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The impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton in the U.S. Senate ended. With the whole world watching via television, senators stood up one by one during the final role call to vote “guilty” or “not guilty.” On Article 1, the charge of perjury, 55 senators, including 10 Republicans and all 45 Democrats voted not guilty. On Article 2, obstruction of justice, the Senate split evenly, 50 for and 50 against the president. With the necessary two-thirds majority not having been achieved, the president was thus acquitted on both charges and would serve out the remainder of his term of office lasting through Jan. 20, 2001.

Big 10 courts Texas David Harris The Battalion The University of Texas is in the preliminary stages of joining the Big Ten conference, reported the Lawrence-Journal World. In December 2009, the Big Ten announced plans to look at expanding its number of teams within the next 12 to 18 months. The conference has 11 teams. After months of speculation as to who would be added, the conference began preliminary talks with a school right down the road. An anonymous source associated with the Big Ten reiterated the perceived sentiments. “People will deny that, but it’s accurate,” the source told the Journal. If Texas does indeed leave, the Big 12 would lose the team bringing in the most television revenue. Mike DeCourcey of the Sporting News wrote in December of the possible marriage. “No one seems to recognize the genius of this suggestion, which may be evidence of its genius,”DeCourcey wrote. “Everyone else seems to be thinking small and boring, but as I suggested not long after the Big Ten Network was conceived, Texas is the one program that could dramatically expand the money-making power of the league’s cable operation.” An associate editor with The Daily Texan, UT’s student newspaper, said an athletics department spokesman said they do not comment on rumors.

Weekend previews Everything that Saturday and Sunday have in store for sports fanatics.

coming monday sports

Nathan Walkup As the Aggies prepare to face off with the No. 1 Jayhawks, a junior player could be the secret weapon A&M needs.

Date auction for education

inside scene | 3


After an interim presidency and a multifaceted presidential search, R. Bowen Loftin takes his spot at the top.


Preparing for confirmation 21-day waiting period to end today Robert Carpenter

Century Tree Some say amorous feelings beam from the arbor of the most famous tree on campus. What may Valentine’s Day have in store for those who dare walk underneath it?

voices | 5

Single on V-Day? Editors David Harris and Megan Ryan engage in conversation about the pros and cons of being single or in a relationship on Valentine’s Day.

The Battalion The three-week lame duck period between R. Bowen Loftin’s presidential nomination and confirmation ends today. The Board of Regents will vote this afternoon in a phone conference to determine Loftin’s and the University’s future. Hunter Bollman, a senior accounting major and student representative on the Board of Regents,

“I see no reason to believe that Loftin will not be unanimously chosen to be installed as the next president of A&M.” - Hunter Bollman

See Loftin on page 6

Expert advice on relationship trouble Question What is the best way I can get a date for Valentine’s Day? – freshman mechanical engineering major Answer Ask somebody. Plenty of people are hoping just to be out and about this weekend and would love to be asked. But if you’re intimidated over the idea of asking somebody out, invite them to a V-day party or social

Vicky Flores The Battalion Yvonne K. Fulbright, relationship expert and columnist for foxnews. com, has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Women’s Health and the Tyra Banks Show. Today, she answers Aggies’ relationship questions to get them prepared for Valentine’s Day.

Computer Science Jeremy Wright Agricultural Economics Laura Wright Communication Lauren Wyly Interdisciplinary Studies

Bradley Whelan Aeronautical Engineering Matthew Whigham University Studies Lindsay White History Bryan Whiting Industrial Distribution Emily Whitmoyer & Journalism

Britney Wynn Sport Management Christopher Wynne Petroleum Engineering Harika Yalamanchili Biology Jessica Yancey Animal Science Dustin Yates Electrical Engineering

Agricultural Communications

Morgan Whitwell & Journalism Agricultural Communications Jonathan Widdig Biology Koby Wilbanks Psychology Ryan Wilck Political Science Kathleen Wild Biomedical Science

Ryan Yeatman Geology Krysten Yezak Educational Admin and HR Development Sarah Yezak Interdisciplinary Studies Tiffany Ynosencio Microbiology Chase Young Sport Management

Eric Wilkins Mechanical Engineering Dana Willenborg Psychology Ashley Williams Biology Clora Williams Health Jennifer Williams Biomedical Science

Katherine Young Spanish Lauralee Young Marketing Lauren Young Environmental Geosciences Lauren Young Economics Shaley Young University Studies

Rachel Williams Forensic Entomology Kelly Wilmoth History Emily Wilpitz University Studies Angela Wilson Horticulture Jason Wilson Agricultural Education

Lauren Youngblood Development Agricultural Leadership and Casey Zander English Sadie Zapalac Biomedical Science Tegan Zealy Animal Science Mark Zemanek Agricultural Economics

Jazmyn Wilson Bioenvironmental Sciences Jordan Wilson Interdisciplinary Studies Markay Wilson Biomedical Science Tory Wingate Bioenvironmental Sciences Heather Winkle Interdisciplinary Studies

Rebecca R Re Rebe e eb be be Abbate Health Ken K Abdullah Physics Maegan M Ma aega Ables Paul Witkowski Finance Civil Engineering Mic Mich Michelle M ic ichelle ch h e Abney Wildlife dl dlife d Joshua Witter and Fis Fisheries Fish issh heries rie ri ries es S es Sciences Agricultural Economics Andrea A And ndrea A Ab Abrams Ryan Wolff Commun ic ication Information & Operations Management Managem Jordyn Woltersdorf Kelli A Adam ent Informat f Health ion Syste Systems Emily Adamc Managem Alyson Wolthoff Adamcik ent Informat f ion System Human Resource Development Systems Seth Adams Adam Spacial Science Sciences Joshua Aduddel l 576 | aggieland Health Teresa Aguilar Human Resource Developm ent Krystle Aguirre Interdisc iplinary Studies Omobola Ajao Chemica l Engineer ing Teresa Food Science Aldredge and Technolo gy Denise Commun Alex ication Monica Alexande r Kinesiolo g gy Kim Kimberl ee Allen Sara MorganEnglish Allen Agribusin ess Kiley Allred Biomedic al Science Brant Altenhof en Economi cs Matthew Biomedic Altman al Science Seetha Ram Amujula Ocean Engineer ing Justin Anchors Petroleum Engineer ing Kellen Ancinec Business Managem ent Agricultu ral Leadersh Clayton Anderso n ip and D

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expressed confidence that Loftin would be confirmed without issue. “I see no reason to believe that Loftin will not be unanimously chosen to be installed as the next president of A&M,” Bollman said. “He is a proven leader with extensive experience, and has forged tremendous relationships not only with students, but with staff and faculty as well.”

The members of Chi Psi Beta fraternity are hosting Project 365 for one of their philanthropies, expanding education. Project 365 is a free dinner and date auction that sends 100 percent of the money raised to the H.O.P.E. (Here Opportunity Proves Endless) School of Kathlal, Gujarat in India. Funds raised during Project 365 are used to provide basic essentials for the school and reduce the tuition costs by providing students with scholarships and free tuition. “It definitely motivates us to work harder,” Jinesh Patel, Chi Psi Beta fraternity president, said. “To give to other kids means more.” Students in India pay for school from first grade through 12th grade and if they make it through, their college tuition is paid. “With the stagnant economy, many students were not able to pay their tuition in full,” Patel said. The event will begin with dinner, Friday, at 6:30 p.m. at Aldersgate Church. More information about cause can be directed to chipsibeta@ Luz Moreno, staff writer

Karen Zerda Communication Amanda Zietak Kinesiology Tamara Zuehlke Communication Michael Zurovec Mechanical Engineering Haili Zwiercan & Journalism Agricultural Communications Tracy Ashton Agricultu ral Kaela AstleyLeadership and Developm ent Accounti ng Michael Atkinson Compute r Science Jonathon Ausburn Biomedic al Science Jaime Austin Psycholog y Jamesia Austin Agricultu ral Laura Avila Leadership and Developm Mathema ent tics Michael Babcock Accounti ng Eliezer Badillo Internati onal Commer Brennan ce Bailey Biomedic al Science James Baker Agricultu re Leadersh Andrea ip and Developm Bakke ent Biomedic al Science Mary Baldwin Psycholog y Zachary Baldwin Wildlife and Fisheries Nathan Sciences Ball Civil Engineer ing Chrystel Ballard Sociology

seniors & graduate students |


event – or host one yourself. Question Why do you think people who live closer to each other have longer-lasting relationships than those that struggle with long distance ones? – sophomore marketing major Answer I haven’t seen any research analyzing the duration of LDs See Advice on page 4


to have your graduation portrait made for the 2010 Aggieland yearbook

See the photographers from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. today in Training Room 027 of the Clayton W. Williams Jr. Alumni Center. Walk-ins welcome; no appointment necessary. There is no charge to get your senior or graduate student section photo in Texas A&M University’s 108th yearbook.

Mary Ballenge r Commun ication John Bandas Ocean Engine i

2/11/10 8:46 PM

We make it easy to eat better


We make it easy to...



Traces of the Trade will be shown at 11 a.m. today in Koldus Student Services Building, the film tells the story of the director’s forefathers, the largest slave-trading family in U.S. history.

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Traces of the Trade film to show

Today Mostly cloudy High: 48 | Low: 33 courtesy of NOAA

Historian to discuss African studies



Rutgers historian Kim D. Butler will address importance of African Diaspora studies in the 21st century from 2 to 3 p.m. Tuesday at Cushing Memorial Library and 6:30 to 8 p.m. Tuesday in Evans Library.

Christopher S. Wood, professor of art history at Yale University will give a lecture titled, “The Plural Temporality of the Artwork,” at 4 p.m. Wednesday at the Melbern G. Glasscock History Building.

Humanities book prize lecture Wednesday

Saturday mostly sunny high: 58 low: 40 Sunday 20% chance of showers high: 56 low: 30 Monday mostly sunny high: 53 low: 31


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Chinese Year of the Tiger

Pink Eye Research Study • Red, inflamed, tearing &/or matted eye(s)? • • Male & Female, 1 month & older • • Qualified participants may receive up to $150 •

Acute Low Back Pain Research Study • Adults, 18 & older, with recent onset low back pain • • Qualified participants may receive up to $150 •

The Tiger is the third sign in the Chinese Zodiac cycle, and it is a sign of bravery. This courageous and fiery fighter is admired by the ancient Chinese as the sign that keeps away the three main tragedies of a household. These are fire, thieves and ghosts.

◗ One of the most dynamic signs in the Chinese zodiac, Tigers are by turns fascinating, commanding, and exasperating. J.D. Swiger — THE BATTALION

◗ They are patient but short-tempered, calm but rebellious, petty but noble, fearsome but affectionate, free spirits but fiercely territorial.

◗ With their many and various personality traits, Tigers are also noted for a marked reluctance to make up their minds.

◗ What makes them magnetic and commanding figures is the loyalty they show for those they love. With a natural air of authority, Tigers earn the respect of those who love them in return. ◗ While Tigers are quite happy among familiar surroundings, they are just as apt to fly off on an adventure at a moment’s notice. Unpredictable and emotional, they can become fearless when standing up for themselves or others, and often hold definitive views on how to right the wrongs of society.

Roaring into the new year Notable Tigers

A&M celebration

Ludwig van Beethoven (Dec. 16, 1770 - March 26, 1827), German composer and pianist.

◗ The 2010 Lunar New Year celebration the Year of the Tiger will be at 5:30 p.m. Monday in front of Sbisa Dining Center.

Karl Marx (May 5, 1818 -March 14, 1883), German philosopher, political economist, historian, political theorist, sociologist, and founder of communism. Oscar Wilde (Oct. 16, 1854 - Nov. 30, 1900), Irish playwright, poet and author. Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower (Oct. 14, DiCaprio 1890 - March 28, 1969), 34th president of the United States and a five-star general in the U.S. Army. Queen Elizabeth II (April 21, 1926), British queen regnant of 16 independent states known as the Commonwealth realms. Tony Bennett (Aug. 3, 1926), singer of popular music, standards and jazz.

◗ At work, Tigers show natural leadership ability, but prefer to work alone. They usually excel as business managers, social activists or explorers.

Leonardo DiCaprio (Nov. 11, 1974), actor and film producer. Foster

Jodie Foster (Nov. 19, 1962), actor, director and producer.

◗ Festivities will include performances of the traditional Drum and Lion Dance by Lee’s Golden Dragon, a Chinese folk dance and a Chinese Zodiac play by students of the Chinese language courses at Texas A&M.

◗ The China-U.S. Relations Forum will be providing a Tea Tasting booth and the Vietnamese International Students Association will be demonstrating a Lunar New Year game in Sbisa.

◗ Dining Services will present a Chinese buffet dinner featuring dishes such as Lion’s Head with Dumplings and Steamed Baby Bok Choy.


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A LLERGIES ? g e t relief.


to schedule an appointment call 979.693.6000


Ron Kuppersmith, M.D. • Andrew de Jong ,M.D. • Michael McMahon, M.D. Lorin Catalena, M.S., PA-C • Kellous Price, M.D. 1730 Birmingham Drive

College Station, Tx 77845

2/11/10 7:46 PM

things you should know

5 before you go 1

Singing valentine

Send someone special a singing valentine through the Women’s Chorus. The valentine will be delivered today until Sunday by three singers with candy and balloons. Valentines are $15 if delivered on campus and $18 for off campus. Call 979-8455974 to place an order.


Concert for Haiti

As part of the 12 days of Haiti, students will be putting on a concert from 6-11 tonight in Rudder Auditoruim. Bands will include Chad Hammock Band & Christen Sawye, Strawberry Jam and more. All proceeds will benefit Haiti through UNIFCEF. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the MSC Box Office.

Raising funds through art


Battle of the bands



Muldoon’s Coffeeshop will be having an all-day profit share for Haiti relief, with entertainment at 8 p.m-2 a.m. today. Six solo acoustic artisits, slam poets, and four bands will perform.

Watch the “Don’t Mess with Texas Metal Bands” battle it out from 8 p.m. to midnight Friday in Stafford Main Street for the chance to win a $5,000 prize. The bands are chosen according to the audience response.

The National Society of Black Engineers and the African Student Association will be selling wristbands in support of the Haiti relief effort from 10 a.m-3 p.m. Feb. 15-19 in the Commons, Zachary and Blocker lobbies.

Romance movies worth skipping the crowds to see

Wrist bands for Haiti

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Meet me at the

Century Tree

Logan Nichols Special to The Battalion Nancy Barrera


alentine’s Day is a day on which couples reconnect with other and think of creative ways to romantically surprise each other. Most college budgets don’t leave much room for spending money on impractical matters such as flowers, candy or a luxurious dinner at a fancy restaurant. Restaurants are pricey and crowded on Valentine’s Day, so renting a couple of romantic movies might just be as effective and passionate as planDon’t ning a night full of unnecessary expenses want to to drain a bank account. There are so many great romantic movies that it’s wait in long lines hard to pick just one, so here are my at the theater top three to choose from: or a restaurant? 1. “Titanic” (1997): This film is a roTry heading to mantic tale of rich woman Rose DeWitt the video store Bukater (Kate Winslet) and poor boy for these love Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) who stories. fall in love on the ill-fated voyage of the “unsinkable” ship, the RMS Titanic. Although their class differences are stressed, their love persists beyond the social norm and the catastrophe preceding an iceberg collision. “This movie signifies romance because it depicts a man’s struggle from a gambling life to a constant fight for a woman’s heart. And besides, women love Leo, so that’s more than enough romance to go around,” said sophomore education major Jessie Barajas. 2. “Romeo and Juliet” (1995): This motion picture depicts Shakespeare’s tragic story of star-crossed lovers (played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes) who pursue their love for each other even though their families, the Capulets and the Montagues, have been at odds with each other for decades. “This movie is romantic because it’s the traditional love story of all time for the females intertwined with the action and violence from the modern times to appeal to the males,” said freshman construction science major Micah Scott. 3. “The Notebook” (2004): This epic love story centers on an older man who reads aloud to an older, invalid woman whom he regularly visits. From a faded notebook, the old man’s words bring to life the story about a couple (Ryan Gosling and Rachal McAdams) separated by World War II, then passionately reunited, seven years later, after they have taken different paths. “Romance is the key feature in this movie because it shows that love has no limitations, whether it be social class differences, distance, or memory loss,” said freshman psychology major Melissa Gonzalez. Nancy Barrera is a senior English major.


epresenting tradition and growth at Texas A&M, the Century Tree has stood in the heart of campus for more than 100 years. Standing out from other locations on campus, the Century Tree’s massive branches line a walkway that has set the stage for countless wedding proposals and marriages.

Many legends and traditions surround the tree, which has led to the Century Tree being known as one of the most romantic places on campus. The roots of the romantic tradition are unknown, but the legends and stories surrounding the Century Tree have been passed down from generation to generation. Legend has it that if you walk under the tree with someone special you will spend the rest of your life with that person. The same goes for friends — if you stroll under the tree with your friends, you will be friends forever. However, don’t walk under the tree by yourself; one legend says if you walk under the tree alone, you will be alone for the rest of your life. Legend has it The Century Tree became known as the traditional that if you walk location on campus for proposals decades ago, said under the Century cadet Joe Ainsworth, a senior industrial distribution major. Traditional proposals include a military-style Tree with your saber arch with cadets lining the walkway leading sweetheart, you from the tree. will be together For Ainsworth and his fiancé, senior elementary eduforever. cation major Heather Holcomb, the Century Tree is one of the most important places in Aggieland. In November of Matt Woolbright — THE BATTALION 2008, following the formal for the Aggie Band, they got engaged Mason Smith, class of ‘05, and Blanca Smith, class of under the branches of the Century Tree. “Being able to continue the tradition followed through by 09, met while at A&M. The two dated for three years, thousands of cadets before me was an opportunity that I couldn’t before Mason proposed just before Blanca’s graduapass up,” Ainsworth said. “This will be a special place for tion. They are expecting their first child, a girl whose Heather and I forever, and a place that we will often revisit on due date is the same day as Muster. our trips back to Aggieland.” The Century Tree has become a sanctuary on campus for your life,” Sibal said. both romantic traditions and students making life-long friends Over the years the Century Tree has come to symbolize a great under the massive branches engulfing the sidewalks. deal to students. The tradition may be one of the lesser-known, “It’s such a beautiful spot on campus, and its story of being but to those who take part, it means that much more. romantic has been passed on from generation to generation,” “I feel like the Century Tree is part of the traditions at Texas said Marissa Sibal, senior finance major and Traditions Council A&M which set it apart day after day from any other school,” said chairwoman. Jessi Norris, senior history major. “The fact that Aggies can take Sibal said students should be careful and only go under the tree something as simple as a tree and make it such an important and with someone they want to spend the rest of their life with. special symbol to so many people is why I love A&M and what it “According to legend, if you go under it with someone you stands for. We take something seemingly insignificant and make it aren’t sure about, you may be stuck with them for the rest of ours, something to be proud of.”

Truffles that can sweeten any Valentine If you are looking to find a special someone, surprise a special someone, or just want to dream in chocolate, then this recipe is right up your alley. This recipe features a soft and luscious white chocolate truffle wrapped in a silky thin layer of crunchy dark chocolate. One bite of this decadent dessert and anyone’s taste buds will be singing your name. Ingredients: ¼ cup heavy whipping cream 2 tablespoons unsalted butter 10 ounces white chocolate morsels 6 ounces dark or bittersweet chocolate * *Note: I recommend using Ghirardelli Bittersweet 60 percent cacao. Although the price tag is a dollar or two higher, the dark chocolate bite coupled with high cocoa butter content makes all the difference. Also, any type of white chocolate will work in this recipe. The chocolates can be found in the baking section of any nearby grocery store. Special Materials: Parchment paper* Baking sheet *Note: In some cases, wax paper may be a cheaper substitute to parchment paper but this is not one of those cases. Parchment paper is coated with a silicone based wax which is better designed to handle especially sticky items such as melted chocolate. Don’t fret about the price, the difference is negligible. Directions: In a medium-sized pot, combine the heavy whipping cream and butter on medium-high heat. Once the mixture begins to boil, let boil for approximately one minute while making sure the

Pg. 3-02.12.10.indd 1

Long Dao Special to The Battalion butter and cream are well mixed. Afterwards, remove the pot from heat and add white chocolate morsels. Continuously stir the white chocolate morsels into the cream mixture until there is a smooth and creamy texture. The residual heat will melt the Long Dao — SPECIAL TO THE BATTALION chocolate without burning. At first, the chocolate may not seem to These truffles are white chocolate wrapped in dark chocolate. They can be mix entirely with the cream mixture but made in about two hours with most of that time being used for the truffles to keep stirring. Once everything is mixed harden in the refrigerator. well, line your baking sheet with parchment paper and pour the white chocolate bowl atop a pot of boiling water to create indirect heat. Add mixture onto the parchment. Place the mixture in a freezer for the chocolate to the bowl and occasionally stir until chocolate is approximately one hour. melted and smooth. Afterwards, remove the white chocolate, break off pieces Once your dark chocolate is melted, go grab your white equivalent to about two tablespoons and form balls. Once finchocolate truffles and simply roll them in the dark chocolate with ished, return the white chocolate truffles to the freezer. While a spoon or your fingers. Return the dressed truffle to the parchthe truffles harden again, begin melting the dark chocolate by ment paper and place into the refrigerator for an hour or until the one of two methods: double boiler or microwave. outer shell has hardened. Finally, plate and serve however you To microwave, place the dark chocolate in a heat-proof bowl wish. Best of luck to everyone and happy Valentine’s Day. and microwave at the second or third lowest power for one minute at a time. Stir after every minute until entirely melted and smooth. To create a double boiler, place a glass or metal Long is a senior information system management major.

2/11/10 6:57 PM

 Lunar New Year


page 4 friday 2.12.2010



Monday, February 15, 2010 5:30 pm @ Sbisa Dining Center Drum and Lion Dance, Chinese Folk Dance, and much more! Special Chinese Food Buffet Dinner $8.75(+tax) for adults, $4.37(+tax) for children age 6 to 12, Free for children 5 and under. Call (979) 845-3099 for details

Or Check our website

Where on campus? Think you know every nook and cranny at Texas A&M? The first people to get the answer correct will have their names published. Send your response with your name, class and major to

Last week’s answer 9/11 World Trade Center Memorial adjacent to the Quad.

Correct responses: Jordan Ramos, freshman general studies major JD Meyerdirk, junior recreational parks and tourism major Koby Kenney, junior english major Heather Moore, senior psychology major Jacob C. Hedrick, sophomore engineering major

Advice Continued from page 1

vs. local relationships. It can be argued that LDs sometimes last longer because so much gets postponed and accelerated – people don’t have the chance to size each other up in quite the same way the locals do. So locals could cut their losses sooner versus later. That said, spending time together is the glue of any kind of relationship. It allows for bonding, more effective communication, more time together and less drama, for example not spending a Friday night pining away for somebody and missing out on life. Locals also don’t have as much reason to worry about how the other is spending his/her time or rather who with. They’re likelier to have a much better idea, so they don’t go crazy with mind games. Question Do you think there is only one person who is meant to be with you or can there be more than one person that you are compatible with? – sophomore general studies major Answer There’s definitely more than one person out there who you’re compatible with. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to find “the one,” which is crazy when you think about how many people there are to choose from. There are plenty of people with whom you’re a good “match,” a few you have chemistry with and a handful who you’d want to get serious with. These people can come into your life at any point in so many different ways. You just have to be receptive to their energy. Question Why is it so hard for a guy who likes you just approach you and be straightforward with you? – sophomore accounting major Answer Lack of confidence is the biggest reason, especially if he finds her own confidence attractive. Men also feel a lot of pressure to be a

SSFAB (ssfăb) n 1. An acronym for Student Service Fee Advisory Board. 2. Nine Aggies who make important recommendations on how your Student Service Fees are used.


certain way, especially thanks to the plethora of men’s magazines and ‘how to get a chick in bed’ books out there. Many don’t know that they can just be themselves and not an act. Women outperforming men these days is also making it a bit more challenging for some to muster up courage. Question How are you supposed to know when the right time is to break up with your significant other? – freshmen general studies major Answer Ideally, it’s never before anything major, for example an exam. You want to be fair and considerate of this person’s feelings, finding a private, down time when you can deliver the bad news and give this person the opportunity to react and process. If you’ve slept with this person or have gone out on more than a couple of dates, you owe them face-to-face time. Don’t insult with a text message, phone call or when either of you need to run off somewhere. Question Why can’t girls just say what is on their mind? – sophomore management major Answer Some can, but for those who can’t, it may be fear issues of rocking the boat, especially if they’re in unhealthy relationships or afraid of the consequences, for example break up. On a societal level, women have typically been raised to bite their tongue and maintain the peace. “Loud” women are judged harshly and stigmatized – and ‘who wants to be like that?’ is the ultimate mindset. Question How should you treat an ex? What is the best relationship to have with them after it ends? – senior education major Answer This depends on the reason for the break-up and how things ended. If you can be civil, then be cordial or else avoid this person like the plague. Even if you’re meant to be friends, it will be hard to do so for a while. So give things time.

Dear Fellow Aggies: I have filed for re-election to the Texas Senate, and I am asking for your vote in the Republican Primary on March 2, 2010. Since 1997, I have had the privilege of serving as State Senator. For the last six years, I have served as the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. We have passed balanced and responsible budgets that have kept Texas’ tax burden low. Each of our budgets had significant challenges, but the will to resist spending every last dollar positioned our state in an enviable economic position. Today, the recession combined with an unsustainable federal deficit and the cost of federal mandates will put significant pressure on our state’s finances. Producing another balanced and fiscally responsible budget for Texas will require skill, experience, and sound judgment. I believe I possess these qualities.

Apply online today at

No area or district in Texas has a greater stake in state government than ours. This is our home. It is worth preserving, protecting, and defending. If you send me back to Austin, I will get the job done right.


Stephen E. Ogden ‘87

Application deadline: 2/25/10

Early Vote: Febrruary y 16, 2010 th hro ough February y 26, 2010

Ele e ctio ctt io o n Day March M h 2 , 2 0 10

EX PERIIENCED enough to say yes. TOUGH en noug gh to say no. Pol. Ad. Paid for by the Steve Ogden Campaign, Andrea Woods, Treasurer; P.O. Box 3126, Bryan, TX 77805-3126

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thebattalion 02.12.2010

Violating Valentine’s I

S IT BETTER to spend Valentine’s Day alone? Video/photo chief Megan Ryan and sports editor David Harris throw down over Valentine’s Day.

David: Holy crap, Megan, the thought of you and your lover at dinner on Valentine’s Day makes me so warm inside. I can’t even describe the feeling. Megan: Love, I know, I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend. It must suck to be like you … a single college student with no plans for Valentine’s Day, no hot date to look forward to all weekend.

David: Gorgeous, gorgeous. You’re so right. Missing out on the opportunity to spend hundreds of dollars on some girl when I have no guarantee that she’s going to come home with me is keeping me up at night. No joke. I’m spending hours hitting myself with a golf club because I don’t get to experience the love and passion your relationship supplies.

Megan: Oh sweet,

will have to pass you up on the fabulous opportunity to enjoy your company outside of the work environment.

David: Aw, Precious. Listen, I’m sure this tall, dark handsome stud muffin is as advertised. However, he’s still tall, dark and handsome and in a relationship. On that thought, wait for a second while I go throw up. Continuously. Megan: Sugar, let’s face it. You’re an inappropriate, repulsive, perverted young man who just happens to be decently good-looking. While I can appreciate your attempt to appear disgusted at the fact that I’m in a committed, healthy, loving relationship, the truth is you’re just outrageously jealous that you don’t have anyone in your life to even cuddle with.

David doesn’t have a date and Megan’s taken. Your application can save him from spending Sunday alone.

charming Dave. I know you’re miserable today, but I have no doubts that after the women of Texas A&M read your heart-wrenching, pathetic statement above, you will have a line of dates waiting to go home with you.

David: Gosh, honey, I sure hope you’re right. But if somehow you end up being wrong, which, I know, is incredibly rare, I do have a foolproof backup plan. I will finally select a winner in the “date with Dave” contest that I’ve been holding for months. The application, due tomorrow ladies, forces you to combine all of your assets including looks and well, looks. The winner has the privilege of spending Valentine’s evening with a guy that will make you forget all about being alone. Megan: Snookums, if it weren’t for my magnificent significant other, I would be putting together a very impressive portfolio full of “Megan Unleashed” to show you maybe I’m not such a goody-goody after all. However, since I do have a tall, dark and handsome boyfriend already and because I am, in fact, a goody-goody, I’m afraid I

David: Honey buns. First

off, I’m incredibly goodlooking. Secondly, for your information, I do have someone to cuddle with — Dorah, my stuffed cuddle-bunny. Granted, she doesn’t exactly spoon. Or breathe. But, she also doesn’t demand a shiny piece of jewelry or a highpriced steak she’ll only eat half of in the middle of every February.

Megan: Sweet thing, you’re an idiot. The five-year-old I babysit no longer sleeps with a stuffed animal. Yet you have one with a name and think it’s by your own will that you don’t have somebody to love? Baby, girls just aren’t attracted to stuffedbunny-loving-pervs.


David: Damn it! You’re so right Megan. I’m in dire need of some direction. My name is Dave, and I’m afraid of commitment. Help me. Please! Megan: Yes, exactly. Have fun with Dorah on Sunday. I hope the two of you are very happy together.

Vicky Flores — THE BATTALION

Offer variation for your valentine


alentine’s Day is an empty-hearted, materialistically obsessed pseudoholiday. Commercialism and laziness pushes us to cop out on cards and candy instead of putting forth a solid effort to show thoughtfulness. While I can’t tell you the most personal and best way to leave your lover in a state of aww, I hope to help everyone realize that it isn’t about how much money you spend on a significant other – it’s about what you do.

Traditional Valentine’s Day lore typically amounts to a male buying candy, flowers, a card, a stuffed animal, jewelry or some combination of the above. Then the female, if she has been pleased in a way reminiscent of sacrifices to Greek gods, responding with physical activity that matches the stage of your relationship, be that a hug, a passionate kiss, or turning off the lights and locking the door. “I don’t like that most women expect something special to happen or a gift. It’s like tripping a guy and wondering why he fell,” said freshman business major Sarah Dumas. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a day of glorified legalized prostitution. Men should not be pressured to empty their pockets and women should not be pressured to vacate their clothing out of a sense of obligation. Valentine’s Day should be a day of doing, not of giving. What you do shouldn’t be about spending a lot of money, but about putting forward a lot of effort. It doesn’t even just have to be about boyfriends and girlfriends – the holiday could even be used to enhance friendships.

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Artist’s name — THE BATTALION


tribute of funding in the form of gifts. If your boyfriend really likes playing or watching a certain sport, and you don’t particularly enjoy it but you don’t dislike it, try joining in with him for several hours on Valentine’s Day. Even if you were really bad at the sport, he might really enjoy the company, and recognize that you gave him that company despite Steven Laxton not enjoying it yourself. If your girlfriend is a “Twilight”-obsessed “My best Valentine’s Day was when my best fangirl, throw glitter on yourself so you sparkle friend surprised me with teddy bear chocolates in the sunlight, use face makeup to make and a handmade card surrounded by a yourself creepily pale and squint a lot, heart made out of lit candles out on and every time you kiss her neck my driveway,” said freshman general Don’t phone in she’ll lose her mind with joy. studies student Courtney ChamValentine’s Day This year, don’t let Valentine’s pagne. “The thing that put it over with flowers Day be a scam for the jewelers to the top was the fact that that was rip the money from your wallet. and candy. Do the most effort anyone has made Do something special and meaningto show how much they care something special. ful, not based on cost, but based on about me. It made me feel special.” effort and thought. If you are in the dating scene, think very carefully about what your Steven Laxton is a freshman general studies major. boy or girlfriend is like and likes, and find something that would make specifically him or her as happy as can be – not just pleased by a

MAILCALL Jessica Holley, junior sociology and psychology major In response to the article on Feb. 4 regarding the H1N1 flu, “Swindled by Swine Flu Scare,” the tricky thing about new diseases is that those in the medical profession do not know how serious it’s going to be ahead of time. Every new disease outbreak has the propensity to prove fatal for the population. Think about it — what if the public health community did not respond as they did, and swine flu turned out to be a bad disease that had a much higher fatality rate than it did. The medical community reacted the way they did in case it did turn out to be bad. Sure, it runs the risk of an overreaction, but I feel that is better than the alternative, underreacting to a disease that kills a lot of people when a lot of those fatalities could have been prevented.Who knows, maybe the medical community’s reaction to it contributed to the low fatality rate. Following the death of freshman Bobby Briggs due to complications from H1N1, his parents urged students here to get their vaccine. It seems to me their request was not “hype” when the vaccine would have saved their son. In addition, it is not true that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. A lot of times complications arise from illnesses that do turn out to be debilitating or, as seen in the case of Bobby, fatal.

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Loftin is a Texas native, born in Hearne and raised in Navasota. He graduated from A&M with a degree in physics in 1970 and earned his master’s and doctorate degrees from Rice University. Loftin continued in academia after leaving Rice, serving as a professor at the University of Old Dominion in Norfolk, Va. Before becoming interim president, Loftin served at A&M Galveston as vice president and chief executive officer. Loftin was in this position when Hurricane Ike hit shore in 2008, and he was largely responsible for the campus’ response and rebuilding following the disaster. When Loftin was appointed interim president in June of 2009, he entered during a time of controversy.


AN AD Phone 845-0569 or Fax 845-2678 The Grove, Bldg. #8901 Texas A&M University

ANNOUNCEMENTS Getting Married or Planning an Event? Make plans to attend the Spring Bridal Show and Benefit. Sunday, February 21 from 11am-4pm at Brazos Valley Expo. Over 100 booths! Grand prize: $1000 shopping spree. Proceeds benefit Brazos Valley Hospice. Tickets are $15 online at or $20 at the door.

AUTO I buy vehicles, running or not running. 979-778-1121.

BED AND BREAKFAST Bogart’s Casa Blanca B&B. Now booking rooms for all university events. Gated 4 acres, 12 elegant rooms with private bath and heated pool. Green Parrot Bar. Hearty southern breakfast. (Hollywood in Texas) 936-825-1969.

BUSINESS OPPS. For Lease: Long established 25-year and prominent small animal veterinary clinic. Inside Loop 410, San Antonio TX. Over 25 years of very profitable performance with excellent clientele. Owner will lease property and discount first month’s rent. Consideration available for new graduate. Perfect place to begin long and purposeful career. Please contact 210-733-9516 or 210-843-3535. Serious inquiries only.

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The University’s previous president, Elsa Murano, had concluded her short tenure in office with a dispute with the Chancellor. Robert Bednarz, geography professor and faculty senate speaker, said Loftin’s performance in this environment showed he was prepared for the position. “Loftin came in during a relatively turbulent time and brought some calm and stability,” Bednarz said. “People seem to be generally satisfied that the search identified the best person for the job.” Loftin has faced several trials since becoming interim president. Since his nomination on Jan. 22, Loftin has answered questions regarding his plans for the University, shared services, tuition increases and expenditure cuts. He presided over the arrival of a new dean of the George Bush School and the departure of Corps of


TO CALL 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday Insertion deadline: 1 p.m. prior business day

FOR RENT 2bd/1ba W/D water included, shuttle stop in front, 3/4 mile from campus. Ceiling fans, very clean. (979)690-4181. 2bd/2br duplex. W/D connection with backyard. Pets allowed. $725/mo. Available asap. (979)571-1714. 3/2 fourplexes, close to campus, on bus route, W/D, newly renovated, very nice, must see. 979-822-3520 3/2 Townhouses &Apartments, 1250sqft. Very spacious, ethernet, large kitchen, walk-in pantry &closets, extra storage, W/D, great amenities, on bus route, now pre-leasing for 2010, excellent specials. 979-694-0320, 3/2, 5/4 C.S. duplexes. Garage, on shuttle, very nice, tile, fireplace, W/D, fenced, lawn service, pets OK. Available August. 979-255-0424/ 979-255-1585. 3bd/3ba. Duplexes. Close to campus, Great backyards. Fairly New! 979-693-4900. Brand new luxury condos, granite countertops, tile flooring, great location. 979-693-4900 4/2 New House Preleasing. On shuttle, walking distance to Blinn, rent $1600/month. Don’t miss! 979-229-4222. 4/3, 3/3 &3/2 Townhouses, Duplexes &Fourplexes, 1250-1700sqft. Very spacious, ethernet, large kitchen, extra storage, W/D, great amenities, on bus route, now pre-leasing for 2010, excellent specials. 694-0320. 4/4.5 duplex. High ceilings, huge closets, large front porch, tile floors, all appliances, many extras. $400 each. Pre-leasing for August. 979-229-6326. See photos and info at 4b/2b pre-leasing house. Walking/biking distance to campus, on shuttle route, fenced-in yard. Rent $1300/month. Don’t miss! 979-229-4222. 4bd/3ba. recently remodeled, Hardwood floors, W/D and lawn service, Available June1, less than 1mi. from TAMU, $1500/mo, 4328 Culpepper, Call 979-450-5666. 4bd/4ba houses. Brand New, great size, great location, AAF 979-693-4900. 4bd/4ba. +study, New Home, Available June1, 2 blocks from TAMU, 1202 Milner, asking $2400/mo. includes W/D and lawn service. Call 979-450-5666. Act now! SPACIOUS 3&4 bedroom units available in a great location! Now taking appointments. Call 979-696-9638 or 979-693-4242 today, before they’re all gone!

Cadets Commandant Lt. Gen. John Van Alstyne. Student Body President Kolin Loveless echoed confidence in Loftin. He said Loftin’s performance over past 21 days as a positive indicator of things to come. “There’s no question from what I’ve seen that Dr. Loftin is clearly the man for the job,” said the senior mechanical engineering major. “That’s why he was named sole finalist, and over the 21 days he’s continued to perform his duties with excellence.”

Game show highlights history Teams of four students tested their knowledge of Black history and culture in a special version of the Think Fast game show Wednesday at Studio 12 inside the Commons. The winning team took home a $1,000, while the second place prize was $500. The show was divided into five segments. The two main rounds featured a series of questions about black history, culture and famous blacks around

the world. Page Morris, a junior sociology major who participated in the contest, said the game show helped increase her awareness of black history. “Preparing for this game show has reminded me of everything and made me proud of the progress we’ve made. I think that progress is a blessing,” she said. “I’m looking forward to the future.” Nathan Alsbrook, staff writer

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FOR RENT 4bed/4bath Waterwood Townhomes, 1001 Krenek Tap Road across from C/S’s Central Park. Gated, security system, bus route, appliances+washer/dryer included. Available summer or fall 2010. Contact 281-793-0102 or Brand new building! 1/1, 2/2 move-in now! Walk to campus. 3/2, 2/2 available in August. Call 979-255-5648. Callaway Villas Fall 2010. 2bd/2ba $675/mo. Free internet and cable, electricity paid up to $25/mo. Wont last long. Call (713)385-9683. Female roommate needed ASAP. $310/mo +utilities &internet. Large bedroom &bathroom. Three miles from campus, next to bus stop. Christina 832-660-1593. Furnished house. $450/room +1/3utilities or whole house unfurnished $1500/mo. 407-721-3300 or 214-707-8429. MAY & AUG PRE-LEASE! Free Locator- United Realty- 979-260-1200. 1,2,3,4&5 bedroom in apartments, fourplexes, duplexes, condos, and houses. Call our free locators! Browse our wide selections at Older newly remodeled 3bd/1ba brick home with open garage and carport. Approximately 16 miles east off Highway 6 down OSR. Small pasture and barn. $995/mo. Perfect for horse owners. Contact Cullen at 979-255-5555. One bedroom for rent in 3bed house. M/f. 1mi to campus. On bus route. $250/m +1/3bills. Furnished if needed. Hot tub and game room. (979)739-7717. Pre-leasing brand new 4/4 luxurious cottage style home, behind HEB, two blocks from campus! $550/mo. per person. Call 979-314-1333. Prelease for August 2010. Large 4/2 home, plenty of parking, 2car garage, large back yard. Two living areas, jacuzzi-style tub in master. Really cool house. 10min to TAMU, 5min to Blinn. Drive by and call if interested. 1601 Woodland, Bryan. $1800/m. Karla 512-327-1859 or 512-796-0636. Prelease for May or August, 2/1 fourplex. W/D connections, water paid. 609 Turner. $450/m. 979-693-1448.

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Prelease for May or August. Large 2/2 with fenced yard, W/D connections, large closets, great location. University Oaks. $750/m. 979-693-1448. Roommates needed. 4bd/4bth $325/mo., washer/dryer. University Place on Southwest Parkway. 281-844-2090. Rooms for rent near bus route. $400/m. Please call (979)574-5980 or (239)209-6582. TOWNHOUSE 3bd/2ba. W/D connections, covered parking, vaulted ceiling in living area, pool access, park-like neighborhood. 2-blocks to campus, No pets. Ask about specials. 979-777-8407.


Bingo worker: great job opportunity. Above average pay with commissions &tips. Flexible hours. Hospitalization benefits available. Must have acceptable credit &clean background check. Apply in person at the Bingo Barn, 1018 S. TX Ave, Bryan, TX. Briarcrest Country Club is currently hiring servers with at least 6mo. experience. All shifts available. Bring in resume or fill out application. Please call 979-776-0133. CiCi’s Pizza Now Hiring! Counter Staff/ Register/ Drive-thru personnel needed. Experience necessary, Evenings &weekends a must. Starting Pay $8 hour. Apply in person at CS location. Fish Daddy’s and Cheddar’s now interviewing all positions. 1611 University Drive.

HELP WANTED Ags! Looking for summer work? Earn $9000.00 this summer, build your resume, great experience, call Taylor, 214-707-9145. An awesome job! Spend your summer in a lakefront cabin in Maine. If you are looking to spend this summer outdoors, have fun while you work, and make lifelong friends, then look no further. Camp Mataponi, a residential camp in Maine, has female and male summertime openings for Land Sports, Waterfront (small crafts, skiing, life guarding, WSI, boat drivers), Ropes Course, Tennis, Horse Back Riding, Arts & Crafts, Theater, Cooking, Gymnastics, Dance, Videography, Group Leaders & more. On Campus Interviews will top salaries plus room, board & travel provided. Call us at 1-561-748-3684 or apply online at Athletic men for calendars, books, etc. $100-$200/hr, up to $1000/day. No experience. 512-684-8296. Cleaning commercial buildings at night, M-F. Call 979-823-5031 for appointment.

SKI SPRING BREAK 2010! breckenridge

Vail • Beaver Creek • Keystone • Arapahoe Basin

20 Mountains. 5 Resorts. 1 Price. FROM ONLY

plus t/s


1-800-SKI-WILD • 1-800-754-9453

Healthcare technology firm MEMdata now hiring. Local, just minutes from campus. Part-time openings (20 hrs/wk minimum), M-F 8 to 5. Flexible Hours. Good Verbal Communication and Computer Skills a Must. $8/hr plus bonus. E-mail resumes to or fax to 979-695-1954. J. Cody’s hiring kitchen help with strong backs and strong arms. Apply within, 3610 S. College. No experience necessary, just common sense! Now hiring waitresses, door girls, dancers and DJ. Apply in person at Silk Stocking Lounge. College Station. STUDENTPAYOUTS.COM Paid survey takers needed in College Station. 100% free to join. Click on surveys. The Corner Bar &Grill now hiring. Apply in person at 9pm monday thru wednesday. All positions available. Web Content Editor needed, Part-time, Paid hourly, 20-35hrs/wk. Good written/oral communication skills necessary. Responsibilities include web layout , text content/migration, and client communication. Submit marketing writing samples and resume to

LOST & FOUND Lost cat. Orange and white Tabby. 9mos. old. Reward! Call 832-654-5009.

Party Block Mobile DJ- Peter Block, professional 22yrs experience. Specializing in Weddings, TAMU functions, lights/smoke. Mobile to anywhere. Book early!! 979-693-6294.

PETS A+Teacup puppies: Maltese, Shorkies, Maltipoos, Yorkies &Poodles. $500 &up. 979-324-2866, Adopt Pets: Dogs, Cats, Puppies, Kittens, Many purebreds. Brazos Animal Shelter, 979-775-5755,

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ROOMMATES Roommate needed: male or female. 5min walk to campus. All expenses $345-360/mo. Cable/ internet. Contact Dillon 361-935-4755. Serious female roommate needed for nice 4br house. Bedrooms have private bath. $525/mo + 1/4 monthly bills. 817-776-0868.

SERVICES Conversational Czech language class. Call Trent 618-334-4584 or e-mail Engagement? Valentines? Portraits? Special occasions? Call today to discuss your unique photo shoot with Limited special pricing. 732-492-2800. Sport the latest trends of long beautiful hair extensions for spring break. Payment plans available. 979-716-1118.

TUTORS Need a Tutor? Friendly, helpful one-on-one private tutors for all subjects at TAMU/Blinn and Sam Houston State. Check us out at, 979-255-3655.

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STUDIES IN PROGRESS ACNE STUDY Volunteers between the ages of 12 and 45, with facial acne are needed to participate in a 12-week clinical research study with an investigational topical medication. All eligible volunteers will receive at no cost: • Study related acne evaluations by a dermatologist • Study related medication • Reimbursement up to $250.00 for time and effort For more information please contact:


Volunteers ages 18 - 64 needed to participate in up to 12 week long clinical research study with an investigational topical medication for atopic dermatitis (RED, DRY, SCALY PATCHES OF SKIN). Eligible volunteers will receive at no cost: • Study related medication • Physical Examination • Dermatological Assessments • Compensation up to $675.00 for time and travel For more information please contact:

ATHLETE’S FOOT STUDY Volunteers ages 17 and older are needed to participate in a 6 week clinical research study with an investigational topical medication for the treatment of Athlete’s foot. Eligible volunteers will need to make 3 office visits and receive at no cost: • Study related medication • Medical examinations relating to their athlete’s foot • Compensation up to $120 for time and effort For more information please contact:

J&S Studies, Inc. 979-774-5933 1710 Crescent Pointe Parkway, College Station, TX 77845

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