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June 2020


This Month: Gof Smith: Our Local Hero Mike Jackson: Cover Artist Sports Talk: Ian Gillies Bell Book Review: Claire Meadows Adam Bradley Raises Over ÂŁ1000 Churches Together: Steve Bellamy Thank You Montala: Yellow Submarine Parish Newsletter: David Johnston MP Jackson & Browning: Two Times Winner Promoting local business, trade and services. Advertise! Be Seen! Call Lou 01367 244975 or 07894 554551

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This Months Cover

One of my favourite artists “Mike Jackson� with his interpretation of Self-Isolation Mike Jackson is a Somerset artist and illustrator based in a quiet village in the West Country. He is well known for painting quirky harbour scenes, hoodies and cute characters. Mike can often be found painting at Wells (Somerset) and at Weymouth (Dorset) where he can be seen painting in oils or watercolour. For more information contact Mike on:

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WHO’S NEXT? Harcourt Lion's well-traveled pre-season touring side had previously toured in Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Eastern Europe. This year the touring side, who's parent club is Stanton Harcourt CC who field two teams in the Oxford Cricket Association, was made up of eight players from Oxfordshire and four friends from Australia. They departed in February on their latest overseas adventure to South America where they were due to play scheduled games in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and finally Colombia.

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After completing 5 fixtures they then moved on to Lima, where they did manage to complete a game before Sunday, March 15th when, due to the coronavirus outbreak, a lockdown curtailed the rest of the tour. "It changed overnight", said team member Matty Eagle. "We were allowed out in ones and twos to buy food or go to the pharmacy. But there was a curfew every day from 5 pm to 8 am and if you were caught out then I think you would be thrown into prison for 24 hours. A lockdown in Peru is quite different to a lockdown in the UK" The Lions' were given just 24 hours to leave the country but couldn't manage to get on a flight at such short notice. Their only hope was to rely on diplomatic efforts between the UK foreign secretary Dominic Raab and the Peruvian government to lift restrictions so the stranded Brits could be repatriated. They would still have to wait at least another fortnight before a diplomatic agreement and for British Airways to make flights available. Whilst in limbo in Lima money began to run out for the British players and they had to downgrade from a four-star to a one-star hotel but were relatively content that at least the bar in the hotel was still available! When flights did eventually become available Matty Eagle continued the story "We caught taxis to the military airport, which is where the fights left from and were stopped about four times on the way. I think the Embassy worked pretty hard to get us out in the end." The Aussie contingent stayed put in their four-star accommodation and unfortunately still stranded in Lima after their government had made little headway. The Oxfordshire players arrived home safely on the day they were supposed to arrive back from Colombia and headed into self-isolation and in some cases, furloughed jobs. It could be quite some time until cricket tours of any kind will go ahead but let us hope some domestic cricket will be back soon, there may be some county cricket going on by June, probably behind closed doors initially which suggests that clubs and villages could perhaps resume playing too.

Ian Gillies Bell

The Advertiser Magazine Deadline for the July Edition is 19th June

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The Mirror & the Light by Hilary Mantel

Short of Harry Potter, I've never seen a literary phenomenon like this in my lifetime. The world has been captivated by Hilary Mantel's Thomas Cromwell trilogy, and has been on lockdown in lockdown, seeing it through to the very end. It's a mighty tome, and many wrists will be glad to see the end of it. But readers may not feel the same. We will lose our access to that world, that world so fully populated and vividly drawn that it feels like the breath of the Tudor age is hanging there in front of us. Mantel is the closest thing to a living literary legend we Brits have. The release of The Mirror & the Light was greeted with all the fervour of The Beatles at their height of their stardom. And all of this praise is well deserved. For those coming to the story afresh, the trilogy follows the life and times of King Henry VIII’s closest advisor Thomas Cromwell. Cromwell’s humble beginnings are never far from his own mind, and the minds of his enemies in the court of the King. Cromwell rises from his role as Master Secretary, to being knighted Sir Thomas to becoming Lord of the Privy Seal, living on his wits, and a mind as expensive as any philosopher. One of the joys of Mantel is that she has a deft touch. She is also far from predictable, and she keeps you on your toes. The final chapters of this book are a masterclass in the pantheon of literature. They are heartbreaking, but are also interwoven with black humour and a levity that transcends the tragedy. The characters are vividly drawn studies in humanity. There are triumphs and betrayals, victories and black, black moods. We also see how terrifying it would have been to live around and serve someone as mercurial as King Henry VIII. One minute you're in, the next minute your head is in the straw. Every minute we invested in this trilogy was welldeserved. I just wonder what we're going to do without Crumb to brighten our literary horizons. Read more reviews by Claire Meadows at Claire Meadows

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Our Very Own, Local Winners! Jackson & Browning Independent Funeral Services

Jackson & Browning Independent Funeral Services who have offices based in Faringdon and Oxford have been trading for two years, in the last three months they have been recognised for their outstanding commitment and care they provide to families and their loved ones in what is a very emotional time. They have been awarded two awards “Three Best Rated” and Oxfordshire Prestige Award for “Funeral Services of the Year”. - Funeral Director of Jackson & Browning Independent Funeral Services said he is overwhelmed and extremely proud to receive these awards, our aim is to provide our families with the same standard of service we would want for our own loved ones. We strive on providing an outstanding and honest service for all our families around Oxfordshire and beyond. Some of the services we offer are Bespoke and Direct Funeral Services, Pre-Paid Funeral Plans, Free Bereavement Support, Caskets and Keep Safes. Any member of the public can log onto

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01367 244895 07435 977336 Looking for a car? Please feel free to pop in or visit our web site! Good reliable cars, at sensible prices! Behind the ESSO Garage, Unit 3 RAC, Park Road, Faringdon SN7 8LA

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FOOTBALL COACH RAISES £1000 FOR NHS CHARITIES – IN JUST TWO WEEKS! Oxfordshire based football coach Adam Bradley was celebrating as his #KeepItUpForTheNHS fundraiser hit its initial £1,000 target – with all money raised going to the NHS Charities Together. Adam launched his appeal just two weeks ago and asked people of all ages, via social media, to record themselves doing 10 “Keepy Ups”. He then asked participants to donate £10 and nominate another 10 people to do likewise. From there, the concept was born and donations via hing have been flooding in, with Adam regularly posting video updates on his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. In just two weeks, ex Premier League players Mickey Hazard and Mark Bright have supported the cause, he has been mentioned on talkSPORT, and people have been “Keeping It Up” as far afield as Plymouth, Manchester and even Denmark! But having hit his £1,000 target, Adam now wants to go further and throughout May, wants to raise a further £4,000 for the NHS. He explains why: “I love my job, coaching football for children all over Oxfordshire and the surrounding area, but when the Covid-19 outbreak began, I realised I wasn’t going to be working for a while. The idea for #KeepItUpForTheNHS appealed to me because it is really simple! People have to do 10 kick ups, make a £10 donation and then nominate another 10 people to do the same. We’ve even had someone do it with a golf club and ball because he didn’t have a football! Right now, the NHS is doing a phenomenal job looking after people. The NHS Together Charity provides outstanding support to staff and volunteers so that they can carry on keeping us safe in these difficult times. This challenge is a way of giving something back and saying thank you. I’m so proud we’ve hit the £1,000 so quickly and people have been massively generous. Now I want to go further and see if we can raise £5,000 by the end of May. I want to see people all over the world #KeepItUpForTheNHS and I think we can do it!” To support the NHS Heroes, simply: Do 10, Donate £10 and Nominate 10. And don’t forget to use #KeepItUpForTheNHS on social media so that he can share the videos! At the time of print the figure has risen to £1464 24/05/20 Please help Adam, our local football coach, raise money for the NHS. Thank you very much.

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Wine Made Easy!

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On Line Wine Tasting!

A Very Big thank you, to all our Local Shops, for their help in stocking the Advertiser, during this Covid-19 crisis!

I have presented a number of wine tastings over the last few years, but last week I did my first on line tasting using Zoom. So how to go about this? Simple really, I pick three wines to suit the audience, in this case Red, White and Rose around £10 per bottle and tell the audience in advance so they too can purchase the same wines. While not mandatory to buy the wines, it does help to share the tasting notes with the audience. As always, I talk about the area the wine comes from and a little about the wine maker as I do use this to help find good wines at a reasonable price. So I chose a Cap Royal from Tesco and from Waitrose, Puklavec and Friends Sauvignon blanc / Pinot Grigio and the Jardin des Roses from Paul Mas. Unfortunately, the rose went back to its normal £13 plus price after I bought it at £9.99. But it is worth a try if you want to get the fresh strawberry taste that a good rose can deliver. The Puklavec wine comes from Slovenia and is really fruity with loads of citrus flavour hitting you. It really makes your mouth water and the sensation lasts a good while. It will be a great wine for the warmer days to come and try not to chill it too much. 20 minutes in the fridge should do it, or leave it for 15 - 20 minutes in normal room temperatures if taking from long term storage in the fridge. A typical fridge sits at 3 - 5 C and the wine tastes better at 10 - 12 C and unless you have one of those wine fridges it is difficult to keep at the right temperature. I use a cheap bottle cover that I leave in the freezer, this usually keeps it cool for a while longer. Also tried this month was a Shiraz from Australia called Jip Jip Rocks. Lots of prizes mentioned on the label, for wine tasting's over the last couple of years. And it does not disappoint, with nice strong flavours, but not too much and it is light on the tannins, so appeals to more drinkers. On the subject of those gold, silver and bronze tags they put on the bottles, do take care to check that it is for the wine in the bottle. Sometimes the award is for the best brand or best wine maker and when they produce dozens of wines, the one you are tasting may not be their best. So a wine from Casillero del Diablo. They have one of those best brand stickers, but the wine we see in the shops is mostly Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec, all from Chile and all around £6. Of the three, I prefer the Merlot as the flavours seem to work better. I found the Malbec a bit harsh, though typical of Malbec and the Cabernet Sauvignon just got used for cooking ! Enjoy your wines and please drink responsibly ian your wine enthusiat. Ian Lloyd

Wine Enthusiast

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ing! Healthy Liv

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Understanding your appetite During lockdown I am sure we have all experienced increased cravings for certain foods, and if you feel your diet has gone to pot then you are not alone. The ‘call’ of certain foods, usually ultra-processed and high in calories, is hard to resist. New research has found out why - and suggests a way to control our cravings for those salty snacks which we love so much but which make us gain weight. Highly processed, savoury foods such as crisps and pizza tend to be low in protein and high in fat and hidden sugar. However they tend to taste as if they are high in protein. Manufacturers deliberately add umami – a savoury, meaty flavour found in monosodium glutamate - because they know it tastes great. But why does that make us eat more than we need, why don’t we naturally feel full when we’ve eaten enough calories to maintain our weight? Observations initially with locusts (of course!), and later with people, appear to show that we have an in-built desire to achieve a balanced diet. We naturally eat a ratio of 4x the amount of carbs and fat to 1x the amount of protein (when measured in calories) when we have access to a wide range of foodstuffs. So far so good. When the researchers restricted the animals’ diets so that their food had a high ratio of fat and carbs but very little protein, they kept on eating until they’d reached the level of protein that they would have eaten if they had access to a normal diet – they had to eat more food (and calories) overall to get the protein they needed. What was driving the desire to keep eating was not overall appetite, but a distinct craving for protein. The research revealed 5 appetites, each one for a different type of food - protein, carbs, fat, sodium and calcium. And it is protein that makes us feel full. Many of us struggle to maintain our weight, and it might be that our low protein, highly processed foods, which are also energy dense, mean we keep eating as we strive to get enough protein to feel full. You have to eat a lot of biscuits to get your protein intake! On top of that, we crave foods that taste like protein even if they contain only small amounts. Over-consumption is so easy when we eat those tasty processed foods that trick us into thinking we are eating to nourish our body. If the research is correct, what is making us fat is our innate desire to get enough protein to feel full, whilst at the same time eating foods that are energy-dense but which contain little protein. This is another way to show that eating whole, nutritious foods can make it easier to eat what we need and no more! Once again, improving our eating regime to achieve the right nutrients can reduce our desire to overeat low nutrient, high calorie foods like pizza, crisps, sweets and biscuits. There are always consequences to eating junk food to the exclusion of everything else, and the way to start to improve what you do is probably done best by leaving it at the supermarket and taking home: ● Good sources of protein (nuts, fish, lean meat, eggs, tofu) ● More fruit and vegetables ● Healthy fats (nuts, fish, eggs, olive and coconut oils) I’m here to support you remotely through Personal Training and Nutritional Advice Richard Marfell Wellness Coach 07800 636004

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Homeopathy Society of Homeopaths

Heather Abel BA/BSc RSHom

Tel: 01367 820709 Every time I sit down to write a column from a Homeopathic perspective it turns out rather differently than I had imagined. It turns into a rambling kind of philosophical discourse on the state of humanity. Why is that I wonder? Homeopathy is not straight forward and neither are we. I can tell you that Homeopathy is an ancient form of healing where ultra-diluted and succussed remedies are given in order to alleviate suffering of various kinds. You can give it to animals, people, plants and it is completely non-toxic, non-addictive, gentle and effective but that’s not all! It is a route towards better health and for each person that’s going to mean something completely different. You may come presenting with one particular ailment and that’s fine but if you want, there is more on offer. As a Homeopath, I’m constantly discussing and measuring where the patient needs to go next, at what pace and how far. What are they actually ready for and are their expectations realistic? When to give a well selected remedy and when to wait and support the person more generally as change unfolds. The patient leads the way but with one overriding requirement; stay on the path! Detours are fine, welcome and maybe even necessary, but they must ultimately lead to greater over-all health. The goal is greater health and the path may be winding but as long as we stay on it and don’t go backwards, we’re fine. “At least do no harm” as Hippocrates claimed in the Hippocratic oath. We may seem to pause on the journey through e.g. someone’s unresolved grief, when a skin condition flares up or their annual hay fever kicks in but we’re still on route; we haven’t changed the destination. Homeopathy is a Holistic approach, looking after the whole person. Everyone’s journey is different. It’s my job to listen, observe, assess and never to judge. I’m like a bus conductor! Where do you want to go? Which ticket do you need? And then at each stop I ask, “So is this where you want to get off or where next? Sometimes people hop off for 6 months or even 11 years! Then they get in touch again, ready for the next leg of the journey. You are in charge and Homeopathy helps you get where you need to go with the least amount of bother. We start from where you are right now regardless and take it one step at a time. Sometimes there are set backs along the way but that’s part of being Human. Everyone does their best and Homeopathy is there to help, support and empower you to get where you want to go – healthily! Remote consultations by phone, zoom etc. available for now due to COVID 19. Before my details at the bottom. Thank you. 01367 820709

Manufacturers of Natural Goats Milk Soap, Lotions, Shampoos & more.

Visit our on site shop, for a wonderful array of gifting needs, from Greetings Cards, Guest Soaps, Lavish Gift Sets, stunning bespoke Handcrafted Pens. Goats Milk Soaps, Lotions and Solid Shampoos, specially formulated to relieve the symptoms of Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis and Dry Skin Conditions.

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You Will Be Sadly Missed Our Local Hero Gof ( Gofrey) Smith

Gof Smith "Lou has kindly asked me to write about my husband Gof (Godfrey) Smith, known to many as "The Foot Man" and Owner of Oxon Event Medics. Gof passed away peacefully on Saturday 4th April after battling the COVID-19 coronavirus for two weeks. To Matthew our son, and myself he was our Gof-Dad. A huge part of "the Smith" trio. The one who loved his music on too loud, the one who loved multiple roast dinners a week, and the one who loved his garden and its many pots! To Faringdon and to many others, he was the one who loved to dedicate both his career and free time to his medical profession. I am so very proud that Faringdon has made him a 'hero'. I hope he knows! He was always helping others and loved his many years as a Community First Responder with South Central Ambulance Service. He felt at his best when in the service of others, utilising his experience to save lives and help those in need. Gof was such a big personality and he leaves an unfillable hole in our lives. When the time is right we will celebrate his life as only he deserves. Meanwhile, as I quoted in The Oxford Mail: "For Gof's sake - keep safe".



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Are you blessed… and blessing? In these strange and for many of us, difficult and even sad circumstances of lockdown during COVID-19. Have you had a moment to reflect on how your priorities in life seem different from just a few months ago? If you had to count your blessings now, what are the things that stand out more clearly than ever as the really important things in life? – probably friends, family, neighbours, and even strangers who serve or assist us or even risk themselves to help support or heal us. Nearly 3 million people have now viewed the UK Blessing (just Google ‘UK blessing’). It was recorded by members of 65 churches across the denominations, representing hundreds of others, who came together online to sing a blessing over our land. They say ‘our desire is that this song will fill you with hope and encourage you. The many and various churches included in this song have assisted with supplying over 400,000 meals to the most vulnerable since lockdown began, as well as making phone calls to the isolated, pharmacy delivery drops and hot meals to NHS frontline staff’. The UK blessing’s message is that God cares for and wants to bless us. Movingly, it ends by reminding us that ‘He is for you’, God is on our side and if we wish we can know him and have him by our side through all the trials we face including getting through the changes the COVID-19 crisis brings. And just as we can allow the peace and love of the living God to bless us, so also we can be active in blessing other people, thanking them for their service and dedication to us and our country. How? – yes by banging our pans on Thursday evenings but also by praying for protection, rest, wisdom and strength, for all those key workers, its hard and draining. There’s a lovely animated cartoon we included in our online worship on May 17th have a look, or - it’s a good way of prompting us to be people who bless others. So, as you count the blessings, you realise these are the best ones to enjoy, why not watch the UK blessing and allow God to bless you, then look at that animated cartoon of ‘Beatitudes’ - ‘blessed are’ statements- in a time of pandemic, so you can bless others too. God bless you, Steve Bellamy Vicar of All Saints Faringdon

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Second None Vehicle Repairs Ltd


EXCLUSIVE TO SECOND 2 NONE FREE CAR TYRE WARRANTY Lifetime accidental damage warranty on all Marshal and Jinyu tyres purchased For more information speak to Bob.

MOT’S Now Testing… Class 1 & 2 Motor Cycles Class 4 Cars Class 5 Mini Busses With 13 or More Seats Class 7 Vans Over 3,000 kg 6 Days A Week


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I hope you are all safe and well. It has been easier than I expected to adjust to ‘virtual parliament’, in which 50 MPs can be present in the House of Commons at any one time and up to 120 of us can join by video link. Back in March, I was not sure it would happen at all given the reservations some of my colleagues had, and yet here we are in May with it working pretty smoothly. Having been concerned that it would feel strange to give speeches from my desk, I have now done so to speak in the Domestic Abuse, Agriculture and Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination Bill debates, alongside questioning several Cabinet ministers on behalf of constituents. Virtual parliament has certain advantages, not least the fact that the day before debates, the Speaker publishes a call list which shows exactly who will be called and in what order. This is in contrast to how things you usually proceed with in the House of Commons, when you can be in there for several hours bobbing up and down and not be called at all! You can also wear jeans on your bottom half as the camera can’t see below your shoulders! That said, like everyone else currently working we’re all keen to be back around our colleagues. Whilst some people suggest that the current period will change how everyone works forever more, I’m not so sure. Having had friends move to other countries and being reasonably used to speaking to them by video, it’s not the same as being in the same room and I think most people want the interactions that come face to face. MPs were advised to remain in their constituencies for lockdown if they could, so my partner and I have been in our home in the Didcot area, which we got in February. It has been good to spend an extended period here rather than just the Friday-Sunday period each week and she and I consider ourselves very lucky to have a garden and to be able to take walks around the beautiful environment we now live in. Where we can, we’ve been getting out to help the organisations in our community that have played such a vital role during this crisis – from Sofea to the Ray Collins Trust – and remain full of admiration for the many ways they’ve been helping people during this period. Do visit to find one near you. David Johnston MP | Member of Parliament for Wantage

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A & L Garden Maintenance All aspects of garden maintenance including grass cutting, strimming, turfing, hedging, decking. Free estimates without obligation. Fully Insured.

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YOUR COMPLETE OXFORDSHIRE SERVICE & REPAIR CENTRE Call Malcolm on: 01367 718698 � � � � � � � �

MOT’s Tyres - Tracking Brakes - Clutches Battery Replacement Exhausts - Timing Belts Servicing For All Makes Of Vehicles Mechanical Repairs - Air-Con Re-Gas Professional Diagnostics & Fault Finding

Foxtail Garage is Oxfordshire’s premier independent BMW Specialists offering a full range of professional diagnostics, fault finding and servicing for all vehicle makes and models. White Horse Business Park Ware Road, Stanford in the Vale Faringdon, Oxfordshire SN7 8NY

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A Very Big Thank you to Montala for supporting Yellow Submarine in lockdown!


Montala and the Royal Warrant Holders Charity support Yellow Submarine in lockdown Learning disability Oxfordshire charity Yellow Submarine is so grateful for the support of local tech firm Montala and the Royal Warrant Holders Association Charity Fund (RWHC) which enabled them to buy resources to continue to support their members while in lockdown. Montala staff frequently volunteer at Yellow Submarine projects, most recently at Witney in February, just prior to COVID-19. As a Royal Warrant holder, Montala applied to the RWHC for funds to give to charities it supports, and as a result Yellow Submarine have been able to purchase various resources from gaming hardware and software, to paper and printer ink – to help keep in touch with their community who have mild to moderate learning disabilities and autism. Kate Sankey, Yellow Submarine Co-Director said ‘Thanks to Montala and the Royal Warrant Holders Association Charity Fund we are able to livestream daily activities on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, and to send out activity packs by post, plus send out daily and weekly newsletters to our members. It is great that we can provide this interim support, though of course we also look forward to opening up our activities as soon as possible and welcoming back our wonderful Montala volunteers.’ Yellow Submarine is an award-winning Oxfordshire charity that believes people with learning disabilities and autism deserve to live life to the full. Montala is a web solutions provider based in Oxfordshire, with a proven track record in delivering flexible, user-focussed and robust Digital Asset Management systems, and is a Royal Warrant holder. The Royal Warrant Holders Charity donates to small charities in which Royal Warrant holding companies or their employees are involved.


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We offer government funded Nursery places to some 2 year olds, as well as 3 and 4 year olds For more information, contact Stephanie Chapman

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crowdy & rose solicitors of faringdon and lechlade We have a wealth of local knowledge and are an established part of the local community providing for the needs of our clients

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Roberts Reflections!

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Welcome, dear Reader, once more! I write as we welcome exciting migrant birds back to our house-eaves nest boxes, and a friendly bob to the birds nesting anew in more earthbound boxes on our fences and in the climbers. Hawthorn has been brilliant this year, with the sweet yet peppy-pungent scent drifting in the sun-heated breezes. Birds song has been so much clearer with less competition for our hearing, with great dawn chorus recordings this year. In a newly-released YouGov survey, commissioned by the RSA's Food, Farming and Countryside Commission (FFCC), together with food charity The Food Foundation, the poll finds a clear majority (85%) want to see at least some of the personal or social changes they have experienced continue afterwards, while just 9% want a complete return to ”normal”. This poll also identifies significant changes to our relationship with food, family and the environment: ● 51% say they have noticed cleaner air, and 27% more wildlife, since the lockdown began ● Social bonds are stronger, with 40% feeling a stronger sense of local community and 39% more in touch with friends and family ● 42% say the outbreak has made them value food more, and one in ten have shared something like food or shopping with a neighbour for the first time ● More than 19 million of us (38%) say they are cooking more from scratch and 17 million are throwing away less food (33%). ● 6%, or 3 million people, have tried a veg box scheme or ordered food from a local farm for the very first time ● But although 9% feel fitter and 27% are getting more exercise, more people (36%) say they are getting less exercise than before.

It’s still a very difficult time for us all but there has been such great fundraising support for our NHS through people like Colonel Moore, through all essential “workers” as well as noting with grief and gratitude the sacrifice of fellow Villagers like Mrs Margaret Tapley and also the loss of close family members through Covid-19, such as we have experienced too. Although some restrictions may become changed on a rolling basis, I thought it useful to remind ourselves of Government advice on Covid-19 and our pets. Go to for advice for pet owners and livestock keepers on maintaining the welfare of their animals during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. So take care please, continue to be considerate to others and keep working together to keep us all safe, healthy and fed - and remember those who protect our health and environment. All key workers should have always been appreciated but now far more so – thank you. Until next month…

Robert Elliott



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RUBBER4ROOFS Approved Installer of EPDM ● ● ● ●

Flat Roofs Garage Roofs Pitched Rppfs Domestic & Commercial

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BATHROOM SHOWROOM Open to the Public & Trade

For your dream bathroom Let us help!… 01367 242666

Unit A&B, Park Road, Faringdon, SN7 7DS Est. 1986

gardenscaPe Individual Design, Construction & Maintenance To discuss your personal garden requirements phone: 01865 250372 or 07773333531 Roger Hutchence - BA (HONS) NCH (Landscape Construction)

Faringdon Bell Ringers Bellringing is a young person’s hobby but once hooked it can last a lifetime. Faringdon’s longest serving ringer is Norman Leslie. We celebrated Norman’s 90th birthday this month in true lockdown fashion. The ringers gathered outside his house. Having left a cake and gifts on the doorstep we rang the bell and retreated rapidly to a safe distance to sing “Happy Birthday” when he appeared. Norman and his twin Den, were two of those children evacuated from London to avoid the blitz. They so enjoyed the country that they never went home. Before the days of health and safety the tower captain of Hinton Waldrist handed them a bell rope and suggested they found out how to ring. With the church closed for worship and ringing, we’ve had to resort to Zoom, like everybody else. We put a team into the church general knowledge quiz. There were 38 people on screen that meant scrolling up and down to find the other ringers. I’m sorry to say we know more about bells than general knowledge. But it was good fun and kept us in touch. Daniel Watson, our youngest ringer has been learning ringing theory on his computer and is helping his father, Julian, with maintenance in the tower. We cannot welcome you to visit ringing at the moment but if you would like to know more about bellringing you can contact us by emailing

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Hello from Waymark Firstly, we wanted to say from all at Waymark, thank you to the NHS and keyworkers who are out working hard, risking your lives. We’re thinking of you, we’re clapping for you, we salute you. This is just a little update from us, about what we are doing in these unprecedented times. Although a large part of our business is meeting people face to face, we are learning to adapt to the current climate. For example, with the help of technology & drones, we’ve been able to create some really exciting and professional virtual tours for a number of our properties, something that we have been looking to implement over the last few months to further enhance the buying experience. During this current time, it now means that our properties can be viewed remotely to a much higher level of detail that was previously possible. It greatly complements photos and floor plans by showing the wider location and surroundings of each property and provides a “walk-through” tour, the next best experience to a viewing in person. So perhaps it is not surprising that since we launched this service three weeks ago, we have found that our properties with drone video tours are receiving much more attention and viewing enquiries than those without. If you are looking to sell in the near future, please do give us a call and we can show you how we are using tech to our advantage, adding to our already strong marketing package We look forward to hearing from; and stay safe. The Waymark Team Jenny Preece MRICS, Waymark

12 London Street, Faringdon

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M.P.WHITTLE SARAH’S BEAUTY ROOM Nails - Beauty - Massage Call/text 07825 888 264 e: Unit 10, Stanford Business Court SN7 8LH




Russ Gooding

The society are considering erecting some ‘easy-access’ raised plots, for rent by people who now find gardening at ground-level too difficult, If you’d be interested in renting such a plot contact e:

or call 01367 241 265 We can only attract funding if we can prove that there’s enough demand!


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Hair Stylist & Holistic Massage All aspects of hairdressing. Swedish massage Hot stone massage Acupressure seated massage Demalogica Facial Reiki Email Tel Local salon in Longworth

Winner of Best Skin Care Clinic Specializing in Anti-wrinkle Treatments. ● ● ● ● ●

Anti-Wrinkle Injections Dermal Fillers Alumier Skin Care, Derma Roller & Mesotherapy Skin Peels.

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Based in Grove Technology Park in a discreet clinic location, plenty of Parking. Call Emma on: 07725047641 Email:

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Lionheart Later Life Planning Pre-Paid Funeral Plans Equity Release Get the best price & Free Advice Free Will (or Update) or Lasting Power of Attorney provided with each plan

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Est. 1960

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D&M Window Cleaning 07534189428 Book through my page and see current offers

Society of Homeopaths


GENTLE EFFECTIVE HOLISTIC THERAPY Daytime & Evening Appointments Clinics in Uffington and Wantage

Heather Abel BA/BSc RSHom

Tel: 01367 820709

ORCHARD FRAMING Bespoke picture framing David Keeling 01367 240775 07775 906 881


Rebecca Louise Mobile Hairdresser

● Estate Maintenance. ● Fencing. ● Complete structural landscaping, including raised beds, Decking, Patios, Pathways. Free Quotes & Competitive Prices All Tasks Undertaken Efficiently & Professionally

Dan: 01367 243694 - 07970 524944

Do you want your small garden and pots, spring cleaning for your own easy maintenance? Elderly & Vulnerable, I'm hear to help. *Social distancing is adhered to* Call Angela at Matrix Gardening 01367 821056

For All Your Hairdressing Requirements In the comfort of your own home

Grassland / Paddock Maintenance Call: Tom Wheeler

07762 380 733 01367 244 611 6 Cornmarket, Opening Hours Monday: 9am - 1pm Tuesday: 9am - 6pm Wednesday: 9am - 6pm Thursday: 9am - 7pm Friday: 9am - 6pm Saturday: 8am - 3pm Sunday: 10am - 1pm

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HAZEL INTERIORS Specialist Designers & Makers of Curtains & Soft Furnishings

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A specialist firm dealing with private client work including Wills • Estate Administration • Lasting Powers of Attorney and all aspects of residential property and conveyancing work such as Sales • Purchases • Remortgages • Shared Ownership Development Transactions • Land Transactions • Property Investment Angel Wilkins LLP, The White Barn, Manor Farm, Manor Road, Wantage, Oxfordshire, OX12 8NE Tel: 01235 775100 Fax: 01235 775101 Email: - - Angel Wilkins LLP is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority: SRA number: 524327

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