the team moving forward. “Hopefully we got a lot of confidence,” Kennedy said. “I think we’re playing with more confidence; we’re playing better together. Now we’ve got to go to South Carolina and play against a team that is the most physical team we’ve played.”

BASEBALL CONTINUED “It kind of makes your heart melt as a mom,” Alissa said. “Knowing that there is a team that has such good values and that I hold in very high regard to take in your kid and just say, ‘hey, he’s going to be part of us; he’s going to be one of us’ and just take on all of his unique challenges.”

“I think we were just being really aggressive and trying to swing at balls that we shouldn’t have been swinging at,” McBride said. “We weren’t as relaxed and confident in trying to get base hits like we had done the first three games.” Prairie View last met with A&M in the first game of the NCAA College Station Regional during the 2018 season. The Aggies controlled the field and took away a 9-0 victory against PVAMU. The game was over in five innings and

racked up season records for the now-former A&M players. Then-senior infielder Tori Vidales recorded her 12th home run and scored two of the nine runs for the Aggies, while former A&M pitcher Samantha Show earned her sixth shutout of the season after allowing only two strikes and two runners on base. A&M will face Prairie View on Wednesday at Davis Diamond. First pitch is set for 4 p.m., and the game will be televised on the SEC Network.

Meredith Seaver — THE BATTALION

Senior forward Christian Mekowulu had 15 points and 15 rebounds against Georgia Tuesday night. This was his second-straight double-double performance of the season.

A&M head coach Rob Childress said the Aggies are excited to have Gus join them this season because of the effect he will have on the program. “We’re honored to be a part of Team IMPACT and partner with them and have a young man like Gus Kimbrough in our program,” Childress said. “He’s got the opportunity to be impactful to our guys … and our 35 guys have an opportunity to make an impact

in a young man’s life.” Senior infielder Chandler Morris said he could already see the impact Gus will have on the team. “He’s going to be our thermometer; he’s going to be the bar we’re trying to get to every day in terms of energy, in terms of motivation,” Morris said. “It’s going to be a lot of fun to have him around day in and day out, games and practices alike.”

Childress said having Gus around raises the bar for the players and reminds them that their influence on the community is about more than baseball. “Our goal is to win each and every game, but if we got an opportunity to impact a young person’s life, then we’ve won,” Childress said. The Aggies will kick off the 2019 season on Friday with the first game of a three-game series against Fordham at Blue Bell Park.



Texas A&M University Vol. 116


In today’s global job market, opportunities abound. Those with new ideas, hands-on experience, the ability to problem-solve, and the vision to know what comes next, will be able to take advantage of all of the resources available to create a distinct and successful career path. At the NYU School of Professional Studies, our unique brand of industry focused graduate education sets you apart, encouraging you to think strategically, lead decisively, and anticipate what lies ahead. Taught by top experts in their fields, every program we offer affords you the chance to gain professional experience and to expand your network. From internships at top corporations, to transformative career coaching, you are armed with what it takes to succeed, and prepared with an NYU education that will serve you for a lifetime.


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The Battalion - February 13, 2019  

The Battalion - February 13, 2019  

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