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Martin faces five felony counts

Employee embezzles funds Matt Woolbright The Battalion A former Texas A&M employee is facing five felony charges for misusing University resources. Shortly after 5 p.m. Nov. 13, Adrienne Martin walked into Cash America Pawn of College Station, Texas, and pawned a 46-inch Samsung LED television. At 10:28 that morning she

purchased an identical model television from Best Buy in College Station with the Texas A&M Oceanography Department credit card, according to a Martin probable cause statement from the Brazos County District Attorney’s office.

Video surveillance images, the TV and a signed pawn slip confirming Martin was the suspect were taken into custody as evidence. Martin’s employment with A&M was terminated six days later and on March 14 she was arrested in Robertson County. Martin, 36, is facing three felony counts of credit card abuse and two counts of theft by a public servant. She

Adrienne Martin faces charges for embezzlement of more than $36,000 over two years as an A&M employee.

faces a maximum combined sentence of $50,000 in fines and 36 years in prison for abuse of University resources totaling more than $36,000. No defense attorney had yet been appointed for Martin. On Dec. 14, University Police Detective Justin Vykukal was notified of a review of allegations of misuse of Uni-



Theft by a public servant


Theft by a public servant


Credit card abuse


Credit card abuse


Credit card abuse


See Embezzlement on page 8

SOURCE: Brazos County District Attorney

this day in

rld wohistory

March 25, 1807 The English Parliament abolished the slave trade following a long campaign against it by Quakers and others.

Textbook Romance



trends | 3

Windows open up Members of the Fort Worth band Words in Windows talk about their debut EP “Balloons” and the upcoming April 17 concert in College Station, and their sources of inspiration.

voices | 5

Eating up the bill

Obesity is America’s greatest health concern. With the new health care act, taking care of your country also means taking care of yourself.

sports | 9

Adjusting to A&M Junior swimmer Balasz Makany talks about his experience after moving from Hungary to swim at A&M.


Story by Vicky Flores | Photo by Nicholas Badger |

HILE SOME Texas A&M students are reciting

Shakespeare or the quadratic formula, a few utter words that ring with a little more commitment: “til death do us part.” As senior aerospace engineering major Andrew Benson was coming home late one night, he called his girlfriend Amber and asked if he could take her out to dinner. After dinner, Andrew took her strolling across campus. At twilight, he mentioned how they had yet to walk under the century tree together. As Amber and Andrew walked handin-hand underneath the tree, Andrew knelt amid rose petals and asked, “Will you marry me?” “I was so happy,” Amber said. Andrew and Amber met toward the end of high school at a mutual

The Battalion

Editor’s note “Textbook Romance” is the second of a three-part series in which The Battalion examines the effect of college studies and life on different kinds of relationships.

See Romance on page 4

Physics festival aims to educate, entertain children Saturday Travis Lawson The Battalion The new Mitchell Physics Buildings will house a physics festival Saturday in an effort to spark scientific interests among members of the community. Edward Fry, professor and head of the department of physics and astronomy at A&M, has been planning the event since its inception in 2003. The most important aspect of the festival is its introduction of

pg1-3.25.10.indd 1

intriguing aspects of science to children. “The reason we started this whole thing was to stimulate the interest of kids in science,” Fry said. “I think we have a terrible problem in the whole country with kids not going into science careers and the major reason is they just don’t get the stimulation and interest.” Fry expects more than 4,000 to attend. One of the lecturers who will be speaking at the event is an astronomy professor from the University of Arizona. Chris Impey will

be discussing the question of whether or not life is unique to the planet Earth. “I’m very pleased to be talking about the search for life in the universe at the festival,” Impey said. The event does not only include academic lecturers and scientists. Tom Noddy, otherwise known as “The Bubble Guy,” will be giving his internationally famous performance of bubble tricks. “I’m not a physicist and I’m not a teacher; I’m an entertainer,” Noddy said. “I came

to this subject not through the pursuit of education or even knowledge but simply as a result of an interest in the beauty of soap bubbles.” While Noddy may not have a physics background, his tricks with bubbles have intrigued physicists across the nation. “After a while I did develop a number of ‘tricks’ I could do with bubbles and occasionally people who knew something about physics would try to explain to me what they knew,” Noddy said.

If you go The event will take place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information about the festival visit http:// physicsfestival.

3/24/10 10:05 PM



Amanda Casanova, Editor in Chief Jill Beathard, Managing Editor Matt Woolbright, Asst. Mng. Editor Vicky Flores, City Editor Ian McPhail, Opinion Editor Megan Keyho, Features Editor David Harris, Sports Editor Evan Andrews, Graphics Chief Megan Ryan, Video/Photo Chief

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.....3 LOCATIONS.... 2305 Booneville Rd. • Bryan 979.731.1904 2205 Longmire • CS. 979.764.9577 701 University Dr. E • CS 979.846.1257

Monday - Saturday 10 am - 9 pm

For information, call 845-0569


the B-CS Post SXSW Showcase starting at 8 p.m. Friday at Schotzi’s Bar. Performers include They Mean Us, Words in Windows, Blinded by Bears, Same as Sunday and The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.

from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday at the Holistic Teaching Garden by the Horticulture Forest Science Building. Vegetables, melons, herbs, houseplants, roses and other plants will be available for purchase.

Friday sunny high: 71 low: 48 Saturday 20% chance of showers high: 77 low: 49 Sunday mostly sunny high: 69 low: 44




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Student Post-SXSW Holistic Research concert garden Week Defacto Productions will hold The Spring Plant Fair will be

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Attention Class of 2011, 2012, and 2013!

Obama: Federal money will not fund abortions WASHINGTON — With little fanfare, President Barack Obama signed an executive order Wednesday designed to ensure that no federal money can be used for elective abortions under the nation’s new health care legislation. The order had been demanded by a key block of anti-abortion Democrats as the price for their support for the health overhaul legislation that narrowly passed the House Sunday night. Since then it’s been criticized by anti-abortion groups who say it has no actual impact other than restating restrictions on abortion funding already in the law. Associated Press

Banjo in the basement

Jeremy Northum — THE BATTALION

Singer/songwriter Danny Barnes performs Wednesday in Studio 12 while promoting his new album, ‘Pizza Box.’ His performance was sponsored by MSCC Town Hall.

Are you interested in becoming a Class Officer? We currently have applications available for Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, which can be found online at

Applications are due at Koldus 223 by 5:00pm on March 31st. If you have any questions please contact the Class Center at 979-845-3534.

Week 10

The week of March 28 - April 1

Acct 229 Chem 107 Econ 202 Allen Econ 202 Mostashari Geog 202 Math 251 Mgmt 209

Mgmt 211

Pols 206

Pols 207

Part 1 of 4 Wed Mar 24 10pm-1am Test Review 1 Fri Mar 26 4pm-6pm Part 1 of 4 Tue Mar 23 7pm-10pm Part 1 of 4 Thu Mar 25 4pm-7pm Test Packet Mon Mar 29 6pm-9pm Times online soon Part 1 of 2 Wed Mar 31 8pm-10pm Part 1 of 2 Sun Mar 28 7:30pm-10pm OR >>> Betti Review Mon Mar 29 9pm-12am

Part 2 of 4 Thu Mar 25 10pm-1am Test Review 2 Mon Mar 29 5pm-8pm Part 2 of 4 Wed Mar 24 7pm-10pm Part 2 of 4 Sun Mar 28 2pm-5pm

Part 2 of 2 Sun Apr 4 7:30pm-10pm Part 1 of 2 Mon Mar 29 8:30pm-11pm

Part 3 of 4 Sun Mar 28 10pm-1am Test Review 3 Sun Mar 28 10pm-1am Part 3 of 4 Thu Mar 25 7pm-10pm Part 3 of 4 Mon Mar 29 10pm-1am

Pt 4&Tst Rvw Mon Mar 29 6pm-10pm

Pt 4&Tst Rvw Sun Mar 28 6pm-10pm Pt 4&Tst Rvw Tue Mar 30 6pm-10pm

Bookmark: 4.0andGo .com Part 2 of 2 Tue Mar 30 6pm-8:30pm OR >>>

Part 2 of 2 Tue Mar 30 8:30pm-11pm

Lipsmeyer Sun Mar 28 6pm-9pm

Tucker Review Vanhightower Sun Mar 28 Mon Mar 29 9pm-12am 6pm-9pm

Tickets go on sale Sunday at 3:00 p.m. 4.0 & Go is located on the corner of SW Pkwy and Tx Ave, behind KFC next to Lacks and Bourbon Sreet Bar.

Check our web page at or call 696-8886(TUTOR) .

Survey to track student travel, traffic flow Samantha Johnson The Battalion Students participating in the Urban and Regional Science Capstone course in the College of Architecture are gathering information through a survey starting next week that could improve some of the traffic problems around campus. Carla Prater, the faculty member working with the class, explained why this information is important. “Our goal is to provide much needed data on student travel for the Metro Planning Organization,” she said. “I did not know that the Metro Planning Organization has been doing planning with little or no student information. That is a problem for small cities like Bryan-College Station that are home to large universities.”

The class has prepared a survey to distribute to students so they can track their travel habits. “We want to predict where students are coming from and where the problems are so we can better plan the roads and parking lots and that sort of thing,” said senior urban and regional sciences major Allie Norman. The survey will be online and on paper. “It’s going to be really simple,” said Lacey Pate, another senior participating in the class. “There is going to be a hard copy that they write the information down during the day, then it should take probably 10 minutes or so to enter the info in online. It shouldn’t take long.” Participants in the survey will then need to turn in the hard copy to one of the drop

boxes stationed around campus. The class needs at least 2,000 survey participants, and is partnering with several university departments to allow the surveys to be distributed in classes, but they hope Traffic others will participate survey as well. “It’s really impor- The survey can tant that the students be accessed do this, because oth- online at http:// erwise there is no way www.survey. that the University will be able to find out which roads they need to expand and where students are coming from,” Norman said. “People complain about traffic and this is one of the ways they can reduce that.”

NOW HIRING: Summer Resident Assistants *Free Room and Board *Monthly Stipend *Fun, Fast Paced Job If you have any questions or to apply, please e-mail Jennifer Reed at

Double Quick

Daiquiris to Go

Applications due April 1 by 5pm

Flavors Include: Strawberry • Blue Hawaiian Pina Colada • Kiwi Strawberry Margaritas • 40 other Åavors to choose from

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Do your genes play a role in how you respond to flu vaccine? VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR CLINICAL STUDY Researchers will analyze genetic markers in the blood of up to 130 women of European ancestry before and after licensed flu vaccine is given. They hope to learn how these markers might affect the vaccine’s ability to protect individuals against the flu.

301 Church Ave College Station, TX 979-268-9000

Check out our specials online at


4501 Wellborn Rd., 1 mile north of Kyle Field


Study Requirements

x Healthy adult females 18 years to 40 years of age x Of European ancestry x No influenza vaccine for the past 3 years

Study Procedures

x 5 Study Visits over 28 day period with blood samples x One vaccination with licensed influenza vaccine x Complete a diary of symptoms and signs for 1 week

Compensation: $300 for completing all procedures Study scheduled to begin on March 29, 2010 At Beutel Health Center, 2nd Floor

For more information: Call 979-571-0376 between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm

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3803 W 3803 38 Wel ellb e el llb bor orn rn Ro Ro oad ad • B ad BRY RYAN R RYA RY YAN AN, TX AN, TX. T X. • ph ph. 97 ph. 979. 9 79. 9..26 268. 2 26 68. 8.99 8 .99 9999 999 9 • Z IISL SLAN S SL LAN ANDE ANDE NDE DER. DER ER. R.CO R ..CO COM C CO OM • Z IS IISLA SLA LAND L AND NDER N DER ER.M E R.M .MOB MOBI OBI OB

3/24/10 9:20 PM

things you should know

5 before you go 1

March birthdays

All those with March birthdays can celebrate with a large cake from 11 to 2 p.m. today in Sbisa Dining Hall.


Farmers market

Fresh fruits and vegetables will be sold from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday in front of Sbisa Dining Hall.

L’Oréal college tour at A&M



L’Oréal Paris will visit Texas A&M Friday and Saturday during the spring “Go Beyond Clean College Campus Tour.” It will have product samples as well as activities such as yoga classes.

The largest annual one day, student run service project in the nation, Big Event, is from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m Saturday. For more information on how to get involved visit http://bigevent.tamu. edu.

Big Event


Max and Ruby

OPAS presents “Max & Ruby,” a new children’s musical from TheatreWorks USA at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Saturday in Rudder Theatre.

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Windows to

the heart

Question: If you had to categorize your music, where would you put it? The Battalion Worship? Indie rock? rom Fort Worth, Texas hail five guys on a musical mission. JO: I guess we would be categorized The men of Words in Windows pride themselves on their as indie rock. simple, spacious sound rooted in worship music. The band LM: I would say we are an indie rock members are releasing their debut EP, “Balloons,” and will perband with a worship influence. It’s someCourtesy photo form March 26 and April 17 in College Station as part of a tour. thing we’ve struggled with as a band and Words in Windows is a Fort Worth-based band with an indie sound and a focus The lead vocalist and guitarist Jordan Osborn and bassist Landry those perceptions that come from labeling in worship music. Meeks sat down to talk about the scoop on the music, the pasmusic. In our upcoming Deluxe Edition sion and the story behind Words in Windows. EP release that includes a short documenmusic but it’s not completely overt. As a whole, I don’t think Question: Every band has a unique story. What’s yours? tary, we dialogue openly about the struggle of defining who we our pursuit is to write songs, like some other bands in the How did you get started? are and what we do. To deny our worship influence in our music Christian market, that are purposefully evangelic or sending a JO: We started out as many bands do in college with a few would not be fair to us or the scene we have grown up in but ‘message’. We write songs that are about our relationship with guys meeting and wanting to create something. Lookto only label us as a stereotypical worship band is unjust as God and the songs are a by-product of that relationship. Hopeing back we became a band so fast and it is hard well. We’ve come to a point where we just write music fully through that expression consumers of our music will hear to remember the beginning processes that took Words in Windows that comes out and are not concerned about opinions and see what touches their heart and hopefully they’ll buy the place. will release their first on either side of the coin. The college indie rock album from the songs they hear online or shows they catch LM: Every band does have a unique story scene in particular has been very warm toward us EP “Balloon” and when we are on the road. in their own right. I suppose our story is much and we are excited to continue exploring that side will play at 8 p.m. Question: You don’t just get up every day to like other bands that started in college. We all of our music. tomorrow at Shotzi’s travel and play music for no reason. What inspires have come from a church background and it Question: In a time when people only get as part of their tour. Words in Windows? was a natural progression to extend that influCheck out bits and pieces of a band’s music online, how do you JO: My inspiration is that we will look ence into our music. We aren’t afraid to say we ensure that your message is being portrayed? back and see that we have made music that are a Christian band even though we know there is JO: If anyone is listening to our songs than we feel for the full challenges the heart to ask questions that lead a negative stigma often associated with such a market. our message is being portrayed. We pour all we have into writinterview to truth. We’ve been playing collectively now since 2007 with a few ing songs that will speak for us. with Words in LM: What inspires me personally would member changes in the drummer department and a name change LM: Good question, it brings up a lot of the issues of the Windows be that I’m blessed to play music with some along the way. The Words in Windows project as is, we’ve been music industry as a whole in the digital download, get-it-freeguys I love for a reason greater than myself. playing since January 2009. now world we live in. I think our message is displayed in our

Angela Washeck




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3/24/10 8:28 PM


page 4 thursday 3.25.2010


Global music aims to motivate action Vicky Flores

1805 Briarcrest, Bryan (corner of 29th St. & Briarcrest)

979-776-0999 OPEN


$60,000 won weekly OVER • Monday thru Saturday 1st Session 6:30, 2nd Session 8:00

• Sunday -


Session 6:00pm,

2nd Session 8:00pm

• • • • •

Event Packages & Planning Availabl e


1/2 price paper on Thursday $10.00 1/2 price FortuNet Electronics Thurs. - Free Beer (limit 2) $2500 session play 1/2 price full pay Monday, Wednesday and Friday

LARGE NON-SMOKING ROOM Great Food • Security • Unlimited Pull & Event Tabs and Much More!



Apply Monday thru Friday, 9am-3pm at the Kids Klub Program Office 2613 Texas Avenue (WM King Cole), C.S., Texas or online at: Staff must be available to work Aug. 16th thru Dec. 17th, 2010 Application deadline is April 16, 20010 at 3pm College Station ISD is an Equal Opportunity Employer


The Battalion A blending of cultures will come together Friday in hopes of establishing a new sort of Aggie spirit. MSCC Town Hall is presenting “Think Globally, Act Locally,� an event focused on promoting awareness of different student organizations involved in giving back to the community. “It is a way for Aggies to come together and see how other Aggies on campus are helping people around the world,� said Lindsay Ochoa, world music executive of MSCC Town Hall and a junior political science major. Booths will be set up by organizations involved in service and a showcase of culturally diverse music

will be performed live. Larissa Zavarelli, senior sociology major and chairwoman of the event, said “Think Globally, Act Locally� is vital to the A&M community because not many students realize what an impact campus resources allow them to make. “It is a really cool program because it is focusing on the many ways that we can reach out, and I feel that students are just looking for those ways,� Zavarelli said. “They can find organizations on campus that range from environmental concerns to social ones.� Organizations presenting booths include One Love, TOMS, TAMU Water Project and Invisible Children. Also showcased will be artists D.R.U.M, a reggae band, and

Ocote Soul. “It is going to be kind of come and go, that is the laid back feeling we were going for having it on the grass,� Zavarelli said. “During the day you can just look at the booth and toward the night it will just start transitioning to the music portion.� Global Justice will also display information on social injustices around the world. The goal is to make students think outside the local community, said Global Justice president Kayla Salazar. “I think that just reminding people there are much more things happening in the world than just here [is important],� Salazar said. “It’s good to make people aware of other people that are helping in other places.�

“Our parents don’t help us out for the most part,â€? Amber said. “We are saying that we decided to get married, so Continued from page 1 now we need to do things on our own.â€? One of the biggest problems they friend’s birthday party. face in marriage is budgeting money “We danced the whole night,â€? Anfor the week and organizing expenses, drew said, “I was sure I had a connection Amber said. with her.â€? The Bensons said their marriage reTime of transition quires responsibility and commitment to each other, as well as good communicaFor the Bensons, being married and tion. There are still many things they are going to college at the same time has constantly learning about each other. not made their lives more complicated “We went through a lot of discusor stressful. sions to get ready for this. I mean we are “I think it is just different because you don’t have to try as hard to see each still adjusting to each other,â€? Amber said, other now that we live together,â€? Amber “We spent so much time together before that we knew we would comfortable said. “It used to be that our study time with each other.â€? was our together time.â€? Eastwick said that it can be Now that the Benhard for any new couple in sons live together “Getting married college because not only it is much easier when you are 19 or are they figuring out for them to how to live in a marwork on their 20 is certainly young, riage, but they are relationship, but that does not also trying to figure Amber said. mean it won’t work out themselves and Both say what they want in out.â€? they feel less their future. Paul Eastwick, stressed now than they did assistant professor Waiting for him while dating. of psychology to come home “There are In another part of Colmany reasons why lege Station, a nervous fiancĂŠ and components as waits for her husband-to-be to to why people decide to get return home from Iraq. married,â€? said Paul Eastwick, assistant Chelsea Waters, a junior animal sciprofessor of psychology. “Getting marence major, has dated her fiancĂŠ, Jarrod ried when you are 19 or 20 is certainly Christmas, for five years and plans on young, but that does not mean it won’t marrying him in the fall. work out.â€? Christmas is enlisted in the Army Being a young married couple National Guard and has been overseas can reduce stress when couples are a for a little under a year. constant support system for each other, “Being away from him is so hard,â€? Eastwick said. Waters said. “It’s hard being away from Since their marriage, the Bensons my best friend, someone I was used to have worked at being financially indeseeing everyday or at least talking to pendent from their parents. whenever I needed him. He’s my backAndrew said they are keeping thembone, he helps me when I’m down, and selves afloat financially by taking out student loans and receiving scholarships. he’s my rock. That’s what makes all this so hard.â€? In addition, Andrew is also working a Eastwick said overall it is still a net part-time job.

If you go The event will take place from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. in front of Sbisa. Music will begin at 5 p.m. For more information about the event visit http:// townhall.tamu. edu.


Courtesy Photo

Andrew and Amber Benson have been married since Andrew prosed under the Century Tree.

Jeramie Heflin — THE BATTALION

Chelsea Waters sits atop the Caine Fountain. She plans to marry her deployed fiancĂŠ Jarrod Christmas when he returns from Iraq in the fall. positive to have that support system even though it is a long distance relationship. “Although the distance can really be disruptive in a relationship there really isn’t a magic formula as to what makes relationships work,â€? Eastwick said. Waters said she speaks to Christmas occasionally and he is not allowed to tell her where he is or when he is coming home. “I feel that the key to any long distance relationship is being able to trust in your partner and try to let the stupid fights go so that they do not turn into the big fights that drive a relationship apart,â€? Christmas said. Distance and difficulties Christmas and Waters have had their fair share of heartache. Waters said they dated for a year during high school but the couple eventually split up. Several months later, Christmas decided that it was a mistake to have broken up and surprised her on Valentine’s Day with a teddy bear. Since then, their relationship has been great, Waters said. The couple can’t stress enough how important it is to constantly communicate and not keep small problems bottled up, they said. “Conflicts ultimately emerge in any close relationships and certainly in marriage, and the important thing is to avoid things that can end up deteriorating the relationship,â€? Eastwick said. “Blocking out your partner can really make for nasty conflict.â€? Christmas volunteered to go with his troop and, although it hurt to watch him go, Waters said she knew he was doing a great service for the country as well as for them. Despite the distance, Waters said the times she does get to talk to him are that much sweeter. “I do get to talk to him a lot more than I thought I was going to which is great. When I talk to him, it makes me so happy because he’s usually in a really good mood.â€? Waters said. “I feel like a little girl who just fell in love with the man of her dreams all over again.â€?


-AX2UBY TTheatreWorks USA

Friday, March 26th 10am-2pm Front Lawn of Sbisa pg4-3.25.10.indd 1


Blue B  )CE#REAM


'ET9OUR4ICKETSs-3#"OX/FFICEs  sWWW-3#/0!3ORG 3/24/10 9:53 PM

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will be read, but not printed. The Battalion will print only one letter per author per month. No mail call will appear in The Battalion’s print or online editions before it is veriďŹ ed. Direct all correspondence to: Editor in chief of The Battalion (979) 845-3315 |


thebattalion 03.25.2010 page5



s— TH

nothing. Then maybe those one to two days a week will become three or four or even four or five.� Physical fitness holds hope for everyone. Wenzel told a story of how a girl in her walking class lost 60 pounds over a year and a half just by walking regularly. “Just go out and do it. Intensity doesn’t matter at first. Just get moving, and over time add time,� Wenzel said. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t just a New Year’s resolution that you give up after spring break. It’s a lifelong commitment, and with the premium value America is putting on health care it is each individual’s responsibility to avoid becoming a burden for the rest of us. Don’t get fit just because you want to look good in a swimsuit now. Do it so you can see your grandkids at Christmas 50 years down the road. Do it for me, do it for your neighbor and most importantly do it for America.


But the answer to our larger health problems cannot be fixed by a new system. America is land of the free and home of the all-you-can-eat buffet. Obesity, defined as a Body Mass Index above 30, is held responsible as a catalyst for a multitude of health problems ranging from cardiovascular disease, certain types of cancer, arthritis and Type 2 Stephen Humeniuk diabetes. In America, we are too fat for our own good. said Teri Wenzel, an assistant instructional tructional The Center for Disease Control reported professor for health and kinesiology. ogy. “In in 2008 only one state in the U.S., Colothe 15 years I’ve been [at A&M] the rado, had an obesity rate under 20 percent. number of obese kids has increased.� ed.� Thirty-two states had a rate of 25 percent or Drinking is legally deemed greater. In Texas, 28.3 percent of our popudetrimental to the rest of society lation is overweight. through laws penalizing drunk This whole health care thing isn’t a biparti- driving and public intoxication, san mess like the media is making it out to be so bars reserve the right not to serve rve — OK, maybe it is a little. Still, public health those who have had too much too drink. If is personal responsibility gone awry. the same standard is applied, and unhealthy Instead of taking care of ourselves through people are considered similarly detrimental etrimental nutritious diets and exercise like medical exto society, fast food restaurants would be perts have recommended since the beginning cutting people off after they’ve had ad one of time, Americans are increasingly relying on cheeseburger too many. If health care is at the miracles of medicine to prolong our lifesthe forefront of the American conversation, nversation, pan, Apparently that is a costly back-up plan. it is now an individual responsibility lity for each Illnesses do happen to healthy people who of us to take care of ourselves. eat correctly and exercise, and I’m positive Many Aggies have been working ing hard to enough goodwill exists in the world that achieve a certain level of fitness for spring many Americans would be willing to break and swimsuit season. n. Now that ensure these people have accessible spring break’s over, don’t on’t stop the health care. However, those who With the passage workout regimen. Stay tay in the neglect to take care of themmill and on gym, on the treadmill of the new health selves are becoming a burden the bike and jogging ng trails. care bill, America’s on the rest of society, and many Now is as good a time ime as any struggle with people are upset by this. Don’t to keep your body in shape obesity will affect blame the president or Congress, and healthy. us all. blame sedentary individuals who “Commit three too four days a thrive on a McDonald’s diet. week to physical activity,� y,� Wenzel “You can’t be really physically fit said. “But even doing something thing one and eat horribly. The two go hand in hand,� or two days a week is better thann doing

Evan A


ealth care reform has been an issue at the forefront of many ent Americans’ minds for several months. With the recent passage of the health care reform bill, it seems now every est for American wants to join in on the conversation of what is best the future of our health care system.


Swallowing the bill

Stephen Humeniuk is a senior political science major.



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MAILCALL From Justin Thompson, senior aerospace engineering major Tuesday’s editorial was short on reality. First, the health care bill will not fix but exacerbate the costs of medical treatment. No one in the U.S. is denied treatment because of lack of insurance. If someone needs treatment, the doctors are required to treat them. If that person cannot pay, the hospital or doctor covers the cost of treatment. Government subsidies like Medicare and Medicaid encourage this by making people think the government will cover the cost of treatment, when they only cover part. Therefore, you have a greater demand for services that do not get fully paid for. This forces providers to raise costs on those that choose not to force someone else to pay for their care. Second, this is unconstitutional. Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution specifically lists out the powers of Congress, and the Tenth Amendment limits Congress to those powers alone. None of these include forcing the American public to buy a specific product (health insurance) or giving a government agency (the IRS) power to make sure that the people comply. This program is, therefore, blatantly unconstitutional. Instead of just accepting this travesty and making sure that it works, as we were told by Pelosi, Obama and our own Battalion, we need to ensure that it is

never implemented for both our individual health and that of the Republic.

From Jay Moore, junior communication major I was not a huge fan of the article Monday detailing the “what ifs” of our basketball season this year. Nobody on this campus was exactly excited at the way the game concluded, so why write an article beating that into the ground? This year has been one filled with diversity and many positive experiences. It has been an incredible ride to sit back and watch a basketball season deserving way more credibility and respect than was given to it by that column. What Turgeon has done with this team has been nothing short of amazing, and he deserves better than that. This team has played their hearts out for this University, and they deserve respect for that. With all of the adversity this team faced throughout the season, tying for second carrying an 11-5 conference record in the toughest RPI conference in the nation was a great accomplishment, not a “what if.” So thank you to this team we all fell in love with throughout the course of this year, the seniors who carried it there and the coaches for all they have done to represent Texas A&M with class, hardwork and determination. It has been fun to watch.



Aggieland 2011 Qualifications for editor-in-chief of the Aggieland yearbook are: REQUIRED • Be a Texas A&M student in good standing with the University and enrolled in at least six credit hours (4 if a graduate student) during the term of office (unless fewer credits are required to graduate); • Have at least a 2.25 cumulative grade point ratio (3.25 if a graduate student) and at least a 2.25 grade point ratio (3.25 if a graduate student) in the semester immediately prior to the appointment, the semester of appointment and semester during the term of office. In order for this provision to be met, at least six hours (4 if a graduate student) must have been taken for that semester; PREFERRED • Have completed JOUR 301 or COMM 307 (Mass Communication, Law, and Society) and ARTS 203 (Graphic Design I), or equivalent; • Have demonstrated ability in writing through university coursework or equivalent experience; • Have at least one year experience in a responsible position on the Aggieland or comparable college yearbook.

Application forms should be picked up and returned to Bob Wegener, Student Media Board secretary, in room 013 of Bldg. #8901 in The Grove. Deadline for submitting application: 5 p.m. Wednesday, March 31, 2010. An equal opportunity, affirmative action employer committed to diversity

ROOMMATES 1-F, studious, 2BR/2.5B furnished condo, pool, W/D, bus route, free Internet/cable, $525/mo. all bills paid, starting August, Call Christina 512-557-0256.


3 roomates needed. Spacious 2 story townhouse in Canyon Creek. Fully furnished. 4/2.5 $400/mo. +1/4 utilities. 713-823-9340.


Fall house. 3 females wanted. $350/person. 4/2, utilities $80-100. Off of Southwest Pkwy. Dogs and cats allowed. Must fill by March 31st. Grads, Jrs, Srs. On bus 31. Email 817-228-8529. Female roommate needed June 1 for 2bd/2ba townhome. River Oaks Townhomes, 1 mile from campus. W/D incl. $575/mo. plus utilities. 210-414-3575. Roommates needed. 4bd/4bth $325/mo., washer/dryer. University Place on Southwest Parkway. 281-844-2090.

TUTORS Need a Tutor? Friendly, helpful one-on-one private tutors for all subjects at TAMU/Blinn and Sam Houston State. Check us out at, 979-255-3655.

WANTED I buy broken iPhones. Water damage, cracked screens, etc. For cash offer, email Want quick, fast cash? Sell your jewelry. Call 832-858-3295.

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Summer 2010

Fall 2010–Spring 2011

(The summer editor will serve May 16 through Aug. 14, 2010)

(The fall and spring editor will serve Aug. 15, 2010, through May 14, 2011)

Qualifications for editor-in-chief of The Battalion are: REQUIRED • Be a Texas A&M student in good standing with the University and enrolled in at least six credit hours (4 if a graduate student) during the term of office (unless fewer credits are required to graduate); • Have at least a 2.25 cumulative grade point ratio (3.25 if a graduate student) and at least a 2.25 grade point ratio (3.25 if a graduate student) in the semester immediately prior to the appointment, the semester of appointment and semester during the term of office. In order for this provision to be met, at least six hours (4 if a graduate student) must have been taken for that semester. PREFERRED • Have completed JOUR 301 or COMM 307 (Mass Communication, Law, and Society) or equivalent; • Have at least one year experience in a responsible editorial position on The Battalion or comparable daily college newspaper, – OR – Have at least one year editorial experience on a commercial newspaper, – OR – Have completed at least 12 hours in journalism, including JOUR 203 and 303 (Media Writing I and II) and JOUR 304 (Editing for the Mass Media), or equivalent.

Application forms should be picked up and returned to Bob Wegener, Student Media Board secretary, in room 013 of Bldg. #8901 in The Grove. Deadline for submitting application: 5 p.m. Wednesday, March 31, 2010. An equal opportunity, affirmative action employer committed to diversity

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Execution halted for man claiming innocence HUNTSVILLE, Texas — The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday stopped the execution of condemned prisoner Hank Skinner about an hour before he could have been taken to the Texas death chamber. Skinner asked the court and Gov. Rick Perry for the delay for DNA testing that he insisted could clear him in a triple slaying. The brief order grants him the delay but does not ensure he will get such testing. Perry had not decided on the delay. Skinner, 47, faced lethal injection for the bludgeoning and strangling of his girlfriend, 40-year-old Twila Jean Busby, and the stabbings of her two adult

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rid ay, M rch 26 s a i 10 a b S m - 8pm

versity resources being done by the Texas A&M System Investigative Audit. Martin was violating University policies by purchasing personal items with a University procurement card. Piers Chapman, the head of the oceanography department, declined comment. As a business associate II, Martin was responsible for making and approving authorized purchases on department credit cards, said Debra Fincher, a senior investigative auditor for the System Investigative Audit, in the probable cause statement. Fincher said Martin had access to at least three credit cards and a University travel card, all of which were used in the charges facing Martin. Martin was responsible for entering information into Pathway Net, the University’s online bill pay system through JPMorgan Chase, the holder of University credit card accounts. Martin reviewed and submitted invoices and receipts with monthly statements and she signed off on these statements as reconciled with the University’s Financial Management System. The first charge against Martin included purchasing items including a microwave, refrigerator, home paneling, utility bills, hairstyles and what is believed to be school or office supplies. Vykukal said in the probable cause statement that the violations took place between September 2008 and November 2009. The next charge against Martin was for the unauthorized purchase of two Apple MacBook computers from MacResource in Bryan, Texas. A purchase order submitted by Martin resulted in the computers being billed Nov. 9 to the University oceanography department. Fincher said it was confirmed that Martin did not have permission from the department to purchase the computers. The next day, an individual who signed as “Karl Lindsy,” picked up the computers. Fincher said there was no one in the oceanography department by that name and the department did not have the

thebattalion sons. The slayings occurred at their home in the Texas Panhandle town of Pampa on New Year’s Eve in 1993. The court order came as relatives of Busby were climbing the steps of the Huntsville prison to prepare to witness his punishment. In the order, the justices said they would put off the execution until they decide whether to review his case. If the court refuses the review, the reprieve is lifted, according to the order, and that would make Skinner eligible for another execution date. Skinner, in a small holding cell a few feet from the death chamber, expressed surprise when was informed of the reprieve in a phone call from his lawyer. Associated Press

computers. There was no one in the Bryan-College Station area listed by the name of Karl Lindsy. Martin faces another charge regarding the unauthorized purchase of a MacBook computer. A MacBook Pro with a 15.4-inch display and Init Laptop Sleeve were purchased Aug. 25 from Best Buy in College Station. Fincher said the purchase was confirmed as unauthorized by the oceanography department. Martin used a University travel card to pay for a 13-day stay at the Vineyard Court Designer Suites Hotel in College Station. Forms submitted by Martin stated that the room’s occupant was “We still need to Cecil Maora. cross our t’s and The oceanogdot our i’s, but in raphy department terms of what we said it is against know, we know policy for graduate enough.” students to receive lodging and there is Sherylon Carroll, no graduate student associate vice by that name in the president for department. This was communications confirmed to be an unauthorized purchase. A University payroll services official said Martin was hired by A&M on April 16, 2007. “It is still an on-going investigation,” said Sherylon Carroll, associate vice president for communications. “We still need to cross our t’s and dot our i’s, but in terms of what we know, we know enough.” University Police Chief Elmer Schneider praised the work of Vykukal and said crimes like these usually are not successful. “I’m very proud of Detective Vykukal and the great, very thorough investigation he did,” Schneider said. “This proves that when people attempt to do things because they think they have found a way to beat the system, sometimes it may take time, but eventually their actions come to light and they are brought to justice.”

A Friend Dies. Who Cares? Toxic drinking is an epidemic on campuses all across America. It means consuming so much alcohol the drinker passes out. But while “sleeping it off,” the victim may be quietly dying.

Working with experts, they fine-tuned a course in techniques to handle these alcohol emergencies. Red Watch Band members can act fast, when every second counts.They know the quick steps they can take to rescue a passed-out student from a drinking death, and can immediately summon professional help. Everyone completing the course is given the distinctive red watch for identification. Since its inception at Stony Brook University in March 2009, approximately 40 schools across the country have signed on to implement this lifesaving program. To prevent toxic drinking deaths, go to

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Stony Brook University/SUNY is an affirmative action, equal opportunity educator and employer. 09090264

When you come right down to it, students themselves are the best ones to tackle this problem. So, in growing numbers, Stony Brook students have joined together in the Red Watch Band movement.

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Coming Friday A preview of the baseball team’s upcoming series against Missouri.

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A life-changing experience Makany recounts experience of moving from Hungary By Beau Holder | The Battalion


t’s quite the task to come from the country one was born and raised in to a new one, while learning a new language and attending a large university on an athletic scholarship.

Photos by Jeremy Northum — THE BATTALION

Junior Balazs Makany swam in the 2008 Olympic Games for his native country of Hungary.

ens, Greece and Beijing, China. Traveling abroad wasn’t new to Makany. Neither was the level of competition. Those trips to Athens and Beijing? They were for the Olympics. “In 2004, in Athens,” Balazs said, “I was on the 800 free relay—we got 16th. In 2008 I swam the individual 100-meter freestyle, which I got 27th or 28th in. It had a big impact on my life, for sure. The path that I had to walk through to get there shaped my life and changed the person who I became. Someone who gets to go to an Olympic Games becomes a completely different person. He learns how to fight, how to survive things and to keep a goal in front of him, just to focus on the one thing that he really wants to achieve.” He nearly signed with Indiana University as a recruit, but couldn’t enter into the academic program of his choice there because of his SAT scores. The process of retaking it and looking around at other schools led him to Aggieland. There wasn’t a thing, though, that could prepare Makany for the brand of culture that exists at A&M. “I missed out on Fish Camp, so I had no idea about the traditions at all, and I just picked it up along the way,” he said. “It was sort of awkward because in Hungary, a lot of people are concerned with themselves. Being part of a community like this … was a really mindsetchanging transformation for me.” Between then and now he has embraced the spirit and brushed up on the limitless traditions Aggies love, but one has emerged from the pack to capture his excitement. “I’m really looking forward to my Aggie ring,” he said. “After this semester I should have 90 hours, so I’ll be able to

order mine. My mother back in Hungary is so excited, my grandmother back in Hungary is so excited, and they have no idea what it really is — but they see how excited I am about it and they can’t wait to buy it for me.” Makany, a computer science major, has indulged in his academic life at A&M, regularly putting in more study hours than required and aiming to get the most out of every lesson. It’s a mindset that has led him to appreciate the University on an another level. “Here at A&M we have one of the most famous people in the computer science world, professor Bjarne Stroustrup,” he said. “He invented one of the widely used programming languages in the world. And he was giving me lectures? Wow. That’s just so fascinating for me. A&M also has a lot of resources, a lot of intelligent professors, and so many computers … even the assignments are so hard and so sophisticated, and it all allows me to learn as much as I can, not just as much as I want.” A tireless and tenacious worker, Makany hasn’t left his mark only in the classroom. As a sophomore during the 2009 season, he set school records in the 100-yard and 200-yard freestyle swims and participated on the Aggies 200 and 400 free and medley relays at the NCAA Championships. Now his focus lies on the 2010 NCAAs, which start today. The Aggie men qualified 10 swimmers and divers, including Makany. At their conclusion, he plans to begin preparing for his senior year. “My senior year will be about NCAAs and school. 2011 is going to be about senior year, NCAAs and preparing for the next Olympics. “2012,” he said, “is my next goal.”

It’s an entirely different one to have to do it at one of the most unique universities in America. Yet junior swimmer and 2009-10 team captain Balazs Makany’s experience at Texas A&M has been nothing but positive. “I had no expectations — I had never been to the United States before, and I just jumped in,” he said. “It has exceeded everything that I ever wished for. A&M’s facilities are great. I was just walking around like ‘Wow. Wow. I’m going to study here? Oh my gosh.’ After all of those shocks I got to know the people who are at A&M and find out what this school spirit is about. “They welcomed me here. As a foreign guy who was leaving his home country, I never felt alone. It was another part of the culture I had to get used to. I was wondering why [everyone] was so friendly … I don’t know if I can even [think of] anything negative that I’ve encountered here at A&M.” Aggieland and the challenges it brought were far from Makany’s days growing up in a small town outside of the Hungarian capital of Budapest. Swimming, he said, was a part of his life early on. His brother swam, and his parents were athletes as well. “It’s part of a healthy living back home,” he said. “We carry it on in our family in order to stay in good health.” Once Makany began to swim, he continued into his high school days. “That’s how I ended up in the United States,” he said. “When you reach your junior year in high school [in Hungary] you have to decide: are you going to study and go on to the academic part of your life, or are you going to favor the athletic parts and be a professional athlete? I wanted to do both, so I figured that in the United States I could do both.” Still, there was no way to ease himself into American culture. “There’s a huge difference [culturally],” he said. “Even though I’ve been here for three years, I’m still learning new things—how people use words, for example. English is tough to understand and to put in context. The English language is fairly easy, but the way you use it, correctly, that’s really hard.” The team captain will swim for A&M in the National He previously visited Ath- Championships this week in Columbus, Ohio.

Aggie women botched opportunity for notoriety


n 1966, The Beach Boys had an opportunity to become a band bigger and better than The Beatles. The Monterey International Pop Festival had scheduled for the group to close the show in 1967, the album “SMiLE” was given unbelievably positive publicity and was on the way the following January, and “Good Vibrations” was a No. 1 hit not only in the U.S., but in Britain too. Unfortunately, “SMiLE” was never released, the band pulled out of the Monterey Festival and The Beatles came out with “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” in June, blowing away the music industry. The Beach Boys were forgotten, and The Beatles, once again, claimed the top spot. Now, I know what you’re wondering — “What does this have to do with women’s basketball?” Monday night, the women had an opportunity to get schoolwide support that I would contest has never been seen here before. A third consecutive trip to the Sweet Sixteen (where the men’s team has only been twice – ever), and no Aggie men’s basketball to watch following the loss to Purdue the day before could have given Gary Blair’s Aggies a shot to become the “It” program for an extended period of time, and carry some weight into next season.

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Kyle Cunningham That wasn’t the case following a 72-71 upset by Gonzaga. Sure, it was basically a home game for the Spokane-based college, but this is still an upset. A win sends this team to the Sweet Sixteen to play either Vanderbilt or Xavier — both good teams, but both lower seeds than the Aggies. A probable win in that round leads to an Elite Eight game with Stanford. That game gets Texas A&M national attention. They could have played the third biggest name in women’s college basketball, behind Geno Auriemma’s Connecticut Huskies and Pat Summitt’s Tennessee Volunteers. A win there? The Aggies are in the Final Four, which has never happened for either gender’s basketball programs. The publicity from that would propel the women not only into the school’s consciousness, but in the national consciousness as well, something none of the other bigger programs seem capable of doing. Instead, this is a botched opportunity.

I’m taking nothing away from the Aggie this entire season — win. In all honesty, the women. I don’t care where you’re playing and Reed Rowdies women’s division will never have against whom. To come back from 11 down the same pull as the men’s division, no matter in a tournament game to get within one point what kind of giveaways or publicity they try to is incredible. Junior Danielle Adams and senior get. Tanisha Smith played like women possessed, Seniors Tanisha Smith, Katrina Limbaha and with Adams getting a double-double with Damitria Buchanan will graduate from this 19 points and 10 rebounds, and Smith year’s team. While the three were vital Women’s throwing in 17 points. pieces to the team, the 2010-2011 basketball Junior Sydney Colson, with a Aggies team will still be a power will now have banged-up knee wrapped in a with leading scorer and rebounder to work hard brace, played probably the best allDanielle Adams, both Sydneys around game of them all, scoring (Carter and Colson) in the backto garner 10 points, adding five assists and court and Adaora Elonu meeting the school’s four steals. her potential and playing as hot as attention. Now, the team must wait until the anyone at the post/forward position. season begins in November. Not only Add that with two Top 100 Women’s that, but they’ll be competing, yet again, with the recruits, including ESPNU HoopGurlz No. 9 men’s team for affection. Honestly, it’s not a fair prospect Karla Gilbert, and the Aggies’ future apfight. pears to be just as bright as the year before. Women’s sports are already less publicized Yes, the future is definitely looking good, but than men’s, so having to start the year with a it will take a great performance next year to get team much more hyped around campus and with the publicity the team deserved and had the opa real fan group (Reed Rowdies supports the portunity to get this year. women like Tiger Woods supports monogamy) is David going up against Goliath. Kyle Cunningham is a junior There’s only one way for the women to pick sports management major. up the fan support and respect they’ve deserved

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Green Day coming to Broadway ■ Musical based on ‘American Idiot’ album opens April 20 NEW YORK — Broadway is about to get the roof blown off by the political anthems of Green Day’s “American Idiot,” and front man Billie Joe Armstrong has no qualms about it. “What makes a true artist,” the band’s chief vocalist, guitarist and lyricist said, “is putting yourself out there and doing things that are dangerous and vulnerable.” Building a Broadway musical around three-chord rock certainly qualifies as a risk. But then again, when an album sells 15 million units, it also has the potential to introduce a new audience to Broadway. On Tuesday, 500 lucky fans got to sample the show’s opening number, as the entire cast performed the eponymous title track. Afterward, Armstrong and band mates Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt addressed the crowd. Before going offstage,


the three climbed into a big bed, got under the covers and the entire cast piled up on them. Based on the 2004 Grammywinning album, the stage version of “American Idiot” tells the story of disaffected suburban youth, centering on the adventures of three friends amid the backdrop of the social and political overtones covered on the record. Armstrong, who co-wrote the book for the show, felt “American Idiot” was more than a concept album. “The thought was always for

it to be staged or create a film,” Armstrong said. Director Michael Mayer, who co-wrote the book, said he listened to “American Idiot” religiously back in 2004 on his daily Pacific Coast Highway drive. One day, he thought it would make a terrific show, because “it spoke to a generation of young Americans that were looking for more than what was on their idiot boxes or computer screens.” Associated Press

Witness: Jackson doctor stopped CPR to hide drugs LOS ANGELES — As Michael Jackson lay dying in his bedroom in a rented mansion, his doctor stopped CPR on him and delayed calling paramedics so he could collect drug vials at the scene, according to an employee of the pop star who called 911. Alberto Alvarez, who worked as Jackson’s logistics director,

told investigators he found the singer unconscious. At his side, Jackson’s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, was administering CPR with one hand. Murray then grabbed a few vials with rubber tops and an IV from a stand and told Alvarez to put them in a bag. Two days after Jackson’s death, Murray

eventually directed them to a closet in Jackson’s bedroom. In it, they found propofol and other sedatives in a bag. California Attorney General Jerry Brown’s office has asked a court to suspend Murray’s license pending the outcome of criminal proceedings against him. Associated Press

Bieber’s manager pleads not guilty in mall frenzy NEW YORK — The manager for teen pop sensation Justin Bieber surrendered to police Wednesday in connection with a fan frenzy last year at a mall in Long Island that sent

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five people to the hospital with minor injuries. Scott “Scooter” Braun, pleaded not guilty to charges of reckless endangerment, criminal nuisance and endangering the

welfare of a child. Roppo was arrested for not cooperating with attempts to break up the crowd. His case is pending. Associated Press

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The Battalion: March 25, 2010