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September 2020


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|September 2020|

Advertiser Chris Lewis Electrical Domestic and Commercial Works Free Quotations

07834 983 155 Faringdon based electrician Call us today to see how we can help you?

The Happy Plaice Mobile Fish & Chips Freshly Cooked Fish & Chips as well as many other options.

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Steventon Stanford Marcham Charlton East Hendred East Challow

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Kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world no matter what you look like

This Months Cover George Woolliams

George Woolliams is a photographer and videographer based in West Oxfordshire. George’s photography encompasses the natural world, architecture and locations of interest in and around the local area. ‘I took the image on the front cover along the Thames Footpath at Radcot. I left home at 4:30am, well before sunrise with the intention of capturing clouds reflected in the river. After 20 minutes I decided to walk further along to this gate in the distance, I set up my tripod and framed the rising sun in the centre of it. It seemed such a random feature on the landscape, but I’m assured it does have a purpose as a temporary fence is sometimes put up alongside it for livestock’. George’s work can be found on Instagram or Facebook by searching for @G.Woolliams

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WHO’S NEXT? The Clown That Made Me Cry. I ran upstairs, dived on my bed in a flood of tears, and didn't want to talk to anyone for weeks. My father, a Scotsman, didn't help matters either. It was the one unforgettable moment that really broke my heart, and it all happened on 17th October 1973. Poland had gone top of a three-team group with one game to go after beating England in a bad-tempered match in Chorzow and England manager Alf Ramsey was under pressure from the press. After all, England had been at every World Cup final since 1950, had won the tournament less than eight years earlier, and had been one of the best teams at the 1970 finals in Mexico too. Most of the 100,000 Wembley crowd were expecting England to get their revenge.

The Dog Studio Dog Grooming and Hydrotherapy Centre Call Trish: 01367 820060 Cowleaze Farm, Woolstone, Oxon SN7 7QS Email:


Unicorn Oxon Ltd Plumbing & Heating Specialists

All Gas Work All Plumbing Work Bathrooms Gas Appliances Boiler Servicing Central Heating Landlord Cert's

Famously dubbed a "circus clown in gloves" by Brian Clough before kick-off, the Polish goalkeeper, 25-year-old Jan Tomaszewski entered footballing folklore with a virtuoso if unorthodox performance. During the game, chance after England chance, followed with 36 shots to Poland's two, 26 corners, hitting the woodwork twice, and four efforts cleared off the line. Whether it was Tomaszewski's legs, arms, or hands, he continued to keep the ball out. When he was beaten, the posts or a team-mate came to his rescue, and the score remained goalless at the break. A goal did arrive early in the second half and it was Poland, on a rare break, who scored it. Norman Hunter, preferred to Bobby Moore in central defence, came across to pick up the ball on the left touchline near the halfway line but got his feet tangled up. Robert Gadocha was left free to surge forward before playing in Jan Domarski, who was arriving like a train to his right, to hit a low shot that skidded past Emlyn Hughes and went under Peter Shilton's dive. Eight minutes later, England were given a glimmer of hope with a converted penalty by Allan Clarke. England still needed another goal, but they could not get it. None of the England team, or Clough, were laughing at the "circus clown" at the end of this completely one-sided match. "How did I celebrate? I was the only one who didn't," Jan said. "The team went out all night but I was in pain with my wrist and stayed in my hotel room to take medicine. Poland would go on to finish third at the 1974 World Cup, with Tomaszewski excelling. Revenge on father was sweet in 1975 when England thrashed Scotland 5-1 at Wembley, I never let him forget that one!


Is any unforgettable sporting moment still hurting you? Drop us a line.

Locally based - call Steve 07901 772 058

Ian Gillies Bell

The Advertiser Magazine Deadline for the October Edition is 18th September

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Thursday 10th September ‘20 All U3A meetings are currently carried out by Zoom as a result of the corona virus. Thursday 10th September at 2.30pm Speaker Ian Keable will talk about “The Art of Trickery, how magicians are seen in paintings”. This Zoom talk shows how magicians have appeared in art throughout the centuries, whether in paintings, satirical prints or cartoons. The 18th and 19th centuries saw a proliferation in engravings and lithographs showing the magicians both indoors and on the streets. Cartoonists and satirists delighted in linking politicians with skulduggery with images of them featuring the Three Card Trick, Vanishing Illusions or Pulling a Rabbit out of a Hat. In addition, to bring the illustrations alive, Ian, a magician, will perform some of the tricks depicted which should be very interesting. Zoom details will be sent to all members. Members could also consult the U3A website:

, the chairman on

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Achieving Justice For Banaz Mahmod By Caroline Goode Caroline Goode was the chief investigator on the case of the disappearance of Banaz Mahmod, a young British woman of Kurdish origin. She had been missing long enough for her anxious boyfriend to raise the alarm. None of her close family members appeared to be concerned with the disappearance. Banaz had escaped a violent arranged marriage and found happiness with a young man named Rahmat Sulemani. Her family were against the union, believing that Banaz had brought shame to the community. But they were very keen to stress to DCI Goode that they were liberal, and any rumour of their disapproval was inaccurate and offensive. But DCI Goode was not satisfied with this. Something wasn’t right. Banaz had previously been found in a state of agitation on New Year’s Eve, claiming that her father had tried to kill her. She had been taken to hospital, and footage taken by Sulemani had shown Banaz afraid to return home. DCI Goode’s tenacity paid off. Albeit with the worst result they could have imagined. Now they had a body, they had to find out how it got there. Wiretaps were placed on phones, and hours of phone and chat room data were harvested. A plot was uncovered that put to shame any fictional effort, a plot which encompassed two different continents, and led the officers closer to Banaz’s home than they ever felt possible. Even in the face of much resistance from Banaz’s community, DCI Goode stayed on track. Her anger, and her sorrow over Banaz are palpable. Her search for justice takes her all the way to Iraq, so no one involved in Banaz's death goes unpunished. The investigation into Banaz's disappearance was a groundbreaking one. After that, knowledge and training on how to handle ‘honour’ killing investigations became an essential skill in a police officer’s toolkit. Banaz’s boyfriend Rahmat Sulemani committed suicide in 2016, unable to deal with his grief over Banaz’s death. The crime novelist Mark Billingham paid tribute to both Banaz and Sulemani in his 2017 novel ‘Love Like Blood’, which is also and excellent read. It's impossible to imagine the terror that Banaz lived with in the months before her death, and the book is harrowing, though DCI Goode does her best to preserve Banaz's dignity as far as possible. An important book. Catch up with more of Claire Meadows reviews at,

Est. 1986

GARDENSCAPE Individual Design, Construction & Maintenance To discuss your personal garden requirements phone: 01865 250372 or 07773333531 Roger Hutchence - BA (HONS) NCH (Landscape Construction)


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Second None Vehicle Repairs Ltd


EXCLUSIVE TO SECOND 2 NONE FREE CAR TYRE WARRANTY Lifetime accidental damage warranty on all Marshal and Jinyu tyres purchased For more information speak to Bob.

MOT’S Now Testing… Class 1 & 2 Motor Cycles Class 4 Cars Class 5 Mini Busses With 13 or More Seats Class 7 Vans Over 3,000 kg 6 Days A Week


01367 243456 Unit C1, Old Sawmills Road Park Road, Faringdon

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Lets Make Us Great Again! Described as ‘the heart of England’ by our favourite diarist Samuel Pepys, pubs have always been and (fingers crossed) remain an integral part of community life across the country. Pubs have been the luckiest in some ways with great support from Mr Rishi Sunak, the government and of course, once we were finally allowed to re-open - You! The great pub-goer! But sadly the fight to keep pubs alive is far from over – and one thing you should know is, it’s not just about the pub. The future of pubs, community and local business currently hangs very much in the balance. Having endured months of lockdown with little or no income, small local independent business’s, are on there knees. These are the businesses that make towns what they are, support people around them – and build communities. With a mega recession on it’s way, it’s time for communities to fight for what they believe in and want for their towns. To keep supporting those businesses that make a difference to the place you call home – because without them, your home has no identity, nothing that makes it what it is, nor anything to make you feel proud. It’s the small, potentially dysfunctional shops that add character and joy to people’s lives. Make our communities living and breathing collectives rather than the hometically sealed boxes that pop up on the round-abouts and ring roads of our countryside. We opened pubs many years ago to simply save them, bring them back to life and attempt to give the community we serve, the best local pub possible! An antidote to this ever changing world that drives people apart rather than together. Bringing communities together, to thrive. It’s time for Faringdon to come together and dare I say it “Make Faringdon Great Again.” Spending much of my time looking into the Market Place, I can tell you it’s starting slowly but surely to come alive. Don’t let the end of Lockdown stop that, keep it going and make it even busier. Let’s all support each other, by doing the simple things – getting a sandwich from Dee at Fillers, getting our hair cut in the town, making an effort to come to the market – get our coffee beans from Stay Grounded, treating ourselves to some sausages from Pat Thomas – the little things add up. It’s a tricky time for small businesses, with little to no certainty as to what the world is going to do next – and living week to week. Small business owners are being creative and taking initiatives to make their businesses work – so please support them, get out their (if you feel safe) and help to keep the world spinning. Whilst on that note, a huge thanks to everyone who has been in since we reopened in July. It’s felt incredible to be back serving the community we love. The Kitchen is now back open and the beer is very much flowing. So when you are ready, come and join us. As Samuel Pepy's finished, and so will I, "when England loses its pubs, it loses it's soul" The Bell will be attempting to set up a meeting of community members, business owners, and interested parties to attempt to talk about ways forward in making Faringdon great again. If you are interested in coming along pop us an email Drew

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We offer government funded Nursery places to some 2 year olds, as well as 3 and 4 year olds For more information, contact Stephanie Chapman

01367 243800 visit

The convenience of accessing quality, professional care in your own home can be genuinely life changing – helping you to stay healthy and independent. At CaringPlus Healthcare Services Ltd, we have professional well-trained carers who live the culture of care daily. Caringplus Healthcare Services Ltd provides care to service users who require assistance to meet their social, health and personal care needs. We offer this help and support in a person's home, at times that are suitable and convenient to them. We place the rights and choices of service users at the forefront of our philosophy of care and aim to support and assist them by promoting health in its broadest sense and maintaining and hopefully improving independence. ● CARE Everything we do is centred on delivering premium care ● QUALITY We strive to let our services be of the highest standards imaginable ● EXCELLENCE We put a lot of time & attention on our customer service ● INNOVATION Our Research & Development crew is always on the lookout for new ideas DOMICILIARY CARE Whether you need assistance with your household tasks such as washing, cleaning and gardening or need someone to assist you with your medical appointments, contact Caringplus Healthcare Services Limited. We specialise in providing reliable and quality domiciliary care. We serve clients across Oxfordshire. Get in touch with us for more details today. PALLIATIVE CARE Caringplus Healthcare Services Limited provides quality palliative care. Our services may help you to cope with living with pain, or physical and mental issues. Our palliative care is provided by a team of qualified and experienced experts. We provide quality care to maximise comfort and quality of living. Get in touch with us today. RESPITE CARE Whether you're going to be away from home on a business trip, or just need help with care while you nip out, our caregivers can provide support for your loved ones. You can rest assured that your loved one will be in safe hands.

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Commercial Mowing Gang Mowing Grass and Hedge Cutting Saw Blade Work Tree Surgery and Planting Paddock Maintenance Firewood


split hardwood logs for sale

Offering the complete Gardening and Tree Care service

NIGHT & DAY CARE At CaringPlus Limited Healthcare, we provide care with personal hygiene for all our elderly clients. We can assist you with cleaning your teeth, washing, bathing and showering. If you're looking for a reliable and compassionate carer, get in touch with us today.. LIVE IN CARE If someone you know needs a qualified, friendly and caring personal carer to assist them in the comfort of their home, get in touch with us. We provide live in care services across Oxfordshire Suite 10, 14 Market Place, Faringdon, Oxfordshire, SN7 7HP Call: 01367 560 755 Fax: 01367 560 799

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HAZEL INTERIORS Specialist Designers & Makers of Curtains & Soft Furnishings

“ Come and see our fabulous new fabric collections or arrange a free home consultation” 1 Mill Street, Wantage T:01235 799914 |

DMW LANDSCAPES LTD 07799 890845 - 01367 241932

Logs & Winter Fuel Hardwood Seasoned Logs Standard Logs £95 Bulk Bag Delivered £110 Bulk Bag inc Stacking Mini Bulk Bag £45 Delivered

Autumn & Winter Planting Supply & Planting Of Large Specimen Trees & Shrubs Native & Ornamental Hedging Instant Hedging

£95 Bulk Bag £45 Mini Bag

Pleached Screens & Topiary Bare-rooted - Root Balled Container Plants Available

Deliveries 10 Mile Radius Of Faringdon

D KITCHEN PLUMBER Domestic Plumbing & Heating Repairs Friendly Reliable Service 25+years experience Call Darrall on Tel: 01367 710312 Mobile: 07799 266958

Also Available Hardwood Log Nets £8 Kindling £4 Woodcoal £12 Coal £7 12 Pack Heat Logs £9

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Artist of the month

Sheila Isabel Irigoyen Zozaya Faringdon Information centre is happy to welcome Sheila Isabel Irigoyen Zozaya as September’s artist of the month. Sheila is a Mexican Architect with a master’s in environmental urban design and has been a Lecturer in higher Education with a BA in Architecture, and Habitat Design in Mexico. Sheila has combined her professional practice with teaching in Mexico and uses her art in her professional and academic practice. She is currently a research student and an Associate Lecturer in the UK and is at the end of her Mphil/PhD in Urban Design at Oxford Brookes University. The topic of her research is: Defining and restoring the cultural landscape and place-identity of historic cities: the case of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. This research has been recently awarded. She developed her passion for painting at an early age and started taking classes formally with Ofelia Erosa Cámara, when she was 8 years old. The work of talented people in Mexico such as Alberto Urzaiz, Jorge Carlos Zoreda, Miguel Angel Reyes, Fernando Castro, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Luis Barragan, Orozco, Tamayo, Siqueiros and Goeritz have been an inspiration in her work. Sheila does not have a favourite art technique as she chooses it depending on the theme, time and resources. To see Shelia’s work come along to Faringdon Information Centre open Monday to Friday 9am to 12:30 pm and Saturday 9:30am to 1pm.

Oxfordshires No.1 Award Winning Cake Artists. Call us, Amelia & Scott Holden 07484 181 688 -


● Qualified & highly experienced primary/middle school teacher ● Experienced in both private & state school systems Available for 1:1 tuition in all subjects ● Small groups are available ● Are you a parent who needs help to support your child? ● Are you an adult who would like to improve your English or Math skills? Whatever your Educational needs, call Dawn on 07776 359 985

CRowDy & RoSE SoliCitoRS of fARiNGDoN AND lEChlADE We have a wealth of local knowledge and are an established part of the local community providing for the needs of our clients

Faringdon Branch

2 Market Place, Faringdon, Oxfordshire SN7 7HW Tel: 01367 240285 High Street, Lechlade, Gloucestershire GL7 3AE Tel: 01367 252644

Lechlade Branch

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Window Shopping?

then why not look into ours, one of the areas most highly recommended window companies

● Range of windows & door to suit all budgets ● Large range of colours available in upvc ● Latest energy rated products ● No deposit required ● Local business 25 years trading ● Testimonials available ● Craftsman fitting team ● One of the best guarantees in the industry ● Deal direct no pushy salesmen ● 1000’s of satisfied customers ● FENSA registered Call us today for your free no obligation quotation

Paradise Windows Faringdon Bell Ringers Faringdon Church Bells have been rung this month for the first time since March ! Did you hear them on 15th ? As Coronavirus had prevented ringing for the 75th anniversary of VE Day it was suggested that bells in England should be rung for VJ Day. Victory in Japan was the end of the war and therefore a reason for great thanksgiving but even at the time the terrible loss of civilian life by the dropping of nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki made celebration seem inappropriate to many.

01367 850188 01869 343317

Because of social distancing and the enclosed nature of Faringdon belfry only three bells could be rung, by one family : Daniel Watson, Cheryl Watson, Julian Watson. The ringing was finished by Daniel striking the tenor bell seventyfive times. We are continuing to ring hand bells in the garden but that is a very poor substitute for the tower bells and we are longing for the time we can go and make the steeple rock again. We cannot welcome you to visit ringing at the moment but if you would like to know more about bellringing you can contact us by emailing We may need more recruits when we get back in the tower.

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R.J. HARRISON Plumbing & Heating Tel: 01367 242473 Mobile: 07909 915595 ● Oil, Gas & LPG, boilers & fires, instillation and maintenance ● Central Heating System - design, installation maintenance & repairs ● Bathroom Design - sanitary & shower instillation As many of you will be aware there is a Faringdon team of Community First Responders (CFR's) who are trained by the South Central Ambulance Service to give immediate medical assistance in the local community to reduce the time spent waiting for a fully equipped ambulance to arrive. The aim is to start and maintain the chain of survival in cardiac arrest and other life-threatening conditions for patients in areas where emergency medical services response is likely to be delayed beyond the approximate 8–10 minutes during which a cardiac arrest is likely to become irreversible. These CFR's only receive basic mileage expenses and are totally reliant on charitable donations for supplying and maintaining their equipment. In order to replace old equipment and purchase new devices, which will be used to provide assistance to people in our community, one of our team, who is aged 73, is undertaking a 100 metre abseil off the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth on 26 September. Like many CFR’s he joined the service after a relative collapsed with a serious heart condition and had to wait more than 30 minutes for an ambulance. Since then the South Central Ambulance Service have created a network of CFR's across Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Hampshire to tackle the problem of response times in rural areas. Hopefully you will never need this service but the team hopes that you will support our colleague in his efforts to fund this local community service which means that, should you ever require urgent medical assistance, you will hopefully be able to receive basic support within just a few minutes of making your emergency call. Please help us help you by visiting

A specialist firm dealing with private client work including Wills • Estate Administration • Lasting Powers of Attorney and all aspects of residential property and conveyancing work such as Sales • Purchases • Remortgages • Shared Ownership Development Transactions • Land Transactions • Property Investment Angel Wilkins LLP, The White Barn, Manor Farm, Manor Road, Wantage, Oxfordshire, OX12 8NE Tel: 01235 775100 Fax: 01235 775101 Email: - - Angel Wilkins LLP is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority: SRA number: 524327

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Remembering VJ Day

Over 25 Years Experience - City & Guilds Qualified All Aspects of Painting & Decorating For a prompt and friendly service No VAT & Fully Insured

01793 783312

07790 684602 Shrivenham

A very moving tribute, played at 6am by on his bagpipes. In Remembrance of the 75th Anniversary of on the 15th August 2020 The Folly Faringdon. Thank you very much Sjoerd Vogt. WE LOOK AFTER YOU! FREE COURTESY CAR, MODERN WITH AIR CONDITIONING


Call Michael Nash on: 01367 240082 - 07889 197046


INDEPENDENT Why travel out of town? SERVICING & REPAIRS OF ALL MAKES OF � Tyres CARS & LIGHT � Brakes COMMERCIALS � Tracking VEHICLES � Clutches � � � � �


Exhausts Diagnostics Timing Belts Re-Gas Air-Con Mobil 1 Service Centre


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Funeral Services

Our Faringdon Office has now moved to

20 Gloucester Street, Faringdon

01367 244044

Ware Road Stanford in the Vale Faringdon Oxon SN7 8NY 01367 718998

20 Gloucester Street Faringdon Oxon SN7 7HY 01367 244044

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079 4187 1323


A true reflection of quality GLASS PROCESSORS & GLAZIERS GLASS CUT WHILE-U-WAIT MIRRORS • BEVELLING SANDBLASTING • POLISHING DRILLING • DECORATIVE GLASS COLOURED SPLASHBACKS Tel: 01793 513864 Fax: 01793 535476 Email: Cameo Glass, 100 Faraday Park, Dorcan Ind. Est., Swindon, SN3 5JF

A & L Garden Maintenance All aspects of garden maintenance including grass cutting, strimming, turfing, hedging, decking. Free estimates without obligation. Fully Insured.

Call Les: 01367 870305 Mobile: 07969 264304 Email:

Wine Made Easy!

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English Wines!

Over the last few months, I have had a number of readers ask me questions about English wines. For those in any doubt, we do make wine in England, and a few in Wales. There are over 450 vineyards across England and Wales. Most of them are in the Southern half and particularly in areas with chalky soil. You would not think it if you look around the local shops as there are often only one or two English wines for sale. It is easier to go to a local vineyard and buy the wines direct. The other problem is the price, you do pay a higher price for English wines than you might expect. I have found most of them around £12 - £15 pounds, though a few weeks ago Aldi had a flash sale of Lyme Block White Cuvee, which was delicious. It both smelt and tasted of limes and apples with a lingering taste in the mouth. Great value at around £9 per bottle, though it was on limited release. The name that comes up most often is Chapel Down, a vineyard in Kent which has become the biggest one in the country. Near Faringdon are a number of vineyards like Poulton Hill Estate, which produces red, white and rose, plus sparkling wines. Just the far side of Fairford. There is Woodchester Valley near Stroud again with a full range of wines. Going East, you will find Brightwell Vineyard just north of Wallingford again with a full range of wines. If you search for “vineyards near me”, you will find many more within 30 miles. If you want to visit, do book in advance as current conditions are causing lower numbers to be accepted on any tours or in the shops. When you look at English wines you will find some odd sounding grapes which you have not heard of. You will find Bacchus for white wines, which delivers a nice sharp acidic fruity set of flavours. I have tasted several English wines over the last year and generally find them easy drinking and the whites are more common. Often they are of apple and citrus fruits flavours, some are also on the dry side, but very enjoyable. The reds may be pinot noir, which is grown in cooler parts of France and Germany particularly, so certainly work in Southern England. You will also find other grapes like Rondo, which are more common in our part of the world. My suggestion is to go out and taste some wines; it is a learning experience and a quick way to find which wines you like. With a wide choice of wines available in many vineyards, it helps if you have some idea of what you like, e.g. fruity red or dry citrus white. You will also find many sparkling wines, often made in the same style as champagne. The best sparkling whites are starting to challenge the French champagnes according to the experts, but I still find them lacking a certain something and at the price of over £30 for some of the top English sparkling wines, you have to know you like them before buying them. Tasting wines where they are grown is a bit special and really enjoyable. Enjoy the experience of trying some English wines and please Ian Lloyd

Wine Enthusiast

BATHROOM SHOWROOM Open to the Public & Trade

For your dream bathroom Let us help!… 01367 242666

Unit A&B, Park Road, Faringdon, SN7 7DS

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YOUR COMPLETE OXFORDSHIRE SERVICE & REPAIR CENTRE Call Malcolm on: 01367 718698 � � � � � � � �

MOT’s Tyres - Tracking Brakes - Clutches Battery Replacement Exhausts - Timing Belts Servicing For All Makes Of Vehicles Mechanical Repairs - Air-Con Re-Gas Professional Diagnostics & Fault Finding

Foxtail Garage is Oxfordshire’s premier independent BMW Specialists offering a full range of professional diagnostics, fault finding and servicing for all vehicle makes and models. White Horse Business Park Ware Road, Stanford in the Vale Faringdon, Oxfordshire SN7 8NY

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Quakers What has life in lock-down been like for the small worshipping community of Quakers (Society of Friends) in Faringdon Meeting? Like the other churches, we are missing our Sunday Meetings for Worship in our historic meeting house on Lechlade Road. Our worship is based on silent waiting for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, but it is very much a group activity even though we don’t have hymns or recited prayers. We are a geographically scattered Meeting, with Friends coming to Faringdon from as far as Standlake in the north, Wantage in the south, Oxford in the east, and Shrivenham in the west. So we don’t have the chance of a cheerful wave when out on a health walk. And a good many of us are isolated further, by living alone or by shielding for reasons of health or age. So, how wonderful it is that in this day and age we have the telephone and the computer to reach out to each other and keep in contact. Not all of us are comfortable with Zoom, but some have been able to have social contact in this way, even with Quakers in other parts of Oxfordshire. John and I have been grateful for offers of help from Friends, as well as our neighbours. And thank goodness also for the radio and TV. Back in May, when the sun shone every day and the bird song was amazing, it was good to appreciate the simple pleasures of life and a lessening of responsibilities. Now, however, we have to face the fact that the pandemic may be long-lasting. On Sundays we Faringdon Quakers sit down at home at 10.30am, our usual time to gather in Faringdon, for a ‘virtual Meeting’. I first of all picture each of us coming into the Meeting House and sitting in the circle of Friends. I pray for all of us, and our individual needs at this time. Then of course for our other fiends and families and all the needs of the wider world. But then it is time to just sit quietly and listen to the inward voice. To help us to focus we have a rota of Friends who choose a reading each week, for circulation to everyone in our Meeting and a few others who have asked to be included. The readings have been very varied, including not only passages from the Bible or from our book of Quaker Faith and Practice, but also from poems, letters and other published writings. It is wonderful how each passage can speak to us, to challenge or comfort, whatever we need. So these are our ‘virtual’ Meetings, as we wait for a vaccine some other way to be sure that it is safe to re-open the Meeting House. By the time you read this, it may have happened. “Hope so!”, as Quakers say when asked for their agreement on some important decision.

Janie Cottis, co-clerk, Faringdon Quaker Meeting

Manufacturers of Natural Goats Milk Soap, Lotions, Shampoos & More.

Goats Milk Soaps, Lotions and Solid Shampoos, specially formulated to relieve the symptoms of Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis and Dry Skin Conditions.

Opening Hours Mon - Thurs 9.30am - 4pm (Closed 12 - 2pm) Friday & Saturday 10am - 4pm

01367 810346

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ing! | The Advertiser | page 21 | Healthy Liv ROD COLES GAS SERVICE What Are You Eating? Do you know what you are eating? Most of us are lucky enough to be able to choose what we eat. But when we’ve chosen a healthy option, are we eating what we expect or are there ingredients or substances in your meal that might surprise you? If we are cooking from scratch, unless we are using bought-in sauces or condiments, we know exactly what the ingredients are. When we buy anything that is pre-prepared then it can be a guessing game. Even with a list of ingredients, which is often overlooked or not understood, we can consume a variety of chemicals that we would not normally put in our homemade foods. This applies to drinks too. During a recent nutrition consultation I asked my client to tell me what she drank on a typical day. “Coffee and lots of it! Coffee with milk - no sugar!” A couple more questions revealed they were drinking coffee in the form of latte coffee pods. Ingredients? Roast and Ground Coffee, Creamer from Milk: Lactose- and Mineral-Reduced Ultra filtered Milk Concentrate (84%), Water, Sugar (7.5%), Salt, Acidity Regulator (E339)! Each pod contained 73 Calories with almost 6 grams of sugar per serving. Not quite what my client was expecting! 6 grams is the equivalent of a teaspoon, a sugar cube or one of the small packets of sugar you see in cafes. Of course we can always play with the figures - big cup, small cup, lots of milk, black, semi skimmed , full-fat milk etc., but it wasn’t what she thought she was drinking. Another client told me he bought some healthy frozen ready meals advertised as “made with ingredients you would have at home”, only to discover thickening agent, binding agent, pea protein and plenty of salt. His comment was that when he made the same meal at home it didn’t taste that salty! With recommended portion sizes too it is well known that we often eat between 30% and 50% more than is suggested on the box. Portion sizes on processed food packaging had generally been going up, along with the size of our waist bands, until legislation encouraged manufacturers to reduce them, especially on snacks. However if the size of our chocolate bar has shrunk we just eat two! Occasional ready meals are not necessarily bad, but at least know that clever marketing can trick you into believing you are eating something as nutritious as you would make at home. Even if you are not the world’s best cook you can eat healthily by buying fresh ingredients and adding simple items for flavour rather than adding cook-in sauces etc. Try adding miso, mustard, seaweed flakes, garlic, chilli flakes or fresh herbs. Always check the ingredients list – the longer the list is the less natural the end product is likely to be, especially if you don’t recognise what the ingredient is! We can easily make the mistake of thinking that a product is healthier than it is. The front of pack image and portion sizes may not reflect how much of it we are actually going to eat. The ingredients list on the back may be too small to read, too long or just too confusing. If we buy foods for ‘convenience’ then we should expect to be sold additives, preservatives, thickeners, flavourings, acidity regulators, added sugars or sugar substitutes. Quite often I find that the cheaper a packaged food is, the longer and weirder the ingredients list is. They are there to add flavour and texture to trick you into thinking you’re eating real food. The nutritious ingredients have simply been left out to keep the costs down and the profits up. Look before you buy! Richard Marfell Wellness Coach 07800 636004

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FREEDOM MAN & VAN CLEARANCE SERVICES Cheaper than a skip, and we do the work! Registered Waste Licence Clearance House • Garage • Loft • Shed • Garden General & Garden Waste - Furniture - Fridges - Freezers Cookers - Bikes - Sheds Clearance Man & Van Single item to whole house - Blankets - Straps Long wheelbase high top van T: 01285 713305 • M: 07905 258731

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Focusing This Month - On The Community

Society of Homeopaths

Heather Abel BA/BSc RSHom

Tel: 01367 820709 The return to school is in sight! Is this a tentative step towards some kind of normality? Lockdown without end is not an option and I think we can genuinely pat ourselves on the back for surviving thus far. But whilst we have been juggling work, childcare, homeschooling, staycations, less income, less personal space and a growing amount of stress generally, we have managed to stay virtually afloat on these stormy Coronavirus seas with the aid of …extra biscuits! Apparently sales of extra biscuits, cakes, crisps, alcohol – basically anything that is not ‘good for you’ have rocketed. Of course our waist lines have increased with the extra consumption and now we’re being told we have to cut back. We’re all becoming obese and we’ve been very naughty! Really? With the risk of being very controversial, I’d like to suggest that some people have expanded the old muffin top, rather than allowing themselves to completely climb the walls, go round the bend and even find themselves up the creek without a paddle! We have had a lot to contend with and in the scheme of things, I think we have done and still are doing remarkably well. Please don’t pile personal guilt on top of this growing mountain of unrealistic expectations. Of course I totally agree that being overweight increases your health risks and should be avoided but there is a lot more to weight gain than food and exercise! As a Homeopath, I see people who have weight and body-image issues that are often linked to their emotional state and belief systems, formed by life experience. At a Homeopathic consultation, we can discuss this relationship with food in a meaningful way. Food; particularly those with a high sugar and fat content are often craved during times of stress. They can have strong emotional associations that are hard to let go of. If, as a child you were ‘rewarded’ with sweets for good behaviour; that can become part of your ‘learned behaviour’. That can carry on into adulthood, where you may feel like you ‘deserve’ a reward for your extra efforts; that can help to make us feel appreciated – even though it may only be by ourselves! But we can boost our self-esteem in other, healthier ways once we understand ourselves better. Homeopathy focuses on uncovering that ‘better’ you! Let’s not add guilt to the burden we are all already carrying – some more than others. We need to feel nurtured and nourished by life and at the moment, that can be difficult. Give me a call if you are really struggling –not just with your weight, but as you reach for the biscuit tin - with the feelings that ‘feed’ the behaviour. Or of course for any other challenge you face. Zoom and Phone appointments available 01367 820709

With our new move to now finalised, we can implement the second part of our dream which is a . From the 12th September we can offer children, a drop in session, however these will have to be booked in half hour slots. We can accommodate 2 at a time with social distance, or 1 family. We have arts & crafts where they can paint money boxes, picture frames, plant pots or jigsaw puzzle pieces. The big move was to offer more variety to Faringdon in what we can do and be a bigger part of the community. The new shop gives us the ability to show off local talent, that hasn’t been seen before and give children the chance to gain experience in art and crafts. This helps with their mental well being, especially now. We want the shop to be your go to shop, which saves a trip to Swindon or Oxford for your gifts, art, crafts supplies or cards. If there’s something you’d like us to have in the shop, please get in touch. By email: Facebook: the crafters emporium Faringdon Phone 07497 332916


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Experts - Local Services Grassland / Paddock Maintenance Call: Tom Wheeler

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FARINGDON SOCIETY The society are considering erecting some ‘easy-access’ raised plots, for rent by people who now find gardening at groundlevel too difficult, If you’d be interested in renting such a plot contact e:

or call 01367 241 265 We can only attract funding if we can prove that there’s enough demand!


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WANTED! URGENTLY! A Storage facility Barn, Stable or Outbuilding. For Gardening Equipment Tools etc. Please Call Roger: 07773 333531

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Bespoke picture framing

Considerate - Professional - Foot Care

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SARAH’S BEAUTY ROOM Nails - Beauty - Massage Call/text 07825 888 264 e: Unit 10, Stanford Business Court SN7 8LH

Society of Homeopaths


GENTLE EFFECTIVE HOLISTIC THERAPY Daytime & Evening Appointments Clinics in Uffington and Wantage

Heather Abel BA/BSc RSHom

Tel: 01367 820709

Nails - Corns - Callus - Fungal - Verruca - Diabetes

Belinda Billinge DipCFHP RFHP 07791 093023 -


Lisa: 07854 651 961

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Experts - Local Services HSQD Ltd Groundworks & Landscaping

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01367 244 611 6 Cornmarket, Faringdon Opening Hours Monday: 9am - 1pm Tuesday: 9am - 6pm Wednesday: 9am - 6pm Thursday: 9am - 7pm Friday: 9am - 6pm Saturday: 8am - 3pm Sunday: 10am - 1pm

We are a Landscaping and Groundwork's Company that take on Project Work as well as Digger and Operator Hire for Private and Call: Ethan Commercial 07807 818 340 clients.

Lionheart Later Life Planning

From general maintenance to landscaping, watering systems, patios & ponds, we can help. Any size project/job considered.

Please call on or email Based in Faringdon

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans Equity Release Get the best price & Free Advice Free Will (or Update) or Lasting Power of Attorney provided with each plan

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● Estate Maintenance. ● Fencing. ● Complete structural landscaping, including raised beds, Decking, Patios, Pathways. Free Quotes & Competitive Prices All Tasks Undertaken Efficiently & Professionally

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FARINGDON NAILS 01367 244 988 6 London St Faringdon SN7 7AA

JOE PEARCE PLASTERING All internal plaster work, Traditional lime plastering, External rendering & specialist finishes


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Do you want your small garden and pots, spring cleaning for your own easy maintenance? Elderly & Vulnerable, I'm here to help. *Social distancing is adhered to* Call Angela at Matrix Gardening 01367 821056

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Roberts Reflections!

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Welcome to a new month’s Ramblings, A month now where apples and sloes in the hedgerows ripen further and complement the colour of hawthorn as part of the unfolding of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Local Swifts have investigated our nest boxes but were too new for them this year, so hopefully next year! The majority of Swifts left us between the last two weekends of July, chasing and screaming high overhead with sunlight reflecting off their scimitarshaped wings, what a sight. Another flying species the wild bee, their populations have been falling across the world and a crop pollination study across 13 states in the USA has shown just how important these wild bees are to providing food for us. In fact, they’re more efficient pollinators than honeybees. There was a very interesting film on the TV showing beekeepers in the Far East, with transported hive bees, busily working in a sea of yellow flowers. In the USA, such “trucked” bees are taken to the groves of almond trees for pollination. When you eat fruit, nuts, apples, blueberries, almonds and cherries, think of the bees and the wider effect of lost populations of wild bees and our food insecurity, also remember the fruit and nuts are consumed by all types of animals out in the wild. Food security is just as important in Britain. The whole UK agricultural sector has been given a plan, incorporating netzero Carbon and environmental best practice. There is a huge demand for safe, affordable and sustainable food supplies. Good business returns and good environmental and welfare performance are not mutually exclusive - enabling consumers to buy British and farmers to provide great tasting food grown in this country. Fair prices to producers and consumers, but prices that reflect the true costs of production, not as supermarket “loss-leaders” or foreign imports with low or little standards of husbandry and welfare. Following on from my piece on the widening and deepening interface of man and nature, in the Amazonian rainforest, the WHO has sent a team of scientists into China to investigate the origin of the COVID-19 outbreak. I would hope that such work would involve the one health concept, whereby medical, veterinary, public health, local people and government work together. It would be more cost-efficient with good communications, to give the study “added value” in terms of information analysed and costs incurred. I’m studying this on a University online course at present. These courses set the hare of research running, going back to pre historical cave art (which is also to be found in Britain), I have rediscovered the origins of one plant in the sheep field which goes back to the Jurassic, possibly even the Triassic Periods – with really very little change since that “golden age” of herbivorous dinosaurs. This is the “Mare’s Tail”, Equisetum arvensis (field horse-tail). This tough plant reproduces by spores and has roots deeper than 2 meters underground. The plant is full of mineral and vitamins and is eaten only in Spring in Japan and Korea. It also “fixes” Nitrogen into the ground (like Clovers) and can be used to protect plants in wetter soils (in biodynamic farming practices). As well as significant medical uses, its stems are used as whistles, its leaves as a green cloth dye. As a result of the silicate in its leaves, craftsmen can use the wild green plant, as fine sandpaper in their wood working. Enjoy the month ahead; stay well, work safely and remain curious of the natural world about us at all times! Robert Elliott



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