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On this day in 1899, Andrea Castañón Villanueva (Madam Candelaria), who claimed to be a survivor of the battle of the Alamo, died at age 113 in San Antonio. She said she had been born in Laredo in 1785, though other sources say she was born at Presidio del Río Grande. She came to San Antonio when she was 25 and married Candelario Villanueva, who she said was her second husband; thereafter she became known as Madam or Señora Candelaria. She was the mother of four children and raised 22 orphans. She nursed the sick and aided the poor.

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Looking at ‘Dear John’ Nicholas Sparks latest novel adaptation “Dear John” falls short of his previous hits and fizzles almost as soon as it starts.

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Women’s team to play Tech A look at the No. 13 A&M women’s basketball team’s matchup against Texas Tech.

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Testing Texas’ Adderall policy With many students using unprescribed neuroenhancers as study aids, Texas needs to review its policy to reflect the reality when it comes to these drugs.

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An examination of the legalities and common misconceptions of underage drinking.

february 10, 2010

Researchers find mangos to be effective in fighting certain types of cancers Ann Littman The Battalion Mango isn’t always exactly a big part of students’ diets, but maybe it should be. After a study conducted by Texas AgriLife Research food scientists, you may want to increase your mango intake, because the fruit has been linked to prevention of some colon and breast cancers. Texas A&M researchers studied the five most common types of mangos found

in the U.S. — Kent, Francine, Ataulfo, Tommy/Atkins and Haden. Despite being a popular fruit, there has been little research done upon the mango’s nutritional value, leading the National Mango Board to order a variety of studies to determine its nutritional value. “Mangos are rich in fiber, nutrients and antioxidant secondary plant compounds. However the concentration of antioxidant compounds is somewhat lower compared to blueberries, acai and other so-called su-

perfruit,” said Susanne Talcott, who conducted the cancer cell research with her husband Stephen Talcott. “The overall goal of the study was to compare the basic anti-cancer effects of different mango varieties.” Despite the low concentration of antioxidant compounds found in mangos, the Talcotts proceeded to test it against cancer in cell culture.

We found that the colon and breast cancer cell lines we tested seemed to be most susceptible to the treatment with mango polyphenolic extractions compared with the other cell lines we tested which were leukemia, lung and prostate. Susanne Talcott, Texas AgriLife Research food scientist

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Iran’s threat elevates world anxiety Matt Woolbright The Battalion Scholars, government officials and military officers worldwide call Iran and its nuclear operations a ticking time bomb. Iran may have hinted how much time is left before 00:00. Iran pressed ahead Monday with plans that will increase its ability to make nuclear weapons. The country informed the U.N. nuclear agency of its intention to enrich uranium to higher levels. Texas A&M Vice President for Student Affairs Lt. Gen. Joe Weber said Iran might be much farther along than they have let on.

“I’m very concerned about the small tactical nuclear bomb, or ’dirty bomb’ as it is called,” Weber said. “It’s not that difficult to sneak one near us and set it off.” Also on Monday, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that Iran would “punch” its enemies and leave them “shocked” — or “stunned” depending on the translation — on Thursday, the 31st anniversary of Iran’s Islamic Revolution. “The Iranian nation, with its unity and God’s grace, will punch the arrogance on the 22nd of Bahman [Feb. 11] in a way that will leave them stunned,” Khamenei said. The Associated Press reported that the “arrogance” Iran is targeting is the opposition group in the country — the

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12 Days for Haiti unifies student relief effort

Singing cadets make way to South Africa Laura A. Sanchez The Battalion A few years ago, just when the Gulf War was making an impact on the lives of Americans and many others around the globe, a woman debated on not going to a concert, because she hated Americans. The performance was in Australia and featured the Texas A&M Singing Cadets, led by Texas A&M Choral Activities Director David Kipp. The woman didn’t want anything to do with Americans because of U.S. involvement in the war. Kipp said after hearing the voice of Aggieland perform, she felt differently about Americans. The current members of the Singing Cadets will depart for an international trip to South Africa on May 19. The Cadets have traveled to Australia and South America in recent years and have eight performances lined up in various villages and concert halls, including the U.S. Consulate. The three organizations of Choral Activi-

Green Way; the American Free Press, however, reported Western powers — U.S., Britain and Israel – as the targets of the “punch.” Just over a week before, on Jan. 31, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met with his cabinet and spoke of events to come on the anniversary. “Iran will deal a telling blow to world powers on Feb. 11,” he said. The story was first reported by Iran’s international news network, Press TV. The same day, news sources across the U.S. reported that eight Patriot batteries – missile interception systems

April Baltensperger — SPECIAL TO THE BATTALION

The Singing Cadets practice vocals for the upcoming performance trip to South Africa. ties, which also includes Women’s Chorus and Century Singers, rotate trips so each group takes a trip every three years. “One of our goals in Choral Activities is for all of our students to have an international

Texas A&M students are uniting in efforts to support Haiti relief with the campuswide calendar of events during “12 Days for Haiti.” “We’re grouping together all of the events around campus benefiting Haiti,” said Sarah Russell, Memorial Student Center vice president for educational exploration. “It’s more of a collaborative student effort.” “12 Days for Haiti” will highlight the efforts of multiple student organizations who are donating time and funds to support relief efforts currently ongoing in Haiti. The events are scheduled for Thursday through Feb. 22. The first event will be a date auction on Thursday,

sponsored by the Student Engineers Council. On Friday, multiple bands will perform for the Aggie Haiti Relief Concert Thursday in Rudder Date Auction Auditorium. 6:30 p.m. Rudder Other Friday Relief Concert events 6 p.m. Rudder include a Chinese New Spring Festival Variety Show, an educational symposium by the Memorial Student Center and a dodgeball tournament. Proceeds from “12 Days for Haiti” will go to American Red Cross and UNICEF. For more information visit Melissa Appel, staff writer

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Big Event recruiting

Recruiting for Big Event will be for the next three weeks. Tables will be set up by Koldus, The Recreation Center, Academic Plaza and Wehner.

Koldus award nominations open for 2010


National Engineers Week


Retail recruiters seek out students


Hear why it’s important to learn Chinese

Students, faculty and staff may nominate someone for the John J. Koldus III Faculty and Staff Achievement Award. The nomination forms are available at http://dsaawards.tamu. edu/koldus, and must be submitted by 5 p.m. March 5.

The 2010 National Engineers Week, E-Week, will run through Friday. Events include a date auction at 6:30 p.m. today and a concert at 6 p.m. Friday. Funds will be donated to Haiti relief efforts.

Recruiters from more than 40 retail and retail-related companies will be in the Wehner building from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. today recruiting students for full-time and internship positions. Students from all majors are invited to attend.

Shuhan C. Wang, deputy director of the National Foreign Language Center, University of Maryland, will discuss from 6 to 7:45 p.m. Friday in Rudder Tower the difďŹ culties and the importance of the Chinese language.

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Robert Carpenter The Battalion Aaron Cohen, a former student who became a highly decorated public servant and professor emeritus, was awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters degree by Texas A&M University. Cohen, who lives in College Station with his wife, Ruth, was stunned to receive the award. “The University has treated me so well over the years since I earned my degree in mechanical engineering in 1952,� Cohen said. “I must say I am very grateful and very appreciative of this honor that has come into my life this year.� The Board of Regents awarded the degree at the January meeting. After graduating, Cohen spent two years as an officer in the U.S. Army. Upon retirement, he spent the better part of the following decade working in industry. Cohen then began a highly distinguished career for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Cohen worked for NASA in the Apollo Spacecraft Program in 1962. After eight years, Cohen rose from materials and systems engineer to the position of manager of the Command and Service Module and of the Lunar Module. John Junkins, distinguished professor for the department of aeronautical engineering at A&M, said Cohen’s work in the Apollo program was groundbreaking and difficult. “The 1960s Apollo era is widely recognized as a golden era of humankind’s engineering innovation,� Junkins said. “It was a time when Aaron Cohen and a small group of other key players led our young space program to solve numerous daunting problems en route to the 1969 lunar landing and Armstrong’s ‘one small step for man ...’� Cohen contributed to all six lunar landings while serving in the Apollo program. In 1972, Cohen left Apollo to take charge of the Orbiter Space Shuttle Program. In this


We make it easy to...

position, he directed the design, development, production and flight testing of the shuttle. In 1986, Cohen became director of the Johnson Space Center in Houston. After seven years, Cohen was appointed Cohen acting deputy administrator of NASA, the second highest position in the organization. When Cohen retired from NASA in 1993, his departure prompted praise and respect from then-NASA Administrator Dan Goldin. “Aaron represents all of the finest you could hope for in a government servant,� Goldin said. “He has brought technical excellence, integrity, dedication and leadership to the Johnson Space Center and NASA. His career serves as an example to us all, and he leaves behind a lasting legacy.� After leaving NASA, Cohen returned to A&M where he taught senior level courses for many years in the mechanical engineering department. Rodrigo Garza, a senior mechanical engineering major and recent Craig C. Brown Outstanding Senior Engineer designee, commended Cohen’s decision to return to teaching. “Lifetime accomplishments like Cohen’s should act as an inspiration to set high goals throughout our lives. His decision to return to academia is particularly commendable, especially because after such a successful career, he decided to spread his knowledge and plant seeds in new generations of engineers.� Cohen said of the opportunity to teach at A&M, “It was absolutely the right thing to do. “I had always thought about one day working with engineering students,� Cohen said. “Having this second career exceeded all of my expectations. To serve on the faculty as the H.B. Zachry Professor of Engineering was a high honor and I treasured it.�

ʹǤ͡Â?‹Ž‡•ˆ”‘Â?…ƒÂ?’—• ÇŚƒ–͚njͳͲČˆ—Â?ͺnj͝ ͚͝͝Ǥͺ͜͸Ǥ͝͸ͲͲ

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Cohen adds to accolades with honorary doctorate


Give the gift of blood

Over the years, Cohen’s exemplary careers with both NASA and A&M have merited virtually every honor the University can bestow.

â—— College of Engineering Alumni Award in 1987 â—— Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1989 â—— Academy of Distinguished Graduates in 1992 â—— Professor Emeritus upon his retirement in 2000 â—— twice honored by a standing president of the United States with the Presidential Rank of Distinguished Executive â—— four-time recipient of NASA’s highest commendation, the NASA Distinguished Service Medal. â—— “When we ďŹ rst met during the 1970s, I was struck by the fact that his intellect, his high degree of technical competence and his ‘failure is not an option’ strength of character were almost masked by a winning smile, a wonderful personality and a genuine interest in people. He is a man who develops lifelong friends, and I am proud to be one of them.â€? John Junkins, Cohen’s long-time colleague and fellow professor

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Blinn freshman fire science major Ben Eason gives blood Friday at the Blood Center of Brazos Valley set up in front of Sbisa for the campus blood drive. The blood center supplies blood to hospitals in the Brazos Valley and Houston.

SCONA informs students about Asia speakers will contribute insight on an array of topics. “The conference will have experts on China, India and a few other countries. They will speak on everything from cultures to politics to military interventions,� Hinds said. Participants at the event will be placed in groups of 9-14 people and will formulate a proposal to a particular problem facing the U.S. The Corps of Cadets will march to display the traditions of A&M for the attending universities. Registration for the conference will close Feb. 15, and the cost to register is $85. Robert Carpenter, staff writer

Registration is open for the 55th annual Student Conference on National Affairs. The topic of this year’s conference is “Asia Rising.� Events will focus on the challenges facing the U.S. as a result of the rapid growth of Asian states. The event takes place Feb. 25-27 at A&M and will bring in students and guest speakers from across the nation. In addition to A&M, universities such as Columbia, Principia, West Point, the Naval Academy, Rice and Texas A&M Qatar will be represented. Stephanie Hinds, a senior political science major and conference’s vice chairwoman, said the


 BANDS WINNERS “WE CAN, WE WILL�  ARE LOOKING FOR A NEW SINGER AND NEW GUITARISTS  )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))   


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Amanda Casanova, Editor in Chief


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5 before you go 1

Singing Valentine

Send someone special a singing valentine through the Women’s Chorus. The valentines will be delivered Feb. 12-14 by three singing women with candy and balloons. Valentines are $15 if delivered on campus and $18 for off campus. Call 979-8455974 to place an order.

Battle of the bands


Reckless Kelly CD release

Catwalk for HIV and AIDS



Watch the “Don’t Mess with Texas Metal Bands” battle it out for the chance to advance to the next round and compete for a $5,000 prize from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. on Friday in Stafford Main Street. The bands are chosen according to the audience response.

Reckless Kelly will be performing at 11 p.m. on Saturday at the Texas Hall of Fame for a CD release concert. Their latest CD, “Somewhere in Time,” was released today. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at http:// or at the door.

Attend the Catwalk for HIV/AIDS Awareness fashion show from 7 to 8 p.m. Feb. 18 in Rudder Theater. Students wear items from retailers while learning about HIV/ AIDS. Admission is free.


Writers EYE

The University Art Galleries Department will be organizing a prose and poetry competition until March 12 for students of Texas A&M and those part of the Blinn team. The students can comment on artworks on campus for cash prizes. For more information visit exhibit.html.

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No sparks for

‘Dear John’


t’s cupid’s season again, and with Valentine’s Day looming close ahead, what we do without a novel-turned-movie by the modern king of heartrending romances, Nicholas Sparks?

While gauging the reactions of the mostly female crowd filing Megan Keyho out of the theater before entering the love war zone, the girls dabbed their red-rimmed eyes while their supportive boyfriends novel, it doesn’t translate to an enthralling and dynamic movie. yawned, a foreboding testament of what was to come. Instead, we have long panning shots of beautiful scenery strung toIf you didn’t know what a “Dear John” letter was before the gether over bland narration and a serene but lackluster soundtrack. movie (other than a letter to a guy named John), get ready to grab A music video on MTV might be more interesting unless you some tissues, or maybe just a tissue. have a soft spot for South Carolina beaches. “Dear John” begins with the classic cookie-cutter The scenes that do involve John and Savannah in Nicholas Sparks’ characters in a Sparks’ tale— the rugged handsome the same place are painfully cliché (think: kissing in latest screen man and the beautiful, good-natured girl, who the rain) and reminiscent of “The Notebook” at adaptation of his inevitably come together and fall into love in five times, only without the spunk and bordering on novel “Dear John” minutes. John Tyree, played by the striking Chanmonotonous. Savannah is described as a “conservahas a flimsy plotline ning Tatum, is a soldier on leave from the army in tive” girl who doesn’t smoke, drink or party. But that sinks as soon as his hometown in South Carolina in the spring of she seems to have no problems with the hot and it starts. 2001, where he meets Savannah Curtis (Amanda Seyheavy make-out session with John a few days after fried), a college student who is virtuously spending her meeting him— just another problem with the character spring break building houses for the less fortunate. inconsistencies and their transparent and bland personalities. The heart of the story involves the love affair between John and One of the only convincing characters in the movie is John’s Savannah through letters when John returns to the army and is father (Richard Jenkins) who plays an emotionally withdrawn but away fighting in the Special Forces. He rarely is able to come back gentle and loving father, and who produces one of the only truly and see his beloved face to face, forcing the story to be told mostly convincingly tear-jerking scenes in the movie with his son. Savanthrough letters. nah’s childhood friend Tim (Henry Thomas) is another character While this can be a fascinating and introspective approach in a that has his moments of sincerity but his storyline is so farfetched that

even his decent acting skills can’t save him here. The story itself is uninspiring and most of the characters give us no real reason to care at all about what happens to them. When disaster hits on 9/11 Courtesy photos and John is faced with the Channing Tatum plays John decision to reenlist and leave Tyree in “Dear John,” a soldier Savannah for another two years, it hardly seems like it on leave who falls in love with should be an issue for people college student, Savannah Curtis who are in such a profound (Amanda Seyfried). state of love. Although Seyfried holds her own and has a few scenes where she is almost believable, she just doesn’t have the charismatic individuality of Rachel McAdams from “The Notebook.” Instead of sparks flying in intense scenes with the stoic Channing Tatum, things fizzle almost as fast as they start, leaving the audience bored and disappointed. The ending seems like an afterthought, as if only stuck on to make the movie a little more Hollywood and the girls swoon, but by this time you’ve hopefully realized that the only surprising aspect of the entire movie is the fact that you’ve been able to sit through one hour and 42 minutes of it.

Megan Keyho is a senior English major and lifestyles editor.


Red Wagon Mardi Gras Float Contest Decorate your red wagon as a Mardi Gras float, and we’ll pull you around our THOF French Quarter No Entry Fee for contest - Winner gets trip for 2 to Las Vegas!!! Contest based on Audience Participation, so bring your friends!


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AGGIELAND 2010 Official yearbook of Texas A&M University

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Where are the ethics?

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hen I was 13, I had Pre-AP English, choir practice and blackheads. A scholarship offer to USC? Not so much. That, however, is what David Sills V has been given. Sills, a quarterback from Delaware, Kyle Cunningham has a six foot frame, solid menow, but he also has the apchanics and uncanny accuracy. pearance of a child I could feed Go to YouTube and watch for just pennies a day. How the video of this kid. Hitting much muscle will he even be his receivers on 20-yard deep able to add? Will his frame passes. Escaping the pass rush of take hits at the high school junior high defensive ends level? There’s going who run 6.5 seconds to be a target on on the 40-yard dash. The case of this kid bigger He’s obviously a USC giving a than his actual man among boys, 13-year-old kid torso, which and that’s the a scholarship is isn’t saying problem. ridiculous and much since First and forelaughable. he’s built like a most, who is this Kenyan distance kid playing against? runner. This isn’t high school, Also, isn’t this one of where quarterbacks will octhe more depressing stories casionally still be facing top talin college sports? I mean, I ent. In junior high, you have understand kids giving verbal kids playing on the line just commitments as juniors in because of their heftiness. To high school. They’re a year prove this point, I would like away from being an official you to look at my headshot. I commit and would like to played defensive line in junior have some stability in the high, and I never ran a 40-yard longest year of their life. dash in under five ‌ minutes. Sure, he looks pretty solid See Scholarship on page 5

Travelin’ to Tech No. 13 Aggies look to put end to road struggles in Lubbock Mike Teague The Battalion Texas A&M’s No. 13 women’s basketball team will travel to Texas Tech Wednesday in an important Big 12 matchup. A&M (16-5, 4-4) is in dire need of a victory in Lubbock. The Aggies have lost four of their last six games and haven’t won on the road since beating Texas in the first game of conference play. Head Coach Gary Blair, however, said he can see the light at the end of the tunnel. “After we get through with this one road game against Tech, we play four out of our last seven at home and I think they’re very important games,�

Blair said. “The thing is we’re one game out of second-place. That’s what we have to build on is being positive and knowing that nobody in front of us has had the road schedule we’ve had to open it up. We lost to three Top 10 teams. What we have to do is give a little credit and realize that now is time for us to step up.� In the first meeting between A&M and Tech this season, the Aggies dominated a majority of the game but couldn’t quite pull away from the Lady Raiders. The 6954 victory for A&M will not come so easy when the team See Tech on page 5


Junior forward Daniella Adams looks to make a play in the post in the Aggies’ 69-54 win over Texas Tech on Jan. 23 at Reed Arena. Adams registered a triple-double in the victory with 27 points, 12 rebound and 10 blocks.

y Love l p m i S

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Scholarship Continued from page 4

However, this kid is two years away from a learner’s permit. He can’t even take any possible girlfriends on a real date without Mama Sills driving the Love Bus to the Cinemark. But, of course, he should be able to decide what college he should go to. Obviously. What about his personal coach, Steve Clarkson? Of course, he’s just not his quarterback coach, he’s a “Dream Maker.” Really. That’s the name of his YouTube account – QBDreamMaker. And he has bred some real legends, including Colt Brennan, Matt Leinart and J.P. Losman. I can absolutely see how future quarterbacking legends can see this guy as a “dream maker.” Millions of dollars for mediocre play? Sign me up. “He’s already six feet as a 13year old,” Clarkson said about the Chosen One, “and he’s breaking down NFL footage.” I’m pretty sure height as nothing to do with breaking down NFL coverage. I see what you’re saying, Dream Maker, but at least coherently communicate your thoughts. The most crooked member of this ridiculous story is none other than college football’s version of John Calipari, USC

Head Coach Lane Kiffin. I think Kiffin is a fine coach, of course, but his ethics are somewhere in between the Loch Ness Monster and Heidi Montag’s music career— as it pertains to existing. Somehow, between Dream Maker and Kiffin’s soul-selling convention, the Sills were able to contact the coach, where it just so happened USC was the Chosen One’s “dream school.” “Well, we’re going out to California in a few weeks and we’ll meet Lane then,” Sills IV said. Wait… they haven’t even met yet? This kid has committed to the coaching equivalent of a used car salesman, at 13 years old, without even meeting him? Please excuse me while I throw up. Of course, who are we to ruin this kid’s dream? After all, if he were a prodigy in something else, we would be encouraging him, right Papa Sills? “The way I look at it is if David was a phenomenal mathematician and I held him back, wouldn’t that be wrong?” Sills IV reasons. Yes, it would be wrong. But this is a completely different scenario. Mathematicians don’t get laid out by the 6’3”, 245-pound square root of negative one. Sills can’t erase and restart the problem after tearing his rotator cuff.

Mr. Sills, this isn’t a legitimate argument, this is you attempting to psychobabble and swing those of us with common sense into the pile of unreasonable people who like to kill dreams and cheer against kids. This kid will no longer be known for his superior athletic talent, as he should. Instead, he will be known as the child who committed to USC at 13 years old. Sills V, instead of earning the reputation of a prodigy the old fashioned way - hard work or word of mouth - has been thrust into the limelight and labeled by parents, coaches, and Dream Makers who have more to gain at this time than he does. “The rules are the rules and as long as you abide by the rules then you abide by the rules,” Sills IV said. Of course that’s all that matters. Ethics must be shoved aside for only an interpretation of the rules. Now, please excuse me while I verbally commit my future son to Texas A&M. You know, because as long as I abide by the rules, I abide by the rules. Kyle Cunningham is a junior sports management major.

Sophomore guard Sydney Carter defends in the Aggies’ 69-54 victory over Texas Tech on Jan. 23 at Reed Arena. Carter is averaging 7.1 points per game on the season and is shooting 79 percent from the free-throw line, which leads the team. She is also second on the team with 67 assists. Jonny Green — THE BATTALION

Tech Continued from page 4

travels to Tech’s United Spirit Arena. “They’re playing with a lot of pride,” Blair said about his alma mater. “We had won twostraight times until last year. We went out there and Tech played very well. We played very average and we got beat. That’s what the road will do for you. You better have you’re A game or at least you’re A minus game if you expect to win. It doesn’t matter if they’re a Top 25 or not.” In order to escape west Texas with a win, the Aggies need senior Tanisha Smith to rise to the occasion. The guard continued her struggles in A&M’s loss at Nebraska where she was held to only four points on 2-of-7 shooting. “Everybody goes through a little bit of a slump,” Blair said. “[Tanisha] Smith has been like the stock market, up-and-down right now. I’m ready for that up-swing. She needs a couple good ballgames in a row. To do that,

she has to stay out of foul trouble.” After leading the Aggies in scoring for the third-consecutive game against Nebraska, junior Danielle Adams has developed into a solid and consistent player. She leads A&M in points and rebounds averaging 16.2 and 5.7 per game, respectively. Blair has also identified junior Maryann Baker as a key to his team’s success. Despite playing less than 10 minutes per game in 200910, Baker has displayed her toughness and ability to make plays that don’t show up in the box score. “Baker has been the positive side coming off the bench,” Blair said. “She will go to the boards every time on the offensive end and will give us the hustle plays. We want her to give us those and the solid plays on offense.” Texas Tech (13-9, 1-7) will have to try to upset the Aggies without leading-scorer Kierra Mallard. The sophomore was suspended last Saturday. In their first game with A&M, Mallard put up nine points and 11 rebounds for the Lady Raiders.

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experience as a part of their participation in here,” Kipp said. “We try to take them out of a major cultural place and show them what South Africa might actually be like.” The cadets have been rehearsing African-style pieces and will also perform with local choirs. One of the songs is “God Bless Africa.” Kipp said the purpose of these trips is to provide the cadets with an experience that will help them identify with people, so that when they come back to the U.S. and meet someone from a different culture, they will understand more. “One thing I realized is how much we take things for granted here,” said Daniel Adame, president of the Singing Cadets. “I remember going to a restaurant and asking for a refill and getting charged. Water


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also wasn’t free at restaurants and that’s something that’s valuable to everyone. In America, we can get a refill or water like it’s nothing. Over there, you have to pay for everything. It was really an eye opener.” Normally after performances, the Singing Cadets will meet their hosts. After international performances, cadets will meet the audience in an attempt to get to know the culture better. “I’ll never forget when we performed at this amazing cathedral in Brazil. Afterwards we went down into the audience and started talking to people,” said Jeff McFarland, public relations officer. “When I perform, I look out into the audience and see the people who are really getting into the music and appreciating what we’re doing. So I try to go out and talk to those people in the concert. I really appreciated the fact that this one woman felt great about our performance and our music.”


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everywhere we go.” Most recently, the Singing Cadets performed across the nation including the White House, for President Barack Obama at the Points of Light Institute and for former President George H.W. Bush as a surprise for his 85th birthday. The Cadets have sung for every president to date since Nixon. “The performances they have done just this past semester are just amazing. I don’t think the students get the magnitude of what the boys do and what Choral Activities is all about. The experience that they’re provided is just amazing,” said Senior Administrative Counselor Vickie Cooke.


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or A&M clubs. The money raised from events goes to funding scholarships for high school students to attend A&M. Kipp said the cadets learn about diversity on the international trips. It’s not something you sit down and teach people, he said, but hopefully diversity is something that they felt. “Our main purpose as Singing Cadets is to be ambassadors for Texas A&M University,” Barrow said. “I think sometimes that gets lost within the student body and they think we’re just a choir. We’re so much more than that though because Texas A&M trusts us to spread the name of A&M. Our whole purpose is to musically represent Texas A&M

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Along with performing and touring the country, the cadets also will volunteer at a orphanage and help people with AIDS. Specifically, the cadets will work with orphans who have had parents who have AIDS or HIV. “I really think that this helped me get a better view of the different cultures that are out there and the different experiences, but also the similarities between us,” said member Jason Barrow. “In the future, through my career, I think it even helps me have a glimpse into other people’s lives and culture.” Most performances by the Singing Cadets are sponsored by Aggie Moms



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the battalion

STUDIES IN PROGRESS ACNE STUDY Volunteers between the ages of 12 and 45, with facial acne are needed to participate in a 12-week clinical research study with an investigational topical medication. All eligible volunteers will receive at no cost: • Study related acne evaluations by a dermatologist • Study related medication • Reimbursement up to $250.00 for time and effort For more information please contact:


Volunteers ages 18 - 64 needed to participate in up to 12 week long clinical research study with an investigational topical medication for atopic dermatitis (RED, DRY, SCALY PATCHES OF SKIN). Eligible volunteers will receive at no cost: • Study related medication • Physical Examination • Dermatological Assessments • Compensation up to $675.00 for time and travel For more information please contact:

ATHLETE’S FOOT STUDY Volunteers ages 17 and older are needed to participate in a 6 week clinical research study with an investigational topical medication for the treatment of Athlete’s foot. Eligible volunteers will need to make 3 office visits and receive at no cost: • Study related medication • Medical examinations relating to their athlete’s foot • Compensation up to $120 for time and effort For more information please contact:

J&S Studies, Inc. 979-774-5933 1710 Crescent Pointe Parkway, College Station, TX 77845

Pg. 6-02-10-10.indd 1

2/9/10 9:31 PM


page 7 wednesday 2.10.2010


Mangos Continued from page 1

“We compared the basic anti-cancer effects of different mango varieties in cell culture using different cancer cell lines by extracting secondary plant compounds from the different mango varieties,” Talcott said. The Talcotts tested mango polyphenol extracts in vitro on colon, breast, lung, leukemia and prostate cancers. Talcott said although the mango created some difference against lung, leukemia and prostate cancers, it was most effective on common types of breast and colon cancers. Since the two types of the mango were effective with regard to colon and breast cancerous cells, the Talcotts wanted to ensure that it would not attack healthy cells in the body. “We did not test the extracts in a body,” Talcott said. “However, we compared the growth-inhibiting effects in a colon cancer cell compared to noncancer colon cells and found

Iran Continued from page 1

Just over a week before, on Sunday, Jan. 31, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met with his cabinet and spoke of events to come on the anniversary. “Iran will deal a telling blow to world powers on Feb. 11,” he said. The story was first reported by Iran’s international news network, Press TV. The same day, news sources across the U.S. reported that eight Patriot batteries — missile interception systems – were sent to the region, two each in Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Navy ships equipped with antimissile systems were also deployed in and around the Mediterranean Sea. An A&M assistant professor at the Bush School said there is difficulty interpreting Iranian moves, but that Iran can’t be ignored. “It is possible they are look-

that the mango compounds did not negatively affect the non-cancer cells within a physiological concentration range.” The next step for the mango is to have a clinical trial with individuals who have increased inflammation in their intestines with a higher risk for cancer. If the mangos prove efficient in the human clinical trial, a larger trial will be conducted to investigate the medical relevance of the findings. “The overall conclusions from a cell culture study, which happens outside of a functioning body are very limited,” Talcott said. “We only can conclude that the secondary plant compounds in mangos do have anti-cancer effects where two of the varieties were more effective that the other ones and that the colon and breast cancer cells seemed more sensitive in cell culture. We cannot conclude that cancer patients can cure their cancer solely by consuming mango fruits. The finding from a cell culture trial should not be blown out of proportion.”

ing to commit acts that will force military reaction to get the country to unify behind their regime, because that regime is in trouble domestically,” Jasen Castillo said. “The problem is you just don’t know, they’re kind of wacky over there.” Military action by Iran against the U.S. or American allies would essentially be suicide for Iran, Weber said, but there is still cause for concern. “Terrorists commit suicide every day, now whether they would do it on a national scale I don’t know, but its conceivable,” Weber said. “It is very, very alarming to me because they are so unstable.” A&M senior lecturer in the Bush School Joe Cerami said Iran’s remarks are “hot air” and “typical” for dictatorships. “[The recent statements are] just part of their propaganda to rally support to address some of the ongoing internal problems,” Cerami said. On the other side of the regime, the leaders of the Green Movement are urging supporters to take to the streets Thursday and demand their rights


A re-grand opening event February 11, 2pm - 4pm

April Baltensperger — SPECIAL TO THE BATTALION

Steve Talcott, a researcher at the A&M Agriculture center, discovered mango can be effective in preventing certain cancers.


In response to the findings, Texas A&M students have resolved to add a little bit of mango to their diets. ,“Mangos are the one fruit I dislike,” said Hannah Pabor, parks and tourism sciences major. “I guess I’m going to have to learn to like them.”

back as citizens of Iran. The country has experienced sizeable domestic issues since the June 2009 elections when Ahmadinejad won the presidency over three challengers, namely Mir Hossein Mousavi, now the leader of the Green Movement. The opposition claims that Mousavi was the rightful winner of June 12 presidential elections and that Ahmadinejad’s victory was fraudulent. In the past month, two people have been executed, and death sentences have been announced against nine others accused in the postelection unrest. Mohammad was an esteemed professor at Tehran University, but his involvement with the Green Movement caused him to be stripped of his positions and flee the country out of fear for his life. Mohammad said the opposition tries to avoid violence at all costs, but the government does not use the same degree of restraint, if they feel threatened. Regardless of the translation difficulties in understand-

ing the Ayatollah’s meaning completely, Castilo said something significant will happen on Thursday. “My best bet would be that they are going to test a missile or announce that they are much closer to nuclear weapons than they have let on,” he said. “They may already have them.” If, in fact, the Iranians do have nuclear weaponry or are capable of producing such, Weber said Americans are not invulnerable. “We have fairly porous borders ourselves, so getting [a tactical nuclear bomb] in isn’t inconceivable,” Weber said. “To think one getting in is impossible is simply foolish thinking.” Mohammad agrees, Thursday will be significant in Iran, especially Tehran. “You should expect a noisy day in Iran,” Mohammed said. “You have extremist groups that think they are doing the will of God, so they will resort to violence.”

New enviroment, perfect for coffee, lunch, studying or taking a break.

TASTY Pastries. Sandwiches. Drinks. Coffee. Come see what we’re about.

EVENT Check out the new space. Nourishment in a very cool environment.

Open: Mon - Fri 7 am - 3 pm In the lower level of the Langford Building NW corner Dining Dollars welcomed.

Master of Public Health Master of Health Administration Graduate Degrees

Department of Health Policy & Management Join future health leaders in making a difference in the lives of so many. Applications are currently being accepted for MPH and MHA degrees Fall application deadline March 1


Dear Fellow Texans: I have filed for re-election to the Texas Senate, and I am asking for your vote in the Republican Primary on March 2, 2010. Since 1997, I have had the privilege of serving as State Senator. For the last six years, I have served as the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. We have passed balanced and responsible budgets that have kept Texas’ tax burden low. Each of our budgets had significant challenges, but the will to resist spending every last dollar positioned our state in an enviable economic position.

THIS WEEK’S YOUR LAST CHANCE to have your graduation portrait made for the 2010 Aggieland yearbook

Today, the recession combined with an unsustainable federal deficit and the cost of federal mandates will put significant pressure on our state’s finances. Producing another balanced and fiscally responsible budget for Texas will require skill, experience, and sound judgment. I believe I possess these qualities. No area or district in Texas has a greater stake in state government than ours. This is our home. It is worth preserving, protecting, and defending. If you send me back to Austin, I will get the job done right.


Abbate Health Ken Abdullah Physics Maegan Ables


Finance Michelle bney and Fisheries Abney ney ne y ries Sciences rie ri Scien Sci Sc cien c ien iences i nc An Andrea ndrea ndre ndr drea re ea Abrams Ab Abr Abram br b ra am a m ms s Comm C Communica ommu mu unication unicati nication c tion ti tio on

Managemen nagement Ke K Kelli agement e elli Adam A ent ntt Information In Inform Informati nform rmation Syste System Systems Emiily E Emily Managemen anagement illy y Adam gement A Adamcik Adamc Ad Adamci ement da am ik ntt Information Informat Informatio i n rm S t Sys Sy Systems S Seth Adams Spacial Sciences Joshua Aduddell Health Teresa Aguilar Human Resource Developmen t Krystle Aguirre Interdiscipli nary Studies Omobola Ajao Chemical Engineering Food ScienceTeresa Aldredge and Technology Denise CommunicaAlex tion Monica Alexander Kinesiology

Tracy Ashton Agricultural Kaela AstleyLeadership and Developmen Accounting t Michael Atkinson Computer Science Jonathon Ausburn Biomedical Science Jaime Austin Psychology Jamesia Austin Agricultural Laura Avila Leadership and Developmen Mathematic t s Michael Babcock Accounting Eliezer Badillo Internationa l Commerce Brennan Bailey Biomedical Science James Baker Agriculture Leadership Andrea and Developmen Bakke Biomedical t Science Mary Baldwin Psychology Zachary Baldwin Wildlife and Fisheries Nathan Sciences Ball Civil Engineering

Kimberlee Allen Sara MorganEnglish Allen Agribusines s Kiley Biomedical Allred Science Brant Altenhofen Economics Matthew Biomedical Altman Science Seetha Ram Amujula Ocean Engineering Justin Anchors Petroleum Engineering Kellen Ancinec Business Managemen t Clayton Anderson Leadership and Developmen David Andersont Political Science Agricultural Whitney Anderson Leadership and Developmen t Victoria Andrews

Chrystel Ballard Sociology Mary Ballenger Communica tion John Bandas Ocean Engineering Kyle Banner Electrical Engineering Sarah Banschbach English




Lydia Wessner Entomology David West 536 | aggieland Aerospace Engineering Erin West Chemistry Amanda Whatley English Lesley Wheeler Communication Bradley Whelan Aeronautical Engineering Matthew Whigham University Studies Lindsay White History Bryan Whiting Industrial Distribution Emily Whitmoyer & Journalism

Agricultural Communications

Morgan Whitwell & Journalism Agricultural Communications Jonathan Widdig Biology Koby Wilbanks Psychology Ryan Wilck Political Science Kathleen Wild Biomedical Science Eric Wilkins Mechanical Engineering Dana Willenborg Psychology Ashley Williams Biology Clora Williams Health Jennifer Williams Biomedical Science Rachel Williams Forensic Entomology Kelly Wilmoth History Emily Wilpitz University Studies Angela Wilson Horticulture Jason Wilson Agricultural Education

Stephen E. Ogden

Jazmyn Wilson Bioenvironmental Sciences Jordan Wilson Interdisciplinary Studies Markay Wilson Biomedical Science Tory Wingate Bioenvironmental Sciences Heather Winkle Interdisciplinary Studies Paul Witkowski Civil Engineering Joshua Witter Agricultural Economics Ryan Wolff Information & Operations Management Jordyn Woltersdorf Health Alyson Wolthoff Human Resource Development

576 | aggieland

Early Vote: February y 16, 2010 throu ugh February 26, 2010

Electio o n Day Ma March h 2 , 2 0 10

Mary Anne Internationa Baring l Studies Megan Baringer Environmen tal Design Blanton Barkemeye Industrial r Distribution Ashlie Barker Psychology Lindsey Barlow English

English Maritza and FisheriesAnguiano Sciences Julio Araiza Jr. Mathematic s Carolina Aramayo Finance Lauren Arditti Psychology

Ashley Arisco Finance Cody Arnold Agricultura l Economics Crystal Arnote Accounting Kaitlyn Arrington English

Kristen Womac Management Andrew Wood Psychology Benjamin Wood Meteorology Dorothy Wood English Amber Woodin Biomedical Sciences Lauren Woodring Kinesiology Jared Wright Computer Science Jeremy Wright Agricultural Economics Laura Wright Communication Lauren Wyly Interdisciplinary Studies

Alexander Computer Barnes Engineering Mackenzie Barnhart Human Resource Developmen Monica Barone t Psychology Jonathan Baros Agricultura l Economics Kristina Barsten Biomedical Engineering Sarah Bass

Communica Mark Batistion

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Amend Adderall laws


ollege means spending many nights cramming, and it comes as no surprise that many students take a shortcut studying through the use of pharmaceutical neuroenhancers. But unlike the damage done to physical athletes, the dangers of performance enhancing drugs like Ritalin and Adderall are largely from a felony charge for illegal possession.

Stephen Humeniuk

prescription considered cheating? I have yet to hear of anyone brought before Honors Council on these charges, and professors hardly hand out urine testing kits when it’s time to turn exams in. But the level of retribution from the law is unreasonable, especially given the attraction for upstanding students to utilize the perceived neuroenhancing benefits of these pills. It’s well-documented that college-aged adults Countless students without the condition are sometimes prone to experimentation of Attention Deficit Disorder, for which with pharmaceutical drugs without a Adderall and Ritalin are commonly preStudents using scribed, can readily acquire a prescripdoctor’s authorized prescription. Dr. neuroenhancers Sean Esteban McCabe of the Unition from a family doctor without to enhance their versity of Michigan analyzed the undergoing necessary evaluation grades don’t Harvard School of Public Health and testing. This makes for an unfair College Alcohol Study, which in deserve the status disparity when well-connected stu2001 surveyed 10,904 randomly dents have more assets at their disposal quo. selected students enrolled at 119 than the common hard working student colleges across the U.S.. Of all students whose dad doesn’t play golf with the local surveyed, 4 percent reported using pharmaceutipediatrician; for some students it’s easier to call a cal drugs without a prescription in the past year, friend and buy a pill when needed. while at some schools this number rose to 25 I am not advocating the usage of prescription percent. College students in the northeast and pills for off-label neuroenhancing effects, but a south were the most likely to abuse prescripsingle piece of paper from a doctor should not tion stimulants. Further studies have found that allow such a disparity in punishment. The real particularly in the case of stimulants such as Adcrime is not with those that utilize the effects of derall, the percentage of students using the drug these stimulants without a prescription, but rather off-label is as high as 35 percent. it lies in the hands of the doctors who legally The Texas Poison Center Network conclud- prescribe neuroenhancers without sufficient ed that from 1998-2004, 12.4 percent of all calls conditions or cause. reporting human exposure to Adderall involved The system is broken when it comes to abuse of the drug. 29.1 percent of calls reportAdderall and Ritalin, and the hand-to-hand ing Adderall abuse came from the southeast drug trade is as common as underage drinking. (Houston) region. Lawmakers need to either do a better job of Statistics indicate some Aggies probably rely making these pharmaceuticals available to the on neuroenhancers such as Adderall and Ritalin mass public for off-label usage, or they need to to boost performance during the daily grind of tighten up the criteria by which prescriptions college life. Some will be utilizing these drugs for these substances are handed out, instead of for the perceived off-label use as study enhancers cracking down on students trying to study and with a valid prescription, but others take these desperate for an edge. A signed document from a pills without a physician’s approval. This brings physician should not be the threshold for which into question the morality of taking potentially it is socially acceptable to take neuorenhancing performance-enhancing drugs such as Adderall pharmaceuticals for off-label benefits. without a prescription to help succeed in an As college students demand an edge, and the educational environment. legality and moral acceptability of the edge is in It is a felony in Texas to be found with prequestion, the system needs to be revamped to scription drugs without a doctor’s authorization. accommodate all students. The privileged should A felony conviction is a heavy price to pay for not be allowed to continue to outwork the trying to cut corners in the short term to boost a system while the less fortunate must hide in the test grade a few points, but countless students are shadows and face legal punishment to acquire the willing to take this risk. same advantage. We all know the Aggie Honor Code, but is taking a performance-enhancing pill without a Stephen Humeniuk is a senior political science major.

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You can do something to make a difference in someone’s life. Visit the Scott & White Bloodmobile this week at Sbisa Dining Hall. Blood donation usually takes less than 45 minutes and can save up to three lives. Donors will receive free food, a blood donor tumbler cup, a coupon for Buffalo Wild Wings and a Texas Aggie blood donor T-shirt in their size. Sbisa Dining Hall Bloodmobile Schedule: Wednesday, February 10 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Thursday, February 11 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

All the blood donated will remain in Central Texas so it will be available when you, your family or your friends need it most. Support your local community. Be a Hometown Hero.



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The Battalion: February 10, 2010