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August 2020


This Month: Stanford’s: Dale Stephens Cover: Stanford Park Farm Rotary: Scarecrow Winners The Bird Cage: Hair & Beauty My Carer: A Very Big Thank You Artist Of The Month: Jan Fennelly Parish Newsletter: David Johnston MP The Crafter's Emporium: Jeanette Howse Churches Together: Father Dominic Adeiza Promoting local business, trade and services. Advertise! Be Seen! Call Lou 01367 244975 or 07894 554551

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The Happy Plaice Mobile Fish & Chips Freshly Cooked Fish & Chips as well as many other options.

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, is where The Stoneham family live, Mark and Hayley and their 2 children. Mark’s vision was to create a pedigree Beef Shorthorn herd in the Oxfordshire countryside, this has been assisted by Farm Manager Simon Farmer and partner . The Stanford Park herd was set up in 2014, and has already provided pedigree females and bulls for other pedigree and commercial farmers. Our greatest success to date is Kassam, a home bred bull, who went to the Beef Shorthorn Society National Show in 2019 at the Great Yorkshire Show, and won Male Champion. Kassam has also been blessed on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral in London when he was a yearling calf as part of a celebration of British agriculture. We now have 160 breeding females and about 400 head all together. Kassam now has calves on the ground and we very much look forward to seeing how they grow on. We also provide the Little Wild Farm, Charney Bassett with store cattle for them to finish and put into Dews Meadow Farm shop, Wantage.

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WHO’S NEXT? Turn Off Your Television and Turn On Your Passion On every other Saturday during the season, I would make my usual pilgrimage to Ewood Park whilst passing the train station seeing others waiting for transport to Liverpool and Manchester. I could never understand why they would be going there, however, I can understand that we all want to see the best players in the country play right in front of our eyes, but to me, there are many reasons why supporting your local club feels that little bit more special. These clubs on the whole rely on local lads and lasses, some of whom you may even know or work with. With most just happy to meet up with mates playing the game they love and all of them very proud to play for their local club who represent their town or village they live or come from.

The Dog Studio Dog Grooming and Hydrotherapy Centre Call Trish: 01367 820060 Cowleaze Farm, Woolstone, Oxon SN7 7QS Email:


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Our local clubs are likely to include some of the best talent in our area, young talent in particular, with huge potential to succeed, clubs certainly can produce ‘the ones to watch’ and we have seen many local players work their way up the ranks to become recognizable names in national leagues. The atmosphere at many lower league games can be of a very high standard with local fans, supporting the same local team, all for the sole purpose of feeling proud of the team closest to them. The passion is evident through the crowd banter as their teams are doing well, but also the continuation of support when their team is not doing well. The shared euphoria amongst supporters and players is second to nothing when a club means that much to you. Our local clubs represent our area, so the unified feeling at a local match reinforces that pride. Most local sports can be watched for free and ticket prices for lower league games are way lower than that of others, the money means a considerable amount to any club. Admission money can go towards the stadium, pavilion, pitch, match day events, etc. to benefit both supporters and players, therefore, making the club more successful. Besides helping the club and everyone involved, our local sports clubs provide the best way to watch quality games, witness outstanding talent, and experience a fantastic atmosphere. These are extremely challenging circumstances for many, not least the grassroots sports clubs in our community. Local clubs are feeling the effects of the loss of revenue and other sources of income. Local sport can be at the heart of the community, and we should do everything we can to support those involved in it.


So turn off your television and turn on your passion - SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL CLUB

Locally based - call Steve 07901 772 058

Ian Gillies Bell

The Advertiser Magazine Deadline for the September Edition is 21st August

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AND IN THE END by Ken McNab It's hard to believe that, while The Beatles seemed to be at the height of their power, the whole operation was falling apart behind the scenes. Egos, irate managers, backstabbing, betrayals and the pressure of fame were all taking their toll. The camp was divided into factions, and living with this arrangements caused sleeplessness, feuds and nearbreakdowns. McNab's sources are fabulous, giving this book an air of authority that acts a satisfying seal on the story of The Beatles. The book takes us from the rooftop gig, to the end of the 1960s. Abbey Road had just been released, shifting millions of copies and giving equal time to George Harrison's songwriting for the first time in the history of the band. When the band functions, and sets aside its differences and idiosyncrasies to focus on the music, they still have it. But they were emerging as four very distinct people, and it was seemingly only a matter of time before there would have been a tug on the thread of the status quo. McCartney had a tendency to take control and be the boss of the band. Yoko Ono had brought a whole new level of life and interests to Lennon, some to hilarious effect. Starr was a peacemaker, discovering a natural talent for the acting world. And it seems Harrison wished himself anywhere else but in the eye of the public. Ultimately these were very different people, with different needs and different ways of approaching life. Like any longterm partnerships – even marriages – there are irritations, arguments and unfortunately in some cases irreconcilable differences. These facts are laid bare in this book, with the band no longer adorable mop-tops issuing forth with popchart friendly ditties. Paul found Linda, John found Yoko, George found unconventional religion, and Ringo welcomed any opportunity to broaden his horizons in the world of film. Their rise had been such a whirlwind, it’s no surprise that they were exhausted and fractious. It’s a shame they couldn’t set aside their differences, but we are left with a catalogue of some of the best songs ever made, and a lifetime of memories. This book is a very enjoyable addition to the Beatles canon. Catch up with more of Claire’s reviews at, @thebooktea Read more reviews by Claire Meadows

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Thank You To Our Fantastic Team! MY CARER When Covid-19 came along, it became all to surreal, after all no one in our lifetime has lived through anything like this. Is this real, is it really happing, is it as bad as they all say, were questions and thoughts we had. With all this buzzing around and the uncertainty of it all, my staff and I took the decision to lock down our families before the official lockdown. We were very unsure, was this something we really needed to do? After all this would mean keeping vulnerable people from their friends, families, support networks, and social interaction. This was a massive decision for us, but our priority was to keep our clients safe. In the first weeks, we became anxious, worried, and scared, one of us self-isolated and a few sadly left the care sector. We had gloves and aprons, but only a few face masks, the 3D splash proof face shields where not something readily available and so became hard to source. Public pulled together to support the NHS and then care homes, but us in domiciliary care, felt like we had been forgotten. PPE was becoming increasingly hard to obtain. Staff went to work on the front line with Covid-19, with feelings of uncertainty, would we bring this disease home to our families? Children? Waking up each morning wondering, would today be the day I contracted Covid-19? We had to take drastic action, we posted a plea on Facebook several times, for face shields to protect us and our clients. In time, a man from Faringdon came forward, followed by a school in Wallingford, they made us face shields, for which we were so incredibly grateful. PPE continues to be a big problem with little or no suppliers available and when we do find a supplier, stock is extremely limited. As we adjusted to our new working conditions Covid-19 becoming the norm, a few cracks began to show. One family craved the support of their son, we had calls from the son and the husband about how the husband needed his son’s support, to be able to care for his wife. It was noticeably clear that the emotional distress from this separation, was causing more harm than good. We had to act immediately! Risk assessment after risk assessment, we put strict infection control measures in, to allow the son to move back into the home with his parents, for his support. Another client who missed her daughters support terribly. It became a regular daily thing to FaceTime her daughter while we visited in the evening. This 89-year-old lady loved FaceTime on our phones so much, she asked her daughter to get her a phone. We are so enormously proud, to have taught this 89-year-old lady to use FaceTime on a smart phone, she now has her own smart phone to face time her family and friends. As the owner of a domiciliary provider, I feel truly fortunate to have such a kind and caring, dedicated team, who go far above and beyond with their duties. We as a team have worked so hard, we have had to take on the partial roles of, cleaners, bakers, entertainers, hairdressers, social workers, nurses, a sympathetic ear and emotional support networkers, the list does goes on! The very least I could do, is make them all goodie bags full of treats each week. The support from local people has been very welcomed too and has been a huge morale boost in exceedingly difficult circumstances. Thank you all very much. To say I am proud of my team is an understatement, what we have achieved and come through has been amazing and they all totally deserve their outstanding CQC report. If you think you have what it takes to be a care worker and would like to join our team we are currently recruiting please contact us at Tel 01367 244014 Marie Browning

Marie Browning Director/Registered Manager Tel; 01367 244014

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DMW LANDSCAPES LTD 07799 890845 - 01367 241932

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The Bird Cage When Kelly was a little girl, she was given a ‘Girl’s World’ (remember those?) and her life’s work began! A Saturday job at Creations Hair Salon in Abingdon quickly followed where she met her lifelong mentor, Sarah Hawthorne. From that moment on, Kelly dreamt of owning her own salon. Working at Creations, Kelly gained her level 3 hairdressing qualifications and loads of experience, becoming a manager of a new Creations salon at the tender age of 21. During the next 20 years, Kelly qualified as an assessor of hairdressing apprentices and mentored numerous people to join the profession. She also managed another 4 salons and cut, coloured and styled thousands of heads of hair. Covid19 put a sudden stop to hairdressing along with many other activities, but it forced Kelly to take the time to think about the next steps in her career. Fortunately for Faringdon residents, she decided the time is right now for her to finally live her dream and open The Bird Cage Hair and Beauty Salon. In setting up the Bird Cage, Kelly has ensured she and her stylists, Robyn and Shanane, have enough time during an appointment to listen to your needs and suggest the right hair cut for your busy lifestyle. Come to the Bird Cage to experience a safe and friendly environment and leave feeling relaxed and looking fantastic. Male and Female cuts, highlights, colours, perms, and hair ups are all available. As you would expect, the Bird Cage has Covid19 guidelines in place: ● All stylists will wear a mask ● Clients will be asked to wear a mask – we will supply you with one on arrival ● Safety screens have been installed between sections which are a safe distance apart ● Sections and equipment will be disinfected between clients ● Clients will be required to use hand sanitiser on entering and leaving the salon. ● Clients can choose to wear either disposable or washable capes ● Clients will need to bring their own drinks and magazines. Over the coming weeks Kelly is delighted to be able to offer beauty and aesthetic treatments (within Government guidelines). Aesthetic treatments will include skinny jabs, fat dissolving and B12 injections. A full range of beauty treatments will be available from 1st August. We look forward to welcoming you. Contact us Facebook: @birdcagehairandbeauty

01367 244600 6 Market Place, Faringdon SN 7 7HL

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HAZEL INTERIORS Specialist Designers & Makers of Curtains & Soft Furnishings

“ Come and see our fabulous new fabric collections or arrange a free home consultation� 1 Mill Street, Wantage T:01235 799914 |

crowdy & rose solicitors of faringdon and lechlade We have a wealth of local knowledge and are an established part of the local community providing for the needs of our clients

Faringdon Branch

2 Market Place, Faringdon, Oxfordshire SN7 7HW Tel: 01367 240285 High Street, Lechlade, Gloucestershire GL7 3AE Tel: 01367 252644

Lechlade Branch

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Bringing a Smile to the Doorstep’s of Stanford Photographer Dale Stephens

Photo credit - Steve Rose

Dale Stephens & Tyler

A Massive Thank You to Dale from everyone in Stanford in the Vale, you took such amazing photographs of us all. Sorry I could not get all of them on this page, there were so many! :) See the rest at Dale: 07968 698912

Not being able to shoot any weddings since the 17th March, I was getting a bit stir crazy and needing to get my camera out with a ‘purpose’! (not to mention my family was getting fed up of me photographing them all day long :P) I wanted to offer a little back, to my local community. Being a member of various different Facebook photography groups, I came across photographers worldwide doing “Doorstep” photo shoots, during the lockdown of their local communities. “This looks like a fantastic idea” I thought, and was eager to start but at the same time reluctant, as I was unsure how it would be met by the folk of Stanford in the Vale where I live. A couple of weeks went by and after speaking with some locals during my daily exercise walk people seemed keen for me to do this and were willing to take me up on the offer, so I thought I would give it a go. I posted locally, that I would be offering FREE “Doorstep” photos, to be taken of families outside their homes, thinking I would receive only 6 or 7 requests to keep me a little busy and give me a real ‘purpose’ to get the cameras out. Well, as you can see from my website, it went a little beyond 6 or 7 requests. The response was mental and the people I met along the way were amazingly kind, generous and friendly to the point where I didn’t want this to stop. My little 3 year old boy Tyler covered pretty much all of them with me on our daily walks too. As much as I love shooting weddings, this has to be one of the most fun and rewarding photography experiences I have encountered. And it put a smile on peoples faces too including mine :)

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FARINGDON GARAGE Driven By Customer Care Sales 01367 241212




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Focusing this month on Jeanette Howse and her award winning, delicious Preserves.

Jams, marmalades, chutneys, pickles made in East Hanney, using local fruit and vegetables where possible. Available in The new Crafters Emporium Faringdon London Street. Contact Jeanette Howse 0777 1967633 for local deliveries and stock list. Hampers also made to order

Oxfordshires No.1 Award Winning Cake Artists. Call us, Amelia & Scott Holden 07484 181 688 -

Amelia and Scott will be at the Faringdon Saturday Market on the 1st of the month. Please go down and have a look at the wonderful cakes and brownies they have on sale! Warning one taste and you will be hooked! Take it from me and my waist line! Absolutely Fantastic!

After successfully re opening on 15th June in Portwell Angel Cellar in the Market place, The Crafter's Emporium in Faringdon have been given the opportunity to move to a larger shop just up the road in London Street. They had always hoped for larger premises with a shop front, storage and easier access for all, No 12 London Street will give all that. They have been delighted with the response from Faringdon people to their lovely shop and hope to welcome everyone. Owner Natasha Martell said 'It has been an amazing few months, opening two days before the National Lock down, re-opening on 15th June with Christine Wallace from the Great British Bake Off and hosting many new traders'. Manager and Co Partner Lindsay said she had been welcomed by the Faringdon Community and is enjoying the opportunities the shop has given her business and those of others who trade within the Crafter's Emporium. 'Now we can enjoy more space, more traders and more customers'. The Crafter's Emporium is a Craft and Gift shop offering a range of quality jewellery, soft furnishings, cards, ceramics, party balloons, preserves, chocolate and sweets. Open Tues, Wed, Friday and Saturday 10.00 - 2.00pm. website FaceBook The Crafter's Emporium Faringdon Telephone Number 01235 428490

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YOUR COMPLETE OXFORDSHIRE SERVICE & REPAIR CENTRE Call Malcolm on: 01367 718698 � � � � � � � �

MOT’s Tyres - Tracking Brakes - Clutches Battery Replacement Exhausts - Timing Belts Servicing For All Makes Of Vehicles Mechanical Repairs - Air-Con Re-Gas Professional Diagnostics & Fault Finding

Foxtail Garage is Oxfordshire’s premier independent BMW Specialists offering a full range of professional diagnostics, fault finding and servicing for all vehicle makes and models. White Horse Business Park Ware Road, Stanford in the Vale Faringdon, Oxfordshire SN7 8NY

Wine Made Easy!

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Barbecue Wines! One of the pleasures of studying wine as a hobby is exploring the wines from a country or region and learning something about the country at the same time. As I have no plans to head off to South America for example, I can still learn about their wines and the countries of say Chile or Uruguay. While Chile is clearly the better known producer of wines, there is a small wine growing region in Uruguay. I found a nice Albariño wine (usually found in Spain) which had all the flavours you would want, available in Sainsbury's. The producer is Colinas De Uruguay. Albariño gives you peach or apricot type flavours and smells, plus an acidic hit that resembles grapefruit, the combination is lovely and the acidic taste lingers nicely. Over in Chile, they produce so many different varieties it is easy to find something you like. I found a nice Cabernet Sauvignon called 347 Vineyards, Riserva. The deep colour and gentle hint of cherry when you smell it lead you to some lovely flavours. A bit of tannin and some good dark cherry flavours combine with just enough acidity to give a full flavour sensation in the mouth. This went very well with a beef stew. Another wine from Chile is a Pinot Noir which is called Riserva Especial Pinot Noir 2018. The thing to remember with Pinot Noir is how pale the colour is when you pour it. As a first impression, it looks somewhat weak, but take a sniff and the raspberry and some strawberry aromas come through. The taste is much more intense than the colour leads you to expect, so dive in and enjoy the mix of red fruits with low acidity that will fill your mouth. Both these wines were on offer in Waitrose in July. For the other part of my journey to places I won’t be visiting for a while, I found a couple of Portuguese wines to taste, also in Waitrose and on offer. The first to catch my eye was a yellow label called the Sardine Submarine. It is a simple red wine which starts of with a deep red colour but very light smell of red fruits. The flavours are more easily noticed and raspberry and redcurrant dominate. I think this would be a nice wine for outdoor meals, it is made from local grape varieties and is a bit of fun. My second choice from Portugal is LAB Red, V. Regional Lisboa. A wine that is made from the same grapes used in making Port, so you get some good deep colour in this wine, but not the sweetness of Port. I could smell blackberry and cherry which also came through well in the flavours. It is a nicely balanced wine, which means the smell, flavours, texture, tannins are all on similar intensity, so it makes a very drinkable wine. I hope you enjoy your wines in August, hopefully with a dash of sunshine. Please drink responsibly and keep well. Ian Lloyd

Wine Enthusiast

A specialist firm dealing with private client work including Wills • Estate Administration • Lasting Powers of Attorney and all aspects of residential property and conveyancing work such as Sales • Purchases • Remortgages • Shared Ownership Development Transactions • Land Transactions • Property Investment Angel Wilkins LLP, The White Barn, Manor Farm, Manor Road, Wantage, Oxfordshire, OX12 8NE Tel: 01235 775100 Fax: 01235 775101 Email: - - Angel Wilkins LLP is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority: SRA number: 524327

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Faringdon Business Breakfast Club At our June meeting there was enthusiastic agreement to encourage members to produce a short promotional video lasting around 90 seconds, and this would be reviewed and given constructive feedback during the July meeting. The marketing campaign for the meeting included a number of short impromptu videos encouraging members to produce their own promos no matter what the quality, as some marketing experts will say… “Any video is better than no video”. It will never be known if the challenge of making a video might have been more than some people thought, and there were a relatively low number of people who submitted promos for review. With relatively few people at the meeting it did give all the participants an opportunity to view all the videos submitted, and to contribute to their improvement. Once we got started it was surprising how many things you saw in other people’s videos but failed to see them in your own. The marketing campaign to encourage people to attend included a series of short ‘off the cuff videos’ made by Graham Dawson. Feedback on these was more positive than the feedback on the video he submitted as part of his promo! There were a few common mistakes and several spectacular mistakes. Reviewers were able to comment on items they thought were missing from the video, and in some cases the missing elements were significant such as what message were you trying to get across. The August meeting is deferred. In the September meeting you will hear from Mary Thomas from Concise digital, how to make the most of LinkedIn. Registration is at: Once you have registered you will be sent a link for the Zoom meeting that starts at 07:45 am on 7 Sep 20.


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The Dotted Line To My Priesthood When I was approached to do this column for this issue, I was nervous and unsure of what to write about. Anthony Fecher rang to remind me. I did express my fears. He then teased me about my background. The penny dropped. Yes, the dotted line to my priesthood is one to reflect on. I was born into a big predominantly Muslim family, Islamic culture and Islamic environment. My father and his cousin were the first Christians in the family. My uncles and aunts remain Muslims. If I put a figure to it, I will say, 96% of my family members are all Muslims. My mother came from a 100% Muslim home. Now, you get the drift? The Lord threw His dragnet and fished me out to be a Catholic priest. These dotted lines leading to my priesthood all started at 12. I went to a junior minor seminary. The seminary was a boarding school. Very regimented, focused and almost “institutionalised.” We had Irish nuns, Canadian International Voluntary Service teachers and local priests too. This mix made life easy, sweet and engaging for youngsters like me. They all brought flavour and zest to our virgin minds and heart on how to study and be good. Beyond reading the classic Ladybird books, William Shakespeare’ works, Ernest Hemingway, the allegorical Animal Farm by George Orwell for 5 years, we did Latin. We were drilled in values and virtues. Little as we were, we prepared to go in all fields of life. I look back with nostalgia and wished it could all come back again. After leaving the junior seminary, I spent six months in discernment. At the end, I took the step to join the major seminary to be fully trained to the Catholic priesthood. It lasted eight years. We spent three years doing philosophical studies. I took a gap year for pastoral experience and another four years for theological studies. During these eight years, we studied humanities in general: scholastic philosophy, the sacred scriptures, moral theology, psychology, Languages, Canon Law etc. Each year, we had 3 months breaks before Christmas. We spent two months living with people different from our families in places outside our homes. Often, these are fellow Catholics who take us in, feed us and do a report about our suitability for the priesthood to the bishop. It is a deliberate attempt to include the lay faithful in determining who ends up a priest. So, I was closely watched and reported on for 8 years. I enjoyed tremendous support from every place I stayed. I guess they made the difference in my training. The gap year, which I referred to as for pastoral experience, is quite an interesting strategic plan in the training of the candidate for the priesthood. It kicks in after the first 3 years of philosophical studies. Candidates live in residence with the priest or as the priest may wish. We learnt by observation. The priest keeps an eye on the candidate. Together they shape each other’s understanding. Sometimes, this ends well. At other times, it falls apart. When it ends badly, the candidate is advised to consider another vocation. I made it to the touch line. I was ordained to the priesthood twenty-five years ago. It has been a roller-coaster experience. My love for God and humanity has never dwindled. My commitment to doing and loving the will of God gets better. I have never regretted nor looked back since I opted to be a priest. I found love and welcome every where I have been. I found love and welcome in Faringdon. Father Dominic Adeiza, a Catholic priest of Blessed Hugh Faringdon.



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Artist of the month Jan Fennelly Faringdon Information Centre is pleased to welcome Jan Fennelly as our Artist of the month for August. Jan has always loved glass; no other substance has the same ability to transmit and reflect light and colour the way glass does. Jan loves the depth and variety of colour and texture that can be achieved using glass. She started working with glass by making leaded-glass panels about 20 years ago then 10 years ago she was lucky enough to have a studio built in the garden, which enabled her to get a kiln so she could also experiment with fused glass. This opened up whole new avenues of possibilities, she doesn’t believe that she will ever stop being excited by learning about and making glass art - no two pieces ever turn out same, each is unique. During lockdown Jan has been inspired by all the beautiful wildflowers that she saw during her daily walks, so she has been developing some ‘wildflower meadow’ panels. To see Jan’s beautiful glass wear please come along to the Information Centre Monday to Friday 9am to 12:30 pm and 9:30 am to 1pm on Saturdays. Please ring the doorbell for assistance.


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Second None Vehicle Repairs Ltd


EXCLUSIVE TO SECOND 2 NONE FREE CAR TYRE WARRANTY Lifetime accidental damage warranty on all Marshal and Jinyu tyres purchased For more information speak to Bob.

MOT’S Now Testing… Class 1 & 2 Motor Cycles Class 4 Cars Class 5 Mini Busses With 13 or More Seats Class 7 Vans Over 3,000 kg 6 Days A Week


01367 243456 Unit C1, Old Sawmills Road Park Road, Faringdon

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ROTARY SCARECROW COMPETITION BRINGS FUN AND SMILES It’s been a great disappointment to Faringdon Rotary that major fundraising activities which help their support, of so many worthy causes had to be cancelled this year. To go some small way to redress the situation and have fun in the process, the club’s fundraising chairman Roddy Benson came up with the idea of a scarecrow competition, open to Faringdon and district towns and villages. Assisted by his wife Sarah and two club members Mike Bell and Clive Humphries, the idea became reality in a very short time. Above all, the competition’s success was due to the great enthusiasm shown by some wonderful scarecrow makers in Faringdon, Clanfield, Stanford in the Vale and Kingston Bagpuize and it was especially satisfying to see so many children taking part and joining in the fun. Competition winners were Megan and Ben Lewis with their creation “The Scarecrows Wedding” Roddy Benson said he wanted to express the Rotary clubs thanks to all who took part. “We saw impressively creative themes and wonderful scarecrows which brought smiles to many faces and which also received the attention of BBC Oxford.” “The entry fees enabled us to make a small contribution to Helen & Douglas House Hospice for Children, a cause which we support every year with our Christmas tree recycling.” Rotary plans to hold the Scarecrow event again in 2021. Watch this space. Mike Bell

Manufacturers of Natural Goats Milk Soap, Lotions, Shampoos & More.

Goats Milk Soaps, Lotions and Solid Shampoos, specially formulated to relieve the symptoms of Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis and Dry Skin Conditions.

Opening Hours Mon - Thurs 9.30am - 4pm (Closed 12 - 2pm) Friday & Saturday 10am - 4pm

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Thursday, 13th August 2020 Faringdon and District U3A still exists but at present we cannot hold any meetings in the Corn Exchange. Committee meetings are being held by Zoom. We are greatly sorry that we have had to cancel the summer lunch which is traditionally held in the Braithwaite’s garden due to the need for social distancing. We have failed to work out how to manage the party, and considering the ages of many of our members, we feel that this year it is impossible. Let’s hope that we can manage it next year. At present we are also unable to use the Corn Exchange but we are proposing to hold talks by Zoom. Thursday 13th August will be our first attempt at 2.30pm. The speaker is Danielle Mills talking about Medical Detection Dogs. This organisation trains dogs to detect the odour of human disease. It is at the forefront of the research into the fight against cancer and also helps people with other life-threatening diseases. All Zoom meetings are for members only. So come and join us! Details for accessing the meetings can be found on the U3A website - or by contacting

, the chairman on

A & L Garden Maintenance All aspects of garden maintenance including grass cutting, strimming, turfing, hedging, decking. Free estimates without obligation. Fully Insured.

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ing! Healthy Liv Obesity Crackdown

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07887 874330 As I write this article the government has announced a campaign to crack down on obesity. How? By labelling more foods with their calorie content and by restricting ‘junk’ food advertising. Which has already stirred up reactions from the food manufacturers - a political ‘hot potato’! Making us all aware of what we are eating by labelling the fats, sugar, salt and calories contained in food is all good information, but how much does it really affect our choices? During lockdown we’ve been eating more processed food and drinking more alcohol. Could it be that we haven’t been reading the labels, or is it because we’ve been feeling trapped, bored, with too much time and too little to do? And of course we’re moving less. We don’t always choose what to eat by ticking a list of all the macronutrients and micronutrients we need for the day but by responding to how we feel and reaching for food that is easily available. If junk food is available, and it is in abundance, we tend to eat it. It makes us feel better or distracts us, albeit temporarily, because it’s engineered to do so. It’s only later that we feel the guilt, disappointment, sugar low etc. Feeling good is a great motivator to repeat an activity. The way we eat and the way we exercise is driven by the effect of chemicals in our brain. Dopamine (how we feel pleasure), endorphins (the feel good chemical), serotonin (boosts mood, increases feeling of calm), oxytocin (happy hormone / social hormone) are all affected by our behaviour, social contact and the food we eat. We all know what to do - but it’s an uphill struggle if we don’t get that reward. Making change is about help and support, re-educating (our bodies as well as our minds), feeling empowered and connected. When we start to get rewards from exercise and good food then we want to continue. Our food choices can be led by emotion rather than logic understanding our feeling and connection to food is the best way to start to make change. If we consistently eat well then our energy levels increase, we feel better and wonder why we didn’t eat this well before. Changing to a new eating regime, diet plan, or exercise programme, only really works in the long term, if you know why you are doing it, have a good reason for doing it and are supported by someone you trust whilst you are doing it. Understand how your feelings are influencing what you eat, how you feel after eating and what motivates you to exercise. Remember you are driven by FEELINGS, seldom by logic! I’m here to support you through Personal Training and Nutritional Advice and Massage Richard Marfell Wellness Coach 07800 636004

FREEDOM MAN & VAN CLEARANCE SERVICES Cheaper than a skip, and we do the work! Registered Waste Licence Clearance House • Garage • Loft • Shed • Garden General & Garden Waste - Furniture - Fridges - Freezers Cookers - Bikes - Sheds Clearance Man & Van Single item to whole house - Blankets - Straps Long wheelbase high top van T: 01285 713305 • M: 07905 258731

Roberts Reflections!

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Welcome to a new month’s Ramblings, I’ve been delighted by the numbers of at least four species of butterflies in the grassland where my sheep graze. The hedgerow blackthorns are full of the small dark green sloes and the wild apple tree branches are weighed down by hard green apples, both still to develop and hopefully ripen, weather allowing. With a “new-normal” Summer and temperatures of 40*C (currently equivalent to Istanbul), with significant changes in rain patterns (less during growing seasons, for example), will the countryside remain the same in this new decade? And then thanks to the fast dissemination of the now-mutating RNA Covid-19 virus by, in my opinion, air transport as well as local spread, we have now entered a World where one could say it’s like a reverse Jurassic Park, coming to life. This means, through global warming (still denied by too many people of important political positions around the World) and exploitation of both the Amazon forest and the Arctic melting permafrost, human interactions with more potent, DNAviruses and bacteria from forest wildlife, from bush-meat markets (Covid-19) and from thawed-out, once-frozen viruses and bacteria in the permafrost melt run-off, much concern is being expressed by members of the scientific community and environmental pressure groups such as Greenpeace regarding yet more potential pandemics. Where bacteria are concerned, what if these are completely antibiotic resistant? So, upon that note, I ramble no further until another month arrives. Watch out for those Asian Hornets – you know what to do if you see one. Help beekeepers and garden bumblebees by reporting any seen. Thank you. Please take care, work and live safely and with enhanced consideration for others. Robert Elliott

TUTORING ● Qualified & highly experienced primary/middle school teacher ● Experienced in both private & state school systems Available for 1:1 tuition in all subjects ● Small groups are available ● Are you a parent who needs help to support your child? ● Are you an adult who would like to improve your English or Math skills? Whatever your Educational needs, call Dawn on

07776 359 985

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BATHROOM SHOWROOM Open to the Public & Trade

Society of Homeopaths

Heather Abel BA/BSc RSHom

Tel: 01367 820709 August already and yet I’ve just put my jumper back on and ominous grey, rain clouds are looming overhead. Walking through the fields of gold barley did look beautiful for a minute or two yesterday but it’s not the same as in the song, when you’re trapesing through them in your wellies. Thank you farmers nonetheless for keeping the paths clear! Much appreciated! We could never rely on the great British weather and since Covid 19 we can’t rely on much; everything is uncertain. Life is even more unpredictable than usual and that in itself is both a challenge and a blessing! A challenge of course because we can’t plan ahead and rest easy that all will be as we expect. But also a blessing however, for it’s a great opportunity to practice being flexible, adaptable and creative and that, in turn builds resilience i.e. strength and stamina (to use more physically applied terms). That’s your work out sorted right there! How we adapt to everyday changes and challenges is a great measure of ‘health’ in the broader sense. (Major traumas and grief are obviously addressed quite differently in the Homeopathic setting). I’m talking about the little changes in daily life; the habits that we have had to drop and the new ones that we have had to adopt. For some people, that in itself has been difficult to handle. Getting ‘set in our ways’ may seem rather trivial, but it’s not necessarily healthy! We can become fixed, rigid and restricted. The words ‘stress’ and ‘tension’ are relatively recent descriptions of a mind state. Years ago, these words were chiefly engineering terms! How much stress would a steel beam take before it would buckle and break? How much tension, was too much tension, before the cables on a bridge would snap? Stress and tension are now in us! The human body is constantly striving for balance within itself; constantly adjusting to the environment, our needs, desires and challenges and always trying to prepare for the unexpected. This incredible achievement is to be respected and supported as the daily miracle of life, we take for granted. But, we also need a flexible mind as much as a flexible body and a flexible lifestyle in order to avoid getting too fixed and ‘stuck’. Homeopathy is holistic. It addresses the whole person in mind and body and the two aspects reflect and confirm each other. Learning to bend rather than break is of huge benefit to our wellbeing – with or without a pandemic! That’s why Homeopathy is a totally unique and dynamic journey; it’s about mind and body in balance, within and without. It’s about keeping on the move and not getting stuck! Homeopathy appointments are currently via zoom or phone. 01367 820709

For your dream bathroom Let us help!… 01367 242666

Unit A&B, Park Road, Faringdon, SN7 7DS


We offer government funded Nursery places to some 2 year olds, as well as 3 and 4 year olds For more information, contact Stephanie Chapman

01367 243800 visit

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Experts - Local Services 07799 890845 01367 241932

01367 705030

M.P.WHITTLE SARAH’S BEAUTY ROOM Nails - Beauty - Massage Call/text 07825 888 264 e: Unit 10, Stanford Business Court SN7 8LH




The society are considering erecting some ‘easy-access’ raised plots, for rent by people who now find gardening at ground-level too difficult, If you’d be interested in renting such a plot contact e:

or call 01367 241 265 We can only attract funding if we can prove that there’s enough demand!

Call VICTORIA For Results

07958 241 342 FARINGDON NAILS 01367 244 988

6 London St Faringdon SN7 7AA


Now moved to Bampton Garden Plants call Sarah on

● ● ● ● ●

All internal plaster work, Traditional lime plastering, External rendering & specialist finishes

07767 486627


Hair Stylist & Holistic Massage All aspects of hairdressing. Swedish massage Hot stone massage Acupressure seated massage Demalogica Facial Reiki Email Tel Local salon in Longworth


07854 651 961

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Experts - Local Services Chickens & Poultry Feed WANTED! URGENTLY! All at unbeatable prices


Tel: 01865 821537 or 07759551946

A Storage facility Barn, Stable or Outbuilding. For Gardening Equipment Tools etc. Please Call Roger: 07773 333531 01865 250372

Lionheart Later Life Planning Pre-Paid Funeral Plans Equity Release Get the best price & Free Advice Free Will (or Update) or Lasting Power of Attorney provided with each plan

Open: Mon-Sat 8am-12pm Closed bank holidays

Landline: 01993 220281 Mobile: 07769 730616

Est. 1960

New Barn Farm, Longworth, OX13 5ED

D&M Window Cleaning 07534189428 Book through my page and see current offers

Society of Homeopaths


GENTLE EFFECTIVE HOLISTIC THERAPY Daytime & Evening Appointments Clinics in Uffington and Wantage

Heather Abel BA/BSc RSHom

Tel: 01367 820709

ORCHARD FRAMING Bespoke picture framing David Keeling 01367 240775 07775 906 881


Rebecca Louise Mobile Hairdresser

● Estate Maintenance. ● Fencing. ● Complete structural landscaping, including raised beds, Decking, Patios, Pathways. Free Quotes & Competitive Prices All Tasks Undertaken Efficiently & Professionally

Dan: 01367 243694 - 07970 524944

For All Your Hairdressing Requirements In the comfort of your own home

Do you want your small garden and pots, spring cleaning for your own easy maintenance? Elderly & Vulnerable, I'm here to help. *Social distancing is adhered to* Call Angela at Matrix Gardening 01367 821056

Considerate Foot Care Considerate - Professional - Foot Care Nails - Corns - Callus - Fungal - Verruca - Diabetes

Belinda Billinge DipCFHP RFHP 07791 093023 -

Grassland / Paddock Maintenance Call: Tom Wheeler

07762 380 733 01367 244 611 6 Cornmarket, Opening Hours Monday: 9am - 1pm Tuesday: 9am - 6pm Wednesday: 9am - 6pm Thursday: 9am - 7pm Friday: 9am - 6pm Saturday: 8am - 3pm Sunday: 10am - 1pm

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Window Shopping?

then why not look into ours, one of the areas most highly recommended window companies

● Range of windows & door to suit all budgets ● Large range of colours available in upvc ● Latest energy rated products ● No deposit required ● Local business 25 years trading ● Testimonials available ● Craftsman fitting team ● One of the best guarantees in the industry ● Deal direct no pushy salesmen ● 1000’s of satisfied customers ● FENSA registered Call us today for your free no obligation quotation

Paradise Windows Faringdon Bell Ringers At last there has been bell ringing in Faringdon ! Have you heard it ? People walking in the Folly Park on Saturday mornings have seen Fiona Hobbs, Daniel Watson and Hayley Scarlett learning handbell ringing in a garden. It looks easy but it’s actually harder than tower bell ringing. When we get back to the tower they should find that easy. They are certainly making good progress.

01367 850188 01869 343317

Uffington, Ashbury and Longcot have managed to ring some of their bells but in most medieval towers social distancing is almost impossible. Some ringers from the Vale have been keeping their brains in practice ringing handbells or virtual bells on line but most of us prefer the sound, the physical experience and the social contact of church bell ringing and sending out a joyful message to the world. The churches are moving towards some sort of services so we hope it won’t be too long before you hear the unmistakable sound of the bells of All Saints Faringdon, considered by many to be one of the best tuned peals in this part of England. We cannot welcome you to visit ringing at the moment but if you would like to know more about bellringing you can contact us by emailing We may need more recruits when we get back in the tower.

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David Johnston MP Newsletter The most exciting news since my last update is Grove station being put on a list of rail projects to be assessed for Government funding, part of the Beeching Reversal Fund commitment made in the Conservative manifesto. It does not mean that we will be successful this time round as there are 50 other projects on the list, but I have been plugging away with ministers since I was elected and will keep doing so until we are successful! I have enjoyed being able to visit local shops, pubs and other businesses in Faringdon, Wallingford, Didcot, Wantage and elsewhere across the constituency as they reopen. Of course, some businesses didn’t close and were grateful to the local community for the support they showed during lockdown – some have told me that products they never sold in normal times suddenly flew off the shelves! I have also been preparing to speak in the Business and Planning Bill – which lets pubs, bars and restaurants seat and serve us outside more easily – discovered we have 85 pubs across the constituency, making Wantage and Didcot joint 7th out of 650 constituencies for the highest number of pubs. We have a huge range and they are at the heart of our towns and villages – do please support them and our shops and other businesses whenever you can. In parliament it has been a busy time as we head towards recess. I was put on my first bill committee, in which you scrutinise legislation line by line, for the Trade Bill. The Trade Bill is designed to create continuity agreements for us with the countries we have been trading with through the EU, from South Africa to South Korea and it will also create a new Trade Remedies Authority to recommend action if UK producers are subjected to unfair practices. I was pleased to be a co-sponsor of the Local Electricity Bill, a 10-minute rule bill that would allow local communities to sell the electricity they generate themselves, as at the moment the costs are prohibitive. After the recent unauthorised traveller encampments we had at Great Western Park and in the Ladygrove area, I raised the issues of anti-social behaviour that constituents experienced in both the House of Commons and with the Home Secretary, Priti Patel. I’m assured that measures that will enable these to be dealt with more quickly will be coming forward soon. During recess, I will be trying to visit as many businesses, charities, individuals and other places of interest as I can, beginning with those that I was not able to visit due to lockdown. If you have a suggestion of somewhere you’d like to see me visit, do let me know via


A true reflection of quality GLASS PROCESSORS & GLAZIERS GLASS CUT WHILE-U-WAIT MIRRORS • BEVELLING SANDBLASTING • POLISHING DRILLING • DECORATIVE GLASS COLOURED SPLASHBACKS Tel: 01793 513864 Fax: 01793 535476 Email: Cameo Glass, 100 Faraday Park, Dorcan Ind. Est., Swindon, SN3 5JF

D KITCHEN PLUMBER Domestic Plumbing & Heating Repairs Friendly Reliable Service 25+years experience Call Darrall on Tel: 01367 710312 Mobile: 07799 266958

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