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What do you think about the Aggie ring tradition?

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Julia Quintana freshman general studies major

“I think it’s pretty cool, the general tradition, but not how expensive it has gotten.”

Gabriel Torres senior university studies major

“I love it, I can’t wait to get my ring. That is one of my highlights of graduating. Ring dunk and ring dance are pretty awesome.” Megan Ryan — THE BATTALION

After multiple attempts and an illness diagnosis, David Davenport, agribusiness graduate student, accomplishes his goal.

Angel Torres senior manufacturing and mechanical engineering technology major

Decades in waiting Davenport ‘finally’ receives Aggie ring Vicky Flores

“I think it’s a good tradition and should continue on as it has been. I got my ring today, and I was very excited.”

The Battalion With apprehension and uneasiness, at 6:45 p.m. David Davenport, agribusiness graduate student, walked through the crowd of young students, making his way to pick up his Aggie ring. “I have been waiting for this ring now, for about 29 years,” Davenport said. “It is going to be a mix of feelings; the word that comes

to mind is ‘finally.’ I guess I am reserved still with my history, and I am still expecting something to go wrong.” Davenport, 47, has been waiting close to three decades to receive his Aggie ring. He has been in and out of A&M, but is on track to graduate with a master’s in agribusiness. “I teach at a community college right now, and does that degree help me with that? Probably not,” Davenport said. “But it was

one of those things that I always wanted to come back and finish up.” Trying for his bachelor’s degree in 1981, he didn’t finish his degree at A&M due to poor grades and then graduated from Texas State. Several times, over the next four decades, Davenport floated in and out of the A&M system, but was never successful at attaining a degree. Davenport said he was never See Ring on page 2

Neha Bhat

Sharing the highway

biology graduate student

Cyclists and drivers can prevent vehicular deaths “I feel like it unites the people together so when you go out from the University you are still unified to those people. So I’m all for it.”

Laura A. Sanchez The Battalion

Maggie Strange freshman kinesiology major Nicholas Badger — THE BATTALION

As the weather heats up and the semester comes to a close, more motorcyclists go on the road. Sgt. Blaine Krauter of the College Station Police Department patrols on motorcycle and advises motorcyclists and vehicle drivers to take precaution. “The motorcycles have the same privilege as anyone else on the road does. They’re smaller, they don’t take up the full lane, so

therefore people don’t see them,” Krauter said. Krauter said most accidents occur when a driver is turning left at an intersection and does not see the motorcyclist on the opposite side. Krauter said most drivers enter the motorcyclist’s lane because the motorcyclist was in a blind spot, or the driver did not turn to see if anyone was there. “Motorcyclists always need to be paying attention and mindful of what they’re doing,” said Bart Basile, president of the Texas Ag-

gie Motorcycle Club. “Motorcycling is 90 percent mental and paying attention to what’s going on around you. Even if the car starts going into your lane, you need to be able to react.” While many automobile drivers do not take into consideration their blind spot, motorcyclists have blind spots as well, said Aaron Scarboro, public relations officer for the club. Their mirrors are 5 inches by 3 inches and can reflect less.

Genetics students study bread mold “Rings are cool. I’m really excited to get it. I like what it symbolizes: the Aggie family.”

Sarah Gervais sophomore university studies major

“I think it is one of the greatest traditions that A&M has. Both of my parents went to A&M, and they can strike up a conversation with anyone because of their rings. It really ties us together, so I think it’s one of the best traditions A&M has.” Katy Ralston and Sam Smith — THE BATTALION

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■ Aggies gain hands-on experience and course credit through molecular fungal genomics research The degree Genetics is an interdisciplinary graduate degree program administered by the faculty of genetics, which consists of 106 members from 19 departments in the TAMU Colleges of Agriculture, Science and Veterinary Medicine. Students are required to participate in a lab rotation allowing them to explore differing field opportunities.

Katy Ralston The Battalion The hands-on experience of the real world of research, and the ability to gain knowledge to help understand human processes, comes together for one group of A&M students through one of the most unusual topics: bread mold. BIOL 489: Special Topics in Fungal Functional Genomics enrolls 11 undergraduate students in the quest for phenotyping the knockout mutants of the Neurospora crassa genome, a type of bread mold. The class is part of a nationwide experiment funded by a National Institutes of Health grant. The grant is in its second five-year term. After spending the first five years as part of a UCLA research program, the experiment was renewed and brought to A&M by Matthew Sachs, the instructor for the course. “The conception of the course is to use the basis of phenotyping a knockout collection as an entree into modern genomics,” Sachs said.

See Motorcycle on page 2

this day in


history “The advantage of doing it in a course format is that it is possible to give lectures alongside the lab work to provide a context for those experimental studies.” Phenotyping the knockout deletion mutations allows fundamental biological questions to be asked, said Deborah Bell-Pederson, a biology professor involved in the project. These questions can help gain knowledge about the same processes in humans. “This fungus is a non-pathogenic fungus but it’s a model system for many different things, such as a model for fungal pathogens in plants as well as in humans,” Bell-Pederson said. “It’s also a basic biological system, a eukaryotic organism, so a lot of genes and proteins and pathways and the stuff that the organism does is actually very similar to humans.” The research experience gained in this class is unique to other research opportunities for undergraduates because students are doing an experiment where the answer is not known — which is not true from most standard chemistry and biology lab work, Bell-Pederson said. “Multiple goals are met in this course. By achieving the goal of understanding what the

April 19, 1995 The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Okla. was destroyed by a bomb hidden in a rent-a-truck. The blast was the worst bombing on U.S. soil: 168 people including 19 children died in the blast. Four hundred and ninety were injured. Timothy McVeigh was charged with murder.

See Fungus on page 2

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TREEHOUSE APARTMENTS *ALL RATES ARE PER APARTMENT* 8 FLOORPLANS Efficiency, 1 & 2 BDR units $445 - $655 Includes water, sewer, garbage, gas & Internet Electric is individually sub-metered per unit Only 2 blocks from the center of campus On the TAMU bus route Pet friendly community with low deposit

Sports & Outdoors




The George Bush Presidential Library is having an event 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday to kick off the library’s opening of “The Sports & Outdoors President.” Free tickets are availble at the MSC Box Office. There is a limited number of tickets.


courtesy of NOAA

The Reflections Display for Muster will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. today and Tuesday and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday in the Rudder Exhibit Hall.


Ring Dance

“A Timeless Tale” 2010 Ring Dance 9 p.m. Saturday at the Hilton Hotel and Conference Center. Tickets are avaliable for $50 online or at the MSC Box Office.

Tuesday mostly cloudy high: 72 low: 55 Wednesday mostly sunny high: 79 low: 61 Thursday 20 percent chance of showers high: 83 low: 67

Today mostly cloudy High: 69 Low: 54

200 Marion Pugh ~ College Station NOW OPEN SATURDAY 9-1

Aggies Lives Remembered


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FREE $5 Grand Buck Player’s Card when you present this ad. Can be used for

Laser Tag, Miniature Golf and Video Games Limit one coupon per person per visit. Not good with any other offers or specials. Expires 04/30/10

Game Room • Sports Bar • Food Court (979) 696-1100 2400 Earl Rudder Freeway College Station, Texas 77840 (South of Post Oak Mall across from Gander Mountain)


Spring yelling

If you are interested in writing or contributing content in The Battalion apply at, or call 845-3313.

Junior business honors major David Benac whoops Saturday at the Maroon and White football Game on Kyle Field. This was the first sporting event for the 2010 - 2011 class of yell leaders.

The Battalion welcomes any Texas A&M student interested in writing for the arts, campus, metro or sports staffs to try out. We particularly encourage freshmen and sophomores to apply, but students may try out regardless of semester standing or major. No previous journalism experience is necessary.

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Large 1-Topping

Large 1-Topping Pizza after 10pm



Carry out only



Open Sun-Thurs until 1am, Fri & Sat until 2am

601 University Drive (Northgate)

1740 Rock Prarie



Valid only at participating locations. Store hours vary by location. Offers may not be used with any other specials or coupons.

Need to have your wisdom teeth removed? Don’t hope for hocus-pocus. We have a research study. Right now, PPD is looking for men and women for a post-surgical pain relief research study of an investigational medication. Surgery for qualified study participants will be performed by a board certified oral surgeon. Financial compensation is provided upon study completion and the surgery is performed at no cost.

For information, call 1-800-866-0492


Week 13

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The week of April 18 - April 22

Acct 229 Chem 102 Chem 107 Math 131 Math 142 Math 151 Math 152 Math 251

Mgmt 211

Phys 201 Phys 208 Common Phys 208 Youngblood Phys 218 Pols 207 Dixon

Part 1 of 4 Wed Apr 21 10pm-1am Stone Rvw Thu Apr 15 6pm-9pm Part 1 of 3 Wed Apr 21 4pm-6pm Antiderivs Sun Apr 18 6pm-8pm Part 2 of 3 Sun Apr 18 8pm-10pm Part 1 of 4 Sun Apr 18 9pm-11pm Part 1 of 4 Sun Apr 18 11pm-1am Skripka Rvw Thu Apr 22 1am-3am Part 1 of 2 Sun Apr 18 7pm-9pm OR 9pm-11pm Part 2 of 3 Sun Apr 18 10pm-12am Test Review 1 Thu Apr 15 1am-3am Ch 32 Wed Apr 14 1am-3am Test Review 1 Thu Apr 15 9pm-12am Test Packet Sun Apr 18 6pm-10pm

Part 2 of 4 Thu Apr 22 7pm-10pm Ch 19-Rabe Mon Apr 19 11pm-1am Part 2 of 3 Thu Apr 22 4pm-7pm Test Review 1 Mon Apr 19 5pm-8pm Part 3 of 3 Mon Apr 19 8pm-11pm Part 2 of 4 Mon Apr 19 9pm-11pm Part 2 of 4 Mon Apr 19 7pm-9pm Ch 13 Rvw Sun Apr 25 1pm-4pm Part 2 of 2 Mon Apr 19 6pm-9pm OR 9pm-12am Part 3 of 3 Mon Apr 19 11pm-1am Test Review 2 Sun Apr 18 4pm-6pm Test Review Thu Apr 15 11pm-1am Test Review 2 Sun Apr 18 6pm-9pm

Part 3 of 4 Sun Apr 25 10pm-1am Ch 20-Electro Tue Apr 20 6pm-9pm Pt 3&Tst Rvw Sun Apr 25 4pm-7pm Test Review 2 Tue Apr 20 4pm-7pm Test Review 1 Tue Apr 20 7pm-10pm Part 3 of 4 Tue Apr 20 9pm-11pm Part 3 of 4 Tue Apr 20 11pm-1am Ch 14 Part 1 Mon Apr 26 3pm-5pm

Pt 4&Tst Rvw Mon Apr 26 6pm-10pm Test Review Wed Apr 21 10pm-12am

Test Review 1 Tue Apr 20 10pm-1am Test Review 3 Mon Apr 19 5pm-7pm

Test Review 2 Wed Apr 21 9pm-12am

Test Review 2 Wed Apr 21 6pm-9pm Part 4 of 4 Thu Apr 22 10pm-1am Part 4 of 4 Thu Apr 22 7pm-10pm Ch 14 Part 2 Tue Apr 27 5pm-8pm

Bookmark: www. 4.0andGo .com

Tickets go on sale Sunday at 3:00 p.m. 4.0 & Go is located on the corner of SW Pkwy and Tx Ave, behind KFC next to Lacks and Bourbon Sreet Bar.

Check our web page at or call 696-8886(TUTOR) . Pg. 2-04.19.10.indd 1

“They’re equally at fault. I hate the excuse of ‘I didn’t see it,’” Scarboro said. “I understand it’s a motorcycle, but it doesn’t take but two seconds to look over your shoulder. Living in College Station you should know there are motorcyclists everywhere.” Master Officer Kristi Hosea for the University Police Department said drivers should give motorcyclists more room than a car and never pull out in front of one. “I believe today’s motorcyclists would agree that they are just not being seen by drivers and too many drivers are preoccupied by multitasking while driving,” Hosea said. Hosea also said motorcyclists should try to make themselves visible to drivers. “Motorcyclists do have control over being as visible as possible. I recommend motorcyclists wear bright colored helmets and clothing. They should even consider wearing reflective vests or jackets. Being seen, even at the last moment, may be what saves their life,” she said. Scarboro said motorcyclists should be patient and not race home, should always wear a helmet and should not listen to headphones while driving. “A big problem with a lot of motorcyclists these days is that they blame the cars for all the problems out there, and in reality too many motorcyclists these days don’t pay attention as they should,” Basile said. Krauter said motorcyclists need to practice accident prevention techniques before heading out in the road. “For those who are riding bikes, never get overconfident on a bike. Don’t override your abilities on the bike, and don’t override the conditions that are around you. The bike maneuvers totally different than a vehicle,” Krauter said. Krauter also said there are more motorcyclists on the road because more people are riding them because of fuel efficiency.

able to finish because of his mental illness. “The biggest thing is, that I didn’t know, I was bipolar,” Davenport said. “It never crossed my mind that I was bipolar, I knew I had problems, but it’s just one of those things where you just think you are a lazy bum and can’t figure out what’s going on.” After several attempts at master’s degrees, Davenport headed to graduate school in California, but before he left he wanted to make sure he was mentally healthy and was checked for dyslexia. Instead, doctors found the disorder that had been affecting his life since 16.

April Baltensperger — THE BATTALION

Fungus Continued from page 1

phenotypes are of the mutants, which is important for understanding the biology of simple eukaryotic organisms, a second major goal is accomplished — providing training for undergraduates that accurately reflects what is like to do modern molecular genetics,” Sachs said. “Students are learning what it is like to work in a research laboratory without cookbook procedures with known results,” Sachs said. Travis Dalton, a senior molecular and cell biology major who is taking the class, said this aspect is what he enjoys most about the class. “We learn a lot of basic biological techniques that we actually get to put in practice in the class which is pretty neat. It’s a lot of hands on which I think is the best way to learn science,” Dalton said. Such real-world research experience is not the only thing this class offers students. Students get to in-

Because of his bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive disorder, Davenport would experience periods of extreme highs and lows. Davenport said since he has been diagnosed, he has had a much happier life. He is on a regimen of medication and for the first time he has held a job for more than nine months. “The best advice I can give is if you think something is wrong go get checked because if there is nothing wrong at least you figured it out; you’re just lazy, sorry, no help there,” Davenport said. Starting his college life wanting to graduate with 12 different degrees, Davenport now has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Texas State, a master’s in finance from California and will soon be able to add his long-awaited Texas A&M degree.

teract with faculty in a more intimate way than in the classroom, Bell-Pederson said. “While this is a numbered course, it is in fact providing opportunities for students to interact with faculty on research projects in which faculty are directly engaged — this is our life’s work,” Sachs said. The student’s work will be used far beyond just A&M. The data students find is compiled to the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard where scientists from around the world can access the information and use it. Sachs said the class is something they would like to permanently establish. Bell-Pederson said the only requirement for the class is an interest in research. “I think it is an amazing opportunity for the students and also the research community to have students involved in this project and getting them excited about science and wanting to stay in science as a career,” Bell-Pederson said. “Our hope is that we would be able to help that blossom and further their commitment to science.”

Davenport’s close friends class of 1991 Phill Mullin and class of ’95 Valerie Mullin joined him in dunking his ring on Northgate. “I am excited for him; he has worked hard; I don’t know anyone who has worked harder,” Valerie said. His college roommate Phill said he has watched Davenport go through obstacles before this moment. “I am very proud of him and very happy for him, I know it is something he has worked for, for a long time,” Phill said. “So I am glad to see it finally happen.” At 7 p.m Davenport walked away from the young crowd with his Aggie ring placed on his finger and a proud smile on his face. “Finally,” Davenport said.

TAKE A PIECE OF A&M HISTORY WITH YOU · Reserve your 2011 Aggieland The 109th edition of Texas A&M University’s official yearbook will chronicle traditions, academics, the other education, sports, the Corps, Greeks, campus organizations and seniors and graduate students. Distribution will be during Fall 2011. Cost is $64.90, including shipping and sales tax. Go to the optional services box in Howdy when you register for fall. For info, call 845-2613.






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things you should know

5 before you go 1

Muster barbecue

There will be a Muster barbecue with brisket, sausage, chicken potato salad and more from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday at Simpson Drill Field.


Farmers market

Pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables at the farmers market from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday at Sbisa.


Country concert

Country band Crooks from Austin, Texas, will perform a free concert from noon to 1 p.m. Friday outside in front of the Student Recreation Center as part of the MSC Town Hall Lunchbox Concert Series.


Spring concert

The Texas A&M University Century Singers will perform a spring concert, “Choral Music A through Z,” from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday in the Rudder Theatre Complex. Tickets are available for $5 at the MSC Box Office.


Celebrate Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at the Wolf Pen Creek Amphitheater. Face painting, tie-dying and live music are among the activities that will be offered. Admission is free.

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A daily

Courtesy photos


“Being an Eagle Scout I’m always interested in anything I can do outdoors so the The Battalion People from all over the world come to Texas to experience the show is very helpful,” said Adam Peeler, a senior recreation parks and tourism scistate’s activities and authentic Texas barbecue. But if you ask the ences major. average Texan where to go for the real ‘Texas’ experience, most Garner, who graduated with a degree in will point you in the direction of one of the major cities. Austin film from the University of Texas and went local Chet Garner is trying to change that tendency and to law school at Baylor, practiced educate Texans about all of the great things Texas has to law for three years before deoffer with his show, “The Daytripper.” Austin local Chet ciding to create the “Austin “My goal setting out was making a show about Garner left his high Daytripper.” Texas for Texans, something special for us,” said powered lawyer job “It just never fit and it “The Daytripper” focuses on cheap, short trips that people can take in one Garner, the show’s host, creator and producer. to follow dreams of really was never going to day. Each show includes an activity, food and history of towns outside the city “The Daytripper” which airs at 8 p.m. on limits of large Texas cities. fulfill me,” Garner said. jumping into rivers and Saturday on the College Station PBS affiliate, “Everybody has to do eating Texas barbecue KAMU-TV, started out as the “Austin Dayoff Northgate. Garner said college kids are eager to travel if they what’s best for them so I decided to follow my on his show “The tripper” where Garner would take day trips to have a car and want to do things in College Station. passion and not a paycheck.” Daytripper.” outside the city limits of Austin and explore local “I usually go mountain biking around Austin, but I’m always Garner then called his film school friend, Nate cuisine and activities. The expanded show is still a looking for new places,” said Brock Spratlen, a senior computer Locklear with the idea and together they filmed a start-up, Garner said, but so far the eclectic, fast-paced engineering major. pilot episode in Waco. After the show was picked up, and humorous way in which the show is filmed has gotten a The next episode airs Saturday featuring Luling, Texas, where Garner and Locklear added Richie Lozano as editor and sound good response. Garner and his crew will taste barbecue from two joints set up “It’s very fast-paced and very silly. We grab your attention from technician, Mary Adolph as production overseer and internright across the street from each other. turned member Kellie Baldwin to form the tight-knit group they the beginning and never let go,” he said. Then it’s off to jump out of a tree into the San Marcos River call Hogaboom Road Inc. The show is designed to show people who do not have a lot before visiting the famous ‘Come and Take It’ cannon of the “There’s no better bonding experience than a day trip, and of time or money that they can go out for a day and enjoy all Texas Revolution and finishing up at the Shiner Brewery to we’ve become really close,” Garner said. that Texas has to offer just outside the limits of larger cities. Every sample beer. “The Daytripper” is planning on coming to College Station episode includes an activity, usually something outdoors, a dining “Traveling Texas is easy, you don’t have to have a lot of money during the summer to film an episode. Garner plans to visit the experience and some sort of historic or cultural information about or time,” Garner said. “All these places are right there, just make a George Bush Presidential Library, eat chicken tenders at Layne’s the location. Garner and his crew try to vary the activities in an decision to go and go.” and Chicken Oil, mountain biking at Lake Bryan and showing attempt to cater to everyone.

Lorelei Willett

CONGRATULATIONS! Buck Weirus Spirit Award Recipients The Buck Weirus Spirit Award honors up to 55 students who demonstrate high INVOLVEMENT, create positive EXPERIENCES throughout the Aggie community, IMPACT student life at Texas A&M and enhance the Aggie SPIRIT.

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2010 Buck Weirus Spirit Award recipients!

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Alli Beach ’10

Kolin Loveless ’09

William Becerra ’12

Cristine Mayer ’10

Arielle Carchidi ’12

Tembri McGaughey ’10

Priscila Cacola ’11

Sebastian Olave ’10

Michael Cox ’12

Hayden Paul ’12

Kimberly Dale ’10

Brandi Reese ’11

Ryan Davenport ’12

Michael Robertson ’11

Aaron Forbis-Stokes ’09

Jacob Robinson ’11

Joshua Garcia ’13

Andrew Roblyer ’11

Mark Gold ’09

Sarah Russell ’10

Jeffrey Gregory ’12

Trenton Segers ’13

Matthew Heintschel ’10

Casey Schaefer ’10

Kimberly Hill ’11

Marissa Sibal ’10

Carly Hilley ’11

Leann Smith ’11

Kyle Holland ’09

Josephine Sorgwe ’10

Larry Hopper ’08

Gerald Spencer ’11

Clayton Huber ’10

Daniel Springer ’09

Jerrod Johnson ’10

Edward Tarlton ’12

David Keim ’11

Christopher Tucker ’11

Kelsey Krenz ’11

Rodrigo Urquiza ’09

Brent Lanier ’10

Weston Wilcox ’10

Jasmine Lemmons ’11

Michelle Wong ’10

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sports A look at Aggie weekend events for baseball, tennis and track.

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Aggies BTHO each other 2010 Maroon and White Game ends with 102-94 victory for offense Kyle Cunningham The Battalion In front of more than 12,000 fans at Kyle Field, the Texas A&M football team competed in the annual Maroon and White Game. The back and forth scoring war ended with the White (offense) on top of the Maroon (defense), 102-94. Jerrod Johnson ended the spring practices starting at quarterback. Johnson, who will be a senior in the 2010 fall season, went 5-7 in the first drive for 54 yards. Junior running back Cyrus Gray, who finished the Maroon and White Game with 65 yards on 10 carries, ended the first drive with a three yard touchdown run, and the White team took a 14-5 lead after the first drive. “Cyrus Gray, has taken his game to another level,” Head Coach Mike Sherman said. “My criticism to Cyrus was sometimes he was a little bit of a slow starter. He wasn’t always the most instinctive guy. But boy, he has been on the money this spring.” Junior backup quarterback Ryan Tannehill took the most throws with Johnson seeing limited time due to arthroscopic surgery on his throwing shoulder. The quarterback/wide receiver went 10-16 for the game, throwing for 73 yards. Freshmen Matt Joeckel, Patrick O’Quinn and Jameill Showers each took snaps behind center as well. It was Showers who had the

Pg. 4-04.19.10.indd 1

Nicholas Badger — THE BATTALION

The Aggie offense and defense line up in the 2010 Maroon and White Game. The White team, led by Cyrus Gray’s two rushing scores and 65 yards, defeated the Maroon team 102-94 in front of more than 12,000 fans at Kyle Field on Saturday. better day in the box score, going 7-7 through the air for 43 yards and two touchdowns. Joeckel went 8-13 for 39 yards and one interception.

“I don’t think they hurt us, [but] sometimes they didn’t help us,” Sherman said. “They’ll just get better. This summer will be huge for them.”

Lucas Patterson, who shifted between offensive line and defensive tackle in 2009, played the nose guard position Saturday and flushed the quarterback out of the pocket multiple times. “He just makes plays,” Sherman said. “He’s hard to block. He just has a feel for that position. Hopefully, he can continue to the play the way he’s playing once we start the season. He’s really a force to reckoned with, because we’re having a tough time blocking him.” Senior Von Miller and sophomore defensive back Steven Terrell brought pressure to the passers as well, combining for three sacks. Various players did not play because of injury, including starting running back Christine Michael, but the increased members of players joining the disabled list did nothing to dampen the spirits of the fans. “We’ve had a few players out and some others who were limited today, but I was pleased with the competition on the field,” Sherman said. “I thought the crowd was great, and they seemed to be into the scrimmage. Even with that last drive with some of the younger players I thought kept people interested. I sure appreciated the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band and many of our fans for coming out to the game.” The Aggies will have two practices this week before ending the spring session.

Aggies complete Cyclone sweep native of Austin, fell to 19-13 on the season. The Battalion Iowa State’s lone run in With five RBIs on Sunthe contest came in the botday, outfielder Kelsey Spittler tom of the fourth inning, led the Aggies to a 9-1 victory when freshman designated over the Iowa State Cyclones. player Erica Miller launched The win completed a sweep a solo home run to right cenof a two-game series in Ames. ter field off of starting pitcher Spittler went 2-4 on the Melissa Dumezich. day with a three-run home Dumezich, who went the run and a double. entire six innings for the “Our team looked reAggies, improved to 11-1 ally good at the plate,” A&M for 2010. Head Coach Jo Evans said. The Aggies delivered the “I thought our players refinal runs of the contest in the ally paid attention to what she top of the sixth, loading the was throwing and went out bases and scoring four on an knowing what they were goRBI single from May, a fielding to hit today.” er’s choice RBI by Kliesing The sweep is the second and Spittler’s two-run double. for the Aggies (35-11, 6-4 in Next, the Aggies travel to the Big 12) this season against Austin to face the Longhorns a conference foe. With the at McCombs Field. This is losses, the Cyclones dropped the second game of the season to 24-21 on the year, includin the Lone Star Showdown, ing a 2-7 mark in Big 12 play. with the Aggies claiming the Texas A&M got on the 1-0 victory on April 7 in Colboard first, with freshlege Station. man Sydney ShanWith freshnon hitting a With this man Blaire two-run home victory, the Luna, a gradurun, her fourth Texas A&M ate of Bowie of the year, softball team High School to left field. in Austin, the has won its last Freshman LauLonghorns have three games. ren Schwirtlich a local product reached base on leading the way an error before the in the circle. Luna has Shannon blast. thrown 18 complete games in Freshman catcher Meagan 21 starts, and has 287 strikeMay walked and was folouts against 68 walks. Her lowed with a single by junior 0.91 ERA leads the LongRhi Kliesing, setting up Spittler for her home run, also her horns, and is nearly one run fourth of the year. The homer better than the lowest ERA led to the pulling of Cyclone for the Aggies (Dumezich, starter Rachel Zabriskie and with an ERA of 1.76). The first pitch at McCombs gave the Aggies a 5-0 lead. Field is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. With the loss, Zabriskie, a

Kyle Cunningham

4/18/10 6:15 PM


thebattalion 4.19.2010 page5 PLACE

AN AD Phone 845-0569 or Fax 845-2678 The Grove, Bldg. #8901 Texas A&M University



TO CALL 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday Insertion deadline: 1 p.m. prior business day


Absolutely 1 Fun Laugh-A-Lot Defensive Driving! Ticket dismissal/insurance discount. W&Th (6pm-9pm) or Sat (8am-2:30pm). Walk-ins welcome. At Dennys (across from TAMU). $25 cash, restrictions apply. 979-694-8888.

1/1 w/ STUDY, close to Blinn, W/D conn., some fenced or w/ patios, $565-$615/mo includes Extended Cable, High Speed Internet, W/S. AVAIL NOW or PRE-LEASE for MAY-AUGUST. 979-775-2291.

ATTENTION! Baytown A&M Mothers Club is offering scholarships to Baytown area Aggies. Go to for more information and an application.

115 Rebecca, Bryan. AMAZING 3/2 HOUSE w/ SUNROOM, W/D conn., WOOD FLOORS, COVERED PARKING, HUGE shaded FENCED yard w/ closed in PATIO. $1050/mo. AVAILABLE NOW. 979-775-2291.

AUCTION Tack & Saddle Auction. Monday April 19th 7pm, preview at 6pm, State of the economy forces liquidation - Murphy Auctioneers has been asked to sell at public auction a complete inventory of western saddles & horse equipment from Giant Wholesale Saddle Distributor. This business is liquidating a very nice collection of top quality saddles & tack. Everyone is welcome. 10% buyers premium. The Conference Center, 1300 George Bush Dr. 541-592-6292.

AUTO I buy vehicles, running or not running. 979-778-1121.

BED AND BREAKFAST Bogart’s Casa Blanca B&B. Now booking rooms for all university events. Gated 4 acres, 12 elegant rooms with private bath and heated pool. Green Parrot Bar. Hearty southern breakfast. (Hollywood in Texas) 936-825-1969. Romantic Getaways & Engagements. ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT. 979-690-0073.

BUSINESS OPPS. For Lease: Long established 25-year and prominent small animal veterinary clinic. Inside Loop 410, San Antonio TX. Over 25 years of very profitable performance with excellent clientele. Owner will lease property and discount first month’s rent. Consideration available for new graduate. Perfect place to begin long and purposeful career. Please contact 210-733-9516 or 210-843-3535. Serious inquiries only.

FOR RENT $295, 1-room in shared, furnished apartment. All bills paid. Short term leases o.k. Call agent Ardi 979-422-5660. $375 available now. 1/1, 2/1, 2/2 Free Wi-Fi, On Northgate, on Shuttle. Short term leases ok. Call agent, Ardi. 979-422-5660.

1805 Briar Oaks. AWESOME! 8bdrm/3-1/2ba., large colonial style house w/columns. Available now. $385/per tenant. Perfect for large group who knows each other already. Drive by and look, then call Ramsay. 979-777-3371. 2/1 Houses, BIKE or WALK to TAMU. Hardwood floors, large yards. Pet friendly. $700/mo. Call 979-696-1444. Visit 2/2 Fourplex, wood, tile floors, covered deck, fenced yard, pets allowed, close to campus, on bus route. Available August. 979-204-1950. 2/2 Fourplex. Upstairs, wood floor, deck, pets allowed, close to campus, on bus route. Available August. 979-204-1950. 2bd/1.5b. Ready Now. On shuttle and biking distance to tamu campus. $580/mo. 281-901-9463. 2bd/1.5ba w/study. Fenced, covered parking, pets ok, updated. 1714 and 1716 Leona. On shuttle and biking distance to campus. $750/mo. 979-776-8984. 2bd/1ba apartment, 800sq.ft. New appliances, carpeting and tile. W/D. Bus route. $550/mo. +$300 deposit. 210-391-4106. 2bd/1ba College Station Duplex, off SW Parkway, Available August, W/D Connections, Shuttle, Fenced Backyard, No Pets, $675/mo. (979)324-6583. 2BR DUPLEXES and FOURPLEXES, WIDE VARIETY to choose from, W/D conn., F/P, fenced, Pets welcomed. Prices start at $515. NOW or PRELEASE for MAY or AUGUST. 979-775-2291. 3-4 bedroom, 2bath, 2-car garage, hot tub, bike to campus. Available 08/01, $1600. Contact Karin 979-229-7660.

$900 Available Now or Pre-lease, 3 & 4 bdrm. houses near TAMU, pets ok. Call Agent Ardi 979-422-5660.

3/1 HOUSE, WOLF PEN AREA, W/D conn., FENCED yard w/ lawn care PROVIDED, 1CAR GARAGE, CLOSE to TAMU SHUTTLE. $815/mo. NOW or PRELEASE for MAY-AUGUST. 979-775-2291.

1,2,3,4 Bd houses and duplexes for rent. Text/call Ami 979-324-6653.

3/2 apartment, CS, off of Welsh, $900/mo, on bus route, W/D, 979-324-9666.

1,2,3,4 bedroom apartments. Furnished or unfurnished. Available May or August. 979-693-4900.

3/2 duplex, 1920 Holleman Dr.W. Available August. Great location, tile, new carpet and wood floors, newly updated, fenced backyard, W/D, shuttle, bike to campus, pets okay, $1150/month. 979-255-5628.

1-3/bedroom apartments. Some with w/d, some near campus. $175-$600/mo. 979-696-2038. 1/1 DELIGHTFUL DUPLEX, WOOD FLOORS, W/D conn., FENCED w/ lawn care PROVIDED, COVERED PARKING, Ext. Storage. PRELEASE for MAY. 979-775-2291. 979-775-2291. 1/1 loft, CS, off of University, $575/mo, on bus route, W/D, 979-324-9666. 2 bedrooms available in 4/4 condo. For female renters for either or both summer sessions. $450/mo. all bills paid. On bus route. 361-232-0781.

3/2 Duplex, Close to Campus, $675/mo. for Summer lease. Call 903-658-0130. 3/2 duplex, fenced, pets allowed. New carpet/tile, w/d, off Graham Rd., $930/mo. total. 210-687-5111. 3/2 duplex. 5-minutes from campus, fenced yard, bus route, fairly new. Call 214-505-6534, 469-233-4653. 3/2 duplexes. Prelease August. Very nice. 5mins to campus. W/D. Lawn care, security system. $900/mo. 979-691-0304, 979-571-6020.


see ads at


$10 for 20 words running 5 days, if your merchandise is priced $1,000 or less (price must appear in ad). This rate applies only to non-commercial advertisers offering personal possessions for sale. Guaranteed results or you get an additional 5 days at no charge. If item doesn’t sell, advertiser must call before 1 p.m. on the day the ad is scheduled to end to qualify for the 5 additional insertions at no charge. No refunds will be made if your ad is cancelled early.

FOR RENT 3/2 fourplexes, close to campus, on bus route, W/D, newly renovated, very nice, must see. 979-822-3520. 3/2 HOUSE, W/D Conn, F/P, SHADED fenced yard w/ DECK and PATIO, 2 CAR GARAGE. AVAILABLE NOW, 3005 JENNIFER,CS. 979-775-2291. 3/2 Townhouses &Apartments, 1250sqft. Very spacious, ethernet, large kitchen, walk-in pantry &closets, extra storage, W/D, great amenities, on bus route, now pre-leasing for 2010, excellent specials. 979-694-0320, 3/2, 5/4 C.S. duplexes. Garage, on shuttle, very nice, tile, fireplace, W/D, fenced, lawn service, pets OK. Available August. 979-255-0424/ 979-255-1585. 3/2, spacious, fenced backyard, W/D, in the country, 7 miles from campus, $1200/mo. 979-777-7151. 3/3 duplex. 1003 Sun Meadow Court. Large fenced backyard. W/D included. Available August 1, 2010. Call 979-571-3036. 3/3 Spacious Duplexes off Graham. Aggie-Owned. 1,411SF. W/D and Lawn Care included. $1000/mo. Must See! 713-397-3444. 3bd/2ba house, wolfpen creek area. $1200/mo, near park, on bus route, call 936-537-1282. 3bd/3ba. Duplexes. Close to campus, Great backyards. Fairly New! 979-693-4900. 3bdrm/3bth house. Great floorplans, fenced yards, W/D, tile floors, icemakers, alarm systems. 979-776-6079, 3BR w/ STUDY HOUSE, WOLF PEN AREA, CLOSE to TAMU SHUTTLE, W/D conn., FENCED yard w/ lawn care PROVIDED. $895/mo. NOW or PRELEASE for MAY and AUGUST. 979-775-2291. 3x3 duplex @ 2306 Antelope available 8/1/10. $1,100/mo. Call Brandon Meek, 214-334-0032. 3x2 duplex @ 2316 Pheasant$1000/mo. Available 8/1/10. Call Brandon Meek, 214-334-0032. 3x2 duplex @ 907 Camellia available 8/1/10. $900/mo. Call Brandon Meek, 214-334-0032. 3x3 duplex @ 1814 Woodsman. Spacious floorplan, W/D included, large fenced backyard, pets welcome, on shuttle route. Available 8/1/10. $1100/mo. Call Brandon Meek, 214-334-0032. 3x3 duplex @ 2306 Axis available 8/1/10. $1,200/mo. Call Brandon Meek, 214-334-0032. 4/2 Den +gameroom. Very close to A&M. 1210 Westover. $1800/mo., 979-492-1983 or 979-822-2775. 4/2 HOUSE in great location, W/D conn., F/P, 1 car GARAGE, FENCED yard. 1509 Lemontree, CS. AVAILABLE 5/25, 979-775-2291. 4/2/2 house; 3003 Durango, CS., no pets/smoking, near shuttle, Available 7/1/10, $1450/mo. 979-450-0053. 4/3 house, 4024 Southern Trace, CS, built 2006. Granite couners, W/D included. $1450/mo. No pets or smoking. Available August 2010. 979-450-0053.

puzzle answers can be found online at




4/3, 3/3 &3/2 Townhouses, Duplexes &Fourplexes, 1250-1700sqft. Very spacious, ethernet, large kitchen, extra storage, W/D, great amenities, on bus route, now pre-leasing for 2010, excellent specials. 694-0320.

ADORABLE 2/1 HOUSE, EAST SIDE HISTORICAL DISTRICT, WOOD FLOORS, W/D conn., BIG fenced yard, EXT Strg, CARPORT. MOVE IN 5/11, $725/mo. 106 POLK. 979-775-2291.

4bd/2ba Available Aug 1 good for A&M or Blinn Student, 10min to either, Large beautiful house with 2 living areas, master has spa-tub, 2-car garage, and plenty of off-street parking, w/d included, 1601 Woodland Bryan $1800/mo. call Karla (512)796-0636.

Attention Sorority Sisters. 4br/3ba House available Aug 1st. $375/bdrm. 210-289-1609.

4bd/2ba Available August1, about 1mi. from A&M , Across the street form shuttle, large bedroom, and plenty of closet space, W/D included, nice fenced yard, good seperation of space, 2 large living areas, 303Fairway Bryan, updated 2009 $1600/mo. Call Karla (512)796-0636. 4bd/2ba less than 1 mile from TAMU. Hardwood floors, fenced yard, includes W/D and lawn service. $1450/mo. Available August. 404 Bay St. Call 979-450-5666. 4bd/4ba houses. Brand New, great size, great location, AAF 979-693-4900. 4bd/4ba. +study, New Home, Available August, 2 blocks from TAMU, 1206 Milner, asking $2400/mo. includes W/D and lawn service. Call 979-450-5666. 4bd/4bath, extra study, 2-yr old duplex located at 113 Kleine in CS; tile floors, large fenced backyard, yard care and pest control provided; $1600/mo, available June 2012. Call 979-696-6839.

August, 2/1.5 duplex, large fenced yard. W/D connections, $675/mo. 979-693-0551. AWESOME 3/3 HOUSE, EVERYTHING NEW, MUST SEE! WILL FALL IN LOVE! AVAILABLE NOW! 979-775-2291. Big 3/2 duplex with all appliances, lawncare, tile and carpet, fenced yard. $900-$1050. 979-324-5835. Bike to campus, available August, 2/1 College Station duplex, fenced backyard, W/D connections, pets allowed, lawn care provided, E-Walk shuttle route. $625. 979-218-2995. Brand new building! 2/2, move-in now! Summer lease okay. Walk to campus. 3/2, 2/2 available in August. Call 979-255-5648. Brand new luxury condos, granite countertops, tile flooring, great location. 979-693-4900. C.S. 3bd/2bath houses, updated, garages, pets ok, fenced, on shuttle, preleasing for August, 3401 Coastal $1099/mo, 3208 Wildrye $1150/mo, 979-776-8984. Callaway Villas. 2bdrm/2ba. flat. $675/person, 1/bdrm available for Fall. Free utilities. 713-385-9683.

4bdrm/2.5 bth Spanish style duplex w/garage + off street parking. Security system. All appliances including w/d. $1550/mo. No pets, Available in August. 979-297-3720 or 979-292-6168

CHARMING 2/1 DUPLEX, WOOD FLOORS, stackable W/D INSTALLED, fenced yard w/ lawn care PROVIDED. PRELEASE for MAY. 979-775-2291.

4bdrm/2ba house. Close to campus, great floor plan, wood floors, tile floors, ceiling fans, W/D, fenced yards. 979-776-6079,

COZY 2/1 Duplex, faux wood floors, W/D conn., some FENCED, lawn care PROVIDED @ all. Prices starting @ $525/mo. PRELEASE for MAY. 979-775-2291.

4bdrm/2bth houses. Great Location. Close to campus, wood floors, tile floors, ceiling fans, w/d, fenced yards. 979-776-6079,

Cripple Creek Condo for Rent! 2bd/2ba., W/D, available June 15, pool, tennis courts, information 903-819-2907.

4bdrm/2bth house. Close to campus, wood floors, tile floors, ceiling fans, W/D, fenced yards. 979-776-6079, 4bed/4bath Waterwood Townhomes, 1001 Krenek Tap Road across from C/S’s Central Park. Gated, security system, bus route, appliances+washer/dryer included. Available summer or fall 2010. Contact 281-793-0102 or Aggie Station sublet 4bd/4ba, $485/mo. One room available. Call 713-385-9683.

Parents Weekend Are you looking to buy You a new home? Call or email now for a list of new and used homes for this weekend! 254-721-6179

CUTE 3/1.5 HOUSE, W/D conn., privacy fenced yard. $775/month. AVAIL NOW or PRELEASE for MAY-AUGUST. 979-775-2291. Dainty 1/1, FAUX WOOD FLOORS, W/D conn., PRELEASE for MAY. 979-775-2291. Doux Chene Apartments. Preleasing six different floor plans. Call for special. 979-693-1906. Eastside Landing, 500 East 31st, 2/1 or 2/2 AVAILABLE ASAP, QUIET & HIDDEN location close to historic downtown, extended cable, high speed internet, and W/S all PAID! Reserved COVERED parking. PRELEASE for MAY. 979-775-2291. ENORMOUS 4/2 HOUSE w/ STUDY, 2500 sqft, W/D conn., 2 sided F/P, GIANT privacy fenced yard w/ lawn care PROVIDED. AVAILABLE NOW. 979-775-2291. FANTASTIC 2/1 FOURPLEX, W/D conn., BIKING/WALKING distance to TAMU, NORTHGATE AREA, PRELEASE for MAY or AUGUST. 979-775-2291. Female subleaser for summer 2010. 1bd furnished townhome. $400/mo. +1/4util. Call 903-830-5281. Furnished room with bath for rent available May through August 2010, 5bdr/4bath, 3 living rooms and 2 dining room house on 4.2 acre lot, all bills paid, lawn care and pest control provided, $800/mo per room, 979-690-6735. House for lease. 3/2/2, large fenced backyard, off Rock Prairie. W/D, refrigerator, fire place. $1500/mo. Available 6/1/10. 281-342-6969,

LEASE THIS HIDDEN JEWEL Sonoma Terrace Apts, 611 S. Ennis, 2BR or 3BR, LARGE floorplans w/ HUGE living areas, TONS of storage, COVERED parking, extended cable, high speed internet, and W/S all PAID! 979-775-2291. Luxury 3/2 duplex, $895/mo. Preleasing for May and August. 979-693-0551. MAGNIFICENT 4/2 HOUSE, ASF 2300, HUGE master bedroom, W/D conn., CARPORT, EXT Strg, shaded FENCED yard w/ BRICK PATIO. AVAILABLE for MAY, $1800/mo. 1106 DOMINIK. 979-775-2291. Master bedroom in nice mobile home with private bath and closet, $450, Central-air/ht, internet, cable, everything included. 210-364-7006. MAY & AUG PRE-LEASE! Now open SATURDAYS! Free Locator, United Realty, 979-260-1200. 1-5 bedroom in apartments, fourplexes, duplexes, condos, and houses. Browse our wide selections at Move in 6/1/10. 4bdrm/2 jack and jill bath. W/D, lawn maintenance, pest control. $1460/mo. 3530 Farah, C.S. Contact 940-300-6220. New 2/2’s for May. 2mi to campus $1045 per mo. Wolf Run Condos. Broker/owner. 979-777-5477. New homes for rent close to campus! 4bdrm/4ba., 3bdrm/2ba. Call today! 254-721-6179. Broker. New listing! 2-female roommates needed in 3br/3ba, 1-story townhome, 1500sf, only 8 years old, on bus route and 10 min walk to Kyle. W/D, walk-in closets, tile and laminate floors, large kitchen, covered parking. $450/each roommate + some utilities. 713-301-7627. NEW/NEWER, $710-$1395 per mo. 1/1, 1/1.5, 2/2, 3/3, Granite, Ceramic, Shuttles owner/broker 979-777-5477. Pre-leasing for August. 3b/1.5b, carport, on shuttle, pets ok, fenced, $750/month. 979-776-8984. Pre-leasing for May and August, 3/2 duplex, Cypress, Treehouse Trails, Pecan Ridge, fenced yard, local owner, Cathy 979.268.1074. Prelease for August $1050.00! 3bd/2.5bth in CS. Serene country setting, minutes from A&M, full-size W/D and kitchen appl, lawn care, pest control & garbage included. Fenced backyards. Pets (including large dogs) welcome. Must see! Call for tour. 979-845-0300. 979-255-3280. Prelease for May or August, 2/1 fourplex. W/D connections, water paid. 609 Turner. $450/m. 979-693-1448. Prelease for May or August. Large 2/2 with fenced yard, W/D connections, large closets, great location. University Oaks. $750/m. 979-693-1448. Ridgewood Village efficiency with loft. Uniquely designed floor plan. No pets, $385/mo, $250 deposit. 1211-1213 Holik. 979-696-2998. Some short term leases available. $455/mo. Ridgewood Village, large very quiet tree-shaded 1bdrm/1bth studio, no pets. $435/mo, $250 deposit, 1201-1209 Holik. 979-696-2998. Some short term leases available $495/mo. Special offer for June &July sublease! 3bed/3bath luxury townhome directly across from clubhouse at Woodlands apartments. $400 with private bath, large closet, endless amenities, and everything included! Call Miranda 281-217-5081. Storage Units; free rent w/ 4 mo. lease, 5x5-10x20, climate & non-climate. 979-693-0551 SUMMER SUBLEASE. 1/1 Briarwood Apartments. $414/mo. +util. Free HBO &cable. Very spacious, 670 square feet. 512-635-3929. Classifieds continued on page 6

STUDIES IN PROGRESS FACIAL ACNE STUDY Volunteers ages of 18-35 with facial acne are needed to participate in a 6-week clinical research study with an investigational topical medication for the treatment of facial acne. All eligible volunteers will receive at no cost: • Study related acne evaluations by a dermatologist • Study related medication • Reimbursement up to $2150.00 for time and effort Eligible participants will need to make twice daily office visits for the study application for the duration of the study For more information please contact:

J&S Studies, Inc. 979-774-5933 1710 Crescent Pointe Parkway, College Station, TX 77845

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thebattalion 4.19.2010 page6

CONGRATULATIONS! The Association of Former Students CONGRATULATES the 2010 Gathright Scholar Award recipients for their outstanding academic performance at Texas A&M University. THE 2010 GATHRIGHT SCHOLAR AWARD RECIPIENTS COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE & LIFE SCIENCES Jessica Joseph ’10 Rachel Zimmerer ’11 Elisabeth Sulaica ’12

COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE Elizabeth Tschirhart ’10 Katherine Ogden ’11 Brianna Blackwell ’12

COLLEGE OF EDUCATION & HUMAN DEVELOPMENT Mary Kunst ’10 Morgan Havard ’11 Marianne Adler ’12

COLLEGE OF GEOSCIENCES Brad Reinhart ’10 Maxwell Lukenbach ’11 Fatimah Al Ismail ’12

COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS Mikaila Morrison ’10 Elizabeth Solch ’11 Ana Sedwick ’12

COLLEGE OF SCIENCE Isaac Velando ’10 Jeffrey Nolan ’11 Derek Allums ’12


classifieds see ads at

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FOR RENT Summer sublease. Duplex with private bedroom &bathroom. On bus route, free cable &internet. $320/mo, includes utilities. 210-473-1586. Two rooms available in 3/2 on 3-acres, just four miles from campus. Horse property. $475/mo. Cable/Internet provided. 858-442-4918. Walk to Kyle Field! 4bd/2ba House, pre-leasing for August 1st. $1800/mo. 979-492-1983, 979-822-2775.

FOR SALE 3/2 doublewide near TAMU, 2 living areas, large island kitchen, walk-in closets, $52,500 OBO 979-777-0335. Baseball/Football/Basketball cards for sale/buy/trade. Sports Card Show May 2nd, 9am-5pm. Hilton Hotel, 801 University Dr. 979-204-9526. We buy keg shells. $25 cash. 979-739-7717.


Randall Holdgraf ’10 Brittany DeHaan ’11 Alejandra Perez ’12

7F Lodge. Part-time housekeeper/clerical needed. 15 to 20 per week. Some weekends. Call 979-255-3310.


Ags! Looking for summer work? Earn $9000.00 this summer, build your resume, great experience, call Taylor, 214-707-9145.

Michael Sollee ’10 Travis Garrett ’11 Samuel Hatfield ’12

MAYS BUSINESS SCHOOL Morgan Knocke ’10 Sara Cerny ’11 Erin Evetts ’12

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME SOFTBALL? Registration for C.S. softball leagues are forming now, so get your coed, women’s or men’s team together. Individuals also welcome. Call 764-3486. Athletic men for calendars, books, etc. $100-$200/hr, up to $1000/day. No experience. 512-684-8296. Chedder’s Casual Cafe and Fish Daddy’s on University Drive are now accepting applications for server and hostess. Come be a part of our friendly team! Apply in person. EOE. City of Bryan now hiring lifeguards, water safety instructors, camp staff, and recreation assistants. Do not have to be certified, apply online call 979-209-5222 for more information. City of College Station Conference Center, 1300 George Bush Dr. hiring part-time Program/Event Assistant @-$8.70/hr. Schedule and coordinate client events. Must be dependable, excellent people skills, computer literate, accounting experience or accounting classes, a plus. Work 10-18 hrs/week M-F, between 8am-5pm. Apply by Friday April 30, 2010 at city of College Station Human Resources, 1101 Texas Ave. College Station, Texas or online at Cleaning commercial buildings at night, M-F. Call 979-823-5031 for appointment. COACHES WANTED! thusiastic, positive, coaches for YOUTH Season begins May 764-6386.

We need enmotivational VOLLEYBALL. 6, 2010! Call

Full time medical technician for growing allergy practice wanted. 4 year degree and 1 year commitment required. We are looking for an intelligent, positive, friendly person to join our team. We teach skills that are an asset for anyone interested in a career in health care and can help a candidate get into medical school. E-mail resume to Household cleaning, ironing, organizing help needed. Minimum 6/week $10/hr. Heavy detailed cleaning inside and out, year-round commitment necessary, begin work immediately. Fax info to 979-690-8075.

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J. Cody’s hiring kitchen help and cashiers. Apply within, 3610 S. College. No experience necessary, just common sense!

A+Teacup puppies: Maltese, Shorkies, Maltipoos, Yorkies &Poodles. $500 &up. 979-324-2866,

Kingwood Country Club Hiring life guards and pool managers, No previous experience required. Call us at (800)210-0049 to apply.

Adopt Pets: Dogs, Cats, Puppies, Kittens, Many purebreds. Brazos Animal Shelter, 979-775-5755,

Lawn crew member needed, $9/hr. Hrs Monday 1-6, Wednesday 1-6, Friday 8-5, experience required. 979-224-2511. Looking for part-time receptionist. Phone skills, some computer entry and knowledge recommended. 979-778-9990. Maintenance Helper/Groundskeeper Needed! Full-time position, Apply in person at 1507 S. College Ave. (979)775-2291. Medical office now hiring F/T Medical Tech/ Injectionist/ Lab Tech. Great experience for student applying to medical school. Science Degree and one year commitment required. Call 979-485-0571 to inquire. Apply in person at Allergy Associates, 3306 Longmire Dr., College Station, TX 77845. P/T leasing agent. Must have prior experience in leasing/management. Call for details. 979-314-1333. P/T Receptionist needed for Church Office. Computer skills in Excel and Word necessary. 10-15 hours/week. Some flexibility considered with class schedule. Contact Mary at 979-776-5000 or e-mail at P/T service station attendant and lube tech. Basic Automotive knowledge. Villa Maria Chevron, Villa Maria & E.29th. 979-776-1261. Part-time job helping handicapped. Male student preferred. $330/mo. 30-hours/mo. 979-846-3376. Part-time summer help. Apply in person. Conlee-Garrett Moving and Storage. 600 South Bryan Ave, Bryan. STUDENTPAYOUTS.COM Paid survey takers needed in College Station. 100% free to join. Click on surveys. Tutors wanted for all subjects currently taught at TAMU/ Blinn and Sam Houston State starting at $7.25/hour. Apply on-line @, 979-255-3655. Web Designers/Programmers MEMdata, a College Station-based medical technology firm, is seeking multiple part time or full time Web Designers and Programmers that are well-versed in PHP programming and web design. Work with an existing team of IT professionals to improve our internal and external web design and functionality. MYSQL knowledge and experience a plus. Flash and other skillsets a plus. Flexible hours available. Send resume with PHP or Flash portfolio examples to Wine bar hiring 2 experienced waitstaff with wine knowledge. 1 dishwasher for Friday &Saturday. Call 979-204-6030.

MISCELLANEOUS SELL YOUR USED FURNITURE! Are you leaving this semester? Quality Used Furniture will buy your furniture. Free estimates and moving. Call Quality Used Furniture, 979-693-8669 or visit Mon-Sat. 9:00-5:30.

MUSIC Party Block Mobile DJ- Peter Block, professional 22yrs experience. Specializing in Weddings, TAMU functions, lights/smoke. Mobile to anywhere. Book early!! 979-693-6294.

Pomeranians. AKC. Shots. Only 2 males left. $450 (979)575-3130.

REAL ESTATE We Buy Houses. Cash or take over payments. 979-220-3700.

ROOMMATES 1 female roommate needed for 3/2 spacious Antelope Ln duplex, all appliances, W/D, ethernet, fenced yard, campus shuttle 150 ft away, $310/mo. 979-402-3413 or 1-F, studious, 2BR/2.5B furnished condo, pool, W/D, bus route, free Internet/cable, $500/mo. all bills paid, starting August, Call Christina 512-557-0256. 2 roommates needed, nice 4bd/4.5ba house with fenced yard, all appliances, W/D. Each roommate has private bedroom and bathroom. Catie 214-460-3608 or Female roommate needed June 1 for 2bd/2ba townhome. River Oaks Townhomes, 1 mile from campus. W/D incl. $575/mo. plus utilities. 210-414-3575. Male roommate needed. 3br/3.5bth River Oaks Townhome. W/D, bus route, $525/mo. bills included. August move-in. Call Kenneth 361-550-1809 Roommates needed, 4bd/2bath house, available June 1st, clean, good condition, on-shuttle. Free cable/Wi-Fi. $350-400/mo. 512-203-5888. Roommates needed. 4bd/4bth $325/mo., washer/dryer. University Place on Southwest Parkway. 281-844-2090. Seeking 3 m/f roommates, 2-story 5bd/4ba house. $550/mo, 2 miles from mall. Call Brock, 817-675-4452.

SERVICES A&M Alterations, professional clothes alteration same-day service, 30-years experience, guaranteed lowest prices, 3601 East 29th, #12, in Bryan, 979-260-2400. Don’t lose your deposit! Door knob hole repair, sheetrock repair, & more! Bid Request Form online @ Zach (979)574-6966. G&M Haulers Co. Aggie owned and operated moving company. $130/load, 16ft enclosed trailer flat rate or $40/hr to load/unload uhaul truck, etc. 979-324-6617

TUTORS Need a Tutor? Friendly, helpful one-on-one private tutors for all subjects at TAMU/Blinn and Sam Houston State. Check us out at, 979-255-3655.

WANTED I buy broken iPhones. Water damage, cracked screens, etc. For cash offer, email

the battalion Classified Advertising • Easy • Affordable • Effective For information, call 845-0569

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The Battalion: April 19, 2010  
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