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■ Aggies vote against Concealed Handgun bill Texas A&M students voted against the Concealed Handgun License Bill during a student referendum Wednesday and Thursday. The referendum asked A&M students if they supported a bill that is currently in the Texas Legislature. The bill would extend the rights of gun owners with a Concealed Handgun License by allowing them to carry handguns within a public university building. As of now CHL carriers are required to disarm before entering a University building. The student body voted against this bill with a vote of 5,737 votes, or approximately 54 percent of the participating voters. The results of this referendum will become the official opinion of Student Government Association. Student representatives will relay this opinion to the Texas Legislature during later interactions with the Legislature during the 81st Session. Melissa Appel

Swine flu shuts area schools Tracey Wallace The Battalion The Swine Influenza virus has made its presence known in Texas. Almost all of the state’s major metropolitans have confirmed cases, and each of those cities are attempting to slow the spreading process of the contagious disease. San Antonio has shut schools down and Austin dioceses are ordering the discontinuation of the Blood of Christ offering at Eucharist. “All Eucharistic ministers should wash or sanitize their hands after the sign of peace and before distributing communion,” said the Bishop of Austin, Gregory M. Alymond, in a letter to the clergy, religious and laity of the Diocese of Austin Wednesday. “It is not a sin to miss Mass if you are sick; it is an act of charity.” Churches around the Brazos are taking many of the same precautions. “For as long as necessary, we will be providing hand sanitizer at the entries of the Sanctuary. No person with even a sniffle will be serving communion,” said Matt Idom, of First United Methodist Church in Bryan, in a letter to the parishioners. Precautions that expand much further than the religious realm are popping up over College Station. An upcoming Texas A&M study abroad trip to Mexico, which 78 students were attending, has been canceled because of the swine flu outbreak. “All of the decisions that I’m making are based on ensuring the safety, health and well-being of our students and faculty,” said Eric Bost, vice president for Global Initiatives. But international programs aren’t the only ones putting a halt on Aggie travel. Breathe Hope, a student service organization dedicated to increasing Cystic Fibrosis awareness See Swine Flu on page 2

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With the office of Student Body President of Texas A&M University comes a great deal of responsibilities, including representative, mediator, negotiator, coordinator and other qualities that reach far beyond what is typical of a college senior. For 2008-2009 Student Body President Mark Gold, however, the role held one intent. “My purpose as the president was very simple,” Gold said. “I wanted to serve students with excellence.” His presidential journey began April 3, 2008, when Gold defeated his opponent in the run-off election. “Probably the most humbling experience was simply being elected,” Gold said. “I know that I will never be able to perfectly represent the character and Spirit that makes this University so special. But to be entrusted with the responsibility of serving the students that I love so much is one of the most incredibly, humbling honors I may ever be given.” His term has introduced Gold to multiple prominent figures on the state, national, and international stage. He has met with Texas Gov. Rick Perry, testified before the Texas Legislature, spoke with Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, and talked with former University President and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. Even with all of these interactions, Gold emphasized that it was his day-to-day activities

Watch the video of Mark Gold’s last days in office at with Aggie students that made his job meaningful. “Everyday as SBP seemed to hold something new,” Gold said. “But I knew that everyday I would have the chance to interact with students, and that is truly what inspired me and kept me motivated.” The Aggie family was an important theme throughout Gold’s term. He was continually reminded of the strong presence of the Aggie Spirit, even in the most difficult times. “The hardest thing that I had to deal with this year was representing the student body at 2nd Lt. Zac Cook’s funeral, various meetings with the families of the 1999 Bonfire victims, visiting the families of the students being honored at Silver Taps, the Ring Remembrance Ceremony and Muster,” Gold said. The lessons learned through these experiences within the vastly diverse Aggie community are what will impact Gold far beyond his one-year term. “I have learned that life is full of uncertainty. At any given time, our lives can be changed forever,” Gold said. “However, I also believe that there is a purpose worth living and dying for that allows us to walk in peace in the midst of See Gold on page 7

Bonfire Memorial to play host to MSC grass Architectural renderings of how the Memorial Student Center will look after renovation were revealed April 22. Designs for the renovation are 75 percent complete.

Ceremony to move center from memorial to construction status Jill Beathard The Battalion A three-by-five foot section of grass will be removed from the northeast corner of the Memorial Student Center Complex lawn at 12:30 p.m. Friday and transferred to the Bonfire Memorial. There will be a formal ceremony that will begin at 6 p.m. in MSC 201 to commemorate the history of the MSCC and start the Countdown to Construction program. Opening remarks will be made by University President Elsa A. Murano. Class of ‘86 Denis Davis-Mayfield will be

the keynote speaker. Mayfield will speak about the changes the MSCC has undergone throughout the year and the different meanings the building has had for different people. The grass will not be considered a memorial during the renovation process. “Basically, the building is being turned from memorial status into construction status,” said MSCC President Stephanie Burns, a senior animal science major. “It’s the same thing they do in Washington for monuments and other things.”

A final Yell Practice will take place in Rudder Plaza immediately after the ceremony, followed by a 1950’s-style dinner will in the 12th Man Cafeteria. Meal plans, dining dollars, credit cards and cash will be accepted for dinner, and free coke floats will be provided. “It’s supposed to commemorate the 1950s, when the building was opened,” Laden said. The MSCC Council will continue to provide the programs and services it has been, just from difSee MSC on page 7

Two students’ essays share international experience

Senate: report finals schedule violation Melissa Appel

Vicky Flores The Battalion Upon arriving at university, many students are unaware of what to expect in their first year, but imagine coming from a different country altogether. Graduate industrial engineering major Romy Misra and graduate entomology major Ana Dal Molin became the only two students to place from the same university in the University Language Services essay contest. Dal Molin was awarded with first runnerup and Misra was given honorable mention. “University Language Services helps students around the world apply to and succeed in college,” said Diane Erwin, content manager of University Language Services. “ULS specializes in the translation of academic transcripts, records and personal documents in more than 150 languages.” With 25 years of helping international students, ULS wanted a way to collect stories these students had to share, while giving them a chance to fund their education. ULS has received over 200 essays within the last two year from students studying around the world in every continent besides

Courtesy Images

Stephen Fogg — THE BATTALION

Battalion staff member Romy Misra, a graduate industrial engineering student, recieved honorable mention in the University Language Services essay contest.

Antarctica. Erwin focused on finding students with a unique perspective on education in the U.S. and other countries. “That’s the advantage of going to a school like Texas A&M, which has one of the largest number of international students of any college in the U.S.,” Erwin said. “It gives all students there, no matter where they are from, the opportunity to see U.S. schools, classes and even social activities from a different angle.” Dal Molin and Misra found out about the contest through a listserv that all international students are placed on. See Essays on page 7

The Battalion Texas A&M Faculty Senate is encouraging students to prevent professors and faculty from violating the final exams schedule by reporting the problem before it prevents them from performing to the best of their ability. According to the rules set by the Registrar’s Office, all finals must be proctored during the allotted time, which is set according to class time. The only classes exempt from this rule are labs or one hour classes. Professors are not allowed to give final exams during reading days of dead week. However, there are some occurrences within Texas A&M faculty when professors will change final exam times in order to better suit schedules or grading needs. Members of Faculty Senate stressed that the final exam schedule is constructed in a way to benefit students, and should not be compromised by any faculty member.

“It’s to help spread your finals over a few days; it enhances your chance to perform to your optimum ability,” said Faculty Senate Academic Affairs Chairwoman Melinda Grant. “If it even affects one student and affects that student to not perform to their optimum, then we’ve done a disservice.” Grant emphasized that it is the job of the professors to make a student’s education easily accessible. “We can’t put a student at a disadvantage for our own convenience,” Grant said. The problem of a faculty member violating the final exams rules is one that is known to occur in the University. However, due to the large numbers of faculty and staff, it is impossible for deans to account for the practices of each individual course and professor within their college. “There was never a way administratively to police that,” said Kolin Loveless, academic affairs chairman in Student Senate. “There was no way for See Finals on page 7

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Seeing Greene Junior second baseman Brodie Greene hit a bases-loaded single in the ninth inning to give the Aggies their second consecutive walk-off win Thursday at Olsen Field.

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Flash Flash Revolution Much like the Flash Mob of “zombies” that invaded campus on Halloween 2006, a semi-impromptu Flash Mob Rave was in the Memorial Student Center Flagroom from 12:15 p.m. to 12:30 p.m. Students’ opinions on the events varied widely.

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Texas creates school closure guidelines Angela K. Brown Associated Press SAN ANTONIO — Confirmed cases of swine flu in Texas climbed to 26 on Thursday, and the state pledged to create guidelines about when schools should shut down over an outbreak that is keeping some 167,000 students home. After meeting with Gov. Rick Perry, school district superintendents around San Antonio said they expected the state to provide those guidelines as quickly as Thursday night. They said consistency was needed because parents had questioned why some campuses were closed and others were not. “We’re looking at Fort Worth and saying, ‘What constituted that?’” said Richard Middleton, superintendent of North East school district in San Antonio. “That’s the precedent we’ve got to worry about.” A day after the Fort Worth school district announced it was closing all 144 schools until May 8, state health officials requested that Guadalupe County close most public and private schools until May 11 — and maybe longer. The county leads the state with nine confirmed cases, has another 14 highly probable” cases and about 100 suspected cases awaiting further testing, Guadalupe County Judge Mike Wiggins said. One of Guadalupe County’s school districts, Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City, closed its 14 schools earlier this week. The closures of about 300 Texas schools are causing dilemmas for parents. “Well, I’ve got to find baby sitters, find somebody to keep her while I work and then also got to pay somebody to pick her up for me from the baby sitter, so it’s going to be hectic for a whole week,” Chimere Stephen said Thursday morning after taking her daughter to her Fort Worth elementary school before hearing that schools were closed.

“But I’ll manage. I’ll get it done. It’s just something. I didn’t think this would happen, but it has.” Fort Worth School District Superintendent Melody Johnson urged companies to be flexible and understanding with their employees whose children attend schools suddenly closed. “I’m sure our business community can come up with some very creative ideas like rotating shifts without creating undue hardships on families financially,” Johnson said. “This is something that probably happens once in anybody’s lifetime, probably once in a century — hopefully, anyway — so this is a very unusual time and it calls for an unusual response.” At least six other Texas school districts have been closed entirely — New Diana, Weslaco, Cleburne, Rio Grande City, Comal and New Braunfels — as are a few public and private schools in about a dozen cities. Officials are disinfecting school buildings, buses and playground equipment. Meanwhile, health officials are urging teens to stay home during the school break and not hang out in groups at malls, parks or other places. Various events have been canceled to try to limit large public gatherings and try to stop the spread of the virus. Special Olympics Texas has called off its Friday and Saturday spring games planned in several cities across the state. After five swine flu cases were confirmed in Tarrant County, officials canceled Fort Worth’s annual Mayfest, a four-day event that usually attracts 200,000 people. Also canceled this weekend are the city of Cleburne’s Springfest and Cinco de Mayo festivals, and Big Bend Ranch State Park’s party of tours and a free barbecue — although the park will remain open. Cisco Junior College in West Texas canceled its Friday graduation ceremony and instead will mail diplomas to graduates.

US changes name of flu strain WASHINGTON — No matter what you call it, leading experts say the virus that is scaring the world is pretty much all pig. So while the U.S. and now the World Health Organization are taking the swine out of “swine flu,” the experts who track the genetic heritage of the virus say this: If it is genetically mostly porcine and its parents are pig viruses, it smells like swine flu to them. Six of the eight genetic segments of this virus strain are purely swine flu and the other two segments are bird and human, but have lived in swine for the past decade, says Raul Rabadan, a professor of computational biology at Columbia University. A preliminary analysis shows that the closest genetic parents are swine flu strains from North America and Eurasia, Rabadan wrote in a scientific posting in a European surveillance network. “Scientifically this is a swine virus,” said top virologist Dr. Richard Webby, a researcher at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in


On the net Rabadan paper on the virus’ origins: http:// www.eurosurveillance. org/ViewArticle. aspx?ArticleId=19193 The CDC on this flu: http://www. The World Health Organization on this outbreak: http://www. index.html Memphis. Webby is director of the WHO Collaborating Center for Studies on the Ecology of Influenza Viruses in Lower Animals and Birds. He documented the spread a decade ago. “It’s clearly swine,” said Henry Niman, president of Recombinomics, a Pittsburgh company that tracks how viruses evolve. “It’s a flu virus from a swine, there’s no other name to call it.” Dr. Edwin D. Kilbourne, the father of the 1976 swine flu vaccine and a retired professor at New

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and helping fight the disease, makes regular trips to Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston to visit the children in the Cystic Fibrosis ward. Aware of the rising swine flu epidemic, Breathe Hope member Lacey Johnson called Texas Children’s to ensure that their visit would be allowed. “When I called, they told me that they were just about to call me,” Johnson said. “Basically, they said we couldn’t go.” Johnson said that Cystic Fibrosis is a respi-

York Medical College in Valhalla, called the idea of changing the name an “absurd position.” The name swine flu has specific meaning when it comes to stimulating antibodies in the body and shouldn’t be tinkered with, said Kilbourne, 88. That’s not what government health officials say. “We have no idea where it came from,” said Michael Shaw, associate director for laboratory science for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.“Everybody’s calling it swine flu, but the better term is ‘swine-like.’ It’s like viruses we have seen in pigs, it’s not something we know was in pigs.” On Wednesday, U.S. officials started calling the virus 2009 H1N1 after two of its genetic markers, and Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health corrected reporters for calling it swine flu. Then on Thursday, the WHO said it would stop using the name swine flu because it was misleading and triggering the slaughter of pigs in some countries.

ratory disease; therefore, any type of illness can become a huge threat to a patient’s life. Despite the 16 cases and one death in Texas alone, as of Wednesday, the influenza has yet to reach the pandemic level. However, state officials aren’t dropping their guard. Gov. Rick Perry issued a disaster declaration for Texas on Wednesday, which allows the state to seek federal reimbursement for protective measures against the influenza. As of Wednesday, no cases of confirmed or probable swine flu infections have been reported in Brazos County, but the county health department has mailed 57 test specimens to a state laboratory. In any case, until this outbreak becomes

The Battalion welcomes any Texas A&M student interested in writing for the arts, campus, metro or sports staffs to try out. We particularly encourage freshmen and sophomores to apply, but students may try out regardless of semester standing or major. No previous journalism experience is necessary. Check us out on, Facebook

Mexico optimistic; flu slows MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s top medical officer voiced optimism Thursday that swine flu has slowed in the nation hardest hit by the virus, but the World Health Organization cautioned there is no evidence the worst of the global outbreak is over. Mexican Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova said new cases have leveled off and the death rate has been nearly flat for several days. He said the next few days would be critical in determining whether the virus was truly on the decline.

More schools close WASHINGTON — Nearly 300 schools scattered around the country closed as the nation’s swine flu caseload passed 100 Thursday, and U.S. authorities said they eventually could produce enough vaccine for everyone if necessary — but that shots couldn’t begin until fall at the earliest. The outbreak penetrated over a dozen states and even touched the White House, which disclosed that an aide to Energy Secretary Steven Chu apparently got sick helping arrange President Barack Obama’s recent trip to Mexico but that the aide did not fly on Air Force One and never posed a risk to the president. Associated Press

controlled, officials over all public gatherings and safety institutions are encouraging everyone to take a more cautious approach. Recommendations for staying healthy include covering your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze and properly throwing the tissue away after usage; washing your hands with soap and water, or using anti-bacterial liquid as often as possible; avoiding touching your eyes, nose, or mouth; and avoiding close contact with sick people. “This is a novel strain of flu,” said Julie Anderson, health services director for the county health department. “But just because it’s a new strain doesn’t mean it’s any more deadly than the seasonal flu.”

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Tie-ATurban Day raises Sikh awareness Megan Clark

Jordan Bryan — THE BATTALION

Fiesta 505 Laura Sanchez The Battalion The joyous family occasion of Easter weekend has come and gone, and the not-so-awaited occasion of finals is approaching. The month of May, however, doesn’t have to be a dreaded time since it also marks an important day for Hispanics everywhere. Cinco de Mayo is a day dedicated to celebrating the Mexican defeat of the French in the battle at Puebla in 1862. “This festival celebrates freedom and liberty and the cooperation of Mexicans and Americans,” said Liliana Garcia, senior chemical engineering major and MSC Committee for the Awareness of Mexican American Culture chairwoman. This day is often confused with the day Mexico gained its independence, which is Sept. 16, 1810. “This was a very significant battle because the French army was much better equipped and outnumbered the Mexican army two to one,” said Jose Chapa, junior entomology major and cultural director for MSC CAMAC.

The committee is marking this time with the annual Fiesta 505 celebration which will be from noon until 5 p.m. Monday at the Rudder Plaza. “Fiesta 505 is created to provide a place for students to celebrate the event, and to invite those who are unfamiliar with Cinco de Mayo to learn more about this widely celebrated event,” Garcia said. This will be CAMAC’s fifth year producing Fiesta 505 since its establishment in 1974. “This year is more than just for Fiesta 505. It is one of the last major events that will take place at Rudder Fountain,” said Raul Samano, junior animal science major and administration director for CAMAC. “We are certainly going to miss the MSC during the rebuilding stage.” The event is planned by student volunteers who are also members of CAMAC. The process welcomes other organizations to contribute. “Booths will be sold for $20 to organizations. It is a great opportunity for a

Cinco de Mayo festival provides a break from finals

fundraiser,” Chapa said. Activities for the day include live performances from student organizations and elementary school students, along with food, contests and entertainment. “We are looking to bring Ballet Fólklorico Celestial and Aggieland Mariachi,” Samano said. A jalapeño-eating contest is scheduled, as well as a clown and moon bounce for the kids. “The best part has to be the elementary students’ performances. They seem to enjoy themselves as much as the audience watching. It brings back memories from when we were their age doing the same thing,” Chapa said. Fiesta 505 seeks an audience of not just students, but the rest of the BryanCollege Station community. “I enjoy doing face painting for the kids,” Garcia said. “Last year, a boy asked me to draw a Spiderman on his face. It ended up looking nothing like Spiderman, but the boy was extremely pleased.” Last year, the event was at the Bush

When and where Noon to 5 p.m. Monday at Rudder Plaza School and received about 300 people. “This year, I expect to see a larger student audience since it’s occurring at a more accessible place on campus. We’re aiming for over 500 people,” Garcia said. CAMAC prepares in advance for this day by planning year-round. “There is a year-long commitment from the cultural subcommittee of CAMAC. There are budgets and events to work on for Fiesta 505. The place for the event is the biggest part of the puzzle since there are different safety precautions that must be taken at different locations,” Samano said. The food served at Fiesta 505 includes fajitas, chicharones, aguas frescas, fruit cups and tacos. CAMAC also hosts other events throughout the school year including Salsa Dance Night & Competition, Student Conference On Latino Affairs (SCOLA) and Mis Quince Años.

Special to The Battalion After a presentation at the Brazos Valley WorldFest, the Sikh Students Association (SSA) put on Tie-A-Turban Day in the Memorial Student Center breezeway April 23. As a new organization on campus, the students wanted to promote Sikh religious awareness. “A lot of people on campus are unaware and some have heard of it but have misconceptions” said Jaspreet Kaur, a junior genetics major and president of SSA. “Being a minority on campus, we want to promote awareness so that when you look at a Sikh, you know what he stands for.” The religion is monotheistic and is centered on the idea that God is one eternal deity. It began in Panjab, India, more than 100 years ago, Kaur said. Sikhs share a temple called the Golden Temple. It is located in Western India and is built from 24-karat gold. Tie-A-Turban day also gave insight into why Sikhs wear turbans or, as they call them, “Dastars.” Sikhs must keep body hair uncut to be as natural as possible. The turban keeps hair in place and serves to distinguish Sikhs from non-Sikhs. “I have been wearing a turban for many years now,” Baljeet Singh, SSA advisor and co-founder, said. “Coming to America, you expect to be accepted and not to be afraid so there should be no reason, to remove my turban. Civil rights should be of the highest priority.” For Sikh followers, it is optional to wear a head covering, or “chunni,” a scarf, over their head, Kaur said. Many women, especially in America, choose not to wear turbans or chunnis due to personal reasons or societal pressure. “Culturally, women are put down a lot,” said Harkiran Kaur, a sophomore biomedical science major. “Some women don’t wear them because of peer pressure. It’s hard to be yourself around people when you’re different. I started wearing mine two years ago after questioning myself and my faith. But if you want to stick to something, you do it.” There are many misconceptions that go along with Sikhism, Harkiran said. One myth is that everyone who wears a turban is Muslim and from the Middle East. It is more culture or convenience for Muslims to wear a turban, whereas for the Sikhs, it is religious, Harkiran said. The turban is a “Spiritual Crown,” reminding believers that they sit on the “throne of consciousness” and of a commitment to living their principles.

Typical Brazilian dish makes for flavorful, unique side


attempted to cook Brazilian food this weekend. I made rice and beans. The recipe I used seemed pretty straightforward, and while in Brazil, the rice and beans was my favorite part of every meal. The rice turned out well, but after six hours, I gave up on the beans. The recipe I found instructed me to leave the lid off the pot for the entire time. It also said they would be ready to eat after only three hours of cooking. Since this was my first experience cooking any type of

Natasha Sankovich — THE BATTALION

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Brazilian rice and beans differ from Mexican meal Alison Holmstrom bean, I Naïvely did exactly what it told me to. Brazilian people, in general, are friendly. I heard a story about a man who was mugged, and though his car was stolen, the mugger left him enough money to buy himself a beer. My trip was truly life-changing, and I strongly encourage everyone to visit if given the opportunity. The best meal we ate in Brazil was in a slum at a restaurant called Pensao da Chupetinha, which means “pacifier” in English. We were in a large group and did not call ahead, but the owner of the tiny restaurant welcomed us in with a huge smile on her face. She was a hilarious and hospitable woman who kept a pacifier in her mouth. The people in the slum were

all so kind. That part of the trip makes me truly appreciate what I have. A typical Brazilian meal is served family style, where everyone at the table shares a few large dishes. There is usually an appetizer of something fried, lots of meat or seafood and, of course, rice and beans. For the appetizer, Brazilians often eat what is called a pastel. It is a square or triangle pocket filled with beef, chicken, shrimp or cheese that has been deep-fried. If you’ve ever eaten at Fogo de Chão, you know I spent my spring break eating like a queen. Brazilian meat is delicious. It is always flavorful and juicy. They eat pretty much the same things we eat: beef, pork and chicken. The only thing weird I ate during my trip was a chicken heart. It tasted like blood. Brazilian rice and beans aren’t like the Mexican rice and beans we are used to. They use black beans and white rice, and usually they are mixed together. I have yet to find an authentic recipe, but until then, you can try this one.

1 lb. pinto or black beans 1 chopped onion 1 chopped green pepper 1 lb. browned sausage 1 (6 oz.) can tomato paste Garlic powder to taste Cooked rice Soak beans overnight. Drain the beans after they have been soaked. Cover with water, add onion, green pepper, salt, pepper and garlic. Cook until beans are soft. Add water if necessary. When beans are cooked make sure there is enough water to just cover them. Add the tomato paste and sausage. Cook an additional 15-20 minutes until the meat is cooked. If the beans are too watery, crush some to thicken. Serve over cooked rice. Top with molho sauce.

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Penn ďŹ les for legal separation from wife NEW YORK — Sean Penn and Robin Wright are separating, citing irreconcilable differences. The double Oscar winner ďŹ led the petition on April 23 in Marin County Superior Court in San Rafael, Calif., according to court papers. Penn and his actress wife have been married 13 years. Penn has requested joint legal and physical custody of their 18-year-old daughter, Dylan Francis, and 15-year-old son, Hopper Jack. This isn’t the ďŹ rst indication of marital strife. The Penns ďŹ led for divorce in December 2007, but dismissed their petition several months later.

NYC judge convicts Tyra Banks’ stalker NEW YORK — A Georgia man who told police he and Tyra Banks “had a thing togetherâ€? was convicted Thursday of stalking the supermodelGreen turned-TV host. Brady Green, 39, of Dublin, Ga., was convicted by Manhattan Criminal Court Judge James Burke, who heard the case without a jury, of stalking, harassment, criminal trespass and attempted aggravated harassment. Burke handed down his verdict the day after Banks testiďŹ ed that she feared for her safety. The judge said he found that Green had been “houndingâ€? Banks. However, Burke said he would not send Green to jail. He told defense lawyer Jeffrey Berman to help his client get psychiatric counseling and a job in “a location where he can thrive.â€? That “likely will not be the city of New York,â€? the judge said. Associated Press


Space shuttles Atlantis, left, and Endeavour are shown on their launch pads at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla., April 17, 2009. Endeavour will stand by in the event that a rescue mission is necessary during Atlantis’ mission to NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope.

NASA sets May 11 as Atlantis launch date CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — NASA has chosen May 11 as the launch date for its last repair mission to the Hubble Space Telescope, not seen up close for seven years. Space shuttle Atlantis is set to blast off on the 11-day flight, considered one of the most challenging yet. Senior managers met Thursday at the Kennedy Space Center and concluded that the shuttle and Hubble teams could meet a launch date that was one day earlier than planned. Liftoff had

Girl beats muggers with marching band baton QUARTZ HILL, Calif. — Don’t mess with the marching band. That’s what California authorities are saying after a 17-year-old girl used her marching band baton to beat back two would-be muggers. Los Angeles County sheriff’s Deputy Michael Rust says the Quartz Hill girl was walking to school April 24 when two men approached her from behind, tried to grab her coat and demanded money. Instead, one got a punch in




Are you a student in good standing at Texas A&M University? [ ] yes [ ] no Student Identification number: ___________________________

St. Mary’s Catholic Center 603 Church Avenue in Northgate (979) 846-5717 Weekend Masses Sat: 12:30 p.m. (Korean), 5:30 p.m. (English), 7:00 p.m. (Spanish) Sun.: 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 5:30 pm., 7:00 p.m.

Daily Masses

St. Thomas Episcopal 906 George Bush Dr. • College Station, TX 696-1726 Sunday Services - 8:00 (Rite 1), 10:30 (Family Services Rite II), 5:30 (Contempory Services) College Service & Dinner - 6pm Wednesdays

Jewish Texas A&M Hillel

Jewish Student Organization 800 George Bush Dr. 979-696-7313


Shabbat services begin at 7:00pm every Friday

Christian First Christian Church 900 South Ennis, Bryan

823-5451 Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship 10:45 a.m. www.ďŹ

Pg. 4-05.1.09.indd 1

Major: ______________________________________________ Classification: ________________________________________ Phone: (


POSITION FOR WHICH YOU ARE APPLYING SEMESTER Please refer to listing of job descriptions and check the position(s) for which you are interested. If interested in more than one position, number them in order of preference with “1� being your top choice.

E-mail: ______________________________________________

Mon. - Fri.: 5:30 p.m. in the Church Tues. & Wed.: 12:05 in the All Faiths Chapel on campus

Mon. - Fri. 4:30 - 5:00 p.m. Wed. 8:30-9:30 p.m., Sat. 4:00-5:15 p.m. or by appointment.

the nose and the other a kick to the groin. Rust says the girl then beat both of them with her band baton before she ran away. The men had not been caught, but Rust says there’s a clear message to take from the encounter: “The moral to this story is don’t mess with the marching band girls, or you just might get what you deserve. Final score: marching band 2, thugs 0.� Associated Press

More than a job, it's a commitment — to learning, to service, to excellence.

Applicant name: ______________________________________


been targeted for May 12, but NASA wanted an extra day to get off the ground before a weeklong military operation gets under way May 14. Atlantis’ crew will conduct five spacewalks to replace and repair science instruments at Hubble and install equipment to keep the telescope running for another five to 10 years. The mission had been scheduled for last fall, but a breakdown at the telescope delayed everything for seven months. Associated Press

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How many hours per week would you be available for work at The Battalion? _______________________________________

APPLICANTS: Please type your responses on a separate piece of paper, and attach a rÊsumÊ and samples of your work (stories you have written for publications or classes, pages you have designed, photos taken, drawings made or other creative samples —just show us what you can do). 1) Why do you want to work at The Battalion, and what do you hope to accomplish? 2) What changes do you feel would improve the quality of The Battalion? Give special attention to the section for which you’re applying.

Staff __ News Reporter __ General Assignment __ Government __ Feature / Entertainment Writer __ Art Reviewer __ Film Reviewer __ Music Reviewer __ Theater Reviewer __ Sports Writer __ Sci|Tech Writer __ Photographer __ Videographer __ Graphic Artist __ Animated Graphic Artist __ Cartoonist

I am presently enrolled or pre-registered for the following semester at Texas A&M University. I certify that the information provided by me is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. This document is executed in good faith. _________________________________________________ Applicant signature

_______________________ Date

DEADLINE: Continuous deadline for staff positions. Turn in applications at 032 Memorial Student Center.

4/30/09 6:53:14 PM

sports thebattalion 5.1.2009 page5 LSS point up for grabs in softball

Baseball team wins second consecutive walk-off game

The Texas A&M softball team will have the opportunity to pick up a half point in the Lone Star Showdown standings against Texas Saturday. The Aggies trail the Longhorns by 1.5 points with 3.5 points yet to be determined. Texas A&M is 29-19 overall and 6-9 in conference play. The Aggies have lost 9 of their previous 15 games and are ranked No. 11 in the Big 12 in batting average and ERA. A&M will look to sophomore pitcher Rhiannon Kliesing to help pull off the upset at Texas. Kliesing has compiled a 21-9 record with a 2.29 ERA and 161 strikeouts, Kliesing leads the Aggies in RBIs with 31. The Longhorns are 35-16 overall and 11-6 in conference. A&M is 0-5 in Big 12 road games and Texas is 18-5 home overall.

Patrick Hayslip The Battalion No. 15 Texas A&M struggled to score runs against Dallas Baptist Thursday at Olsen Field, but the Aggies rallied in the final three innings to win 4-3. In the ninth inning, junior second baseman Brodie Greene hit a bases-loaded single to give A&M its second consecutive walk-off win. “I don’t know if we would have done that the first part of the season,” A&M Head Coach Rob Childress said. “Obviously the last three weeks we are playing with a lot more confidence and playing with a smile on our face. Our pitching is giving us a chance to always feel like we are in the game and when you do that, you always are in the game.” In the second at bat of the first inning, senior starting pitcher Brooks Raley hit a triple to right center field. Senior first baseman Luke Anders scored Raley with a sacrifice fly to center field, giving the Aggies a 1-0 lead. The Patriots answered in the second inning with a run and added two more in the fourth inning when junior second baseman Austin Knight hit a two-RBI double. After giving up the triple in the first inning, DBU junior starting pitcher Victor Black did not allow a hit until the seventh inning when A&M sophomore catcher Kevin Gonzalez hit an RBI sinGreene gle to bring the Aggies within one run after senior center fielder Kyle Colligan and freshman left fielder David Alleman both singled. “I can’t give Victor Black enough credit,” Childress said. “That guy pitched his heart out. He made several of our hitters not look good. We did a great job of just putting the ball in play against him but for Raley to keep it close was they key, giving us the shot late.” In the eighth inning, the Aggies got back in the game starting with a single by pinch-hitting junior Dylan Petrich. Black walked Raley and Anders and then was pulled from the game. With the bases loaded, sophomore Patriot closer Chris Haney hit Colligan in the head to score the

Michael Teague

UIL reschedules track meets


Teamates mob junior second baseman Brodie Greene (4) after he hit a bases-loaded single in the ninth inning Tuesday to give the Texas A&M a 4-3 win against Dallas Baptist at Olsen Field.

tying run, but then responded by striking out sophomore third baseman Caleb Shofner and Alleman to end the inning. “[Black] gave us fits for a seven innings there and we got three two-out hits and that was huge for us to get that run going and give us an opportunity to win it,” Raley said. In the ninth inning, after Gonzalez was hit by a pitch, Haney errored on a throw to first base after freshman shortstop Adam Smith laid down a sacrifice bunt. Petrich was intentionally walked to load the bases then Greene hit the walk-off, game-winning single after going hitless in his first three at-bats. “I didn’t look too good my first couple of bats and I

was kind of down but getting that big hit really sets the tone for the rest of the weekend to hopefully bounce back and have a good day tomorrow,” Greene said. Greene was ambushed by his teammates at second base after the hit, capping the 4-3 win. “I knew they were coming,” Green said. “I kept my helmet on. I didn’t want to get busted in the mouth but it was a good win.” The game was the fourth walk-off win of the A&M season and was two days after the Aggies took an extra innings walk-off win from Texas Christian. “It’s not how you start, its how you finish,” Childress said. “We’ve said that about our season and tonight’s game was typical of that.”

The governing body for Texas high school athletics decided Thursday to go ahead with regional track competitions and push the state meet into June. The decision comes a day after the University Interscholastic League said it was canceling the regional meets in response to the swine flu outbreak. The UIL will stick with its plan to postpone all athletic events through May 11. The 20 regional meets will be held on various days after that, and the state meet will be held June 5-6 on the University of Texas campus. Associated Press

STRESSEDabout the end  of the semester?? Don’t forget the Aggie Honor Code! “An Aggie does not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do.”


As you prepare for the end of the semester and finals, the Aggie Honor System Office reminds you to value Academic Integrity.

x Manage and budget your time wisely x Do your own work and make sure you confirm with your professor if collaboration is allowed. x Do not give into the temptation of looking at another Aggie’s exam x Talk with your professor if you have questions about class expectations

Good Luck from the Aggie Honor System Office Pg. 5-05.1.09.indd 1

5/1/09 12:26:44 AM


A CLASSIFIED AD: Phone 845-0569 or Fax 845-2678




8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday Insertion deadline: 1 p.m. prior business day

Memorial Student Center, Room 032


thebattalion 5.1.2009 page6


$10 for 20 words running 5 days, if your merchandise is priced $1,000 or less (price must appear in ad). This rate applies only to non-commercial advertisers offering personal possessions for sale. Guaranteed results or you get an additional 5 days at no charge. If item doesn’t sell, advertiser must call before 1 p.m. on the day the ad is scheduled to end to qualify for the 5 additional insertions at no charge. No refunds will be made if your ad is cancelled early.







Absolutely 1 Fun Laugh-A-Lot Defensive Driving! Ticket dismissal/insurance discount. W&Th (6pm-9pm) or Sat (8am-2:30pm). Walk-ins welcome. At Denny’s (across from TAMU). $25 cash, restrictions apply. 979-694-8888.

2/1 duplex Available August. Hardwood floors. W/D connection. Fenced. Pets. Close to campus. 979-204-1950. 2/1 fourplex available now, w/d, bus route, 1537 Pineridge, $510/mo plus $350 deposit, 979-450-0609.

A SPACIOUS 3 bedroom in a GREAT LOCATION! Has W/D connections! Starting at $1025 a month. Cable, Water, & Internet are paid! Space is limited, stop by today at 1001 Harvey Road or call us at 979-693-4242.

New/newer Richmond Ridge townhomes. Wolf Creek Condos. 1/1,1/1.5 lofts, 2/2,3/3. Larger open plans, granite, ceramics, W/D. $720-$1450 broker/owner 979-777-5477

Elle Bee Designs Debuts Fashion with Responsibility. Fashion show and launch party. May 2nd, 2 p.m. Hampton Inn and Suites, College Station. Complimentary drinks and snacks. for more info.

2/1 House available August, sits on a half acre lot, perfect for pets, W/D conn, 979-775-2291.

3/2 Study House, W/D conn, huge living area, tons of windows for light, detached storage/garage, fenced w/lawn care. 979-775-2291. 3/2 Townhouses &Apartments, 1250sqft. Very spacious, ethernet, large kitchen, walk-in pantry &closets, extra storage, great amenities, on bus route, now pre-leasing for 2009, excellent specials. 979-694-0320, 3/2 w/study House available August, One of a Kind! 1800sqft, wood floors, 9ft ceilings, large rooms, 979-775-2291. 3/2 w/study, BIG HOUSE, 2500sqft., 2-sided fireplace, big privacy fenced yard w/lawn care provided. 979-775-2291, 3/2/2, fenced yard, appliances, pets OK with refundable deposit. $1100/mo. 1102 Paintbrush 979-690-0786.

Available April: Spacious 2/1 duplex. Vaulted ceiling. Tiled kitchen, living room. W/D connection. Fenced. Pets. On bus route. 979-204-1950.

Newly remodeled 4/2 house. Walking distance to campus, tile &wood floors, great location, nice big deck &yard. 776-6079,

Calloway Villas sublease 2bdrm/2.5ba townhouse. Close to pool/clubhouse. Available May-Aug. Furnished, W/D, $675/mo. Indiv. lease. $300 bonus for two people. Call 214-709-7688, 214-709-7690.

Newly Remodeled! 1/1 Apartment, faux wood floors, W/D conn, everything new. 979-775-2291.

Aggieland Outfitters is seeking an organized, customer service-oriented individual to be a web assistant! Job requirements include: a basic knowledge of the Windows operating sustem, Photoshop, and the ability to communicate clearly and focus on the job at hand. The web assistant will be responsible for maintaining all web orders, helping to keep track of inventory, editing product images, and assisting the web manager with other tasks as necessary. Your services will be required for 20-25 hours per week, and will work Mon-Fri. Knowledge of Quick Books is a plus, but will train if necessary. If you are a motivated, goal-oriented individual, apply today by calling 979-775-5030 or e-mailing with your resume.

Need an apartment? Up to $500 Rebate or free move credit! is a free service! 1-866-933-GURU (4878). Hassle free Apartment Search!

AUTO I buy vehicles, running or not running. 979-778-1121.

AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR AG OWNED. Affordable, honest auto repair, a/c service, performance, and customization. No job too small! Mobile service available! Call 979-574-1223.

FOR RENT $1275, PRE-LEASE, 3, and 4 bdrm houses near TAMU, pets ok. Call Agent Ardi 979-422-5660. $295 1-room in shared, furnished apartment. All bills paid. Short term leases o.k. Call agent Ardi 979-422-5660. $330/month summer sublease. All bills paid. Duplex close to campus, on shuttle route. Call 713-384-9001. $375, AVAILABLE NOW and pre-lease. 1/1, 2/1. Free Wi-Fi, On Northgate, on Shuttle. Short term leases ok. Call agent Ardi. 979-422-5660. 1 acre, 5min. to campus, fenced yard, pasture. 4bd/2ba. W/D. $1100/mo. Owner/broker, 979-219-0405. 1-3/bedroom apartments. Some with w/d, some near campus. $175-$600/mo. 979-696-2038. 1/1 Adorable Duplex, wood floors, fenced w/lawn care, carport w/ext storage. 979-775-2291. 1/1 residences. Located in the heart of Northgate. Designed for upscale urban living. Gated community, amazing views, walk to campus/Northgate. Guaranteed parking space. $995/mo. includes water, high-speed internet, cable, W/D, &parking. Call 979-739-4930 1/1 Study Duplex, recently remodeled, faux wood floors, W/D conn, fenced w/lawn care. 979-775-2291. 1/1 w/study 4-plex, recently remodeled, W/D conn, some have fenced yards, 979-775-2291. 1/2-mile campus, on shuttle, 2/1, W/D, water included, ceiling fans, 1102-Welsh. 690-4181 or 219-2683. 2,3&4 bedroom houses w/yards. Great locations for students. Pets welcome. 492-3990. 2-bedroom w/ studies or 3-bedroom. 1.5 baths, fenced, tile, W/D connections, carports, on shuttle, C.S. 979-776-8984. 2/1 4-plex, great location, W/D conn, ext storage, fenced w/lawn care provided downstairs, balcony upstairs, some have fireplace. 979-775-2291.

2/1 w/study House, spacious rooms, storage/garage, fenced yard. 979-775-2291. 2/1.5 and 2/1 Duplexes, W/D conn, some have fireplace, fenced yard w/lawn care provided. 979-775-2291. 2/1.5 House in Wolf Pen Area, close to TAMU shuttle, wood flooring, W/D conn, carport, fenced w/lawn care provided. 979-775-2291. 2/2 1200sq.ft. Fox Run Condo. $1300/month close to campus, on shuttle route, large bedrooms, walk-in closets, patio, security gate, community pool, W/D included. Luther Street West. 972-742-8106. 2/2 duplex. W/D, on bus route, large fenced yard. 308 Brentwood. $700/mo. 979-690-0384. 2/2 fourplex upstairs. Available August. Spacious. Tiled entry, water included, deck, W/D connection. Pets, close to campus. 979-204-1950. 2/2 fourplex. Available August. Tiled living, kitchen. Water included. Fenced yard. Covered deck. Pets. W/D connection. Close to campus. 979-204-1950. 2bd/1ba apartment, 800sq.ft. New appliances, carpeting and tile. W/D. Bus route. $550/mo. +$250 deposit. 210-391-4106. 3- 4 bedrooms, newer homes, close to campus. Homes limited. Call J.C. 254-721-6179. Realtor.

3/3 Duplex for lease CS. For August, internet ready, all appliances including W/D, microwave. Graham Road. No pets. $1,000/mo. 979-778-6076. 3/3 Duplex for rent on Paloma Ridge, W/D, lawncare provided, ceiling fans, close to campus, tile floor, backyard.12 month lease $1000/mo. Pets allowed, 713-594-3787. 3/3 Duplex Oldenburg, CS. Available now or pre-lease for August. W/D. Internet &lawn care provided. Pets allowed. $1000/mo. 979-220-2129. 3b/1.5b, carport, on shuttle, pets ok, fenced, $750/month. 979-776-8984. 4 Rent. Close to campus. Everyone gets their own bathroom. $325/mo. Includes DSL/phone, W/D. 281-844-2090, Mike.

CS 4bd/3ba house w/study. 1401 Lawyer $1650/mo. Close to campus. 979-219-6108. Duplex near campus. 2bed/2bath. W/D. No backyard. 307 Spruce. $750/month. Call 254-760-8242. Early Bird Special- sign a prelease in April for August move in and get special of $1050. Luxurious Country Living just minutes from A&M. 3/2.5 duplexes. Full size W/D in unit. Fenced backyards. Pets welcome! 979-485-0300. or Efficiency for sublease. Available 5/12-7/31. $469/mo. 830-279-5196. Fraternity Row 3bd/2.5ba, 3 parking spaces, on shuttle route, W/D and all appliances. $1200/month. 254-760-6934 Freshly repainted 3bdrm house, large living room w/ garage, fenced backyard, $750/mo, $500 deposit, 979-774-9181 Furnished house. $450/room +1/3utilities or whole house unfurnished $1500/mo. 407-721-3300 or 214-707-8429. Grad or Vet Student Houses, Hardwood floors, yards. $600-$800/month +bills. Call 979-696-1444, visit

3/1 House in Wolf Pen Area, close to TAMU shuttle, W/D conn, GARAGE, fenced w/lawn care. 979-775-2291. 3/1.5 House, vaulted ceiling, W/D conn, huge fenced yards, most have privacy yards, 979-775-2291. 3/2 Condo Fraternity Row. W/D. Fenced patio. All bills paid. On bus route. $1500/mo., w/one-year lease. 361-319-3448.

4/2 House available August, HUGE 4th room can be game room, fireplace w/flagstone hearth, huge fenced yard w/lawn care. 979-775-2291. 4/2 House in Wolf Pen Area, close to TAMU shuttle, W/D conn, fenced w/lawn care. 979-775-2291. 4/2 house, available August ‘09. Backyard is Golf Course. Great neighborhood $1600/mo. +utilities. Call 979-966-3913.

3/2 duplex at 1425 Western Oaks. Close to west campus. W/D. Yard care. Spacious. Available June. Jennifer 713-854-2211. 3/2 duplex close to campus. Recently remodeled. W/D in unit. 832-527-9533 or

4/2 Studio, neat floor plan, 2 living areas, 2 refrigerators, fireplace, some have fenced yard w/lawn care. 979-775-2291. 4/2/2. Very desirable house in popular student area. $1450/month. Call Mrs. Ward for details. 979-774-1270.

3/2 duplex. 5-minutes from campus, fenced yard, bus route, fairly new. Call 214-505-6534, 469-233-4653.

4/3, 3/3 &3/2 Townhouses, Duplexes &Fourplexes, 1250-1700sqft. Very spacious, ethernet, large kitchen, extra storage, great amenities, on bus route, now pre-leasing for 2009, excellent specials. 694-0320, 4bdrm/2.5bth Spanish style duplex w/garage +off street parking. Security system, all appliances including W/D, $1450/mo. Available in August. 979-297-3720 or 979-292-6168. 4bdrm/2bth house. Close to campus, wood floors, tile floors, ceiling fans, W/D, fenced yards. 776-6079,

Need summer sublease at The Trails, $350 all inclusive, W/D, 956-648-4061

For rent August 15th, 6 or 7 bedrooms, 3.5 bath. 3,750 sqft. Very desirable large brick mansion with columns, behind Hilton. Pre-lease now, one of a kind property. Call 979-777-3371.

+ 5 HotWings + BreadStix or CinnStix

3/2 House available. Next to shuttle bus stop; W/D; big fenced backyard. $1100/month. Females only. Call 214-549-3739. 3/2 House, all appliances, fenced yard, garage, close to Blinn & A&M, yard maintenance, available Aug. Call 979-204-2644 or email 3/2 Near campus. W/D included. Available in August. Call 979-224-1434. Callaway Villas. Need to sublease. Fall-2009. 4/2.5, W/D. $615/mo. 936-348-1561.

puzzle answers can be found online at

Great 4bed/2bath house in popular area- 400 Pronghorn Loop. Comes w/ W/D, Ref, Ethernet in each room, large fenced bkyrd, pets OK w/ deposit, 2-car garage. Available in July or August. Call Joey at 979-218-4091. Great duplex. 3bdrm/2ba, off Graham. Appliances plus W/D, lawn care provided. Pets ok. $950/mo. 910 Crepe Myrtle. 979-575-7891. House Rent Free. Farm chores, horse care. Wellborn area. 979-690-6951. Duplex for rent, 2/1. No deposit. Ready to move. Large 1/br apartment in beautiful, safe, private environment. Includes satellite t.v., internet and W/D. $500/mo. 979-272-1952.

Save $140 a Month! Free Cable, Internet, Water, Trash. Hugh, Remodeled 2bdrm/1.5ba. $625/mo, Bryan. 979-402-0913.

Feed UR Face Friday

Large 2-topping



College Station

979-693-2825 2418 Texas Ave & SW Pkwy (by Kroger)

Pre-leasing for May& August. 3/2 duplexes, Treehouse Trails, Cypress, Pecan Ridge. Cathy, 979-268-1074. PRICE TO RENT. 3/2 duplex. Large fenced yard, pets ok. 713-542-3049 Quiet country setting 1.5 miles from A&M. Nice 3/2 double-wide. Fireplace, deck, stalls available. $950/mo. 979-846-5950. Reduced! $475/mo. $50 student discount included. 2bdrm/1ba, W/D, all appliances included, near shuttle, new carpet! Small pets ok. Brian, 832-723-6473 or 979-268-3200. Rent Specials! 1br/ba & 2br/1ba. OAC. 979-703-7051 Ridgewood Village efficiency with loft. Uniquely designed floor plan. No pets. $385/mo., $250 deposit. 979-696-2998, 1211 -1213 Holik. Ridgewood Village, large very quiet tree-shaded 1bdrm/1bth studio, no pets, $435/mo., $250 deposit, 1201-1209 Holik. 979-696-2998. 4/4 University Place condo, W/D, private bath, pool, volleyball court, on shuttle. Prelease for summer or fall. $300/mo, Call 979-690-8213 or 979-422-9849. Sublease June 1- July 31. Anteolope Lane next to dog-park. 3bed/3bath $1000/mo. Call 512-740-7091. Summer sublease available. 1-month free. Call 361-790-3477 for details. Summer sublease June-July. 1-room in 4/2 house. Off of Graham Rd. Call 214-232-2165. Summer sublease, Sundance Apartments, Harvey Rd. $324/mo, plus 1/4 electricity. 512-753-5545. Super 3/2 duplexes for May. All appliances and lawn care. $900-$975. 979-324-5835.

FOR SALE 2bdrm/2ba Fox Run. Very $122,000. 254-717-2141. House Saturday April 3pm-6pm and Sunday April 12pm-3pm.

Nice. Open 18th, 19th,

Mac Mini, Display, Keyboard, mouse $700 obo. 979-587-0813.

HELP WANTED A Research Assistant position is available in the Texas A&M Health Science Center in College Station. The position is in the are of molecular biology/pathogenesis within a dynamic, collaborative team environment. The applicant must have a B.S. in the biological sciences or related field. Laboratory experience preferred. Please refer to NOV#2009150 @ for more information about this position. Book buyers needed. Run your own business providing service to students around campus. Buy books at times and locations away from bookstores. Candidates need to have an outgoing personality, attention to detail, dependable transportation around town, and a flexible schedule. Temporary work period during finals. Must have a clear criminal history. Contact Paul Patti at 979-268-6002 or at to set up an interview. Briarcrest Country Club is now hiring the following positions: life guards, swim instructors, and summer counselors. Apply in person at 1929 Country Club Drive, e-mail: Fax: 979-776-5072.

AGS! Looking for summer work? Earn $9000.00 this summer, build your resume, great experience, call Taylor, 214-707-9145. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME SOFTBALL? Registration for C.S. softball leagues are forming now5/8/09, so get your coed, women’s or men’s team together. Individuals also welcome. Call 764-3486. Athletic men for calendars, books, etc. $100-$200/hr, up to $1000/day. No experience. 512-684-8296, Childcare workers needed. Full or part-time. Days, evenings, or weekends. Apply in person, Aggieland Learning Center, 206-Southwest Parkway East. Cleaning commercial buildings at night, M-F. Call 979-823-5031 for appointment. COACHES WANTED! We need enthusiastic, positive, motivational coaches for YOUTH VOLLEYBALL. Season begins May 11, 2009! Call 764-6386. Full & Part-Time Summer Advertising Sales. Seeking reliable, hard-working, enthusiastic students to sell advertising. Must be self-motivated, able to work without supervision. Sales Experience not necessary. Will Train. Automobile necessary. Internships may be Available! Texas A&M University Campus Telephone Directory. Email resume to: Call 1-800-288-3044. Full or part time warehouse help needed. Flexible hours. Business hours are M-F 7:30-5. Apply at Valley Supply 3320 S. College Ave. Bryan, TX 77801. 979-779-7042. Help Wanted: Lead Leasing Assistant. Create graphics, do marketing, close deals, reap rewards! Meet goals= great income+ bonuses. Put that big brain to work, come grow with the best team in town. Call 979-268-9000, apply in person, Tradition front desk, 301 Church Ave, CS. Hiring lifeguards and managers in Houston for the summer! Call today to apply 800-210-0049 or apply on-line at Household cleaning, ironing, organizing help needed. Min 6-8 hr/week $10/hr. Year-round commitment necessary, Fax info. to 979-690-8075. Jimmy John’s now hiring managers, marketing, promotions, sandwich makers, and delivery drivers. Apply in person at 2002 Texas Ave. South. 979-693-6400. Opening a second location in July ‘09. Leasing Manager. Create graphics, do marketing, close deals, reap rewards! Meet goals= great income+ bonuses. Put that big brain to work, come grow with the best team in town. Call 979-268-9000, apply in person, Tradition front desk, 301 Church Ave, CS. Lenny’s Sub Shop Now hiring for F/T and P/T positions w/flexible schedules. Apply in person @3700 South Texas Ave. Suite 550, Bryan. 595-1100. SUMMER WORK! $14 BASE/APT. Flexible schedule, start now or after finals, customer sales/service, no experience necessary, all majors welcome. All ages 17+, conditions apply. Call 979-691-4600. Classifieds continued on page 7


Work in Bryan/College Station!

$400-$500 A Week/Commisions Seeking reliable, hard-working, enthusiastic students to sell advertising. Must be self-motivated and able to work without supervision. Sales experience not necessary. Will train. Automobile necessary.

Texas A&M University Campus Telephone Directory

Email resume to: 1-800-288-3044

Internships may be available

STUDIES IN PROGRESS RECENT SPRAIN OR STRAIN? Volunteers from ages 18 to 70 are needed to participate in research study with an investigational medicated cream for new sprain or strain, without a fracture, injuries within 72 hours. Eligible volunteers will receive at no cost: • Study supervision by a board certified doctor • Study related tests and exams • Compensation for time and effort For more information please contact:

J&S Studies, Inc. 979-774-5933 1710 Crescent Pointe Parkway, College Station, TX 77845

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Medical technician: Full time medication technician needed for growing allergy practice. We are looking for an intelligent, positive, friendly person to join our team. We teach skills that are an asset for anyone interested in a career in health care and can help a candidate get into medical school. We offer a pleasant office environment, competitive salary, health insurance, and other benefits. Please fax resume to 979-776-5624.

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Need help to maintain flower-beds. Flexible hours, $10-per hour. 846-8163. P/T service station attendant and lube tech. Basic Automotive knowledge. Villa Maria Chevron, Villa Maria & E.29th. 979-776-1261. RESIDENT ADVISORS- needed for student residence hall. Earn FREE RENT! Pick up app at Plaza 410 S. Texas Ave. 979-846-4242. STUDENTPAYOUTS.COM Paid Survey Takers Needed In College Station. 100% Free To Join. Click On Surveys. SUMMER WORK! Paid college credit! Earn $4000/mo. Call Elevate sales manager @ 281-467-9578. Tax/Staff Accountant for local CPA firm. This is a full-time position w/benefits. Fax resume to 979-779-8422. Durst, Milberger, Nesbitt & Ask, LLP. Teacher needed P/T for upper level math. Physics or chemistry a plus. Monday -Thursday 3:30-7:30. Call Sylvan Learning Center, 979-846-4988. The Corner Bar &Grill now hiring. All positions available. Apply in person. The Kids Klub afterschool program is seeking P/T employees for the Fall 2009 semester. People are needed M-F, 2:45pm-6:15pm. ROP: $8.00-$8.75/hr. Please call 979-764-3831 or

MUSIC Party Block Mobile DJ- Peter Block, professional 22yrs experience. Specializing in Weddings, TAMU functions, lights/smoke. Mobile to anywhere. Book early!! 693-6294.

PETS Pocket Puppies: Maltese, Shorkies, Maltipoos, Yorkies. $500 &up 979-324-2866, Adopt Pets: Dogs, Cats, Puppies, Kittens, Many purebreds. Brazos Animal Shelter, 979-775-5755,

REAL ESTATE For Sale, new 3 and 4 bedroom homes. Close to campus. Call J.C. 254-721-6179. Realtor. Fox Run, 2/2. Gated community, great amenities, must see! $122K. 936-291-7552. Online at HOMES UNDER $90,000- Bargains Free computerized list of homes for sale. Free recorded message 1-800-359-0327 enter 1331.

ROOMMATES 1-Female roommate needed. 3bd/2ba for $250/mo. 903-399-2856. 1-M roommate needed. Available June 2009. 2bd/2ba apartment. $275/mo per person +1/2 bills. Close to bus route. Contact Chris, 214-543-3662. 1-male and 1-female roommate needed. Spacious 2-story townhouse in Canyon Creek. Fully furnished. 4/2.5 $400/mo. +1/4 utilities. 713-823-9341. 2-F Roommates needed. Available beginning August ‘09. Nice 4bdrm/2ba house. $400/mo. +1/4 bills. Close to bus route. Contact Lauren, 512-636-7754. 2-female roommates needed for 2009-2010 school year. 3bd/2ba townhouse. $425/mo. +utilities. 979-574-4582. 2-female roommates wanted! 4b/4b condo. Pool side view, fully furnished, $400/month plus 1/4-utilities, on bus route. Available summer ‘09-’10. 832-788-7967. 2-Roommates needed. 3bdrm/2ba house behind Scott& White. $350/mo. +1/3bills. 817-475-0093. 2-rooms available. $400/room on Langford Street. Wireless internet. Call 936-662-7604. $315/mo. 1 room available, large 3,200 sq.ft. house, 1-mi./campus. New carpet, tile, wood floors; pool table; shady, fenced backyard, off street parking; dogs okay. Available August 1st. 281-435-3431. Female roomate for 3/3, w/d, close to campus, $425/month, +1/3bills. 361-437-9431. Female roommates needed. Gateway Villas. Fully furnished. 281-960-4278. Roommate needed immediately for Summer ‘09, 3/2 duplex, very nice, $250/mo +1/3 of bills, call 254-744-2243 Summer sublease. 2/2 Briarwood apartments. $400/mo. Bills paid. Furnished. One roommate. 636-219-2443.

SERVICES Professional Drywall Repair. 30 years experience! 979-846-6585.


battalion DmbttjÞfe! Bewfsujtjoh Fbtz Bggpsebcmf Fggfdujwf Gps!jogpsnbujpo-!dbmm 956.167:

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Patrick Clayton — THE BATTALION

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complete uncertainty.” The 12th Man has personified this lesson for Gold. “I have seen this purpose exemplified in the desire to live for something greater than oneself,” Gold said. “I have seen this purpose embodied in Aggies’ relentless pursuit of selfless service. I have seen this purpose exemplified in the unfailing commitment that Aggies have for one another.” The senior biomedical science major will spend another year at Texas A&M finishing his undergraduate degree and begin the process of applying

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just from different offices. One of their main concerns will be maintaining the spirit of the MSC while students are not occupying the building. “Something we can do is keep incoming students informed. We’re going to have to teach the tradition,” Burns said. Burns said the ceremony is not going to be about the building closing. “It’s going to be about how we’re going to preserve the memorial, preserve the traditions. It’s the people who have made the MSC so special, not the bricks and walls,” Burns said. Countdown to Construction is a project to commemorate the history of the MSCC. It will begin at the conclusion of Friday’s ceremony with slideshows of the memories and contributions of students throughout MSC history, said MSCC executive Collin Laden, a junior international studies and Spanish major. The video will be projected

for medical school. Even after his academic career at Texas A&M, Gold’s impact will leave an imprint on the University. Gold has been elected as one of the class agents for the Class of 2009, who serve as liaisons between the class and the Association of Former Students. Gold encouraged all students to invest in the University by dedicating their skills and time to getting the most out of their time spent in Aggieland. “You are surrounded by the best students that will challenge you and help you grow,” Gold said. “Take advantage of your opportunity, and find ways to serve the people around you.” on a screen during the ceremony and on a mounted television hanging near the MSC Bookstore. Footage will run on this television through August 15, when the MSC will officially close. Throughout the day, students will be able to visit a historical display of MSCC artifacts in the MSC Flagroom. Documents and photographs will be included, and will be part of one of the slideshows during the ceremony. Laden said they went through The Battalion archives and Cushing Library archives to put together the presentations. A memory box will be set up in the MSC. Submitted memories will be displayed after construction is completed so incoming students will know more about the history of the building. “We’re really going to celebrate the history of the MSC [during the ceremony],” Laden said. “Students can hear about how it’s changed, the accomplishments of students, see the spirit of the MSC and … see how that spirit will live on.”

deans to watch over that.” Therefore, in order to improve the flow of communication, Faculty Senate is urging students to be the ones watching for faculty violators. “We can’t fix a problem that we don’t know is broken, and we don’t know it’s broken if students don’t tell us,” Grant said. If a student is in a class with a professor who schedules a final exam outside of the allotted time, the student should first approach the professor to attempt to solve the problem. If the problem is not remedied or if a student does not feel comfortable confronting their professor, the student should approach the department head of the course. After the department head, a student can approach the dean and the Dean of Faculty. It’s beneficial for the issue to be dealt with at the level of the individual professor; however, deans and department heads are more than willing to aid students when the problem is presented. With this line of communication, students can ensure that the faculty and staff abide by the registrar regulations. “Since it’s students and faculty working together, it’s a good way to improve the overall academic experience,” Loveless said. The best way for a student to deal with a final exam violation is to respectfully approach the professor. Although the task may seem daunting, Grant assured that the result will be worth the effort. “If a rule is being broken, be willing to step up—that’s what Aggies do. It’s a basic Aggie Honor Code thing,” Grant said. “It’s not bad to step up.”

art exhibition

rudder exhibit hall may 4 - 9, 8am - 5pm

demos & games

rudder exhibit hall may 8 - 9, 4 - 6:30pm

screening: animation & video rudder theater may 8 - 9, 7pm rating: pg-13 presented by the

department of visualization a&m college of architecture

Reserve your 2010 Aggieland yearbook Your year. Your memories. Your book. The 2010 Aggieland — the 108th Texas A&M University yearbook — will be a 700-page record of the 2009–2010 school year. Distribution will be during Fall 2010. Cost is $64.90 including shipping and sales tax. Four easy ways to order: as a fee option … go to optional services box when you register for fall by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) … go online to (plus 75¢ fee) … phone 979-845-2613 … stop by the Student Media office in 032 MSC A Texas A&M tradition since 1895.

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Dal Molin, an international student from Brazil, wrote in her essay that one of the main advantages of being able to attend a school like Texas A&M was having access to equipment and a library. “I was surprised — it was welcome news,” Dal Molin said. “I got some feedback from friends, including friends in my home country. They liked what I wrote, and it was honest.” Although Dal Molin wrote of all the advantages that schools in the U.S. bring, she also highlighted how different the social environment was compared to Brazil. Dal Molin works to help the Brazilian Student Association maintain a website to serve all international students. Misra, who is originally from India, wrote in her essay that for her, the biggest difference between school systems was that U.S. schools were much more flexible then the Indian school in which she attained her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. “I have had a really different experience and it has been wonderful,” Misra said. “I just thought I would give [the contest] a try.” Misra said the United States educational program is really different from the Indian system. “It’s a place for creativity and innovation, and it has succeeded my expectations to what I had coming from India,” Misra said. Misra’s and Dal Molin’s essays are available to read at http:// scholarships/

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The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the various authors and forum participants in this paper do not necessarily reflect those of Texas A&M University, The Battalion or its staff.

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Raving good-bye “In humble reverence this building is dedicated to those men of A&M who gave their lives in defense of our country. Here is shrined in spirit and bronze enduring tribute to their valor and to their deep devotion. Here their memory shall remain forever fresh — their sacrifices shall not be forgotten.” -Plaque hanging at MSC hotel entrance

MAILCALL From Stacy McCarthy, education graduate student I am a former undergrad student and presently working on my master’s degree as well. I heard about the flag room rave this afternoon, and now have seen the video on YouTube. Not only do I think that it was entirely inappropriate but also disrespectful. Though it was coined as a “farewell” to the MSC, it was not portrayed that way. The MSC is a MEMORIAL, and therefore entirely disrespectful for those it was meant to honor. Also, it was very inappropriate for those students who were studying for upcoming finals, which is what the “living room of TAMU” is all about. I hope that when you cover this story tomorrow in the Batt, that you will point out those things, and not praise them for their actions. I know others feel the same way as I do.

Kenny Ryan

House of respect The MSC is a memorial to Aggie heroes past and present, students should not treat it like an animal house.

hursday afternoon hundreds of students swarmed the Memorial Student Center flag room for a flash rave to commemorate the MSC before it closes for renovations in August and give students a small escape from the stresses of the final weeks of school. Somewhere among the crowd surfing, jumping on furniture and beach ball tossing, the student body lost site of what the MSC is. It is a memorial, a place of honor for Aggies who have died in American wars past and present, and Thursday’s events are a far cry from the dignity and respect that a memorial deserves. The given reason for the rave of saying good-bye to the MSC may have been noble one, but it was poorly executed when the symbolism of the Memorial Student Center is taken into account. This is a building dedicated to Aggies who have given their lives in defense of the United States of America. It is a building of honor, of respect, the very ground around it is hallowed and revered. Medals of honor are on display; names of fallen Aggies hang bronzed in the entryway. Every fiber of this building is deserving of the very best behavior from anyone who walks its halls. Treating a memorial such as this one like a cheap nightclub is at the least ignorant, and at the most, disgraceful. If graduating seniors and younger Aggies want to say a proper goodbye to the MSC before they leave Texas A&M, they should take the time to walk its halls, explore its treasures, and learn its lore. This is a memorial deserving of an intimate farewell before it undergoes its renovations, not a going away party. When the MSC grass is pulled up for the duration of the renovation process, will these same students trample the lawn to say “good-bye” to that as well? I hope not. The MSC is a building where signs respectfully request that hats be removed. Why anyone would


“We turned it into a good-bye to the MSC, to make it a celebration of all we know as the MSC, and all of the things that have happened there for us at A&M.” -Jennifer Taphorn, sophomore animal science major and member of rave planning group.

Stephen Fogg — THE BATTALION

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assume raves are acceptable when hats are not is beyond me. Participants of the event said that not only was the rave held to say good-bye to the MSC, but it was also held so students could forget about finals and class for moment and have some fun. Luckily, Aggies have a place for that kind of forgetful bliss, it’s called Northgate, and there students can rave with a hat on to their heart’s content. Speaking of respite for students tired of preparing for finals, did the participants in the rave give a thought to their peers who use the flag room as a place of study? Aggies should be considerate of each other. If a spontaneous party is necessary to vent some of that pent-up end-of-year stress, celebrate outside in Rudder Plaza where nobody’s study space will be disturbed. I have worked beneath the MSC in the offices of The Battalion for two years now, and it is a building I will greatly miss. There have been hundreds of meals with friends at 12th man and Hullabaloo, dozens of trips to the bookstore to pick out souvenirs for the family. I have witnessed Fox News reporting from the flag room, student organizations on display in open house and fish camps wandering the halls as they prepare to welcome the incoming waves of freshmen. From my desk in this office, I hear musicians practicing everything from vocals to violin to baritone through the thin walls downstairs. And if I’m lucky, the faint notes of an Aggie playing on the MSC piano can be heard flowing from the flag room upstairs. In two weeks I will walk the stage and leave this great University I have called home for five years. But before that day for farewell arrives, I will walk the hallways of this beloved building one more time to reflect on what I am leaving behind, knowing it will never be quite the same again. Kenny Ryan is a senior telecommunication media studies major.

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A-Rod mum on allegations NEW YORK — A new, unflattering biography of Alex Rodriguez reportedly says he may have used steroids as early as high school and even after he joined the New York Yankees. Rodriguez admitted to using steroids while with the Texas Rangers from 2001-03, but insisted he stopped before he was traded to the Yankees in February 2004. He brushed off a question Thursday about details from Selena Roberts’ upcoming book “A-Rod” that cast doubt on his earlier statements. The Daily News reported Thursday that the book portrays Rodriguez as a needy personality who wanted his ego stroked and a player who tipped opponents to pitches in blowout games, hoping the favor would get returned someday. Associated Press


Houston Rockets’ Yao Ming, center, shoots as Portland Trail Blazers’ Joel Przybilla (10) and Nicolas Batum defend in Game 3 of their first-round Western Conference NBA playoff basketball game Friday in Houston.

Rockets beat Portland, advance in playoffs

Big News: We’ve Expanded Coverage in College Station Verizon Wireless has now expanded coverage in Bryan/College Station and across the Texas A&M campus. We’ve improved our coverage along University Drive and Highway 30, and look for expanded coverage across campus, including residence halls and the Corps Dorms, the Zachary Engineering building, Evans Library, the MSC and more.

HOUSTON — For the first time in 12 years, the Houston Rockets advanced in the NBA playoffs. Ron Artest scored 27 points, Yao Ming had 17 points and 10 rebounds and Houston reached the second round for the first time since 1997, beating the Portland Trail Blazers 92-76 in Game 6 on Thursday night. Aaron Brooks scored 13 points and Shane Batter tied a career playoff-high with nine rebounds as the Rockets won for the first time in their last seven first-round series. They lost Game 6s the last two seasons, both to Utah. Houston put this one away with a big second quarter and moves on to play the top-seeded Los Angeles Lakers on Monday night at the Staples Center. The

Lakers won all four meetings in the regular season. LaMarcus Aldridge scored 26 points and Brandon Roy had 22 for the Blazers, who were making their first playoff appearance since 2003. Portland improved 13 games from last season and reached its highest win total since 1999-00. But the Blazers were the youngest team in the playoffs and their inexperience showed. They lost Game 1 in Portland, then dropped all three games in Houston, going out meekly in the finale. The last three games of the series had been decided by a total of eight points, but the Rockets turned this one into a rout before halftime. Associated Press

Oakland Athletics’ Ryan Sweeney jumps and reaches over the fence to make the catch and rob Texas Rangers’ Ian Kinsler of a three-run home run during the eighth inning of the game in Arlington, Thursday. The A’s won 4-2.

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Sweeney, Braden lead Oakland over Texas



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ARLINGTON, Texas — Ryan Sweeney retreated, leaped and stuck his glove above the eight-foot wall — and saved a much-needed victory for the ailing Oakland Athletics. Sweeney’s incredible catch in straightaway center robbed Ian Kinsler of a three-run homer in the eighth inning and the A’s held on, winning 4-2 over the Texas Rangers on Thursday. “It’s phenomenal,” said Dallas Braden, who pitched five scoreless innings to get the win. “It was pretty much timing,” Sweeney said. “I just jumped, got lucky and caught it. ... He hit it dead center. I think if he would have pulled it a little bit, it might have gone.”

Kinsler, already with seven homers, slammed his helmet to the ground with both hands when he realized Sweeney caught the ball. “It was a good catch. There’s nothing more I can say,” Kinsler said. “I was hoping it would be on the grass and out of his reach.” A’s manager Bob Geren said the 6-foot-4 Sweeney “needed every inch” to make the play. Braden (3-2) allowed five hits and walked four, but managed to work out of trouble. The left-hander struck out six, escaping bases-loaded jams his last two innings with Ks. Associated Press

5/1/09 12:22:25 AM

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