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Red light cameras stay 9 more days


Julie Rambin The Battalion The red light cameras in College Station are staying put for now. A temporary restraining order issued Wednesday by 85th District Court Judge Suzanne Stovall prevents the city from turning off the cameras for at least nine more days. The restraining order was issued in response to a lawsuit filed by former Keep College Station Safe attorney Roger Gordon, alleging that the wording of the red light camera petition rendered the election invalid. “We respect Judge Stovall’s decision to grant the plaintiffs’ request for a temporary restraining order and will look to her for a decision about the validity of the Nov. 3 election results,” said College Station City Manager Glenn Brown in a statement. “However, should the judge rule that the election is invalid and that the redlight cameras should stay, I will recommend to the College Station City Council that we immediately inform American Traffic Solutions that we are giving them the required 60-day notice that we are canceling our contract and the cameras will be turned off.” The resolution to cease red light camera enforcement passed by a margin of 272 votes, a 52 percent majority. The red light camera controversy started in summer 2009, when a petition circulated by College Station resident Jim Ash and his political action committee Take Back Your City was signed by 964 registered College Station voters. The city accepted Ash’s petition and scheduled a special election on the issue. The political action committee Keep College Station Safe was founded in response to the petition, and received funding principally from American Traffic Solutions and several Houston companies with contracts with American Traffic Solutions. An ethics complaint against Ash was previously filed by Gordon on behalf of Keep College Station Safe, saying that Ash violated Texas election code by accepting and spending money for the campaign without appointing a treasurer for Take Back Your City. Ash filed an ethics complaint against Brown, alleging that Brown improperly spent public funds on a voter education brochure for the election, which Ash said was biased. “I firmly believe that there are College Station residents that support the idea of having a red light camera,” Ash said. “The majority of the citizens of College Station do not approve of photo enforcement.”

Sorority president leads and serves Jaclyn Sokol


Junior genetics major Adriana Mariscal is the president of her sorority Kappa Delta Chi.

Student leader profile series Every other week, The Battalion will be profiling a student leader to gain insight into their lives and what it takes to do their job.

Special to The Battalion For junior genetics major Adriana Mariscal, the transition from San Antonio to Texas A&M was a culture shock. To embrace this change, Mariscal joined Kappa Delta Chi a “Latina-founded but multicultural grounded” sorority overseen by the Multicultural Greek Council. Mariscal joined Kappa Delta Chi because it supported multiculturalism and service, she said. Three years later, she is president of the sorority. As president, Mariscal is responsible for conducting general and executive body meetings in addition to overseeing all executive bodies and committee chairwomen underneath her. She also dedicates at least 50 to 60 hours per semester to service. These hours are spent in projects including highway cleanup, trips to retirement centers and fundraisers that benefit the American Cancer Society. Service to others is at the heart of the sorority, said Kappa Delta Chi adviser Margarita Alvarado. “[Mariscal] has the heart and passion to be a successful student as well as an effective leader,” Alvarado said. “She listens to her own heart by making decisions she sees fit to better the sorority and takes the heart of others into consideration by being open to their ideas.” As president, Mariscal serves as an open ear at all times. Crystal Nicholas, member of Kappa Delta Chi, said she is “the go-to person for anyone, whether it be a matter concerning the sorority or a personal matter.” See Mariscal on page 5



Read her guest column to students.

Hear more about Adriana’s role as Kappa Delta Chi president.

student leader | 3

See Red light on page 5

Kyle Field in widescreen

Senior visualization production specialist Glen Vigus looks at an extremely highresolution photo he produced from a recent football game. Numerous photos were stitched together to produce a final image 1.4 GB in size.

Carrie Johnson

Jeremy Northum — THE BATTALION

Special to The Battalion Beginning this football season, the A&M Department of Visualization in partnership with have given football fans a new way to see the game. The Kyle Field Panoramic Project, created by Glen Vigus, senior visualization production specialist for the Department of Visualization, creates a panoramic photo that is posted each week on the Aggie Athletics Web site. Vigus developed the idea after seeing a photo from President Barack Obama’s inauguration that used the panoramic technique. “I thought it was really cool to zoom in and

see who was there,” Vigus said, “so in February I began pitching ideas about getting it off the ground in November.” It takes a few minutes for the photos, more than 100, to be taken. “It takes 5 minutes to shoot, but over an hour to process and put all of the photos together,” Vigus said. “There are over 144 photos just for the alumni side alone.” Vigus uses the Visualization Laboratory (VizLab) to compile the images into one photo that allows people to zoom in and find individuals in the crowd. See Panoramic on page 5

A&M scientist predicts weather on Mars Vicky Flores The Battalion

In preparation for the day when humans will travel to the planet Mars, Istvan Szunyogh is heading up the challenge of being able to predict weather on Mars. Szunyogh was awarded a grant from NASA to analyze Mars weather patterns. Szunyogh, an associate professor in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, said he is interested in using past weather patterns to predict future patterns. “What we are trying to do is see whether it would be possible to make forecasts for Mars,” Szunyogh said. “It would help with predicting when we would send robotic probes and one day

pg1-11.12.09.indd 1

possibly humans.” The project started at the University of Maryland and when Szunyogh left to work at A&M the grant and half of the project went with him. Szunyogh focuses on computer models and simulation to determine the predictability of Mars weather through observations and data collected from satellites orbiting the planet. The main goal is to learn how far in advance it is possible to make accurate predictions of Mars weather. Weather on Mars varies drastically from weather on Earth; scientists who study with weather on Earth deal with humidity from the water whereas scientists studying the atmosphere on Mars look for dust storms. Szunyogh is working with

data collected from observations from the Mars Global Surveyor orbiter using an instrument called the thermal emission spectrometer, which uses a form of infrared energy to determine conditions and temperatures at spots of the Mars surface. Ross Hoffman, vice president of the research and development division for Atmospheric and Environmental Research Inc., describes himself as being an adviser to both parts of the project in Maryland and College Station. Hoffman was responsible for writing proposals to NASA to receive the grants that both schools now have. “Mars has always been the most interesting planet to study for astronomy,” Hoffman said. “It is the most similar to Earth.

We can even imagine people living there one day so we have sent many space explorers to mars and satellites that orbit its atmosphere that measure temperature and pressure.” The thermal emission spectrometer looks down with cameras that see in a type of infrared light that can be cut into frequency bands which can then be used to measure temperatures, Hoffman said. The project uses data that has been collected more than a year ago to make the data a practicing realm for scientists such as Szunyogh, who can test computer simulations against the data that has already been formed, Hoffman said. See Mars on page 5

Stephen Fogg — THE BATTALION

Istvan Szunyogh, an associate professor in the atmospheric sciences department is carrying out a NASA grant researching weather patterns on Mars.

A&M Prairie View student files lawsuit A lawsuit has been filed against Prairie View A&M University and Phi Beta Sigma fraternity over alleged hazing charges. Kevin Kelley, a Dallas lawyer, filed the lawsuit Friday in district court on behalf of the parents of 20-yearold Donnie Wade Jr., died in October after becoming ill on a run with his fraternity. “The lawsuit was filed against the fraternity as well as Prairie View,” said Andrew Strong, chief legal officer of the Texas A&M University System. “In terms of investigations, that is something that is being looked into by the D.A. and the University.” In accordance with the University investigation they requested to meet with Wade’s parents, but the interview was denied, Strong said. Prairie View A&M and Phi Beta Sigma would not comment on the lawsuit. Vicky Flores, staff writer

11/11/09 9:35 PM

Friday mostly sunny high: 79 low: 60 Saturday mostly sunny high: 82 low: 63 Sunday 20% chance storms high: 78 low: 58

Today mostly sunny

High: 75 Low: 54 courtesy of NOAA

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Billed as the founder of the modern intelligent design movement, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary professor William A. Dembski will be speaking from 7 to 9 p.m. tonight in Rudder Theater. Dembski’s lecture is titled “Blind Evolution or Intelligent Design.” Discussion will take place following Dembski’s presentation. “He is the most wellknown intelligent design theorist and yet so few people are familiar with what ID says,” said David Pattillo, a senior philosophy and math major and vice president of Ratio Christi. This is the first speaker the organization Ratio Christi, which is Latin for “Reason for Christ,” has brought to campus this semester. “The Atheists and the Philosophers all seem to be very excited about it,” Pattillo said. “Hearing him speak is a rare opportunity to the extent that the president of A&M’s Agnostic and Atheist Student Group has canceled their meeting so that they may hear the best in the world on the topic of ID.” Pattillo said 500 to 700 people are expected to attend.


Students wait in line Wednesday in the Wehner building to purchase Mays Business School T-shirts. This sale is put on by the Business Student Council.

Coming Nov. 17: Bonfire collapse 10 years later This year marks the 100-year anniversary of the on-campus Bonfire tradition, if it had continued to burn. But 10 years ago on Nov. 18, the stack collapsed, killing 12 Aggies and injuring 27, and Bonfire has not burned on campus since.

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Teepee to wedding cake In 1978, Bonfire changed from a teepee design to a wedding cake style. The upper stacks of logs were wedged on top of lower stacks to create the design.

25 pounds of pot found in fruit crate in prison

Part 3 of 4 Mon Nov 16 5pm-7pm

EDINBURG, Texas — A police department’s gift of fruit to a Texas prison turned out to contain 25 pounds of marijuana. The illegal harvest that was missed in an earlier search was discovered by inmates at the Segovia Unit unpacking the crate. Edinburg police Chief Quirino Munoz says the fruit originally came from a produce truck that

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Ch 3, 4a Mawk Wed Nov 16 3pm-5pm


Part 4 of 4 Tue Nov 17 5pm-7pm

also had about 1,000 pounds of pot that was confiscated. Loads of legitimate produce that are found to have yielded drugs are often barred from being sent on to the intended location. Munoz says the Segovia Unit near Edinburg accepts such food donations, which are inspected by police before being sent to the prison. Munoz says this time the additional marijuana apparently was missed by officers and drug-sniffing dogs. Associated Press

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President of Kappa Delta Chi sorority Adriana Mariscal senior petroleum engineering major

Gates -Millenium scholar First generation college student


page 3


thursday, 11.12.2009


What do you love most about being an Aggie? What I love most about being an Aggie is the traditions. From Midnight Yell to Big Event and Muster, tradition makes our school one of a kind. Most importantly, traditions instill leadership, unity and servitude within all Aggies. The Spirit of Aggieland is defined by experiencing these traditions.

If you had three hours of free time, what would you do with it? I would most definitely play basketball and then hang out and relax with my sisters.


When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wasn’t fixed on one occupation, but three. I often switched between wanting to be a teacher, an astronaut and a marine biologist.


What are your goals for after graduation? I plan on attending graduate school in genetic engineering, followed by a doctorate in genetics or a related field. I hope to work in research that might lead to advancements with genetic disorders such as autism and Down syndrome.


What is your favorite memory made at Aggieland so far? My best memories made in Aggieland so far have been random moments spent with my sisters. From pond hopping with seniors to dragging one of my class sisters around campus to win a scavenger hunt, the best times have been those that are spontaneous and spent with the ones I love.


Compiled by Ian McPhail


Leading example by By service and outreach, Kappa Delta Chi works against the toga party stereotype to better help the community.

community involvement. My dedication to outreach, community involvement and service is apparent through my involvement with different mentoring programs on campus. It is important to guide the youth of today toward a more promising future and I choose to serve as a peer mentor during these leadership development conferences for incoming freshmen and high school students. But leadership doesn’t come as easy as one would think. Others have doubted my ability to lead. It’s understandable, since as a sophomore and one year member of the organization I was elected sorority president. Many wondered whether I was qualified or able to take on such huge role. Halfway into my term, I’ve come to realize the sorority’s well-being is most important to me, with everything else taking a back seat. Making hard decisions and tough calls are part of my job. Ultimately, it’s about what is best for our sisterhood, not one individual — even me. Leading a group of talented, intelligent, selfless and powerful young women whom I call sisters is definitely one of the biggest joys I get out of my leadership experience with KDChi. Serving the community and giving back to those who have given so much to me are the main reasons I


ollege, for me, has been an experience unlike any other. Through my experiences as a student leader, I have grown wise beyond my years and adopted a new mantra, “Leading with Integrity, United through Service.” Being a college student is no easy task, and becoming a student leader on top of that makes things all the more hectic. Since my initiation into Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc. in spring 2008, I have dedicated my efforts to further the principles I have come to know, love and apply to everything that I do. Unity, honesty, integrity and leadership have become an essential part of who I am. A majority of the leadership development that I have encountered in my career at A&M has been through my membership in KDChi, a Latinafounded but multicultural service sorority. We have provided countless hours of community service through different forms of outreach and

decided Kappa Delta Chi would be the medium through which I would lead my campus and community towards a more promising future. Voicing the opinions and suggestions of students with similar life experiences has been pivotal in my leadership development. I believe strongly that sharing our experiences with each other, however different they may be, will help alleviate the differences in perception that sometimes prevent us from seeing the bigger picture. One of my favorite quotes about leadership is by John Maxwell. “A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.” I don’t have a doubt in my mind that he speaks the truth, I am a strong believer that we all play a role in the lives of those whom are around us, title or not. We all lead and play a role in each other’s lives, and then there are those who take that leadership to another level. I speak about those who make leadership a way of life, people who take roles and are ready to guide their communities towards a better tomorrow. These are the people who will pave the way for others and make the biggest difference in our society. Adriana Marsical is a senior genetics major.


Kappa Delta Chi chapter president Adriana Marsical leads with commitment to community service and outreach.



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Texas A&M senior outside hitter Jennifer Banse scores a point in a 3-0 loss against Iowa State Wednesday in Reed Arena. Banse had seven kills in the match.

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Jeremy Northum — THE BATTALION

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Volleyball team losing streak moves to three Michael Teague The Battalion The Texas A&M’s women’s volleyball team fell to No. 8 Iowa State 3-0 (25-22, 25-22, 31-29) Wednesday at Reed Arena. The Aggies have dropped three straight Big 12 conference matches down the stretch where every game counts toward the team’s chances at a tournament bid. “It’s not about the volleyball,” said Texas A&M Head Coach Laurie Corbelli. “I think that’s the hardest part for all of us. It’s about where our minds are, what we’re scared of, what we’re thinking about, and what we’re focused on. I’ve found it very challenging to get my entire team on the same page in the same night. For whatever reason, that has been our problem as of late.” A&M (14-9, 7-8) remains at sixth place in the Big 12 standings. The Aggies trail No. 5 Baylor by two games with only five matches remaining on the schedule. “I think we have to get one of the next two if not both to be considered for the tournament,” Corbelli said. “The team knows it and that’s what they think too. They’re playing not to lose. They feel like there’s a lot to lose and that’s just overwhelming.” The road ahead doesn’t get

any easier for A&M. Friday the Aggies will hit the road to face their third consecutive ranked opponent in No. 9 Nebraska. “We know we’re playing probably the toughest schedule in the country right now,” Corbelli said. “You don’t get any credit for it. A loss is a loss no matter who you play. You just battle it out in the Big 12.” Senior Sarah Ammerman led the Aggies with 18 kills and added eight digs. Leading the team in digs, senior Mary Batis piled up 18 for the A&M defense. Featuring one of the best defenses in the conference, Iowa State kept the Aggies’ attack in check. The Cyclones held A&M to a .157 hitting percentage and finished with 11 blocks, including six in the second set alone. “They’re one of the best defensive teams in the nation,” Corbelli said. “They find the right place to be in almost all the time. If they’re not, they’re really good at complementing the other digger.” Iowa State was led offensively by Victoria Henson, who finished with 18 kills and scored on eight of her first 10 attacks. “She has a very abrupt and quick attack,” Corbelli said. “Her swing is really fast. She’s at a spot on the court where you don’t typically have someone waiting.” After falling down 6-4 in the first set, the Aggies stormed back and tied the match with a devastating block by Ammerman. The block sparked an 8-4 A&M run, but the Cyclones recovered and eventually tied the game at 20-20. Iowa State finished the set with a .400 hitting percentage and two late mental errors by the Aggies would cost them the set, 25-22. Iowa State got off to another good start in the second set, jumping out to a 5-1 lead. Following a timeout, the Aggies responded with a 7-3 run behind Batis to tie the set at 8-8. The Cyclones would build up another big lead to 15-10 before the Aggies ripped off a 10-5 run to tie the set. A&M mistakes however, would once again nudge Iowa State to a 2522 victory. In the third set, Iowa State again took an early 9-6 advantage and refused to give it up easily. The Aggies would tie the set six times before finally taking a 22-21 lead. A&M failed to capitalize on three set-points and the Cyclones completed the sweep with a 31-29 win.

11/11/09 10:13 PM

page 5 thursday 11.12.2009


Mariscal Continued from page 1

Her sorority can be best described as “more than meets the eye,” Mariscal said. “Greeks have had a bad reputation for as long as I can remember. The media focuses on issues such as drinking, hazing and a lack of morality,” Mariscal said. “KDChi strives to work against those stereotypes and eliminate them by maintaining a strict code of ethics, highlighting the efforts we make in bettering our communities and our campus.” Mariscal said she hopes to decrease the negative stereotypes often associated with Greek life.

“It is definitely not easy leading an organization that has been set up for failure by those who do not understand what Greek Life is about, only choosing to see what the media portrays,” Mariscal said. Because of Kappa Delta Chi, Mariscal has changed as a person, she said. Not only has she gained leadership skills and built new relationships, but she has developed a cultural awareness that has allowed her to become a “more involved and open individual,” Mariscal said. With her zest for contributing to the cause of the greater good, Mariscal hopes to continue to impact the lives of those around her — one heart at a time.


A CLASSIFIED AD: Phone 845-0569 or Fax 845-2678


Continued from page 1

If a yell is started or the “Aggie War Hymn” is played before the camera has finished panning, the effect is lost because half of the stadium appears to be just watching the game, while the other half is participating in the yell, Vigus said. Vigus said the best time to take the photos of the former students’ section is during the band’s performance. “The best time to shoot is when the band plays, because everyone is standing up, almost completely still, and watching the band play,” Vigus said. The photos of the student section are usually taken during the first quarter so the band is included. Also, the photographs must be as high quality as possible, so they must be taken during the day, which, Vigus said, will prevent a panoramic photo being taken during the game against the University of Texas. “I would really love to shoot at the U.T. game, but it wouldn’t work. We need as much light as possible,” Vigus said. The most memorable use of the Kyle Field Panoramic Project this year has been the game against

Iowa State, which coincided with Halloween, Vigus said. Chelsea Waters, a sophomore agriculture and life science student, was at the Iowa State game and later used the panoramic photo to go back and find friends, costumed people and even Waldo. “Since this game was on Halloween, there were a lot of people dressed up in costumes that I personally didn’t get to see in person at the game,” Waters said. “The costume that was the most fun to find was Waldo. We had seen him on the big screen but trying to find him in the photo was more fun. It was like the book but in real life.” Jonathan Lee, the editor of the Aggie Athletics site, said the photos attract attention and have been a good addition to the site. “It definitely has a very cool factor to it. The VizLab did a very good job, and I have gotten a lot of positive feedback on it,” Lee said. “We have noticed people spending five to 10 minutes on just that one page.” Lee said he hasn’t noticed any other Web sites that have something like the panoramic project. “It’s very unique,” Lee said. I think we’re very fortunate to have the VizLab to work with and get that out to our fans.”

Red light Continued from page 1

Ash said he and his political action committee Take Back Your City acted in good faith, and will be taking steps to ensure that the red light camera election is recognized as valid. “We will be making every effort we can to make our position known to the district court judge,” Ash said. “I feel like photo enforcement will end in our community – it’s just a question of time.” The Austin attorney who filed the lawsuit and restraining order, Roger Gordon, said this lawsuit is about following the rules.

Continued from page 1

Graduate student Michael Kavulich, an atmospheric science major, is assisting Sunyogh on the project and is learning the mathematical relationships needed to conduct the computer simulations. “We are working on get-

ting all of the computer models squared away and making sure they all work; it is all computer simulation on the data we are going to use,” Kavulich said. Kavulich said he is looking forward to working with Szunyogh in trying to figure out how predictable the weather on Mars is. He said that there are plans in place to one day have humans travel to Mars and he is proud to be part of that research.

$10 for 20 words running 5 days, if your merchandise is priced $1,000 or less (price must appear in ad). This rate applies only to non-commercial advertisers offering personal possessions for sale. Guaranteed results or you get an additional 5 days at no charge. If item doesn’t sell, advertiser must call before 1 p.m. on the day the ad is scheduled to end to qualify for the 5 additional insertions at no charge. No refunds will be made if your ad is cancelled early.





3/3 duplex. All appliances, fenced yard, large living areas, yard maintenance, available January. 979-204-2644 or

Spacious 3bd/3ba. Close to campus. Washer and dryer provided.

STUDENTPAYOUTS.COM Paid survey takers needed in College Station. 100% free to join. Click on surveys.

AUTO I buy vehicles, running or not running. 979-778-1121.

FARM/RANCH Horse boarding $100/mo., large pens with shelter, lighted arena and more. 25-minutes from campus. Call 979-589-2334.

$375 pre-lease. 1/1, 2/1. Free Wi-Fi, On Northgate, on Shuttle. Short term leases ok. Call agent, Ardi. 979-422-5660. $580/mo., 2bd/1.5ba. on bus route. One mile from campus. 972-951-2579. $900 Available now 3bd/2ba duplex near tamu. Has W/D, lawn care and pests paid. Call Jimmy (832)724-3554 or $900, Available Now, PRE-LEASE, 3, 4 bdrm. houses near TAMU, pets ok. Call Agent Ardi 979-422-5660. 1-3/bedroom apartments. Some with w/d, some near campus. $175-$600/mo. 979-696-2038. 2 bedroom Four-plex and Duplex, a couple of different floor plans to choose from. Some with wood floors, fireplace, fenced yard. 979-775-2291. 2,3,&4 nice bedroom homes for rent, call J.C. 254-721-6179. 2/1.5 with W/D connection, great location, with backyard. Near bus-stop. Water , lawn, & pest paid. $600/mo. 422-4296. 2/2 duplex on Navarro Drive. Available immediately for sublease. 254-396-3993 or 2bd 1bath University Terrace Apartments, $580/mo obo, lease ends May 2010, NEED TO SELL (512)739-8244. 2bd/1ba W/D water included, shuttle stop in front, 3/4 mile from campus. Ceiling fans, very clean. (979)690-4181. 2bdrm/3ba duplexes. Great floorplans, fenced yards, w/d, tile floors, icemakers, alarm systems. 979-776-6079,

3/2 House w/study-Wolf Pen Area! Close to shuttle, w/d conn, fenced w/ lawn care, 979-775-2291. 3/2 house, walk to campus, $1100 +deposit, flexible lease term 979-324-3901. Roommates needed. 4bd/4bth $325/mo., washer/dryer. University Place on Southwest Parkway. 281-844-2090.


Vail ™ Beaver Creek ™ Keystone ™ Arapahoe Basin

20 Mountains. 5 Resorts. 1 Price. FROM ONLY

plus t/s





Absolutely 1 Fun Laugh-A-Lot Defensive Driving! Ticket dismissal/insurance discount. W&Th (6pm-9pm) or Sat (8am-2:30pm). Walk-ins welcome. At Denny’s (across from TAMU). $25 cash, restrictions apply. 979-694-8888.

3/2 duplex. Prelease January. Very nice. 5mins to campus. W/D. Lawn care, security monitored. $900/mo. 979-691-0304, 979-571-6020.

“How do you discuss these things with people who don’t feel the rules apply to them?” Gordon said. Gordon does not represent Keep College Station Safe, but two private citizens, he said. “I’m representing two College Station residents,” Gordon said. “This is not the PAC, this is not American Traffic Solutions, this is not some Arizona company.” The lawsuit will “preserve the status quo until the court has the chance to say thumbs up or thumbs down,” Gordon said. “If it wasn’t filed properly, the election results will be overturned and Jim Ash gets to wonder how he could do this better next time,” Gordon said.

8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday Insertion deadline: 1 p.m. prior business day

Memorial Student Center, Room 032




classifieds SPECIAL


3/3 Duplexes, 1400sqft, fenced backyard, all appliances new, excellent specials, 979-694-0320. 3bd/2ba great floorplan, on shuttle route. Washer and dryer. Fans, stainless appliances. New, new, new. 3bdrm/3ba duplexes. Great floorplans, fenced yards, w/d, tile floors, icemakers, alarm systems. 979-776-6079. 4/2, 2 living, 2 dining, 2 car garage. $1600/mo. Available now call 979-587-2550. 4/3, 3/3 &3/2 Townhouses, Duplexes &Fourplexes, 1250-1700sqft. Very spacious, ethernet, large kitchen, extra storage, great amenities, on bus route, now pre-leasing for 2010, excellent specials. 694-0320. Available now. 4/2/2 newly remodeled, pet-friendly, new carpet &paint. $1275/mo. 1208 North Ridgefield. Biking distance to campus. 979-776-8984. Balcones Apartments, only 2 left! 1/1 on bus route $475/mo. 703-8282. Casa Verde town-home 2/2 W/D connection. Near bus stop. Pest, water, lawn paid $695/mo. 703-8282. Close to campus 2bd/2bth. Washer and dryer. Fenced yard. Duplex for sublease, rent $650/mo. 2bd/1ba, fenced backyard. 832-330-1164. Duplexes available 3bd/2ba. $1050/mo. on bus route. Lawn control included. 832-724-3554.

January 1st. Legacy Lane care and pest Call Jimmy

For rent/pre-leasing 3 bedroom/2 bath townhouse in Wolf Pen. One block to campus. On shuttle route. $1200/month. 979-777-8407 House for rent, 3/1.5/1, 3-quarter acre, rural, fenced, $875/mo., $875/deposit. Available now. 979-696-1670. Midterm lease available! 3bd/2.5ba duplex, full size W&D, country setting, fenced yard, pets ok, flexible lease term, free lawn care. $999. (979)255-3280. CS. Northgate rent new. W/D connection. 1/1, 2/2, 3/3. Walk to campus. (979)255-5648. Pre-leasing Townhome Style Condos 2bd/2.5ba off Spring Loop and University Drive. River Ridge Townhomes. Close to campus on the bus route. Call 979-690-1504 or email Quiet country setting 1.5 miles from campus. Nice 3/2 double-wide. Fireplace, deck, stalls available. $1000/mo. 979-846-5950. Ridgewood Village efficiency with loft. Uniquely designed floor plan. No pets, $385/mo, $250 deposit. 1211-1213 Holik. 979-696-2998. Some short term leases available. $415/mo. Ridgewood Village, large very quiet tree-shaded 1bdrm/1bth studio, no pets. $435/mo, $250 deposit, 1201-1209 Holik. 979-696-2998. Some short term leases available $485/mo. Spacious 2bd/2ba, washer and dryer provided, shuttle route, curbside parking.

puzzle answers can be found online at

Student Special! 2bd/1ba Apartment, all appliances included. 2.5 miles from campus. $475/mo plus deposit. Brian (832)723-6473 or Debi (979)268-3200

HELP WANTED A Vision for Success! EyeMasters, one of the nation’s leading optical retailers, has excellent opportunities available in College Station. Retail Manager, Lab Manager, Lens Manufacturing Technicians, Eyewear Specialists. We offer full paid training, excellent pay, benefits and opportunity for advancement. Please apply in person at our Post Oak Mall location or online at: You may also email a resume to: Equal Opportunity, Drug Free Employer. Assistant teachers part-time. Working with children 18-mo. through 6-yrs, great learning opportunity for education majors or anyone wanting experience working with children. Please apply at or 979-693-6556. Athletic men for calendars, books, etc. $100-$200/hr, up to $1000/day. No experience. 512-684-8296. Cleaning commercial buildings at night, M-F. Call 979-823-5031 for appointment. EARN EXTRA $$$ FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Student workers needed to distribute the 2009 Campus Directory to various offices on campus. Must be a TAMU student with a vehicle. We are looking for someone who can work: 9-1 or 1-4:30 onTuesday and/or Thursday. This is a temporary job, work only November. If interested, please come by The Grove, Building 8901 and ask for JD or Selina. Fast paced design shop in need of entry level graphic artist. Full or part time, pre-employment drug screen. Full time includes 401k and insurance. Apply at Jack Hilliard Dist. 1000 Independence, Bryan TX. GET PAID TO TAKE NOTES! Email your course listing and a brief description about yourself to START EARNING TODAY! Help wanted: website designer. Call J.C. 254-721-6179. J. Cody’s hiring part-time cashiers. Apply within, 3610 S. College. No experience necessary, just common sense! Math teacher needed for all levels. Science a plus. Late afternoon and evenings M-Th. Call Sylvan at 979-846-4988. Now hiring servers/cashiers/greeters. Apply at Rock Prairie & Hwy 6., Cotton Patch. Part-time staff assistant needed for busy real estate office. Must be a detail- oriented people person with reliable transportation and have reasonable computer skills in MS Word and MS Excel. This position requires 20-25 hrs/wk beginning as soon as possible and to remain in this position at least through early December 2010. For job description and application, go to and click on Employment Opportunities. Part-time, Database Assistant/Information and Referral (I&R) Specialist position available with 2-1-1 Texas/United Way. Responsible for assisting with database updates and maintenance and providing I&R services to clients. Must be detail oriented and possess exceptional skills in multi-tasking. Experiencing with database systems and proficiency in MS Office required. Interest in nonprofit field, a plus. Submit resume and cover letter to Sell VIP Cards! Make $5 for every $10 Aggieland VIP Card you sell, No Limit! Contact Student Media has an opening for a student to deliver The Battalion newspaper starting with the spring semester (January 19, 2009). Position requires paper delivery between 6am-10am, Monday-Friday. Must have reliable transportation. Great pay! Interested applicants apply at The Grove Building 8901, ask for Joseph.

The Kids Klub afterschool program is seeking P/T employees for the Spring 2010 semester. People are needed 2:45pm-6:15pm. ROP: M-F, $8.00-$8.75/hr. Please call 979-764-3831 or Tutors wanted for all subjects currently taught at TAMU/ Blinn and Sam Houston State starting at $7.25/hour. Apply on-line @, 979-255-3655.

MUSIC Party Block Mobile DJ- Peter Block, professional 22yrs experience. Specializing in Weddings, TAMU functions, lights/smoke. Mobile to anywhere. Book early!! 979-693-6294.

PETS A+Teacup puppies: Maltese, Shorkies, Maltipoos, Yorkies &Poodles. $500 &up. 979-324-2866, Adopt Pets: Dogs, Cats, Puppies, Kittens, Many purebreds. Brazos Animal Shelter, 979-775-5755, AKC Black labs. DOB 7/22/09. 3 rounds of vaccinations. 979-966-7810. Baby Sugar Gliders, Semi leash trained, with book, (979)696-2533 $100. Ragdoll Cats and older kittens. Fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and felv/fiv negative. $100 & up.

REAL ESTATE Buy &Sell B/CS homes, condos, duplexes. RE/MAX. Nadia 979-693-1851. Michael 979-739-2035.

ROOMMATES 1 roomate needed. Spacious 2 story townhouse in Canyon Creek. Fully furnished. 4/2.5 $400/mo. +1/4 utilities. 713-823-9341. 2-roommates needed for Spring. 4/2 house. 2505 Antietam. $400/mo +1/4 utilities. Shelley, 361-463-6763. Female roommate needed. 2bd/2ba in The Zone apartments. Available for immediate move in. $530/mo +1/2 electricity. 1st month free. Contact Barbara 713-550-6560. One Female roommate! $400/mo. +utilities, 104 Pershing Ave. C.S. Texas 77840 One female roommmate needed. January 2010 through August 2010. $540/month incl utility allowance for 4/4 apartment at The Woodlands. Flexible move-in dates. Expanded cable and internet included. No pets. Call 214-499-1999 to inquire. Roomate needed. 3/3.5 2-story duplex on bus route. $440/mo +1/3 utilities. Immediate move-in available. Stephen 361-876-7753. Share 2bd/1ba, 250/mo. All appliances included, 2.5 miles from campus. Call Bryan (832)723-6473 or Debi (979)268-3200. Utilities, cable, internet included. $395 Spring. Private bath, 1.5miles, bus, pool, volleyball, jacuzzi. 979-323-4253.

TRAVEL EUROPE 70 DAYS. Travel through 11 countries, summer or fall and see all the hotspots along the way. Starts at $10,950.

TUTORS Domestic A&M alumni grad student in mechanical engineering for math/eng/phys tutoring. Email with class information. Math tutor algebra through calculus. Over 45yrs. engineering experience. Grady (404)422-0989. Need a Tutor? Friendly, helpful one-on-one private tutors for all subjects at TAMU/Blinn and Sam Houston State. Check us out at, 979-255-3655.

WANTED I buy broken iPhones/ iPods for parts. Water damage, cracked screens, or anything else. For cash offer, email

STUDIES IN PROGRESS DO YOU HAVE FACIAL ACNE? We are looking for volunteers to participate in a twelve-week research study of an investigational topical medication for acne. Those who qualify will receive at no cost: • Study related medical evaluations by a dermatologist • Study related medication • Reimbursement for time and travel, up to $250. Participants must be 12-45 years of age. For more information please contact:

RED DRY SCALY PATCHES OF SKIN ATOPIC DERMATITIS STUDY (ECZEMA) Volunteers ages 18 - 64 needed to participate up to a 12 week long clinical research study with an investigational topical medication for atopic dermatitis (RED, DRY, SCALY PATCHES OF SKIN). Eligible volunteers will receive at no cost: • Study related medication • Physical Examination • Dermatological Assessments • Compensation up to $675.00 for time and travel For more information please contact:

J&S Studies, Inc. 979-774-5933 1710 Crescent Pointe Parkway, College Station, TX 77845

pg5-11-12-09.indd 1

11/11/09 9:27 PM


page 6 thursday 11.12.2009


the battalion Classified Advertising โ€ข Easy โ€ข Affordable โ€ข Effective Call 845-0569

#:  20 /#0 Aยฑm รงยš| ยตยฆm|รžรง

||ร™ ยŸยฑ ยตยฆยฆ|ย| 0รงAรงยŸยตยฑย‡

wยผ ร™Aย‰รงรžN wรฐ "ยŸฤ|m ร™ยŸยฑยฅรž


ยธยด~ยจ~รกรก :ยกยดย’รก

ยœ~~รก~Qรตรœย’~รœ 0ยจยกm~รœรก

รณฤ‰ฤ‰ 2~ฤ‚Aรก ฤ€~ยดรต~ ร‰ยฟ Qยจยธ]ยง ยดยธรœรชยœ ยธย‹ 4ยดยกฤ€~รœรกยกรชฤƒรŠ

ยฒรขยฒยžรฐรฃฤˆยžรฉฤˆฤˆรฉ %ร‡~ยด ร™รชยกยจ รณ AรŒยญรŒ "ยธยดmAฤƒ รชยœรœยธรตย’ยœ 0AรชรตรœmAฤƒ N0~ยจ~]รช mยธยญ~รกรชยก]รก ยญรตย’รก wยฟ Aยดm ยธรชยœ~รœรก wยฟรŒยฤ‰รŒ nยธรตรก~ "Aรœย’AรœยกรชA /ยธ]ยงรก ยญรตย’h

pg6-11.12.09.indd 1

%ย‹ย‹~รœ Aฤ€AยกยจAQยจ~ รชยธ Amรตยจรชรก รณยฟ Aยดm ยธฤ€~รœรŒ

ร™ยŸยฑยฅ ร™|รžร„ยตยฑรžยŸQยฆฤ‚ร‰ ร™ยŸรฟ| ร™|รžร„ยตยฑรžยŸQยฆฤ‚ร‰ ยธ ยด ย’  รก ยจ A ยด m  ] ~ m 2~ A ยญ รต ย’ h A ยœ A ยญ A " A ยญ A ยญ รต ย’ J 0 ร‡ ~ ] ยก A ยจ รช ฤƒ รก ยœ ยธ รช รก รŒ

11/11/09 8:59 PM

Nov 12 2009 The Battalion Print  

Nov 12 2009 The Battalion Print

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