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The University Police Department will offer free property engraving to protect against theft from 5 to 7 p.m. Tuesday outside Sbisa Dining Center, 5 to 7 p.m. Wednesday in the Commons Lobby, and 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday in Wehner.

Today 30% chance of thunderstorms

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Show your Aggie spirit


The annual NCAA College Colors Day is Friday. Aggies worldwide are encouraged to wear maroon to show support for Texas A&M University.


Add/drop deadline

Friday is the last day to add or drop courses without penalty for the fall semester.

Tuesday 30% chance of thunderstorms high: 96 low: 78 Wednesday 20% chance of thunderstorms high: 97 low: 77 Thursday 20% chance of thunderstorms high: 97 low: 77

High: 97 Low: 78

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Welcome to Aggieland


Our top priority is to keep the imowdy! If you’re new pact on our students as small to campus, welcome as possible - to maintain to Aggieland! I our reputation for know you’ll find this a very providing an excelspecial place. A great deal lent education at a reasonable cost. has changed since I arrived We make it easy to drink better... At Texas A&M, on campus as a freshman in we are planning for R. Bowen 1967, but one thing has not the worst-case sceLoftin ‘71 nario of a $39 million changed: the belief that AgTexas A&M reduction in approprigies can change the world. I University ations from the state, president hope you’ll take advantage as well as the reallocaof the many opportunities tion of another you’ll find to make your mark $21 million of mostly non-state dollars as a new student or faculty or to fund our most important strategic priorities.This process will continue staff member. www.villagefoods into the fall .com semester with the addition

We make it easytoto eat...this If you’re returning campus

of several open forums where each of you will have the opportunity to give fall, welcome back! Thank you for all us your ideas, recommendations and you have done and will do for Texas A&M. We are making progress toward opinions. We will let you know the dates, times and locations for these foour goal of being recognized as one of the nation’s top public universities, and rums as soon as possible. Visit http:// for comwith your help, we will move even plete budget-related information. If you closer to this goal during the coming have specific questions, please e-mail academic year. Let me bring you up to date on a Despite our budget situation, this is few of the issues we’re facing this year. an exciting time to be at Texas A&M. Our state is expected to face a budHere are just a few recent highlights. get shortfall of anywhere from U.S. News & World Report ranked $11 billion to $18 billion for the We make it easy to... Texas A&M second nationally among upcoming fiscal year when the 82nd public universities (and the only public Texas Legislature convenes in January university in Texas) in the “Great 2011, despite belt-tightening measures Schools, Great Price� category, behind already taken by Texas A&M and the the University of North Carolina-Chastate’s other public universities.

pel Hill. We were ranked 22nd overall among national universities. Texas A&M was the only public university in Texas to be listed as a top 10 public “best value� by The Princeton Review. Texas A&M ranked 16th in the nation in the latest Open Doors report of institutions with the most international students - one place higher than in the previous report. Texas A&M again figured prominently in rankings by The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education for the number of degrees conferred to Hispanic students. The Aggie Family is strong and resilient. At more than 8,100, this year’s freshman class should be slightly above last year’s record. This gain is expected to push our overall enrollment on the College Station campus to more than 49,000 - a record as well. The special qualities that set Texas A&M apart from all other major research universities are also strong: the Corps of Cadets, our traditions and values, and the Aggie Network of more than 350,000 former students. We have a lot to look forward to. I’ll do my part to keep you informed through my weekly e-mails. You are also invited to “like� me on my Facebook fan page at and e-mail your questions and comments to me at Good luck in this new academic year, Gig ’em, Aggies and BTHO SFA on Saturday!

Thurs.-Sat. 11am-3pm

New year, new opportunities


t has been an exciting and opportunities, even helping on moveeventful summer for Ag- in day by providing great drinks as well as assistance in moving in freshmen. gieland. We have faced Not to mention the great scholarships many challenges and made and funding PepsiCo is providing to students many decisions regarding and student groups the budget cuts, the realignthis year. ment of the Big XII, the new We have also had contract with PepsiCo, and our work cut out for us this summer, and the approval of new dorms. worked hard to keep Jacob While a lot has happened tuition low. This year Robinson this summer, we have creour university had the senior university ated great results and oppor- studies - leadership lowest increase in the major and student A&M System and we tunities for A&M.


Long before the first midterm keeps everyone up half the night on a caffeinated high, students will notice our new contract with PepsiCo. Employees are very excited to be here and to help students in any way they can. Already they are assisting other organizations to host a benefit concert during Big Event. PepsiCo offers many more

body president

promise to freeze tuition next year. I testified to the Board of Regents to ask for this small increase and a freeze. With their commitment to keeping A&M affordable, they granted this request. With the buzz of football in the air, A&M will remain in the same conference, due to our tradition in the Big


Matt Woolbright, Editor in Chief THE BATTALION (ISSN #1055-4726) is published daily, Monday through Friday during the fall and spring semesters and Monday through Thursday during the summer session (except University holidays and exam periods) at Texas A&M University. Periodicals Postage Paid at College Station, TX 77840. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Battalion, Texas A&M University, 1111 TAMU, College Station, TX 77843-1111. News: The Battalion news department is managed by students at Texas A&M University in Student Media, a unit of the Division of Student Affairs. News ofďŹ ces are in The Grove, Bldg. 8901. Newsroom phone: 979-845-3313; Fax: 979-845-2647; E-mail:; website: Advertising: Publication of advertising does not imply sponsorship or endorsement by The Battalion. For campus, local, and national display advertising, call 979-845-2696. For classiďŹ ed advertising, call 979-8450569. Advertising ofďŹ ces are in The Grove, Bldg. 8901, and ofďŹ ce hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Fax: 979-845-2678. Subscriptions: A part of the Student Services Fee entitles each Texas A&M student to pick up a single copy of The Battalion. First copy free, additional copies $1. Mail subscriptions are $125 per school year. To charge by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express, call 979845-2613.

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XII and the benefits our school will receive. This is a great time to be a football fan in Aggieland. Other things that have affected the student body are the budget cuts mandated to A&M by the state’s Legislative Budget Board. The 10 percent reduction hits everyone hard and will be felt by everyone on campus. I have had the opportunity to sit in these meetings with faculty, staff and administrators and hear their input. Already I’ve voiced the concerns of students and make sure students are being considered in the cuts. While cuts may be inevitable, the leadership we have in the administration at Texas A&M will look after the student body. I encourage you to participate on campus and continue the Aggie Spirit we talk so much about. The Aggie way of life is talked about all over the world, and now you are a part of that family. Make the most of this opportunity and leave your mark on Aggieland!

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adies, gentlemen and anyone else not covered by those first two designations, the time has come for full-blown panic.

Please feel free to put this paper down and run around in a circle screaming “What will we do? What will we do? It’s all too late!” and other things people scream James Cavin as poorly comsenior political puter animated science major hybrid-sharklizards-supersoldiers bite their faces off in Sci-Fi Channel original movies. OK, you can start reading again now. So what’s all this panic about? Ahem: CLASSES START TODAY. For those of you nonprocrastinators who fail to grasp the gravity of the situation, allow me to explain. See, a class is a gathering of individuals held for the purpose of spreading knowledge. Knowledge is transmitted from one person to another, much like a social disease. And just like most social diseases, knowledge is something you pay money to get. The actual science of knowledge transmission is a little tricky, but in layman’s terms it goes something like this: you give money to a university, and the university gives you classes, (while you sit in the back solving newspaper sudoku puzzles), then your classes give you a bunch of tests. If you’re good enough at taking tests for four (or in some cases seven and a half) years, then the university gives you a slip of paper called a “degree,” which says “this person can have a job, maybe,” only it says it in Latin or something knowledgy (I think, although I’ve never actually seen one). Anyway, this “job” then gives you money, which you take and give to the people that you borrowed money from to give to the university, so that people don’t come and break your thumbs, or leave annoying voice mail messages. If you do well enough at your job, then you can eventually get something called a “retirement,”

Pg. 3a-08.30.10.indd 1

which is from the Greek word “retirementos” and translates roughly to “the right to wear your pants really high and complain about how much a loaf of bread costs these days.” So basically, how well you do in these “classes” will decide everything about the rest of your life; from your starting salary, to your retirement date, to how many of your children will be born into indentured servitude to pay off your student loans (read the fine print), to what size refrigerator box you will be living in once you finish your English degree. Obviously, this situation needs to be handled with the greatest attention and discipline, which is something that you may not have been doing if you’ve, for instance, spent the last 47 hours drinking wine coolers and perfecting your Super Shotgun skills in Doom II: Hell on Earth. Unfortunately, Doom II will not give you a diploma (unless by “diploma” you mean “crippling carpal tunnel”), so it’s time to buckle down and panic your way through the first week of classes. Classes which, I might remind you, will decide all the details of your entire existence, such as which thumb your student loan company will take first. Do you need to run around and scream some more? Me too. OK, now that we’ve got the panicking down, what do we do about


A&M alarm L

surviving this week? Step number one is to create a calming mantra. This is simply a phrase that you can repeat to yourself when things start to get out of hand, something that will remind you that no matter what college life throws at you, everything’s going to be OK. For instance, my mantra is “No matter what my GPA is, McDonald’s is always hiring.” I find it helpful to slowly rock myself in a corner and cry into a blanket while I say this, but it’s not strictly necessary. Step number two is to develop a “coping mechanism” to deal with the stress of classes. This is something you do to “blow off steam” or relax during stressful times. It can be a “happy place” you go to, such as a local park, or an activity you enjoy, such as morphine, to give you a break from the non-stop work of panicking about your classes. For instance, even though I’m super stressed about this semester, I know that I can still sit down at my computer and enjoy a relaxing 47hour Doom II marathon. After all, class doesn’t start for six minutes.

Politics as usual: Harry Podcast and the Podcast of Azkaban Hear James Cavin, Ian McPhail and Richard Creecy discuss Wikileaks, bad eggs and Americans held hostage in Iran. Ian asks A&M’s President R. Bowen Loftin about the budget, layoffs and the money owed by the Big 12. Tune in for new episodes every Monday.

Available free in the iTunes store and on

Get a job H

owdy Ags! Need a little of our workshops extra cash? Looking for include Business a job? Want to develop Communication your personal and professional Skills, Quality skills? The Student Employment Customer Service Office is available to help students and Finding a pursue their educational goals by Balance. You Tiffany providing employment resources can view all of and professional development our available McElmurry opportunities. Additionally, the workshops and Creecy Student Employment Office provides register online the human resources function for at our website. graduate human students and employers of students at Each year, resource development Texas A&M University. the Student student and graduate Students can apply for part-time Employment assistant at the jobs, on- and off-campus by using Office Student Employment Office our database at http://JobsForAggies. celebrates the To start looking for a job, contributions click the Student Login button, login student employees make on campus using your Net ID and password, and and in the community with National fill out your Student Profile. Once Student Employment Week. NSEW you have completed your profile, occurs during second full week in you can begin searching April, and resource tables through our active job are set up on campus For help finding postings. If you apply where students can get a job, contact for a position through free popcorn, pens, the Student the Jobs for Aggies stickers and more. Employment website, employers Student employees will be able to see who come by the Office in room 229 your profile as well resource table can of the Pavilion or as any documents you also enter a drawing to call 979-845-0686. have uploaded to your win prizes donated from My Documents folder, sponsors throughout Bryan such as a resume or cover letter. and College Station. During Otherwise follow the application the week of NSEW, we honor instructions provided by the employer outstanding student employees who in the job posting. Students are also are nominated by their employers welcome to contact departments and for the Student Employee of the businesses directly to inquire about Year Award. Two students are job opportunities. chosen as student employee of the If you have been awarded workyear, one on-campus and one from study as part of your financial aid the community and each winner package, you can use this funding receives a scholarship. Nominees are towards part-time employment also selected to receive the Student on-campus or with one of our offEmployee Endowed Scholarship campus work-study programs: the sponsored by the Class of 1956. Community Service Program or Be sure to check out our Facebook Reads and Counts. You can search group: Texas A&M University for on-campus jobs using Jobs for Student Employment Office. We post Aggies, and apply for openings in recent jobs, workshops and tips and the Community Service Program by answer any questions about student typing “CSP” in the keyword search. employment. We also feature photos To learn more about Reads and of student employees on the job. We Counts, visit the website at http:// may show up at your job and ask to take a picture of you in action. Check The Student Employment online, you may know someone who Office also offers free workshops has been featured already. to help students develop their If you have any questions or skills for improving effectiveness, would like more information, head to efficiency and quality of life. Some

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One colle Aggi the r Teer Whil comm impo Rings form at a g symb rifle t belov intell Aggi in a R pitch botto beer, Aid, s

Bonfire In the early hours of November 18, 1907, a group of Aggies celebrated an A&M football victory by burning a pile of wood and garbage near the train station. Two years later, Bonfire burned on campus for the first time. Over the decades, Aggies became increasingly ambitious with the construction of the Stack, even reaching

109 feet in height in 1969 before the University decided they would not allow it to be more than 55 feet tall. “It was kind of a unifying factor on campus for students from all different organizations. Even if people didn’t build it, they went to watch it. There would be 70,000 people at Burn said, Nathan Coffman, senior redpot with Student Bonfire and civil engineering

major. On November 18, 1999, Bonfire fell, killing 12 Aggies. These lost Aggies are remembered each year with a memorial week and service at 2:24 a.m. each year on the anniversary of the collapse. The loss is permanently commemorated with the Bonfire Memorial on campus, which features a dozen “portals” inscribed with per-

sonalized messages from the Aggies’ family and close friends. “The memorial, for me, it shows a greater sacrifice. No matter how bad it is, it could always be worse,” said Michael Espericueta, outreach awareness sub-chairman for Traditions Council and senior economics major. Although Aggie Bonfire is no lon-

ger endorsed by the University, some students continue on the tradition off campus each year with Student Bonfire. “I’m from Virginia, so coming here, I didn’t really know anyone, so I went out to Cut. You do manual labor with these people, so if nothing else, you have that in common,” Coffman said. He said students interested in

getting involved with Bonfire can find contact information for the different on and off campus crews on All students are invited to Bonfire Burn, which is held the week before the annual football game against the University of Texas. “Bonfire still burns in every Aggie’s heart,” Teer said.

Sul Ross During final exams, some students get creative by making Aggie figures, such as Reveille or the “Gig ‘Em” sign, out of pennies and placing them as a good luck offering at the feet of Sully’s statue in Academic Plaza. Typically, Aggies simply put a single coin at the feet of the former University president, for good luck. The story is that Sul Ross would tutor students, but would generously charge only a penny for their thoughts. “He was once — and still is — a very important figure on campus. People still put pennies on Sully even if they don’t know why. He’s an example that just doing something small for others can have an impact for much longer time than you think,” Teer said.

Rivalry An important element of being an Aggie is not being a Longhorn. For years, A&M has prided itself on having been around longer than that other school in Austin, which has been playfully nicknamed “t.u.”, standing for the belittling “texas university.” “It’s one of the longest rivalries in the United States,” John Busch, senior yell leader and finance major said. “Both schools have strong personalities.” References to A&M’s superiority over those Longhorns are featured on T-shirt slogans, in our school’s fight song and in business signs throughout College Station. “You get a kick out of seeing people go against each other. It’s just good family fun. And it’s just kind of ingrained itself in the culture,” junior yell leader and business honors major David Benac said.



traditions.indd 1

(1,1) -1- traditions.indd 8/29/10 8:13 PM

Aggie Ring


One of the most highly anticipated events in Aggie’s college life is the moment they receive their hard-earned Aggie Ring. “It’s is a tangible object that you will have for the rest of your life that connects you to the University,” Teer said. “It’s a tradition you’ll always have with you.” While the ring itself is a symbol of every Aggie’s commitment and love for A&M, the design is full of important symbols. Aside from the class year, the Aggie Rings stays the same from year to year, connecting former students around the globe with a single glimpse at a glimpse of the recognizable gold. Among the many symbols engraved on the ring are a cannon, saber and rifle to symbolize the Texans who fought to defend their beloved state, and a shield with five stars representing intellect, body, spirit, emotional poise and integrity. Many Aggies celebrate the arrival of their rings by participating in a Ring Dunk party, in which students down entire pitchers of a favorite beverage to get to their ring at the bottom. While a number of Aggies opt to dunk their ring in beer, others pick less traditional beverages such as KoolAid, sweet tea or Dr Pepper.

The most well-known and beloved lady on campus might only be knee-high, but she is frequently sought after for photographs or simply an approving wag of her tail. Reveille VIII, or “Miss Rev, ma’am,” as members of the Corps of Cadets must address the four-year-old collie, is A&M’s furry mascot who brings joy to Aggies who cross her path. “Reveille represents how one person, or in this case, the dog, can bring so many people happiness and make so many people smile,” said Cody Guffey, mascot corporal and sophomore political science major. “Dog is man’s best friend.” The first Reveille, a black and white mutt, arrived in Aggieland in 1931, capturing the hearts of students. Upon her death, she was given a formal military funeral and buried at the north entrance of Kyle Field, so she can always watch the Aggies outscore their football opponents. All Reveilles are given this honor. While the University has also been home to other canine friends, include three-legged Tripod and former University president James Earl Rudder’s bulldog Ranger, Reveille has charmed her way to the top.

Silver Taps

niversity, some he tradition with Student so coming here, yone, so I went ual labor with hing else, you Coffman said. terested in

As an Aggie family, students honor deceased peers on the first Tuesday of every month at Silver Taps. At 10:15 p.m., Aggies quietly gather in the Academic Plaza as the Albritton Tower bells play hymns. At 10:30 p.m., the Ross Volunteer Firing Squad marches in to fire a 21gun salute, as is typical for a fallen soldier’s funeral. Buglers play a special arrangement of Silver Taps from the dome of the Academic Building. The taps are played three times: once to the north, the south and the west. The buglers do not play to the east, signifying that the sun will never rise on the deceased Aggies’ life again. “Silver Taps, for me, always give me chills because it shows that no matter how big this campus gets, every single person matters,” said Michael Espericueta, outreach awareness sub-chairman for Traditions Council and senior economics major. During the day before Silver Taps, the Traditions Council sets up booths in the Commons, the Quad, Wehner and in front of Koldus where students are provided with cards they can fill out to give to the mourning families.

getting involved with Bonfire can find contact information for the different on and off campus crews on All students are invited to Bonfire Burn, which is held the week before the annual football game against the University of Texas. “Bonfire still burns in every Aggie’s heart,” Teer said.


Midnight Yell The first Midnight Yell was held in 1931, in front of the YMCA building, before the University of Texas game, with railroad flares stuck into flower pots to light the area. In the present day, students flock into Kyle Field the night before every home game to prepare for the next day. The Yell Leaders lead the crowd in the University’s songs and tell fables about how the Aggies will beat the hell out of their opponents. “A lot of people think we have a joke bank that we pull from, but that’s not true. We hear a joke or know a joke from growing up,” Busch said.

What began in 1883 as a gathering of Aggies reflecting on their college days and evolved into an annual celebration of Texas independence on San Jacinto Day is now a worldwide event. On April 21 each year, Aggies gather in more than 300 locations around the globe — including on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan — to remember fellow Aggies who have passed away in the past year. “I think it helps individuals feel connected. I know if I were to pass away, no matter what, I’ll be honored at Muster,” Teer said. While the largest Muster gathering happens on campus in Reed Arena, at every Muster location, a roll call for the absent is read out. Family members and friends answer “here” and light a candle in memory of lost loved ones. “Muster began as a commemoration, driven by respect for old friends and a desire to remember college days gone by. Campus Muster continues each year because current students are committed to serving the Aggie family, and to making each April 21 the best it can be,” said Ali Walsh, programs chairwoman for the Muster Committee and junior civil engineering major. “Muster is service to others, integrity, respect, excellence, selflessness and remembrance. Muster embodies what it means to be an Aggie. “ Walsh said the 23-member Muster Committee works hard for the full year to prepare for each Muster, contacting families, preparing reflections displays and training Muster hosts among many other tasks.

tions Rebecca Bennett The Battalion


radition is an inextricable thread in the fabric of Aggie culture, connecting the Aggie family today while simultaneously linking us to our past. While many universities across the nation boast traditions, Aggies are exceptionally proud of our humble beginnings as an agricultural college and military school, paying homage to our history through our traditions. “I think it makes us different because our traditions are one thing that really bonds us together as an Aggie family. It really makes it feel like home,” said Lesa Teer, chairwoman for the Traditions Council and senior agricultural communications and journalism major. “Our traditions are inclusive. No one is left out.”

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page 7a


. ks. xtboones for you e t l l e n't s est o We dothe cheap d We fin

monday 8.30.2010



al e-m


read the fine print.

also for

iPhone and iPad!!!


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Students attend MSC Open House in 2009 to learn about clubs and organizations at A&M.

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battalion Classifieds

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Calm before the storm Student organizations prepare for MSC Open House Matt Peterson The Battalion Students wondering how to spend their time outside of the classroom can find out at the annual MSC Open House from 1 to 5 p.m. Sept. 5 at Reed Arena. The event is an opportunity for organizations and clubs to introduce themselves to interested students. Reed Arena marks the event’s third location in the past three years. After being held in the MSC since it began in the 1950s, the event was moved to the Student Recreation Center in 2009 due to renovations. Open House is the largest student organization recruitment event at Texas A&M and is expecting about 400 student organizations to participate this year. Payton Guthrie, vice presi-

dent of MSC Marketing, said planning the event is a fivemonth process beginning in the spring semester. Guthrie said there would be plenty of outdoor activities with live “entertainment-based” demonstrations. Tables for the organizations will be on the concourse as well as on the arena floor. “It’s about facilitating the flow of students in the most orderly fashion,” Guthrie said. “The goal is getting the students in, letting them see what they want and getting them out efficiently without any backups.” Open House provides students a chance to enrich their college experience by exhibiting the wide variety of extracurricular activities that A&M has to offer. “Open House is a great opportunity for students to come and see what they want to do,

whether it’s freshmen for the next four years or seniors looking to get involved finally,” Guthrie said. Not only is this event important for students looking to join, but organizations looking to add new members can help their cause by preparing well. One of the best ways to gain publicity is to register as soon as possible. Registration is open until Wednesday. “With all the organizations that participate, we want to make sure we leave a lasting impression on the students that come by our table,” said Sport Management Society President Brooke Blakeley.

For more information ◗ Visit the MSC Open House website at http://

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Rough, tough, real stuff

Jeremy Northum — THE BATTALION

A row of students saws ’em off Sunday at Freshman Convocation in Reed Arena.

How red ass are you? Test your Aggie knowledge


The Gig ’Em was the first hand sign introduced to the Southwest Conference. Hand signs, some more obnoxious than others, were adopted by other Texas schools as the Gig ’Em gained popularity across the state.


According to campus legend, the Animal Industries Building, recognizable by the stone animal heads that line the tops of its walls, is haunted by the ghost of a man who died after an accident in the building’s basement.

Kyle Field has an official capacity of 83,002, but it has held crowds of over 88,000 people in the past. To put that in perspective, in 2006 the population of College Station was estimated at 86,000.

Reveille may be the highest ranking member of the Corps, but she’s not A&M’s only mascot. The unofficial Aggie mascot is Ol’ Sarge, the cartoon army man that can often be seen on T-shirts and other Aggie merchandise.


Speaking of Reveille, in addition to having her own student ID, she has a cell phone that’s operated by her handler. That being said, don’t expect to get her number any time soon.

6 7 


In addition to more famous Aggies like Gov. Rick Perry and Defense Secretary Robert Gates, other notable graduates include Gary Kubiak, coach of the Houston Texans and Francis Turner, an engineer credited with creating the Interstate Highway System who actually graduated from the University twice.


While it started at Texas A&M in 1983, The Big Event is no longer an event exclusive to the Aggies. Sixty-eight universities around the country now participate in the massive service project, though the College Station Big Event is the largest.


Muster began as a school holiday reserved for the Corps of Cadets’ track and field competition. During World War II, it evolved into the somber memorial it is today. Muster remains one of the Aggies’ most sacred traditions.

The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band is the largest military-style marching band in the world. The editor of the Bryan-College Station Eagle once said of the band: “A&M is probably the only school anywhere that throws in a free football game with its performance.”

Before he became credited for saving Texas A&M while he was president and saving the grades of superstitious students on exam days, Lawrence Sullivan Ross participated in 135 battles in the Civil War as one of the Confederacy’s youngest generals.



Alec Goetz, staff writer

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Let us GUIDE you to class


re you a freshman, nervous about finding your classes on the first day? Or are all your classes in buildings you’ve never even seen before? Well, we are here to help. Tour Guide Day takes place on the first two days of the semester, today and tomorrow, and volunteers will be stationed around campus to help you find your way. Raechel Look for us in the Schneider fluorescent Chair, GUIDE shirts and 2010-2011 Class of 2010 we will be happy to point you in the right direction. We also have some goodies to get you through your first couple of days. Volunteers will be ready at the following locations to guide you to class: Blocker Building, the Commons, G. Rollie White Coliseum, the H2O Fountain, the Intersection of Ross and Spence Street and the MSC Bus Stop. Tour Guide Day is organized by GUIDE, a Student Government Association committee dedicated to helping freshmen transition to college life through meaningful mentor relationships. However, Tour Guide Day would not be possible without the many other student organizations volunteering. We look forward to meeting you and helping you find your way around our beautiful campus. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at tourguideday@

Jorge Montalvo — THE BATTALION

GUIDE would like to thank the following groups for volunteering and making Tour Guide Day possible AISA, Alternative Spring Break, AOLP, ARC, ASSIST, BYLT, Carpool, Century Scholars, Chi Omega, Delta Gamma, Delta Zeta, Gamma Phi Beta, Guide, Honors, Impact, Kappa, Liberal Arts Student, Council, LIFE, MSC ALOT, MSC Hospitality, MSC L.T. Jordan Institute, NFLO, NSLC, OCA, Quiz Bowl, RHA. SIFE, Student Senate, TSTA, Texas A&M Speech & Debate Team, and WHOOP.

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Fire blazes at apartment complex

· Reserve your 2011 Aggieland

Megan Ryan

The 109th edition of Texas A&M University’s official yearbook will chronicle traditions, academics, the other education, sports, the Corps, Greeks, campus organizations and seniors and graduate students. Distribution will be during Fall 2011. Cost is $64.90, including shipping and sales tax. Go to the optional services box in Howdy when you register for fall.

· Order your 2010 Aggieland (if you haven’t) The 2010 Aggieland yearbook will be a 640-page record of the 2009-2010 Texas A&M school year. Books will be mailed out during Fall 2010.

· Purchase the award-winning 2009 Aggieland (if you haven’t) The 2009 Aggieland is a 624-page, awardwinning photojournalistic record of the 2008– 2009 school year. By credit card go online to http://aggieland.tamu. edu or call 979-845-2613. Or drop by the Student Media office, Bldg. #8901 in The Grove (between Albritton Bell Tower and Cain Hall). Hours: 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday–Friday.

The Battalion A fire about 11 p.m. Saturday at The Meridian left a College Station resident dead. It was a single alarm fire that authorities believe started in the kitchen. A woman in her 60s was rushed to the hospital as soon as responders reached the scene. She was pronounced dead at the College Station Medical Center after CPR administered on the way to the hospital failed. Meagan Glassgow, class of 2010, called 911 after an hour and a half of smelling the smoke from her apartment. “I smelled smoke, and I put off calling for about an hour and half. I thought someone was grilling outside my window. I called around 10:50. I didn’t think it was what it was — I couldn’t imagine it,” Glassgow said. Justin Reeves, sophomore general studies major, said his mother and grandmother were in town to help move him in when the fire started. “My mother and grandmother were with me and it really freaked them out,” he said. “First thing I saw was the fireman running,

Matt Woolbright — THE BATTALION

Residents look on as firefighters respond to a fire that occurred late Saturday evening at The Meridian apartment complex. all of them were headed towards the pool. They got their equipment set up. I didn’t see fire, just a lot of smoke and them carry out an unconscious women and rush her to the hospital.” Jones said the woman was a long-term resident of the complex. “She’s lived here as long as I can remem-

ber,” Jones said. “She worked at a hotel in town.” Authorities said there would be an autopsy and circumstances surrounding the fire are bring investigated. Richard Creecy, Ian McPhail and Matt Woolbright contributed to this story.



AN AD Phone 845-0569 or Fax 845-2678 The Grove, Bldg. #8901 Texas A&M University


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HELP WANTED Ag Football Concession Staff. Champion Concessions will be providing Dippin’ Dots at all home football games. We ar looking for energetic students to work in a fun and fast-paced environment. Pay is $8.50/hr. Email

Vail • Beaver Creek • Keystone • Arapahoe Basin

20 Mountains. 5 Resorts. 1 Price. FROM ONLY

plus t/s

BRYAN: 1/1 w/STUDY BROADMOOR @ BRIARCREST APTS, central a/h, w/d conn, W/S, INTERNET & CABLE PAID!! $445/MO. 979-775-2291.


Offering credit union memberships to Texas A&M students and faculty.


1-800-SKI-WILD • 1-800-754-9453

puzzle answers can be found online at

Alteration and counter help needed. Apply in person. Pruitt’s Fabric. 318 George Bush Drive, College Station. Athletic men for calendars, books, etc. $100-$200/hr, up to $1000/day. No experience. 512-684-8296. Camp For All is looking for creative and energetic staff who are interested in working with children and adults w/challenging illnesses and special needs. These paid positions will be trained to lead activities for our campers on weekends. Please contact Larry Geiger at or visit our website at Cleaning commercial buildings at night, M-F. Call 979-823-5031 for appointment. COACHES WANTED! We need enthusiastic, positive, motivational volunteer coaches for youth flag football. Call 764-3424. FLAG FOOTBALL PLAYERS WANTED! College Station is currently forming an 8-on-8 leagues. For team or idividual registration information, visit our website



Large 1-topping pizza

FT/PT openings, customer sales/svc, no experience necessary, conditions apply, all ages 17+, 979-260-4555. Help Wanted Part Time Building Attendant for the Brazos Center. $10.02 hourly. Work schedule will vary from 12-20 hours a week. Janitorial duties and customer service. Apply: Brazos County HR Dept. County Courthouse. Visit our website for more info @ Landscape architect student wanted to draw to scale plot plan of house and yard for use in developing landscape. On farm, 3mi east of Hern. Dave Martin 979-280-5797. Lawn crew member needed, $9/hr. Hrs Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12-6, experience required. 979-224-2511. MEN & WOMEN VOLLEYBALL PLAYERS WANTED! College Station is currently forming a 6-on-6 co-ed volleyball league. For team or individual registration information, visit our website Napa Auto Patrs Byran hiring part-time counter personnel. Experience preferred. 979-779-6842. Need a part time job with flexible hours? Call 979-255-2303. Part-time house cleaning. 4hrs per week, Thursday or Friday, $45. Provide own transportation. Home: 979-690-3986, Cell: 979-820-2686. STUDENTPAYOUTS.COM Paid Survey Takers Needed In College Station. 100% Free To Join. Click On Surveys. The Corner Bar &Grill now hiring. Apply in person at 9pm Monday through Wednesday. All positions available.

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1740 Rock Prairie Rd.


Carry Out Only

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Female roommate needed. Large updated townhouse off S.W. Pkwy. Bus-route, W/D, covered parking, 1/3-utilities. $350/mo. 979-204-9788. Roommate wanted in a 4bd house off of Graham Road. $300. Call 575-7891.

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exas A&M is a University built on decades of tradition, but the most important lesson I have learned in college is to accept change.

ongratulations! Chances are if you are reading this you are, or were at some point, a student of Texas A&M University, and that is truly an honor.


For many, this will be the first time away from home. For all, a new school vor every moment, year brings with it even the bad, and new opportunities. learn from every What you choose to experience. do today and tomorLooking back row will shape who at the sumyou become years mer serving the from now. student body as From the first Vicky Flores editor in chief, day of freshman I will take away junior MIS major, year, I was one city editor and all the incredof those people summer 2010 ible stories of who had a plan for editor-in-chief Aggies followeverything. I knew ing their dreams exactly what classes and succeedI would take, exactly where ing. I will continue to tell I would be in two years and your stories as the fall city what type of person I would editor. Being editor-in-chief be after graduation. I would has taught me a lot not only graduate with a marketing about journalism and myself degree, get that dream job but, more importantly, what everyone would be jealous it means to be an Aggie. The of and be married, all by key to being an Aggie is truly the time I was 25. But then finding your niche in a sea something weird happened. of thousands of students and Things didn’t turn out the making your own path in life. way I thought, so I had to Start putting one foot in front learn not to fight change, of the other and see where it but embrace it. And that, will take you. Be brave freshto me, is the most impormen, and for those familiar tant thing to learn during with Aggieland, it is never college. too late for a new adventure. Attending such a large The ultimate goal: don’t live university means students with regrets. have an endless supply of So I say goodbye to you as opportunities. Don’t come editor-in-chief and hello as in knowing who you are; be your city editor. If you would excited that during the next like to get in a story idea four years you will find out or even become a reporter, who you really are. Join feel free to contact me with a club, make new friends, questions at metro@thebatt. take classes that interest you com. The Battalion is here to and follow your passion. Sa- serve you.

emotions shared among Aggies is unparalleled outside of the literal family. This year, we have Take advantage of your the largest freshtime here. Many people man class in the wish they could be in University’s history – more than your shoes. I encourage 8,100 new, fresh you to jump into Aggie faces on campus. life and get involved. You elite students There are hundreds represent less than of student organizaMatt one third of all Woolbright tions always looking for who applied to passionate members. I junior sociology be in Aggieland guarantee there is somemajor and fall 2010 this fall. You are one on campus who editor-in-chief a special group shares your passion. of students, and That is the best part when you accepted A&M’s of being an Aggie. When you offer, you became part of an find your niche here, you incredible family. will realize you can surround The Aggie network is your yourself with people passionate ticket to the world. You can go about the same things as youranywhere and do anything you self. This is when incredible dream with your a and Aggie things happen, when a group Ring in hand. The oldest tradi- of driven, talented people get tion at A&M is Muster, and it together and make a real differis carried out worldwide every ence in the world. spring. The tradition calls for You will meet hundreds Aggies to gather together and of people, professional allies recall time in Aggieland. who will help you throughout The stories usually include your careers, and people who great joys such as eating at the will become your lifelong best Chicken, screaming our teams friends. Enjoy every minute on to success and embracing each other while sawing off the of your time in Aggieland, it goes by too fast. The poshorns. But they also might include times of tragedy that have sibilities are endless for you as an Aggie, every resource brought the family even closer you need is in front of you. throughout the years. The Now, it is up to you to leave first Tuesday of every month your mark on Aggieland and students on campus gather in change the world. When you Academic Plaza to remember do, let us at The Battalion and honor the lives of current know and we’ll write about students who died in the last your accomplishments. month. The amount of familial


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TAKE A PIECE OF A&M HISTORY WITH YOU ¡ Reserve your 2011 Aggieland The 109th edition of Texas A&M University’s official yearbook will chronicle traditions, academics, the other education, sports, the Corps, Greeks, campus organizations and seniors and graduate students. Distribution will be during Fall 2011. Cost is $64.90, including shipping and sales tax. Go to the optional services box in Howdy when you register for fall. For info, call 845-2613.


A LLERGIES ? g e t relief.


to schedule an appointment call 979.693.6000


Ron Kuppersmith, M.D. • Andrew de Jong ,M.D. • Michael McMahon, M.D. Lorin Catalena, M.S., PA-C • Kellous Price, M.D. 1730 Birmingham Drive

Pg. 3b.2-08.30.10.indd 1

College Station, Tx 77845

8/29/10 9:37 PM

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monday 8.30.2010

RED WING SHOES Student Discount Aggie Owned 3700 S.Texas Ave. Near Broadmoor Intersection in Bryan


How Important Is Your Future?

Quality Counts Evan Andrews — THE BATTALION

Sage wisdom Upperclassmen give advice to incoming Class of 2014

Senior microbiology major Ryan McMasters and junior general studies major Jacob Lofland want freshmen to know that it’s OK and even encouraged to be yourself in college. “You’re not the only freak in the room. For some people, high school sucked and for others, it rocked. But either way, college is nothing like high school,” McMasters said. Lofland said it’s vital for freshmen to become comfortable with who they are and to show it off to others. “If you’re always trying to be someone else to fit in, you’ll be miserable,” Lofland said. McMasters said he found it rewardAlthough ing to pursue as much opportunity freshman year for fun as possible while balancing may seem studies. intimidating, “This is the one time in your there are some life when you can have fun until three in the morning, go to secrets to IHOP, take a nap, have a class at making it less eight, get out at noon and play ultidaunting. mate Frisbee by 12:15. After this, life is a huge degree less exciting,” he said. Joey Kelly, senior finance major said he benefitted from taking more difficult classes at a community college since grades do not transfer. Kelly stressed that freshmen should not fear Q-drops, eating in cafeterias or riding a bike to class. “You are not too cool to ride a bike,” he said. “If you do, you get to sleep an extra 10 minutes. [It’s] worth it.” Kelly also accentuated the importance of joining at least one of A&M’s over 800 student organizations. “Get involved,” he said. “And pretend like everyone you meet is the coolest person in the world. You are no better than them and they may end up being someone important in your life.” Sophomore psychology major Amanda Voisard learned a great deal her first year about the weight academics carry in the grand scheme of college life. She said she wants the upcoming Aggies to know that if they’re struggling in a class to use the tutoring resources available both on and off campus. “4.0 and Go and A+ Tutoring have both been helpful to many students and they’re close to campus, so take advantage,” she said. School will be one of the biggest adjustments to make, according to all of these students. But they said there are ways to chill out when stress levels are high. Senior kinesiology major Caitlin Giesler said, “Always make time to work out. It’s a great stress reliever and study break, and it will ease the transition from high school athletics to a college lifestyle.”

James and Reynolds provides quality representation for those charged with crimes, with 2 lawyers board certified in criminal law and over 50 years combined experience. Plus, the firm carries A-V rating by Martindale Hubble. ,


Jim James - magna cum laude, Texas A&M 76, honors graduate University of Texas School of Law 78; Board Certified Criminal Law, named Texas Super Lawyer; Speaker at Texas Bar Advanced Criminal Law Seminar.


e all remember our first day at A&M. After handing over loads of cash for books, putting every hair in place, whipping out the campus map and walking around like lost puppies, we found an inconspicuous seat in our first classes and gawked at the syllabus. It was scary. It was exciting. It was… different. But several upperclassmen think it doesn’t have to be difficult if the upand-coming Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2014 freshmen know a few simple tips.

If you’re charged with a criminal offense, it can effect not just your liberty, but your future.


Cameron Reynolds - graduated from Texas A&M 91 and Texas Tech School of Law in 1994. Board Certified Criminal Lawyer, named Texas Super Lawyer, Former Brazos County Assistant District Attorney.

Angela Washeck sophomore communication major and enterprise editor


David Hilburn - graduated from Texas A&M 97 and of South Texas College of Law in 2000. Harris County Assistant District Attorney 2000-2005, Brazos County Assistant District Attorney 2005-2009.

Call 979.846.1934



Freshman year bucket list ◗ Attend Midnight Yell and mug down with someone ◗ Sweat through your maroon on the third deck of Kyle Field during a September football game

◗ Go pond hopping ◗ Attend a ring dunk ◗ Run through the dorm hallways screaming “The Spirit of Aggieland”

◗ Go to Northgate, repeatedly ◗ Go to a $4 movie ◗ Attend Silver Taps at the beginning of each month ◗ Make it to Muster ◗ Saw ‘em off with a stranger ◗ Indulge in a “Sbisa sandwich”: two chocolate chip cookies with Blue Bell ice cream in between

◗ Participate in the milk challenge ◗ Grow facial hair ◗ Pull an all-nighter ◗ Read The Battalion each morning

Pg. 5b-08.30.10.indd 1

8/29/10 7:16 PM

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monday 8.30.2010


Fish food Top Guests eat at Freebirds on University Drive. Center Spoons Frozen Yogurt offers toppings for guests to add to their desserts. Bottom Material science engineering graduate student Nick Sears and senior international studies and Russian major Samuel Price enjoy lunch at McAlister’s Sunday.

College Station satisfies any appetite


ear lost, hungry freshman, for Mexican food. Welcome to your first day of “I love eating at McAlister’s because I school; you are officially a part love the quick service and wide variety of the Aggie family. Those who are of healthy options,” said Molly Livingespecially sharp realize college life is stone, sophomore English major. going to be very different from living For long days on campus, Heat home. One obvious difference is bert’s near the engineering hub across that parents are no longer serving your Caroline University Drive dishes up take-out meals. You must now use your survival authentic Cajun food — not a fake Ward skills to feed yourself daily. You can use imitation. The hot dog cart outside of junior Koldus offers the best hot dogs you your campus meal plan, prepare your communication have ever eaten. own meals or feast at one of the many major eateries in Bryan and College Station. Hullabaloo Diner, featured on the A myriad of choices can be found Food Network, is a 1940s diner previwithin five miles whether you are looking for ously located in New York, sold on eBay and barbecue, sushi, pizza, Mexican food or a delimoved to Brazos County. Offering diner food cious burger. All students have their favorites and breakfast all day, the French toast will bring and soon you will too. you to tears. With American-sized portions, you Personal favorites for sophomore English ma- will be walking out with a to-go box or pants jor Jevon Jemaa are Wings ’N’ More and Blue that no longer fit. Baker because he says they are not expensive. “Why do I love Layne’s? I love to eat at “Their food is all really original, freakin’ awe- Layne’s because it is 2012 times better than some and they’re unique to Aggieland,” he said. Cane’s. A-A-A WHOOP,” said Tori Laredo, Alyssa Blessing, junior kinesiology major, junior special education major. said she also likes Blue Baker for the good, fresh The Cane’s v. Layne’s rivalry runs deep in food and the Dixie Chicken for the atmosphere College Station. Both serve chicken fingers with and awesome food. delicious sauce, fries and toast. It is rumored “Spoons [frozen yogurt] is awesome, that Cane’s “stole” the recipe for Layne’s sauce, Freebirds [burritos] is unique to the area and but this is highly unlikely since the founder Whataburger is open when all other places are of Cane’s went to Louisiana State University, closed,” said Nathan Jordan, junior international where this fast food idea was a class project. studies major. I think the toast is better at Cane’s, but Red Mango serves teas, chillers and non-fat, Layne’s sauce is spicier. Both places should frozen yogurt desserts with lots of fresh fruit be given a fair chance. toppings for the health-conscious or those who Muldoons, Mugwalls and Sweet Eugene’s simply want a delicious sweet treat. are three popular coffeehouses where friends “JJ’s is the best snow cone place ever. The meet to study or just take a break. snow cones cost practically nothing for their Other popular favorites are Junek’s and heaven in your mouth taste. The bubblegum Rudy’s for barbecue, Firehouse Subs for its flavor even comes with a gumball,” said Demi big portions and hearty recipes, and the laidDillman, class of 2010. back Fuzzy’s Tacos and Buffalo Wild Wings Antonio’s serves inexpensive specialty pizzas for everything. — try barbecue chicken ranch pizza. Hungry Last spring, while serving as a Muster Host, Howie’s makes pizza with eight different crust I met a former Aggie who told me College flavors to please all taste buds. Gumby’s has Station used to be a little cow town with only pizza, wings and pasta and serves pizza rolls for a few places to eat on Northgate, but in 1990, 50 cents every Tuesday. Mr. G’s original recipe Olive Garden opened and rocked everyone’s pizzas are made using fresh ingredients daily. world. Since then choices have expanded “Fish Daddy’s introduces a classy and casual significantly. atmosphere, and Casa Rodriguez is the best Start working on the Freshman 15 by trying Mexican food in the area,” said Chelsea Murout some of these places, but there are many phy, class of 2010. other good ones out there. Before long, you Casual, yet upscale, Abuelo’s is also excellent will have your own favorites.


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