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■ Beauty News

Joik JOIK is an Estonian natural cosmetics brand. The name JOIK comes from the word “joik“ – the ancient singing style of the Sami people. All JOIK products are hand-made in Estonia, and made with natural ingredients. While their products are available at shops and chemists across Estonia, why not visit their showroom in Tallinn to try out some of their great products, like scented candles, hair and body products, and soaps for yourself.

Location JOIK candles & spa SHOW-ROOM, Pärnu mnt. 388a, Tallinn

Beauty, right in the heart of Tallinn While in Tallinn, why not visit Ilusalong Gersi for all your beauty needs. The salon is located across the street from Stockmann in Tallinn. Facials, massages, hair –cut and colour, waxing and more is available for reasonable prices by professional stylists and cosmeticians.

Location Ilusalong Gersi Liivalaia 40, Tallinn

A small world Here’s a new addition to the ever-growing Telliskivi complex in the Kalamaja suburb of Tallinn. This shop has nothing but environmental –and local friendly children’s clothing. Clothes are made from organic fabrics like cotton and wool, and accessories include natural cosmetics, swings, and much more.

Stylish children’s wear

Location Minu Väike Maailm Telliskivi 60a, Tallinn

There’s a new designer clothing store for children called Ovane. This shop offers mostly Scandinavian designed children’s clothing like Mini Rodini, Soft Gallery, Ebbe, Wheat, and more! You can also find pacifiers, baby bottles, and bibs, as well as toys made by the French designer Vilac. Djeco, and Tousselier.

Location Ovane Pärnu mnt 40, Tallinn

A workout for YOUR FACE Beat tired eyes and wrinkles in just 15 minutes a day! TEXT: KRISTINA LUPP, PHOTO ANDREI CHERTKOV

I visited the Noole Beauty Salon where Raili, the owner introduced me to the procedure. I wasn’t sure really what to expect. After describing how the Tua Tre’nd works, my first question was: does it hurt? Not all at. In fact, after you get used to the sensation, it’s quite pleasant. Tua Tre’nd has five different programs, targeted at different areas of your face. Each program lasts two minutes. The facial wands have two electrodes each, which can be used simultaneously or individually. The intensity of the current can be regulated, as everyone has different sensitivities. Tua Tre’nd is a non-invasive portable facelift machine that generates a micro-current at specific frequencies, optimised for different areas of the face and neck. The microcurrents stimulate facial muscles, which in turn contract to give your face a workout. This antiageing treatment will leave your skin feeling firm, sculpted,

and radiant by simply using it 15 minutes a day. The best news, this beauty regiment is easy. You don’t have to remove your makeup, and you can use the machine while doing something else. Daily use shows the best long-term results, but change is visible after just one use. Lines will diminish, and your face will have a radiant glow. Perfect for use in the morning for a tired face, or before going out. At Noole you can enjoy all the services a beauty salon has to offer: hairstyling, cosmetics, massage, manicure, and pedicure. Noole

has been open for five years in the quickly growing suburb of Kalamaja in Tallinn. The salon is open by appointment only. If you are in Tallinn and plan on visiting the Seaplane Harbour, the salon is just around the corner. The Tua Tre’nd is for sale at Noole. To promote the Tua Tre’nd facelift machine, Noole is offering one quick session for 5. ■

Location Noole Ilusalong Noole 4-1B, Tallinn

The Baltic Guide ENG April 2013  

The Baltic Guide in English is a tourist newspaper for visitors to Estonia. The newspaper's broad content covers everything from cultural e...

The Baltic Guide ENG April 2013  

The Baltic Guide in English is a tourist newspaper for visitors to Estonia. The newspaper's broad content covers everything from cultural e...