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news for you texas Hospital refuses to hire smokers El Paso’s University Medical Center won’t hire tobacco users after Oct. 1, making it the first Texas hospital to make such a move. The hospital’s Chief Executive Officer Jim Valenti said the policy was put in place so the hospital could encourage employees to lead healthier lives.

County officials arrest jail guard Maria Elvia Ross was a Dallas County jail guard assigned to the sheriff department’s quality assurance team. She also, allegedly, is an illegal immigrant. Ross faces deportation, and county officials said they are writing new policies to ensure there are periodic checks of the legal status of non-U.S. citizens working as jailers and deputies.

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nation &world New York Yankees owner dies George Steinbrenner, whose big wallet and win-at-allcost attitude whipped the New York Yankees into a billion-dollar sports empire, died Tuesday after a heart attack in St. Joseph’s Hospital of Tampa, Fla. In 37-plus seasons as owner, Steinbrenner led the Yankees to seven World Series championships, 11 American League pennants and 16 AL East titles.

The Division of Operations faces employee cuts as part of Loftin’s plan to restructure campus infrastructures. Sarah Ammerman The Battalion Texas A&M laid off 66 employees Tuesday morning to realign the Division of Operations and to enhance University President R. Bowen Loftin’s goal to restructure campus facilities and physical plant operations announced in February. “Addressing the condition of existing


buildings and infrastructure have been ongoing since I returned to Texas A&M as an administrator in 2005, and these areas were the focus of a recent audit conducted by the Texas A&M University System,” Loftin said in a university wide e-mail. The 66 people that were let go Tuesday is another step in the process of Loftin’s plan. The Division of Operations is primarily made up of two groups: the repairs and maintenance group and the construction group. Through the realignment, focus is being shifted to the repair and maintenance group. The majority of the cuts were from the construction crew. “The construction services can be han-

dled as efficiently and effectively outside the community, and focusing on the repairs and maintenance is at the core of our business,” said Lallah M. Howard, executive associate vice president in the Division of Operations. The savings from the layoffs will be reinvested into the facilities on campus. It will give more opportunities to do more repairs and maintenance of the buildings that already exist, Howard said. “Changing the buildings on campus takes a different level of expertise, and we are focusing on maintaining the buildings See Employees on page 3

Dog days of summer

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A&M offers Tai Chi classes

Megan Ryan | The Battalion

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Bill imposes 10 percent tax on tanning That summertime glow now comes at a price. The health care bill signed into law by President Barack Obama calls for a 10 percent tax on tanning salon customers per visit and went into effect July 1. “I disagree with it,” said Karen Baker, junior business management major. “I do not think customers should be taxed for a service.” The tax is in response to the increased risk of developing skin cancer with tanning bed use. When tanning, customers are exposed to ultraviolet light, the main cause of melanoma, one of the most deadly forms of cancer. “Tanned skin is damaged skin,” said Traci Toone, health educator in Texas A&M Health Services. “Regardless of what salon advertising and marketers may say, there is no safe tanning bed, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has identified tanning beds as known cancer-causing agents. This tax is essentially a

Twenty-one incidents of aggravated robbery in College Station have taken place over the summer. Although there have been more reported incidents than the nine reported in summer 2009, College Station Police Department public information officer Rhonda Seaton said residents should not be alarmed. Seaton said 10 cases have been stranger-on-stranger robberies, but the other 11 were either shoplifting incidents or cases where the robber knew the victim. “Although the incidents that have taken place are not good, the local news has exaggerated the increase. While we want people to be aware, we don’t want them to be overly concerned,” Seaton said.

Safety tips

he beloved furry mascot of A&M is accustomed to receiving a royal treatment during her time on campus. Fortunately for her, she receives the same warm welcome and constant attention while temporarily away from Aggieland. Reveille is bringing the Aggie Spirit to handler Cody Guffey’s family and hometown. As it turns out, being a University mascot is a yearlong job.

Seven Cuban political prisoners and members of their families arrived in Madrid on Tuesday, the first of a group of inmates the government in Havana has promised to release. Together with their families they numbered around 35. It was the start of a mass liberation of dissidents promised by Cuba — actions once seemed unthinkable.

rises in city

Sarah Ammerman, staff writer

Reveille spends her vacation months with her handler in San Angelo


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Cuban prisoners arrive in Madrid

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lowest gas price CITGO at 101 S.W. Pkwy. and Wellborn Road.

july 14, 2010

A tanning salon customer soaks up ultraviolet rays, but only after paying the 10 percent tax on the service. ASSOCIATED PRESS

‘sin tax,’ just as with cigarette smoking, being used to fund the new health care bill.” Toone said the tanning tax could help reduce how much people decide to use tanning salons. Although there are health risks associated with tanning in tanning salons, this tax has many students in protest. “With tanning leading to cancer, I think

that has more to do with overexposure,” said Jessica White, Tiki Tan employee. “Overexposure to UV light happens when you are outside and in the sun. So you can ask the question, ‘should we be taxed when we walk outside?’ There are people with that perspective. We’re not taxed to get our See Tanning on page 3

The Confucius Institute at Texas A&M is offering free Tai Chi classes this summer. There are approximately 300 Confucius Institutes around the world, and the A&M branch is one of two in the state. The Institute is presenting hour-long courses to help students and community members explore an important facet of Chinese culture while improving their health in the process. Suzanne Droleskey, assistant vice president for international programs at Texas A&M, will be teaching the Tai Chi classes. “Seven years ago, I saw a Tai Chi presentation of a group from the Chinese Student and Scholar Association on campus and asked if I could join them,” Droleskey said. Since then, she worked to master the ancient art. “Tai Chi is a martial arts form that has existed for literally hundreds of years,” Droleskey said. “In the 1950s, a Chinese government commission set about the task of translating their traditional martial arts into more simplified versions that would be accessible for anyone to learn.” Traditional Chinese fighting techniques are made up of stylized movements for certain types of offensive and defensive moves. Tai Chi slows them down and strings them together so it feels like a dance. Droleskey will be teaching a simplified version of the art to anyone in the Bryan-College Station community from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. on every Tuesday and Thursday, beginning July 12 and continuing through Aug. 6. Austin Meek, staff writer

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Japanese anime film screening

Texas A&M Sports Museum


The Texas A&M Sports Museum features rotating exhibits. The museum is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday from at Kyle Field.

Lee and Grant Exhibit opening



The Japanese Animation Appreciation Club (Aggime) will have an anime film screening from 7 to 10 p.m. Friday in Room 414 of the Langford Architecture Center, Building C.

The Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History presents Charles Grear, Melissa WaddyThibodeauz and Maureen Broy Papovich on Saturday at the opening events of the Lee and Grant Exhibit. For more information visit the museum’s website at www.

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Science fiction and fantasy



The displays at the Corps of Cadets Center offer an overview of Aggie traditions and the history of the Corps of Cadets. The exhibit is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday in the Sanders Corps of Cadets Center.

Exhibition will feature pieces from Cushing’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Collection, including manuscripts, first editions and pulp magazines that capture science fiction’s influence. The exhibit is open from 3 to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at the Cushing Memorial Library.

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Sanders Corps Center Exhibits

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Mascot handler takes Reveille home Megan Ryan The Battalion Reveille, Texas A&M’s mascot, fluffs her pillow before she goes to bed at night; although she is prim and proper, especially in public, she still plays fetch. Cody Guffey, sophomore political science major, knows because he was selected to be her handler for the summer and the upcoming school year. “It’s a lot of responsibility, but I feel really lucky to get to play a big role in A&M’s tradition, and I’m glad I get to influence the school by taking care of Reveille,” Guffey said. Company E2 of the Corps of Cadets has a tryout process each year to select the mascot handler. Guffey was selected, and took Reveille home to San Angelo for the summer. “The person taking care of her has the responsibility of feeding her, grooming her, protecting her from kidnappers and also making sure she gets to her events on

time,” Guffey said. “I groom her about once a day, and during the school year she gets professionally groomed once a week.” Guffey said Reveille is more playful in their one-on-one time than she is in public. “Usually in public she is really calm and quiet, but once she gets to know you she will play fetch and chase you around,” he said. “We have a lot of fun together.” Reveille is considered part of the student body, and is not allowed to be alone at any time. “She goes everywhere with me,” Guffey said. “And if I go somewhere she can’t go, Co. E2 takes her places with them. Although I’m the primary caretaker, pretty much all of E2 plays a role in taking care of her.” Hilda Guffey, Cody’s mother, said she loves having two Aggies at home now that Reveille is around. “The more the merrier,” she said. “She’s just been great, and we’ve loved having her and sharing her with other Aggies. We

can’t wait for football season and to bring her back to Aggieland.” Hilda said Reveille has a unique demeanor about her that makes her a special dog. “She is so calm-natured,” she said. “We had her around a bunch of kids taking pictures, and she was so patient with the little kids that were touching her and petting her.” Evan Wasser, sophomore general studies major, is the assistant mascot corporal and will be living with Cody in the fall to help take care of Reveille. “I began to realize it’s about getting her out to the school and giving every student a chance to interact with her,” Wasser said. “Being one of the few live mascots that lives on campus she is so ac-

cessible, and I think a lot of people don’t realize that. So I’m mainly excited for Cody and I to give other students the chance to interact and see the tradition she really is.” Guffey said there is a lot of responsibility in taking care of something so many people cherish and love. “I think the best part is the looks on peoples’ faces when you walk in the door with her and the happiness Courtesy photo she brings to people,” he said.

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NEW YORK — The U2 summer concerts that were postponed after Bono’s back surgery have been rescheduled for the spring and summer of 2011. The band was supposed to start the second U.S. leg of their “360” tour on June 3 in Salt Lake City, but Bono had to undergo emergency surgery in May. Live Nation announced Tuesday that the rescheduled tour will start May 21 Bono in Denver and run through July 23, 2011, in Minneapolis. U2 Manager Paul McGuinness thanked fans for their patience, saying: “The band wants to get back to where they belong, surrounded by their audience.” The band starts their European tour Aug. 6 in Turin, Italy.

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/LYHLQ3DUDGLVH W AVE ’S Z I S L A N D E R I S L A N D S T Y L E A PA R T M E N T L I V I N G 3803 W Wellborn ellborn Road • BRYAN BRYAN, TX TX. • ph ph. 97 979.268.9999 • Z ISLANDER.COM • Z ISLANDER.MOBI

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U2 rescheduled dates for US tour

LONDON — Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom has returned to his English hometown to receive an honorary degree from the University of Kent. The “Lord of the Rings” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” star sported a red gown and mortarboard as he took his place along with more than 340 graduates Orlando Bloom for the ceremony at Canterbury Cathedral on Tuesday. The 33 year old was born in Canterbury in Kent, about 60 miles (100 kilometers) from London.

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LOS ANGELES — A judge has sent a man convicted of stalking Shawn Johnson to a California mental hospital for five years. Robert O’Ryan previously was found to be legally insane when he broke onto the studio lot where the Olympic gold medalist was performing last year on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.” The order Tuesday came after Shawn Johnson doctors evaluated O’Ryan, who had traveled from Florida to Los Angeles to try to meet the gymnast. During trial, a prosecutor described O’Ryan as harboring a dangerous obsession involving Johnson. After the arrest of O’Ryan, police found two loaded guns, a knife and love notes addressed to Johnson in his car.

Orlando Bloom gets honorary degree

Adam Kohout, junior civil engineering major


entertainment Johnson stalker sent to mental hospital

Associated Press


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hair and our nails done, so why should there be a tax on tanning? It is just upkeep. It is something people have done for years.” Customers said they were upset to see this luxury taxed while the five percent cosmetic surgery tax was cut out of the bill. “The argument is that Botox and other plastic surgeries are not harmful for you like tanning is,” said Kelly Erickson, junior education major and Planet Beach Tan employee. “But I think that Botox can be harmful. Customers have come in and asked if the tanning beds are harmful. But com-

pared to earlier years when tanning in the beds was not controlled, it is much safer.” Toone said she agrees with the passing of the tax. “Students who frequent tanning salons may reevaluate the benefits of tanning beds on their physical and financial health as they see use of them dig deeper into their pocket books,” Toone said. “For students who still want to obtain a summer glow, self-tanners and bronzers are a healthier way to achieve a sun-kissed look.” The tax will generate 2.7 billion dollars over the next 10 years to help pay for the $940 billion healthcare reform. “I was expecting it,” said Logan Dickens, sophomore nutrition major and Planet Beach Tan employee. “Obama took out all that money for the healthcare reform, and it has to be paid back some way.”

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that we have to be better stewards of the assets of the state,” Howard said. “We are focusing on the core mission of repairs and maintenance and keeping the buildings in good shape.” Howard said the realigned organization that will be created in the Division of Operations will be a flatter organization structure, which will enhance communication and help with customer service. The funds will be used to hire new positions and additional IT web enabled systems. Working toward Loftin’s goal of streamlining the Division’s functions by increasing effectiveness as well as financial and operational efficiencies will be an ongoing dialogue, said Jason Cook, vice president for marketing and communications.



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COLLEGE STATION: 3/3, 1450 sqft, all appl, W/D, lawn/pest/maint incl, 3745 Oldenburg (off Graham), $1100. KAZ Realty 979-324-9666.

1-Male Roommate needed 2/2 condo at Fox-Run. $400/mo. +1/2bills, on bus route. Call 936-581-4504.

Duplex near campus. 2bd/2ba. W/D. No backyard. 307 Spruce. $695/month. Call 254-760-8242.

2-female roommates needed. 104 Ridgecove, off Rock Prairie. Furnished, nice, $350/mo. 361-798-6657.

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the battalion

7/13/10 6:23 PM

Politics as usual: Episode VI: Return of the Podcast

Tune in Thursday to hear Richard Creecy and Ian McPhail discuss the Blagojevich scandal, the 9/11 conspirators trial and Paul the psychic octopus. James Cavin checks in with his segment, Cavin Fever.


‘ voices thebattalion 07.14.2010



A foundation for faith


n January, Rev. Benito’s family was forced into a tent after the earthquake in Haiti destroyed their home. With children of his own and his possessions shattered, he adopted a 16-year-old girl who had no place to go. The faith of this man and many other Haitians has been the lifeblood of a people devastated by natural disaster, oppression and poverty. In 2005, Joe Patterson, Arkansas resident, was kidnapped in Port-au-Prince while serving on a mission trip. Believing he was going to die, Patterson was beaten by the 30-plus kidWhat a beautiful picture. nappers until his miraculous release. In the midst of devPatterson continues to return to Faith has astation and loss, Haiti and has inspired many allowed they know they more missionaries to risk their Haitians to rise have everything. safety to serve with him. above their These men have Paul, another man of faith, circumstances. experienced the stood barefoot outside the airport worst the world has Matt Poarch in Port-au-Prince as the team from to offer and to them it Living Hope and New Life churches senior wildlife and seems insignificant in the loaded bags onto a truck to Gressier. Spotting fisheries major my guitar, he shook my hand and in surprisingly light of eternity. For Christians and fluent English, expressed his love for the instruother religions, faith allows believers to rise ment and “to sing to Jesus every Sunday.” above even the worst circumstances. Members These three men I had the chance to speak of every faith can worry too much about little with in a Haitian airport were in circumstances things instead of walking by faith, when the that would break most of us, but something inside reaches far beyond themselves. Rev. Benito fruit of a faithful life is all around. With their couldn’t leave a young girl without a father, Joe eyes set on eternity and hearts to impact the couldn’t abandon the work left at the JoyHouse, world, even worries about diseases, shelter and food can be pushed out of their mind. and Paul saw beyond the unbelievable poverty Most of the Haitians around Gressier grasp that surrounds him. the difficult concept of a childlike faith. We “They had unwavering faith,” said Lindsay saw it manifested in their actions, as their happy Farries, junior health major who went with Living Hope and New Life Churches to help in songs conveyed a life without worry. By trusting in something beyond themselves, they have Haiti. “They were so confident that God was found a way to live and enjoy their fleeting time their strength, their refuge, their everything.”

The older children care for the younger at a Gressier orphanage.

Courtesy Photo

on Earth in spite of what could be overwhelming circumstances. To see this life lived out in Haiti was inspiring, but the same picture is visible with the children in College Station. When a 6-year-old is out playing, he can spend hours running, playing cops and robbers or flying in space without concern for what he will eat later. He trusts that mom and dad will provide, even if it isn’t always apparent. A life rooted in faith frees a person to selflessly give and serve others. Faithful living changes the question from, “how will my needs be met?” to “how can I meet someone’s needs?” which was evident in these three men and many other Haitians. Imagine the change that could be seen in America if our mentality shifted like that. But sometimes it is so hard to have that mentality without faith in something beyond ourselves. We were blessed in Haiti to witness life more abundant and free outside the chokehold of everyday anxiety. It isn’t a painless life, but through the suffering and loss, a deepened dependence on faith leads to a life of hope and joy.

Maintaining campus beauty

The shadows of the recession and bad economy have finally reached Texas A&M, as the University will realign divisions by focusing on repairs to older buildings and laying off 66 current employees. Campus Although these layoffs needs individually affect workers restructuring and families, we must look at as well as what is best for the University construction. as a whole. However, Texas A&M has taken care of those negatively affected — offering two months pay, an additional month of benefits coverage, job placement and counseling services for those laidoff. Laidoff employees are encouraged to reapply for positions that will emerge in the restructuring process. Texas A&M should strive to remain one of the leading universities, and in order to make that happen the system must keep our campus and building as updated as possible. The Zachary building and even the legendary Kyle Field are in desperate need of refurbishing. It was the right decision for the University to streamline its Division of Operations in order to make it possible to focus on the restoration of buildings by outsourcing the building of new structures. Instead of putting most of the attention on new buildings, we shouldn’t forget about the beautiful buildings we already have on campus that need to be better maintained. As more buildings are added by the construction on campus, more attention needs to be paid to the upkeep.


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The Battalion: July 14, 2010  
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